Brillantes: If they don’t want PCOS, let’s go back to manual



In a dry run, glitches are unavoidable.

“I don’t understand all the noise, these critics,” Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. told reporters on Monday. “They know that mock elections are never perfect.”

Brillantes shrugged off fears gremlins that hounded the exercise on Saturday in preparation for the May 13 elections showed the Comelec might be unprepared for another automated balloting.

The poll watchdog Kontra Daya on Sunday expressed concern that more glitches might attend the next balloting because the problems that were encountered during the 2010 balloting have yet to be addressed.

The group said Saturday’s dry run in 20 voting centers in 10 areas in the country included the failure of some of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines to read ballots, the rejection of some ballots by the machines and the thermal papers did not properly fit in the PCOS printer.

“While we find fault in the system to fix these things, these critics are finding fault to attack us,” said an exasperated Brillantes.

The Comelec chief pointed out that these were “minor glitches” that could be corrected before May 13. “What do they want? Minor glitches are unavoidable,” he said.

Brillantes conceded that on Election Day, some hitches were sure to hit “one out of the 81,000” voting machines.

“If they want to change the PCOS, let’s just go back to manual because it’s too late for us to order [a new technology],” he said.

President confident

Malacañang downplayed the apprehensions.

“This is not the first time the Comelec is going to oversee an automated elections,” said President Aquino’s spokesman, Edwin Lacierda.

“This is something that the Comelec has experience with—notwithstanding the presence of some new commissioners. The bureaucracy is familiar already with automated elections,” Lacierda said.

“The President has already indicated that the election should be conducted with full integrity. And so, we expect the Comelec to ensure that the elections in 2013 will be devoid of irregularities,” he said in a briefing. “I am sure no one is going to question the intent, the determination of Comelec to prove itself as an arbiter of a peaceful, orderly and honest elections.”

In a news forum on Monday three senatorial candidates—former Sen. Ernesto Maceda, San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito and former Chairperson Grace Poe-Llamanzares of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board—likewise expressed apprehension over Saturday’s dry run.

“When there’s a problem with the transmission of votes, it’s already a major glitch,” Maceda said. “I’m also worried when they said that because of storage, we have to heat up the PCOS machines before we use them. Of the 86,000 machines, they should start reviewing now if the batteries are still working.”

“An IT (information technology) expert said that of a thousand ballots, four were anomalous. If you multiply that, it’s a lot of votes. It’s not a minor glitch because every vote is important,” Llamanzares said, citing her improved but still precarious showing in a survey of the senatorial race from 20th to the 11th spot.

“If you noticed, there are a lot of dropped calls recently and the connection is really bad,” Llamanzares said, attributing it to the flurry of communication activities due to the election and campaign period.

No backup

“Can you imagine, come election day, the PCOS machines won’t just be the problem. With the sheer volume of data being transmitted, there is really a big possibility of signal problems,” said Llamanzares, a former member of Kontra Daya.

JV Ejercito said: “The glitches are a cause for concern. The Comelec has no alternative, no backup, no manual system.

“When the PCOS machines were introduced, it was thought that less human intervention is better because there is less risk of tampering with the votes. But if there are problems like these, what will be our fallback?” Ejercito asked.

Also on Monday, Brillantes said that the printing of the official ballots at the National Printing Office (NPO) could start a day later than scheduled.

It was supposed to begin Monday but as of press time, the printing has yet to start pending the transmission of images and ballot design from its warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna privince.

“It might start tonight (Monday) or maybe tomorrow (Tuesday) because we are still waiting for the preliminaries,” Brillantes said.

The NPO will initially print 770,000 ballots, or 10 ballots for each of the 77,000 precincts, for the testing and sealing of the PCOS machines, which has been set a week before the elections.

This figure is on top of the more than 52 million official ballots that have to be printed for the May 13 elections.

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  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Simple lang po manual count should be done simultaneously with PCOS count utilizing the same members of the BEI for all interested parties to have hard copies of the result and transmission shall be automated. Will entail more cost for sure in terms of labor cost but the election results will not be subject to doubt despite technical glitches which will be for sure to happen when using any machine.

    • Dawn Dare

      You don’t go to sea with two clocks. Use one or three.

  • PureBloodedPinoy247

    Gustong gusto ng mga pulitikong bulok sa atin ang manual counting
    kasi po napakadaling dayain at gawan ng milagro, gagapang ang bilangan at magagawan nila ng paraan dahil sa time na maibibigay sa kanila sa counting. Sa automated machine, madaling makikita ang resulta, normally in a couple of hours meron ka nang makikitang resulta at mahihirapang dayain. Paatras tayo talaga pag hinayaan natin ang manual system. Ang mga developed countries e.g. US, Europe, Australia, North America at iba pa ay lahat automated machines ang gamit.  Maaaring may glitches at hindi perpekto ang mga makina pero mas less ang dayaan at milagro. Talagang talangka ang mentality natin pag hinayaan nating maibalik ang manual counting sa eleksyon, wala na tayong pag asa magkaroon ng malinis na pamahalaan o gobyerno. Puro tayo porma at daldalan at reklamo, di na tayo natuto. Kung hindi, uto uto, pagtanaw ng utang na loob, eh wala pang pinag aralan at hindi pa nagpapakatao. Hayy buhay PINOY! gising.

  • catmanjohn

    If the PCSO can handle the volume every day, the PCOS should be able to, for just one day.

  • 33Sambuang2

    mga taong pulpol talaga ang pinoy. anong gusto ninyo? na mananalo ang mga mandaraya dahil babalik sa manual counting? napakabobo ninyo talaga

  • Guest

    Brillantes: “If they don’t want PCOS, let’s go back to manual.”

    False choice. The choices on the table are not only PCOS and manual election. Brillantes can have the glitches fixed, ensure that the PCOS chips are not manipulated and provide greater transparency. How Brillantes can ensure that all the 81,000 PCOS machines or at least 76,000 of them will function properly by May 2013 remains to be seen. Why is Brillantes limiting the choices down to PCOS or Manual Election? No one’s accusing him of electoral sabotage, what’s Brillantes so worked up about?

    • Nathanael Espino

      As stated, kulang sa oras. In the time to get to the election. Can you give a feasible technology acquisition and testing plan accomodating the time left?

      • Guest

        Uy defensive. Read my post again Mr. Espino. No one’s accusing Brillantes of electoral sabotage yet. Not yet. Kaya greater transparency please.

    • akongednamzug

      Boss, palagay ko medyo napikon lang si Chairman Brilliantes. Siguro hindi niya matanggap na punahin siya ng dalawang taong wala namang kredibilidad. Para naman kay Grace, bigyan mo ng pagkakataon ang makabagong paraan, tandaan mo ang iyong karanasan sa makalumang paraan na kung saan malawakang pandaraya ang ginawa sa iyong PAPI.

      • Guest

        Masama yata gising ni Chairman.

    • Yahilaw

      Relative to PCOS or manual counting, fixing a glitch is not a choice; it’s a given, a necessity, and one shouldn’t even spend time thinking whether to do it or not.

  • Melvin

    Testing-in mabuti ang bawat isang PCOS machine kasi Pesos namin at boto namin at higit sa lahat dito nakasalalay ang kalinisan ng proseso ng eleksyon… Dapat maging senator Zubiri free ang election, ay sorry! I mean, manalong senador sa pamamagitan ng dagdag-bawas…

  • Yahilaw

    Glitch or no glitch, the only way to go is forward and not backward. That’s the essence of modernization. One should not go back to stone age just because one is more comfortable counting the stones that the eyes can see even if it takes forever to count them.

  • Bayang_magiliw

    The election operators are having difficulties in breaking into the system. Do you know why the said IT experts want to get hold of the source code? They wanted to know how they can get control of these machines so they can add votes to the politicians that paid for their service. Word is out that these election operators or politicians are paying millions.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Agree that we should go back to manual elections. Kahit ba matagal matapos basta maliwanag ang resulta di kagaya nitong Hocus PCOS na walang paraan na maverify ang resulta, ni walang hard copy kung ano ang binoto mo.  Election cheating is much more easy to detect in a manual elections than in electronic elections because cheating in a manual election is regionalized while that of an electronic election is wholesale election sabotage.

    That is why I surmised that the election results are already in while we are not in the campaign period yet. All the administration has to do is require the mainstream media to publish the possible winnables in line with their list of winners and the coup d grace is the use of SWS and Pulse Asia surveys to conditioned the mind of the public.

  • superpilipinas

    Stupid clown.

    Either way, you should have the delicadeza to resign afther the election.

    For 3 years, you were not able to learn from the mistakes and correct it.

    You are not competent enough and have the leadership tp get the machines run as expected. 

    • Winzum Daoas

      So he should resign because the technology is faulty? He has no control over the machine, even the company owning them only has partial control. And that is why they are making tests to correct glitches.

      • superpilipinas

        That’s poor project management. In every step of the development, you ensure quality and verify every step of the way. You don’t wait until the last minute to fix problems. If he’s the lead manager of a reputable private company, he’s already fired.

        He has no control over the machine. But being the commissioner, he has control over the management of the project to make a reliable machine. He mismanaged. And it is the country that suffers due to his mismanagement.

      • Darwin

        Pagpasensiyahan mo na. Pag com group, hanggang ten years old utak lang ang kaya. Unemployable kasi. Si Carandang lang matiyaga. Requirement kasi sa com group, uto-uto.

  • Bengatibo

    A lot of politicians running in 2013 elections, either opposition or administration candidates would rather want Manual counting so there could be rampant cheating. In that way walang masasabing natalo and their excuse if they lost is nadaya sila!!!  

  • Dan

    manual counting tremendously benefits the cheaters, its a foregone conclusion, no arguments here

  • nes911

    Correct the glitches and go on with the election.

  • Lagotka

    Yung mga bobo takot sa new technology!

  • farmerpo

    Chicken littles have been around for god knows how long. Listen to them and you die with your eyes open waiting for the sky to fall. Glitches or no glitches, let go on. Anything is better than manual. Any percentage of cheating reduction is definitely better. And we will get better. Without practice, nothing will be perfect.

  • boybakal

    Brillantes: If they don’t want PCOS, let’s go back to manual….

    Agree…daming Kuskos Balungos.

  • lucidlynx

    kung aakusahan natin ang Comelec na mandadaya, eh huwag na tayong mag-election. Comelec ang inatasan mag conduct ng elections sa bansa. Sa mga kritiko, sino ang ipapalit niyo sa Comelec kung hindi kayo magtitiwala? Kayo? Mga partido? Eh kung mga political parties ang magmamahala, siguradong mas maraming pandaraya yan kasi sila ang magkatunggali.

  • Danyel

    Use the NCEE.,NSAT. and PRC machines…bakit ayaw gamitin and simpleng machine? Kasi walang komisyon doon……

  • mangTASYO

    PCOS 2010 model…next time Chairman…use the latest technology ie PCOS 2016 model.

    Basically, the latest model addressed and resolved all the glitches/bugs/all-types-of-problems of the old version.

    Given the proximity of the forthcoming election, there is no other option but fix the so-called glitches.

    No more looking back…no more living in the past…no more manual election!

    • JuanTamadachi

      and no more hocus-garci!

  • Pedro_Gil


  • Pedro_Gil

    Brillantes is a primadona. He knows for a fact that the system has been faulty.  As Bir head chief commissioner if he didnt knw this, would anyone on his right mind not think that he should have tendered his resignation instead of trying to fool us that it works. i really dont believe this person is still in this position.  unbelievable. kung si nga ejercito na walang alam nagsasabi na ng commentaryo eh hehehehe. ala eh. Dont tell us that not one in his department is competent to take over.  also hire a third party who is capable handling the applications as well. Filipinos are not stupid, eh

  • Jerry Manilag

    Sabi nga ni Cong. JV, hindi na ito yung dating manual ang eleksyon kaya sana wala ng glitches. Dapat nakita na ito ng COMELEC na iba na yung sistema at dapat natuto na tayo noong 2010 para konti na lang yung adjustment. Pero kung ganun pa rin, ano ang magiging fallback ng mga Pinoy? 

  • Johnny Blazed

    Even with the glitches PCOS is lightyears ahead of Manual Elections, If there are discrepancies itis very rare and they are not counted for either candidate but as stray vote. Those are the Ballots that are clearly improperly shaded. Unlike in Manual elections you could reverse the results at will. I know because I was at the frontline last 2010 elections. The glitches usually are the transmission of votes usually due to the slow 3g signal but with regards to the security of the votes is almost 100 percent protected. What would you rather have? Your vote getting manipulated or having some few minor glitches. Give Chief Brilliantes a break he is doing he’s job and have been purging ghost voters all over the Philippines. Dagdag Bawas is Virtually inexistent because of the PCOS Machine, I agree with other comments saying we need newer models but our Cheif Brilliantes wanted to save some billions of pesos which is OK by me :)

  • Rovingmoron

    Reverting back to manual voting will not do the country any good. Surely, corrupt politicians will be feasting with joy if the PCOS machines, which the government spent billions to acquire will now be stored back in the Comelec warehouses, are not used this coming elections. In this way, they can make dagdag bawas again. That’s plan and simple truth. And the Philippines is the only country the world over whose election results are delayed by at least two months before any election winners are announced in public. This is not to mention the complaints and motions for recounting of votes, which all the more make the Comelec’s duties more complicated.

  • Rogelio Guillermo

    This guy is showing some weakness. We need a technology savvy guy to run these machines. Glitch is one thing, knowing how to fix it another. Maybe this ‘old looking man’ does not even bother to read the user’s manual. Picking someone who is up to task is what we need ‘para sa daan matuwid’ more than anything, as far as I am concerned.

    • boybakal

       I agree…the old man Brillantes is not tech savy.
      Solution is the supplier of the machine…for sure they have the tehcno men to assist the Comelec.

  • Cerise David

    What arrogance.

    Why don’t we go back to the original terms of reference in the bidding and see where the PCOS provider did not deliver?  I am sure there are sections on liquidated damages in the contract.

    I am sure nobody wants to go back to manual counting, but if the calculator does not function correctly and is fraught with ‘glitches’, should you even trust the results?  The Filipino people paid for that technology, and we ought to get what we paid for.

    If it does not perform as expected, either fix it or soli bayad.  Stop making excuses, masyado nang maraming paid apologists for the provider.

  • txtman



                                       – PENOY




















    • Kudi


    • akongednamzug

      Kumusta ka, Mr. Feeling Genius ! ! !

  • Kudi


  • RyanE

    I think the Comelec today is a thousand times more credible than that of Mr. Abalos and hello Garci. Let’s give it our full support and trust folks.

  • f5r

    ibalik sa manual?kaya nga nagrereklamo yan mga yan para maibalik sa manual at makapangdaya!!!

  • Peter L

    Mr. Brilliant, improve your PCO system. That is what the voters expect from Comelec. Accept criticism as part of the continuing change. 

  • superpilipinas

    As the top person to ensure the automation project is successful, Brillantes is a BLUNDER. He failed miserably.

    This is what happens when our government is filled with politicians and no technical professionals. No one had the background to understand how the project is going poorly.

    South Korea and Japan are so successful because they have leaders who understand how to achieve successful projects. Our leaders are clueless clowns of a circus.

    This stupid administration didn’t learn from the previous mistakes. Instead of finding solutions, they downplay problems until the last minute and shove the flawed system down our throats.

    Please stop voting Traditional Politicians, Political Dynasty Members, and Showbiz/TV personalities. If they could not run a very important project, how can they run a country. They engage to much in politics to protect themselves but not to improve our lives.

    Please vote for independents and technical professionals with proven experience and integrity. If you can’t find one, then don’t vote at all. At least next time, professionals will be encourage to run and those clowns of politics will start thinking of a different way to earn a living….not out of our taxpayer money.

  • superpilipinas

    Murphy’s law:

    “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong”

  • superpilipinas

    So you see why PNoy doesn’t like FOI.
    He wants to hide failures to the last minute so that he can shove this $hit down our throats and we have no choice.

    If we had FOI, IT professionals would have seen in the early phases of the project that these problems will potentially occur. It’s called Risk Management. They could have blown the whistle and demanded mitigation plan. Brillantes would have been forced to implement corrective actions. If he didn’t, he would be directly responsible for the failure.

    But we don’t have FOI. We’ll have so many condoms though, thanks to RH!

    No to LP.

  • amado_guerero

    maceda, Poe, JV…all arese hole…pweeee

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    Those who are against the PCOS machine and want to go back to Manual System are those people who want to go back to their old cheating ways on election day.

    • basyong

      mas meron ka namang laban sa manual dahil kailangan ng lagda ng botante at isinusulat ang kanilang ibinoto kaysa sa PCOS na hindi pa nagbibilangan e meron ng resulta.mahirap mahuli yung dagdag bawas diyan kaya kalimutan na ang HOKUS PCOS

  • Pert Cabatana

    I hate oppositionists who oppose for the sake of opposing without offering their own solution. I say to COMELEC: get on with your job as you best see fit. Don’t be distracted by the chronic negativists. We have more important things to do than satisfy the KSP.

  • EC

    Brillantes may not be tech-savvy but so are Maceda, Ejercito, and Llamanzares. If there is one qualified expert who can speak out on the purported defects of the PCOS then maybe we should believe him/her, not those three trapos.


    >>>Brillantes: If they don’t want PCOS, let’s go back to manual<<<

    OO nga naman….KUNG ayaw nila ng ganun, e, di mag-MARIANG PALAD na lang!  :)

  • apojay

    Siyempre, nabentahan na tayo ng makina, di ba?

  • John Jacob

    Instead of acting out like a cry baby, Brillantes should be looking into these “glitches”.  The system is criticized for its weaknesses and its vulnerabilities… and its critical for COMELEC to address these issues before election time.  OTOH, Brilliantes seems to be whining like a child each time the polling system is critiqued.  Grow up Mr. Comelec Chairman!  It is our right as citizens that we be ensured of the sanctity of our votes…. stop crying!

  • etomacq

    Di ba sabi ni Brillantes noon na magreresign sya pag nag manual at hindi PCOS ang gagamitin sa election?

    Magresign ka nalang kung puro ka na lang palusot at reklamo sa mga pumupuna sa liderato mo.

    Manual or Machine, gagawa at gagawa pa rin ng kalokohan ang mga pulitiko na desperado makawesto… Pinoy pa! Pumapatay nga para lang manalo, mandaya pa kaya????

  • J

    The PoliTUKU’s might take advantage of this situation to move back to manual vote counting. Walang perfect na system kahit si Mr. Perfecto pa ang boss ng Comelec.

  • superpilipinas

    Either PCOS or manual. Both are flawed. It does not matter any more.

    Brillantes should resign after this election. We can not allow the same mistakes to happen the third time. 2016 would even be more critical. After 3 years, he still does not have any clue how to have reliable systems. Like most lawyers and politicians, he’s only good at hiding the problems til the last minute.
    We should not use the suppliers of these PCOS machines again. It’s better to spend more money at least knowing for sure that we’re getting better machines than saving money knowing for sure that the machines are unreliable.

  • basyong

    yes definitely . manual is the best answer from all these concerns about lutong makaw.ibasura na yang PCOS dahil mahusay mag HOKUS PCOS ay mali POKUS ang makinarya ng mga mandaraya.

  • jeetkaido

    ano bang klasing commisioner itong brilliantes na to. nakikinig sa critics at ang solution, babalik sa manual para balik ang cheating.  Di naman kailangang palitan yong buong system, i-repair or palitan lang yong defective at iilan lang naman yon. Yan ang problem lagi ng mg comelec officers, tsaka lang mag-umpisang magtrabaho pag malapit ng election tapos sasabihing wala ng oras. O baka naman gimick lang to para mabalik talaga sa manual kasi mga trapo di sanay sa malinis na election.

  • nice_boy

    No mock run is ever perfect.  Even a live run is very seldom perfect.  Ask any honest IT expert.  The purpose of the mock run is to find out the imperfections that need to be tweaked.  I believe the COMELEC have the experience on automated elections already and are doing their best to give us a credible election.  The critics are doing their best to destroy the credibility of the forthcoming election. 

  • Conrado de QUIYOT

    Umaasa pa si Maceda na mananalo sya ?

    Kungsabagay wala namang bayad ang mangarap…

  • Morris

    Just because a politicians name, surname, initials or a monicker that was given, made up a word or resembles that or refers to a term that is synonymous or was obviously chosen to promote instant recall and personify greatness and likability, doesnt necessarily mean that they are (most of the time this is the case).
    Be smart in your choice this time even if the choices are very limited and nil at best…and remove those posters while your at it.

  • kurakut

    KIBITZERS ARE ALWAYS THERE TO PROVIDE BETTER WAYS – WORDS ONLY!  dito, wala nang magaling kundi UNA!  pag natalo eh ano pa – DINAYA……. hehehe

  • Alfred A

    So this faulty machines made Pnoy a president????

  • JuanTamadachi

    Not any more than Hocus-Garci made Dorovo a fake president. Need I say more?

  • Karabukov

    No system can be perfect. Now that the PCOS system is in place there is nothing to do but to make it work. Ignore the naysayers and don’t resort to sarcasm Mr. Brillantes because it just shows they got your goat. But addressing legitimate criticisms will only make you more credible. Automated systems have the following characteristics: 1) Imperfect 2) Perfectible. Such are the reasons why updates are the norm in the computer world. (For example, thermal papers fade too easily. Plain paper printers are the way to go in the future.) Reliability of audit trails should be subject to improvements in verifiability, and controls on changes to the firmware should be rigorous and transparent.

    Critics should be called out with just one question: Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem?

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?
      part of the soultion…

      2010 pa, we recommended na palitan ang PCOS…but what you did???u didnt listen, mga yellow ribbons…




  • Manny

    people who do not accept factual criticism must not serve the government… because there shall be no improvement nor delevelopment of services…. brillantes does not accept the fact that in every systems there shall always be an error that will occur…. so thus systems improvement is very much needed… time framed is very limited… and system needs careful ramdom evaluation…brillantes was irked of these criticisms and very much frustated of the fact that e.v. systems has still flaws…. stucked with the supplier… timed framed is very limited….cannot go back to manual…. but e.v. is the answer……..

  • ddano

    Typical Pinoy mantra ” Puede na yan”.  Kapag pinupuna, maghahamon ng ” suntukan la lang”.

  • vir_a

    There is no more time to make changes. These critics are impractical and unrealistic.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      last 2010 meron ng mga suggestions na palitan..pero they havent heard any…tapos ngaun sasabihin mo impractical and unrealistic…

      yan ang problema ng mga yellow ribbons…they believe that they are always right…and their actions are always right….ngaun, may mga glitches na….maghahanap na naman ng the end si gma na naman ang may kasalanan…hahah…

  • Ben

    In what part of the system is not working? If it is a transmission problem, can we ask the supplier to upgrade the technology so the whole machine will have a boosted wireless link? If we are going back to manual, naming a new presidnet will take weeks and the counting can be very chaotic as both sides will say they were cheated and will ask for re-count etc. The PCOS machine is but one example of technology upgrade we should be working on and perfecting it, for this will help improve accuracy and make the country smaller if we do it right. Constructive criticism should be taken seriously than be resented by our onion skinned government officials, after all we want our system to be fail proof, tamper proof and that can show case our tech savvy mind appropriate for tech industrialization…  

  • Pert Cabatana

    These doubts raised about the PCOS reminds me of the skepticism when GSM was first introduced. At that time, the market got burned by the rampant incidence of cloning of Piltel’s analog cellphones. So, when we told the public that GSM could not be cloned, several cynics and skeptics refused to believe. They said: anything that’s man-made can be cheated. Today, more than 15 years later, GSM has proven itself. So, I say to the PCOS cynics and skeptics: time will prove you wrong. The problem is not in the PCOS per se, but in the ignorance and lack of discipline of those who use them. 

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Siyempre kapag dating gawi ang pagboto at pagbilang, dating gawi din ang pagdaya! ang ayaw ng pagbabago para maalis ang katiwalian ay siya mismo ang nakikinabang sa ganito kalakaran!

  • Albert

    These people are always about what if this happens or what if that happens.
     What if scenarios is not being proactive. The best way to be proactive is to just keep your mouths shut and let the election happen.
    The sore losers will file cases of election protests for a recount anyway.

  • $16638896

    puro reklamador amputa! eto ung mga kandidatong takot matalo at mga praning. mas prone sa dayaan ang manual at mabagal pa, mga ungas!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      nag tanong, bakit PCOS pa rin na nagkaproblema na last 2010…they have the 3 years para mapaganda ang sistema or humanap ng bago…but what they did???NOYNOYING!!!

  • Sandy Bulet

    Ginagawa ang mock election para suriin at makita ang mga pagkukulang o pagkakamali, para ayusin at punan ang bawat problemang kakaharapin. Hindi ko lang maintindihan, bakit kailangang magalit, mapikon at uminit ang ulo ni Brillantes? Dapat welcome ang lahat ng suggestions dahil makakatulong ang lahat ng pagpuna para mabawasan at makita ang problema. Wala naman taong perpekto, take it as challenge. Sa tingin ko valid naman ang mga reasons kung bakit kelangan nilang mag alala, kailangan lang tugunan at bigyang pansin ng Comelec ang mga reactions ng mamamayan, masama man o maganda sa pandinig. We live in a free country, tayo ay mga taong malaya at karapatan ng bawat isa na ihayag ang kanilang nararamdaman.


    the biggest glitch is when  politicians who have glitches that are viral run for office and win.we all loose even if this pcos machines run the way it should

  • Fulpol

    need more mock elections to perfect it…

    a glitch, can multiply to hundred of glitches, to thousands of glitches…

    imagine the effect… the election will turn into nightmare….

    Brillantes, don’t be an annoying fool… do the fixing quickly.. do more mock elections…

  • Lucky Luciano

    Naks, may excuse na yung mga “aspiring” senators pag natalo sila. Nadaya. LOL Style naman talaga. Test run lang yan, double checking for issues na dapat i-address

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Let us just go back to the promise of Brillantes that he will quit if he did not solve the problems of these machines. That was 2010, it is 2013 now, we still have the same problems. Time to resign Chairman Brillantes, remeber your word of honor.

  • ITT_Co_Makati

    Hahaha, they just gave us a hint on how we can sabotage the elections. When transmissions are on going, the losing candidates can askk all their supporters to turn on their phones and start calling each other to clog the transmissions. That is what I heard they said.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer






    • ITT_Co_Makati

      The glitches they were talking about were the same glitches in 2010, so malinaw walang ginawa itong COMELEC to solve the problem, sayang bayad sa kanila, hindi ginagawa ang tarbaho.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        correct…tapos ngaun, mag aalburoto si brillantes sa mga kritiko…

  • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    yan ang problema ng mga yellow ribbons…they believe that they are always right…and their actions are always right….ngaun, may mga glitches na….maghahanap na naman ng the end si gma na naman ang may kasalanan…hahah…

  • Ronald

    napikon si chairman….The group said Saturday’s dry run in 20 voting centers in 10 areas in the country included the failure of some of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines to read ballots, the rejection of some ballots by the machines and the thermal papers did not properly fit in the PCOS printer.
    Chairman please clarify why we need PCOS machine, is it because we want fast and reliable counting machine? if PCOS cannot read/scan the ballots, why do we need it? If PCOS reject some ballots, why need it? These are the main function of PCOS machine, if PCOs machine cannot function as it should be then why do we need it? 

  • poltergeist_fuhrer


    mag resign ka na lang mr brillantes…sabi mo meron kang word of honor and ull make the commission smooth…mag harakiri ka na…

    • Maitum

      Are you a paid hack?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        no…u better ask the yellow ribbons here…some of them are call center agents of malacanang..

      • shane oy

        and u think u are real? look at the mirror, may nakikita ka ba sa kabilang side? may reflection ka ba? i wonder.

      • patrickinca


      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        i am a ghost….awoooooooo!!!

  • prince_janus

    HUWAG naman! kahit bilangan lang ang naging computerized ay ok na para maiwasan yung nagdagdag bawas. Sana hanapan ng para-an yan na fully computerized talaga. gawing papindot pindot nalang ang botohan. anong silbi ng mga bagong computer.

  • lone ranger

    If you want to move forward continue the automation regardless of the glitches, Ayusin ang dapat ayusin, Normal yan sa “bago”, kahit software,sasakyan,gamit ultimo pagkain na bago ay hindi perperkto,MGA UTAK TALANGKA AT MANGMANG  lamang ang mga gustong bumalik sa manual counting, ANG MGA NAG IINGAY DITO AY SIYA RING MGA TAONG WALANG ALAM KUNDI UMASA SA GOBYERNO,at sila rin ang mga nag papanggap na makabayan kuno.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      ikaw ang utak TROLLL!!!!!

      meron 3 years siya simula 2010 para ayusin…anong ginawa???WALAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


      tapos ang sisishin ang mga kritiko….na nuon pa nagsuggest na AYUSIN!!!!

      • Maitum

        Pakawala ka ni GMA no?

      • lone ranger

         sorry kung  tinamaan ka sa sinabi ko

      • Babiker_Ahmed

        Talangka! Bumalik ka sa Jurassic Era.. Taasan ng kamay ang gusto mo atang eleksiyon.. Huwag naman sana, hihimatayin ang katabi mo dahil sa baho ng kili-kili mo!!!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ang tanga…bow…

  • poltergeist_fuhrer


    BLAME GMA!!!


    • jhobitz

      Y u r always blaming GMA? Y don’t u blame your president Pnoy, hence he has an authority to suspend the law for a meantime and ask his allies in congress to create laws to suspend that system.

    • muddygoose

      Is that sarcasm we’re getting from you? Decent, but still frigid. Try getting laid.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        isnt it true?

  • Love God

    They spent 8 Billion for these PCOS machines. God only knows how much was the real value of these. Yet it is not perfect. 

    There was other bidders with simple technology with very low cost but it was not taken. why?

    In an 8 Billion deal the kick backs would be big. We all know who all ate the cake.

    It was a stupid decision to buy these EXPENSIVE and COMPLICATED  TROUBLESOME machines coz elections are held every 3 years only and technology is changing every day!

    What a waste!

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    “If they want to change the PCOS, let’s just go back to manual because it’s too late for us to order [a new technology],” he said.

    Impaktong matanda ito,imbes na sabihin ay aayusin nila ang problema ay nagbanta pa na ibalik na lang sa mano-mano ang eleksyon!!! Katulad din ng kanyang AMO na si BS aquino,ang daming palusot at katuwiran kahit wala namang laman!!!

  • Joseph stahlin

    por ..pabor mr. otso..este mr.sexto. ..subra ka naman sir…OUT OF TEN..MUX..DALAWA LANG
    TENISTING NINYO…AYOS. pero…..paano nalang ang WALONG NATITIRA huwag mong sabihin sa publiko na ayos…yon? LAHAT…////Ha? WHY NOT fix all the clear at mai-iwasan ang kadudaduda ng taong bayan…yan lang ang masasabi…ths…

  • kilabot

    the glitches in pcos are due to glitches in noykapon admin. 
    a glitch begets another glitch; 

    can’t expect a buggy computer/admin to function smoothly.

  • brunogiordano

    “The Comelec chief pointed out that these were “minor glitches” that could be corrected before May 13. “What do they want? Minor glitches are unavoidable,” he said.”

    Kung may mga “glitches” minor or major sa dry run ito ay dapat i take note upang ma correct.

    Tanong – kaya bang ma correct ang mga ito bago mag election??????

    Kung kayang ma correct, iayos na agad at huwag na munang mag talo .

    Kung hindi kayang iayos bago mag election, isoli na na iyan PCOS machine.

    Magbilangan na lang tayo na mano mano.

  • generalproblem

    yung mga tao dito sa forum na walang alam kundi ang mag type at di nakakaintindi ng laman ng computer program at hardware at communication eh wag nang mag comment kasi wala nga kayong alam eh. kala nyo ang gagaling nyo kung meron kayo idea pumunta kayo sa comelec at i propose nyo idea nyo dun at baka magamit

  • virgoyap

    Are there computer machines that are perfect? If say 1% of it is proven to be not perfect then it’s time to question it’s accuracy. But if it’s only 000001% why not give it a chance? Let’s not make a man-made machine as if it’s God-made!! Let’s not make ourselves hypocrites!!

    • mari suli

      marunong ka bang magcompute ilan ba ang 1% ng 100 isa lang pare isa lang.

      • virgoyap

         Yes mario I know that quite well. And 1% of 1000 is 10. And that’s a big number already to ignore.

  • june

    i can’t help but feel quite suspicious on every acts and utterences of chairman brillantes.  it seems that he has consistently maintained a “closed mind” regarding those critics who have expressed apprehension and misgivings about the reliability and vulnerability of the pcos machines.  as a supposed expert election lawyer, i am deeply disappointed that brillantes has displayed bullheadedness in defending the obviously flawed pcos considering that its owner, smartmatic, failed to comply with a number of requirements under the automated election system during the last election, this include the absence of voters receipt, the random sampling, the non-trasnsparency in the source code, among others.  adding to my suspicion on the actuation and character of brillantes is the manner of the conduct of almost all big ticket biddings of comelec which almost always end up in a failed and eventual negotiated deal.  need i mention about his promotion of the so-called “garci boys” to the position of regional directors in mindanao.  i am afraid that brillantes is turning out to be another abalos, if not worse than mr burjetr

    • Babiker_Ahmed

      Dry run is supposed to be conducted to determine if something has to be improved/detect glitches.. Kaya nga gumawa ng dry run eh!.. Pero kung ang mga kritikong bumabanat ngayon eh nakatuon sa glitches para gawing napakalaking issue at seemingly eh unsolvable.. Babalik na lang tayo sa Jurassic era.. Manual o kung gusto niyo taasan na lang ng kamay..

  • june

    the comelec as an institution really stink. as such i think that we should just “outsource” our electoral exercises as to do away with the incurable corruption and incompetence of this poll body

  • Andrei Mendoza

    ewan ko ba kung bakit nag-pupumilit ang pinas na maging civilized at modern, eh mga utak talangka naman at mga barbaro ang karamihan, mga timawa pa pag-dating sa pera at position, pati mga botante eh mga timawa rin sa harap ng politiko.
    hndi na kailangan ng PCOS machine, mag-barilan na lang kayo dyan, kung sino ang matira sya ang mananalo sa election, yung tulad ba nung dati na puro patayan, para naman mabawasan ang population sa pinas, at least, meron tayong “Day of Killing” tuwing election.


    • magiting78

      Magandang idea yan,.. pero wag n barilan mga mayayaman paring pulitiko mananalo dyn kc makakabili sila malalakas n baril….saksakan n lng kaya balisong ang gamit matira matibay….hehehehe baka sakali mabawasan mga trapo natin pag tuwing eleksyon may mamatay s kanila tyak yung mga guran n tulad ni Enrile Binay at Erap tyak hnd n sasali…

  • superpilipinas

    Brilyanteng Palpak.

    Sana man lang, kumuha ka ng IT Project Management Professional para naayos yung proyekto.

    Nung maaga pa sana, binabalita mga problema at inaayos. 

    Pinaasa mo mga tao at tinago mga problema. Pagkatapos ng tatlong taon, wala ka rin naman palang naayos. Anong klaseng leadership meron ka.

    Huwag ka nang kumapit sa posisyon. Mahiya ka naman sa kapalpakan mo. Umalis ka na lang diyan.

  • milespacker

    “Brillantes: If THEY don’t want PCOS, let’s go back to manual”

    They? Who is/are they?

  • larry

    wag pikon mr brillantes,  show that the white hair you have on your head is born out of wisdom and maturity, otherwise …

  • patrickinca

    They should learn from the Americans for they use automated machines like this ones but not this type of brand for quite awhile now and with no problems. Bakit mga machines na ito ay puro kapalpakan? Now I know kung paano nanalo si Binay.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      isama mo na rin si penoy…bat nga ba nananno ang isang abnoy?

      • PIPOL_rd


  • magiting78

    Yung Kontra Daya po actually Pabor Daya…nag hahanap cla mga butas para maibalik sa manual….Chairman Brillantes….paimbistigahan nyo po cno ang financer ng mga to hehehehe….malalaman nyo mga talunan s bidding at pag aari ng iba pulitiko yung company hnd man direkta eh kamag-anak….ipupusta ko itlog ng 3 Kings ng UNA pag hnd totoo yang sinasabi ko putulin khit isama nyo n ulo nila….lolz

  • Fred

    Pikon na si Brillantes!

  • Paranoid Android

    Exactly, that was the plan all along…back to the dark ages.

    Kunyari pinu-push ng COMELEC yun PCOS machine but base on their preparations they’ll make it sure it looks like a total failure.

    Kung mag-manual yun election, do you think hindi magkakapera yun mga regional heads ng COMELEC?

    Gustuhin man ni Sixto mag-computerized malamang ayaw ng mga tao niya sa baba. ilan taon na kaya sila hapi hapi sa negosyo tuwing election. Paano na lang yun mga binabayarang town house, kotse, condos atbp ng mga atabs ng COMELEC.

    Kung tingnan natin hapi lahat kung manual ang eleksyon, hapi si trapo politician, hapi din ang mga regional chairmans and commissioners ng COMELEC.

    Election, more Funds in the Philippines.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • joboni96

    kung di ninyo pabubuksan ang source code

    walang kredibilidad ang eleksyon 2013

    • Ivlivs

      Di mo kailangan ang source code. Gusto mo, o ng mga expert kono, na makita ang source code ng Windows 7 o ng MS Office parang malaman kung tama ang takbo ng mga ito? You can ask for the source code but certainly your hope for this will end in despair.  

      • joboni96

        source code ng pcos
        topic dito

      • Ivlivs

        Di mo kailangan ang source code ng pcos gaya ng hindi mo kailangan ng source code ng microsoft para malaman kung tama ang takbo.PALUSOT

      • Paranoid Android

        Tama, the source code reliability is guaranteed by the machine vendors already.

        Now, to test the source code this is done by subjecting the voting machine to a battery of test to verify if the vote verification, tally, counting etc is correct as expected.

        Testing by examining the innards of the voting machine is plain political BS.

      • joboni96

        bs talaga

        kung hindi open source at

        hindi secure ang whole supply chain
        ng hardware

    • Zyril

      You’ve got a point pero it is not that simple to analyze a low level program down to 0 and 1 or ASSEMBLY o kahit pa C Language. Sinong IT Expert kuno dyan sa atin ang makakaintindi or has an in-depth knowledge about programming. Also, it is possible that that the PCOS machines used a proprietary kind of program not available in public domain. Marami kasing nagmamagaling dyan sa atin na gustong makita ang source code eh ni BASIC Language hindi alam. Any programs or source code written in low level or high level languages ay may possibilities na i-automate ng programmer o mag-insert ng function na wala sa actual na declared processes or design protocol. Programmers can insert a time or date activated subroutines or even name or data pooling and rejections. Well,credibility of PCOS machines lies in the hands of the Programmer, the Supplier and the Buyer who can dictate the subroutine protocols.

      • joboni96

        kaya nga dapat noong 2010 pa
        open source na

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      gusto nila makita ang sourcecode para pwede nila gayahin ang transmission ng data… soldout ang jammer ng cellphone ngayon sa recto… once may mareceive na data ang main server.. peke or totoo..subsequent data na ma receive hindi na tatangapin..

      • joboni96

        kung ganon
        palpak ang algorithm ng source code

        client and server side

        read on open source

  • Bigboy I

    bat di na lang kasi mag paperless on the other hand sasabihin mas madali makapang daya!

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      mas mahirap pag paper less…paano mo gagawin ang recount kung walang hard copy na boto?

  • JasonBieber

    Duh!! Of course it’s too late…critics and experts alike have been saying to change and fix the problem with the PCOS machines long ago and you guys have ignored it since 2010. Now that elections is right around the corner now you choose to address. Don’t blame others for your incompetence…blaming is exactly what PNoy does best. Now he says he has confidence in the machines…of course he does, these are the same faulty machines they used in 2010 when he won.

  • NiJuSan

    ..normal talaga ang resistance sa automation… kasi maraming pangamba sa mga maaring mangyari.. dahil hindi lahat ng tao nakakaintindi kung paano gumana yan.. pareho lang naman.. may dayaan din kahit pa automated o manual… nagbebentahan pa din ng boto.. ganun din.

  • Zyril

    There will be always problems when it comes to elections in our country. Kahit pa i-automate o manual ang botohan parating may magsasabotahe aside from normal machine failures. Maraming  maiingay na tao na hindi alam ang complexity ng botohan sa ating bansa. There will always be glitches in technical aspects ang masama eh napakadaling gumawa ng predetermined or pre-planned failures or artificial problems isama mo pa rito ang mga incompetent people organizing the polling stations at mga taong responsible for maintenance or health and operational conditions ng PCOS machines. Marami sa mga ito palagay ko ay hindi highly technical people na nagkunwari lamang para mapasok ng trabaho o walang full training how to handle delicate electronic machines. Isama pa natin ang security, weather, telecommunication, power, human at mga guerilla aspects. Kala ng mga maiingay ganun lang kadali ang trabaho ni Brillantes.

  • dikoy321

    Mr Brillantes, it’s your job to ensure an honest and orderly Election !

    Diskarte nyo na yan, how you do it !

    Just ignore what others say because you are still on the job !

    If you cannot do it, that’s another story !

    DO the RIGHT THING, the people and HISTORY will judge you !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • bagombong

       Bayaan mo silang magdadadakdak, kasi meron na silang nasilip na dahilan pag-natalo sila…ang PCOS…

  • bugoybanggers

    Ang nakakasira sa eleksyon sa PILIPINAS ay ang mga ABOGADO! Kahit anong paraan para mapa ayos may reklamo parin. Tama nga naman si Brillantes, ANO BA TALAGA ANG GUSTO NINYO? Sa mundo matalino daw ang mga PILIPINO o nagkukunwari lang..

  • bagombong

    Ano talaga ang gusto ng mga bumabatikos? simple lang ibalik ang madayang pagbibilang dahil sa ganyan paraan manalo ang may kapit at pera lalo na ang Dynasty politicians dahil kontralado na nila ang buong nasasakupan nila. sa laki ba naman ng balwarte nila…takot kasing matalo itong mga bumabatikos…alam nyo naman ang pag-iisip ng mga ito…mahirap na baka maisahan sila at matalo…sigurado pag mga ito talo..asahan nyong PCOS ang sisisihin…bet me…hehehehe

  • kismaytami

    Isa pa yung program code ng PCOS ay hindi pa nai-scrutinize ng publiko. Dapat i-QA muna yan kung bilang nga ba talaga ang ginagawa o dagdag-bawas.

  • disqusted0fu

    Isn’t it amusing that the Comelec, who only does majority of their work during election time, still cant get their job done well. They had all the time in the world to make sure there will be no glitches in the elections, even during the mock one to assure the people of accurate poll results, but they still did not do it. Noynoying at its finest!

  • bisdakis

    If you want to learn how to tamper these machines, take a look at the files of the 2010 local elections in Compostela, Cebu. You could find there that even COMELEC  and SMARTMATIC  officials signed the affidavit of the tampered process which lead to the suspension of proclamation of cheating winners (LP). Sadly, after almost two years, COMELEC chairman, bowing to pressures from LP, ordered the recounting of the same questionable returns and not the ballots. I know a lot of politicians now are in Danao City, the birthplace of greatest political magician in the Philippines – – – DURANO, trying to learn like in the tv show “HOW DID THEY DO IT”.

  • Sabian

    Laging last minute. They had 3 years to prepare. Talaga nga naman oo.

  • TonTon

    manual or to automate, as long as votes or ballots are not secured, there is a BIG chance of massive cheating!

  • mangpepe

    brillantes di ba ang ibig sabihin niyan ay brilliant, sa pakiwari ko ay bobo ka automated na nga ibabalik mo na naman sa sa manual bakit kasi di na kayo kumuha ng gaya sa US gumastos na nga kayo tinipid niyo pa, hinayupak talaga kayo

  • zeroko

    Gagp itong si Brilliantes kung magsalita. Billons is involve here, all the time he was defending the Smartmatic and sometimes he acts like the agent together with Jimenez, tapos ngayon na pumalpak ang PCOS ganyan ga magsalita.

    Ito ang napala natin sa mga Chinese. Chinese yang si Sixto at si Jimenez.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      shame on you kung ganyan ang pag iisip mo.. wag mo isama ang race sa usapan…tapos sinasabi mo na tumatakbo ka na mayor… tumanda ka palang pabaliktad..

  • zeroko

    Magaling lang si Brilliantes sa over-priced ng furniture for refurbishing the COMELEC summer place in Baguio at wala nang iba. Worst, he does not want to make a stand against pre-campaign. O, uulitin ko, I’m Henry E. SAmonte, running as Independent Mayor in Q.C. comes May 13, 2013 midterm election. Ganyan pala ang gusto ni Brilliantes. Kumalat na naman ang mga tarpaulin ng mga mayayaman na kandidato dito sa Q.C. dahil sa sinabi niya kahapon na “There is no violation against pre-campaigning because there is no enabling law.” He he he. Turpe. Commissioner ka, you control an independent institution, and you have the authority to declare to ban pre-election. Instead, you open the floodgate to the violators. Sabihin mo na narin an pwede nang vote buying. 

    Brillantes, resign! But pa si laughing Hyena, si newly retired Commissioner Sarmiento, nakawala. This guy is also at fault for all the mess happening even during the time of Abalos. Remember the original Computerize machine worth 2.7 billion pesos but are now just rotting the the warehouse. 

    Kawawa talaga ang mga mamamayang Pilipino. They just could not understand that they are being abused by CORRUPT FILIPINO-CHINESE in our government, yet, they do not reach on it. He he he. Saan tayong mga Pilipino dadamputin nitong pinaggagawa ng mga demonyo.

    At lease for my part, I’m not just a back bench critic, I am fighting the evil empire at Q.C. Hall. May ginagawa ako. I lost in Ma;y 2010 election but that does not matter. As first timer, and then there is the big tickets like former Mayor Mathay, Mike Defensor, the profligate rich former Congresswoman Sosano, and popular Councilor Inton, what do you expect from me, a lone Independent Mayor Candidate who is being scolded by my wife everytime a spend more than P2 thousand for my campaign. He he he. Plain white paper na nga ang ginagamit ko and I print in my lone computer printer, and mind you people, he he he. As the saying goes, “I am threading where wish men never dares.” Talo kung talo, but I will fight. 

    He he he. Sabi ng a ng isang reporter while I was monitoring the last Mayor Candidate of Q.C., tanong ng lady reporter.”Bat, akala mo ba, mananalo ka ke Bistek.” He he he. Just because I’m wearing a plain jeans and cheap polo shirt, she is being impolite. He he he. I retorted back and told her, “Eh, ang lagay bilog ang bola.” He he he. Who knows, baka matalisod si Bistek dahil naka angat na palagi ang ilong niya. In fact, he allows his followers to shout, “Walang kalaban si Mayor!” He he he. Baka naman ang ibig lang sabihin ay “Walang kalaban laban si Mayor ke Henry Samonte.” He he he. Paano, galit na ang mga informal settlers sa kanya, Galit din ang mga tax payers, Sino ang kakampi niya? Di, ang mga “Coordinator” na binigyan niya ng pwesto sa City Hall doing nothing but just to take charge of vote buying. Each sector of all Barangays here in Q.C. has “Coordinators”, residence of the locality who collect and list all voters who wants to be paid just to vote for Bistek. O.K. Lang yan. I have few to lost, and much to gain. On the other hand, humanda si Bistek if I win. Pananagutin ko siya kung saan galing ang millions of pesos worth of tarpaulins and political ads. Then again, justification of donating a Foton worht P196,000 per unit. Yanan mo Bistek. He he he. Never underestimate your enemy. Syempre, sa election lang yan. Kaya lang, kawawa talaga ang mga tax payers dito sa Q.C. They have no voice.

    Ako, since 2005, I got involve in resisting if I can against the unilateral increase of taxes. Paano hindi uusad ang mga increase of taxes e, ginagamit ng Q.C. Councilors ang lahat ng Barangay Council Memebers as their legitimate audience during Public Consultation. D, natural, walang mag oopose. Rail roaded lahat! I have seen this because I was the only lone opposition during the time when 4th District Superman “Couincilor Suntay” wanted to impose parking fees in Q.C. I retorted and said, excuse me Councilor if I am acidicly frank, but you are not telling the truth. You  lie when you said that Q.C. only collected P4 billion pesos when in fact you people are boosting that you are number 1 in tax collection. Then, insulting him further, like treating him like grade 1, I said, “The foundemental reason why government impose additional tax is when it is short of funds to finance a new project. But, in our case, Q.C. is already wallowing with billions of pesos savings, and yet, you want to impose another back breaking tax?” He he he. I’m not a lawyer, but I really caught him flat footed. Then he answered back and said “Ang Q.C. nga ay huli sa parking fee because this ordinance is already implemented in Manila, Makati, and Pasig, why should we?”I said, “You know Mr. Lawyer, there is such thing as benevolent laws and oppressive and confiscatory laws.” Let us not anger the tax payers again. Give them a break. 

    Fortunately, typhoon ONdoy happened happened and the entire idea of implementing parking fee was altogether scraped. Mga bolero at mangloloko itong mga taga Q.C. O, ano ang sabi ko, pag binoto na naman niyo itong mga Young, handsome, and beautiful in this election, expect another tax after they win. Hindi na kayo na dala kasi. Marami sa Councilor of Q.C. are old times, including Herbert Bautista who is already on his 13th year. He does not want to give way dahil natikman na niya ang kapangyarihan and lack of accountability. Waldas dito waldas doon, ay naku! Milions ang involve dito, mga pare ko!

  • zeroko

    Go open up my youtube/henry samonte. Then select my uploads. Tignan ninyo kung mapagkakatiwalan ninyo ako. You are the voters, not me. Relax na ako sa buhay ko dahil retired na ako. Eh, ang lagay, sino ang lalaban sa mga abusadong City Officials dito sa Lunsod Quezon? Marami ang mga intelligent, mga abogado, yet, wala! Wlangt  gusto lumaban. Di baleng matanda ako, at least I have a tread mill in the house, I exercise when I can. But that is not the point. As the saying goes, “Do not judge a book on its cover.” Attend kayo pag may debate. Sana nga, ang hirap, open forum lang yan. Kailangan natin ang talagan tunay na debate, no holds bar para magkaalaman na. We can not afford to be nice to our enemies just because of reason of civility. Just look how Obama and his opponent fought it out. May sigawan, may dagger look.” Ang hirap sa pinoy, PIKON! He he he. I’m older than your grandfather but look, I am proud to say that I walked the whole depress area of Q.C. which no one has done and no one will ever do it at my age. I have the right to be called the men of all season for the following careers I had. Magbilang ka na………….

    1. at age 17, I worked as Landscaper Supervisor in PHHC, which is now the National Housing Authority. I got scared after my 1st semester in UP Los Banos because half of my classmate did not make it through the second semester, so I quit.

    2. After earning a BS in Agriculture in 1961 I became a travelling saleman. We sell Frankfurters, Vienna Sausage, Suriso de Bilbao, Mango juice, Mango halfs, Mango Concentrates, ham and beacon, and etd. We traveled all the way to Aparri selling our wares.

    3. I was an Advertising Solicitor.for the former Examiner Magazine Newsweekly. My job is to go to big companies who wants to advertise in our magazine.

    4. Then I became a Provincial Agriculturist under the Bureau of Agricultural Extension, and was assigned in Bantog, Talavera, Nueva Ecija for a year. It was 1963.

    5. Sometime in 1964, I passed the Phlippine Airline Aviation School batch 1964. Out of 5 thousand approximate applicant, there were just 25 of us who were accepted as Pilot trainee. Then only 20 made it to became regular.

    6. During the Pilot strike of 1970, I applied and was accepted in Air Manila International up to 1974.

    7. I transferred again to Philippine Aerotransport and Development Corporation, a semi government charter cargo business and destined all over the globe. We had the C-130 military airplane. I took my initial training in Marietta, Georgia, USA in Lockheed Corporaton. That is a Southern State, the territory of the Confederates during the Civil war.

    8. In 1977, I applied as Cargo pilot of Congressman Roquito Ablan of Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

    9. In 1978 I went back to Philippine Airlines.I retired as pilot of the biggest jet at that time, the famous B-747-400.

    10. In 1989, I joined the pilot labor strike against LUcio Tan. He he he. Who can defeat a name Lucio for Lucifer and Tan for Satan. HE he he. Talo kami! And finally officially retired in 2000. I can still fly up to 65, but I just feel sick and lousy when  ever I hear the engines. I could have earned additional substantial amount of money. But, what if I die right away. I would not have enjoyed the company of my family.

    11. Then, I established a lending Investors. I closed up because there are more defaults than those who pays.

    12. I opened up an Aluminum, Glass, and Iron fabrication. Again I closed up because my laborers were so dishonest.

    13. Then, I bring in truck loads of Charcoals from Infanta Quezon, again I was booted out by my buying agent when he met my salesman. They operated their own business but it just lasted with one deal. My former Salesman run away with the money. He he he.

    14. I opened up a 13 room dorm in Sampaloc, Manila. which is still operating.

    15. Opened a Barbershop and Beauty parlor. Still on business.

    16. got one passenger jeep

    17. got one brand new taxi unit

    18. I’ve several cattles in Talisay, Cebu.

    19. I have two small fishing boats in Matalum, Southern Leyte.

    20.  He he he. now I’m running as Independent Mayor Candidate. As I have said, I;m j;ust after the neck of these salamagans who steal our taxes.

    If I win as a Mayor, you can see that  I have entirely 18 sets of careers which no one in his life time wll ever experience. Besides that, I have travelled all over the world, stayed the the 5 star hotels, and ate the exotic foods money can buy. We were treated to a Chinese Laureate in Beijing China with 32 courses. He heh e. He He .

    I am a guy who will challenging the evil empire. I have o financial resources but I will fight. Winning is not my problem, it is the voters problem if they want an honest candidate. You people can start from there.

    Sabi kasi ni Brilliantes, wala daw pre-campaign violation, so here I am. Masama bang magpakilala?

    In addition, as Pilot, my training brought me to several places. First was (1.) Marietta, Georgia, USA.(2.) Phoenix, Arizona, US. (3.) Vancouver, Canada (4.) Jakarta, Indonesia (5.) Skiphol, Netherlands, (6.) Los Angeles, California (7. ) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia., I’ve got seven aircraft ratings, from (1.) Cessna 150 (training airplane) (2.) DC-3 (3.) F-27 (Fokker Friendship) (4.) Fokker Fairchild (5.) B-727 300 (6. ) Electra (7.) C-130 (8.) C-46 (9.) B 747-200 (10.) B-747-400 (11.) Aerocommander (12.) Cessna Eagle 421.

    As you can see, no pilot has ever flown so many types of aircraft as I have. Marami na akong careers, marami rin akong eroplanong nilipad. So, it is just safe to say that I am the men of this world. Never will you meet someone like me………… And I am in a good position what I’m talking about that our government is corrupt!

    • Marshall


  • akongednamzug

    Mga kababayan pagkatapos ng halalan sa May 13, 2013, maging manual man o computerized ang pagbibilang ng boto, humanda na tayo sa salitang “NADAYA AKO”.

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