Sulu rebels clash; 26 dead

8 MNLF fighters killed, beheaded by Abu Sayyaf



ZAMBOANGA CITY—All eight Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) guerrillas killed in a clash with Abu Sayyaf bandits on Jolo island were beheaded.

With 18 of the bandits also dead, 26 people were killed altogether in the gun battle between the Abu Sayyaf and MNLF guerrillas who are trying to secure the release of hostages kept for months in the Jolo jungles, according to police and MNLF tallies released Monday.

Two Filipino hostages—both television crewmen—were recovered on Saturday night hours before the bloody confrontation between the MNLF and the Abu Sayyaf in the municipality of Patikul in the Sulu archipelago.

Malacañang welcomed the recovery of the two hostages and said civilians were being evacuated to the town center to keep them away from the fighting. Government troops were not involved in the encounter.

“We have suffered heavy casualties in cleaning Sulu of bad elements. We lost eight martyrs. They were beheaded,” an MNLF official told the Inquirer on the phone, asking not to be identified because he was not authorized to talk about the incident.

Three MNLF members were also wounded in the clash that began at

7 a.m. on Sunday and lasted until late afternoon, according to the MNLF official, who was monitoring the situation.

Senior Supt. Antonio Freyra, police chief of Sulu, gave a slightly lower figure—seven—on the number of MNLF men killed. Freyra put down at 18 the number of Abu Sayyaf fatalities.

“What we are concerned about right now is the possible retaliation from either side,” Freyra said, adding at least 60 families had fled their homes to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

Military not intruding

Lt. Gen. Rey Ardo, chief of the military’s Western Mindanao Command, said government forces were not intervening in the fight between the two Moro groups.

“It’s difficult to get involved because it might appear that we have something to do with this,” he said.

The MNLF signed an autonomy deal with the government in 1996.

“Given the magnitude of a Muslim beheading a Muslim, this is not good,” said Octavio Dinampo, a Sulu-based professor of Mindanao State University and provincial coordinator of the truce watchdog Bantay Ceasefire. “This indicates that the Abu Sayyaf suffered heavy casualties.”

Dinampo said initial reports indicated that the men under MNLF leader Ustadz Habier Malik were ambushed by the Abu Sayyaf. He said the MNLF guerrillas, unlike the Abu Sayyaf, did not know the terrain in Patikul as most of them came from Parang town.

Fighting subsides

“That’s why the Abu Sayyaf got the better of them (naisahan sila),” he said.

Dinampo said Malik’s group clashed with a band led by Julasiman Sawadjaan, who is believed to be holding Jordanian television journalist Baker Atyani, Japanese treasure hunter Mamaito Katayama, and two other Filipinos—Edmund Gumbahali, a consultant of the Non-Violent Peace Force, and Carlos Tee, an airport engineer of Jolo Airport.

There is no word on what happened to these other captives.

The fighting between the two Moro groups subsided on Monday after the Abu Sayyaf gunmen split into smaller groups, with a large group seen fleeing from Patikul to an adjacent town. But clashes could erupt again, police said.

Malacañang allayed fears that the fighting would spread.

No spillover

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said at a press briefing in Malacañang that the clashes were taking place in a “specific isolated area” in Jolo and that “there is no fear of a spillover.”

Lacierda said the government had begun moving civilians from the site of the clashes to evacuation centers run by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman was overseeing this.

Malacañang said it had yet to get a complete report on why it was the MNLF that clashed with the Abu Sayyaf.

The MNLF was the largest secessionist group in the southern Philippines until it forged a peace agreement with the government. The Moro Islamic Liberation (MILF), which split from the MNLF, signed a preliminary peace deal with the government last October.

Lacierda expressed hope that the rest of the hostages would be released.

“We certainly welcome the release of the two Filipino cameramen and we would hope that all the captives will be released but, again, that will take some time,” he said.

US-backed offensive

The Abu Sayyaf is an extremist offshoot of a Moro rebellion that has raged in the predominantly Catholic nation’s south for decades. US-backed military offensives have crippled it in recent years, but it remains a national security threat.

Washington has listed the Abu Sayyaf, which has about 380 armed fighters, as a terrorist organization.

The 1996 peace deal with the government did not require the MNLF guerrillas to disarm. They have settled back in their communities but have clashed with government troops periodically while negotiating for more concessions.

The group’s stature has been overshadowed in recent years by the larger MILF, which is engaged in Malaysian-brokered talks with the government to expand and seek more power and resources for an existing Muslim autonomous region.—With reports from TJ Burgonio and AP

Originally posted: 9:01 pm | Monday, February 4th, 2013

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  • bogli_anakdami

    hay naku… heto na ang bangsamorons (silent n)… labo-labo na… siguradong ‘sang tambaks na muklos will ‘bakwet to ‘tang inang imperial manila as aqua squats…

    cge lang, magpugutan kayo ng ulo jan… ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!

    kung ako’y mag convert to muklo, pwedeng mag-withdraw ng 72 virgins ahead of time?

    • Shalani

      pwede, pero pag cash advance, 72 virgin na bading raw

  • killerelite

    Lt. General Rey Ardo doesn’t want to intervine between Abu Sayyaf and MNLF…that is fine let them kill each other and tell them not to leave anyone of their kind. but given the situation…you might have forgotten your sworn duty and responsibility to protect the civilians!! At least do something to save the unarmed civilians who might be caught in the middle of these erring factions. 

  • nparvus1202

    Ang laki ng gulo sa Mindanao tapos ang mga general nagpapalaki ng tyan dito sa Manila. Yung mga naduon takot. Puro kaabnoyan na lang.

    • Crusade_r

      Hindi naman siguro kabayan, it’s a good chance for AFP to preserve its bullets and the lives of the AFP men.  Let the MNLF deal with them for now.

    • Leop233

       huh?? basahing mabuti nagmumukha kang ignorante

  • PoorPrince

    kasi nga, pag ang AFP ang gumagawa, nakakusahan sila ng human right violation,,,alam naman natin na tungkulin nila na protektahan ang mga civilian, pero, tignan mo, sila din ang nagkakasala, kayo kaya ang lumagay sa kalagayan nila,,

  • beerhunters

    “Allah is our Lord, Mohammed is our Leader, Qur’an is our Constitution, Shariah is our Law, Shahadat(martyrdom) is our Desire, Jihad is our Way, to Lie and Decieve the unbelieversINFIDELS and Chop Off their hands and heads wherever we find them – is our Bounden Duty.” Allahu Akbar!

    • Crusade_r


      • TEAM PNOY

        This is blasphemy against Mohammad and the Muslim faith! I am very sure the muslim faithfuls are not taking this sitting down.

        When are going home to Davao with your family? 

    • bogli_anakdami

      can i withdraw my 72 virgins ahead of time?

      how come flip muklos do not blow yourselved up like your mideast muklos?

      allahu akbar! boom!

    • Leop233

       Hope you get blown to smithereens by predator drones….terrorist

    • wawa2172

       Ok,which side are you praying brother, the Abu or MNLF. they are booth muslims. I would pray that all muslims in Mindaano embraced peace with christian brothers as Filipinos.Singapore is so progressive because muslims, christian, hiindu, buddhist, etc, respect each other. Ganon did po sa Malaysia which is mainly a muslim nation but respect other peoples belief. With peace we can have a better place to live.

    • Guest

      Thanks, beerhunters. Clear and concise what the true doctrines of Islam.That is why Islamic nations will not have peace even with Muslim neighbors of Sunni or Shia. Toxic lifestyle combination of religion and politics. Fanaticism in the 21st Century. It’s very ‘curiouser’ that not all Muslims are terrorists, but since 911, ALL terrorists were Muslims. Their prophet Mohammed was a pedophile who married children. Inter-marriage with close relatives and cousins throughout centuries produced war-mongering, hateful, angry, and sexually-dysfunctional women-domineering fanatics. Wahabis and madrasses are the byproducts of their extremism.

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    VERY SAD INDID that ABU SAYAFF will NOT PARTICIPATE on MINDANAOs DEVELOPMENT——If ABU SAYAFF continues its VIOLENCET PATH instead of DEVELOPMENT, Philippines, Malaysia and MILF have to CRUSH them—-

    • christopher

       forget malaysia, learn the history mindanao. malaysia is not a friend or aid in this peace process in which our government is going…its hard to comment on this situation…

      • Roberto

         u already made comments

  • catalansbarce

    ang MNLF ay pro government yan.., kung tutulong pa ang AFP sa MNLF..,
    papapel naman ang HUMAN RIGHTS dito na “OVERKILL” ang mga Abusayaf.
    Kasi ang binabantayan lagi ng HUMAN RIGHTS kung may napatay ang Government
    Authorities ng NPA, AbuSayaf, or mga Rebelde.., dyan sila sigaw ng sigaw for
    investigation. Kapag ang gobyerno ang ina ambush ng Rebelde., tuwng tuwa sila.

  • $16638896

     “What we are concerned about right now is the possible retaliation from either side,” eh di mas ok hehehe hayaan nyo sila magpatayan at magpugutan ng ulo mga bwiset yang mga yan. ang gawin nyo mag supply pa kayo ng mga bala sa kanila para maubos na yang mga yan hehehe

  • rodben

    Maybe the next target of MNLF is MILF because MILF and ABU SAYAP are allied some people of Mindanao says. Maybe this is now what Misuari says MOST BLOODY WAR WILL HAPPEN in this big island.

  • bogli_anakdami

    dapat ang mga muklo eh dito magpunta sa malakanyang at pugutan ng ulo ang mga gung gongs sa administrasyones, di ba?

    you’d be treated as heros like lapu2…

  • rodben

    Inumpisahan na sana ni Erap pulbusin ang ABU SAYAF at MILF kya lang pinatalsik ng mga ELITISTA kya ayan baka 1,000yrs pa matatapos ang gulo sa MINDANAO, ang galing ng mga politokos sa Pinas ano?

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    ABU SAYYAF have to PARTICIPATE on MINDANAO DEVELOPMENT instead of OPPOSING MILF—–BANGSA-MORO PEACE DEAL have the MASSIVE SUPPORT of both LOCAL and abroad———Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines SUPPORT the DEAL and ABU SAYAFF have to REMEMBER that this TIME there NO PLACE to RUN—-

  • bogli_anakdami

    i saw a rebulto of lapu2 dito sa luneta…

    bakit machong-macho ang dating? … i’ve been to the south of ‘tang inang imperial manila, met ‘sang tambaks na muklos, and i’ didn’t remember muklos that looked like the rebulto?… not even close, far from it…

    laki ng kaha ni lapu2 eh… para bang nagwo-workout sa bally’s gym…

    yun lang…

    • Vincent

      maybe he used PEDs, bogs.

  • nizon

    Let them kill each other.  And then kill the remaining ones.


    The bad guys killing the bad guys no military needed !!

  • stealth ice

    Excellent show. This is only a semi-finals. winner of this battle will face the winner between MILF and Group of Umbra Kato for the finals. kanino kayo? Taya na!!!

  • Jaime

    This really shows what kind of arm forces the Philippines have. 

  • felipe

    More fun if u have guns in the PHL….!!!!!

  • Bayang_magiliw

    Just like the Atimonan ambush, its another turf war but this time it is rebels killing rebels.

  • Danny Bravo

    no  back  up  from    AFP    o  para  ding  navy  ,,,,  mas  may  bayag  pa  ang  muslim kahit kokonti  lumalaban


      ganun… ngaun lang nakipagbakbakan ang MNLF sa Abu sayyaf… me bayag na…  o baka naman ang sabihin mo… naranasan din nila kung panu makipagbakbakan sa mga abu sayyaf na dati nilang pinoprotektahan… 

      nagmanman lang mga opisyal ng MILITARY, kung anu kaya ibuga ng mga MNLF…
      o kitam… namatayan sila at pinugutan pa ng mga abu sayyaf.. tsk tsk…

      wag ka nga mangumpara… iisa lang kalaban natin..ang mga terorista..

  • Danny Bravo

    labas   at  pasok  ang  china  war  ship,,  ang  phil  navy  hindi  makapiyok





  • w4d

    MNLF = Abu Sayyaf. They have done similar damages down south, both are bandits. The only difference, one is serenading as a legal entity, the other is hopeless.

  • WAJ

    Do you see it now? This is what I’m talking about when the Phil. Government gave the MNLF gave them the freedom to govern. Now, they are fighting against each other bandits, well let them do it…Matira ang matibay! 

  • Melvin

     Manood muna tayo ng sabong… Let them destroyed one another… Sana gatungan pa ng gobyerno ang Abu Sayaf at ipasabi na, ayon MNLF ay duwag naman daw pala ang grupo ng Abu Sayaf matapang lang daw silang mangkidnap para kumita ng ransom… O di ba? Magiging mas matinde ang salpukan ng sabong… Mas mapapabilis ang usapan kasi patay na silang lahat…

  • salomeahmad

    How about it PH, does the gun ban apply to them? The gov’t is selective when it comes to enforcement of laws, depende kung kaya nila. Whatever happen to the Constitutional declaration,  to secure & depend the state against foreign & domestic enemy? A failed state, no surprised its being sign away to a new Bangsmoro state. 

  • Nerraw

    Dapat dyan ibalik si Estrada para maubos na mga yan. Dapat naman talaga isa lang ang armed group ng Pilipinas. AFP lang dapat.

    • txtman








    • Leonardof

      Ano, hindi ka na ba nagsasawa sa pag-plunder sa kaban ng Pilipinas? Segurado na ang boto mo sa anak ng convicted plunderer.

  • Mamang Pulis

    kaya sila nag bakbakan—

    dahil hindi nagka sundo sa hatian ng ransom……

    • WeAry_Bat

      kumusta ba dyan po?  ah, malayo kayo sa bakbakan…

      • Mamang Pulis

        malayo sa ngayun–nasa basilan ako lagi

  • BIGButo

    Where is the AFP can’t they take care of this civil war. If a war broke out with china or any other country how would they defend the Philippines how sad

  • ryepim

    Sa Wala o Meron? sa Wala o Meron? o Taya na kayo!!!

  • Spike

    Let them destroy each other.  Gawin na ding three way isama ang CPP NPA   at mga aktibista
    ipadaloy and dugo  !!!

  • BatangSingapore

    talagang pinagugulo ang mindanao na teritoryo ng mga muslim para makapasok mga intsik.

  • txtman






















    • Rosauro

      Ikaw ang pinakabobong tao! Gusto mo lang may masabi. Ano ang gagawin ng AFP pumagitna? Hahaha!

  • Bengatibo

    Cleansing of Lawless elements like Abu Sayyaf in Sulu is welcome news. MNLF has taken the initiative and should be lauded to clean their turf and once and for all to achieve peace in the region.

    • Badudels

      yes Kudos to the MNLF

    • AnakSugPakainKaw

      That’s what we expect Bengatibo. Only MNLF and Tausog can crash the Abu Sayyaf, disregard the AFP which is inutile.

      Frankly speaking, my former high school classmate is one of the leader of this group. If I can just bring back our high school time again, babatukan ko talaga sya..

      • boypalaban

        Tausug yang salita mo brother…
        diyan ako dati sa Siasi…

      • AnakSugPakainKaw

        Ah, ganun ba. Malingkat ha Siasi, mataud ista, mataud budjang malingkat. Biro lang.

  • $19543087

    muslims beheading another muslims?  this is totally contrary to the koran.  but again, what can you expect.  these are barbaric people who were nurtured since birth to hate regardless who the enemies are!  let’s encourage them to kill some more muslims.

    • certainshadeofgreen

      Your comment, sir, is nothing less than barbaric as well.

    • AnakSugPakainKaw

      You are worst far from them. Instead of giving thanks to MNLF to pursue the lawless ASG, you are inciting more people to kill people especially Muslim. Why John, are they worthless human being and the only people you would like to be alive are your own?

      How do you want me to call you for such attitude?

      By the way, who should be the one to pursue the ASG to rescue your fellow “Filipino” hostages? MNLF or AFP?

      Did you notice the role of AFP here is just transporting the civilian from the war area to a safer place? Indeed, they are now become a Medical Team (Medic) and a Humanitarian Missionary. Perhaps, a better way to replace DSWD.

    • Noel

      Correct.  Like Christians and the Bible, the Muslims profess their faith and read the Koran.  But like Christians especially Catholics killing one another, Muslims also do.

    • boypalaban

       sa komento mo pa lang barbarian ka na…

  • pepito gwaps

    It really means that we cannot control these groups of people and they do what they want. Let them kill each other. Our AFP must concentrate now on the Chinese forces entering our territory.

  • linobog

    Let them kill each each other everyday.   They are  undomesticated creatures as they don’t believe in human dignity and co-existence. 

  • Ricky070

    Where are the brand new helicopters configured as an attack helicopter that is capable of hitting enemy targets even at night with high caliber machine gun at long distance away? 

    • $26606290

      Guniguni lang yon….if you’re referring to the Sokols,  I saw two flying around MM last week.  These should be busy with the relief operations in ComVal.

    • Noel

      It’s easy to eliminate the bandits with sophisticated planes, weapons equipped with night vision.  The US has all these resources.  Why don’t we ask their help or help us so that the Mindanao problems would be solved once and for all?

      • boypalaban

        ang gyera sa mindanao ay madaling malutas depende sa pasya ng mga kumikita tuwing may gyera…

      • kulobhayang

        natumbok mo, bro….

  • $26606290

    AFP please ensure both sides do not run out of ammo.  Max casualties.  Dito kelangan si Marantan. Bihisan siya ng MNLF uniform.

  • James McTangay

    ” Lt. Gen. Rey Ardo, chief of the military’s Western Mindanao Command, said government forces were not intervening in the fight between the two Moro groups. ”

    Yeah, Gen Ardo…. keep up the good work!!! You are keeping the Filipino soldiers alive. HOORRA!!!

  • Noel

    When did you hear that a country declared its government would not intervene in the fight between two Moro groups?  It’s for this lack of control over local armed groups that foreign countries like China are bullying the Phl.  Gosh, the Phl cannot even protect her own territories and people.

    • AnakSugPakainKaw

      Just imagine how small the Jolo island, you can reach one side to another side in one hour. 

      How can we managed such an bigger island of Mindanao?

  • Ricky070

    Now the Aquino government should take the opportunity to woo the MNLF, MILF, the Marxist rebels or any insurgency group out there and make conciliatory speech urging them to come together and be united as one brothers and sisters and  help rebuild our country as a strong and united republic.  Our disagreement and our disunity should not led us into more conflict amongst our self but we should strive hard to come together and make peace because there is an even greater threat that is facing the Philippines today which requires the cooperation and help of every Philippine citizen.  Our enemy is not our fellow citizen but China who is stealing our territory.

  • apojay

    Akala ko pa naman may ‘election gun ban’!

  • Shalani

    doon kayo sa spratly magpatayan mga salot ng bayan!

  • Darwin

    See? Good news!

  • Lapu Lapu

    Keep up the fight. Fight until the last man standing…

    We will have a lasting solution to rebellion very soon.

    • rethinking_madness

      Indeed, the first Filipino man who stood up against the cannons and guns of the colonizers with his bolo and spear.

  • Cindy Gay

     “The Abu Sayyaf is an extremist offshoot of a Moro rebellion that has
    raged in the predominantly Catholic nation’s south for decades.
    US-backed military offensives have crippled it in recent years, but it
    remains a national security threat” . Sometimes PDI is adding to the damage already happening Muslim against Christians…kelangan pa ba talagang ilagay ito,”…in the predominantly Catholic nation’s south for decades…”. U are just adding more fan to blow the wind of commercial reporting…sometimes PDI ay nagdadagdag ng gulo sa kaninalng reporting without isip misip of it.

  • Cindy Gay

     “The Abu Sayyaf is an extremist offshoot of a Moro rebellion that has
    raged in the predominantly Catholic nation’s south for decades”.
     Sometimes PDI is adding to the damage
    already happening Muslim against Christians…kelangan pa ba talagang
    ilagay ito,”…in the predominantly Catholic nation’s south for
    decades…”. U are just adding more fan to blow the wind of commercial
    reporting…sometimes PDI ay nagdadagdag ng gulo sa kanilang reporting
    without isip isip of it.

    • Zen

      oo naman. kailangan i contextualize yung situation para sa mga hindi aware kung ano ang sitwasyon sa mindanao. kunyari nepalese ka, mas maiintindihan mo ang news at bakit ba may abu at ang significance ng away sa dalawang muslim groups na ito. kasi hindi lang naman pilipino ang nagbabasa ng inquirer.

    • jolly_baby

       I strongly agree. PDI is not aware of it..neither has conscience to redit their report.

  • Immortal

    Eradicate those lawless abu sayafs. They’re no good at all. Dapat pati government forces tumulong din para wala na terrorista sa pinas. 

  • billy gunner

    I find it really amusing when lacierda said there’s no spillover. He’s supposed to be “the government” an d when you say government you have effective control of the situation which apparently is missing here.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Buti pa MNLF ginagawa yung trabaho dapat ng mga pulis at sundalo! Kung ang MNLF alam ang kuta ng mga abu-sayyaf, saan ginagastos ang intelligence funds ng PNP at AFP duon?

    • Magsasaka

       nasa bulsa ng mga member ng Philippine Magnanakaw Association ang mga pera, yong para sa pulis naman nasa bulsa na ng mga EURO general

    • boypalaban

      pinangpagawa ng mansion at para sa mga kabit…

  • virgoyap

    So the MNLF is still very much alive and kicking. Should they not be another headache once the Govt. and the MILF agreement be settled?

  • divictes

    “…it had yet to get a complete report…”, the clash happened 7:00 am last Sunday. Still clueless? Malacanang should stop giving releases like this, not very encouraging.

  • Rosauro

    Si Nur Misuari ang nagutos na sumugod ang MNLF against the Abu Sayyaf Gang. Kumakandidato si Misuari as governor ng ARMM. Most of the Muslims don’t like the Abu Sayyafs.

    Analysis # 1.  If Misuari can show his MNLF can wipe out the Abus, then he can generate more votes from the Moros.

    Analysis # 2.  Hindi tumutupad ang mga Abu Sayyaf sa usapan ng hatian ng kita. Naonse si Misuari. Nagalit dahil kailangan niya ng malaking pera para sa election campaign niya.

    Analysis # 3. May grupo nagbigay ng malaking pera kay Misuari upang tumulong ang MNLF ubusin ang mga Abu Sayyafs.

    • AnakSugPakainKaw

      Analysis 1 and 3  – accepted

      Analysis 2 is conjecture, dragging MNLF to kidnapping outlying from a revolutionary’s perspective.

  • Edward Solilap

    Saan ba kumukuha ng Armas itong mga Rebelde? hindi  yata ito nauubusan ng bala at baril. Dapat higpitan ng Philippine Navy ang Patrolya sa palibot ng Sulo para walang supply ng armas galing Malaysa at Indonesia bakit ba walang magagawa ang goberno natin sa mga security threat na gaya nito.

    • Rosauro

      Kunti lang pera ng gobiyerno dahil dinadaya natin. Marami sa atin ang hindi nagbabayad ng wastong buwis. Tapos batikos tayo ng batikos.  Baka isa ka sa kanila.

      • boypalaban

        konti lang ang pera pero maraming kurakot….

    • boypalaban

      tanong mo sa mga kumikita diyan tuwing may gyera…

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Sa kasamaang palad,Alam ng ilang mga heneral ng hukbo ang pagbebenta ng mga sundalo ng armas sa MNLF at ASG…Ito ay napatunayan nuong may ginawang pagdinig sa senado!!!

    • Jezzrel

      he he he, akala mo mula lang sa Malaysia at Indonesiya? Naku mismong nagmula sa AFP ang ibang armas at bala nila, ibenenta ng mga scalawag or mas mabuting corrupt na taga AFP.. sa pagdinig sa senate noon, napatunayan na galing din sa AFP ang kanilang mga armas…pag naglalaban sila, nagkakapera sila pareho…LOL…

  • alfred sanchez

    muslim vs muslim? no problem with me

    • rethinking_madness

      The Muslims who died are also human persons.
      God bless you and your family.

      • Bayawak

        Did you watch ASG beheading the workers they abducted, video taping while they are laughing and posted in youtube.I believed they deserve the cruelest death. God Bless those people who fight against them.

      • alfred sanchez

         thanks for the blessing but i dont think asg and mnlf are humans

      • AnakSugPakainKaw

        Alfred, MNLF are more human than you.

        If there are lower group in the animal kingdom, ASG and you are belong to this group.

    • boypalaban

       kung may problema, ano naman ang problema doon?

    • wildUbuntu

      I am rooting for the MNLF here. 

  • etomacq

    Buti pa MNLF tinugis ang ASG samantalang ang MILF tinutulungan pa ang ASG at BMFF na ambushin ang mga sundalo natin.. 

    AFP inutil na. wala ng silbi. Buwagin na ang AFP kung hindi na yan papakinabangan ng Commander in Chief. Sayang lang budget sa AFP kung lagi lang matutulog sa pansitan.

    MNLF at MILF na lang ang gawin tagapag ligtas ng Pilipinas.

    • Rosauro

       Magsundalo ka kaya baka ikaw ang makappatuwid sa AFP?

      • etomacq

        E di naging inutil at walang silbi din ako kung papasok ako ng AFP??? Sa MNLF na lang ako sasali atleast may pakinabang, kayang harapin ASG.

        Kaw sumali ka na lang sa MILF.. madami pondo ibibigay gobyerno doon.. Tiba tiba ka dun.

    • Pitbulldog

      Right alisn na nga kaya ang AFP diyan at armasan na lang nyo ang christians.  Titini palagay ko mga sisiga sigaan diyan, dahil sila lang ang may armas, ang kalaban nila, puro tabak lang…

    • Jezzrel

      MNLF lang, kasi me balls para suportahan and i reckaim ang Sabah mula sa land grabber Malaysia…di lang iyan, kaya pa nilang ipressure mga ASG para pakawalan ang mga bihag nila…

  • Bayawak

    The government are “clueless”.What’s the reason why Lacierda making some press release when the government have nothing to do with it.They are more worried with the spill over rather than spearheding the disctruction of this group.Really, government are good in stats and press release.

  • tarikan

    When your enemies fight just keep aside. Let them behead their won, who cares? Now they are dispensing their own cruel brand of atrocities to their own. Alleluia. Now, who’s complaining??? 

    • ThePattern


  • Fulpol

    Leonen now get a headache…

  • tukmoldinako

    The government should recognized this moved by the MNLF , their dead guerillas to be honored as martyrs for they die in seeking peace. Their families be supported, asan na yung mga milyong milyong bounty ay ibigay sa kanila. Supportahan ang MNLF dahil kagaya din natin silang naghahangad ng katahimikan. Malamang kung ang gobyerno ay gagawin ito, mabubura ang ASG na yan, katahimikan ay iiral. My prayers are for you MNLF specially to Ustadz Malik.

    • Pitbulldog

      Ogag ka pala, magsasayang pa ng pera gobyerno?  Tinraydor na ng mga yan ang gobyerno, babayaran pa?  Buhusan nyo ng lang ng gasolina at sunugin ang mga iyan.  Yong nasugatan sa mga yan, pugutan nyo.  They deserve it…

    • Jezzrel

      I support their action for peace… MNLF is for peace and recovery of Sabah from the land grabber Malaysia…

      • tukmoldinako

        Tama ka,inumpisahan nayan ng gobyerno,therefore support the effort for peace. Maging tayo ay gusto nating buhay ay tahimik walang patayan

      • Jezzrel

        tama, maganda sa mindanao, sa sulu pero di naman tayo makapunta at makapamasyal dahil sa security issue, marami pang natural & mineral resources…

  • Cano Manuel

    Let them kill each other. It saves money and lives of countless soldiers. 

  • bugoybanggers

    iyan ang nakapagtataka, sa kapanahunan ni Ramos, na isama na sa AFP ang ibang tropa ng MNLF dahil sa kasunduan, eh sukat ba naman may MNLF pa rin at ARMADO pa! Aba Government of RP mga tanga yata kayo, ano ba ang naka sulat sa kasunduan ninyo dati ni Pareng NUR? wala yatang silbi sa kanila ang papel at ngayon nakipagkasunduan kayo kay Pareng Salamat at Jaafar ng MILF o ano naman to, katangahan na naman. Wala ding mangyayari sa sinasabi niyong PEACE AGREEMENT hanggang hindi pa lubos na malaya ang Mindanao at Palawan na inako ng LUZON (Region IV-B kupal). Ang mga Moro ay kailan man Moro at dapat malaya silang mag pasya kung magsariling bansa o kakampi sa Malaysia. Para sa akin bilang batang MINDANAO, sa Malaysia na. Alam ko na mas respetado at tapat ang panununkulan ng mga MALAY kaysa sa mga mayayabang at maka IMPERIALIST na taga LUZON. Shut up na kayo, bulok at mga lahing DUWAG umalis na kayo sa MINDANAO at PALAWAN. Sarili ninyong problema ginagawa lang ninyong NOBELA at COMEDIA.

    • Jezzrel

      sa tingin mo dito lang sa atin ang me corruption? kahit sa Malaysia meron din noh…ang Moro ay Moro, pero di sila puwedeng magpasyang ihiwalay ang mindanao dahil ang Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah ay ipinasa ang sovereignty nito sa Republika ng Pilipinas.. Ngayon kung di mo alam. magbasa ka sa http://wwwDOTroyalsuluDOTcom or dito http://wwwDOTroyalsultanateofsuluDOTorg  pakipalitan na lang ang word na DOT with . or tuldok…

      • bugoybanggers

        Aba, sino ba ang nagsabi na ipinasa? Kayo mismo mga taga LUZON. May karapatan ang mga taga MINDANAO na pumili kung saan sila. Kayong mga taga LUZON ay may ugaling BUWAYA, ika nga gaya ng amo ninyong mga Kano na nagpumilit akuin lahat ang mundo. Ano na ang napala ng US ngayon? Kahihiyan at napakaraming kaaway. Kaya ganon din ang magyayari sa inyo. Huwag ninyo kaming paglolokohin sa mga AGREEMENT ni Sultan Kiram kamo.. nasa amin ang tunay na pagPASYA kaya ang rebelyon hindi matatapos.

    • TagaDumantay

       Punta ka sa Malaysia at alamin mo kung tatanggapin ka. Pag ok na, dalhin mo ang mga kaanak mo. Ang Malaysia ang development mas higit sa West kaysa Sabah at Sarawak. Bwenas lang sila at maraming langis at kakaunti pa ang populasyon.

      • bugoybanggers

        Bakit inggit ka? Kasi may RH law sa Malaysia kaya malawak pa rin ang lupain? Kayong taga LUZON, anak ng anak at akala mo yayaman ang PILIPINAS kapag maraming papolasyun? Bakit ano na ba ang tingin mo sa nangyari? Wala ng resources? Naubos na ang kagubatan dahil pinagbili na sa ABROAD ang mga troso? Ginawa ng pabahay ang mga bukirin na sana nakaka ani pa para may makain? Ngayong GUTOM na GUTOM na makikialam na sa Malaysia para kunin ang SABAH na asensado pa kumpara sa KABUUHANG yaman ng PILIPINAS? Nakakahiya kayo mga UNGAS! Mga inutil ang lahi ninyo.. kayo din ang sumira sa pagkakaisa sa bawat lahi ng isla dahil sa pagka BUWAYA at PAGKA MAYAYABANG na taga LUZON! Gagawin pa ang SABAH bilang REGION IV-C.. yaaaks, mahiya na kayo! Baguhin ninyo ang pamulitika ninyo!

  • bogger007

    I salute the MNLF fighters who risked their lives for the hostage takers. ASG should be wiped out completely.

  • Verlito Ablin

    What the MILF has not able to do against the ASG due to lack of political will or just the other way around, the MNLF are able to do it but of course with a prize. The real question now is, which among the MNLF and MILF groups are for lasting peace and genuine reforms in the MINSUPALA regions?

    • AnakSugPakainKaw

      Both are for lasting peace and genuine reform but different political belief and strategy in solving the problem of Bangsamoro.

      I am incline to believe that only the Tausog (MNLF) can exterminate the ASG, due to the reason that ASG are also came from the Tausog tribe.

      MNLF’s decision to crash ASG is a remarkable action because they are drained out already of what ASG is doing for so many years. As the saying goes, enough is enough. This is a good indication that MNLF is cleaning the bad guys by showing their might by crashing first the ASG in order to free Sulu from kidnapping activities and violence.

      If not now, then when can we get rid of ASG?

      • inaanokobayashi

        sabi na ngang  wag the dog eh.

  • ever green

    same breed, different coats……

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Mabuti ang nangyayari na sila’t sila ay nagpapatayan….pare-parehong mga bandido ang mga ito!!!

  • muddygoose

    AFP will need helicopter gunships to join the fray without suffering heavy casualties. And as soon as they drop people in, it can be ridiculously dangerous for them. I doubt if even the US military can fight soldier-to-solder in these jungle conditions. They will probably let drones handle most of the fighting, firing rockets almost indiscriminately.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Ano ang ginagawa ng AFP bakit ang MNLF ang nakikipag laban sa ABUSAYAF…..
    Ano pa ang silbi ng mga inatasang Heneral at mga Pag upgrade ng equipment ng sandatahan kung pang porma lang nila gagamitin ang mga ito. Mabuti pa na mag hire na lang tayo ng commander ng MNLF at MILF kaysa sa mga kadete ng PMA na puro yabang at  pagpapayaman lang ang inaatupag… nakakahiya ang mga opisyales ng sandatahan natin pati na presidente na tin tutulog tulog puro yabang lang….

    • tukmoldinako

      Palagay ko isa yan ng ibig sabihin ng Peace accord na Pinirmahan ng Pinas at Bangsa moro, hindi tayo makikialam dahil teritoryo na nila yan at gusto nilang tumahimik , kaya gusto nilang ipakita na hindi rin sila ayon sa ginagawa ng mga ASG. Kung tahimik ang lugar nila, makikilala ito at dadayuhin ng turista, makikinabang ang bago nilang gobyerno.
      Kung talamak naman ang ginagawang KFR ng mga ASG ay sino naman ang maghahangad mamasyal doon , baka mapugutan kalang ng ulo. lol

      • Simoun Magaalahas

        Ang agreement ng Goverment at ARMM ay peace deal at bigyan ng posisyon para mamuno sa kanilang lugar at magkaroon ng allocation budget like pork barell na tinatamasa ngayon nila  at iba naman ang pinaglalaban ng MILF. At ayon sa Constitution ang AFP lang ang may karapatan na gumawa ng Military action against sa ASG, yun nga lang dahil walang ngipin ang gobyerno natin tungkol sa panloob na problema sa ating bansa at puro kurakot ang ginagawa ng ating mga pulitiko at mga ibang kababyan din..

      • etomacq

        Dapat managot ang COMMANDER IN CHIEF sa pangyayaring yan..

      • Jezzrel

        he he he, Chain of Command, ika nga…

      • محمد علي

         ilan taon pinaglaban ng muslim magkaroon ng sariling control ngaun sisihin nyo ang comander in chief…ayan binigyan na sila ng blaha na kayo sa bluhay nyo…

    • Tsikwati

      Bobo walang utak

      • Simoun Magaalahas

        Ikaw ang walang utak na sa contitution natin na ang AFP  dapat mag saayos ng peace and order sa bansa na hanggang ngayon ay hindi matapos tapos dahil sa korupsyon at sa mga bobong katulad mo na ignorante sa politika..

    • Kris

      aktibista ka nu? di ba ang profile pic mo yan ang flag nyo, pede malaman ano ibig sabihin  sa flag nyo?

      • Simoun Magaalahas

        Industrialism at Agriculturism… hindi ako communista ako po ay critiko lang at isa sa mga taong nagpapamulat sa tutulog tulog at nagbubulagbulagang mga ating kababayan…

    • محمد علي

       wala nang pakiaalam ang mga sundalo dyan ..nasa mga kamay na ng mnlf ang control..pakape kape na lang ang sundalo..good idea..ang muslim kasi di marunong tumanggap ng mali….seloso number one pa…at kahit walang makain may armas lang
      busog na sila

    • Kalasnikov

      Tama ka inutil ang AFP. Dapat umalis na sila sa Bangsamoro Homeland  dahil di nila kaya mag impose ng peace and order sa small island of Sulu. Sayang ang pinag sweldo sa kanila. Pagkatapaos magreport naman sa boss nila sa malacanang gumasto sila ng million million pesos, palibhasa sila ang naggawa ng operation. Puro ang alam nila mangurakot. Di na tayo magtataka, lahat ng sunbdalo may rank na general, puro mayaman. Sayang ang pera ng taong bayan. Let the MNLF do the job in cleansing the bad elements in their backyard. They have the guts and power to rule their owned homeland. The people of Sulu, the Tao Sug around the world, the Filipino people and the international community should recognize and support the heroic act of the MNLF…. AFP just get OUT of BangsaMoro Homeland.

  • Paranoid Android

    For whatever reason the MNLF have in shooting it out with the terrorist ASG, I believe they deserved our support. Ever heard the old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

    • ryepim

      Wag ka maki alam sa kanila, kasi sooner or later, ikaw naman ang kalabanin nila…

      • Paranoid Android

        Eventually ganun nga din yun, kaya lang there would be one less group the government forces will have to deal with if assuming the MNLF will turned around and starts fighting against GRP. Still I highly doubt that would happen.

        It’s purely economic way of reducing the opfors.

        I doubt after this bloody fighting both MNLF and the ASG will be back into each others arm like lovers after their quarrel. Too many heads had rolled already.

        Let’s give the MNLF chance to prove they’re capable of sane control on their area.

  • Jezzrel

    baka ASG at MILF?

    • etomacq

      Pwede. Saan ba tumatakbo at nagtatago ang ASG pag hinahabol ng mga sundalo? di ba sa teritoryo ng MILF???? Very obvious di ba?

      • Jezzrel

        sinabi mo pa he he he…

  • Tiboy

    upgrade the mnlf. afp where were you?

    • inaanokobayashi

      wag the dog nga..

  • RomyLitz

    Its a good developement that muslims are beheading their own muslim brothers. The AFP should not particiapate but rather fan the flame of hatred between them. Who’s the supplier of both rebels  by the way?

  • larry

    what kind of gov’t allows armed factions engage in raging firefight?

    • inaanokobayashi

      wag the dog nga..

  • Albin

    Drop incendiary bombs on them. Isama ang mga political dynasty candidates.

  • joboni96

    kailangang magkaisa ang bangsa moro

    para masipa ang imperyalista

    sa mindanao

  • inaanokobayashi

    wag the dog ito 
    mga mayayaman politiko ang mga sponsor nyan
    magkabilang panig pa
    para mawala sa kanila ang focus 

  • wildUbuntu

    Pag pinulbos yan ng MNLF mga abu sayaff na yan…… Kahiya hiya naman ang AFP. 

    • Kalapok

       like the CIA strategy is working. di mahihiya ang afp.

  • mavtan

    Somehow something deep inside me are rejoicing, sila-sila na lang magpapatayan. 

  • bryant85

    What kind of statement did this Gen.Ardo release, quote, its difficult to get involved because it might appear that we have something to do with this unquote. Omg! Is this General a sane person or insane?   The very persons involved are two Filipino Citizens excluding some foreigners kidnapped by the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf thriving in Mindanao  because the military generals are scared to engage them in a full combat war. This General Ardo should be ashamed of  of himself uttering such statement because to neutralize this lawless elements terrorizing and victimizing Filipinos, foreigners included is an indispensable part of their job. 

    Why is freeing the kidnapped victims the task of the MNLF? Were they given authority by the government to do such act? Nonsense thought I’d say. The MNLF is a rebel group with no vested authority to perform the task of liberating kidnap victims from the Abu Sayyaf. It’s the job of the military not them but why did Ardo said such statement makes me think again to aver that he’s either a nincompoop or an insane general to say the most.

  • entong238

    Bakit Heneral ardo trabaho ba ng mga rebeldeng MNLF ang labanin ang mga kaaway ng gobyierno at hindi sa inyo? Bakit sundalo na ba ng pamahalaan sila? Kung trabaho pala nila ay dapat umalis na kayo at sayang lang ang binabayad sa inyo?  Bugok pala itong si Ardo dapat mawalis ito sa mundo baka dadami pang kagaya niya eh lalong  maging magulo and Pilipinas O di kaya ay manalo pa ng mga komunista.

  • Pitbulldog

    Just shows that this administration is inutile.  Even more with that idiot president happily discussing this issue as if these lawless groups are just feuding allies of his government merely exchaning pleasantires with each other.  Bugok.  It means that your useless administration is helpless to rein in the rising lawlessness and criminality in this country.  Everything to you just seems something that will come to pass to be forgotten later on.  Like the many soldiers who died where the all out justice you were howling loudly has just turned out as an all out joke.  IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE A JOKE REALLY as a president.  How pathetic.

    • Crysis_III

      Ikaw nalang ang pumunta doon sa SULU kasi matalino ka. I recommend you Pitbulldog..

      • Batman Robin

         Diablo_III–yan lang ba ang kaya mong isaghot…. dakilang noytard ka talaga…

      • Jezzrel

        ang mga yellow zoombie, ganyan lang kayang isagot sa mga naibabato sa amo nila LOL…

  • etomacq

    Umepal na naman si Lacierda. 

    Ganyan naman ang malacanang.. laging walang alam sa mga pangyayari.

    Tulad ng nangyari sa Atimonan, press release nila legitimate shootout daw. Nag release pala sila ng pondo para sa operation armado pero hindi daw nila suportado ang operation..

    Magulo ang Malacanang. Walang coordination. 

  • hopeless_na

    Sila-sila nagpatayan… Sayang ang tapang nila. Sana sa mga tsekwa na lang nila ginamit ang katapangan nila.

    • bugoybanggers

      Problema ninyo mga TAGA LUZON ang TSEKWA! Sumama na lang kayo sa kanila tutal INTSIK din ang nadeskobre ng ISLA ninyo..kaya nga ang lahi ninyo LAHING INSTIK!

    • Ali

      Tama na ang pakikialam nang Luzon sa problema nang Mindanao na sila din ang naging dahilan. Mas masaya kaming taga Mindanao sa kultura namin. We can resolved our conflict with our own…..

      • jun

        wala kaming pakialam sa inyo, magpatayan kayo kung gusto nyo.

      • magarito

        sa totoo lang pre, wala kaming pakialam. ang masama nga lang pag sa mindanao ang gulo damay kami kasi ang nababalita sa ibang bansa, “pilipinas” hindi lang naman mindanao.

        at nagkataon lang ang karamihan ng national leaders nasa luzon. bibigyan na nga kau ng mas malakas na autonomy dahil sa Bangsomoro. pag naging batas na yan bahala na kayo sa problema nio.

        isa pa, nakikinabang kayo sa tax na ibinibigay natin sa gobyerno. hindi maipagkakaila na ang karamihan ng buwis galing sa luzon.

      • beerhunters

        yours is a multi-cultural area meaning that it is not only the muslim influenced tausog ,maranao, etc. culture that dominate! There are still the indigenous Mansaka, Mandaya, T’boli, Badjao, Tiruray, Indo-malayan Bhramanism, spirit of the forest & spirit  of the ancestor worship,  other indigenous pre-muslim and pre-christian influenced culture, 1956 ilocano-kapampangan -tagalog-ilonggo-bisaya culture to be considered caused by their influx for ex-hukbalahap resettlement .  Please study your history!! Allow me to give you a piece of advice: Your nurturing of that cultural antagonism, regionalism will eventually develope into isolationism, progress into ethnocentrism, religious and ethnic hatred e.g. muslim killing christians or christians killing muslims, indigenous people killing christians or muslims or the other way around, bicol kills tagalogs, ilocanos kills bisaya etc, vice versa, merely on the basis of ethnicity and religion. Wake up young man!! Strive for nationhood regardless of religion and ethnicity!!

  • Bright

    ubusin na yang Abu Sayyaf.. buti nlang itong MNLF tumutulong.. asan na MILF? 

    • PlumberfromCanada

      it shows the confusion prevalent among filipinos…MNLF are mostly TAusug fighters based in Sulu…while MILF are Maguindanaoans/Maranaws based in Central Mindanao…kaya nga NAKAKATAWA minsan to read news saying na may MILF sa Jolo …..

      • Bright

        so why is the MNLF fighting the abu sayyaf? 

      • PlumberfromCanada

        Misuari is flexing his show the government they are not a spent force….nainggit si bapa Nur sa trato ng gobyerno sa MILF..tatapalan lang yan ng pera tatahimik na yan..

  • Batman Robin

    mabuti pa ang MNLF ,talagang maka pilipino…sila naman talaga ang may ari ng lup[ang inaagaw ni abnoy at ng MILF,para ibenta na naman sa Malaysia….UBUSIN NYO ANG ABUSAYAFF…sobra na ang manga asong yan !!! MILF  are the Abu Sayaff … dibat noong pagpapatayin ng Abu sayaff ang sundalo natin… doon naglabasan ang MILF at kinampihan sila ?? puro  Kriminal na elemento ang MILF..inaagaw ang lupa ng MNLF….Dapat magpadala si abnoy ng sundalo ,para protektahan ang MNLF !! for they have the constitutional  rights to that land… and the MNLF is a world known muslim entity in the Philippines..

    .MABUHAY ANG MNLF AT SI CHAIRMAN MISUARI –Kristinao or muslim ang MNLF  ang tagapag tanggol ng  ng Lahing pilipino in the Mindanao at buong mundo !!!

  • Leonard Llona Lotino

    two moro groups? they are different groups.. one is sided with the government while the other is a bandit

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    well at least the MNLF is doing what the Philippine Army has failed to do for so long, penetrate the lairs of the Abu Sayaff, and directly engage them…….walang bayag itong mga spoiled brat AFP generals natin eh….

    • PlumberfromCanada

      ayaw ng mga heneral mag-engage..mawawalan sila ng kita..remember the saying,: “.MAY PERA SA GYERA”!!!..wala na silang dahilan humingi ng dagdag budget pag wala na ang mga rebeldeng muslim…

  • PlumberfromCanada

    pera pera lang yan..nagkabigayan ng ransom..feeling ng MNLF nalugi sila sa partihan kaya nagkagirian….magkakamag-anak din naman mga yan…

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