There’s no cheating PCOS machine, says Brillantes



Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes said the poll body has a prize on the table for anyone who can break into the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines and manipulate the results it would produce.

“I am challenging anyone who can hack into the PCOS machines. Maybe we can give them something [if they are successful],” said Brillantes in an interview.

The poll chief made the remark after being given the failing mark by the Automated Election System (AES) Watch concerning its preparations for the May elections.

AES Watch, an umbrella coalition of about 40 organizations composed of information technology practitioners, academics from various disciplines and other professionals monitoring preparations for the mid-term elections, gave the Comelec a failing grade of 0.29, with 4 being the highest and 0 being the lowest.

“The PCOS machines cannot be manipulated,” said Brillantes.

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  • payutenyodagimas

    nawalan na kasi sila ng paraan para mandaya at nawalan na rin ang mga abogado ng pagkakakitaan kaya marami nagrereklamo

  • JasonBieber

    Exactly! The PCOS machines cannot be hacked because they are broke to begin with. The way the Comelec is responding to the issues and the way that they are handling the faulty PCOS machines appear to be very amateurish…almost like they are confused and have no idea what they are doing.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    2 guys who claimed to be capable of hacking the PCOS machines were just arrested the other day. Why not let them prove it instead of arresting them?

    Ano ang tinatago ni Brillantes? By 2016, baka matulad sya kay Abalos.

  • wyl5326

    while I haven’t seen results of mock balloting, I’m quite skeptical of what Snake oil salesmen of Smartmatic claims on PCOS. If there was no discripancy from their tests, they should be transparent without the need of Comelec stupidity to shine brilliantly despite the help of Chairman  who is no brilliant at all on computer system ! Let us accept his bluff to go back to manual voting if only to prove that we are not afraid of bluffs !

  • whreyxk

    Many people keeps on complaining that the PCOS machine are not reliable, it can be hack, etc. etc. Kung talagang magagaling kayo at sawa na kayo sa dayaan kapag election, Ibigay nyo ang mga idea nyo sa comelec para maiwasan ang dayaan at wag yang ngawa ng ngawa ang ginagawa nyo. 

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Labis na pagtetebis sa mga bebis lang yan mga ‘pre.

  • MarcyPulilan

    O Heto ang isang uri ng pandaraya.

    1) Sinuri ang Source Code – Assuming OK walang problema.
    2) From the Source Code nag create ng executable or binaries through the process of compilation.
    3) Imbes na iyong executables or binaries produced by the original source code mentioned in step 2 and i Load sa PCOS machine, puwedeng suhulan or i bribe iyong magloload ng program sa PCOS machines at ang i loload iyong binaries na galing sa source code na nacertify (assuming ma cecertify) pero isang binary or executable na galing sa ibang source code na may daya pabor sa isang candidato. Siyempre babayaran either iyong nagloload or iyong mga boss ng nag loload. Hindi naman alam ng mga tao kung ano iyong niloload nila.

    3) Once naka load na ang executables or binaries na may daya, paano natin malalaman na iyong binaries at source code ay galing sa isang snaga (Father-son relationship)

    So paano maiwasan ito. Dapat may isang level na mag rereport na ang source code at binaries ay mag ka sanga. meron dapat na checksum na magtutugma sa dalawa. Isa pa, pag upload ng binaries dapat sa comelec gagawain  at ang paguupload ay simultaneous. Mayroon di dapat na upload report na i che check na ang checksum noong source code at binaries ay pareho. Pag na upload na, dapat i freeze ang any upload at mag report ng any uploads outside the COMELEC official mass upload.

    Ang hirap ngayon, wala yatang simpleng processo na ito.

    Lastly dapat may audit log sa pag compile, upload at pag loack ng binaries sa PCOS machines.

    Isa lang ito sa mga possibilities.

    O Libre na itong advice na ito. Yun lang Baw!

    • Gerardo Mangubat

      Nice analysis Marcy. But you miss the whole point. The source and binaries are not the issue here. Just analyze the whole process, the whole system, then you would realize that the system has various levels of traceability and accountability. Any one with simple plus and minus skills can easily detect the results produced by PCOS versus the ballots inside the ballot box. Going up the higher level, we can also do succeeding accounting between results produced by PCOS versus the canvassing in the municipality. Just hire a very good bookkeeper to the job.

      Hence, if ever there are manipulations in the PCOS, it can be easily traced. Only few people understands the source codes and binaries, but all of us knows how to account.

      • MarcyPulilan

        How sure are you that there are traceabilities? For one thing, the different PCOS machines have different binary compilations from the original source code, if there is traceability, this should have been reported and the PCOS machine inoperable because there will be a checksum error. This tells us there is no such traceability the fact that they can run the 2010 version of the binaries and the 2011 version without any reactions from the PCOS machine in terms of errors or warnings (at least it should not start), so if I upload binaries that have cheating on the PCOS machines thfough a corrupt uploader that was paid, luto na ang buto buto, it will not even be traced that the program running was set to favor someone or some party. The easier alternative is to initiate a series of simple tests (which they have not done either, they resorted to a mock election). Simple test like what happens to multi shaded votes, votes without shades, crumpled votes. They also need to test the sequence if they tally, what happens to invalid votes. Yes all of us knows how to count but there is no human counting the votes, humans only come in tallying the votes counted by the PCOS machine. So even if everyone knows how to count, no one actually counted the votes, it was the machine and if the counting algorithm is fixed through an invalid binary, no one will know. Luto na ulit and mga buto-buto habang natutulog ang COMELEC sa pansitan.

      • MarcyPulilan

        Oh really Mr. Mangubat, even with the manual count, the COMELEC does not even know how to count, what more doing IT on electronic voting. The simple plus and minuses did not work in previous elections where you have more voters in town A than the population of the same town A and yet they declared winners. Our COMELEC hindi na marunong magbilang, lalo na hindi marunong gumawa ng IT controls as what you mentioned.

    • Bojo Mojo

       yours is just pure speculation with zero probability of happening…

  • $17531445

    Does Brillantes mean by his statement that even the Comelec cannot manipulate the machines, that they can run the election all by their lonesome like runaway computers? Isn’t that precisely the danger, that it is no longer the Comelec that controls the election but some other entity?

  • maldita888

    Para imposible din ang pandaraya ay huwag na payagang tumakbo ang mga dapat di pwedeng tumakbo. Dinudumihan pa yung balota at naisama pa yung pangalan sa listahan ng mga kandidato. COMELEC PLEASE DO YOUR JOB! Protect the sanctity of the ballot!!!

  • Chloroform

    what is the prize? immunity from legal consequences? hehe

  • payutenyodagimas

    dapat gumawa ng paraan ang comelec na ang pagboto ay pwede daanin sa Facebook thru Like. wla pa gastos. lahat ng kandidato mag open ng account sa facebook, ilagay lahat ang kanilang accomplishments sa kanilang profile, mag post ng pic at campaign slogan sa status nila tapos paramihan ng LIKES.

    Pwede mag Like/bumoto sa araw ng election lang

    sa tingin ko mas makahulugan ang election pag sa facebook gagawin kasi dina makakaboto ung mga mangmang at tyak ung mga alipores nina Binay sa makati e dina oobra

  • 2rey3

    Chairman Brillantes instead of a general denial that PCOS can be cheated should address the issues raised by by local IT experts. Second, to make sure na walang dayaan sa bilangan, ounting should be done hybrid, both manually and using the PCOS. Transmission be automated for fast results which can be checked by interested parties thru the election returns they received in the precinct level. Pero bakit ayaw ng COMELEC? Dahil di makapandaya sinuman sa pamamagitan nito!! Unnecessary objections by lawyers during counting can be minimized by strict rules imposed by COMELEC on raising objections. Lately, candidates maneuvered to make sure that their own ITs are hired by the COMELEC in order to what? CHEAT!!!

    • magiting78

      Commelec already addressing the issue, but they need proof, that’s why Brillantes challenging them show that they can hack or manipulate the machine…Why they don’t accept the challenge if they are really expert.

  • DinngMae

    I could understand the strong denial of the Comelec that the PCOS machines can be hacked but to challenge and offer a prize to any hacker is an over-reaction which leaves me wondering if Chairman Sixto Brillantes was serious or was it just a ploy to cover something.

    I was a Smartmatic PCOS machine trainer and I know for a fact that it cannot be hacked. Brillantes seems to be trying to drive the attention of the people into a machine that can never be the culprit in a manipulated electoral exercise. In the first place, can you charge and imprison a machine for being a suspect in a fraudulent election?

    Brillantes was happy to challenge everybody because he knew very well that it can never be done. However, what he wasn’t telling everybody is the whole process. Yes, the process. And, yes, he can’t explain it to the public because it is flawed. It is a process full of loopholes that the result can be manipulated. The problem is in the process and not in the machine.

    When I attended the seminar in Smartmatic, I was given a kit about the PCOS machine. I was expecting that we will be taught on how to troubleshoot the machine if it bogs down during the election day. But I was wrong. We were taught about the whole process, how the machine works, and what are the protocols involved when the machine breaks.

    Protocols? Yes. Protocols are needed because Smartmatic technicians or any people for that matter are not allowed to open it. If it stopped working, another machine would be near the polling precinct to replace it. So what happened with the number of votes in the PCOS machine that went wrong? That, my dear friends, I will leave it to your imagination.

    There are weak points in the whole process and the PCOS machine is not part of it. There are still ways to cheat and hacking is out of the picture. Tampering the machine cannot win a cheating candidate but creativity will.

    Those two suspects that were caught offering to hack the machines are certified id!ots that don’t know a thing. Five million bucks for tampering? Shucks! They must be wallowing in extreme poverty. If I am to share my expertise with a trapo (traditional politician), I will charge P30 million for a local position. Why P30 million? Because the scheme will involve a combination of several tricks to do the job. 

    So why did Brillantes challenge everybody to hack the PCOS machine and not dare anybody to manipulate the results? Because the machine cannot be tampered but the results can be cheated.

  • joel genese

    “The PCOS machines cannot be manipulated,” said Brillantes.

    Of course, the PCOS machine can be manipulated. With the connivance of several people, the result can be manipulated. But to hack by an outsider, I think that’s nonsense.

    • patrickinca

       Indeed… There is no point for any outsider to hack or tamper with this machines. For it is a lot more easier for this politicians to shelf out billions of pesos just to bribe the operators.

      • magiting78

        Yes indeed, if I am a hacker why would I waste my time in hacking the result of this election I will invest my time on how to hack the atm machines and bank servers to transfer money on my account, it easy money and lots of money.

      • InSearchOfTruth

        a hacker will never do that.  only cyber criminals

      • magiting78

        Hacker can be consider as criminals, because they enter on website, or cyber space that they are not allowed. Its like they enter to someone house without persmission, its called trespassing.

      • InSearchOfTruth

        not all hackers can be considered criminals.  the computer industry was revolutionized by hackers.

        not everybody who breaks into a system is a hacker.  you must create your own exploit and more importantly you must be recognized by other hackers before you can be called one.  most cyber criminals are nothing but script kiddies, using other exploits to break into any system.  most cyber criminals have not created their own exploits, they only borrow, then they call themselves as hackers.

        so, to call a cyber criminal as hacker is tantamount to calling all humans as killers, for the simple reason that a lot of humans are killers.

        “hacking” started with mutual understanding from both parties.  a computer engineer will try to see the vulnerabilities of another system and informs the computer engineer handling that system about the vulnerability.  this was the time when everything, from building computers to programming were done by engineers (unlike today where programmers and engineers are different personalities).

  • ero

    logically it can be manipulated because if a person did it also a person can manipulate it….. This is my simple analysis CF card can be reproduced/duplicated , if that particular area is subject for manipulation they calibrate the pCOS machine before the deliveries, possibly the assign machine in that particular area is using built in memory for printing not the CFcard which actual votes are there, and then  how the results match  to the actual CF card? The actual CF Card is send to central office comelec for validations….Thats the time the actual CF card will be replace with another that reconcile the print out…. lol this is my own analysis its a matter of disable and enable lol….

    • Gerardo Mangubat

      Bravo! Why don’t you go to Comelec, present this thesis, then get the money, huh?

  • Fulpol

    Brillantes is so idiot… hacking the PCOS machine is full of stupidity… but hacking the entire system, that would deliver winning results.. how to hack? 


    1. PCOS machine (entire system, hardware, software and the operator)
    2. COMELEC
    3. Survey firms

    if you hack all the three (for national positions), 100% chance of winning… for local positions, just hacking the first two is required…

    “hacking”?… not by using computers or any electronic devices of course… 

    • Gerardo Mangubat

      Bravo! Why don’t you go to Comelec, present this thesis, then get the money, huh?

    • magiting78

      It easier say than done…76000++ PCOS machine, 3 main server, 30+ Senators, 300+ congressman with different codes how? 

  • Downer_ph
  • Gerardo Mangubat

    Those complaining about the source code or binaries staff, for me, have missed the whole point. The source and binaries are not the issue here. Just analyze the whole process, the whole system, then you would realize that the system has various levels of traceability and accountability. Any one with simple plus and minus skills can easily detect the results produced by PCOS versus the ballots inside the ballot box. Going up the higher level, we can also do succeeding accounting between results produced by PCOS versus the canvassing in the municipality. Just hire a very good bookkeeper to the job. Hence, if ever there are manipulations in the PCOS, it can be easily traced. Only few people understand the source codes and binaries, but all of us knows how to account.
    In the protests filed and tried from 2010 elections, many who lost requested to open the ballot boxes. And Comelec indeed opened those ballot boxes and did some manual counting. Have you heard of at least one case that proved that PCOS could be manipulated?  If you could present one, then I will shut my case down. 

    • magiting78

      Totally agree, these people just making up noise but they cannot accept the challenge post by commelec.

  • Ed

    How can Comelec chairman Brillantes be so confident about the integrity and security of the overall election process for 2013, when he admitted that he is IT-illiterate (meaning he doesn’t probably understand 90% of the technical terms being bandied about regarding the PCOS system and how it interfaces with higher systems of tabulating)? Having a Twitter account doesn’t add one iota of knowledge re PCOS.
       Gerardo Mangubat, the defender for Smartmatic here, is so confident about PCOS – but what about further along in the tabulation process? Or in the weeks before the PCOS machines are installed with those controversial, so-unsecured CF cards?  
       Offering a prize for hackers’ successful breaking into the PCOS system is so grade-school level in thinking; the successful hackers will simply offer their skills to politicians on a “results-delivered” basis, and no one would know, while Comelec will then use PCOS for 2016 (the bigger jackpot for hackers or manipulators). 

    • magiting78

      That’s why Brillantes challenging those saying it is possible to hack the result, show them that they can hack it. If this people are really concerned, they will show it to commelec, so that commelec could make a back up plan to secure the data.
      Why these people don’t accept the challenge, is it because they cannot show the proof? or they just making noice, or they funded by dirty politician when these politicians lost the race they will challenge the result?…How credible are these people?

    • InSearchOfTruth

      only cyber criminals will take his offer.  definitely not hackers.  well, maybe black hats.  but those guys have very high sense of pride in their art that they will not take any parlor games challenge. 

  • Dawn Dare

    If he’s so confident about the security of that box, make him hold a weekend hackathon.

    • InSearchOfTruth

      wag lang nya dalhin yan sa defcon sa las vegas…  hehehe

  • patrickinca

    Those machines are so easy to Hack, tamper and alter and also the transmitted data can be easily manipulated. It was already been reported that during the last elections that data that has been transmitted got a delay of 3 hrs. It was reported that most of the delayed datas are coming from mindanao and visayas. Even if the data are encripted, this datas such as the machine ID and other security IDs,those can still be easily  interpreted, recoded, tampered and even just stop it from reaching its destination and re-send a different set of datas with the same security keys. The proof is, paano ba nanalo si Binay sa pagka VP eh di naman siya kilala sa mga probinsya?

    • magiting78

      Who do you think won on VP, do you think Mar? I guess not, if Bnay not known on provinces the more Mar not known on provinces. Binay won among the weakest link, You see now how he is so eager to join in their campaign for him to introduce himself to voters for the next election…what a Trapos strategy hahahaha… I am IT I’m deffinetly say it is not possible to Hack a 76000+++ machines simulteneously with 3 main servers.. may be they can hack 1 machine for 1 min. if you have 76000 machine you need 76000min atleast to hack them all atleast 52 days. Then if you want to hack them in 1 day you need 52 hackers atleast. Thats only for 1 politician, if you want to manipulate 24 senators you need to multiply it the time by atleast 12 times…

      • InSearchOfTruth

        i agree with your figure about breaking into 76000+ machine.  but you must also consider that you only break in once, introduce the code and leave.  you can do this on the server side and let the server propagate the code to the pcos machine.

        how is the data transmitted, by the way?  online? or through the cf card sent to the main comelec office?

        i refrain from using the word “hacking” simply because there is a big misnomer in the term “hacking”.  hacking, per se, pertains to using something which is totally different from what that something is originally designed for.  for example, sitting on a desk can be considered hacking because a desk is not a chair.  or using a knife to loosen a screw, for a knife is designed for cutting (or killing if you are a hunter).  therefore, breaking into any it system does not necessarily translate to hacking (breaking in is a more appropriate term).

      • magiting78

        Data is transmitted both online and CF Card. if they can manipulate online there were CF Card which is their back.

      • InSearchOfTruth

        what if they penetrated the server and inserted a code that propagates to the pcos?  is the raw data in the cf card similar to the raw files in dslr’s?

        consider this:  compromise the server and anything connected to that server is compromised as well.  just like a virus, infect the host and you also infect the clients.

      • magiting78

        Server don’t deliver codes or data, its design just to received / collect all data transmitted from PCOS its design is not the same with mail server..Commelec has 3 server..1 for commelec, 1 for accredited watch poll, 1 for commelec back all these has distinctive safety features. and it is in different location. Before they can penetrate the server they have to locate it first…and it will takes time…

      • InSearchOfTruth

        so the communication is one way? no ack between the host and the client?  so its not a server because it does not serve.  more like client and the pcos as the server?

        locating the server would need social engineering…

  • $20926843

    As I wrote here before this SOB brillantes is a veteran election lawyer.  He knows very well the inns and outs of election cheating and rigging that is why he was appointed to this position by the inutile and autistic president in malacanang with the pretense to clean up the country’s election but in reality the real intention is the opposite. After this election, with the administrations candidates on a winning track he may as well write a best selling book entitled, ” How to Rig and Cheat an Election Without Really Trying.”

  • Bojo Mojo

     automated or manual, there will always be attempts to cheat…cheating is more rampant & successful & deadlier in manual counting than in automated system…i guess the choice is choose the lesser evil…

    • magiting78

      Agree the more delay the result the more chance of cheating. Unlike Automated counting the pastest the result the lesser chances. How the hacker can hack the 76000+++ machines simulteneously, with 3 different main server? may be they can hack 1 server but not all…If this is possible why the hacker would waste their time on this why they don’t hack the atm machines or the bank?…

      • Bojo Mojo

        was there widespread cheating in the last automated elections?..none!

        there were glitches in the transmission of results due to technical problem but no untoward incidents attributed to cheating…

      • magiting78

        If there is any, but it is minimal compare to manual counting. So if there is any untowards inccedence to automated before I still prepared this automated counting, to those still complaining stop it you are helping but delaying the process….

      • Bojo Mojo


  • Danilo Navarro

    well kung alam ninyo kung papano ma hack ang pcos machine bakit di ninyo pakita  sa comelec para mapa tutuhanan ang sinasabi ninyo puro puna lang yata kayo o gisto ninyo ibalik ang dagdag bawas  ehh ganyan naman mga kandidato pag natalo sasabihin dinaya ayaw aminin di sila nanalo.gaya ni alazzka wala na yatang magaling kundi sarili niya 

  • unokritiko

    the two side of people here are talking of nonsense. One is talking how to hack the PCOS while the other side is talking of transparency of the system as lagman insist. PCOS machine cannot be hacked and transparency is shown by random auditing of results on pcos tansmitted data against ballots run thru the pcos!! Transparency is there but not in total!
    The problem here are the people manning this equipment from pcos down to comelec data bank.
    If this people were bribe, then the results is very questionable!
    The system that is foolproof is by using different software in such a way that the comelec data bank involves voters list, list of candidates, and the names of comelec official at the precinct level.
    Now this data must be available at the server in one way status and available for comparison with the transmitted data from pcos machine with of course different security features added to it.
    Allow the comelec watch dog to do the comparing in their terminals before accepting it and added to the data bank were the results is stored. if in comparing the results is different then it can not be added in the data bank. The watchdog people can even audit the pcos if it contains valid data as well as the presence of comelec official manning the precinct before voting begins!!
    AES watch is inutil IT people, just to have a media milage!!

    • PuncanMind

      You  don’t have to hack PCOS machine to manipulate the outcome of the votes, I don’t know if comelec has realize this, but I think it is easy to do. During the old days, cheats replace ballot boxes filled with bogus votes. This process is quite hard because cheats have to switch many ballot boxes to make significant changes on the number of votes in their favor. This requires many goons to achieve. But now, all you need is a bribed election supervisor or anyone who is in-charge of  sending the result stored in a USB drive to Comelec headquarter. All he/she has to do is replace it with another usb drive, the size of your smallest finger, containing data that is favorable to whoever paid him/her.

      So how is the bogus data stored in the bogus USB drive? All you have to know is how the data is stored in the usb, then create the same format/structure and encrypt it, if is encrypted, of course with number of votes landslide in your favor.

      • MarcyPulilan

        May mas madaling dayaan pa diyan, gawa na ang resulta ng elections bago pa ito magsimula, moro moro na lang ang bothan, bibiliangin na lang iyong hinandang results. makikita pa ba natin kung saan hinugot iyong mga results? Ngayon pa lang may resulta na kumpleto sa mga Logs na magpapatunay na “malinis” ang halalan. He he he marami talagang mga talamak at matitinik sa mga pulitiko natin, maiisahan mo pa ba sila pag dating sa  d u g a s a n?

  • Danilo Navarro


    • magiting78

      Hahaha sabi ng boss ko s site dati mas mahirap daw ka argumento ang taong nag dudunong dunungan kesa talagang madunong hahaha parang mga ito huhusay mag dunong dunungan pero actually mga mang-mang naman…Kung totoo sinasabi nila bakit hnd nila e-challence ang commelec hack nila PCOS harap harapan…ngaun baliktad cla challence ng commelec may premyo pa ayaw nmn nila…hahahaha Pack Shetttt

    • MarcyPulilan

      Marami nang pumunta sa COMELEC to point this out, walang nakikining. In fact merong isang Comelec Commisioner na IT expert telling them all these things. Ano ang ginawa nila? Pinasipa nila kay Enrile through the commision on appointments. Ordinaryong tao pa nag pupunta doon para patunayan na puro sila mga g u n g  g o n g led by the Birlliant Brillantes? I do not think they will risk that.

  • w4d

    The PCOS machines may be cheat-proof but things will become mute if voters are not wise with their decisions.

  • basilionisisa

    To the AES Watch, and all doubters of the PCOS machines: Time to put up or shut up! Hanap hanap pa kayo ng source, e eto babayaran pa kayo ng milyon kung maha-hack nga ninyo ang machine! so what are you waiting for? natulala kayo bigla! wala naman pala kayong sinabi, puro paninira lang! pahiya kayo ngayon!

    • magiting78

      Kaya maiingay mga yan wala n commission s price ng PCOS hehehe…Loserssss!….Ayaw pa kc tapalan ng commelec ng limpak limpak na salapi mga bibig ng mga yan para manahimik n….Nag iingay mga yan para makisakay s knila pulitiko saka nila gagatasan hahaha

    • MarcyPulilan

      The PCOS machine can be hacked, does not have to be an electronic hack! It can be hacked by using the traditional bribing of Election Officials to get a binary with cheats loaded in the machine. If the person securing the PCOS machine is bribed and the bribed accepted, of course it can be hacked. Hacked the traditional way of bribing the correct person to gain access to it.

  • nakatutok

    siyempre naman..alangan naman sabihin ni Puti Brilliantes na may HOCUS PCOS machine??? e para na rin niyang sinabi na si PNoy ay HOCUS PCOS President>?? ..kinaumagahan impake na siya sa comelec!!!

  • Krissey

    ke may daya o wala, parehas lang ka resulta nyan, dinastiya yan nina aquino, binay, enrile, angara, cayetano, etc and people will vote to them for their pork barrel, kung hindi dinastiya ma papag tiagaan muli sina recycle na sina legarda at escudero,,, subrang tagal na ng mga pangalan ng mga kandidatong iyan sa panunungkulan,,,

  • InSearchOfTruth

    “I am challenging anyone who can hack into the PCOS machines. Maybe we can give them something [if they are successful],” said Brillantes in an interview.

    why do we always use the term “hack”?  cyber criminals and hackers are totally two different breeds.

    • magiting78

      Ya you may be right but it already on street dictionary. May be for you who knew the term there were difference between the two, but for thos who just depending on what the saw on TV’s and heard and news, there are no difference.

      • InSearchOfTruth

        so why don’t we start educating the less informed?

      • magiting78

        That’s because of politics, politician don’t want to educate the people so that they can used them during elections…

      • InSearchOfTruth

        as cdq would say: “there’s the rub”

  • disqusted0fu

    “The PCOS machines cannot be manipulated,” – Prove it then! Plus, it’s not just the hacking that’s the problem, it is also the inaccuracy of the registry of the machines. And the biggest problem of all is the manipulation of the operators of the machines and the machines’ source codes.

  • LabkoPinas

    Oh yeah? Mr. Brilliantes change your challenge from a “Maybe” to a $1,000,000 or even pesos backed challenge and the hackers will prove you wrong either with a software or hard disk cheating method. A challenge you should have put up a long time ago rather than empty statements of impenetrability.

  • Dawn Dare

    If integrity of the PCOS machines is out of the question, what about replication of those CF cards? How sure are we that there are no copies of those cards? What about defective cards? Will the COMELEC produce replicas of these? If so, then we have a system-wide defect.

  • Alim Labixa

    the pcos machines have open ports and can be manually altered and manipulated which was why the person who confessed he was paid 1B pesos by the election funders of aquino and binay was able to intercept the data that was being transmitted to comelec and changed them to the results that he gathered from the shaving and pudding he did for them so if comelec is saying that the pcos machines are good enough to deliver a clean and honest 2013 election, yeah tell that to aquino who already sealed the deal with the same people who declared him the HOCUS PCOSed president. 

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