No blessings from bishops for pro-RH candidates



Some Catholic bishops have advised pro-reproductive health (RH) law candidates thinking of seeking their “blessings” as they begin their election campaigns Tuesday to “forget it.”

On the eve of the start of the 90-day campaign period for national positions, at least four prelates said they were not keen on laying their hands on candidates who supported the RH law should they ask for their blessing.

“I will not meet with them but I am not saying they won’t be welcome,” Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles told reporters.

“No, let them stay away from us,” said Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes in a separate interview. Baguio Bishop Carlito Cenzon expressed the same sentiment.

For his part, Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros said that if a candidate sought his blessing as a private individual, he would gladly give it. “But as a candidate, I will certainly not give my blessing to his or her candidacy because he or she supports a cause against the teachings of the Church,” he said.

But Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco has a different take on the matter. The prelate said he would welcome anyone who would ask him to bless his or her candidacy but, just the same, he would encourage people to vote for candidates based on their values and those who are pro-God, pro-life and pro-environment.

“Everybody is welcome. No discrimination. We are not partisan,” said Ongtioco.

Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad said he saw no reason those candidates couldn’t be welcomed. “A pro-RH candidate is a child of God and a brother or sister to me. I can be very diplomatic and respectful toward him or her as a person,” he said.

Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo said a “courtesy welcome is due a courtesy visit.”

Maasin Bishop Precioso Cantillas said he was willing to give his blessings to a candidate, even those who rabidly supported the RH law. However, this should not be construed as an endorsement.

He stressed that the Church, even in past elections, did not endorse candidates.

“As a pastor, I welcome anyone who would ask for God’s blessings. I would also proclaim to him or her God’s teachings and that of the Church,” Cantillas said.

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  • oidkcin

    Sow huwat? hu keyrs? The bishops as well as the abnoydski have illusion of grandeur. They are like the ayatollahs & the ruhollahs who have the monopoly of righteousness, ingon nila. harharhar
    Impeach Aquino…..& her brother.


      Who can remember who were those pro or anti RH. Only Cayetano is known to the max. Remind the voters comes election week. As of now reveal the evils of RH pills and RH tweaking the minds of innocent children. Cayetano is of evil mind.

      • Jane Tan

        As opposed by the right hand of the Martial Law oppressor?

      • okayayonip

        ang problema kahit hindi mangampanya si Cayetano ay gusto talaga siya ng tao, ilan lang silang may bayag sa senado na handang lumaban kay Martial Law architect enrile with fake ambush.

      • 33Sambuang2

        korek. kaya arikutik patuli ka na

      • 33Sambuang2

        arikutik supot

  • ryan andres

    So what if you don’t give your blessings? With all the crap coming out of your mouths lately, your “blessings” are like the mark of Cain anyway, and no politician would want it. No politician in their right mind, anyway. Meron din naman manghihingi ng mga blessing nyo, politicians like Enrile, Binay, Sotto…

    So please, give your “blessings” to those politicians and help the filipino people determine who not to vote… basta may blessings ninyo eh hindi iboboto ng mga matatalinong pilipino.

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    LIPA bishop is after REVENGE–this BEHAVIOR is against Vatican PRICIPLES—-

  • Rizal

    It is God’s blessing that matters most and not the bishop’s “blessing”/approval. Even the devil do “bless”/approve his own candidate. 

  • w33k3nd3r

    They don’t need your blessings, bishops. They’re very much blessed to have come this far. As for you, your institution’s head has just resigned and your vaunted power is in shambles. Tend to your yard first and stay away from politics.

  • $14334231

    palabas lang ito….actually ‘yong mga pro RH bill, kung pupunta man ay magbibigay pa rin ng abuloy,,,,,’yan ang kailangan nila dahil kukunti ang anti RH bill…..di kukunti ang kita nila….pera-pera lang ‘yan, kunwari pa ang mga ito….sabi nga ng tiyo kong pari ng nabubuhay pa….you can pray anywhere it doesn;t have to be in a church…the higher the place where you pray, the better as God can listen to you faster than those below…..but really, blessed or not, it is the populace who will decide the outcome including vote-buying, of course….

    • boytz

      “the higher the place where you pray, the better as god can listen to you faster than those below” What!!?? Are you serious?? And your uncle priest told you that?

      • elimsqui

        no, my father priest told me that…

      • boytz

        You 4kingdaddy? No matter, – same questions.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If members of this hypocrite CBCP are politicians, I think I have a pretty good picture of what crocodiles disguised as holy men look like.  It is very easy to spot the ring around their collars.


    >>>Some Catholic bishops have advised pro-reproductive health (RH) law candidates thinking of seeking their “blessings” as they begin their election campaigns Tuesday to “forget it.”<<<

    HOW PRESUMPTUOUS these men in white dresses and helmets.  KUNG ako ang kandidato, lalayo pa nga ako ng malayong-malayo sa mga TNL na mga doble-karang yan na wala namang na-idudulot kundi puro gusot!  May pa-blessing-blessing pa ang mga TNL, e, kamalasan lang naman ang pangkaraniwang kinalalabasan ng kanilang mga zarzuela.  Magpapalabas at magpapakitang mga santo sila sa labas, pero sa loob mga nabubulok at na-aagnas na mga TNL.

  • Yahilaw

    Blessings to anti-RH politicians kahit na kampon pa ni satanas? Stupidity to the max!

  • okayayonip

    more blessings, more money…’s a business as usual.

  • $20722540

    kawawang politician cowboys, walang blessing!!!…hindi bale daw maraming naman nakuhang pdaf kaya maraming pera kaya okay lang sa kanila. ang importante lang ay pdaf, pdaf, pdaf, pdaf, pera, pera, pera…………..

  • quirinomayer

    Nobody in his right mind seeks the blessing of Padre Damaso. God does not channel His blessings through hypocrites and notorious characters.

    It is the people including the 70 percent pro-RH Catholics who will bless the pro-RH politicians.


  • Fred

    Kayo naman mga bishops, hanggang ngayon ay gusto pa rin ninyong
    maghiganti o makabawi sa pagkatalo ninyo sa RH bill!

  • doncleo

    Nagsalita na naman ang mga ipokrito..wala naman talaga bisa ang “blessings” ninyo kasi kung meron e bakit puro corrupt ang mga nahahalal na opisyal ng bayan?

  • geminimind

    Who wants to have blessings from them?they can’t even bless themselves well enough.

  • speaksoftlylove

     If I were the priest of course, I will give them all the blessings in world but only during their requiem mass.

  • 33Sambuang2

    mga hinayupak kayo. kahit wala kayong blessings. boboto at boboto ang tao. sana ang iboto nila ay yong hindi dumidila sa pwet ninyo

  • Bayang_magiliw

    Here is the real message from these bishops: No blessings until we also get blessings from you. Kay nag-resign si Pope dahil sa mga TNL na ito!

  • mangtom

    Thanks, CBCP cone heads. Your blessing is a kiss of death. So please keep your blessings to yourselves. You need them more than the voters who will ignore your pleas. Who asked for your blessings, anyway? Mamaya may bayad pa kung nagbless kayo. Bottom line: just stay the f#ck out of politics. Mind your sacristan toyboys or your mga kabit. That’s what you are good for. Or else, just f#cik off.

  • brunogiordano

    “No blessings from bishops for pro-RH candidates”

    Isang patunay na maraming OBISPO sa CBCP ay mga DAMASO.

    Eh, kung may bigay na SUV at kalakip na malaking pera, NO BLESSINGS PA RIN KAYA????

  • dickenhead

    madali naman yan para sa mga candidates na gustong makakuha ng blessing kay arguelles, regaluhan nyo na SUV ayos na

  • mangtom

    Si arikutik ba ay may bayag? I doubt it. His posts are nothing but trash. Just kiss the hands of your masters at CBCP. Hello?

  • Crazy_horse101010

    what happens if the new pope comes out in favor of birth control. one of the main concerns now facing the church is the millions of people who have left the church over child raping and their rigid stand on birth control. they are losing millions of dollars.most catholic women are on birth control now

    • superpilipinas

      what happens? it doesn’t happen. he-he-he.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        dream on i962 the pope formed a committee to study birth control it was made up of 58 bishops. they debated for 2 years and voted. only 3 voted against birth control the catholics were elated, but the three who didnt win had a secret meeting with the pope and talked him out of allowing birth contorl so he weny against the wishes of the majority. the whole 2 years was a waste of time and money, in 1970 in a poll over 60 percent of the bishops approved birth control, the church panicked and started the bogie man stories

      • Crazy_horse101010

        dreamer the church is al ready concerned about it because of the millions of dollars their losing and the millions of members they have lost because of birth control and child raping the third largest sect in america now is ex catholics. some countries have lost from 50 to 70 percent membership. mexico for ten years has lost 1000 members a day average. money talks haw haw haw

  • kurakut


  • wehd1nga

    NO to Pro RH Candidates, its about time stupid politicians seeking public office give due respect to 50 million registered Filipino catholic voters.

    • Lakay

      49999999 na lang bugok……

      • Rene

        ako rin

    • Rene

      49999998 na lang bugok…(pahiram lakay)

    • Maitum

      49999997 na lang bugok…(pahiram din)

    • Bekok


  • regd

    Bishop Cantillas says “As a pastor, I welcome anyone….”? How weird is that!

    Bishops don’t Pastor! Pastor watch, care and tend over people. Bishops don’t watch, care and tend to people. Bishops & priest eat, sleep and talk politics (I bet they dream to as well)! That’s what they do! Hence, they do not understand what separation of State and Church is. 

    Pastor can see distinction between spiritual and physical. BISHOP’S CANNOT!

  • The Overlord

    When were “blessings” needed from the bishops? These bishops are so full of themselves. Our lives do not revolve around yours. As if naman kelangan kayo sa pang-araw araw na buhay ng ordinaryong mamamayan. Let’s not forget the last time you did not “bless’ Fidel Ramos when he ran for President just because he was a Protestant. Sino nga ba ulit nanalo sa eleksyon na yun? :)

    Sige nga, patunayan nyo ang “Catholic vote,” which is obviously a figment of your delusional imaginations.

  • celso

    Nagpaparinig na ang mga bishops. These clerics are really full of themselves, thinking they are endowed with so much credibility, the voters will be influenced by them.

  • Crazy_horse101010

    in cebu they have started the red ribbon drive. according to the papers hundreds are wearing them.hundreds in a city of millions. wonder how much they pay you to wear one

  • ManilaSpeak

    Let this be a lesson to ALL politicians who preened and pandered to the prelates in the gallery during the deliberations and voting sessions. In the end, you have nobody but yourselves to answer to. If they did it hoping to get a religious vote, they are sorely mistaken. Now, not only do they have to live with that mistake, the very people they sought to please, now shuns them. Yes, ginamit lang kayo at nag pagamit naman kayo.Remember, they are not your constituents. We are.

  • Ed Molina

    no pajero, no blessings. yun lang gusto sabihin ng mga bishops na yan. may nalalaman pa kayong RH RH dyan.

  • Lakay

    Ask blessing from the Lord, not from these Father Damaso. Enrile and Estrada for sure have the blessing of Father Damaso…. you piece of C*NT

  • Hey_Dudes

    Mga obispos kaya tuloy nagresign si Pope Benedict dahil sa mga kabulastugan ninyo?  Hindi na ba kayo magbabago ng hindi naman lagi kayong laman ng dyaryo?

  • Eric

    wow parang may power ang blessings nila, lalo pang matatalo ang mga candidates, go directly to God so that His will be done to you. obispo o obisyo?

  • edleon

    HA HA HA… ang galing nyo po mag patawa!!! dapat po sa inyong mga OBISPO ay sumama na lang sa EAT BULAGA!  HA HA HA… as if nakikinig sa inyo ang karamihan ng Katoliko na botante…

  • vaporub123

    tsk tsk.who needs your blessing anyway??sad to say there’s no catholic block voting nowdays.

  • rjimenez1226

    Candidates  should avoid getting any blessing from corrupt bishops and priests.

  • Rene

    etong mga bishops na nagsasabi na hindi nila ibigay ang blessings sa mga pro rh candidates ay nag hahalucinate, inuunahan nila, at sino naman ang nagsabi na hihingi sa kanila ng blessings etong mga kandidato na alam naman nilang a “a blessing of death”, napaka arogante ng mga bishops na sa asal ninyo na yan, akala ninyo me bisa yang blessings blessings ninyo? at isa pa bakit iba iba ang pananawaw ninyo mga bishop kayo, iba iba rin ba ang inyong paniniwala? wala ba kayong sinusundan na prinsipio? depende ba yan kung sino ang magpapasaya sa inyo? pastor ba kayo ng mga tao o pastor kayo ng kung sino ang makapagbigay sa inyo ng kapritso?

  • rjimenez1226

    Talagang mga anti-Christ ang ugali at pag-aasal ng mga pari at obispo sa PIlipinas.

  • Yobhtron

    NO THANKS DAMASOS!  Blessings from the Devil himself.  Stay away from these Devil worshippers.  The Damasos worships money, corruption, greed, pedophile sex and power.

  • noreligionhavefaith

    Blessings from what and of what ? If these so-called blessings have worked on the pious and the poor filipinos, and that there had been no corruption/crime and all the ills of the world. Then and only perhaps I will believe of such scaremongering of a word from these so-called men of cloth who do nothing but scare and spread lies, deception, money hungry hypocrites! Blessing my arse!

  • virgoyap

    I think only those trapo politicians will ask  the blessing of the Bishops. Why? What for?

  • edongski

    USO pa ba ito ngayong 2013?
    Wake up my fellow men.

  • kilabot

    pork blessing is more important to politicians than anything else; 
    pervert politicians will have sure backing from anus and ashole. 
    anus   – advocates for neurotic unnatural sex; 
    ashole – assn of homogeneous loathsome egos;

  • whyinthisworld

    And who cares, you have no solid vote anyway. Kilabot is right, pork blessing a big yes. Hypocrite!

  • entong238

    Tell that message during mass so that we’ll teach these allies of Satan a lesson. I’ll never vote for them

    • Ivideo

      WRONG! Say it during mass and you will see catholics walking out of the church.  Blessings from these bishops is seen by these Pro RH candidates as a blessings of defeat.  Ala ” kiss of death” by GMA during 2010 election.  

    • Crazy_horse101010

      my wife was a catholic all her then the local priest started ranting  and raving about divorce and birth control at every sermon. she left and never returned. several of my friends wives did the same thing they call it over selling a product; 

  • joshmale2004

    Bakit si Jesus nung nabubuhay siya, hindi namimili ng tao. Ke makasalanan o hindi pag lumapit sa kanya eh binibigyan niya ng blessing. Naalala ko pa yung isang prostitute at isa sa mga anti christian general na nagpagamot ng anak niya. Bakit hindi tularan ng mga pari ang hindi pagiging bias ni Jesus sa mga makasalanan kung maituturing ngang nagkasala ang mga PRO RH Bill na candidates?

  • Benjamin

    Wala nang ginawa itong mga baklitang mga paring ito kundi magpapansin..Obsolete na kayo mga  malditang pakialamera…

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    GlorIa bribed to Mitsubishop and Safari…

     Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

    • Lakay

      yan ang blessings….mga Damaso!

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Priest who had sex with boys now tells how to smuggle ivory

    National Geographic‘s new issue exposes the ivory business, which has been hiding in plain sight since a worldwide trade ban was enacted in 1989. And a major player in the magazine’s story is a priest in the Philippines whom I wrote about in 2005 when investigating another global-trafficking phenomenon — the Catholic Church’s movement of sexual abuse suspects across international borders to escape justice.

    The priest, Monsignor Cristobal Garcia, is now quoted as explaining how to smuggle ivory into the United States: 

    “Wrap it in old, stinky underwear and pour ketchup on it.” And if an icon won’t fit in a suitcase? Here’s how 

    National Geographic‘s Bryan Christy summarizes Garcia’s advice: “I might get a certificate from the National Museum of the Philippines declaring my image to be antique, or I could get a carver to issue a paper declaring it 

    to be imitation or alter the carving date to before the ivory ban.”Garcia also made provocative comments when I interviewed him about why he fled the U.S. in 1985. He admitted having sex with altar boys and supplying them with drugs

    The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse Crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as 3 years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The Bank Investments Of Different Dioceses

    Diocese / Church Foundation Company # Shares Owned Rank in Top 100 Total Investment Value

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 222,843,681 4th PHP12.724 Billion

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (REAL CASA DE MISERICORDIA) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 41,408,841 8th PHP2.364 Billion

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA (HOSPITAL DE SAN JUAN DE DIOS) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 22,072,182 13th PHP1.26 Billion

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (HOSPICIO DE SAN JOSE) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 6,016,624 15th PHP343.55 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (HOSP DE SA JUAN DE DIOS) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 4,285,572 17th PHP244.71 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (MAYORDOMIA DELA CATEDRAL) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 2,664,266 21st PHP152.13 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (ST. PAUL`S HOSPITAL) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 1,772,418 26th PHP101.21 Million

    CARMEL OF THE DIVINE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE, INC. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 726,819 49th PHP41.50 Million

    EL SUPERIOR DE LA CORPORACION FILIPINA DE PADRES AGUSTINOS RECOLETOS Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 551,382 60th PHP31.48 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF JARO Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 491,385 64th PHP28.06 Million



    CARMEL OF THE DIVINE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE, INC. San Miguel Corp (SMC) 957,516 79th PHP105.33 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TUGUEGARAO San Miguel Corp (SMC) 856,639 81st PHP94.23 Million


    CARMEL OF ST THERESE OF THE CHILD JESUS San Miguel Corp (SMC) 592,956 91st PHP65.23 Million

    THE DISCALCED CARMELITE NUNS OF CEBU San Miguel Corp (SMC) 451,864 95th PHP49.71 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF NUEVA SEGOVIA DE VIGAN San Miguel Corp (SMC) 428,067 98th PHP47.09 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Philex Mining Corp (PX) 3,221,135 15th PHP66.68 Million

    RELIGIOUS OF THE VIRGIN MARY – B Philex Mining Corp (PX) 3,125,777 16th PHP64.70 Million

    RELIGIOUS OF THE VIRGIN MARY-A Philex Mining Corp (PX) 1,091,027 69th PHP22.58 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TUGUEGARAO Ayala Corporation (AC) 24,015 73rd PHP9.29 Million

    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FRATERNAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS, INC. Ayala Corporation Preferred Shares – A (ACPA) 60,000 2nd PHP31.80 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TAGBILARAN Ayala Corporation Preferred Shares – B (ACPR) 10,000 64th PHP1.02 Million



  • Ivideo

    They realized perhaps that no Pro RH candidates are seeking their blessings that these stupid bishops are now creating a seemingly much wanted act from them, “THE BLESSING”  Eat your heart out bishops!  No Pro RH candidates will make a side trip from campaign to seek your blessings, not only because they know that catholic vote does not exist but also because they know that your blessings is not an act to make any candidate a winner.  Stop making your sprinkle of so called blessed water coupled with your latin mantra, a high and mighty act, so disirable to the candidates that it could make a difference.

  • JMS

    Down with those DAMASOS! Stop meddling in state affairs! Clean up your own backyard of pedophiles First.

  • Ricardo Castro

    let’s see kung sino ang makapangyarihan, blessing ng BISHOP o blessing ng MAMAYAN!!!ganon lang kasimple yun!!

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Pure moronic arrogance. And what’s the use of these Damasos’  blessings? 

    Will it ensure the victory of those who will receive it? Will it ensure the defeat of those who will not seek it? And I thought that it is we, the people, who will have the last say on who will represent us. And I thought that flies are much smaller than carabaos. Some flies, these Damasos are. 

    What gall. Encore.   

  • Bekok

    naku mga frayle….kung ayaw nyo eh di wag.

  • Platypus09

    These candidates don’t need the church blessings, they never thought of the church anyways when they voted for the RH bill.

    They don’t care about the church and vice versa, and why would the church care about them?

    This coming elections is a testimony or a gauge to see how many of these pro RH bill candidates will win or fall flat on their faces.


  • Handiong

    No need for bishops’ blessing. They only need the blessing of the Filipino people.

  • basilionisisa

    are they kidding? who would want a blessing from these bishops: Arguelles/Bastes/Cenzon/Oliveros… Kiss of Death is what they might impart to you.

    Blessing is too God-like a gesture to be given by these bishops from hell. 

  • Platypus09

    There would be hypocrisy among these pro RH bill candidates. I have this weird feeling that some of them will turn to the Catholic churchgoers silently for help.

    They better not do that out of delicadeza.

    If I were a pro RH bill re-electionist, I will be really apprehensive of possibly losing.

    • Golf56

      If I were a pro RH bill reelectionist I would be proud of myself for not giving in to the bullying tactics of the out-of-touch, hypocritical mitsu-bishops.

      And if the church wants to meddle in politics, they should pay taxes like the rest of us.

      • Platypus09

        People are not leaving. They are just being mis informed and tricked by other born against that uses liberal interpretations of the bible.

        They tricked people with false fellowships but these people around here, I don’t see them as good friends and fellows.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      if you read the news people are getting sick of the churches bulling tactics and being treated like children. it is one of the many reasons people are saying enough and leaving the church. in the cebu papers was a article about 2 jesuit leaders are saying the church has to stop bullying

      • Platypus09

        Why defend them then? There will be hypocrites.

  • divictes

    Don’t worry about that…It’s the curses of your constituents that should bother you.

  • mxsclxmxn

    RH Law is evil – Manila Times
    Published on 12 February 2013 Written by ALAN F. PAGUIA

    The Filipino nation consists of the born and the unborn. The born refers to:
    a) ourselves, and
    b) our ancestors or ascendants.

    The unborn refers to: 
    a) the conceived, and
    b) those to be conceived. 

    The 2012 Reproductive Health (RH) Law LIMITS its protection to the unborn from conception. It offers NO PROTECTION to the unborn before conception. 

    That is the problem. 

    The law
    1. Under the 1987 Constitution, the Government has the sovereign duty to secure to ourselves and our POSTERITY the blessings of independence and democracy (Preamble). 

    2. Posterity means all descendants of a person from the first (his children), second (grandchildren), third (great grandchildren), fourth, and so on up to the remotest generation (Black’s Law Dictionary).

    3. The Filipino race, like the human race in general, is made up—in constitutional contemplation—of the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE generations. 

    4. The PAST refers to those who have been BORN but most of whom have passed away.

    5. The PRESENT refers to those who have been BORN and most of whom are still alive. It includes their unborn from conception.

    6. The FUTURE refers to the unborn before conception.

    7. What does the RH Law aim to do? Distribute contraceptives to PREVENT CONCEPTION. Hence, the law directly attacks FUTURE GENERATIONS by preventing their coming into being. 

    8. The law, instead of protecting, will actually ANNIHILATE Filipino posterity, with the aggravating circumstance of adding ignominy to the natural effects of the act. There is ignominy or dishonor because the people’s own POLICE POWER is turned or used against them by their own government officials. 

    9. The proponents of the law appear to have deliberately omitted the legal distinction between the:

    a) “unborn from conception” in the sense of Civil Law which is confined to FAMILY relations, and

    b) unborn BEFORE conception in the sense of POSTERITY and Constitutional Law which covers INTER-GENERATIONAL relations. 

    10. What is the importance of the distinction? The first is subject to prevailing politics and therefor negotiable. The second is entirely above temporary political considerations and therefor non-negotiable.

    11. What are the blessings of independence and democracy which the State must secure to ourselves and our posterity? First, the right of self-determination which defines our distinct identity and way of life as a people and our role as a member of the family of nations. Second, the preservation and perpetuation of mankind —the Filipino race in particular.

    12. How can the State perform this sacred duty in favor of posterity if it implements the RH Law which attacks posterity itself? It cannot. Therefore, the law constitutes a betrayal of public trust. 

    Posterity, as a cherished subject of constitutional protection, has its roots in the 1987, 1973, and 1935 Philippine Constitutions, as well as the Constitution of the United States of America, which served as the model for the former. It is respected by the Supreme Court which refers to it as the “future generations” in the celebrated case of Oposa v. Factoran. And no less than the Charter of the United Nations accord it primordial significance by expressly declaring that the purpose of the organization is to save “succeeding generations” of humanity. 

    Consequently, one cannot help but discern and sense that EVIL animates the RH Law. It is something like GENOCIDE by legislation.

    The Filipino people must be vigilant. The big fight for their rightful future is NOW. 

    • Golf56

      total, unmitigated, laughable cr*p

    • syaoransangel

      by the same token my wealth consists of the money i have and money that i dream of having.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      come into being to dig garbage beg and sniff rugby. i come from a country that has birth control for years and what you say is rubbish..who cares about someone who isnt even born.maybe that person will be another hitler. maybe that mango you ate would have been a tree. where in the world do you dream up this stuff. in your room when your keepers arent around

  • Franchezka Vilaz

    Wolves in sheep clothings.


    blessings from the bishops? isa lang katapat nyan… padulas… mas gahaman pa nga damasong yan sa mga tiwaling traffic at police enforcers… 

  • Jomex

    who wants your blessing anyway?

  • EREC


  • 2rey3

    Pro RH candidates should suffer or enjoy the consequences of their actions. As SP Enrile said, his reason for not supporting RH is not religious but economic and more based on what propperous countries are now suffering like ageing population, dwindling population due to the refusal of their women to bear children, dysfunctional families or no families at all and expensive labor force which require them to import foreign labor and many more  due to their adoption of RH.

    • Platypus09

      We will remember this argument when we get old and is happening.

      Then we say, duhh.. Where are the pro RH bill? What were they thinking?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the above goes for you to. it makes me upset when people who think they are experts but dont have a clue.i have spent several million pisos feeding these people. buying medicine paying doctor bills because the church does nothing and the same with  you. self righteous people sit on your hands and judge. most of these people are fisherman but theres no more fish left period. the farm land soil is used up. i expect you live in the city will theres a real world out there thats suffering because there is to many people. a blind monkey could see that

    • basilionisisa

      kawawa ka naman, Mr Tejada, kung pinaniniwalaan mo yang sinasabi mo at ang sinasabi ni Enrile (karaming maa-idolize, itong pang sinungaling at oportunista and napili mo)… tsk tsk, sayang ang ‘talino’ mo.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      describe  dysfuntional to me in america  most teenagers boys and girls own their own cars. they usually have their own room with a closet full of clothes tv computor own bathroom. they  are bigger and healthier r than kids here. i have had kids in both countries and the kids are about 3 years ahead of kids here in school.there are no kids begging no kids digging garbage. ive had parents begging me to buy or give me their kids here.that never happens in america,philippines leads the world in teen age pregnancy;

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the population is growing in america and its aging because people are living longer. people live over ten years longer there than here. we spend billions of dollars each year trying to keep the good catholics south of us out out of the country.why would we do that if we need a larger labor forcei live among the poor do you expert. i see sick and hunger kids every day. i lived in a state bigger than all the philippines and it had 800000 people we loved with few people clean water no garbage being able to dive 120 kilometers an hour without stopping wildlife everywhere. no people breathing down your neck

      • Crazy_horse101010

        more which countries have you been to to be such an expert. or you just been brainwashed by the church. my wife had 3 children then took birth control.if you had to live in a one room shack with 10 kids and listen to the rats running around at night you might change your mind you might change your mind if you had to look at kids with rat bites no hair no clothes full of worms like i see every day. haft these kids dont go to school because they have no money..when you make statements tell the truth because i know better ive been in both worlds.. dont have a clue

  • Platypus09

    This time, I will not vote for liberal party candidates.

    Sorry, wrong party for conservative Philippines.

    • Joy Lynn


    • $19543087

      go back to your creek!

  • jimi_c

    WHEN THE CHURCH SUPPORTED A SUSPENDED GOVERNOR WHO VIOLATED THE RULE OF LAW AND FOUND GUILTY OF GRAVE MISCONDUCT IN BUYING A PROPERTY UNDER WATER USING MILLIONS OF TAX PAYERS MONEY AND SUPPORT HER BECAUSE OF DONATIONS AND RH BILL.  I cannot understand why the church leaders are willing to support corrupt politicians for the sake of the RH Bill. I am a father and it is not so easy to raise so many childrens.

  • basilionisisa

    and the Liberal Party will say to Mr Platypus09, ‘The feeling is mutual, good riddance!’

    • Platypus09

      Let us see if liberal party will have the last laugh..

  • Jose

    Who do these bishops think they are. Do they think their blessings will make a candidate win an election ? Look what happened after they blessed the pajeros given by GMA, it became a scandal, so the blessing can also be a jinx.
    So who wants a blessing and lose the election…

    • Platypus09

      You might eat your own words in the end.

      • $19543087

        i prefer to eat my own words than yours.  thank you.

  • Tatyana

    Remember the novena for Renato Corona’s acquittal as well as for the RH Bill not
    pass? Well, I think they prayed to another god; hence, the answers they got wereK lang if the pro RH Bill senators do not get the blessings of some bishops.
    all failures.

  • Roy Rosales

    these hypocrite bishops who are obvious clones of their devilish spanish friars predessessors,dont understand or refuse to realized that they are intruding and trespassing the affairs of the state.we are now in the 21st century.most filipinos are not bobo anymore.they could not be dictated currently by these so called and self proclaimed emissary of god!!shame on them.

  • mangtom

    Platypus09: you have not learned your lesson. You are either a cone head member of the CBCP or you are just a rabid, irrational supporter of these clowns. After the elections, you will fall flat on the ground just like what happened to you after the RH bill was passed into law. You are a hard headed and hardcore CBCP tuta. 

  • Joy Lynn

    etong mga obispo nato feeling nyo Iglesia ni Kristo kayo…eh wala naman kayo bloc voting. Pa importansya pa kayo at papansin!  Ang papa nyo nga nag resign na! 

  • tower_of_power

    I will not be surprised if the feeling is mutual … who wants to be anointed by those pajero loving bishops?

  • $19543087

    Who needs your blessing? Not me! Your blessing invites defeat. Remember Corona & the RH Bill? You prayed on all of them. You LOST! It was the Filipino people who won the fight. Don’t threaten those candidates who stood on their principles & convictions because we the Filipino People are the voters & NOT YOU. HYPOCRRRRIIITTTTES!!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Well, these pro RH candidates are cursed then. These bishops have monopoly on God’s blessing. Back to the middle ages. The princes of the Roman Catholic Church are vengeful. I have read somewhere that God said “Revenge is mine”, does that mean they are God? Its for the people to answer.

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