Nuns shelter Jun Lozada from armed men again



Six armed men in civilian clothes went looking for whistle-blower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada in his house in Pasig City on Saturday and Monday.

The last time the men knocked on Lozada’s door, they introduced themselves as postal workers.

But the man who in 2008 exposed the alleged anomalous NBN-ZTE deal worth $329 million in the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration had left his house and taken refuge in the Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP).

Lozada told the Inquirer on Thursday that he went to the AMRSP nuns following reports that he would be arrested, this time for a graft case filed against him by the former President’s allies. He said in a phone interview that he had never left the AMRSP’s sanctuary program.

“I just want to make it clear that the sisters did not take me back so that I could evade arrest,” he said. The nuns just do not want to take chances, he said.

Lozada recounted reports of witnesses of major cases being killed, citing the reported death of the man involved in the killing of environmentalist Dr. Gerry Ortega who had turned state witness. Dennis Aranas, who had served as a lookout in Ortega’s murder, was found dead in his cell at the Lucena Provincial Jail.

He said that the AMRSP had written Philippine National Police Director General Alan Purisima to coordinate with the nuns should police enforce the arrest warrant against him.

“They would rather err on being careful than err on being careless,” he said of the sisters.

Lozada said he would face the graft case against him but was unaware of news reports that the Sandiganbayan issued last Jan. 23 an arrest warrant for him.

Graft charge

Last year, Lozada was charged by the Office of the Ombudsman with graft for allegedly granting leasehold rights over public lands to his brother and to a private firm with connections to him and his wife when he was the president of Philippine Forest Corp. in 2007.

He said the witness against him was his former program manager, Erwin Santos. He said Santos was convinced by Arroyo to testify against him.

Lozada insisted the “real story” was that Santos, who was appointed by Arroyo as his replacement in Philippine Forest Corp., was reappointed by President Aquino. “I am just asking why President Aquino chose to take his side,” Lozada said.

He also said the documents he needed to defend himself were in the office of Santos.

Lozada lamented that the case against him came at a time when he was trying to “rebuild” his life. He said he wanted a private and normal life with his family after being harassed by the Arroyo administration.

Lozada blew the whistle on alleged anomalies in 2008 surrounding the National Broadband Network project with ZTE Corp. of China. Arroyo canceled the project to wire the Philippine bureaucracy digitally amid allegations that some of her officials received multimillion-peso kickbacks from Chinese officials.

Palace abides by process

Malacañang on Thursday said that Lozada had to comply with the Sandiganbayan’s warrant for his arrest.

“The charges against Jun Lozada were reviewed by the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman believes that there is sufficient basis to file charges against him. The Ombudsman is an independent body. There is very little that we can do to involve ourselves in that,” said Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang.

“Certainly, I personally feel bad about what’s happening to Jun but there’s a process that has to be followed and, whether you’re a friend or a foe or neutral, we all have to abide by that process,” Carandang added.—With a report from TJ Burgonio

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  • Isang Pilipino

    It the government can protect Jun Lozada,  how can we encourage others to testify against Gloria and Mike Arroyo?

    • carlos_premacio

      then he should ask help from PNoy, his benefactor. The Ombudsman, who is by the appointed by Lozada’s President, recommended for his arrest. And the Ombudsman is representing the Government against Lozada. Does it mean that the Ombudsman, appointed by Lozada’s President PNoy, is also paid by GMA? Make your yellow brains think. 

    • carol

      Ang daming witness, pero mismo ang Ombudsman na appointed ni PNoy at court ang nagsasabi na clear si gma.

      • desi derata

        The Ombudsman should be independent of politics.

      • IbigMongSabihin

        carol, dapat lang na palitan na ni noynoy aquino ang ombudsman. at madali lang naman niya gawin iyon. tulad ba ng ginawa niya sa dating ombudsman at sa dating comelec chairman at iba pa na may pahiwatig ang gobyerno na pag di kusang bibitiw ang mga ito sa pwesto ay hahanapan ng ikakaso sa kanila. it can be done kasi patuloy na supported pa rin si noynoy ng maraming pinoys as per Pulse Asia survey. 

    • batangpaslit

      kulang ng “not” ang “can”
      noon pa ‘yan na kawawa ang maging witness. walang bayad, hirap pa ang buhay, patay pa
      lookt at the list of witnesses against Ampatuan
      ilan na ang napatay…

  • mon key

    The charges against Jun Lozada were reported to have been resolved already . . . and now this! what the fCuK is going on?

    • carlos_premacio

      then he should ask help from PNoy, his benefactor. The Ombudsman, who is by the appointed by Lozada’s President, recommended for his arrest. And the Ombudsman is representing the Government against Lozada. Does it mean that the Ombudsman, appointed by Lozada’s President PNoy, is also paid by GMA? Make your yellow brains think. 

    • carol

      how can it be resolved, wherein there are charges of graft and corruption against Lozada and evidences were found. NBN ZTE – it was just a talk and Lozada has no evidence about gma corruption.

  • George

    this time face the music mr lozada. di na kurakot at hoodlums ang administrasyon. i trust sec. de lima will grant you a due process. the most important thing is, the current admin. has nothing against you.

    • Bert

      ang problema nya ngayon, dahil sya na mismo ang KURAKOT…..

  • catmanjohn

    If Lozada is killed, someone should put a bullet into Mike Arroyo’s head, and all his offsprings. Keep her alive to show the fruits of her sins. 

    • Adam_d_langgam

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      • Bert

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      • catmanjohn

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  • D_BystandeR

    It is quite surprising to note that a man in the person of Jun Lozada who risked his life to expose the alleged anomalous NBN-ZTE deal worth $329 million during GMA’s administration is now in hiding from suspicious armed group looking for him in his home but thanks to the AMRSP who served as his refuge in this frightening moment. He was accused of committing something while he was the head of Philippine Forest Corp. But Erwin Santos who worked under him before was appointed by GMA to replace him when his expose hit the headlines. When President Noynoy took over the reign, Erwin Santos term as head of Phil. Forest Corp. was extended by the President. And now GMA’s allies lodged a complaint against him in the Ombudsman probably acting on orders on behalf of GMA to get back at him resulting to an order from the Sandiganbayan to arrest him. He said the documents needed to defend his side were in the office of a man whom GMA had earlier appointed to replace him. It is possible he was deprived of his chance to defend himself because the papers that could serve as his evidence were left in the office of that Erwin Santos and possibly those papers are now already “burned” or trashed a long time ago in order for him not to be able to defend his side of the charges. The action of President Noynoy to give a free hand to the charges filed against Jun Lozada, a known whistle blower during GMA’s time and without giving him ample time and assistance to defend himself, who even risked his life because of that expose would seem to negate the kind of treatment that Jun Lozada now received and faced to reap after all!

  • JasonBieber

    This whole case is full of holes. The anti-GMA group that is behind this case was using a known shady and admitted corrupt inhibitor as their star witness against the ZTE-NBN case against GMA. This case will be thrown out soon like the others.

    • desi derata

      So be happy and continue wallowing in the thoughts that corrupt and abusive officials lord it over the whole God forsaken country of yours.

    • carol

      may mga papeles ba si Lozada na magkapapapatunay na tumanggap ng pera si gma? wala nga siyang ni anong papeles, ewan bigla na lang nagsalita na may alam, kasi iimbestigahan siya sa corruption niya.

      • JasonBieber

        Lozada is a shady individual who is known to have helped corruption by fine-tuning corruption. His word is hard to trust and the fact that he is the star witness of the prosecution team shows that the prosecution team has a weak evidence against Gloria.

  • bogli_anakdami

    lozada needs to ‘bakwet to ‘merka…

    unlike flipland, doon sa ‘merka eh meron daw rule of law…

  • Guest

    Erwin Santos is probably a KKK or close to a KKK.

  • Melvin

    May kamandag pa ang mga kampon ni GMA. Nataas ng pwesto at binalikan ngayon si Jun Lozada… Pero dito sa administrasyon ni Pnoy makikita natin kung magtatagumpay sa pag-harass kay Jun ang mga kampon ni GMA…

    • carol

      Leave gma alone, wala siyang kilalalaman sa corruption ni Lozada, nagtatago siya dahil
      aarestuhin siya,  armed men sa bahay nila? bakit buhay pa siya or may time pang nakapagtago? kung totoo yoon, eh di sana missing na siya. 

  • batangpaslit

    mahirap ang kalagayan ni Jun Lozada

  • elgeepee

    You are also corrupt Mr. Lozada and you stink like the people you accused. Hindi mo lang nakuha ang gusto mo. You are really one of them. You should be jailed too.

    • joeybg

      Tama ka, hindi kasi siya nabigyan ni GMA kaya nag-Hudas.

  • Fred

    Hindi kaya parte ito ng grand scheme upang tuluyan ng malusaw ang mga kaso tungkol sa NBN ZTE deal???

    • carol

      walang kinalalaman sa corruption ni Lozada sa NBN ZTE. 

    • ApoLapullapu

      Wala pa ang fairy tale ni Lozada tungkol sa ZTE-NBN deal kuno, ginawa na niya ang anomaliya.  Akala niya makakalusot siya pag idiin niya si GMA.  Ngayon ang hustisya ay dapat ibibigay sa lahat.

    • observer1356

       i tend to look at the same angle, Fred… they want to make it appear that it’s not that simple, but they are making it a high probability… may mga ibang incumbent govt officials na kasangkot din dyan sa palagay ko… kaya closing loose ends sila…

  • Rosauro

    Sino ba naman ang titira sa kanya? Sinasabi na lang niya yon upang makakuha ng simpatiya. Mga armado sabi niya? E di mga pulis aaresto sa kanya dahil sa corruption case niya. Expecting kasi siya na PNoy will come to the rescue for him. Bakit Si PNoy na ba ang batas, piskal at hukom? Hay naku!

    • carol

      Siya ang hukom, sabi ni aquino  na walang kasalanan si Padaca,hayun sa comelec pa pinadala.Sarado na ang kaso, biglang nawala ang arrent warrant.

  • bgcorg

    The papers Lozada need to defend himself were in the room that he was kept away from.  If in the hands already of enemies responsible for ransacking the place without a warrant, how can he defend himself with justice and equity?

  • kurakut


    • kurakut


      • vin reyes

        kawawa ka naman..

    • $4612959

      Dapat parehas ang trato. Kung nagkasala ka, dapat managot ka. Yun lang.

  • BatangSingapore

    tamad ka jun, magbanat ka ng buto.  kawawa naman kami nagpapalamon sayo.  mas maraming mahirap na worth makinabang ng aming buwis.

  • Michael Castillo

    kurap ka kasi jun lozada kaya kailangan mo harapin ang problema.hindi ung kampo na naman ni GMA ang ituturo mo.OA ka na masyado.

  • Rovingmoron

    Down na nga yung tao, mas lalo pang inapak-apakan. Does Jun Lozada have any choice?

    • vin reyes

      meron..harapin na lang nya yung kasong isinampa sa kanya..ganon lang kasimple yon..

    • $4612959

      Parehas lang yan. Down din si GMA. Follow the rule of law. Face the music, Jun Lozada. Tama na yang drama mo. Hihihihihi

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Where is UNA’s support, like the one they gave to Gwen? Ah… because Jun Lozada is no longer as popular as before. Nothing to gain from Jun, he is now garbage to UNA.

    • Peter L

      Also garbage to the present administration who used him to generate bad image for the past president. Where is LP’s support??

    • Bert

      Bakit UNA? LP ang ang hanapan mo ng tulong dahil Jun ozada was a big instrument why you have a President Pnoy ngayon……duh

  • Nimrod Suaez

    Shelter with nuns? nonsense..Trappist monks in  the Guimaras monastery should give him sanctuary until he will be 70 years old where he will be farming and not allowed to talk for at least 20 years….

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    ANG daming talangka sa issue, uso na naman ang mga talangka!!…Kung ganito ang reaksyon natin sa mga state witness, sino pa ang mga susunod na lalabas upang maghayag ng mga katiwalian. SIno ang umupo sa ating nakaraan na gobyerno na hindi nakinabang sa kaban ng Bayan. Iilan lang ang naglakas loob na isiniwalat ang mga anomalya Jun Lozada, George Rabusa, Heidi Mendoza. Ang taong umuusig kay Jun Lozada ay dating tauhan ni Glolong Buwaya, ang Reyna ng pagnanakaw sa kaban ng Bayan.

    • $4612959

      State witness ba talaga yan ang corrupt na yan? Puro, hearsay naman ang ebidensya niya. 

    • Bert

      Is Lozada a real whistle blower or is he just a FREE LOADER who just wanted to hide his own corruption?

  • maypakialamtayo

    di ba ang batas dapat ay patas sa lahat? hindi komo tumestigo sya laban sa nakaraang pangulo at iba pa ay absuwelto na sya sa mga kasalanan nya!

  • mekeni62

    The penguins to the rescue. They should be reminded that the crying boy is being arrested for his own misdeeds not because of the whistleblowing.

    • wawa2172

      The nuns must have developed a family relation with the Lozada’s dahil matagal din nilang kinupkup ito. But they should learn to let him go to face the charges against him at Sandiganbayan for the anomalies that he had done during his term. The term gamitan is a way of politics to pin their enemies. So Jun was used by the PNoy government to pin The Pandak on NBN-ZTE issue. However Jun do not have the politcal suave of Ping Lacson to get the attention of PNoy. Sorry to say that he is now left to do his things dahil wala na siyang sabit sa NBN-ZTE anomalies. Iba ang kaso mo Jun, ang nag hahanap sa iyo ay mgao tao nang gobyerno to served the warrant of arrest. GMA is no longer in power and Santos knows about your anomalies so he should perform a duty as the head of the company you manage then. He may have the trust of PNoy dahil siya ang na appoint kapalit mo. Jun just ask kung si Santos ay taga Ateneo at ka kalase ni PNoy. Kung di naman, so Noy trusted him and you have to pay for the misdeeds you did during GMA reign. Pag nakulong ka Jun, visit GMA at VMCC at tell her…were on the same boat na mam.

  • justjarred

    ay parang nauuto na ang mga madre sa drama ni Jun Lozada

    • $39764945

      Kapansin-pansin na ngayon marami nang mga TSEKWA Pinapalitan ang kanilang mga pangalan sa Pilipino.Ito ay isa na naman TACTICA nang mga TSEKWA, bukud sa Panloloko nila sa mga Pilipino. Halimbawa silay gumawa nang Katarantaduhan at nahuli, and iisipin ang gumawa ay Pilipino at hindi Intsik.Pero maski anu ang gawin halata parin sila dahil sa SINGKIT ang mata. Malamang ang mga Madre nabigyan nang malaking ” SUHUL” AT diyan Magaling ang mga BEWA at maraming Pilipino na Bibiktima dito.

  • Peter L

    Jun Lozada whenever have a case in court, goes ballistic and blame others for his mismanagement. He squealed the ZTN deal because he is hiding something. Remember he sold purchased goats for more than P20T each during his term then per Sen. Miriam Santiago. This guy must now pay his dues. Good work Sandigan! I salute you! 

  • martial_law_baby

    Mr. Lozada, diba sabi mo noon sa Senate hearing, Mea Culpa. So harapin mo yan. Show a good example. Kung may kasalanan ka, aminin mo muna tapos saka ka humingi ng tawad. Hindi yung hinuhuli ka pa lang, iibahin mo yung issue. Dadamay mo pa yung mga penguin. Kung naniniwala ka sa advocacy ng mga taong binabanggit mo, pakita mo sa madlang people na walang palakasan sa gobyernong ito. If not, you are worse than the people you are criticizing. Masyado kang iyakin.

  • PepingCo

    Now that proper justice is being served and processes are being followed, why not surrender yourself Mr. Lozada? Just like the ones you have accused and if you also have nothing to hide, why not let the normal wheels of justice run? Payback time!

  • Janch

    Ayan.  Dami kasing ginawang kalokohan dati.   Ngayon sinisingil na siya.  I don’t know why he’s called a whistleblower e hindi naman siya ang nagsumbong sa mga katiwalian sa ZTE deal.  Napilitan lang lumatad nang natakot nang ipaligpit ni Gloring.  Before that he was happy to be the bagman of the Arroyos and their allies.  

    Justice demands that he answer for his past sins.  But then again this administration may still have a reason to keep him safe and out of jail.  Isn’ he still an important witness to the prosecution of the Arroyos for the ZTE deal?  

    • ApoLapullapu

      He is not important because his testimonies were not admissible in Evidence.  Puro hearsay.  He did not have direct knowledge about the things he talked about.

      • Janch

        Not so.  He was a direct participant in the hocus pocus being the guy who dealt with Abalos, wrote up the documents in the ZTE deal, knows about the overpricing, etc.  He is important in the chain of evidence.

      • ApoLapullapu

        My appreciation of his testimony is that it is his word against Abalos.  And he has no corroboration or documents to support his testimonies.  As it is now, his testimony is rendered less credible because he himself is a confessed crook.  It is highly probable that he thought he can be saved by implicating as many people as he can.

      • Janch

        Actually, crooks make very good witnesses and most of the time the only witnesses who can testify to a crime kasi sila ang kasabwat. They are credible because their information is first hand since they are involved in the crime which is why we have accused turned state witnesses. Under the law, this is allowed so long as thzt person is not the most guilty in the bunch.

  • nice_boy

    Hindi makakatulong sa kaso mo ang mga madre.  Bad shot ngayon ang simbahan katoliko sa administration.  Sa mga kumunista ka nalang dumikit, baka sakali.

  • Albert Einstien

    ha ha TALO ng church ang DOJ..pwede pa lang mag-coddle ng allege  criminal ang mga MADRE  bakit yun iba charge nila AGAD ng OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE …me sariling Witness protection PROGRAM ..ALLOWED ba yun ng BATAS …dapat gobyerno lang me ganon program..ibig ba sabihin DALAWA ang government ngayon at mas MATAAS pa ang church ?…… DRE  kahit UMIYAK ka ng VISINE hindi MAWAWALA kasalan mo sa BATAS….mag-apply ka ng pardon ke pnoy …yan best remedy mo.. pagalis ni pnoy MALABO na pardon…..gamitin na ang church power….problema LAG-LAGAN na..nagamit kana kasi nila kontra sa kalaban nila sa politika….that’s life ..KARMA is the TRUE justice…walang gimik..basta me kasalanan pagbabayaran…sabi mo nga MEA CULPA…e di pagbayaran mo muna kasalanan mo..then ….luluwag pakiramdam mo….

  • $4612959

    Sus, maniwala kayo kay Crying Boy na sinungaling. Gawagawa lang niya yang threats sa buhay niya. Gusto lang niyang takasan ang kanyang kaso. Gustong makakuha ng simpatiya na naman kay PNoy at taong bayan para di siya makulong sa graft charges sa kanya. Magaling magimbento yan. Nabobola niya ang mga madre at pari na nagkakanlong sa kanya. 

  • $4612959

    Threats to his life? Nakow! Masyado namang gullible itong mga madreng ito. Hindi na pinapansin yang Lozada at wala nang interesadong pumatay sa kanya. FACE THE MUSIC, CRYING BOY. TAMA NA YANG DRAMA MO AT PAIYAKIYAK MO. Itong mga kaso mo nangyari yan bago yang whistleblowing mo kuno. Tama na ang ginawa ng PNoy administrasyon in line with his Daang Matuwid. Dapat panagutan niya ang kanyang mga kasalanan. Magpakita siya ng ebidensya na wala siyang kasalanan. Btw, he admitted on record in the Senate that he was engaged in anomalies in his office. 

  • $4612959

    Sorry, Jun, you’re not as influential like Padaca. Hihihihihi

  • Lousulping

    Mr. Lozada you should be man enough to face the charges filed against you in the same manner that those you have accused are facing theirs!!!

  • $4612959

    Jun, di ka na kailangan. Puro tsismis kasi ang sinabi mo sa Senado. Hihihihihi!

  • Ernesto

    bakit sa simbahan sya nagtatago.ibig sabihin konsentidor ang mga madre may graft case itong c lozada.kala mo malinis dinali ya c arroyo, ngayon tinulungan ka ni pinoy ,wala kasi may kaso ka rin.

  • virgoyap

    This time this administration must not be too naive to join hand with Erwin Santos (who was a former Arroyo loyalist) in filing a case against Jun Lozada. Lozada has sacrificed a lot even his own family just to testify against NBE/ZTE scandal. I don’t think Erwin Santos has a clean mind in filing a case against Lozada. If it’s not a form of retaliation, remember how he was formerly in good term with Abalos and Mike Arroyo who are both moneyed. Sandiganbayan wake up!!

    • $4612959

      Walang pakialam ang administration sa kasong ito. Let him face the charges and prove his innocence. Ano siya sinisuwerte, at merong siyang immunity from prosecution? Kung si GMA na dating presidente nakakulong, ito pang si Lozada na umamin sa kanyang kasalanan sa Senado? 

      • virgoyap

        Is it not humane and compassionate to absolve him of his of his former wrongdoings, if ever he has, because of sacrificing his life and his family for taking a risky stand by witnessing against the NBE/ZTE scandal?

  • NinjaMan

    this idiot is making up stories to make him appear kinakawawa.
    i watched punto por punto yesterday when he was interviewed by anthony taberna, and during the interview, he claimed that men who were ‘riding in tandem’ visited him to inform him about the warrant of arrest, then later on, when asked again by taberna, he said they were riding an ‘unmarked car’.

  • boybakal

    Nuns shelter Jun Lozada from armed men again…

    This is clear violation of the law…Nuns should be charged as accessory for harboring a wanted man.
    Funny…where Lozada hides as he was not seen by the police…maybe on the saya of the Madre.

    • $4612959

      Obstruction of justice yan, mga madre. Komunsulta muna kayo sa mga abogago niyo.

      • boybakal

        Bat pa ako kukonsulat sa abogado…may bayad pa yan.
        Tama na yan accessory and let the fiscal and judge modify the charge.
        Parehas lang yan…
        Wag mo akong pangunahan. Trabaho ng Fiscal and Judge yan.

  • Jack

    sorry ka na lang lozada, hindi ka kasi kasapi sa KKK kaya pahinog ka muna sa kulungan.

    • vokkin

      how about… 

      sorry ka na lang lozada, gumawa ka kasi ng katarantaduhan kaya ayan kulong ka.

  • Jack

    sana humingi ka ng waiver noon bago ka naging whistleblower sa nbn-zte deal na hindi ka  pwedeng kasuhan ng anoman sa mga anomalyang ginawa mo sa panahon ni gma. wala ka sana problema ngayon.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The government is doing something right here BUT nuns are now refraining positive change from happening.   The Philippines just can’t unite on anything

    • Edward Castro

      surely, you don’t want to surrender lozada to the wrong person.  it’s now crystal clear that sinister forces are out to terminate him and silence him forever. 

      • Concerned Citizen

         There’s no reason to hurt or terminate Lozada because ZTE is an unconsummated transaction and nobody will really go to the trouble of doing such.. 

  • feargo

    the time has come for all good men to face the music. so lozada did right in the zte affair. but the ombudsman believes lozada did wrong on another issue. nuns – get out of the way.

  • Yanong_OFW

    so ngayon ang mga body guards ni Lozada ang mga Madre..ano kayang klaseng mga armas ang dala ng mga Madre?

    • Jack

      mahilig ba sa bombay itong si lozada kaya gusto niya lagi magtago sa ilalim ng palda ng mga madre?

  • George

    where are the “numbskulls” now who claimed during the gma’s admin. that lozada was orchesrated by the oppposition.

  • ApoLapullapu

    It is becoming clear that Lozada thinks he can be saved from his anomalous transactions while he was President of Philippine Forest Corporation by implicating bigger figures like former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in what he thought was a bigger anomaly.  But since the law must take its course,  he is now being unmasked. If indeed the Ombudsman has issued a Warrant of Arrest against Lozada, could it be that the nuns are committing Obstruction of Justice?

  • $4612959

    Nasunog na si Panut sumurta sa kanyang mga tagasuportang may kaso. Kaya sorry ka na lang, Jun Lozada. Btw, nasa Sandiganbayan na yan, wala nang poder si Panut sa isang independent constitutional body. There is no choice for you but to face the music. Tama na yang drama. 

  • Fulpol

    who should arrest him?

    armed civilians? 

    of course, he has a reason to hide in nun’s cloaks…

  • Jack

    this guy should team up with kris if ever they will make a heavy drama telenovela

  • ApoLapullapu

    This is a lesson for everybody. You cannot use alleged anomalies of others to hide your own crimes.

    • basyong

      what about col rabusa? he was one of the brains of corruption in the military.why was he absolved and no news in his trial.niluluto pa ata.hehehehe

  • joshmale2004

    Jun, just answer the question, did you rent out a public property to your brother and a private firm connected to your wife. Yes or No? Don’t add other issues and put a political ingredient on your case. 

    • catmanjohn

      His crimes are pale in comparison to what the Arroyos did. That is the big picture.

      • PlumberfromCanada

        that is not the point…just like the Corona Trial, the accusers ay dapat hindi magmamalinis…

      • Adam_d_langgam

        what a retard   … his crime .. ngee.. there’s a crime you moron.

        he he he  .. did you clean your uncircumcised two inch dick?

      • catmanjohn

        Your mother has a two inch uncircumcised dick..hehehe Arroyo lackey Fagggoott

      • Adam_d_langgam

        ows  …. hey dork, you are righteous  —- right?  the coward lozada committed a crime per your post.  he should go to jail, right moron?

        he he he … you are sounding like sotto eveytime you can’t come up with an original line…… duh dork.  how’s your mom?  errrrr  how’s your mom’s insatiable appetite?  i know you sometimes do the “favor” when she can’t find mexcians  ….

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Pagkatapos ma serve ang arrest warrant and before posting bail saka babanatan yan.

    Ang idadahilan – nang agaw ng baril.

  • Jimbox88

     …”whether you’re a friend or a foe or neutral, we all have to abide by that process,”
    Mas maraming corrupt jan sa Gobyerno, sabay nyo nga kung kaya nyo?!?

  • pnoyjudge

    Bka gs2 nya mag ala-Chavit….ndi nakulong dhil nilaglag c Erap

  • Alfred A

    KARMA….buti nga sa ‘yo. Lozada is a clear example of a hypocrite and worst manggagamit…

  • Marmie

    This case is entirely different from the ZTE scam where he was lauded as “hero” by no less than Cory Aquino then. This time, no amount of dramatics can betray the anomalies of this man. In his radio interview yesterday, he said in his the most tearful delivery he could muster, 
    “Nakakalito itong administrasyon na ito!””I hope naiiintindihan nyo yung nararamdaman namin. Hindi kami nakikipag-away sa administrasyon pero huwag naman nila kami ituring na kaaway.”
    As if this administration owes him anything! How annoying.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    nagtago na naman sa saya ng mga madre….


    GO hide to the nuns since those nuns has nothing to do most of the day just sitting and watching the days pass by, they need some attention that they are still there alive and still walking… anyway the case NBN ZTE will be thrash out in the near future as baseless charges against CGMA since no contract was ever implemented in the philippines and no government money was involve on this anomalous transaction it was cancelled and rejected outright by the philippine government so their is no case to stand on its own or where will the law stand on since no contract no implementation therefore no case!!! the ombudsman knows this for a fact but they simply use this baseless charges against CGMA just to make her suffer more under this vindictive pnoy government!!!

  • Albin

    Nagpagamit yang si Lozada nung last elections. Akala nya maabswelto sya sa mga kalokohan nya. E lumalabas, nag-iimbento lang sya ng istorya sa ZTE para mabaon si GMA, na utos noon ng LP.


    as the other cases against CGMA the PCSO, electoral sabotage will be thrown out as baseless no evidence pointing to CGMA!! every cases filed by this government are all a mere scrap of paper no evidenciary value to speak off!!!

  • Garibaldi_II

    Don’t hide like a beaten puppy. Your fear exceeds the perceive danger. It’s time to defend yourself as a man. How can you live in peace if you don’t clear your name?

  • $16638896

     “I just want to make it clear that the sisters did not take me back so
    that I could evade arrest,” he said. The nuns just do not want to take
    chances, he said.ULOL !

  • carlomaru

    Lozada should stop using the nuns for publicity…it doesn’t look right to hide under the sister’s dress be a man and face all the charges being hurled against you…if you feel you have nothing to hide you will not fear death…

  • carlomaru

    how can you complain of being harassed ibang administrasyon na to si gma nakahospital arrest na wala ng kapangyarihan na iharass ka mga percieved kakampi mo na ang nakaupo ano na naman ang nirereklamo mo gusto mo favorite ka ni mam kaya kahit magkalat ka ok lang…hindi ka paluluhurin sa balatong…hello naman ginulo mo ang buong Pilipinas sa krusada mong anti corruption…tapos ikaw din pala..totoo nga siguro ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa…

  • asantoni

    Mr. Lozada, nobody is above the law. Corrupt ka din katulad ng mga taong pinagsusubong mo.
    Kaya tama lang na magsama-sama kayo sa kulungan. Magiging masaya ang bayan Pilipinas
    kung lahat ng taong katulad ninyo ay nasa kulungan. P.S. uunlad na rin ang pilipinas kung lahat kayo ay nasa Jail. Katunayan ang dami-dami ninyo diyan sa Gobierno kaya ganito tayo ngayon.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The nuns should probably ask if  he has something to say about the other corrupt person on the recorded telephone conversation.   If he has nothing to say except trying to make his case appear political in nature, the nuns must realize that he is not in danger and that they are just being used to avoid jail time.

  • carlomaru

    You should read the comments about you…this is not political in nature this about your character as a man…you appear to be using a lot of people for your own advantage you don’t have the theatricals of becoming a hero like Ninoy or Cory so please stop making noises anyway that’s all you’re doing making noises…you’re starting to become a nuisance or worst insignificant…sorry a lot of people believed you as a knight in shining armor but as you unmasked yourself before us the admiration became a disappointment…

  • Pio Gante

    di na uubra ang mga a-crying-crying, kailangan harapin mo jun ang problema mo, ka-lalaki mong tao. mamaya dyan eh baka mahatak mo at mahubaran ang mga madreng kumukunsinti sa iyo dahil na rin kakahatak mo sa laylayan ng saya nila.

    buti sana kung victoria’s secret ang suot nila, at mas lalong matindi pag wala.

  • Eric

    You are a fraud….stop pretending and taking advantage of other people’s kindness.

  • Rosauro

    Lozada crying corrupt! Sorry boy…you are not Padaca…you are not Acosta.

    • padrefaura

      so much about the “matuwid na daan”

      • vokkin

        The president believes in the innocence of Padaca and Acosta.  Their persecutors are political rivals.  That the president paid for their bail is symbolic of his continued belief in their innocence.

        Jun Lozada, on the other hand, does not even say he is innocent.  And we all know he is corrupt, even from his own testimonies.

      • padrefaura

        as a President, he should not publicly meddle with cases like these, whether he believes in the innocence or not. and speaking of being persecuted by political rivals, is it not that Pnoy is doing the same to GMA and company? he is doing the same thing the past administration is doing to their rivals.

      • vokkin

        “Pnoy is doing the same to GMA and company?”

        Is PNoy supporting the pressing of charges against GMA just becasue they are rivals?  Or it is the right thing to do?  Truth is, I cannot tell you that for a fact but neither can you.

        It is my supposition that he posted the bails because these people were his political appointees and the people needed to know they still have his trust.  I actually like that he did that.

        A harassment case is very different from the cases being filed against GMA.  Of course, that is my own opinion:)

      • padrefaura

        its difficult to argue to somebody who has double standards and patent bias.

      • vokkin

        describing yourself?

      • padrefaura

        no. i was describing you. hina rin pala ng utak mo. i cant continue arguing with someone as imbecile as you.

      • vokkin

        Funny. Talo pikon dito. Wahaha

      • padrefaura

        i guess talo ka. hindi ka lang pikon, obobs ka pa.

      • vokkin

        Tignan mo nga sa thread kung sino ang walang maisagot? Yun ang bobo:-)

      • padrefaura

        ikaw yung walang masagot. tangengot kasi. hahaha

  • wakats

    Misleading headline – “Nun shelter Jun Lozada from armed men again” – and inconsistent Jun

    – Jun told the Inquirer on Thursday that he went to AMRSP nuns following reports that he would be arrested for a graft case, not to hide from armed men

    – Lozada was furnished the complete docket of the graft case but he said “the documents he needed to defend himself were in the office of Erwin Santos”

    – PNoy has prerogative to appoint anybody he wants yet Jun said “I’m just asking why President Aquino chose to take his side (erwin)”

    Jun keeps on blabbing incoherently as if he is being hunted/prosecuted again similar to gma time but failed to deny publicly the graft charges against him “for allegedly granting leasehold rights over public lands to his brother and to a private firm with connection to him and his wife when he was the president of the Philippine Forest Corporation in 2007″

    What happens when the police come knocking on the door of ARMSP to serve the arrest warrant of Jun? will he shed crocodile tears again?


  • observer1356

    Aren’t whistle-blowers in the like of Jun Lozada supposed to be protected by the law?? 
    In the light of being a whistle-blower, how was Chavit Singson treated and compared to Jun Lozada?

    • vokkin

      Chavit Singson had his own submarine!  He did not need government’s help to protect him:-)

  • disqusted0fu

    Sorry, Mr. Lozada. It looks like you have not done enough to make it in the KKK circle. You do not yet deserve the benefits of the KKK in getting the absolution from Pnoy. Therefore, you shall face prosecution, you shall get arrested for your crimes.

  • Juan

    we all have our ghost. you may be hero but what are you before you became a hero?

  • magiting78

    Hmmm hnd kaya sa sususnod nito naka wheelchair n din c Jun, hnd kaya mag pa hospital arrest ito s VMC…OA n masyado parang gumagawa n lang sarili nya multo. Nakasuhan lang bigla n may umaaligid s bahay nya..Mr Lozada bk naman mga NBI n yun n aaresto sau…

  • zeroko

    Kawawa talaga si Jun Lozada. Kasi, hindi siya nag member ng gun club kaya wala siyang proteksyon. Dapat, nag-member siya sa KKK. Tamo si Puno ng DILG, isa pa yuong political adviser niyang huling huli na bumibili ng pirated CD. O, okey lang. Si Ochoa, a controversial figure sa Cabinet ni NoyP, okey lang. So, lesson of the day, if you are a prominent figure, better learn ot pull the trigger and mingle in Malacanyang. Sip-sip he heh e!

  • zeroko

    Hinding hindi ko talaga ma-intindihan ang utak ng Chinese. Sometimes, they are rightous, “Daang matuwid.” Tapos, pag nahuli ang rice smuggling sa Legaspi, Bicol, he he he. the element of proof falls on the government. He hehe. Buking na, mangangatuhiran pa. Cooperative daw ang may ari, indi tekwa.  Palusot. O, biggest rice smuggling under the administration of PNoy. Sayang si Biazon. Believe pa naman ako sa kanya. Sa BIR, ganoon din. Mga Chinese BIR investigators ang protector ng mga isang damukal na Chinese businsese. Paano hindi ko malalaman e, ang kapit bahay ko ang kolector ng BIR  business extortion. Ang boss niya ay Chinese in BIR. Kaya, let’s accept it, as long as Chinese has penetrated our BIR, walang mangyayari. Puro press release lang…………

  • 100345roselia

    The law is harsh but it is the law.  The law is there to protect both the accuser & the accused.
    Please do not allow the nuns to hide you under their “skirts.”  It does not look & smell good. 
    Submit yourself to the judicial process.  No one is above the law.

  • sigena

    lozada hwag ka magtago. bistado ka na

  • Harry

    The nuns can be charged with harboring a fugitive. 

    The nuns should should convince Lozada and surrender him to the proper authorities.If the offense charged against Jun Lozada is bailable then he should face the court and post bail. 

  • carol

    This is the Yellow Law : Cayetano and Lacson are asking immunity for Lozada.
    Ah ganoon? pag kakampi, walang kasalanan, kapag kalaban, arestado at kulong agad maski wala pang court decision? wow.. huwag ninyong iboto si cayetano, mayroon ding money issues ito.

  • 100345roselia

    The “consistent crying frustrated actor” Jun Lozada (former Pres.of Phil.Forest Corp) was  charged by Ombudsman/Sandigan Bayan of graft & corruption for granting leasehold rights over public lands to his brother & to a private firm w/ connection to him & his wife. The Ombudsman/ Sandigan Bayan found sufficient basis to issue a warrant of arrest on him. Whether he was trying to rebuild & wanted a private & normal life or whether the complainants were GMA allies are beside the point. He must be man enough to face the consequences of his acts & submit himself to a judicial process.  He cannot continue “crying” & hiding under the “skirts” of the nuns – it does not “smell & look good.” The law is harsh but it is the law.  Jun, tama na iyong acting mo dahil lumang tugtugin na iyan.

  • mijacogeo

    It is unfortunate that the nuns decided to provide Mr. Lozada sanctuary. This has nothing to do with the ZTE case nor is there enough basis to conclude that Mr. Lozada’s life is in danger.

    On the other hand, I heard that the Ombudsman’s case is legitimate. From the article, the case was filed only last year. Thus, nobody can say (at this point) that it is GMA’s hand that is doing the manipulating.

    I heard that Sen. Lacson has provided bail not only for Mr. Lozada but also for his brother. This is a bad idea similar to the President providing bail for Ms. Padaca.

    If Daang Matuwid is not merely a fabrication of an optimistic imagination, it would be best for those in the Legislative and the Executive to exert influence merely by insisting on the speedy resolution of cases and not dwell in acts that can only be interpreted as a political favor.

  • raltosa

    -to jun if u are acting in good faith – face those charges heads on kaya mo yan,  wag na gambalain pa ang mga clergy and putting them in ackward position-marami din silang inaatupag na problema na maybe mas mahigit pa sa problema mo, to nuns that shelter him, just give moral and spiritual support that he needed – his case naman is not about religious persecution, there is no use defending him physically against the law.
    -i think jun forgot that ang pinaka mortal sin sa bansa natin is betraying (hudas) someone na nagtiwala sayo. (sorry jun that u are not on the same level with chavit who betrayed erap). 
    when you do that u will always end up nothing, worst thing is yong mga binigyan mong pakinabang will ignore you also.. who knows, baka in the end yong mga kaibigan mo na penerwisyo mo ng todo, sila pa yong sasagip sayo – why not?  

  • boybakal

    Lozada, why you always go and hide in Nuns’s skirts.
    Shame on you…they are women too unless na bakla ka.
    Doon ka tumakbo sa mga Pari…para walang malisya.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    mga madre talaga ang tatanga, napaniwala kayo sa istorya ng magnanakaw na yan? dapat sinusurrender nyo yan kasi me warrant dahil nagnakaw, ano ba kayo ? Nagtatago ng mga magnanakaw? baka lahat nalang ng mga magnanakaw sa inyo tumakbo kasi tinatago nyo. Wag na kayong makialam sa crying actor na yan.

  • Melvin

    Ibig sabihin may kamandag pa ang mga nalalabing kampon ni GMA… Mahusay kasi silang magpalit ng anyo. Ang mga katangian nila ay pinaghalong chameleon at tuko…

    • Rogers Nelson Uy

      lahat nga ng kaso ke GMA dismissed eh, si Abalos nga nakalaya na, puro kasi paninira lang yan.

  • Platypus09

    Why can’t they arrest him?

    There must be a law that protects religious orders and those who seek asylum from getting arrested.

    This is like the power of religious orders.

    Is this like the Sound of Music movie where Captain Von Tropp and family hid in the nuns’ convent to avoid getting captured by the German army?

  • $23257130

    ikulong si lozada, ikulong ang mga madre. pppppppppwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeehhh kadiri eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. #1 corrupt

  • anu12345

    If I were Lozada, I will run for a senator

  • Bonet

    I dont believe any of this happened.  Lozada has a way of fabricating stores to get media attention and take away from his own personal corruption. 

  • IbigMongSabihin

    tele-novela na uso sa bansa kung saan most of the malnourished pinoys ay malnourished din ang utak. kaya naman walang tigil mag sarsuela ang mga tulad ni Lozada para pasayawin ang mga pinoys. idagdag mo sa casting ang mga madre na ewan bakit laging mahilig pumapel at magpagamit sa mga political-related issues ganoong kay daming street children na mas nangangailangan ng kalinga at attention ng religious sector. hmmmm….   

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