Another petitioner loses fight vs political dynasties


ANTIDYNASTY MOVEMENT Members of a group against political dynasties stage a rally at the Commission on Elections to call for the disqualification of the children of government officials running for senator in the May elections. The Supreme Court earlier denied a petition to compel the Comelec to ban members of political dynasty from running in the May elections. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

MANILA, Philippines -The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed another petition that sought to ban political dynasties in the Philippines.

In an en banc (full court) session, high court justices said they cannot compel the House of Representatives and Senate to pass a law that would define “political dynasties.”

“[Ricardo]Penson petition for mandamus on political dynasties denied for same reason as the Biraogo petition,” the high court’s Public Information Office said in a text message.

The high court last month threw out Louis “Barok” Biraogo’s petition asking that it compel the Commission on Election to enforce the prohibition against political dynasties.

The high court said, since there is no enabling law, Comelec cannot be compelled to enforce the prohibition.

Senatorial candidate Ricardo Penson, on the other hand, wants the high court to compel both the Senate and the House of Representatives to enact a law that would prohibit political dynasties.

In a 20-page petition, Penson said while the 1987 Constitution, particularly Section 26 prohibits political dynasties, such provision is not self-executing thus there need to be a law enacted to define “political dynasties.”

However, Penson said it has been over 20 years since the Constitution took effect, but the chambers of Congress have yet to enact a law against political dynasty.

But still, the high court, in reiterating its ruling on Biraogo, said mandamus is not applicable on the Penson petition. It noted that mandamus is applicable only to ministerial duties. Ministerial duties refer an act or duty which an officer or tribunal performs in a given state of facts, in a prescribed manner, in obedience to the mandate of a legal authority.

“Essential, therefore, to its issuance is a clear legal right of petitioner to the thing demanded and an imperative duty on the part of the respondent to perform the act required, which do not obtain in this case,” the high court said.

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  • virgoyap

    Yehehhhhhhh! Mabuhay tayo!!!!

    From: Binay, Estrada, Enrile!!!

    • boldyak

      and conjuacos, cayetanos

    • magiting78

      From Revilla’s, Abalus, Eusebio, Osmena’s, Gordon’s, Yuson’s, Aquino’s..Mabuhay ang saligang batas…Mabuhay ang mga dinastiya….lolz

  • prangka

    Paano mapapataob ang dynasty kung magkabilang kampo meron sila. May batas tayo ngunit bungi.

  • AntiAko

    I think we should then ask the supreme court on how we can force the senate and congress to pass the enabling law.  It is the duty of the houses of congress to ensure that the constitution is followed to the letter. Surely, there must be something that can be done to force them to move their butts…

  • Vincent

    Government offices, from the presidency to town councilman,  are gold lodes. The Philippine Senate and Congress, especially, are coveted seats whose target prize is the pork barrel. Remove the yearly gigantic appropriations and there will be less senatorial and congressional election candidates, much less from those which political dynasties are formed. These dynasties field their own candidates from their clans to secure more power and money; that’s obvious, no ifs and buts and hypocritical promises from them. It’s win and get rich. The more they can clannishly inundate the government with sisters, brothers, nephews, cousins uncles, neighbors, dogs, cats and rats, the more they can be sure of winning more seats in the next election–and the chance to get filthy rich! So political dynasties are here to stay whether we like it or not,  and so will F^ck-ups! for the citizenry, too!!


  • Jess

    The Supreme Court is asking for the impossible. You cannot enact a law against your own interests. That is what the SC  wants, the House and the Senate to enact a law against political dynasties. How can that happen? When most if not all of our lawmakers have political dynasties. So, how do we proceed? 

  • generalproblem

    well ang problema yung mga botante. kung ayaw nila ng dynasty eh di wag nila iboto

    • pubringjuandelacruz


      • INQ415

        pano mga ghost voters? paborito nun mga trapo at political dynasties

  • Fred

    Daanin nyo na lang sa boto!

  • divictes

    Catch 22 for real.

  • Mang Teban

    The denial of the petitions by the Supreme Court is probably based on the doctrine of “equal branch” for the Executive, Legislative & Judiciary.
    If this is so, it is apparent that the provision in the Constitution prohibiting family dynasties can only be implemented if Legislative acts to make an enabling law.Since 20 years have passed, the prohibition is doomed to be kept under the rug forever, except when the people will move cohesively to remove the obstacles.Mobilizing people for another PPR (People Power Revolt) is ideal but perhaps the sentiment to stop family dynasties is not that strong among the citizenry. Political immaturity has set in with the manipulative tendencies of politicians to entice voters in the urban poor sector with promises of their informal settlements to be left untouched and with actual dole-outs of money, gifts, food, and menial jobs or as ghost employees receiving pay regularly without reporting for work.Surely, there will be resistance from the people who are benefiting from the dynastic rule of the families in the various districts who prefer to be blind followers than risk losing their “privileges” and special favors accorded by the family dynasties.Hence, the hindrance to remove family dynasties is an iceberg huge enough to sink the Titanic where we are only seeing the tip. Diligence to vote out undesirables who are entrenched mainly due to their affinity to political family dynasties will be a long and arduous task. This should begin now in the coming May 2013 elections.

  • J

    I though the Constitution is the supreme ;law of the land. If so then why our lawyers and officials continue to defy such.
    I will join an organization to define a law to ban poliTUKU dynasty. If congress doesn’t want to make an enabling law then the people must make one. Get millions of signatures and slap on the  SC and congress faces. 

  • malek_abdul

    The best thing we can do to eradicate the political dynasty in the Philippines is not to vote candidates known to be a member of a political clan. It is almost impossible but it is doable!

  • yesyesyo

    First stop, makati!

    Doon ang pinaka gahaman na dynasty. Tatlong magkakapatid na binay sabay sabay na tumatakbo. isang senador, isang congresswoman, at isang mayor.

    • Bong, Leigh, Mel


  • trav man

    It’s the people’s fault”!! They voted them in!!!!!!

  • Francis Salmingo

    If you don’t like political dynasty, educate your elctorate!!!

  • 33Sambuang2

    mabuhay kayo mga javier ng antique. mga palpak at pulpol

  • Beguine

    It is impossible to put Political Dynasty – members of the same family or 
    even relatives running for public elected office – and strike it down like
    lightning a sudden and drastic death and end it if only because it has become 
    entrenched election after election and its gnarled destructive roots have already 
    sunk deep very deep in Pinas politics. 

    But it’s never too late to root out and destroy a bad, indeed a very bad
    and horrible thing, THE THING which has contributed tremendously to the degradation 
    and abuses in the country’s political life, in effect leading to plunder 
    in several consecutive instances from the Marcoses, to Erap and Gloria
    and Mike Arroyo, among others.

    Do it now and people nationwide must continuously and vigorously denounce,
    a reverberating resounding clamor to be heard from Luzon to Mindanao – DOWN WITH

    Then, let’s see which is more powerful: the voice of the people or the 
    Political Dynasty perpetrators who are the real tyrants and traitors to the advancement
    development progress and prosperity of our Political Dynasty-plagued country. 

  • dequis

    dapat ang maari bumoto ay iyong mga college graduate lang,

  • Jose Lorde

    Watch the movie Warm Bodies so that we can unite with our people against this monstrous things that our countrymen have designed for us.

  • geminimind

    What’s left of us when political dynasties continue to reign?well,the rests of us become more destitute among them and to all who are considered rich.It’s always us to be blamed anyway for voting and securing them their positions to carry on for many years as long as they live.
    One and all must try to understand that there’ll be more cases like the Ampatuans if we the people are not too aware of their erroneous existence and possible murderous intent.Allowing them to continue to serve the public as a clan breeds anomally,corruption,abuse of  power and etc.
    I therefore conclude that political clans around the country must be stop.

  • billy gunner

    if aquino is really dead serious about erradicating corruption, he should have pushed for the passage of anti-political dynasty law and the abolition of PDAF, unfortunately, he indulges his words in doublespeak and yellowturds here clap in agreement without thinking what really is for the greater good! and they still say we’re for the straight path! WTF!

  • INQ415

    One of the best ideas to use in the Philippines. 

    Pag wala yung mga trapo, and new people get in we get fresh ideas and we might somehow get our tax money’s worth in the long run hindi na lang palaging binubulsa.

  • PnoyMePagasa

    anumang paglago ng ekonomiya ay hindi nararamdaman ng maraming naghihirap na Pilipino dahil ang nakikinabang ay mga buwayang pulitiko na pinagkakakitaan ang “serbisyo publiko”. 
    Pnoy! nasaan ang pagbabago na sinasabi mo?

  • jtpa

    While political dynasty is a nasty thing, I do not think that passing a law to ban them is right.  Because like anyone else, these people have rights and banning them to run for office is unconsitutional.  It is our fault that these people thrive, we deserve this government.  The government is corrupt because we allowed it from top to the lower rank.  No excuses.  If we really want change, we have to start from ourselves because we are the government (democracy = demos + cratos = People + to rule).  If you saw something, say something.  We have to face the fact that we are in this together and if we keep voting bad politicians or do not participate in our constitutionl right to vote – we are doomed.  Definitely, anyone can campaign against the so called political dynasty but that doesn’t mean banning them to run for office because that would be a step backward from democracy and freedon – the very thing that our ancestors fought for long years.

  • balimbing

    ALISIN ang PORK BARREL.Iyan mga kumakanditato pag nanalo lang sa election ay may milyon milyon pera ang makukuha sa pork barrel, meron pang suweldo, suhol at naghahari pa sa balwarte lugar niya. Eh di ang sarap di ba !!!. Hindi sila Public Servant kundi mga CORRUPT kasi pera ng taong bayang ibubulsa.” MGA KAPWA PILIPINO – HUWAG IBOTO ANG MGA KANDIDATO NG POLITICAL DYNASTY”.

  • bulax2000

    we cannot and should not ban political dynasties. everyone who is qualified has the right to run for public office. it’s up to the voters to choose the right and deserving candidate. it’s time we acknowledge the fact that we, the voters are ultimately responsible for the kind of public servants we have right now…unfortunately in some places voters really have no choice when what’s presented before them are candidates who are known to be incompetent and corrupt. yung lesser evil na lang and hopefully over time maging less and less ang evil.

    • buttones

      “we cannot and should not ban political dynasties“.
      Well your ‘cannot’ may have a grain of truth in it- the ‘should not’ is actually written as – “ The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.”
      An article from our Constitution…..I don’t agree this article should be deleted from our Constitution….

  • ZhenAsia Amamiya

    Nagsasayang lang talaga ng oras ‘tong mga nag po-protesta kasi kahit i-ban pa nila ang political dynasty, hindi parin mawawala ang dumi sa pulitika.

    • Bert

      At least by banning political dynasties, we are a step forward towards straightening up the govt.

      We’ve been saying this, in order for evil to triumph, the good ones have to do nothing….

      • buttones

        Very true, but the banning of this, according to our Constitution, lies in the hands of the dynastical tribes in the Houses of our Congress. Do you seriously suggest they are going to pass Law that destroys them? Most of these guys couldn’t even get a job at a call center, and what will they do,? No, there will never be a Law passed regarding this matter…. Never, never, never……it’s actually suicide

  • Markov Chain

    We deserve corrupt officials because we are dumb enough to vote for them again and again! We are dumb plain and simple.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    pro enrile ang inquirer.

  • J

    Maybe they are related.


    Governor : Chavit Singson
    Vice Gov.: Deogracias Savellano
    Congressman: Ronald Singson
    Vigan City Mayor:  Eva Marie Singson
    Councillor: John Patrick Singson
    Congressman : Eric Singson (2nd district)
    Candon City:
    Mayor: Allen Gacula Singson
    Vice Mayor:  Alfonso Dario Singson
    Councilor: Kristelle Singson

    Magsingal Ilocos Sur: Wife and husband tandem
    Mayor: Arlyn Apostol Favis
    Vice-Mayor: Alrico Apostol Favis 
    San Vicente Ilocos Sur:
    Mayor: Nancy Dy Tabanda
    Vice-Mayor: Jose Cajigal Tabanda III

    Santa Cruz Ilocos Sur:
    Mayor: Teresita Corpus Valle
    Vice-Mayor: Virgilio Jimeno Valle

    Santa Ilocos Sur:
    Mayor: Jeremy Jesus De Peralta Bueno III
    Vice-Mayor: Jesus Bello Bueno Jr.

    Santiago Ilocos Sur:
    Mayor: Michael Sipin Miranda
    Vice-Mayor: Josefino Estrañero Miranda

    Sto Domingo Ilocos Sur
    Mayor: Amado Tuzon Tadena
    Vice-Mayor: Floro Tuzon Tadena

    Solsona Ilocos Norte:
    Mayor: Joseph Espiritu De Lara
    Vice-Mayor: Jonathan Luz De Lara

    San Nicolas Ilocos Norte:
    Mayor: Alfredo Pajinag Valdez Jr.
    Vice-Mayor: Ma. Teresa Pajinag Valdez-Barrett

    Sta. Lucia Ilocos Sur:
    Mayor: Estrella Favis Hernaez
    Vice-Mayor: Ferdinand Favis Hernaez

    San Esteban Ilocos Sur:
    Mayor: Chester Aquino Elaydo
    Vice-Mayor: Mildred Morales Elaydo

    Salcedo Ilocos Sur
    Mayor: Leonofre Galazo Gironella
    Vice-Mayor: Leopoldo Galazo Gironella Jr.

    Narvacan, Ilocos Sur
    Mayor: Zuriel Singson Zaragoza
    Vice-Mayor: Charito Singson Zaragoza

    Nueva Era Ilocos Norte
    Mayor: Aldrin Ragonjan Garvida
    Vice-Mayor: Caroline Arzadon Garvida

    Pagudpud Ilocos Norte
    Mayor: Matilde Henson Sales
    Vice-Mayor: Marlon Ferdinand Torres Sales

    Pasuquin Ilocos Norte
    Mayor: Victoria A. Peralta Aguinaldo
    Vice-Mayor: Felix Dancel Aguinaldo Jr.

    Caoayan Ilocos Sur
    Mayor: Germelina Singson Goulart
    Vice-Mayor: Gemma Pamani Padaong

    Currimao Ilocos Sur
    Mayor: Gladys Go Cue
    Vice-Mayor: Rosario Chua Go

    Badoc Ilocos Norte
    Mayor: Arlene Monje Torralba
    Vice-Mayor: Thomas Nicolas Torralba

    Banna Iocos Norte
    Mayor: Carlito Nolasco Abadilla
    Vice-Mayor: Carlito Aguilar Abadilla II

    Balungao, Pangasinan
    Mayor Jose De Guzman Peralta Jr.
    Vice-Mayor Philipp De Guzman Peralta

    Basista, Pangasinan
    Mayor Raul Coranto De Guzman
    Vice-Mayor Jesus De Guzman Perez

    Bautista, Pangasinan
    Mayor Amado Ignacio Espino II
    IVice-Mayor Jose Totaan Espino

    BInalonan, Pangasinan
    Mayor Ramon Naval Guico, Jr.
    Vice-Mayor Ramon Velicaria Guico III

    Calasiao, Pangasinan
    Mayor: Mark Roy Quinto Macanlalay
    Vice-Mayor: Engr. Roy Tuliao Macanlalay

    Mangatarem, Pangasinan
    Mayor: Teodoro Corpuz Cruz
    Vice-Mayor: Cristina Punzal Cruz

    Mapandan, Pangsinan
    Mayor: Maximo Mejia Calimlim Jr.
    Vice-Mayor: Asuncion Delos Reyes Calimlim

    Santo Tomas Pangasinan
    Mayor: Vivien Ocampo Villar
    Vice-Mayor:  Timoteo Salazar Villar III

    … more list to come of every town and provinces poliTUKUs.

    • mg_harrier

      in my own assesment,sa town namin sa Mapandan Pangasinan..marami talaga diyan ang BOBOtante.pag wala kang pera wala kang panalo.i’m proud i never do such a thing when i was elected in the baranggay level,now i’m done with the politics hindi na ako umulit kasi nga pera pera lang naman although tuwing uwi ko (yes i’m an OFW) nakakatanggap pa rin tayo ng endorsement and encouragement to run but not yet now siguro pag di na uso ang bobotante na tumatanggap ng pera.

  • jeetkaido

    Nasa botante lang ang pag-bagsak ng politcal dynasty na yan, wala sa politico. Sayang lang ang effort nyo sa pag-ppetition. Buti pa mag-isip kayo kung pano ma-educate ang mga botante, kc marami talaga yong tumatangap ng pera maski maliit na halaga basta makaain lang maghapon. Kaya kawawa ang candidatong walang datong. Marami nyan sa mga probinsya.

  • Platypus09

    Apparently, SC has a different definition of political dynasty.

    Unless the Congress defines political dynasty according to our definition, I am afraid that this movement is not going anywhere.

    It is up to the people not to vote for the candidates belonging to these families.

    • buttones

      That is not so- the SC have not defined anything other than the article in the Constitution that says- Section 26. The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law. There are no Laws, ergo, political dynasties are currently legal. The SC do not make Laws–the Congress [the dynastical crowd] do make Laws, the SC interpretation of the Constitution is correct.Now, if some Congressman stands in the House and proposes a Bill that essentially destroys 80% of the rule in the House, all our towns and cities and provinces – do you think this will pass? I don’t think so!! That Congressman might end up getting shot [and that has happened before]….

  • superlucky2

    PAKI USAP LANG HUWAG NINYO IBOTO ANG MGA BINAYs, ENRILE, ESTRADA’s at ang mga anak ng Trapo’s na politicians. Ikampanya na huwag iboto lalong-lalo na ang mga Binay’s

  • josephsanchez

    Let’s go for someone regardless of the dynasty, party, coalition or what not. I know that I would go for Jamby Madrigal. She is fearless and she knows when to stand, shut up and get wet. This woman would be a great addition to our democracy.

    • Herman Near

      I don’t care what dynasty they are, but if they do their job well, I will not complain.

      And Jamby sounds good for the senate.

  • manong_edwin

    Now that the SC (i.e., Supreme Court) has ruled and rightly so, the only hope that political dynasties will not prevail in our political spectrum, it is the responsibility of the CS (i.e, Civil Society) to further strengthen the work of convincing the electorate not to vote for candidates who belong to one family.  Yung CC (i.e., Constitutional Commission) kasi ang dapat CChin (i.e., sisihin) dahil hindi pa nila idineretso na ilagay na bawal ang political dynasty, hindi na sana inilagay sa kamay ng Kongreso ang bagay na ito na alam naman nating next to impossible na gawin nila iyan. 

  • julieboy


  • jseesus

    Mr. Penson for senator, vote for this guy…..

  • dxdaistar

    if someone wins as a senator or congressman or governor or mayor, they will object to the Anti-Dynasty Law, kasi nag-re-ready na ang pamilya nila na kapalit nila.

  • asantoni

    Sinasabi ko na, Utak IPIS lang ang bumuboto sa mga DYNASTIES na iyan. Puro walang delecadeza
    at utak na mapasamantala lang ang hagarin ng mga iyan. Ilang dekada na ba ang mga familia na
    iyan na humahawak ng gobyerno at may nangyayari at umunlad ba tayo? hindi!!!! kaya parang awa ninyo na!!!! Pilipino voters huwag IBOTO ANG MGA DYNASTIES!!!! IBANG MATALINO AT MAY MALASAKIT NA TAO NAMAN.

  • $19543087

    Since the legislative body will not enact an enabling law on political dynasty, the next recourse is for the people not to vote those candidates identified as a political dynasty.  Then DON’T VOTE THE ESTRADAS, BINAYS, ENRILES, VILLARS, AQUINOS, MAGSAYSAYS, etc.

    • buttones

      Well for many of us that is the course of action to be taken, ignore all these political platforms, these promises, these fine ideals all the candidates blather on about which never made a difference anyway, and concentrate on one issue only . Is the candidate linked in any way to a political dynasty, or is embarked on trying to create one? Now there’s a question….And don’t forget as well, the candidates are chosen not by the people but a government organization called Comelec….

  • buttones

    Paraphrasing the Constitution, political dynasties are not a good thing and it up to Congress to pass a law outlawing such practice; that was in 1987.…twenty five long years ago. At the time the situation was the same, ALL our towns, ALL our cities, ALL our provinces were in family hands, they still are today, it is these families that feed Congress with their offspring also, there is a distinct advantage in having mummy as Mayor, daddy as Vice Mayor, ‘Cutie’ the daughter as treasure – of course- and little ‘Dingbat’ the son sat in Congress as well. As regards the Senate, well it is perfect feasible and legal that ALL members of that ‘illustrious’ House could be directly related, two of them actually are, this is the situation we find ourselves in after all this time.How do we change this situation that was so cleverly written into our Constitution, another protectionist measure designed to take care of the families- the framers knowing full well that no Congress in their right mind would ever pass such a Law required? It’s difficult- wandering around with banners on the streets [I guess these people are jobless] is not going to work, the ruling of the SC is correct, the ball now lays in the court of the House. The House represents the people [idealistically speaking, knowing full well what I just said is a load of manure] so it is to these people we should address our demands. The problem is these very people are, for the most part, from political dynastical tribes- there’s the rub…we are asking them to destroy themselves, lose their positions and job, and of course huge amount of crispy ‘pork’- It’s not going to work is it…Anyway, congrats to the framers of the Constitution, all business’ firmly in Filipino hands, limited land ownership for 90% of the population, unlimited for the 10% [ no foreign types allowed and what do they know anyway?] and the ‘royal’ families protected from the irritating, noisy hoards… Brilliant! I call them ‘royal’ because so many male members are called Bong Bong [whatever] I, II, III. IV, V, VI and so on… just like the English kings of old.. Their parents had little imagination either when it came to naming baby…..

  • Platypus09

    This is really getting loud.

    Make it louder folks, but with caution.

    This might affect needed changes in our laws, or the people will be educated enough NOT to vote for those candidates stemming from political dynasties. We can beat them that way.

    Just go, keep on going..

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