Sabah standoff: Karma



If Malaysia is clumsy about handling the Sabah standoff, it will have the same problem the Philippine government had when it fought a Muslim rebellion in the South in the 1970s up to the 1980s.

Malaysia is in a no-win situation as a result of the standoff in Sabah.

If it uses deadly force on a small group of armed Filipino Muslims now holed up in the village of Tanduo in Lahad Datu town in Sabah, members of the fiercest of Philippine Moro tribe, the Tausogs of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, will retaliate.

If, on the other hand, Malaysia compromises with the armed group purportedly belonging to the Sultanate of Sulu, it will be perceived as a weakling by its neighbors.

Which will Malaysia choose, fighting  a rebellion in the Sabah state or swallowing its pride and compromise with the Sultanate of Sulu?

Better to be perceived as a weakling rather than have a bloody civil war in Sabah.

*  *  *

There is no record of the number of Filipinos, mostly Tausogs, in Sabah.

But a friend of mine who used to be in the Philippine military intelligence estimates that one-third of the population in the Malaysian state is Tausog.

Many of the people in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi have relatives in Sabah, which is just one hour by speedboat from Simunul in Tawi-Tawi.

If the Tausogs in Sabah rise up in revolt against the Malaysian government, their relatives in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi will go to Sabah and fight with them.

To the Tausogs, the claim of the group purporting to represent the Sultanate of Sulu that Sabah belongs to the sultanate is legitimate.

The Sulu Sultanate, long dormant and somewhat forgotten because of the war waged by the Tausog-led MNLF against the government, is still revered by Moros in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

Tausogs respect the Sultan of Sulu in much the same way Malaysians pay homage to their royal family.

If harm is done to Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram, brother of Sultan Jamalul Kiram, who ordered the Mudah Agbimuddin to enter Sabah, his fellow Tausogs in Sabah and in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi will take up arms against the Malaysian government.

Filipino Muslims declare a rido or vendetta against people who harm their relatives.

The Rido has set off feuds between families or clans that last for decades.

Most of the Tausogs in Sabah have relatives in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi who are ready to take revenge if harm is done to Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram and his armed followers in Lahad Datu town.

My source in Sulu said that even before the landing of 200 men in Lahad Datu last week, the Sultanate had already sent armed men in small groups to Sabah to escape notice from authorities.
The armed groups are being coddled by Tausogs in the Malaysian state.

The ocean border between Sabah and the Philippines is porous or easily penetrated.

Most of the tens of thousands of Filipino illegal immigrants in Sabah entered through this porous border.

It’s very easy for armed Tausogs to enter Sabah and wage a guerrilla war against the Malaysian government should hostilities break out between the Sultanate group and Malaysian police.

Tausogs love to fight and look for reasons to pick  a fight.

If Malaysia assumes a violent stance against the Sulu Sultanate group, the Tausogs will have a reason to fight them.

* * *

When the government was fighting the MNLF in the 1970s through the 1980s, Malaysia was secretly supporting the rebellion in the South.

Weapons coming from Libya and other Middle East countries passed through Malaysia on their way to the MNLF.

Now, it seems the shoe is on the other foot.

The law of karma is being played out.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UPORNQO7GP2GMDGTT64FZOAVVA HuwagKalimutan

    I want the Philippines to stake its claim on Sabah but I would place no value on the comments of Tulfo.

    • CommonSens6

       I beg to disagree. Not just possible but there is high probability for the scenario to become real … not saying I am praying for this to happen. Cheers!

  • CommonSens6

    Right on Target, Mr. Tulfo. Cheers!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7SCP6VWAKPLCZHNTIVPQRC6LY Gibo

    That is why I like Mr Tulfo. Fearleas views. Good job in your comment on Sabah. I am pretty sure Malaysia has a hand on a few M16s in Mindanao in addition to the contribution of some corrupt Philippine Generals at that time. Guns begot guns. More power to the Sultanate of Sulu! We stand beside of your noble cause.

  • mon key

    Wahehehe . . . may tama si Mon Tulfo! Red Horse Beer Mon. . . for you, where ever you are!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RRFGBCEJ6OURIE3PW3I5YCH3FQ Hideki

     Mon “JABIDAH ” Tulfo… pag nasaktan ang kapatid ni Sultan Kiram III..yari ang malaysia.. kalaban nila ay MILF + MNLF + ASG + BIFF..lahat yan ay mga moros at tausugs

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3LQ4MUAU3Z36MIQGIGSOKBCQE Rosauro

    The uprising of MNLF starting in the early 70’s was supported by Malaysia. Their objective was for the Philippines to focus its attention and resources to the rebellion and forget about Sabah. They dropped Misuari as their heceman in their Mindanao agenda hence the chair of the MNLF has to get even.

    • kismaytami

      You hit the nail straight to its head! It is the malaysians who support, fund and train these terrorists in Mindanao to keep PH and the Sultanate away from the claim.

  • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

    On the contrary, I think Malaysia is fully aware of the stakes involved. This is a land-grabbing case, Mon. Not an upcoming armed uprising of the magnitude warranting an involvement of any arms group in Mindanao. I also think that at the end of the day, this is a family decision taken up by the Kiram family and supported by people who knows the truth. Let’s try to have our wits around us and not be taken into any independent issues in Mindanao that our current Phil govt is handling separately.  Why try to link this land-grabbing case issue to more unresolved issues in that area?

    Poverty is the main issue in Mindanao. The solution to its main problem is well within its own land. Let them have access to it first. If there’s multi-billion peso worth of gas or oil in Sabah then so be it and let the rightful owners have access to it first before we throw daggers at random. 

    It is not Mindanao’s fault that it was and still is being taken advantage of in terms of resources. And don’t get me started with TVI now.  It is the largest region in the Phils and yet the weakest. If you want to know why, just listen to yourself Mon. Instead of bashing these people for their ideologies, why don’t we help them set on their foot to fighting poverty, lack of education and get ahead in life as a minority?

    This is a case between our country’s minority and our next-door neighbor.  Would you allow that atmosphere to happen, even in your own household?

    I truly admire you in your cause for justice, and in this case I would like to see you more lending our minority a voice when they need it most. 

  • Rovingmoron

    Mr. Tulfo, I could sense that you’re fanning the burning flame. If this gets out of control, you’re to blame. Just to use our common sense. If a particular property is being rented, it means it is not owned by the occupant. It’s plain and simple logic. If the Malaysian government owns Sabah, how come it continues to pay the rent amounting to more than 5,000 ringgits to the Sultanate of Sulu? My unsolicited advice is for the Kiram’s family to seek redress with the United Nations or the International Court of Justice.

    • kidsPorts

      Payment of rent by the occupant is an admission that he is merely a lessee and that the party to whom he pays the rent is the owner of the property.

    • CommonSens6



  • redape

    The Carpenter Agreement of 1915 effectively dissolved the governmental aspects of the Sultan of Sulu. That agreement between the US and the Sultan surrendered all governmental functions to Manila. Thus any dubious power of being a State that could claim any territory was ceded to the Philippines. The Sultan only continued to have “ecclesiastic” powers and could receive voluntary contributions. The fact is there a several individuals who claim the nominal title, not just the one making all the noise. 

    The title to Sabah was earlier granted, not as a “rental” but as a complete CESSION. That included all SOVEREIGN powers in PERPETUITY. Part of the grant was made for a large sum immediately, weapons, and included future deferred payments.In fact, the Sultan (and the State) himself doesn’t collect, but the original Sultan’s heirs. 

    Ultimately such issues in which territory is under dispute is resolved in front of International Tribunals today on two major factors. First, who has demonstrated the actual and pragmatic facts of governance, development, control, and have been recognized as being sovereign. The Sulu state hasn’t been involved on the mainland since the 1880’s. 

    The second criteria is the desires of the residents. I have spent a lot of time in Sabah and have many friends of all races and ethnicities, including Suluk Sabahans. While there is some interest in weakening the control of the peninsula, and asserting more of a confederation within Malaysia, there is absolutely no interest in becoming part of the Philippines, and certainly none in becoming the vassals of some Sulu feudal chieftain based on a 400 year old claim that they “own” the land because they defeated an indigenous revolt.

    Regarding the “intelligence” claim that 1/3rd of the population of Sabah is Suluk. Suluk have never been very significant in the ethnic mix. The 1891 census indicated that about 5.5% of the population was Suluk and 16% Bajau. In the 1970 census the Suluk had dropped to 1.5% with Bajau 12% of the residents. Chinese immigration and their descendants made up a major part of the shift. More recent censuses do not record ethnic makeup but it’s unlikely that Suluk composition is growing significantly.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AS7ZS3RG454EKLDPVX3UR3MLGE rick

      sir the sovereignty was temporarily relinquished to the imperialist aggressor of the philippines which is the usa. the sovereignty exercised by the americans over the philippines was temporary for they are mere hostile occupant due to their superior arms. they do not possessed sovereignty because they are not supported by the people. sovereignty always resides in the people, they are always the source of it. so if you don;t have support how can you claim that you hvae sovereignty. the americans were only exercising an ” act of sovereignty”. logically after this usurper of sovereignty left,it follows that the real sovereignty is returned back to the philippines. so the sovereignty over sabah is reutrned back to the philippines…i don’t remember the philippines ceeding sabah to the malaysians. do you?

    • malek_abdul

      “Chinese immigration and their descendants made up a major part of the shift.” – These are not Chinese immigrants but the Tausugs that were christened as Chinese in 1731.

      1731 – By decree of a Ming emperor, the remaining 300 survivors of Sulu
      East King Paduka Batara, now christened as Chinese Wen and Ang families,
      were assimilated into mainstream Chinese society that made perpetually
      alive a Tausug bloodline in
      that part of the world. – (Historical Timeline of the Sultanate of Sulu)

      • rudysento

        Come on, you just implied that the Chinese Sabahans are actualy of Tausug origin. Very implausible. Why on hell did the Tausug want to do that? I wish you wont go on implying also Chinese Sarawakians are actually of pinoy origin, or Yap Ah Loy of KL was somehow a pinoy :)

      • malek_abdul

        That’s the way it is…you can’t change history. I read that info from the Timeline of Royal Sultanate of Sulu. Am from the Zamboanga Peninsula in Mindanao and met a lot of Filipinos bearing Chinese surnames. How do you explain that? Most of these people don’t even look Chinese and if you ask them why their names are Chinese they don’t know or only know a little about it.

    • giltor

      Sabah is ceded by who to whom?

      There is no way sovereignty could be be ceded/transferred to a private entity like the British North Borneo company.

      Please do not muddy the waters any further, you will never know who is reading this godawful trash, the president perhaps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606936130 Fatima Shehan Kiram Idjirani

    Hi my name is Dayang Dayang Sitti Fatima Shehan Kiram Idjirani, niece of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and Crown Prince Agbimuddin Kiram; and daughter of the Secretary General of the Kiram Royal Family, Abraham Idjirani. There will be no blood shed. Our goal is the ROAD TO HISTORICAL TRUTH by means of PEACE..We have sent letters to the Embassy of Malaysia, other embassies and government offices stating our family’s position regarding the issue. Thank you for your unwavering support.

    • kidsPorts

      There should be no unnecessary blood letting.

    • Dalo_kayo

       Are you telling me your people ( ours too ) wont shoot back if fired upon

      • CommonSens6

         Every human being has the “right” to self defense! Cheers!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ELTWKJPUAIB6ANDT4KSL7BSATA Shalani

    pwede bang reviewhin ni kiram kung sakop ng Sulu Sultanate ang spratley islands at ang malapit na Scarborough Shoal, sana padala din sya ng Royal Army dun ….

  • eirons1043

    Whatever the legal issue all pinoys must support the Kirams as no President from Aguinaldo to Noynoy has halped them claim or recognized their ownership of Borneo which used to be in all Phil.Geography Books as part of Mindanao. All those born 1970 backwards saw this in their geography classes kung bakit ng maging Presidente si Cory eh nawala na sa libro.

    • kismaytami

      Except Marcos.

    • Ros Feliciano

      I was in Grade IV in 1948 and at that time per my recollection in terms of the text books we had, the inclusion of North Borneo appeard on both the “Geography book” and the “Home Land book”. That was the last time I noticed that North Borneo was no longer appearing in our Philippine map. This clearly means that all our past Phil Presidents cared less or worse didn’t care at all about their responsibilities to pay attention to the wish of the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu to terminate the lease agreement with Britain and Malaysia. In fact Malaysia kept the Phil busy supressing rebellion while supporting the rebels.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DLHLDIPILYZ6FW5ZG7KSZ45NLU Nida

    tufol dba back in the 70’s ur pc dad was one of the hero during the muslim rebellion in mindanao, bakit d mo na mention yan…..

  • http://noorlucman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php Noor_Lucman

    This is Manila’s opinion. But don’t count on it. Majority of Muslims in Mindanao will not cause destabilization in Sabah because it is their peaceful haven, save for a number of misguided Tausogs and Samals who are acting on orders from misguided self-proclaimed Messiahs of the fragmented Sultanate of Sulu and Nur Misuari who claims Sabah as MNLF territory. To make war against Malaysia for the cause of justice for the Sultanate of Sulu, the Tausogs need the warrior tribes of Mranao-Iranaons and Maguindanaoans to access Sabah’s battlefields. Assuming the Philippine government is strong and wise enough to take on Malaysia as a belligerent nation. The victims of the Jabidah Massacre is still fresh in the minds of Mindanaoans and Sabahans whose cry for justice fell on deaf ears in Manila. There is no closure to this karma. The solution to the Sabah claim can be found among brothers and cousins of the Sultanates, not a Third Party component. To do this, the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement between the MILF and the Philippine government can pave the way for a peaceful negotiated political settlement between Malaysia and the new Bangsamoro political entity.

    • kent

      you have a point mr. lucman, but the framework agreement is way too far to be reality or to its perfection. More is needed to be done for its final apporval, legal arguments are expected, sectoral divisions is immenent, hardline opposition has its solid presence..The republic must be stengtened and not divided..This will be the issues to reckon with…and the sultanate cannot wait for another decade of abandonment..they have the legal basis for the claims..and thatt must be resolve…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AJT27PPPIQKCD2L2SXGNFC4IRM Donn Carlo

    Well said Mr. Tulfo…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    MangRamon, karma is on its way to you too.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    You appear to forget when the british was giving malaysia it’s independence, they held a referendum in Sabah to ask the people what they wanted. To be part of the Philippines or to become part of Malaysia. These same people you are saying will rise up chose to become part of Malaysia and the ruling was upheld by the UN and the International Court of Justice back in 1963 as acknowledgement of the will of the people living there.

    Why do all the stories in the media “conveniently” forget to mention this??????

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AS7ZS3RG454EKLDPVX3UR3MLGE rick

      sir baka nakakalimutan niyo na rin na di naman sa kanila ang sabah. sa sultan ng sulu yan. parang gaza strip lang po yan na kinamkam ng israel at nanirahan sila duon pero due to equity eh kailangan ibalik sa mga palestino….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

      hi albert, what was not ”conveniently’ mentioned was that malaysia flooded sabah with mainland bumis so they will have the majority vote in their favor during that referendum.

      in case a referendum will be done again, just like before, it will be totally impossible for the phils to win in it.

    • CommonSens6

        I’m sorry Albert, there was really no referendum. The Cobbold commission cooked it up  to justify the federalization of Malaysia. All data is available  for you to see in the link provided below. You ask what if a plebiscite is held now… I would ask why did Hongkong go back to China w/o a referendum? The UN is decided by the worlds strongest policy makers at that time it was UK, USA, Spain, the Dutch, etc. The little guys were ignored, deceived and robbed in front of their face as the case of the Sultan of Sulu and Northern Borneo. Don’t be deceived, look at your skin, if it’s not white, you have to fight for your right to exist.. just like your Muslim brother. Cheers!
      ” The kingmakers of Borneao/The Borneo Insider 2013/02/14″

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SRLWUTE6TYKA332DDUG5E2YGUQ Sandiego

      Doesn’t matter.  England gave to Malaysia what did not belong to them. England and Malaysia are thieves. This land belongs to Sulu. Nothing like war to unite a nation. I’m not  condoning war but a united AFP, MNLF, MILF beats the Malaysian military. So sick and tired of Malaysians on other sites laughing at our forces. Laugh it up. But your side is  soft. AFP has been fighting internal wars for the last 50 years. Muslims have not ceded to any power for 500 years. Honestly how is the Malaysian military going to handle that. Better call England before you get over run. If we land our forces in Sabah your country is in serious danger of collapsing. But laugh all you want. Who am I. I’m nobody of importance. History though is a good teacher that when a people have been fighting each other for decades even centuries finally unites and turns their arms on external enemies they finally discover how strong they really are.

      Those posting about getting help from U.N. That’s such a joke. Does the U.N. have an Army to force other nations to its rules. U.N. is puppet.Forget the U.N. Let’s rely on ourselves.

      • Offshore10

        And I believe a United AFP-MNLF-MILF is a force to reckon with.  Not even the chinese can beat it man to man.  Courage to courage.  The Courage that was very evident in delaying the advancement of the japanese into australia, likewise evident in saving South Korea.  The Malaysian Police should tread carefully this time

      • DZJones

        This united force will strengthen on how really brave the Filipinos are if threaten by foreign invaders.

    • botets

      Well it this case a new referendum should be a good option

    • IbigMongSabihin

      the referendum is a known fact and sometimes mentioned in news stories. pero it is of less importance sa validity ng claim ng sultanate kaya di masyado highlighted. ikaw na ang mag evaluate kung bakit by considering that sabah was officially leased in writing by the british from the sultanate, the way hongkong was leased by the brits from china. after the lease period the acceptable legal action is to return sabah to the tausug sultanate the  owner, the way hongkong was returned to china. but in the case of sabah, the territory was not returned to the owner but instead a referendum was used by malaysia to avoid honoring the lease contract. that malaysian action was on its own only, thus making the referendum and its results null and voild. the written sabah lease was an official contract between between the brits and the sulu sultanate only and was done about 100 years bago bigyan ng independence ng brits ang malaysia. therefore, malaysia was not a party to the lease agreement. malaysia has also no right or authority to conduct a referendum in sabah because sabah was never a part of malaysia before and during the british era and after the independence of malaysia, as all wriiten historical documents show. meaning, nakisawsaw lang ang malaysia sa sabah… the referendum was recognized by the brits of course, and as a superpower, the brits campaigned for its acceptance by the UN.  and the brits also blocked all efforts of protest by your poor country. ganoon mag work ang UN kasi nga controlled iyon ng superpowers. look, the brits and UN will argue to allow the “self-determination” of the people of sabah. but in the parallel case of hongkong ay hindi nila ma apply ang right of self-determination or referendum kasi takot sila sa china kaya isinauli agad ang hongkong sa china after the lease expiration.

      • CommonSens6

        IbigMongSabihin, tama ka! And, really, there was not even a referandum. Gawagawa lang yon ng mga Brits.

    • lansi

      Not true. If Sabah is dirt poor like Somalia, people of Sabah would choose The Repuplic Pinoy.

  • amongBOSS

    For decades Malaysia has been successful in dividing us Filipinos. Inflaming the Moro rebellion so everyone would forget about Sabah. And again by brokering a peace deal between the Philippine government and the MILF the government has been effectively paralyzed on taking action on this issue. Fool on me once, shame on me twice.? They have been successfully playing us all along. Let us support the Sultanate of Sulu and bring back Sabah which is rightfully ours.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AS7ZS3RG454EKLDPVX3UR3MLGE rick

    yeheey….a dose of their own medicine…what goes around comes around….suportahan ang mga kapatid nating mga taga sulu…

  • Ronald Tan


    The “Sabah Ownership Issue” is The Heart of Conflict in Mindanao. Its about Ideology and Self Determination according to the UP Dean of Islamic Studies

    Malaysia Knows that Once The Philippines is Reunified with Sabah, 
    The Philippines has a Potential to become a South East Asian Regional Power.

    Given to the country’s English Speaking Population, Strategic Maritime Location and Rich Natural Resources, It Could be a Bastion of Multiculturalism, Trade and Democracy.

    Investments from Western Countries will Enter the Christian North while Islamic Countries will support the Muslim South. Generally Benefiting the Whole Country. It will also strenghthen our resolve on the Spratly Issue

    Being the First Republic In Asia, Our Country has a Rich History, Who wouldnt like to be part of a country proud with its revolutionary history

    If we will ever regain Back Sabah and will pursue reforms politically, Industrialize and convince the reunified South not to Seek secession, Then we can possible be a South East Asian Regional Power

    • Matambaka

       Very good analysis…  :-)

    • Offshore10

      nice one, what I’m also hoping for

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RDDM5UQ45HLPPKM66KYEBCMTCE dave

      hmmm…as far as I know, Malaysia has a manufacturing plant for fighter jets. Malaysia has petronas tower. How can you beat that.

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

         baka ihampas nga naman sa atin ang petronas..on 2nd thought, sa tingin mo bakit sila meron ng ganyan? kasi yung pera galing sa sabah na hindi sila ang may ari


    NOW… IT SEEMS… that PH is doing to Malaysia what Ch is doing to PH in claiming territories. That’s really fun! :)

    • rudysento

      Or the other way around? because PH was intended to doing so to Malaysia since 60s, the Ch is asserting their rights also? It’s KARMA….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RDDM5UQ45HLPPKM66KYEBCMTCE dave

      Layo ng logic mo Men. These tausugs are not back up by Manila. So there’s no way the government is involved in cliaming Sabah. Compare that to China’s.

      • UrHONOR

        ANG hina mong umintindi, MAN. Talagang “malayo” ang nakikita mo dahil walang Logic na napapaloob sa nabasa mo….it’s pure facetious remark on events…naka- BIG CAPS na ang IT SEEMS at may smiley emoticon sa dulo ng pangungusap, a hindi ka pa din nakasakay!  Hindi ko sinasabi na kulang ka sa reading comprehension dahil hindi kita kilala, pero kung ang pagbabatayan ay yang unsolicited mong comment na yan, malamang sa iba mo maririnig yan.  Think well before you set your fingers on the keyboard.

  • CommonSens6

    Jerry, please tell me what the meaning of “padjack” or “pajak is” which the scheming Brits conveniently translated to “cession” but in Tausug it means “lease”.  Also, the Cobbold Commision was cooked up by the Brits to justify annexing Northern Borneo into the Federation of Malaysia.  Check “The Kingmakers of Borneo/The Borneo Insider; 2013/02/14″

       In the 15th century or so the Europeans out of greed and with total disregard to anybody whose skin is not white decided to expand their territories by forcibly threatening or bullying the rest of the world and they termed these acquisitions as “protectorates”.  Protectorate does not have to do anything about the welfare of the native inhabitants it meant ” I now own this property and I’m going to protect it from you (another European) from taking it from my possion.” ie. Britain tried to take the Philippines from Spain….but ultimately failed.  You see the natives were never asked what they wanted.. they were treated as animals, of sort. There was no plebiscite, they were never asked their opinion. They were totally ignored and disrespected! 

    You says there is now no interest or desire by the Sabahan people to be part of the
    the Philippines? This question is moot. Why, did China ask the residents of Hongkong about how they feel? Hongkong was leased to the British and now back to it’s the lessor– China.

    Bottomline, the Malaysians are illegal occupiers. Give N. Borneo to her rightful owners.


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHTS7CFDJYRMSLBKA7E42VEE74 Sepilok

      Yes the European were greed, but the Sulu Sultanate took the Sabahans as slaves – we don’t want to be part of what was a Sultanate that was based on piracy and slave trading. 

  • CommonSens6

    MANILA, Philippines—President Benigno Aquino III has ordered his
    legal team, the Department of Justice and Department of Foreign Affairs,
    to study the validity of the claims of the Sultanate of Sulu over Sabah
    as the government buckled down to work to resolve the standoff between
    Malaysian security forces and a group of armed followers of the Sultan
    of Sulu on the island.

    “We are looking at the validity or legal basis on the claim as
    well as an assessment of its strength or weakness (of the claim of
    Sultan Jamalul Kiram) as the case may be,” Justice Secretary Leila De
    Lima said Thursday.  (PDI, 21Feb2013)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RDDM5UQ45HLPPKM66KYEBCMTCE dave

      Go back to Marcos’ laws. I think, somebody told me before, that Marcos formed a group of Scout Rangers to take over Sabah and help these Tausog claim their rights. I forgot the name of that operation.

      • Offshore10

        operation Mardeka…led to Jabidah Massacre

      • dxdaistar

         bakit sinong nagbulgar ng plano?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHTS7CFDJYRMSLBKA7E42VEE74 Sepilok

        And the Massacre was a major factor in your civil war in the south. Macros wasn’t interested in Tausug right – if he was why didn’t he help the ones in the southern Philippines, he was after Sabah resources for himself (not much different from the west malaysian politicians).

  • Mamang Pulis

    mon–sabahans—-are mostly tausug-ilokano-bisaya.

    kaya wag ka ng mag taka.

  • Mamang Pulis

    mukhang atat ka mon—atat na ata na magka putukan—

    malabo mangyari yan mon—malamang na gutumin sila at bumigay dahil sa gutom at uhaw.

    mangyari man lang yun inaasam asam mo—-

    ilaglag pa rin yan  ni mang simeon……

  • jseesus

    Sir Mon tulfo for this column saludo ako sa iyo. kayong mga malaysiano, tago na kayo, We shall return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matambaka

    kasuhan daw ni Penoy si Datu Kiran ng Tax Evasion..tumatanggap pala ng Renta di nagbabayad ng tax haha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2JVSEXTMANAEZGLOSZGWJYW67Q Jess

    Maybe this is the only language, the Malaysian government understands. They do not treat well these Filipinos, mostly Tausogs in Sabah. They are discriminated and marginalised. Time for Malaysia do meet this match. The Tausogs have the balls that our Philippine government doesn’t have. Now it is pushed against the wall, both Malaysia and the PHilippines. Abangan ang karugtong.

  • Adriano Alvarez

    Then, It would only be logical for the Philippine Government to support (supply arms and ammunition and food to the Tausogs) in every way it can. After all, THEY are FILIPINOS.
    Government should NOT leave these Filipinos alone, on their own. Walang iwanan…If only to prove that: Yes, the Philippine Government is also YOUR government, we are behind you…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RDDM5UQ45HLPPKM66KYEBCMTCE dave

      hmmm…para baga sinabi mong, kung ang mga ito ay abu sayyaff, bigyan sila ng armas para dun sa Malaysia sila makipaglaban. Bakit? eh Pilipino pa rin naman ang mga abu Sayaff.

      • aeon888

        Malaysia has been secretly supporting the MILF rebels with guns, ammunition, RPG’s, IEDs. Where do you think these MILF rebels get their supply after decades of fighting? They don’t even have jobs to earn income to support their families or buy machine guns. They cant just go to a gun shop then purchase a  million bullets or 10,000 armalites. Some foreign government must have supported them.

        Of course, the Malaysia government gave them money and even smuggled arms into Mindanao. It is no wonder that the MILF rebels even listened to Malaysia when Malaysia brokered a peace deal with the Philippine government. They are after all their sponsor that is the reason that the MILF listens to them.

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

         why not coconut kesa naman mga pilipino pinupugutan nila e dun na lang nila gamitin ang tapang nila sa tamang lugar..besides, abu sayaf is a creation of rp and talunan d b?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4QSBNLW5R73G7KW6LPUDFF7Z3A A A

      That would be one of the dumbest thing the government will do.

  • Offshore10

    the least thing I think that the central Government in Manila  should do is to supply them with weapons and provisions.  Though the Central Government at this time wouldn’t want to aggravate the current status quo by going all out in claiming sabah the same way it claims spratlys and panatag, still it can’t be denied that Sabah, North Borneo is really owned by the sultans of Sulu, a part of the islands of Sulu,  a part of the Philippines.  What the heck is a rent  Malaysia is paying for?  I believe we have a better chance in this case than in the former where Naval strength plays out a major role

    In Case a shooting war occurs, I think it would be Malaysia on the losing end no matter how we look at it. The Filipinos that went there are battle tested and veterans of many wars.  Unlike the Malaysian Police who I think is only good at fighting ordinary crime at this time.  If they are really determined and knew beforehand that it is their land, Heck for me that was already an invasion, a beach landing, they should have pounded them with all their might and not gave them with deadlines and whatever  and wait for the armed invaders to leave the area.

    The situation would be like the case of a shooting War erupting between the two Koreas.  The South has more to lose than the North.  Malaysia should go to the negotiating table with the Philippines side by side with the sultanates of Sulu.  UK can be included plus a non-interested fourth country

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

       d kaya pampagulo lang ang UK na yan? e sila rin nagbigay s mga malaysians kc datin nilang sakop…maganda cguro emulate ang ginawa ng china s HK..nagpalakas muna ng armas saka hiningi sa UK na isoli ung HK…sabi nga ni uncle sam, u cannot talk big carrying a small stick

      • dxdaistar

         huwag na isama ang UK…tama ka sir. At saka ang Malaysia sobrang corrupt din ang gobyerno nyan pati mga tao dyan. Ayaw nila sa gyera kaya mahina ang action nila. Palagay ko ang move nila ngayon ay tataasan pa ang offer sa Sultan of Sulu. Iyan ang akala nila, ang Sabah ang gusto ng Sultan, hindi ang pera nila. Let’s watch how the karma works this time. In other words, beh buti nga. Long Live the Sultan of Sulu and the Tausog Tribe! Allahu Akbar!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHTS7CFDJYRMSLBKA7E42VEE74 Sepilok

      Don’t take that 1/3 of the population too seriously – if that is the quality of Intel in the Philippines – you are in trouble at the start. If this were true there would be move Tasug in Sabah, than in the Philippines (i.e estimated population in the Philippines is 953,000 – according to Wikipedia).
      Sabah has a population just over the three million mark – with roughly 1/3 being non-Malaysian  – these aren’t all Tausug but are a mixture of Indonesian, Filipinos and other nationalities. In terms of the Filipinos – not all are Tausug – many of the IMM13 holders (the pass given out to refugees from the Southern Philippines) had to declare themselves as Suluk to get their pass – as they weren’t given out to Filipino Christians.
      Not sure why you think Malaysia would lose in any war? If they wanted too they could easily wipe out these armed Filipinos and easily prevent more from arriving i.e. sink any boat heading into Malaysian waters from the Philippines. They would also intern and deport all Filipinos from Sabah (IMM13 holders and legal & illegal immigrants) to prevent any local support. Any invaders are then going to have to worry about supply lines, a hostile local population, not knowing the terrain or having access to local intelligence, etc. But the Government realises that this will only inflame the situation and are trying for a peaceful solution first. Which is getting them lots of flack from the Malaysian Internet Warriors in Sabah and Malaysia – lets see what happend today – hopefully it will be resolved peacefully.

      • ApoLapullapu

        The truth is Malaysia will not look good to the civilized world, if it, being the tenant, will start shooting the landlord.

      • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

        Exactly. ExxonMobil, BP, CNOOC and other oil giants will write their own exit pass if Malaysia acts like a rogue in this instance. Tricky!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHTS7CFDJYRMSLBKA7E42VEE74 Sepilok

        Joy – you have obviously never read any historical documents concerning the major oil companies. In the past they instigated and financed wars so they could get more favourable deal/access to areas – that the original owner weren’t giving. Also most oil expolration in Malaysia is by Petronas – the Malaysian oil company.

        The historical documents are ambiguous and open to different interpretation and this is why we have this problem. 
        There is also the issue of if the Sultanate actually governed/controlled the region i.e. slave raiding on the indigenous tribes that inhabited the region probably doesn’t count as ownership or goverance. Many of you seem to forget that at that time Sabah had indigenous tribe that lived in the inland away from the coastal regions which the Sulu Sultanate
        marauded. These tribes had their own paramount Chief and were not vassel of the sultanate.
        As a Sabahan – I would like this to go to the World Court to end it once and for all. I suspect that with the ambiguity of the historical documents and the questionable claim on ownership – the court would have to rely on the right to self determination. I hope they throw out past referendum and ask for a new one – then lets see what happens.
        Ini kalilah.

      • Roy Batty

        What do you think the reason why the AFP wasn’t able to finish the secessionist groups in Mindanao? I think its not because the AFP is that ill equip or rebel groups were that large enough in numbers. One of the reason the secessionist was not dealt decisively is because of international recrimination that might ensued if overwhelming force is used.

        You just can’t be sure when a full support will be given to rebels by outside entities when public sympathies overwhelming side with the perceive oppressed. Who would have thought Libya, Egypt and Syria can be bought down to their knees by rag-tag disunited rebel groups. It’s not just government entities who might decide to invest in the ensuing fighting you know.

        Aren’t Islamist hardliners in Malaysian politics is fast rising? This is one broth steaming in the kitchen that might not smell good in the global fight for terror man.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHTS7CFDJYRMSLBKA7E42VEE74 Sepilok

        Hi Pinoy,
        The point is it will not be the rebel group that is being perceived as being oppressed, they will be perceived to be the agressor. This is not a case of the Sabahan Suluk fighting for autonomy from Malaysia, but a case of the some Filipino Suluk trying to claim Sabah as their territory. You do know there are over 60 Suluk claiming the right to be the Sultan?

      • Roy Batty

        That is why Filipinos are urging their government to file a case in the international court to solve the problem who really owns the realty, Mas’.

        People can’t settle the matter by arguing amongst each others that is why courts were created to shed legal light and render judgment according to international law promulgated by the community of nations.

        My question is would Malaysia agree to elevate the issue to international arbitration or will she instead follow China’s twisted logic too?

        There’s is no question the Philippines will agree to an arbitration court decide the problem.


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHTS7CFDJYRMSLBKA7E42VEE74 Sepilok

        Hi Pinoy, I agree that this needs to be settled in Court and would love Malaysia to take it to the World Court and I suspect that most Sabahan would agree. I think the reason they don’t is that the Malaysian government (west Malaysia) are worried about their non-compliance with the more recent 20-point agreement (the agreement that gurantee the rights of Sabahan within the Malasian federation) and the Sabahan independence/autonomy movement. I have family on both sides of this dispute i.e. my wife’s family are originally from Zambonga (Mum) and Mapun (Dad).

      • Roy Batty

        Frankly most Filipinos who supports the Sultanate doesn’t care much for the land itself. What is distasteful to them is the injustice that has been done in past that needs to be address with finality.

        Even if the international court decide in favor of the Philippines in behalf of the Sultanate there is no way Sabahan will simply roll over and let other collect what they had been toiling for many years. And there is no way, Filipinos will going to die for it too.

        Why war when the Sabahan, the Sultanate and the Malaysian federation can clearly accommodate each others.

        All the Filipinos is asking from Malaysia is give some respect to the Sulu Sultanate. The Sulu Sultanate maybe is history but its Philippines history just the same.

  • Roy Batty

    Malaysia should not better try to make those holed up followers of the Sultanate of Sulu in Sabah a martyr. They may end the standoff quickly today but the ensuing long fighting that will result from a massacre will be a bitter experience for Malaysia.

    Malaysia may rely on their military assets to wage an asymmetric war against a well dispersed insurgents running around Sabah but that would become, in the long run too costly for Malaysia just like the US forces fighting farmers and herdsmen in the mountainous Afghanistan.

    Insurgents in Sabah might dig up camp in both the Philippines and in the Indonesian side of Borneo and strike Malaysian forces in piecemeal rate then run for cover at either side of the territory and fight another day. Sabah will cease as the cookie jar of Malaysia if there’s going to be a full blown insurgency fighting in there.

    Of course , officially both Indonesia and the Philippines will deny giving sanctuary but we already know that’s only for diplomatic hogwash. The Sultanate’s heirs are Filipino citizen whether they like it or not and as for the Indonesian, well they had a Konfrotasi with the Malaysian before (1962-1966).

    I hope Malaysia will rather bomb the Sultanate’s men with money than with artillery for both the Filipinos and Malaysian sake.

    • doncleo

       Malaysia had secretly offered a huge amount to the Kiram family but was refused…what the Kiram heirs want is to get Sabah back and exercise their sovereignity..One more thing:, if you own the hen that lays the golden egg you won’t be satisfied with a few eggs..you’ve got to have the hen..

      • Roy Batty

        With respect to the Tausug tribe, most of folks in this tribe don’t know how to till their lands don, even if they do they don’t have the spirit for it. They were not domesticated just like the rest of the various tribes in the Philippines under Spain. All through the years they have retain their reputation as the only tribe not being subjugated by various foreign invaders that sweep in our history.

        That is why I don’t believe the Kiram heirs simply wants the golden hen for themselves. Frankly they don’t know how to take care of it. Their forefathers were not born with land management skills imbedded in their Bushido-like genes. Maybe they’re just in the end of their ropes there, if it was about money I don’t take it will lead to this situation. But I’m hoping it is since things can still be resolve when its just money.

        The people of the Sultanate of Sulu in the old times, without any disrespect intention from me, were simply people who loves to fight another man’s war for wealth and glory. Just like the Samurais, fighting was their living as tilling land for the Spanish landlords were for the tribes in Luzon. The Moro tribes earn their living by marauding and plundering foreign merchant vessels not paying toll fees on the Sultanate’s. Blackwater thing is as old as Moises himself.

        It’s not as bad as what it looks like, it’s just something some people natural do in the old times. Nowadays, nations, people or government get embargo, sanctions, financial freeze and penalties if they don’t toe in the line. We are civilized now, we don’t even have the stomach to kill people right in their faces, pushing buttons and watching people blowing up in the monitor screen 10 miles away is what civilized people aught to do.

        Just my cents for people wondering why the ancient Sultanate of Sulu long time ago simply had the vast swat of land leased to a British syndicate and remain content at their stipend, no sweat.

      • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

        Leave it to the Kirams on how to manage their land. They can always hire the top investment consultants to do all the thinking and the accounting for them. Matter of fact is – they own the land. They can devise of ways and means to manage it economically. Not for any of us to question whether they are capable to till their own land or not. The younger generation of Kirams are educated in the top schools of the country – hence finally a generation who has that level of awareness to know and fight for what is rightfully theirs.  Cause for celebration anywhere in the world, if you are to ask me. They are our minority. Let’s support them.  

      • Roy Batty

        I’m into it mind you.

      • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

        Surely, the Malaysians know that reckoning time has come.  They have no choice but to “surrender” Sabah, solely for the reason that the rightful owners are knocking on their doors right now and the international community is watching. One false move from the Malaysian authorities and that’s enough cause for a legal action that would enable the Kirams reimbursement for a sizeable fruits of the land. That’s why they are considering every move and no doubt is probably hiring the best legal team in the world at the moment. Meanwhile, all the Kirams got to do is show up in Sabah and set up shop there – exercise of an act of ownership.

        Kahit ano pang pagpuputak ang gawin ng dalawang kampo, as long as the Kirams are exercising their act of ownership then the Malaysians can kiss their claim to Sabah goodbye.

        Some adverse reactions from Malaysians and non-Malaysian foreign settlers in the area have exhausted every argument to uphold Malaysia’s claim over Sabah. But of course, this is a desperate move on their part. No argument can win against the argument of ownership.

        All the Kirams need to do in this case is exercise all acts of ownership. Collect rent, ask for reimbursement, just show up in Sabah. That’s all you need to do. Don’t mind all the naysayers who are mostly coming from Luzon and who’s got no idea how hard life is in Mindanao in general. Most bashers from Luzon has no idea about the Tausug plight or even that of the Yakans and all the minorities in Southern Philippines. Now is the time for all minorities in Mindanao to rally behind the Kirams, in claiming what is rightfully theirs by exercising their acts of ownership with no bloodshed.  

      • Roy Batty

        I know the idea of being under the sovereign power of the Philippine republic is distasteful for the supporters of the Sulu Sultanate but they have to accept the fact that the community of nations does not officially recognized anymore the Sultanate as a kingdom. The royalty can easily make some sort of arraignment with the Philippines government wherein both the Sultanate and the republic can co-exist in Sabah.

        PNoy’s perhaps made a mistake in sweeping aside the interest of the Sultanate’s heirs for the sake of a quick wrapping up of the peace agreement with the MILF as brokered by Malaysia in time for the Philippines 2013 general election.

        What the advisers of PNoy didn’t realized was the inherent character of every Filipino, their sense of justice will blow up in his bald face!

        Give justice to the Sultanate of Sulu and the Philippine republic. Elevate the case to the international court to settle this problem once and for all.

        This is what the Filipinos want from PNoy’s government, nobody wants war here. If the Philippines has filed a case with China why not file a parallel case with the Sabah question?

    • indiosbravos2002

      I like your comparison to the rebels in Afghanistan. The US trained them so well that 20 years after Afghanistan’s conflict with USSR, they employed the same guerilla tactics successfully against the americans.
      Will this be the same faith of Malaysia? After funding, arming and training our muslim rebels in the south, will these be the same rebels who can potentially give them hell in the future.

      • Roy Batty

        There is no doubt Malaysia can easily wipe out these adventurers in a day. But what if indeed the remaining supporters of the Sultanate fights back?

        If corrupt AFP generals have the stomach to sell weapons that will kill his own men, what do you think will prevent them from selling and supplying the Sultanate’s fighters to waste the Malaysian forces?

        How about in Indonesia, considering its bitter past with Malaysia before, do you think there will be no enterprising TNI general that’ll cash-in on the situation?

        We can’t really say where the situation will lead to.

  • http://inquirer.net unokritiko

    you are right in your opinion, Tulfo!!!!
    This inutil goverment of the philippines is first to be blame on this mess!!!
    Every body in this govt is talking of good bilateral relation with malaysia with their eyes blind folded by the thruth!!
    Bilateral relation they are talking – Arms flows from malaysia to create problems in the south then brokered a peace agreement!!!! what kind of relation is this?? yes an advantage to malaysia but disadvantage to inutil govt of the phils. The thinktank of malacanang is doing nothing at all!!!

    • ApoLapullapu

      The lukewarm attitude of the Manila government on the Sabah issue is the reason why someTausugs think they are not Filipinos.


    Karma din ba yong na back eye ka mon tulfo……. o minalas lang….

    • Roy Batty

       Hindi blessing yun actually to remind Mon constant practice in martial arts makes one an expert.

      • indiosbravos2002

        I thought he was in deep meditation while being beaten up. Akala ko lang pala yon. He was actually playing dead.

  • Meldrin A. Montano

    http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/se-asia/story/philippine-leader-criticises-gunmen-malaysia-20130221topolcats 9 hours agoGive those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!
    If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah.That BS is all Government sanctioned.FlagLike Reply

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  • Meldrin A. Montano


    topolcats 9 hours agoGive those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!
    If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah.
    That BS is all Government sanctioned.Give those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!
    If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah.That BS is all Government sanctioned.FlagLike Reply

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  • Meldrin A. Montano

    topolcats 9 hours ago
    Give those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah. That BS is all Government sanctioned.

  • Meldrin A. Montano
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606936130 Fatima Shehan Kiram Idjirani

    I Dayang Dayang Sitti Fatima Shehan Kiram Idjirani would like to share my grandfather’s statement the late Sultan Punjungan Kiram, the 32nd Sultan of Sulu and Administrator of the leased-territory of North Borneo (father of my uncle, Sultan Jamalul Kiram III) by virtue of the 1939 Mackaskie Judgment issued by the Sessions Court of North Borneo in the same year, said, and I qoute: 

    “It’s like a joke of History … when you think that once-a-time the ancient Kingdom of Cathay, the Court of St. James of England, the Americans and other Great Nations used to send Ambassadors to my ancestors’ Astanah [Palace] in Maimbung, then the ship-building center and capital of the “Ancient Islamic Empire of Sulu” … but now, it is nothing but a depressed rural area which badly needs rehabilitation”, unquote.

    • hadji

      Ma’am kasama Nino kami sampu ng making kapamilya sa pagbawi ng Sabah may Allah grant your wishes

    • Babiker_Ahmed

      Ensha’allah… Give back the land to the rightful owners…

  • dxdaistar

    the biggest reason why Malaysia is dividing the Philippines in the guise of assisting in the peace process is because they dont want peace in our south and that the attention will not turn to Sabah. Now the Sultan and his tribe made the right decision kasi nabisto na rin nila ang mga traidor sa ating bansa at yong nasa Malaysia….huh!

  • waray_utak

    Mabuhay ang mga Muslim!!! ipaglaban ang karapatan!!! Bawiin ang Sabah!!!! Bawiin ang Sabah!!!! Bawiin ang Sabah!!!!….. 

    • JK1000

      Bakit namatay ba ang muslim? Anong gagawin niyo sa Sabah kapag nakuha ng Pilipinas ?  Gagawin kampo ng mga terorista.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        Anong gagawin niyo sa Sabah kapag nakuha ng Pilipinas? 

        JK1000, why is that any of your business?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6EADOP2OSGDCE6G6CE6IQLU7XM Julius

    such utter nonsense!  the people claiming to be of the Royal Sultanate are boxed in.  they are going nowhere.  the Malaysians are conducting themselves calmly with the realization that many Malaysian citizens or permanent residents (Tausugs, many of whom never saw themselves as Filipinos) may be related.  as with the culture of muslims and malays in general, they are exerting the maximum effort to resolve the situation without bloodshed.  the Malaysians have as much interest in keeping the peace as we do. as to the issue of “Malaysian aid to rebels”, this has always been a subject of speculation but never proven. Malaysia had just gained independence, what capability did it have in supporting rebels when at that time it had problems supporting itself? if you really had links with intel, Mr Tulfo, you would have known that massive aid was coming from Gaddafi’s Libya, some business men in KSA and some suspected “private interests” in the USA.  just because Abu Sayyaf were Filipinos who kidnapped and ransommed dozens of victims, does not mean that the Philippine Government had a hand in these crimes… although again there’s no stopping anyone from making speculations on this as well. yan ang mahirap sa naghahanap buhay sa tsismis. kung anu ano na lang ang sinusulat!

    • Roy Batty

       In fact it was Malaysia together with Indonesia who persuade the OIC not to impose trade embargo, sanction or some sort on the Philippines when the Moro secessionist was at its height.

  • Meldrin A. Montano

    Please read this…..one blogger “topolcats” says…. from Strait times of Singapore “”” Give those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!
    If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah.That BS is all Government sanctioned.

  • Meldrin A. Montano

    Please read this…..one blogger “topolcats” says…. from Strait times of Singapore “”” 

  • Meldrin A. Montano

    Please read this…..one blogger “topolcats” says…. from Strait times of Singapore “”
    ” Give those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah.That BS is all Government sanctioned.Flag

    • indiosbravos2002

      If only they knew that we do not have control over the muslim folks. San ka naman nakakita MNLF and MILF may sariling controlled areas na untouchable ng military.

      • Roy Batty

        Malamang Malaysia din ang may pakana niyan ‘controlled areas’  na yan eh. Nun pa man alam na nila medyo unpredictable ang mga Moro forces sa Mindanao dahil nga sa Sabah issue.

        So instead sa Sabah ang maging safe haven sana ng mga various secessionist groups why not sa Mindanao na lang? Great success for Malaysia, instead of Mindanao, it was Sabah that enjoys peace and prosperity while the Moro was fooled into fighting for something they’ve no hope of winning in the Philippines.

        Now, the beast have turned its head around. The ball is in Malaysia’s hands now.

  • Meldrin A. Montano

    Please read this…..one blogger “topolcats” says…. from Strait times of Singapore “”” Give those Filipino criminals an ultimatum……..after such and such a date we will arrest you by force!If they have not surrendered by a certain date and disarmed, then our security forces will attack with lethal force! That is a normal way to act. Russia would have done that and attacked on cue……..there is no point in talking to Filipino terrorists backed secretly by the Philippine Gov!….just look at the Philippines press and all its comments about taking back Sabah.That BS is all Government sanctioned.Flag


    • Roy Batty

      Its already the second week and still the Malaysian had done nothing conclusive. Perhaps they’re still waiting from Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England approval to blast the Sulu Sultanate to kingdom come. 

      Let’s see if the Brits are just little bit better than the Spanish conquistador in facing Philippines Southern tribes.

      Despite PNoy’s much taunted economic miracle there’s still a lot of people unemployed.

      What if the Sultanate announce free land to those who wants to join his army to reclaim Sabah and concessions to multinational companies who want’s to fund the campaign?


    • indiosbravos2002

      I dont think the Malaysian government would want a direct conflict or even an indirect one with Filipino muslims. Their government has not faced seasoned fighters like the MNLF and MILF who likes to pick a fight and can stand prolonged conflict for decades. If any conflict arises, their economy will be affected while us in the Philippines can just claim that our AFP can not control our rebels attacking their territories, which is a factual truth.

  • ApoLapullapu

    Mon being from Mindanao knows exactly what he is talking about.  If Malaysia recklessly starts shooting the owner of the land they are renting,  it will divide the whole Muslim world.  And it will not be good for Malaysia.  The rest of the world will condemn it.

    • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

      I don’t think it will divide the Muslim world. Remember Arab Spring in the Middle East? It didn’t even divide the ME region. The Sabah standoff is a SE Asian crisis.  What’s the stand of the ASEAN? Why is it quiet on the subject? I could only speculate why the ASEAN is quiet on the subject, and that could be because it is aware that the Malaysian government is in the wrong for holding onto Sabah.  

  • victor1052

    To get the government interested in claiming sabah for the sultanate of sulu, the heirs must offer shares of the wealth of sabah to high government officials. This is s.o.p, and the best and quickest way to start real action.   

  • echelon_guy

    Malaysia once hosted the moro rebellion, where it served as the training grounds of the MNLF in the 70s. Sabah became the haven of Misuari and his men, at the height of its secessionist movement. The moro rebellion was the result of the infamous jabidah massacre.Obviously, Malaysia with its coffers, offered all the possible resources to distract the Marcos’ agenda by re-taking Sabah through a moro uprising in our country. The protracted war that divide us, muslims and christians, with deep-root hatred on both sides. While, bloodshed spilled across Mindanao, Malaysia  is benefitting from the violence, that we sow and forgetting the root of all the mess, which is taking what is due for us–that is SABAH. It seems that our fate with Sabah has come to us anew, re-living our hopes to claim what is ours. Malaysia is now paying its toll regarding  the Sabah issue,and its  haunting them now for sure. We might forget our history, but our history is coming to refresh us. There is something that we need to see deeper in our history, this might be the start of a better Mindanao, once the issue is settled. Those forgotten lands and people in southern-most part of Mindanao, might be our key for a better PHILIPPINES !

    • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

      Well said! Let’s all rally for a better Mindanao and what better way than to protect the rights of our minorities.

  • rouelcalzita

    The column of Mr. Tulfo that tells the particulars of an act or occurence that Malaysia supported the Muslim rebellion in the Southern Philippines in the 1970’s.
    You are 200% correct that karma is cause to occur now as a consequence.
    As saying goes…your associate is your best opposing foe. 

    • indiosbravos2002

      Malaysia supported the MNLF and the breakaway group MILF through funding, arms and training. Para daw to defend the Muslim south from the Christian north. Technically, trying to sabotage the Philippine peace and order situation as well as local economy in the south. Now these are the same groups that are a potential threat to Malaysia. Buti nga sainyo Malaysia

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CBW3VX56EQGC23NUVJXPXFS4FA Raf


  • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

    The Arab Spring started this way in Egypt…decades of oppression and injustice being aired out and deliberated on social media.  

  • hani cool

    you people cannot say that sabah belongs to that ”sultan sulu” because right now there are many people claiming that they’re ”sultan sulu”.. if so that person is ”sultan sulu” can he show to us the documents that prove he is ”sultan sulu”.. yes the Malaysia pays money but not to that ”sultan sulu” because they’re many people claiming that they’re ”sultan sulu”… Malaysia pays it to the state bank and noone receiving it and Malaysia can also not paying the money.. if that ”sultan sulu” says that he receive the money can he show us the documents? i respect the people of philipines but they also need to think of the real proves :)

  • $26606290

    Google map nyo ang Jolo, Sulu at Lahad Datu. Sa tinagal ng issue na to, umunlad na ng husto ang Sabah dahil sa Malaysia. Ngayon para tayong bata na binabawi yung laruang binigay niya kasi sira na yung kanya.

    Sa Kota Kinabalu lang ako nakarating. Walang sinabi ang developments natin considering that KK is far from the seat of power, KL. Quick fix, KL to settle ( in billions of dollars ) with the Sultan ng matapos na.

    Also found time to zoom in on the islands off Sulu and Tawi-Tawi via Google maps. Billions of dollars in tourist money! If only our Muslim brothers realize the gold mine they are sitting on. Dapat alam na nila to if they frequent Sabah. Poor leadership, lack of foresight, o tamad lang talaga. Sabi nga, ang mga instik naman ang nagpayaman sa Malaysia. Mga Bumi nangongotong lang. Sabi sabi lang.

  • sher jalah

    That Sabah really belongs to sultanate of Sulu, better read your history before saying that isn’t. But sad to say the Philippine government doesn’t have the courage to claim it for some other reasons, maybe they aren’t that courageous enough or brave enough to claim kung ano ang pagaari nila, kaya nga hanga ako sa tapang at paninindigan ng mga taga jolo na kahit alam nilang imposibleng manalo doon, pinaglalaban pa rin nila at pinapanindigan nila ang mga karapatan nila. Ito din siguro ang reason kung bakit since the time of Spanish colony hindi nasakop ng mga kastila ang Jolo..

    • Shooting Star

      it was belong to the sultan of sulu… the last sultan is Sultan Moh. Mahakuttah A. Kiram

      (1974-1986)… the sultan didn’t claim sabah because he knew that if he get sabah the philipines will profit more not him.. so, he didn’t claim it n died.. btw, he didn’t have child so, there are no more sultan sulu.. people these day are greedy and stating that they’re sultan sulu… and now there are people stating that he is the king of borneo WTF LOL..

      • indiosbravos2002

        The title will not end just because there are no direct heirs. It can be transferred to a brother or any blood relative based on succession.

      • Shooting Star

        so does that sultan sulu have any documents/evidence saying that he is sultan sulu? actually i’m also sultan sulu :D

      • indiosbravos2002

        What sultan sulu? Probably Sultan “of” Sulu. You sound more like Hikaru Sulu. And i heard he was gay. Lekat kang foreigner ka. Sana nasakyan mo joke ko.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Sultan Sulu? Sultan “of” Sulu. Bulol na porendyer to.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Blood relations my ignorant friend

      • Shooting Star

        they’re fcking mny ppl stating that they’re sultan sulu right now.. we need more prove…

      • indiosbravos2002

        Succession does not mean you need to have a direct heir. All you need is a blood relative closest to your kin. How do you think the royal families in Europe, Japan etc… survived all these years?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    and who profits from the mess in mindanao? it’s malaysia.

    all foreign direct investment targeted at that part of southeast asia would in bulk land in the hands of malaysians. also, the the mindanao civil war would drive away tourists, who would rather go to malaysia.

    tourism dollars, i think is part of the reason those malaysians have not fired shots at our muslim brothers in sabah.

    let’s start collecting money in manila and send it down south – to the kirams.

    • Shooting Star

      y dont u guys start thinking of proven ur economy first?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        that is beside the point. malaysia must return that which does not belong to it.

        the fact that it pays rent on the property is an admission that malaysia is not the owner. what’s unclear about that?

      • Shooting Star

        the malaysia pays it at the state bank which noone receive it… but malaysia can also stop it… there are no evidence that malaysia paying it to the sultan sulu… btw is that rlly the ”real” sultan sulu?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        all peripheral, non-core, procedural issues; they don’t cause a dent on the validity of the sultan of sulu’s ownership claim.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    here we go again. a repeat of history – a white man meddling in local affairs.

    go back home white man. 

    we don’t need you here. this is a local issue.

    • Shooting Star

      actually its the ”sultan sulu” who called for US help to claim sabah but US rejected it saying that it should be between the Malaysia n Philippine issue…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        clearly a mistake on the part of sultan sulu – if this is true.

      • Shooting Star

        learn from mistake :) n yes this is true :)

  • Shooting Star

    i actually think these people need to move on… sabah alrdy belong 2 malaysia unless they’re documents/evidence saying that it was the true sultan sulu.. right now they’re many people stating that they’re sultan sulu… move on n try 2 show the wolrd by improving ur country… 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    the british committed all those “foul” deeds against filipinos. let them know we do not intend to forget their offense.

    don’t trust the british.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Did you suggest to trust Pinoy’s, witch one ?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        be wary of the brits and their actions.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Do the Chinese’s are fair play ?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The beneficiaries and organizers of Mindanao destabilization are few super rich Chinoy’s in Manila who are Mindanao main “owners”. Consunji, Cojuangco and company.

    Marcos war to Malaysia purposes was to kill the traditional Muslims trade roads, Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, Malaysia. 

    Aside that Marcos sold out the Muslim’s fishing rights to enrich himself and Cronies.

    Should I remember that Pilipino’s Muslim’s are since “ever” fishermen and traders ?

    Weaker trade and fishing resulted into bonuses for Marcos Dummies/Cronies, 
    to own the South Philippines, controlling the AFP and rebels, divide to rule… !

    • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

      Nice try. 10 out of 10 for the most ludicrous conspiracy plot posted on this thread. You know why Mindanaoans are natural fish traders? Here’s why and you read closely: they understand the rule of comparative advantage and makes the most of it. Guess what? They are so good at it that they are commanding the best price for the global market in tuna, tiger prawns,king crabs and live red grouper to name a few. The Mindanaoans are working their backside off while some lazy, holy-and-mighty-than-thou groups of people are just receiving royalties from the Mindanoan’s assets.
      The good news is that the new breed of Mindanaoans are well-heeled, well-educated and well-bred afforded by fishing and rubber industry money.  You could see them making marks all over the world.  Now, translate that success to Sabah or even Kuala Lumpur. Combine the number of well-educated individuals in Zamboanga City, Davao City and Cagayan de Oro City and compare it to a similar number and level in the entire Malaysia. Clearly, the Mindanao is in the best position these days to fight for what is theirs because they are the more enlightened ones compared to the ones who are hanging wrongfully onto Sabah.

      Just to silence all the Malaysian symphatizers on this thread regarding the Sabah standoff: Ask yourselves why the US distanced from the issue. Here’s the answer just to save you hours from searching Google: Uncle Sam, the global Big Brother, also thinks that you guys are way too greedy and too thick in laying claim to something that is not yours while exploiting it at the same time.

      Go figure.

      Meanwhile, the entire real estate and construction industry in the Philippines are already building communities and commercial developments in their heads in Sabah.  And guess what? I’m buying. Probably a quarter of Mindanaoan OFW are also buying.  And it’s all done on PRE-SELLING mode. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    i agree with Sandiego:

    “England and Malaysia are thieves.”

    to the English: we know what you did, it’s not going to happen again, you thieves.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Witch thief’s are Mindanao food basket and mining, owners and beneficiaries ?

      There is no worst colonizers than the Spaniard Clergy and the US !

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        if someone robs from you truckload of goods he’s a thief; he robs less from you, he is a thief just the same.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Philippines worst criminals and thief’s are locals Dynasties, Trapos, Clergy and high officials, already a lot to do to clean the Augeas Stalls.

        Step by step, can start to clean NAIA the dirty front door !

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

        i agree, a few men will always keep the spoils amidst all the clutter and confusion. 
        but my point is, it’s about time we start being “critical” of white people. their skin color does not equate automatically to clean living. they are just as capable of trickery as anyone else. it’s us brown people alone who will look after our own interest, not them.

        ever wonder why australia, almost on a whim at times, would just issue negative travel advisory against the phils, or criticize us or the government on a specific issue, or simply paint the phils in a bad light? don’t you get sick seeing such “trash” on local dailies?

        the british got away with this foul deed against filipinos on the sabah issue, the australians perpetrate the act, treating us as lighweights & pushovers. have them issue negative travel advisories against korea/singapore/china, or even bangkok and see the harsh, instant recoil the next day. 

        we got spine in our backs and let us show it to these foreigners. every “tiger” in the region has one. i believe it’s a pre-requisite to progress and to keeping that progress.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Have you been in Korea, Singapore, China, Thailand ?
        For food, security and services, compare to the Philippines, its day and night, why ?
        Historical heritage is not the same, the Spanish and US have burnt all roots to replace them by their own, adapted for slavery and rapes. The worst of all are the religion, brutality and robbery cultures(macho).
        Among the 60 countries a had visited,
        the Philippines is an unsafe polluted ruin.

        Only da Philippines,
        to putt your head in the sand on an ostrich way wouldn’t help !

      • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

        Here’s the answer to your question: No, we don’t envisage to visit these countries even if they downgrade their return airfare to Php1. What’s there to buy that we cannot buy in Manila? Our time is too precious enough trying to figure out what the next person in these countries are trying hard to say in English. And for that, my friend, you can find tons of SE Asian nationals getting their degrees in the Philippines. SE Asia as a currency is passe and past its prime. Singapore has an aging population, China is facing massive food and water scarcity in the next couple or five years sure to drive its inflation rate up, North Korea is trying its best to blow itself up, South Korea is migrating to Cebu City, and what about Thailand? The Thais are a disgrace and a big joke even to themselves. Let’s not even get there.
        You guys are keeping that NAIA door dirty even  after we cleaned it as soon as you arrived, because you come back right through after finding out that the ladies speak perfect English. You suddenly find out that you landed in the wrong city. Yes that’s right, Manila is no Bangkok.  And we’re not going there so that none of its sleaziness will rub off on us.

      • NaUnsa

        Hey! You better clean your butt off well before you speak negative aspects on others! You itself with your sinful pride is an abomination to humanity!

      • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

        Lead the way, brother. Get your greedy hands off something that is not yours. Back off!

      • NaUnsa

        Malaysian thief! MOTHER F**CK*R! How’s thief Amalilio from Malaysia?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JTTG7LQLDSEA5IJZP3DGNEZKK4 stoich_craw

        Admirable for someone like you to have visited 60 countries in your lifetime…and yet, your English is twisted my friend…or are you using Google translate?

      • http://www.facebook.com/maria.flower.9026 Maria Flower

        alexander is malaysian what you think?

  • beerhunters

    Karma defined=”Your Foolishness will go Home to Your Body”….capataz DPWH

  • Ric Atencia

    A rebellion that would last for a number of years could only be possible if the Tausugs will be supported with arms by countries in the region.  Northern Sabah is not that porous compared with the Western Philippines’ region comprising the Tausug’s domain.

    There is no strong reason for the Philippines to arm the Tausugs.  The least the country could do is assist the heirs to pursue their claim, give it more legitimacy as part of the country.  While this could cause diplomatic row, this is better than our brothers being wiped out by their own brothers as well in form of revolt.

    The best recourse really is to bring this to the International Court of Justice, with the assistance of the Philippines. This should be done with urgency and in the current stand-off for the Government to commit to such plan.

    Tausugs, through their entering peace covenant of peace and being part of the Philippines, MUST extend their hands in assisting them in this very hour by committing to help them in a peaceful way.

  • Benjamin Ismail

    You talk about “Clumsy handling” which will result in war like in the South Philippines, such view is truly unfortunate from such an intellectual person. We are not like you, we have defeated our communist and other threats. The positive thing that will come from this debacle is that the opposition party is Malaysia would no longer be able to object to the allocation for all the military infrastructure that will be enhanced in east Sabah especially

  • Benjamin Ismail

    None of the local populace, regardless of ethnic origin is supporting these group. what makes you think they will last more than a month if hostility commences. Sukarno tried before and lost. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/D2VGUB3GFBXPRKF7NUJFKL7GLM Jose

      Benjamin, don’t under estimate the Taosugs. They can chop your head easily without fear and mercy. They came back to their “land” and reclaim it without thinking of going back in Sulu alive.

      • Kaduk

         Then face our very own kadazans, dusuns and the dayaks who can happily chop off
        the enemies’ heads with their parangs.

  • Ros Feliciano

    The on-going standoff in North Borneo between Sultanate Army and the Occupiers of NB is not to be taken lightly because the Sultanate subjects are fiercely loyal to the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo. History tells us that the authority of the Sultan encompasses the whole areas of Sulu including Palawan and the Zamboanga peninsula. So for some people like me who were born within these areas where the Sultan has historically ruled before the coming of the Spaniards, up to our present generation, consider themselves as subjects of the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo. This was why (and still is) some of those who fought against the MNLF in the nineteen seventies were having heavy hearts to fight against their own fellow followers of the Sultan. Yes it is true that followers of the Sultan are mostly Tausugs but it is equally true that some are non-Tausugs at all. In fact many are Christians as well who have sympathy about the injustice done to their fellow Filipinos for not recognizing their lost right of ownership of North Borneo. We are not talking here about spiritual kinship but about the rule of possession. Believing in the Supreme Being is between an individual and HIM, the Creator of the universe. Yes it is true we worship HIM in different ways, but HE does not change as we who are constantly changing our ways.   

  • Ros Feliciano

    I was in Grade IV in 1948 and at that time per my recollection in terms of the text books we had, the inclusion of North Borneo appeard on both the “Geography book” and the “Home Land book”. That was the last time I noticed that North Borneo was no longer appearing in our Philippine map. This clearly means that all our past Phil Presidents cared less or worse didn’t care at all about their responsibilities to pay attention to the wish of the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu to terminate the lease agreement with Britain and Malaysia. In fact Malaysia kept the Phil busy supressing rebellion while supporting the rebels secretly. I had the chance to have short talks with some members of the MNLF 1973 and I was told bluntly that he was trained in Malaysia; that was when the peace treaty with MNLF was in its infancy.

    • bhar zul

      Remember that in those years (1967-1975), Tun Mustapha Datu Harun, a Tausug/Bajau and a distant relative to the so called sultan of Sulu was the Chief Minister of Sabah. He was also the chairman of state security commission, a very powerful position in term of security relate matters that involve the state of Sabah. During those time he can simply order the police to arrest anybody he dislike and thrown them to jail without proper trail. No one dare to question or challenge his action. It was also during those time that he encourage mass transmigration of Tausug communities from the Philippine into Sabah. It was, I believe, not the policy of the Malaysian government to support the rebellion by bangsamoro/MNLF in the south, but more like a one man show/ initiative by the late Tun Mustapha himself. This had infuriate KL. His already bad relation with KL leader was about to turn worse when he planned to proclaim himself as sultan of Sabah, leaving Federal leader with no choice but to defeat his party – USNO – in 1976. What I can adduce from this was that Bangsamoro had planned their uprising for an independent sovereign nation in Mindanao meticulously right from the beginning. In doing this they were not only had to fight the might of the Philippine military, but also the Malaysian government for Sabah must be included in their new sovereign nation regardless. Don’t be too excited that Sabah will  become one of Philippine province anytime soon.

  • sunan_kinabalu

    So I heard the pinoy’s militia are ready to wage war against Malaysia’s military. My best advice is to forget about it. The last thing you want in developing your southern regions peacefully and healthily is to make Malaysia your enemy, because Malaysia will always geographically and strategically present in the South, on permanent basis. So let’s just keep it that way, before it turns into a permanent karma every time you turn your face south.

    • Matambaka

      The traitor Mal Asia

    • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

      @sunan_kinabalu:disqus  How many Malaysian special forces can you find in the UN Peace Corps? If you can answer that accurately then you will know for sure, leaving no doubt in your head and in the minds and thoughts of non-believers of the military skills of Filipinos as against the Malaysians.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/P6FZH6SMWOZV6OOJO3NC3ISZIU Prince John Robert

       your neighboring countries hates your made up country, what a shame :) Mal= in spanish means “bad” or “worse ” +  Asia = Mal Asia or Malaysia, you really a malaysian dude, and that is a curse not a karma :) cheer yow

  • xuanxuen

    sabah is for Sulu – Sulu is Philippines….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


      • bhar zul

        …and you have been killing each other for the last 4 decade? So much for the blood brothers!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

        stupid maron christian and muslim is only one race malaysian is manipulator! terrorist thats why they have long time peace in mindanao!

  • Matambaka

    this writeups was pickup  by Malaysian daily – Malaysian  Today?

  • bhar zul

    Why my comment suddenly had to be vetted by moderator now?

  • bhar zul

    I am certainly not a conspiracy theorist, but this morning (1/3) in Sabah Daily Express, this front headline is written in bold: WAS MUSTAPHA ALSO INVOLVED? Not only he encourage these people to migrate to Sabah En Masse, he also gave them blue ID, making them an instant Malaysian citizen and casting their vote in the election process. Many Filipino sympathizer who present view here had said that as many as 2,500 armed Tausug warrior were already in Sabah, and that their compatriot from Tawi Tawi and Sulu may join them in their holy war claiming Sabah as their ancestral home.This doesn’t ring anything to both the Malaysian and the Philippine government?

  • bhar zul

    The first and foremost thing that everyone here was trying hard to avoid – infighting and lost of life at Tanduo village –  did eventually happened. 14 death inclusive 2 police officer. The sultan finally agreed to recall all his royal army after meeting Malaysia emissaries at Manila. Any idea who’s that emissary were? The late Tun Mustapha son, Datu Amir who went to Manila last wednesday but were only granted an audience with the sultan on friday at 2.30 pm, four hours after the battle took place.

  • Aldric Alvian

    Can people just stop blaming each other. i saw a lot comments about  blaming each other. In My Opinion, neither Malaysia or Philipines should saying anything that leads to clash(i mean people who comment here). because this matter suddenly pop up. so if this going to be enter the ICJ, the only person i think should decided where Sabah should go is the people of Sabah themselves. Think of this way, if u a Sabahan, than suddenly a claim says he a heirs of Sultan of Sulu. What will u react? i hope u understand what i mean. The person who are more eligible to says anything rite now is the people who live in Sabah for years. If Sultan Sulu really honest, he will find away without breaking the peace. Its Kinda sad for me, because knowing that my country rent the land where Sabah now stand. But it saddened my friend who live in Sabah more. Because they told me, that they lives there kinda threaten right now. I hope both of Our Country found a way out of this mess without bloodshed again.

    • http://twitter.com/cindyjbj Cynthia C James

      I agree with you Aldric. I’m a Sabahan native, from the Kadazandusun aborigines who have been there for years and years, and our history in Sabah can be traced back years before the Sultanate of Sulu’s reign over the land. Sabah is my home, our home. Yet nobody seems to respect our rights in this crisis. Sabah doesn’t ‘belong’ to any political powers! It belongs to the people who have made their homes there – for years, be it the Kadazandusun, the Bajaus, the Tausugs, the Chinese, the Malays and etc. Imagine living in your homes and going about your business as usual, minding yourselves and not bothering others. Suddenly your lives and daily activities are being disrupted because some political powers are fighting over your home! 

      I mean no offence, but Sabahans (not Filipinos, not even Malaysians who are not Sabahans) are the only ones who have the right to decide which sovereign powers they want to be subject to. With all due respect, please stop talking about Sabah as if it is just a mere ‘land.’ Because it is not. It is more than just a land. Sabah is a state with people – free people with rights and powers and freedom.

  • http://twitter.com/cindyjbj Cynthia C James

    Sabah belongs to Sabah native people who have built their homes and built the land to its state now. This is such an arrogant article. What makes the writer so sure that the Tausugs in Sabah would riot against the Malaysian government? 

    Don’t bite the hands that feed you. Do that, and you’ll know what karma really means.

    • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

      Listen to yourself. Who is the hand that feeds you in this case? Is is the Malaysian govt or the Kirams? Wake up.

  • Royalbloodline

    We the people of Sabah have select our leaders and chose Malaysia as our country.We are an independent country with border like the philipine.The sulu sultanate does not own the people of Sabah.We should not have given money to the sulu sultanate.This mistake will be corrected.The people of an INDEPENDENT have the right to chose it leaders.Egypt ,Tunisia even Libya have show the world who they pick to be their Leader.The raja muda will be staying in Malaysia Jail for killing our people.Filipinos illigel immigrant will be sent to the Sulu Sultanate Home to serve their sultan.

    • http://twitter.com/QuartzCrystals Joy&Kat

      You can even choose Obama as your leader. Btw, do you own the land where your house is built in Sabah right now? Get that fact straight before you start talking about Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Actually, the Kirams can use your lines though – they can choose whom to allow into their land.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E2OVYB6SK63VMACDKF4LKREIOM benedict john

    Malaysians are cowards by the way.. You use Armored Trucks  and Air forces to Stop an on-going war with the Filipino-Taosugs who wants to claim back their land.. Malaysian Forces will be slaughtered. These Tausugs are brave and have no regrets of dying.. They love to die specially if they die with a purpose. So beware.. Malaysian forces are no match to the actual might of the Battle Tested Filipino-Tausugs. They have been fighting ever since 1970’s and you expect to defeat them by just a mere malaysian forces in just one day? with no actual war experiences, no actual guerrilla warfare, Jungle tactics and Attack and Run Strategy, they connot stop the Royal Forces. these MNLF fighters are ready to fight and die if provoked. They are equiped with high-powered arms just like the military of Sabah. The Jets and Tanks are no use for that war in sabah. Bring all your troops to sabah. So the tausugs have something shoot on.  They can massacre everybody on that island in sabah, if they have to. SO DON’T PROVOKED US FILIPINOS. WE WILL FIGHT IF WE HAVE TO.. DIE IF WE MUST!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    this malaysian ugly force will kick out in sabah manipulator return the land to our brothers back off malaysian ugly force!

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