College profs must have master’s degrees, SC rules



The Supreme Court has upheld the policy of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) requiring teachers of tertiary schools to acquire postgraduate degrees to become tenured or regular employees.

In an eight-page decision dated Jan. 23, the court’s Third Division junked the suit of two University of the East professors who charged the school with illegal dismissal after their dean repeatedly extended their probationary status as professors for not having master’s degrees.

The justices, pointing out that the operation of educational institutions involved the public interest, said the requirement of a master’s degree for college teachers was “not unreasonable.”

“The government has a right to ensure that only qualified persons in possession of sufficient academic knowledge and teaching skills are allowed to teach in such institutions. Government regulation in this field of human activity is desirable for protecting, not only the students, but the public as well from ill-prepared teachers lacking in the required scientific or technical knowledge. They may be required to take an examination or to possess postgraduate degrees as a prerequisite to employment,” the court said in the decision penned by Justice Roberto Abad.

Concurring with Abad were the division chairman, Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr., and members Diosdado Peralta, Jose Mendoza and Marvic Leonen.

The petitioners, UE professors Analiza Pepanio and Mariti Bueno, who were hired in 2000 and 1997, respectively, filed a labor case against then UE dean Eleanor Javier, contesting the school’s policy that obligated them to acquire master’s degrees as a condition for tenureship.

Pepanio and Bueno said the 1994-1999 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between UE management and its faculty provided that the school shall extend semester-to-semester appointments to college faculty staff like themselves who did not possess the minimum qualifications such as a master’s degree.

In 2001, the new CBA extended probationary full-time appointments to full-time faculty members who did not yet have the required postgraduate degrees provided that the latter complied with the requirement within their probationary period.

In 2003, Javier reminded Pepanio and Bueno of the expiration of their probationary status. The two, however, demanded that they be placed on regular status given the years of service they had rendered.

The labor arbiter, in 2004, ruled in favor of the professors and ordered their reinstatement. UE, however, appealed to the National Labor Relations Commission, which reversed the arbiter’s decision in 2006.

The professors ran to the Court of Appeals and in 2010 secured a reversal of the NLRC decision. The UE management then elevated the case to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court noted that as early as 1992, the then Department of Education, Culture and Sports had issued a revised manual of regulations for private schools which required college faculty members to have a master’s degree as a minimum educational qualification for acquiring regular status. The CHEd, created in 1994 to supervise tertiary schools, upheld the requirement.

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  • Guest

    For those without a college degree, it’s easier to become a senator than to become a professor. It’s also easier for stupid people like Sotto to become a senator than to become a professor.

    Something’s wrong with our system.

    • rezli

      Graduate naman si Sotto sa WANBOL UNIVERSITY ah..!

      • John

        Kaya RPI will not prosper because of this. Something must  be done change the constitution and have the educational qualification of the gov,t official especially in congress. Sotto, Lapid, Honasan,Bong Revilla and other members of congress who are only figurine in  the office. Shame on you guys tawagin lang kayong mga senador at congressmen mga wala namang mga utak pwe,pwe!!!!!

      • spider69

        sobra ka naman ! ! !  dapat isang PWE  lang

      • beerhunters

        he he he..Pass to him the “cuspidor”, chamber pot , or Urinola!!

      • rezli

        isipin mo sabi ng supreme court sa university kaylangan master degree ka pag nag turo ka, tas yung mga gumagawa ng batas walang natapos ..? ayon si sotto kung ano ano sinisigit sa gagawing batas…

      • spider69

        YES agree ako. kaya ang galing kumanta ni Sotto ng “Tatlong Sinturon ni Hudas” every Christmas time.

      • rezli

        si tito escalera ang pinaka mahusay sa class nila sa wanbol university..

  • Bansot

    If we wish to elevate our standards of education and to have graduates who are internationally competitive, it is a “MUST” that the qualifications of professor be upgraded to the highest level. Not only  (professors) they possessed a masteral degree but also have the necessary working experiences relevant to what they are teaching.

    • spider69

      you are very correct. may isang teacher sa isang engineering university ang humawak ng isang subject na dapat ay para sa lalaking teacher. Tinanong ang babaing teacher nang What are you going to teach your student ? kung ano ang nabasa mo sa libro ? ( Book). napahiya ang babaing teacher siempre. what do you expect. nag resign ang babaing teacher.

    • Bayang_magiliw

      I agree 100% that work experience related to the field you are teaching AND a master’s degree must be a mandatory requirement for college instuctors/professors that are teaching “major subjects”. Years ago while waiting for my US work visa, I had the chance to be an instructor at a state college and there were numerous instructors that were able to teach, but they really dont have any idea on how to use and apply them in the real world.

  • rodben

    I agree to the Supreme decisions…

  • Fred

    pepanio and .bueno should have taken their masters while waiting for their case to be resolved. sayang yung nagdaang mga araw.

  • lolo_Jose

    DAPAT kahit mga politiko na gustong mamuno sa mamayan ay NAKATAPOS DIN

    NG KOLEHIYO AT MAY MASTERAL lalo na ang nasa KONGRESO AT SENADO!!!Hindi natin dapat ipagkatiwala ang pag gawa ng BATAS SA MGA WALANG TINAPOS

    • spider69

      like Aga Mulach

  • edm365f31

    Master for teachers but you qualify as a Senator or any public position with out graduating from HS.  

  • Rovingmoron

    It is hard to comprehend why some elected public officials do not even have college degrees. Yet, they were sworn into public office and receive salaries much higher than those with advanced degrees. Isn’t it crazy?

  • Sarong9146

    The mayor of Claveria, Misamis Oriental is only grade 3 who is receiving much better pay and benefits than these college teachers who have college degrees. I agree with the SC decision requiring college profs must have master’s degree. Likewise, all mayors, provincial board members, congressmen, senators must have at least master’s degrees as well. The likelihood of these less educated elected government officials is that they are shy, insecure and do not have the capacity for critical thinking. Most of them are seat warmers in the congress and senate or corrupt mayors and governors because they don’t know what to do. The likelihood is for them to buy votes in order to perpetuate their high paying seat warming job.  With the number of unemployed or underemployed PhDs, lawyers, master’s degrees holders in the country, it is difficult to tolerate that we have mayors who do not have elementary diploma or governors or congressmen with no high school diploma or senators with no college diploma. ” IN ORDER FOR EVIL TO PROSPER, ALL THE GOOD MEN HAVE TO DO IS NOTHING”. I hope the SC will do something on this.

  • uma_asa_pa

    Pepanio and Bueno buti nga sa inyong dalawa.  Puro kayo palusot!  

    Sumunod kayo sa regulasyon at huwag ipag pilitan ang mga maling paraan ninyo. Binibigyan ninyo tuloy ng kahihiyan ang mga anank ninyo.  

    • Jomjom

      A naster’s degree takes at most 2 years to finish. Kung nag masters na lang itong dalawa eh di tapos ang problema. Buti nga tanggaling yan sa poagiging teacher. Tamad na, reklamador pa.

  • lucidlynx

    Sa mga nag-post dito: ang mga politiko binoto ng tao. Kung ayaw ninyo sila makaroon ng puwesto sa dahilan na hindi sila nakatapos ng pag-aaral, huwag ninyo sila iboto.

    Mini-mix up ninyo ang requirements ng mga educational institutions sa political positions.

    • Bansot

      I don’t think you properly understand the analogy between the two..what they are saying is if we wish to improve the standards of our college education, then we must elevate the professional qualifications for those who are teaching . In the same way, that if we wish to have intelligent legistlators we may have to impose a minimum educational qualifications for anyone to run for the senatorial and representative positions. I don’t think there is any mixup at all.. Of course we might need to amend some provisions in our Constitution to do that..

      • batangpaslit

        Bansot, tama si Lucilyn.
        Your arguement is as bansot as the argument of Eddie AAA Calderon who claimed to be holder of doctorate degree.
        Ka Blas Ople never finished his university degree. But, he’s he best Labor Secretary the Philippines had.
        Likewise, Kit Tatad, did not finish his Journalism course. But, his prose writing far excels than your writing.
        Dr Macapagal, a holder of Doctorate Degree in Economics, brouth the country down with corruption.
        Atty Marcos, #1 Bar Toptocher, shackled the land with his iniquitous martial law decrees
        Your argument, indeed, is bansot

      • Bansot

        If only you can be objective rather than sarcastic, you may see the essence of my argument. No one claim that the best education is a “guarantee” for an excellent performance as what your’re trying to disprove.. What we said is good education is the foundation for higher standard of performance,and that is a fact. This is the main reason why most parents,(perhaps including yourself) prefer to send their children to exclusive or more expensive schools. Of course there are contributing factors which affect a person’s ability to perform his best. President Dadong Macapagal, was a good president except that he became a lame president since Congress was controlled by his opposition party that time. Most of his economic reforms were actually implemented by  President Marcos during his early term. The late President Marcos did well during his early years, but greed  overcame his good intention. Time for you to grow up I guess, he!he!he!

    • batangpaslit

      i agree…

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    This is really a new case to me. Though I have an MA and Ph.D. from the US educational institutions after getting my two BAs from the UP, I could not believe that the enforcement of Master degree only to qualify for tenure is unbelievable and to speak of a union collective bargaining involving academic degrees and tenure in office. Here in the USA, many if not all professors have Ph.Ds to be hired as professors unless they have with extraordinary achievements like excellent academic writers, Nobel prize winners and others who have achieved national and international fame in the field of education even without a Ph.D. The educational institutions here have the right to hire and fire professors if they do not perform well in school and if they do not have the necessary academic degrees.

    • peach black

      for someone with MA and Ph. D. your writing gives me motion sickness. Ang daming run-on sentences. Ang gulo ng syntax. parang bulbol!

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    Oh I forgot to also answer the comment of the contributors below why elected officials do not have an academic degree. Remember that they are put into elected offices by the majority of the voters and that is how democracy works. But the government is only as good and capable as the qualifications of the majority who put the officials in elected offices. If the country does not show  okay in its operations as run by elected and appointive officials, it is because the country reflects the character of the majority of voters who put the officials into elected offices.

    • batangpaslit

      In your other post you claimed to have a Master’s Degree, and a Doctor of Philosopy in what? You arrogate to have the highest academic credentials, but surprisingly you cannot even distinguish the academe from the political millieu, which belies your claim that you are academcially superior than a six grader student.

      Your thesis is, officials with academic degrees are the best people to hold positions, be it elective or appointive positions in government service?
      In the light of the realities in the old homeland, your doctoral theory Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D is glaringly faulty.

      Pres Marcos was a Bar Topnotcher with a rating of 95%. But what what happened to the country that he led for 20 years?
      Pres Gloria Macapagal U.S. schooled, have a Doctorate Degree in Economics. But what happened to your country of birth?
      The Philippine experience debunks your analysis and conclusion that Doctorate Degree holders like you, per your claim, are bright and excellent officials
      You are a Doctorate degree holder, per your claim, isn’t it? But how come you cannot even think lucidly like Lucidlynx.
      I describe your argument at best, trash. At worst, it is discriminatory to the less fortunates.
      Pres Ramon Magsaysay was despised as mere mechanic; but, he pacified the Hukbalahap Movement when he developed Mindanao and Palawan as new settlement communities.
      Doctorate degree holders are good leaders? Not true. The evidence is very clear.

      • skysenshi

        Being a PhD holder does not necessarily equate to being a genius and I find it arrogant for people to brandish their PhDs as a weapon in order to win an argument.

        However, if a person does want to serve the country, that person should find the initiative to educate himself. I see it as a form of arrogance also for a person to claim to want to serve but does not want to educate himself. I’ve seen some celebrity politicians equip themselves this way and I admire them for it. Though I am not sure if Pacquiao or Isko Moreno would serve as good examples, the mere fact that they took pains in gaining education (in relation to their political fields) means a lot.

      • Bansot

        What thesis are you talking about???… he did not submit any thesis at all, or do you mean his hypothesis….??  use a simple word, just say “assumption”. Please update your history, Ramon Magsaysay, was not a simple mechanic, he was the superintendent mechanic of the largest bus company that was existing at that time. He started a preparatory course in mechanical engineering in UP, but shifted to Jose Rizal College of Commerce (1928-1932), where he received a baccalaureate in commerce. During his time a high school graduate was already qualified as an elementary teacher.


    Your idea is partialy right. What is that piece of paper stating Master degree ? It is nothing but bureaucratic paper mess. Working experience relevant to what they are teaching is necessary so as not to become Parrot professor hiding behind an obsolete PhD degree. Nothing can teach better than expeience. Numbers of experience years must be equivalent also to PhD 5X. Piece of paper school certificate ! eeeewwww…. that is the main cause why PH is aaagggrrrhhh !!!!!! …..

    • Pulokoy

       although the law sound silly it still a law that they need to abide with it, I agree with experience is better than a degree but it is still a requirement… kaya inde umuunland ang pilipinas kasi gusto natin shortcut na lang lagi

      • peach black

        natumbok mo, pre! SHORTCUT. aka as katamaran. kawalan ng debosyon at pagsisikap.

      • beerhunters

        SHORTCUT(according to Pythagoras) = the square root of the quantity (horizontal distance squared + vertical distance squared)

  • Horst Manure

    Strange you can turn out liaryers who are a disgrace the the legal profession  and 99% of them give the rest a bad name.

  • eirons1043

    MBA plus actual experience in that field is necessary.  As a matter of fact actual experience especially in business should be the criteria not the textbook mastery. Almost all MBAs have no experience much less actual experience on what they have mastered kuno. The country is flooded with MBAs with no jobs coz they don’t even know how to sell cigarettes or fake CDs in the streets.  Look at the Rich boy and Abaya they are holders of multiple MBAs but zero experience kaya toll at fare increase lang ang na implement. Take note that UE is owned by Lucio who has the magic power to always win his cases at the Supreme Court especially the Gloria appointees Divisions. If I were Noy I will just give an ambasadorial position to the rich boy and abaya to keep them away coz they are just pulling down this government thru their tandem incompetence. Now I know why the maitim na malignong pandak won the VP race.

    • Joey

      I don’t know who you are referring to as “Rich Boy” but I assume you mean Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya to be the other person you are talking about. Please read the following excerpt from wikipedia about Sec. Abaya’s educational background:

      Jun (Sec. Abaya)  finished his elementary education at the De La Salle University in 1979. During his secondary schoolyears, he was a consistent honor student at the Philippine Science High School that he became a University and College Scholar of theUniversity of the Philippines where he took his engineering studies. While in UP, Jun took and topped the entrance examination for the Philippine Military Academy that he was sent by the government to the US Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics (1988) with distinction of being a consistent Dean’s Lister in all the semesters he was there. Jun then proceeded to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and completed Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (1989 – he was also a fellowship awardee).He thought it fit to prepare himself further as a lawmaker that he studied law. He received his Juris Doctor degree from the School of Law of Ateneo de Manila Universityin April 2005. He was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2007.

      I happen to personally know Sec. Abaya as I also attended one the schools mentioned above while he was still there. We were not close because he went there two years before I did. But I know him enough to know that he is a diligent, highly motivated and super-intelligent person.

      • beerhunters

        So, there you go!

  • Randy

    Professors should be a step, or several steps, ahead of their students.  They are in the academe, why they don’t know the academic ladder?

  • Randy

    Professors should be a step, or several steps, ahead of their students.  They are in the academe, why they don’t know the academic ladder?

  • les21reago

    The SC made its ruling and of course it must be adhered and respected…
    But they cut short of deciding as well that those who possessed “master’s degree” should and must have as well “master’s salary”…
    While it is very common for a teacher/professor to saying something they do not know even with master’s degree, this is what they are for…And which is WHY Mr. Bosco appealed to us DO NOT ALWAYS SAY WHAT YOU KNOW BUT BE SURE TO KNOW WHAT YOU SAY.

  • RyanE

    How about a masteral from Wanbol University? One of our plagiarist err distinguish senator is a product of this U.

    Seriously, I think the masters degree should be related to the course, say a professor of engineering course should have a masteral in engineering, not MBA.

  • Javy

    A master’s degree does not necessarily make one a qualified teacher.  Many Masters degree holders do not have a clue as to how to communicate and transfer their knowledge to students.  I find this rule of CHED to be the height of academic snobbery and protection of turf.

    • Jef Menguin

      The absence of master’s degree does not necessarily make one a qualified teacher either. The ruling does only say that the minimum requirement is a master’s degree. Now if you are really passionate about teaching, get one. 

  • Fulpol

    what stupid petitioners… 

    the state is just protecting the public from stupidity.. regulation for teaching is a must…

  • pedronimo

    There are MA graduates who are no better professors than Bachelor’s degree holders. Some of them even write textbooks replete with embarrassing grammar blunders. But they are in college -because they are armed with an MA- lecturing grammar lessons to gullible students.

     To be fair, the commission should give credit to the number and quality of years of actual teaching experience of a teacher compared to an inexperienced fresh holder of a Master’s Degree – to make-up for his lack in post graduate study.

    I don’t have an Master’s Degree because for reasons of economics, I had to quit my HS teaching job and my Ateneo MA studies to become an OFW. However, what I lacked  in theory, I made up in actual rich,, international teaching practice: 15 years in the Philippines (UE, San Beda, Ateneo, FEU, PSBA, NCBA,STI) 15 years in Saudi Arabia and another 15 years in the US- doing the same job: teaching. In other words, I fought the wars, while these MA graduates are still learning how to assemble a weapon.

    Now retired, no school would want to hire me for fear of being penalized by the Ched. In the meantime, while I can still climb school buildings  my competence is idling in my mind, Thanks to the wisdom of the Supreme Court.

    • Joey

      you obviously are from an earlier generation of teachers. while i respect your vast experience and the richness of the knowledge you have earned from having taught in different environments, you also have to realize that times have simply changed. once upon a time, only the really intelligent knew how to operate computers. now, even hgih school students are required to have some knowledge of basic programming before they are even allowed to go to college. requirements for advancement have simply become more rigorous as employers from all over the world now simply expect their employees to know more than previous generations.

      • pedronimo

         FYI, it is my experience that updated me on tech teaching in community college in New Jersey. I don’t know if even Ateneo professors ever handled a teaching aid called Elmo which works not only as an around overhead projector. The teacher just places the page of book and it automatically projects it on the white board while the teacher using his pointer or pen underlines circles, delete project text 2 ways: either on the white board or seated. Also, the Colleges where I taught, students must attend at least once a week of lab work in English to make up for their class assignments accessible on the Internet. My point is my generation is updated on the Internet:  giving of and submitting homework, students sending individual questions to the teachers’ email and the teacher replying via Internet. Yes, times have changed and a good teacher never retires from keeping track of “times”.

      • Joey

        well, you probably are the exception rather than the rule. the teachers mentioned in the above article obviously do not have the passion to learn more than they already know.

    • UPnnGrd

      How hard is it to get a master’s degree?

  • boybakal

    College profs must have master’s degrees, SC rules….

    I don’t concur with this decision.
    Academic freedom does not mean master’s degree.
    Academic freedom is how you impart the knowledge to your students.

    Teaching is not about Master’s Degree…it is just another feather on the cap but it means nothing as this degree is for the professor and not for the student.
     You can have a Master Professor but does not know how to master the art of teaching.

    SC should not decide on the matter as it will be the basis for college or university as requirement to be a college professor.
    And it discriminates other professors who have no master’s degree.
    College and Universities must have the freedom to choose their teaching staff whether one has master degree or not.
    The basis for academic success is how the student fare in the Professionan exams, board or bar.

    • George

      dude, you’ve been sleeping for so long? wake up, or i bet you’re  just plain neanderthal oblivious of modern world. oh, if you’re smarter than the SC justices, why you’re still nothing?

      • albert13

        you have downgraded the healthy discussion of the issue into a personal attack on the blogger. i may not agree with the blogger but would defend his/her right to express his/her opinion. nakakasuka.

  • Joey

    a master’s degree is required to show sufficient proficiency in the field one intends to profess (teach). a master’s degree provides one with expertise in a particular area of the field to which the professor belongs. this simply cannot be replaced by years of experience. professors are supposed to demonstrate their continuous love for learning, if they are to be good role models to their students. we require doctors to specialize, why should we not require the same from our professors? surely one cannot learn, much less teach, everything related to a particular field. in countries other than the philippines, prospective faculty members are required to possess a phd or its equivalent before they can even apply to teach in colleges and universities. a master’s degree is simply the barest minimum of expertise one can acquire in any field or profession.

  • Jane Tan

    IMO President must have masters degrees.

    • Randy

      GMA has a Master’s Degree in Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University (1978) and a Doctorate Degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines Diliman (1985).

  • CmdrAdobo

    Should raise the bar higher. Highschool and College should have masters degree and they should perform well and should receive good salary like 30k minimum in the province and 40k in the big city.

  • The Overlord

    “Experience” is very subjective. If they’ve been teaching in a university for such a long time, what’s preventing them from getting a Master’s Degree there while teaching? I know a lot of universities giving scholarships for their teachers who teach and study at the same institution. Andami pang palusot. Take time to improve yourselves through continuing education. Kesyo you’ve been teaching for such a long time doesn’t mean you’re better than someone who went through graduate school. Get a Master’s Degree (better if a Ph.D.) or you’re out!

  • Marco

    may problem ang graduate school kung hindi maganda ang performance ng graduate nila. for me madami ako natutunan sa graduate school na hindi ko matutunan sa experience lang tulad ng basic knowledge at critical thinking (syempre provided na hindi basta-basta ang graduate school) may point ang decision na ito!

  • kurakding

    Who ever make decision of making all professors to have Masteral Degree is oout of his mind.  Experience is the best and looking at the picture of education, Blue collars now a days are making more money than the white ones.   

    Harvard University graduates is not a guarantee that they will excel.  A college graduate students can teach and that’s enough.  Looking microscopically U.S. standard of education differs from what we have.  Companies hired undergraduates even just high school grad in the levels where companies here in the Philippines always look for graduate students prompting us to get the hgihes education we should have where applicably not necessary.

    Example: Airline Companies don’t hire undergraduate students and in order to circumvent DOLE requirements – subcontracted some areas to different companies that only hire second year college.  Call Centers, Banks etc.  as requirements, they always ask for  diploma.  

    In the U.S. what is more important is you can deliver.  Diploma and or masteral degree won’t create food on our table.  

    Philippines is missing the point. The reason why we want to be educated is to learn and apply our knowledge and ultimately make money….Look on the specialization of courses. Technical is more critical requiring more experienced persons rather than a diploma.  He could be an Aerospace Engineer in one company and not called an Engineer so far as PRC is concern.

    • siJuanDalandan


      There is a big difference between a trade school and a university.  A university education is not solely intended for training students for work; it is supposed to provided students with well-rounded education.  If work skills is the only thing that an individual needs, then going to trade school is what he needs.  He won’t need courses in logic, in philosophy, in arts, etc.

      I do not know where you got the idea the graduate education is not required to teach in American universities. That is grossly misleading.  In the U.S. and other developed countries, you cannot even get a tenure-track position in a university if you do not have a Ph.D.  Otherwise, you will only be given an adjunct or lecturer position.  This applies even to the best practicing engineer in the field, or the best creative writer, or clinical psychologist.  You must have the Ph.D. or you will be stuck in the adjunct or lecturer position.  The Ph.D. indicates that the professor is capable of doing original research. 

    • Whoopigsooee

      I am a full time tenure-track faculty in a very big US university. I don’t know where you got the idea that diplomas aren’t important in the US. It is the be-all and end-all in the US academic circles. Everyone in faculty in the university carries at least a master’s degree, and most of us carry a doctorate degree.  

    • TagaDumantay

      Your teacher teach you well…

  • Mang Teban

    “Quality has no price” is an old maxim attributed to “Confucius” but really is just a marketing gem to refute a prospect’s objection to a perceived high price of a product offered for sale. if applied to getting university education, an incoming freshman and his/her parents would like to be sure that the chosen university has “quality” professors or lecturers. With the high cost of education these days, students in colleges are short-changed by “poor quality” profs. We must admit that the quality of education in our country needs to be re-examined periodically.

    Hence, the Supreme Court’s decision to rule that college lecturers or professors must possess a Master’s degree is all about quality. The general presumption, though, in the absence of any other acceptable governmental measurement of what a college prof must be made of, is that the piece of paper called Master’s Degree (postgraduate) certificate confirms that the holder is a bona fide successful graduate of a course after completing an undergraduate course.

    In the meantime, this should be accepted by all Filipinos as a basic requirement for college faculty members. We presume that one who has taken a Master’s Degree is more knowledgeable than one who hasn’t. We can debate on the pros and cons of a postgraduate requirement but we should follow what the SC has decided recently…for now to establish order and harmony in the universities and also to thresh out “undesirables” and “hard-knocks” who end up teaching nonsense to students.
    For the future, I think that ChEd must act to devise a standard but distinct prerequisite written and oral examinations for applicants to teaching positions. We know that there are diverse disciplines and the requirement for a 2-year (sometimes a one-year) Master’s Degree is going to be quite easy to obtain and that does not ensure quality college profs either. Besides, it is ridiculous for a person to take “business-oriented” Master’s Degree and yet, he or she will be teaching science-oriented subjects, for instance. This does not make sense.

    ChEd has a lot to do in coming up with a real “quality has no price” standard of measurement for lecturers or professors in universities.

    • Jane Tan

      Agreed. But their compensation should be sufficient or atleast on par with their achievement. Whoever heard of a person with a Masters getting minimum wage?

      If this was the case, we should require our senators to have Masters degrees.

      • Mang Teban

        Good observation. Well, it is actually a matter between the university and the professors. There will come a time when they will have to seek just wages from the Board of Regents (Directors) that finds little time to look after the needs of the faculty. Nature will take its own course, you will see.

        As for senators, they will block any attempt to revise constitutional requirements of a qualified candidate in Congress. Ours is not really a democracy if we are referring to our political system. Autocrats take over and win the elections. They subdivide the geography of our country and claim each part as their own domain. Family dynasties persist because of this practice of name recall. Senators can simply buy a Master’s degree from a family-owned university….ganoon pa rin.

    • beerhunters

      Agreed. The Supreme Court has now established the bench mark!

  • kurakding

    This is the reason why we are behind and most of our graduates ends up as domestic helper or an aid somewhere in this world….. We have all the resources – our land is vast enough to be develop and yet we entertain this crop ideas. 

    oct of those who have Masteral degrees don’t own big companies.  Look around and you will find that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet even Lucio Tan, Lance Gokogwei, Henry Sy etc… They are just street smart.  What happened to the Masteral people.  They are just there reading books and scared to apply to reality.  

    Plus –did CHED ever thinks that if college schools have to have all professors to have masteral degree,  how much would they ask the students to pay for their tuition fees?


    In other countries, modular of education is being adopted so those who want to excel can do and master his art by continuing to the degree that he likes.  for Example Aircraft Engineer,  tell us which school have that and was approved by CHED and yet have a good result out of their students.  In the field of Electronics / HIgh tech..Usually there are different manufacturers that have R and D. and for us those are specialist and can be called Massteral Degree in that field.

  • kismaytami

    Wala sa taas nang tinapos sa pag-aaral ang pagiging mabisa sa pagtuturo, nasa kakayahan yan ng guro na nag-motivate ng kanyang mga estudyante.

    • Whoopigsooee

      This is university education, not elementary school. 

      • Makabayan_cebu

        Korek, University Education (tertiary) ay pinaguusapan po dito KAYA REQUIRED PO ANG M.A. & PHD.  Otherwise, magturo lng po sa High School o Elementary hehehe

      • beerhunters

        yes,  to teach subjects such as these, requires above basic knowledge of the matter. chemistry(organic, inorganic, nuclear), mathematics, statistics, physics, strength of materials, geology, surveying, open pit mine planning, etc.

      • kismaytami

        Education is just the same at any level, you discover, learn and master things step by step. But if your professor is not effective to motivate you, whether in NKP or university, I’ll bet, you will lose interest in his/her subject.

      • vincent


      • kismaytami

        Anong “tumoro”?

  • lperido

    It’s not just about a higher degree but the experience and capability to impart knowledge. We had experienced teachers in the past with more than 20 years of experience and we learned better than those who just graduated years a go with master’s degree. There are those who have inborn skills and ingenuities who can learn on their own and impart these new technologies without acquiring degrees.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    I just hope they don’t impose this requirement in the high school level.  If they do,  then in the high school where I humbly teach the teacher who has consistently gotten the highest performance evaluation rating (both by the academic committee and by the students) for the last six years will have to say goodbye to the vocation he loves.  But if they do, then, as they say, “dura lex, sed lex.”  “The law may be hard, but some people are hardheaded.  Blessed be the name of the law.”  What are call centers for, anyway.

    • Mang Teban

      I can sense you are envious of your fellow
      teacher. How convenient to use the dura lex, sed lex argument against that
      person…what performance evaluation rating did you get from both the academics
      committee and from your students? If your fellow teacher goes to call center,
      he or she is bound to earn more than you…you will get jealous again..hehe.

    • Magsasaka

       public highschool ba?wala naman yatang bagsak na rating na natatangap ang mga titser mula sa superintendent kasi dinadaya nila, kunwari magtuturo sa isang lower secion habang nanood ang superintendent na may mga nakahalong galing sa star section at yong mga nakahalong iyon ang magpaparticipate sa diskusyon.

    • where_I_stand

      I have a friend who graduated summa cu m laude in political science but rejected the idea of at least getting a master’s degree. He is well loved by both his university’s colleagues and students, even those with PhD’s consulted him for their research works. Both his dean and chairman recognized his exceptional skill as a college instructor and encouraged him to take up graduate studies or enroll in the College of Law, his first love. 8 years ago he resigned from the university and migrated to the US. The last time I heard, he is pursuing his master’s degree in a university.

      I think your fellow teacher who earned the highest evaluation ratings must take a closer look at the master’s program. This is not simply for compliance in the future but for professional updating. Getting a master’s degree nowadays is a must. However, having a bachelor’s degree does not mean being less effective and less efficient in teaching.

      Some high school (even college) teachers (without MA’s) are good in methods and often have a high mastery level in the subject matter but almost ignorant on the recent developments in their respective fields of specialization. Their strong reliance on the textbook becomes a stumbling block of continuing learning. They do not feel the need to do research and community outreach activities. Other teachers (with MA’s or currently enrolled in the graduate school) tend to echo what they learned in their graduate studies without due consideration of their students’ learning curve. 

      Most of the universities are now requiring their faculty to get a master’s degree, and encouraging them to get a doctorate degree, either here or abroad.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Thanks for this piece of advice, and for taking the time to write it. I believe it’s very sound and practical. I’ll definitely try sharing it with my colleagues.

      • TGM _ERICK

        Sometimes the worth of a master degee depends on the kind of school where one gets it. I can attest to that  with myself coming from the profession of teaching.

  • Zero

    nonsense. experience still the best, even over a master’s degree.

    • Makabayan_cebu

      SORRY, in other countries (now applied to the Philippines) IT IS A MUST TO HAVE A MASTER’S OR PHD DEGREE, otherwise one has no tenure to teach, one has no place at tertiary education profession.

  • Yobhtron

    Agree ako na dapat meron MA ang magtuturo sa tertiary education. Kulelat na tayo sa edukasyon sa buong Asia.  Ang daming bobong propesor sa kolehiyo at ang daming diploma windmill na eskwelahan.  Kahit man lang sa ganito ay maiangat natin ang kalidad ng edukasyon sa bansa natin.  Taas Pinas!

    • enrico

      Mas gugustuhin kong magturo ang mga college drop out tulad ni Bill Gates kesa sa mga MA graduates na nangopya lang at walang field or technical expertise.

      Halos lahat ng mga big time business owner at mayayaman tao sa buong mundo ay di mga nakatapos ng kanilang kolehiyo or nakatapos man, di din mga nag masteral.

      Ang kailangan ng Pilipinas ay mga dedicated at skilled farmers, trade workers (welder, mechanic, electrician, baker, butcher, and etc), engineers, architects, good doctors, scientests and technologists). If meron ang Pinas ng mga nabanggit, then, magkakaroon ng mga magagaling ng titser in every field.


      • Magsasaka

         tama si steve jobs hindi rin tapos ng college pero si pandakekak, si mike FG lolong at mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan ay puros tapos at ang iba may masteral pa

  • boybakal

    College profs must have master’s degrees, SC rules….

    The Colleges and Universities can have all its Professors with Master Degrees
    If the curriculum is old, antiquated and old as antique, then master degrees is just a decoration.
    Professors are just teaching what the universities tell them to teach….based on the curricula.

  • julymorning



    • Randy

      saan yang university na ‘yan?

      • Sandy Bulet

        kaya nga, san ba yan para alam din namin, dapat may katibayan para maiwasan o kaya maipasara.

      • Cano Manuel


    • magiting78

      Wag m lahatin at wag mong lang langin mga State U dyn galing ang mga top notchers sa board..hnd ako maniniwala sau mga bobo yung prof s pinanggalingan mo kc yearly may evaluation mga yan…baka naman hater ka, baka madalas ka lagapak sa klase mo….ahahah kaya kala mo bobo magturo prof mo kc hnd mo ma gets tinuturo nila….lolz…lolz 

    • vincent


      • beerhunters

        Those in Metro Manila are well acquianted with those thesis and diplomas printed and produced along C.M. Recto! Even Pnoy is said to have submitted to Prof GMA term papers in Eco 101that was sourced from that area!

    • labcu

      what province and what school? don’t belittle  those have MA and PhD. because it’s not funny! Pagod, hirap, luha, oras at years ang gugulin para magawa ang isang dissertation. Ang taas naman ng mga data mo did u conducted a study or is there any study you can show to backup your claim? or just sourgraping because u don’t have one?

      • julymorning

        “DID U CONDUCTED…”


      • labcu

        Pag marunong ka na bang mag english intellectual ka na? using social media like this is not technical writing as long as you get the idea. the main issue is you did not answer my questions and others question? what province? what school? can u back up your data/argument? tapos mo pala ang MA mo but your data and conclusion/argument seem not credible, unrealistic! Facts not perception, objectivity not subjectivity ang kailangan! The wisdom I learned through the years is that the more you attain success the more you should bow your head!

    • labcu

      aba pag makapagsalita ka parang ikaw na ang pinakamatalino sa lahat! linait mo ang mga tagaprobinsya ikaw din probinsyano din!. Hindi sa kung anong school ka nag-aral yes it helps but nasa tao pa rin yan! I don’t buy any of your arguments. Ang kaalaman at karunungan ay hindi pagaari ng sinuman ang mga ito ay pahiram ng Diyos kaya ang meron ka huwag ipagyabang!

  • boybakal

    Can Manny Pacquiao be qualified as Professor in UP or Ateneo.
    As we all know, Manny has a Master or Doctorate Degree in Human Kinetics in one of Cebu’s prestigious Universities.

    • Randy

      He has a solid hands-on experience on boxing and physical fitness.

    • Makabayan_cebu

      IT’S HONORIS CAUSA ONLY…IT’S A TITLE Only (given for certain noble reason, achievement, contributions to society) —— AND NOTHING ELSE. HE AND OTHERS WITH HONORIS CAUSA CANNOT TEACH…period.

      • skysenshi

        Yup, but it’s a normal reaction. Many people have yet to distinguish the difference between Honoris Causa and an actual PhD. For instance, I believe that Corona should have gotten an Honoris Causa instead of a PhD.

      • beerhunters

        PhDs. and Masters have written, presented and orally defended their thesis in front of a panel who rates his research work as passed or fail!

      • skysenshi

        Precisely. Many people have no idea how health-breaking writing a dissertation is. In fact, even if PhD students have passed grueling qualifying and comprehensive exams…it’s in the dissertation part of the program where many actually drop.

        Also, people have the mistaken notion that master’s and PhD people are “merely teachers” who “do nothing but read books”.  There are two organizations where tools and ground-breaking technology are developed: the military and universities. That’s why a lot of huge companies hire PhD-bearing research consultants or buy technologies from universities. They are the ones who come up with prototypes of the technology we have now. It’s only the huge companies that make it more accessible to the market.

        Another mistaken notion: that PhD and master’s people obtain further education to get rich. Nobody obtains these for the sake of getting rich. They obtain these for the love of knowledge and innovation. Although there are some academics who obtain these for the sake of getting tenure, that’s still not a goal that makes one rich.

        Of course there are many international company owners who have finished their MBAs and even Disney’s and Pixar’s president has a PhD in Physics. These people have pursued their craft only after pursuing the knowledge they needed to unlock innovative processes and technologies.

      • beerhunters

         Imelda Marcos has a Ph. D. Honoris causa!

    • Cano Manuel

      Let that university hire him.

    • Cano Manuel

      The word PRESTIGIOUS is so overused.

      • boybakal

        I am a first time user of prestigious….so it is not overused much more not redundant.

      • Cano Manuel

        That university you are referring to is no way near to being prestigious. 


      • boybakal

        Never been to that University either, never heard of it.
        Except when Manny was bestowed this Doctorate degree that that University is Prestigious.

      • Cano Manuel

        You just lost your credibility.

  • Pidro Bayan

    I have a friend who worked in a prestigious university (top 3 in the Philippines) as an IT staff at the Information Technology department. The school has 3 years probationary without requiring a Masters Degree. The 3 years probationary was said because of the school’s academic freedom. He was just an IT staff and had no teaching load.

    When it was their time to be permanent fulfilling the 3-yr probationary, they were again extended to undergo another 3 yr-probationary now with a masters degree requirement. Still my friend was just an IT staff and had no teaching load. He was just of course an IT guy. 

    See how still prestigious school forced their oppressing policy this guy (and other IT staffs)? Where can you have a 6 year probationary on this friend of mine? Only in this sheeetttting university! 

    Now this university returned back the proby requirement of IT staff to 6 months! Why because they can t recruit IT guys with their requirement of a 3 yr proby period and a masters degree!

  • Karabkatab

    Aba matagal tagal na ring requirement ito ng mga schools, ah.  You have to have a masters degree in order to teach.  Ito’y para naman mabuhay ang mga nag hihingalong graduate schools.  But, to tell you frankly, the best teacher in college I ever had did not even possess a masters degree.  He made chemistry subject enjoyable to most of us most of the time and learning the subject the  easy way.  In short, a learned man is way better than an educated person, when it comes to teaching job.

    • Pidro Bayan

      I enjoyed Chemistry din with our professor! Newly grad, no masters degree, pero magaling! Master na master ang Chemistry!

    • Cano Manuel

      Therefore professors should have the SKILL, together with the the MS/MA, as part of the requirements.

  • AllinLawisFair

    It is simply logical that a person who teaches in college should have at least a master’s degree. There may be exceptionally intelligent persons who do not have post graduate studies but whose breadth and length of experience have provided them with sufficient wealth of knowledge some people with masters of even doctorate degrees cannot equate. But they have to prove that they are able and capable.

    Quality education is an investment we cannot afford to lose. 

    • Bansot

      Good argument!!

  • JasonBieber

    That’s a god move on behalf of Philippine education i suppose but one ruling will not uplift the educational system of the Philippines. The government needs to do more in terms of improving curriculum, facilities, and teachers.

    Money has been thrown at the Education department but with all that money it doesn’t make sense why improvement has taken so long and appears to be delayed.

  • boymanok

    tama lang ang decision ng SC… i feel for the 2 professors too but if you can manage to teach college for so many years, by this time you should have acquired the appropriate knowledge, skills and academic credentials to obtain a masters degree..and why not? besides, its a win win situation for them if they did. i didn’t see any point of contention here

  • Bantayanon

    Rule on obtaining Master’s degree and PhD should be enforced but these degrees should only be from recognized institutions of higher learning and not from mere diploma-mill schools.

    Ang ibang guro dyan may mga MA at PhD nga pero talo naman ng mga bagong graduate lang kasi binili lang yung mga degree nila.

  • tarikan

    The Supreme Court noted that as early as 1992, the then Department of Education, Culture and Sports had issued a revised manual of regulations for private schools which required college faculty members to have a master’s degree as a minimum educational qualification for acquiring regular status. The CHEd, created in 1994 to supervise tertiary schools, upheld the requirement. This means that that labor arbiter and the CA did not know where to base their rulings? Or they are just plain bukels?

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    those who gave a wrong decision must be made to pay.  like that arbiter who gave the original decision:  he must be sacked immediately!  likewise those ca justices should also be hanged!

  • Flugie

    Somehow, I kind of disagree with this. True, a master’s degree can add to one’s teaching credentials but teaching is a art – a master’s degree doesn’t guarantee that a person knows how to effectively teach. There are professors out there that have one master’s degree after the other but are not effective educators. Effective teaching – especially adult teaching – is comprised of an entirely different set of talents and skills and not all master’s degree holders – who happen to be professors – have both. Teaching skills can be taught but effective teaching talent is innate with in a person.

    • vincent

      teaching may be an art and you’ve got to have passion in order to be effective. but, times are changing fast and you’ve got to upgrade yourself too. having masters and a phd should be a norm for aspiring professors who want to teach in a tertiary education level. most first world countries they have professors who are phd’s as a norm in teaching positions. don’t you think it’s about time we upgrade too? 

      • Flugie

        I agree with “upgrading” 100% – and professors should upgrade as often as then can – but still, it won’t equate to being an effective educator. Teaching largely is about communication and connecting (to students) what is being communicated .

        Sadly, there are a lot of professors that can’t communicate AND connect although if you ask professors, all of them will say they are good communicators which I would find hard to believe. We can communicate but connecting to an audience – and doing it every day – is an entirely different matter.  My cousin-in-law has 3 masters, tried to teach at university but was not taken back because she wasn’t an effective educator. Reason: she did poorly in the communication part. LIke, if a student asked her for a bit more explanation, her answer would often be “okay na yun. yun na yun.” If the student presses more, she got angry. Her niece was one of her students and the story came from the niece. My daughter’s university prof on networks also “acts” that way. Had the chance to observe him in class one day and he is not effectively connecting with the kids. My network engineer at the office (bless his kindness) can explain and teach networks to my kid more effectively (than my kid’s prof) because he knows how to communicate AND connect.

        If university professors really want to effectively educate their wards, they would need to update their skill not only on the subject they are teaching but on communications as well and learn how to connect through the heads of the kids they are trying to educate.

  • dxdaistar

    wow, ok ito. Dapat nga in course like Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, dapat mga PEE & PME ang magtuturo ng major subjects. Merong ibang universities dyan nagpapalusot pa. dapat ikulong mga professors na yan.

    • skysenshi

      PME’s are rare (my dad and uncle are both PME’s and though they are 10 years apart in age, their PME numbers are too close to each other). You have a point, though, because these are fields where any mistake can endanger the lives of many people. At least you’re sure that PEE’s and PME’s have undergone grueling and rigorous screening processes before they were awarded those titles.

  • Placido_Penitente

    Dapat talaga may Master’s degree ang magtuturo sa kolehiyo.  Exception to the rules lang yung ilang mahuhuhsay na guro sa kolehiyo kahit walang master’s degree.  Katamaran sa pag-aaral ang dahilan kung walang master’s degree ang maraming guro sa kolehiyo, tapos ang ikakatwiran eh magaling naman sila kahil walang master’s degree.  Ang isa sa mga katangian ng tunay na magaling na guro ay ang pagkakaroon niya ng kagustuhan at kasipagan na magpatuloy sa pag-aaral at magtamo ng mataas ng antas ng karunungan.

    Yung mga guro sa kolehiyo na tatamad-tamad sa pag-aaral ng masteral ay dapat nang pagtatanggalin sa pwesto, mayayabang kayo kapag ikinatwiran ninyong magaling kayo kahit walang masters degree.  Mayayabang kayo!  Mga bobo!

  • chris llenes

    Tenure in the US is so hard to get. Not only do you need a PhD but you must also be well published and have a track record in research. Sadly in the Phil a BS is sometimes all that’s required. No wonder then that most degrees from Phil schools are not honored abroad.

    • Peter James Abad

      There are some schools in the Phils which implement strict tenure requirements. For example, in UP, a faculty member should have at least a master’s degree and a number of publications in peer-reviewed national or international journals for him/her to be granted tenure. Other colleges, however, can impose their own minimum requirements for tenure. In the natural sciences field, for example, a faculty should have at least a PhD and a number of publications. If a faculty member does not meet these requirements within a specified time, then he/she is out of the faculty roster. 

  • Juan

    ang gulo ng mga desisyon sa istorya na ito tagal ng pingpong. For me base on experience karamihan ng teacher walang karapatang magturo, parang pag pupulis bawal dapat kung sweldo lang ang habol pwede namang basurero na lang sila di pa kailangang gumastos. Kung walang breed dapat bawal maging teacher. Dapat yung mga intellectuals na 24hrs ang mga dating, hindi yung pang tambay ang dating kapag wala ng observer.

  • Poe

    any movement requires forward, upward, backward or downward direction, but never a stand still. Setting a standard is like the beginning of a movement to any direction. MSc or PhD is another path to exploration of knowledge. One key element of these training is to rub elbows with their own kind. If you are a MSc or PhD student you can partner or exchange ideas with others of your own kind which is not normally required in an undergrad school. Bill Gates, Michael Dell are geniuses but do they teach in the university? No. Economic scientist listen to their ideas and wisdom. And they teach what they discovered from these people to their students. Treasure of knowledge is now available through internet. These knowledge are the inventions and researches of those who are completing their thesis, dissertation or pursuing further studies. But you can only access the site if you have legit purpose. MSc or PhD students can publish their research by gathering the academia and fellow students in other words community of fellows. If a Professor has never reach these level or has never reach the level of education that requires this experience, how they will be able to encourage a bright student to continue his/her further search of knowledge though continuing education?. I tell you people the most knowledgeable professor sometimes are the most boring.

  • Francisco

    Excellent! This will definitely upgrade the quality of our education.

  • boybakal

    College profs must have master’s degrees, SC rules

    This decision is Discriminatory….Partial and Prejudiced.
    No Uniformity in Profession.
    The SC imposes a mandatory requirement in teaching in college or universities….which is Master’s Degree.
    Whereas the Law making body of the country, Senate and Congress…no qualification on education, no masters degree, no profession at all.

    There should be equality in Profession…No prejudice but fair..
    As magtataho is equal to magbobote….one carries a balagwit whereas magbobote is kariton.

    • Kingkong123

      You are perfectly right. This requirement is unconstitutional.

      • rezli

        just ask madam miriam santiago..hehehe….

      • beerhunters

        That’s why miriam  was nominated to the ICJ, International Court of Justice.

  • Haring Buraot

    College professors kelangan merong Master’s Degree.
    Public official kelangan lang of legal age tsaka Filipino citizen.

  • boybakal

    SC decision is not only a Double Jeopardy but Double Kill on ordinary teacher.
    The government is already regulating the teacher profession by giving licensure exam, career service and other regulation…to safeguard  public interest, student interest and academic interest against unqualified teacher.

    What is Master Degree for…master degree is for self enhancement and advancement, not advancement for the students…but just feather on the cap.

    Too much regulation on too little.

  • boybakal

    The law is very clear….if an employee already passed six months probationary, then he or she is entitled to be permanent unless extended or terminated.

    The SC imposed another requirement other than probationary period which is….masters degree.
    Beyond the scope of what is being contested.
    In short, malayo sa sugat ang ginamot…Funny…that is not what we call wisdom..

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    The better judge will be the registrants who want to go to college. Some registrants want the best school; others want a school that will give them diploma whether the schools be a diploma mill institution as the possession of a diploma to them is the pass to get a job, etc. A school noted for its  good and exceptional name has the right to require its professors and instructors the best educational attainment it could get. The UP, my alma matter for the undegraduate degrees and other few institutions are the best examples. How a union should play a role in keeping a professor or an instructor stay with the educational institution is new to me and the educational institutions in developed countries including the USA. How our court system, especially the highest court, would even dwell on this matter is beyond belief for me.

    • Virgina Viray

      There should be no diploma mills.  ‘Schools’ that do not meet standards have no business being around, and should be closed.  They’re traps for Filipinos seeking education; taking time and money from students without giving much value in return.  Filipinos deserve quality education, whether from Ateneo, UP, or from XYZ College of Tawi-Tawi.


    >>>College profs must have master’s degrees, SC rules<<<

    THEN, only PhD holders may run for a Congreaseonal or Seneyt seat…..positions most important as they pass and enact laws of the land.  Heads of Gov't Depts as well.  Then all succeeding lower positions must have Master's degree/s down to the level of Directors. No one can run for President unless he has a DD. :)

    • chris llenes

      You should differentiate between elected and non-elected positions. If the electorate is stupid enough to elect people like erap to be president, so be it.

      • rezli

        erap is rare species of animal if i am not mistaken..hehehe..

      • beerhunters

        Lapid, Sotto, Revilla, Pnoy

    • rezli

      exactly you honor…

  • boymanok

    there are many gray areas between political (or government)  careers and the academe…sa pulitika, kahit elementary graduate ka lang basta ikaw ang ibinoto ng tao eh walang question…sa academic community, you have to have the necessary credentials to be recognize and move up. if i am a graduate student pursuing a masteral degree, mahirap tanggapin na high school graduate lang ang professor mo just because he or she has the experience and is capable – not to mention that we have to be fair  because of her length of tenure in the institution. but then again, its a fact na mayroong high school graduate lang na mas irerespeto mo pa kesa sa may PhD

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    When I came to visit the Philippines in 1993 (and my last visit was in 1970 during a world tour and then to come to the RP to do my Ph.D. dissertation and to interview Carlos P Romulo, Salvador Lopez, etc), my cousin, a school elementary teaching supervisor, took me to district in her hometown as she was reviewing the school program of that district and later introduced me to the principal as Dr. Eddie. The principal then asked me where I obtained the Ph.D. and I told him from the University of Minnesota. He then told me that If I stayed in the Philippines, I would be getting an excellent job in any college/university of my choice unlike many who just got their Ph.Ds from some questionnable educational institutions  in the country so they could become principals in any school. This is my response to July Morning’s comment below.

  • Beersheva

    But you can drop out of college and still be President.

    • beerhunters

      I agree. The teqhnique is to project oneself as one like Asiong Salonga, Ang Panday, Leon Guerrero, etc. 

  • J

    Bakit hindi nalang gawing qualifications ng lahat ng voters e may masters degree tapos ang mga politukus ay no-read no write lang BUT with the ability to practice corruption.

  • Bisdak_kaayo

    Kung walang requirement na itaas ang qualification to at least may master’s degree, do you think mag pursige pa ang mga guro to improve themselves?

    We expect an improvement from the government officials, to be more honest and lesser corrupt.

    Hindi ba natin e expect ang improvement from the teachers, na i angat rin ang qualifications nila?

    That is the very reason bakit dinagdadagan ang bilang ng years of study natin, dapat inaangat ang kalidad ng education, in the same manner, Hindi ba dapat lang na inaangat rin ang kalidad ng mga guro natin?

    • RAMON

      i agree to this… ang tanong gaano ba ka effective ang teaching sa masteral class? puro reporting ito at projects na parang bumalik ka sa high school days…hindi ko naman nilalahat. I’m just speaking in my own experience

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        High School days reporting? most of the time spoon feeding ang nangyayari sa high school at college, sa masteral you are supposed discover and add to the pool of knowledge that is already there, kaya it is expected, the masteral student should have the initiative and discover something new and add to the existing body of knowledge, that is the what graduate studies is all about.  That is the main reason uma-angat ang AMERICA at EUROPE.

      • Richard

        DISAGREE…Ang AMERICA merong OBE or OUTCOMES-BASED EDUCATION… and HIGH SCHOOL pa lang marami ng SKILLS na itinuturo sa KANILA.. AUSTRALIA and Europe has Competency-Based curriculum.. ALL OF THESE centerd sa SKILLS, Knowledge and Attitude to PERFORM a GIVEN TASK… MERON BA TAYO DITO NYAN? meron SIGURO BUT NOT totally and properly implemented…

        DI NGA ma-afford ng mga Filipinos na mag-aral eh… SAAN ang PROBLEM? Government and the Education System… YUN NA YUN

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        maski pa may OBE, at may competency based curriculum ang america, it does not mean hindi na kailangan ang MASTERS degree for one to teach.

        the fact remains the same, Sa America, hindi ka pwedeng magturo ng college kung wala kang masters degree. regardless ang issue sa pilipinas substandard ang quality o hindi, imperative pa rin mag masters dahil, ginagawa iyan ng mga Amerikano, how much more for us.

    • RAMON

      itaas muna sweldo ng guro para ma afford nila mag aral ng masteral.. di na nga mapakain ang pamilya sa liit ng sahod tapos mag aaral pa..

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        the price to earn a masters degree is relative kung saan ka if you want to measure na ratio of income to cost of earning a masters degree.  Yung mahal na word is very subjective dahil dito sa labas, ang mahal rin to earn a masters degree relative to your income.

  • Richard

    kalokohan! master’s degree doesn’t exactly assure you that a professor is skilled. yeah, there is education… but how about the skill? i have a master’s degree in IT, i graduated last 2011… but my skills I got from past work experiences in the IT industry not from any school… There will always be a huge MISMATCH between a graduate and the JOB… there are many unemployed graduates, the problem is not the scarcity jobs but the skills required to perform the job… Change the way education is delivered, may it be a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree… otherwise, to me this is still nonsense… 

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      non sense? bakit na hire ka ba sa trabaho dahil lang sa gailing mo without presenting a an earned degree?  siguro naman noong na advertise yung ang trabaho mo requirement na at least graduate ka. be it just for presentation purpose ang diploma or not, that is usually the initial requirement for you get into the job, dahil ang alam mo lang galing sa school is only 1%, the 99% you learn it in actual practice not from school.

      • Richard

        Yeah i got hired without my BS Degree BISDAK… I worked for a Japanese company.. syo narin nanggaling 99%…  I worked for two years, then decided to finish my BSCoE degree .. by the way, i’m on my second year pa lang nung huminto ako at nagtrabaho… yeah I GOT HIRED BECAUSE OF MY F*in SKILLS! And as Mr. Kaneko told me, I do possess the skills and I AM TRAINABLE. I POSTED THIS para malaman ng MGA AUTHORITY NA DAPAT NG BAGUHIN ANG STYLE NG EDUCATION sa Philippines… Ikaw siguro hindi ma-hire kahit nakatapos ka ng pag-aaral kaya mo nasasabi yan… Wala naman pinagkaiba nung nag-aral ako for my BS degree and with that of my MS degree… Ang akin lang, bago mag-set ng REQUIREMENTS ek ek ek… eh BAGUHIN MUNA ANG UGAT dahil kahit anong TRIM mo sa DAMO para gumanda ang dating, at the end DAMO pa rin yan…

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        iilan lang bang tao tinangap dahil sa skills? at hindi dahil sa degree?  I become an immigrant and a citizen of a first world country because primarily of my diploma, hindi ako tinanggap dito sa N America kung wala pa akong diploma.  My masters degree did matter kaya ako napunta rito.  Iilan lang ba ang tinanggap ng trabaho just because of skills not because of diploma.  I’ll bet not even 1 percent, if you look at all the ads, 99% requires a degree. I you want to apply work in the first world, 99% requires a certificate or a diploma, not purely skills based exam

    • RAMON

      I agree to this… hindi ko kinukwestiyon ang halaga ng pagkuha ng masteral’s degree, walang katuturan ito kung ang paraan ng pagtuturo ay bahala na kayo mag aral sa sarili nyo kasi it is expected from you kasi nasa masteral class ka..


    Hindi basis sa pagiging magaling na teacher ang master’s degree. Nung kumuha ako ng masteral anu ba tinuturo ng prof? wala, kundi gumawa ng mga project without even teaching us how to do it.. basta papasok lang once a month hanggang matapos mo isang semester… kalokohan ito!!!

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      that’s because you did not understand what is expected of masteral students, ano ang prupose mo, at edeliver sa lipunan. Yes the prof may not teach you how, but certainly he gives you the idea of the finish product he expects. Kung hindi niya tinuro ang how, malalaman mo ang HOW thru research for as long as, the end product he expects is given to you.

      • RAMON

        so anu silbi ng prof kung hindi siya magtuturo? matatawag ka bang estudyante kung walang nagtuturo? magpakatotoo lang tayo… alam naman natin na maraming nakatapos ng masteral pero pulpol parin… kaya hindi ito assurance na pag may degree ka sa masteral ay magiging magaling kang guro…

      • RAMON

        and bakit pa ako kukuha ng masters degree kung ang purpose lang nito ay matuto akong mag research? sayang lang ibabayad ko. pwede naman ako mag internet nalang sa bahay…

      • Bisdak_kaayo

        if you are not convinced about the benefits of having a masters degree, take a survey of the top ceos and top managers of big businesses, and you will find out karamihan sa kanila may mga masters degree.  karamihan sa miembro ng cabinete mga masters degree holder.  It is a definitely a great add on sa resume.

  • TheSmilingBandit

    Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.—George Bernard Shaw

  • rinom

    SC rules, teachers of college must have a master degree but the law making body (congress) is not? unfair ata.

  • boybakal

    “The government has a right to ensure that only qualified persons in possession of sufficient academic knowledge and teaching skills are allowed to teach in such institutions. Government regulation in this field of human activity is desirable for protecting, not only the students, but the public as well from ill-prepared teachers lacking in the required scientific or technical knowledge. They may be required to take an examination or to possess postgraduate degrees as a prerequisite to employment,” the court said in the decision penned by Justice Roberto Abad.

    Nonsense decision….no substance….no wisdom, more of elementary thinking.
    SC Justices should have Master and PHD degrees before being appointed as Justice.
    Let’s set the bar to these Justices and not to the teacher or professor.

    • Terence Dave Pelingon

       Justices really have master’s degree…most of them even had it from Harvard and other US state universities

    • skysenshi

      Justices are Juris Doctor. Look it up. Dali dali mag-Google eh.

    • Harry

      Many of the world-renowned artists, sculptors, painters, musicians, chefs etc. have no formal educations nor degrees. How will our students learn from those great men if they are not allowed to teach? The Justices are just narrow-minded. 

      The wise men like Socrates, Plato, and  Aristotle that taught before have no formal degrees and yet their intelligence exceeds many of our Justices of today.

    • Keep

      hahahaha…They may be pa ang term na ginamit…hahahaha….di ibig sabahin pwede magturo yung di tapos master e panu naman yung interest na sinasabi e ina alow naman nila magturo yung walang requirement…sana di mag set din ng minimum standard wage ang may masters..

  • Emman

    if an university has also elem and highschool department………….will it be right if the rule is also applicable to its elem and highschool faculty? this university is PAASCU accredited ……….according to the University its part of their CBA………..can anyone knowledgeable in law pls enlighten me…………i have some friends who are working in that school for decades and they are still probationary

    • Joshua Ablong

      For high school and elementary teachers, what is required is passing the LET. But nothing prevents the school and the faculty union from agreeing in their CBA that a masters degree in addition to passing the LET shall be also be included as part of the minimum requirements for regularization. As for college professors, a master’s degree in the very field he/she is teaching is non-negotiable. It’s mandatory. I hope that clarifies things up.

  • Sebs |

    I think Congress or Senate should revise the law and include the possibility of measuring competence by industry experience and/or professional certifications – not only by a master’s degree.

  • Keep

    ..kalokohan yung decision..e bakit nila pinapayagan magturo yung di tapos ng masters? pano yung interest ng  student na sinasabi e nagtuturo naman yung di tapos masteral>>>? yung 3 years probationary ay sinasamantala ng mga may ari ng school..after two years hanapan ka na ng butas para di ka ma permanent iwas sila sa benefits na ibibigay..

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