SC forgives lawyer who had 3 wives



He must have seemed like the honey bee in the 1956 Hollywood film “The King and I,” floating from blossom to blossom. Yet he found “extraordinary mercy” before the justices of the Supreme Court.

For showing deep remorse for what he did by illegally marrying three women, a lawyer disbarred for immorality in 2004 was reinstated by the high court “in the rolls of attorneys.”

Now 58 years old, Edmundo L. Macarubbo “still has productive years ahead of him that could significantly contribute to the upliftment of the law profession and the betterment of society,” according to a Jan. 22 resolution by the court.

Immoral conduct

In a statement released Thursay, the high court’s public information office said Macarubbo had been granted his petition for “extraordinary mercy” almost 10 years after he was ordered disbarred for immorality. It said the high tribunal found that the lawyer has “sufficiently atoned for his transgressions.”

The lawyer was ordered disbarred after it was found that he had “contracted a bigamous marriage with complainant Florence Teves and a third marriage with one Josephine Constantino while his first marriage to Helen Esparza was still subsisting.”

His offense constituted gross immoral conduct in violation of Canon 1, Rule 1.01 and Canon 7, Rule 7.03 of the Code of Professional Responsibility.

But the fountain of mercy is ever flowing.

Need for compassion

In a six-page resolution penned by Associate Justice Estela Perlas-Bernabe, the court en banc said that while it had a duty to discipline and remove erring officers, it also had a duty to show compassion to those who had changed their ways, like Macarrubo.

According to the high court, the lawyer had “sufficiently shown his remorse and acknowledged his indiscretion in the legal profession and in his personal life.”

He had also asked forgiveness from his children with Teves and, as shown in his photo evidence, was maintaining cordial ties with them.

Backed by priest

Following his disbarment, the court noted that Macarrubo had gone back to his hometown in Enrile, Cagayan province, and spent his time working in an orchard and taking care of his ailing mother until her death in 2008.

Macarrubo worked for the local government there, became a part-time instructor at the University of Cagayan Valley and F.L. Vargas College and was also active in socio-civic activities.

The court noted that Macarrubo’s petition for reinstatement was backed by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ Cagayan chapter and his parish priest, Father Camilo Castillejos Jr.

Records also show that he was sending regular support to his children and had settled his marital squabbles.

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  • Platypus09

    Wow, this setting the course for others to follow suit.

    Hmm, it was a morality issue, not a pure criminal one. I guess that is why he was re-instated giving him another chance to be productive.

    Hopefully, he will be all lawful for the rest of his life.

    No further comments.

  • vaporub123

    ha??????? kung sa ibang tao nangyari ang ganyan kaso kulong agad at kung ano ano pang ipapatong kaso.ngayon mismo ang supreme court ang pumapayag?kaya pala ang mga politicos at mga mayaman ay pwede mag asawa ng marami.bakit di nila papayagan ang divorce dito sa pilipinas?heheheh 

  • John_Galt_II

    Hindi na lang ginaya si Erap! Anak lang ng anak!

  • zahraff

    As long as you can support the financial needs of your wives, treating your wives with love and no physical violence, that should not be a problem, and must never be treated like a heinous crime. By nature, men are considered polygamous, and whether somebody chooses to be monogamous or polygamous, it’s there prerogative.

    • Platypus09

      This time, I agree that SC is probably sending wrong messages on this one to vulnerable Filipinos.

  • Melvin

    Hindi pala nakukulong kahit may kasong bigamy?

  • Melvin

    Kapag ikaw pala ay isang abogado ay malakas ka sa SC at malamang madismis ang iyong kaso…

  • George

    kampon ni enrile ‘to. baka niluto na naman ni amoy lupa.

  • scconcern

    SC to forgive polygamy commited by their companiero is stupid. SC should implement all laws, weather minor civil case.  Yang ang hirap sa elitist na judicial system, sila nagkakaayosan, nagiging dysfunctional ang hustisya.
    Kaya minsan mas mabuti pang lumapit sa labas na hustisya (MNLF, MILF at NPA) o sariling hustisya.

  • bogli_anakdami

    two turds ooooopsie thirds of flip gung gongs are unmarried, shacking up, living in sin… the other turd oooopsie ulit third keeps kabits…

    uhmm uhmm what’s the problem?


    I supported his reinstatement until I read about the priest being involved.  Now I get it.

  • John

    Somebody has to file a disbarment proceeding against Ms igiG Reyes being a bitka ni Nrile Cagayan Boy alias amoy lupa being 108 yrs old. igiG natitiis mo pa ba ang amoy/lasa nitong si mang Juan?

  • Guest

    Now that SC has set a precedent, will they also forgive lawyers with 1 wife and 1 mistress? Like Quezon City Assistant Prosecutor Philip dela Rosa who figured in the DOJ sex video scandal?

  • Padre Damaso

    I tought Bigamy or Polygamy is punishable by incarceration (by his name he is not a muslim). He was only disbarred. Wow.. this sets a bad example.

  • okabato

    Dapat lahat ng nakakulong dahil sa kasong bigamy ay palayain na ng Supreme Court para walang double standard of  justice. Wala na silang credibilidad to dispense justice pag di nila ginawa yon.

  • catmanjohn

    This Supreme Court, still overloaded with Arroyo Lackeys, has no credibility and trust. For the sake of the Nation, those that were planted by Arroyo to create Injustice for her own personal interests should submit their resignation and be reappointed according to the individual’s integrity and merit. 

    • Benigno the Turd

      The ponente who wrote the decision, Justice Bernabe, is an appointee of Pnoy. It’s called fact checking. Idiot.

      • catmanjohn

        Hey pea brains… you think I am just referring to this insignificant case. These judges didn’t even have the common sense to recuse themselves from the Gloria Arroyo’s case. This is just another example of their double standards, and the corruption still in place. You ‘clan’ worm parasites are an embarrassment to the Nation, and the world knows of your deeds very well.

  • speedstream2

    So, what else is new? That the even hand of justice may not be so even after all? And this advances the causes of family, women and professional ethics?

  • rosaddiaq

    This is the root cause of our problems. Forgive and forget. If the offender is our relative, friend, we can not even believe the evidence, worse we even hide them from the law. This emanates from the christian concept of repentance. If one repents and ask for forgiveness, he/she can still go to heaven. In the most honest ( least corrupt ) countries of northwestern Europe ( Denmark, Finland, Norway ), the protestant upbringing has forgotten this christian tradition and all criminals go to jail and sinners are not forgiven. I agree with most of the comments below. The Supreme Court has sent the wrong message. Repeat offenders will proliferate and corruption will be difficult to eradicate.

  • Mamerto

    If true, that this bigamist of a lawyer was reinstated by the SC…, THEN
    Something iS Very Wrong with Our Justice System.

    Selective Justice is what “Dictatorial Powers” are made of…?
    Attn to P’noy & Company…, Take Note and Take Action to Remedy This Error.!.!.!

    • doncleo

       Bakit ba si Pnoy na naman?

    • kidsPorts

      The article does not state whether the bigamous marriage and the 3rd were already declared by a proper court as null and void.

  • Mamerto

    Binay, Enrile & Estrada….

    Birds, of the Same Feathers,
    Flocks Together…!

    Mga iTong…, 
    Mga Jokirs, kaya
    ni GMA…?.?.?

  • Dan

    again another priest involved. f*ck !

    • doncleo

      He got married 3 times and Noli Eala had only a mistress….Bakit si Enrile at Gigi parehong abogado hindi ma-disbar? Takot ba sila?

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Kung ang lalake eh tatlo ang pinakasalan at lahat sila’y inanakan, bawal. Samantalang si pareng Erap eh LANTAD na hindi lang tatlo ang kinabit at ibinahay ‘tsaka inanakan, pero hindi bawal?”

    LISA: “Masuerte talaga si Erap sa bubae, sa pagiging taartits, pulpolitiko, bolero porke mastered lahat niya ito na siyang dahilan para siya’y mag-Presidente ng Pinas at ipakulong ni GMA. Masaya, ‘di ba?”

    CION: “Ako, hindi masaya. Double standard na kasi ang ginawa ng SC sa kasong ito ng abogadong palikero. Takot ba ang SC sa mga abogadong taga-Cagayan at kababayan ni JPE, samantalang si Erap eh pinagtatawanan lang?”

  • Benigno the Turd

    For the noytards, the justice who wrote this is Pnoy’s appointee. If you don’t like it, tough.

    • Crysis_III

      Magkano ba binayad ni FG sa iyo para hipo-hipoin mo ang bayag niya? Kahit sa article na ito e-involve mo pa rin si PNoy. Parang galit-galit ka sa Presidente. hahahaha. Bading..

  • kurakut


  • pikloy

    SC forgives lawyer who had 3 wives only, If they are four or more can be house arrest to support all the wives night needs.

  • $37644997

    Legally or illegally married to three is just like testing mic. 123.It is always considered polygamy.
    Revilla sr.never was in paper about this matter,having enough wives and numerous children.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    All things equal, save the gender, I bet the Supreme Court would  not have forgiven and reinstated the disbarred lawyer if the lawyer happened to be a woman who got married to three husbands.  But then the IBP would not have given a favorable nod either.  And of course, the parish priest.
    – – – – – – – -

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    May pag-asa pa si Noli Eala.

    • justjarred


      • kidsPorts

        Isn’t the problem of Noli Eala is that he “grabbed” another man’s wife?

  • boybakal

    SC forgives lawyer who had 3 wives….

    Lawyers are also Human.
    Congratulations in your Reinstatement.

  • Nimrod Suaez

    3 wives is a shooting average….old boys club must protect each other

  • dequis

    oo nga naman. anong ipangsusuporta ni attorney sa mga anak niya sa tatlong asawa kung pagtuturo lang ang hanapbuhay niya. nagkasala iyong, nadgusa ng sampung taon na hindi nakapagabogado, patawarin na, nagsisi na rin naman yong tao ah.

  • mangtom

    What else is new? This is nothing new. This polygamist Estrada gets away with his BS and is allowed to run for office after being convicted of plunder. Philippine Justice system is screwed up because of screwy lawyers/justices and cone heads. It’s more fun in the Philippines if you have connections.

  • vir_a

    Polygamy is already accept in this only Catholic country in Asia. In fact, many pinoys have some of the popular polygamists as their idol. It’s strange but it is the painful and sad reality. Our justices are compassionate, understanding and merciful. Unfortunately, most of our senators are unforgiving on Corona

  • Paolo Hernandez

    BEFORE: Lawyer is a noble profession.

    • andy bonifacio

      LICENSED FIXER  (never mind the law )

  • Philipmon

    I think the high court should revisit their position on reinstating this so called “lawyer”.  He knows the law and swore to live by it. However, he blatantly and consciously circumvent it.His reinstatement is a joke to the other lawyers who lives upright. He may have been forgiven by his family but to the eyes of the public his a JOKE and should not be entitled to the prestige of practicing the noble profession of Law or be called a lawyer.

  • tata_boy

    Walang gawang magaling talaga ang mga mahistrado, sabagay kung ating susuriin, ang mga mahistrado at mga abogado ang mga dahilan kung bakit ganito ang lagay ng ating bansa.

  • zahraff

    King Solomon was not a lawyer by profession, but had 800 wives. What can you say about that? 

    • kidsPorts

      As king, Solomon was the law. The lawyer in the Philippines had sworn to obey the Constitution and the laws of the Philippines. 

    • Ernesto

      old testament yan bro.tayo ngayon modern may law tayo na sinosunod

  • Janch

    That guy should have been jailed along with being disbarred.  The magistrates are treating him with kid gloves.  

    • Martin C

      If no one filed a criminal case against him, then he can’t be tried for bigamy. If the second wife only filed an administrative case for disbarment, then the Court can only decide on that.

      • Janch

        Not the point. What he did was criminal but by happenstance he can only be made administratively liable. Yet even that has now been condoned.

      • Martin C

        The point is the rule of law. No complaint, case, no trial, no imprisonment. That’s how the courts work. 

      • Janch

        Again that is not my point. That he could not be jailed is not the issue, it is that the magistrates already knew and disbarred him for acts which constitute a crime. They are cognizant of the fact that not just immorality is involved. That they should condone it later and reinstate him is to belittle the fact that he committed a crime. Dapat nga kinulong na yan. Disbarment na lang nga pwede pero pati yon binawi pa.

  • InSearchOfTruth

    ayan may precedent na, lahat ng may kaso ng bigamy/polygamy may chance nang ma-absuelto simply by citing this particular case.  and the courts should follow this example, otherwise they will be mocking the justice system and the supreme court

  • bayankopdi

    Palibhasa kapwa nila attorney….ang daming teacher na ganito ang kaso o kaya nainvolve sa mga babae pero natatanggal na sa serbisiyo…dapat pantay ang batas.

  • Victor Carl

    They always get away with it, shall i say with impunity. 

  • feargo

    isn’t bigamy a criminal offense? he should be in jail.

  • Fulpol

    Supreme Court still adheres to the values of Roman Catholicism.. the quality of forgiveness…

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    baka manalo pa itong presidente a..dapat mag-sugal at jueteng din to…pag nakunan ng video, ala-Bentain naman

  • elgeepee

    anong klaseng desisyon iyan, di ba dapat criminal case panga yan. Bulok na Hustisya

  • ApoLapullapu

    It  proves that the time has come for polygamy to be legalized.  Many single women cannot find husbands because the bases are loaded.

    • UPnnGrd

      hindi ba polygamy is legal in Mindanao ?   

      • ApoLapullapu

        Only among Muslims.

    • batangpaslit

      chuckles….what a proposal

  • LAD

    napakalibog mo kasi panyero he he he

    • batangpaslit

      kaya nga SarapBuhay eh…

  • PH2011

    He is not a good lawyer, but he is a
    good lover.

    He settled his marital squabble, hence, the two
    will be maintained as mistress. Ironically, the resolution was also penned by a
    lady Associate Justice.

     Documenting your flaw (marriage) is stup*idity specially when
    you’re a lawyer. No doubt, this will become a precedent. Obviously, he made mistakes not once, but twice. This contradicted the
    famous adage, “The law may be harsh, but it’s the Law”.

    BTW, he is a native of  Enrile 
    – Cagayan.

    He must know the right way how to do

  • ILitangfan Ak

    Was there a bigamy case filed against the lawyer? If none, anyone from those who are angry at this SC decision secure copies of the marriage certificates and file a criminal case of bigamy. Bigamy is a public crime, a crime against the CIVIL STATUS of persons,  so it is not necessary that the 1st wife must be the one who will complain. Ang dami nga naman ngayon at hindi na makontrol, mas lumalala ang coveting thy neighbor’s wife and coveting thy neighbor’s husband. Alisin na kaya ang bigamy bilang krimen o pakawalan lahat ang mga nakasuhan ng bigamy kung may maipakita sila na certificate mula sa pari o simbahan nila na sila ay nagsisi na? Kakainggit naman si atty, idolo ka na ng mga mamamangka sa hindi lang dalawa, kundi tatlo o marami pang ilog

  • Edward Solilap

    Good Luck Attorney it’s your lucky day sana kami din kasing swerte mo!

    • batangpaslit

      may balak….hehehe

  • Noypi11

    Tatlo lang pala ang asawa ng abogadong ito. Ilan ang kay Erap?


    dami dito may tag 6 na asawa… 

  • zeroko

    He he he. The senior former Senator Revilla broke the record. Ang tanong, why did the SC allowed him to be a Senator when one of the requirement for high public office is moral ascendancy. Bullshit SC, you are taking side with your own.

    • generalproblem

      hehehe ang mali kasi sa kanya ay pinakasalan nya lahat which is kabobohan nya dahil hidni naman sya muslim. pag pinakasalan mo may ebidensya so may kaso sya dahil polygamy yun. si erap at agimat naman ay isa lang ang pinakasalan yung iba ay kulasisi na. may kaso sila na adultery pag nagreklamo lang yung babae eh wla naman nagreklamo so walang kaso.

    • nrcarcht

       Yes you definitely right, birds of the same feathers flock together.

  • Albin

    3 wives? Those with 5 either gets elected as president, or becomes a highly paid actor. But sino ngayon ang kinakasama nya? Hindi natuloy ang bigamy, trigamy cases?

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha….Albin, kung ang 5 wives, naging presidente, eh, paano na lang kung pito o sampu?
      global emperor na?

    • generalproblem

      isa lang asawa nya yung iba kulasisi na. walang kaso yun kung hindi nagreklamo yung asawa o yung mga kulasisi. ang mali kasi ni attorney eh pinakasalan nya lahat at yun ay polygamy hehehe

  • a g

    Bravo Supreme Court Justices!!!

  • zeroko

    If there is always an exception, then Jun Lozada, the major whistle blower should also be forgiven right now in recognition to his bravery in exposing the First Gentlemen in the NBN-ZTE scum. And imgine, hayop talaga itong si PNoy, he is mum on the Lozada’s case wherein the accuser is in the very Company where all the evidences are present. Bakit yuong isang cabinet minister ni PNoy na bumili nag Pirated CD pinagtangol niya. Si Puno of DILG hindi manlang pinarusahan. Puno’s roll on the purchase of PNP guns was just as an OBSERVER, meaning keep your mouth shut, do not interfere, and just use your eyes. OBSERVER Ka o, as said by the Blue Ribbon Committee member Senator Miriam Defensor, “Kung OBSERVER KA, di ba, tahimik ka lang at wala kang pakialam sa negotiation?” “O bakit ka nakikialam?” “Bakit ka nagpatawag ng meeting sa mga “Bids and Awards Committee.” Tapos, ikaw pa (Puo) ang nag preside!”

    Then, “Ano ang ginagawa mo sa Israel kung saan nakipagusap ka sa Manufacturer ng PNP guns?”

    Hay naku! Daang matuwid daw. E, ang lagay, si PNoy ay Chinese. Dapat ba natin siya pagkatiwalaan eh, magaling siya pomo-protekta sa mga KKK o Kaibigan, Kaklase, at Kabarilan, kaya lang si Jun Lozada, hindi niya magawaan ng paraan? Tapos, kung daan mtuwid siya, bakit ang FOI o Freedom of Information, nilaglag niya at hindi ginawang priority bill? Hayop ang mga InstiK!

    • vokkin

      Jun Lozada was not brave.  His circumstances forced him into squealing, just like Chavit Singson.  

      His job was to “moderate the greed”.  If GMA and Abalos weren’t so greedy, this contract would have been fulfilled and he would have gotten his fair share.  I wonder how many of these contracts he has “moderated”?

      PNP guns?  I have never seen a government purchase like this in my entire life.  The cost of the Glock 17 in regular guns stores is about 35k.  I know because I have one.  The PNP got theirs for 17+k.  Umaangal ka pa nyan?  Kung panahon ni GMA yan, baka 70k isa nyan.

      • magiting78

           If not with Lozada may be the ZTE deal had been excuted, may be we don’t have any problem with the transmission of ballot for this coming election..And may be our broadband is more effective and faster like Singapore or Japan and more cheaper compare to what Globe and Smart provided.  Lozada as well has his own interest why he expose those anomaly if there was (still doubtful).

      • vokkin

        Effective but 10 times more expensive is ok with you?

      • magiting78

        I think we have to weigh..If it is effective and 10x expensive, and its for long term, and the return of investment is good I would say yes…
            For instance you have an internet cafe business and you have to select between 2mbps and 500kbps ofcourse the 2mbps is expensive than 500kbps but you are going to select the expensive one, because you need it.
           Try to compare the speed of broadband in Philippines to other countries we are far behind in Philippines the max we have is only 2mbps, but our neighbor the lowest is 1Gbps.
           Yes if there were effective faster and cheaper broadband I would say I’ll go for it.
            Its the same principle you are going to select between bus and MRT if you travel from North Ave. to Makati there are big difference in the price but you will go for MRT because its more convenient and you can save more time and time is money.    Sometimes you have to pay more for convenience…

      • vokkin

        You assume there are only 2 choices. Thats really stupid. Lets allow corruption if the purchase is beneficial? It is that kind of resignation to corruption that makes me sick.

      • magiting78

               Is there corruption? Is it proven? try to look the one who expose there were corruption on the deal, he has case of corruption in Ombudsman, the other who expose that there were anomaly on  ZTE deal runs for senator (Divenecia) but he lost, coz lots of people knew that the accusation was bugos, and don’t be surprise if Ombudsman would dissmis the case on GMA in relation to ZTE..
           What I am trying to point out is that is easy to say there were anomalies but they cannot proved it. Instead of immediately accusing there were anomalies on deals why they don’t ask first for transparency or public bidding..
           These people is like a dog that keep on barking but they cannot bite…look at those people even they hold position in senate and in congress they always keep barking but they did make any move to resolve the problems..
           And sometimes many people making noise, accusing there were irregularities, because they lost on deals, they lost on will see personal agenda comes first.

      • vokkin

        This discussion has wandered too far. Sorry, do not enjoy discussing with stoops.

      • ApoNiLolo

        35K? Does it include the processing of papers for the license? If it does, that’s a good deal. I was shopping for one and a gun store offered me 40K, including the license.

        I guess 17+ is reasonable, considering it’s a “whole sale” deal and does not require processing of papers because the PNP are using it.

      • vokkin

        Tama. 17k is more than reasonable, I would’ve have accepted 30k wholesale knowing the retail price.  But the more important issue is, I have never seen a government contract this clean, from the PNP nonetheless.  Di ba?

  • magsasakasanayon

    Now, it can be said: Basta’t lawyer, great lover.


    • pnoyjudge

      talo na mga jeepney driver ahh

      • batangpaslit

        driver…dipa naka ligo

    • batangpaslit

      hehehehe…Bro, lawyer ka?


    >>>Now 58 years old, Edmundo L. Macarubbo “still has productive years ahead of him that could significantly contribute to the upliftment of the law profession and the betterment of society,” according to a Jan. 22 resolution by the court.<<<

    HOW????  HOW is that possible???

    Buti pa ang SC dini-disbar ang mga nagkakasala…..pero ang RCCh, pag nagkasala ng kriminal ang ka-saya,  tinatago na parang si Lozada.

    • bax

      Lozada is an accused not guilty hello???????
      at sino naman ang nagkasalang kriminal na nakasaya na itinago ng Catholic Church?

      name names

      • vokkin

        Si Lozada nga raw.

      • UrHONOR

        YES???  Who’s calling?

      • ApoNiLolo

        Saan ka ba naglalagi at parang hindi mo alam ang mga nangyari nitong mga nakalipas na taon?

  • Ces

    good job sc!

  • Sandy Bulet

    In a six-page resolution penned by Associate Justice Estela
    Perlas-Bernabe, the court en banc said that while it had a duty to
    discipline and remove erring officers, it also had a duty to show
    compassion to those who had changed their ways, like Macarrubo.

    What a wise outlook..a good judgment :).

  • batangpaslit

    paano naia nasuportahan ang tatlong asawa at ang mga bata?

  • AllinLawisFair

    At 56 he still has “productive” years ahead of him.

    Hopefully he will not reproduce more children.

    • Allan

      ano kaya ibig sabihin ng productive years? the justice who penned the decision is a woman. your guess is as good as mine.

  • nrcarcht

    Yes reinstated and planning again to have another 4th and 5th wives.

  • Benjamin

    Erap has more than 4 wives as well as his siblings. Revilla Sr. has around 10 wives. Lito Lapid has also numerous wives.  And these people are anti-RH? Come to think of it, how many politicians have so many “queridas” behind their closets? 

    • boybakal

      The case of Erap and Revilla Sr is different from Atty. Macarubbo.
      This attorney married three women, it is monogamy, polygamy marriage.
      Erap and Revilla have too many spouses….and fathered so many children.

      Spouses are only for cohabitation whereas Marriage is a contract of man and woman.
      Attorney knows that you cannot marry while your marriage is existing.
      He should have gone to concubinage relationship without being caught to be scandalous.

      Atty. has shown remorse and contrite…and forgiven.
      He is a man of law who cannot control his attraction and temptation.

      • regd

        Does same sex couple with civil union be considered a spouse?

      • boybakal

         Yes, no distinction.

    • Don

      Erap’s, Revilla’s and Lapid’s women were not “wives.”  Those women were just roomates.   Erap, Revilla and Lapid did not marry them. They just went to bed with them.  So they probably could not be charged because there was no paper trail  On the other hand, this lawyer married the three – and became liable.!

  • nestleraisinets

    only in the Philippines:

    where law is the dirtier profession than prostitution…

  • Melvin

    Malamang palibhasa ay abogado rin nakikita ng mga hukom sa SC, na mas nakakarami ay mga lalaki, ang kanilang sarili sa kalagayan ngayon ni 58 years old, lawyer Edmundo L. Macarubbo…  Ayos!!! 

  • Lakay

    Ayos, may bukol na naman ang SC! Kung ibang propesyonal natatanggalan ng lisensya kapag nagkasala sa code of conduct, itong abogado na hindi lang dalawa kundi tatlo ang pinakasalan ay naibalik pa sa pagiging abogado….. siguro may ka-brod sa SC.

  • Juan Dela cruz

    That’s the problem when you don’t have proper separation like Divorce in the Philippines. He might have filed divorce before married another woman, because the lawyer knows that filing an annulment will take years and he can’t control his sex drive anymore… what a pity to those couple who have problem like this… They forget who they are when it comes to LOVE…

    • boldyak

      ipasa na ang divorce para mapagbigyan ang kamanyakan…bwahahaha

  • JV Velarde

    This lawyer from Enrile, Cagayan is one lucky guy. 

    Senate President Enrile & Attorney Gigi Reyes should stop hiding now.

    • junieva

      Enrile is a town of Cagayan . It is neighboring town of Tuguegarao the capital city of Cagayan. The town was founded by the forefathers of JPE. This town has the most number of professionals in the whole province. You can not find a house or a family without a professional.I was borned and raised here in our humble town of ENRILE and proud to be an ENRILENO!!!

  • Yahilaw

    Obviously this lawyer has also the blessing of Manong Johnny. I hope the SC justices are not being traumatized by Corona’s impeachment.

  • joeybg

    Daming OFW gumagawa ng ganyan, pagdating sa ibang bansa , para makakuha ng mabilis na PM visa makikipagrelasyon sa mga lokal residente ng bansa, kahit na saksakan ng pangit ang Kabit ay pakakasalan pa rin lalo na kung may magandang trabaho din .

  • Philcruz

    This lawyer is from Enrile, Cagayan? Hmmm….

    • junieva

      are you from Enrile , Cagayan?
      I am from this humble town and proud to be an ENRILENO….

  • hormel delata

    Simple lang solusyon diyan, magkaroon na ng batas sa DIVORCE!

    • boldyak

      a simple soultion to a problem, but will create bigger problems…hahaha

  • mangTASYO

    Eh si Atty Manong at Atty GG kaylan naman didisiplinahin ng SC?

    disbar? behindbar?

    takot niyo lang! tse!  LOL

    ano raw ang kaso ni manong?
    kasi…KINAKAHOY niya ang asawa ng iba.

    • linobog

      Puede namang i-liquidate ang mga sala nila   via CERTIFICATION.   Para bang MOOE.  Mga HONORABLE kasi, kaya nga puede maraming asawa, kabit at iba-ibang anak…..nakapwesto pa sa gobyerno.  LAWMAKERS AT LAW-BREAKERS.

  • Opel

    mercy? gumamit koneksyon kamo ah. kunsabagay dami naman silang ganyan pasimple nga lang.

  • Don

    Bakit ba kayo nakiki-alam sa buhay ng ibang tao at pinagbabawalan sila na magkaron ng maraming asawa?  Oo, utos yan ng Diyos ng Bibliya.  E bakit ang utos ng Diyos ng Biblia ay inuutos ninyo sa mga taong hindi sumasang-ayon sa Bibliya?  Kung gusto ninyo sumunod sa mga utos ng Diyos ng Bibliya, pinili ninyo yon.  Pero, huwag ninyong uutusan ang ibang tao na sumunod sa mga utos ng inyong Diyos!

    • boldyak

      Rule 7.03 of the Code of Professional Responsibility…..hindi yan bibliya….may rules…

  • Jhune

    Pag lawyer ang nagkasala, lawyer ang humusga ligtas na si Edmundo dahil siya ay abogado, pero pag ibang profession sorry ka na lang hindi ka nila kasama sa IBP, unfair. 

  • PCD_2012

    Check the Men in the Supreme Court probably most of them are also polygamous!

    Is it in the power of Supreme Court to give PARDON to those who were already meted out of their punishments???

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