Marantan insists on ‘shootout’ but ready to face murder raps


“A shootout.”

The ground commander of the police operation in Atimonan, Quezon, that led to the killing of 13 alleged criminals on Jan. 6 continued to insist on Thursday.

But Supt. Hansel Marantan said he would respect the findings of the National Bureau of Investigation and face the murder charges that the agency reportedly would bring against him.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who oversaw the NBI investigation ordered by President Aquino, has told reporters that based on the testimony of eyewitnesses, what happened in Atimonan was “definitely not a shootout.”

On Thursday she countered Marantan’s statement in a television interview about the first shot coming from the group of alleged illegal gambling lord Victor “Vic” Siman.

“That’s not what the eyewitnesses say. That’s not what the evidence says. That is explained clearly and detailed in the report,” De Lima said.

Report submitted

De Lima submitted the NBI’s investigative report on the Atimonan killings to Malacañang on Thursday.

She said the report was “very exhaustive” and ran to more than 70 pages, not including voluminous annexes.

De Lima declined to discuss the contents of the report with journalists but said she had ordered an investigation into leaks to the press.

The Inquirer reported on Wednesday that the NBI recommended murder charges against Marantan and all the policemen and members of the Army Special Forces who took part in the operation that led to the killing of Siman and 12 other people at a checkpoint in Atimonan.

“If the NBI is going to file 13 counts of murder against us, we will respect that. We have respected [the NBI] from the very start of the investigation,” Marantan said in an interview with ABS-CBN reporter Gus Abelgas on Wednesday.

“We participated in the investigation… [and] submitted our sworn statements. We also submitted some of our men for questioning,” he said.

“But in the same manner, we maintain our position that it was a shootout, given all the circumstances and the statement of our witness,” he said.

Marantan, who was taken to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City on Thursday to undergo a medical procedure on his wounded left arm, said the witness testified that the group of Siman fired the first shot, which “triggered the firefight.”

Siman, an alleged operator of the illegal numbers racket “jueteng” in Laguna and Batangas, was supposedly the lone target of the police operation called “Coplan Armado.”

Philippine National Police Director General Alan Purisima doubted the police report of a shootout, pointing out that Siman’s group was wiped out while only one, Marantan, was wounded on the police side.

Summary executions

Relatives of the victims demanded an investigation, claiming that there was no shootout and charging that the victims were summarily executed.

Marantan said the statement of the lone witness would be corroborated by the statements of the Army soldiers who provided assistance to his team during the operation.

“I would like to believe that the slug taken from me came from the firearm of one of those onboard the vehicles,” Marantan said.

“The policemen had no choice but to ‘cover fire’ to extract me from the line of fire,” he added.

Marantan said the operation was not launched because of Siman’s alleged involvement in jueteng but because of his supposed role in gun crimes, robberies and hijackings in the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) region.

He said it was part of the security preparations of the Calabarzon police for the midterm elections in May.

RCBC massacre

“He (Siman) is the missing link in the RCBC massacre,” he said, referring to the killing of 10 people during a robbery at the Cabuyao, Laguna, branch of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. on May 16, 2008.

Marantan, however, did not elaborate on Siman’s supposed role in the RCBC case.

He noted that some of the 13 people slain in Atimonan had arrest warrants, including Leonardo Marasigan and Maximo Pelayo.

He said Siman’s group was also involved in the ambush-slay of two police officials in Laguna.

“Imagine how many innocent people will be killed if they were not neutralized by the PNP,” he said.

Marantan did not hide his disappointment at what he described as “character assassination” against him.


He lamented that some people “made a monster” out of his name.

Marantan complained that some government officials had already issued statements against him and the other policemen involved in the incident even before the NBI could finish its investigation.

Asked if he thought De Lima’s statement preempted the NBI’s report, he said: “Yes, that’s right. It’s really sad hearing those kinds of statements.”

“Although we feel bad, we’re not angry with the justice secretary. She might have had some wisdom [in issuing] that statement. But for us accused, we feel that it’s unfortunate that those statements were made pending the investigation,” Marantan said.—With a report from Philip C. Tubeza

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  • D_BystandeR

    Marantan can open wide his mouth like a hyena in protesting the charges against him but even if we do not go through the details in the massacre of the 13 victims in Atimonan, Quezon, his previous record prior to that much publicized “massacre” since the November 2005 summary execution of three suspected car thieves, the killing done years ago of a seaman on vacation killed aboard his car with his daughter in Paranaque and the recent killing of six persons prior to that massacre in Atimonan could already give the people a “bird’s eye view” of what kind of man he is: a hoodlum in police uniform!

    • koaks2

      very true

    • junteddy m

      well said..

    • JusticeAtimonan


  • Dawn Dare

    A criminal case must also be filed against Marantan’s sister.

  • bogli_anakdami

    marantan’s case, just like the ampatuan’s, will drag on for years… hanggang makalimutan ng madlang flip gung gongs or until another ambush/masaker takes place…

    mas maganda eh ‘bakwet ka na sa ‘merka naman namannn namannnnnn….

    yun lang

  • Guest

    Mass Murderer Marantan

  • branlem

    marantan is well financed by his protected gambling lords…well, obviously this scalawag knows how to use his strength that is in the tons of money he amassed from his illegal activities…may you rot in jail mr marantan…

  • damoeto

    DeLima has already prejudge this case. Guilty right away. So what kind of Secretary is this person.

    • Htee

      She’s the DOJ, not the judge. DOJ’s job is to bring bad guys to justice. So of course she should believe that who she is bring to court is a bad guy or else she will be bring an innocent person to justice.
      Just rethink what you are posting man.

      • damoeto

        I don’t konw were you coming  from, A good DOJ will not make any comment on any particular case in public until they press charges. There in charges made yet and she is already speaking of murder case. Don’t you think that grand standing for publicity. Tell anong kaso na panalo ni Delima lately ano ang nangyari doon sa Luneta massacre?

      • Htee

        Let us concentrate on the context of your post please, you said delima had already prejudged the suspect. And that is why i pointed out to you that the secretary, basing on the evidence and her judgement is bringing the suspect before the justice court to be judged, as in the final judgement.
        Please, lawakan mo ang iyong pananaw….

  • JasonBieber

    Everyone is quick to jump on board that this was an ambush and not a shootout. Many are quick to already point the finger at the cops involved which is probably correct.

    But one thing that people forget is that this incident involved jueteng and jueteng has been a problem for quite some time now that PNoy had promised to end…but to this date he hasn’t done anything significant to finally put an end to jueteng which breeds corruption.

    • Guest

      Walang isang tao ang makaka-tigil sa sugal hanggang may tumatayang sugarol. Bawal na nga ang jueteng, gusto mo bang doble o tripleng ipagbawal ito? 

      • barako22

        araw araw ba hulihin ang nagpapataya ng jueting at pagbayarin ng malaking penalty tyak mauubos yan kikita pa ang gobyerno

    • JusticeAtimonan

      I said this before… educate your kids not to patronize Jueteng.

      • JasonBieber

        Keep saying it. The point will still remain that jueteng breeds so much corruption and PNoy has know it for quite some time…actually all government has known it. But the only problem is PNoy and the government has done nothing significant to end it.

  • Guest

    The assassin Marantan’s own confession, – “Imagine how many innocent people will be killed if they were not NEUTRALIZED by the PNP.” 

    • JusticeAtimonan

      Saan nahuhuli ang isda???

      • Htee

        SA LAMBAT….

  • Colokoy

    sino pa ngayon ang matapang na police at sundalo na kayang sugpuin ang mga bigtime criminals kung ganito na hindi pa tapos ang investigation may conclusion na si dilemma at ang malacanang, kung ikaw ang tga NBI na nagprepare ng report susundin mo kung ano ang gusto ni dilemma at malcanang..  

  • $37644997

    To stop the jueteng is one thing,to stop one’s own life is another thing.How many more lives is he going to stop and place 6 ft. under the ground?

  • batangpaslit

    i really don’t mind of the manner how the economic saboteurs, jueteng lords, illicit drug traders, criminals, police and military guards that protect these pests were destroyed.

    the bottom line, is: there numbers are reduced

  • barako22

    matapang si marantan dahil may mga jueting lord na handang magbigay ng financial support sa paglaban ni marantan sa kaso…..linisin nyo muna ang jueting sa calabarzon unahin si tita dinglasan 

  • Jesuit13

    With Marantan and his men .. temporarily out of the check points ..  .. at least the citizenry can feel a little safer .. and not have the fear of being shot whenever  they  pass through the check points .. We are almost certain .. that the voluminous money Marantan had  amassed through his jueteng businesses …  will eventiually buy his freedom …   But whatever outcome of the hearings .. his name is now  synonymous to massaacre and murder .. the same breath as the Amputuans… And people will spit on the grounds that will walk on .. as he’ll forever be cursed .. the killer that he is ..

    • JusticeAtimonan

      will change his name to manraratrat…

    • Htee

      You forgot there still is this Dumblao….

  • Maldi2

    Instead of campaigning go and work Mr. Panot to alleviate poverty. Let the people decide on who to chose.  Why waste time campaigning when you go too many things to do in Malacanang?

    Pahalata ka na gutom ka sa kapangyarihan Mr. Panot!

    • pabloo6293

      What has this comment got to do with the news on the Atimonan incident?

    • indiosbravos2002

      Wrong news report. Cut and paste?

    • Htee

      Ayyy, mali……

  • Fred

    Bakit ang tagal gumaling ng mga sugat ni Marantan?
    Akala ko ba ay nandun lahat sa St Luke’s ang magagaling na duktor?

    • Jane Tan

      I think the word you’re looking for is “mahal” XD

    • JusticeAtimonan

      LOL…Nagtatago sa takot na maratrat ng 13 victims nya!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “Imagine how many innocent people will be killed if they were not neutralized by the PNP,” he said.

    Only a delusional and homicidal maniac would say such a statement calmly and fullly conscious that the public would get to hear the same.  This man has rationalized and internalized the taking of human  life as part of his “normal” behavior as a police officer.  It is very likely that his wounds were indeed self-inflicted. 

    • vince_bugaboo

      I work in a general hospital, and I’ve seen hundreds of gunshot wounds. Most hits where bones are prominent, e.g. extremities, shoulders, vertebrae, cause broken, splintered bones. Marantan’s wounds were in the arm and leg, as reported. If he did not sustain any fracture, meaning, if the bullets simply “grazed” the outer parts of his arm and foot knowingly (wala tayong magagawa, kasapakat din siguro ang mga bala), logic shows that the wounds were self-inflicted. The law of probability, in a real shooting incident, also dictates that those bullets should have encountered bones 99.99% no matter how “respectful” they were towards Marantan.
      Bye-bye, parrot!

      • Jane Tan

        Its also illogical. The only way someone would hit those areas (where Marantan was shot) would be because they were spraying the area with bullets – and, if that were the case, other officers would have been shot or hit.

        Otherwise, they’d aim for the body or the head, in the areas where a bullet would be fatal. Who ever saw a person in a shoot-out where he/she was outnumbered 4:1 would aim to disarm his main aggressor instead of killing him, and this is a person who supposedly heads a huge jueteng ring.

    • JusticeAtimonan

      Tama ka … yan ang katwiran ng tunay na killer…no soul, lawless,

  • Rovingmoron

    That’s Marantan’s prerogative to question the findings of the investigating body. However, he was saying that one of the slugs that hit him could be from the handguns of one of those aboard the SUVs riddled with bullets. But there are two possibilities. One is that after the shooting died down, the wounded official picked one of the handguns of the victims and shot himself. Another possibility is that one of the passengers in the SUV shot him first because the official in civilian clothes was mistaken to be an NPA who staged a check point in that area.

  • Guest

    Swerte pa nga si Marantan. At least he’s being given his day in court and he will never be summarily executed given the powerful people behind him. Yung mga pinatay niya, aside from the Atimonan Massacre, they were never given their day in court. Basta’t niratrat na lang.

    Sana si Panfilo Lacson panagutin din sa kanyang mga nagawang kasamaan.

    • batangsulpok

      Lahat kasi ay takot kay Lacson kahit mga judges sa Supreme Court ay binale-wala ang mga kaso dahil baka sila naman ang isunod.

    • JusticeAtimonan


  • fromuniversityofthephilippines

    Newspeg: Contaminating crime scene, Atimonan killings. The “so-what”
    of the news, legal implications,  read
    more by typing in Google search: Altering evidence for cover-up, Atimonan

  • junteddy m

    The end of marantan.karma strikes on him!

    • JusticeAtimonan

      Let us hope and wish…

  • superpilipinas

    It’s time to face the music. 

    Let them have the chance for due process. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

    It’s just baaaadddd that these people didn’t give those 13 the same chance. “You’re a suspect, you’re dead” 

    • Jane Tan

      Isn’t the NBI report the proof? :p

  • vince_bugaboo

    If this case lands on Atty. Fortun’s lap, consider it unresolved for, at least, 10 years. The arraignment alone will take 3 years. Or, even maybe, Marantan and cohorts might go scot-free. 
    Glaring precedent: Ampatuan massacre case. 

    Next horrific massacre, please!

    • diamond_digger

       That’s a great possibility, Bugabee. Given the “skills” of Atty. Fortun, this case involving Marantan is possible to remain unresolved till the 20th year. However, given the other skill of Atty. Fortun, that is gold digging, marantan and his family will bleed dry financially and go famish. Also, with 13 counts of murder, which is non-bailable, marantan will rot in jail even while his cases are ongoing trial.

      • vince_bugaboo

        Yeah, right. And as long as Marantan and co. remain in jail, I don’t care whether the proceedings for their case last 843 years and 27 minutes. yehey!

  • Ike

    According to Marantan: “He (Siman) is the missing link in the RCBC massacre,”
    If this is the case, then why do you have to shoot him dead, how can he talk now?. How can a dead suspect now link and solve the RCBC massacre. If he indeed is your missing link, Why dont you just go to his house and arrest him? As per Marantan’s own word, Siman has been under surveillance for a year and they know he’s movement even is Camarines Sur. He knows where he lives, he knows where he works and he knows his office. Why do you have to set up a checkpoint just to get him. You can simply get a warrant of arrest and pick him up while Siman is watching TV or having a lunch. If Siman is the missing link, then he is not missing because Marantan knows exactly where he is. And if the Coplan is only after Siman, why do you have to shoot everyone on board including those with their arms raised??

    • Jane Tan

      Because, in the Philippines, the gun is sneakier than the pen lmao

    • JusticeAtimonan

      I totally agree with you…

    • diamond_digger

       Really good, intelligent and probing questions, Ike! But then again, what happened was a result or product of the kind of planning by a man whose brain is just as big as the brain of a ‘dilis’ or a tawili. He may have just assumed that the stage play he directed at Valle Verde and in the two other places could still be duplicated. He thought he could outsmart the president, the DOJ secretary and the NBI. Hoy bobong Marantan, even the small children in our barangay scream “Marantan is berdugo” whenever you come out of the news on tv..

  • LucasPacascas

    Sige Kernel Marantan, entitled ka naman sa opinion mo. Pero bakit hindi yata sumasang-ayon sa statement mo ang mga ebidensiya particularly sa ayos nung dalawang sasakyan? Parang pinahinto sila diba at pinatabi bago niratrat. Kumpara mo yung mga sasakyan nung engkwentro sa Valle Verde, sa Parañaque at sa Laguna, yung mga sasakyan sa iba’t ibang direction nakanguso. at pati si Chief PNP Allan Purisima ay hindi naniniwalang shoot out ang nangyari, Sige, sa Korte ka na lang magpaliwanag, kung mag-uumpisa na ang bista mo.

    • JusticeAtimonan

      You are exactly right!

    • diamond_digger

       Lucas, the guy should be preparing for his defense and alibis, not in the courts of law but in the throes of hell where he will one day, surely will land. He would surely be screaming at the top of his lungs to rebut Satan’s claim on his soul. Good for him, then.

      • Komen To

        I wonder if Satan will claim his soul, Baka ambushin sila sa hell

  • Jane Tan

    11 out of 13 headshots is why I would say this wasn’t a shoot-out.

    I’m sorry. I just cannot believe our law enforcement personnel are that good.

    Its also illogical. The only way someone would hit those areas (where Marantan was shot) would be because they were spraying the area with bullets – and, if that were the case, other officers would have been shot or hit.

    Otherwise, they’d aim for the body or the head, in the areas where a bullet would be fatal. Who ever saw a person in a shoot-out where he/she was outnumbered 4:1 would aim to disarm his main aggressor instead of killing him, and this is a person who supposedly heads a huge jueteng ring.

    Simply put, Marantan created an impossible situation because he failed to add casualties on his side. And how could he? There were atleast 50 witnesses in the area. He couldn’t just shoot one of his own people without anyone seeing it, just to make the incident seem real.

    • JusticeAtimonan

      I agree…You are awesome!

    • diamond_digger

      We can’t expect a more realistic sarzuela from a police officer whose brain is as big as that of a galunggong, like abusive Marantan. Why did I say abusive? Its not been so long that he also figured in ‘supposed’ shootouts where all his enemies were likewise annihilated. If this fellow can still escape this time and, GOD forbids’, soon is promoted to become the chief PNP, he is most likely to stage a coup detat and become a dictator worst than IdiAmin of Uganda. Thanks to GOD that it seems the evil deeds of this neanderthal has come to an end. Or is it?

    • Komen To

      Disagree. Cops are good in killing, but not in lying

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “Its also illogical. The only way someone would hit those areas (where
      Marantan was shot) would be because they were spraying the area with
      bullets – and, if that were the case, other officers would have been
      shot or hit.”

      And, it would have been more than 2 shots coming from the suv.

  • beerhunters

    “I already warned them repeatedly before, to never mess with me, my business nor encroach into my turf. Then I made them an offer which they cannot refuse. Still they won’t listen. That’s what they get for their persistence.” …. il capo di tutti capi(the boss of all bosses)

  • Pangasugan

    But de Lima said it was not a shootout and de Lima is an honorable woman. 
    When Siman shoot, Marantan fired.
    Is this an ambush?
    Ambush should have been made of sterner stuff!
    He he he

    • Komen To

      It’s an issue of logic, not honor

  • Sanchez Mira

    Well hope someone will also investigate
    1 Why did one of the SUV had Office of the President Sticker on it ?
    2 Why did some of the PNP officers were going with an alleged Jueteng lord Siman ?..
    3 Was Col Marantan going against some high profile personalities in the govt?

    • indiosbravos2002

      Why give importance on a stiicker which could be replicated and bought in Banawe?

    • Komen To

      Let me educate you. Even drivers license, diploma, PRC Police Army IDs can be made sa Recto, sticker pa kaya. Nagkalat guma gawa nyan. PNP sometimes moonlight as security. This is allowed if a private citizen carries huge money in travel. Lastly, whose height profile in govt was Marantan going against? Wala, it was a simple case of blunder. The reason could be many- personal, business competition etc.

  • JusticeAtimonan

    Marantan is a KILLER IN UNIFORM but not a GOOD LIAR! Sorry, nobody will believe you. after you quoted – “Imagine how many innocent people will be killed if they were not neutralized by the PNP,” that was your intention “TO NEUTRALIZED THEM” and left no one  to defend themselves How could you prove that they were killers if they are already dead. NO Warrant, NO Arrest, NO Due Process… Just KILL THEM ALL! Who is NOW the KILLER of innocent people? It’s YOU Marantan! YOU JUST ADMITTED THAT YOU ARE REALLY A MONSTER!

    • Ike

      ………If they were not neutralized by the PNP.

      This is the problem! Marantan is dragging the name of the whole  PNP with him, as if he was what the PNP is in general. PNP’s image is already in tatters and he is making it worse. Mind you not all in the PNP agreed with him and are happy with what he had done.  

      • vokkin

        No need to drag the whole PNP with him, nobody believes in the PNP anymore anyway.

    • Damaso

      They deserved to die! Good for them., salot sa lipunan!

  • mga BaBoY sa Goberno

    masyado ka abusado na police, pati mag-ama sa loob ng sasakyan pinag-babaril nyo dahil ka-gungungan nyo at na-promote ka pa, sino bang politico ang humahawak sa iyo. sa nangyari sa mag-ama na wlang hustisya na pinagbaril nyo dapat doon ka ilagay sa bundok ng sulu sa tabi ng abu-sayaff para mapugutan ka ng ulo. 
    yung atimonan massaker yun, sa nbi ballistic findings sa malapitan nyo tinira yung iba para walang witness. seguro marami ang nag-interest na maghigante sa mga ginawa mo.
    sa dami nyo merun pang mga army at tatlong check point, mag-iisip pa bang makipagbarilan sa inyo. lusot mo na nakipagbarilan dahil alam nilang tutuluyan mo sila.

    • scorpio15

      Politikong Uhaw at Gutom sa Pera ang humahawak dyan.

    • Damaso

      Brod, tama lang sa mga hinayupak na yan na mamatay! Lahat ng sangkot sa jueteng dapat ilibibg ng buhay!

    • Jose Tolentino

       OO nga Baldong . . . na-praning lang si Marantan ay pinatay na yun inosenteng mag-ama. Pitong taon lang yata yun batang babae.

      Ang dami kasing PERA involved AT PINAKAMADALING GAWIN AY ANG RUB-OUT.

      Grabe talaga ang Organized Crime Syndicate ni Marantan lalo pa at naka-uniforme at nasa serbisyo ang Miyembro ng Sindikato NIYA.

      Pinatay pa niya yun ka-batch nya sa PNPA dahil lang sa PERA!!! NAKAKADIRE!!! . . .

      Matagal nang PSYCHO-KILLER si Marantan. At very thrilling sa kanya ang mag-cover-up ng kanilang SERIAL KILLINGS…

      Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit ako umalis sa SERISYO sa PNP…
      Di ko kayang sikmurain ang ginagawa ng ibang kabaro ko…
      na ang maririnig mo lang dahilan ay TRABAHO lang!!!

      Nadadamay tuloy ang nakakarami na walang magawa sa kalapaskangan nila…

      Meron din akong kasamahan na parang si DAMASO ang tono ng pananalita,
      PINATAY din nila ng walang due process!!! hehehe . . .
      Pero kawawa rin . . . sila pa naman ang idol nun kasamahan ko!

      Panahon na para totoong buwagin ang pinaka-MALAKING ORGANIZE CRIME GROUP
      where which you will surprisingly FIND THEM inside PNP.
      They WORK under-cover as POLICE OFFICERS…

  • Babyloy

    Dapat Action ginagawa ni Maratnan na DRAMA. Talagang nanglilito sya.

  • Damaso


    • junteddy m

      baka mangyari sau at pamilya mo un ginawa ni marantan, kawawa ka naman.

  • Lando

    mag-ingat baka ma-marantan kayo

  • Lando

    marantan admitted in neutrallizing the victims.  inamin nya sa media interview hahaha

  • Vic

    Marantan has a distorted and twisted definition of a shootout.

  • Komen To

    I thought Maratrat was first fired upon? How come bullet trajectory implied a shooter on the ground? If he was first fired upon, all the victims would have been inside the vehicles, not on the ground. Learn from the Holy Scripture – “nothing hidden that cannot be revealed”. My advise, “the truth shall set you free”, free to roam within the Bilibid walls

  • F alonso

    Si Siman at yung Illegal na Police Col. should accept their fate.Mga pasimuno sa katiwalian.

    • Ike

      alonso, It wont matter anymore whether Siman & co accept their fate or not. THEY ARE DEAD.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       How bout si Alfonso de Vera and his 7 yo daughter? Yung namatay during one of those encounters participated by Marantan, should we accept na armed and dangerous din sila. a seaman vacationing here, and a 7 yo girl?

      • John Atm

        Sorry boy, you are barking at the wrong tree but keep on barking that’s what you do best!

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “Sorry boy, you are barking at the wrong tree but keep on barking that’s what you do best! ”

        then prove me wrong.

        this is an intellectual discourse, don’t just stop at disagreeing a proposition. State your case and then defend it.

        You do not have to insult me to disagree with me, dba.

        I believe my proposition was:

        How bout si Alfonso de Vera and his 7 yo daughter? Yung namatay during one of those encounters participated by Marantan, should we accept na armed and dangerous din sila. a seaman vacationing here, and a 7 yo girl?”

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    nakakatakot yang pulis na yan may mga kaso pala yan ng pag patay at yung mga operasyon niya ay kahina hinala parang inuulit ulit lang niya ang ginagawa niya nakakatakot malagay sa puwesto yan! di kapa na tepok berdugo kang marantang ka salot! marami pinahirapan baka pag nasa check point yan ay tatakbo ka na sa takot baka taniman ka ng kung ano!

  • Sarkasmos

    Marantan is deploring  the character assassination against him. Marantan, how many people have you assassinated? Wow, kapal ng mukha!

  • rouelcalzita

    I have some friends from PNP…to get promoted you have to gained a reputation w/c is a colorful that would get attention of all. A most accepted way is to get an encounter even do something hoax encounter.

  • RomyLitz

    Marantan, to make the story short and not to waste anyone’s time, please tell the truth that there was no shoot out but only trigger-happy killing the 13 passengers. If you were wounded in the arms and legs where did the shooter come from? From the SUV’s, impossible? It is really what we call SELF-INFLICTED wound. Mahilig ka kasi kay FPJ at Lito Lapid movies.

  • kypros

    marantan has a lot of explaining to do, but what really fascinate me is why was he brought to st. lukes? last time i heard on the news is that he is having a hard time (daw) paying for the almost 1 million peso bill from the hospital! dinala ba siya diyan para ma-doktor yung doctor’s findings? mukhang malakas sa st. lukes ang may hawak sa pulis na ito. seems like st. lukes and jueteng blend well! saan nga ba sa central luzon ang may pinakamalaking jueteng lord?

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • John Atm

    Yes the truth will come out regardless of the media and other officials with vested interests conditioning. Kawawa din mga posters dito gigil na gigil sa galit sa konting kaalaman na galing sa nabasa at narinig at isip nila they know everything and they are the benchmark of goodness. Sorry mga people can not help you. You were caught hook line and sinker. Sensya na ang babaw nyo.

    Col Marantan thanks for bringing these rotten animals to their end. You did what a good real cop would have done. I am sure you know there will be problems specially with personalities who will play this legitimate operation to the direction they thought would earn them brownie points, no worries its just that, tiny points. Sa mga negative comments, whag intindihan dahil kahit tiny points wala yang mga yan, they dont make or break nothing… Ahh they will break their hearts when they find out they were taken for a ride. I believe you it was shootout unfortunately you were hit. Di bale patay naman sila. Lamang ka parin. May the force be with you.

    • Lorelei


    • Melvin

      Oo nga pare ko, kasi yung ginawang re-enactment na directed ng kalaban siguro ni Marantan at dahil kasama si Sec De Lima, ang siya ngayong pinapaniwalaan version ng marami…

      • 33Sambuang2

        melvin killer ka din. pisot ka

    • PasswordFlame

      kulang kalang sa pansin,ikaw ang mababaw.PALIBHASAY ISAKARING DEMONYO.HAHAHA

    • 33Sambuang2

      isa ka ring killer na pisot

  • niceguy60

    Marantan seems to be so notorious that if he campaign for senator he might win. So sad but true in Philippine politics. Wanna bet? Midterm election is coming soon. It’s not too late for Marantan to file his candidacy. Go save yourself from this massacre man.

    • John Atm

       To many he is action man and thanks for all the free publicity he will definitely win if he runs for an elective post. Between him and Roxas its a no contest, Marantan wins hands down …

  • Melvin

    Niratrat ni Marantan ang mga gun-for-hire, carjacking, bank robbery, highway robbery, at illegal gambling na myembro ng sindikato nila Siman, so ok lang sa akin yon…

  • julieboy

    Very complicated and very sensationalized in the media.And every report has its own version.I guess the idea if to confuse the public.Whatever it is people were killed and it seems all of them are involve in some illegal criminal syndicate.Probably we will never know the truth,but all we can say is we have minimized some criminals in society. Marantan will now be considered a hero by some and a murderer by the victims.Live by the gun die by the gun,KARMA will still play its role sooner or later.We have had different massacres and until now we still dont know the truth so chances are this is no different.

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    shoot-out nga kasi akala mo patay ng lahat ng tao, yun pala me natira pang buhay kaya me nakabaril pa sayo kaya naging shootout tanga!

    • PasswordFlame

      pag Demunyo matagal talaga mamatay.

  • Lorelei

    well … talagang missing na ngayon ang RCBC link ;)

  • Paul_Fivens

    Maybe I will believe you that it is a shootout, but it only becomes one because your victims have no other alternatives but to shoot back….while the are dead!

  • TonTon

    kung may katotohanan ang sinasabi ni Marantan tungkol sa mga gawain ni Siman, then I think they should give him credit for neutralizing a criminal…. but it does not mean he will no longer face the charges slapped by the goverment.

  • AprilFool

    “He (Siman) is the missing link in the RCBC massacre,” he said, referring to the killing of 10 people during a robbery at the Cabuyao, Laguna, branch of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. on May 16, 2008.
    Hindi ba mas convincing kung iniharap mo siya ng buhay sa authorities, Col. Marantan to answer for the crimes he allegedly committed?

    Whatever you say now ay immaterial na kasi ang findings e overkill. Kung buhay si Siman et al at napatunayan mong isa siyang gun-for-hire o protector ng guns-for-hire at siya ang may kagagawan ng mga krimen na ibinibintang mo sa kanya, lalabas ka pang hero. 

    Ngayong patay na si Siman at yung 12 niyang kasama na walang kalaban laban, dahil sa kagagawan mo, isa ka na ngayong common criminal because you took the law in your own hands.

    • 33Sambuang2

      wag ka ng magpalusot e killer ka naman. marantan tado

  • Melvin

    Kapag mga magnanakaw ng kotse at motorsiklo at mga holdaper ay hindi na hinuhuli ng buhay ng mga pulis, at alam natin yon at tama lang hindi na sila binubuhay pa, para hindi na sila ikukulong at pakakainin pa ng gobyerno, pagkatapos makakapagpiyansa at gagawa uli ng krimen… Kaya okey din lang sa’kin ang ginawa ni Marantan sa mga gun-for-hire, carjacking, bank robbery, highway robbery, at illegal gambling na mga kaso ng grupo ni Siman…

    • 33Sambuang2

      e paano naman ang walang kasalanan kuno. isa ka pang pisot

  • junteddy m

    dati gun for hire ngayon missing link na sa rcbc, sa sususnod cla na rin ang nangholdap sa mga malls, pati pumatay k ortega cla na rin.. Ogag ka talaga marantan..MABUBULOK KA SA BILANGGUAN JAN KA NARARAPAT.

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