Singer robbed, wounded in ATM attack



He came away with six stitches on the head and utter disappointment with people who were apparently too slow to help.

A professional singer suffered more than just physical trauma after being robbed at an automated teller machine (ATM) site in Mandaluyong City before dawn Tuesday.

Joel Mendoza, 44, a Viva recording artist, said he was attacked by a pistol-wielding man despite having his driver parked near the bank and that some tricycle drivers who heard him shout for help did nothing to stop the assault.

Also, the local police only started attending to his case “four hours after the incident,” Mendoza told the Inquirer on the phone when reached at Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center on Edsa.

He said he had just checked his balance on a Metrobank ATM on Libertad Street around 4 a.m. and was about to return to his Toyota Rav 4 SUV when a man approached and pushed him.

The man demanded his wallet and also grabbed the envelope in his back pocket, which Mendoza said contained P20,000 in cash that he withdrew earlier from a Hongkong & Shanghai Bank Corp. branch in Taguig City.

As Mendoza reached into his other pocket for the wallet, the man hit him thrice in the head with a pistol. The assailant was about to shoot, he said, when his driver Arnold Joseph Raflores rushed out of the SUV and engaged the robber in a scuffle.

Raflores wrestled with the robber and forced him to drop the gun—but another man came and picked up the weapon from the ground.

“That’s when I realized that there were two of them,” Mendoza said.

A hard kick from Raflores sent the two men running toward a parked scooter, which they used to flee with Mendoza’s P20,000.

Mendoza recalled shouting for help during the scuffle as he saw some tricycles drivers nearby.

“But they didn’t do anything” and only approached when the robbers were already gone to give them directions to the nearest hospital, he said.

Mendoza, who required six stitches for his head injuries, remained under observation at the hospital at press time.

The victim also complained that the Mandaluyong police only started talking to him four hours after the incident.

City police chief Senior Supt. Florendo Quiboyen, however, defended his men against insinuations that they were slow in their response, saying they received the report an hour after the robbery.

He said the investigators immediately went to the scene and deferred talking to Mendoza while he was still undergoing treatment. “Our concern was to get as many statements as we could from witnesses,” Quiboyen said.

The officer said one of the two attackers had been identified based on the rogues’ gallery shown to Raflores.

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  • Hey_Dudes

    Kawawa naman itong singer na ito.  Nagpapakahirap kumanta para kumita tapos hoholdapin lang pala siya?  Wala na bang pag-asa?

    • FRED

      meron pa… kumandidato ka.baka sakali ikaw ang pag-asa ng bayan

    • BrAX82

      Oo nga, pang dadrugs nya na nga lng kukunin pa… kawawang singer bow..

  • X44

    Talo na naman si mamang pulis. Naisahan na naman ni kawatan. Laging huli sa action o may ibang istorya dyan? Baka naman one and the same sila

  • Ravens727

    Hindi na bago ito……lalapit lang yang mga pulis na yan pag tapos na ang bakbakan…….nakakahiya…….

    • Estee Muri

       Kasi naman hindi nila nakikita ang DA-ANG MATUWID !   Nasa  visayas at nagangampanya instead of attending to  his works .

      • mave

        hala sisi naman sa Presidente whahahaha..what a loser..

  • Bansot

    When a uniformed officer used his government issued weapon to subdue criminals, he is charged with excessive used of force or unecessary used of force. But if he came late in attending to a criminal incident he is accused of being  slow poke, a coward, or a cohort of the criminals. Where would you stand and what would you do, if you happened to be that law enforcer???? It seems to be a no win situation….

    • FRED

      ano pa ang kaalaman sa law enforcement kung hindi nila alam, kung saan sila lulugar.. useless training???? pero minsan.. trained young tao.. wala namang balls o bayad kaya…

  • billijo

    Doesn’t this guy read/watch the news ? Who in their right mind goes to a teller machine at that time of morning to check their bank balance with P20,000 sticking out of their pocket. Consider it an in-expensive lesson. He could have killied you.

    • billijo

      or your driver.

  • $26606290

    Internet banking in the safety of your home!

    Don’t blame the tricycle drivers. May baril pare ko.
    Stop blaming the police for the hassle brought about by this avoidable incident.
    Swerte ka pa rin. Carnap nga, broad daylight, binabaril kaagad.

  • Bansot

    I don’t condone this crime but to me it appears that your negligence is contributory to this unfortunate event. Common sense wiil tell you that you’re inviting trouble  by carrying a sizeable amount of money duirng this wee hours . As well, I wonder why you were pistol whipped when you have given up your monies, without any resistance while your dirver who fought and struggled againts them was never hurt at all.. isn’t it unusual??

    • Lateralus

       madali lang magsalita kapag hindi ikaw ang nanakawan, hehe

      • Bansot

        “NAIVETY” is incurable!!!! as we all know.

      • Bansot

        Lateralus, place your arm in the open mouth of a crocodile and hope that the croc  will not snap it,but should  you lost your arm, blame the zookeepper. Please tell me what the court would tell you should you  bring your case infront of a judge…. THAT’S 
        ” NAIVETY” , but a simple term is ‘ST..P…TY”….

    • Loggnat

      It could be a drug transaction gone bad….. :))) Checking his balance at 4:00 am…. hehehe likely story…. :)))

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    wag mo rin sisihin ang mga pulis kc magbibihis pa yun matapos kang nakawan tapos babalik sa ofis, magm makeup baka makilala mo sila

  • $14170612

    kanta u nalang ng pusong bato brod

  • $16638896

    mas safe pa rin mag withdraw sa mall kahit may pila kesa sa mga bangko na sarado na, parang suicide na ngayon yan sa dami ng criminal sa paligid. as a citizen, common sense ang kailangan natin upang hindi mapahamak, mahirap umasa sa pulis dto sa pinas.

    • Jane Tan

      nyahahaha onga… kahit may pulis sa labas ng banko, hinde naman marunong lumaban o gumamit ng baril yan.

    • Yoda_C3PO

      Hahaha uu..mga pulis dito titignan ka lang kasi naman wala silang proper training…tapos ang lalaki pa ng mga tiyan… papano naman hahabol yang mga yan

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • GustoKoHappyKa

    teka teka… 4am..may pera ka naman sa bulsa (P20,000) nag inquire balance ka sa ATM… baka naman ka transaction mo lang yon 2 sa droga…

    saka wag sisihin ang mga tricycle driver kung di ka matulungan..may baril eh…

  • PapatowtyHantam

    cool story

  • D L

    well the question would the singer pay the hospital bill or funeral expenses of the tricycle driver, it won’t be just 20000 pesos. even as to the wounds the singer got he paid maybe in the hospital ER P7000 for stiches, then maybe P7500 for CT scan, then follow up will be total around 20K pesos in addition to those 20K he was robbed.

    yes, probably given the amount involved maybe it was just drug related “transaction” which went wrong.

    Metro Manila is currently extremely dangerous place to venture out at night. It was very safe 7-12 years ago. I was openly pick pocketed in Divisoria around 11pm after we went into a wrong street, but I always trying only to carry small amount I’m not afraid to lose, lost only 600 pesos plus my wife was scared to death, and I always keep in mind the potential cost of hospital bills on such encounters.

    • marienkind

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. If everybody started taking into account the danger of standing up to crime and the potential cost of hospitalization or death, imagine how our society will end up.

      • D L

        ok tell that to the doctors, i’m not sure they are any better than robbers when denying admittance of patients without means to pay hospital bills.

        so your choice is only between legalized criminals who will rob you more and non-legalized criminals.

        maybe need to start first with legalized criminal hospital practices, then to deal with chinese yoke over filipino people then overall situation may improve.

        remember those robbers may just act out of hunger or desperation, it doesn’t make it right, but it is understandable.

      • batangpaslit

        kung andoon ka, would you risk your life?

      • marienkind

         I put money where my mouth is.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       funeral expenses of the tricycle driver??? where did you read that???

      • D L

        ok, say tricycle driver interfered and was killed, who will pay for the hero’s funeral expenses that may come around P40K funeral expenses plus the cemetry lot not sure how much say $25K. you?

    • dodong1

      your english grammar is terrible…please proof read, edit and fix your sentences..

      • D L

        English grammar doesn’t mean using simple sentences. My mother tongue is complex and in English I’m using similar semantic structure but well within the rules English grammar. You may try to add some separators if you have difficulty understanding. Take into account that some kinds of occupations (unless you work as a sales manager) require elaborate language.

      • MaySenseBa

        Don’t try to use “special” words like semantic and elaborate.  Your grammar indeed sucks.  Your sentence structure atrocious.

        Kung ako ikaw, mag tagalog na lang ako, tutal pinoy ka naman.  But don’t try to defend yourself against attacks on your style.  It just show you are indeed insecure about your command of the “complex” language.

        “even as to the wounds the singer got..” patay tayo diyan…

      • D L

        even / as to the wounds the singer got / he paid maybe in the hospital ER P7000 for stiches / …
        “even” refers to the previous sentence, the rest will be clear if you add separators like commas or slashes. strict punctuation is not really obligatory in blogs and i’m not occupied in literature. you need to make sense yourself, even in any medium level textbook, take mathematics for example, you need time to make sense out of what is written there. it is not my purpose to make everyone to easily understand.
        language is also a cultural matter, even when filipino doesn’t like his boss he’ll normally lick his аss (at least figuratively), in my culture one just tell the person he doesn’t like to go to fuск himself.

        it is my job to solve complex tasks, i’m paid for it, i’m not sure what you mean by insecure. what is really important what kind of special knowledge you possess, the human language one only need minimum to communicate effectively, hovewer perfect english you have – you don’t possess deep special knowledge – you are worthless, it is the life. to gain this special knowledge you need many years of hard work, and one of sacrifices made you concentrate on other matters than natural language, you cannot be perfect in everything, since available time is limited and learning is time consuming.

      • imongredneck

        Your English really suck, but thanks for trying. I’m sure you’ll get better at it as you keep on trying.

      • D L

        you know, what i don’t like is filipino variety of english, i have always feeling like i’m talking to stinкing uneducated slaves. the truth is you are all suсkers. you are all only burden to your relatives who work abroad. then chinese fuск you in and out. you don’t own your country, – and you are only worried about my english grammar?
        i don’t have any problem with my english communicating in the line of my work with people  who somehow all happened to be in US and Europe and luckily there is not even one who is a stinкing filipino moron.
        now go back to your hole and call your aunt abroad and beg for another remittance because you don’t have your own brains to earn and then spend the money to enrich leeches from chinese-filipino clans who took over everything in the Philippines.

        and consider taking a shower as the first step towards improvement, you can sharpen your english grammar even further afterwards.

      • imongredneck

        Good job, but you are not quite there yet. You have a strong potential. Your English teacher should be proud of you.

      • Emman

        kabayan hayaan mo na sila……..typical pinoy henyo lang mga yan……..kapag kano naginglish…….like pinagmumura sila…..kahit mali grammar ok lang sa kanila………kapag kabayan naginglis at mali pupunain nanila ……as if correcting someones’s grammar would make them a better person…………painglish inglish nga sila pero kapag minura ng employer na kano….intsik……koreano……….dalawa o tatlong english lang alam sabihin………so…sorry sir……….oooo ,….ok sir………mga pwe

      • dodong1

        proof read your comment…re read and reread your comment..if you are trying to be funny in writing those comments then try again as i have said…your grammar is terrible..

  • Marx Louis Wang

    lesson… don’t withdraw or check your money on ATMs.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Isang nag-aaplay magpulis at kukuha ng exam… nagpipil-ap ng form… nakita ang tanong sa sex… tinanong ang isa sa mga magbabantay sa exam… “Mam, ano po ba ang dapat isagot sa sex? ebridey or tuwais a wik?”

  • gyvv

    mahirap matsambahan, mabuti na ung listo…

  • rickysgreyes

    CCTV ang kailangan sa Mandaluyong

  • lex

    kasi gun ban sa law abiding citizens! but exempted ang mga lawless elements! yan nag daan matuwid, eh noynoying pa ang mga pulis. paanong kumukuha ng evidence e di pa nga nasasaklolohan ang biktima, tulog lang nag mga yan, mga corrupt pa, bago makalabas ng police report kailangan ng padulas!

  • Edward Solilap

    Ganito lang talaga ang Pulis dito sa Pinas pagkatapos ng blotter wala na rin ang follow-up operation saka lang makita ang salarin kung mabulilyaso sa sunod pa nilang operasyon. Kung may pera ka por D boys saka lang kikilos mga yan.

  • Kandong

    Kelangan muna malaman ng mga pulis kung nasaan yong P20,000.00….. Tsaka pupuntahan yong biktima baka madagdagan yong 20 thousand… Sayang din naman.

  • kismaytami

    Matindi talaga yang mga tirador na yan sa bahaging yan ng Mandaluyong. Dati eh, pahablut-hablot lang ng cellphone ng biktima sa mga bus sa Crossing o sa harap ng ospital. Ngayon nangho-holdup na. Naman kasi yang barangay riyan, kapag may-araw lang nagbabantay sa mga iskwater diyan.

    Masuwerte pa rin itong singer at hindi siya nasabihan ng mga batugang pulis ng “WALA PO KAMING MAGAGAWA RIYAN”.

  • batangpaslit

    why would the singer find fault against the tricycle drivers?
    in the first place, why did the singer withdrew big amount through ATM?
    if he himself did not take precautions to protect him, and his driver did not escort him when he witdrew the money, why would he demand the intervention of the poor tricycle drivers?

    • nakatutok

      basahin mo ulit..hindi siya nag withdraw..check balance lang…he made himself a target at 4 am!!!..and he still has high hopes for the police??? i admire him..ako o have given up on them a long, long, long time ago!!

  • MaySenseBa

    What kind of idiot checks on his ATM balance at 4am in the morning?

    • Renan Galang

      some people are just asking for it

  • Kaloy

    Malaking katangahan ang pumunta ka sa ATM ng madaling araw at balance lang gusto mong malaman. Baka naman may ibang business kang transaction sa “robbers” kuno.

    Anyway, this si a good lesson for you.

  • Pok2

    supports FAI (Fabunan Antiviral Injection). Please watch this wonderful
    lifesaving invention ” Dengue Killer”  @ you tube. “UP RUNDOWN 2013.
    Pinoy is committing genocide for not pushing this life saving invention

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