Officer facing graft rap named head of CIDG


An officer who has been charged with graft in connection with a P1.2-billion firearms deal of the Philippine National Police has been named director of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

In simple rites held at Camp Crame on Thursday, Chief Supt. Francisco Uyami Jr. took the helm of the CIDG from Director Samuel Pagdilao Jr. who stepped down last week after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 56.

Uyami, a member of Class ’82 of the Philippine Military Academy, was one of several police officers charged last year in the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with supposed irregularities in the bidding for 59,904 service pistols for policemen. The case remains pending with the Ombudsman.

Uyami also served as chief of police of Pasig City after the raid on a “shabu tiangge,” a big drug den discovered in the city in 2007.

Uyami’s designation, however, came as a surprise to a number of officers since he was the youngest of those who were considered for the job.

Sources told the Inquirer Uyami was Interior Secretary Mar Roxas’ choice because the latter wanted to give the CIDG post—considered one of the “juiciest” in the PNP—to someone who had never been assigned to the group.

“Secretary Roxas wanted to give the position to the official who least wanted it,” a ranking police officer told the Inquirer.

PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr. said Uyami was endorsed to President Aquino by PNP Director General Alan Purisima on the recommendation of the Senior Officers Placement and Promotions Board.

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  • Mamerto

    Was he able to pass a “clean bill of ‘character-integrity health’ “…?

  • vaporub123

    only in the philippines.

  • 33Sambuang2

    ano ba yan me kaso na nga gawin pag chief ng Cidg? Saan na ang tuwid na daan? Parang nababaluktot na a….Wag gawing kahiya hiya ang adminstration mo Pnoy….

  • bogli_anakdami

    ay sus ginoo…

    ano bang klaseng utak meron ang mga flip gung gongs?… buti pa ang talangka patagilid umusad, ang mga flip gung gongs paurong…

    bwi hi hi hi hi pwi….

  • ryan andres

    Weawww. Pwede pala yun.

  • geminimind

    “in one condition no trophy is bigger than the other”
    Why do people love to re-elect all the X’s?including X convict
    X pres.-mayor
    X of represerntative

  • bogli_anakdami

    a flip gung gong’s qualification to higher office/position >>> SUPER MAGNANAKAW/LADRONES GARAPALES…

  • Summerspice

    What a joke!Malakas ang backer ni Uyami sa Malacanang.Why would Pnoy designate governement officials to higher position when they have a pending case and being investigated?This is ridiculous!

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

       yung may arrest order nga pina-pyansahan eto wala pang warrant..and besides, wala na silang mapagpipilian..cguro sya yung pinakamaikling sungay..i hope so

  • Fred

    Malamang Mar maki criticize ka sa pag endorse kay Uyami.
    Hindi mo ba alam na may pending graft case sya?
    Eh kung mapatunayang nagkasala, you will lose face and in 2016 too!

  • elgeepee

    Wala na bang ibang mapili? Bakit yung may kaso pa ang inapoint?

  • DarkJustice

    EH ano pa nga ba? PMA kasi !

  • Anqui

    The Philippines behavior to corrupt Government Officials is a NO Brain er   At the very least any Law Enforcement Official having a pending case should be left alone in the dark until proven not guilty in the court of Law.

  • Pedro


  • Ravens727

    Here we go again folks….”It’s whom you know, not what you know”…..pero teka ..!!!!! pare pareho naman pala sila, walang pagpipilian……..

  • Peter L

    Calling Ombudsman. Mam, any reaction? Why are you so silent?  Mar Roxas is making you a fool. Disgusting decision again. Padaca was even bailed out by the president himself. There are a thousand good men out there. God save our country!

  • Guest

    01. This should come as no surprise. Eduardo Año was also implicated in the case of Jonas Burgos’s disappearance and yet he was appointed by PNoy as the spy chief of ISAFP. 02. So PNoy not only covered up the case against Rico Puno, he’s also covering up the case against Rico Puno’s accomplice Uyami.03. “Secretary Roxas wanted to give the position to the official who least wanted it.” How did Mar Roxas determine who wanted the position the least? What metrics did Mar Roxas use? Since when did “least desire” become the best decision criteria for appointing an official?

    Meanwhile, corruption in PNP and AFP goes on. Same business as usual. Daang Matuwid na baluktot. What a disappointment.

  • doublecross

    PMAyer at may kaso….tsk…tsk…tsk….blindfolded ang justice!

  • Igor Sryvkov

    Here’s a good example of unbalanced reporting
    and a deliberate attempt to dig for dirt. For one thing, the Inquirer
    doesn’t point out that Chief Supt. Francisco Uyami Jr was a member of a
    bidding committee and that the graft charges were filed
    against all the members by a losing bidder — standard action by most
    losing bidders. Secondly, the Inquirer says it was during his term as
    police chief of Pasig that a big ‘drug tiangge’ was discovered, without
    elaborating on whether he or his men discovered and dismantled it, hence
    giving the reader the impression he was somehow responsible for its
    operation. Thirdly, the Inquirer says many officers were surprised
    because he was the youngest candidate for CIDG chief, as if age were a
    barrier to the position. And finally, the Inquirer didn’t bother to look
    more closely at his background: that he had occupied important
    positions in his rise up the PNP ladder; he was a former president of
    the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association; and, because he is a
    lawyer, he once headed the PNP Directorate for Legal Affairs. As it’s
    name suggests, the mission of the CIDG is criminal investigation and
    detection — which is best be performed and overseen by a brilliant
    lawyer. Uyami is the first general to come from the capital town of
    Lagawe, Ifugao. He is an Igorot, as I am, although we belong to
    different tribes. He is an Ifugao, while I am a Bontoc warrior. I have
    never met him but after having done my research, I am proud of him.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Yup, Uyami was indeed the Pasig Police Chief when the Shabu Tinagge operated with impunity. Everybody in Pasig knew of its operations from the street vendors, taho vendors up to the rich scions of the well-to-do families in Valle Verde. It was only Uyami and his City cops with all of their intelligence funds and assets who did not know that the Shabu Tiangge existed. The media had to expose it and Uyami belatedly joined forces kuno with the Tufo brothers to put a stop to the Shabu tiangge operations.

      The PNP had to get forces coming from outside Pasig just to make sure that there would be no leaks from the cops of Uyami. During the raid on the Shabu tiangge, members of the Pasig police had to be kept out of the loop so as not to jeopardize the operations. galing ni Uyami no?

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    TED FAILON….Ano ba ito Bayan, Hindi ba tayo niloloko niyan?…Francisco Uyami Jr.!!!…A Cadet doesn’t CHEAT, STEAL, NOR TOLERATE ONE!!!!…NAKAKATULOG KA BA NG MAHIMBING!!!

  • Rovingmoron

    Let him take over the post vacated by Pagdilao. Anyway, when the case against him has been decided upon by the Office of the Ombudsman, he can either move out or stay at the CIDG.

  • LabkoPinas

    Uyami was the man that covered Abalos cheating in Pasig during GMA’s time. They even found a truckful of evidence which Abalos came to check and was surrounded by a group of angry Pasigueno but who did the whitewash. Looks like happy days are here again! 

  • $19543087

    Anong kalintikan na naman ito?  If Uyami’s case is still unresolved he should not be promoted until a final adjudication of his case.  I don’t care if he is a PMA goddam graduate.  PMA graduates are the most part the problem and not the solution to this country.  Take him out now & replace him with people with proven clean integrity.  We are watching you ………

  • X44

    Admin cases should act as inhibitor to promotion of personnel charged with it. 

  • X44

    Merit system. Dapat walang palakasan. Demotivating yan

  • mekeni62

    kalakaran na sa gobyerno natin iyan. ano pa ba ang bago?

  • concern_netizen

    Utang na loob.  Don’t let your personal agenda muddle whatever was gained.  You will have your shot.  But for now, please do what is right for the country.

  • ApoLapullapu

    CIDG will continue to do what it used to do.  Retain the corrupt in their ranks who remit the biggest bounty they get from settlement of framed up cases and improper service of Search Warrants.  They ransack private residences and rob properties not included in the Warrant.  Sometimes the amount reach millions of pesos.

  • ApoLapullapu

    Things like there are the most probable reason why the President would never endorse as urgent the Freedom of Information Bill. A lot of dirty transactions are going on behind the banner of “Daang Matuwid.”

  • doublecross

    ano ba naman yan, dami kaso pala nito.
    paano ngay tayo dadaan sa tuwid?

  • vir_a

    Tuwid na daan patungong bangin.

  • doublecross

    ka-batch pala nito si purisima…tsk …tsk…tsk….eto ba ang daang tuwid?

  • garcia677

    This appointment of Uyami is another patch to the eye of Pnoy. How can Uyami perform or to the least be given a high and sensitive position as CIDG Chief when records explained him to be involved in a corruption case? It seems that after all Pnoy isn’t the opposite of GMA or the rest of his predecessors who appointed people linked to shady deals in the government but a replica of them thus giving meaning to his matuwid na daan as baluktot na daan. Is Pnoy then with this development an idiot or a puppet president? 

  • nizgoda

    this is blind leading the blind. like a suspected CRIMINAL  leading the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.    wala na sigurong choice. siya na siguro ang pinakamatino sa lahat. 

  • Lousulping

    Tuwid na daan papuntang impiyerno!!!

  • PlumberfromCanada


  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Opppsssss….gaya-gaya ang adminitrasyon na ito sa nakalipas na administrasyon!!!!Akala ko ba galit si Nonoying at Roxas kay idolo pala nila ito eh…heheheh

  • Arnel

    Hahahahaha  Tuwad na daan.. EPOKRITO TALAGA ITONG  SI NOYNOYING

  • kevin

    OMG ,,what a bad choice,,,

  • AllaMo


  • kilabot

    another pma’er, another crook.

  • superlucky2

    Sa PNP kung gusto mabilis ang promotion gumawa ng kaso. Look at Marantan.

  • kontra_boohaya

    Failon ngayon must be fuming mad as another cop with a bad luggage gets a perky position.  Lumalabas e di ka ma propromote kapag ala kang kaso.  In that case, Marantan is in the right track towards a rosy position…as in Chief PNP!  

  • jack457

    kaya mabilis ang corruption ngayun ay dahil matuwid na ang daan hindi gaya ng dati na baluktot ito.

  • Eric

    isang tamad na chief pnp, dinagdagan pa nang mas lalong tamad na cidg chief..ayos..magsitulog na lang tayo lahat…

    • Aturni

      Idagdag mo pa ang isang TAMAD na DILG at TAMAD na PRESIDENTE… Hay Pinas, kailan kaya magkaroon ng pagbabago…

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha….tamad eh. tamad na decision, leads to tamad outcome

  • Komen To

    Cops with pending cases being promoted? That is no longer news. PDI, better if you just report who are those cops with pending cases who have been promoted. That is more interesting

  • D3marketers

    Di naman nakakapagtaka yan dito sa atin. Mga dating coup plotters nga ginawa pa nating mga kagalang galang na senador, Gringo at Trillanes. Isa pa, si Ping Lacson dati me kaso na murder (Kuratong), naging Chief PNP pa, tapos ginawa pa nating Senador. Whew! 

  • Karabkatab

    Honor among thieves is always invoked in an organization where the color of money is supreme…

  • Pedro_Gil

    Wala na bang maykaya pang maglingkod na malinis ang record diyan? ang kaibigan o galamay pa rin ang nagiging requirement sa mga posisyon. THIS DEFINITELY IS POOR JUDGEMENT..ISA AKO SA MGA HINDI PAYAG SA MALING GAWAING ITO!!!! RECALL!!

  • George


  • joerizal

    Mga komedyante, stuntman, magnanakaw, mamatay-tao at bobo naboboto sa Senado. Bakit kaya tayo magtataka na nakakapuwesto pa rin ang mga kriminal?

  • julieboy

    if its true,well it takes a criminal to catch a criminal..CIDG pa!!!! I will be scared of the CIDG.

  • Pedro_Gil

    sa probinsiya ko ang tawag sa mga aktong ganito ay gawa lang ng isang DUMB BELL. So siguradong di ka na mapagkakatiwalaan sa mga desisyon mo Roxas. tabi ka na at ikay siguradong hindi magiging kandidato bilang presidente sa 2016. Dumb Bell hehehe. RECALL!!

  • $20722540

    ano pa ang bago sa Pinas KKK pag mga high office, kumpare, kumare, sila ang mga napropromote…kong baga network kahit na questionable ang kanilang character

  • JasonBieber

    What is going on in the country?

    There is all this talk about ‘Daan Matuwid’ yet the President allows for a individuals with questions of graft as a commissioner of the Comelec and now the head of the CIDG…that totally does not make sense of fall in lie with a ‘Daan Matuwid.’

  • ben311

    eto na naman tayo

  • Ros Feliciano

    In the opinion of many this is the downfall of Mr. Roxas.

  • Noel Naig

    only in the Philippines….walang pagbabago….shit with ur slogan daang matuwid na yan…panay baluktot pa rin ang nasa pwesto…mga bata pa rin nila ang hahawak sa magagandang pwesto…bakit alam ni roxas na di naglaway si uyami sa pwestong yan…bakit manghuhula na ba sya ngaun????

  • Bayan Panona

    “Do not fear the enemy, they can only take your life. It is better to fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR.” – This article is one of the best example! Was he ever charged with graft? And if so, did the case prevailed and was he given his sentence? Hindi nyo ba alam na every accused individual is always presumed innocent unless proven otherwise beyond reasonable doubt? Mga gung-gong! My goodness! Nakakahiyang media feeding on kaawa-awang ignorant readers!

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    If this case were in the USA, Canada, the West and Singapore, the appointed official had to be cleared first with the charge levelled against him/her if the charge were serious enough before s/he could be appointed.

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