Bishops marvel at DAR ‘sacred cow’


It seems that Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes is a “sacred cow” in the Aquino administration, an official of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said Tuesday.

Fr. Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action (Nassa), said the bishops were wondering how De los Reyes got to be “untouchable” despite his supposed failure to fully implement the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

“Why can’t the President drop him? It’s clear the Department of Agrarian Reform’s performance has been dismal. That’s why it’s puzzling why De los Reyes can’t be dropped. What kind of sacred cow is this?” said Gariguez in a Church-organized forum in Intramuros, Manila.

“If he remains deaf, that’s his big mistake. It only means the President himself has denied justice to the farmers. The President himself is the reason behind the (impending) failure of CARP,” Gariguez added.

Seventy-eight Catholic bishops, including Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, appealed in a letter to President Aquino for De los Reyes’ removal for his supposed mismanagement of CARP. The Palace, however, has chosen to defend De los Reyes.

“Almost all of our bishops are for an effective implementation of agrarian reform but it seems we’re facing a huge hurdle,” Gariguez said.

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  • bisdakis

    Confiscate all friar lands and distribute it to the landless!

    • Danilo Navarro

      natumbok mo bro…

    • Dong

      Tama ka dyan, at kapag na distribute na ang mga friar lands sa mga landless, mapapakinabangan ba ng mga landless and lupa na yun? May puhunan ba sila para ipambili ng seedlings, fertilizers, mayroon ba silang enough manpower para sakahin ang lupa? Hindi ba nag ending ay ibebenta din ng mga beneficiaries ang lupain na iyon at balik na naman sila sa pagiging landless? Hindi na bago itong scenario na ganito. Paano makaka-ahon sa kahirapan? Kayo baka may perfect solution kayo sa problemang ito?

  • Bayang_magiliw

    CBCP-Catholic Bishops and CRABS of the Philippines.

  • quirinomayer

    The Roman Catholic organization has been in this islands for almost 500 years. It’s leaders style themselves as the only authorities in morality and that they even presume to talk for God and yet Filipinos are one of the most immoral and corrupt people in the world. Clearly, these modern day Pharisees are dismal failures in their assumed duty of teaching Filipinos morality. Now here they come trying to tell the President of the Republic how to do his job!

    This preposterousness  and irony could only be possible in the bloated ego of Padre Damaso!

    • Danilo Navarro

      kasi nga mgayon lang hinde nasusunod ang gusto nila ..kaya yan lahat na ng puna inaabot ng gobierno..nabawi pa yung mga suv..hala kayo na

  • lostsoul808

    eto na nman mga obispo at nakikialam na nman sa gawaing gobyerno sangkatutak na obispo ang signatories samantalang si celdran nag iisa lang pinakulong na nila e me sense nman ung reklamo ni celdran against the church….

  • Platypus09

    They are for a good purpose on this one, for good governance.

    There has to be government critic that will impose checks and balances in our government, instead of just being deaf and mute.

    • brunogiordano

      “There has to be government critic that will impose checks and balances in our government, instead of just being deaf and mute.”

      Good point.

      Subalit kung ang critic ay ang mga obispo ng CBCP, never mind .

      Tuwing sila ay babatikos may hidden agenda sila para kanila lang kapakanan.

  • jinx

    As if there’s still an ounce of credibility left for these lying bishops. Bishops, you can fool the stupid man on the street, but not here on the thinking man’s turf.

  • Jane Tan

    Is it just me or is the CBCP butting into almost anything these days?

    • panhase

      That was exactly my thought also.
      I am waiting that one morning a bishop will tell me that I should eat something else for breakfast because they do not approve my choice of meal.

      • Mux

        Of course. Lent is coming soon. You will not be allowed meat on Fridays. :)

  • josefe38


    • Danilo Navarro

      he he he isa ka rin ba sa bishop.pag sumali si pnoy sa usap ng dar pipintasan pag hinde naki alam ganon ano ba bishop di na ba kayo titigil na isa batas ng hr stop na kayo

    • 33Sambuang2

      josefe, manahimik ka. pisot

  • Danilo Navarro

    hag na sanang may dumating na bagyo gaya ng pablo kundi kawawa ang mga pro rh kasi napapag usapan yan deborsiyo sa kanila isisisi yan gaya ng pablo pinasa daw rh bill nagalit si lord pinapunta si pablo sa pinas

  • 33Sambuang2

    mga kampon ni padre damaso, manahimik nga kayo. separation of church and state. di na kayo nagbabayad ng tax sawsaw kayo ng sawsaw sa gobyerno. unahin ninyong parusahan ang talamak na manyak and pedophiles na pari. 


    SACRED COW kasi HINDI nasunod ang gusto ng mga TNL na naka-sayang puti’t helmet.  SA katunayan, ang totoong SACRED COWS at BULLS ay yong mga naka-sayang puti….kahit na anong klaseng kababuyan ang gawin nila sa mga nadedenggoy nilang mamamayan, OKS lang.  Tulad ng pagnanakaw sa collection, pagkakaroon ng queridas, pag-aabuso sa mga batang lalaki na hindi ginagawa ng matinong tao, pagkakaroon ng anak/mga anak sa mga babaeng linalaro nila, at kung ano-ano pang kabulastugan na nagpapatunay lamang na yong mga TNL na pinagagawa nila sa mga sheeple nila ay SILA MISMO hindi ginagawa at pinapansin.

    SOBRA ang pagtingin nila sa SARILI nila na kapag may sumalungat sa gusto nila, sa JELL sigurado ang punta…..o, magiging sacred cow.  HOY, mga TNL…… kayo ay mga tunay na WHITE ELEPHANTS na tumatabo sa tao at ang kapalit ay mga numerong kapitolyo at besikulo na wala namang ibig sabihin maliban sa pagpapakita na may DIRECT LINE kayo sa diyos na ginagawa ninyo adlaw-adlaw sa misa na pagkatapos gawin ay hinahahyaan ninyong mag-isang nakakulong sa tinatawag ninyong tabernakulo.  Laking kabulastugan!  PSHAW!!!

  • Melvin

    Wala! Talo lang kayo sa RH bill. Kaya nagmamarakulyo kayo… Wala na rin kayong magagawa at batas na ang RH Bill. Kung ako sa inyo ay gagamit na rin ako ng contraceptives at condom para hindi kayo magkaroon ng anak sa pagkapari. Join na! Now na!!!

  • Guest

    Now this is where the Bishops got it all wrong. They certainly underestimated the important role Mr. Virgilio delos Reyes plays in our society. Looking at the broader picture, this DAR Chief can make or break our country. If this DAR Chief proceeds in discharging his sworn duties and does a good job at it, it’s just a matter of time before those who own vast tracks of land become dispossessed, disenfranchised and even displaced. Now that’s bad for those people whose way of life for centuries has been to rely on the fruits and toil of peasant farmers. Such people used to be called Illustrados a century or two ago and they even felt themselves a cut above the rest of us Indios. But they were certainly not regarded as equals by them Iberians, be it peninsulares or insulares. Today, many of them occupy high places in government, be it in the executive or the legislative or the judiciary. So before the Bishops go about demanding for what is actually a social revolution, they better think again. Knocking off the silver spoon of the ruling class is a very dangerous idea. Such ideas have been known to start civil wars and bloody upheavals.

    Simply put, DAR Chief Virgilio delos Reyes is not a sacred cow. He’s just protecting a sector of our society who feel entitled to be sacred cows. And believe it or not, the Bishops themselves are also sacred cows, for they too enjoy being worshiped by the people since forever.

  • The Overlord

    Gustong mag-resign ng mga paring to ang DAR secretary kasi pinapamigay nya na ang mga lupa ng simbahan. Hello! BPI preferred shares by the Roman Archdiocese of Manila! Check nyo pa sa SEC!

    Pa-epal kasi ang mga pari. Their influence has been waning. Kaya gusto nilang mag-ingay para nasa spotlight naman. Besides, why should the state listen to what the Church is speaking? Is the state beholden to the Church? Hindi naman ah. What did the Church CONCRETELY contribute in order to improve the lives of Filipinos? Mas effective pa nga ang CCT ng DSWD kesa weekly pamisa ni Father eh. Bagkus, hindi pa nagbabayad ng tax ang Simbahan pero they leech on everything the government provides. Talk about being greedy!

  • Fred

    Bishop, gusto mong mapakinggan ka ni PNoy?
    Magbayad ka muna ng buwis.
    Mga taxpayers ang boss ni PNoy.

    • panaloangtotoo2

      Kumikita ang maraming Obispo ng limpak-limpak tuwing sila ay naiimbitahan na mag-misa sa parokya, magblessing ng structure, mag-kumpil. Ilan sa mga kinikita nila ang napupunta talaga sa paglilinkod upang makaahon ang maraming naghihirap sa kanlang lugar!

  • brunogiordano

    “If he remains deaf, that’s his big mistake”

    Ano ang pinagkaiba ninyo sa bintang ninyo kay PNOY.

    Kayo mas BINGI sa nais ng tao.

    Iyan din ang malaki ninyong KAMALIAN.

    Kung nais ninyong mapagbigyan, matuto kayong magbigay sa mga nais ng mga nakakaraming

  • zeroko

     Let us accept it, we are a nation of slaves. We let our corrupt government monkey with our laws. We as Citizen is so adamant in participating with what has to be done. We mock or ridicule the very people who are fighting for our rights. So what do you expect from our government? Nada!
    These radicals or leftist knows better what is happening around us. Just imagine, many radical elements comes from U.P. and Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Many of the students who studies in these Universities came from the low income group who has great scholastic potential. It does not takes long before they realize that our government does not exist anymore to serve the people.but themselves.. They know that our government is not a democratic government but an Oligarchy type wherein the only ones who wins in the election are the very rich, a clique or vested few. 

    And this is the very core of problem why CARP is moving in a snail phase. Many  of the members of our Legislature are owners of Haciendas like our Filipino-Chinese President. And this is the reason why  Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes was appointed to his post by our President to mess up the issue of land reform. It looks like a tacit order from the our Filipino-Chinese President to delay the granting of land to until it hurts.  Come to think of it, the Hacienda Luisita case has already been decided by SC as FINAL AND EXECUTORY, yet, it is almost one year now, and still the Tenant farmers hasn’t yet received their share of the land. What kind of President do we have  who does not respect the decision of our highest Court? 

    We will never get justice as it should be from our government. In fact, our SC is also run by Filipino-Chinese and you can see that they turned down the petition against disqualifying the candidates that belongs to a political dynasty. Very obvious violation, but….. ay naku! Bulag ba ang SC natin na there is already a ban on nepotism under the Civil Service Commission, yet, SC is unable to discern that it is violating its very purpose, which is to respect the rules of CSC?

    From a perspective, I think that as long as Filipino-Chinese controls our government, mind you, our country will never get of the ground.

    Do not believe that our country has finally going to be an emerging tiger. No sir. The only reason we have the 6.6% GNP is because of the OFW remittances and the infrastructural projects. And this does not represent real growth. After the infrastructures runs dry, our government has nothing more to boost upon. Very temporary ang figure na 6.6% Kung baga, our so called progress is only in the mind. Poor people are still poor, that’s what….and there are millions of them around.

  • zeroko

    Mantakin mo, very choosy si PNoy the spoiled brat. Everyone was clamoring to pass the FOI bill, and he he he he. Absent na naman ang mga kumag na Congressman! Hayop. 

    O, gusto ba ninyong e-halal na naman ang mga tamad pomasok at mga bolerong Congressman natin? Tandaan ninyo, the budget  to maintain our congress is staggering, it’s so big! Each Legislature, I suspect in Senate and Congress has a P2.2 million/month MOOE or Maintenance Operation and Other Expenses,  and this is aside from their pork barrel. Anak ng tinapa! Absent sila noong paguusapan na ang FOI? This construed that they really do not want the public to demand Transparency, which is very important in a Democratic form of government. Kung sabagay, I already said that we are in an Oligarchy form of government kung saan walang accountability ang mga Fiipin-Chinese sa gobyerno natin.

    Tandaan ninyo, magagaling ang mga kumag na Legislature natin, magagaling magtalumpati. But what about their performance? O, absent? O, pinamimigay lang ni amoy lupa ang P600 thousand at P1.6 million bilang bonus! Haypo! Kawawa talaga is Juan de la Cruz. He he he. O, si Maceda, pumasok na naman bilang Senate Candidate.  Daming nangyayaring hindi tama sa gobyerno natin..

  • regd

    99% of the bishops give all the rest a BAD NAME!

  • brunogiordano

    Mga bishops lang naman ang mga iyan, huwag ng pansinin.

    Mga pangulo lang ang mga iyan at wala naman wawa ang mga sinasabi.

  • tata_boy

    Sana ipamudmod din ang lupain ng simbahan dahil di naman nila pinaghirapan iyan, napasakamay nila ang mga lupain dahil sa mga kastila.

  • nes911

    Ang simbahan ang the biggest landowner sa pinas. Bukod pa rito ang individual landholdings ng bawat obispo. Calling the dar sec… i-land reform ang mga ito.

  • Philcruz

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the bishops’ most beloved sacred cow of all? The Paper Bag Queen. Pay her a visit at St. Luke’s or at the VMMC.

    You want to start a battle on the moral front, better look in your front yard first. There’s a lot of sacred cows in your midst which have offended little boys and you haven’t asked them to leave their position. And you have not charged them in court for their despicable acts.

    Moral ascendancy?!

    For a sector who doesn’t pay taxes, this smart aleck group is awfully noisy.

    • Alfred A

       stop protecting your landlord Pnoy.. Agrarian reform is for the masses for the Filipino people.. Pnoy should not protect his interest.. Hacienda Luisita if he is true to his Daang Matuwid…

  • Harry

    The President’s inaction will only lead many people to guess that Virgilio is installed for the sole  purpose of protecting Hacienda Luisita’s interests.  

  • bgcorg

    Social justice and equity is the objective of social legislation in the distribution of lands to qualified citizens of government.  It is an effort that the government is committed by law to implement.  But, “justice delayed is justice denied” and thus maneuvers to delay its proper implementation is an act of injustice to those protected by law.  Daang matuwid?

  • carlcid

    Obviously, DAR Secretary de los Reyes is there NOT to implement land reform. What would one expect from a landlord president? Watch as the Hacienda Luisita Supreme Court verdict gets overturned!

  • legislex

    A lot of advantages had been trumpeted to extend the agrarian reform law.  A few people know, however, that it has also caused the retardation of our economy.  In some areas like Sta. Rosa, prices of land for development are stalled because of people pretending to be farmers asking for large amounts of money after surreptitiously entering properties intended to be developed.  Costs of developments are also substantially increased because a developer has to submit 72 requirements with thirteen different government agencies (NIA, DA, DENR, HLURB, barangay, municipality/city, SRA, PCA, MARO, PARO, LBP, NAMRIA and ROD) before it can be allowed to develop their properties.  

    Also, many large landowners are no longer keen in cultivating their lands because of fear that it will be subjected to CARP coverage and they will just be paid a pittance. As a result of that, hundreds of thousands of land are left idle instead of being utilized for agricultural production.  Large investors refuse to engage into manufacturing agricultural products for lack of vast track of land that can assure them of regular supplies of raw materials.  In general, business-minded individuals refuse to invest in agricultural production because they cannot expand their business if ever it becomes successful.  

    CARP has been given a chance.  Millions of hectares had been distributed to farmers.  It is about time that we end to this scheme in order to promote growth in our agricultural and real estate sectors.

  • Philcruz

    It is no secret that the Catholic Church in the Philippines is wracked by so much strife among its clergymen. They should heal themselves first before they try to heal others.

  • Night

    obvious naman gusto ni Pwenoy isang inutil ang nasa DAR para hindi magalaw ang hacienda niya!

  • Alfred A

    The answer Hacienda Luisita…..

    • virgo57

      Alfred A you overlook the vast tract of CBCP landholding and tax free should be distributed rather than Hacienda Luisita. I hope you are not myopic.

      • Night

        asaan ang vast land holdings?????? puro ka satsat show evidence… also hindi naman “landlord” ang Simbahan compared to your Hacienderos

      • Dan

        another pagan CBCP defender, hoy Night hwag ka magkaila na nakipagsiksikan ka sa feast of Nazarene, halos madurog pyang hendot mong katawan mahipo mo ang isang statue na gawa ng kahoy, intindihin mong mabuti ang bible, edyot

      • Night

        i’m not a fanatic catholic but i am also not an uto uto Pwenoy believer like you… 

        UTO UTO

      • akongednamzug

        Brod hindi CBCP defender si Night. Isa siyang tao na walang tuwid na pag-iisip kaya hindi niya matanggap ang matuwid na daan na sinasabi ni pnoy.

    • Dan

      another motherf*cking edyot- a GMA fanatic making stopid blog

      • Alfred A

         You resort to name calling since the truth hurts…….

    • magiting78

      I must agree with you..I am not funnatic of Pnoy nor PGMA but I guess u had a point may posibleng agenda c Pnoy…

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    They are marveling, they are wondering, and they are puzzled, the Damasos are. Maybe we have discovered something this time. 

    Maybe this is the reason why the Damasos are always off-target, why they are always on the wrong side of the circle. If you are constantly in these state, wondering, marveling, and is puzzled, you will not be able to comprehend what is in front of you, you will not be thinking before you blurt out something from your mouth. You will always be apprehensive about everything, your thoughts will  only be about what was fed to you since the time of the Inquisition and that’s persecution. 

    We know smaller brains in this state of ignorance should not be disturbed, more so not to be engaged in whatever way while in that hallucinating state. We know the better thing to do is to turn our backs and leave. Leave them alone and hope they leave us alone too.  

    Well, before leaving, should we not marvel, should we not wonder, should we not be puzzled: Why aren’t these Damasos paying their taxes? 

  • virgo57

    The CBCP heirarchy who are living in a glass house should not stone his neighbors otherwise the crack of big magnitude will happen at their own abode. These super hypocrite crusaders for land distribution to bogus farmers and parasites should start at the premise of Catholic vast tract of land holding which they have to subdivide among the landless kuno. Puro ngakngak at panggatong pero sila mismo na sobra sobra at tax free pa ni centimeter wala man Lang binigay. Mga hipokrito!

  • ever green

    CBCP is worse than the NPA and the leftist. Totoong matagal ng palpak ang CARP pero ang pinaka maingay ay ang CBCP. Bakit kaya?????

  • Dan

    stop meddling you c*cksucking CBCP
    where was your loudmouth when GMA was president ha?
    its because your cash-starving mouth was stuffed with pajeros and perks
    get the f*ck out of here, you filthy bishops

    • butchred

       kapatid kahit konti man lng Igalang mo naman sila!

      • Dan

        youre right, i lost my cool, but in recent months these bishops are going out of bounds, by incessant attacks against ths administration while during the time of GMA we hardly heard from them

    • magiting78

      Parang sinabi mo na ring guilty si GMA s mga kasong ipinukol s kanya?…Hnd pa tapos ang kaso…pag napatunayan sa korte n sya ay may sala cguro marapat lang ang iyong sinabi…Pano kung hnd sya guilty? Ibig sabihin tama ang simbahan sa hnd pagtuligsa ki GMA kc walang silang nakitang pagkakamali at hnd dahil sa sinasabi mong SUV…

  • James McTangay

    From COMELEC to DAR… what’s next for these cone heads?

  • Dan

    Hoy mga hendot na bishops, yung mga bank deposits in various banks e distribute nyo muna sa mga landless tinamaan kayo ng lintik bagoayo magpakitang gilas mg hipocrito

  • vanessa canto

    Why does the Church always butt in to the political agenda? They should really start pointing out their own errors. I am so disappointed.

    • magiting78

        Because they are part of the society gnun lang kasimple yun…Bigyan kita ng isang halimbawa…Sa Roma ang Vatican ay hnd parti ng sosyodad ng Rome or Italya bagamat nasa loob sila nito..Ano man gawin ng Roma or Italya ay hnd sila nakikialam sa pagkat meron silang sariling sosyodad sa loob ng Vatican…Ngaun sa atin sino-sino ang mamayan sa atin cno ang malaking porsyento hnd ba mga katoliko? Bilang taga pangalaga nila oblisgasyon nila n gumawa ng hakbang laban s bagay n sa tingin nila n makakasama sa kanilang hanay…
       Ngaun nsa pamahalaan n lamang ang desisyon kung pakikinggan nila ito o hnd..Halimbawa ang RH Bill tutol ang simbahan d2 subalit nakita ng pamahalaan nakailangan ito para sa ikabubuti ng mas nakakarami katoliko man o hind ay isinulong nila…May nagawa ba ang pag tutol ng simbahan di ba wala….dito makikita p din natin ang sinasabing hiwalay ng simbahan at gobyerno..

  • Yobhtron

    Reklamo ng reklamo ang CBCP. Sila kaya ang isa sa mga meron pinaka malaking lupain sa Pilipinas. Hoy Federasyon ng mga Phedophiles, ipamigay niyo muna ang mga lupain niyo sa masang Pilipino na kinamkam niyo noon panahon ng Kastila.

  • Babyloy

    Ang CBCP kasi parang hindi alagad ng diyos ang mga pinagsasasabi at pinag-gagagawa, porket walang lagay sa kanila ang administracion ni Pnoy puro pintas ang maririnig mo sa kanila pero noong panahon ni Gloria wala man lamang tayong narinig sa kanila kahit kaliwa’t kanan ang ginawang kawalanghiyaan sa gobyerno natin. Huwag naman sana kayong kampon ni JEZEBEL dahil pag nagkataon PUGUT ULO NYONG LAHAT.

  • akongednamzug

    Hindi kaya ma-bankcrupt si GMA? Walang tigil ang pagbatikos ng mga obispo sa kasalukuyang administrasyon.

  • Pitbulldog

    Everyone knows who is the sacred cow.  Nothing has been heard of HLI distribution ever since P-noy waved his magic wand and banished his enemy from the SC.  Don’t be too complacent P-noy that the poor farmers will just allow you to take your time and fool them with your shallow excuses everytime this issue is raised.  You will be facing a much bigger problem later when you run out of excuses and theirs, their patience.

    • Babyloy

      Si Pnoy parang sya ang alagad ni LORD kaya sinuswerte na ang Pilipinas.

  • Dan


    • Alfred A

       WARNING… Don’t awaken the sleeping giant…..

    • magiting78

      Bakit claim ba ng simbahan n may catholic vote? Sa katoliko ay malaya ang mga tao n mamili sila ng iboboto nila hnd tulad ng iba dyn pag sinabi ng pamunuan na ito iboto natin…kahit masama ang loob ng mga tao iboboto nila…

  • Dan

    Many of the clergies are homos, badengs, well, they are human too

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Anong kinalaman sa usapin CARP ang iyong mga paratang sa mga obispo?aminin kasi na mahina din si BS aquino sa pagkunsinti niya kay delos reyes…

    • Alfred A

       Same with the current administration many “closet”……

    • jeray

      Parang ikaw lalaki. E para kang babae kung dumakdak. At parang animals… hehehe

    • magiting78

      Parang ikaw lang beki..badap….Ang layo ng argumento mo sa issue…

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Sa tutoo lang,ang isyu dito ay ang kahinaan sa implementasyon ng CARP…kaya hinihingi ang ulo ni Ginoong Delos Reyes na kinukunsinti naman ng pangulo ng mga dilaw!!!!

    Hindi maintindihan ng mga maka-dilaw iyon!!

  • pikloy

    Bishops marvel at DAR ‘sacred cow’….Says who the “holy Greedy’s “

  • willbillywilly

    CBCP, watch your members first before castigating others

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Ibig sabihin ba ng iyong pangungusap ay lahat na lang tayo ay mananahimik sa mga ganitong isyu dahil lahat tayo ay makasalanan?

      Wala na ba tayong karapatan pumuna ng mali kung ito naman ay may batayan??

      Mukhang mas lalong kasalanan ang magbubulag-bulagan na lang sa mga ganitong isyu!!!

      • brunogiordano

        Ang unang dapat pumuna kung may kamalian man ang DAR ay ang mga FRAMERS at FARM WORKERS dahil sila ang mga pagunahin mga tao na apektado nito.

        Hindi ang mga OBISPO na CBCP.

        Kaya OBVIOUS na nakikita ng marami na may hidden agenda ang mga OBISPO at hindi talaga kapakanan ng mga FARMERS ang kanilang pinaglalaban.

        BISTADO na ang mga kasinugalingan ng mga OBISPO at hindi na dapat pagkatiwalaan.

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Kung madadaan lamang po kayo sa kahabaan ng Circle,Q.C. kung saan anduon ang tanggapan ng DAR ay makikita mo na duon na gumawa ng pansamantalang tirahan ang mga magsasaka upang kondenahin si Delos REyes!!!!

        Bagamat may ilan obispo na sinungaling tulad ng sinasabi nyo pero nakatitiyak ako na mas maraming politiko at mga pinuno natin ngayon ang mas sinungaling at hindi dapat pagkatiwalaan!!!! SANG-AYON PO BA KAYO DUON?

      • willbillywilly

         Sabi ng dyos “you see the speck in their eyes but you do not see the log in your eye” Bago sila mghusga tignan mula ng CBCP sarili nila. dami nila kasalanan at ng mamalinis. bakit di nila pamigay mga lupain nila. bakit di nila ipagbenta mga shares of stock nila at ipangtulong sa mga nghihirap. wag kang mgbulagbulagan at alam mo rin itong mga katarantaduhan ng mga  obispo mo. ano ba nagawa ng mga tuta mong bishops sa maralita? kay gloria mo may nagawa sila dahil nakatanga sila ng suv

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Wala akong nabasa sa balita na sinabi ng mga opbispo na sila ay malinis at ang gobyerno ay hindi…ang tanging lamang hiling ay alisin sa puwesto ang inaakala nilang hindi epektibong pinuno…iyon lang po!!! may problema po ba duon?

        Iyan ang mali sa ilan natin kababayan…kadalasan ay “Hangal” ang mamamayan sa pagsuporta sa isang iniidolo kahit hindi naman epektibo!!!

      • willbillywilly

         ang sinasabi ko lang wag sila mghusga ng iba dahil mos makasalanan sila at bakit sa panahon ni gma tahimik sila dahil nasindak sila sa mga suv

      • magiting78

        Nabubulagan ka kaibigan ang iyong tinuringan ay pawang tsimis at paninira lamang ng ibang relihiyon…Tama may mga nag kakasala din sa kanila subalit ang lahatin cla ay isang pagkakamali….tulad ng sinabi mo bago mo alisin ang muta sa mata ng iyong kapwa linisin mo muna ang sa iyo….bakit hnd k manalamin kapatid….

      • willbillywilly

         wag kang mgbulagbulagan o sinasadya mong mg bulagbulagan lang o talagang tanga ka lang dahil alam ng lahat iyan at ikaw lang ang ngiisang dinakakaalam

      • magiting78

        Hnd ako nag bubulagbulagan at hnd rin ako tanga…subalit dapat ba nating lahat cla..ang pagkakamali ba nang isa o dalawa, tatlo ay pagkakamali n nang lahat????…Kung tinuringan mo na tanga ako at bulag..Pilipino ako, pilipino ka ibig sabihin lahat taung pilipino bulag at tanga?….
          Tanungin mo sarili mo sa buong angkan mo ba walang bulag at tanga???? Tanungin mo ang sarili mo at subukan mo magi matapat sa iyong sarili…Nakikita nyo ang pagkukulang ng mga kaparian, ang iyong pagkakamali at kaimoralan ng mga kaparian ang iyong sariling kaimoralan nakikita mo?…

  • virgoyap

    Whom are they going to replace de los Reyes? I think it’s the most logical way.

  • Meow Ming

    Distribute and tax all the friars land !

    • gikiness

       tama idistribute na ang mga friar lands na yan sa mga magsasaka

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Dito sa usapin ito ay sumasang-ayon ako…katungkulan din nila pasilungin ang ating mga kababayan na walang matuluyan… 

    • magiting78

      Meron pa bang mga prayle ngaun, meron pa bang mga enkomyendero ngaun…sang lugar merong friars..?

  • brunogiordano

    “Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program of 1988 (CARP) is a Philippine state policy of agrarian reform that ensures and promotes welfare of landless farmers and farm workers, as well as elevation of social justice and equity among rural areas. CARP was established by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988 (CARL) which aimed for a nation with equitable land ownership and empowered agrarian reform beneficiaries while, at least, improving social lives.”

    Ang CARP ay para sa welfare ng mga landless farmers and farm workers, bakit ang mga OBISPO ang masyadong maingay at nangagalaiti sa DAR.

    Kung may mga reklamo tungkol sa CARP ang dapat lang kausapin ng DAR ay ang mga FARMERS at FARM WORKERS dahil sila ang mga sangkot.

    Maliwanag na ang mga OBISPO ay mga miron lang sa usapin CARP at hindi dapat bigyan ng ano man pansin.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Bagamat may ilang obispo na tiwali,katungkulan pa din ng mga ito na pangalagaan nila ang kanilang kawan!!! Kaya’t malaki ang karapatan ng mga obispo na ituwid ang mali para sa kapakanan ng nakakarami…

  • Bert

    Haven’t the CBCP heard of the word KKK, the untouchables?

    • gikiness

       havent you heard SUVs? the bribes

      • magiting78

        If you have proof show them and file case…

      • Bert

        YES! I also have heard about it. And I also heard that JUICO, the PCSO Head has herself APOLOGIZED to the bishops on the wrong accusation. In fact, the bishops have wanted to return the vehicles but which Juico and Pnoy refused to accept. Anything more you have heard?

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Hindi suhol iyon…napatunayan mismo sa pagdinig sa senado na hindi suhol iyon!!!

  • ADD

    Tax all religious groups to attain 2Billion BIR collection.

    Kung matino ang Roman Catholic Church dito sa Pinas ay dapat payagan nilang magkaron ng tax ang lahat ng religious entities sa pinas. Ika nga sa bibliya nun panahon ni Jesus ay dapat magbayad ng tax.  

    • RubenC

      Don’t blame the bishops nor the government, blame our constitution!

      • Bert

        Indeed. What are our congress and senate doing, pass the bill, NOW NA!

    • magiting78

      Ask the Legislative to pass a bill seeking to tax the churches…nasa konstitusyon natin yn…ito ay ipinatupad nung panahon ni Cory…hnd mo ba napansin simula nun ang daming mga relihiyon or sekta n nag sulputan ginawang negosyo…

    • Marco

      weird! kung ang mga private companies nagkakaroon ng mga tax exemptions dahil sa mga mga kawang gawa nila siguro magbabayad pa ang gobyerno ng pilipinas sa sobrang daming natulungan ng mga relihiyon (hindi lang katoliko) sa pisikal at espiritwal na pangangailangan ng mga tao. 

  • Roy Rosales

    for heavens sake,and for the nth time, the cbcp mafia,should refrain from interfering with state affairs.many filipinos are fed up with their actuations.why dont they just concentrate on solving their hidden crimes like sexual harassments,pedophiles.priest with 1

    • Marco

      karapatan din po nila magsalita pilipino din sila kagaya mo.

  • Htee

    Fr. Edu….akala ko ba masama ang mag name calling(scarecrow)….baka hindi kayo maging BISHOP….EPAL

  • RubenC

    My dear and respected bishops, let me preach to you. In Matthew Chapter 7 verse 3. our LordJesus said, “You hypocrite, why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Do I need to explain what he meant?
    Why don’t you criticize constructively by not attacking the de los Reyes but suggesting solutions to the problems that make agrarian reform a failure. Why don’t you be part of the solution and not the problem?

  • an_insect

    Remember that PNOY has a Cojuangco blood running through his veins…if you know what I mean

    • magiting78

      Corrupt and opportunist…

  • gikiness

    hindi na kasi nareregaluhan ng SUV’s ang mga bishops na ito di gaya noong panahon ni Gloria sa sagana sila sa bribes.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Maaring tama ang paratang mo kabayan…

      Ngunit suriin natin mabuti,hindi ba sinibak ni BS aquino sa puwesto ang sekretaryo ng turismo (Alberto Lim) nuon sa dahilan mahina ito.ito ay ayon mismo kay BS aquino…kaya ngayon ay kinukuwestiyon ng mga obispo ang pananatili ni Delos Reyes sa DAR sa dahilan hindi naman talaga epektibo ang nabanggit na pinuno!!!

      Nagtataka lamang ako sa inyo kung bakit nanggagalaiti kayo sa galit sa mga obispo ganuon may basehan naman ang kanilang hiling at para naman sa mga magsasaka ito!!!

      Kasalanan pa din ito ng MEDIA…masyado nilang prinotektahan ang imahe ni Haring BS aquino kaya akala ng marami ay mahusay at matino ito!!! Kayo naman,may politiko ba sa Pilipinas na matino???

      • magiting78

        Tama c Pnoy ay mahinang presidente walang desposisyon…medyo mahusay lang ang kanyang PR man kaya nanatiling maganda ang kanyang approval rating pero kung susuriin nating mabuti kung ano ang nagawa nya…lagpak sya…kung grado sa kolihiyo 5.0

      • scorpio15

        Palitan mo nga ang Presidente magiting78 para magiging Magiting ang Lahat.

      • magiting78

        Well I am not qualified lamang lang ako s kanya ng konti..grade ko cguro 4.5 hehehe bagsak p din…Cno kaya ang susunod n presidente n makakatulong sa bayan..definetly not Binay nor Roxas….sana may umusbong na mahusay at tapat sa bayan at hnd personal agenda ang unahin…

      • gikiness

         nag alinlangan ka pa eh balitang balita yan

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Nais ko lamang na paalalahanan ka na Hindi kumo ibinalita ay tutoo…Hindi regalo iyon gaya ng iyong ipinararatang..iyon ay ibinigay upang gamitin ng mga obispo sa kanyang mga nasasakupan at ito ay pinatunayan nuong pagdinig sa senado!!! Hindi ba nagalit pa ang mga senador sa ilang kaalyado ni BS aquino dahil sa maling akusasyon…Iba ang regalo,ang ibig sabihin ng regalo sa usapin ito ay pansariling gamit ng mga obispo na pinatunayan naman na hindi pala!!!

  • Platypus09

    Priests are not the issue here.

    It is something an issue that we know already. Why is it difficult to understand?

    Attacking the priests who are not the issue is being lame and unintelligent. It is the guy from DAR who is not doing his job.

    To those who keep on attacking the priests, you are wasting your time because you are getting nowhere. They are here to stay as stewards of the faithful, underprivileged and marginalized. They have been with us for centuries and they are not going nowhere, and they are not just going to be blind and deaf.

    Too bad, they are getting more popular now than your liberated Born-against Christian pastors who don’t belong in a conservative country like the Philippines.

    • magiting78

      Yan ang sinasabi ko…kahit saang panig nang mundo ang stand ng simbahan ay iisa if it is against the teaching of the church they will go against it..problema lang sa karamihan sa atin ginagawang issue yung mga pari…they don’t focus on the real issue…

    • brunogiordano

      Ang mga pagunahin sangkot sa usapin ng CARP ay mga FARMERS at FARM WORKERS.

      Bakit mga pari at obispo ang nagugunang bumatikos sa DAR.

      Dapat ang mga FARMERS at FARM WORKERS ang maguna sa pag atake sa DAR dahil ito ay laban nila.

      Kung nais suportahan ng CBCP ang mga FARMERS at FARM WORKERS sila ay hindi dapat nasa FRONT. Sa katunayan ang magagawa lang nilang suporta ay pinagdasal ang pinaglalaban ng mga FARMERS at FARM workers dahil hindi naman sila sangkot sa problema sa CARP.

    • brunogiordano

      “in a conservative country like the Philippines.”

      Paniwala lang iyan ng mga maka-DAMASO.

      Sa kasalukuyan ang nakakaraming mga PILIPINO ay PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL THINKING na.

      Proof – 82 plus per cent ng mga PILIPINO ay pro-RH.

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Tignan mo din ang kabilang panig…sa Bayan natin,mahigit din 85% ang katoliko na iyong tinutuligsa!!!

      • brunogiordano

        “… Bayan natin,mahigit din 85% ang katoliko na iyong tinutuligsa!!!”

        Hindi ko tinutuligsa ang mga katoliko per se tulad ng pagtuligsa ng ibang poster na tila membro ng ibang religion.

        80 per cent plus na mga katoliko ngayon ay mga PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL na. Kung tawagin ng mga OBISPO ay cafeteria Catholics at paminsan minsan tinatawag na mga PEKENG katoliko.

        Kung may tinutuligsa man akong mga katoliko ay iyong mga CONSERVATIVE/FUNDAMENTALIST at FANATICONG mga.katoliko.

        At hindi ang nakakaraming PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL CATHOLICS.

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Wala naman sigurong masama kung ang isang tao ay maging panatiko sa kanyang pinaniniwalaang relehiyon? Ang sa aking lamang ay suriin natin kung ano ang hinaing ng mga obispo at huwag natin husgahan agad sila na para bang wala na silang karapatan pumuna o bumabatikos sa pamahalaan!!! tao din ang mga obispong ito na may sariling opinyon at paninindigan.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      where are they helping the poor i live among  where women have 10 children or more and they havent gotten 1 piso from the church. my wife has family in 2 mountain villages and they are now protestant because they asked the church to help them when children were sick and dying from dengue fever. the protestants gave them money so the children could enter the hospital. maybe they help in the cities but not here. im not attacking im telling facts

      • Crazy_horse101010

        should have proofread. i live among the poor things are so bad many children live on coconut milk instead of real milk because their mothers cant produce any.or their breastfeeding 2 or more kids at the same time. the born agains arent the ones who are attacking the government every day. read your own papers. i have had parents come to me wanting to give me or have me buy their children. hundreds of kids here dont go to school because of no money

      • Julianito

        ask for milk from the proponents of the RH Bill especially those in the Congress before purchasing condoms worth billions of pesos for distribution to poor people. Milk for body nourishment is more important than plastic condoms.

  • edleon

    Sana mag set ng example ang mga DAMASO at i-distribute nila yung mga malalaking lupain na pag-aari ng simbahan at mga obispo… walk the talk di po ba?

  • Platypus09

    The Damasos happen to be Filipinos, like you and me.

    There are other versions of Damasos too in other denominations. They are everywhere, not going anywhere.

    Their lands are legalized and will not go to anybody.

  • Marco

    mali ata pagkakaintindi ng mga tao dito sa balita na ito. wala naman sa pangalan ng tinatawag nilang “damaso” ang lupa nila kundi sa simbahan/relihiyon/denominasyon. 

  • luzviminda88


  • fox

    it’s not only DAAR Sec de los Reyes who acts like sacred cow. SSS President de Quiros is also acting like SSS is his family’s personal kitty.  Ask any SSS employee you might know.

  • jjammess

    Here they are again. The bishop should focus on their job and not meddle on something else. The church is suppose to be our moral guardian and they have failed in their job bcoz we are a morally bancrupt country. Try leaving your things anyplace specially in a catholic school for 30mins and you won’t see it again. We are 85% catholic country and bishop you have failed us. Maybe that’s why you are meddling in everything to cover up your own failure.


    Since they want to change the way Govt. is being run,give the CBCP a seat in the Bureau of Corrections.good place to start

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    ptttng inamo damaso wag mo hawakan ang gobyerno sa leeg!!

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