Gwen Garcia, 5 officials guilty of grave misconduct



MANILA, Philippines—The Office of the Ombudsman on Monday ruled that Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and five other provincial officials of Cebu are guilty of grave misconduct in connection with the questionable purchase of the Balili property in Naga in 2008.

Aside from Garcia, also guilty of grave misconduct include Juan Bolo, member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cebu; Anthony Sususco, Roy Salubro and Eulogio Pelayre, all members of the Provincial Appraisal Committee as well as Emme Gingoyon, provincial budget officer.

“Consequently, this Office finds Garcia and Bolo guilty of grave misconduct,” Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales said in her 26-page resolution.

Except from Garcia and Bolo, the other co-accused were meted the penalty of dismissal from service together with its accessory penalties. Meanwhile, the administrative liability of Garcia and Bolo “has been mooted by their reelection in the 2010 National and Local Elections,” the resolution further stated.

But the Ombudsman said the findings of grave misconduct against Garcia, although administrative in nature, will be used by the special prosecutors to boost the graft case against Garcia which is currently pending before the Sandiganbayan second division.

Under the Ombudsman Act, the Office of the Ombudsman is mandated to act on complaints against any officers or employees of the government and enforce their administrative civil and criminal liability in every case where the evidence warrants…”

Garcia is facing two counts of graft and one count of illegal use of public funds for the Cebu provincial government’s purchase of 24.7 hectares of beachfront property now being developed as a coal ash waste landfill. The purchase price was P98.9 million. Garcia denied that there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on the report of the provincial appraisal committee, which omitted a technical report that described the coastal property as having almost 20 hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water.

The same case is subject of an administrative case in which she was meted six months suspension prompting her to stay inside the Cebu Provincial Capitol and sought help before the Court of Appeals.

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  • Noel

    Look closely how she looks?  Mukhang mayabang at mataray.

    • Romeo P Antoni Sr

      mukhang yong character sa SLEEPING BEAUTY Yong may dalang poisoned apple

    • an_insect

       she’s like holding her breath dahil kinakabahan dahil tinanong cya ng taga media kung bakit di nya alam na ang pinirmahan nyang 98.9 Million ay asin pala…

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. perhaps high time to prepare the wheelchair and the botox err make-up.. hehehe

  • Kabudlay

    Pumirma ka ng di mo alam? talaga? 98.9 million yan. Ibig mo sabihin di mo alam ang pinipirmahan mo?

  • huseng_batute

    “..saying she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee, ”

    As head of the provincial government it is your duty to ensure that the government does not get the short end of the deal.

    Kung pirma ka lang nang pirma nang hindi nagbabasa, wala kang karapatan na manatili sa pwesto mo.

  • Mel

    Saan mo dinadala pera ng bayan? Delikado yan kung di mo inaalam pinipirmahan mo. 

  • us_sixtycents

    She needs to face the music now without dancing. The hammer went down hard this time.

    Don’t be surpise if she start not feeling well starting tomorrow.

    • JV Velarde

      She’ll feel ill because of botox side effects. 

  • mon key

    she keeps on stating that she is the duly elected governor of cebu. that she only has the best intentions for cebu. yet, when they bought the property in question for P98.9 million, she DID NOT even go to see the property for herself. she spent almost ONE HUNDRED MILLION PESOS on property that was under water, and then spent again to have the land reclaimed. is that a sign of “having the best interest” for Cebu? only those who are interested in their own personal interest will act this way. spending PEOPLES MONEY in this manner is DINANGHAG! mga taga Cebu, pag mata. gkawat ang kwarta, nag mata ra mo og morning!

    • FraAu

      You know the slogan of the four musketeers? All for One and for me the most!

  • joshua kings

    one down; when will the ombudsman take down winston;
    ravaged a government financial institution such that retiring members could not receive their retirement checks…
    among others, he bought a painting, using the money of government employees,  for an overpriced amount of more than P70 million….
    ms ombudsman, when wil you bring this thief to jail?

  • litotan

    time to humble herself…….

  • Albin

    Now, the LP has complete control of all parts of the country:
    1. Pork-hungry House
    2. Bonus-hungry Senate
    3. Luisita backed Supreme Court
    4. Ratings-thirsty media (led by ABSCBN)
    4. NCR mayors
    5. budget-promised provincial OICs
    6. cash-strapped Survey companies

    • elimsqui

      pakno man ka bay!

      • mabuhay_si_marKy

        luoya na lang tingali sa pinas kung maminaw ta ana nila bay no? haha… ang tanang good news bad news na lang pirmi nila ba… haha…

    • mon key

      complete control of the country is what UNA wants to have, and the Garcia’s are part of their team. but that is not happening because there are still people who will not allow that to happen, even in the case of LP. . . daghan pa ghapon ang dili mo sugot.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Garcia denied there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying
    she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on
    the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee, which omitted a
    techncial report that described the coastal property as having almost 20
    hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water.
    My God, Ms Gwen Garcia.
    Sobrang TANGA mo naman.
    Ni hindi mo man lang tiningnan kung saan mapupunta ang
    P98.9million na pera ng mga Cebuano. Hindi mo ininspeksiyonan dahil kasama ka
    sa MANGDEDEKWAT na mga galamay mo! Imposibleng hindi mo alam. P98.9million
    is no small matter Ms Kurakuted.

    • Yobhtron

      Nagtatanga-tangahan yan si Botox Queen Gwen kasi naglalaway siya sa perang makukurakot niya noong pinirmahan niya.  

  • filipinaskoh

    The coastal property as having almost 20 hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water was purchased for 98.9 million pesos???????
    As in Whatttttttttt???????

    You purchased  a property out of people’s tax, without being aware that 80% of it is under water? 
    As a Governor you are entrusted to handle a great responsibility, there is no reason for your lame excuses to be excused. Now you have the guts to stay in the capitol and portrayed yourself as “a Holy person- victim of a vindictive Government”- What a shame.

    HOY BINAY! ito ba ang pinoprotektahan mo, hindi pa nga kayo naka upo sa pwestong hangad nyo- GANITO NA KAYO, paano pag nakapwesto na kayo- BAKA BILHIN NYO LAHAT NG LUPAIN NA NASA DAGAT AT ILOG.

    • efriend

      Kaya nga, wag ninyo iboto si BINAY sa 2016. 

      Ang Makati ay Makati dahil sa mga Ayala hindi dahil kay Binay.  Dapat yang malaman ng masang Pilipino.

      • Edward Castro

        korek ka dyan. give me an instance when binay condemned patronage politics sya magaling..

    • pov

      ito ang ‘daang maganda’ ng UNA…under water/table

  • Eric

    Read and understand prior to signing…..elementary my dear.
    Politicos who are too conscious of their looks are often self-centered and corrupt.

  • Dy Pailad

    Let us hear from her lawyers Atty Enrile and Atty Binay.

    • Jay Ann

      Best comment so far.

  • mabyrik

    The ombudsman finds Gwen guilty of misconduct, short of saying graft and corruption. 

    But Binay, Erap, and Enrile, after the suspension order was served, told Gwen to just stay put, ignore the suspension order and act as if involvement in graft in corruption is as normal as changing GF.

    Well, there is nothing extra-ordinary in the stand of this 3 tatlong bugok na itlog, puro kasi sila corrupt, they deserve each other,

    hahaha, unting unting nabubuko ang samahan ng mga corrupt.

    Sige magsama-sama kayo, mga bugok.

    Beware of Binay. After election as next president in 2016 and in connivance with Erap and Enrile and UNA senators, are they going to buy millions of hectares of coastal lands, 90% of which is Pacific Ocean offshore, like what Garcia, an UNA top gun did?

    • efriend

      You are correct.  I don’t understand why it is very difficult for Filipinos to see what is right and what is wrong. 

      To add insult to the injury, they even elect corrupt officials back to public office.  What a country!

      Garcia etc. should go to jail.  Period.

      • FraAu

        Becoz the most Filipinos believe that 1+1 = 3 or 4 and they like Potemkin Villages.

  • calipso_2100

    Payback time for Leo Lastimosa and other media people who have been harassed by Gwen for talking about her anomalous transactions using taxpayers’ money.

    Sus ang gaba, dili mag saba.  Naa na gyud Doling.  You brought this to yourself.  Don’t blame it on your political enemies.

    • Evelyn Gerona

      Ana gyud na bay, palusot ba…Haay mga Garcia daghay grasya:)

  • PinoyDude

    Line them all up as archery targets. Let the people fire the arrows at these crooks.

  • filipinaskoh

    Mukhang mangangailangan na namn ito ng WHEELCHAIR!

    • Yobhtron

      Huwag wheelchair kasi ginamit na ni Corona at GMA yan. Dapat yan bigyan ng strait-jacket si botox queen Gwen Garcia!  

  • sl1

    I am not passing judgement but it is very unlikely that the suspended gov’t doesn’t know the details of this property sold to the gov’t. If the gov’t is paying big amount it very natural to have it inspected properly and confirmed the property details …unless you have hidden interest as receiving kickback for this property deal!

    • kolambogan

      You should read the report on the Balili case, posted less than a year here under Nations news. There you will see how it came into being, how the officials charged headed by Gwendolyn Garcia shortchanged the Cebuanos, the likes of scammers who sold the summit of Mt. Mayon to unsuspecting real estate buyers, but here it’s impossible to go to the top of the volcano, but in the Balili properties, Garcia just didn’t care, the City of Naga in Cebu where the Balili property is situated doesn’t need her due diligence or even a cursory inspection, she only needed the money for herself and her conniving people in the provincial government.

  • bagombong

    You just relied on the report of your provincial appraisal without double checking it by yourself as a Governor…you know that this project is involved a huge amount of money, it is your responsibility to check the place with a engineer you trusted with all the project that under your jurisdiction not bec. they were your men they always trusted.

    • FraAu

      What is this for a engineer if you cant trust? Its this a engineer? If he makes not a serious report then he is a crimenal!

      • boytz

        I like you’re coommented, but plis fixed you’re England, tenseses and speelleng furst!!!

      • FraAu

        im sorry boytz, i know it isnt the oxford english…its a english with german grammar touch…

      • boytz

        Didn’t mean to offend, FraAu, – sorry if I did. Didn’t realize you were German. Are you indeed?

      • FraAu

        Boytz dont worry , its all ok , i can take it and finaly you has right. My english is terrible but you can be sure my german is better as my english lol… About the topic: i live in Cebu thats why its interesting me…but i think much more important is the deal with Keptco…in the contract between Keptco and the Cebu Gov. they can dump 525.448 cbm ash. i calculated the bulk density and the tapped density from coal ash. Its nearly by the factor 1,1. That means they can dump 525.448 metric tons for a price 1 us dollar per metric ton fixed for 25 years! Woooow thats a deal !!! And now it comes…the price range for coal ash at the international market is between 10 to 15 us dollar per metric ton. The minimum saving is about 4 Mill. US dollar  ( 200 Mill. PhP) and the maximum saving about 75 Mill. US dollar ( 3 Bill. PhP) (1 us dollar = 40 PhP) Now tell me there gaves no provison or something else. Only 10 % provison is a amount between 20 to 300 Mill. PhP. I dont like to think bad, i worked over 30 years as a production manager for big recycling and envoirement companies in europe and middle east. I know the rules… At least the Gov. under Gwen like also to built a Bio Mass power plant ( Korean and Japanese joint venture) in the Naga area and the price to delivery the waste there shall be 200 Peso per metric tons. Thats 5 us dollar per metric ton for the own municipalities !!!! The big company will charged with 1 us dollar for a toxic contaminated waste and the own poor municipalities wil be charged with 5 us dollar. thats a scandal..

      • boytz

        Wow, you do know your stuff. You’re the man, FraAu. I agree, – this is truly scandalous!!

      • FraAu

        No boytz…i only put the puzzle a little bit together..all its from the newspapers here, not secret service or something else, i also find the Envorimental Assessment Report 2010 from the Provincial Goverment of Cebu. Its nothing magical…If you use your own healthy intelligence you easely find out whats happen. The lamppost story is the next…400 Mill PhP budget for 1900 pieces lamppost. Its a price about 200.000 Peso per piece. It must be golden platted lamppost. But this is a other story.

  • batangsulpok

    Medyo may katangahan nga itong si Gwen dahil Governor ka, di mo man lang tingnan ang property kung anong itsura bago bilhin, ok sana kung 100 square meters pero 24.7 hectares o 247,000 square meters?

  • elimsqui

    kon papirmahon ka nga naa moy gipalit pero wala, pirma pod ka? bugok gyud…

  • bagombong

     yes, you are right…that is there trademark ng mga corrupt officials.

  • johnlordphilip

    Plain and simple! Plain: I think she knew. Simple: If she didn’t, why pay 98M of people’s money without knowing?

  • Rhon

    Garcia denied there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee, which omitted a technical report that described the coastal property as having almost 20 hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water.———–wow she was not aware of it. As a governor you should know everything or if you dont know, u should have verified the technical report.Ignorance does not excuse you from being charge of graft and corruption..Nakakahiya ka!

  • ero

    Ignorance of the law excuses no one ….. Garcia not aware the land is underwater OMG u sign a 98.9 Million and not aware the condition of the land? hesus maria joseph …..  

    • kurakut

      unsa na siopao? wala ka masayod unsay sulod? pastilan 98M ang kantidad, unya walay DUE DILIGENCE?  DELIGENSYA NAA PERO GAMAY LANG! HEHEHE

  • busit08

    Bad judgment as a leader . How can you trust and pay this big amount without reviewing and double checking. Dapat nag actual inspection si Governor hindi umasa lang sa report. Very poor management on her part. Ganito din ang nangyari sa Manila kay Mayor Atienza sa Corona Case.

  • Nor Flaw

    this is absolutely nothing compare to our province, LANAO DEL SUR. From Brgy. Councilor to Governor even an amount of dime they won’t spare.

  • Rosauro

    Election na! Sirahan na ng pangalan. Garcia is not Padaca. Padaca is not Garcia. 

  • busit08

    Kapag ganito ang kandidato ng UNA ni Vice Binay. Malamng yung iba kaparehas ni Gov. Gwen din. Birds of the same feathers flocks together di ba po?. Kaya dapat po maging maingat na po sana ang mga voters natin sa pagpili ng kandidato.

  • Marshall

    Matandang Kulubot na Mandarambong…Manang-mana sa Tatlong Hari ng Corapsyon…

  • Pulokoy

    pipirma na nga lang ang trabaho e inde pa maayos

  • i_am_filipino


    • El_Gran_Capitan

       Birds of the same feather flocks together

      • Robert Martin

        birds of the same feather is the same bird…hahahaha

    • Evelyn Gerona

      Birds of the same feather flock together!

    • k

      corrupt politicians are like color blinds.they only see black and white.they do not see if the person is honest or corrupt. they only see if that person can be of help to them in their own goals and purposes. 

      • Jay Ann

        Some politicians are totally blind. Cant even tell whether the land is submerged under water or not.

      • FraAu

        No they are thinking all other are stupid and who has the loudest voice has always right.

    • JuanTamadachi

      WHY?  because she is a member of Dorovo and the 40 thieves 

    • neil

      And WHY is she being supported by the President of the CBCP, archbishop PALMA? 

      • pov

        same saying apply here…birds of the same feather, diba erring priests are just transferred to another diocese

  • doublecross

    hahahahahaha….lakas ng tawa ko!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pulokoy

    sigurado ako sasabihin na naman nung tatlo e pulitika itong ginagawa nung kabila LOL 

  • k

    gov garcia paid 0.9M pesos for the underwater property at P37/ sqm and pocketed 98milyon for herself kaya ayaw umalis sa kapitolyo.

    • tukmoldinako

      just for the sake of discussion, how much the seller received for the 98M? Dapat maimbestigahan din yung mga Balili kung magkano talaga napunta sa kanila?

      • pov

         taga BIR din coz from the looks of it the sales tax based on the declared sales amount would be huge

    • boytz

      K, no offense, but 0.9M is only 900K, oK?

  • dani77777

    Wala daw SOLID Evidence yong Ombudsman.

    Siyempre, ksi underwater pala yong ibinentang real estate.

    LIQUID Evidence, meron.

  • mabuhay_si_marKy

    wooohooo! nindot na ni! salamat nga katarong ang nigawas para masumpa ang karantaduhan ng mga garcia!  sadya sugbo!!!!kiniang adlaw sa kagawasan!

  • Cubano

    di raw niya alam na underwater ang property.  tanga siguro….

  • ever green

    papirmahin ng confession…baka hindi rin basahin…..

  • big dawg

    a hectare or 2 underwater might be excusable, but 80% of the total area? bibili nlng ako ng 1 hectare and papalagyan ko nlng ng titulo yung 20 na natatabunan ng dagat. “ignorance of the law makes you ignorant” :P i mean ignorant jailbird. galing ng nose job ha

  • morale_reform

    PAYBACK TIME GWEN… Mukhang di lang wheel chair kelangan nito, STRETCHER!!!

  • Apolinario

    To all Filipino voters, vote wisely. Those candidates that are corrupt should not be voted forever even as brgy. kagawad.
    This coming election let us show our unity on the following:
    1. Eradicate corruptions
    2. Eradicate dynasty for they lead to corruptions
    3. Do not vote the epals cause definitely they are immoral and a sure sign of being corrupt 

  • Jose

    Tangang tanong:  Beachfront property and 20 ha. is under water – meaning dagat na or mangrove area?  Paanong napatituluhan ang dagat or mangrove?  DENR please clarify.

  • mabuhay_si_marKy

    this will be great as cebu might have another attraction: a star dancing inmate!  let’s get it on!!! sumayaw sya sa sinulog at nakita nang sto nino ang kagalingan nya so dapat sa CPVDRC para mas marami pang turistang dadalaw! cnn na namo to! ahihihihihi

  • JuanTamadachi


  • santosboi

    binibili na rin pala ang lupa sa ilalim ng tubig? magkano kaya un ilalim ng pacific ocean? 

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      aba mas mahal yon :D :D :D ..may tubig na may lupa pa..

  • Rightthingtodo

    Garcia’s feigned ignorance is only a legal strategy to escape criminal prosecution. In truth, Garcia knew about it.  Garcia is not illiterate to simply rely on the report of a committee with a big amount involved.  The Cebuanos should be aware that Garcia family is a family of lawyers and it is highly inconceivable that Gwen is never aware of the legal consequences of signing an anomalous contract.  Gwen’s daughter, brother, father, mother, all lawyers, would have advised her to sign the contract without incurring criminal liability by simply tossing the defense of reliance on the committee report.

  • tamakajan

    Her biggest defense is this:
    “she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee, which omitted a techncial report that described the coastal property as having almost 20 hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water.”
    If all public officials like this, then we are in a deep sinkhole deeper than the 20 hectares under water, they should recover the money given or it will also be forgotten…

  • santosboi

    malamang me bagong pasyente uli ang st. luke! hahaha

  • dodong1

    yung property under water, yung 97 million under her pocket..dahil binulsa nilang lahat…IKULONG , IKULONG…

    • Jarjar

      not 97million, commission lang.

      • dodong1

        ganun ba…

      • Jane Tan

        nagmukhang tanga tuloy ang mga cebuano… binigyan nila si gwen ng baka 3% or around 3 million para bilhan sila ng lupa na nasa ilalim ng tubig…


  • divictes

    Classic alibi worn well to be credible. Try something novel like side effects of ah…well,..aspirin? 

  • mumbaki ak

     this is P’noy’s fault.

    • mave


      • mumbaki ak

         seriously, it is;)

      • Vladymir

        Oh yeah?i am batman…seriously.

  • Leop233

    ” Garcia denied there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying
    she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on
    the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee, which omitted a
    techncial report that described the coastal property as having almost 20
    hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water.”

    – ano un? taga pirma ka lang?  Ang laki ng amount? |What a lame excuse!!! wala kang ligtas dito

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      tanga pirma :) hahaha.. ang laki ng kinita nila nya dito hahahaha

  • k

    barilin na lang si Garcia at sabihin,i was not aware na puputok kasi somebody put a bullet in the gun ang alibi.

  • Rightthingtodo

     Hindi siya tanga kabayan, palusot lang niya yun at kunwari nagtatanga-tangahan para yung graft case sa kanya ay hindi uubra.  Kapag sinabi niyang umasa siya sa report, honest mistake daw or mistake in good faith at walang criminal intent. Ang babaw naman ng istilo ni Gwen, sana di na manalo

    • boldyak

      malay mo, sabihin nyang  magkaroon muna ng reclamation area tapos tambakan ng ash..o ha!..pede di ba?….bwahahaha

      • Observer_din

        wag mo na pilitin sir, baka magdugo.. hehehehe

  • Magsasaka

    di ba kamaganak yan ng baklang paring nahuling nakipagtalik sa dalawang lalaking menor de edad noong 80s sa tate

  • Rovingmoron

    That’s the problem with some of our local government officials because they don’t want to go out and check as to the reliability of the resport he/she is getting from his men. This is a good lesson to learn that projects subject to renovation or contraction or purchase must be checked in person by the heads of the agencies themselves.

    • Jane Tan

      imaginary oversight committees, man

      that’s where all our money is going into

    • calipso_2100

      Huh? So you actually believe her that she did not know it is under water?

    • FraAu

      For what i have staffs if they didnt know what is theyr job?! She must had already known, what was happen or she thought all other are stupid. That was a plan to make this deal and to share the money. Why she took the fly ash for a selling price for 1 us dollar per tons, if the actually market price is between 10 to 15 us dollar.?Who shares between Keptco and Gwen? Keptco saved between 9 to 14 us dollar per tons.

  • edleon

    Mga kababayang Cebuano, ipakita nyo na gusto nyo ng malinis na lider! Wag nyo na iboto ang GWEN GARCIA na ito at ang mga supporters nya na taga UNA na magnanakaw… :)

    • tamakajan

      Don’t tell me she is not disqualified to run in the coming election even she is found liable and guilty???

      • Edwin Edwin

        Yes, she is not qualified. So what now???

      • ARIKUTIK

        Are you “not aware” that you ask that question. Gwen was found guilty, that’s it Boink. Where to appeal, where oh where ……

      • Jane Tan

        Nope, because she was already re-elected. What’s stupid is if people still vote for her after this gets out.

      • edleon

        Mahaba pa kasi ang process.. lilitisin pa sa Sandigan and maaring taon pa bilangin kaya she can still run (I think) this coming May for congress (Thieves Turf).  But the Cebuanos can use the ballot to render justice. :)

      • tamakajan

        Akala ko kase nanghihinayang ang Comelec sa mga naimprenta na nilang balota na may pangalan Gwen Garcia so she could run for office. :)
        Kidding aside, she should be excluded right away if proven guilty, kung nandaya sya pano na lang ang Cebu? mauutakan na naman?

      • edleon

        Agree! :) Tama ka dyan!

  • joshmale2004

    Wala yan. Sasabihin lang ng mga UNA na kakampi daw ni Pnoy na political persution lang ito at wag papansinin.

  • WeAry_Bat

     That scam is as old as the time of my father’s younger days.

    Which reminds me, are the Cebuanos contemplating the coal ash of their coal-fired power plants?  Perhaps the ash will lower their health and intelligence? 

    The ash may have heavy metal and radioactive contaminants?  And as ash, may have more ultra-fine particles which can travel much further away?

    • Jane Tan

      Geez… don’t give her anymore ideas… she might start blaming the ash >.>

      • WeAry_Bat

         he he i am actually waiting if  conspiracy theorists will say 98M is enough reason to make a plane crash in the sea…

  • Stephen

    Garcia denied there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee……………. Ms. Garcia, first rule in leardership? Everything is your fault. You can’t put the blame on your subordinates…

    • jimi_c

      You sign a check of 98 million pesos of taxpayer money and you did not bother to check.  But she did not learn her mistakes, government of cebu province owe 900 million pesos to suppliers with only 90 million pesos in general fund and it was discovered when she was suspended.

    • boldyak

      awwww…you can’t blame your subordinates???…while you can blame the previous administration…bwahahahaha

  • divictes

    What happens when you mix coal-ash with seawater?

    • Jose


      • jimi_c

        You deprived marine life with sunlight and no photosynthesis, no oxygen to support the life of living organism.  I doubt the foriegn companies are allowed to do this in their home country.

      • joshmale2004

        Kung gagawan ng underwater prison para sa plunderers and grafters gaya ni Gwen, ano ang magiging epekto sa marine life?

      • divictes

        A corrupted marine life?

      • Jose

        Good exchanges, ha ha ha. More, more!

      • ARIKUTIK

        It was develop as Land Fill not just garbage dump. After the sea is turned into new condiminium city. The land will be worth billions for the benefit of Cebu government. Proof is there in Manila land filled seashore. Garcia has vision but Penoy is Noynoying only. Dubai has turned the sea into residential land as investment and it was aplauded. Boy AB has no vision but only PSP brain.

      • Manuruk

        Teka muna. Bakit kailangan bilhin ang dagat eh public land yan at di private. Yun lang siguro na lupa talaga. Ang beach front ay public land din at di pwede titulohan sa private person, lease lang from DENR.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The land was purchased as it should be paid but the sea was only included in the title for it is intended to be filled and develop into a reclaimed habitable land. It’s as simple as that. Garcia has vision to title in advance the soon to be new land for Cebu government.

      • Vladymir

        Akala ko ba mag-almusal ka muna?

      • J. Toks

        It is just your way of thinking.  Have you ever been read the purpose of buying the land as justification.  If indeed your argument is as true as with that s….tt GOVERNOR, well, it is a very STUPID VISION… cebu has a very VAST LAND that whenever a plan of making CEBU becoming having a more briliantly worldly class city, then,  a less costly conversion will be applied if they purchased a land that was not covered by water…. kay mag-isip isip ka sa argument mo ARIKUTIK… STUPIDITY ANG INO OFFER MO NA ARGUMENT.. tanga

      • Observer_din

        pati yung SEA kasama sa titulo? heheheh

      • FraAu

        Against visions, i dont have nothing, but i have something against, to make me stupid. Why she didnt bought the real land size for a real price and then she asked for a permit to develop into a reclaimed habitable land? All other ways have a bad mark. And by Adam Ries 1+1= 2 and not 3 or 4. Who can mathmatics its always in advance.

      • Htee

        Kung sana may utak si gweng na katulad mo, sana iyan ang dinahilan nya, kaso sabi nya hindi raw nya alam eh.
        From 2008 hanggang ngayon, hindi nya naisip yung ala Dubai na palusot? Ikaw naman, hindi mo tinuruan…
        Purbida ka bai….

      • ARIKUTIK

        Kahirap baya mag isip, napiga na aking energy sa dami ng kontra. Makapag almusal na nga lang muna. Ang Imbalance scale of Justice leaning towards KKK is symbol of corruption …. nya ….hahaha….. byeeeeeeeee …. >>>>>>>> ???

      • otire

        sige mag almusal ka na baka bumago pa isip mo, gutom lang yan. kung hindi pa rin nag bago isip mo Mental Hospital na ang kailangan mo.. ha ha

      • Observer_din

        nice surrender.. lol

      • Observer_din

        wag mo na ilusot sir, di na kaya.. pusoy na eh hihirit pa, hehehe

      • FraAu

        Fly ash isnt bad, the cement industry in europe use it as substitute for cement, in the netherlands they use fly ash to 100% . In germany up 40 to 60 % of cement are fly ash , see also Portland cement. But it can be also contaminated with heavy metal toxid like Arsenic etc. Without technical  control i wouldnt use it for dumping.

    • Johnny


  • mabuhay_si_marKy

    Cebu’s Dancing Inmates new attraction:Dancing Gwendy!

  • kapayapaan_1900

    May katuwiran talagang i-“padlocked” ang opisina mo sa kapitolyo. Bakit ka magbibitiw ng PH98M halaga ng isang coastal property na hindi mo man lang titingnan? Kung bakit kasi atat na atat kang manatili sa opisina mo eh wala ka na man palang malasakit sa kapakanan ng mga Cebuano. Gusto mo pang tumagal ng hanggang Hunyo ganoong suspendido ka na dahil sa mga baluktot ,mong trabaho.. Pinagbigyan ka nang doon na mag Pasko hanggang Bagong Taon, gusto mo pang humirit na doon na rin mag Valentine’s Day. Mahiya ka naman! Hindi na ito ang panahon ni GMA na kung saan ikaw ang Reyna Elena at ang ama’t kapatid mo ang Hari at Prinsipe Constantino. Panahon na ito ng pagbabago.  Humingi ka na lang ng suporta sa partido mong UNA.

    • sapul

       on behalf of the cebuanos who are very tired of this gobernadora’s antics.. THANK U

  • Macario

    Day Gwen..naunsa na ba ka? Ikaw ang bumili sa yuta na under water…nabuang na ba ka na wa kang idea na underwater to? Assuming na ang mga tao mo ang may kasalanan, ibig sabihin mga inutil ang mga buang at way batasan kay di nila gi ingon sa imo na underwater to.  Pero di ako maniniwala….alam ko na panggastos mo yun sa mukha mo…maayo na nakasuhan ka…

  • sean

    UNA… UNAhan sa pagnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan!!! sasabihin na naman ng mga UNA na POLITICAL MOTIVATION ang ginawa ng OMBUDSMAN…ganito nalang ba palagi kapag may natuklas sa mga pagnanakaw ninyu mga UNA!!! kung si BINAY naging MAYOR sa isang lugar sa Mindanao, sa tingin ninyu ba nagawa din niya kagaya sa MAKATI…di siguro kasi wala naman sya makuha na budget na kagaya sa MAKATI…gumanda lang ang pamamalakad niya dahil malaki yung budget niya sa Makati kaya’t sa darating na eleksyon…isipin nalang natin kung sino ang markahan natin sa balota..yung UNA ba sa pagnanakaw O yung para talaga sa bayan!!! 

  • Ed Molina

    can’t wait what UNA has to say about this.

    ano na nga ba sabi mo binay, “…ready to support President Aquino despite party lines…“?

    time to walk the talk.

    • pov

       sabi ng UNA, ito ang ‘magandang daan’ under water

  • pcosmachine




  • K8

    bukas naka wheel chair na yan…

  • droccu

    To the three Kings of UNA Binay, JPE and ERAP: THIS IS the reason why YOUR Governor Garcia was SUSPENDED.  Please look at the case/s first before your cry UNA persecution by the LP… Defend her now if you want….Birds of the same feather…..

  • PH2011

    “Garcia denied there was anything anomalous in the land purchase,
    saying she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on
    the report of the Provincial Appraisal Committee, which omitted a technical
    report that described the coastal property as having almost 20 hectares of the
    24.7 hectares under water.”

    The purchase price was P98.9 million.

    A very lousy excused for a governor of the province. Are you going
    to sign a purchase/voucher check amounting to P98.9 million without knowing
    where the property is?

    This is not 1 million Madam. Tell that to marines….

    Granting, she’s not excuse on the basis of command of responsibility,
    else no high government official will be persecuted if that alibi is acceptable.


    Well, probably because it’s GMA Era.

    • joshmale2004

      Kasi at the time of COA audit, low tide kaya nakalitaw lupa nung 20 heactares lol.

    • boldyak

      huh!…kasohan na rin si GMA…bwahahahaha

      • Observer_din

        waag naman kawawa naman, siguro pagkatapos na lang ng PCSO case nya.. hehehehe

    • kolambogan

      Right, you hit the nail on the head, Gloria+Winston+Gwendolyn the equivalent of Enrile and Estrada and Binay, UNA sa kasuwapangan at kagarapalan, malamang kung iisa-isahing lahat ang kanilang mga Alipores, malalagpasan pa nila ang bilang ng fabled 40 Thieves. Marami sila, mahihirapan ang bansang Pilipinas na pangalanan silang lahat, pero makikita silang lahat dahil sama-sama sila sa pagtawa at pagkutya sa mga nalilinlang nilang mga kababayan at pagsasabi ng vendetta o political persecution kahit alam na alam ng mga tao ang kanilang mga kawalanghiyaan, isama na ang mga Marcos, Sotto, Lapid, Revillas na mga non-performing assets sa senado, kundi panay palamunin ng bansa kahit mayayaman ng naturingan. Pakapalan lang talaga ang alam, mga laos na Artista at recycle ng amang diktador.

  • Jane Tan

    anlala… buying property that’s under water >.> how stupid can you be to buy property without first inspecting it.

  • lolo_Jose

    Ang BUANG NA SI GWEN, sa me dagat pala ang lote na binili ng kaban ng bayan !!!!
    Anong palagay mo sa mga tao diyan sa Cebu, mga tilapya at bisugo? Pa ‘OVER
    MY DEAD BODY” pa ang lukaret, iyun pala  DISPALKADORA!!! Sana ikaw ang
    tumira dun sa binili mo pag hindi ka nagmukhang PIRANHA ewan ko na lang!!! Isama
    mo ang tatlong hari ng UNA para me kasama kang mga  SIYOKOY!!! BUANG!!!

    • Nong

      baka me prospect na magkaroon ng gold dyan sa lote

      gold fish baga


    Penoy was “Aware” that there were hostages in Luneta, yet no one was charge for their death. All those involve for untimely deaths are KKK of Penoy.  

    • mumbaki ak

       may nawawala dito ah;)Cebu naging Luneta.

    • Pulokoy

       sobrang laki ng connection sa kaso ni Garcia no ? LOL

      • ARIKUTIK

        Unbalanced scale of justice IS > Corruption. The KKK are always exempted but political enemies are persecuted to the bones. Remember the “Joke of the Century” done to corona. Penoy is NOT Anti Corruption but unjust Persecutor of those who refuse to Bow Down to his will. An unjust dictator is on the making.

      • mave

        tirhan mo na ung lupa(under water) mo dun mukha ka nman syokoy..

      • Observer_din

        ano pa ba gusto mong pruweba sir, umamin na nga si GWEN na pinirmahan nya, kaya lang di daw niya alam.. hehehe

      • ARIKUTIK

        The ocean shore case happened in 2008 and had become moot by virtue of Garcia’s re-election. The Luneta case happened recently in 2010 (as remembered). It is not yet Moot but no one is charge up to this moment. The PH economy lost more than 1000 millions because of that Luneta massacre debacle that happened with Full Awareness of Penoy. The Boy AB is corrupt reviving a mooted case because election is coming to town.

    • pcosmachine


      • ARIKUTIK

        Para naga post post lang, ADD na agad. Hindi ka ba naga Net kung wala kang magawa sa buhay ! Nandiyan ka rin Gani sa Net ……. waaaaaahhhhhh …….

      • mave

        dapat sayo firing squad…

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehehe weder weder lang yan

    • Melchor Sonza

      mendoza hostage and killed t he victims,,while gwen wanted to hostage the capitol,,and the ransom was paid long time ago,,the money use to buy balili,

    • at-large

       Pa enls enles ka diha, layo man pag ayo imo komento sa balita, TIKTIK gyd na imo utak da! hehehehehe…BISAYA gyd ka pag-ayo dong wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    • mave

      inaatay ka dun sa cebu meron ikaw isang lote dun under water pa…hehehe

    • Prince Neps

      Hoy, amaw! Pagkalayo sa imong comment sa topic! Kauna nang imong tik-tik diha. Pa as-if ka pa. 

      • Vladymir

        Prince pisot siguro na si arikutik,kay tiktikon man.Baho pa jud tiil na tawhana hehehe.

    • Observer_din

      sir DIVERSIONARY tactic yan, si Gwen pinag-uusapan dito ,dapat di ka na lang sumali kung di mo kaya ipagtanggol si GWEN.

  • joshmale2004

    Para hindi masayang yung 20 hectares na underwater, gumawa na lang sila ng underwater prison para sa mga plunderers and grafters.

  • virgoyap

    That’s why I was surprise by the Office of the Ombudsman’s silence. Also to be considered Gwen Garcia’s accomplice is the Catholic TV station CCTN who until today has been used as a propaganda tool by the suspended Governor.

    • jimi_c

      The head of cebu church went and visit the suspended governor in cebu capitol and later said in the media that he sympathised the ordeal of the governor because she was very helpful to the church.  But the head of the church tolerated the corrupt practices of the politician by accepting donation coming from taxpayer money.  How much is the salary of the governor that she can afford to donate money to the church if not coming from the taxpayer money.

      • virgoyap

        More than just that the head of cebu church also applauded the suspended governor for her anti-RH stand.

      • pov

         the roman catholic church is another corrupt institution

  • manual47

    This is the same official being depended by the UNA coalition without realizing that the woman was a crook.  How in the world would someone buy a property worth over 98 million pesos  without knowing or at least check it herself if it’s a legitimate deal or what condition the property was before buying.  And remember, the money this official was using was government funds.  That’s why she should have been careful where she uses those funds.   She deserved her predicament and no doubt should be charged.  And for UNA depending this official, that tells you what kind of coalition this is………
    “birds of same feathers, flocks together”.   What a joke to say the least.  Now the voters has a new reason not to vote this so called UNA Crookalition…

  • rethinking_madness

    What do you expect from the yellow Ombudsman?
    Politics… always politics…

    • mabuhay_si_marKy

      i was waiting for this kind of a response. and here’s my big: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Melchor Sonza

       mad man,,boooooooo!!!

    • benny

      kaya di umaasenso ang bayan dahil sa kagaya mo…. gumising ka naman!!!!!

    • mave

      daapt sa kagaya mo e firing squad… 

    • ed_nique

      since you used the term yellow ombudsman, it is apparent that your statement is biased.
      but for the cebuanos, the decision is a triumph for justice (whatever color it may be).

    • Vladymir

      This is how idiots reply to a good news.Please don’t rethink,just do it,pull the trigger now.

    • big dawg

      so ok lng sayo na bumili ng lupa na 80% nkalubog sa tubig for 98million? ang slow naman ng utak mo koya

  • ethicsingov

    Ignorance is not an excuse. Didn’t she know that her signature is tantamount to responsibility especially if she benefited from the transaction directly or indirectly?

  • Gold Lover


    • mabuhay_si_marKy

      NO, CEBUANOS PREFER TO MAKE HER DANCE AMONG THE DANCING INMATES!  mas malaki ang kikitain nang province… ;-)


    corruption knows no gender….

  • Mamang Pulis

    aww kalooy sad ….. palangga…..paano na schedule mo sa mga ….ma busy na kaw sa rehas? mag pa doktor ka rin o confine sa vmcc?

  • boldyak

    yan pag may kaso, tanggalin…

  • sanjuan683

    hehehehehe Hindi ka kasi sumama sa Liberal Party o hayan nadale ka. Sumama ka pa sa UNA, eh una matatalo sa eleksyon ang mga iyan. Kasi may kasama plunderer si Erap at tandang Enrile si cash gift. Ewan ko si nognog mukha maputi este mabuti naman siya. hehehehehe

    • luzviminda88

      baluktot na kaisipan imbes na kastiguhin kasi kurap ay inaayunan pa. San Juan ka pa naman eh demonyo pala. 

  • mxsclxmxn

    Palusot! Caught red-handed! Kapit toko pa rin! Hugas kamay pa rin!

  • Billy Moreno

    ikulong? sa cebu yan, hindi sa manila! hehehe

    • mabuhay_si_marKy

      oo naman! she rightfully belongs to us.  meron na kaming star dancer sa dancing inmates!

  • buttones

    Sad thing about all this is that this area has ended up as a dump for coal ash, which is going to contaminate the bit of land, the sea bed, and all the rest of it and all this was ’approved’ by the guardians of our environment- the good old DENR. The area used to be an undeveloped wilderness with mangroves, and now it’s just a toxic waste dump….Not only that, there is an easement of twenty meters from high tide where nothing can be built, and it is only the national government that own our shorelines, not provincial, you cannot buy land that is underwater, to get land refill permission on our coasts is a very complicated business, long and tedious. The decision of the Ombudsman is a correct one, this legacy of this filthy toxic wasteland she created must surely be one of the worst things Garcia ever did….

  • ztefertilizerscam10


  • rolandtr

    This is nothing! The Cebu Convention Center is one horendous edifice of shame for Cebuanos. The complete building plans was estimated to be completed at the time of rush construction to be no more than P400M. The total expenses went up to P900M! How in the world did that happen only Gwen and her borthers know. To see the CCC today with its grothesque architecture is just so insulting! When will this edifice be the subject of a case..Looy si Arch. Guanzon ani ug ang main contractor…nagpa dicta sila tanan sa mga Garcia niadtong panahonan..Siguro huna huna nila impunity will never end! Well, accountability here it is now…like an onrushing tide at Balili, Naga!  

    • pov

       dont forget those now non working eye sore overpriced lamp post, but im not sure gwen had a hand on this though, just want to add to the list of horrendous edifice of shame for cebuanos

  • joshmale2004

    Buti pang sinabi ni Gwen na alibi eh, nabili nila yung lote na 24 heactares during low tide kaya hindi siya underwater during purchase. Hehehe.

  • milespacker

    24.7 hectares of land with 20 hectares under water purchased at P98.9M. So sa 4.7hectares na usable space na natitira pumapatak na P21,042,553.19M per hectare.

    Firing squad.

  • heygarch

    Puwede namang i-Google Earth yan eh. Siguradong may internet sa Cebu Jail. Well, YouTube, at least. 

  • zahraff

    GWEN – IGNORANCE OF THE LAW EXCUSES NO ONE. To say that you did not know the exact status of the land that was purchased in the amount of 98 million pesos is just pure STUPIDITY on your part. No amount of palusot or alibi will work, because NOBODY in their right mind will ever buy it! For sure, there was something tempting for not doing the necessary stringent scrutiny. 

  • TwiggyRamirez

    “The Office of the Ombudsman on Monday ruled that Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and five other provincial officials of Cebu are guilty of grave misconduct…”

    …i-ready na ang wheelchair!

  • Dy Pailad

    In the next ice age, people will thank Gwen Garcia for buying that property.

  • Jimmy

    Kababaeng tao… korap din…ala gloria arrovo… kawawa taga Cebu…! ! !.

    • carol

      hindi pa convicted si gma, 3 caso puro walang evidencia.

      • kishbuff

        at pinagtanggol pa si pandak!!! HAHAHAHA! 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Mismanaged funds

    Issues on mismanaged funds by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the GSIS caught the public eye in 2002. PAGCOR had been experiencing negative cash flows that bloated to P850 million in 2003. A Pagcor manager gave three reasons behind the financial difficulties: ‘onerous’ contracts, profligate spending, and massive, mindless donations.
    GSIS president and general manager Winston Garcia ordered its units to stop the processing of claims and loan applications because of financial difficulty. The Kapisanan ng Manggagawa attributed the financial problems to the following: Garcia’s cash advances amounting to P3.4 million, the establishment of district offices worth P4 million each, and the appointment of outside legal counsel for P200, THOUSAND a month.
    Garcia allegedly used GSIS money to purchase Juan Luna’s Parisian Life painting. Likewise, Garcia was said to earn P540, 000 a month and appointed some 130 vice-presidents who earn P70, Thousand a month. There were allegations that GSIS contributed at least P100 million to the campaign funds of Pres. Arroyo. Garcia was retained in his post despite appeals from GSIS employees.

  • Kiam

    Sana sa Cebu ikulong para makita ko kung may dancing skill ba siya like other inmates. 

    • chitgoks

      haha. good one @yahoo-YX3GNEI6FHCLMXK5ZKXKZ54WJA:disqus 

  • f5r

    dapat isama si binay , erap at enrile sa kulungan pare pareho naman silang may bahid ng graft and corruption at magkakasama naman sila sa UNA.

  • Ross

    san na mga defender ng gwen? :)

    • Nong

      busy sa senate

  • alpine11

    Guilty as charged!!! Ipapriso nana si Gwen.

  • Paranoid Android

    PDI please check your opinion section, my Comodo Dragon browser flag it as Malware Attack site.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Opinion section was also reported to be infected. Natutulog na naman sa pansitan ang moderator!


    The siblings Garcia just didn’t have that credible accountability in service to the public, such that shooting themselves in either or both feet, feigning ignorance on issues of mishandling multi-millions is their best shot to avoid inescapable infamy. May your own tribe judge you.

  • joerizal

    Death penalty.


      Anong death penalty, MOOT na yong kaso. Hindi ka ba marunong umintindi ng binabasang news ? eeeewwwwwww……byeeeeeee >>>>>>>>>

      • ewankosayo

         moot daw yung grave misconduct..pero meron pa din graft case na pending sa sandiganbayan…

      • Observer_din

        sir napapansin ko lang sa issue na to nahihirapan ka ng dumepensa, kasi umamin na nga si Gwen.. asan na ba si SUGBUANON, dapat tulungan ka nyang dumepensa.. hehehehe

      • joerizal

        Ogag basahin mo ulit yung tungkol sa pending graft charges. Moot mo mukha mo.

      • ewokmulag

         sa administrative case na MOOT dahil sa aguinaldo doctrine… pero meron pang criminal case na sinasampa  sa kanya…. wait ka lang… wag ma inip

  • otire

    MABUHAY ang UNA!



    ha ha ha.

  • Jane Deasis Villena

    One thing noticeable is no one yet in this administration has been found guilty of corruption when corruption is still rampant in this administration.  If the government is really serious in fighting corruption then it should start on running after its government corrupt officials.

    • ramelatilano


      • magarito

        ganyan na ang katwiran ng mga tao ngaun. pag nahuli , sasabihin ay, “e bakit sila ganun din?”

    • manual47

      Why don’t you name names…..let’s see what you got.

      • Jane Deasis Villena

         how about the present comelec chairman.  she was accused of corruption but instead of investigating her she was given an important government job?

    • Nong

      una unahan lang yan sa kulungan
      wait lang mahaba pa ang oras
      marami ang nakapila
      anong number mo?

      • Jane Deasis Villena

         hindi ba ikaw ung number two?  hahahaha

  • busit08

    Ewan ko kung tama kwenta 24 hectare po kanyo. eh di lalabas po na 4,083,333 per hectare po yata ; multiply po natin ng 20 hectare = 81,666,666 pesos po ang pinalangoy at kinain ng pating sa dagat ang nawalang pera ng bayan. Aba pwede na pong makatulong sa mga kababayan nating nasalanta ng bagyo sa Davao yun ah! 

  • EdgarEdgar

    Guilty or not, there goes the last nail on Guv Gwen’s coffin. I personally love Guv Gwen especially when her creamy face is not melting under the sun. But horniness aside, politics is politics. Cebu is much too important to be in the adversary’s hand. Among the top 10 provinces in terms of voter population, only Pangasinan, Cavite and Laguna have managed not to fall into LP’s hand. But not for long. With DILG, the Ombudsman and the Palace all working in concert behind the scenes and in their official government capacity to gain control of all provinces, UNA’s chances are diminishing irreversibly by the day. With Comelec’s Brillantes shrugging off the PCOS glitches and letting the manipulable chips fall where they may, the odds stacked against UNA have just multiplied.

    Meanwhile, Our Lady of VMMC is winning her battles slowly but surely. From OWWA fund scam to Malampaya fund mess to PCSO plunder, she’s winning them all. She’s even getting better at garden landscaping these days. By winning her cases on her own merit and having the cases against her dismissed for sheer lack of merit, GMA will be the last genuine opposition standing long after UNA had fallen apart. To redefine itself as the real new opposition, UNA needs GMA more than ever.

    We love you GMA!

    • rolandtr


    • mave

      na ligaw naman si edgar edgar..hehehe

    • ramelatilano


    • big dawg

      grabe, nakakaiyak ang kabobohan mo!

    • levis2012

       What? You love GMA? OUCH!!!

    • Ross

      hahaha payola list

  • geminimind

    I thought that money was intended to purchase an atoll with all the privacy of purpose they can get,but then they made their way a simple and fast purchase and this is what they got for that deal .A beachfront property indeed but unfortunately it included most of the waters around it.Part of the land seem to emerge on low tide and becomes invisible on high tide.O what a deal when it’s already a done deal.

  • im_earth

    baka magkasakit si gwen at magpahospital arrest para di makulog.
    ang highest penalty dati ay ELECTRIC CHAIR ngaun ay WHEEL CHAIR haha.


    The timing is perfect!

    Hahahahahahahaha!  Ang mga matatalinong Pinoy(daw), inaliw at naloko lang ng isang abnoy!

    • ramelatilano


    • elimsqui

      wa na kay tsans bay… paghilom na lang

  • Bayawak

    “not aware” or “rely on the report” are common alibi when they were caught stealing peoples money.Its crytal clear that there were anomalies or she doesn’t really know her job.She should be caned together with her accomplice publicly.

  • Htee

    Indefensible…ang tiyak na nasa utak ng tatlong hari ngayon….hehehe
    Yan ang sinasabing….da mor u tok, da mor mistik….

    Panghaw man diai ang utuk aning baihana….

  • Leo Capurictan

    Does the office of the ombudsman – particularly Conchita Morales – carpio had the power or authority to judge whether a person is Guilty or Not?

    Does it should have to be a competent court?

    (Twisting Journalism indeed. di rin nakapagtataka kung may namamatay nga na journalism. In front it seems a verdict already , only to correcr itself at the end.)

    • Al Japney J. Loredo

      The Office of the Ombudsman handles the investigation and prosecution of the government officials within the three branches of the government.

      Just so you know.

    • joshmale2004

      Under Section XI of the 1987 constitution and Republic Act 6770, the Ombudsman has the power to investigate and administer sanctions against erring public officials. On the criminal aspect of the violation which involve imprisonment, the Ombudsman is the main prosecutor in filing cases with the Sandiganbayan.

    • magarito

      kesa magtanong ka, maggoogle ka kung ano ang duties ng ombudsman ng pilipinas.

    • elimsqui

      aa ra sa ibabaw ang tubag bay… nakabasa ka?

  • nice_boy

    Her real guilt is not joining the LP.  Look at all the politicians with cases that joined the LP.  Pronounced innocent by Noynoy.  Siya pa ang nag bayad ng piyansa.  

    • ramelatilano


  • ben311

    kulong na yan sa bilibid,,,di na pinapatagal yan!

  • wakats

    The Ombudsman did not find merits on the defense of gwen that she wasn’t aware that 19.67 out of 24.92 hectares of balili property were submerged at the time of purchase in 2008 worth P98.9M.

    Can gwen and the UNA troika of erap, jejo and johnny still insist that the charge/suit was politically motivated? Can the garcias of Cebu still trumpet their integrity and dedication to duty?

    My condolence to prov. assessor anthony sususco, prov. treasurer roy salubre, provincial budget officer emme gingoyon and prov. engineer eulogio peleyre who were summarily dismissed from the service and suffered collateral damage due to gwen’s impropriety. 

  • iimo8

    Who is in his right mind na pipirma at bibili ng property worth almost P100 million without seeing the property for himself. That’s a very lame excuse. Kung totoo man ang sinabi nya na ‘she is not aware’ na nasa ilalim ng tubig yung lupa na binili nya that would be very irresponsible on her part – pera ng bayan tapos ganun ganun mo lang ilalaan na hindi mo sinisigurado kung napunta sa maayos yung pondo ng bayan.

    • levis2012

       Imposibleng hindi niya alam.. Imposible!

      • pov

        just like corona…palusot

    • Pulokoy

       she did

  • Marshall

    Ikulong na itong si Gwen Kulubot..Isama sa selda ng mga Ampatuan para mas exciting ..tiyak mag-eenjoy siya doon …

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    • wawa2172

      Now this is something new huh. No list of anomaly this time but putting Gwen and company in electric chair. Her case is administrative and not criminal so I guess she will be freed even without appearing in the court She is exempted from being punished because it is mooted by her reelection in 2010. She could wait tell 2013 to be back in power where she would be re-elected as congresswoman and by 2016 she can be appointed by Nognog is position where she is immune from charges. It is like what Noy did to Padaca when the ombuds charge her of corruption too. Nognog need not pay Gwen bail dahil barya lang ito kay Winston. Pwedi mo rin bang ipa electric chair si Padaca at Acosta. Isama mo na  pati  mga senador na tumangap nang additional MOOE at cash gift since 2008. Well sorry folks, Gwen avoided the prison by winning the election.

  • magarito

    ikulong yan.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Aynakeopo….Manay naman nawala lang si Gloria sa Malacanan parang dinaanan ng pison itong mga miembro niyang khawatan?  Akala kasi ng mga ito forever and ever ang power tripping kaya BOOM!  Arestado kayong lahat.

  • sapul

     ugh.. kung pwede lang sana bumoto sa provincial leaders kaming mga taga cebu city

  • Dawn Dare

    What ever happened to Gloria Arroyo’s bridges to nowhere?

    • ztefertilizerscam10

      Arroyo execs pocket P15-B from bridge scam..

    • mave

      kaya nga nowhere ina  dong….

    • citizenH

      The bridge was there, it’s between Banko Sentral and her bank account. One way in.  lol

  • cherie_cel

    Bitayin Si Gwen Garcia Kurakot! at Salot ng Bayan

  • BayaniM

    Gwen tried to hide and/or vanish the evidence of this case. She termed it “restoration” of the property by filling it with limestone until the ombudsman stopped the activity. It was very clear, the main purpose was, to make it appear that the property is not underwater. Clever but, not so fast, the ombudsman acted swiftly on the complaint.

    Every time media ask her about the reclamation, she always insist it was not reclaming but, rather RESTORING!


    • inaanokobayashi

      saan galing pers pang restore ?

      • ewokmulag

         pera din ng province 27 million

  • Dag Erickson

    We need Gwen Garcia  as a poster girl to set an example to those politicians who think they are untouchable in the government. We need to show that we are in control or else,  they will start to scare the investors  out of the country again.

    • citizenH

      You are absolutely right.  She should go to jail if indeed she is found guilty of those accusations.  What a shame !!!

      • pov

        if its in cebu jail then at least she still get to dance and be the principal among the dancing inmates

  • Mattino2011

    Utos ni GMA kasi un hahaha.may kickback ..sali siya

  • $5699914

    iiyak na ‘yan!
    iiyak na ‘yan!
    iiyak na ‘yan!

  • arukopo

    ” Not Aware”… Bullshit!!!…with the price 98.9M you’re not aware of what your buying!.. palibhasa dmo pera..

  • rage b.

    well what can you say gwen? sabihin mo na naman political in nature at harassment.naku ayan ha e boto nyo pa rin yan?people of cebu wake up!saan kaya mag kukulong si gwen ngayon? sa capitol pa rin?

  • Sec

    what a waste. Are you really going to tell us “not aware” after spending P98.9 million on a land that is under water!!!! are you this s-t-u-p-i-d. or do you think everybody is s-t-u-p-i-d? that amount could have been used for infrastructure improvement or help those affected by Typhoon Pablo! I wonder how can Cebuanos let you walk outside your home. if i were in that place i’d sh-o-o-t you on the spot.

    • citizenH

      PHI needs a good awakening like the one in the middle east to get rid of these people. I don’t know why, but I can feel it coming and  I can’t wait to watch that on CNN.

  • generoso

    20 of 24 hectares under water, cost almost 100 million,
    This is alright,nothing wrong.
    This not anomalous,this is not Political.
    Do not follow the rule of Law! UNA will support
    Viva Tres Ledrones!

    • mave

      GOODBYE PHILIPPINES!……..hehehe

  • josesantos318

    Is this politically motivated as what sun star will probably spread around. The cebuanos will certainly knoww the root of this issue. Purchasing the balili property for use as a housing project was a very stupid advise, coming from the family of Gwen, taking into consideration that almost the whole property was underwater. The family should have identified the purpose as a “marine park” ., which would be ample justification. But then absolute power defies reasoning, and with Gloria at malacanang, the garcias were untouchables.
    What is going to happen to the others implicated in the case. They did not receive anything under the table, and we’re forced to sign documents out of fear and loyalty to the
    Gwen can afford to hire the best lawyers, with all the money she has accumulated while in office. The other defendants will probably hire two bit lawyers.
    In any case, gwen and Gloria can share a cell in the bilibid prison, together with 30 other convicts. Gloria should have built more prisons to decongest it while she was president, but then she did not anticipate that she would be one of the occupants.

    • Adriano Alvarez

      That’s right…HER LOOT will be USED to defend herself. So it will be the LAWYERS who will enjoy the loot! WAS IT WORTH IT?
      Well, she’s in a better position. The Arroyos CANNOT EVEN TOUCH their Loot.Half of it went to the Brother who UNEXPECTEDLY DIED, and the OTHER HALF went to the trusted Secretary. The Widow of the brother doesn’t seem too keen on returning it.If I were on her position – i would do the same. Now the Secretary immigrated to Canada and also doesn’t seem too keen on returning it. If I were her, i would buy a new identity and enjoy the loot! Poor Looters…Losers!!!

  • 1voxPopuli

    kapit pa sa pwesto! ombudsman lang naman ang nagbaba ng desisyon eh. tsaka “she was not aware” naman pala na they bought land titles under water.


  • nes911

    Ikulong niyo na para matakot ang iba pang mga corrupt officials.

  • Ganymede

    Ito pala ang mga klase ng tao na sinusuportahan ng UNA. Kunsabagay yun “tatlong hari” ng UNA ganito rin naman ang palakad. Kaya sino sino pa ba ang magtatanggol sa isa’t isa kundi sila sila rin.

  • pilipino

    Gwen Garcia as Cebu Governor (pw.e!) bought land kuno for P98.9M, but 80.97% of that “land” was actually the sea, but Garcia paid P80.08M of govt money to buy the sea, that’s the people tax she wasted! The actual property bought is only 4.7 hectares that’s worth P18.81M only. So who pocketed the P80.08M?

    And this is the same corrupt Garcia that Erap, Enrile and Binay are defending and have trumpeted to be the clean and graft-free Cebu Governor and purpotedly a target of political harassment kuno? This is the kind of government that Binay can be expected of, no different from the Makati condo units and office units that he got from Developers for every condo and office tower that was built in Makati during his time – for free – otherwise no Building Permit. And if you don’t submit the owner’s duplicate CTC and the Deed of Sale pre-signed by the Seller to him, then no Occupancy Permit will come out, even if indeed the building has been completed and has met all the requirements warranting an Occupancy Permit.

    Ingon pa lagi sa mga timawang mga Cebuano, ‘giatay man kining gobernadora nato’!

  • Pert Cabatana

    This marks the end of the Garcia dynasty. And soon, all other dynasties (Binay, Enrile, EStrada, etc.) will soon meet their end too.

  • Ganymede

    Malamang si Gwen na maging choreographer haha

  • Edward

    nagtatanong lng po …bka nmn po Ombudsman inunahan lng ninyo ang CA laban sa apela ni Garcia sa kanyang 6-month suspension? naisip ko lng prang papabor kay Garcia ang apela niya laban sa kanyang 6-month para hindi mawalan at maubusan ng ikakaso sa kanya ay ito n nmn ang Ombudsman..remember, paisa isa nang natatanggal ang mga kasong isinampa kay GMA kc bopol nga sa akusasyon..khit ano nlng maisip basta may ikakaso khit alam nmn natin na karamihan ay puro hinala, akusasyon, tsimis, atbp…..btw, disclosure lng po… hindi po ako maka GMA…something fishy kc ang mga orchestrated drama ng mga pulitiko natin ma pro mn o maka opposition…hahaha

    • Judicial Independence Defender

      Dyan ka nagkamali. Ang “apela” ni Garcia sa CA ay hindi papaboran dahil mali ang ginamit niya na petisyon. Unang-una, sa Section 37 ng Local Government Code, ang desisyon ng President ay hindi na pweding i-apela dahil ito any final and executory na. Dahil hindi na pweding i-apela pa, hindi siya pweding magpetisyon sa Rule 43 ng Rules of Court. Dapat magpetisyon sana siya sa Rule 65.Gayon na nga ang nangyari, hindi siya pinaboran ng CA at walang TRO para sa kanya. Malamang ma-dismiss din ang petisyon niya sa CA dahil mali ang kasong na-file nya. Iba ang mga kaso ni GMA sa kay Garcia. Biro mo bumili si Garcia ng lupa ilalim sa dapat. Sobrang kurakot talaga!      

    • Dan

      hoy edyot, hampaslupang ogok,

    • ewokmulag

       kng d mo alam ang mga kahayupang pinag gagawa ng mga garcia sa cebu… tumahimik ka na lang at bka mabugbog ka pa sa ma aanghang na salita dito

  • Ganymede

    If she’s that stupid, she should be banned from joining politics for the rest of her damned life.

  • ADD

    Parehong pareho sila: Binay, Estrada, Enrile at Garcia – Tirador ng kaban ng bayan.

  • concernedofw02

    Yes..!!!…and now the end is near, and so she will face the final curtain of the city jail, where her brother Byron was one of the leader kuno…

    mi-abot na gyud intawon ang resulta…. she is focusing in her suspension, pero wala siya mag focus sa uban pang mas dakong milagro nga iyang gibuhat sa pang gobyerno

  • Leo

    hindi nya alam ang nabili na lupa ay underwater…..GOVERNOR ba siya ng Maguindanao at hindi alam ang ganun…..GOVERNOR GOVERNOR GOVERNOR GOVERNOR hindi alam ang kanyang jurisdiction WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Kaloy

    Ngayon na ninyo ipakita ang mg katapangan at kayabangan ninyo. mga angclan nn mandururugas at looters sa kaban ng bayan sa Cebu.

  • barangayboso

    Governor… TSK.. TSK.. TSK..

  • aldhins

    Paano na yan ? gov. baka toloyan ng mawala syo ang CHAIR na ini-ingatan mo ayaw mung ipagamit sa iba :(

  • Dan

    she will again warned us: OVER MY DEAD PANGROMANSANG BODY

  • James

    id like to hear what her lawyer (daughter) has to say about this. And please dont say politically motivated and baseless crap.!!!!

    • ewokmulag

      illegal ang madalas nyang cnasabi

  • Dan

    her alibi was that she was not aware and she merely relied on the report, and having said that, shes exonerated and go scot free, yeaaaah, philippines

  • The Overlord

    Hahahaha! I told you, Gwennie, nasa Liberal Party pa rin ang huling halakhak! Yan kasi! If you just left the Capitol office during December, yun lang sana ang ikakaso sayo! Nagmatigas ka pa kasi eh! Yan tuloy hahahaha! :D

  • F alonso

    Mga Abusado de Kumpiyansa,dapat kasama kayo sa Atimonan shooting.

  • Dan

    the 3 stooges ( binay, erap, enrile viagra ) will again travel to cebu to give moral support to their beloved gwen garcia and encouraged her to declare the Ombudsmans ruling, null and void, and initiate impeachment proceedings against ombudsman conchita carpio morales

    • citizenH

      Well as the old saying goes “Birds of same feather, flock together”. lol

  • Mattino2011

    Bakasyon ka  Muna gwen..Punta ka kay Viki belo paayos mo ilong at mukha mo ng di ka magmukhang madame auring

  • Labandera1

    Gwen kita na ang imong katag……..karon pa ko kahibalo nga naa diay tawo nga mopalit ug yuta sa ilalom sa dagat….

  • citizenH

    What’s in a name?  You mean to tell me all the GARCIAS are crooks? The name Garcia has become synonymous for corruption and thievery.  Corruption in the Philippines is endemic, like the plague. You just can’t trust anyone in that place. huhh!!!!!

    • joshmale2004

      Not really. Eddie Garcia is not a crook lol.

  • Dan

    gwen garcia says im f*ck
    The 3 stooges namely binay erap and viagra king enrile looks like a real clowns, kawawa si Sottocopy inagawan ng papel ng tatlong kulog

  • indiots

    magkakamag-anak yan sila di ba? garcia ng afp, garcia ng gsis… at heto garcia ng cebu.

  • Iceman

    tingnan mo sisihin pa yung committee e sya ang governor.

  • elgeepee

    ano ngayon masabi niyo dito sa ombudsman case vs garcia mr. binay, mr. estrada at mr. enrile. magsalita kayo at sabihin niyo na harassment lang yan. pambihira kayo.

    • zeroko

      d, mali! He he he!

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      tanong lang po.

      kasi po, ayon sa Charter ng Ombudsman (mikikita mo sa web site nila under powers, functions and duties and RA 6770) nakalagay po ba ruon na pwede sila mag pataw ng ‘guilty’ verdict sa sinomang opisyal ng gobyerno, na hindi na dumadaan sa korte, tulad ng Sandigan o CA o SC?

      • joshmale2004

        “Consequently, this Office finds Garcia and Bolo guilty of grave misconduct,” Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales said in her 26-page resolution.
        Except from Garcia and Bolo, the other co-accused were meted the penalty of dismissal from service together with its accessory penalties. Meanwhile, the administrative liability of Garcia and Bolo “has been mooted by their reelection in the 2010 National and Local Elections,” the resolution further stated.
        But the Ombudsman said the findings of grave misconduct against Garcia, although administrative in nature, will be used by the special prosecutors to boost the graft case against Garcia which is currently pending before the Sandiganbayan second division.”

        This is self explanatory.Since this is an Administrative case, except for Garcia and Bolo who are elected officials, the rest who are career services can be meted out penalty by the Ombudsman. For the 2 elected officials under the powers of the Ombudsman will use the decision on the Administrative case to file a criminal case with the Sandigan Bayan of which the office of the Ombudsman being the prosecutor.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Yes, i gathered that. hence the question. Can the Ombudsman act like a court and mete out punishments with a guilty verdict? Or is it an investigating body which… what you have mentioned.
        You can investigate, but can you also be judge?

        Isn’t that prejudice in itself, first finding fault of an accused then judging guilt and afterwards punishment? Isn’t that like being accused in court, being investigated by the judge, then being decided by the same judge whether you are guilty or not?
        The mere fact of investigating someone, your objective is to find fault, which is already prejudice. That is why cops investigate and the judiciary decides.
        Isn’t it that the charter explains that the ombudsman has ways of elevating the level of the complaint against a government official? Like sending it to the Sandigan where, as you say, it is their job to represent the government as prosecution. Another of the actions the ombudsman can do to erring lower level government employees is that they can recommend punishment to the employee’s governing agency of the accused… and so on.
        So the question is that can they, like a court, proclaim guilt or innocence of an accused government employee?
        Now to complete the question, say you are the erring non elected employee in the news article. And the ombudsman said you are ‘guilty.’ Are you really guilty in the eyes of the law (which only a court can declare) or are you just guilty in the eyes of the ombudsman. Does it have the same effect?
        Can you elevate it to higher court? (of course you can)
        on one hand it acts as prosecution. and from the article, it renders a ‘guilty’ decision like a court (or so the article says). Is the ombudsman a prosecutor, or is the ombudsman a judge? or can he be both?
        Can it render a guilty verdict, like a court, or is the article above ‘creative journalism?”

      • joshmale2004

        Okay. to clarify and simplify the matter, the DOJ’s investigation on Garcia et al is covered by its power to investigate administrative and criminal responsibility of the personalities involved. DOJ  found in its investigation that Garcia et al were guilty of grave misconduct in performing their duties by allowing purchase of a lot under water. This does not require a court ruling as the DOJ thru the Ombudsman is empowered to determine and resolve the culpability of the personalities involved. And on this case, the are administratively guilty. Likewise, the penalty involved for grave misconduct of a public official is removal from service with or without benefits. This was the penalty rendered by the Ombudsman to the 5 charged. But since Garcia and Bolo were elected public officials, the decision and penalty is moot and academic which means it is no longer applicable to the 2 being elected public officials. 
          Now, if the Ombudsman want to pursue the criminal liability of Garcia and Bolo, they will now need to file a criminal case with the Sandiganbayan and use the Investigation report and judgment rendered in the administrative case to prosecute Garcia and Bolo and petition for a guilty criminal judgment which now include penalty of imprisonment and indemnification. If the Ombudsman will decide not to pursue a criminal case, then Garcia and Bolo is only guilty of Administrative case which is Grave Misconduct in performing their public duties.

        All these actions rendered by the Ombudsman are well covered under the Ombudsman Act.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “And on this case, the are administratively guilty.”

        Ah, I see. As opposed to be criminally guilty.

      • joshmale2004

        Yes. You are correct.

    • Entropia

       Alam mo naman mga politiko! Puro kaplastikan!

  • citizenH

    PHI needs a good awakening like the one in the middle east to get rid of these vemines. I don’t know why, but I can feel it coming and  I can’t wait to watch that on CNN. This kind of (you know what)  is going to have to STOP.

  • pablo G

    CORRUPTION DOESN’T PAY, IT DESTROYS!!! How about WE CEBUANOS put up a BILLBOARD OF SHAME for all cebuano politicians guilty of grave misconduct and corruption for all cebuano people to see, tourist and soon to be politicians to remind US what these people did??

    • RubenC

      Briiliant idea! 

  • jimi_c

    UNA…must review their relationship witht suspended governor party….It is not a good idea to be align with corrupt government official and accused a popular government of political harrassment.  Suspended governor cannot accused Ombudman Conchita Carpio-Morales of being biased like Justice Veloso.  The only way to regain the reputation of UNA is to separate from suspended governor party. 

    • RubenC

      You are barking at the wrong tree. If they can accept a cheat and a corrupt trapo they will readily accommodate a corrupt official.

  • sopingac

    This news is rubbish and clearly designed for political purposes. The headline is misleading and the first paragraph alone proves it’s pure garbage.

    • Dan

      rubbish my asssssssssss, get the f*ck out of here, you murun

    • marivon

       How much per blog my friend? it is either that or you are a true blue lunatic

  • Rene

    “Garcia denied that there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying she was “not aware” the property was under water . .”

    Kinsay motoo? Pagsulti lang kay mag debate ta!!

  • doncleo

     Ano ba ito si Gwen ng dating GSIS president na si Winston Garcia?..sobra din magnakaw yun…kapag nabata ka talaga ni Gloria “pandak” Arroyo sigurado magiging ganid ka din at walanghiya..

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      magkapatid sila ni winston former gsis president. the garcias have ruled cebu. his father also former governor of cebu now congressman of 2nd district and house deputy speaker and his brother pablo john congressman of 3rd district is now running for governor.

      • RubenC

        Parang ang mga araw nila sa politika ay nabibilang na. What goes up must come down!

      • doncleo

         sobra magnakaw yun si Winston..yung pera ng GSIS nilipat nya sa Unionbank na isang pribadong banko..siguro kasosyo sila dyan..pahirapan sa pagloan ang mga empleyado sa gobyerno..ganitong mga tao ang masarap hubaran sa publiko bago bitayin..

    • ewokmulag

       kapatid lang naman


    .. Guilty or not.. we love Garci… hello Garci… hello Garci… “””” I AM SORRY “””””

  • Darwin

    Bantayan na yan at mukhang tatakas ng bansa din yan si Gwen ala the Reyes brothers in Palawan.

    • ewokmulag

       may hold departure order na c botox queen…. nag appeal na i lift pero na denied…

  • sopingac

    Many just don’t get. Garcia is on her last term and will be out by June as governor and yet this administration is so determined to have her out at all cost.

    Cebu province is the richest source of votes aside from Metro Manila and getting the governor to be on your side will be very crucial for the upcoming mid-term election.

    It is amusing who actually saw her as guilty in this clearly garbage news.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Obviously, this is beyond “ousting” her, putting behind bars more likely.

    • RubenC

      You are using the same line of thinking of GMA and his co-plunderers. Just because their term was ending so they were justified to rob the country. Now they realize their grave  mistake.

    • Dan

      get the f*ck out of here, you imbecile

    • marivon

       a pathetic troll for a corrupt governor.

    • ed_nique

      so it is your opinion that we just forget what she has done because she is on her last term?

      and it is also your opinion that the ombudsman’s decision finding her guilty for buying 24.7 hectars of land, 20 hectars of which is underwater is garbage news?

      OK, i have to respect your opinion, that is the essence of democracy.

      but, i hope you also respect my opinion that you are STUPID!

    • Mel

      Mga katulad mo Kung bakit maraming magnanakaw sa gobyerno. Passive fence sitters.

    • mabyrik

      Bro, when garcia bought the land under the seawater, election is still too far and it has nothing to do with this huge corruption perpetuated by garcia and so your argument do not makes sense. That money flowed into pockets of cebu leaders is as clear as daylight.
      Again the first line of defense of corrupt politicians is “political related harassment”, which you readily accepted. Bro, awake your senses unless you are paid to write your opinion in defense of garcia using a portion of that big money. 

  • calixto909

    If these Cebuanos still elect this braggart Gov Garcia then they’re no better than the apes. Though they say that justice hasn’t been fully reached since there’s no final verdict yet but apart from her high and mighty character, the ombudsman found her liable for the corrupt cases she did in her office. Our kababayan from Cebu must educate Garcia and her ilk that being above the law isn’t a good leader for their province that must be taught to their children through spoiling her election bid.

    • Dan

      hey listen calixto909, if Cebu wasnt part of the republic, it would have given Singapore a ran for their money, have you seen the progress and development of Cebu, why is it foreign tourists travel directly to that province instead of manila or luzon,
      Stupid does as stupid is

      • generalproblem

        natural may airport dyan eh. sa pampanga ganun din naman deretso na sa clark ang mga turista. kaw nga mag isip dahil hindi dahilan yang pag deresto ng turista sa cebu at di mangyayari ang sinasabi mo na matatalo ng cebu ang singapore hanggat ang governor nyo eh magnanakaw

      • Dan

        hey edyot, gwen garcia was elected governor during term of your beloved kafamfangan GMA due to massive cheating and not because the cebuanos elected her as governor
        Most of the big time crooks, kidnapers, bank robbers, low lives, arsonists, plunderers, murderers,extortionists, racketeers,hustlers, sex maniacs,pedophiles, predators, you name it, are in metro manila luzon

      • generalproblem

        pati edyot mo visaya. Idiot ka din. oo nasa manila nga yung mga magnanakaw pero galing sila dyan sa inyo sa cebu at visaya hehehe. ungas galing mo magsalita diba yung mga kuratong baleleng at ozamiz kidnap group eh dyan galing. walang makain dyan sa inyo kaya napunta ng maynila. eh kung maganda dyan sa cebu eh bakit napunta pa kayo maynila ungas. malamang empleyado ka sa maynila 

  • Bisdak_kaayo

    birds of the same feathers makes a good feather duster.

    • Cano Manuel

      Provided of course they are used to dust the dirt, not the money. 

  • indiosbravos2002

    Mukhang hello St. LUKE’s na eto or ano man katumbas dyan sa Cebu.

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      cebu doctors or chong hua hospital

      • Dan

        and on wheelchair

      • mave

        bili sya bagong model ng wheelchair ung 16 wheeler para astig..

      • Cano Manuel

        Chong Hua lang ah. 

  • Dawn Dare

    Coming up next… Binay?

    • Cano Manuel

      Should be.

  • Labandera1

    Gwen mangumpisal ka na para patuwaron ka sa mga tawo didto sa Cebu sports complex samtang magsinumbagay silang General Garbo ug ang imong igsoon si Bayron… pagkahuman akong tulion si Bayron libre kay Garcia apelyedo. Ang risk lang kay pinubre ang pagtuli kay pakang akong gamiton, kung masipyat kog pakang putol iyang priceless tintin….

  • graciano82

    I’ll bet my bottom coin that Garcia and the UNA will rebuff this decision of Morales by implicating Aquino that he influenced Morales to her decision. I dare say this insinuation because that’s the usual political jargon invoke whenever a malapropos judgement come to fore.

    Filipino politicians and government people always seek refuge from further shame by way of finger pointing to political vendetta as the caused of removal from office or adverse court decision.

    • citizenH

      I’d try other methods to remove them from office other than the legal means.  As you can see, they know how to circumvent the system. The country is rotten with this kind of people.  TIME TO RISE UP, get the bolos ready and march to every Capitol building and wherever else they may hide and flush them out.

  • 18C0501

    “Walay nagtinarung nga pulitikos”

  • RubenC

    “Except from Garcia and Bolo, the other co-accused were meted the penalty of dismissal from service together with its accessory penalties. Meanwhile, the administrative liability of Garcia and Bolo “has been mooted by their reelection in the 2010 National and Local Elections,” the resolution further stated.”

    Absolutely, this law must be amended! This law is clearly unfair to mere employees who acted under duress and forced by their superior officers who were principally responsible for planning and ordering the commission of the crime.


    garcia = arroyo = enrile = estrada =a ngara = gatchalian = belmonte = garcia (bataan) = pimentel = guingona = romuladez = marcos = singson = villafuerta = osmena = recto = cojuangco = dy = binay = reyes = cayetano = aquino = revilla = carpetbaggers.

    • FernandoBusi

      Add mo si Trillanes he spent 55M pesos last 2010 eh nasa Kulungan pa sya nung first half of the year. I wonder how much he spent last year. 

      • ang_dagat

        I do. It’s a Movie. Right? hehehe
        Although most of those mentioned by the OP would be really considered ‘Yankees’ given their northernly birthplaces ….. Oh sorry. This is not the US forum :)

      • UrHONOR

        ANG common denominator ay mga carpetbaggers o mga opportunistang mga pamilya na gusto nila ay SILA-SILA na lang ang may karapatang mabuhay ng mariwasa at maging MASTERS sa halip na servants ng kapwa nilang kabayan.  Mga leeches na ayaw bumitaw sa mahigpit na pagkapit sa pagsipsip ng dugong tumataginting. 

      • FernandoBusi

        the term carpet bagger was derived from the American civil war when Union Generals would have their troops loot souther homes and ship the goods wrapped in the homes carpets.

        Anyway there is one family that has oppressed alot of people in central Luzon by clinging to what wasn’t theirs for decades.

      • UrHONOR

        ETYMOLOGY is readily and widely available in the net for the asking for anybody.

    • Dan

      carpetbaggers? whats your point or perhaps you simply dont know the meaning of it

      • UrHONOR

        POWENT?  SUSMARYOSEP at i-inglis-inglis pa,  tapos magtatanong lang pala!

        Hoy, pasensya ka na, wala sa patakaran ko ang pumapatol sa mangmang.  In inglisayzing, I do not shepherd Mr Mr.  :)

      • Dan

        Hampaslupang ogok ka nga, patay gutom pa, getvthe f*ck outvof here, moron!

      • UrHONOR

        HOHOHOHOH……SAPUL-na-SAPUL ang POWENT ano?  Kitang-kita at amoy-na-amoy ang pusale’t Malabanan na bumubuluwak at sumisirit sa bunganga mong lagkitan at bulaklakin na galing sa imburnal ng Mabini!

        Ang hilig-hilig mong mang-snipe sa kung saan-saan dito, e, ang kargada mo pala, e, tirador lang na ang bala ay hinog na katigbi.  Sasaksak ko lang lahat na yan sa bahayn mo, ip yu noh wat ay min.  I-inglis-inglis ka na malasado pa sa itlog ni Mang Kepweng, tapos palalabasin mo na sing-engot mo sa inglis yong iba. PSHAW!

        O, sige mag-wurs-wurs-wurs ka na….na may depaking-paking pa, ingat ka…. madapah ka! :)

      • UrHONOR

        O anong sakit, Kuya Eddie…..

  • Pedro


  • AlexanderAmproz

    The Trapos are occupying the country on the same way as a foreign power do, 
    careless with the citizen interests, opposite !

    They have already killed more Pinoy’s than the Japanese’s have done during WW 2

  • Dan

    (Filipino beef

  • To_Be_Continued

    Gwen has the good looks but her beauty failed to hide how rotten and stinky she is inside. She wears the best and most expensive signature perfume but I still smell from her breath the dacaying fish and maggots from inside her belly.

    • regd

      What good looks? I’ve seen better looking chimps at the zoo!

    • The Overlord

      Good looks? Time to pay the optometrist a visit!

  • Lakay

    Itong gobernador na ito ang binisita at ipinagtatanggol nina Binay at Enrile, tsaka isama na din si Erap. Sabagay ano pa nga ba ang nakapagtataka dun, pare-pareho silang korap… ayos!

    • prince_janus

       Birds with the same feather flock together!

  • Observer_din

    bat nawawala yata si SUGBUANON, yung no. 1 defender ni GWEN.. kung nagbabasa ka naman tulungan mo si ARIKUTIK.. nahihirapan na sya.. hehehee

  • AJ Giorgio

    A perfect example of how strong our politicians want to stay in power.. unbelievable!
    wala nang kahihiyan! kung kamag-anak ko to, ikakahiya ko.. buti na lang hindi..

  • Night

    patay ka! 

  • julieboy

    Bisag unsaon mugawas gayud and tinood.Pero timan e mo deny gayud sila tanan na wala silay sala.Thats all academic,its going to be denial to the bone.In a lot of graft cases we have it will be no one is at fault and will go all the way to the supreme court,and might just go away sa kalimot.I just hope they get convicted and go to jail.In fairness to the poor who go to jail for shop lifting.

    • Augusto

      If you lie, you lie, but if caught admit it. Otherwise, you are stupid.

  • dequis

    baka ang binayaran lang iyong 4hectars. iyong pinambayad kuno sa 20hectars malamang pinanlalaki. mahigit 4m per hectar ang bilihan kung 98m ang binayaran sa property, samakatuwid 80m ang nawaldas nang dahil sa sumpong na nararamdaman kung saan nagpangabot ang dalawang hita at katawan.

  • prince_janus

    Paging all Cebuanos! Junk this corrupt Suspended Governor this coming May 2013 elections. Otherwise she would stole again all the taxpayers money. KAPALMUKS Talaga ito. Mangid! Di na nahiya.

    • D_BystandeR

      There is a prediction from somebody whose accuracy is 99.9% that no one from the Garcia clan running for elective positions like the Dumanjug town mayor, the Barili Vice Mayor and the one running for Cebu governor PJ Garcia, not one of them will win in this 
      coming May elections. Lahat sila, kasama na itong bagong nakonbikto sa Ombudsman na si Madam Gwen ay hindi na mananalo, silang lahat ay tawagin na lang nating “sibilyan.” Oops! Nakalimutan ko pala si Noy Pabling. Kung tatakbo pa rin siya kahit matanda na ay hindi na rin siya mananalo.

  • bisdakis

    How about other public officials who belong to LP? Haven’t heard a suspension order or conviction!

    • OFW28

      Angtanga mo Tiglao! bakit naman maghahanap ka ng suspension sa mga LP eh wala namang ginagawang masama.

    • D_BystandeR

      Oooops! You are out of tune. Pay attention to the subject matter. Si Gwen ang pinag-

  • bogli_anakdami

    walang mangyayari jan… ina-anak sya sa kasal ni santa ate glo eh… abswelto yan…

  • regd

    Just turn this garbage into fertilizer before she starts doing the wheelchair route! 

  • Jose

    She is done…Half of the money she got was used for facial restoration..Ang gaba dili gyod magsaba..

  • Angel Divera

    “almost 20 hectares of the 24.7 hectares under water” so dapat pala ang binili ng gobyerno is almost 4.7 hectares lang kasi di dapat counted ang underwater, hmmm anomalous nga.

    98M deal tapos di ka nagpaconfirm sa sarili mong tao, pirma ka lang agad, ano nga ba tawag dyan? Tapos sabihing di alam.

  • bogli_anakdami

    last hirit ni gwen… dapat eh nagpa-nosejob sya at gub’ment expense para looking good, di ba?

  • Cebuanodiay

    The landowner who sold the property to the province of Cebu should be charged as accessory to the crime. He should return the money!

    Tapos ka na ‘day!

    People will only laugh at Gwen and UNA at their proclamation rally in Cebu. Grupo ng mga corrupt lead by tatlong hari ng corruption.

  • victor1052

    Garcia didn’t explain it well. The beachfront property is 24.7 hectares at LOW TIDE and only 4.7 hectares during HIGH TIDE!  

  • regd

    Malay nyo ba, baka may langis sa ibaba ng tubig? 

  • johnlordphilip

    Gwen Garcia, Gen. Garcia, are they related? or just genetically corrupt?

    • Vilma Amon

      How about Gigi Garcia?

  • Ale

    20 hectares of underwater and you have no idea about it? Then Garcia should have resigned a long time ago.

    • chingnarciso

      Take it easy, you said that Garcia should resigned long time ago..Thats a Political harassment  na yan…hehe hehe. sorry bro cannot help it. Baka sasabihin na LP ang partido mo…lol…

  • PasswordFlame

    style bulok yan,kunwari di alam.

  • dukaponte

    Adding salt to injury, masakit iyan, gumastos ang province ng 27million pesos para tambakan ng lupa ang ibang parte na lubog sa tubig na wala namang intended purpose.

  • batangsulpok

    Halos lahat ng nakaupo sa gobyerno ay ganyan, pag nabuko ay sabihing hindi alam at ipasa sa iba, talagang BOBO pero BOBOTANTE rin naman ang mga tao.

  • PasswordFlame

    mahirap gayahin yung ki ate Glo.pwede rin mag wheelchair nalang mas cool.

  • Jef

    Garcia denied that there was anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying she was “not aware” the property was under water because she relied on the report of the provincial appraisal committee…PALUSOT put on jail now…

    • D_BystandeR

      At hindi lang ‘yan. Ang ginawa pa niya ay kumuha siya ng isang contractor with a contract in the amount of P27 million to cover-up the area that was underwater with 
      limestone. And the contract was done without the approval of the Provincial Board. And she was doing this because she thinks all people are “bobo.” I can hardly wait for her going behind bars because of her anomalous administration. Sana madali ‘yan sa kulungan niya.

  • opinyonlangpo

    And since UNA made this governor as the face for their party with the full backing of their leadership Enrile Estrada Binay, it now paints corruption all over their faces. Its interesting to see the response of UNA to this.

    • D_BystandeR

      The conviction of Madam Gwen by the Office of the Ombudsman will make it harder for UNA to defend the case of Gwen. At makita ng tao dahil si Gwen ang ginawa nilang “poster girl” para sa kanilang partido ng UNA na madaling sabihin na ito ay partido ng mga “korakot.” Silang tatlong namumuno si Binay, si Erap at si Mang Johnny ay puro
      na-involved ng “korakot” kaya mahirap manalo ang partido na pinamumunoan ng mga korakot.

      • Ricky Espino Junas


  • Melvin

    Ang halaga ay P98.9 million, napakalaking halaga yan para hindi mo tanongin kung nasaan yang lupa na yan na bibilhin ng gobyerno. Iyan ba ay agricultural land o residential area o nasa kabundukan? Paano makikinabang ang lalawigan kung bibilhin yang lupa na yan? Paano makakatulong sa mamamayan ng lalawigan kung bibilhin ang lupang yan? Ano! Basta ka na lang magbabayad ng hindi mo inalam o nakita o kahit nagtanong man lang kung anong klaseng lupa yung binibili ng iyong lalawigan. Napakalaking halaga ang iyong lalagdaan kasulatan… Abay tila malapit sa imposible yang katwiran mong hindi mo alam na under water pala yung lupa… Sus! Ginoo!!! 

    • ewokmulag

       i heard that the actual selling price is only arnd 60+ million and the rest is… alam nyo na

      • teekaye2

         ONL 60 Million BARGAIN??? Ha! HA!

  • Markov Chain

    Wow! Madam gwendoling, pwede din bang mag sunbathing doon??

  • Brahman

    Wow, di raw alam. Maski nga ordinaryong tao di bibili ng isang bagay na di muna binubusisi kung di peke o lehitimo. Bobo mo naman Gwen, may pinagaralan ka pa naman o nagpapalusot ka lang? Saka, bat pera ng gobyerno ng Cebu pinambili mo  para sa beach front mo na naging taponan ng basura? Meron bang permit sa DENR na maging coal ash waste na makakapollute ng dagat? Suwapang at kapal ng niretoke mong mukha.

    • D_BystandeR

      It’s all because of greed of money. The “Balili-gate” with an area of 24.7 hectares before it was purchase by Cebu provincial government under Madam Gwen at P400 per sq. m. in the total amount of P98.9 million was offered to a group of real estate agents at P200 per sq. m. but there was no taker. It is now known that 3/4 of that land area is underwater or “katunggan.” And her comes Gwen who was “all-powerful” governor especially during the time of GMA where “everything will just be “swept under the rug” and she was able to sleep soundly at night with no trouble at all about the anomalous purchase from 2008 until the end of GMA’s “stolen term of 
      presidency” in 2010. Mabuti na lang dumating ang “matuwid na daan” ni President Noynoy at nahalungkat lahat ng mga “masamang ginawa” ni Gwen. And there you are, she is now convicted by the Ombudsman of that “Balili-gate” and more will be coming. The people will finally find a “sweet revenge” for what she did to the late Vice Governor Greg Sanchez when she is finally sent behind bars.

  • George Lapulapu

    20ha of 24 ha is underwater? waahhhhh di nakita ni goc ang 24 ha.. kalapad ana uy di mo nakita Gov?

    sorry day..corrupt ka.. that is why you are Erap and Binay poster girl!!!

    • PasswordFlame

      siguro pag adto niya el ninyo.hahaha

    • 33Sambuang2

      mao libat siguro ang hinampak.

    • RHumabon

      Looking forward to the day when people like them are jailed . . .ultimately become extinct. . .Philippines, stay on the straight path. . .The economy is improving. . .Better days are ahead.

  • richard ortega

    di ka na masasalba ng amo mong tunay na si gloria macapal durobo arroyo at wala na rin si thief justice umpisa na ng pagbabayad ng kasalanan.


    >>>Gwen Garcia, 5 officials guilty of grave misconduct<<<

    Hope the GRAVE offence of GGarcia doesn't to the GRAVE take her soonest.(simbako) :)

    • ewokmulag

       matagal mamatay ang masamang damo.

      • UrHONOR

        HAHAHA….Pinapag-papalagay mo ba na yong “BULAK” ng Cebu ay DAMO?  Matatalupan ka ng buhay nyan pag na-ispatan ka sa Cebu ng mga gwardiya civil ni Gwen!

  • santamaria_63

    Kawawang Gwen! May kasunod pa like Comfort Rooms na tig P673,000, CPDRC kitchen na 49 Million at Performing Arts Center renovation na P70M negotiated contracts. Sigi gawin mo yung pera mo na ulonan kung nasa kulongan (jail) ka na at isama mo yung mga kapatid mo na c Winston na kilabot nang GSIS, at saka c Byron, PJ, at si Marlon. 

  • hustlergalore

    strike two for gwen!


    and when will you be out?

  • bongarroyo

    mga salbahe talaga…..pinagtutulungan nila ang mabait at tapat sa serbisyo naming gobernadora..
    pagkatapos ng malakanyang CA naman ngayon ang nambu-bully sa kanya….LOL

    si sugbuangon naglaho na…

    • D_BystandeR

      Ano ka ba? Are you daydreaming? Anong mabait at tapat sa serbisyo? Di mo alam na siya ang malaking dahilan kung bakit namatay ‘yung Bise Gobernador Greg Sanchez dahil sa sobrang kalupitan niya, para siyang walang kamatayan kung maghusga ng tao.
      Ang gusto ng mga tao na dahil sa kanyang mga ginawang korakot ay sana makulong na siya sa madaling panahon.

      • bongarroyo

        ano ka rin?? intindihin mo muna kung ano ang tinutumbok ng nakasulat bago ngangawa..

    • mapicchu

      boo 2u bong!  apin ka pa sa kawatan??? you are fighting a very lonely battle, obviously bata ka ni gwen kawatan.

  • Noel

    As usual, Garcia would claim political harassment.  A very easy excuse for the crimes committed.

  • Dawn Dare

    UNA: protector of thieves.

  • Melvin

    Kung tunay kang kaibigan ni Binay, masusubukan ngayon kung ipagtatanggol ka niya.  Tingnan naton!!!

    • George Lapulapu

      tingni.. hehehe
      they deserve it’s other and with erap on top…

  • Mangku Kulam

    Photoshop naba yan e bat ang pangit parin ng pagmumukha nya!

  • bongfatima

    What? You are not aware that 81% of the purchased lot in Naga(Balili Property) are submerged? What the heck! And you said that nothing is irregular, it would not required an aerospace engineer just to figure this out Gwen.

  • sidewalkbenhur

    gov. ang sabi nang kano “the buck stops here” ikaw ang namumuno kaya huwag nang palusot na hindi mo alam na under water pala ang binili ninyo anmg gamit ay pera nang masa , kaya ikaw ang pinuno nang probinsiya mo ,ganoon pala pag sumabit sa desisyon ang palusot ay hindi ko alam iyan , hay buhay ,juan dela cruz gising na tayo ,gamitin ang isip sa pagboto…

    • ewokmulag

       yan ang palusot ng mga taong wla nang maisagot. GUILTY kc….. nakarma na tong hinayupak na botox queen… she running for congress in 3rd district in cebu province, naka 3 terms na kc as gov.. kya yung brod nya ang pinatatakbo for gov. ewan ko lang  kng mananalo pa to…..wake up voters in 3rd disctrict wag nyo iboto tong salot sa lipunan

  • charlie_oscar

    The queen of Cebu has fallen….  She was much like her pal GMA…A bully and drunk on the power of her elected position.

    Recipe for a karma smoothie:  3 oz coconut meat, 5 ice cubes, 2 shots rum and one ripe karmamelon (seeds removed)

  • chingnarciso

    How about Carlos Garcia,the President… after Ramon Magsaysay and before Diosdado Macapagal? Is he honest or crook..?


       I think they are not related with the former president Carlos Garcia who was form Bohol.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Do the Filipino’s had once an honest politician,

        Bonifacio, Ka Beltran, Panlilio, Jess Robredo, Grace Padaca and few other rare exceptions ?

  • George Lapulapu

    GOvernor Gwen Garcia purchased Liquid Assest.. as in water under the ocean.. hhehehe

    • johnlordphilip

      She might have hidden wealth beneath this liquid asset!


    This is a good guide clearly showing gwen is corrupt.


    • RHumabon

      It’s about time for the Great Province of Cebu to change its course from Corruption & Impunity to Transparency & Accountability . . .Vote for for Davide – Magpale Team. . .Note: Magpale has started austerity measures for the provincial government – by cutting budget items for the Governor, VGovernor and the SP.

    • mapicchu

      just to oust gwen for good…but davide sr. was not too clean either…cebuanos should be very vigilant from now on. i dont know bout the son

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The Philippines politics secret,

    never be a pickpocket but be a pick-country and killer to get constituents trust and respect

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    napakaraming tambay sa cebu million tagal na governor yan nag papayaman lang yata yan!

  • PasswordFlame

    di daw nya alam…di T A N G A  PALAKA DAI!!  wwhhaaaaaa.

  • quoiaaddie

    sege binay sakyan mo ang kabulastugan nitong bata mo sa cebu at ng magsamasama kayo nila erap,enrile,binay,gwen sa tiket ng mga corrupt na politiko sa pilipinas wag nyong isama si bongbong o si maam gloria may ibang partido yon…HOYYYY GISING MGA BOTANTE NG PILIPINAS KILALANIN NYO ITONG MGA ITO.

  • 33Sambuang2

    binay, erap, at tandang johnny, to ba ang klaseng pulitiko na pinaglalaban ninyo? lehitimong kurakot at tanga………. garcia, baho kag bilat

  • 33Sambuang2

    isulod sa prisohan ang hinampak ug kawatan. 

  • duhconsul

    That nose looks so fake. Looks like Goretex was used to fill the nose bridge. I can tell :)

  • whipnsaddle

    Ang pagbagsak ng kastilyong buhangin ni Gwen Peke Garcia………..

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    To say that “she was not aware the property was under water because she relied on the report of the provincial appraisal committee, is the height of irresponsibility and carelessness. If this is just  P99 that would be understandable. But this is P99M, a figure more than enough to qualify for plunder. Such flimsy reasoning is definitely unacceptable. For budget above P1M, a governor must be concerned to the slightest details of such expense. 

    • Yxon

      lumalabas na hindi nya kayang magin Governor; cguro hindi rin niya naintindihan ang memo ni MAr Roxas, kay nagsara nga Capitol.

  • batukan

    nice, government officials should be wary that not because they are being told to sign papers by high government officials they should follow it.  their responsibility is to the country and not to any other persons.

  • RHumabon

    Umpisahan na natin sa Eleksyon sa Mayo, 2013, ang pagtanggal ng mga korap na gaya ni Gwen at mga kasamahan nya sa UNA. . .At pagtigil ng mga political dynasties pati.

  • vir_a

    Another demolition job

  • J

    Hah! taas nuo na siguro si binay, erap at enrile dahil lumabas ang totoo na magkakamukha lang ang ang praktices nila. Hindi na nila kailangan i-training si Gwen ng corruption 101.
    Pwede ba yung kunwari wala alam si gwen sa halagang 98.7M. Pipirma siya sa isang napakalaking transaksiyon ng hindi iveverify. 
    Possibleng magkakakutsaba ang appraisal committee at gwen direction. Trabaho ng mga opisyal yan. May bibili ng lupa ng piso kada metro kuadrado at ipagbibili sa govt ng mahal at siempre makikihati. Mga hoothoot-en.

    • Yxon

      AAA ang graddo nya J!

    • mapicchu

       where is the money gwen? show us the money!!!

      • teekaye2

        How was the money shared out after the purchase???

  • les21reago

     The purchase price was P98.9 million. Garcia denied that there was
    anything anomalous in the land purchase, saying she was “not aware” the
    property was under water because she relied on the report of the
    provincial appraisal committee, which omitted a technical report that
    described the coastal property as having almost 20 hectares of the 24.7
    hectares under water.

    GARCIA was not aware….BUANG lang ang motoo ani nga wa siya kabalo…Hay day lisud gud ni ening NALUNOD sa poder….Ug buhi pa si BACALSO gitira gyud ka niya day murag Imelda kani adto….

    Aw unsa ma ning nahitabo na sa CEBU…BINAY ug Enrile pati ERAP na ang CEBU tinuod ba?
    Kining mga tauhana MA PRENDA gud ang CEBU sa mga BANGKO…Gising Cebu..

    • Yxon

      if that  is her reason, it just shows na hindi sya fit maging Governor. sa kalaking pera na involved, at least, nagverify man lang sya. mga tag Sugbo, ayaw na mo pailad.  ayaw na sa UNA, gawin nyong KULILAT

  • Lapu Lapu

    Calling on 3 Kings to save the Queen..

    An act of political suicide by UNA trapo kings.

  • Love God

    Aguinaldo Doctrine law must be amended / abolished.

    It is unfair to the Public. Someone stole our money and escape with it undercover of Aguinaldo Doctrine?

    Wake up Philippines!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Kapag si binay ang nanalo na presidente sa 2016, mababago ang ihip ng hangin at mapapawalang sala yan!

  • mapicchu

    i really want to understand you gwen…you were willing to spend 77M+ for water? tapos another 21M for sand to underlay it? anong inisip mo? brite ba yung ginawa mo? ang mga comfort rooms millions din..ganun ba ka dali pera dyan sa cebu?  ka sarap naman buhay mo dyan?  relocate na kaming lahat sa cebu…kadali pala pera dyan, tinatapon lang sa walang kwentang “assets”

    • Dan

      Marcos, gloria arroyo, Binay, mga ret generals like Garcia, mga big time crooks, were from Luzon, names are too long to mentions, kaya youre better off staying put dyan sa luzon,

  • pablo G

    can i suggest.. newspapers should add a column called HALL OF SHAME to shame these corrupt individuals either from government and private sectors if proven guilty and to remind all filipinos, tourists and our young ones how shameful their actions are so as to prevent this people from elected again or run any offices and to discourage would-be corrupt leaders. 


      Do you really think the “forgiving/naive Pilipinos will read/see/listen to all this stuff..they are passed worrying or listening..they believe no-one anymore!

  • disqusted0fu

    Well, the Aquino administration just making another strong statement that no one shall oppose their will. We’ve seen this also with CJ Corona. But how come we haven’t seen it with people like Grace Padaca or Rico Puno and many of Pnoy’s KKKs who also allegedly committed their own crimes?

  • Andrei Mendoza

    ows??? 20 hectares out of 24.7 hectares under water eh hindi alam? anong klaseng governor meron kayo dyan sa cebu? aba! ano tingin mo sa 24.7 hectares? nasa paso para hindi mo makita.

  • linobog

    What is common among them ?……  Marcos (Bongbong, Imee, Imelda), Maceda, Enrile, Goring Arroyo, Mikee Arroyo, Mike Arroyo, Binay, Gwen Garcia, PJ Garcia, Winston Garcia, General Garcia……

  • Val Sor

    No one should be above the law. Let heads roll.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • ztefertilizerscam10


  • AlexanderAmproz

    To be a smart thief’s, 

    be a Pick-Country instead of a Pickpocket !

    Justice will love you instead to send you to jail !

  • doublecross

    bkt kc di mo inspection ang binibili mong lupa…BOBO!

  • mangTASYO


    Kung sariling pera mo yan…papaloko ka ba?
    Pera ng bayan kaya pinagsasamantalahan.
    Buti na lang hindi mo binili ang Pacific Ocean gamit ang pera ni Juan!

    Sus, Ginoo pastilan…”Guilty!”

  • John

    Si GWEN GG( Galong-Gong) ay mukhang taga Bakla-ran) Paranaque.

  • teekaye2

    Big question who got the money and who got the kickbacks????

  • nayve

    yan ang resulta  dynasty buhay ni juan l wonder


  • ero

    birds with the same feathers flock together hahahah that’s why erap, enrile, binay nandoon sa capitolyo at sisuportahan si gwen kasi the same feathers hahahahah in others words ang aswang ay magkakilala no matter what….   

  • Handiong_Haringmakabayan

    Gwen Garcia = looks like a tranny merman + purchases property 80% under sea water. It’s so obvious! Give her a break! Give the sea creature a place to live in! I’m just joking. Seriously, Gov. Gwen Garcia should be punished by the law severely if that’s really the case. No excuses.

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