World’s largest crocodile Lolong is dead


Lolong died Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013, officials said. JEOFFREY MAITEM / INQUIRER MINDANAO

TAGUM CITY— Lolong, the world’s biggest reptile in captivity, is dead.

The 20.4-foot (6.12-meter) saltwater crocodile died at its pen in Consuelo village, Bunawan town, Agusan del Sur province, around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to Mayor Edwin Elorde.

“He refused to eat since last month and we noticed a change in the color of his feces,” Elorde told the Inquirer by mobile phone. “Our personnel also noticed an unusual ballooning of the reptile’s belly.”

Rowena Bunawan, media coordinator of Bunawan, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer by phone that Lolong was declared dead Dr. Alexander Collantes, animal doctor at the Davao Crocodile Park.

“The croc did not eat his usual meal late last month. Experts will still investigate the cause of death,” she said.

As early as after Typhoon Pablo hit Agusan del Sur and other parts of Mindanao last December, Lolong, showed unusual changes, local officials said.

Captured in the Agusan Marsh on Sept. 3, 2011, Lolong is believed to have eaten a man who went missing in July and bitten off the head of a 12-year-old girl in 2009.

Since its capture and subsequent measurement and confirmation of international crocodile experts that Lolong was the planet’s largest in captivity, Bunawan town has become a tourism draw, with revenues running in the millions of pesos.

Elorde said the crocodile was last observed “as very active” on Saturday night, and its death over the weekend was somehow unexpected.

“We checked him up last Jan. 23 and we thought his condition would improve. We’re very saddened this happened,” the mayor said.

The resort in upland Consuelo village where the crocodile had been kept was drawing hundreds of eager local tourists daily, generating up to P20,000 of gate receipts per day, the mayor said. Elorde ordered the closure of the park on Sunday hours before Dr. Collantes declared the reptile dead.

He had asked Collantes to examine the animal after park personnel reported the crocodile’s condition early on Sunday.

Elorde admitted the crocodile’s death will adversely affect local tourism.

“But we have to move on. Lolong had put Bunawan on the map by being the world’s largest reptile and that’s a record that can’t be erased anymore. Aside from Lolong, we have also been promoting Agusan Marsh (for tourism).

He said experts from the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) were expected to arrive in Bunawan on Monday to investigate.

The official suspected that the extreme drop in temperature in Bunawan early this year had an adverse effect on Lolong.

“It was very cold here in Bunawan last month, so that might have affected him,” the mayor said, even as he stressed experts would examine the beast to really ascertain the cause of its death.

Elorde said the local government will ask assistance from the National Museum to have Lolong’s body preserved.

“In that way, people can still look and marvel at him,” the official said.

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  • oh_noh

    there goes the record…

  • 8Ring

    Should Phil Congress fly half-mast now? :D :D 

  • mabuhay_si_marKy


    what a sad day for the start of the year of the snake.

    this is really sad!  we should have just left lolong in the wilds.  the thing is that man has encroached in it’s territory.  let’s give the marshlands to the crocodiles.

    • boldyak

      but the crocodiles encroached the congress and the senate…


    Well..I did tell you back in October  that he/she should’ve been released before he/she died a miserable death in captivity..but had to proudly display the beautiful creature which allegedly killed a couple of Pilipinos.
    I’ll bet that crocodile broke down under the pressure of threats from the authorities,and confessed to eating two or 32 human beings!
    Cruel shame…shows up the immaturity of the perpetrators who made a few peso from showing it off to the public..NOW they can stuff the skin and make a floating balloon from her/his remains!

  • indiosbravos2002

    “… was caught September this year”. Pano nakalusot sa editor to?

  • UPLB-2008-3****

    Ay, so should we go on a catching rampage at Batasan Complex for the new record-holder? 

  • indiosbravos2002

    MMDA and PNP on holiday tomorrow in honor of their esteemed colleague, Lolong, the bwakang.

    • Gerard Samonte

       pati daw po kongreso at senado holiday bukas

  • vaporub123

    daming boots,sapatos,bags at sinturon nito magagawa unless kanilang i-preserve ito at mailagay sa kongresso ng makita ang pagkakaiba ng buwayamg apat ang mga paa sa buwayang dalawang paa na kumakawawa sa sambayanan filipino.

  • $14334231

    bye lolong…. ang balat mo ay mapapakinabangan ngunit sana ang mapagbilhan ay ibigay sa tunay na charity, hindi sa bulsa “charity”…..’yong  mga buwaya sa kongreso ay matatagal ang buhay dahil ang masamang damo daw ay mahirap magunaw (“patay” is not the right word for these “crocodiles”…let’s face it, they’re still humans))..

  • Melvin

    Ha! Nagpakamatay si Lolong… Sa kongreso mas maraming Lolong, kaya lamang hindi pwedeng gawin sapatos ang kanilang balat, pero ang ipinagtataka ko makapal namn ang mga mukha…

  • Harry

    The keepers must be investigated. Witnesses died in prison cells and crocodiles died in captivity. Strange things happen in this country and went without investigations.

  • Justin de Leon

    RIP Lolong =( 

  • Justin de Leon

    RIP Lolong, the world’s largest Crocodile..

  • smiley

    there are more lolongs in the government in different shapes and sizes but some are even way bigger than lolong in wealth and health. unfortunately lolong had no health care insurance.

  • Roy Batty

    Pinatay na dahil walang ng turistang dumadayo. Mahina na ang entrance fee sa gate.

  • Mita

    So sad.  Thank you Lolong for the world record.  Hope they preserve him so he can still be admired in the future.

  • Lloyd Tordecillas

    September 3 this year???? Future??? knock knock editor…

  • Jhune

    Sayang, pero para manatili ang flow ng tourista diyan may suggestion akung ipalit, iyong pandak  pero malaki ding buwaya.

  • Commentator

    Maybe it could be mummified and put into museum for tourist to see.

  • marcelo sale mendoza

    Both Houses of Congress is distressed that one of their kind passed away….how I wish that most of them should have been eaten alive by Lolong.

    • Phil


  • quirinomayer

    This is really sad but if it’s any consolation, the country still has the honor of owning the title the smallest crocodile in captivity in the world. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is under hospital arrest, remember?

    • indiots

      long time no read from you. may comment ka na inilagay ko sa microsoftword alam mo na, may pagkakataon na pweding magandang refence yon. thanks

  • jga94

    I thought crocs live a very long life….maybe they should make sure that the people who take care of such animals are really qualified to do so…

  • opinyonlangpo

    Of course the croc will die in that miniature concrete cage, its a long way off its natural habitat.

  • penetrator

    Don’t worry, marami pang lolong sa pinas. Lolong sa bawal na gamot, lolong sa alak at lalong lalo na sa kongreso at senado…maraming lolong sa pork barrel.

  • Melvin

    Pero sayang na sayang si Lolong…

  • JV Velarde

    signs of things to come….. magsisi na kayong dalawa gloria at mike!

  • Jar Romsal Nicerio

    the croc might have died because it was put into a cage..we should have made a wildlife sanctuary for the croc and other crocs na parang nasa wild sila pero captive pa dn..wherein it could have lived peaceful away from the stress of seeing humans..well kung iisipin mas takot ang mga animals more than we are scared of them..pagstressed hihina ang immune system mas prone sa sakit

  • abbaj

    Lolong is more honorable than his kind in both houses of congress. I volunteer to take him to congress so the nation and his kind there can mourn his passing. RIP Lolong. At least kapag nabusog ka na natutulog ka na. Ang ibang buwaya sa congress at gobyerno, bundat na ayaw pa ring tumigil sa kasibaan tulad ni BINAY, Enrile, at Estrada.

    • Pola

       Bwaya ba yang tatlo o halimaw.

  • The Overlord

    The Senate and the House of Representatives must issue a joint resolution that states that their respective chambers must fly the Philippine flag at half mast because of the loss of one of their own. Just like the members of Batasan, Lolong bit more than he can chew.

  • Amparo

    Oh no, lolong is dead!

  • Amparo

    Wasnt he captured 2011?

  • boybakal

    Poor Lolong….died as prisoner.

  • Dheza Ramos

    The crocodile was caught on September 3, 2011. (NOT THIS YEAR)

  • themask celestial

    Ibuburol ba at papupurihan sa Congress, Senate at malacanang si Lolong?

  • Carlos_Iho

    Mas mahaba pala ang buhay ng mga buwaya na dalawa ang paa.  Yung mga nakikita natin sa kalsada, gobyerno at kongreso, mga matitibay ang sikmura.  Mas marangal pa ang naging buhay ng totoong hayop kesa mga hayup na peste sa lipunan.  

  • RGP

    When will we learn that wild life are not designed to live in enclusures? The best way to protect our wild life is to prevent people from encroaching in their natural habitat.  

  • $18209031

    Anong ginawa ninyo kay Lolong , dios ko po!!  Ayan, e beblame naman ninyo sa intsik bec its the Chinese New Year ?  Ipapakain na lang yang si Lolong kay Rauraubayut, Maomaogook, pfc Kotongero at sa Peso Peso Party dito sa Phil Inquirer. Pagpupulutan yan nila buong linggo. Mahilig yan sila sa botchang buaya !   Yan ang pangangarap nila noon pa dugong kayumangmang.

    • Simoun Magaalahas

      Ngayon ko lang narealize na iisa lang ang lahi nyo ni lolong…

      Crocodile = Chinese communist = Politics
      Politics = CCP
      Lolong = DakuAkongUtin

      • $18209031

        Heheheehe. ikaw mangtas na kayumangmang. Sana buhay pa si Lolong para kinakain ka na …

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Huwag kayong mag alala mga kababayan likas sa bansa natin ang maibigin sa mga ganitong klaseng hayop, hindi sila nauubos lalo pang dumadami at mas malalaki kaysa kay lolong… mas masisiba at mas mga buhayang tunay. Marami tayo nito sa Sandigang Bayan marami tayong pagpipilian na papalit kay lolong…

  • caloyski65

    nawalan ng ganang kumain si lolong dahil mas gusto nya eh tao kaysa manok, karne ng baboy…dun sya dapat pinakawalan sa kongreso dahil nandun ang mga kabaro nya…mas buwaya ang mga tao dun 

  • Pio Gante

    napakalungkot nitong pangyayaring ito, tunay na nakakapang-hinayang at isang napakalaking kawalan para sa ating dangal. sana bilang pag-gunita sa pagpanaw ni lolong, ay ipag-utos ng panggulo ang pagpapalipad sa half mast ng lahat ng watatat sa buong bansa at i-declare niya ang national day of mourning.

  • Pola

    Select the best crocodiles in congress to replace Lolong in the cage. Marami diyan. Pwede hindi congressman basta politico.

  • Yobhtron

    So long Lolong!

  • mike

    dinala kasi dapat sa St. Luke nong mahuli yan.

  • Islander

    Namatay siya sa lungkot. Nagsimula ito ng bumisita si Enrile sa kanyang lugar sa Bunawan. Nalaman niyang marami pa palang mas malaking buwaya kaysa kanya. 

  • binatangtagabukid

    kelan kaya yun mas malaki at mas gutom na buwaya na nasa pwesto magkakanda matay?

    • indiots

      malabo yon… alaga sa st. lukes ang mga yon he he he

  • $18209031

    Hindi bale mga kapatid natin sa Agusan , marami pang mga Lolong dyan sa marsh. You may even catch the bigger one .  Dapat gagamit sila ng night vision at helikopter para makita mga yan paggabi. These crocs move at night to find food. 

    • indiots

      bakit hindi na lang sa senado at kongreso mo sila paghanapin ng mga crocs?

      Buwaya man may layang maglaboy… kulungin mo’t mamatay…

  • allan

    oh nooo

  • Hey_Dudes

    They should relive Lolong’s life by having a taxidermist do what is necessary to recapture every moment before and after it’s capture by the good people of Agusan.  It should further make it’s presence felt by those who strongly resembles it which is having it displayed in the halls of congress for every living members of congress see what they are made of.

  • Noli C. Cabantug

    The living things that bring pride, honor and scarce glory to the country in the Far East are either dead or fading.  A singer here, a boxer there and some beauty queen once a year intermittently keep the spotlight in our country.  But those living things are fallible, so they can’t forever wave the flag.  I’d rather have a country known for its robust and improving economy, reformed political ways, and peaceful and secure cities.  When our country is in the world map for these reasons, then I can feel I am a truly “proud, magaling na Pinoy” in a multi-culture coffee shop.

    • Lahi

      Then why don’t you leave our country! Ang pagmamahal ba sa bansa ay kung masagana lang at masaya dito. Why don’t you renounce your citizenship or migrate to china? Kung mahal mo ang Pilipinas gumawa ka ng mga bagay na matutulong dito at sa kapwa mo.

      • Noli C. Cabantug

         Miss Lahi, lahat ng sinabi mo ginawa ko matagal na…no mistake about it, mahal ko ang aking Lahi, kasama ka na diyan.


        I knew it..the racists would have to twist this sad event around to their advantage and suggest we carers “go back to China”.PATHETIC!

  • rage b.


  • indiots

    kahit may problema ka, magbasa ka lang ng mga comments dito maso-solve ka.

  • $18209031

    RIP to Lolong, one of a kind of the reptilian world ! If Lolong can only speak, he is saying to all  human captors, Kayong mga human crocs dyan huwag nyo akong lulukuhin sa karantaduhan nyo. Pinag kidnap at pinagkwartahan  nyo ako sa pamagitan sa entrance fees for people to see me. Walang hiya kayong lahat. Mabuti mamatay na lang ako sa yung patuloy ang racket nyo dyan.

    This is sad indeed. Lolong should have been left in the wild where he belongs. His genepool needs to spread in its natural habitat.  Lesson to poachers and greedy racketeers.

  • allan

    kinakabahan na si GMA et al at isa isa na silang matatagpuang walang buhay.

  • Hagler

    Kailan kaya matitigok ang mga ibang buwaya sa lipunan natin ?masama nito kapag humihina na ang matandang buwaya, ipapalit naman ang anak ,asawa o kamag anak ng matandang buwaya .

  • allan

    Lolong nakikiramay sa iyo sina GMA, Gen. Garcia. bolante, binay,erap atbp na mas masiba pa sa iyo Lolong.

  • Hey_Dudes

    O yang mga sapateros at pagawaan ng handbags at belts naglalaway na parang mga kongressman at kongresswoman?

  • Guest

    Oh! LOLONG, I am but a fool,
    Darling I love you tho’ you treat me cruel,
    You hurt me and you made me cry
    But if you leave me I will surely die.

    Darling there will never be another
    Cause I love you so,
    don’t ever leave me,
    Say you’ll never go
    I will always want you for my sweetheart
    No matter what you do
    Oh! LOLONG, I’m so in love with you.


      Yes, a fool alright. Lolong was killed by thousands of daily starring eyes. The creature was a King turned into object of curiousity. The animal choose hunger strike untill death as protest for unjust treatment. Lolong had more wisdom than humans who laughs at slavery inflicted on them by Dynasty of Monkey rulers.

  • wawa2172

    Lolong, the croc, rest in peace. Sana sumunod sa iyo ang mga buwaya sa gobyerno.

  • allan

    Paging carlos caparas. gawan ng pelikula si lolong at ibida si GMA para makatotohanan. isama nyo na rin mga tongresman sa extras.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Bakit kasi hindi tinuruan ng mga tiga Agusan si Lolong sa pagsakay sa wheelchair?

  • The Truth

    Nope, the biggest croc is still in hospital 

    • jeray

      Di kaya ung may ari .ng hacienda at kamaganak .ng may ari .ng san meg na nagnakaw .ng napakaraming pera at ngayon marauding investment.

  • kulkat8

    ikrimayt si lolong,tapos yong abo niya isaboy sa bureau of customs at sa congress. pag hindi ginawa ito magtampo sila kasi kalahi nila si lolong.

  • bongarroyo

    bakit naman kasi hindi dinala sa VMMC magaling gumamot ng  buwaya ang mga doktor doon..

  • Clare

    He survived in the wild all these years, maybe even decades. He was captured and enclosed in a confined space… What did we expect? That he would thrive and survive just like in the open? When will we learn to respect their space and stick to ours? Humans share this world with them, we don’t own it! Come to think of it, crocs have been in existence longer than humans have walked the earth. Food for thought lang po.

    • us_sixtycents

      I’m with you on this clare and thank you.

      R.I.P. for the largest croc ever found and I really hope that he would be the last one to be treated like this.

      • ARIKUTIK

        So you pitty a crocodile. How about the poor women to be poisoned by RH pills, do you have pitty on them ?

      • us_sixtycents

        The largest croc is dead and we’re here stuck with you. Now I feel really sad.

        We’ll talk about it in proper thread and forum. Go in Peace!


        Well kept your cool after reading this oaf’s totally un-related response.
        Take a are handling this a lot better than I am..refer to my comments on these pages…

      • Islander

         I ppity you.  You don’t know how to spell.  Ppity is double p but only single t. 

        On the RH Law, it is a law already.  Deal with it.  Bwahahahaha.

      • commentsandsuggestions

        funny how you noticed the Ppity word which could have been,and most likely is, a mistake. so i have a question for you. Ni minsan ba, di ka nagkamali sa pag spell?


      ..AND…Don’t we have a Government Department responsible for the welfare of Philipinas’ remaining(and ONLY JUST hanging-in-there) wildlife?
      STAND UP and let us all see you..YOU WIMPS

  • Vincent_Bugaboo

    Namatay ng wala sa oras si Lolong kasi pinipilit pala s’yang i-adopt ng mga trapos–sina Binay, Estrada, Enrile, Angara, tsaka iba pa, para maisama s’ya sa kanilang political dynasties. 
    ‘Yun na-stress ng sobra kaya inatake sa puso. 

    Ayaw daw n’yang pumayag na maging Lolong Angara, Lolong Binay, At lalong ayaw n’yang maging Lolong Estrada at Lolong Enrile.
    Sabi daw n’ya sa kanyang tagapag-alaga, “I’d rather die famished than become a real voracious crocodile in human form.” Yun, kusang loob tumigok! 

    We salute you, Lolong, for being resolute to remain pure and unaffiliated with any crocodile dynasty until the end. Rest in peace.

  • Olet Castro

    The rarest and the most unique one of a kind croc in the world died of unimaginable stress and POLITICS. “Pinag-perahan lang na parang isang ABNO sa peryahan para lang kumita ang mangingilan. The Philippines is still ignorant and will always remain ignorant to understand that this croc was the rarest of its kind.  It was even featured in National Geographic .”Basta lang kumita ang lokal na mga politiko ay sapat na.” Í am not surprise if it will happen again. Sige! katayin na yan at gawing ADOBO !!!!  LAMON NA !!!!

    • $18209031

      Tama ka Olet, the good times for these racketeers are now over. Lolong knew in his heart he wants to end his life , it pains him to see these racketeers pocketing the money while he wallow in an enclosure. That must be tough for Lolong. His existence ended once they captured him. The size of his body needed to be out there in the marshes wild and free and not in some human made pit to suffer.


    The real cause of Lolong’s death is depression that he was not allowed to join his comrades in Congress.

    • fliksho

      Hindi lang comrades,anduon din mga lolo,daddy ,uncles aunts,kuyas,ate,ninang,ninongs
      Cousins.kababatas ni lolong sa kongreso.siya lang sa kulungan sa kasalanang wala syang alam.

  • Simon Ward

    I have zero feelings about Lolong, but I’m glad the tourist spectacle of a man-eating croc is at an end.

    • buttones

      It is the IDEA of this crocodile that should cause you concern, not the thing itself- on your last comment well- yes- I agree. And I might add there is no evidence to support the fact this croc was a ‘man-eater’ anyway, and even if he was.. So what? We all have to get it where we can……….Anyway, I’m sure all the ‘experts’ will tell us what happened to the animal, in the same way the ‘expert’ economists will explain why the world is in a mess as well…

  • fliksho

    RIP LOLONG ! You gave us glory for the whole world to see,pinag usapan ka ng buong mundo.
    Sana isinama mo na rin tong mas masahol pa sa buwayang mga pulitiko sa senado at kongreso.

  • boybakal

    Poor Lolong….Dead in Detention…for the crime he does not know.

  • Modesto

    shame on the mayor edwin elorde,for being an ignoramus on biodiversity and animal ecology.they should have consulted zoologist well versed on animal population dynamics and environment before venturing on commercial business rather than preservation of crocodile species.common sense dictates that what they should do at the time of capture is to set it free again to where it was found and cordon the place as a sanctuary for endangered crocodiles.

    • catmanjohn

      Your ideals sounds good, but in practicality, unrealistic. There were two known lives taken by a crocodile, and unfortunately it wasn’t even Lolong that killed them. It was an even bigger croc the indigenous people call Potol. Mayor Elorde had to respond with its capture. There are many fisher people whose food source depends on the Marsh, and would you feel safe having to go out in a flimsy banca knowing that there was some killer croc out there? They would starve themselves to death with fear. The irony is that the larger killer croc is still out there.

      • buttones

        The idea is not unrealistic at all, we should drop this homocentric idea, we are not superior at all, And what is this “The irony is that the larger killer croc is still out there” What irony? What ’killer’? Do you think there are crocodiles out in the marsh plotting to kill fishermen? We should adopt a more respective attitude to our environment, and the creatures that share it with us, so if ‘fisher folk’ want to walk through the crocodiles world they should show some respect, otherwise they will suffer, it’s hardly the crocodiles fault that when presented with food it takes the opportunity, it’s been doing that for millions of years, it is humans that invaded the crocs world, it is not our world- leave the things alone….we have destroyed enough species in this country already…. homocentric idea, we are not superior at all, And what is this “The irony is that the larger killer croc is still out there” What irony? What ’killer’? Do you think there are crocodiles out in the marsh plotting to kill fishermen? We should adopt a more respective attitude to our environment, and the creatures that share it with us, so if ‘fisher folk’ want to walk through the crocodiles world they should show some respect, otherwise they will suffer, it’s hardly the crocodiles fault that when presented with food it takes the opportunity, it’s been doing that for millions of years, it is humans that invaded the crocs world, it is not our world- leave the things alone….we have destroyed enough species in this country already….

      • catmanjohn

        We have fallen from the grace of God, therefore Life is not perfect, but make do with what we can, as best as we can, nothing more. 

      • buttones

        Well that’s very true isn’t it, make the best of what you have, it’s not WHAT you have but what you do with what you have. Nobody in their right mind would think life was fair or equitable, or perfect either, we all know that.On the religious aspect of your comment fine, I prefer to keep my beliefs rather private in this regard- so no comment.

      • catmanjohn

        We could argue till kingdom come about this dead croc. Speaking about private matters, perhaps we can meet for coffee along airport road someplace, where I could fly in and out real fast, I mean… on my way over to the Agusan… just kidding.

      • catmanjohn

        By the way, if you would like to see photos of Lolong, go to CROCPHOTOS  d0t c0m and navigation to ‘Philippine Crocodile Story’. 

      • commentsandsuggestions

        i agree that lolong could have died because of being in captivity but saying that humans are not superior is incorrect. i assume, you are vegetarian? while it is true that we have wiped out so many species already, we must not forget that the safety of the people is still primal. for example, what would you do if there are still dinosaurs around?

      • buttones

        Well this debate about the human species being superior or not has been raging for years, and will go on for many more with arguments from both sides- One side will argue that the human species is the only species that has ‘reason, awareness and cognitive thought‘- the other side will argue that this is not entirely true, but for the sake of argument let’s say it is, and then go on and question why this ‘superiority’ leads us to self destruction, killing one another for various reasons, living in our own dirt, destroying and polluting the very thing that keeps us alive, the very air we breath, the forests that give us this oxygen, and so on and so on. It’s an interesting debate.The safety and survival of the people is only primal to the people, the humans, the safety of say a tiger and her offspring is also primal to her, it’ s the same thing. What would I do if dinosaurs still roamed the earth? Well most of the big guys were vegetarian, the other ones like tyrannosaurus rex I’d give a wide berth to, just like I would with a huge crocodile or a white shark today!Don’t agree with displaying wild animals for our entertainment, or someone’s profit, nor bullfighting [and I’ve seen one of those] nor cockfighting, nor animal circus’, nor caged dolphins and whales either, we should respect animals they have rights too. The other day in one of the nationals I read there was a guy in a circus making Bengal Tigers do tricks, I think they must have had just about enough- they tore him apart… In that cage the tigers were superior…. Vegetarian ? No, not really just wild fish…and even if I were would it matter? Mali the elephant is next, but she’s got a few more peso making days in her ……..

      • commentsandsuggestions

        though we know that they are being kept in captivity for money, we must also not forget that these shows could be educational as well.. except for the animal fight shows. though we also should know that when an animal has been in captivity for so long it loses its wilderness instinct and adapts to its new environment. meaning, like for example, a dolphin that grew in an ocean park will be poorly equipped when released in the wild

      • buttones

        For educational purpose? What does that mean? Sorry but I don’t agree, how can you or I learn anything about any species unless we study them in their natural environment? Which is NOT a man made cage of any sort . Your idea that holding a wild animal in captivity, in some sort of docile state for our entertainment, then releasing it and it won’t survive is simply wrong. It will, or many will, like us, animals have primordial instincts, and even now you see feral dogs and cats that were once ’pets’, revert back to their primordial ways. And they can survive,. My stupid dog Manny [sorry Manny] what does he do when he goes to sleep? Does he go into the nice little hut I built? No, he digs a shallow pit all over the place,, and he goes round and round until he lies down- Why? Well he came out of the African grass plains millions of years ago, he thinks he is flattening the grass the poor soul, that’s why. One cannot erase ‘instinctive’ primordial process, you simply cannot. Tame a savage beast? Well we have to some degree, but not entirely, a domestic horse let out on to the wilds of Wyoming will adapt, she will become feral, she has no choice, it’s adapt or die. It’s Darwinian, and his “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in The Struggle for Life”- we see it every day, Even people like you or I and certainly people like Enrile and Aquino act out this process, we do what we have to do to survive. It’s not exactly the Serengeti, just a different venue- but it is essentially the same. The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in The Struggle for Life”- we see it every day, Even people like you or I and certainly people like Enrile and Aquino act out this process, we do what we have to do to survive. It’s not exactly the Serengeti, just a different venue- but it is essentially the same.

      • commentsandsuggestions

        are you even sure that his “instinct” as a former wolf is the reason that he digs? it could be because he’s not comfortable with his “hut”. of course people can learn from them while their caged. but it doesn’t mean that they all should be caged. what i think is important is that this alligator is threatening the residents in agusan marsh before so they had to cage him. if you see a lion in your backyard, what would you do?

      • buttones

        “if you see a lion in your backyard, what would you do?” Well I guess I might run in doors and lock the windows, when it comes to a one on one he is far superior than I, after overcoming the surprise of actually seeing on in the wild in PH anyway- but that’s as read. There are no wolves in Africa by the way, the canine breed came out of Africa a long time ago, just as we did, and some spread north, developed thick fur coats and evolved into wolves in the same way we, as humans, did the same thing, some became white blond Scandinavians, some black haired Eskimos, some even became Pilipino, who really don’t like being brown anyway, and spend billons of peso a year on not trying to be so- why? I have no idea… [really off topic] On the threatening behavior of aquatic tetrapods, well I’ve never met one, but I suspect the threatening behavior of the humans is far worse than theirs….aquatic tetrapods, well I’ve never met one, but I suspect the threatening behavior of the humans is far worse than theirs….

      • ARIKUTIK

        The dog named Manny goes round round in shallow bed because there’s no she dog to instantly sleep together. Manny was fantasising to be playing with an imaginary partner untill sleep falls. Truly creatures have the same instinc for sleeping technic but human survival instinc was taken over by the smell of money. Humans lost what it really was. Only those who have no fear of death retained instinctive primordial to enjoy life of roaming the jungle of freedom. Lolong choose to die by hunger strike rather than be stared at 24/7. It was freedom instinc with out regard for the smell of money or in Lolongs case  unhunted food. The real crocodile has wisdom.   

      • ARIKUTIK

        Humans are superior over other species but power corrupts. So the balance of harmonious existence is corrupted into destruction engulping both human and the other species. This is demonstrated by the human guy lording over Bengal Tigers who have just had enough to tore him apart. The circus show turned into awesome sight demonstrate what corrupt power will lead to. Humans were instructed to be caretaker of this planet but power corrupted the soul into souless creature that gives RH poison pills to hungry mouth instead of bread. Absolute power corrupts the soul into greed with out satisfaction. The lawyers and un-balance judiciary created it all. Penoy unjustly persecute his enemies but protected the corrupt KKK of his own tribe. An inborn breed of corrupt gene is despicable of all.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Na modeleter ang reply ko … wahhhhhhh …………

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The only superiority we have its to be THE top of the line predator.

        Thanks our “cleverness” we became the Planet cancer destroying quickly the life support by pure greed.

        In that field the Pinoy’s are the world most “clever race” thanks Dynasties, Clergy, Trapos rabid greed and abuses, supported by fake text books to entertain ignorances.

        Philippines is among the most advance countries.
        Half a century was enough to turn a Nature Paradise into a dead and polluted environment symbol, a masses Hell. 
        It’s perfectly known that when life species disappearing one by one by the life support destruction, sooner or later it’s the human specie.

        Saying its “primal” it’s a”primate” attitude, sadly exemplary in the Archipelago !

    • cogito728sum

      Another excellent comments!

  • w33k3nd3r

    Aw the nice crocodile went ahead… the bad ones are all still in Congress.

  • rodben

    Correct ka dyan, Lolong a good CROC has rest forever now, but those very bad still enjoying at large from Barangay to Malacanang..

  • $18209031

    Lolong’s death was a cry to his captors, please release me back to the wild where i belong ! His passing is a reminder to would- be racketeers to leave them alone. The wet- lands and marshes are their home and not be corraled in some concrete enclosure where people’s eyes are sticking on him 24 hrs a day, and jeering  whatever obscenities they can utter. Ugaliing kayumangmang pa, ang bastos.

  • Fulpol

    The body of Marcos Sr. was preserved in Batac, Ilocos Norte..

    Perhaps, they can do that with Lolong…

  • Fulpol

    Lolong is in the world record..

    Marcos Sr. is in the world record too…

    Preserved Lolong like Marcos Sr…

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The usual greed and abuses culture, 

    Killed as it’s usually done with every gooses laying golden eggs.

    Quick money, as much as possible, as carelessly as possible. 

    “By Hook or by Crook” should be written on the congress Philippines flag.

    This sad crocodile story is not only a country mirror, 

    but explaining by its own the country systematic failure of the moral values.

  • f35

    Kailangan “half-mast” ang mga bandila natin ngayon kasi namatay pala ang isa nating congressman/senador. Ha ? Ano ?? Sorry, buwaya pala ang pinag-uusapan natin. Kasi naman pareho ang tunog eh !

  • imongredneck

    Humans will continue to encroach other creatures’ spaces, no matter what. So, unfortunately it has become “us or them”or survival of the fittest. Will we ever achieve some sort of ecological harmony? For now the human kind has the upper hand, but do we really? .

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Experts will still investigate the cause of death,” she said.
    Elorde admitted the crocodile’s death will adversely affect local tourism.

    Bunawan town has become a tourism draw, with revenues running in the millions of pesos.

    “We checked him up last Jan. 23 and we thought his condition would improve. We’re very saddened this happened,” the mayor said.

    Edwin Elorde is the mayor who INSISTED that they CAN take care of the crocodile.
    Where did the millions of pesos from local tourism go ?
    Is Elorde a zoologist ? He is also the crocodile expert ?
    And why only now that the crocodile is dead ?
    Shouldn’t they have asked for outside help ?
    And then he says:
    “But we have to move on. Lolong had put Bunawan on the map by being the
    world’s largest reptile and that’s a record that can’t be erased
    Just like that. Actually, it’s the other way around. Tourists will AVOID Bunawan for having
    killed the world’s largest crocodile. His death reeks of political opportunism, greed and ecological ignorance. Mas mabuti kung hinid niyo na lang ipinamalita ang paghuli sa pinakamalaking buwaya sa buong mundo. Kung sa bagay may isa pang MAS MALAKING BUWAYA na natitira: si mayor Edwin Elorde.

    • catmanjohn

      Bad attitude. Believe me, they did not do this with reckless intent. The people of Bunawan tried very hard to keep him alive, and it was better taken care of than most people in the Philippines. A lesson learned the hard way. 

      • buttones

        The reason they tried to keep him alive was to earn pennies for the local purse, that was the reason, it was not for any other . It was money, pure and simple…I think capturing and displaying animals for the morbid curiosity of tourists is absolutely disgusting…leave the things alone…if people want to see thee creatures they should go into their environment, not bring them into ours…that’s the lesson

      • catmanjohn

        So you should apply such standards and protest to every zoo and farm on this planet. A double standard here. There are still many crocs in the Agusan, if people want to make such an excursion, but we are talking about a monster size killer croc here. There are greater crimes committed against nature by mining and lumber companies than removing a world record breaking croc that people can marvel at, and at the same time help the poor working people of the Agusan.

      • buttones

        What double standard? I’ve always protested about zoos, apart from the ones who do proper research and bring back species from the brink of extinction. I do not have the population statistics of crocodiles in the area- so I can’t comment- I know there are about 200 breeding pairs of Philippine eagle left on Mindanao who DOT want to bring in hoards of tourist to gawp at them and give them a hard time. Why do you call these crocodiles ‘killers’ ? What is the difference between a man killing a crocodile and a crocodile killing a man? On the issues of mining and lumber – I agree- although the lumber industry is dead, 93% of our timber was destroyed by the end of the 19th century, and we have the Americans to thank for that for the main part, and of course Marcos’s lackeys. Yes these are all ‘crimes’ that go unpunished, even now. As regards the ‘poor working people of the Agusan.’ Well that’s really in the lap of government, I don’t think that situation can be resolved by capturing wild animals and showing them off to tourists in return for a few pennies. An elephant in a cage is not quite the same thing as one in the bush, but beware, you are in it’s world then, not yours….and if you get stomped on- well that’s to bad….and it’s your fault anyway…poor working people of the Agusan.’ Well that’s really in the lap of government, I don’t think that situation can be resolved by capturing wild animals and showing them off to tourists in return for a few pennies. An elephant in a cage is not quite the same thing as one in the bush, but beware, you are in it’s world then, not yours….and if you get stomped on- well that’s to bad….and it’s your fault anyway…

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Absolutely correct and well said.
        Your comment is reassuring to be read in the Philippines world where everything is up side down.

      • buttones

        You are of course correct- oops!…I’m a hundred years out!


        Man..this ape is beyond more wasted comments on him..I’m outa here!

      • catmanjohn

        Funny to see you hypocrites get bent out of shape by some croc that would snap your head off like a twig. This is not not even like culling the population like they do in OZ, or even ‘hunt to kill’ the bugger if it was responsible for a human fatality, like the U.S. LoLong was treated like royalty, which I witnessed. The cold snap was never foreseen by the herpetologists nor the experts, but it sure is a painful lesson. It’s economics, stupid.

      • catmanjohn

        I only go ape in the mating season….

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Zoo’s are animals jails.

        The Zoo quality level show the country jail quality.

        It is also a life respect mirror and education level indication.

        Philippines jails have the reputation among prisons specialist’s
        belonging to the worst….

        Poor Lolong, poor Pinoy’s

        Very sade, what Clergy, “elites” and politicians did !

      • catmanjohn

        Let us hope that the autopsy will reveal the actual cause of Lolong’s death and put speculations to rest. I have seen the facilities there, and the croc was cared for by a staff of over a dozen people. He was fed several kilos of beef and pork, twice a month, along with medications. Maybe the medications may have gone awry, or could have been the cold, who knows. For certain, they tried their best.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        “They tried their best” with a ignorant human point of view and “patronage friends” improvised  crocodiles “specialists” with the usual result.

        Only da Philippines !


        Open your eyes and turn your brain “on”..weak apologist for even weaker locals!

  • Lumad01

    Si mayor naman ang ilagay sa pen para kumita ang municipio tourist attraction sa bunawan agusan,

  • $18209031

    Huwag ninyong  e taxidermist yan si Lolong. Nakakahiya kayo , he died a sad death.  He wanted to be back in the marshes. Pati ang pagkapatay nya ginawang pangperahan !! Dapat ilalagay sya sa National Museum kung e preserve man sya for all generations to see . Dapat libre na ngayon walang racket dyan.

  • Pepe Alas

    “Elorde said the local government will assistance from the National Museum to have Lolong’s body preserved.”

    “will assistance”? Anó ba yan Inquirer…

    • dirk_nowitzki

      will “ask” assistance… read it again

      • Pepe Alas

        Inayos na nilá. Hindí ganián yan canina.

  • Melvin

    Palagay ko pinakain siya ng botcha kaya namatay…

  • Fulpol

    PETA should file a case against the Mayor of Bunawan.. cruelty to animals…

    PETA supposed to help Lolong to find a new home like in THailand… same case with Mali, the elephant..

    • $18209031

      Why Thailand, he belongs to the Agusan Marsh where his genes existed for thousands of years? Once they captured him he was on borrowed time. He was not meant to be in capitivity. His body went into non wild state and that cannot last long . He is used to hunting his prey and moving to burn off calories. He is gaining weight in the enclosure from too much feeding.

      • cogito728sum

        Very good observations!

  • AlexanderAmproz

    He should be preserved and transformed into a Parliament lamppost 

    for an politicians stupidity enlightenment  symbol !

  • Rovingmoron

    Di kaya ito naka kain ng kapwa nya buwaya sa Congress kaya na indigestion?

  • mangTASYO

    Buti na lang naka-adjourn na ang Senado, kung hindi baka may tumawag ng “Senate Investigation”…in paid legislation.

    Kung magkaganun…anong committee ang mag-iimbestiga…”Environment and Natural Resources” or “Ethics and Privileges”?

    Ang Chair…si Honorable Crocodile or Honorable Alligator? ang kaibahan ni Croc…laging nakangisi samantalang si Gator…sa loob ang kulo.

    Iba pang maaring gawin kay Lolong…”Senate Mascot”?

    Sayang, kung si Ate pa ang nakaupo…malamang nabigyan ng “state funeral” si Lolong.

    Paalam Lolong…HINDI KA NAG-IISA!

  • gikiness


    • ThudOthwacker

      Lucy objected. We all know where she will end up. And Lucy is not happy about it.

  • Mamerto

    Leave it to government personnel to do a poor job at “anything”.

  • athenapallas

    kakalungkot naman si lolong pa ang kinuha ni Lord. sana yung mga ganid na bwaya na lang sa kongreso at senado ang kunin ni satanasius at i-dip fry lahat sila sa kumukulong aspalto.

  • jeray

    Sana mabasa .ng cong hang comments d2. Kaso lashing longlong

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    • speaksoftlylove

       Sana sumabay na rin si Lolong Panot.


    SAY is isn’t so Mike….say it was not you who hastened the untimely demise of a worthy and more-honorable-than-the-Houses’ TONGS associate.  Nakakaungkot naman…kung kailan nagsisimula pa lang mabibigyan ng aliw at saya ang mga kabayan sa pagtanaw sa katumbas ng mga KUMAKATAWAN sa kanila sa TONGresso at senaTONG, doon pa biglang mawawala si  honorary seneyt president Lolongrile.  Dapat mag-luksa ang lahat para sa pangyayaring ito. :( 

  • Kobar

    Totoong buwaya pa ang namatay…

  • boybakal

    Poor Lolong….Sa lahat ng Buwaya…siya ang pinagkwartahan.

  • doncleo

    Na-trauma yan si Lolong..hindi nya matanggap na ang malalaking kauri nyang mga buwaya ay kagaya nila Marcos, Gloria at Enrile kaya minabuti pa nyang mamatay..lalabas sa autopy yan ulcer sa kakaisip.

  • ThudOthwacker

    Putting that crocodile in the resort is an “ASININE” idea. Haven’t they thought. That enclosing it, plus long lines of visitors are stressful to the wild animal. The question now. What happen to the proceed of the tickets? If you feed him one chicken per day. Let’s assume 200 pesos per chicken for 30 days(month). That will be 6000 pesos, plus 2 minimum wage (300 per day)caretakers. That’s a total of 24 thousand pesos. Less than two days of ticket sales. Who pocketed the 28 days sale income? 

    • $18209031

      Racketeers , ano pa ? Mananagut ang mayor dito . Lolong was a national wildlife treasure. May his DNA live a long generation in the Agusan marshes. 

    • catmanjohn

      The money generated by LoLong went to cover the expenditures of his capture, the logistics, the cost of building the enclosure, the maintenance crew, etc. There was a thriving commerce where many families, vendors and tricycle drivers, etc., who depended on the crocodile. This is a great loss, and the unexpected factors that may have contributed to his death is a hard lesson to accept. This is a great loss to the people of Bunawan… yet, there is even a bigger crocodile still out there.


        Leave the fricken crocodiles alone in their own world..BAWAL!!!

  • Bino Rocha

    Lord sana po kunin nyo na rin ang mga buwaya sa gobyerno, thank you po. Amen

  • Fayha

    it’s sad na namatay si Lolong. masaya sana ako kung ang mga Bwaya sa senado at congreso ang Namatay.

  • P Abi

    The amount of ignorance in these comments… wew

    panong naging good croc? before its captivity ang rami netong napatay na fisherman at mga bata (kung nalilimutan ninyo, its because of the missing kids/fishermen that people discovered lolong in the first place).. release him back to nature? u want more of our countrymen to die?
    baka nga namatay yan dahil ang tagal tagal nang di nakakain ng tao.. 

    sa mga ignorante namang nagsasabi na dapat pinadala na sa thailand etc. edi yung turista  dun nalang pumunta.. id rather have lolong die in our soil where he contributed 1-2 years worth of tourism to a small province in our country (hopefully kahit kalahati man lang nun napunta talaga sa local populace)

    for all i know, baka na maltreat tong croc knowing how ‘well’ our LGU’s perform in almost anything

  • maypakialamtayo

    o, kayong mga buwaya na pumapatay din nang tao dahil sa katakawan nyo, alam nyo na!

  • $18209031

    His body must have overheated , nalimutan pinag cool down with running water. Mananagut ang caretaker nito ano talaga ang sitwasyon days before he died. Was Lolong showing signs of dehydration and listlessness, poor appetite ,e tc? 

      Since  he was a national treasure and rare species at that , dapat  eksperto ang mga nag aalaga. Kulang kasi sa wildife training ang mga tauhan natin.  O baka nagpapabaya at nag iinuman kaya pinabayaan si Lolong at  sa sobrang kumpyansa.

  • Haring Buraot

    Half mast lang daw bukas sa Senate tska Congress.Meron din daw speech si Mike Arroyo para sa mga naulila ni Lolong.

  • Jim De Garman

    ganyan talaga ang crocodile pag nakakulong nagkakasakit at namamatay..pero yong isang lolang sa VMMC kahit nakakulong buhay pa rin.. yong hari ng lolong napupunta pa sa Japan at HK gamit ang sandamukal na perang nilunok sa loob ng 9 na taon.

  • franciscoyapanalagbate

    Nung buhay pa si Lolong nagdadala siya ng pera sa kaban ng bayan, (o sa bulsa ng may bulsa), kapag na-preserved na ang kanyang katawan ay pagkakakitaan pa rin ito.  Samantalang ang mga buwaya, (maliit o malaki),  sa buong pamahalaan ang nangungurakot mula sa kaban ng bayan.  At ang uri ng hayop na ito ay walang katapusan sa pagpapabusog sa sarili  at susunod ang kanyang angkan.  Lolong was more honorable, respectable and admirable so its unfair to compare him to the ones in the government.   He does not fit into the category and ways of those of the lesser kind with two legs. RIP Lolong.  What a big loss for the Philippines.  Irreplaceable.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    1. NBN ZTE Scandal

    2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors

    (October 2007)

    3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (HELLO GARCI)

    4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)

    5. JOSE PIDAL Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200


    6. NANI PEREZ Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)

    7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning

    8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532


    9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)

    10. Extra Judicial Killings

    11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)

    12. General GARCIA and Other Military Men

    13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific)

    (P1.3 Billion)

    14. Northrail Project($503 Million)

    15. Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (ZUBIRI, BEDOL)

    16. NAIA-3

    17. Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)

    18. Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque

    19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states



    22. C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar

    23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’

    Welfare Administration (OWWA).

    24. P780-million LWUA funds-PROSPERO PICHAY

    25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift

    26. Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund

    27. Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy


    28. P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties

    from 2002 to May this year.



    30. 600,Thousand metric tons of Rotten rice imported from

    India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to

    Arroyo, reportedly bagged the P9.5 billion contract for

    the rice importation.

    31. DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000,

    70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit

    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy

    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown


    32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of

    two franchise bills

    33. The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in

    advertising expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to

    P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for

    Arroyo’s achievements.

    34. The report said the PIA received from the Department

    of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations

    amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488
    million was appropriated for it under the national budget.

    35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political


    36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of

    extra judicial killings of militants

    37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo

    critic, Cory Aquino

    38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of


    39. Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park



    Chief Justice

    200+ other illegal midnight appointments

    41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s undeclared properties in California

    42.- Pardon of controversial convicted criminals like

    Ninoy’s murderers

    43.- EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek

    presidential clearance before testifying in Congress


    44.- Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency

    in 2004

    45.- “Vote Buying” by giving away Philhealth cards

    46.- Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and

    PCSO tv campaign ads

    47- Appointment of Ben Abalos, a staunch GMA ally, as

    COMELEC chair

    48.- Mikey Arroyo’s importation of 32 thoroughbred horses

    from Australia worth P384 million.

    49.Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo used 2 choppers 16

    times, son Mikey 69

    50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent P1 BILLION on coffee

    51.Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters’
    all Robinson R44 Raven Is with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for the five


    52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: P345M

    53.The godmother’s ties to the Pinedas(Jueteng lord)

    54. Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings

    The Glorietta 2 bombing happened during the height of

    the bribery case which took place in Malacañang.

    55. Misuse of Balikatan funds Navy Lt. Nancy Gadian

    revealed an alleged malversation of funds in 2007

    56. Solon: Charge Gloria Arroyo for taking P98-M from

    PNoy’s social fund


    Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya,

    Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and

    Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio

    Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu and MANY MORE..

    58.Colmenares: GMA had P488 billion in ‘pork.

    59. P1 BILLION down the drain in Arroyo-era jatropha

    project—DOST chief
    60.Fishers push plunder rap vs Arroyo in purchase of ice machines( overpriced at P455 million in 2009.)
    61.$225-million overprice of Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC),
    62.Successor sues Pichay over P2.3-B fund mess
    63.Noli De Castro P6.6 billion pesos Pag-ibig Fund scam.
    64.Arroyo execs pocket P15-B from bridge scam

    • akoombulator

      tapos di man lang magagawang sapatos o handbag yan pág kinuha na ni Lucifer sa sobrang kapal at baho ng balat nyan

  • Htee

    World’s largest crocodile Lolong is dead….

    Correction Please:
    World’s largest crocodile is not dead….
    He’s still alive and kicking…
    He’s in the senate….

  • Rizal

    Bakit ikaw pa Lolong? Marami namang buwaya dyan na mas deserving mauna.
    Paalam Lolong…

  • prangka

    One honorable congressman died. R.I.P.

  • $18209031

    So long now , Lolong. You are the pride of the Nation. Rest in perpetual peace. May your kind thrive in peace in the wilds of Agusan Marshes. You symbolized the long line of buayas that thrive strong and proud in these inhospitable landscape. The human buayas had tried to make money out of your kind . They should have left you alone.

  • sakinlang

    Kasalanan lahat ni Pnoy yan! Kung hindi sana naka detain si GMA, di sana nalungkot si lolong! Ayan namatay tuloy.

  • joerizal

    Palitan niyo ng mas malalaking buwaya na galing sa Senado.

  • Hey_Dudes

    We have Dr. Peping Rizal statue proudly erected at Luneta, Gatpuno Anding Bonifacio at Liwasan Caloocan.  Why can’t we, as good citizens of this country contribute to have a statue of Lolong erected in front of Batasan Pangbansa so members of congress will be able to pay homage as they sink their heads to work?

    • catmanjohn

      Back in the days of Egypt, crocodiles were mummified and buried alongside a Pharaoh to represent the greatness of the king, and perhaps guard him into his afterlife. The larger the croc mummy, the greater the king. Now, in the Philippines, if thievery was the measure of such greatness, we would have to wait till Enrile? .. no Gloria? wait Marcos?

      • Hey_Dudes

         Right on brother!

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    pag di nila ipinasa FOI BILL palitan na pangalan ng congress JURASIK PARK 

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Why not to put the Ampatuan’s in his cage for a New tourists attraction and an experiment to see how long do they will survive with the same psychological conditions.

  • w4d

    The Arroyos’ are happy…they are again the biggest buwayas alive…LOL

    • JuanTamadachi

      yes, fat boy dorovo is ecstatic! 

  • buttones

    The reasons the animal died was because of the stupidity of humans, in particular some mayor, and the rest of these so called ‘experts’. Still never mind, let’s hope we can get on and destroy more of our environment, maybe we can fly in a taxidermist and have the poor old thing stuffed; that’ll bring in the tourists, a few more dismal pennies for the local purse…Mali the elephant is next, living out it’s last years in the hell hole of Manila Zoo, earning it’s keep…we must be very proud of ourselves…….

  • Danyel

    A museum should be put for Lolong and his body should be preserved for display so that tourists will still pour in……..I think that is not cruelty to animals…..



    • Loggnat

      They did it for Marcos, so why not LoLong?.. ;))

  • mabyrik

    I thought it was the oldest crocodile in senate who died, a senator named Enrile. 

  • Pete

    Sad day  for the Philippines, Lolong’s death symbolizes our dying environment, greediness and stupidity as a nation as a people. 

  • Ronald

    national treasure is gone 

  • DinngMae

    Will those people in the government hold a state funeral for Lolong? Rumor has it that the Binay father- daughter tandem will lead the eulogy.

  • Hein S

    What do you expect.  Wild animals die when you encroach into their territory,

    Dami na sobrang Pinoy.

    • Zebulon Hoover

      I have a philippine cobra that I caught, its doing great.

  • John

    dami pang natitirang malalaking mga buwaya, nasa kongresso at senado

  • Andres Bonifacio

    “Our personnel also noticed an unusual ballooning of the reptile’s belly.”
    Since last month pa pala nu na notice na something is wrong hindi kayo tumawag ng expert eh ang laki.laki ng income ni Lolong.

  • bongarroyo

    huwag kayong masyadong malungkot …buhay pa naman ang reyna nila at alagang -alaga ng mga doktor sa vmmc….

  • lattuaztar

    The epitome of greed appropriate enough to represent Marcos, Arroyo and the rest of them. Look at the picture of  Lolong here… like look at it very intently. Do you see the resemblance? They all look like this beast!

    • Hey_Dudes

       I am looking not even blinking but why is it all I see is a lookalike of Jose Pidal?  Is the rumor true Lolong passed away with a broken heart because Leleng (lolong’s bitter half in dreams and greed) could not even visit  due to strict rule at VMH?  Good Grief!

  • To_Be_Continued

    HEADLINE: World’s largest crocodile Lolong is dead but those in the senate and congressional pens are very much alive, going strong and aiming to be larger than Lolong.

  • Ronald

    a national treasure is lost …….  and our reactions shows how stupid we are.

    • sanjuan683

       Blame yourself you did nothing. Why not share your talent as a critic?

  • Lando

    lolong’s death symbolizes government’s neglect of our environment. 

  • To_Be_Continued

    Observers noted an UNUSUAL enlargement of Lolong’s belly months leading to his death.

    The taxpayers also noticed a VERY UNUSUAL enlargment of  not only the belly, but also the pockets, bank accounts and properties of two-legged crocodiles in the senate and congress.


    • Lando

      sa malacanang mas maraming kurakot

  • Palparan

    Sana si Abnoy Aquino na lang ang namatay at hindi si Lolong… Rest in peace Lolong!

  • Vertumnus

    When they notice this enlargement on the crocks belly, was there a veterinarian called to see what’s wrong with it?  When you have one of a kind animal, you make extra effort to make sure that animals is well taken care of.  A large animal like that is use to wide open spaces, free to roam around not confined to a small space.  Lolong was condemn to a slow death.

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehehe Ok lang na namantay na si Lolong dahil 300 yrs na siya, pati ba naman kamatayan ni Lolong sinisisi pa ninyo sa Mayor. Anong gusto sa inyo mapunta ang kita mula kay Lolong sino ba nakahuli?

      • Vertumnus

        One, crocodile don’t live that long. The oldest one was 130 years old based on lamelar growth of its teeth. On average, they only live to be 70 years old. Until they examine Lolong teeth cross section, they have no way of knowing how old he is. Money donated to keep Lolong alive should have been better spent. It’s obvious they have no experience taking care of crocodile. It should have been sent to a zoo where they know how to take care of saltwater crocodile!

  • PBA

    sad day for the philippines.  we are laughing stock of the whole world again…

  • RyanE

    Tsk.tsk.. quite sad for the people of Bunawan town.

    Anyway, cheer up folks.. we still have one in the senate!

    • ztefertilizerscam10

      mamatay din si Enrile ilang taon na lang,kukunin na rin ni satanas…

      • sanjuan683

         Tinatanggihan daw kaya hanggang ngayon buhay pa, ikaw daw ang ipapalit pumayag ka na.

      • ztefertilizerscam10

        basta kasama ko kayo pati si Gloria at MIke kasi may sungay kayo puwede ko kayong gawing pulutan…

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Don’t worry Philippines pa rin ang may hawak ng trono,nandiyan pa si LOLONG Mike Arroyo at  Lolang Gloria Fake President…

  • mangtom

    Palparan, ikaw na lang sana ang last meal ni Lolong. You deserve a painful and dastardly death, you a$$ho!e

  • mangtom

    Get a taxidermist and preserve Lolong for posterity. Display it in front of the Congressional and Senate buildings, if these buildings are close enough to each other, as a symbol of the human lolong counterparts.

  • Ronald

    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi

  • Selinta

    It died because of stupidity and greed!

  • 56del_11

    tsk,tsk…akala ko p nman Lolong ng senado o mga Lolong sa congreso ang nmatay… “Ayokong maging happy kayo”, ang resbak nya, hahah

  • Selinta

    Caused of death: Stupidity and greed of the people surrounding this animal.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

     no its not. its still sitting in the senate.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Alam ko na ang dahilan sa pagkamatay ni Lolong.

    Nadiyeta sa tsibog na pork barrel dahil inipit ng dalawang Lolong Panot.

  • Yolly

    guys dont be sad about lolongs death,  he still have a lot of friends in the senate, congress and other branch of government, but we will be happy if they follow lolong

  • Ronald

    Lolong’s death exposed the filipino race stupidity and greed.

    • Sara S.

      I agree!! Stupid, money-hungry filipinos… what a way to feed that reputation. No matter where I travel in the world, people of many different races believe that filipinos are money-hungry and fame-hungry. This is just proof. Shame!

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehehe How about the circus operated by American people are they not greeding and stupid race. They earned money from circus bullying animals. hehehehehe You better leave this country you’re not belong here to the great great race of Filipino people.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The Feudal Dynasties ruling the cattle class will love your post !

        Human race don’t exist outside the fake text books used to skill the slaves “race”

        A medieval imported tricks on the same time the Clergy discovered The Philippines, cooking them in their own fat thanks ignorances.

        The best food is cook in the oldest pan.

  • lolo_Jose

    MAS minabuti ni Lolong na mamatay na kasi hindi na niya masikmura pa
    MAS GUTOM AT GANID PA SA KANYA !!! Napapahiya na siguro si Lolong

    • lapasan

      Senado at Kongreso Lang? Marami pa, hindi mo nabanggit and nasa siyudad, munisipyo at probensya.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    Sana bigyan ng malaking state funeral si Lolong sa congreso at ma attend ng presidente, vice president, Tongressmen, Senatongs, Mayors, Vice mayors, policemen, barangays etc..tapos pag dating ng ala una me sasabog  na malaking bomba ubos lahat ng buwaya.


    after  his measurement and declaration in Guiness you should have set him free, immediately!
    Look at what happened … They were never really designed for captivity.
    You guys dont know when to leave good enough alone!
    Dont fret over the  P20,000 per day generated by lolong the 2 legged species of lolong are sure making more than that and unlike Lolong they are not camera shy!

    • sanjuan683

       I would be happy if Lolong set free and eat you little by little with camera coverage. hehehehehe

  • boybakal

    With the death of Lolong, I hope people will realize that Buwayas are not what they think to be…Suwapang at Garapal.
    They might have the ugliest and scary face but they are gentle giants.
    Though crocodiles have thick skin, they are shy creatures, unlike their counterparts who have smooth faces but thick faces no matter how many times Belo srub with liya.

    Good bye Lolong…you are the victim of people’s greed.

  • zeroko

    Real crocodiles are not greedy, liars, thief and cheaters. And they do not eat or kill their own kind, unlke their two legged cousin inside our Batasan Hall.A real crocodile sleeps and relax for weeks after a heartful meal. The two legged cousin has insatiable appitite which will cheats millions and millions of pesos, and still not satisfied. .

  • maGGot_SOUP

    We have a lot of Congresman and Senator Crocodile available.

  • Trisikad Driver

    hahahaa….gagaleng nang mga Vet or Dr sa atin.. di na kailangan mag pagamot sa ibang bansa kaseh mayroon naman tayo …hahahahahahnakakaloka..

  • lex

    nagluluksa ang mga congressman, senador at ang administrasyon ni abnoy, nawalan sila ng kapatid, si lolong (na isang buwaya),!

  • Albin

    Lolong cannot survive from its pen in Bunawan. It should had been set free in its natural habitat in Congress or the Senate.

  • PBA

    sad day for the philippines, we lost a national treasure due to stupidity and greed, we are laughing stock of the world again.

    • Sara S.

      Again? I think we’ve always been. And that poor thing was not a national treasure. It was a beautiful creature of nature. To the stupid filipinos there, it was just a cash cow and nothing more.

      • vin reyes

        beautiful creature of nature? stupid fool!

      • jolly_baby

         Di yun literal..

  • MG

    A proper autopsy should be carried out. Hope they don’t find plastic in his guts. The cold has nothing to do with it.

  • akoombulator

    tuwang tuwa ang mag asawang buwaya na si pandak at si kapalmuks nabawi nila ang trono kay lolong

    • sanjuan683

      Absuelto sila ano ka? Isip ka uli ng kaso puro palpak ang kaso puro dismiss mahina mga abogago niyo.

  • divictes

    Our greed and ignorance killed him. Sorry, Lolong, I am truly sorry.

  • Gideon

    Dapat may Senate Inquiry agad….kawawa naman kalahi nila….

    • sanjuan683

       Hindi na siguro magtutuloy ang senate inquiry dahil kapag mababanggit ang buwaya buwaya buwaya tinatamaan sila, masasaktan lang mga senador o congressman. hehehehehe

  • AgapitoBagumbayan

    Haaa?!? Patay na si Mike Arroyo?

    • Night

      sayang pero hindi yung mga demonyong Lolong ang namatay….. tunay na nilalang ng Diyos ang namatay, hindi nilalang ni satanas

  • akoombulator

    hindi ka namin malilimutan lolong… kapag may natigok sa senado kongreso o sa la vista magbabalik ang alaala mo

  • Ronald

    crocodiles survive the mass extinction of dinosaurs but it cannot survive the greed, stupidity and government’s neglect.

  • Night

    malamang PANIS, KANING BABOY at BOTCHA pinakain kay lolong kaya natodas….. hindi sanay sa panis yan fresh kinakain niyan…. sana pinakain niyo sina erap, binay, naguiat, ochoa, biazon, arroyo, lapid, bam aquino… para nabusog at hindi nasira ang tiyan

    • sanjuan683

       Dapat pinakain ka na rin dahil malinis ka kasi yun mga binanggit mo masusuka lang si Lolong dahil tadtad ng corrupt ang mga iyan.

      • Night

        kuwang kuwang kuwang

  • Ronald

    comparing crocodiles to politicians is the highlight of the stupidity of filipinos. :) 

    • Abigail Myra Catucod

       it’s because they never thought of blaming themselves for their misfortunes, moreso doing the best they could to live without expecting the government or others to help them

  • isidro c. valencia

    I suggest Senate and House of Representatives should proclaim Lolong as their official pet. To show kindness to their fellow, during the flag ceremony this morning, eulogy should be given, and lower or raise the flag in half. 

    Palagay nio sino ang mas malakas umiyak during the ceremony? Si Miriam ba iiyak?


       huwag kang malungkot, yung mga kamag anak ni lolong sa senado at kongreso ay mas malalaki at mas matataba.

  • Albert

    Typical of people here in Philippines to hold onto a little fame trying to make money from the tourism only to kill it because no one has a clue about how to look after their bread winner.
    Now they say “experts” will investigate the death. So funny, if we had any experts they would have been able to keep it alive. Better still rather than being so selfish, let the thing go back into the wild. But they would rather see it dead, than see it free.

    • sanjuan683

       You should suggest that before now its too late you’re nothing but a simple critic. There’s still more time go to the circus and assail those people using animal for their bread and butter.

    • Rachel Vollman

      Ipalit sa kulungan ni lolong ang mga buwaya sa senado kasi nagsisiksikan na sila doon masyadong marami na sila.

  • akoombulator

    bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!!! 21 gun salute for lolong hindi yan shootout take note

  • artgarcia

    Its that greedy mayor Edwin Elorde who should be responsible for the untimely death of Lolong. I remember the DENR suggested that Lolong should be taken care of by them but the greedy mayor was insisting that Lolong belongs to them and should stay with them. Now he wanted to know the cause of Lolongs death. What for?

    • jolly_baby

       Hahahhahaha so true.. Sana mabasa nya lahat to.

  • Sara S.

    Stupid filipinos. Using something so rare and exotic and keeping it in your captivity JUST to gain popularity and money? No wonder why the poor thing died. Selfish bastards like you who demand to keep it when you don’t even know how to take care of it is just plain irresponsible. Happy with your 15 minutes of fame now?! Shame on you! 

    Btw, I’m filipino too so I’m not being racist. I’m being real. 

    • Dandy Acosta

       makes you more look stupid….. idiot!!!

    • vin reyes

      shame on you..stupid fool!

    • jolly_baby

       May mga greedy na pinoy talaga.. di marunong eh

  • Lando

    how can we explain to the world the death of Lolong? we lost a treasure of global significance due to our neglect.

  • Don Dee

    Condolence to the Arroyo family.

    • Jaz

      Don irespeto natin si Lolong patay na nga siya eh, kawawa naman kung maa-associate pa sa mga arroyo.

      • jolly_baby

         Ay oo nga.. wag natin ihalintulad sa mga hayop na arroyo’s

      • Ike

        very true!!! Ang buwaya, ok na sa kanila yun kumain once a month. In fact in the wild, they can last up to 6 months without food. Pero itong sila mikey & tita glow e walang kabusugan. Lets give Lolong the respect he deserve.

  • Edgardo M. Oreta

    Which political party did this prominent Filipino politician belong to? 

  • Ike

    This cant be true. The Biggest Crococodile was allowed by Sandigan Bayan to travel to Japan & Hongkong last Feb 3. When he came back, he should be put in Lolong’s enclosure together with his pygmy crocodile wife. It would earn 10x more revenue than Lolong especialy if you put free rotten tomatos at gate that people can throw at this record breaking couple.

    • Bantayanon

      Ikulong si GLORIA sa Bunawan at hindi sa Veterans! Painumin ng tubig kanal at pakainin ng botcha! Isama na si Mike Arroyo at si Mitos Magsaysay!

  • mavtan

    Simple lang yan, dirty water due to overfeeding. Sa wild, nabubuhay sya sa running water saka dyeta sa pagkain, pag wala syang mahuli gutom sya. Dapat sa expert crocodile farm dinala si Lolong. Gahaman kasi mayor ng Agusan gustong sumikat at kumita ng malaki. Dapat pinakialaman ng gobyerno ito, baka wala na tayong makita uli tulad ni Lolong.

  • coty

    nope no truth to the rumour there will be a necrological service to be held in the Batasan! derisive laughter! 

  • Bantayanon

    Kawawa naman si Lolong. Hindi siya dapat kinamumuhian nating mga tao kasi siyay isang tunay na buwaya. Siya ay isang tunay na buhay ilang. Ang mga buwaya na lang sana sa KONGRESO at PAMAHALAAN ang kinuha ni Lord. Nauna na sana si GLORIA ang pinakakurap na buwaya sa buong mundo.

  • Jaz

    So long, Lolong. Sayang mas madaling matigok yung natural na buwaya kaysa mga pulitikong asal buwaya pagdating sa pera.

  • boybakal

    Lolong….Buwayang ginawang Kotong.

  • Farmer Mountain

    stupid and greed

  • Jerson E. Mino

    nasasayangan talaga ako kay lolong dahil isa siya sa mga bagay na nagpapaangat ng turismo sa atin at naging kilala pa tayo sa mundo partikular na ang bunawan…malaki talaga ang pakinabang ni lolong sa atin.

    • jolly_baby

       Exactly pinakinabangan lang :D Ayan namatay tuloy.

  • Lapu Lapu

    RIP Lolong.

    Real Crocs jailed an innocent Croc. He died being neglected and deprived of his rights and freedom.

    The most dangerous Crocs are very much free and still preying on the helpless pinoys.

    Watch-out : they will be coming to you soon with smile (fake) on their face asking for vote.

  • Jerson E. Mino

    wala na siguro tayong makita kagaya ni lolong. sana makita ko siya kahit sa museum man lang

    • maypakialamtayo

      ang dami sa senado at kamara meron din sa mga presinto, kapitolyo at munisipyo.

    • derabon

      hay naku napakarami jerson. punta ka lang sa municepio sa hall of justice sa senado o sa kahit saang sulok ng kalye. 

  • Yanong_OFW

    Sana ang susunod na mamatay ay yung mga crocodile na nasa gobyerno…

  • LucasPacascas

    Makikipaglibing kaya yung mga kamag-anak ni Lolong sa Senado at Lower House?

  • Roseler A. Flores

    Sayang…………………….. sayang na sayang talaga. :(

  • virgoyap

    What a waste! Maybe Lolong would have been saved if after they noticed that this poor crocodile was not eating for some days already, the mayor will notify national authorities about it.

    • jolly_baby

       Kagulat nga parang la pa sila ginawa.

  • vin reyes

    thank god he’s dead….hanap uli kayo ng ipapalit sa kanya..medyo damihan nyo na ngayon ..

    • Cano Manuel

      No need to search. We have a lot of it in the Congress.

  • noypi_ako

    maganda nga po ideya na ipreserve si Lolong, pero wag na lang po sa National Museum ilalagay, Gawin na lang Mascot ng Senate at House. Mas maka-relate ang mga tao dun.

  • Marshall

    Gagawa daw ng filmbio ni lolong si mother lily..pinagpipiliang gaganap bilang lolong ;

    • PlumberfromCanada

      bakit di mo sinama ang Kamag-anak Inc??  ..halata ka namang dilaw ka….

      • Marshall




      • PlumberfromCanada


  • jolly_baby

    Clearly they didn’t know how to take care of the croc… Baka daw sa lamig, bakit di nila inalam before kung ano dapat ang tamang environment nya.

    • Cano Manuel

      That is bullshit! 

  • PlumberfromCanada

    Dapat Half mast sa lahat ng sangay ng Gobyerno…lalo na sa Senado at Kongreso…

  • Cano Manuel

    Not only will it affect tourism, it will also draw IRE! F*ck they didn’t take care of it properly. The croc got sick and died!

  • Batz61

    what a tragedy! what carelessness! please don’t even think of whitewashing the results of the necropsy…we have to learn the truth so we learn from mistakes and make people properly accountable if there was any grave neglect…as it is, there’s already ignorance and stupidity going on.

  • boybakal

    World’s largest crocodile Lolong is dead….Dapat naging Butiki na lang si Lolong baka humaba ang buhay.

    On the other hand, gawin na lang bag na Hermes si Lolong at bilhin ni Nanay Dionesia.

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    what a waste…the crocodiles in the House of Representatives and the Senate should have died first…

  • Pholly

    RIP LoLong, and my condolences to all your  BUWAYA relatives in Senate,Congress and Government Officials :) P-Noy will shortly declare Half Mast in all the Government Institutions.

  • 1voxPopuli

    RIP GMA… 

    aw si Lolong pala; kala ko yung largest croc in captivity na nasa Veterans.

    • Lord_patawad

      Still unconfirmed reports says that Lolong’s final words were: “I am sorry.”

      • nakatutok

        wag naman ganyan…magagalit ang Presidente natin..nag sorry din si Cory na tumulong siya patalsikin si Erap di ba??

      • jeray

        Tsaka di ba mga aquino at cojuangco hangang ngayon pinagkikitaan ang lupain ng mamayan. Anu tawag mo dun buayang ina? Ang coco levy di ba napatuanayan na ginamit ni titi danding/ naparusahan ba. buayang ina namn. Ngayon sinu si lolong vox ta? ha?….

      • ARIKUTIK

        Silang dalawa ay nakabigkas ng katagang “Sorry”. Ano naman kaya ang bibigkasin ni Penoy. Siguro… > Opppsss, i did it again ….. LOL

  • Jomari Taasan

    bkit pinatay ni howard alien c lolong…..????huhuhu…

  • Jomari Taasan

    OMG….huhuhu…im so sad…my pet croc was died…huhuhu…

    • nakatutok

      “..WAS DIED..”??? hu hu hu..alipores ni Pangitbudhiko..windang ang grammar!!!

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    PINAGKAPERAHAN lang si lolong ng mayor ng Bunawan imbes na ipa alaga sa mga experts natin.

    Shame on you o corrupt mayor Edwin Elorde!

  • Stead

    There’s no reason to be sad for the death of Lolong people….we still got a lot of crocodiles lurking the congress and senate halls anyways…..they’re even fascinating than Lolong i believe…LOL

  • dennis

    Isn´t it possible to conduct autopsy to determine the cause of Lolong´s death?

    • buttones


    • Lapu Lapu

      (THIS MAY BE SHOCKING) Autopsy report is out. It was a suicide.

      They found a suicide note near his pond. It says:

      “I am fed up of this illegal detention and the massive corruption throughout the country. My only crime was eating a carabao of a villager out of hunger while my political kapatids who plundered the country are free and allowed to travel anywhere they wish. WHAT AN INJUSTICE!
      I know I won’t get justice here coz I have no connection or affiliation or money to bribe a court.
      I appreciate our President’s best efforts to eradicate corruption but he is not getting enough support from his bosses. Further he is having a had time to catch the corrupt coz many of them are started wearing yellow dress to avoid detection. 

      I am sad for the ordinary filipinos who are the victims of social and legal injustice. I hope my death will ignite a moral revolution in this country and my fellow human crocs change their attitude of GREED which is the root of all evil things.”

      Good bye Philippines – Lolong.”

  • Lord_patawad

    as twitter goes : BAKIT SI LOLONG PA?! 
    ang daming namang buwaya jan.  

  • Ai

    Lucky for this crocodile – his sufferring is over. Bad for the Filipino people – still lots of “crocodiles” in Congress.

  • JimmuTenno

    maxado kasi ginatasan. pwede naman kasi ipunta sa crocodile farm then hingi sila ng share sa income ni lolong. atleast dun madaming professionals.

    • Sofia Mendiola

      kapag po kasi nagtravel ulit si Lolong, nasestress po ang mga animals sa pag-travel and kapag nagtravel si lolong baka po magkasakit mas may chance na matigok :)

  • Albert Einstien

    DAPAT isama na sa LIBING yung mga buwayang KKK’s , opisyales  at politiko….

    o kaya ISAMA sila sa CROCODILE FARM…bakit sila nasa gobyerno natin….

    mga buwaya sa gobyerno mag-HALF MAST kayo at mag-suot ng itim….bilang respeto nyo ke lolong… 

  • mavtan

     “World’s largest crocodile Lolong is dead”. Are they referring to Mike Arroyo?

  • yesyesyo

    Dapat bigyan ng permiso na maka attend sa libing ni lolong ang kamag anak nyang nakakulong sa veterans hospital.

  • darsmith

    aww shucks!!! now I have to contend myself visiting the biggest and most swanky crocodile farm at Batasan

  • Meow Ming

    Wow ! Ang laking sayang! Di naalagaan ng mabuti, sana pina-alagaan na lang sa totoong wildlife experts, di yung kung sinong nagmamarunong na pulitiko lang.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    patay tayo jan may dahilan na naman si gloria arroyo sa korte na payagan siya sa libing ng kakambal niya nag bigay naba ng pahayag si BIG MIKE ano masasabi ni mikey namatay na antie niya paano na yung investment nila mansion sa america sabagay si mikey naman mag mana nun!

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    kaya namatay yan dahil nag iisa sa kulungan kung dinala jan yung kakambal niya sa veterans di na stress yan!

  • anton kinuton

    sa dami ng buwaya sa pilipinas, bakit si lolong pa???

  • Bahay Kubo

    Sana gawan ng rebulto si Lolong at ilagay sa harap ng Batasan …

  • Ronald

    walang patawad mga empleyado ng Communication Group pati pagkamatay ni Lolong pinasok hahahaha

  • $16638896

    sana ung mga buwayang nka barong at coat and tie nalang ung natigok!

  • Butuan

    ililipat na ang Congreso at Senado sa Bunawan town para hindi mahinto ang pagdating ng mga tourista doon.      

  • ernie

    palagay ko na depressed si lolong ng malaman nya na mas malaki mga buwaya sa batasan..

  • etomacq

    Kung sa Congress or Senado si Lolong dinala malamang tatagal pa buhay nyan..

    Dapt naka half-mast ang flag ng Pilipinas dahil nawalan tayo ng isang opisyal ng gobyerno. 

  • Shadows1

    Greed killed Lolong! Sa kagustuhan ng mga local officials na pagkakitaan si Lolong kahit wala silang expertise sa pag-aalaga ng wild na buwaya, pinilit nila itong ikulog sa lugar nila. Ni nde nila pinayagan na mailipat ito sa DENR na xang may mas expertise sa ganitong mga bagay or sa crocodile farm na sanay na sanay mag-alaga ng mga wild at bred in captivity na bwaya.
    Ngaun, wala na ang Lolong nyo,wala na kayong gagatasan.

  • w4d

    Lolong’s symbolizes all the corrupt officials ending up in wheelchairs or suddenly getting sick when they are caught and are presented for court hearings. It shows that many buwayas die in captivity, away from their natural habitat.

    Lolong’s handlers symbolizes the many greedy and unqualified leaders in the country who are only after money.

  • lattuaztar

    Next croc (or crook?) to go? Line them up: Enrile, Estrada, Arroyo, etc… Even the dead crooks should be brought to life and be killed over and over again. No, really… These guys deserve a thousand deaths for the miseries they’ve brought to the Filipino people.

  • Pitbulldog

    Lolong lived for more than 50 years perhaps in the wild, but lasted for a very short time at the hands of humans.  He should have been left out in his natural habitat and his movements controlled or  limited with fences to avoid his straying into areas where he might pose as a threat to humans.  He was just used for financial gains.  Greed, ang usual na sakit ng tao. 

  • vilmavee

    The death of Lolong is ominous

  • vilmavee

    The death of Lolong is ominous. The bigger “BUWAYAS” in the government will all die too soon. They may have thrive for years, but just like Lolong for some stroke of misfortune he died.
    Remember also that we should all force the demise of political dynasty.

    • Shiella Tabamo

      sana man lang na awa sila kay lolong d’ba ma masahol pa sila kanh lolong eH!
                                                                                                                                       sh*t sana yung mga politian nalang ang na matay hahay …. talaga ang tao sa mundo m

  • Hot Chick

    I was very sad for lolong.. He could have live for more than 50 years if he was in the river… How sad I am for him.. Why do people destroy or enter their home?… They should let him go when he was alive.. See what happened? He died because of people who are only making a money… This is why they become extinct or endangered specie… How selfish are those people?

    • magiting78

      C Lolong Enrile at Estrada kaya kailan matitigok, they are already more than 70 year old…lolz

  • boybakal

    Sa dami ng Buwaya, bakit ikaw pa Lolong, bakit?
    Kumusta na kaya si Kabang yong asong walang mukha.

  • tita_cacayan

    nabigla ako at nalungkot ,akala ko si enrile ,after reading nabigkas ko thanks god, god save the king

  • magiting78

        Nag suicide po c Lolong…kasalanan po kc ng mga taong nag kokoment d2 s PDI…lagi po kc na babrand s kanila ang mga politiko gaya nila Enrile, Binay at Erap…masyado n daw n yuyurakan ang kanilang pagiging buwaya….
        Nag email po sa akin c Lolong hnd n daw kaya ng kanyang dibdib ang mga pinupupokol sa kanila, buwaya lang daw cla at ang kinakain lang nila ay mga hayop…samantalang yung mga ikinakabit s kanilang mga tao..pera, ari-arian, kapangyarihan at sex…

  • Ike

    tsk…tsk… nauna pang namatay yung buwayang me pakinabang kaysa mga buwayang walang pakinabang.

      Sabi ng matatanda, Ang masamang damo daw e matagal mamatay!!! Which means Lolong is more kind hearted than this couple of giant & pygmy crocodile.

      Sabi din ng matatanda pag me dwende raw sa bahay e swerte. E bakit sa Malacanang nagkaroon dati ng dwende pero minalas ang Pilipinas!!!

    Sabagay dwende lang naman sabi ng matatanda, hindi dwendeng buwaya!!!

  • Rizal

    Lolong’s death must be telling of the impending demise of the real crocs in the halls of the Philippine Congress. Let this coming May election be the death sentence for the real “Crocodiles” in the government. 
    Paalam Lolong…  

  • ibyok

    lolong.the world’s longest crocodile is dead..but glolong, the world’s shortest croc is still alive & kicking…may stiff neck nga lang paminsan-minsan..haaayyyzzz

  • Melvin

    Sa pagpanaw ni Lolong. Syempre malulungkot din si Lolong Johnny…

  • tita_cacayan

    the senate seal must be replace by lolong logo for respect .    For tourist dont be frusrated we have more same attraction just visit the senate and congress

  • AlexanderAmproz

    When jail is a death-penalty,

    Lolong should become an inmate parabola

    Don’t let dye the innocents prisoner’s

    Pay attention to the freedom of the last biodiversity pocket still existing.

    After the biodiversity destruction, nothing will left, human being included

  • tower_of_power

    The biggest crocodile ay wala sa putikan … nasa politika. Sa dinami ng mga buwaya sa Pinas bakit si Lolong pa ang inuna? Bakit hindi si vice Lolong or si Lolong Manong? Kahit sa mg buwaya … inuuna rin pala ang mga mababait … hahahahaha. Hindi lang siguro nabigyan ng stem cell therapy ang mabait na Lolong 

  • boybakal

    Lolong might have longer life if he was in the wild.
    I remember when I was young man then when I heard the story about the big crocodile seen in Monkayo river..
    For sure, it was Lolong.
    And the marshland of Trento, Bunawan were a delight to see when you visit these Agusan towns.
    I don’t know now. But that was then.
    Anyway, RIP Lolong…died Lonely in Lonely Planet.

    • Jonard Clent Teraza

       Sayang Naman C Lolong

  • at-large

    LOLONG ba ang palayaw ni Big mike arayo? saka Agusan na pala ang address nila hindi na pala Pampanga? nagtatanong lang po!

  • palakasantayo

    Lolong’s counterparts in senate and congress di not want him to stay longer. Kasi… nalalamangan sila ni Lolong.


    Marunong bang sumulat si Lolong ? Wala namang eskwelahan sa gitna ng ilog. Napana ginipan mo lang sigurong nag usap kayo ni Lolong. Naka usap nya buwaya ….. eeewwwwww >>>>>>>>

  • AlexanderAmproz

    To have built a hugh Crocodile Park cage at the place he was found,
    in his bio-diversity, an untouched wild life open air aquarium.
    Producing the World biggest known Crocodile, what an ad ! 
    His head could have been equipped with camera and GPS to be able to observe directly his movements, surrounded by rare birds, rare fishes, snakes, turtles, a unique tropical experiment !

    The pedagogic result will have been different and more successful for the long term of the environment education philosophy on tourism and country. 
    With probably less investments,

    Lolong was a permanent free advertising for this “Aqua, Swamps Park”,
    his lost is bad news putting a bad light on what has to be change in this country.

    Lost Opportunities by instant money obsession are uncountable and pathetic.

    NB: Going to visit the “Everglades” South Florida can be an eyes opener on what can be done.

    To have built the same World success they have, in an other part of the Planet.

    • Juan

      tama ka, dapat talaga nilagyan na lang ng tracker si lolong para sa environment nya mga gagung pinoy yan gusto lang maging sikat another kapalpakan na naman sa buong mundo nakakahiya. Indio!!!!


      Your dream will never happen in this present time because an Abnoy is on the lead. The brain is packed only with grandoise, unjustly persecuting rivals. Nothing inside the brain  that can be beneficial to PH.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Sadly its because we are in the Philippines,

        Philippines colonial cultural traditional moral values is nature, is to be a rapist to the last survivor, it will be in the administration genes to the improbable revolution,

        what a pathetic country destination !

        P-Noy is trying not change it, rapists and corrupt don’t like him !

        Do Mayor Elorde is a legal and illegal loggers protector ?

        That the question behind Lolong death !

    • boybakal

       Well, your dream is okay….but you need a Crocodile Dundee to do that in the Philippines.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Buwaya mang may layang lumakad
      Kulungin mo at umiiyak
      Bayan pa kayang sakdal dilag
      Ang di magnasang makaalpas.

  • brianbro

    This should’ve been put to death right after it was caught. Priority pa natin  tourism eh nakapatay eto ng mga tao, bata pa ang isa.

    • John

      Overpopulated ang tao.. Hindi naman kasalanan ng buwaya na andun sya.. He has been living there for decades and papatayin lng kasi people are encroaching into his habitat. akala kc ng most people  sa kanila ang buong planeta.

  • Melvin

    Siguro baka nagtitipid yung nagaalaga para makupit yung pambili ng pagkain ni Lolong, ang ginawa pinapakain na lang si Lolong ng botcha o yung tinatawag na double dead na karne ng hayop…

  • boybakal

    We need a Crocodile Dundee not Mayor Elorde in Bunawan.

  • boybakal

    Man and Crocodile are the same….they died in prison.

    • peach black

      but politicians and crocodiles are not the same. no poitician ever died in prison.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Instead to take responsibility, they took advantages as usual, a cultural attitude !

  • doublecross

    RIP Lolong….sana sinama muna sa libingan ang mga BUWAYA sa lipunan.

  • peach black

    it’s mind-boggling when a crocodile dies. they’re known to wade through infested waters with wounds but their immunity defenses are so potent they survive. in fact science is scratching its head marvelling at the breathtaking efficiency of the crocs in battling infection tapos itong si Lolong bigla na lang naging bloated? Tsk tsk, only in the Philippines.

  • allan

    Dapat kasi dinala sa St. Lukes yan baka na salba pa. Sino ba yung mga doktor ni Arroyo?

    • RAMON

      hahaha… i love this comment… up sa iyo boss!!!!

    • Bert

      Only if a permission from BROTHER CROCS in the SENATE like Drilon, et. al has been granted….. 

  • Jason Cruz

    Wow, 20 thousand in gate receipts, mayor nasaan na yung pera. ? 

  • Joseph

    Lolong is the mascot of Senate & Congress.

    • Bert

      AND IT’S UNFAIR……Lolong has done good and has given more prestige to ‘pinas than his siblings in congress and the senate….

  • Joseph

    Don’t cry people, we still have a few Lolongs left in dry land. 
    Please don’t feed them.  Philippines is overflowing with crocs, pronounce ‘crooks’. 
    Scientific names: Crocodylsenatong  var.: Crocodyltongmen

    • Danilo Navarro

      mayortong at kapitantong kayo naman bakit di ninyo sinama mag tatampo yang mga baka maging lolong

  • batangsulpok

    Ang mas malalaking buwaya kay Lolong ay buhay pa at nagpapasasa sa kongreso.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Nawala kasi sa menu ang paborito niya… ang tao!!! Iyan ang paborito niya!

    Pero paminsan-minsan lang na ang tao ang biktima niya.


    • Danilo Navarro

      isama ninyo rin yung mga damaso at yung pamilya ng arroyo…

  • Christian Jayme Talusan

    kasalanan nyo yan! dapat kasi nasa wild sya, nilagyan nyo nalang sana ng transmitter para alam nyo kung nasan yan. mga bwiset!

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Mr. Mayor,

    Pinagkakitaan ninyo kasi ang Buwaya! sa palagay ko lang, mas malaking Buwaya kayo kaysa kay LOLONG!

    Kung iyan ay inyong inalagaan ng mabuti, hindi sana siya namatay!


    • RAMON

      pwede namang pumalit si mayor kay lolong eh.. tutal parehas naman silang buwaya… :)

  • Legally Black

    Lolong died because he cannot take the fact that he was associated with senators, congressmen and other corrupt politicians.  He said “When  did I receive a gift?a bribe?a PDAF?Why o why there is a comparison?”

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Ha ha ha ha! Tama ka diyan! Namatay sa sama ng loob si Lolong dahil inihalintulad siya sa mga corrupt.

  • Zen

    nabuwaya yung buwaya. san kaya napupunta yung 20k?

  • Bert

    Bakit naman si LOLONG pa ang kinuha ni lord….???

    Meron namang maraming BUWAYA SA CONGRESO, SENADO AT MALACANANG na dapat ay NAUNA……It’s unfair…hehe


    Now that Lolong is dead, paging LORD OF CROCODILES…. pakikuha naman po yung mga BUWAYA SA GOBYERNO please…..

  • Danilo Navarro

    yung mga politiko at politikana di na pweding tawagin buwaya mga dragon na yun maawa naman kayo kay lolong sobrang kahihiyan o stress kinamatay niya kasi kinakabit ninyo sa kanyan yung mga buwaya sa lipunin di niya kayang tanggapin yun na stress na dedo ikinabit ninyo pa ang pamilya ng arroyo.. sus ginoo.pesting yawa ayon sa huling kasabihin ni lolong

    • Legally Black

       Kawawa din ang mga dragon. Wag natin sila ihalintulad sa mga politicians natin.baka magalit or mamatay din sila sa sobrang sama ng loob.

  • Jherald Doing

    Gusto lang ipaalam ni lolong sa lahat ng BUWAYA na namamatay din sila..

    • frank

      sana mararamdaman ng mga politiko iyan

  • JosengSisiw1

    Crocodiles can live up to 60-100 years, Its a pity we don’t know Lolong’s age. But if the care takers noticed already an unfamiliar bulge in its stomach and different color of the feces, then we are sure it didn’t die of old age. But Elorde’s statement of moving on is quiet early. It generates good money to the area, so further investigation and penalty to those responsible, (if there is?), should be expected here. Anyway, it could be much better news if Crocs in the governments dies….

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Crocodiles are killing for food, 

    Politicians are killing for selfish arrogances, high flight robbery and money !

    Compare to them, crocodiles are clean and innocents !

  • Kris Chermaine Serrano

    they said that when they caught Lolong, a larger crocodile escaped…so they still haven’t caught that larger croc….

    • Bert

      and it’s now either in congress or the senate…..hehe

  • Isaiah Valenzuela Diasanta

    kasalanan nila yan di yan mamatay kung naalagaan ng mabuti,,,pinatay nyo mas masahol pa kayo ki lolong diba?>………

  • Isaiah Valenzuela Diasanta

    lagot ka pinatay nyo yon kayo ang may kasalan kung bakit namatay si lolong mas masahol pa ata kayo kay sa kay lolong………….

  • Bernabe

    buti nga si lolong hindi nagbaril sa sarili. namatay sa sakit,.ang iba jan nagbaril sa ulo,,lol

  • Eddie

    Ha? Sinong Congressman ba ang ang namatay ???

  • Raffe Balate

    sinong hindi mamatay ehhhhhh ang liit liit nang pinag lagyan ni lolong hindi yan na alagaan nang mabuti ayon sa mga libro ang mga buaya ay aabot hanggang 100 years sana hindi nyo nalang kinuha si lolong kung saan siya nakatira tignan nyo namatay pa ang isang buaya na malaiki sa pilipinas mga walang silbi

  • Archie B

    tingin ko sinadya yan ipapatay ng mga nasagasaan ni Lolong sa Gobyerno. lalo na sa Congress at Senate.

    kung si Lolong ay hindi hinuli sa wild, buhay pa yan for how many years.

    parang pinagkakitaan lang ng husto si Lolong without properly checking his situation.

  • Nelwen Mirandilla Ebuenga

    ok lng yan para d magamit sa politika..

  • Godz Empire

    mga bobo nmn kaxe ang mga taong nag alaga nyan . wala naman silang ebidensya kung may kinain na yang tao . Hndi porket nahuli nila . pag kakakitaan na nila si lolong . Hndi lang nila pinabayaan pra hndi ganyan ang inabot niya . tapos ung pinag lalagyan niya pa semento ? napudpud na cguro ung paa niyan tska kunti ung pinapakain . bobo kayo mga wlang hiya kayo . Mas masahol pa kayo sa pulitiko ! 

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