Comelec scores ‘epal’ pols for ‘breach of delicadeza’


The election campaign period hasn’t officially started, so anything goes.

For example, there’s nothing wrong with senatorial candidates appearing in a TV soap at this time, although it is a clear “breach of delicadeza,” according to the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. has been asked by netizens on his Twitter account whether the poll body would “turn a blind eye” to the apparent campaigning of some candidates through a drama anthology series aired on television.

A couple of users of the popular microblogging site raised such a question to the Comelec following the airing of an episode of the life story of senatorial candidate Grace Poe-Llamanzares on ABS-CBN’s long-running drama anthology “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) on Saturday.

Llamanzares, the former chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, was depicted by actress Erich Gonzales in the hourlong drama program.

“A [senatorial candidate’s] life story now being featured on TV. What’s your take Chair Brillantes?” asked Twitter user @redenmat.

Another user, Edik Dolotina (@edikdolotina) said: “Will the Comelec turn a blind eye to ABS-CBN’s obvious campaigning through the MMK program?”

Brillantes answered on his Twitter account: “A paid political ad in the guise of a ‘biography’ is a clear breach of delicadeza but unfortunately, existing laws allow it.”

For the TV program’s next episode on Saturday, actor Gerald Anderson has been tapped to play the role of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, who is running for reelection in the Team PNoy ticket.

In an interview with reporters on Monday, Brillantes said candidates being featured in “biographies” were not committing an illegal act in the absence of a law prohibiting premature campaigning.

“Nothing is illegal until the campaign period. So, all of these are still OK,” he said. “Everybody is taking advantage of the fact that the campaign period has not yet started.”

But Brillantes warned that the Comelec would go after candidates resorting to such propaganda once the campaign period begins on Feb. 12.

Candidates for national positions are not allowed to campaign until next Tuesday while the campaign period for local posts will start on March 30.

“What they are doing now is prohibited during the campaign period so they should be prepared because we will be strict in implementing campaign rules,” Brillantes said.

During the campaign period, the Comelec will limit the airtime of election propaganda to 120 minutes and 180 minutes for each candidate in all TV and radio networks, respectively.

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  • Vincent Puig

    Its obvious ABS CBN is in early camapigning opposite of thier clean image in bayan i patrol mo. bwahahaha.

    • Paul

       sino ang tatanggi sa PERA galing sa mga kakandidato?

  • bogli_anakdami

    this only shows how talamak ang mga kagung gungan ng mga flips to fall for this candidates…

    flip gung gongs are so strarstruck that they couldn’t separate imaginary from reality…

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    The COMELEC is helpless. Di ba the COMELEC was one of those consulted by legislators before all election laws were passed?? Whose fault was this??

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Chairman Brillantes being a former election lawyer upon assumption as COMELEC  chairman should have proposed an amendment to our election law to prevent people who have filed their candidates to circumvent the intention of our law on illegal campaigning  and make a mockery out of it.

    • The Overlord

      I’m sure the COMELEC has proposed numerous changes to the Fair Elections Act. But don’t forget that legislation is the work of senators and congressmen: the same people who are breaching delicadeza. Aren’t you wondering why there’s no enabling law yet prohibiting political dynasties ever since he 1987 Constitution came in effect?

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    These candidates who engage in garapalan na epal activities especially paid expensive ones like tv and radio appearances and propaganda should be disqualified by the voters.

  • wawa2172

    Chairman Brilliantes and commissioners do your job well and di lang pa epal din sa media like our politician. Write and implement a resolution that bawal ang mag pa epal before election campaign. Those who violates will be barred from running in 2013 election. Comelec puro ngawa wala namang gawa.

  • George Lapulapu

    go comelec.. i think media should identify and shame these epals….

  • Jack Wok

    lahat sila epal lalo na ang media. 

  • w33k3nd3r

    paki disqualify na ho si Jackie Enrile nang mabawasan ang mga diablo na mangungurakot pa.

    • Guest

      Malapit na dre. JPE’s Port Irene is now under scrutiny. Jackie Enrile should rank below the top 12 when the next survey comes out.

  • zeroko

    Kala ko ba “equal opportunity? I’m an Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C., I follow the rules but it seems I am just alone.I do not blame the candidates, I blame the COMELEC and the Supreme Court for negating in their duty. Henry Samone at your service.

    • farmerpo

       Good ka, deretso, law abiding,and naive. You don’t belong. No chance of winning. Equal opportunity is just a euphemism in the realm of our politics. Opportunity is more equal for others than most. Get dirty then join the fray. Good luck zer.

  • Guest

    Hindi naman siguro eepal ang mga kandidato kung hindi rin umepal si PNoy sa Cebu. Kaya naging madali na isangkalan “it’s not election campaign period yet.”

    Pag selective ang application of the law, laging magkakabutas ang mga batas natin. Kahit ang pinakamagandang batas pa. 

  • zeroko

    If you people wants to lower your taxes both Business and Real Estate tax, you are talking to one who has been fighting the unjust taxation since 2005.

    I am a one man Crusade against increases of taxes on all forms
    1. Last March 18, 2005, I read an Editorial/Opinion in the Daily Inquirer with the title of “Greedy QC Councilors want to hike Real Estate Tax, dated March 18, 2005 (Annex A, annexes A-1, annexes A-2).

    Considering that people are generally hard up, I wrote a letter to 22 QC Councilors, copy furnish former Mayor Belmonte Jr. asking their justification on the Real Estate tax increase (Annex B). Unfortunately, my letter of inquiry was completely ignored and left unanswered. There was no reply at all from the 22 Councilors. I did not pursue any further inquiry on the matter.

    2. In July 24, 2009, I attended the Public consultation related to the Resolution of Councilor Suntay (Annex C) imposing parking fees on vehicles park in commercial establishments and churches. I voice out my objection telling Councilor Suntay, the author of the “Parking fee” that Q.C. was reaping more than 9 billion pesos in annual revenue, that we can hardly spend the whole amount and therefore there no more need to impose additional taxes. Coincidentally tyoon Ondoy came and the bill imposing Parking fee was abandoned all together.

    3. Sometime in the January 23, 2009, I found out that Mayor’s Business Permit went up P3,000 higher compared to the preceding year. I went direct to former Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr. (Annex D) to ask the justification of the tax increase, but he rebuff me and said, “ Kung hindi mo kayang magbayad ng Mayor’s Permit, di, magsara ka!”
    I discovered that it was former Chief City Treasurer Victor Endriga PhD who unilaterally increases the Business tax without any supporting Ordinance. By virtue of a Memorandum dated December 19, 2008 (Annex E) and effective January 2, 2009, he unilaterally instructs City Treasurer’s Employees to collect the new rate.

    I filed a Complaint Affidavit in the Office of the Ombudsman (Annexes F-F1) on ground of “Usurpation of Authority” for implementing the new rate last March 6, 2009 without a supporting City Ordinance against former Chief City Treasurer Victor Endriga Ph.D. Fortunately, I got a favorable response from the Office of the Ombudsman related to my complaint dated September 21, 2012 (Annex G), and I was advice to just wait for the verdict.

    In addition, Commission on Audit Paragraph 1.5 (Annex H, H-1) objected in the “Manner of Assessmentand collection of business taxes were not in accordance with City Ordinance No. SP-91. S-1993, as amended known as Quezon City Revenue Code.”

    This is a portion of my letter sent to different business organizations asking for support. I’m just overwhelmed on the financial resources of Mayor Herbert Bautista and his group who all belongs to the Liberal Party coalition. No way can an Independent candidate like me can win the fight unless the masses really supports me. With Millions of voters here in Q.C., he he he. I planed to write each voter a letter, he he. and It’s impossible! Each postage stamp is P7 pesos, What about your mail enveloped and the band paper and computer ink? Hindi pa kasama ang leg work diyan! I went door to door in the last May 2010 Election, at the heat of the summer sun, several times, I seems to have been hit by sun stroke, my legs were wobbling and my sensation seems numbed, I feel like I’m about to collapse. .I walk the entire Quezon City from January to the last day of campaign period, but I just finished visiting the depress area. Quezon City is just too big! Some says, its three times the area of Manila. And there were just two of us, my assistance and I. From Tatalon Estate, Commonwealth road, Old Balara, NOvaliches, the boundary of Manila and Caloocan, mine you, it so big! I was not able to deliver any speech because there just wasn’t any time. I bet, no candidate has ever done what I did. While my contemporaries were riding in a flashy Expedition, I walk the talk. He he he. I have gone to Payatas too. And time has no meaning on me. I campaign from morning till 10 p.m. He heh e. One time, I knock the door but nobody answered. When I peep in, everyone was asleep. I check my watch and it was already past midnight. Even the Muslims in Payatas admire my guts. A one man caravan. I don;t have much money to spare. Look what happened, the major contenders of Bistek has all fold up and raise the white flag because they poured millions and millions of pesos on the race. I told my friend that among the loosing candidate, I’m the only one who can still afford to smile because I did not spend as much as they did. Anyway, I’m here again. This will be my last attempt. My agenda is lower the Business Taxes, the Real Estate Tax, prudence in spending tax payers money, and accountability. Someone has to answer why Q.C. was collecting illegal tax in the absence of a City Ordinance. Win or lose, my complaint against former Victor Endriga stays. If decision of the Office of the Ombudsman will finally be in my favor, the next step will be filing another complaint against the Mayor down to the City Councilors for allowing the City Treasurer on unauthorized tax increase.

    • Reynaldo Quijada

      what is your name and what position are you running for?

      • zeroko

        I’m Henry E. Samonte, Independent Mayor Candidate of Q.C. I am alone in this endeavor. No political party, no political line up, neither has a vice Mayor. in short free lancer. I am not beholden to anyone except to my moral value of what is right. I am fighting a lonely battle, but I’m not undaunted. Fight!

        Never in history of Q.C. Mayor Candidate has anyone ever attempted to reach out to the voters on foot. For 5 months I did this in the last May 10, 2010 election. I wasted so much time approaching the voters individually because Q.C. is just too big. Now, I will speak up and deliver my agenda.comes election campaign period.

        I just couldn’t accept the abuses and extravagance of Q.C.LGU. I am   against an institution which has so much financial resources and politically organized machinery. From the Barangay Council, the Community Relations office at Building 1, fifth floor which has list of all accredited Organizations of Q.C.,and the Senior Citizens Organizations, all are beholden to the Mayor, and he uses these organizations as his front at the expense of tax payers money. Still I will persist if only to say that I have done what has to be done. To know me better go to youtube/henry samonte and select my uploads. You will find that I’m just a simple man just like all of you, but I make a difference. While many are dreaming of good governance, I went head on against the evil empire, he he he..

    • Mamerto

      Increase taxes so that Congress could have bigger “surpluses & savings” which they can easily convert as “bonus” for job “well-done for these officials benefit”.

  • joerizal

    Wala nang silbi ang radyo at TV…sa social media na nangangampanya ang mga kandidato.

  • farmerpo

    What is ‘delikadeza’? How do you cook it? Is there honor among thieves? Cheating is the weapon of choice since man started competing with each other. How and what kind of cheating to use is the only consideration. Winning is everything. Kapalmuks is a coined word from the masses which was applied to candidates after the time of Plaza Miranda, when candidates started singing and dancing on the campaign trails. Later, candidates had amateur entertainers do the dancing and singing for them cause they can already afford to pay them. Now, no holds barred. The law allows anything, notwithstanding whether there is a ban or not. We have yet to see a candidate penalized for anything. A candidate may be rebuked or reviled but that is ok, kapalmuks naman. But is there a case, local or national, where a candidate was disqualified for apparent (although legal) transgression of the election law? We need a Brilliant answer, I think, or do I?   Poster greetings of kapalmuks is no less an election campaign than the telenovela. The only difference is the coverage. Magnakaw ka ng konti or marami pareho rin sa batas, except for politicians where it is graduated for them, PDAF, MOOE Plunder…..and the political solution, resign or sit in a wheel chair, then let the masses forget. Start all over again. 

    • zeroko

      If you are from Q.C. I would suggest that you give me a chance just once. I do not intend to remain in politics for any longer time. I just want to send a strong message by showing to everyone that here is a man who became Mayor of Q.C. with just one peso in his pocket, and leaves the service with the same peso  coin and nothing more. Temptation is so great, greed corrupts, but try me. I want to leave a legacy in my humble way to this present generation and the future generation that once there was an individual succeed to break the bandage of greed and corruption through self abstinence. If I fail, I will let you poke a dirty finger on my face……. 

  • zeroko

    I beg you people to help me spread out the fact that a Henry E. Samonte is an Independent Mayor Candidate in Q.C.  Keeping quiet does not make any sense considering that Mayor Herbert Baustista is already flooding Q.C. with his EPAL or political ads, not mentioning that the Barangay Council in all of Q.C. are subservient to his wishes. They are directly campaigning for him by way of convincing private owners to install in their residence the tarpaulin of Bistek. Hindi patas ang laban, not a level playing field. But, I am undaunted. Just hoping that All mighty providence can interfere in my favor now. 

    I do not feel sorry for myself if I lose. I feel sorry that I can not serve the people of Q.C. If I win, I will send a strong message not only to Q.C. but even the national government. I WILL RIDE THE PUJ (JEEPNEY) OR A TAXI, AND EAT IN THE CARINDERIA EVEN IF I’M A MAYOR. P40 thousand pesos is just not enough if you have two in college and another in Private High School. I will live on my basic salary, no allowances, no benefit at all. Kaya ko naman ito. Nothing new, I’ve been doing these ever since. 

    Then again, I will be very strict on where the money of Q.C. goes. I will also open the books of the Treasury and Accounting even if they shoot me. I’m not afraid to die, as the sayng goes, I will die for my conviction of what is right. If successful this will my last legacy for Q.C. and my country. I aim to clean our government of corrupt officials for the benefit of our children and the generations to come. Hindi naman tama na ang mga Barangay Council and Councilors are fiesting of the tax payers money. While I take the jeepney, they are riding in a government airconditioned vehicle free of gasoline and allowances while the tax payers like us are sweating it out in the sun and drench in the rain waiting for a ride.

    This is the defining moment if I win. I will really rock the boat. Hindi na pwede ang pangaabuso ng mga nakakataas at may kapangyarihan. I will establish even a radio station, I can’t I, Talisay City Cebu has their Radio-T.V. station and nobody objects. For our part, radio station is enough for economy shake, and I and anyone else who has gripe with our corrupt government will be given airtime to blash those government officials.

    Kawawa ang members of the HOuse of Representatives sa akin pag ako ay mananalo. I will get the roaster or list of Congressmen who are absent on day to day basis. No sir, this is not libel. The people has the right to know the government people who are doing their job.

    Then, I am thinking of job creation. These stupid cook lesson, hair style and haircuts seminars, and other stupid ordinary job training wouldn’t do. I may suggest that we import a complete kit of an Aviation Maintenance Training because like Seaman, aircraft mechanic is in demand all over the globe. We will break the curtels on so many items. We will import commodities which we think the Chinese Cartel is over pricing. This is one reason why smuggling is going on, the prices here in our country is so artificially expensive. If commercial venture is out of the “Local Government Code” then we can get the service of our Congressmen. Ano sila, masaya, walang ginagawa kundi magkamot ng tiyan? They have to run for their money. Walang freebies dito. Trabaho.

    I have donated food stuff, a van load of canned goods and noodles and rice to the victims of the tenant massacre in Hacienda Luisita 3 days after it happened. The poor tenants literally want to kiss my hand for gratitude because they were running out of food. The earnestly wanted to know  my Identity, but I didn’t introduce myself. I told them that I did not go there just to advertize myself or ask for gratitude. No sir, it is purely charity. I again delivered 2 live hogs from Q.C. to Hacienda Luisita, and again they wants to know who I am. I said, just respect my privacy, and left in cognito. If I will be a Mayor of Q.C., I can go back to Hacienda Luisita and introduce myself as the one who went there, give them sacks of foods and the 2 hogs, and suggest that we tie up our respective areas together. We will provide them capital and technoligy and in return they will sell us agricultural products at a lower price. Ang daming possibilities. We can also tie up with Real, Quezon. There is a fishing gadget that attracts small fish at first, and the small fish attracts the big fish until the large fish are tuna’s. This gadgets are anchored on the sea bed so it remains stationary. We deal with the Japanese Importers directly and sell the tunas. We divide the profit between the government of Real Quezon and Q.C. Of course, we will be using large fishing boats. We can do that. The government is ready to finance any business venture. Kulang lang sa technology the fishermen on Coastal areas of the Pacific side. Hindi nila alam yan. All they know is the Japanese floating fish sanctuary to attract large school of fish. The gadget I have sends sound waves underwater to attract the fish. Do you have an idea how much a kilo of tuna in tokyo in the fish market wholesale?  Read this below;

    A single bluefin tuna has sold in Japan for 155m yen ($1.7m; £1.05m), almost triple the record price set last year. “Sa atin, it is 68 million pesos. ang isang bluefin. I retired as an International pilot. Kung Mayor lang, I will not engage in the campaign had it not for the corruption going on, and the millions of wasted money.

    I have many ideas how to make Q.C. earns. Who knows, by doing business, we may declare Q.C. tax free for all! That is not a remote possibilities. Lahat, libre sa local taxes! 

    And please lang, do not vote anyone who is a member of a political dynasty. If you people wants to know me better, just open youtube/henry samonte. See my videos. I’m not a politician, I’m a moralist!

    • Shalani

      ganito rin si gma dati ah….

      • zeroko

        Actually, my profession is Agriculture from U.P., but my vocation is retired International Airline Pilot and my last airplane was the B-747-400. The whole world was my playground. I slept in International Five Star hotel like Dusit, Hollydy Inn, Mariotte Hotels, Hilton, etc and ate the best food money can buy. From Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Beiging China, Europe, Canada, and America, all was my domain. Never had I considered myself a Q.C. residence because I am in San Francisco one day, and three days later, I am in Frankfurt, Germany, or anywhere else. 

        Aside from PAL, I was also a pilot of PADC or Philippine Aerotransport Development Corporation. My route brings me in one journey alone from Manila, we fly to Hong Kong to load 20 tons of RTW. Over night in Bangkok, Thailand, overnight in Bombay, India, overnight in Abhu Dahbi, overnight in Cairo, Egypt, overnight in Maastrich, Germany, overnight in Seville Spain, cross the Mediterranian to Kano, Nigeria, back to Mlan, Italy, back to Kano, Negiria, then back to Maastrich, Istandbul, Turkey, Cairo, Egypt, Abhu Dahbi, Bombay (Mumbai), India, Singapore, Bandung, Indonesia, then Philippines. This is just one trip because our business is charter transport of goods anywhere else in the world.

        I am figuratively rising from the grave because I can not stomach the corruptions, the lies, and injustice going on in our midst. , We don’t even raise our eyebrow if someone is salvage and his body is mutilated. We take these things like a matter of facts. Ano na ang nangyayari sa atin. Nagpapa-uto na lang ba tayo sa corrupt na gobyerno? Saan tutungo ang bansa natin if we just have passive attitude to what is happening around us?

        We laugh in amusement those radicals who know better to what is happening around us. Don’t you know, they are fighting for us all because of the injustice and abuses? Kaya tayo lagging behind in progress among our neighbors because there is no moral ascendancy. Wala nang moralidad! We let Senator Bong Revilla and other actors finish up their movie, go to talk shows, and we don’t even feel agitated! In Bangkok, Thailand, their former PResident had a cook show of just 5 minutes, the next day, hundreds of thousand thailanders demands his resignation because they say, a President’s duty should be 24/7. He has no right to go on a five minute cook fest, instead, he should devote his time to public service, to his people. Dito, wala! Binabasto na tayo ng ating gobyerno, like selling the Orthopedics Hospital as “Corporitation”, wala parin effect sa inyo? Where is the our sanity. We lived in hell for so long we could not distinguished anymore when to react. This is one reason why other countries brand us as “Nation of Slaves” o “Bayan ng mga uto-uto.” Puro back bench critics, but when it comes to confrontation, buntot natin nasa wetpu. Don’t you know people, we are now in an Oligarchy form of government wherein a few families and powerful people controls our government. We complain, but has anyone ever fight head on, except perhaps those (funny) radicals who have their head busted by PNP Truncheon just to fight for our rights. He he he. I can go on and on, but I know it is an exercise in futility. Sana naman, mataohan kayo. As the saying goes, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  • Bengatibo

    Hopeless!!! The politicians have no delicadezas. They will do everything, epal, vote buying, media mileage in all forms, mudslinging and a lot of other things just to win in elected positions. They will do it in the guise of advocacy, service to the constituents. Bottom line is they will do to enrich themselves. Power is greed. Where there is power, there is money to be had. Politicians are doing it because Pinas does not have matured voters. So it is popularity that counts.

  • Danyel

    Kasalanan uli ng Supreme Court ito, binaluktot ang batas…..dapat after the filing of candidacy candidates are prohibited from appearing on TV, newspaper and in all kinds of media…..Paano magigng tama ang ruling na mangyayari lamang ang illegal campaign during the campaign period……? Only in the Philippines…..No wonder nagkalat sa TV natin ang mga buwaya ngayon…………….

  • padrefaura

    i was about to support grace poe because i think she is not a trapo like most candidates.
    then i learned she had her life story featured in MMK which shows signs of being epal.
    this made me think that if elected, she will end up being a trapo like everyone else. 

    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

       Grace lost your vote but with millions of people watching the episode, millions will be gained. I will not be surprised if Poe goes to top 7 in the next survey. Its a fact of life tol.

      • jgl414567

        Yes i agree.

    • Mattino2011

      kailangan kumita na”’.may GRACIA daw kasi hahah as senator , may cash gift pa from Senate president kaya dami gusto magibg senador

  • mangTASYO

    maraming batas ay butas…kaya may palusot!

    kung lahat ng kandidato ay may MMK para makilala sila ng lubos…why not?  madalas or minsan…binoboto mong kandidato ay di mo alam kung saan lupalop galing.  yun nga lang hindi patas ang MMK dahil iilan lang ang nafe-feature.

    sino si grace? atleast may clue na ang mga botante.

    sa mga hindi na-feature sa MMK…what a disgrace!


  • Paul

    “But Brillantes warned that the Comelec would go after candidates
    resorting to such propaganda once the campaign period begins on Feb. 12.”…..”During the campaign period, the Comelec will limit the airtime of
    election propaganda to 120 minutes and 180 minutes for each candidate in
    all TV and radio networks, respectively” – tell it to the marines. LOL>

  • Mattino2011

     ABS CBN is politicking again….sipsip sa Pnoy team…Who cares about grace poe boagraphy  or any senatriables..The more they do that , the more people should not vote for them.. The promotor is ther i by the Pasig river…tuwid na ..pweh

  • jgl414567

    As a voter i need a dossier or any truthful information i can get about all the candidates if possible and i will be as objective as i can in choosing who the best is. Being featured in MMK is alright for me as long as it is truthful and does not violate laws. I will take it as an affront to my sensibilities if a blatant trapo like Binay, Enrile or Erap is featured because for me it will be disgusting and outrageous!

    • NinjaMan

       that’s stupid. how can you claim to be objective  when you already made a decision?

      • jgl414567

         It you who is stupid because you like to use that rude word!

      • NinjaMan

        i’m just stating the obvious. you’re trying to tell us you want to be objective, yet on the same post, you already judged others.

  • ygcer

    yun abs-cbn 2 at gma 7, pareho mayroong 2013 election advocacy … parehong madalas magpalabas ng political ads kahit hindi pa election campaign period. 

    as usual, pera muna bago ang bayan 

  • Ronald

    agree ako sa comelec

  • just_the_guy

    “Breach of delicadeza?” Ano yun?

    • Mamerto

      Eh pa-ano…, karamihan ng mga politico walang ‘modo’ o ‘delikadiza’.

      MAIN CASE in view is the “Anti-Dynasty Provision” in our Constitution…, which has remained dormant because our politicians/Congress want/prefer to nothing to do with it.

  • vir_a

    The best thing to do is just ignore and don’t vote for these candidates who are insulting our intelligence.

    • NinjaMan

       the problem with that is, it works. majority of the filipino people are dumb, and hence, the reason why these clowns are doing what they’re doing. it’s name retention, nothing else.

  • Darwin

    There should be a complaint to KBP for breach of media ethics, manifest partiality.

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    This is what the COMELEC should be doing GIVE COMMENTS TO EDUCATE OUR PEOPLE like declaring some epal maneuvers of some politicians as breach of delicadeza. Does the good Chairman has to say about vote buying even if they seem to be helpless against this electoral virus so that candidates and voters will be properly educated or conscienticized?? At least mapag usapan ng publiko at ang mga sangkot pati ang tumatanggap ng suhol ay mahiya at hwag garapalang gumawa ng labag sa batas at sa delicadeza!!!

  • Mamerto

    Why are many of our Laws/Rules so ambiguous that interpretations are so varied and confusing.?

    • InSearchOfTruth

      para mapaglaruan tayo ng gobyerno

  • Gandalf

    delicadeza-delicadeza? Kapalan na lang yan! 

    Delicadeza ka pa e di wala kang milyong-nilyong xmas bonus?

    Anlaki ng pera jan, tapos honorable pa tawag sa yo. Pagmag-iispeech ka ang
    daming magagayahan naman jan, wala naman silang magagawa, puro dada lang yan
    ang mga yan. Gawa lang uli ng batas para matahimik sila. Nyahaha.

    Pero siyempre, sasabihin
    mo, gusto mong maglingkod sa bayan. 

    Tapos dasal kunwari,
    sabihin mo na “God told me to run,” patok yan. 

    Gustong gusto nila yan
    pag makitang banal ka kuno.


  • etomacq

    Inutil naman ang COMELEC. Puro putak wala naman magawa. Sabagay, pera pera lang yan. 

    Ngayon pa lang makikita na natin kung sino talaga ang mga walang kwentang kandidato! 

    Hindi pa nga sila nakapwesto mga abusado na.. Lalo na siguro pag nakupo na ang mapagsamantlang mga yan. Mga gutom sa kapangyarihan.

  • wood68

    just follow chairman brillantes’ advice. “remember the face. forget the name”

  • Mon Sparks

    Wala pang naipakitang galing si Grace Poe, except ang pagiging anak ni Fernando Poe. Sana naman ay mag-isip nang mabuti ang Pinoy voter. We don’t need another Lito Lapid or Bong Revilla or Honasan (hmm, I don’t even remember Honasan’s name).

    • justjarred

       e ano nga ba ang totoong pangalan ni Gringo?

      • NinjaMan


  • justjarred

    Ganyan talaga kc anak ni Da King . . . Nakakalusot.  tsk, tskt tsk.

  • Blod

    hahaha, halatang mga ipal na nag susulpotan, tapos kunwari na ma sasadula ang kanilang buhay, para ang tao ay makuha ang kanilang loob, nag labasan ang mga utot,

    isa pa yong sino nga yong kaaway ne Enrile, biglang nag dramahan, kunwari ina away nia yong matanda, pero sa likod nang yun ang malaking drama, pag naka upo na yan, big lang mananahimik yan, tapos tanggap ng tanggap nalang ng perang galing sa kaban ng bayan, atsaka may kapatid pala xia, yong si Peyaya ata yun…

    ikalawa yong mga dramang FOI bill, pina patatok pra mag labasan ang baho, pag naka upo na mananahimik nalang yan, parang pagong, tago sa bahay…

    ikatlo yong sa advertisement nayan yong maraming pag kain, tataas ang sweldo, kunwari para ma binta, biglang POPUP ads yan, kunwari you WON 1million, Please click this ads, ganon lang yun. pag naka upo na pagong na tatago sa bahay nia…

    IKA APAT. d naman tayo mga bobo kong tegnan maige ang mga hayop na tatakbo, may dragun at saka may ahas, may pating, may buaaya, may aso, may lion, atsaka may hayop kong d mo pa alam kong anong hayop…

    PAKOLO ng MGa IPAL tandaan, tatahimik yan pag naka upo na, kasi mang lilimas na naman, whoooo, Negusyo nalang ang Pulitika dito sa bansa, pag d tayo mag matyag at saka maki suri kong sino ang bubutuhin natin, wag makinig sa chismis ni KRIS nakaka umay yun, atsaka hipnutismo…


    • NinjaMan

      kahit tagalog, andami pa ring wrong spelling. kakainis basahin. LOL

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    meron silang delikadeza?

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Llamanzares-Poe, tapos si allan, sino isusunod ng ABS si chavit, erap, binay o mas malamang si mar roxas………

    • fliksho

      Highest bidder!

  • nayve

    COMELEC should check more on this machine to  transmit result  or use gadget to measure signal not  by talking

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Sows katakot-takot na political adverts sa TV – UNA man o LP.

  • marivon

    Sunod ang life story ni Binay and clan, kung paano “nasunog” sa araw si barack dahil nagpapakain ng baboy. Sana isama din kung paano naging multi millionaire galing sa street lawyer.

  • Magsasaka

    hindi uso ang delikadesa dito sa pinas dahil kung mayroong delikadesa ang mga pulitiko dito hindi nila patatakbuhin ang mga asawa at anak at hindi sila magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

  • Victor Carl

    Llamanzares and Cayetano leading the pack. Of all the people.

  • InSearchOfTruth

    t @ n g a   na lang talaga ang boboto sa mga ganitong klaseng mga kandidato…  problema lang marami pa rin ang boboto sa kanila…

  • Koneksyon

     YOU ARE in the PHILIPPINES and you look for “delicadeza”???!!!  ah, i could write something encyclopedic about IT, but never mind…..

  • fliksho

    Do the filipinos a favor,will somebody publish the names of the tongressmen and senatongs who are against the FOI BILL and the complete list of political dynasties from aparri to jolo.IT’S ABOUT TIME.

  • Ronald

    “Nothing is illegal until the campaign period. So, all of these are still OK,” he said. “Everybody is taking advantage of the fact that the campaign period has not yet started.” Chair Brillantes….ANG TAMA SIGURO, EVERYTHING IS ILLEGAL UNTIL THE CAMPAIGN PERIOD…

  • Akemi Marionne Mainit


  • Bryan Kevin Tung

    After watching mmk of grace poe i concluded that the senate and the filipino people does not need her service. No track record but she’s just a good lady and a daughter of fpj. Nothing more nothing less.

  • themask celestial

    Hindi lang naman politician ang dapat kinikwestion pati abs-cbn, sabagay kailan pa nag kadelikadesa yang station na yan. kung makahanap ng graft and corrption sa mga politiko, ganun  na lang, pero sila tong nag break ng delicadeza rule.

  • jojotolentino

    whatever negative we post here, the thing is, Grace Poe has endeared herself to the voters who voted her you people bashing her don’t matter. You have my vote Grace Poe.

    • buboy88

      Grace Poe staff in the house. Tell your boss _________________.

    • GungGung

      Napaiyak siguro itong mamang ito sa palabas ng MMK. #SaMailadLang

  • Akemi Marionne Mainit

    Pardon my logic but….

    Isn’t the prefix PRE means BEFORE? So, if a candidate presents herself/himself before the official campaign period, it should mean pre-campaigning or premature campaigning. If the candidate does it during campaign period, then WALA nang pre campaigning or premature campaigning, kasi nga nasa “loob” na ng campaign period yun. eh USELESS pala na provision yan sa election laws di ba?

    These persons are NOT yet classified as candidates because technically, its NOT the election  period yet, so no law has been breached by their actions… excuse me, but are they not supposed to be called candidates the minute they submit their CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY? or para walang kalituhan… change that COMELEC form into: “CERTIFICATE OF INTEREST TO BE A CANDIDATE AND BECOMING AN OFFICIAL CANDIDATE DURING ELECTION PERIOD ONLY”.

    Just my two cents on this issue…. 

  • zeroko

    It is COMELEC’s fault why violations is now rampant. Wala nang constrain. He he he. Sabi ba naman ni Commissioner Sixto Brilliantes, “There is no violation in pre-campaign because there is no enabling law.” Ha ha ha. So now, hell broke loose. Everyone for himself. Literally, everyone now, the trapos, the political parties, everyone is clawing each other to win. 

    Come to think of it, why does politicians spend hundreds of millions of pesos on a cheap government post? Sweldo ni PNoy before the year 2012 is only P60 thousand. Ang Chief Justice of the SC, House Speaker, Senate PResident and a certain Auditor is P43 thousand pesos. The ordinary Senators, the average Congressman and Party list, P38 thousand pesos. Mayor of Q.C. is only P16,800 a month. A Vice Mayor gets P14,800 and City Councilor is two hundred pesos lower at P14,600.   He he he. Diyan na lang, makikita ninyo kung ano ang intention nila. In a governor positon alone, it take 5 million pesos budget during election. As a pilot, though I will not name names, one Senator has his own airplane, I have seen his airplane from Tawi-tawi down to almost every part of the country dropping duffle bags (full of cash) when ever the door of the airplane opens, then it leaves right away. Naturally, someone is to fetch the bag. That was 20 years ago. I have talked to the pilot of that airplane because we were together when we had a pilot strike way back 1970. We met at Cebu Plaza. In fact, we nearly hit each other’s airplane because both of us were looking for the Dipolog airport on a rainy day. Visibility was bad. I did not execute a go-around procedure wherein you abort your landing because (what if he also execute a go-around on the other end of the runway.) He he he. D, mid air collision will happen. And I was right. Since my airplane was lot bigger than his executive airplane, he abort his takeoff. He he he. Sorry you people if I bore you. But, here is a new breed of politician you are listening now. Pilots are different breed. We are not proud people, it’s just natural for us to speak of our experience. He he he. But one thing separates us from others, we have high moral standard. Just imagine if a crazy pilots controlls a multi-billion pesos airplane like the B 747-400 and passengers as many as 480. The company sees to it that they choose the right pilot for the job. It’s too risky to just put someone on the control.

    Sa akin, kahit na talo ako, O.K.lang. What ever I saved is just enough to tie our financial obligations. Simple lang. If you see me, I’m just wearing jeans and round neck T-shirt. Sawa na ako mga pa-bongga! I am inviting all of you to go to youtube/henry samonte, select my upload, and check it out. Wala namang mawawala, di ba?

    • muddygoose


  • raz

    what can you expect from a trapo politicians…

    • nakawan

      kaya nga UNA ang tawag sa kanila e

  • nakawan

    Every time a campaign ad comes on TV I have an overwhelming desire to throw the thing away.

  • im_not_convinced

    so the whole point of reducing it to 120 minutes to even the playing field between the moneyed candidates and the poor ones is useless and is even detrimental to the new comers!!!

    The trapos cannot go over 120 minutes starting feb so they will get in hours and hour on end before the ban begins.

    whereas newcomers will have to try to introduce themselves to the entire nation within the allotted ad time.

  • J

    Sa bawat sandali mababaliw ang polituku na mga yan kung hindi mailalagay ang pangalan o picture sa mga lansangan. Epal-adiks o epal-maniacs.
    Sa QC kapansin-pansin ang mukha at pangalan ng mayor, vice mayor at mga councillors na kahit sa pader nakasulat ang mga mensahe ng congratulations, mag-ingat, etc. at mas malalaki pa ang pangalan sa pader. Mga hinahoot-hoot-en.

    • zeroko

      Bilang Independent Mayor  Candidate of Q.C. , talong talo ako sa politikal compaign. Hawak ni Bistek ang listahan ng all 1,500 accredited Civic Organization  Ganoon din ang listahan ng lahat ng Barangay Councils. Hawak din niya nag Senior Citizens organization  Na brain wash na sila, at ayaw ibigay ang information sa akin. I have to start from the scratch, the road to nowhere. 

      Isang utos lang ni Mayor Herbert Bautista, all the officers and members of these organizations will attend his meeting, syempre, may lagay at the expense of the tax payers. Ako wala.

      But, lalaban ako. Bahala na sa itaas. Tahimik na ang buhay ko ng sagutin ako ni former Mayor Belmonte na “Magsara ka na lang kung hindi mo kayang bayaran ang Mayors Permit mo.” Hindi ko akalain na ganoon kababa ang trato niya sa mga nagbabayad ng buwis. Ang tanong ko lang sa kanya ay bakit tumaas ng P3,000 kada taon ang buwis sa ordinaryong barbershop. He he he. 

      Kaya ako narito upang baguhin ang palakad ng LGU of Q.C. Akala nila sila ang hari. Masakit kung magsalita. I was wearing an old ordinary T-shirt, blue jeans, and no wrist watch. Akala ko ba, tayo ang boss, bakit ganoon na lang ang ginawa niya?. Ang mga katulad ni former Mayor Belmonte ay dapat nang lumabas sa pamahalaan. Nakalimutan yata niya na ang mga voters ang naglukluk sa kanya sa kanyang pwesto. As the saying goes, “Power of the government emanates from the people. And that public service is a public trust.” Tayo ang naglukluk, tayo rin ang dapat mag-paalis sa kanila, ngayong 2013. Hindi ko akalain na gagawa siya ng political dynasty dito sa premier city of Quezon. Ang class C and D ang naglukluk sa mga Belmonte group noong 2010. Ngayon, dahil sa dami ng informal settlers na pinaalis, re-resbak sila. 

      Sabi nila, ayaw na nila ke Bistek, at ako na lang daw ang pipiliin. Ang kutub ko, oras na umandar na ang Barangay Council sa pagbibili ng boto, siguradong makakalimutan ng mga mahihirap ang pinangako nila sa akin.  Just sounding out my sentiment.

      • J

        Sana manalo ka sir at ang iyong idealismo ay maniig kung sakali. Marami kasi may mga magaganda ang ideals habang nangungumpanaya pero kapag nakuha yung puwesto nagbabago ng kulay na parang chameleon.

  • K8

    it’s obvious that these candidates are bending around the rules for campaigning. they may not be breaking any law but it’s very clear that their message is campaigning. people should know better and not to vote for these kind of candidates. 

  • Allan

    basta ako, hindi ko iboboto si herbert bautista, kahit na sinong castelo kasi corrupt din pala, medalla na wala namang mga alam kung di mangurakot. kung kasama ang barangay, hindi ko iboboto si galimba ng lagro.

  • ever green

    DI ba mas bagay na mag portray kay Alan cayetano ay si John Lapus????

    • Albin


    • magiting78

      Tapos ki Binay c Ben Tisoy…”Ano ba yan”…Tapos ki Erap c Dolpy(present) O kaya Pepe Pimentel (present) …na aagnas at na kakasulasok n amoy..lolz

  • ever green

    If the Comelec will strictly implement its regulation regarding campaign violations, walang matitira sa mga candidato,……ubos……

    • magiting78

      Meron naman cguro yung mga baguhan hehehe walang pang mga sungay yan…

  • curatolo

    Ano kaya ang penalty pag sinuway nila yung batas tungkol sa pag labag sa kampanya? Dapat siguro hindi na puede mag kandidato. Kasi kung hindi ganun mag risk sila na gawin yun para maging popular sa tao. Tutal hindi naman sila aalisin sa listahan ng puedeng kumandidato.

    • magiting78

      Pag napatunayan hnd cla makakaupo kahit manalo cla…

  • Albin

    Bastusan na talaga ng election law.

  • Albin

    Hawak ni penoy ang abscdn.

  • magarito

    sana may gumawa ng law na kapag nag parehistro na tatakbo na ang isang kandidato. bawal ang kahit na anong form ng campaigning. idefine sa law ang premature campaigning. sana may gumawa ng anti premature campaigning bill.

    • magiting78

      Hehehe imposible yan brod…Mga pulitiko pa natin kung yung anti-dynasty bill at FOI Bill hnd nila ma talakay….Ikaw ba naman gagawa ka ng kutselyo na itatarak mo sa sarili mo hehehe

    • EREC

      Tingnan natin amigo kung may mag papasa sa congresso at senado after May 2013 election sa magandang hangarin mo. Lets give chance to this Aquino administration if majority of congressman and senators allined with Aquino will do a REFORM for the benefits of the Philippines. As we knew a lot of politicians ay matatamis ang dila at maraming pera pag may halalan. Lets give Aquino a chance for this May 2013 election.

  • limcat

    yung nga comelec gun ban walang sumusunod eto pang early campaign ban LOL

  • prangka

    But….but….politicians and wannabee have no delicadeza.

  • boldyak


  • boldyak


    • magiting78

      Kung ayaw nyo n sa mga politikong actor and actresses try to watch Pilipino movies and don’t buy pirated DVD/VCD….mahina kc kita sa Showbiz kaya pumapasuk sa pulitika mga artista…nilalangaw kc madalas mga pelikula nila hehehhe kahit badoy panoorin n natin para umalis n sa pulitika mga artista..

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    di yan mapipigil, malaking pera pinaguusapan jan kaya wag ka ng papogi brilliantes kunyari matino, alam mo namang walang makakapigil jan, 

    • magiting78

      But atleast he gave a try….Nasa mga politiko na yun kung marunong sya sila mahiya at nasa tao na rin kung maniniwala sila s propaganda ng mga politiko..Comelec doing its best kahit n bungi bungi ngipin nila kahit papano kumakagat…Eh ang SC nasa kanila ang matutulis n Pangil ng batas pero ayaw gamitin…

      • Rogers Nelson Uy

        walang politikong mahihiya na, puro mukha nga nilang epal sa kalsada aasa ka pa, magkano lang sweldo nila kumpara sa nagagastos nila sa kampanya? Kung walang mga pork barrel yan at di sila makakanakaw, hindi kakandidato mga yan.

      • magiting78

        Tumpak hehehe..pero kasalan din naman ng presidente kc sa pag prepare pa lang ng budget pwd naman di isama ang Pork Barell, ang senate at congress pwd mag bawas s budget proposal pero hnd pwd dagdag…

  • EREC

    Ito po ang nabasa ko sa kabila: Ang tanong ko lang bakit wala dito yong family ni Vice President Binay?

    In a 32-page petition, AnDayaMo (Anti-Dynasty Movement) said they uncovered  several, sufficient, strong and compelling legal grounds against:
    1. Davao vice mayor Rodrigo Duterte,2. Dennis Pineda of  Pampanga,3. Miguel and Rep. Luis Villafuerte of Camarines Sur, and4. Rep. Rexlon and Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela City.

    • Roberto Duran

      You can add the Bautista of Davao del Sur…congressman, mayor, vice mayor, barangay captain, and not eyeing for governor…hell………

  • patrickinca

     Would you expect that this politicians got delicadeza? They are already morally disabled tapos delicadeza pa kaya. puweh!

  • bulax2000

    their ads and appearances on teleseryes may be legal, but it doesn’t mean it’s right. it’s obviously early campaigning. i will not vote for anyone who can’t follow a simple rule of starting his/her campaign at the proper time. imagine how many more rules, laws and public service standards they will break once elected.

  • themask celestial

    The height ng ka plastican ng ABS, may nalalaman pa silang ” Ako ang simula ng pagbabago…..” Ang pagbabago ay depende sa mga kandidatong gusto nilang suportahan at susuporthan ang bisnis ng pamilyang Lopez

  • Fred

    Para-paraan lamang yan!
    Huwag na kayong mainggit.
    Ratings game my friend, and ABS-CBN scored a coup.
    Caught with their pants down, GMA-7 and ABC-5 will not be able to follow.

  • Roberto Duran

    Another ABS-CBN fuck*n crappy style…Simula ng pagbabago daw…eh ano tong style nyo? Mga bulok… Wag nyo na kasi niloloko ang mga Pilipino…ang baho nyo kaya…kaya i don’t belive in ur lies… Dun na lang ako sa GMA – they practice what they preach…WALANG KINIKILINGAN, WALANG PINOPROTEKTAHAN, SERBISYONG TOTOO LANG…kayo ABS-CBN mukhang pera… sa totoo lang, di kayo concern sa Pinas..negosyo ni Lopez lang pinapaunlad nyo at hindi ang bayan…

  • Roberto Duran


  • Simon Ybarramendia

    Yun bang kay Hontiveros at Hanep-patay e hindi political ads?

  • NiJuSan

    kawawa talaga ang mga ordinaryong mamayan na hindi nakakaunawa sa mga istilo ng mga kandidato.. tsk tsk tsk… sila pa naman ang lubos na nangangailangan ng tulong most of the time.

  • oscar

    Did these candidates have to pay up for the dramatization of their life stories? Hey ABS-CBN, are you treating this exposure like a standard TV commercial purchase? If yes, well, how creatively cheap of you!!! Yucks!

  • ApoLapullapu

    Better  not limit the campaign period.  Nobody follows anyway.  Everybody wants to win – by hook or by crook.

  • pinoysadubai

    napanood ko to partly last saturday sa tfc…at halatang pangampanyang material yung “kwento” kasi talagang tinalakay dun yung pagiging ampon nya at talagang isinali yung tsismis na anak sya ni rosemarie sonora kay marcos…syempre para matigil ang usap-usapan tungkol dun at baka nga naman magamit against her sa height ng campaign period….pero i don’t think nakatulong yun dahil (1) sa mga taong may alam lalo lang nagpalakas yun kung ano man ang alam nila at (2) sa mga walang alam, bubuhay lang ito ng curiosity at aalamin ang totoo mula sa mga taong may alam na :)

    bottomline, it’s a campaign material, no more no less…

  • Dencio Boligon

    Media and Politics comes together, they share the same smell and odor.

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