Brillantes lashes out at former Comelec colleague



Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Commission on Election (Comelec) chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. on Tuesday lashed out at critics of the automated election system, taking particular aim at his erstwhile colleague former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman.

Brillantes said Lagman and others pushing for an “open system,” (manual balloting combined with automated transmission and canvassing of elections results), “do not know what they are talking about.”

“Do they know the meaning of an open system? It’s easy to say that because those who are saying that do not understand elections. Maybe they have a business (interest) with (a) manual (system),” Brillantes said in an interview.

“If we go back to manual…there will be chaos about the elections returns because there would be preproclamation controversies. Lawyers will object and object—that was my job before—so the canvassing will not proceed. It will not be finished,” he added.

Initially, Brillantes did not name Lagman, a recognized IT (information technology) expert, in his tirade. He also said that the Comelec had already spent P1.8 billion to buy the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines.

“I feel bad when a former commissioner of the Comelec does the attacking. Those who are experts on automation are insisting on manual. I can’t understand that—an IT expert who wants to go manual,” Brillantes said.

Eventually, the Comelec chairman named Lagman as a main target of his tirade.

“It would be better if I’m clear that I’m talking about Commissioner Gus Lagman. Why is he insisting on manual when he does not understand the process (under a manual system)?” Brillantes said.

“Maybe he should visit us here. We really love you. Visit us here and we will all explain it. Don’t give out statements when you do not understand what is happening here,” he said.

“Don’t give statements about legal (issues). When it comes to the (legal issues regarding the fight between) Smartmatic and Dominion, I know a little more than you because I’m a lawyer. When it comes to IT, I won’t say I’m better than you but when it comes to legal, they should not go into that,” he added.

Last week, Lagman warned the Comelec that it could not use the previous certifications for the source code that would be used by the PCOS machines.

“You need to recertify it,” Lagman had said, adding that if Comelec used it without it being recertified, it would be violating the law.

Under the law, the source code or program to be used by the PCOS machines should be certified by a third party of computer experts.

The Comelec had designated the firm SLI Global to review the source code but its certification, according to Lagman, could not be released because Smartmatic had a falling out with its erstwhile corporate partner Dominion Voting System, whose approval is needed before the code could be released.

Lagman said that even if no enhancements were made, the Comelec still could not use the old software because its license had already expired.

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  • wawa2172

    I guess Brilliantes and Lagman should get their acts together. May punto rin naman si Lagman that the source code license have expired. What could be done is to renew the license of the firm providing the program to PCOS,

  • Dan

    Lagman was an appointee of gloria macapal arroyo, end of conversation, period

    • orly batallones

      No, he was an appointee of NOynoy… know your facts

    • speaksoftlylove

       Brillantes was the former lawyer of PNoy, FPJ, and the Ampatuan family and he admitted in his interview with Rappler that he always use dirty tactics. There you go, that’s clearly end of story, get it dogyot?

    • Ping Gonzales

       Tamong lagman na ito pinalusot na nga ninyo si zubiri at nakaupo pa ng kalahating termino ni koko eh ngayon balik din sa dati he he bakit sino naman ang palulusutin mo sa darating na halalan si zubiori uli he he

  • speaksoftlylove

    The problem is simple that is, the PCOS  electronic machine’s program is pirated and yet, Brillantes feign ignorance when he is aware of it since the start of this controversy. There is no way that the Comelec can renew the license because it not the Comelec who is the IT provider. It is Smartmatic and their license agreement with the owner of the technology in the name of the US based Dominion Voting Systems has expired in 2009. That is why Comelec cannot present the source code simply because there is no more license source code by Smartmatic. In short, the technology is pirated without the source code and any result by virtue thereof is illegal. Brillantes is supposed to be the brilliant lawyer yet he feigned ignorance this reality. The ultimate plan is simple, Comelec wants to rig the coming elections with this illegal technology.


    SETTLE the issue in a ring…..get Pac to referee it.  Kung sinong manalo magpapakain sa Jollibee…..yong talo, magbi-bigti kasama nung birduugo ng CagVal.

  • Rovingmoron

    Gus Lagman is calling to bringing back the manual balloting because that’s his expertise. He is ignorant about how the PCOS machines work. Without the PCOS machines, his favored candidates can mae dagdag-bawas modus operandi during the coming elections in May 2013. That’s how insensitive some of our public officials are. They don’t want to open their minds to modernity. Too sad.

  • eagleclaw101

    It would be greatly advantageous for the majority of the suffering
    Filipinos not to hold this forthcoming 2013 national election for the time
    being and instead get rid of this useless bicameralism and replace them with
    occupational career positions who will take care of the budget legislation
    without the need of allocating billion of pork barrel proven to be vain of
    chaotic contention of these hungry (vultures) I mean…legislators.                

  • Karabkatab

    ” Lawyers will object and object—that was my job before—so the canvassing will not proceed. It will not be finished,” he added.”… PERHAPS this country has too many lawyers already.  What we need are engineers, agriculturists and scientists  to make this country work silently but with greater impact.

  • justjarred

    Ako nga gusto yung nangyari sa US na sa umaga bumoto sa hatinggabi nalaman na ng publiko kung sino ang nanalo. Tapos pala yung iba dyan gusto nilang bumalik sa panahon nung 1986.

  • Barak_O

    who believe in source code certification?

    i think this lagman guy is not helping at all

    what will certification achieve?

    do you think enrile or maceda will hire some internet cafe technician to do dagdag bawas for them?

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Computerization is desired for fast results but not at the expense of accuracy. This is why in more advanced countries they revert back to manual system because of uncertainties of results. What Lagman and many others are proposing to the COMELEC is for a hybrid system where counting shall be simultaneously conducted by the computer and the BEI counting manually so that there will be no doubt as to the accuracy of the results. Transmission shall be automated for fast transmission but concerned parties can object if the transmitted results do not tally with the hard copies they received in the precinct level. Mahirap ba itong intindihin Chairman???

    • Darwin

      Who said COMELEC is forgetting about accuracy? Um-attend ka dapat nung dry run nila. Hindi dakdak ka ng dakdak. Sinabi na nga ni Chairman that parallel run (open system ang ginamit) will just create more compications dahil ang maggagaling na mga pulitiko natin magpaparecount nang magpaparecount pag natalo, kung manual lang nuon, may nagpaparecount, e di mas lalo na kung may manual at computerized version.

    • Handiong

      Name the specific “advanced countries” which reverted from automated to manual system.

      We did it in 2010. There was universal satisfaction with and acceptance of the results, except by the losing candidates (what do you expect?).

      Stop all these foolish objections.

  • joel genese

    Brillantes is much better than his predecessors.

    • Catherine

      agree po ako sa inyo. sinabi po ng hepe alam po niya ang gawain ng mga abogado.  kaya nga po nandiyan siya upang linisin. magtulungan na lang po tayo kaysa puro batikos.

  • Darwin

    Next election sana may abstain vote. What if kung wala talaga ibang pwedeng maiboto. Especially for senate, forced tayo to elect 13 new senators. E pano kung less than 13 lang ang desirable? Yung nangyayari ngayon, we are forced to elect the best among the undesirables just to complete the slate. Reason why nanjan sina Lapid, Sotto, etc.

  • generalproblem

    ang problema sa ating mga pinoy masyado tayong reklamador

    • Catherine

      talaga po.  sana po di na tayo ganito.  kaya po kay hina ng paglago ng ating bayan.  puro salita.  kung ang chairman po ng comelec ay ginagawa po ang lahat upang maayos ang alam na po niyang mga depekto noong abogado siya sa election, e di alam din po niyang ayusin.  bigyan na lang po natin siya ng pagkakataon.  sana po hwag nga pahirapan pa ang ating bayan. magtulungan na lang po.

  • Marshall

    Lagman cry baby ..dehins kase naconfirm..Sukat kalabanin ba naman ang matandang mandurugas…

  • symonwho

    Comm Brilliantes knows that there is a problem with the softwrae licensing since he proposed an escrow of $10m  in case Delaware judge rules in favor of Dominion. If Dominion does not agree, the Comelec  could very well be guilty of software piracy. Smartmatic is not telling the whole story
    to Comelec that Dominion officials have to come over to meet with Comm Brilliantes.

    The 2010  PCOS software had several changes since,  due to request by Comelec to correct deficiencies and for other enhancements. This new software with changes is so much different from the 2010 copy and have not been certified as required by law because the certifier refuses to do so without permisson by Dominion.

    Based on above, Lagman knows where he is coming from.

    There is no need to released the source code if it is certified. what should be release should be the test parameters and methodology so the local IT experts can review these.

    With digital signatures known only to BEI, it will place aditional protection against illegal transmission of results from hijacked PCOS machines  coupled with the use of jammers

  • Lagotka

    Gus Lagman always thought he was smart and special but all projects he handled were flops. He does not even stand close to the young guys in IT today.

    Tama si Chairman Brillantes, for Gus who is supposedly an IT expert advocating for manual is ridiculous. Gus is no legal mind, he just talks big always trying to impress everybody with his “smart talk” which really doesn’t make sense.

    Gus I suggest you  just sell computers. Stick to being a salesman. Stay away from Comelec, it is beyond you. Good you were not reappointed by PNoy.

  • $23257130

    gus lagman – bitter. pppppwwweeeehhh kadiri eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

  • farmerpo

    Manual counting! Coming from Gus Lagman, one wonders what he has ingested. I can imagine the scenario. Vote manually, Gus et al watches with CellPhones and or LapTops in every precint watching the whole proceeding. Transmitting n pictures of the counting to a central station in MetroManila. Very grand very expensive very profitable. Direct Data Transmission is too simple. Yes? With our technology today, each PCOS machine can even be connected to a central processing  hub anywhere in the Philippines. Results can even be stored in the CLOUDs if so desired. We can get there. Manual counting?  Past forward to the past.

  • dukaponte

    Ipagpatuloy ang computerized counting of votes para walang human intervention. Kahit na meron errors basta walang human intervention, fair na iyon sa lahat. Kasi lahat naman ng boto nila dadaan sa machine. Mabilis ang proclamation sa PCOS machine. Pagkatapos ng proclamation, doon na sila magreklamo kung ano ang problema nila. Magulo iyong manual at matagal ang proclamation dahil every step pwede sila mag object.

  • Mang Teban

    “That was my job before” declares Comelec chair Brillantes.
    With all candor, he has guts to say that lawyers of losing candidates will do everything to delay the proclamation of winners.
    I got to hand it to Brillantes. He knows how to stop plain kibitzers from disrupting the elections. He was on the other side of the fence when his job was to sidetrack the Comelec.
    Lagman may have all the good intentions to be perfectly assured that the PCOS machines are working fine. But, I think the issue of pending Delaware court’s decision has also been addressed by Brillantes with the alleged requirement of escrow on supplier of the software.
    So, it would be better if Lagman would do what he thinks will help the automation at his own expense and risk. Parallel canvassing may only cause more trouble than reduce errors.
    Errors and processing delays will happen in automation…but, we have to trust the Comelec that, to a scale of 1 to 10, we should hope that it performs at least 8 or 80% efficiency in the automated system. Going back to the manual canvassing is going back to hell where we see hapless teachers working up to the wee hours of the following day under threat of ballot snatching and tampering of BEI forms..Let us think and work together for a peaceful and faster canvassing of votes through the automated system. Losers will always find faults on others and not on themselves.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Sixto the white-haired clown losing his cool. That’s what happens when his sleigh of hand comes under public scrutiny and the tricks up his sleeve have been exposed. The 2013 PCOS-enabled electoral sabotage will be Sixto the white-haired clown’s most daring high-wire act. He might just pull it off and have the last laugh at the Filipino people. That’s if we let him get away with it. 

  • Komen To

    A supposedly IT expert recommending manual operation… Hmmm sounds fishy to me. Just imagine telling all ATM card holders to go to their banks, fill up withdrawal forms, just to withdraw cash in one day. Now tell me, is he really an IT expert? Government should investigate this guy how he got qualified into COMELEC as an IT Expert

  • Philcruz

    Have these two guys, Brillantes and Lagman, ever been invited together in one TV talk show.. and both will answer questions in public?  So that we can see who has more credible arguments.

  • JasonBieber

    We can’t help but wonder if the Comelec really knows what they are doing themselves.

    Usually when something is not working and you know it…you try and either fix it or replace it. What the Comelec has done is know about the problem, ignore it, wait till the last minute to address the problem and then still provide no solution to the problem.

  • Karabukov

    Mr. Brillantes will plow ahead and make do with what he’s got. Could he have anticipated Smartmatic’s legal troubles with Dominion? None of that matters at this point. The brilliant lawyer cannot just downplay Lagman’s legal arguments just because he’s no lawyer. He has to give him (and the public at large) legal reasons that make sense. Then he can get the IT experts, with or without Lagman, to make it work.

  • disqusted0fu

    When someone gets too defensive and lashes out, it’s only because he knows that there is something seriously wrong and its his responsibility to fix it. If Brillantes only made sure that there would not be any glitches in the PCOS machines and the elections per se, he need not stress out on this matter. He had three long years to do so but he instead chose to do noynoying

  • FreemindOnline

    If the bottom line is automated election. From voting, to transmission and canvassing.  Mr Gus Lagman must bring his concerns if it’s a major concern to higher authority or even the court. You don’t step on the foot of an old and respected figure with a track record in his/her field of expertise. It’s like questioning a well positioned ego. The ego may have good intentions but it is still an ego.

    Always remember that in a country like the Philippines, IT experts are not respected or even recognized like lawyers, doctors, or engineers. So this is a case of “you are the IT expert but I am a Lawyer running this show”.  And besides, lawyers are experts in making right wrong and wrong to be right — right!. It’s a matter of technicality.

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