Miriam is back to ‘expose sins of Pinky Lacson’



If she is called to begin serving in the International Criminal Court, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago will ask for a delay of one month because she needs time to rake up and expose all the sins of “Pinky Lacson.”

“Be ready, because I have parliamentary immunity. I will expose all of your sins, including your sexuality,” Santiago said in Filipino on Radyo Inquirer 990AM Wednesday morning, referring to Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

Reached for comment, Lacson said: “I’m sorry to disappoint the lady senator. If she’s insinuating some lunatic idea about my sexuality, let me emphasize this: I am not gay and I don’t intend to be one.”

Santiago and Lacson have been clawing at each other in recent weeks in a controversy involving the alleged misuse by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile of the chamber’s savings for 2012.

Instead of returning the savings to the National Treasury, Enrile gave the money away to his allies in the form of additional operational budget.

Enrile gave P1.6 million to his allies, but only P250,000 to his four critics, Senators Pia and Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes IV and Santiago.

Santiago returned the money to Enrile, suggesting irregularity.

‘Crusading crook’

Enrile’s allies, including Lacson, defended Enrile, who claimed he had the authority to decide what to do with the Senate’s savings.

At one point in their exchanges, Lacson called Santiago a “crusading crook,” alleging that Santiago uses Senate funds to pay rent on space that serves as her extension office in a building that her family owns.

That sent Santiago’s blood pressure shooting up to the stratosphere. She went on leave from the Senate and was later diagnosed with bone marrow disorder.

“I lack blood,” Santiago said in her Radyo Inquirer interview Wednesday. “I’m running dry in the Senate.”

But she’s coming back in June, she said, to answer all of Lacson’s allegations.


She has an advantage, as Lacson’s term ends in June. He leaves when the 16th Congress sits in July.

Santiago will continue to serve in the 16th Congress unless, she said, called early by the ICC, to which she was elected in December 2011. But she will ask for a delay of one month to answer Lacson’s charges.

“You are no longer a senator so you have no more parliamentary immunity. If you say something in public against me, I’ll sue you for libel,” Santiago said.

She admitted using her budget to pay P70,000 in rent for her extension office in a building owned by her family.

But she said it was the Senate secretariat itself that had told her she could use Senate funds to pay the rent.

Besides, she said, other senators also rent offices in buildings they own.

“Other senators are doing that. I’ve done that before so what’s my fault now, giving the government a bargain?” Santiago said.

A to Z

“So I will answer that Pinky Lacson. And not only that, I will also rake up his sins, from A to Z,” she said.

“I don’t know what to call him,” she said. “Some people call him Ping Lacson, others call him Pinky Lacson,” Santiago said. “Pinky, that’s right! Hi-hi-hi-hi!”

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  • 33Sambuang2

    you stupid moron. saan mo naman nakuha yang idea mo? isa kang supot

    • EdgarEdgar

      From science, sociology and history.

      Uncircumcised? That’s the current president of the Republic of the Philippines. He was too afraid to go for it when he was twelve and daddy was not around to force him to undergo the procedure. The year was 1972. Noynoy was 12. Ninoy was public enemy no. 1 and Martial Law detainee no. 1.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

        wow, this moron base of superiority is being circumsized. i remember the time of being young and stupid, we used to make fun of this and yet this buffoon here carries on.

      • EdgarEdgar

        you are right to make fun of Noynoy. carry on.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/67RMK3SB7FI22XPPEXF75OLOOA Marco

        Are you a “gay-lover” of Mike Arroyo (a.k.a) Jose Pedal?

      • EdgarEdgar

        Are you jealous?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/67RMK3SB7FI22XPPEXF75OLOOA Marco

        Why should I? Why should I get jealous to a pathetic moron like you. You and your old master GMA  (pandak) are to be prosecuted  by firing squad in Luneta.    

      • EdgarEdgar

        Wooow, so much hatred there. Dream on.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/67RMK3SB7FI22XPPEXF75OLOOA Marco

      Sopot nga siguro. Bading kasi yan eh.Di u ba siya kilala? EdgarEdgar is a matronang bading na tsomopa sa akin sa loob ng sinehan. hahahahaha.

  • 33Sambuang2

    manahimik ka dahil ang tanga mo………………

    • EdgarEdgar

      Hatred will lead you nowhere. Cory was so full of hatred and died a cancerous death.

      • alx2k

        suskupo, marami kang magiging kaaway nyan lol!

  • alx2k

    hahaha sobra ka naman! you just made my otherwise gloomy day. sige follow ko post mo from this day on lol.

    • EdgarEdgar


      • alx2k

        hey may short article ako na gusto kong i-forward sa’yo for comment, let me know if interested.

      • EdgarEdgar

        i’ll email you in a while. thanks alx2k.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    here’s another moron ranting for the lost kurakot during the arroyos.

    • EdgarEdgar

      i’m sorry to hurt your feelings. i did not know Noynoy’s pain is your pain. you can ouch all you want for the truth simply hurts.

  • $20722540

    kong meron baho si mirriam…mas maraming maraming baho itong si lacson

    • alx2k

      aruy!!! true…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      Sa totoo lng..SILAHIS yang si PINKY…

  • Saloi-CDR

     You too Queer EdgarEdgar; may all the queer Bishops fall in line to  bless and so do mi   you.

    • EdgarEdgar

      Forgive Saloi, O God the Father, for Saloi knows not what Saloi’s doing. Spare Saloi from eternal damnation for Saloi is merely trying to please our queer president.

      God save the queer!

      • alx2k

        grabe talaga naman na-aliw ako dito, pang comedy sitcom talaga lol!

  • E Rigby

    I am not a fan of Sen. Lacson but Ms. Santiago ought to stick to the issues.  Let her win a debate based on the merits of her position rather than letting a victory stand on the ruins of another person’s name.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Money is the root of all evils.
    Sige, tuloy tuloy lang ang labasan ng baho.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J5NJ4VMBYLGYCTAEQLKMQ3KGCQ jose

    The comment of the senator proves one thing that they are all immature and lack discipline, how can they lead this nation to path of righteousness and serve as a role model to our youth. It is a shame, they are all childish.

  • Noypi11

    How more can Defensor Santiago damage Pinky Lacson? This Lacson had already been damaged head to feet, kapal mukha nga lamang. Anyway, go ahead Mirriam, destroy this guy more to the point of no return. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      TAMA>>>>bading talga yang si PINKY!

    • yoji Kudou

      I can’t believe you have the best rating comment. Ping maybe damaged as you say but at least he’s done a lot to open the eyes of Filipinos and expose the blatant corruption happening in front of them. Most senators keep mum, turn away or wags their tails and wait for the goodies their master/president toss them by being “a good boy/girl”. Like obedient dogs. Yup I know Ping is protecting Enrile right now but there must be a reason for that because enrile is vile and corrupt (alfie anido will forever be tied to his name, so is martial law). Meanwhile Sen. Mirriam should keep her priorities straight, choose a side and go with it, i ‘m with trillanes and cayetano on all these shenanigans, because enrile is clearly wrong and corrupt. But Mirriam should dodge the bulldog (ping) and go for the master’s (enrile) throat. And Ping Lacson is not gay, he’s manlier than all of the commenters here. Try being the PNP chief.

  • Pedro

    Siya ba ang magjajudge sa International Criminal Court? LOL

  • frudo

    labasan ng baho ba? sige tuloy nyo lang yan  kala nyo ganda nyo panoorin, ang totoo nakakasuklam na kayo!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

    More  fun  in the Philippines  indeed !!!

  • joerizal

    Sana merong headline na “Si Mr. ___ ay hindi magnanakaw!!!”
    Kasi lahat ng tao sa gubyerno magnanakaw kaya panay ito ang headline.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      Si MR. JUAN PONCE ENRILE ay hindi MAGNANAKAW!!!…..

      ang sagot ng taong bayan..

      A.  OWS???? di nga!
      B.  totoo ba ang kasinungalingang ito!
      C.  Patay lang ang naniniwala
      D.  Are you hallucinating?You are just hungry!


  • cebuboy

    nakakahiya nawala yung pagka professional ni brainy,,pupunta panaman to sa international criminal court..akala cguro nya dinababasa sa taga roon,kung ako sayo brainy,wag kang tutuloy doon.nakakahiya pati kaming lahat damay..corruption naman talaga ginawa mo umaamin kana diba..simpling guilty..wagkanang tutuloy doon.maghipoan nalang kayo ni pink,

  • patawad

    Ang takot ko lang, eh baka umatras si Mirriam.  Ganyan naman siya, golpe de gulat, pero pag nahimasmasan, titiklop din.  remember yong sabi niya na di makakalusot sa kanya sa Comm on Appointments si Mar Roxas.  May golpe de gulat din siya, pero after a day, okay na approve na.

  • hustlergalore

    BRING IT ON. matira matibay!


  • bgcorg

    Do not waste people’s money, Miriam!  The Senate floor is not an arena for “tsismis” and to do as you said you’ll be doing is a clear use of parliamentary immunity in useless defense of your imagined righteousness.  Translated in other words, that is corruption: using public funds, facilities and office for personal gain and aggrandizement.  Do not be like your partner in crime, Alan Cayetano.  If properly compensated, is not a person supposed to do what he should?  Justice is different from gratitude.  “Kulang pa ito, tito…”   Ano,Miriam?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      Wala taung ikatakot kung ang gingawa ni Miriam ay para ipaglaban ang kanyang dangal. Eh kaya lng naman nagsalita at nkisawsaw si PINKY lacson ay dahil sa malaki utang na loob nya kay SENATE PRESIDENT eh. Palibhasa..SINALPAKAN NG MILYONES ni SWAPANG na ENRILE..Kakapal ng mga mukha!


    HINDI daw PINKY ang sayti neym ni Lacson….PANFY daw, noh!  :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PJJOXJHS2C6TSRFK6CY3MQO4JM Cesar

      Ayy akala ko Phanny !

      • UrHONOR

        Hooooy, hwag mong pi-Phanny-Phanny si Panfy at baka hambalusin ka nya ng step-in nya, noh.  Ayaw-na-ayaw nya yang pangalan na yan dahil nahahawig sa phanty….nagugulo tuloy yong alaga nyang BANGS sa nuo!  Panfy na lang.

  • mangpepe

    Pinky ba o SHARON

  • 2rey3

    The best way and only way for Senator Lacson to prove that he is not Pinky Lacson is for him as alleged by Miriam to file the complaint he mentioned against Senator Santiago at the Ombudsman together with the evidences he said he has against Madame Miriam.

    • tipay

      why don’t the two sleep it out together to see who’s who lol

      • Eva Romero Cabrera


      • peach black

        ah ha ha ha talagang muntik na akong mahulog sa matarik na bangin ng Kongreso. Brilliant suggestion

  • regamore

    Hanky Pinky/Hanky Panfy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FM3LD5Z6OYGAK2ER6MJCBKDQR4 Antonio Leon

    Miriam is one crazy old woman.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

      pinky ka rin bro

  • KapitanBagwis

    Pinky??? Put him as DILG secretary and see what will happen to the lukewarm attitude of the PNP to the criminality in Metro Manila.

    Sobra na ang riding in tandem criminals na hindi masawata ng kasalukuyang DILG secretary at PNP chief.

    Umandar na naman ang sirang utak ni Brenda. Kawawa naman.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

      tumakbo nga ng time ni ARROYO sa HONGKONg para di makasuhan sa DACER CORVITO 

      • KapitanBagwis

        Hintayin mong maging DILG secretary

        KapitanBagwis Sent from my iPhone

    • TGM _ERICK

      A million likes!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      Hhahahah..kakatawa..kung talgang matapang si PINKY..eh bahag nga ang buntot nong panahong napatalsik si ERAP sa PALASYO.Nong magkita sila ni COL.REY BERRUYA sa isang Hotel eh tiklop na tiklop eh. Muntik na syang balasahin ni Berroya.Buti na lng may mga pumigil.Yan ba ang matapang.Sus! PInky talaga yan.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Talagang mahilig ka sa tsimis, parang naruon ka kung mag kwento ka hihihi

    • boldyak

      siguradong ubos ang kalaban….

      • KapitanBagwis

        hehehe sinabi mo!!!

        KapitanBagwis Sent from my iPhone

  • $37644997

    A person who exposes the sins of another is often times a sinner.
    A sinner who talks about a sinner are both the same but one is always lesser of two evils.

  • KapitanBagwis

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. ~ Matthew 7: 1-2 NIV

    • EdgarEdgar

      Thanks for explaining why Pinky and Noynoy are now being judged.

      • KapitanBagwis

        It seems you need to enhance your comprehension skill.

  • Putakte Naman

    In short , corrupt ka yong lahat diyan!!!! Bastos!

  • duviz7533

    manang erning ipagtangol ang iyong kabaro

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      Si madam penoy ang magtatanggol sa kanila.

  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Truely both(Mirriam+Enrile) or almost, are crook in the senate, but the worst is one who amaze incredible wealth being public servant. Moonlighting or working outside while public servant is against the law, called “CONFLICT OF INTEREST’. Mirriam fault are petty compared with Enrile, whose wealth is more than combine wealth of Marcos, Estrada, GMA and Cojuangco.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      Tama…itong si ENRILE akala mo kung sinong MAGMALINIS nong IMPEACHMENT NI CORONA. Yon pala MASAHOL pa! Ang kakapal ng mukha. NAPAKA BUWAYA ng UGALI. Magnanakaw.Kaya ayan napala nyo sa panghuhusga sa kapwa.Mga DISHONORABLEs!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6LJQGKALKYF3QXFZ3G5J4V36HY Yolly

    magsuntukan na lang kayo lahat enrile, lacson, santiago  pareparehas lang naman kayo kunwari mahal ang bansa, actually ang mahal nyo mga bulsa nyo , kakapagod na kayong pakingan

  • maypakialamtayo

    tanggalin na lang kaya natin yung HONORABLE sa pangalan nila, hindi bagay, hindi akma at hindi rin dapat.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      DISHONORABLE PINKY LACSON..ay…cheche..syokwa! hehehe..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      I have NEVER called anyone of them HONORABLE…..SENATONG is more appropriate….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    Sad for Ping, but in PMA they do not train soldiers how to fight women.

    • boymanok

       si pinky lang ang nagpa-uso nung sundalong pumapatol sa babae …kauna-unahang PMA grad na talakera


    What is happening in the Senate is good for the people…washing their dirty linens.  Lahat iyan corrupt.  Kaya pala the Cayetanos ay di makapagjudge nang ayos sa case ni Corona ay may utang pala tatay niya na 30M. Biro mo in my lifetime ni hindi ko mapaghahanapbuhayan iyang 30M.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      Tama ka dito TGM..isipin mo kung ano anong mga sinabi nilang dahilan kung bakit dapat impeach si CoROna.Akala mo kung sinong mga SANTO ang mga hunghang nating mga SENADOR ..eh mga magnanakaw din naman pala. GARAPALAN pa!

      • TGM _ERICK

        Disappointed ako sa mababa at mataas na kongreso.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

        Amen. Corona was impeached by these SENATONGS for misdeclaration of his SALN. Pero itong senatongs, NAKAW HARAP-HARAPAN…..

  • Hey_Dudes

    For someone who claimed she will jump out of a jet plane in flight only to justify it later  by saying she was only joking, for someone who, in front of her son’s coffin, promised she will never ever enter politics again only to go back on her words later…….what else can be expected from someone like Miriam Santiago?

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       “I lied”

      –Miriam Santiago

      what did you expect.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

      at least naman si Senador Miriam eh kahit ganoon magsalita eh umaamin naman sa kanyang mga nagawang kasalanan. Eh si Pinky Lacson at Enrile…kitang kita na ang ebidensya sasabhin pa rin di daw sila MAGNANAKAW AT MAMAMATAY TAO. Napakasinungaling.hays!

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    Pls. Horrorables Senators… pls. lang inihalal kayo kuno nang taong bayan para gumawa nang mga bats para sa ikakabuti ng bayn Pilipinas at hindi para mag-away na parang mga tsismosa sa kalye… pwede magtrabaho naman kayo!!!

  • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    para kayong nasa palenke. 

  • Paulstronghold

    These are the kind of leaders we have here in our beautiful country and the kind of bloggers we undoubtedly would read along this route. Saan kaya tayo pupulutin? Nakakatawa pero nakakainis. Aaacchheng!

    • boymanok

       kasalanan ng mga botante yan …mahilig kasing manood ng telenovela ang masang pilipino kaya ang mga ibinoboto ay parang mga tauhan sa vaudeville o zarzuela

  • James Wise

    Kakahiya kayo.

    Pano pa kaya  pag nasa ICC na?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AIPSCQM2TZQUMQ5GEIMWMWDFL4 Edward Solilap

    Ano na ang nangyayari sa mga senador ngayon puro yata mainit ang mga dugo madaling umakyat sa ulo baka wala na matitira para sa mamayan. Dios ko’ng mahabagin maghunos dili na kayo mga Sir at Madam sayang ang taxpayer’s money nasasayang lang sa kadaldal sa labas ng senado.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    “Hindi ako bading! Lalaki itetchh…”….Lacson.

  • Edandlye Pogi

    Let the crooks expose themselves. Huwag lang nating isipin na tama ang pinag-gagawa nila.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Hoy Brenda! mukhang mali yong strategy mo babanatan mo nga si Pinky pagkatapos ng term niya pero aalis ka din dahil pupunta ka sa ICC di parehas lang kayo pagkatapos walang parliamentary immunity.

  • XY ZEE

    This Senator’s in love with you pare.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TBFLMGYQ6VOQOSMUUFHOML5VE Archie B

    Go Go Go, Sen. Santiago!

    ilabas mo na lahat ng baho diyan! isama mo na iyan sa mga iiwan mong legacy as politician!


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D5PSIAC2E3D5THZH5EGXZ3MJ7I Ricky Salvador

    puro tayo daldal!!! pakita n’yo talino n’yo sa darating na eleksyon!!! reklamo tayo ng reklamo tapos parepareho lang ang mga ibinoboto natin kada eleksyon!

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Ngayon alam nyo na,mga kababayan ang mga ugali at baho ng iyong mga binotong senador nuon,magpapaloko pa ba kayo at iboboto uli ang mga kandidatong ineendorso ng Pangulo at Pangalawang Pangulo???

    Mga-isip ng mabuti ng hindi na maulit ang mga kahihiyan ginagawa ng mga nakaluklok na senador ngayon!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      Tama. Kita nyo na mga BAHO ng mga SENATONGS, wag na wag nang MAGPABOLA pa uli sa mga magandang salita ng LP at UNA. Puro BUWAYA, TRAPO and POLITICAL DYNASTIES ang mga nadyan. Let’s take a 2nd look on the INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES whose accountability will only be to the Filipino people.

  • Yanong_OFW

    siguro palabasa itong si Se.Miriam sa column ni Mon Tulfo..sya lang kasi palaging nagsabi na bakla si Ping kasi nagkita daw silang dalawa doon sa isang bar at lalaki ang kasama..Buti nalang hindi pinalitan ni Ping ang color ng uniform to Pink ng mga pulis noon na siya pa ang PNP chief..

    • indiosbravos2002

      Malamang sa gay bar nagkita yang si Tulfo at Lacson. Hahaha

  • Handiong

    The ICC will not call Miriam to serve. A petition, complete with videos of her lunatic outbursts during Corona’s impeachment trial, has been filed with the ICC and they have realized she is unfit to serve.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Good news for the ICC, bad news for Pinky and Enrile.

    • buttones

      I think you might find that it is not the ICC that appoints the Judges, it is the member states, and I think, to remove a Judge there has to be good reason “A judge may be disqualified from “any case in which his or her impartiality might reasonably be doubted on any ground”, and a judge may be removed from office if he or she “is found to have committed serious misconduct or a serious breach of his or her duties” That’s how it works, and I might add, the member states who elected Santiago to the ICC were perfectly aware of her ‘character’ at the time…On the current situation in the kindergarten we are so proud to call the Senate, I think it’s appalling….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

        binara mo naman kaagad….

        but if i may add, ICC’s loss is the SENATE’s gain. Miriam is good counter-balance in this “august” (daw) chamber….

      • Handiong

        Miriam has already been appointed as a Judge. That process is over. She is in a pool from which the Presidency (composed of three Judges elected by their fellow Judges) will assign Judges to handle trials as the need arises. But her being in the pool is no guarantee that she will be called to serve. The Presidency can just decide not to give her any assignment.

      • buttones

         It’s possible, but I doubt the President of the ICC can hold off a judge from cases for nine long years, nor do I think the President and the Vice Presidents of the ICC are interested in, or take account of what essentially is a domestic political issue anyway. I don’t know how many trials are active in ICC, how judges are selected, and so on but again I doubt the ICC runs its affairs in the same way as, for example the PH Senate. We will see what happens over the next nine years I suppose. I admire Santiago, but episodes like the current one, accusations back and forth really bring out the worst in her, it’s beneath her she shouldn‘t respond to childish accusations, but people cannot change their personalities…….. We should remember also that the environment she works in as a Senator is 100% political- the ICC isn’t, Santiago might wish to be called just to get into an organization that conducts itself in an orderly professional manner- I think she needs the rest…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

      What is wrong with outbursts? Many judges were known to have lost their tempers when they encountered stupid lawyers.

      • Handiong

        I said “lunatic outbursts”.

  • Albert Einstien

    kung ayaw sa  color PINKy…baka GrAY .pwede…ano kaya yung A-Z…ABANGAN..that’s what mirriam’s for. great entertainment  & ..EXPOSE’ of GREAT PRETENDERS ( platters) …after pinky ….dapat si pnoy, jpe, binay, erap naman…at least si erap proud na play boy..yung IBA PLAYING the BOYS…..OK lang yun mga SIRS….kung yan ang SEXUAL PREFERENCE nyo mahirap itago yan pinapahirapan nyo lang sarili nyo…LADLAD na.. …sino kaya sa mga matchong SENADOR ang PINK ang panty…..je je

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OKC53SVPRIE3IXH34V7RDHLGQM James

    Michael V’s hit song “Hindi Ako Bakla” comes to mind :

    Sabi nila
    Tinawag mo kong bakla
    Maldita kang talaga
    At ang kapal ng mukha

    Hindi ako, di ako bakla
    Sa boses palang, di mo ba halata
    Pag di ka tumigil ng pagsasalita
    Sasampalin kita
    Hindi ako baklaaaaaaa…
    Hindi ako baklaaaaaaa…
    Hindi ako baklaaaaaaa…
    Ho ho hoooooo…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

    naka-enrol ba itong mga ito sa K+12. parang mga bata?

  • kilabot

    this just shows that honorable politicians are humans too. 
    they get hurt, retaliate, attack, cry, laugh; 
    there are straights, some are perverts too.

  • rockinLeon

    hahaha Pinky Lacson walks like a lady. Check his video captured by a CCTV in NAIA about to board the airplane to escape from an arrest warrant.

    • boymanok

       he he he…thats right i saw that …nagmamadali si ateng makalabas ng NAIA…nabahag ang buntot nung PMA grad at decorated police officer  kay GMA pero nung wala na sa puwesto si GMA pumutak na naman ang dalahirang si tita ping, …malakas na ang loob dahil suportado na siya ni tita noy ..bwa ha ha ha

  • soulhunter

    Lacson is not GAY! babae daw siya… LOL

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Hindi siya babae,SIRENA siya…hehehe….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

    corrupt din pla to c santiago..eh.. pare pareho lang kayo mga ungas.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Matagal na kabayan..kaya huwag nyong iboto ang mga ganitong kandidato…Huwag iboto ang mga manok ni BS aquino,Binay at Villar….

  • boymanok

    malamang yung mga miyembro ng kurutin-baleleng ay hindi namatay sa tama ng bala kundi sa kurot …kinurot ni tita ping sa kanilang mga singit ..bwa ha ha ha

  • boldyak

    paanomaging gay si LACSON…may asawa siya…hmmm..sino nga ang asawa ni Lacson, di ba yung biyuda ng pulis…bakit kaya naging biyuda yon, ahhhh..namatay pala ang pulis na yon, ano kaya kinamatay nun???????

    • Sinagasaan

      itanong natin kay ramon TULFO ang detalye kung paano nya naging asawa  hehehehe…..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M6UL2UG4OGTMCLSYGB5MVJ7USE InSearchOfTruth

      ang kwento eh asawa ng aktibista si babae.  tas nakita ni pinky nung dalawin sa crame ang asawa.  tas bigla pinalaya si aktibista.  pagkalabas na pagkalabas ng crame ni aktibista biglang nasagasaan ng bus sa edsa…

  • Rathbumo

    Kulang lang sa pansin at HIMAS itong si ALENG MENTAL, kaya napa-praning na naman. Mas hinihimas pa kasi ni Jun Santigao yung mga panabong nyang manok kesa sa asawa nya. Dapat ang kilatisin ni Aleng Brenda yung isang Senator na magaling magpanggap na playboy pero bading naman pala kaya iniwan siya ng kanyang wating. May syota pa daw na artista? weeh!

  • MaySenseBa

    But she said it was the Senate secretariat itself that had told her she could use Senate funds to pay the rent.
    *So the Senate secretariat is the bastion of what is legal and moral?  As a Senator of the republic, she is unable to realize the appearance of impropriety for her to rent from her own place using our money?
    Besides, she said, other senators also rent offices in buildings they own.
    *Wow, the number 1 excuse of a guilty one, even the we use that vs. traffic cops, “bakit sila di mo hinuhuli…” This from someone purported to be the self-proclaimed most intelligent, ex-judge etc etc, this is what she comes up with?

  • doublecross

    hwug mong kalimutan yon, GIFT ni enrile….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7HA5P2ABEIRCO45U26VLV5FEZA Torogi

    Anong klaseng mga senador kayo??? Daig pa ninyo ang mga batang kindergarten! You don’t deserve to sit in Congress, better quit and give deserving and dedicated men to serve as legislators>

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

      naka-enrol ba itong mga ito sa K+12. parang mga bata? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/53PNN2WSIQM6WLEOBGOCKQLV74 Jose

    Sabi ni Lakay Gusto ko Happy ka! Eh di happy si Senadora di nga naman makakabili ng bagong relo na gawa ng Seiko at Patek na ang tatak ay SeikoPatek yung regalo nya hayan nagkagulo na. Si Senator Ping should worry kasi kakaiba to sa huling laban nya kay GMA. Dito di sya pwede magtago kahit sa dagat dahil legacy nya babanatan. Goodluck sa nyong dalawa. 

  • apojay

    Mabuti na rin nagbabangayan ang mga TRAPO.  Lumilitaw ang kasalanan ng isa’t-isa.

    Nagiging malinaw din na hindi pagsisilbi sa bayan ang nasa isip nila.  Ibinubunyag lang nila ang mga kasalanan ng kabila kapag sila ay nagkakaroon ng away. 

    Kung hindi, maski gaano kasama, walang maririnig ang bayan.

    Kaya mga MATATANDANG TRAPO, sige pa!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    Quote: “I’m sorry to disappoint the lady senator. If she’s insinuating some lunatic idea about my sexuality, let me emphasize this: I AM NOT GAY and I don’t intend to be one.”

    At pag ayaw pa rin nyang maniwala na hindi ako charot, BABATUHIN KO NA SYA ng aking LIPSTICKS AT SANDALS…..ggrrrr


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    nakakatakot na bading yan pag nagkataon. hahaha.

  • delia kelly

    Yun Lang ang masa sabi tungkol Kay Lacson?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      Antayin mo muna si Inday Miriam, marami pa raw syang  pasabog…..

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001921754154 Felipe Feliciano Santos

        It’s time to change to parliamentary system

  • Handiong

    What’s wrong with being gay? Come on people, they are everywhere. Some may even be your relatives, friends, or co-workers. This is the 21st Century when same-sex marriages are becoming legal.

    Any anti-gay sentiment is just pure and simple prejudice. One’s sexual orientation does not define a person’s value.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      We are not actually interested of the allegation that he is gay. People are more interested to know the SINS that Inday Miriam is about to EXPOSE.

      • Handiong

        Maybe you’re speaking for yourself. But, I’ve seen numerous comments that tend to derogate being gay. Haven’t you seen them? Come on.

    • http://twitter.com/romza825 Row me oh!

      Bakla ka ano…

      • Handiong

        No, I’m not. I just respect people for what they are. For that, I’m a better person than you are.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/67RMK3SB7FI22XPPEXF75OLOOA Marco

      Tumahimik ka SUPOT! Palibhasay nagpapatera ka sa PWET sa mga ibang lahi. Okey lang sana kong ganyan kayo, pero ang magkalat ng EMORALIDAD. PWEEEEEE.Mga matatandang bading na nagkakalat.Tamaan sana kayong lahat ng KIDLAT. Tingnan nyo, pati tuloy kami nadadamay sa emoralidad nyo. Treatment kasi ng ibang lahi sa ibang Pinoy na matitino, mga bakla rin na gaya nyo. Mga HONYANGO! Bweset!

      • Handiong

        Why do you accuse anybody who respects gay people as also gay? It only shows the bankruptcy of your small mind. And don’t call yourself “matino” because judging from your words, you are not. Anybody who discriminates against others for whatever reason is not matino.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

    panahon na naman ng eleksyon –karambula ng mga  talangka !!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_26N5TXE3YVEC2YE7Z6PXNE5XNQ boy

    Sen. Meriam, don’t hide behind the cloak of your parliamentary immunity, fight Lacson fair and square

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    Sino sa dalawa ang malinis

    1. walang naging criminal case
    1. Dacer/Corbito case

    and so on

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_63EF7GX4LHS3IQZGWJD2ZQU72M ganda

    eh sino ba mas gusto nyo…yun baliw o yun mamamatay tao?

    • leomar101

       Ang gusto ko ay yong may nagagawang mga batas para sa mamayan. That is exactly why they are in the senate recieving salaries, porks, MOOE from taxpayers. Kapa nangampanya pa lang  promise ng promise  kung ano-anu like para sa mga mahihirap pero kung naka upo na sa senado ay  wala ng ginagawa kung di magpaganda at mag sout ng saya. bwahahaha.


    WARNING to Santi:  Malakas mamalo ng bakya at step-in si Panfy at…. malawak at malalim ang training nya sa sabunutan…..quidao ka! Siguraduhin mo lang na hindi mo gagalawin yong pinaka-iingatan niyang BANGS sa nuo…pag gunulo mo yon, WWIII.

  • buttones

     And we wonder why people are losing respect for the Senate, taking no sides here but the whole thing is getting out of control, these people are squabbling like children, we have had so many exhibitions of late, during the Corona debacle for one when the cameras were there, strutting their stuff like wanabe actors, which, ironically enough is what many of them are. It is not that our House of Congress have that much to brag about, the last 67 years can hardly be described as any sort of success can they? Some might describe the whole ‘experiment’ as a dismal failure- for most of us anyway- for souls that have participated in this thing we call a government it seems to have been an overwhelming success.Is it not enough we have to suffer the circus’ that are now on the road with their squalid entertainers, we have to have this Senatorial exhibition as well? The base intrigue of course is Lacson, never like the guy, not since he ran away for a year without so much as a by your leave and was welcomed back like a prodigal son. No Senator has the right to a seat if he keeps running away all the time, I remember him announcing through his lawyer at the time he was ’on the run’- he didn’t want to be arrested and put in jail, he seemed obsessed with that, looking at the current accusations, I can see why….. And we wonder why people are losing respect for the Senate, taking no sides here but the whole thing is getting out of control, these people are squabbling like children, we have had so many exhibitions of late, during the Corona debacle for one when the cameras were there, strutting their stuff like wanabe actors, which, ironically enough is what many of them are. It is not that our House of Congress have that much to brag about, the last 67 years can hardly be described as any sort of success can they? Some might describe the whole ‘experiment’ as a dismal failure- for most of us anyway- for souls that have participated in this thing we call a government it seems to have been an overwhelming success.Is it not enough we have to suffer the circus’ that are now on the road with their squalid entertainers, we have to have this Senatorial exhibition as well? The base intrigue of course is Lacson, never like the guy, not since he ran away for a year without so much as a by your leave and was welcomed back like a prodigal son. No Senator has the right to a seat if he keeps running away all the time, I remember him announcing through his lawyer at the time he was ’on the run’- he didn’t want to be arrested and put in jail, he seemed obsessed with that, looking at the current accusations, I can see why…..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

      naka-enrol ba itong mga ito sa K+12. parang mga bata? 

      • buttones

        That’s soooo funny, you made me laugh today… I think too much K and not enough of the 12.….he he !

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDLJBVQKYUSWJAK6ICQITGFTUU Toni

      I agree – but if I could add… is there anyone in the senate or congress who deserve the seat, more importantly the privilege (including the money) that each is enjoying. It has been said – the senate and congress are full of clowns, actors, pretenders and wannabees… oops i almost forgot, and a boxer.  Does anyone understand the mechanics and dynamics of the the local and international economy. All they legislate is changing the name of the street to honor their thieving relatives. But has there been anything that will improve the lot of the common tao… Many of our countrymen have to fend off for themselves as OFW’s because the government cannot and will not provide for them. This is sickening… utterly sickening.

      • buttones

        It’s a wild guess, but there might be 10% of members sitting in the Houses that deserve to be there, the remaining 90% -DONT. Which brings me back to my irrefutable proof, wind the clock back 67 years, observe- wind the clock forward 67 years -observe- the difference? It’s EXACTLY the same, and in fact worse. I find it odd, to say the least, that the Judicial branch of this government has to have impeccable qualifications in their job, whereas the members sitting in the Houses making Laws only have to be able to read and write and be a certain age, they are not even required to be able to walk and talk at the same time….and many cannot. Many of us went away and still do to find a future this country simply refused, or were incapable of providing. It’s still the same…Will it change? Well in the last 67 years it didn’t so I can hardly expect it will in the next 67, that’s taking hope and optimism to a ridiculous level..

      • ARIKUTIK

        99.69 % had resigned into hopelesness. One said, “Why waste a saliva in cursing when there no one to listen, Not one knows you either”. I replied in silence, “It is better to be a fool shouting on a hill with no one to listen than to silently endorse monkeys”…. “REFUSE to VOTE for Senators”, you hopeless cowards.

    • leomar101

       Hi  There, be not  so frustrated and disappointed of the whole jokes that the senate provides. Take a seat and enjoy the show. Would be more fun if you add a glass of jack daniels coupled with a  bite of apetizers of your choice. As a whole, the present  one is no different from the rest. Except that today the nation is in total wreck. cheers! it’s fitting to enjoy a drink today as it is a day for the “heart”.

      • buttones

        Hello Leo! How are you? We are in a bit of a mess aren’t we.. I can’t really remember the day we weren’t to be honest. Anyway have a nice day. On sitting down and enjoying the show, I’ve seen this play before, it’s boring and I know the end even before the curtain rises….. I never quite figured out if the whole thing was a tragedy or a comedy, a musical certainly… a certain ‘circus’ quality to the whole thing,? This is what drives me to the bar well before intermission time……

      • leomar101

         This one is different, while poking dirty finger at each other, it provides us  of the glimpse how every single centavo of taxpayers money went into naught. This is for real miss B. with all the billions of money being fed into their stomach and yet one gets back a measly half baked laws. I think all these years  we are really short-changed  from the  basic services we deserved.  I was there for 2 weeks break last Jan. And to tell you the truth, nothing has changed. Beggars all over the place even in intersections. Well I’m enjoying my time. thanks. heck! It’s tragedy miss B. because its for real.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Mirriam and Lacson are messengers in time. The present senate of Christmas gifts says it all. Seconded by the present senatorial candidates of RELATIVES only. Why should the people sustain this kind of senate ? It is ripe time for “REFUSE to VOTE” for Senators. Citizens must not elect monkeys…… “REFUSE to VOTE Senators”

  • Ben Smith

    ICC having second thoughts on getting Brenda?

  • doublecross

    pinky,,,damn, i remember my ex-gf!

    • magiting78

      Uh! kabaro ba ni Pinky ex-gf mo…beki din ba?—lolz

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/Q63DUTCNJJKCYNURT4A4C6QZJM marco

    be ready gurl…..someone is on trail after your pinky color hahahahhahahha no doubt and no more questions…teh Tulfo brothers once mentioned this issue about the Pink senator

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

    BAta1: “Bakla ka,,,,”
    Bata2: “HIndi ako bakla…”
    Bata1: ” may ebidensya ako….”
    Bata2: “sinungaling ka,,,,sports complex daw,,,,sabungan naman…may ebidensya rin ako.”
    “Tumigil kayo, mga bata kayo, pareho kayong madaya, sinungaling.
    Mag-aral nga kayo para maging kagalang-galang kayo tulad ng mga

    • magiting78

      Hahahaha kagalang galang daw…..Kaya nga nag pakalamatay c Lolong kc madalas i-associate s kanya mga senador…

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Kaya pa, pag buhay si Vic Siman at Col. Consemino at sabihin sila ay mga illegal na gawain,sasabihin din nila sa Husgado: Gumagawa din ng Milagro ang mga SENADOR your Honor, tapos sana ang Kaso.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VJOS3W7L7FDA4TGTFHXBLN5FGE George

    Ping will run for reelection in the senate to get back at Miriam. He will be the LP standard bearer. LP = Ladlad Party

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NDH6O6PNTAJ23SNYTA6LSYY47Q Butuan


  • w33k3nd3r

    Bongga ka day~ bongga ka day~ sige lang sige lang~ Itaas ang kilay~!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XSHWGLY25MTOGUZUIBF5JT5BZI pdred

    Magsabunutan na kayo!

    • magiting78

      Sabunutan, sampalan at kurutan na lang ang matalo syang mag mamanicure at pedicure…lolz

  • mari suli

    di ba may bf si pinky sa airport noon.iyong sa airline na guwapo he heh he.deny to death pa.LOL

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDLJBVQKYUSWJAK6ICQITGFTUU Toni

    “Be ready, because I have parliamentary immunity.” WTF is this – is she implying that she, or any senator for that matter, can practically say anything and hide behind parliamentary immunity to escape prosecution. Isn’t this so irresponsible?
    “Other senators are doing that. I’ve done that before so what’s my fault now, giving the government a bargain?” Again, what kind of reasoning is that, especially coming from an ‘esteemed’ lawyer? Just because everyone is doing it does not make it right. Because everyone is doing it, the more it becomes reprehensible.

    Finally, instead of answering the issues thrown by Lacson, she instead call him (or her?) names and insinuate things which are not related to the issue anyway.

    With senators like these, its no wonder the country has gone (and stayed) to the dogs. I just do not know how we, as a people, can be freed from these political sh#ts. Everyone who runs for election is a certified sh#t!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDLJBVQKYUSWJAK6ICQITGFTUU Toni

    its sickening how, after browsing through the comments, that many are poking fun at Lacson’s sexuality. My kababayan, that is not the issue. Let us look at the bigger picture… that the senate is a big pile of sh#t and the senators are nothing but sh#t heads! We have to be liberated from these sh#theads.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      We already are aware that the senate is a big pile of sh#t and the senators are nothing but sh#t heads. No need to further emphasize. Poking fun at Lacson’s sexuality is just a SIDESHOW…..hehe

      • magiting78

        Panghimagas kumbaga hehehe….Parang boxing lang yan…bago ang main event may undercard…Ganda kaya ng banatan ni Brenda at ni Pinky…wala naman pwd tau expect s senate natin kundi mga comedy shows…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

        pag gumanti si Lacson == Miriam is in High Blood Pressure .. so absent na naman…sa senado 

      • magiting78

        Style lang yun ni Brenda para humaba laban nila ni Pinky tapos pag end ng term ni Pinky saka sya babanat para hnd n makabawi c Pinky…hehehehe

      • ARIKUTIK

        Si Pinky ay na expose bago bumaba sa senado….. yeheyyyy….. Ang sino mang mag appoint kay Pinky para mamuno ng govt. post ay tiyak na KABARO …..

      • magiting78

        Tyak appoint sya ni Pnay…Bird of the same featehr, share the same bird..Llamas Bird..lolz

      • ARIKUTIK

        You mean Llamas is the Behind of it all. I did suspect that way long ago but no pictures of proof…. waaaahhhh …..

      • kolambogan

        Very unfortunate attitude, just having fun at the sorry state of one own country’s lawmaking body’s performance is really a very alarming state of the kind of people the Filipinos are becoming into. It gives credence to the saying that the people deserve those they vote to be their representatives.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

        Being aware of our present SENATE as the WORST in Philippine history is unfortunate attitude? Awareness on what is worst among our tongressmen, senatong and other govt officials is one important ingredient for one to decide whom to junk come 2013 and any upcoming elections.

        I deserve these BUWAYAS in govt? Speak for yourself. 

      • kolambogan

        I am not speaking for anyone except for myself, it’s my opinion on how I see people became unmindful of their situation, if you deserve them, I had no quarrel with your choice, enjoy them to the fullest, you prefer the worst, it’s your life and your representation.

  • leomar101

    Just imagine how many billions do they get just for  providing us a good entertainment. But at least Miriam have some laws to her credit of which they are expected to legislate. The rest? they are just thaa, eeeh.

  • basyong

    sabi ni pinky wala raw siyang itinatago? e bakit siya nagtago? isang malaking baklang walang ka class class.susunod diya maglalabasan ang mga lalakweng biniktima mo.

    • kolambogan

      At yung mga hindi pumayag mabiktima, dedo na

  • Rolly257

    Anu naman kaya ang gagawin ni Nancy Binay at mga kasamang kandidato sa Senado.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NDH6O6PNTAJ23SNYTA6LSYY47Q Butuan

      Mag pa hairdo kay Pinky! 

      • for_Prosperity

         tsaka manicure ay….

  • boybakal

    Miriam is back to ‘expose sins of Pinky Lacson….yeah right but in July as Congress and Senate is in recess.
    Miriam will be back in July and Ping is gone by June.
    Useless expose.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

    pag gumanti si Lacson == Miriam is in High Blood Pressure .. so absent na naman…sa senado

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Sa sabong,ang hirap largahin ang Siete-Diyes.Maski tanong niyo pa kay Mon Tulfo.

    Eto ang masaklap kung pano largahin ang laban ng Tibo at Bading.

    • magiting78

      Madali lang yan..pustahan ng Pork Barel o kaya bigyan ng award n pork barel ang mananalo..tyak sabunutan yan dalawa…lolz

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Ang problema ay nagiipon na ng ebidensiya si Ping at nakapag-submit na nga sa Ombudsman. Kung dakdak lang dakdak si Madam Miriam ay baka mabigla siya at baka atakehin sa puso dahil may susunod pang pasabog si Ping na suportado ng ebidensiya. Kahit matapos ang June kung tunay naman ang demanda ni Ping ay baka hindi matuloy sa ICC si Mam Miriam… Dapat kasi kung pinaparatangan niyang gay si Ping sana ay may ebidensiya rin siya… Its more fun in the senate… Pero laging starring si senator Miriam…

  • soccerg0d

    ahahahay ang berdugo kuno, naka-Tback pala sa gabi!!! wahahahahaha


      Kaya nga naga Acting Berdugo para maitago ang T-back. Yong isa ay naga Acting “Gun Man” para maitago ang flower-back. Magkabaro sila, eewwww…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza



      Hey CAPSLOCK Guy, ibig mo sabihin kaya na Panot yong isa ? eeewwwww…. makapag luto na nga lang, buti pa ! Byeeeeeee….. CAPSLOCK Donk !

  • doublecross

    di ba siya yon triggerman ni marcos noon?
    di ba siya yon protector nang mga chinese sa binondo?
    ano pa kaya…..

  • pedronimo

     This match will get more Pay Per Views than a Marquez-Pacquiao 5th Rematch.

  • Summerspice

    The Senate Secretariat said that Sen Santiago can rent from her building.She was allowed to do it.The Senate Secretariat has to explain and justify the legaligality of renting from her own building.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NDH6O6PNTAJ23SNYTA6LSYY47Q Butuan

    Kaya pala nagkaroon ng kuratong baleleng rubout para hindi ma expose na “PINKY” siya. lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NDH6O6PNTAJ23SNYTA6LSYY47Q Butuan

    Sa June daw papalitan ni PINKY si DINKY Soliman sa pagka secretary ng DSWD.  Ay naku pedofile!

  • indiosbravos2002

    I think Miriam won this round. People are actually calling Lacson, Pinky and for a macho man this is the most painful thing in the world aside from castration. The whole nation doubting your manhood.
    It doesnt help Lacson being all defensive and denying the charges, instead of just shrugging it off.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NRHOKDY5CHP6X3UOOEQXEITZOM Ricardo M

    This lady senator is very unprofessional, pati kwentong barbero pinatulan. Ito dapat samapahan ng complaint sa senate ethics.. O baka naman wla na syang maisip pang-atake kay Ping kundi yung “bading” issue? Ping’s sins from A-Z, goodluck! Ginawa na yan ng mga Arroyo when they were still in Malacanan, merong pinalabas pero lutong macao, ayun, binasura ng Korte Suprema na appointed karamihan ni Gloria..

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Dapat kamo hindi na siya tawagin sa ICC. Nakakahiya talaga siya.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

        Ping and the other senatongs will have more headache if Inday Miriam stays at the senate…..so take your pick, icc or senate for miriam? hehe

  • doublecross

    ma’am  miriam, ba’t si lacson ang banatan mo, wala sa kanya ang Milyonesm na kay enrile. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    and the carnival begins, prepare the sanitary landfill the senate’s reputation is about to go under.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      senate’s reputation is “about” to go under? Nah, matagal nang baon….

  • manangjuana

    No, Mam Miriam.  We are running dry with your talk and Pings’ too.

  • Kandong

    Matanong lang si Senadora Brenda….  Hinde ba pwedeng manilbihan ang bading sa senado?… Stick to the issue po… May ninakaw din bang pera si Ping sa kaban ng bayan?… Pakisagot lang Senadora Brenda!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      Sinabe ba ni Inday Miriam na hindi pwede ang bading manilbihan sa senado? You’re going too far…..

    • nakatutok

      na-offend ka ba?? siguro si Danton Remoto ito?? o baka naman si VOKKIN..

  • nakatutok

    e ano ngayon kung Pinky?? bakit si Simeona hindi nyo pansinin??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WUX4IHX6TX3NCR6G4OG5USCBCU Louie

    cge brenda

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

    I didn’t know the circus reached the senate.. saan makakabili ng ticket?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Who cares the Senate smelly underwear’s,
    they should keep it for themselves in exchange of 
    the officially stollen billions under their watch and complicity !

    In short, in a decent country, 

    they will be happy to save their panties and stay alive.

  • joshua kings

    pinky vs brenda;
    brenda vs pinky….
    showing in july at the senate cinema.

  • RomyLitz

    Even with the joining of Pinky to Juan’s aid, Miriam is unstoppably, indefensibly and unavoidably inevitable to knock them out from the 2013 race . All hands down. Juan and Pinky picked up the wrong fight. Even with fence sitting attitudes of Pimentel, Peter Allan and Trillanes, the humongous damage done by no nonsense debater hurricane  Miriam is comparable to Sendong and Ondoy to Juan and UNA’s candidates.

  • RomyLitz

    I will offer my obvious condolences to Pinky and Juan for the upcoming media fight with Hurricane Miriam…They just clueless in picking up a fight with a proven warrior..!!

  • white scorpion

    this is exciting!! sige, ibulgar niyo nang ibulgar ang skeleton hidden in the closet. para magkaroon ng change ang (hopefully) ibang candidate. actually, 99.999% puro may tinatago talaga. kundi sinong magkakapatid ang gusto kumandidato. ang iba pa’y mayor naman ang asawa, o iba pang kapatid, o sino pang ponsepilato nilang kamag-anak. 

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    If she is called daw by the ICC. Pardon me crazy Senator, the ICC has already seen the light. Puputi ang uwak bago ka nila tawagin!

  • Luthmar

    Wowwww, it is really great to be in the govt. service.  They own buildings, mansions, houses or condos here and there, dollar accounts in America, children studying abroad, very expensive
    cars in their garages, men and their mistresses.  Wives shopping abroad till they drop dead.  (one Marissa Lapid got caught in the US trying to smuggle dollars-  found guilty, buti nga sa kanya),

    The newspaper recently published the wedding of Enrile’s daugther to a Moroccan.  Hundreds of guests and 80 different type of dishes, plus very expensive wines.  Wowwwwwwwwww talaga.
    On the other hand, a family of seven were sharing a pack of instant noodle soup and some rice.
    The best talaga to be in the government service, chicken feed lang ang mga ganyang okasyon.

    These politicians will never let go their positions, come hell or high water. The sons, daugthers etc., must inherit their positions.   There’s too much money involved.   Raping government coffers must continue.  Tuloy ang ligaya.  UTTERLY DISGUSTING.

  • basyong

    sabi ni pinky wala raw siyang itinatago? e bakit siya nagtago? isang malaking baklang walang ka class class.susunod diya maglalabasan ang mga lalakweng biniktima mo.

    • MannyKingfisher

      Kaya nga wala siyang itinatago dahil siya ang nagtago. Kuha mo?

  • Kandong

    Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng mayabang at mata-pobreng Brenda sa pagka-ka-upo nya sa senado! At ang kanyang mi-ni-mithing pagiging miyembro ng ICC ay magiging bulilyaso dahil sa katangahan. Oys Brenda! Dapat mong isipin na ikaw ay pasang-awa sa BAR Exam kaya huwag mo ng ipangalandakan yang hinde pa pinal na pagkakatanggap sa yo sa ICC!
    At ang isyung kinakaharap mo sa senado tungkol sa pagwaldas ng pera ng mga tao ay dapat ibunyag mo kung wala kang katiwaliang itinatago. Idinadaan mo ang iyong argumyento sa pag-atake ng pagka-tao imbis na ang tunay na isyu. Ano ngayon kung bakla si Lacson? Yan ba ay sagabal para manilbihan sa lipunan? Bakit hinde mo sabihin sa amin kung si Lacson ay may katiwaliang ginagawa tulad ng pagbubunyag nya sa yo? Wala ka bang mahalungkat kaya ginawa mong personal ang laban? Yang pagka-maton mo ang sya ring magtatanggal sa yo! Gudbay Brenda!

    • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

       nakalimutan mo na yata na si Pinky Lacson ay nagtago ng isang taon 
       dahil takot  KUNO siyang  makulong.
       sa mga paratang  na hang-gang ngayon ay walang  nakakatulong 
        sa pagsolba sa  krimeng  sa kanya lang nakatalukbong!

       Kandong.Kandong,Kandong… bakit si Pinky Lacson  na-i-ilang
        kung siya ay tinawag na BAKLA
        At ngayon ay abot langit ang pagkabahala
        at maingay na parang isang palaka


      • Kandong

        Estee Muri! Kelan ka gigising na ang iyong mga idolong Arroyo’s ay wala na sa pwesto at hinde na pwedeng gumawa ng mga kababalagahan tulad ng mga kaso laban kay Lacson? Na hanggang ngayon ay naniniwala ka pa rin sa kanilang mga kasinungalingan. Na ang mga katulad mo ay salot sa pag-unlad ng inang bayan dahil ang iyong diyos ay gawa sa pilak na ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan.
        Kelan ka gigising?

      • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

        Kandong…Kandong…Kandong.. matagal na po akong gising
         at bakit  mo na-i-singit  ang isyong  walang kasing-ning-ning
         Nitong  si Pinky Lacson na  siyang iyong itinituring
         Na  idolo mo at KUNO ay isang Magiting
          Eh pareho lang naman kayong walang Tinting ?

          Kung ako ay salot, eh ikaw ano ang tawag  mo
          sa sariling palda nagtago sa sa kabit mo?

      • Kandong

        Mahirap turuan ang taong namumuhay sa kasinungalingan. 
        Dala ng iyong galit ang pagkaka-sipa sa poder ng iyong mga mahal na Arroyo. At ngitngit hanggang langit sa sinumang kumontra at nagdulot ng kanilang lumagapak na bagsak.
        Hindi mo na maibabalik ang nakaraang kalagiman sanhi ng iyong pagmamahal sa huwarang pekeng-pangulong Arroyo. Oras na upang harapin ang katotohanan na ang ating lipunan ay hindi na pwedeng lokohin at pagsamantalahan. Gising na Neneng!

      • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

         Kandong..Kandong…Kandong… huwag mong isingit
         ang isyong Arroyo dahil wala po akong sinasabi na iyong ika-ngi-ngitngit.

        Ano ba ang relasyon sa isyong Lacson at Santiago
        na palagi mong isini-ngit  ang mga Arroyo
        Balik po tayo sa tunay na isyo
        Lacson lang po at Santiago!

      • Kandong

        Ikaw nagsimula sa mga Arroyo ng banggitin mo ang kaso ni Lacson at sa kanyang pagtatago ng isang taon. Nakalimot ka na ba na yan ay gawain ng iyong mga mahal na Arroyo? Ngayon iyong pinabubulaanan dahil katulad mo si Brenda, na nahuli na ang mga kamay nya ay nasa loob pa rin ng garapon. Yang mga ganyang ugali ay iyong ninuno sa mahal mong Arroyo!

      • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

         Ay,kabayong bakla na engot! Bakit  mo isali si GMA kung nagtago si Lacson ng isang taon? 

      • PlumberfromCanada

        bakit nasali si arroyo?? may nakakandong na naman bang binatilyo sa iyo Kandong??


    KAYA naman pala daw galit-na-galit si Lacson kay Matuts ay binabansagan siyang PINKY, samantalang ang tunay at gusto nyang tawag sa kanya ay PANFY!

    • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

      Urhonor, correction lang … hindi Panfy  kundi Panfilica Falaypay! Ay , kabaro ni Herodes  isang baklang matulis!

      • UrHONOR


    • pioanonuevo

      hahahaha, ikaw talaga muntik na akong malaglag sa upuan.

  • boybakal

    Miriam is back to ‘expose SINs of Pinky Lacson’….Being is Gay is not a Sin.

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    Talagang kahiya hiya po itong ating nayong Filipino sa mata ng mga bansa sa sandaigdigan. If Senator Santiago will behave like this when she begins to sit as a member of the international tribunal of justice, woe unto our country and our people!

  • charlie_oscar

    Statistcally – 15-20 % of the Senate is bakala…same for AFP, PNP NBI and the rest of Pilipines…

  • jurbinsky77

    This feud was started when Lacson, for some reasons, starting criticizing Santiago as the later was questioning the veracity of Enrile’s account of his life.

    Lacson actions were aimed at avoiding scrutiny of Enrile, just a plain smokescreen and nothing more.


  • rjimenez1226

    Please hulihin na si Miriam at Enrile  at ikulong. Please.

    • http://www.facebook.com/estee.muri Estee Muri

      Kasama ka ring ipasok sa kulongan para matikman mo ang vicious Venom ni Sen.Santiago ,tingnan natin kung matapang ka nga,sigue nga!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQIPMGHIKFLIQX2GYRZPEV2VIY floydelyn

    if i were a senator and i hear that the senate secretariat allows senators to rent space on their family-owned buildings and to pay the charges using senate funds, i definitely will find ways to justify an “office extension”

    easy to see, there’s conflict of interest in this secretariat memo/circular/whatever.

    it’s just a matter of time before everyone does it, including house members. what other foul goings-on in high government places which people do not know of? 

  • yoji Kudou

    Sen. Merriam, I like you but must you wait until Sen. Lacson’s term ends before you expose the things you claim to know about him? So he can be sued for retaliating? this sounds more of a threat than an expose’. I challenge Sen. Ping Lacson to say whatever he has to say now if he’s confident he’s got nothing to hide. if this stops here.. then we’ll know the truth and it’ll be a shame.

  • yoji Kudou

    Scorned homosexuals would think like this.. so telenovela-like with all the revenge, blackmail and drama. And again btw, renato corona is ugly, stop insinuating that queers, more so our president will find him desirable. Eww.. baka ikaw nag-iisip nun. Type mo xa?

    • EdgarEdgar

      My sincerest apologies if I hurt your feelings. I did not know that Noynoy’s pain is your pain, too. The truth simply hurts. Gomen ne. Shoganai desu ne.

  • EdgarEdgar

    The sins of Ping Lacson are no different from the sins of Noynoy. They’re both pretending to be something they are not. By misrepresenting themselves to the people, they made themselves susceptible to blackmail. Along the way, Ping Lacson had to kill many people to keep his cover. Likewise, our homosexual pervert of a president Noynoy went through so much trouble of unseating Corona after the latter rejected the ungentlemanly advances of Noynoy under the table during a social lunch at Ballsy Aquino-Cruz’s place back in 2010.

    Pinky and Noynoy’s biggest problem is not sexual bur rather biological. They both have more estrogen than testosterone. Their congenital chemical imbalance is their true identity and inescapable destiny. For keeping up appearances, they have caused this nation so much unwarranted trouble and so much unnecessary grief.

    May God save the queer!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    To the writer: Please do not “downplay” the “mal-practice” of the Senate President.

    Reporting…, “Enrile gave P1.6 million to his allies, but only P250,000 to his four critics”…,
    when in reality…, Enrile gave P250,000 to each of his four critics.
    when in reality…, Enrile gave P1.6 million to EACH & EVERYONE of HIS ALLIES.

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