Cardinal Tagle has very slim chance to be next pope – Oscar Cruz


MANILA, Philippines – Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, just like all other active cardinals in the world, is a potential candidate to be the next pope, but his chance to be voted into the papacy is very slim.

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz made this observation Tuesday during an interview on Radyo Inquirer 990AM.

When asked if Cardinal Tagle could make it to Vatican, Cruz said:

“In reality, mahirap sapagkat ano man sabihin natin, mga cardinals sa iba’t ibang bansa mas nagkakakila-kilala sila…[sa mga] kakayahan . . . Tayo iisa ang cardinal natin. Paano naman sya mahahalal? In reality mahihirapan.”

Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday that he will step down on February 28.

For the full interview, listen to the attached audio clip from Radyo Inquirer 990AM.

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  • Marshall

    Hinde ako nanininiwalang magiging Papa si Tagle ..Pag nangyari yan ipapapugot ko ang ulong bugok ng Malignong Naglalaway..Wanna bet ?

  • Kabudlay

    Pope? mawalang galang na po..di po kaya kayo nanaginip ng gising? Sino naman kaya ang wala sa sarili nag naglabas ng balitang malaki ang chance ni tagle na maging pope? HELOWWWW..gising gising..anong petsa na..


    YAN ang tinatawag na Classic Pessimist.  Sa halip na idiin na may pagkakataon si Tagleng maging Grand Kahuna, yong HINDI siya mapipili ang kinanang bunuin ng TNL na si Cruz.  Hoy, balik ka na sa Jueteng crusade mong pang-publicity lang!


    Siguro kung arabo ang mga cardinal, malamang magiging papa si Tagle. Type kasi ng mga Arabo yung effeminate at saka hindi mabalahibo.

    • ΊαεοΔ Ίβπ


  • Elizabeth Lugmo

    Sayang, kung si Bayani Fernando naging cardinal pupwede syang maging papa…dumaan na kasi siya maging BF kaya papa naman….

    • boypalaban

      Bayani purple epal fernando…

  • dennis

    How can we put our faith to Cardinal Tagle´s chance to be Pope eh his Congregation (CBCP) their interest is no longer in relation to Catholic Church but Politics! Kahit sabihin pa natin sa mundo or ipagsigawan na “The only Catholic Country in Asia with strong belief” eh hindi magiging sapat.Ewan ko,Alam ba ng Vatican etong mga pinag-gagagawa ng CBCP,their involvement in Philippine politics? I respect Cardinal´Tagle´s achievement but he alone is NOT ENOUGH to become our Pope although approve sa akin si Tagle.
    I can best describe that “Filipinos are too good to practice Catholicism but less enough to lead the world the importance of Faith to God”.

    • ΊαεοΔ Ίβπ

      just a comment on your reaction… the bishops have the right to set down and talk with the government leaders when an issue like morality comes to trigger the faithful, separation of the church and the state has to be understood in a proper context, the what and how whereabouts of this should be properly clarified… 
      ….card. tagle’s achievements are good enough for him to show his passion for the church, he was not only making a history in the phil.. he has created a name already in his endeavors and advocacies… and lastly, u should evaluate ur understanding of practicing catholicism… and faith to God… it seems that u dichotomized the two terms… hope u read good catholic books to help u understand ur faith well and not to its detriment…

  • John TWT

    Cardinal Tagle’s chances may be slim, but if and when he’s considered, I hope Filipinos will pray fervently for him and support him all the way.

    I cannot understand a bishop such as Cruz, who of course preaches that with Christ nothing is impossible–as they all do–is now telling us that miracles cannot happen.

    • ΊαεοΔ Ίβπ

      the thing is Arch. Cruz was not thinking selfishly… why do we think we wanted to have a Filipino Pope? i think ur answer will be to make u proud of as a Filipino, does it help the Church? i mean not the Phil church but the whole universal catholic church? u cant understand the message of the arch. coz u are thinking that way, am i right or i am right? instead of praying Card. Tagle will become the next pope, which for me is also a good idea provided his ability that is at par with JP2, but we have to ask the holy spirit to guide our cardinals in choosing the next pope… hope u understand better now, no hurt feelings…

  • benjpal

    At least realistic siya. Pero medyo ironic lang kasi idealism is one of the characteristics a religious leader must have. So dapat ang kakayahan ni Tagle ang sinuri niya at di yung connections nito with other Cardinals. Para na rin niya tuloy inamin na kahit sa simbahan malakas ang pamumulitika (which is true by the way).

    • ΊαεοΔ Ίβπ

      but it doesn’t mean that is bad, right? maybe that would be bad when our notion of politics  is bribing others to vote for you, a fact in our country that is why narrow-minded individual thinks politics negatively, after all, who will vote for tagle, the cardinals… Arch. Cruz was not down rating CArd. tagle, he was just being realistic to the situation… and he knows what was going on in the minds of the cardinals… the thing is, we filipinos are just to idealistic that it reaches to the point of not being realistic… and sometimes we sound “LIKE being realistic that the ideals are lost…

      • benjpal

        Yes, politics is not good for an organization such as the church that can easily sway its millions of followers to do something that goes against logic. Politics is powered by opinions rather than skill. You might say that opinions follows skill but it has been proven time and again that opinions can be swayed without the corresponding improvements in the relevant skills or service quality.

        Dapat pinanindigan ng simbahan ang pinapakita nilang mukha which (I think) is equality in faith and objectivity in leadership. He should have evaluated Tagle’s skill in comparison to other cardinals. I am no supporter of Tagle nor of the Catholic Church (or any religious organization) but if I were to put myself in a catholic’s shoe I would hate to think that our leader is not the best possible person to do the job and nangyari lang na mas sikat siya kaya siya nanalo.

      • ΊαεοΔ Ίβπ

        it cannot be denied that catholic church is still a human institution, it doesn’t come heaven straight… and just like any other institution voting is an essential element. however, the process of its votation differs, it is the skill of the person to be voted for is determined. the cardinals, i believe, voted not through from their own opinion but from what they saw in the potential candidate… nevertheless, despite the very humane way of knowing who would be the next pope, that is through an election, the holy spirit works there and then… after all, supernaturals can only be built above natural realities… it is in the holy conclave of the cardinals that the power of the holy spirit governs the church… a promise that was made by no less than Christ Himself…

  • ramelatilano

    ha ha ha ikaw talaga bishop…Cruz puro ka negative eh…Si Cardinal Tagle eh hindi naman kagaya mo…puro akusasyon walang action…at si Cardinal Tagle mahal namin dito sa Cavite at kilala namin na mayroon talaga syang kakayanan…ha ha ha

    • k

      inggit lang yang si damaso cruz kasi di sya naging cardinal.

      • ΊαεοΔ Ίβπ


  • dennis

    Despite of our religious practices in our country like:

    1) Nazareno
    2) Observing our Lent Season (penitensiya etc)
    3) Flores De Mayo 
    4) Advent or Observing Christmas in our country

    But STILL,less pa din ang chance natin na mag-lead sa mundo? Actually,sa mga nasabi kong kapistahan eh wala niyan sa ibang parte ng mundo! Hindi pa kasama diyan ang pagdiriwang ng mahal na Santo Nino?
    Minsan,magiging tanong mo ba eh “Mali ba ang pagsunod natin sa ating paniniwala?”…Sometimes,you might be asking “Is there also discrimination in a place what we called HEAVEN?” Let me say,the next Pope came from Africa with Black complexion and he decided to change all holy figures like (Jesus Christ…Mother Mary) into Black color? How would the world react about it? Shall we let our faith be triumphant at the end and not the color of an image?

  • Virgilio

    Guide the church? or guide the hierarchy. Jesus guides the church through the Holy Spirit not through a human agent.

    • ed_nique

      in your world …

  • akimaxx

    I’ve visited Hal Lyndsey Report Archive, Jan. 11, 2013, on Papal Prophecy. I wish Cardinal Tagle will not be elected as the next Pope.  #112, the next Pope will be a FALSE PROPHET. Read more from Hal Lyndsey Report.

    • MULEN

      I’m a staunch critic of the catholic church but your’s is now treading on the realm of idiocy and ridiculousness. Don’t just accept anything at face value and believe every statement as gospel truth. Be critical and use your common sense. 

      • Guest

        We, as Christians should be discerning. Jesus reminded us that during the last days false prophets will come. I’m not totally accepting Hal’s view. It’s a test for his gift of prophecy, either he is true or fake prophet, that we must watch. Because of the retirement of Pope Benedict, we Christians are at the middle of the big Y road. What will happen next?

        It is a fact that our Lord is coming back as He promised and Satan will still work on to gather his harvest. Mullen, I’m not using my common sense now, I’m now using my discerning spirit.

      • akimaxx

        We. as Christians must be discerning. Jesus reminded us that false prophets will come at the last days. I’m not totally accepting Hal’s statements. It’s a test if he is a true or a fake prophet and let us be watchful. Because of the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, Christians around the world were shocked. We are at the middle of a big “Y” road. What will happen next? Let’s always look at the 2 faces of the coin.

        It’s a fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back as He promised and Satan is still very busy working to gather his harvest. Be watchful for these signs. Mullen, I’m sorry for not using my common sense. I’m now using my DISCERNING SPIRIT.

    • muddygoose

      When are they ever ‘real’ prophets? You mean those popes who ordered the murder of non-christians were all prophets? You mean those popes who blamed the jews for Christ’s death and who sowed anti-semitism were all prophets? You mean those popes who collected vast amounts of wealth were all prophets? Hmm.

      • akimaxx

        Based on your info, those Popes are all false prophets too. See the damages that happened. True Christians must bear good fruits.

  • k

    humirit na naman si damaso cruz.bat mo alam na slim di ka naman kasali.inggit ka lang kasi di ka nagging cardinal.epal ka kasi e.

  • Islander

    Inappropriate remarks to say the least.   He should not have commented on the chances. 
    The appropriate response would have been these:
    a. Pray.  “I pray that the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  And I pray that our cardinal will be considered.”
    b. Developing world.  “Most Catholics are now living in the developing world and I hope that the next pope will come from this part of the world.”

    Alternatively, he could just have stfu.

    • muddygoose

      You just said the F word to an archbishop.

  • Boris Bernas

    Be silent and pray. Stop the bad comments and reactions. Instead of commenting on non sense ideas, give your support to the catholic church by praying. Pray for your families, friends, enemies and to the whole world. Fast for it is already lenten season. Not only for food but also for wrong doing. Repent and believe in the Gospel. Chruch is universal, so we, the church should accept the next pope no matter whether he is African, Latin American, European, Asian or American. Pray.

  • Miguel

    uhhmmm… we currently have 3 Filipino cardinals – Cardinals Vidal, Rosales & Tagle

    • cebuboy

      read more maybe you didn’t understand.,read folks

    • GreenStallion

      Yes your correct on that but the two Cardinals (Rosales & Vidal) can no longer casts vote due to age limit. They are above 80 years old if my memory serves me right. So only Cardinal Tagle is illegible to do the voting in Rome. Read, read and read well before commenting my dear folks. Thanks  

  • juan_liwanag

    This comment only goes to show that nothing is in the mind of retired bishop Oscar Cruz other than politics – an area that he has apparently decided to devote his life to. We were previously taught that election to the Papacy is a spiritual process based on discernment. Some of the bishops are really the reason why so many catholics are losing faith. 

  • GreenStallion

    The good Bishop Cruz is just honest to inform the Filipino Catholics not to expect so much. Although, I think most Catholics knows & understand the process & its not important what color, race will be elected as Pope, as long as he is capable & spirit filled then its okay. Will leave it to the conclave for they know bests than we are. Mas kilala nila ang bawat isa.  

    But least me be understood, Cardinal Tagle is one of my favorite priests I watched his TV programs from time to time and his preaching is really inspiring.

  • Mario_Garcia

    Let the Holy Spirit be their guide, nothing is impossible with God.

  • Gabby Purgatorio

    Umandar na naman itong si Cruz na mukhang bubwit. Inggit ka kay Cardinal Tagle?

  • muddygoose

    Hinde sya mahahalal dahil Pilipino sya. Same reason kung bakit disproportionate ang dami ng puting cardinal. The RC church is a church of controlled by white people. Funny cause Jesus himself was semitic and not white.

  • Elpidio

    Here goes that blabbermouth Bishop Cruz giving one of his “intelligent” opinions again. Cant you just keep your f___n’ mouth shut. Masyado kang nagmamarunong. Lahat na lang pinakikialaman mo. Inggit ka lang!!!

  • John Riordan

    Sandro Magister, probably the most respected Vatican-watcher in the world, has stated that Tagle is the only viable candidate from the developing world. I’m very impressed with Tagle! I’ve looked into most of the other papabili. Tagle jumps right off the page. He has a chance!

  • John Riordan

    I wish to encourage Filipinos to let the Cardinals of the world know that you support Tagle as next Pope. You have the right to do this under canon law:

    Can. 212 §3 They [Christ’s faithful] have the right, indeed at times the duty,
    in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest
    to the sacred Pastors their views on matters which concern the
    good of the Church. They have the right also to make their views
    known to others of Christ’s faithful, but in doing so they must
    always respect the integrity of faith and morals, show due reverence
    to the Pastors and take into account both the common good and
    the dignity of individuals.

    The other papabili are not very impressive at all! Tagle is John Paul, John 23rd and the Dali Lama rolled into one!

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