Most voters are dumb and ignorant


THIS columnist was not surprised when the Senate recommended to the Ombudsman  the investigation  of  former National Food Authority (NFA) Administrator Lito Banayo for alleged graft while in office.

Banayo tolerated the use of NFA licensed rice importers as dummies in cornering rice import quotas worth millions of pesos, according to the findings of a joint Senate probe committee.

When Banayo was still NFA head, I heard about the shenanigans at the rice agency, but I chose to keep quiet because I didn’t have enough evidence to nail him.

I just thought to myself that Banayo would eventually hang himself.

As it turned out, I was right.

In my conversations with Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, I gathered that he also had his suspicions about the then NFA administrator.

In fact, Alcala, Banayo’s boss who was in the midst of a campaign to make the country self-sufficient in rice, wanted the NFA chief to stop importing rice.

Banayo resigned from the NFA to run for congressman of Agusan del Norte province.

What did I hear from disgruntled rice importers about Banayo?

That he was favoring certain rich individuals who cornered state rice import quotas.

Estimates by disgruntled rice importers placed Banayo’s alleged earnings from the manipulated import quotas at more than P500 million.

No wonder, Banayo could afford to run for Congress.

* * *

Banayo was one of the harshest critics of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo for the latter’s alleged corrupt activities.

He was then the spokesperson of then presidential candidate Panfilo Lacson.

There’s a saying in Pilipino, “Ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw (A thief hates his fellow thieves).”

That saying may well apply to Banayo.

* * *

What got into President Noy’s head to appoint Banayo as NFA chief when he was fired as postmaster general during the first Aquino—“Tita” Cory’s— administration?

Then Secretary Reinerio Reyes of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) fired Banayo in 1987.

At first Banayo didn’t want to leave his post even after he was given the walking papers.

But he eventually left after Reyes told him he would be bodily carried out of his office by Marines assigned at the DOTC.

* * *

If I were Nancy Binay I would follow my conscience and sense of propriety and drop out of the Senate race even if it would offend my father, Vice President Jojo Binay.

If you read the Inquirer editorial Thursday, you would agree that of the 33 senatorial candidates, she has no qualifications to boast of.

She has not held an elective or appointive post. Neither has she managed a private company or taken part in any cause-oriented undertaking.

Her only qualification—if you may call it that—is being an alalay or caregiver to her mother, Elenita Binay.

Her father unashamedly said she qualifies to be a senator because “she’s my daughter.”

That’s Philippine politics, “pakapalan na ng mukha! (No shame!)”

* * *

There is no doubt Nancy will win. This early, she is already No. 4 in the surveys of senatorial candidates.

Her father knows that many voters are dumb and ignorant, and so they will elect leaders based on popularity and not what they can do for the country.

More than 80 percent of voters belong to classes D and E who behave like herded cattle.

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  • w4d

    Nakita na natin ang nagagawa (o kakulangan ng gawa) ng mga hindi karapatdapat sa senado. Bobo talaga ang bansa kung mananalo si Binay…LOL

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

       pre wag kang ganyan sino gusto u manalo ung taong kamukha ng isang bayani pero tuta pala ni GMA sa youth commission wala rin syang karasanan negosyante sya di ba tama gagawa sya ng batas sa mga mayayaman at elitista. o gusto u naman ung makakaliwa na kabit ng isang cabinet secretary e di baka maipasa nya ung divorce law na sisira ng pamilyang pilipino o gusto mo ung pachiz chiz lang sa TV na walang naipasang panukalang batas.


    >>>Banayo resigned from the NFA to run for congressman of Agusan del Norte province.<<<
    HUH?  Maaari ba ito, ,e, residente ng Maynila yang si Banayo na dati ay nakatira at lumaki sa kanto ng Washinton (Maceda) at Dimasalang?  Anak ng pope-a, binababoy at nababaoy na talaga ang Pilipinas ng mga TNL na mga carpetbaggers!  At, mantakin mo, 500 milyones (kung totoo) ang nalimas ng dating nag-dyi-dyip nung pumapasok pa sa Letran.  Kahiya kang Letranista, Banayong magaling bumayo sa kaban!


    >>>That’s Philippine politics, “pakapalan na ng mukha! (No shame!)”<<<

    AT….pakapalan ng WALLET!  Mas makapal mas magaling.  At mas maitim daw, mas swe-swertehin.

  • Ganymede

    Dapat baguhin na ang qualifications ng mga botante. Yun mga nagbabayad lang ng tax ang dapat  may karapatang bumoto.

    • Kumander Chameleon

      Bro lahat ng Pilipino Nagbabayad ng Tax! Maski hindi botante! Simula sa Multi Millionaryo hanggang sa Pulubi! Simula sa Presidente hanggang sa mga katutubo nagbabayad ng buwis! Lahat ng kumakain nagbabayad ng buwis! Lahat ng bumibili maski sa sari sari store nagbabayad ng buwis. kahit nga simbahan hindi libre sa buwis dahil bumibili rin sila at lahat ng binibili natin Tax Included!

      • Ganymede

        Sorry, I should have been more specific.. though tingin ko gets niyo na rin naman ang ibig kong sabihin – so more of yun mga nagbabayad ng income tax – otherwise, like what you said lahat naman nagbabayad ng tax, so there is no distinction.

    • eirons1043

      Baka po ang ibig ninyong sabihin eh iyong nagbabayad ng INCOME TAX.  Kasi po ngayon dahil sa EVAT eh lahat ng tao na bumibili eh nagbabayad ng EVAT na isang tax sa pagkonsumo ng pagkain at iba pa. Sama po ako sa panukala ninyo duon sa Income tax payer lang ang boboto kaso dapat kasama ang mga SSS at GSIS pensioner kahit di na sila nagbabayad ng Income Tax for obvious reason.

      • Ganymede

        Tama… pasensiya na kung hindi ako naging specific, pero kuha niyo naman na ang ibig kong sabihin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HAPQVQNMOOCNHB54ONDGD2KSRE esther


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V5M7VLIWT64ZELQOUBPHUWUC2Y dA2

    Some are still voting for Ferdinand Marcos. They just can’t forget the man.

  • Guest

    Here’s the video of the senate inquiry where Lito Banayo’s modus operandi was exposed:


    So what’s Ombudsman Morales doing? Two months na itong lumabas ah.

  • Rio Legaspi

    Sino ba ang may diperensya, voters or candidates?by Rio Legaspi on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 7:35pm ·PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists…Monrovia, Liberia AreaLas Pinas Technical And Manpower InstituteUnited Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)AcquaintancesGo Back
    It is election time again, a reason why I ask this question. Let us start with the voters. Throughout Philippine history, there is no sign of any wise voting by the people, most are tainted with vote buying and cheating, of course with people’s consent because they are the accessories. It happened due to some reasons:

    a) Most voters are illiterate coming from the poor, a reason for selling their vote for a kilo of rice, a sardine, sugar, salt, and candies. Can you imagine the price of every voters, then the effect was a long torture of poverty! Politicians are capitalizing on them and I call them sucker. Now, what is the root cause of illiteracy? It is the absolute lack of education that the government cannot provide to its people. Secondary level of education is not a valid weapon to understand the in and out of politics. Sometimes, tertiary level graduates are talking non-sense about politics. Educators are having the same problems, they lack the knowledge and liking in politics. In short, people are totally not interested in politics due to lack of proper guidance in which I can surely say intentionally motivated by politicians for their own interest. This situation is totally frustrating because the future generation are totally encourage not to participate in government activities, so as to prolong the wrong system. People are good in gossip, entertainment, vices of any kind. In short the country has a moral and education crisis a reason for a continuous cycle of weak governance and corruption.

    b) The politicians: They are the real cause of the problem. They have all the means to change the wrong system, but unable to apply into action. They are guided by a variety of moral principle resulting to indifference. Politics mixed with religion is the name of the game. Political parties are weak and no solid foundation, multi-party system is a mess, party-list add insult to injury, passed bills are full of loopholes, political dynasties, and to summarized, all institutions are tainted with wrongdoings! Some say to think positively, but I cannot force myself to so so because I will be fooling myself. People are lacking in participation or is it a trauma of the past dictatorial experienced? We cannot disregard the effect considering the rampant killings anytime of the day involving military and police, not to mention the bad elements of the society. 

    c) The church is part to blame also because they don’t abide to separation of church and state. Church doctrines has no innovation meaning obsolete following a life way way back will drain and confuse people’s comprehension resulting to hypocrisy in life. Evading reality and embracing the unknown is the tools of the brutes and the witches, together hand in hand they weaken the mind of the people and live their life headless, roaming and living life in a monotonous and with no real direction. The theory of self-sacrifice was injected to the mind of the people, resulting to morality crisis.

    Nobody dares to address this kind of philosophy, resulting to surrendering the human mind, and entrusting their future and destiny to the two entities the brutes and the witch doctors. If I am alone in this kind of theory, It is because I choose to exercise and used my mind independently and that is real freedom in choosing all my beliefs and ideas. Joining the majority is not a sign of correctness, it was due only to coercion and the laziness of its member to think and analyze the system before joining. Let us not forget that all ideas, start in a single mind, a hardworking mind, and as it grows there goes the negative aspect particularly the abuse of power. Later on the majority and the ideas will collapse and a new one will sprout, that is the cycle of ideas used by people for survival in search for true justice.

  • http://pedestrianobserver.blogspot.com/ Political Jaywalker

    I don’t think most voters are dumb and ignorant, it is the system of patronage that makes them vote for idiotic trapos. Besides whoever wins their lives are not getting any better and corruption are getting worse as ever so what difference does it make if they sell their votes?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    “More than 80 percent of voters belong to classes D and E who behave like herded cattle. ”

    Absolutely AGREE bossing , this is the main reason why i hate going back and live with dumb and stupid people.

  • beerhunters

    even the communists who claim to work for the masses derisively call them “lumpen proletariat”!!

  • edm365f31

    the dumb and dumber are those who participated on that survey and put nancy b at number 4.  until the masses know how to use their right of suffrage wisely the filipinos will always be shackled by injustice.
    mga pinoy matuto na kayo..nak nang teteng!!!  naman?!?! 

    • spider69

      baka binayaran ang mga tao sa survey. kaya no. 4 si Nancy hudas ay magbigti.

  • joeybg

    Last eleksiyon 5 milyon ang mga Tanag at Bobo ang bumoto kay Bigote.

    Sa Mayo malalaman ulit natin kung gaano karami ang mga TANGA at BOBO na boboto sa mga kandidato ng UNA.

    Pakapalan lang talaga ng Mukha, ang mga Taong kayang sikmurain ang mga kinakain na galing sa NAKAW.


    Most voters maybe ignorant but writters are sure salivating Dumb for money. Tulfo’s writtings are for dumb pinheads only yet Tulfo pretends to be holier than thou. What a despicable writter.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Claudine, hinay hinay lang

  • tulfotumbong

    tama ka tulfing. kung may kahihiyan pa si nancy binay para sa panahong darating dapat ay umatras na lang siya. alam niya na gawa lang ng pangalang binay kaya siya lumamang sa survey pero ano ba ang qualification niya. caretaker ? WALA. huwag na niyang sabihing tatak binay siya. anong klaseng tatak yon. ang sama kasi di pa alam ng sambayanan ang tunay ng pagkatao ni binay.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

       aanhin mo ang sobrand talino tulad ni Mirriam/PNOY kung wla namang naipasang batas na makakatulong sa mga mahihirap. Wag natin i judge ang isang tao kung sya ba ay walang experience o kasing dunong ni Mirriam alalahanin natin na ung mga baguhan at walng experience pa ang masisipag mag work kahit sa pribadong sektor man kasi ayaw nila magkamali o mapulaan ng maraming tao. ang mahalaga makagawa ng batas na makaktulong sa mahihirap di ung tumataas nga ang ekonomiya di naman nararamdaman ng karamihang pilipino. I think i try ko nang iboto ang isang taong walang experience pero handang matuto at maglingkod sa bayan kesa sa puro papogi, puro pacute pa chiz chiz, mahilig magbitakos pag malapit na eleksyon pero pag oras na ng work walang maipasang batas,  makakalikasan daw pero madami illegal loggers, marami daw nagawang batas sa kongreso pero nangangamkam ng mga lupain, kamukha ng bayani pero dati palang tuta ni GMA sa youth commision

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Si Nancy proprietor ng bakery na naka-kontrata sa lahat ng Birthday cakes na binibigay sa Sr.citizens. Saksakan ng mahal ang cake (P2.8k/pc) samantalang  ordinary roll lang ito na mabibili mo ng P500 sa ordinaryong bakery. Kasama ito sa inimbestigahan ni Heidi Mendoza kaya nga hanggang ngayon hindi ma-confirm sa COA si Heidi. Halos 100/araw ang nag bbirthday na Sr. Citizen sa Makati, isipin nyo nalalng ang Taga ni Nancy. Ganyan sila sa Makati!

      • http://inquirer.net/ binaygulay

        waw bro, may link ka ba niyan sa cake scandal?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

         ikaw naman at least nagbigay kesa naman sa wala na ngang ginagawa nangungurakot pa puro noynoying lang pero ung mga kasama nyang si Quimbo isa pala sa mga kawatan sa Pag ibig… yan ang tuwad na daan

  • bongarroyo

    tama huwag iboto iyan nancy binay na iyan walang alam iyan sa politika…

    ipagpatuloy na lang niya ang pagiging yaya niya…



    Isang bagay ang tiyak > si Binay ay tunay na Pilipino ! pati anak niya. Ang Pilipinas ay para sa Pilipinong kulay.

    • joeybg

      Tama, isang Tunay na Pilipinong Kawatan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


    • http://twitter.com/wadjitzain coty

      guid man!

  • Rovingmoron

    That’s Pinas politics. What can you do? Now, it’s up for the people if they will vote for someone who has no experience but a popular last name.

  • billijo

    If this author is going to insult his reader then he him self need more educating so he will not show his own ignorance. To be dumb is to be unable to speak. So he may be right about the voting population being ignorant as he has shown his self to be,but most voter are not dumb.
    What is to be expected in a country where so many have little to no chance of an education. Those that do have an education get little or no problem solving skills. The lack of problem solving skills  is the key to having a better life.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      You also need to study more so you will stop making DUMB comments! 

      Accepted definitions of DUMB: a) Lacking intelligence, b) lacking capacity to process data.  Further,  there is evidence that, when applied (as you have inferred) to persons who cannot speak, DUMB has come to be considered offensive. Source, Merriam Webster

  • iskurokutoy

    No ITR no vote!
    Walang karapatang bumoto ang mga taong hindi naman nagbabayad ng buwis.

    Tingnan ko lang kung alagaan pa ng mga politiko ang mga squatter na ‘yan!

    Itaas sa 21 ang voting age.
    Mga graduates lang ng kolehiyo (vocational o degree) ang pwedeng bumoto.
    Kahit hindi nakatapos pero may negosyo o trabaho, basta nagbabayad ng tax ay pwedeng bumoto.

    Pwedeng i-verify sa CHED ang mga diploma ng mga balak mandaya.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EAUFRN6E4JJ67TDR25KRGR3DFE Zen

      mali ka dyan. idea ko rin dati yung ITR tapos na realize ko kahit pala pulubi nagbabayad ng buwis. VAT and SALES TAXES. pag bumili siya ng yosi o lucky me automatic may contribution na siya sa kaban ng bayan. so may rights na siya. so ITR won’t work really. hanggang ngayon nagiisip ako ano ba talaga ang soluson. ang problema kasi ng bayan natin 2–yung oligarchs at mahihirap na marami. pag pinagsama mo ‘to patay tayo lahat. both of them (di lahat naman) are guided by money as prime motivation. so pera pera ang labas ng eleksyon. kawawa talaga yung mga middle class at professionals na may pangarap sa bayan natin. pero between the oligarchs at mahihirap, mas malaki ang kasalanan ng oligarchs kasi sinasadya nila na maghirap pa ang mahirap para ang yaman sa oligarchs lang. ang kasalanan lang ng mahirap (di lahat) ay easy money ang kadalasang thinking nila. kasi nga naman life and death sila. ang rebolusyon talaga is borne by the thinking class na kadalasan galing sila sa middle class kasi sila ang may edukasyon. sana nga maging modelo ng mahihirap talaga si andres–kahit mahirap nagpursiging matuto kung ano ang nangyayari sa kanyang bayan. 

  • Virgilio Dedeles

    Thanks Mon for identifying the “caregiver”….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose


  • jayemdee_412

    The cat is now out of the bag. Tulfo’s last column mentioned that a caregiver would be another member the Senate. Well, reading the article you’ll know who is that caregiver who will sit in the supposed august chamber of the Senate after the May 2013 elections (as if I didn’t know).

  • http://twitter.com/wadjitzain coty

    ha ha if voter’s are generally dumb, the candidates/politicians they voted for is a lot more dumber! derisive laughter!

    • Sam Tañara

      right!! dumber & dumbest but very rich…. so they have the last laugh … it’s more fun in Philippine politics!

  • balut123

    dapat ganito ang pagka-print Mon…. “PAKAPALAN NA NG MUKHA!  (NO SHAME!)”…bold letters!

    para makita ni NogNog at mahimasmasan na hindi siya magiging presidente…

  • whyinthisworld

    Mon, you are 101 pct. right. Nancy has no required qualification whatsoever to be an elected senator. Jojo Binay claims Nancy is his daughter and being so she could can run for any public office. So shameless and sobrang kapalmuks this VP which reflect to his true color, black. Right again when you said 80 pct. or more of our voters are really dumb and ignorant. Can we tell or teach them to be intelligent and knowledgeable on who to vote for this coming election?

  • kilabot

    1) banayo and pinkylacson are syndicate bosses; 
    2) noykapon appointed banayo due to pinky’s hold on noykapon: a dossier; 
    3) nancyb, noykapon, erap, cory. democracy is sometimes stupid and dumb, but that’s democracy.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    voters are too dumb when they vote for


  • Love God





  • dominator1

    UNA- 3 kings of corruption! Walang mga hiya tong si erap, binay at enrile.. Sobrang kapal ng mukha.. Magaling Lang magpa pogi sa mga mangmang na botante. Pag na halal sa puesto katakot takot na nakaw ang ginagawa. Vote for binay and it will be the end of Philippines! Binay maligno ang asawa mukhang aswang!

  • kismaytami

    That’s why wala na talagang pag-asa ang Pilipinas. Ayaw simulan ng mga lider ang pagbabago sa sarili nila. At sa sobrang kakupalan ng mukha, nagagawa pa nilang sabihin na simulan ng mga mamamayan sa kanilang sarili ang pagbabago. PWEH!

  • Boy_Paco


    BOSS(Filipino voters) : Nancy, what are your qualifications to seek a senate seat?
    NANCY : I am the daughter of the vice president.

    BOSS(Filipino voters) : Do you know how much a senator received in the chamber and do you think you deserve it?
    NANCY : Yes, i am the daughter of the vice president.

    BOSS(Filipino voters) : What are your platforms to run for the senate?
    NANCY : Caregiver to the vice president until 2016 presidential election.

    BOSS(Filipino voters) : You’re hired! you can start on June.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FDZ3M7AR7U2MNOU2RJGEWI3BLU zedle

    Ang mga Binay ay maiitim ang balat, buto at budhi. Ang kakapal pa ng mukha.  Caregiver for Senator. Nakakainis talaga ang pulitika sa atin

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose

    Grabe! Full throttle si Mon looks like being aformer media personality na meron mga connection to the current and previous Administration mahirap gibainsi Banayo. so far ikaw pa lang yata nababasa ko na naka tutok sa anomalya.
    Nung araw na columnist pa yan dati pag bumibili ako ng Malaya news paper una ko binubuksan ang column nya fearless and hard hitter pero nabalita nga rin yung anomalya sa una nyang assignment kaya nakakadismaya.Tapos napwesto na naman sa NFA desite of that. Sana mapatunayan sa mga tao kung tutuo yung ginawa niyang  anomalya sa NFA. mukhang wala rin delikadesa kasi tuloy lang ang laban.
    Be carefull about us voters in my own opinion Most of us are actually not ignorant alam mo naman kung bakit mananalo yung isang kandidato not only by popularitybut also being generous to everyone including to the media so kasali namin kayo dyan na mga nag susulat sa accountability.Media can make or break a personality but if most of you will do anhonest job not to be dictated tatalino rin ang botante. sayang ang Democracy if people were dictated with money.

    You had good column today I enjoy reading but not so good Job.   

  • Yobhtron

    “More than 80 percent of voters belong to classes D and E who behave like herded cattle.” Tumpak! Saksakan ng dami ng BOBOTANTE sa Pinas.  Kailangan natin kumilos at tulungan sa pagpapalaganap ng impormasyon sa tamang pagboto. Magsimula tayo sa pamilya, then sa kamag-anak, kapitbahay, kabarangay.  Walang mangyayari kung hindi tayo tutulong sa ikakabuti ng bansa natin. Taas Pinas!

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    Just to let you all know that I have been telling my international email forum that the government of any country is as good as the majority of the people who put the elected officials in office if those countries have free election. So model countries like those in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Singapore, Canada, the USA and in particular my home state of Minnesota where corruption is an extremely rare occasion if it ever happens to public officials –it does happen to private companies but their officials are readily prosecuted and sentenced to a hefty jail time. So if we keep on complaining against officials remember the majority of us put them in power which then define the kind of people who put them in power.

  • Garibaldi_II

    The easiest way to win the election is to have corrupt, rich and crookedly-connected parents.

  • noelpdavid

    As i have posted on another column days ago,i will post again my idea of a solution to the problem of irresponsible voting. the idea is to get rid of irresponsible candidates rather than wait for the time for voters to learn how to vote wisely. COMELEC must make aspiring candidates pass oral & written exams first before being qualified to run. it maybe wishful thinking on my part,but there must be ideas to come up to solve the problem of useless voting trend. Screening of the candidates is a more doable process than dreaming of having an intelligent electorate.

    • $42337655

       Another very wise idea, very wise.  Saves time and can be implemented quickly while

      education is in the wings taking time to ripen. Way to go !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    “Her father knows that many voters are dumb and ignorant, and so they
    will elect leaders based on popularity and not what they can do for the

    Hmm.. once in a while, Mr. Tulfo got something to say that I fully concur with. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    the fil-am who replaced him is also worth discussing. no matter how bright he might be, i hope it won’t take long before someone else will take notice of his unwise, if not illegal appointment.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS

    Sabi ni Tulping, ang magnanakaw eh galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.

    Sabi ko naman, ang kolumnistang makapal ang apog (si Tulping), eh galit sa kapwa kolumnistang mas makapal ang apog kesa kanya (si Tolits Onayab).

    ‘Tsaka, si Tulping, maliwanag na talo ni Tolits sa paramihan ng mga naharbat na makapal-na-sobre.

    Si Tolits – merong P500 MILLION, sabi mismo ni Tulping, galing daw sa mga namamastol ng bigas sa NFA.

    Samantalang si Tulping eh naputol na ang dating palabigasan nito ng makapal-na-sobre na si FG, porke, INGRATO raw masyado si Tulping.

    Gusto raw kasi na dapat parehas lang sila ni FG ng hati sa loot.

    Hay, juice kong mahabagin, TANG INUMIN N’YO !!! 

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    Mon ngaun ko lang nagustuhan column mo specially the last part……..claudine wag mo na ulit aaway si mon…… hane…… kaw din remart ha

  • phantomofhope

    thank you Mr Tulfo for being fearless! we need more columnists like you

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

      Si Tulfo fearless? Boss, ginagatasan lang niya si Binay at Banayo! Tawag sa trabaho ni Tulfo “attack and collect.” Tignan ninyo bila na lang makakalimutan ni Tulfo mag follow up ng accusations niya. Pagtumigil siya ibig sabihin ay na bayaran na si Tulfo para tumigil.

      Lagi niyang binabakalan si Binay. Wala na kasing panahon si Binay gumawa ng self defense mas mura pa bayaran na lang niya si Tulfo! Huwag kayong basta bastang maniwala kay Tulfo. Lumang tugtugin na yan ng mga reporters at columnista!

  • http://z6.invisionfree.com/flipzi Flipzi

    Fellows, masakit man tanggapin pero tama si Tulfo.

    Madami kasi sa botante natin madaling magpauto at magpaloko.

    Hindi nila lubos na nauunawaan ang kahalagahan na tamang pagboto.


    Nakasalalay sa atin na may sapat na pangunawa na bigyan ng liwanag ang kaisipan ng mga botante na naliligaw ang isip at nabibilktima lang ng mga pulitiko.

    Tayo din naman nadadamay kaya hindi tayo pwede magwalang kibo.

    Malaki ang maitutulong ng media at pinagsamang aksiyon para maturuan ang botante sa tamang pagboto at kung bakit dapat tama ang pagboto.

    • $42337655


      Hear! Hear!  The internet is one good tool to use. We have to educate those who are more in numbers (it is a Numbers Game). The problem is known, it is time to act to solve the problem.
      Improving the economy and the educational system with emphasis on moral education, also is needed. But the effects of this will take time. The corrupt uncaring politicians do not want this to happen so they can continually rob the country dry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002398216749 Jason Ladd

    Well said..That’s why the Philippines will remain stagnant for another millennium. A society that are in a majority corrupt caused by being dummies and ignorant. Yes, There will be change but…..give and take a couple of centuries or so.

  • tiopaero

    Banayo is the perfect model of Abnoy’s Daang Matuwid with Neil Tupaz and Nerio Acosta.

  • jahred

    If she promise brown out will disappear in gensan lets vote her mga generals 0(‘-‘)0

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

    I hink it is wrong to blame the “uneducated” voters for the kind of people we have in the elected bodies of the government!!!! Were those elected officials really won or they cheated their way to
    office? Who is to blame if they cheated? With manual voting it was
    difficult to detect cheating … automated voting has even made it more
    difficult to detect … why blame the “uneducated” voters? Accepting
    money from candidates is not an indication that public voted for them
    … but armed goons in the election precincts is an indication that
    something wrong is going on … who is to blame for this? If candidates
    can give out money during campaigning … who is to blame? If the public
    accept money from candidates … ask yourselves what the root cause

    The voting public have to make a choice among the candidates ….
    most are corrupt anyway … if one doesn’t vote … he can he jailed …
    what is his choice?

    An elected official commits something against the law … Juan dela
    Cruz goes to court …. think about our justice system … if you have
    money … Juan dela Cruz will most certainly go to jail instead of the
    moneyed politicians … just look at te number of whistle blowers who
    ended up dead or behind bars … Blame the “uneducated” voting

    If you go against the government of the most corrupt, cheaters,
    plunderers, smugglers, womanizers, etc etc … and start shouting in the
    streets … you will be branded a rebel and jailed … WHAT CHOICE DOES ONE HAVE?
    Vote an actor!!!!!!


    • Bayan Panona

       If you go against the government of the most corrupt, cheaters,
      plunderers, smugglers, womanizers, etc etc … and start shouting in the
      streets … you will be branded a rebel and jailed … – This is entirely rubbish! I never even heard anyone from the militant protesters jailed because of beating policemen during the recent DAR protest.

    • Bayan Panona

      I don’t think there should be anyone to be blamed. Everybody should be blamed for being apathetic to everything. All we care about is our own interests and not the interest of this country. We always ask the government for our rights but we do not recognize our Responsibilities. When will we ever learn to stop asking what our country can do for us and start doing something for our country. That my friend is out of the poor and dumb people’s minds and totally ignored by the rich and educated.

    • kolambogan

      We should not be too pre-occupied with the blaming game, we should start being critical of the real the scums of society, the group of people whom you mentioned, the educated elite, all those who are suppose to build the moral foundation of the citizens, all those who are suppose to protect those who have less in brains, those who have less in life, expose them for what they really are, most of them have enjoyed impunity for so long because of padrino system, the corrupt and their sychopants can easily mixed with wealth and power to start their own power bases, they needed also religious wannabees because of their captive audience and prospective voters in their congregation in exchange for doleouts/bribe for their respective churches. These are the kinds of people that must be revealed and exposed for their sins against God and their fellowmen.  

  • limcat

    “many voters are dumb and ignorant” – amen to that

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRLFHB4ZOMCNGDUJ2ZINRV7DAQ Juan

    True, this is one of my essay arguments 2 years ago that popular voting the way we do is for primitive people. Just invite them once for a feast of Zesto and mayo sandwich and you will be their leader until someone else invited them. Kay Hagedorn lang ako walang complain. Si Gordon pwede na rin kaya lang hindi siya marunong mamili ng tropa I think yung Tandem lang nila ni BF ang matino niyang naging tropa.

  • julieboy

    How true what our voters are and its so sad.we have leaders voted by ignorant people who cant think farther than their noses.And it has been like that as long as i can remember.So it explains why we are still in limbo..The only cure is education but it will take a long time to get to that maturity of voters.So we have to suffer some more with politicians who really have nothing to offer but BS.. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

    She has not held an elective or appointive
    post. Neither has she managed a private company or taken part in any
    cause-oriented undertaking.

    Her only qualification—if you may call it that—is being an alalay or caregiver to her mother, Elenita Binay.

    Her father unashamedly said she qualifies to be a senator because “she’s my daughter.”

    That’s Philippine politics, “pakapalan na ng mukha! (No shame!)”

    Matigas na nga ang mga mukha ng mga Binay, sinamahan pa ng mga bobong botante, YARI ANG PINAS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/noel.naig Noel Naig

    for once tumama rin si ramon…dahil ignorante talaga ang mostly sa ating mga voters…so ang mangyari palagi …kung sino ang sikat..sya ang panalo…pera din pala importante yon…para pambili ng boto…we will have to live with it kasi matagal at mahirap na baguhin ang politikal system natin…kaya sinamantala ng mga buaya….habang walang pagbabago ganito na lang tayo….

    • =JOHN SOHN=

      kaya nga dapat ipaalam sa mga botante na hindi si jejomar binay ang kumakandidato kundi ang anak nya na naging alalay lang ng ina nya. nakteteng nagpasalamat pa ang nancy binay naging no. 4 siya sa survey. #$#%#%#$%#$%^ ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!


      tama ka kabayan. tignan mo sa ilocos sur, walang pagbabago pero panalo pa rin ang mga singson

  • malek_abdul

    This is one rare article of Mr. Tulfo I agree with. I begun to dislike Banayo. I already don’t have in my list Nancy Binay. And, I agree that still a lot of Filipino voters are dumb and ignorant.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

      What Mon wrote is nothing new! He’s just blackmailing Nancy and Banayo.

      Mon will squeeze more from Nancy because he knows that Jojo has a big budget for “shut up money for media men.” Ginagatasan ni Mon si Binay, kaya gagatasan naman tayo ni Binay!

      • malek_abdul

        However you call it I still believe that Banayo needs to be investigated while Nancy Binay is not qualified to be a senator. What is important here perhaps is nabawasan ang boto ni Nancy and the people from Agusan Del Norte will now have second thoughts of voting Banayo.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

        I’m not saying Nancy is deserving to be a senator and Lito Banayo is clean. My point is the corruptness of Tulfo. He exposes not to correct a wrong but to sensationalize the news so he can collect more money to keep his mouth shut!

  • http://www.facebook.com/loso.neto Loso Neto

    Yup. This article is more or less correct.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F7U5GJ7LTBKEIF2YVXIDSXCIIM ROSARIO

    Only in the Philippines! This is the pride of the Philippines. Mabuhay kayo!

  • jinx

    “…… more than 80 percent of voters behave like herded cattle” – Mon Tulfo

    I agree!  One classic example is when Filipinos still need the services of barkers to let them into jeepneys or buses, or when they still look for fixers in various public offices.  Fixers and barkers won’t thrive if their services are not patronized by the public.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

    Ang galing ni Mon Tulfo. Don’t get carried away. That has always been his tactic – attack and collect! He will be doing this for the rest of the campaign period when all candidates are vulnerable.

    I’ll bet Nancy and Banayo are already negotiating “how much?” so that Mon would stop writing about them. Watch Mon, he will attack more candidates. He is a blackmailer as many of the media men are!

    • go88

      you are right, now it’s like second christmas time for corrupt and inutil like him.

    • patasfair23

      At pano mo naman nalaman? Galing mo naman. Ikaw na magsulat sa inquirer. Staff ka siguro nila binay.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D5PSIAC2E3D5THZH5EGXZ3MJ7I Ricky Salvador

    most voters do not behave like herded cattles, mon. they behave like herded idiots…please don’t insult cattles.

  • JasonBieber

    Calling most voters dumb and ignorant is pretty harsh.

    However, when see actors get elected who have no business in government then you wonder if it true. To think, a Presidential candidate who had no real business running for President based off of a very poor achievement track record while in Congress and Senate…only decided to run after a family tragedy and then goes on to win the Presidential election due to his family relations…you can’t help but wonder what goes behind voting.

    Is it vote based on last name? Or vote based on sympathy? Or vote on favorite actor or personality?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

      Wow, pwede ka naman mag Tagalog, ha, Jason!

    • patasfair23

      Coz it’s true. Kaya ganito pa rin Pilipinas.

      • mjp78

        Agree..harsh reality…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWOTOJASNHRXAP77UNRETCZZGQ ulrich j


  • Adam_d_langgam

    Banayo …. Alvarez … Llamas…. Puno…… Torres ….. The list goes on and on.

    Iisa lang ang common thread. Mga kaibigan ni simeon. Natural absuwelto. Tuwad na daan indeed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

    You are right .Mr. Tulfo…in most places all ‘tambays’ are only waiting for some candidates to offer them 200 pesos,,for a vote….to hell with pinoys..

  • where_I_stand

    “She has not held an elective or appointive post. Neither has she managed a private company or taken part in any cause-oriented undertaking.”

    Ramon Tulfo reminds me of the fanatics of the dictator Marcos. They lambasted Cory Aquino then for the same reason as articulated by Tulfo here.

    • Bayan Panona

       Yes, that Mother of Democracy – The President who started the fall of the Philippine government by saying that our government is a government formed by the people for the people. The only problem is, the “PEOPLE” of this country or at least the living majority either lived or born on the day when we fought for our rights, thus every time we talk, we impose our rights without due regard to our responsibility to our country. This eliminated the Patriotic spirit that the older and dead Pilipinos had! Today, the living Pilipinos are enjoying Democracy – the right to express, the right to assemble, and right to petition the government – the most abused rights in Ph! Thanks to its Mother!

  • boybakal

    Most voters are dumb and ignorant…Don’t undermine our intelligence Mon.
    Though we the voters are Dumb and Ignorant…Politicians are intelligent and DUMBEST.

    Vote Nancy Binay…the only genuine, no foreign blood Filipina.
    Love our own…Don’t be hypnotized by mestisa looking candidates. We the browns are the most intelligent creatures on earth.
    Love our own, Love Nancy…Vote for Nancy.

    • mjp78

      don’t discriminate on the looks…as always look at the qualifications…

    • http://inquirer.net/ binaygulay

      eto na naman si BINAYarang poster

    • joshua kings

      “love our own.”?  what kind of reasoning is that? only a retard can think about that…

  • Jim De Garman

    bobo talaga ang mga botante sa ating bansa dahil sa pera.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    This is what we inherited from the past. The freedom that we get is only for the few and now powerful personalities. Philippines will be owned by a few people in the future.   

  • Bayan Panona

    If only Duterte would go for the Senatorial race….

  • stealth ice

    hehehe. when you point your finger to other three fingers is pointing back at you.
    you said galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw.
    so you mean you are also. since galit ka rin sa magnanakaw. bwahahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J


    Nancy Binay said when asked during the interview with ABS-CBN that it is her destiny to become a senator since birth. 
    This maybe the result of her father’s psycho-ed her since birth replaying voice recording while sleeping him saying… “Nancy you will be a senator one day because you are my daughter… Nancy you will be a senator one day because you are my daughter… Nancy you will be a senator one day because you are my daughter … Nancy you will be a senator one day because you are my daughter…Nancy you will be a senator one day because you are my daughter… don’t forget your father is number wan”.


    • IbigMongSabihin

      this is in parallel sa sinasabi noon ni candidate pinoy na it is his destiny to become the president kung under question ang kanyang qualifications considering na almost zero ang naging performance niya as a senator. the public then believed pinoy kasi anak daw siya ni cory, although cory had a dismal performance in governance…. so, kung ok kay pinoy bakit di ok sa ibang tao like this nancy binay? unless of course na ok lang kay pinoy kasi nabola lang noon ng husto ang masang pilipino through the overdose worship-aquino press releases. 

      • maypakialamtayo

        kung ganon qualified din talaga ang anak ni enrile, anak ni angara, anak ni erap, anak ni cayetano, anak ng putakti talaga!

  • joshua kings

    re banayo; if the charges vs him are true, then he really was a big disappointment; many were fooled by him when he was still a columnist in malaya//……

    re majority of voters, yes, they are dumb and ignorant….that’s the sad luck of the nation…
    they do not care much about their right of suffrage, which should be their very powerful weapon against tyrants, against corrupt politicians, against oppression…
    but sadly, yes, they are dumb and ignorant.

    and if nancy binay is elected, then they are i’d say, dumb and dumber.

    her dad needs her in the senate in 2016.

    don’t let this happen lest you are also dumb and dumber.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Habang pwedeng bumili ng boto, hindi mapipigilan manalo ang mga kandidatong hindi karapat-dapat sa pwesto… Basta ang alam ko nagusap si Binay, Erap at Lolong Johnny na ang pinaka-ultimong dahilan ng kanilang pagbuo ng partido ay para maging senador ang kanilang mga anak…

  • $42337655

     “Her father knows that many voters are dumb and ignorant, and so they will elect leaders based on popularity and not what they can do for the country.””More than 80 percent of voters belong to classes D and E who behave like herded cattle.”

       You got that right sir, 100%.  All the sneaky politicians (who are well educated and not hungry)

    know this too.  What are the caring and thinking and responsible and intelligent people doing

    about this knowledge ?  

       There is a saying, “In order for evil to prosper, all the good man has to do is, nothing.”

        The internet is a powerful tool, we should use it to teach our poor, hungry and ignorant fellow

    citizens who number in the millions (they are the ones who vote for bad leaders). In the Numbers

    Game, the politicians know how to win. They have known this for a long, long time.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

       ganyan nag pakiramdam ni FPJ nung nilalait ng mga yellow fanatics ung kakayahan nya kaya un ibinoto si Gloria kaya puro kurakot nag nangyari sa byan. Kung pinagbigyan at sinoportahan lang ng mga yellow mongrel si FPJ maganda na sana takbo ng Pilipinas. Grace gising ka na sa UNA ka na sumama walang Mr. Noted dun.

  • IbigMongSabihin

    papaano maniwala sa sasabihin ni alcala, e bistado na ang taong ito na walang capabilities at hilig lang sa press releases. this is the alcala na ng hindi pa na appoint ni pinoy sa pwesto ay panay ang criticisms bakit may rice importation. so ginawa siya ni pinoy as Agri Secretary noong 2010. alcala then used press releases to severely criticised past agri officials and confirmed that there would be no rice importation in 2011. so pinoy belived and listed the no rice importation as his would-be accomplishment sa kanyang 2011 SONA kaya napalakpakan siya. pero in 2011, alcala imported almost the same volume of rice as in 2009 and 2010. dyahi, hmmm…. then the same alcala publicly confirmed in press releases na magiging sobra-sobra na ang rice production sa 2012. at sinakyan na naman ito ni pinoy para sabihin sa kanyang SONA 2012 na “sa 2013 ang pilipinas na ang magpapakain ng bigas sa ibang bansa”. pero dumami ang rice smuggling ng taong 2012 dahil sa kakulangan ng bigas at sa liit ng rice production sa pilipinas. the country consumes multi-million tons of rice yearly but the published rice production for 2012 was only 300,000 metric tons.hmmm…. tulfo is a good crime crusader pero kulang siya sa analytical and statistical evaluation. what alcala whispers are not always correct!

    • $42337655

       non-performing officials should be removed from positions, simple. Run the government like private corporations for business and you will have a well-oiled organizations. The country will prosper.


    HINDI ba ganito yon?: Yong MATINO at matuturing na MABUTING MAMAMAYAN ng bayan ay may katungkulan na gawan ng paraan yong nakikita o namamalas nyang kamalian.  Kung may nalalaman siyang katiwalian, ito ay dapat na ipa-alam niya sa may kapangyarihan para magawan ng paraan…. at hindi yong ipipihit na lang nya ang kanyang pananaw sa iba upang hindi na nya makita pa ulit yong nakita nyang hindi tama.  At kung yong hindi-tamang yon ang na-isapatupad at nagkaroon ng hindi mabuting kinalabasan para sa karamihan, KAAGAD ang sisisihin ay…. yong gumawa ng hindi tama, at yong mga pulis na bantay-ng-bayan na “walang ginagawa”. Pero sa halimbawang ito, ang UNAng-UNAng may pagkakamali ay yong UNAng nakakita ng paggawa ng pagkakamali na wala naman siyang ginawa bilang isang mabuting mamamayan ng bayan.  Yan ay ang SIN of OMISSION against the society.  Hindi ko tinutukoy yong mga pagkakamali na kailangang i-sugal ang kalusugan o buhay upang ito ay ituwid.  Ang tintukoy ko dito ay yong pangkaraniwang pagkakamali na maaaring ma-ituwid sa pamamagitan ng salita o pagpapayo…. tulad ng papapa-ala-ala sa mga kabayan na hindi dapat binoboto yong mga kandidato na ang katangian lamang ay ang naka-kabit sila sa pundilyo ng kanilang ama o pamilya.  At tama na yong na-ipalahad ninyo ang inyong payo….at kung hindi kayo sinunod, hindi na ninyo yon problema dahil nagawa na ninyo ang anong nararapat.  Pero kung wala kayong ginawa at yong kandidatong ayaw ninyong manalo ang nanalo, hindi dapat na magmukmuk at mag-wala sa pamamagitan ng pagbatikos sa mga botante na lumalabas na salat sa kaisipan at bobo, tanga, at ignorante dahil ang nanalong kandidato ay yong magiging walang-silbi sa bayan, maliban ang paglusong sa kaban ni Juan.  Lapids, Revillas, Sotto, Estradas, Webb, atmpb.

  • boyod

    ito naman si tulfo kung magsalita akala mo hindi rin siya dumb  and dumbmest. kung hindi kalang binigyan ng space sa inquirer then you are nothing but a crumbling prosti 

  • Kandong

    I hate to agree with this guy pero meron syang punto!…. Hindi ang kandidato at mga opisyal sa gobyerno ang dapat nating palitan kundi ang pag-i-isip ng mga tao sa pag-pili ng kandidato! Nasa ating lahat ng mamamayan na pagsabihan ang ating mga kapatid kung ang kanilang ibubuto ay makakatulong o magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Gising mga kapatid!

  • maypakialamtayo

    akala mo kung sino itong banayo na ‘to kung bumanat sa dating kurap ngayon pala ay kurap din at may balak pang maging isang kongresista siguro naliliitan sya dun sa NFA. pero walang mangyayari dito, bata ni lacson yan at syempre si lacson at pnoy ay alam nyo na.

  • bogli_anakdami

    “Most voters are dumb and ignorant”….

    what do you expect??? flips are gung gongs en tunggaks!

  • $14141131

    Most voters are dumb and ignorant… I agree with this. That is why the leadership of the government is dumb and ignorant.

  • Mario Salinas

    Does Lito Banayo have any sense of delicadeza? How do his wife and children feel about their father? Since the Cory government, Banayo has been branded as corrupt.

    If it is true that he has gained P500M from his NFA deals, he must be enjoying the high life now. I hope hell exists, and there is a special place for him.

    Another public servant who has enriched himself is Binay. He started as a “street parliamentarian” against Marcos whom he denounced as evil and corrupt — and transformed into a Marcos clone, evil and corrupt. Truly, you slay a monster to become a monster yourself.

    But we have this specter hanging over our heads: Nancy Binay is emerging as a clone of the father. For our future children’s sakes, let us do something against this madness. Let us not put her in the Senate. There are other choices, much better and much more qualified.

    Jun Magsaysay, Richard Gordon and Jamby Madrigal are better choices. Just because they are older doesn’t mean that they they are out of sync. Newer faces could mean one thing — greedier hearts.

    • alberto santiago

      Si Jamby?? Burgis din iyan. Ni hindi ko narinig o nabalitaan na matulungin siya sa mahihirap at mga nakalamidad.

    • TotoyKalentong

      Madrigal seriously? If you’re a senate insider, you would know that she would use feng shui in all her decisions, lay-out of her office, hiring of staff. Isn’t she greedy when she hurled her entire family to court, because she didn’t get any inheritance from her aunt Chit Madrigal?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    Not only the voters but to me it seems all Pinoy are mentally slow.

    • buttones

      Not ALL, but ok, we are the product of a feudal system, we don’t question, our educational system was never designed that we should- throw in a theocracy, who rejects any questions anyway what do you expect? We are not called ‘sheep’ for no good reason…. But it is a salutatory thought that, if we escape from this and go abroad we do amazing things! In PH we are not allowed to do such things, the environment is not conducive to those sorts of things….the PH is a closed shop anyway..

  • batchmatters

    Kapal nitong si Lito Banayo. Ang akala ko pa naman ay napakatino kung bumanat noon kina GMA, pero ang gusto pala ay siya naman ang magnakaw. Kakahiya ka at malaking kasiraan sa mga taong sinsero sa kanilang hangaring magbago ang ating lipunan at gobierno. Dapat ding kasuhan nang walang bail itong si Banayo.

    • alberto santiago

      Tila malinis pero bulok ang loob. Ganyan ang nitso sa libingan, maputi sa labas pero bulok ang laman sa loob.

  • vin reyes

    most voters are dumb and ignorant..kaya pala naging presidente si nonoy aquino..hehe

  • buttones

    Fair comment, that’s why we get dumb and ignorant leaders…..I think I can say that without fear of contradiction- 67 years of abject failure? Case proven….

  • $14334231

    pagnanalo si binay sa pagka presidente sa 2016, at natalo si nancy ngayong eleksyon, tiyak luluhod din ang mga pinoy dahil magiging hari si binay at prinsesa si nancy…..haaay buhay…and for once, i agree with you mon that most pinoys are dumb….

  • senatongresman

    Taong bayan din ang naglagay sa pwesto ng mga magnanakaw sa ating gobyerno. Lahat ng pulitiko kanya-kanyang nakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Wala na akong nakita sa ating pulitiko na ang  priority ay kung paano mapaunlad ang pilipinas kung hindi paano sila yayaman. Sino ang mahirap na senatong? o Tongressman?

    • alberto santiago

      Wala bro na mahirap na congressman at senador; Maging governor, vice governor, mayor at iba pa. Barangay captain nga mayaman din.


    >>>Most voters are dumb and ignorant<<<

    THAT most likely includes you and everyone else!  What an irresponsible statement that leads to~

    MANY COLUMNISTS are DUMB, IGNORANT, and SENSELESS, esp those with initials RS. :)

    • Bayan Panona

       Kasama na dyan si Failon at Taberna!

  • Paking

    Matagal na nating alam ito, na bobo ang karamihan sa mga botante. Napakasakit na katotohanan pero gustong-gusto ng mga kandidatong sikat (na bobo) at mga trapo dahil ang mga bobong botanteng ito ang naglalagay sa kanila sa puwesto. Hangga’t ang nananalo ay ‘yong mga ibinoboto nang nakararaming bobong botante, paulit-ulit lang na mapu-puwesto ang tulad nina Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada at siyempre ‘yong mga trapo kasama sina Binay, Enrile, Angara, Drilon at iba pa. Kaya tuloy parang walang saysay ang eleksyon dahil ‘yong mga bugok na kandidato ang laging nananalo sa tulong ng mga bugok ding botante. Walang magawa yong ka-kaunting matatalino dahil laging nananaig yong pinipili ng nakararaming bobo.Hangga’t di natututo si Juan De La Cruz na pumili nang tamang kandidatong iboboto, hindi tayo aasenso sa kamay ng mga mapagsamantalang pulitiko.

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      may kasalanan din ang “MEDIA” jan. Anu na ba nabalita nila sa ibang mga hindi sikat per mas qualified na kandidato. pero umutot lang si BAM Aquino, news agad. nagblurp lang si Nancy Binay, news agad.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Sa Pilipinas, ang pinakamiharap kumbinsihin ay yung mga taong walang alam. Kasi ang karamihan dito ay super pilosopo. Ang paniniwala nila na matalino sila kapag mahirap kumbinsihin ang dahilan kung bakit ang daming pilosopo dito. Basahin na lang natin yung mga POSTS dito sa Inquirer, mostly walang nilalaman yung arguments sa posts, sasabihan ka lang ng idiot, tanga, hudas, etc,. Mahirap talaga tayong umunlad hanggat maraming taong ganito, masabi lang naka-kontra kahit walang kwenta, OK na….

  • southernsons

    Where did they conduct the surveys? Slums of Makati? Who conducted the surveys? And why should we believe on those surveys? Was it done to tell the truth or to mislead others? I don’t believe Filipinos voters are dumb and ignorant. It’s the candidates that taking advantage of the situation of our poor fellows. Vote wisely Ka Bayan.

  • senatongresman

    To be wealthy & successfull in the philippines:
    1. Mag artista para sumikat at makilala sa buong pilipinas2. Mamuhunan sa election para manalo sa politika (Konsehal; Mayor; Governor; Tongressman; senatong; Presidente)3. Pag nanalo babawiin lahat ang puhunan.4. Magnakaw ng magnakaw para maging powerful/welathy and successful in the Philippines.

    • joshua kings

      artista muna; pag nalalaos na, kumandidato na para congressman…look at goma and aga….di ba?   di malaon, si ogie naman ang susunod…tapos si sharon…si kris, tumityempo lang yan, malamang sa 2016 for senator….not because laos na siya kundi itutulak siya ng pamilya aquino to preserve and protect their varied interests…
      si ai-ai din, posible….
      it’s more fun in da pilipins…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L3NJ4IIZZMB2OMPIOR7X2B72ME k

    tulfing,you are more dumber and more ignorant for supporting corrupt politicians like binay and erap for money.

    • patawad

      Di pa husto bayad ni Binay…. eh….inaatake niya si Nancy na wala daw qualification.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L3NJ4IIZZMB2OMPIOR7X2B72ME k

        iba yung bayad ni nancy…sa chinese>>>iba bayad tatay,iba bayad anak…

  • yaonglaan

    That is the reason why we need a stricter policy for voters before they can be considered as such  nag aapply nga na janitor e may requirements pa lalo siguro dapat ang boboto para sa eleksyon at least may IQ test at hinde porke 18 pede na bumoto 

    • ewankosayo

       agree on this…a law should be made about this…but definitely will not pass congress…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    marami talagang dam na botante tulad nalang ng pag pili ng senador enrile tuta ni damaso gus2 mag parami ng batang hubo salot! kasama na jan si sotto uminom daw yung asawa ng medicol kaya nalag lag ang bata napakasinungaling ng unggoy na ito pang eat bulaga lang talaga hambog!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    bong revillla for president lito lapid for vice president many pacquio for senator!

    • prince_janus

       BWAhahahahahahahhaha! Philippine banana republic!

    • boshog

      can we add nancy binay for senate president?

  • julieboy

    This guy is a survivor,he appears and disappears and can blend and change colors at a drop of the hat.Its amazing how he can get himself assigned into different positions from different Presidents..Now he is running in Agusan as congressman,never thought he was from Agusan,is he from Agusan or his wife is from Agusan???Amazing guy.

  • speaksoftlylove

    I thought that Tulfo has a lot of knowledge between his ears but it turns out the opposite. What in the hell are you talking about qualifications, Tulfo? Qualifications of a senatorial candidates and other high ranking public officials are embodied in the Constitution no less. Read it aloud and comprehend every word of it, See if you can find other qualifications that you are parroting about. I will not vote for Nancy Binay but definitely, she is qualified, legally and morally, notwithstanding political dynasty. Otherwise the Comelec would not have issued her Certificate of Candidacy. period.

    Kaya ka pala nabubogbog eh, pataka ka lang bay.


      Senatorial candidates did not go through IQ test which is required for applicants in private entities to ensure efficiency. PH government had become ineffecient SHOWBIZZ only administration because the president is voted in IQ less qualification, but Dumb Tulfo branded the voters as ignorant. Writters must pass IQ test also so that likes of Tulfo is thrown out into garbage bin along with his dumb articles.

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      hindi lahat ng qualified eh pwedeng tumakbo. Kung hindi yan anak ni BINAY eh hindi yan iissuehan ng certificate of candidacy. isasama lang yan sa list ng mga “Nuisance Candidate”.

    • joshua kings

      ikaw naman, wag mo dito ilabas yang galit mo kay mr tulfo….si nancy binay ang isyu, di ba?
      kung di mo iboboto si nancy, sabihin mo lang at hanggang dun lang. tapos!

    • boshog

      Are you one of the dumb and ignorant voters?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AEQZH2POEMIYGZBK3MC7LMYGAE Norma

    Nancy Binay ranked 14th before the latest survey… All of a sudden a new survey came out and pushes her to No.4 .. sino ang sinasurvey nila .. Iwont vote for Binay and along with the rest of my relatives .. lahat ng trapo nna tumatakbo ay hindi papasok sa boto ko ,,,

  • patawad

    Santiago on September 27, 2007, apologized for saying:  

    “China invented civilization in the East, but as well it invented corruption 
    for all of human civilization.”[18][19]”

    Chinese si Banayo di ba? di nakapagtataka!

    Eh ikaw Mr Tulfo, kangino ka galit?  Galit ka rin ba sa magnanakaw?

  • patawad

    Si Binay ba wala pang mga apos na pwede sa politika?  Abah kung mayroon, isabak mo na rin para maging Binay country na tayo.  Pero seriously, ang masasabi ko lang ANG KAPAL!!!!!!!

  • Taiko_Kauna

    the saddest part of democracy is the choice of the dumb majority

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

       exactly right,

    • $14141131

      Right! Even in America, this happened!

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    GMA is endorsing the Binays, aquinos, cayetanos, enriles, villars, estradas..hala sige..boto na

  • boshog

    exactly right, she is just an alalay and she looks like one, acts like one and thinks like one.

  • kilawon(the return)

    mga pilipino para na kayong mga halimaw sa “ghost fighter” class D at E ang pinakamahinang nilalang! baka talaga totoo talagang IQ 86 lang kaya ng mga pepenos!


    >>>Banayo tolerated the use of NFA licensed rice importers as dummies in cornering rice import quotas worth millions of pesos, according to the findings of a joint Senate probe committee.<<<

    HINDI sa kung anupaman, si Banayo at si Tulfo ay magka-baro…..pareho silang kolumnista na bumabatiko at pumupuna sa mga KATIWALIANG namamalas o napapag-alamanan nila.  Matunog na matunog sa paligid-ligid ang payolang umi-ikot sa mga taong na sa media na gumagawa ng REPORT na kapag hindi ka gumamit ng PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATION at napapagbintangan ka ng hindi mabuti sa lipunan, titirisin ka ng maliit-na-maliit ng mga TNL na media-people na ito hanggang sa lumambot ka at sumayaw sa himig ng kanilang tugtugin.  O ano, hindi ba totoo yan, Noli de Castro, lalo na sa lalawigan ng Mindoro?  Kaya yong rinireport ni Tulfo tungkol kay Banayo ay parang yong baliw na tinatawag yong kakosa nya na sira-ulo.

  • pedronimo

    Di bale na kung mahirap, huwag lang maging bobo, Are poverty and ignorance a vicious cycle? Sino ba namang botante kundi yung bobong hahabol-habol sa truck nis Erap na nagta-tpon ng candy?

  • virgoyap

    In this case a vote for Binay is a vote from voters who are dumb and ignorant. Making her also a dumb and ignorant senator wasting a millions of the people’s money. Binay if you have a heart please have pity for the Filipino people!!!

  • etomacq

    Madami pa rin kamag anak si LOLONG na naka upo sa gobyerno. 

    Mananalo ba si Noynoy kung mas madami ang educated voters dito sa Pinas???

    Kaya nga nagkakanda leche leche ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga less educated na botante.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QWD6S7YWTH2W6AFFH4VVNIB2L4 Krissey

      they are around 14 million Filipinos at pro noying, total registered voters last 2010 were 50 million aprox.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

      leche leche? mukhang tulog kpa yta…

  • nakatutok

    tapang talaga magsalita ni Tulfo…pero mula nung BINUGBOG siya sa airport at nagpagulong gulong na parang troso, wala nang maniniwala sa tapang mo…

  • Claro Hamili

    kahit magbago ang pag i-isip ng mga botante at matalo ang mga epal na ito, mag po-protesta lang sila at sasabihing nagkadayaan sa eleksyon. sa tagal ng imbestigasyon walang mangyayari sa bansa at baka bandang huli yung mga epal pa rin ang umupo. hindi na magbabago ang sistema dito sa pilipinas. kung magbago man baka hindi na natin abutin yon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/al.enriquez.9 Enrique Alienz

    parang mind conditioning naman kasi ang survey na yan, doon lang yata ginawa sa makati ang survey na yan.

  • Don

    sa ngayon, kahit sinong edad 18 pataas puwede bumoto.  nababastos tuloy ang demokrasya.  dapat high school graduate manlang para maka-boto para sa mayor pataas.  o di kaya, nagbabayad ng income tax o land tax.  this will given incentive for people to pay taxes and to finish their studies.  kawawa naman ang pilipinas dahil kontrolado ng mga mangmang na botante ang balota.  kaya naman tuwang-tuwa ang mga pulitiko.  kaya gustung-gusto nila ang maraming squatter . . .

    • Komen To

      Bakit noong 18 yo ka, hindi ka pa ba high school graduate? Kawawa talaga ang Pinas, haynaku, daming magaling

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QWD6S7YWTH2W6AFFH4VVNIB2L4 Krissey

      the best ay e reset or restart ng mentality ng mga botante especially ang mga mangmang na uma asa lang sa short term na kasiyahan, emagine nga naman pati mga bulwarti ng mga bilango na criminal ay malayang na nakapipili ng kanilang idol sa araw ng botohan. isa pay subrang gastos ng election sa Pilipinas, subalit hindi naman reasonable pag dumating na ang result.  

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Please Vote Hagedorn and Gordon!!! at least yan dalawa na yan may ginawa na para sa bayan!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QWD6S7YWTH2W6AFFH4VVNIB2L4 Krissey

      yes to Gordon and Hagedorn, noted

    • victor1052

      ewan ko kay hagedorn. pero si gordon, pareho kay banayo, kulang konti ibuhat na ng police para lang maalis sa puwesto bilang subic bay export zone administrator noong panahon ni erap. makapal din ng mukha

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        i was working at Subic that time…and when Erap appointed Payumo to replace Gordon… it’s all downhill for subic…

        the people of olongapo who safeguard subic at that time the Americans leave really feel betrayed, if not for them and Gordon’s leadership baka nagaya lang sa Clark that time na puro nakawan at nasira lang because of mis management.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DH5D5H6XIXUJUHGMEHUWZFVIOU Dionisio

        I was in subic a couple of week at nalaman ko na inubos pala ni gordon ang pagkakaperahan duon nuong panahon niya,  ang daming ari-arian nila sa subic at olongapo tapos may ADS pa sa TV ng red cross na dati di naman ginagawa, ngayon lang panahon ng eleksyon wow at the expense of red cross, puede naman wala ang karakas niya sa ad. hay naku ang pulitika nga naman sinibak siya sa subic ni erap tapos kay erap pa rin sumama

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    That’s true Mon,pakapalan lang ng mukha.Just like an AC/DC JOURNALIST would do.
    AC= Attact and Collect.
    DC= Defend and Collect.

  • JasonBieber

    Are most voters really dumb?

    Well let’s take a look…the country has voted actors and celebrities to office based on the simple fact that they are famous even if they have no experience in politics.

    In 2010, a candidate was voted as President even no no major accomplishment as Congressman or Senator. On top of that, he was known for playing video games during government sessions.

    So based off of these 2 examples…i don’t want to put a label or a name for voters but it can be argued that it looks that way.

    • Adam_d_langgam

      ito ba ‘yong politician na sa loob ng three terms sa congress at isa sa senado, walang ginawa kundi manigarilyo?  at ang solong qualification eh dahil namatay ang mga magulang? at ito din ba ang politican na playboy daw na papalit-palit ng girlfriend ayon sa mga praise releases ng palasyo? 

      pero me nagsabi sa akin na nilayasan sya ng mga babae ng malaman na beauty secrets lang pala ang gusto nyang pinag-uusapan.  totoo ba ‘to dre?

      • JasonBieber

        It’s the same politician who loves to play video games and spends any chance he gets shooting guns even when there is a gun ban…and the same politician who doesn’t visit the poor and is always complaining and whining when he is criticized.

    • peterrobann

      haha, umaatake na naman ang mga talo sa last presidential election . . get over it.. we are much better now than what you anticipated  ..  you prove yourself wrong . . mas gusto ko pa kung si BINAY ang isasautak mo dahil itong tao na to ay delikado, unless idol mo si pandak . .

      • JasonBieber

        We should support whomever is the President and hope the President does what is best for the country…it does not change the fact however that most voters vote for the wrong people for the wrong reasons as explained by the 2010 elections when they voted because of sympathy nostalgic vote.

  • $14141131

    The media make the voters dumb and ignorant. The most powerful propaganda tools are the media especially the AC/DCs. Who is not an AC/DC now in the media? Is there anyone left?

  • Komen To

    In a way you are right about the voters, but that’s the essence of democracy. It now depends on the winning politicians if they will help upgrade the IQs of the population thru education, job opportunities, etc. or manipulate the voting population to remain poor and can easily be bought for their votes. I notice that before election, squatters are taken cared of, but after election, their places are demolished. Kaya mga kababayan ko, wag na nyo ibenta ang boto nyo. KUNIN ANG PERA, PERO IBOTO ANG NASA KUNSYENSYA

    • Jane Tan

      I think the more urgent action is to upgrade the IQ of our politicians.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T67LYYZTTCOLCEN3VZQM7FTUV4 Zaman

    Hindi qualified pero ang galing galing mangungorakot yan parang si Pareng ERAP lng….

  • breakingbad_ww

    Dapat sinasalvage na lang ang mga corrupt….thats the only way this country will continue its daang matuwid because at the current rate we are really headed for the dark ages with the dark man at the helm, and the dark family lording it over. 

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    More than 80 percent of voters belong to classes D and E who behave like herded cattle.

    true! and the rest of us lives on this nightmare…

  • JimboJap

    Mr. Tulfo, you are absolutely right about these SHAMELESS Filipino politicians who perpetuate their power by shoving their NO GOOD, UNQUALIFIED FAMILY MEMBERS down our throats!!.  Unfortunately, no amount of stirring their consience(if they still have one) would deter them from this.  MANHID NA ANG MGA IYAN. THEIR MINDS AND HEARTS CORRUPTED BY THEIR UNSATIABLE HUNGER FOR POWER AND STOLEN WEALTH. THEY ARE WORSE THAN THOSE BLOOD-SUCKING LEECHES!!! NAKAKASUKA SILA…BWAAAHHH!!!

  • Jane Tan

    Oh God… Atleast Erap had a more spectacular job… We might actually see an era of jokes that would rival the era of Erap jokes.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MEGIRFUGZ6NQSAF4JMGHZSIIY4 Joseph

    Maybe the’re should be a DNA research on these class D & E voters.  Could it be they’re cloned from the VP family.

  • dxdaistar

    Accept the money and vote freely!! tama kaya ito?

  • tata_boy

    may kasalanan ang media kung bakit kulang ang kaalaman ng masa sa mga kakayahan ng mga kandidato at sila ang dapat sisihin at batikusin, Tulfo, do you hear me?

  • jgl414567

    Tama ka Tulfo marami pa ring Pinoy ang bomoboto sa mga kawatan, rapist, mamamatay tao and even convicted plunderer’s like Erap no wonder this country is the sick man of Asia and one of the most corrupt in the world!!!

  • jgl414567

    Ang mga Binay ang susunod sa mga yapak ng mga Arroyos pweeeeeeeh!!!!

  • boybakal

    Most voters are dumb and ignorant…
    Might be true but Most Politicians are Dumb and Dumbest.

  • joelginelza

    voters lang yata ni Binay sa makati and dumb :D …

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    I would not say that most voters are dumb and ignorant. In countries where poverty reigns supreme –where the saying ang taong nagigipit sa patalim ma’y kumakapit, where graft is more the rule rather than exception where laws are applied unevenly which encourage the non-observance of laws, etc, then the countries’ governments reflect the decision of the majority of the voters when they put officials in elected office. We can compare these countries with those of the Scandinavia, Singapore, Western Europe, Canada, the US and in particular my home state of Minnesota where graft is a extrmely rare commodity among government officials –we do have graft committed by some private and business people which are easily prosecuted and culprits jailed. I would advise people to google the website regarding the best governments in terms of honesty and integrity. If a country does not have integrity in its people, then that country will have no chance of emancipating itself from the dark side of life and government.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

    Sad but true  Mr. Tulfo.

    Gullibility and  poverty  –  perfect  and fertile grounds   for
    thieves  and  plunderers. 

    And  religious  charlatans and parasites, I  might  add.

    • hennagaijin

      MABUHAY !!

  • oh_noh

    those paid surveys condition the minds of dumb pinoys…
    ganyan kalakas yang si vp binay, imagine ni hindi kilalang binay na walang kwalipikasyon e top sa mga pa-survey nya!
    if this binay for senate wins, pinas is about to enter the DARK AGE :D

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HUAN2OCS2U23SOJEJVQY4RRE7U AlvinG


  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HUAN2OCS2U23SOJEJVQY4RRE7U AlvinG

    Banayo in one of his campaign sorties few days before he backed out running for congress denied the NFA scam saying there is unified effort to discredit him by the Aquino administration when he run against P-Noy and Mar Roxas man in Butuan City who is actually also corrupt for he now had brand new vehicles and many business in the city including a spa.

    But Banayo’s brother in law is still the General Manager of ANECO or Agusan del Norte Electric Cooperative receiving a monthly salary of P120,000.00. It was Banayo through his connections in gov’t that made his brother in law a General Manager.

  • R J

    I am afraid the Makati corruption will spread nationwide once you voted another Binay. I am sure they are honest people but, the problems are the people of the Binay’s. As expat who started business here in Makati I had very bad expirienced from Barangay until City Engineer office, our company needed to pay extra just to process our license to operate.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    After reading the headline, I didnt even bother to read the story I just wanted to comment

    Korek, korek, korek. The voting public are dumb and getting dumber.

  • zeroko

    More than 80 percent of voters belong to classes D and E who behave like herded cattle. Go for it Mr. Tulfo. I’m an Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. In May 2010, the Barangay Hall were provided with telescopic ladder to place the tarpaulin of you know who. That ladder is double blade. It is also use in bringing down expensive tarpaulins of Mike Defensor and other Independent Candidate particularly Ang or Chan. He is still running with me, both Independent Candidates. The entire Barangay of Q.C. is subservient to City Hall, I can say that categorical statement. 
    The Barangay Council has deviated to their solemn duty where in they are mandated to serve their constituents. No, they are more loyal to their particular City Councilors. Imagine, Q.C. tax payers dole out 2.9 million pesos on conferences  to three toursit spots, Boracay, Puerto Gallera, and Palawan! According to COA, in one session of 73 members, the Q.C. LGU spent more than 900,000 pesos! Now, this is a glare violation of Administrative Order 103 of 2004 which says , government people should operate in Austerity.  Bastusan na rito sa Q.C. LGU. If I win, talagang I will throw the book on them. Mantakin mo, bumili si Bistek ng miniture firetrucks of more than a million pesos each. Paano yan kung malaki ang sunog at ubos na ang tubig nitong maliliit na fire truck kuno, di, hindi makakaalis ang nasa unahan at magkabuhol buhol ang traffic! 

    Ang masama, may connivance ang Mayor, City Councilors and Barangay Councils. No way can you bit them even if you have a legitimate agenda. Wala. Hawak ng Barangay ang mga Class D and E. Ngayon pa lang, para bang gusto ko nang bitawan ang candidacy ko.

    • pnoyjudge

      hate to say this pero ikaw ay isang independent Mayor candidate? hindi kita iboboto. grammar pa lang mali mali na! 

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        His grammar is not perfect but he knows how to write. The will to serve does not rest on grammar alone and if it is any indication that his intent to serve is genuine, it certainly shows.

        Too bad, independent candidates who want to change this country do not stand a chance against marauding dynasties and shenanigans.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Lito Banayo is a political butterfly. He was aide then to Doy Laurel. But when media became unkind to Doy, he shifted alliance to Cory. Then he was spokesman to Erap, then he shifted to Ping, now to Penoy. And everytime, he says bad things about hios former bosses.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

    ha!ha!ha! i like your analogy :) very true.Agree!!!

  • tarikan

    Ano ba Mon ang educational attainment ni Nancy Binay, ba’t hindi mo sabihin? Tapos ba sya ng “High School Graduate” hahaha? Or tapos ng 6 months care-giving course? Kung ang qualification laang nya ay pagiging anak at kakulay ng tatay nya, aba hindi naman yata tama yun. Hindi conforme nyan si Inday Miriam kasi pagpinagtabi sila yan ang kinaiinisan ni Papa Binay na phrase: Black & white.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AECMZN3H5INVFBHCCZJQMJ6MEI Neil

    Gwen Garcia has been suspended by the DILG for a minor misdeed she allegedly committed years ago <– it is not a minor misdeed, she abuse her power to her vice governor.. check gwen garcia and her family dyansty's corruptions…..
    binay knows that many voters are dumb and ignorant <— only voters who are tax-payers should be allowed to vote so that greedy politicians cannot manipulate and exploit the dumb and ignorant filipinos

    • Ganymede

      Hindi po minor ang mag apruba ng kontrata na nagkakahalaga ng halos 100M pesos para sa 24 ektariyang lupa na diumano ay gagawing beahfront housing pero ang 20 ektariya ay nakalubog sa dagat.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PI2R4LGW5PH5CBK66PI2VGSE7A Don Joseph

    Masakit mang tanggapin ngunit ito ang katotohanan – madaming botante ay ignorante at binibenta nag boto (and their future), and then sa huli magrereklamo na ang gobyerno ay kurakot when all the time they are the ones who installed inept leaders in the first place. Kaya nga love na love sila ng mga pulitiko, who perpetuate the problem by making them more ignorant and poor.   Sad to say that Philippines is still ruled by poorly educated people voting for the wrong people.

    The intellectuals, they are branded as ‘capitalists’, ‘usurpers’, ‘matapobre’, ‘mayabang’, etcetera.Don’t be mad at me, see it for yourself.  

    • Ganymede

      Tama… kaya nga ayaw ng mga trapo umasenso ang Pinas dahil wala nang boboto sa kanila pag nagkaganon. Yun mga natitirang matitino naman na mamamayan e sa sobrang inis sa sistema dito satin ay nangingibang bansa nalang kaya lalong dumarami ang mga walang kwentang botante at numero unong reklamador sa gobyerno.

  • ike1684

    wala nang kahihiyan ang mga binay. anak na walang kwalipikasyon patatakbuhing senador. tsk tsk.. gahaman sa kapangyarihan at pera

  • AllaMo

    ROTF LMFAO! Most voters are dumb and ignorant?! Speak for yourself and your righteous brothers, assshole. ROTF LMFAO!

    • Zim

      kasama ka dun sa most.. apektado ka?

  • bayankopdi

    Many voters are Not only dumb and ignorant,  Many more are just waiting for the highest buyer of their votes….

  • Dimas Burado

    wag sana tayong magpadala sa mga survey. kinukundisyon ang isip ng tao. bayad ang mga survey na yan.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DH5D5H6XIXUJUHGMEHUWZFVIOU Dionisio

    tama ka mon, pakapalan lang ng mukha iyan pero isama na rin natin ang PAITIMAN NG BUDHI. coz wala akong iboboto sa kanila

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DH5D5H6XIXUJUHGMEHUWZFVIOU Dionisio

    if possible lang DAPAT ALISIN na ang KONGRESO upper at .lower house dahil sila ang PINAKAMALAKING gumastos sa kaban ng bayan. million million ang gastos sa eleksyon pero BILLION ang babawiin nila. kita mo nga naglalabasan ang mga BAHO, nagbabangay dahil sa PERA wow, GREEDY POLITICIANS only in the Philippines

  • victorjustin

    Sa UNA gignhawa ang buhay.. hehe.. buhay nino? Buhay ng mga Binay! HAHAHA!

  • Zim

    Most voters are dumb and ignorant… true indeed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/santiago.tamidles Santiago O. Tamidles

    I agree.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/santiago.tamidles Santiago O. Tamidles

    On the other hand, Nancy Binay has as much right as any Filipino citizen.  Can she be faulted if she is a Binay?  Can anyone choose a relative?  Since the name Binay rings a bell, Nancy can very well avail of the family tradition of public service by using that name to offer to the public through a democratic exercise such as election.  Let the people decide – whether they are dumb or stupid.  I and my family and relatives will vote for Binay. 

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