Ortega slay traced to Malampaya fund misuse



FIST CLENCHED, HANDS CLASPED Photos of slain environmentalist Dr. Gerry Ortega are printed on the shirts of his daughter and wife attending the Senate blue ribbon committee probe of the misuse of P3.9 billion in Palawan province’s share of royalties from the Malampaya gas project. Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, committee chairman, says Ortega’s exposé on the fund misuse by former Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes led to his murder in 2011. JOSEPH VIDAL/PRIB

Dr. Gerry Ortega’s incessant radio commentaries against then Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes’ involvement in the alleged misuse of billions of pesos of the province’s share from the Malampaya gas project resulted in his death, fellow journalists told the Senate blue ribbon committee on Thursday.

Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, chairman of the Senate panel that looks into the accountability of government officials, called on the Court of Appeals (CA) after the hearing to make “the proper discernment” on the government’s appeal of its dismissal of the murder case against Reyes.

“I’d like to point out that right after [Ortega] was killed, I was told by government officials, [Puerto Princesa] Mayor [Edward] Hagedorn among them, that I might be well-advised to take security precautions,” Inquirer Palawan correspondent Redempto Anda told the committee.

Anda said he and Ortega had been working on reports about corruption attending billions of pesos worth of projects funded by royalties from the Malampaya gas project. He said Ortega had received death threats especially when their coverage started uncovering more than enough evidence.

“Several people were casing my house six, seven days after he was killed. This was in correlation with the testimony of the state witness that originally there were two journalists who were in their contract for the hit job,” Anda said.

Anda, who is also an officer of the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines, thanked the Inquirer for providing him with security “until now.”

Exposé on P3.9 billion

Anda said there was no other reason for the threats other than the exposé by provincial media and civil society of the misuse of P3.9 billion from the Malampaya gas project.

“My situation… I’d like to stress is a very typical situation of what threats are posed to journalists, not just to journalists, but civil society participants in Palawan who are very active in this issue [of corruption in the provincial government],” Anda said.

“I firmly believe… that this has no other reason other than the exposé on the Malampaya corruption. I was speaking with Dr. Gerry Ortega when he was under serious threat already and this was only his topic at the time,” Anda added.

Substandard projects

Guingona suspended the hearing until the committee received documents from relevant government agencies in connection with substandard infrastructure projects, whose multibillion-peso funding was disallowed by the Commission on Audit (COA).

“We would also wait for the steps that would be taken by the COA, Ombudsman, Department of Public Works and Highways, National Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Immigration and even the Court of Appeals,” Guingona said.

Reversal of DOJ finding

He said the case was of primary importance, just like the case of the Maguindanao Ampatuan massacre. “This is a case about grave injustice done to one man, Doc Gerry, who spoke the truth,” Guingona added.

The appellate court late last year reversed the DOJ finding of probable cause to charge Reyes and his brother with murder in connection with Ortega’s murder.

The decision is now the subject of a motion for reconsideration in the appellate court.

“I challenge the justices of the CA to make the proper discernment in upholding the law and dispensing justice for everyone,” Guingona said.

The senator said the committee had so far established that Palawan’s funds were indeed misused.

“It’s clear from the testimony of [Public Works and Highways] Secretary [Rogelio] Singson that the quality of projects funded by the Malampaya funds was unacceptable,” Guingona said.

Projects disallowed

“One could also note that the projects were located in inappropriate places and that there were multiple funds and projects all in the same place,” the senator said.

Guingona said that aside from the P3.9 billion from Malampaya, there was a release of P6 billion from the Arroyo administration’s so-called State-of-the-Nation-Address (Sona) funds—or projects mentioned in the Sona in 2009.

“The COA also clearly said that the projects funded by the Malampaya funds were disallowed because of violations of the bidding process,” he said.

Guingona said pronouncements of the DPWH and the COA seemed “to give credence to the corruption using Malampaya funds as alleged by Bishop [Pedro] Arigo and other [nongovernment organizations and people’s organizations].”

Fake passport

Aside from establishing the relationship between Ortega’s death and the corruption in the Palawan government during Reyes’ term, Thursday’s hearing also found vulnerabilities in the system of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Bureau of Immigration (BI) regarding the travel of persons linked to crime.

“We saw holes in the DFA’s system of issuing passports and the huge one in the BI’s net in screening the coming and going of persons in the country. These were used by the suspected masterminds in the death of Doc Gerry,” Guingona said.

Reyes slipped out of the country using a fake passport.

Witness dead

Guingona said there also appeared to be a problem with the country’s witness protection program marked by the death of one of the witnesses in Ortega’s case who was found lifeless in a Lucena City jail.

“There are many recommendations that need to be made to improve different agencies of government after our hearings in the past three weeks,” he said.

But the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) on Thursday played down insinuations that there was foul play in the death of a key witness in the murder of Ortega.


Chief Supt. Serafin Barretto, BJMP Calabarzon director, maintained that Dennis Aranas, who served as a lookout in the January 2011 assassination of Ortega in Puerto Princesa City, committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell at the Quezon District Jail (QDJ) in Lucena City.

Supt. Annie Espinosa, QDJ warden, said an autopsy done by the National Bureau of Investigation showed that Aranas had died of “asphyxia by hanging.”

“There were no signs of bruises, hematoma or wounds on the body,” Espinosa told reporters over the phone.

Barretto had requested the Philippine National Police and the NBI to look into the death of Aranas to dispel allegations that he may have been killed, the BJMP said.

Quarrel with partner

A few days before he was found dead on Tuesday, Barretto said Aranas had a quarrel with his supposed live-in partner, a certain Cris Allen.

Barretto said it appeared that Aranas had long been estranged from his wife, Marilyn.

“His fellow inmates said (Aranas) looked depressed. According to them, Aranas learned that his girlfriend was already living with another man,” Barretto said.

“When the woman visited him (last Sunday), they had a fight. Aranas was also heard saying that he could not bear being in jail,” he added.

Asked why the jail guards did not immediately report the incident to the police, Barretto said the BJMP was not required to submit its report to the PNP “because we are not under the police.”

“There is also no basis for us to investigate. The warden should report it to the BJMP regional office. Then we will inform the police and the family. But it does not mean that the PNP was required to investigate because we have our own investigator,” he said.

Scene cleaned

But the PNP spokesperson, Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., said the jail guards should have reported the incident to the local police as a matter of standard procedure in suicide cases.

“When the policemen arrived at the detention cell, the body was no longer there. The scene was already clean,” Cerbo told reporters.

“The BJMP has a lot of investigating to do… (on the) administrative aspects (regarding) the procedure,” he added.

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  • bogli_anakdami

    just to show that flipland is a lost cause, a total waste…

    when a good man is about to do a good deed, sisibakin kaagad ng mga hinayupaks…

    flip gung gongs deserve the path you have chosen… a cesspool…

    buti nga, cge lang mga flip gung gongs….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

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      so may mentally ill on the your country that is why you did not have a hard time becoming part of the paranoid and mentally handicapped pseudo americano heheheh

      kung ang ilong mo ayyyyyyyyyyy pangongongo….. hehehehe

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BFQWTB3Z6DK76IWGHUMC4NO5JY Isang Pilipino

      Bakit galit na galit ka sa Pilipinas? Sobra ba ang kahirapan mo dito at akala mo heaven sa Amerika? Pupusta ako na kahit dyan sa Vegas wala ka ring trabaho. Kung may trabaho ka hindi ka magbababad sa computer at kunsumidong kunsumido ka! You’re a loser, dude! Why don’t you also hang yourself?

      • batangpaslit

        nagparaos siempre ng lungkot kaya hanap ng maka chat sa Inquirer

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BFQWTB3Z6DK76IWGHUMC4NO5JY Isang Pilipino

      hey loser in amerika, hang yourself!

      • foreignerph

        If you mean he’s an OFW in the US, he won’t certainly hang himself, enjoying a wage ten times yours. It’s you that should hang yourself since there is really no hope any more for this endemically corrupt country. But after all, you voted for the rulers and you’ve got what you voted for even if they bought your vote. The money that bought you has to be earned back one way or another, so you’re paying for your own corruption.

    • batangpaslit

      problema, Kabayan, sa Flip GunGong ka rin galing eh
      paano ‘yan?

    • KonsensyaNgBayan

      I guess that even your Lola, Lolo, Tita’s and Tito’s were NOT proud of you. Hindi lumalayo ang bunga sa puno, walang dangal ang pamilya ninyo. Remember this and look at me in the eye…I am the Pinoy who always greet you everyday in your community!!..Laughing and cursing you when you pass-by…..LOL!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UWXUQZQDNSRTVWMFCUHAYA7OOA John

    Mga ahente ng (DRB este NBI) or National Bigayan Investigation what r u doing why you cann’t locate/arrest the Reyes? Akala ko mga matatalino kayo no wonder doon sa Kota Kinabalo sinigawan lang kayo ng isang taong nagpakilala na he comes from a higher authority ibinigay na niyo si Amalilio. Sabi sa newspaper niyo magagaling lang kayo sa kidnapping for ransom

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    double billing….. the gov reimburse the expense to the provincial funds and also reimburse the same to national government…..

  • bogli_anakdami

    this is flipland folks… does it really matter who killed ortega?

    really?… seriously?…

    there are more pressing issues to tackle, i.e. next biyuti pajints, next fuckqiao payt, next ‘merkan idol reject…

    yun lang…

  • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

    Sa panahon pa yan ni Gloring… salamat at unti-unting lalabas narin katotohanan. Since this is billions gone somewhere, the mastermind behind this is purely evil. Many innocent lives have lost, and many poor people still suffer waiting for services they deserve. Gloring! Wag ka muna mamatay!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BFQWTB3Z6DK76IWGHUMC4NO5JY Isang Pilipino

    We should not stop hunting the Reyes brothers until we catch them. Kaya ba nilang papatay lahat ng witness and journalists?

    The immigration officers at our airports are all corrupt. They really wait for the big fish who want to escape. The bigger the fish the more bribe they get but just the same they let everybody get away. Mr. President, please reform this bureau! It’s so fulll of thieves like the Bureau of Customs and the BIR!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Kapag bilyones ang anomalya asahan mong may fingerprints si Ailing Gloria diyan… Huwag tantanan yang kaso na yan 24 oras…

  • palakasantayo

    A lot of things getting out of the closet huh? It is a mega buck..not only in millions but billions. So, the set up and operation must been so complex with many people involved including the immigration and DFA huh? This loophole in passport procurement must have been known for quite sometime… ask Pinky… he was the one to use it last before the Reyes’ brother were able to get out.  Go deep P-Noy, there are a lot to find out from this case.

  • catmanjohn

    Despicable classic case of corruption in the PH. If the Aquino administration can not execute the laws of justice, then the Nation is hopeless and time for a revolution, however it takes form. 
    Question: Do the Reyes brothers have any relationship to Gigi Reyes, Enrile’s mistress?

    • bogli_anakdami

      flipland is a hopeless case, run and governed by fucktory defects ~ flip gung gongs…

      dapat i-recall ang mga fucktory defects…

      yun lang…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

        jobless blogger! you loser! get a job or hang yourself!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UWXUQZQDNSRTVWMFCUHAYA7OOA John

      Both relatives of igiG Reyes and General Angelo reyes. and Reyes of Palawan Can somebody file a disbarment against Ms igiG Reyes-Myrile for immorality being a sidebet of Juan Ponciano?

      • batangpaslit

        are they related:

        General Reyes, the pabaon fame

        Governor Reyes, the Palawan oil share


        Gigi Reyes, of Phil Senate CMas bonus?

      • catmanjohn

        Sometimes, like these, one can wish the NPA had the brains to take out the corrupt, like this bunch, instead of wasting their time on local people who may have opposed them, and shooting themselves in the foot. What a stupid and misguided bunch who are focusing on the wrong targets.

      • batangpaslit

        i am convinced, some Filipinos turned as NPA sympathizers not because they are of the same political persuasion.
        the injustices committed by public officials, the abuses of the Police, and the corruption of the Courts are most oftentimes the predisposing and precipitating factors that drives our Kababayan to go underground.
        It is frustrating indeed…

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Good peoples are assassinated, the bad one promoted, 

    this is the usual fascist trick done in the communists and Plutocratic countries,

    Why to worry, all OK ?

    Its business as usual, in case you don’t like the system, 
    change it or go abroad to join the 13 millions OFW.

    This is what the Clergy call our cherish traditional cultural values, MABUHAY PATHAY !

  • cowboys2

    Basta “PERA” ang pinagusapan – “PERA” din ang katapat. We’re talking about 10B involved in this case, magkano lang ang halaga ng “Buhay” ng tao sa Pinas. Iisa ang concept at istorya ng mga krimen sa Pinas….Antimonan massacre; G.Ortega..etc….CORRUPTION!!!!!!!! Mga opisyal ng gobyerno ang pinuno ng mga ng kawalanghiyaan, kahit sino ang iboto ganyan pa rin yan….it’s the “system”. Hanggang magunaw ang mundo di na magbabago ang Pinas. Kawawa naman…. 

  • rickysgreyes

    Why can’t the billions received from Malampaya be used HONESTLY to build roads and bridges in Palawan? Pati COA, DPWH local officials, lahat ng kumita Dapat kasuhan. Buti pa I-Duterte.Who are these people, what are their names?

    • batangpaslit

      tama….dapat ang buong Palaweno makinabang sa share sa benta ng langis na drilled sa Palawan shores
      mahirap talaga pag kawatan ang malagay sa puesto.
      masyadong ganid na gustong solohin ang kita ng lalawigan. sobrang takaw.

    • Crysis_III

      Ang ganda siguro ng Palawan no kung nabigay yan lahat para sa project at infrastructure. 

  • Guest

    “Ortega slay traced to Malampaya fund misuse.”
    Hindi pa ba yan obvious? Of course Doc Gerry’s death has something to do with the Malampaya fund misuse. What’s not so obvious is will DOJ stop bungling the cases they’re handling. Last we checked, the case against the Reyes brothers was bungled by DOJ. Pati nga ang Court of Appeals pinagsabihan si Leila de Lima for grave abuse of discretion.

    • catmanjohn

      The devious, but lame tactic of switching blame on the opposition of the crimes they, the corrupt commits, is overused and so obvious to the People. Arroyo lackeys, being more concerned about their ‘pretty boy’ image, should go cheerlead on those tacky game shows they use to numb the minds of the People, but inevitably like death itself, your shame and crimes will be exposed.

      • Namron

        you have a funny way of explaining things

      • Namron

        you have a funny way of explaining things ;)

      • Guest

        Ang haba-haba, wala namang kwenta. Tagalugin mo na lang. Hirap na hirap ka sa pasikot-sikot na inglis.

      • catmanjohn

        Soon, your lackey a$$ will be tested when China sends in their military into the disputed territories. Knowing the make up of characters like you, you will run to the U.S. and try to hide behind their cover. The U.S. should not spend a single dollar or expend a single life to protect Arroyo scum like you, but instead stick you bayots out in the front line and make you stand up and fight like a man.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

      wOW SO, THERE’S THE SMOKE. THE DOJ.  Now, we’ll trace it back to the fire. We need to identify who in the DOJ  is involved.  Just trace it.  The government need to hang some judges too in public to send a message.   These characters are members of the GMA Bloc Mafia.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4H6F72GM6QWLQVBRUV5RWDQJEQ Allan

    baka nasa tabi nyo lang ang mastermind

  • mangtom

    bogli_anakdami-you lost it!!!

  • elgeepee

    dapat bilisan ang senate investigation at ifile ang kaso sa mga nagnakaw. kung malinis lang ang coa pati mga world bank projects diyan ng land bank rig bidding yan ni governor reyes. 

  • speedstream2

    Is anybody still looking for the suspects? How far high does this case go? What will it take to bring out the truth, if ever?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Money talked on the favorable decision by the Court of Appeals. Sana mailathala ang portion ng decision at kung sinong mga CA justices ang pumirma.

  • Crysis_III

    Lahat nalang ba ng Reyes na involved sa corruption? hmm

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2VLO53PRSSY76BZOWLOHJDM33M jeray

    Tanong nyo Kay delema …. na naman…… Satan .si pnoy

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

      satanas ang kawatan ng palawan bro,shell malampaya malaking share ang binigay sa palawan,tumakbo lang sa ibang bansa

  • pikloy

    According to the mayor, Mrs. Arroyo and former gov. Joel Reyes of Palawan, who is also being implicated in the killing of environmentalist Gerry Ortega, had agreed in 2004 to divide the P15-billion Malampaya share. Half of the money will go to the province, while half to the national government, with a promise that the former would give it back to the latter once all legal impediments were hurdled by the province     …….. Manila Times

  • el_latigo

    With such an important witness in a high profile case, no wonder witnesses like Aranas have a “tendency to commit suicide”. Especially, if the “amounts” involved are in billions and the poor  witness is on his own that is, not put in a witness protection program and has no security around him. Ayayayy, Fulpy! Indid ders moh pun in da Pilipins. 

  • Handiong_Haringmakabayan

    While the rest of the netizens are angry at Beijing and its war generals grabbing Philippine territory in the West Philippine Sea, we have corrupt government officials taking advantage of the situation by embezzling Malampaya funds to their already fat wallets. If this Gov. Joel Reyes is really guilty about this, he should just drown himself in natural gas.

    • KonsensyaNgBayan

      Don’t quickly jump on the issue, try to collect previous informations.  Joel reyes and his brother are no longer in the Local Government…as stated in the column…”Reyes slipped out of the country using a fake passport.”…They are probably squirming like leeches wherever they are…Greed of money is the reason why they killed “Doc” Gerry Ortega…Ang nagmamadaling yumaman sa gawaing pagnanakaw ay hindi mabubuhay ng lubusang matiwasay. Let Justice be given to “Doc” Gerry and investigate the death of Dennis Aranas.

      • Handiong_Haringmakabayan

        Why, of course. Joel Reyes used to be a governor of Palawan. Since it’s about Malampaya funds misuse too, the gravity of the crimes are bigger than ever. I hope the investigation will pin down his accomplices who are still working at the Governor’s office.

  • filipinaskoh

    It doesn’t mean Aranas’ body didn’t bear any bruises, hematoma or wounds and died of asphyxia, it could already be concluded as suicide. He could have been put into sleep and  was hung. 

    I am just wondering how much money these arroyos have? Guingona had said that aside from the P3.9 billion from Malampaya, there was a release of P6 billion from the Arroyo administration’s so-called State-of-the-Nation-Address (Sona) funds in 2009.

    All things happened without their blessings- no wonder people hate the Arroyos so much. 

    Now, where is Reyes?

    Good people could died so easily and yet the evil ones live long and lurks through out our country.

    • Yxon

      “I am just wondering how much money these arroyos have?”
      nagmukhang kindergarten si Marcos, siguradong malaki, sa dami ng anomaliya involvng hundred millions. kayahindi umuusad ang mga kaso. at sak marami pa dyan ang hindi na expose. (but COA knows)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

            A CURSE…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson


  • johnlordphilip

    Corrupt officials get lots of money. The more money they get, the more powerful they become. Even when out of the country, they still have the power to do lots of evil things in the country.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    There’s too much money floating around but corruption is eating the country like the video game PACMAN.  TSK, TSK, TSK !!!!!!!!!

  • Love God

    “I challenge the justices of the CA to make the proper discernment in upholding the law and dispensing justice for everyone,” Guingona said.

    Even the gunman and his lookout publicly admitted the crime, motive and the names of the masterminds, our courts won’t listen? 
    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

    Let every living Filipino SHOUT the word: “WHY?” until Doc. Jerry and his family get justice.

    • Lapu Lapu

      I SHOUT “WHY”?


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2VH54C4AM2UFEVSVA7GDCNLVY Rizal

      There must be a “Billion” reason why.

      • whyinthisworld

         CA won’t take decibels, they take cash. By the way in fairness not only CA wants more money. Look at the BJMP officer who talk as if he didn’t earn from the cover up. I think millions are crawling on their body not to resist.

  • $37644997

    Don’t we have a program,a law to compensate victims of crimes in general?besides Marcos’s victims.
    Look in the case of Maguindanao massacre,the families of victims are not well addressed.
    Victims of stray bullet
    victims of fraudulent activities
    victims and more victims un- answered.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

    dami talagang kawatan sa ating gobyerno

  • padrefaura

    yung misused senate funds, walang imbestigasyon? 
    walang karapatang imbestigahan ng isang magnanakaw ang kapwa magnanakaw. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIPR2MWOPGWUNZ4COTAMW7MLKE Mark

    sabi ko na mayaman ang Pilipinas …marami lang kasing mandurugas

  • ApoLapullapu

    This alleged misuse of  public funds is not being investigated because the culprits are not identified with former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

  • scorpio15

    3.9 billion pesos. Napakaraming pera at napakaraming PangTapal at Padulas. Pag ginamit talaga ang ibang pera sa tapal at padulas malulula ang tatanggap ng malaking halaga.

    Mahirap umusad ang Kaso pag ganon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    3.9B’s power would easily spread in BI, BJMP, DFA and CA.

    DFA – nakakuha ng fake na passport
    BI – napuslitan ni Reyes
    BJMP – dedo ang witness
    CA – absuwelto si Reyes

    Not a coincidence at all.

    • kismaytami

      Feeling ko, appointment sa juicy government position ang sunod.

  • Maitum

    Joel Reyes, Angelo Reyes, Gigi Reyes, etc…hmmmmmn…….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      Didith Reyes….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UHP224ACJWMZVXYWRZTPHWGCTU Lits

      Gloria  Makapal   Reyes?

    • Magsasaka

       ricky reyes

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UHP224ACJWMZVXYWRZTPHWGCTU Lits

    Kung mayron lang death penalty sa ating bansa as anti corruption campaign. Bitayin ang dapat bitayin saka dapat ang  bitay pag nagnakaw ng P100, 000  lang pwede ng bitayin. Magnanakaw….magnannakaw ang ma pulitiko sa atin dapat sa mga yan  silya elektrika.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    P101 billion lost during Fake President  Arroyo rule – COA

    1. NBN ZTE Scandal

    2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors

    (October 2007)

    3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (HELLO GARCI)

    4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)

    5. JOSE PIDAL Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200


    6. NANI PEREZ Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)

    7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning

    8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532


    9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)

    10. Extra Judicial Killings

    11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)

    12. General GARCIA and Other Military Men

    13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific)

    (P1.3 Billion)

    14. Northrail Project($503 Million)

    15. Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (ZUBIRI, BEDOL)

    16. NAIA-3

    17. Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)

    18. Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque

    19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states



    22. C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar

    23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’

    Welfare Administration (OWWA).

    24. P780-million LWUA funds-PROSPERO PICHAY

    25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift

    26. Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund

    27. Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy


    28. P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties

    from 2002 to May this year.



    30. 600,Thousand metric tons of Rotten rice imported from

    India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to

    Arroyo, reportedly bagged the P9.5 billion contract for

    the rice importation.

    31. DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000,

    70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit

    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy

    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown


    32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of

    two franchise bills

    33. The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in

    advertising expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to

    P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for

    Arroyo’s achievements.

    34. The report said the PIA received from the Department

    of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations

    amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488 
    million was appropriated for it under the national budget.

    35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political


    36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of

    extra judicial killings of militants

    37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo

    critic, Cory Aquino

    38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of


    39. Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park



    Chief Justice

    200+ other illegal midnight appointments

    41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s undeclared properties in California

    42.- Pardon of controversial convicted criminals like

    Ninoy’s murderers

    43.- EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek

    presidential clearance before testifying in Congress


    44.- Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency

    in 2004

    45.- “Vote Buying” by giving away Philhealth cards

    46.- Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and

    PCSO tv campaign ads

    47- Appointment of Ben Abalos, a staunch GMA ally, as

    COMELEC chair

    48.- Mikey Arroyo’s importation of 32 thoroughbred horses

    from Australia worth P384 million.

    49.Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo used 2 choppers 16

    times, son Mikey 69

    50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent P1 BILLION on coffee

    51.Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters’
    all Robinson R44 Raven Is with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for the five


    52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: P345M

    53.The godmother’s ties to the Pinedas(Jueteng lord)

    54. Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings

    The Glorietta 2 bombing happened during the height of

    the bribery case which took place in Malacañang.

    55. Misuse of Balikatan funds Navy Lt. Nancy Gadian

    revealed an alleged malversation of funds in 2007

    56. Solon: Charge Gloria Arroyo for taking P98-M from

    PNoy’s social fund


    Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya,

    Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and

    Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio

    Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu and MANY MORE..

    58.Colmenares: GMA had P488 billion in ‘pork.

    59. P1 BILLION down the drain in Arroyo-era jatropha

    project—DOST chief 
    60.Fishers push plunder rap vs Arroyo in purchase of ice machines( overpriced at P455 million in 2009.)
    61.$225-million overprice of Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC),…
    62.Successor sues Pichay over P2.3-B fund mess
    63.Noli De Castro P6.6 billion pesos Pag-ibig Fund scam.
    64.Arroyo execs pocket P15-B from bridge scam

    • nolram oniuqoid

       Magkano po lahat ang nawala sa kaban ng yaman dahil sa mga nakapost sa taas sir?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The Philippines is an occupied country since “Magellan”.

    Today only the Clergy, Dynasties and Trapos, 
    plus robbing and killings culture are the Spanish and US left over trashes.

    Its what the Clergy say “Our Traditional Cultural Moral Values” 
    the Churches inheritances run with Pajero’s, envelops for Gas, fat accounts for sustentation s,
    children’s molestations and rapes as fun for relaxing their sexual frustrations !

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Corruptions in the Philippines is so depression if you look at the financial angle. 
    The Filipino people was robbed, Filipino people spend millions or billions to chase after the criminals.  The justice system is also corrupt nobody was jailed. DFA can be bought, Bureau of Immigration is also corrupt.  Prisons are most corrupt.

    Congress and Senate are self serving and obvious cronyism is abundant.  Abundant on corruptions.

    Filipinos look at the big picture, we the ordinary Filipinos are the big loser. 

  • RomyLitz

    Please restore DEATH PENALTY.

  • Horst Manure

    Until you have a proper judiciary system with Uni trained lawyers and courts who have rules and regulations, and act like a court system ..forget about any thing.


    swift justice = vigilante

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PJTH3SHQU3B4TCUVRH2UXZCJDY Balahura

    How can you recover the money used in the so called “Malampaya Hotel” in Puerto Princesa?

  • elgeepee

    Sa governor’s office ng Palawan maraming kalokohan dyan. Ireview lang mga contracts diyan at ibackground check ang mga contractors maraming sasabit dyan. Andyan panga yong karamihan kasabwat. kaya walang duda pinatay si Doc Gerry.

  • kayumanggui46

    CVourt of Appeals na naman…ilang criminal na ang pinawawlan ng Court of Apperls..including Ping Lacson, Glenn Dumlao, Michael Ray Aquino in the Dacer-Corbito murder..dapat iabolish at ikulong yang mga CA jusrtices na yan…kung wlang kurap na hukom walang in justice…Ano ba PNoy, hindi mo yata kaya? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PJTH3SHQU3B4TCUVRH2UXZCJDY Balahura

    How can these guys afford to buy a yatch : SS Palawan?s 70-room luxury cruise ship  : with 500 guests includes: Guests included Bayani Fernando and wife Marides; designer Rudy Fuentes, Mayor Marjo Reyes and Larry del Rosario.
    (Link please change the word DOT to . (Tuldok ang ipalit sa DOT)http://showbizandstyleDOTinquirerDOTnet/lifestyle/lifestyle/view/20090718-216094/A-birthday-celebration-aboard-a-luxury-liner

  • pugadlawin

    If P-Noy is really serious about eradicating corruption, this is one case that needs to be concluded.

    The masterminds of Dr. Ortega’s death are obvious.

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