Unlike rival party, UNA won’t bash Arroyo


MANILA, Philippines—The Liberal Party’s top honcho may be fond of criticizing former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but members of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) think there are better things to discuss in campaign sorties.

The UNA members are resuming their group sorties this week with their first stop in Pampanga, the bailiwick of the detained former president, but don’t expect UNA to attack her.

During the proclamation of Team PNoy candidates at Plaza Miranda last week, President Aquino again enumerated the controversies that hounded his predecessor, and said that her minions were still in power.

UNA senatorial candidate JV Estrada said there was no need to keep harping against Arroyo. It would be better if campaigns were issue-based, he said.

“We focus on issues. GMA [the former President’s initials) is a nonfactor. What I’m saying is she’s a nonfactor in what’s happening in our country,” Estrada said in a phone interview.

But he said he believed that Arroyo should be prosecuted posthaste along with her cohorts, although he noted that the cases filed against her by the present administration were being dismissed.

Arroyo replaced Estrada’s father, deposed President Joseph Estrada, after the latter fled Malacañang after a people power revolt cut short his administration.

3 years under Aquino

Another UNA senatorial candidate, Mitos Magsaysay, on Monday said people would rather hear about how officials could help in their day-to-day problems, and resolve issues plaguing the country.

“How will it help people if you keep on hitting GMA? We’re three years into the Aquino administration,” Magsaysay, who used to be Arroyo’s party mate in Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats, said in a phone inteview.

Magsaysay also noted an earlier statement by UNA campaign manager Toby Tiangco, who said that Arroyo’s former allies were with the LP now.

In an earlier interview, Magsaysay said the LP’s constant criticism of the former president could backfire. She pointed out that many local government officials now aligned with Aquino used to be with Arroyo.

“GMA gave a lot of assistance, support and goodwill to them to develop their municipalities and provinces. How about the Liberal Party? What kind of help has it given to the LGUs and to the provinces?” she said.

She also said UNA’s leaders, Vice President Jejomar Binay, Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, had developed plenty of goodwill with local officials due to their long years of public service.

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  • hustlergalore

    nyak! mitos magsaysay?

  • pcosmachine


  • hustlergalore

    yeah erap, you were pardon by gloring. LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/danilo.navarro.946 Danilo Navarro

    hinde nga kayo mag sasalita tungkol kay ex glo dahil sa pampangga pala kayo pupunta..kasama pa ninyo si mitos na tuta ni glo..he he he playing safe politics kayo ha..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/T7PT2JRMQRM5PTMFETXCUIHN6I Juanito Garcia

      kahit hindi magsasalita laban kay gma itong una, ang team pinoy pa rin ang iboboto namin dito sa pampanga.

  • spider69

    tama lang na lagging banggitin ang mga kamalian ni GMA & the like     . dahil ang mga botanteng Pinoy ay medaling makalimot. lalu na kapag naabutan ng 3 lata ng sardinas,, 4 kilong bigas at konting padulas. kaya na publish na ang mga Pinoy voters ay BOBO at Tan-GA.

  • spider69

    marunong kang magsabi ng totoo.

  • spider69

    Reply ito kay Danilo Navarro. nagloloko ang keyboard ko. tama, marunong kang magsabi ng totoo.

  • spider69

    correction, reply ito dapat kay Danilo Navarro. something is wrong with my computer.

  • at-large

    Alangan naman banatan nila ang KAWATAN, at ang UNA ay sila din mga KAWATAN  convicted pa nga wahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • sakinlang

    Sa goodwill na lang ba nakasalalay ang kampanya ng UNA ? Goodwill as in utang na loob o LAGAY?

  • doublecross

    at bakit naman…?
    sa dami ng kasalanan ni arroyo di pa ba kayo masuka sa kanya?
    INUTIL KAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 33Sambuang2

    kasi mga lap dog kayo ni arroyo mga hinayupak kayo………..mga doble kara. at least nandyan sa province na yan ang mga galamay ninyong jueteng lord, estupidong senador na nakasuhan ang asawa. magsama sama kayong mga bobo. pwehhhhh



  • boybakal

    Unlike rival party, UNA won’t bash Arroyo….I support this move.
    It shows professionalism and statesmanship. Di naman kayo kanto boy o palengke.
    I will vote for UNA.

    • Dy Pailad

      Honor among thieves. 

  • 33Sambuang2

    magsaysay, isa ka pa. tagapulot ng maruming napkin pad ni GMA. SIPSIP KANG UGOK KA

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

      truth hurts huh

    • mandirigma832

      Wow…baka ni recycle ni magsaysay ang napkin ni ate Glo. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

    I have been observing  the Liberal party specially  with this President.  He has been in power for three years.So why is it he still  had to attack the former President.Hindi ba  dapat  he needs  to focus on how he manage the Country? What the heck?  Cases  against the former President had been dismissed one by one. Itong natitira, wala po silang solid na ebidensya at  ang kanilang testigo ay palpak! It is not that I   defended the former Prsident but  PLEASE LANG ABNOY,
     ENOUGH   IS  ENOUGH ALREADY !  Mismong  ang sarili mong  ina-appoint na Ombudsaman na si Conchita Carpio Morales ay nagsasabing  WALA PONG  ANOMALY AT EBIDENSYA, so  ano ba? Not all Filipino people are  stupid  to  keep  believing you at  makikinig.Dapat  you need to  discuss, is the present problem at anong iyong magagawa. Past is past.  Aquino, FACE THE MUSIC NOW.  DAHIL SINASABI MONG KAMING MGA  MAMAMAYAN AY ANG IYONG  BOSS  pwes, SASABIHIN KO SA IYO,  STOP MALIGNING PEOPLE  SPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE.Liberal Party, focus on the present problem of the Filipino people, POVERTY;NO JOBS  and  Education are the most  important issues here NOT  WHAT GMA  HAD DONE  THREE YEARS AGO? oKAY ?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol


    • panaloangtotoo2

      Pasalamat ka at 3 years pa lang ang pang-sasabon ng presidente kay array-ko. Eh 9 na taong pangungurakot ang panggagahasa ng amo mong uggok sa ating bansa. yong mga nadismiss na mga “kaso” daw nya, eh mga kasabwat naman nya ang nag-file noon na alam naman na mahina ang ebidensya. Kaya nga sya bilanggo kasi di nya mapatunayan na wala syang kasalanan. Yong boss ng presidente ay mamamayang bomoto sa kanya. definitely, hindi ikaw yon at hindi ang amo mong magnanakaw!

      • jhobitz

        Where is your logic guy? Hindi mo yata alam kung anong reayalidad na sitwasyon ng pinas ngayon, si abnoy pinapalabas nilang malinis ang kanilang pamumuno, just looking back his allies now were all rubbies by the former president because most of them wanted to become leader in grafting and corrupting powers like drilon and roxas; acosta who had now pending case in ombudsman, di mo ba alam ya? Magbasa ka muna ha ng history from his mom cory down to present admin walang iba kung di ang Abnoy. Lol

      • sakinlang

        Rubbies ba? Hindi Jade?

      • Dy Pailad

        I don’t like to reread history, nasusuka lang ako kung nababasa ko ulit ang nakaraan lalo na noong last 11 years. Mukhang history will repeat itself with UNA’s lineup and brand of politics. Rubbies are not enough, they will steal our gold reserves as well.  

      • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         Would you want a president who’s legacy is to blame his predecessor as the reason for all the ills of the country,

        Or would you have a president who was able to look past it, and develop the country as it should in the world arena?

        The courts can handle GMA, as it should. The president can only criticize.

        I would not even compare the 2 presidents. I just would like to see new infra built in this administration’s time. The population grows fast here in M.Mla, and pretty soon it will be traffic all over again. I would love to see his forward solution to the problem, not his criticism of the past (of which AGAIN, he can do nothing, since it is already in the courts.)

        Reminds me of the time when Cory didn’t have a solution for the worsening electricity crisis at her time. Its legacy is that the country’s electricity cost is higher than ALL others in the region, even higher than and industrialized country as japan.

      • panaloangtotoo2

        Pinaalala lang po ng Presidente ang mga kabaluharaan ng ugok mong idolo. Despite the worst state of the nation left by magnanakaw na Aroy-ko, the president has done tremendous lots to invigorate the sick man of asia! gets mo?

      • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        I can deal with a reminder of how GMA is, as you say bulok. BUT DO I NEED A CONSTANT REMINDER? I don’t think so.

        Can he do anything more than what he already did against GMA? Can YOU do anything more than what PNoy has already done?

        So kung wala, then I suggest you tell your president to focus on other things and NOT ON WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE TOO OFTEN.

        O baka naman walang saysay ang bulok mong idolo kung wala si GMA?

        Perhaps his very existance has no meaning if there is no black mark to compare it to?

        You think?

        “done tremendous lots to invigorate the sick man of asia!”

        Please don’t tell me na yung upsurge ng stock market ng buong mundo, and so, the philippines rises on the upsurge was all due to PNoy? If that is the case, then niloloko mo lang kami, and we don’t buy it.

    • 33Sambuang2

      tama ka kasi sa siyam na taon nagpakasasa ang amo mong pungok sa kaban ng bayan kasama ang pamilya nya. merese nya at nagkasakit siya ngayon…. karma na yan kaya ikaw kung ikaw man ang tagahugas ng pwet ni Gma at tagatapon ng tampon or napkin nya. wag mong itapon ilagay mo sa kanin mo at kainin. pisot ka

  • blade_29

    UNA just realized that if they bash gma they are likewise bashing themselves. Majority of these UNA candidates benefitted much from the corrupt gma. These UNA bandits are trapos and cannot be relied upon to really provide help in bringing the Philippines out of poverty. What they want is to enrich themselves further at the expense of the suffering Filipino people. Let us not be fooled by these thieves again and learn from our previous mistakes of electing them into office. 

    • branstark


  • http://inquirer.net/ binaygulay

    Mitos – unapologetically in cahoots with GMA. Down with you!


  • Labandera1

    Papano babanatan ng UNA si Gloria Macapal Arroyo eh kauri nila, parehong kliptomaniac, magnanakaw. Sa mga kababayan kong may aso at may sign sa gate na “Beware of Dogs” ngayong election period pakidagdagan po ninyo ang sign ng “Beware of UNA”. Mas matindi pa ang UNA sa aso makamandag ang rabish. UNA are bunch of black wolves wearing a sheep clothing in other words UNA are the great pretenders…..Reject UNA and vote Liberal Party para mabawasbawasan ang mga abusado at tiwaling opisyal ng gobyerno. Reject Juan Ponce Enrile, Binay and Estrada ang Judas, Barabas at Estas ng Pilipinas. Reject Binay dynasty,Enrile dynasty, Estrada dynasty, Garcia dynasty sila ang bad cholesterol ng lipunan……….

  • bongarroyo

    hahahaha….nagpapatawa ang UNA paano nilang mababanatan si gloria e kakulay nila iyan..

    si erap na kawatan pinalaya ni gloriang kawatan..

    si mitos …..si maceda…si enrile…ano magsasalita laban sa amo nila?

    tanging ang mga utak biyang talangka lang maniniwala sa mga pautot ng UNA…LOL

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/55XNXOYBNF6BG3EWOM5V4YMWXM Pedro

    Eh bakit nyo babanatan ? Babalik di sa inyo ang mga banat nyo. . . KASI pareho lang kayo. . .

    Doon naman sa nagsasabing  walang  ebidensiya  sa  dating pangulo kaya  laging  dismiss ang mga  isinasampang  kaso. . . . . Hwag kayong mainip. . . antayin  nyo  yung  decisions  sa   ZTE broadband deal  scam , fertilizer  fund scam  at helicopter  scam. . . wala  ng  kawala  at  lusot  yan. .

  • mandirigma832

    Pagnanalo ang UNA, babalik tayo sa kauna-unahang puwesto na bansang di umaasenso.

  • al gero

    HINDI NILA GAGAWIN ANG BASHING KAY arROYO KASI ANG UNA GANOON DIN ANG GAWAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kapag ang UNA ang nanalo sa halalang ito,
    Si BNay ay t’yak na tatakbo sa pagka-pangulo.
    “Si PNoy ay naaring nahalal sa ganung pwesto,
    Aba, ang magandang tanong ay, Bakit hindi ako?”

    Sa UNAng tingin, mamamalas ay medyo madilim,
    Pagsipat kay BNay ay hindi madaling gawain.
    Bukod sa siya ay maigsi, kutis nya ay maitim,
    Suot na puti at ngiti, doon siya mapapansin.

    Malayo-layo na din naman ang kanyang narating,
    Tinahak niyang landas na hitik sa suliranin.
    Mulang Mayor ng Makati na kanyang napabuti,
    Hanggang sa siya ngayon ay naging Bise-Presidente.

    Mataas-taas na din naman ang kanyang pag-angat,
    Lahat ng hirap at pasakit ay kanyang kinagat,
    Pinunlang tiyaga, tapang, “talino’t” pagiging tapat,
    Siya ngayo’y tinatasang isang bilyonaryong big $hot.

    Kung bakit itong si Jojo BNay ay napasangkot,
    Sa bilang ng dalawang batikang mga kurakot.
    Ang isa ay ex-convict, pangalawa ay berdugo,
    3 Kings ang pagkilala’t tawag sa kanilang tatlo.

    Sa ‘sang masusing pagsusuri, bakit nga ba’t hindi,
    Tatlong mago’y parehong pinagmulang binhi.
    Datirati’y walang-wala, nagmula doon sila,
    Ngayo’y may kaharian bawat isa sa kanila.

    Bawat isa sa kanila ngayo’y may sinusulong,
    Mga anak na hinanda para maging senatong.
    I-adya mo po kami sa mga taong masama,
    Sa kanilang plano, ating bayan bigyan ng awa.

    Kung kaya’t huwag payagan, huwag hayaang pumayagpag,
    Bagwis ni BNay pagka-pangulo ang ina-atupag.
    Ang UNA ay ipanghuli sa halalang darating,
    Ang patuloy na pag-unlad ng bayan ay sagipin!

  • speaksoftlylove

    Sige ituloy nyo pang pagalipusta sa UNA para lalong mananalo ang mga kandidato nila. Akala ninyo makakaumbinse sa nagbabasa yang mga basura ninyo? On the contrary, lalo lang nasisira ang Team Banoy. Ang kikitid ng mga utak nitong mga yellowvultures. Go ahead, more!

    • Agat Sumi

      oo nga naman wag nyo pintasan ang UNA…dahil sayang lang oras nyo hahahahahahaha

      • indiosbravos2002


    • 33Sambuang2

      oo nga mas makitid ang utak mong abnoy ka. pisot

  • brunogiordano

    “Unlike rival party, UNA won’t bash Arroyo”

    OBVIOUS AT BISTADO kung bakit.

    Kapanalig ninyo si ARROYO.

    At MALAMANG financier din ninyo.

    Tulad kayo ng mga OBISPO na nabigyan ng SUV naging PIPING bigla.

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “OBVIOUS AT BISTADO kung bakit.

      Kapanalig ninyo si ARROYO.”

      Hindi kaya na ang tamang gawain ay kung may ebidensya, i file ang complaint.

      Hindi ba iyon din ang gagawin mo pag alam mo na may katiwaliaan sa isang pamumuno?  Hindi mo naman sasaktan yung tao na suspetsya mo na may katiwalian, sapagkat iyan ay krimen din laman.  Hindi mo gagawin ang paninirang puri sapagkat on the scheme of things, it still doesn’t solve the problem, diba?

      Hindi kaya na ang problema ay HINDI masusing pag hahanap ng ebidensya laban kay GMA, AT file lang ng file ng kaso na hindi air-tight? Gagawa ng mahinang kaso, tapos i bblame ang mga opposition for the failure of the prosecution of GMA?

      Hindi kaya nasa Administrasyon na ang lahat ng resources para ma imbestigahan ng mabuti si GMA, at di na kailangan mag insinuate na pabor o hindi pabor ang mga kandidato sa panig ni GMA?

    • mabyrik

      “Unlike rival party, UNA won’t bash Arroyo” But why? 2 no-brainer answers to a no-brainer question. 
      First Answer- Because UNA is the trojan horse of GMA in this election. UNA’s candidates are GMA’s people like Zubiri, Magsaysay, Honasan, Gordon and GMA’s partner-in crime like Enrile, Sotto, 

      UNA is just an extension of GMA’s KAMPI and therefore, UNA first agenda is to save GMA from more accusations. They will be there to shield her and to ensure that she is safe from Ombudsman, Sandiganbayan and and other accusers.

      Second Answer- Because GMA is bank-rolling the campaign of UNA discreetly, much like the same way she did in 2016 election when she supported Villar financially while mouthing her shallow support for Gibo. Poor Gibo, he didn’t know what hit him.

      GMA has billions stolen from the government, which she can use for those who who are willing to support her. UNA, a party without any principle, is willing to sell its soul to dev//il just to get the majority and it is now getting very obvious. It is even very proud in announcing it.  

  • Ben Ko

    oo magaling kayo. si gordon lang ang iboboto ko sa inyo

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       agree about gordon. 

      pero, will still have to check kung ano plataporma nya ngayon as compared when he ran last time. no such thing as permanence in politics.

      I still do not know his stand on some topics like the rh, whether he supports it or not. (if anyone can point articles on this, i would appreciate it)

      • abbaj

        i voted for gordon before but not this time. for associating himself to binay, enrile, at estrada, it only proves he has no principle. matakaw lang talaga sa pwesto. paiya-iyak pa yan nung palayasin ni estrada sa sbma ngayon kasama pa nya. what an unprincipled jackass this gordon is. iboboto ko si jc delos reyes na pamangkin nya. at least consistent yun sa mga plataporma ng partido nya.

      • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        hmmmm. you put too much value in political parties. If it was like the US’ Democrat and Republican, which you can identify differences in terms of politics and beliefs on issues, I would agree.

        But not here where politicians use parties as only a vessel, and could switch parties anytime, be it the ruling popular party or the opposition party.

        JC delos reyes, I haven’t heard that name before, hmmmm. worth a look, thanks for the heads up!

        —From initial browsing there are some things we have common interests in like coop, and differences like ProLife -Christian support.

      • http://inquirer.net/ binaygulay

        Yeah, I can overlook the fence-hopping Gordon in lieu of his accomplishments and attitude. I think wala naman siyang choice kung hindi siya kinuha ni Pnoy eh. Kailangan lang. jya ng vessel for political survivability.

        Si Gordon lang talaga ang lead by example. SBMA, Department of Tourism, Red Cross. Lahat yan umunlad nung siya ang namahala. Kung nanalo sana siyang presidente (asa pa) angat na tayo ngayon. Walang maibabatong putik kay Gordon. We need a smart man in the Senate.

        Si JC delos Reyes hmm?.. Sabi niya kasi una niyang gagawin pag nanalo siya ay i-repeal ang RH law? Very counter-productive. Although panghatak lang siguro ng Catholic vote yun. But I guess still a better alternative to the trapos.


      • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Agree on Gordon, i must that I will review his platform in any case. Just the benefit of the doubt, since I may have changed then or that my priorities have changed too.

        JC delos Reyes….hmmm Anti RH, and gun control. some others i agree. but havent seriously read anything yet


    Ang nakaraan ay paso na. UNAhin ang kasalukuyan. Ano ang kasalukuyan ? Ang Pilipinas ay naging bansang Abnoy ng tuwid na baluktot.  UNAhing ibalik ang katinuan. UNA sa katinuan.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut

      UNA ‘wag i-criticize si GMA baka marinig ni MITOS. at KATINUAN ang UNAhin, “SHE’S MY DAUGHTER” ang qualification ni NANCY! hehehe… TALO ANG PIKON.

    • 33Sambuang2

      oo nga arikutik kasi ang katinuan ng isip mo ang dapat mong unahin. galamay ka ng una at ni gma. taghugas ng mga pwet nila. pwehhhhhhhhhh ikaw ang wala sa katinuan. pa check up ka kasi sa dami ng drugs at rugby na sinisinghot mo. PISOT

  • mavtan

    Mga ipokrito ang UNA! Nung mayor pa lang si Binay isa sya sa numero unong kritiko ni Gloria, ngayon kandididato ng UNA yung mga ibang tuta ng mga Arroyo. Si Erap pinakulong pa ni Arroyo, ganun din kapartido pa nya uli ang LABAN. If UNA candidates win, Filipinos have already forgiven the sins of the Arroyos.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MEGIRFUGZ6NQSAF4JMGHZSIIY4 Joseph

    Plataporma ng UNA.  Humanda kayong mga PINOY uubusin namin pera nyo.  UNAhin namin ang sarili namin.  

  • calipso_2100

    Of course.  Bash her and it will boomerang back to you.  UNAnos are as corrupt as the GMA unano.

  • acaldejr

    Yeheeyyy…balik sa 55 pesos against 1 US $ na naman tayo kapag nananlo ang UNA.  Good for OFWs…ha ha…

  • ikulong


  • PnoyMePagasa

    syempre nandyan si zubiri, magsaysay at enrile, para nyo nang siniraan ang partido nyo kapag kinalaban nyo si gloria.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZLQBUC7EZAWSQ4GZHZ6MLOIQIM Danny

    Paano nila titirahin si GMA eh gagawin din nila mga ginawa ni GMA.  (Anak ng) JUETENG = ERAP; SMUGGLING = ENRIL (CEZA); PAGPAPAYAMAN SA PWESTO = BINAY.

  • catmanjohn

    This article proves that the UNA are a delusional, deceitful farce that must be eradicated in order to end the 10 headed hydra corruption monster that never seems to die. The people will no longer tolerate their charade of protecting each other, whether it be the Lakyass Party or UNA, they are merely different heads to the same body of corrupt self serving politicians.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SC573R5VTMJ6ISRH635DJ2XVLI San

    UNA stands for everything wrong in Phil politics, from a wicked old enrile, creator of that smuggling entity in Cagayan, unilaterally giving away people’s money in the Senate… to a deposed plunderer and womanizer in ERAP, to all the remnants of GMA.  And, Binay, the dynastically-inclined politician who loves to do anything just to get elected….And they all have the nerve to inflict upon us their Children, Nancy, JV, Jinggoy, JunJun etc….. Sheesh

  • prince_janus

    Mga hambog talaga itong mga taga-UNA. Ang tagal-tagal niyo na sa pwesto ay di pa rin umahon sa kahirapan ang mga mamamayan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZLQBUC7EZAWSQ4GZHZ6MLOIQIM Danny


  • Ed Molina

    advice ko sa team PNOY, hayaang pansamantalang makalaya si GMA para pasamahin sa mga kampanya ng UNA. the moment she raises the hands of UNA candidates, that’ll be the end of them.

    • Dy Pailad

      Sinong bagay maging caregiver? Si Nancy or si Mitos?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KAAEZZZL7OMMZ5K4KCFETADLSM jerome

         Si Mitos ang head caregiver si Nancy ang assistant..

    • beatmanny

      ito ang pinakabobong reasoning mga kabayan. kailan pa naging pro GMA ang una ptang ina mo si binay erap pro gma sino niloko mo abnoy lang maniniwala sayo hahaha

      • Ed Molina

        puso mo bok. baka matuluyan ka sana. hehehe

      • leocarias

         kelangan pa ba i memorize yan…..eto Mitos Magsaysay, Zubiri-avid suporters ni GMA

  • wawa2172

    Well, I guess UNA has a point to concentrate on issues that focuses only on the current state of the nation. It is doing well but they are right that LP members are mostly former allies of the Pandak party and are still doing the same thing on the ground hindi lang nabibigyan nang pansin dahil lahat nakatutok sa kay PNoy. We may have a high economic growth rate but it is not felt by the mass based since corruption is still the norm at the middle and lower level of the government units. It is the OFW remittances that makes our country moving on and good jobs in our country is very limited. Nakakulong na si Pandak, let us now move forward to a better Philippines.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    With Gordon,Mitos,Zubiri,Enrile Tingting,,Paano nyo titirahin si Pandakekok puro alipores at Kasapakat itong mga hinayupak na ito ni Gloriang Mandarambong…

    • beatmanny

      may mga prinsipyo yang mga nabanggit mo di katulad ng LP ptang ina kaalyado dati ni GMA ang mga hinayupak na yan eh ibg sabihin kurap din sila? ptang ina mo abnoy

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

        Tama prinsip[yo ng kasibaan at katakawan..putang ina mong dimonyo ka …

      • indiosbravos2002

        Prinsipyo daw….??? Wahahahahahahaha.

      • 33Sambuang2

        ptang ina mo rin mas abnoy kang pisot ka

      • 33Sambuang2

        sige tehot hugasan mo lahat ng pwet nila o kung di man dilaan mo pagkatapos umebaks………… gusto mo yan di ba kasi ang prinsipyo mo parang ebaks. ang utaks mo laman puro ebaks..ptang ina mo rin GUNGGONG…PISOT…SUPOT

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Aba! Nakahanap na rin sila sa wakas ng kanilang battlecry.Pwede na silang magmalaki na hindi sila nakiki ride on lang kay presidente.

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    Bashing Arroyo is a strategy that would have worked in 2010. But bashing Arroyo is not a platform. If UNA ever did bash Arroyo in 2013 campaign, they would not gain much political points from it simply because UNA does not have the track record of cleaning up the Arroyo mess unlike LP. Having said that, I believe the one potential issue that UNA might use against Pnoy’s administration and LP unfairly is the possibility of higher fuel prices in the months ahead. Here in Chicago, commodities trading are picking up due to sustained quantitative easing and excess liquidity. Speculation is bound to go into fuel commodities the way things are now. Japan’s own version of quantitative easing will flood the global market with liquidity. That’s what Team Pnoy needs to watch out for. An empty or angry belly has a way of showing itself in the ballots. The impact of rising fuel prices on third world countries is more acute. High fuel prices have been known to pull down survey ratings, as what happened last year to Pnoy at the height of the Noynoying meme.

    Good luck Team Pnoy.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

      You’re far better than any of the political adviser on any side. There are many issues that could be resolved in differing approach. If the administration failed to ease fuel prices using their method, why not the UNA will use this opportunity to stage their own approach and offer them to the people.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Pano naman nila titirahin si GMA, eh kaalyado nila eto. UNA is pro GMA.

    • beatmanny

      si binay pro GMA? tanga yung 2 nag like hahaha

      • indiosbravos2002

        Tehot, bakit mo naman dinedeny na lumipat na ng alyansa yan si Binay? Eh kasama nya na si Magsaysay, Zubiri, Enrile sa partido pulos mga close aid ni GMA.
        Buti pa si Pimentel tumiwalag sa partido kasi di masikmura ang corrupt politics ng UNA.

      • 33Sambuang2

        korek kasi me prinsipyo ang tao. ikaw ba sasali sa partido na alam mong nandon din ang kandidatong nandaya sa yo? pinipilit ng tatlong haring utot na kalimutan na ang lahat. aba, bobo nga sila talaga

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JTYBNAOTDGZ74IUAP7XNBSD46Y Edsel

    Kung ang iboboto nyo ay Kapamilya, Kapuso at Kapatid sa darating na election, wag na lang. Wala na bang iba? Mag-isip muna tayo ng mabuti. Let’s end political dynasty in the upcoming election. Don’t vote for them. :-) #notopoliticaldynasty #stoppoliticaldynasty

  • batchmatters

    Si PNoy lang ang target ng UNA kaya bakit babanatan nila si Gloria?  Kung dati ay galit si ERAP sa nagpakulong sa kanya, ngayon ay hindi na raw muna kasi eleksion, at baka hindi sila iboto ng mga kapanalig ni Gloria. Kasi ito lang naman talaga ang mga boboto sa kandidato ni UNA.  Their campaign slogan:  A vote for UNA is a vote for Gloria. Dedmahin ang Tuwid na Daan in favor of 5 daang libong pisong payola uli sa envelope.

    • beatmanny

      small lady! pokpok aquino

    • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

       Teka,teka,teka Batchmakers….. If  I can perfectly recollect the downfall of ERAP, hindi ba  nagpeople POWER  revolution sa EDSA? Pa-ano mo naman nasabi it was the ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ang nagpakulong ni Erap? Si GMA nga ang nagpardon ni Erap dahil  siya lang as a President according to the  Constitution was  vested  with power   who can pardon such crime of  a higher official.  I know talamak na ang Corruption ng mga politician  in the Philippines  na parang CANCER,  pero itong Noypi na ito,  instead of  concentrating  his efforts to solve the present problem  , puro na lang blame ng blame kay GMA.All I can say to the present President is MOVE ON !
      You already have three years  sitting as a President. Let the  Court  handle  the cases against  the previous President ( which   if  the media  had  stated it correctly, cases against the  Ex-president Arroyo had been dismissed  left and right  with  few remaining,which I am sure  wala ring ebidensya at walang   credible witness) . Mr.President,Do not dwell in the past .If you think  you really can do the Da-ang Matuwid, then go ahead and show  it now .Solve the misery,the poverty, the jobless and also the education  and health. No one can say that GMA is the cause of Poverty, the cause of  so many jobless in the country and the cause of poor health system in the Philippines.
      If ever, solve these problems NOW instead of blaming and dwelling the past. YOU already had three years that passed .Take charge!

      • catmanjohn

        All that money Gloria absconded with should not be forgot nor forgiven, That would be the biggest insult to the People and Nation. Never!  Why it is taking so long to prosecute her is beyond reason, unless the Aquino DOJ feels proper tactics calls for UNA to be swept out first, so proper justice can be carried out.

      • 33Sambuang2

        magkape ka at magmuni muni dahil ikaw yata ang tagapahid ng ebaks ni gma. kadiri ka. pagkatapos na magnakaw at magnakaw kasali pamilya nya. me gana ka pang mag appreciate sa mga nagawa nya? hunghang at pisot ka

  • Guest

    By not bashing Arroyo, UNA hopes to woo voters who still love Arroyo. But that’s probably just a very small minority by now.

    UNA has a better chance of winning if it tries to woo those who are not impressed with PNoy’s same-old-same-old politics or simply dissatisfied with PNoy after three years in office.  There’s a lot more votes in that category.

    But then again, what makes UNA the better alternative? Sa packaging pa lang talo na.

    • beatmanny

      ptang ina mo abnoy

      • Guest

        bakit po?

  • droccu

    “….GMA is a nonfactor….in what’s happening in our country,” – WOW…so telling coming from ERAP-one of the UNA 3 Kings! You would expect that from MITOS but..ERAP? It goes to show the possible comeback of transactional politics made (in)famous by GMA if and when UNA candidates win which would pave the way for a BINAY presidential win. This gives you an idea that GMA’s group are helping fund UNA. Tuloy ang ligaya ni GMA if UNA and Binay wins…. This should serve as a warning for all of us… 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXRY5FFJHVBW2THD226CSOAXVA JanB

      Obvious ba!… Sino ba ang Senatorial ng LAKAS- di ba wala…kasi nasa UNA!!! What do you think if UNA WIN? Di a great deal same as what Sen Gringo Honasan time…Hinuli pagkatapos wala na tahimik!!!! Anu pa nga Ba!!!! Sabi ko na sa inyo UNA is UNAhan sa TAKIPAN!!!! 

      • droccu


  • NoWorryBHappy

    UNA and GMA together, Why ?
    Because they birds of a feather.
    The enemy of corruption is President Noynoy.
    GMA’s term has been the equivalent of absolute corruption.
    So what else is new ?
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

       No Worry… para kang lasing magsalita.It makes no sense.Anong the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Eh,sinong enemy mo?  Si Pinoy ? Unless you are  using it as a hyperbole, okay sigue, pero   sinong enemy ng enemy mo ,si GMA?  Ibig sabihin noon  si GMA ay kaibigan mo?

      • damiranda126

        ang kapal ng mukha mong mag-comment, magaral ka muna.  “They birds of a feather”  WHAT?  kokopya ka lang ng slogan mali pa.

  • Guest

    Bashing Arroyo was our national past time in 2010 and 2011 and somehow in 2012. By now, wala na. It’s not dissimilar from bashing the Marcoses. Wala ng dating. Both LP and UNA should come up with better platforms. Hindi na uubra ang bashing Arroyo. Hindi rin naman nawala ang rice smuggling, recycling of NFA permits under P-Noy. Hindi rin naman nabawasan ang illegal logging sa panahon ni P-Noy. Hindi rin naman napuksa ang jueteng sa panahon ni P-Noy. Dahil sa MOOE scandal sa senado na kinasangkutan ng LP at UNA, nawalan tuloy ng saysay ang impeachment ni Corona. Di hamak na mas malaki ang perang nabubulsa ng mga senador. Voter apathy ang mangingibabaw sa Mayo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QXRY5FFJHVBW2THD226CSOAXVA JanB

    Obvious ba!… Sino ba ang Senatorial ng LAKAS- di ba wala…kasi nasa UNA!!! What do you think if UNA WIN? Di a great deal same as what Sen Gringo Honasan time…Hinuli pagkatapos wala na tahimik!!!! Anu pa nga Ba!!!! Sabi ko na sa inyo UNA is UNAhan sa TAKIPAN!!!! 

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Narualmente, eh kapanalig kayo ni GMA, yun iba dyan na taga UNA, supporter kuno ng current admin, but in reality eh kapanalig ni GMA, just waiting for the right moment

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Unlike rival party, UNA won’t bash Arroyo”

    How can they, Dorovo is just about their biggest financial contributor?

  • andrew lim

    Ang hindi nagagalit sa mga corrupt,
    Malamang corrupt din.

    Ang ayaw pag-usapan ang corruption,
    Malamang corrupt din.

    Sa UNA, aatras ang buhay.

    Sa UNA, di baleng corrupt, basta kakampi ng mahirap.

    Sa UNA, di baleng corrupt, basta kakampi ng bishop.

    UNA, ang daang madilim!

  • Janch



    They don’t want to talk about corruption in the  GMA administration.  Kasi yun din ang magiging issue sa kanila.  This is what worked for Binay.  Di napag-usapan ang mga kaso niya sa pangungurakot sa Makati noong nagdaang election.  Sa halip, yung magandang nangyari lang sa Makati ang narinig ng mga tao habang nag-mumudslinging sina Legarda at si Roxas.  

    Besides winning the election is about getting more allies, not enemies.  Nililigawan lahat basta’t makakadagdag sa boto ng UNA.

    • diamond_digger

       I agree with your comment, Janch, except that “tainted with corruption” seems an understatement for them. UNA’s leaders are ‘covered and drenched’ with corruption and oppression. From now till the election day, the Filipinos have ample time to review and analyze their records of performance – i.e. Enrile’s martial law connection, Binay’s penchants for luxury and unmitigated dream of power as demonstrated by his use of the siren even in bringing his grandchildren to school and his dynastic rule of makati. Of course, we all know Estrada has been convicted of corruption.

      • Janch

        Yes. You’re absolutely right.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QDEJXXHSTUZ54BQYTQAZF25VFA jhonil


  • leocarias


  • catmanjohn

    If the UNA wishes to take the higher path as it seems to claim, disclose every candidate’s SALN   just as Corona had to, and explain the acquired wealth, and only then should the voters take your claims seriously.

  • Dy Pailad

    UNA can do the GMA bashing  this coming holy week. It’s called self flagellation. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AECMZN3H5INVFBHCCZJQMJ6MEI Neil

    bashing arroyo and her administration is to remember how corrupt the previous administration and how philippines is slowly going down the drain that time. by not mentioning marcos, estrada or arroyo’s time means we forgot what they did before. its important that we keep on reminding the people their grave offenses so that it wont be repeated kasi pinoys are quick to forgot the SINS of these leaders..

  • Qwxyz

    hihiramin na lang kaya muna ng mga taga UNA si GMA mula sa hospital para gawing campaign manager nila, total karamihan naman sa UNA e dating kaalyado niya.

  • Yobhtron

    IBASURA ANG UNA!  UNA sila na dapat hindi iboto.  

  • marlaw


  • jgl414567

    May malaking utang na loob ang mga Estrada kay Gloria dahil sa pardon kaya ayaw na nila tirahin ito. 

    • diamond_digger

       Tama! Maliban diyan, ang pinag-uusapan ay ang campaign sortie nila sa Pampanga na siyang baluarte ni GMA. It is just but natural for UNA to refrain from hitting on GMA otherwise people won’t troop to their meetings. In short, they (UNA) will be doing a “pamamangka sa dalawang ilog”. Well, what’s new, JV Ejercito? We know that the leadership of UNA has one common character trait in their bloods. And that includes you.

  • shane oy

    YEah they won’t bash arroyo because they are friends and they are one and the same corrupt group. 

    OFWs should persuade their dependents to campaign against the corrupt UNA. 

    USE the power of the purse OFW.

  • disqusted0fu

    Bashing GMA has been Pnoy’s primary agenda for the entire first half of his term, and we don’t expect that to change for the rest of his presidency since that’s pretty much all he’s got. So there’s no need for any more politicians to add on to that because it is already sickening as it is. Honestly, what is the PH getting out of that?!

    • 33Sambuang2

      now you blame the president for the economy that even her teacher kawatan gma praised him for that? magkape ka para matauhan ka. lamig lang ng tyan yan. pisot

      • KarlosRegaza

        weeeee di nga. gma praised panot? nananaginip ka iha.

  • disqusted0fu

    A President and his subordinates who focus more on attacking the previous administration rather than addressing the problems faced by the nation says a lot about their performance or lack thereof. Pnoy and his administration are put on the spot and has a huge amount of pressure on them but they just can’t seem to deliver. Instead of working hard, they just choose to use GMA. They put the spotlight on her and her administration which relieves them from the pressure and the amount of work that they apparently can’t handle.

    • 33Sambuang2

      mitos naman….. wag masyadong garapal .. alam naman ng mga pinoy na ikaw tagahugas ng pwet nang amo mong si GMA……Kakahiya ka talaga.,

      • KarlosRegaza

        Wawa ka naman…

  • noypisiTED

    Good that PNoy and LP keeps bashing GMA so the nation won’t forget what she did. UNA won’t do that since a lot of their senatorial candidates were once rabid Arroyo fans.

  • disqusted0fu

    Three years under Pnoy was full of accusations and cases filed against GMA. Despite pouring most of his efforts on trying to convict the former President, there are just no evidences to show, resulting to the dismissal of some of the cases. That’s because all the accusations and cases filed are for the sole purpose of persecuting GMA to quench Pnoy’s thirst of spite towards his predecessor. 

  • 33Sambuang2

    mitos naman….. wag masyadong garapal .. alam naman ng mga pinoy na ikaw tagahugas ng pwet nang amo mong si GMA……Kakahiya ka talaga.,

  • 33Sambuang2

    mitos, nagsalita ang mga hindi sakim sa kapangyarihan. paputol ko ari ko pag nanalo kang hunghang ka. 

  • boybakal

    Unlike rival party, UNA won’t bash Arroyo….Good…Aywan ko ba kung bakit ang LP naging Mahadera….matabil ang dila di naman ganyan dati.

  • 33Sambuang2


  • http://www.facebook.com/jun.dano1 Jun Dano

    well, they will never criticized GMA of course dahil most of them owes a lot from this woman. Trillanes was right when he said JPE was a puppet of GMA.  Binay should always watch his back against this people dahil they are just simply using him  . . .  

    • KarlosRegaza

      So with Kris Aquino, Peter, Pia and a lot more. Mga dating tuta ni GMA. Si Kury Aquino din dating tuta ni GMA. Si Drilon din. Maaamong tuta ni GMA.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Talagang ang mga pulitiko nga naman. No Gloria bashing daw. Kaya naman pala e dahil sa Pampanga ang susunod na pupuntahan nila. Balwarte ni GMA. No permanent enemies talaga sa pulitika. Para ding si BS Aquino pag mageeleksyon ay maamo kay Bongbong Marcos. Para wag mabato ng kamatis sa Ilocos. Meron din kasing loyalist yang si GMA sa Pampanga kaya medyo maamo itong taga UNA. Paano after ng election? balik uli sa bashing!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Tama lang na wag na kayong makisali sa bashing na yan. Magkaroon kayo ng originality yang Gloria bashing ay patented o exclusive lang kay LP leader Don Benigno Simeon Aquino. Huwag gaya gaya!

  • JasonBieber

    I’m sure the UNA is just saying this to gain votes but it doesn’t change the fact that what they are saying is very true.

    GMA has been out of office for 3 years so she is indeed a non-factor. Actually, she instituted a lot of economic plans that this current Administration is benefiting from but aside from that…that’s it.

    With or without GMA corruption in the government is still rampant. Just look at the BuCor or the BI or Customs. Or actually look at the current PCSO now that apparent has about P10M that they have to explain. And even with the Atimonan jueteng based ambush…corruption is still bad during the PNoy term so PNoy attacking and blaming GMA is unwarranted and merely an excuse for PNoy to persecute GMA.

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      What economic plans? Economic plan ba yung the Philippines never got a single ratings upgrade in her 9 years of misrule?

      • JasonBieber

        For your information…GMA lead the Philippines through the economic downfall that affected the entire world including the US but again it did not fully hit the Philippines, that is thanks to GMA…if we are being honest.

        If you need exact examples…she did institute the VAT which the current Admin is benefiting from today. And she lead the BPO/IT boom with major foreign investors like TeleTech.

        I don’t rely on just ratings to feel good about oneself…cold hard facts like i just mentioned is what really matters.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Cold hard facts? Ni hindi mo masabi kung ano ang growth rate ng Pilipinas from 2001 to 2010 bago sya sinipa paalis dahil nahihiya ka sa cold hard facts. Foreign investors? Sabihin mo nga sa amin ang FDIs ni GMA from 2001 to 2010? Nananaginip ka ba?

      • JasonBieber

        Read my post carefully before you reply or maybe educate yourself on facts.

        Allow me to quote myself “And she lead the BPO/IT boom with major foreign investors like TeleTech.”

        Oh maybe you don’t know but TeleTech is a major foreign investor to the Philippines and not a name of a cartoon character.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        You call a mere mention of a company that is never heard of as cold hard facts? Susme naman, cold hard facts is if you can tell me how much direct investment did this never heard of company has contributed to the Philippine economy. Direct investment of $1M? $10M? $100M? 

        BPO? With or without GMA, BPO was on its way bigtime to the Philippines in 1999 sa kasagsagan ng Y2K conversion. It just so happened that GMA plotted to eject Erap in 2000.

        I will give you a trivia for your information. These are what I call cold hard facts. Accenture was the first BPO in the Philippines. Do you even know that they first started in 1992 with a 5000 seat resource center in Robinson’s tower in Mandaluyong? So kahit sino pa ang presidente, BPO is already there. The high cost of US labor just accelerated the BPO starting late 1990s and well throughout 2000s. For all we know Erap was not ejected or FPJ won in 2004. Regardless of political events, BPO was emerging with or without GMA. Tandaan mo yan. 

        So where is your cold hard facts on the Philippine economic growth kamo under GMA?

      • JasonBieber

        Hold on seriously? You haven’t heard of TeleTech?

        You are veering off on different tangents to try and ignore the fact that you got stumped.

        TeleTech is one of the biggest BPO-IT companies that invested big time in the Philippines. They have facilities all over the Philippines…i think they even are occupying a space in MOA.

        If you don’t know TeleTech maybe you are not living in the Philippines and making your comments from another country. If that’s the case then there is no point talking to you.

        You make an accusation and try and pose a big question…then when i answer it you appear uneducated and discredit the factual based answer i gave.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Hold on seriously! (not a question mark here)  You are veering away from the issue. Where are the cold hard facts you are bragging about? Bragging about a never heard of company which you cannot even give any investment info of is not cold hard facts. Not at all.

        I have proven to you that BPO is not a creation of GMA. GMA simply rode on it. With or without her,  BPO is to take off. So going back, what are these cold hard facts ikamo na economic plans ni GMA.  Let me guess, by blindly praising GMA, you have no idea on what is the economic growth during GMA’s 9 year rule. Am I right?

  • ike1684

    natural kasi ang UNA associated kay GMA pare pareho silang mga kurakot. si mitos na taga hugas ng puwet ni arroyo alangang kalabanin nya. makapal din ang mukha nito ni mitos eh kasabwat sya sa mga anomalya ni arroyo

  • KarlosRegaza

    Kudos Mitos.

    Tatapakan ng LP si GMA dahil yun lang ang alam nila para bumenta. 

    Kamusta kaya mga kaso laban kay GMA? Parang panay dismissal..

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Wala pang nangyayari pero at least nagdurusa si GMA sa kanyang curtailed freedom. Erap the plunderer knows what I am talking about.

      • KarlosRegaza

        Sana hindi mangyari sayo yang dinaranas ni GMA. Kinulong ng walang klarong ebidensya.

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Si GMA kinulong ng walang klarong ebidensya? Saang lugar ka ba nagtatago the last decade. Matapos ma ransack ni GMA ang bansa, ngayon lang sya pinagbabayad. Sa palagay mo ba may naniniwala pa sa taong pinagtatanggol mo? Mahiya ka naman sa balat mo.

      • KarlosRegaza

        Dito lang ako sa Pilipinas. Ikaw saan ka ba? Saan ka ba kumuha ng mga ebedinsya mo? Sa media, sa mga kalaban sa politika? Ginamit mo ba utak mo para mintindihan ang mga pinaniniwalaan ng iba at pilit mong pinagdidiinan sa ibang tao?

        3 years na ang Panot na yan sa palasyo. Ilang kaso na ba ang nag prosper? O meron ba talang nag prosper? Puro DISMISS! Ano ngayong ang tingin mo? Sinuhulan ni GMA ang mga huwes?

        Mag isip ka dong! Ikaw ang mahiya at walang laman yang utakis mo!

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Bro kulang ka ba sa kaalaman? Di ba mataruk ng utak mo na kaya nasa korte ang kaso at nakakulong si GMA ay dahil sa ebidensyang tinignan ng ombudsman at DOJ? Kung walang ebidensya yan, hindi makakalusot sa ombudsman yan. pababalikin ba kita sa school?

  • Jane Tan

    Right… They’ll just b1tch and b1tch about it. Toby, hinde pa ba tapos mens mo?

  • richard ortega

    UNA talaga sa kabaluktutan. kampi ng mga magnanakaw, bata ni thief justice, plunderer, political dynasty, trapo, mandaraya andya na lahat kaya sana mga pinoy na hindi nagbabasa ng inquirer ay matuto ng pumili ng kandidato. UNA Pweh!!!

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Pano ba naman, karamihan sa UNA nakinabang nung panahon ni Arrovo.

    Utang na loob nga naman….

  • disqusted0fu

    It’s just hard to understand why bashing GMA has been a tactic of the LP, and of the Aquino administration per se. That obviously did not stop corruption, it did not stop crimes all sorts of crimes from happening either, nor did it create jobs, and it definitely did not better the lives of the Filipinos. So what’s so good about it?

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      At least nakakabawi rin ang taumbayan na pagdusahan ni gma ang kanyang pandarambong gaya ng pandarambong ni Erap.

      • Hayek_sa_Maynila

        CI3 dito ka na lang mag komento. Mas madali dito. Mas mahirap mahalata ang mga walang alam sa economics dito. =) lubid!

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Ikaw ang bagay sa komento. Ang mga taong self serving egotistic ay walang lugar sa issues relating to data. Nalulunod na sila sa kamalian, pilit pa ring lumalangoy sa kumunoy. Magbago ka na. get over it. You are even stalking me after you are proven wrong.

    • fernan107

      para maintindihan mo , ginagawa lang halimbawa si gloria arroyo na dapat di tularan ang katulad niya ng mga politiko at ang mga nanunungkulan sa gobyerno…at kailangan iexpose sa publiko ang mga masasamang gawain ng politiko at karapatan na malaman ng publiko para mabawasbawasan ang makakapal na mukha ng mga politiko na katulad ni gloria…susmaryosep ka indo..intindihan mo na? tanong ko lang , anong meron sila gloria na pinagmamalasakit mo?

  • fernan107

    mitos,tumugil ka na sa kapuputak,dahil kilala ka na..wala ka naman nagawa para sa bayan ngayon congresswoman….sama sama na lang kayo nina binay, erap, enrile…UNA ANG BULSA , UNA ANG KAMAG ANAK , UNA ANG SARILI…SAME FEATHER FLOCKS TOGETHER….MARYOSEP KA INDO..

    • walangutak

      koreksyon po, baka nakalimutan mo na na si Mitos yata ang nagpalabas ng katiwalian (daw) ng pagbili ng mamahaling computers nuon ng DOST(?) na marami namang mumurahin sa mga kanto kanto at gawang China. Matalino rin itong si Mitos pagkat alam niya (raw) ang mumurahing computers ay kasing galing din ng makabago at hi-tech Na umit. Para bang tahasang sinabi niya kasing galing ng Pajero ang multi cabs na galing sa chop chop. Mabuhay ka Mitos sa katalinuhan mo.

      • fernan107

        alam mo bagay nga syo ang pangalan mo…di kailangan ang mumurahin na computer kung madaling masira dahil walang mumurahin na computer na may quality..pinagmalaki mo pa ang kakayahan ni mitos?magsamasama na lang sa UNA ANG BULSA , UNA ANG KAMAGANAK , UNA ANG SARILI,….SAME FEATHER FLOCKS TOGETHER…..MARYOSEP KA INDO..

      • walangutak

        Ha ha ha! nakakatawa ka naman. Basahin mo muna ng maigi ang komento at intindihin. Nakakaintindi ka ba ng salitang “sarcasm”. 

  • oh_noh

    *haha* because UNA’s erap is the main benefactor of gma. bawian lang ng utang na loob :)

    ang problema, nagkakanda utang-utang ang bayan para lang mapuno ang bulsa ng mga hin*yup*k na ito!!!!

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Of course they wont bash Arroyo. They are arroyo wanabees. Witht he likes of Zubiri and Mitos in its line up why will they bash Arroyo. It will be like bashing their senatorial candidates. Isip isip naman.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    Ano pa nga ba? E GMA party naman talaga yan. Iwas pusoy lang sa bad rep ng Lakas kaya gawa muna ng ibang pangalan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Bakit si Padaca na may kaso ng pagnanakaw e di nakakaranas ng bashing kay LPLider Don Simeon Aquino? Piniyansahan pa daw ni Aquino ang may kaso ng pagnanakaw. Binigyan pa ng posisyon sa Comelec. Hahahaha. Mga galit kay Arroyo! Hoy! mga madaling mauto ng tuwid na daan , bakit piniyansahan ng idol nyo ang may kasong pagnanakaw?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Bakit si Manny Villar noon 2010 Presidential election ay pinalabas nina BS Aquino na super corrupt dahil sa C5 scandal. Ngayon kapartido pa ni Don Benigno Simeon sa LP ang mga Villar! Mayaman ang mga Villar malaking tulong sa eleksyon ang pondo ng Villar. Wag nyong utuin ang mamamayan. Puro kayo paninira pero yang mga sinisiraan nyo ay mga kasama din ninyo sa partido ngayon! Di ako maloloko ng matatalinong pulitiko!

  • Rolly257

    Pag binatikos ng UNA si Gloria, parang binatikos na rin ang sarili nila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

    Ok mga taga UNA, I agree madumi ang pulitika at walang permanenteng kaibigan sa pulitika! Ang tanong ko, sa TATLONG HU_DAS ESCARYOTI na namumuno sa UNA, anong napatunayan na nila sa BAYAN bukod sa pagiging CORRUPT, SUGAROL, BABAERO, SMUGGLER at LOGGER?,

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      You forgot one specific thing, plunderer

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Uuuyyy, gusto nyong kunin ang karampot na boto ng mga Aroyos!

  • AllinLawisFair

    Strange bedfellows really.

    And why should they bash Gloria Arroyo? First off, most UNA candidates have long been her supporters. And they cannot credibly criticize her because most of them have been doing what she has done during her incumbency albeit in a lesser scale perhaps. But once they get elected they are most likely to do what she has done and in may even surpass her evil deeds.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

    UNA and GMA are the same. Tuta ni GMA ang taga UNA kaya hindi nila mabatikos si GMA.

    Lubog na nman ang Pinas pag binoto nyo ang UNA.

  • Crysis_III

    Wag iboto yung UNA sa pagnanakaw at pandarambong… Mauuna ang PINAS niyan sa corruption..

  • disqusted0fu

    LP and the Aquino administration keep on bashing Arroyo, especially re the alleged misuse of PCSO funds when in fact, it is the PCSO board members under the Aquino administration who were busted by COA in being paid with unauthorized allowances and salaries. Now that definitely needs some bashing… Except they might not get any because they are protected by the boss.

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Its been 2 weeks of national campaign and I still dont hear any platform of government being espoused by UNA. Me thinks all they have is a ragtag of personalities with nary a point of cohesion. While the Team Pnoy is harping on anti corruption and good governance, all you hear from UNA is about their adopted candidates and bingo in Manila. Wala nga ba silang platform at nakasabit lang sa coat tails ni Pnoy?

  • cry_freedom

    Of course, UNA will not bash GMA. That’s not news, and that’s not new at all. It is an established fact that UNA and GMA shared the same practices, principles, and way of life.

    Ika nga, “Birds of the same flock, feathering together…..and feeding each other”.

    The devil doesn’t fight another devil. They band together in order to rule over.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FS7NMCSBU55LMMKXIXCWN7K54 boyd

    Di ba mga kakampi nila arroyo sila  balimbing drilon,abad,donkey soliman, at mga noted LP.tapos ngayun SIla pa ang nag claim na kumakalaban kay Arroyo…OLOL

    Di ba sila binay Estrada tlga ang kumakalaban nung nasa pwesto pa ang mga Arroyo…Sila aquino,villar,drilon,mar roxas,magsaysay,KIKO pangilingan di ba mga team unity kay arroyo sila tapos ngayun prang sila ang na claim na oposisyun ni arroyo …uguk nyo TEAM PINOY..mga bayut kayu.matapang lang kayun ng wla na sa posisyun si arroyo pero nung nakaupo ba parang mga asa kayu sunod ng sunod sa kanya pra sa PORK nyo..gong -gong..Si Pres.PINOY super tahimik nyan during ARooyo time kasi takot ngayung presidenete na kala mo kung sinong matapang..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FS7NMCSBU55LMMKXIXCWN7K54 boyd

    DRILON,sa lahat ng presidente nasa administrasyun.kay erap,arroyo at aquino

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FS7NMCSBU55LMMKXIXCWN7K54 boyd

    Pangilinan at roxas noted

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FS7NMCSBU55LMMKXIXCWN7K54 boyd

    SOLIAMN ,butch Abad..cabinet members

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FS7NMCSBU55LMMKXIXCWN7K54 boyd

    Belmonte,tao din ni arroyo

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