Ex-priest in quixotic quest for governor


MONREAL, Masbate—Soft-spoken and shod in slippers, Fr. Leo Casas, 37, may be waging a quixotic fight for governor of Masbate, but his political foes are certainly no windmills.

Casas, who resigned from the priesthood last year to run for governor, is caught between two feuding political clans in the province—the Khos and the Lanetes—and the outcome may not be pretty for him.

The Khos are fielding their 53-year-old patriarch, Antonio, against the Lanetes’ matriarch, Gov. Rizalina Seachon-Lanete, 60, who is seeking reelection.

The stakes are high. A defeat for either Kho or Lanete could weaken or, if not abruptly, end years of political domination in the first-class province with a history of political violence.

What adds fuel to the derby is a standing enmity between the two clans over the assassination of Lanete’s brother, former Rep. Fausto Portus Seachon, in 2008. No one knows who perpetrated the murder, although the clans have traded allegations.

Kho and Lanete are political heavyweights. Kho was governor for nine years before he represented the second district of Masbate in Congress. Lanete was representative of the third district before she defeated Elisa Olga, Kho’s wife, in the 2010 gubernatorial race.

With his rodeo hat, Kho, an engineer, looks like a governor in every aspect. On the other hand, one cannot question the eloquence and charm of Lanete, a former academician.

Casas is a community organizer and deputy chairman of the Regional Development Council of Bicol.

As a diocesan priest and a native of Masbate, Casas is more known for his involvement in the Masbate Advocates for Peace, a Church-led multisector organization that campaigned for violence-free elections in 2010 and which was largely credited then for the drop in bloody incidents in the province.

Before Casas joined the race, it was expected to be a bitter fight between Kho and Lanete.

Change sought

A 38-year-old mother in a slum area at Barangay (villge) Ibingay in Masbate City said she would vote for Casas because she wanted change.

“If Casas will win, the people in our province can also be more religious and united as a result. The reason we have killings here is that people do not have unity,” she told the Inquirer.

But she admitted that Masbate was better off during the administration of Lanete who, according to her, was very accessible and was able to accomplish many things, especially infrastructure projects.

Her neighbor said she would vote for Lanete because there were “visible changes” under the governor.

Her husband, however, is a loyal supporter of Kho. Her late father-in-law, she said, was also a staunch defender of the Khos.

According to her, the men in her life believed that the Khos had done so much for Masbate.

But her mother, like her, will also vote for Casas, believing that a vote for Casas would be a vote for change. However, she said she did not see him getting elected.

“He cannot win against the money and machinery of his two powerful opponents,” she said.


One of her neighbors, a woman, held a similar view.

Some voters in the neighborhood remain undecided, with one saying that money surely would flow in the province during the elections.

A woman said most of the poor would vote for those who could give them money. A police official said vote-buying in the province could go as high as P10,000 per family. A young entrepreneur also said a sure vote from a person could “cost” P5,000.

Her statement was contradicted by her neighbor. “Here in Masbate, we take the money but we vote for the one we like once we are inside the polling booth,” her neighbor said.


The situation in the neighborhood, where people can only speak their political views anonymously “for fear of retribution,” reflects divisions among the electorate, especially with the surprise candidacy of Casas.

Casas is the standard-bearer of the Liberal Party in Masbate but is struggling to stand up against his two opponents because of his meager resources.

“We do not have enough money, although pledges keep coming in. We just go around meeting people with what little we have,” Casas said.

Because of a cash-strapped venture, Casas has been accused of being a spoiler in the race for the top post in the island-province, long under the list of hot spots of the Commission on Elections.

He said he was being accused of being made to run by the Khos to shave off votes from Lanete. “But I am running on my own agenda and I am offering them to the people of Masbate on my own.”

Casas said he has been looking for an alternative candidate “but no one was ready to join the race, so I decided I should run instead.”

Recycled platform

Lanete has accused Casas of running on a “recycled platform” of reforming Masbate. “Those are longtime but past issues that we are changing already,” she said.

Casas admitted that some things are becoming better under Lanete.

“But the things being done are not enough. The focus of the governor is on the infrastructure, on the physical. But we need a reform beyond those things. We need people-centered change,” he said.

He said he missed being a priest but did not regret going into politics.

“I’m starting to realize what situation I put myself in but there is no turning back,” he said.

In a place notorious for election violence, Casas said he understood he was putting his life at risk.

Knowing he could be killed anytime, Casas said he had prepared his last will and testament.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    Masbate, a first class province? if true, me been sleeping? yet, this province still behave like a barbarian comes election time

    • Akho_Si

      Masbate or any LGU being first class (this term refers to income class, you see) has nothing to do with election behavior. It is determined by the DBM based on fiscal factors.

  • parengtony

    Good luck to the people of Masbate, a beautiful island province. Vote wisely.

  • where_I_stand

    In our politics, the vision for a people-centered change is indeed a quixotic quest.

    As a community organizer, he has an intimate and practical knowledge of the pulse of the masses. He also knew his opponents and their capability to terminate political foes. Fr. Leo Casas is not just a man of faith but a man with deep faith on his fellow Masbateños.

    Kudos, Fr. Leo Casas!

  • palakasantayo

    “Yeah we take the money but, once inside the voting station we vote for who we want” This should be encouraged openly, so… those who are vote buying will think twice before they let go of there hard earned or stolen money.

    • Akho_Si

      I don’t think this holds true in Masbate. A friend of mine from Masbate once said you could get killed or beaten up if you get caught cheating on politicians who bought your vote.

      • Guest

        How are they going to find out if you keep your mouth shut?

  • mynnyx

    dapat ang election ay walang awayan kung sino man ang manalo eh ok lang basta maganda ang adhikain ng bawat isa mukha atang personalan ang labanan ng dalawang angkan tsk tsk kawawang masbate………………….

  • Guest

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is why the country is corrupt. Corrupt voters + corrupt politicians = corrupt nation.

    • Akho_Si

      Your assessment is quite true, and more so with computerized voting and counting.

      Back then, when we were still on manual elections, it was something like “Panalo sa botohan, talo sa bilangan”, especially with some teachers acting as Board of Election Tellers who were never good at either reading or math. hehehe

      • brunogiordano

        “Your assessment is quite true, and more so with computerized voting and counting.”

        May napatunayan na bang dayaan sa COMPUTERIZED VOTING????

      • Akho_Si

        Apologies, my friend, perhaps I wasn’t able to construct my sentence well.. What I mean is that politicians will now tend to corrupt the voters (ex: vote buying)the more now that we are on computerized elections because they can no longer manipulate the counting like in the manual days.

        My first sentence should be read conjointly with the second sentence.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_I4H2WMHPSR6JGHOTMDLUA6QYHU Observer18

    The reporter should stop calling Leo Casas Fr. He’s an ex-priest after all.

    • Akho_Si

      Don’t be too sour about it.. we still keep on calling a former general as “General”, a former governor as “Gov”, a former mayor as “Mayor, a former president as “President” or “Prez”, a disbarred lawyer as “Attorney”, a non-licensed/non-passer doctor as “Doc”, and so on and so forth (and so fifth, and so sixth, and so seventh.. to infinity). Perhaps the reporter is just keeping on the custom; he is also a Filipino, after all.

  • 2rey3

    Father Leo Casas should have left the priesthood in favor of politics. Politics is a purely human undertaking while priesthood lived faithfully is both human and supernatural. If there is still a chance, he should consider quitting now as a candidate and ask for readmission to the priesthood. he can do more even during this elections. Besides any reform including curbing corruption starts from the values of all Filipinos which is from the inside and this is the forte of faithful priests, to convince people and to provide graces to them thru the sacraments.

    • wawa2172

      The article mentioned that Casas resigned from priesthood before entering the politics. He could make a difference for Masbate is he wins the election. A people centered change is needed in Masbate whose old brand of politics have ruled the mind and culture of the its people. Still, goodness is not all in politics but delivery of the goods. He cannot just preach to the people to change its ways but need to address the basic needs of the people specifically shelter, food, clothing and education. In doing this he needs the government support and since he is with LP he has the advantage being close to the heart of the President. This is what the people of Masbate should not miss, PNoy only support those who belong to his party and Casas need not to be bad to secure projects for economic growth like infrastructures  from the government dahil ka K niya si Casas sa LP. Its a long shop for Mr. Casas buit sayang hindi ako taga Masbaste, I could have voted for you dahil hindi pweding bilhin ang boto ko.

  • $14334231

    this man, casas, grew up in masbate…at a tender age of 37, he decided that his province needs a new beginning, but like any other province, if you do not have the means, political savvy and machineries, your chances of winning are slim to none….unless the people of masbate really want a change, then they should do like the 1986 election where every ballot boxes were guarded by the voters themselves, and the media must ensure to follow every move of the ballot boxes or even the electronic polling places, if there are some…..good luck to you, mr. (fr.) casas….if you win, don’t let the people of masbate down……

  • brunogiordano

    Kung si CASAS ay isang PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL catholic, dapat siyang iboto ng kanyang mga kababayan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    I love the intention, but the outcome is not always that bright. Hope he gets more luck than the former governor of pampanga.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    If he is an ex-priest then he no longer holds the title of  Fr. Leo Casas, it is just Leo Casas.

    • marionics

      hindi ba Pareng Leo?

      • Akho_Si

        Hahaha.. I like that one. It’s something that will be bring you closer to the masa.

      • marionics

        which is always good for politics, no?

    • Akho_Si

      As I have said in my earlier comment, we need not be too particular about this “Father” thing.
      We still keep on calling a former general
      as “General”, a former governor as “Gov”, a former mayor as “Mayor, a
      former president as “President” or “Prez”, a disbarred lawyer as
      “Attorney”, a non-licensed/non-passer doctor as “Doc”, and so on and so
      forth (and so fifth, and so sixth, and so seventh.. to infinity).
      Perhaps the reporter is just keeping on the custom; he is also a
      Filipino, after all.

  • MG

    Teka kailan naging first class province ang Masbate? Tama ba ito? Ang pagkalam ko ay Wild Wild West pa ang probinsya . Daming patayan, daming warloards, dmaing NPA, daming hoodlums.

    • Handiong

      Masbate is a first-class province based on income. Classification is not based on crime rate.

      • MG

        I stand corrected. But somehow I do not get this ” first class” feeling whenever I go there to visit. Maybe the money is going somewhere alse. Good luck then with your elections. No pa din to poltical dynasty.

      • Handiong

        You’re right, the money goes to the pockets of corrupt politicians. This is especially true in places under the clutches of political dynasties. I’m with you:  Down with political dynasties!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/276L22SZM5ZUQGV24IL4ZEF6UA Edward

      tama ka..

      kabilang ang Masbate sa isa sa pinakamahirap na lalawigan sa pinas..watch docu ng siete at gmanewstv (ID ni Malou Mangahas) pinakita yan…nakakalungkot kasi ang mga wlanghiyang mga politika na yan ang dahilan…

  • calixto909

    This damnable yet horrible election culture practiced and perpetuating in some parts of the archipelago shall ceased nevermore because these residents submitted themselves to its dictate. Their refusal to stand and say enough is enough as some localities did to end terrorism and vote buying activities of warring political in their communities shall enslave them to this type of political culture. 
    If truly they clamor for change then It’s high time that these people of Masbate rise up and replicate the glory and lesson taught by the EDSA revolution so that they be liberated from the bondage of these feuding clans who prey on them. Sacrifice of life is a price that they must employ because it’s the only solution left for them to undertake considering that they nurtured this problem to grow hideously.

    Ninoy did it and he became a hero. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    Not yet campaign time for local posts and the news about contest for Masbate’s governorship is setting the mood for a nerve-ending election in that province. If this is just the beginning of what is to come of feuding family dynasties and a newcomer, the result could actually benefit the newcomer.

    Charges and counter-charges will be thrown at the direction of the main protagonists. What chance does the newcomer have? Well, he appears to be the referee in the ring. No boxer is expected to be wary of the referee; otherwise, the other boxer can spring up with the surprise punch if he is distracted. So, in this kind of simple analogy, the referee will simply watch the two boxers beat to the pulp each other’s face and the boxers will be declared to be TKO’d in an unusual twist. The referee will be declared the winner in the bout. Strange as it may seem, this is nothing new. It had happened before. Nobody took FVR seriously until the election results came out. Monching Mitra grumbled and Miriam Santiago protested. But, who watched FVR to creep slowly but surely to the finish line? Are we about to see a deja vu in Masbate? I hope so.

    • WeAry_Bat

       I just realized that while I may be against some of the politicking by the Church, I would probably vote for the priests if they run for political office. 

      On hindsight, had they done so a decade earlier, it’s possible the RH bill wouldn’t be needed because of much less corruption, better services, etc.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        an acceptance that miseries is not due to population..haha

      • WeAry_Bat

         huh??  with better services, our population will not be so large.  but because it is lacking and can never seem to be amended, thus the resort to the law or bill.

      • marionics

        naku pumatol ka na naman sa flip

      • WeAry_Bat

        oy, long time no see. o nga, my mistake. hinding hindi na ito mauulit.

      • marionics

        he he nag bakasyon from the dreary world of internet forums

  • catmanjohn

    I hope Casas will win… we can all hope for a miracle.

  • Roy Batty

    This priest is admirable, he really walk the talk. God bless you sir and may you win this coming election.

  • neilabarca

    Walang dudang susuportahan ng Masbatenyo ang “PEOPLE CENTERED at ALTERNATIVE” platform of governance ni Fr Leo Casas for gubernatorial posisition.  Meaning, may participation sa decision making process ang mamamayan,  strengthening people’s organization at people empowerment (kapangyarihan ng mamamayan / people power) and good governance.

    May 5 dekada ng napag-iwanan, marginalized at under-developed ang mamamayang Masbatenyo sanhi ng masamang epekto ng PATRONAGE POLITICS,  ang paghahari at control  ng CLAN POLITICS (DYNASTY), traditional politics, warlordism-private armies  at criminalities.  Sana dumami pa ang mga local candidates na katulad ni Fr Casas sa Pilipinas,  para maging exciting naman ang 2013 local election. 
    Kung mananalo si Fr Casas for Masbate Governor,  tiyak, MAGBABALIKAN ang mga middle class – businessmen, Fil-AM na nagsilikas sa Masbate, naninirahan sa Metro Manila at US.


    hope the quixotic wont be pathetic,good luck people of Masbate  deserve better,they maust be sick and tired of trapos who run Govt.and progress is slow and delayed

  • superpilipinas

    How can I provide donation legally to candidates? action speaks louder than words.

    If we all together remit $1 to this candidate as soon as possible, he might just win against these  warlord trapos and political dynasties who are causing the misery of the people of Masbate. These warlords protect their interests first before Masbatenos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lito.buena.7 Lito Buena

    kailan naging first class province ang Masbate? Tama ba ito? Ang
    pagkalam ko ay Wild Wild West pa ang probinsya . Daming patayan, daming
    warloards, dmaing NPA, daming hoodlums
    Well MG, Masbate is not a first class province,the just made an typo error hehe. As to the Wild West reputation its 85% true. But if well spend quite a time in Masbate you will find out Masbaten

  • $23257130

    pedopilya. pppppppppwwweeeehhhh kadiri eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww

  • tra6Gpeche

    This coming gubernatorial election in Masbate
    does not sound good! As a matter of fact, it sounds scary. To live in this
    atmosphere is really no fun. Election seems to turn these politicians into
    uneducated and uncivil human beings. Ex-priest Casas must be a courageous
    person to run for governor. It is a shame that Filipino politicians become
    violent and lawless, most of the times, just to get elected during election

  • joerizal

    ex-Father Leo Casas.

  • malek_abdul

    No less than Mr. Casas admitted that Gov Lanete made improvements in this province so let the people of Masbate decide for themselves. Perhaps in her governance, Leyte became a first class province. What else do the Masbateños need?

    • Akho_Si

      If only the people in Masbate are really free to decide for themselves whom to vote this coming elections, sans goons, guns, and gold, there would be a real change in its leadership.

      • malek_abdul

        Sa mga ingay ngayon ng mga grupo na against election related crimes and vote buying I think what you are trying to insinuate are things in the past. In some if not mostly parts of Mindanao although vote buying is also very rampant and some goons and guns still prevail, voting thru conscience by the public is already a norm. There is generally freedom of election in Mindanao these recent times with only isolated cases of harassment in remote municipalities.


    ANO kaya ang mayroon sa Masbate at ang dalas na mapa-balita ang kaguluhan sa lalawigang yon….mula pa ng panahon ng mga Espinosas.  Paborito kayang laro ng mga tao doon ay assassination at rambolan?  Sana magkaroon ng pagkakataong magsilbi itong si Casas nang may pag-asang mapabago ang takbo ng  buhay sa Masbate.

  • boybakal

    Ex-priest in quixotic quest for governor…he might be the modern Quixote.
    He cannot even buy his feet shoes, much more the people.
    Enough of this drama…we are in modern high tech age….tsinelas are thing of the past.
    Priest should be in the monastery and not in open arena.

    • Akho_Si

      I always heard this priest did not live his life in the monastery, but has done so much community work and social action efforts. His experiences could be the keys that opened his mind that to effect change, we must do more than write, mumble, speak or cry our voice out to heavens demanding answers as to why we are in this miserable situation. One must act, participate, and effect change from within the system.

      Between a non-priest or even a priest who merely grumbles and criticizes all day long, and a priest who took courage to leave his life of convenience and courage and prove his willingness to die for change, I would rather choose the latter.

      I, myself, am ashamed that all I can do is write about things that are happening around the country, even hiding my true identity with aliases for fear that what I might say here could result in retribution if my real identity is known. To atone for this shame, I gladly choose and believe this priest, or any priest, pastor, or imam for that matter, who takes courage and stand for change.

  • neilabarca

    Para sa incumbent Gov Lanete at si Cong Kho, mga aspiranteng ashole, trapo at plunderer of Masbate government,  mas mabuti pang magBACK OUT,  UMATRAS at magQUIT na for gubernatorial race.  Hayaan na lang si Fr Casas ang magpatakbo ng local government of Masbate.  Si Fr Casas lang ang magyu-UNITE ng lahat ng WARRING ELITE FACTION at INSURGENCY sa MASBATE..

    Sa kanyang mahigit 10 years track record sa NGO community,  social movements, SOCIAL ACTION sa SIMBAHAN at platform of Government, si Fr Casas lang ang makapagDEDEVELOP sa LOCAL ECONOMY ng  MASBATE at MAGPAPALAKAS sa BOSES at PARTISIPASYON ng mga mahihirap, kung mauupo sa gubernatorial position. .

  • les21reago

    And Peter sayeth,,,,Who is this another Holy man?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • dikoy321

    Masbatenos, STAND FOR CHANGE and join the followers/supporters of ex-priest Leo Casas in the advancement of your future !

    Vote for Leo Casas, who has the guts to fight CORRUPTION, TRAPOS and ABUSE !

    CHANGE, yes, we CAN !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Quixotic? The writer probably never read about Panlilio, he did it before against powerful opponents so Casas can also do it with some luck.

  • tamakajan

    Reality Check.
    There is a gap between the rich and the poor.
    Congressman and Senators are made rich overnight by their huge pork barrels and “allowances” plus their salaries. If you are in their shoes, you can now be comfortable, not needing anything and then they will forgot what they promised on helping the poor (Actually the idea of giving all this politicos huge amount of money is really wrong and we have to act on it). 
    Many politician have crooked mind that in every election there they can give 200 or 500 pesos just to maintain their positions. Worst they will add more family members to join politics.
    This is happening right now, Even our laws and constitution are not change to radically help the oppressed and the dying.
    Noon pa man napaglaruan na ang bansa natin ng mga banyaga (Kastila at Amerika etc.), nagkaroon ng mga batas na maitututring nating ngayong balakid sa mga mahihirap at kampi sa mga maimpluwensya at mga ganid sa kapangyarihan. Nararanasan natin ngayon ang epekto ng ganid at kapabayaan ng iilan. Nahuli na ng pumatay, nakakalusot pa rin dahil sa probisyon sa batas – butas na batas.
    Hindi lingid sa kanila na may namamatay araw-araw dahil sa gutom at walang panggamot, hindi lang nila ito pinanapansin kase hindi na sila “poor”.

    • Guest

      Bangungot Check.      Sisihin muna lahat ang mga mayaman, dayuhan, kriminal, at corrupt na politiko. Isangkalan mo rin ang mahihirap. Sino ba talaga ang may kasalanan sa mga sakit ng lipunan? Ang mga butas-butas na batas na naiba-baluktot ang tunay na hangarin sinadyang ginawa ng mga mambabatas? O, ang mga naka-karaming bugok na paulit-ulit bumoboto sa kanila na ayaw palitan at sipain? Ang pinaka-malakas na puwersa ng bayan para sa pagbabago at kaunlaran ay nasa kamay ng mamamayan, hindi sa pamahalaan kanilang inilagay sa tungkulin.                  

      • tamakajan

        Hello Guest bangungot, They are poor because they not choose to, they are poor mainly they are born poor, They are uneducated, no savings, starving no nothing so I will not accused them of anything. If you will give them 100pesos they will do anything to live.
        You are stating that as an individual we can achieve anything, If all people are like you then we don’t need leaders to govern us. Do we see an elevated living of the poor because “You” strive to be better? no because leaders are corrupt and we are keep coming back to our situation, same old government system. 
        Sana hindi ka na-ospital na daang libong piso ang iyong babayaran, mangungutang at lubog ang buhay. Umasa sa Pag-Ibig fund, Magmaka-awa sa mga politiko na akala mo sila ang may-ari ng kanilang natatanggap na benepisyo sa gobyerno, Sisihin mo silang mahihirap.
        Nagtatag tayo ng pamahalaan at kung hindi ka bingi sa balita bilyon-bilyon ang kanilang kinukuha, sa tingin mo ba, hindi pwedeng makinabang ang mga mamamayan kung may perang ganito ang pamahalaan?

      • Guest

        Nakakatakot ang napaka-kitid mong isipan. Baliktad ang iyong pangangatuwiran. Sinasangkalan mo na naman kaming mahihirap. Basahin mo ulit ang pahayag kung may nabanggit sa mga akusado mo.    Lalong maghihirap kaming mga pulubi at dadami ang pagnanakaw kung kami ay paulit-ulit na tatanggap ng suhol sa mga magnanakaw na politikong aming iboboto. Para lang ninanakawan ang aming sarili. Aahon lang sa kahirapan ang taong-bayan kung ang aming ibinoto ay hindi nanakawin ang pondo ng bayan para magamit at makatulong sa aming  kapos palad na kalagayan. Masamang tao at hindi mapagkakatiwalaan ang nagbibigay at tumatanggap ng lagay. Alam mo ng magnanakaw, ilalagay mo pa sa mataas na tungkuling taga bantay ng kaban ng bayan. Paano pa makakatanggap ng suhol kaming mahihirap pagkatapos ng eleksiyon? Sa palagay mo ba susuhulan pa kami linggo-linggo kapag sila ay naka-upo na sa tungkulin? Baka duraan pa kami kapag na-istorbo ang kanilang pangungupit. Saan pa kami kukuha ng pambili ng pagkain at gamot? Siguradong magnanakaw din kami at kakapit sa patalim kapag walang hanapbuhay. Kung gusto mo kaming tulungan sa aming kahirapan, linisin ang pamahalaan at piliin ang mabuting kandidato ayon sa kanyang malinis na nakaraang gawain at walang pang-sariling kasakiman. Siya ang wastong magpapa-mudmod ng sinasabi mong bilyon-bilyong pinaghirapang buwis ng taong bayan at makikinabang ang lahat. Kung hindi mo pa maunawaan ang pahayag na ito, tignan at pagaralan mo ang nangyayari sa North Korea at South Korea. Iisang lahi, pananalita, at kultura. Sa hilaga ang pamahalaan ang namamahala ng kanilang buhay. Sa timog, sila ang nagpapalakad sa pamahalaan. Kaya lang ikaw ay sinasagot dahil mabuti ang iyong layunin pero baluktot ang katuwiran. ‘The end justifies the means’. Magising ka na sana sa iyong bangungot.  

      • tamakajan

        “Ang pinaka-malakas na puwersa ng bayan para sa pagbabago at kaunlaran ay nasa kamay ng mamamayan, hindi sa pamahalaan kanilang inilagay sa tungkulin.”                  This is your point right? I don’t understand it: “hindi sa pamahalaan kanilang inilagay sa tungkulin.” baka namamahala?If you don’t believe in Leadership, I will not force you.Either way, this is just an example, we are in a democratic country, it is inevitable that people will elect the “Artistas” or “Trapos” because the majority will and always win and we have to live with it, that is Democracy. Nasaan ang pwersa ng mga mamamayan ngayon? But now as a republic we can amend constitution or laws that will apply to  all public official for example not to give them power to use funds personally or they can have limited power so they will not be corrupted. they can make law where education is free for the poor, laws that can help families to make a decent living etc.Kung dati pa hinangad na nilang maging maganda ang buhay ng mga Pilipino, hindi tayo magkakaganito, imbes nagkaroon bahid politika ang ating mga batas. 

      • Guest

        “We, the people” are the true source of power in a democracy. We choose who to put in public office to implement what we wanted, or else, we kick them out in the next election, by impeachment, or by prosecuting them if they break the law they sworn to uphold. We are the Masters. Elected politicians are our Public Servants. So are all law-enforcement agencies. If they can not be shamed, disciplined, or removed from their entrusted positions, uprising and revolt against them are our prerogative, just like in 1986 against martial law. If we are apathetic, ignore their abuses, and keep reelecting them, we are irresponsible and guilty of neglect, not them. Constant vigilance is the duty of every citizen and a small price to pay for freedom and good governance. So, what is tamakajan waiting for in this coming election? For the corrupt politicians not to be corrupted and to clean-up their own corruption. To lead us for a better life and treat us like children and as their babysitters? Keep waiting for a miracle from the retiring pope to reform the system? It is in our power to change for the better. The foolish voters deserved the government they get. Do not be like lemmings nor sheep again, and get your head out of the sand, malikajan.

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