Tiangco to Drilon: Your do for mine if LP scores 12-0; my do for yours if you lose



Digitally-manipulated photos of Navotas Representative Tobias Tiangco sporting Senator Franklin Drilon’s hairstyle and vice-versa. Photos from Facebook

MANILA, Philippines — If the Liberal Party sweeps the senatorial elections in May, expect United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) secretary general and Navotas Representative Tobias Tiangco to sport the hairstyle of Liberal Party campaign manager Senator Franklin Drilon.

“I am offering a friendly wager. I am willing to change my hairstyle if they could muster a 12-0 win. I will copy Sen. Drilon’s do. And if they fail to get 12-0, I challenge Sen. Frank to copy my hairstyle,” said the UNA official in a statement issued Friday.

Tiangco is confident, however, that he will not have to make a trip to the barber “with the surveys all showing poor performance of LP bets.”

He said the latest Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia surveys showed that many LP bets were out of the winning circle with five of UNA’s senatorial bets making it to the “Magic 12”.

“We are amused but at the same time bothered by Senator Drilon’s confidence. Anong milagro ang gagawin ng LP?” he asked, noting how the Commission on Elections discovered cheating by the Arroyo administration in the 2007 elections in Maguindanao.

“We smell the air of 2007 once again. It sounds like a subtle order to influence the elections. Senator Drilon is treading a dangerous zone here by conditioning the people of the outcome of the elections,” said Tiangco.

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  • UnliComments

    Drillon looks like Pooh. Si Tiangco looks like Dick Dastardly. Hands down sa LP na tayo!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OVUFHLRYNON4WLIW2KTPB6N7VQ Rico

      akala ko looks like pork

  • UnliComments

    Drilon looks like Pooh. Tiangco looks like Dick Dastardly. E di sa LP na tayo !!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UEHZP52OVNUUPVT3VJNWPUGVLU Peter L

      hahahahaa. that was a good joke! 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/WC5IJSKXTZLNM3AV3VGPMM4O7Y ero

    if 12-0 drillon will do the hobbit of Tiango (inhale coke kin)

  • calipso_2100

    Haay. Nakakahiya ang mga pinagagawa ng mga polikong ito.  Ang bababaw.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Hairdo or not, there is simply no comparison between Tiangco and Drilon. Unlike Drilon, the representative from Navotas dared to take the road less traveled and expose the treachery along Daang Matuwid. Tiangco simply could not turn a blind eye on what’s wrong with Noynoy’s yellow tyranny. Tiangco in good conscience simply could not stop raising his eyebrows at the injustices perpatrated by Noynoy’s administration. Instead of being hypnotized by the goodies and pork dangled in front of him, Tiangco resisted greed and stayed fit. On the other hand, Drilon who succumbed to pork, lard and largesse ended up morbidly obese. Between Tiangco and Drilon, the former will always be the better man.

    A man of courage, a man of substance, a man of style, a man worth his salt from Navotas — Toby Tiangco for senator 2016.

    • Taiko_Kauna


    • diamond_digger

       Is he really a man? Or. . .the opposite?

      • EdgarEdgar

        He’s admittedly metrosexual. He used to be very much a ladies’ man in the 90s until he was inducted into Opus Dei, subsequently turning to public service as his life’s new calling.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    Only addicts will make that dare.

  • NinjaMan

    people need to know, Franklin Drilon is Juana Change in disguise.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    frankly isa lang iboboto ko – magsaysay jr. the rest are worn out political names- would rather put Penson number 1

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GPFISUUMOUPASIVRH6HYSRGJEU Anlo

    the challenge of toby is quite staistically to his advantage. it should have been if una gets 12-0 drilon copies toby’s hairdo and on the one hand if lp gets 12-0 toby copies drilon’s hairdo.FAIR. 

  • vince_bugaboo

    maski anong gawin n’yong style sa mga buhok n’yo, mukha pa rin kayong mga mandurugas!

  • etomacq

    Ipadala lang ng LP yun mga deffective na PCOS machine sa balwarte ng mga kalaban sigurado panalo na LP…

  • Pong_Je

    What a spokesperson. Is that the best you can have? Parang si Topacio lang ah.

  • Rio Legaspi

    you are a bunch of fools….

  • vaporub123

    12-0?????? papano yon mga common candidates?heheheheh  better to shut up at lahat naman kayo ay mga trapos eh.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UEHZP52OVNUUPVT3VJNWPUGVLU Peter L

    Conditioning the mind of the people is what the LP has been doing three years ago. If they win, Drilon is right. If they lose, they were cheated. That old trick doesn’t work anymore Sen. Drilon. I superlike your joke, very funny indeed. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ON7OVYELIEWW7U25MAF7XD36WU Cubano

    Kahit sino iboto ninyo basta huwag lang ang mga members ng political dynasties.  Magka isa tayong lahat…..

  • Pong_Je

    Drilon is saying a campaign statement/strategy/mind games. Because it was a good statement, Tiangco cannot answer back and he resorted to “hamon”. LOL. UNA better get a good spokesperson para ‘di lalong madihado.

  • WeAry_Bat

    Dito sa amin sa corporate, ang matalo ay magpakalbo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDMUJ6NKKCLWRMVMJRLJFI633I Rene V

    the enemy is at the gates of this country, they want our oil and fish and we never heard a peep from both of you. the country is likened as a ship of state and the state is being rocked by china. what do the senatorial candidates think about this? what are their comments? talking about hairstyles at this time is just st____p.

    • vanguard61

      Good observation my friend, in fact the enemy is not only at the gates, they’ve been inside the country for ages. Quietly gathering information on our military, political situation and socio-economic condition.They are what you call ‘ listening post’ or ‘ Embassies’ for short. What is our politicians doing? ” having fun-it’s election time’. Ask them issues about our foreign policy and or even the state of our national security and you’ll get a pathetic answer ” andyan naman si Uncle Sam eh.” So corruption continues unabated. In fairness to the President, I think he’s doing his best to come up with the most logical solution to the problem- exhaust every means through diplomacy. Failure in diplomacy often leads to a cold war or the more horrifying one and nobody wants that option. We need politicians who are intelligent, possessing a sharp mind as counsels to the President. They should be capable to deal not only in internal politics but also in the international/ global arena on foreign diplomacy. This entails a lot of brain power, steadfastness and charisma which I’m not quite sure most of our candidates possess. To be honest, there’s a lot going on in the sidelines concerning the international community that are quite frightening that most of our kababayans and politicians don’t know much about. Our people have been anaesthesized by our ‘lamestream media’ bombarded daily with worthless news, gossips and pathetic noontime game shows and the so called ‘ soft propaganda’ ( foreign tele-novelas/teleserye aside from the local ones as well). What was deal about? you may ask, well it goes something like this ” Sa inyo na gobyerno, basta amin negosyo, ok? kami bahala sa inyo, patong na lang namin sa presyo.” It’s never too late to clamor for change. You don’t even need to aspire for the high calling of a patriot, one only needs to ‘wisen up and move onwards to the sound of the drumbeat of true progress and freedom against political oppression prevalent in our beloved country.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    Our politicians are all jokers, they never take anything seriously.

    • ted duallo

      unless it’s their pork barrel haha!!

  • Bonggebongge

    Napaka hilig sa chismis nitong si Tiangco…sya ang nag bibigay malisya sa pinapakitang confidence ng mga LP…sabihin ba namang kinukundisyon ang utak ng mga tao na mananalo ang mga bet ng LP…dapat kasuhan to ng comelec eh…

    • diamond_digger

       Tsismosa talaga!

  • ike1684

    papampam talaga tong tiangco, tulad.nung impeachment pag witness nya na nakahigh lights ang buhok. kulang sa pansin yang tiangco na yan. palibhasa uhaw sa kapangyarihan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

    Ano na namang kagaguhan to Tiangco? Maepal ka lang talaga. Stick with the real issues.

  • Philcruz

    He (with the juvenile hairdo) is acting and talking just that.. juvenile. Grow up, Toby.

  • pj2003

    I think Tiangco it is the other way around… You are the one doing a mind conditioning, that is when UNA candidates fail to win the majority seats in the senate you will say that the administration cheated in order for the LP to gain the majority.  Because you now feel it that UNA candidates are slowly by slowly slipping downward as the electorate getting to know who the 3 Kings of UNA really are and what they represents..

    • parefrank

      Whatever they are, at least not yellow blooded.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/4VYEBSBG7QW7B3HWGJMBDF7C6M Chick

        lapdog ka ng mga tatlong haring kurakot?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RDGAGWI2XYZQJ3ZNDMZLSPFQ5M Bentong

    parang bading. tumahimik ka na lng. you are nothing compare to him.

  • kilabot

    there won’t be a tiangco do nor drilon do. 
    it will be a noykapon do; whatever can be made of his hair; 
    because lp and una are one and the same; 
    noykapon and titopeping controls each party; 
    perpetuating the cojuangco-aquino dynasty; 
    and other dynasties. 

    long live ph dynastic politics. 

  • Jeff Clint

    Vote for SENATOR!!

    Loren Legarda
    Ramon Magsaysay, Jr.
    Aquilino Pimentel III
    Juan Edgardo Angara
    Alan Peter Cayetano
    Francis Escudero
    Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel
    Antonio Trillanes IV
    Richard Gordon
    Rodolfo Mirasol
    Marissa Quidayan
    Antonio Andrade
    Dick Soreda


    • parefrank

      Do not vote for this crazy list, they all have venous yellow blood.

  • botets

    Bago ka sana maghamon Ginoong Toby mag pa drug test ka muna para naman me credibility ka naman maghamon ng walang kabuluhan

    • diamond_digger

       Baka you mean ‘binibini’! Hehehe!


    Why not bet your family jewel like Topacio???

  • parefrank

    Very dangerous to Tiongco. Because the quesion is winning by peoplesvotes or winning by Smartmatic votes. Let’s see if Comelec will allow independent chip checking after election or confiscates all chips again like 2010.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Nag mas Mukhang kontrabida si Tiangco sa buhok nya sa picture.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Toby Tiangco is the son of GMA-7’s anchor Mel Tiangco and a brother to Wency Cornejo.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      Is it true?

  • parefrank

    to Rene V
    You should not ask the candidates, ask Noynoy. He has a very funny manner against China. He wants peaceful talks about the problems, official or backstage, at the same time he asks USA for military intervention and files cases against China at United Nation courts. Really a very special super diplomacy to invite China for talks.

    • MyCountryMyLove

      parefrank, do not generalize your story. You should have followed the chronology of events why Pnoy made those decisions.. Don’t lump everything together and report them like that. You are misleading the readers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    cheap copycat gimmick. kumita na yan tingko sa spokepersons ng Republican and Democrat nong nakarran na US Presidential election.. gaya gaya puto maya..makatawag pansin at mileage  lang sa media….

    dapat sbihin mo magpakalbo ka kung maging corrupt yang mga kandidato mo…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TZJQD6PDIB2DVBDQUBHNXSR6OQ Francisco

    Itong Toby na mahilig sa showbiz, lalo mo lang kaming binigyan ng rason para bumoto sa mga taga TEAM PINOY. For your information Mr. Tsupabiz Tiangco, the more you talk against team PINOY & for team UNA given your venomous tongue & treacherous smile & shrewd ploy of machinations to advance your team, the more we the more we retreat against UNA.

    Sa mga nagawa ni President Noy sa bansa natin ngayon, making the Philippines a toast of the world by giving it its much-needed economic vibrancy anchored primarily on PNoy’s “Good Governance or Tuwid Na Daan” vision that showcases for the first time after Cory Aquino’s administration that the country is again under the incumbency of an incorruptible President, how could we ever stray from President Noynoy Aquino’s partners in his quest & advocacy for Tuwid Na Daan much more fail him to pursue the same for the greater good & benefit of our people & the country?

    Kahit anu pang sabihin niyo Mt. Tsupabiz Tiangco at ng mga UNAng gutom sa kapangyarihan at pangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan, hindi niyo kailanman mabago or makalog man lang ang amning pag-iisip na ang Pilipinas under the hands of President Noynoy Aquino is in a better, safer and corrupt-free hands in stark contrast to the previous regime of the greatest Liar & Corrupt President of them all, your previous benefactor & ninang, the person better known other than being corrupt as a kiss of death by any association politically or otherwise, your friend & UNA’s friend as well, Gloria Makapal Na, Pandak Pa Arroyo a.k.a Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

    Kaya ako, sampu ng aking family, loved-ones, relatives, friends whether personally or online, classmates, batchmates and acquaintances whether locally or abroad had only President Noynoy Aquino’s senatorial candidates in mind as far as the coming elections is concerned, kasi sa TEAM PINOY, mas sigurado kaming nasa TUWID NA Daan ang pamamalakad ng gobyerno natin at sigurado kaming hindi man mawala bagkus corruption, though still far from being a thing of the past, will be at its most limited if not antagonized & ridiculed or diminished state under the hands of President Noynoy and his trusted & endorsed senatorial candidates.

    So mga kababayan, iniimbitahan ko po kayong iboto ang mga kasamahan at taga-suporta ni PNoy sa Tuwid na Daan, ang TEAM PINOY at sila ang mga sumusunod:

    1. Sonny ANGARA
    2. Bam AQUINO
    3. Allan Peter Cayetano
    4. Chiz Escudero
    5. Riza Hontiveros
    6. Loren Legarda
    7. Jamby Madrigal
    8. Jun Magsaysay
    9. Koko Pimentel
    10. Grace Poe
    11. Sonnie Trillanes
    12. Cynthia Villar

    Huwag po kayong maniwala na walang check & balance sa gobyerno ni PNoy kung puro TEAM PINOY ang iboboto natin dahil sa ganang panunungkulan ni PNoy, innate at built-in sa kanyang governance ang check & balance kasi alam at kilala natin si PNoy na hindi basta-basta mauuto sa mga programa na baluktot at nakakasama sa ating bansa at hindi siya basta bastang sumasang-ayon sa mga mungkahi ng kanyang kaalyado only to find out later on na para makapangurakot lang ang kung sino-sino, hindi katulad sa rehimen ni Gloria Arroyo na gawa ng gawa ng programa kuno sa gobyerno para matulungan ang Pinas pero ang totoo ay gustong-gusto at atat na atat lang siyang gumawa kuno ng mga programa sa Pinas para may mapagkakitaan sina PGMA, Mike Arroyo & their ilk & minions tulad ni Toby Tiangco and company na maging milking cow to enrich themselves via pangungurakot.

    Kaya para tulong na rin natin sa ating mga sarili at sa ikauunlad ng bayan, sa TEAM PINOy na tayo sa darating na halalan.

    Let us all vote for TEAM PINOY to make sure that we will all march towards the path of good governance for ourselves, for our loved-ones and for our dear & only country, the Philippines!


    • diamond_digger

       What a hard-sell Tobia, I mean, Toby is doing. UNA is indeed a party of diverse people from proven corrupts, promiscous and the ‘alanganins’. What a party!

  • bongarroyo

    Tongressman tionggo huwag masyadong sumusinghot ng shabu…kung anu-ano na tuloy itong pumapasok sa kukote mo….

  • virgo57

    Ang bakla at baboy nag iiringan parang palingkero ang bunganga. Ito ba ang klase ng lawmakers ng bansa?

  • EdsonArantesDoNascimiento

    drilon,talagang mukhang BOCHANG BUHAY,maski anong retoke mo!!!!!!Pahirap sa bayan yang walang kabusugan na BOCHANG BUHAY!!!! Sana kunin na ni satanas yang bochang demonyo yan!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Olibo2 Olibo

    What a NEWS! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • dequis

    12–0 LP

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4VYEBSBG7QW7B3HWGJMBDF7C6M Chick

    tingnan ang profile ni tiangco, papalit palit din ng partido.. he’s no better than drilon.. pareparehas lang ang UNA at LP.. same old trapo politics.. they’ve been lording it over our islands “since time immemorial”.. sino pumalit kay tiangco? malamang kamag-anak nya yong nakaupo sa navotas ngayon.. isn’t that dynastic? alas, congress can’t and won’t define what dynasty is.. bakit? lahat ng mga nakaupong mambabatas matatamaan if ever they’re to define what dynasty is.. kawawang pilipinas.. classic example pa rin ay ang tatlong hari ng UNA.. wala na bang mga credible candidates at mga anak nila ang pinapakandidato? sa LP ganun din, dynastic din.. same old banana.. kawawang pilipinas, dami kasi BOBOtante!

  • kismaytami

    Change hairstyle??? Haller!!! Harakiri na lang kaya?

  • Renato_SUPOT_Pacifico

    walang kwentang politico ! why even put media milage on this non-sense Tiangco.
    pinag-pustahan nila ang boto ng bayan using their tacky hairdo !

    wake-up !!!

    • diamond_digger

       Only women talk and care a lot about hairstyles. Now we know who is the lady-like. Bwahaha!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YBNRN6ONWPBE44B55F3VNBO5BY jackbauer

    Tiangco is equivalent to Koncz of Team Pacquiao. He does all the dirty work!

  • bogli_anakdami

    bogli’s manicure, pedicure & hairstylers will do your “do” for a price… my girlymen will color, cut, trim, and shave hair in every part, crack and crevice of your bods…

    pubes and hairindaass cost extra…

    yun lang…

  • Handiong

    Tobias should not be too confident with his “surveys”. Surveys are not static things. Remember that the campaign period has not yet started. Election history is replete with stories of survey front-runners losing the elections badly.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

    Bakit hindi niya baligtarin — na gagayahin niya ang Drilon cut kung hindi mag 12-0 in favor of UNA…o kaya, ilagay na lang niya sa good taste hindi lang ang sinasabi niya, kundi pati ang hitsura niya.

    O kaya, bakit hindi na lang niya ipaliwanag, bilang spokesman ng UNA, kung bakit ang common candidates, eh, ayaw sa kanila.  Parang pinakakain sila ng sarili nilang timpla sa pagsasabing sila’y oposisyong hindi against Pnoy.

  • Sugbuanon86

    Sen. Drilon, you fat ba$tard!

    Wala talagang ka taste-taste ang iyong asawa, at pati bab0y, pinagtya-tiyagaan!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5IWAARHMCGR4EYINTPSATBTJDQ bert

    haaay naku, wala na bang ibang maisip na gimik etong tiga UNA kundi puro patapon na ideas?!? sa dinami daming paguusapan, yun ang naiisip ng spokesman ninyo..lalo lang kayong lumolubog nyan UNA…walang ka kwenta kwentang bagay, usapang pang barberya lang ang alam ninyo…shape up UNA!

  • elgeepee

    Walang kwentang spokesman ito si Tiangco. Mr. Binay wala kabang ibang tao dyan. Eh kakampi at tagapagtanggol ito ng tinanggal na chief justice ah. Di ba maging si Mr. Enrile gusto sumikat sa ginawa pagsibak kay corona? Bakit itong tao pa ito ang kinuha niyo. This is clearly the missing link sa inyo.-CORRUPT din perhaps.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


  • mavtan

    PDI please stop posting Tiangco’s picture especially in the morning news. Nakakasuka!

  • lolo_Jose

    ALA ka na bang matino-tinong masasabi Tobias? Sa ipinasusweldo sa iyo na pera ng
    taong-bayan, iyan ba ang kapalit?Tapatan nga tayo Tobias, ikaw ba ay BANGAG NANAMAN?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    First and foremost Drilon is not comparable to a lowly Congressman named Tiangco. Drilon is very  much respected while  Tiangco  is not in anyway respectable! And besides Tiangco talks non sense!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    We are praying that Tiangco will never be replaced as the spokesman of United Nakaw Alliance or UNA until election comes. Tiangco is pulling down UNA and we rejoice!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

    Sa mukha pa lang ni Tiangco, napaka walang gana i-boto.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

    Usapang barberya na ang style ni Tiangco. Wala na kasing makitang magagandang issue para sa UNA.

  • keyboard torres

    “putang ina, shabu pa”, – tiangco

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4VYEBSBG7QW7B3HWGJMBDF7C6M Chick


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/4VYEBSBG7QW7B3HWGJMBDF7C6M Chick

        namamayat ba sir?

  • barangayboso

    “We smell the air of 2007 once again.”
    Tsk Tsk Tsk… 

  • Drillon Recto

    Can somebody tell me why this is worth a space in the news? You can see the level of seriousness on how our “distinguished” politicians treat the election. Wala na bang ibang magawa at maisip ang mga pulitiko? Masyado na kasing mga luma ang mga pulitiko. Sila sila na lang kaya walang ng creativity.

    • MaySenseBa

      very well said.  

      Kung mas salita sa press para lang ma headline, hindi na bale parang bobo and trato nila sa electorate, teka sinu-sino ba senador natin? Sotto, Revilla, Enrile, Marcos, Lapid…eh yun naman pala, bobo pala tayo talaga eh. Kaya pala…

  • Drillon Recto

    Ganun talaga Tiang-go. Tanga ka talaga kung naniniwala ka na hindi na mababago ang survey pag nagumpisa na kampanya. Pag itinaas na ni Pnoy ang mga kamay ng LP bets, tapos na boxing. Para kayong naPacman.

  • duviz7533

    bilasang isda from navotas and baboy from ilo-ilo

  • ohmypinas

    yang mga survey kuno ng mga bayarang pulse asia, sws o anumang ay dapat ipagbawal ng comelec once the campaigning period starts… itong latest survey na inilabas was only 1000 respondents lang yan out of 52 millions of voter… imagine wala pang 0.00001 ng total voters didiktahan na ang outcome ng election result… magkano ba ang bayaran para mapasama ang pangalan ng isang candidate para mapasama sa top 12, eh paano naman yung kunti lang budget…

    itong UNA party may 3 Kings…
    1) former Pres. Jose Velarde— d’ ex-convict
    2) Sen. Juan “KAHOY” Enrile— former martial law administrator, creator of fake ambushed
    3) V.P. Jejoman Binay— one of the 3 KINGkurakot

    there spokesman Tobias Tiangco, served as a “kabayong bastos” during corona’s impeachment trial… tsk, tsk..

  • bogger007

    Tiangco, ang laki mo nmang Tanga. Ka grupo nyo nga si Erap pare-pareho kayong di nag iisip.

  • ThePattern

    lakas ng loob ni Tiangco banggain si Juana Change LOL

  • droccu

    Toby you don’t need to loose a bet to get a decent haircut- common decency should prompt you to do it on your own being a public official. You look unkempt and look like you have not taken a bath yet in your appearances.

  • leocarias

    TIANGCO….wag masyadong mayabang…..hindi naman kame bobo na mga electorate? hindi si PNoy binoto ko last election lalong hindi ko iboboto mga taga UNA rather vote LP than UNA lesser evil wika nga….

  • http://www.facebook.com/julius.estrada1 Balong Estrada

    yabang ni tiangco….

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