Amla targets suspicious persons


Senators have agreed to include a proviso in the second round of amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (Amla) that would require casinos to report the presence on their premises of persons suspected of involvement in money laundering.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said the amendment that he suggested would target those involved in criminal activities, “like jueteng lords, smugglers and drug lords.”

“If there is knowledge or suspicion by the casino that a person is inside specifically for money laundering, whether he bets P50 or P1 million, there is an obligation to report (him to the Anti-Money Laundering Council),” he said in Filipino in a radio interview.

“For example, if (the gambler) is a known drug lord or jueteng lord or whoever smuggler is there inside the casino, betting and buying chips regardless of the amount, as long as there is a suspicion or knowledge (of his criminal links), the casino must report that this person is playing there,” said Enrile.

Obligation of casinos

Amla amendments sponsor Sen. Teofisto Guingona III said the obligation of casinos, including establishments engaged in Internet gambling, to make a report “shall only arise when there is knowledge or suspicion of money laundering notwithstanding the transaction being covered.”

Initially, the senators discussed a proposal requiring the reporting of winnings of P500,000 and above to the AMLC.

Currently, the Amla requires all banks to report deposits of at least half a million pesos.

Some senators, however, are worried the proposal would discourage international high rollers from coming to the Philippines to gamble.


Guingona said other transactions that would have to be reported to the AMLC, as proposed, include those transactions made with foreign exchange dealers, remittance agents “and other similar entities,” preneed companies, dealers and traders in precious metals and precious stones, and real estate purchases “of at least P25 million.”

The bill amending the Amla has been certified urgent by President Aquino as the Philippines faces a blacklist by the Financial Action Task Force should Congress fail to pass it.

There are only three session days, including Monday, left for the Senate to approve the measure.

Enrile said he did not discount the possibility of an extra session day on Thursday in order to pass the bill.

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  • AlexanderAmproz

    The first one who should be on watch list are the Politicians, 
    officials and government employees.

    This what is the rule in the decent countries !

  • Fred

    As a casino operator, i will have 1,001 reasons not to report persons suspected of money laundering. Mawawalan ako ng customers, of course!

    • ApoLapullapu

      If the law requires them to report and they don’t then they better close shop.  

      • FernandoBusi

        thats going to be a problem since we are trying to setup a gambling center to rival macau. 

  • okayayonip

    sino pa ba ang maniniwala sa mga senador na eto lalo na kay enrile, pweee wala ng kredibilidad itong institution na eto kahit anong pa-epal pa gawin ninyo laging pro-proteksyonan ninyo ang pansariling kapakanan.

  • mekeni62

    one need not be a high roller casino gambler to be a suspect. just being a politician is enough to be one.

  • Guest

    Why don’t we use Gigi Reyes as a test case?

    • ApoLapullapu

      Have you seen Gigi gambling in the Casino?

      • Guest

        PDI showed checks signed by and huge government funds in Land Bank under Gigi Reyes’s name.

        Bulag ka yata eh.

      • ApoLapullapu

        If there are checks in the Land Bank under the name of Gigi Reyes does it prove she gambles in the Casino? What’s the connection? If this were Senate Funds, what’s the problem? Senator Enrile had declared he authorized Gigi to sign checks. Is any law violated? And besides, we are talking here about a proposed Amendment of the AMLA Law requiring Casino operators to report the present of suspicious persons in the Casino.

      • Guest

        Yes, it proves that Gigi Reyes can have somebody to gamble in Casinos on her behalf. Senate funds are not private funds of Gigi Reyes. Pretending to be a senator is usurpation of authority in case that’s too big for your brain wrap around.

      • ApoLapullapu

        Since you brain is bigger than mine why don’t you file a case against Gigi Reyes?

      • Guest

        Since you’re so petty and can’t stand a different opinion, maghanap ka na lang ng ibang kausap. I did not approach you. You came to me.

      • ApoLapullapu

        This is not your private property.  It is open to all.  Since you are sure that because there checks signed by Gigi Reyes, she must have committed fraud, why don’t you initiate legal action against her?

      • Guest

        Relax lang. Pikon ka na kaagad. Nakasalang na, wag ka mag-alala. Kaw naman, nawalan lang kayo ng perks and bonuses, naghahanap ka na ng away.

      • ApoLapullapu

        Anong perks and bonuses? Nasa Mindanao ako.  Kayo ang  naghahanap ng away sapagkat pag naubosan nang rason, umaakusa sa iba.

  • farmerpo

    It is amazing how our honorables delegate their non-business.  How, in the name of fairness, can casinos make a judgement on who is laundering money? They will lose their business much like banks will if they started making judgement on who is laundering money (corrupt).  Would the casino ask their favored clients (heavy players) ‘saan galing and marami mong pera?’. At best it will be idiotic. Might as well call the casinos RTCs. Traditionally, casinos are discreet about their clients privacy. In Las Vegas, the mantra is ‘Any thing you bring here, you leave here.’, and that does not mean only your money.  Hoy gising…Ted Failon. (just in case Hoy gising is copy righted… he he he).  

    • ApoLapullapu

      The Casino Operators are asked just the report these persons to AMLA.  It is up for the latter to monitor and ask questions when the proper time occurs.


    >>>Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said the amendment that he suggested would target those involved in criminal activities, “like jueteng lords, smugglers and drug lords.”<<<

    TAMA…tamang-tama yan.  Yong mga smugglers…..lalo na sa Cagayan Valley at yong mga na sa logging operations at sugar centrals sa Mindanao at Visayas.  Imbistigahan ng mabuti ang mga yon na mapipiho ko madaling matiklo sa pamamagitan ng kanilang lifestyle at lavish spending.

    • ApoLapullapu

      Even Congressmen and Senators may also have to be monitored.  Iyong mga nakupit nila sa pork barrel at MOOE ay pwede ring palabasing nanggaling sa panalo sa Casino.

      • UrHONOR


  • Chloroform

    “…if (the gambler) is a known drug lord or jueteng lord or whoever smuggler is there inside the casino…” then why is he/she in the casino and not in jail? I am assuming that “known” means they have the evidence to prove it in court…

    • ApoLapullapu

      There are known drug and gambling lords who cannot be jailed due to insufficiency of evidence.  But they are in fact into these illegal activities and are suspected to be laundering dirty money in the Casinos.  Requiring the Casino Operators to report the presence of these people in their premises to AMLA would enable the latter to monitor that the reported winnings of these gamblers are not bigger than what they actually won.

  • Bengatibo

    Suspected without any proof??? Ano ba iyan??? Harassment? Senate could do better than that. What if the casinos failed to report a suspected persons of money laundering, are casinos liable???

    • ApoLapullapu

      Suspicion will be the basis to monitor in order to find proof if any.  It is a common suspicion that Gambling Casinos all over the world are used by shady figures in money laundering.

  • nice_boy

    All government officials including their relatives, elected or otherwise, should be reported to AMLA the moment they are seen in the premises of a casino.  Provide the casinos with a black list.

    • Pers

      i agreed. the politicians put their ill gotten wealth to their relative.

  • 444mangyan888

    First rule in the casinos is anonymity. Who would ever flaunt that he.she is playing in the casinos if he thinks he is someone honorable in the eyes of the public..???
    Now the casinos are requiring every player to have an identificaton card…
    There’s always something wrong when govt run an outfit.

  • 444mangyan888

    Worse than the criminals in laundering unexplained wealth are gov’t officials..!!!
    Let’s start with a senator who is supposed to be legally capable only of taking home, say, around 60k php a month…!!!!
    Now what have us…???

  • noelpdavid

    Why worry about international high rollers being discourage to gamble here ??? If they are not into something suspicious then,there is no stopping them from coming here to gamble. If i’m not mistaken that is the main objective of the proposed bill,to monitor suspicious personalities of their illegal acts.

    • Albert

       Exactly, I’m reported to the AMLA every month because my salary is double the reporting amount, but because it is from legal sources and I pay taxes, I have nothing to worry about.

    • FernandoBusi

      Many high rollers have sources of income hidden from the taxman in their countries. If theres a record of them spending lots of money here in theory their taxman may be drawn to investigate. 


    sen enrile. ang dapat nyong gawing batas ay bigyan karapatan ang amla na buksan ang dollar account ng mga politiko  lalo na ng mga senatong.

  • graciano82

    Dilatory tactics or squid tactics as the employed scheme of these senators in cahoots to delay or if possible archived the proposed amendments to the AMLAC law. The law’s amendment to include certain provisions that shall provide more teeth to the law’s power to run after crooks and thieves in the government is much vital that its delayed passage in Congress makes one suspect that these legislators are nonchalant to pass it the soonest in order to beat the looming congressional recess.

    It’s now back to square one, come next Congress for this AMLAC and the FOI Bill since Congress is just a few ticks away from its recess for the incoming election. These legislators knew by heart the importance of the amendment because of its tested inefficacy during the Corona impeachment but to the dismay of everyone concern, they through their own volition neglected to pass it. A clandestine conspiracy among these legislators killed the life of the AMLAC law 

  • Edward Solilap

    Pass the required Bill quickly or before campaign period and no question askno more!!!



  • Hellomr

    Tax payers money ay napupunta lang sa mayayamang senador ng bansa.. Dapat lang na investigahan ang yaman nila. Bago sila mag investiga ng ibang to….

  • Hellomr

    Wala ng tiwala ang taong bayan sa mga senador ….

  • larry

    what if most of the suspicious fellas they are talking about are gov’t officials? what should AMLA do? who checks AMLA?

    • dmsanders

      wala ring mangyayari diyan. para ding SAPOT NG GAGAMBA iyan par dumaan ang MALILIIT huli, pag dumaan ang MALALAKI eh ano pa kundi L..U..S..O..T.. kailangan pa bang imemorize iyan ang batas sa pinas PARANG sapot ng gagamba 

  • boldyak

    hindi lamng dito namention ang babaguhin nilang batas na ginawang dahilan ni Corona. hmmm…iniiwasan….bwahahaha

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    P101 billion lost during Fake President  Arroyo rule – COA

    1. NBN ZTE Scandal

    2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors

    (October 2007)

    3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (HELLO GARCI)

    4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)

    5. JOSE PIDAL Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200


    6. NANI PEREZ Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)

    7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning

    8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532


    9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)

    10. Extra Judicial Killings

    11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)

    12. General GARCIA and Other Military Men

    13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific)

    (P1.3 Billion)

    14. Northrail Project($503 Million)

    15. Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (ZUBIRI, BEDOL)

    16. NAIA-3

    17. Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)

    18. Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque

    19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states



    22. C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar

    23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’

    Welfare Administration (OWWA).

    24. P780-million LWUA funds-PROSPERO PICHAY

    25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift

    26. Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund

    27. Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy


    28. P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties

    from 2002 to May this year.



    30. 600,Thousand metric tons of Rotten rice imported from

    India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to

    Arroyo, reportedly bagged the P9.5 billion contract for

    the rice importation.

    31. DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000,

    70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit

    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy

    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown


    32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of

    two franchise bills

    33. The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in

    advertising expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to

    P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for

    Arroyo’s achievements.

    34. The report said the PIA received from the Department

    of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations

    amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488 
    million was appropriated for it under the national budget.

    35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political


    36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of

    extra judicial killings of militants

    37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo

    critic, Cory Aquino

    38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of


    39. Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park



    Chief Justice

    200+ other illegal midnight appointments

    41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s undeclared properties in California

    42.- Pardon of controversial convicted criminals like

    Ninoy’s murderers

    43.- EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek

    presidential clearance before testifying in Congress


    44.- Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency

    in 2004

    45.- “Vote Buying” by giving away Philhealth cards

    46.- Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and

    PCSO tv campaign ads

    47- Appointment of Ben Abalos, a staunch GMA ally, as

    COMELEC chair

    48.- Mikey Arroyo’s importation of 32 thoroughbred horses

    from Australia worth P384 million.

    49.Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo used 2 choppers 16

    times, son Mikey 69

    50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent P1 BILLION on coffee

    51.Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters’
    all Robinson R44 Raven Is with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for the five


    52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: P345M

    53.The godmother’s ties to the Pinedas(Jueteng lord)

    54. Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings

    The Glorietta 2 bombing happened during the height of

    the bribery case which took place in Malacañang.

    55. Misuse of Balikatan funds Navy Lt. Nancy Gadian

    revealed an alleged malversation of funds in 2007

    56. Solon: Charge Gloria Arroyo for taking P98-M from

    PNoy’s social fund


    Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya,

    Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and

    Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio

    Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu and MANY MORE..

    58.Colmenares: GMA had P488 billion in ‘pork.

    59. P1 BILLION down the drain in Arroyo-era jatropha

    project—DOST chief 
    60.Fishers push plunder rap vs Arroyo in purchase of ice machines( overpriced at P455 million in 2009.)
    61.$225-million overprice of Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC), 
    62.Successor sues Pichay over P2.3-B fund mess
    63.Noli De Castro P6.6 billion pesos Pag-ibig Fund scam.
    64.Arroyo execs pocket P15-B from bridge scam

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    Overpriced Macapagal Boulevard
    Sulpicio Tagud Jr., then board director of the Public Estates Authority (PEA), exposed the P600-million overprice of the construction of the GSIS-funded 5.1-kilometer President Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard in the Manila Bay reclamation area.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Mismanaged funds

    Issues on mismanaged funds by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the GSIS caught the public eye in 2002. PAGCOR had been experiencing negative cash flows that bloated to P850 million in 2003. A Pagcor manager gave three reasons behind the financial difficulties: ‘onerous’ contracts, profligate spending, and massive, mindless donations.
    GSIS president and general manager Winston Garcia ordered its units to stop the processing of claims and loan applications because of financial difficulty. The Kapisanan ng Manggagawa attributed the financial problems to the following: Garcia’s cash advances amounting to P3.4 million, the establishment of district offices worth P4 million each, and the appointment of outside legal counsel for P200, THOUSAND a month.
    Garcia allegedly used GSIS money to purchase Juan Luna’s Parisian Life painting. Likewise, Garcia was said to earn P540, 000 a month and appointed some 130 vice-presidents who earn P70, Thousand a month. There were allegations that GSIS contributed at least P100 million to the campaign funds of Pres. Arroyo. Garcia was retained in his post despite appeals from GSIS employees.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Gloria Boyfriend(Nani Perez’s ‘extortion’)

    Four days after assuming office, Arroyo awarded a $470-million contract to Argentine firm Industrias Metalurgicas Pescarmona Sociedad Anonima (IMPSA) to rehabilitate a power plant in Laguna. A few months later, former Manila Representative Mark Jimenez, the man who brokered the deal, accused Justice Secretary Hernando Perez of extorting $2 million in exchange for a justice department opinion that favors the deal.
    Jimenez told Senator Lacson that the entire amount was actually $14 million: Perez received $2 million, the National Power Corporation “boys” got $1 million,

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Perez money was sequestered in Geneva,
      What happened ?

      A thief stealing that amount will be still languishing in jail….

      Where is Perez the thief caught red handed ?

      Ten years ago a poor women was jailed 20 years for two Shabu cigarettes !

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    ‘Payola’ for FG(LOLONG)
    Barely had Former President Arroyo warmed her seat when the first in a series of scandals involving the first family erupted. Correspondence secretary Veronica “Bing” Rodrigo accused first gentleman Mike Arroyo of taking a P50-million bribe in July 2001.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings

    After the string of controversies hounding the Arroyo administration, bombing incidents happened in Glorietta 2 and the House of Representatives. The police, in a speedy investigation, found that the bombing of Batasan was initially intended for Basilan Rep. Wahab Akbar.
    The Glorietta 2 bombing, on the other hand, resulted from gas leakage. Rumors spread that the bombings were perpetrated by the government to divert the public’s attention away from the Arroyo scandals.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Everybody knows it was a septic tank blast,

      Only da Philippines !  lolololololol

      In fact it was an explosive uniquely used by the AFP,

      General can always be trusted during Erap & GMA administration

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    The scandal was exposed in August 2007, a few months after Transport Secretary Leandro Mendoza and ZTE Corp Vice President Yu Yong signed a $329.5 million contact for a national broadband network deal in April. President Arroyo and the First Gentlemen were said to have visited China for the contract-signing.
    Rep. Carlos Padilla (Nueva Vizcaya) said that Comelec chairperson Benjamin Abalos also joined the President in China to broker the deal. Abalos denied brokering the deal but admitted going to China four times. In September 2007, the son of Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr testified that he was with Abalos in China and that Abalos demanded money from ZTE officials.

  • ApoNiLolo

    To think an intelligent criminal can’t find a way to circumnavigate this requirement from casinos is wishful thinking. The very fact that it was publicly divulge already gave would be launderers an advantage. Thereby planning their next move one or two steps in advance.

  • joboni96

    isinuko na naman ng mga senador
    ang soberenya nating mga pilipino

    sa mga dayuhang kapitalista

  • edleon

    ENRILE should also include in his proposed amendments those Senators and Congressmen who would enter CASINOS..

  • Harry

    The senator must supply a list, complete with pictures, of known drug lords, smugglers, jueteng lords, kidnappers, etc. to the casinos, banks. money changers, stock brokers, so that they can be easily recognized. Otherwise, how will a dealer know that the player is a criminal suspect?

    And if the senator knows everyone of those criminal elements so why not simply give the information to the PNP and the NBI and our problem is solved.

    Same thing with enforcing CCTV cameras for all businesses, the lawmakers did not realize that by so doing they are putting the sales staff in harm’s way when they cannot produce and surrender the video recorders to the thieves. CCTV cameras must always be placed in common areas to catch scenes of entry and exit of the gangsters from the shops. The owners will equip on their own volition hidden cameras.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Why not to jail them at once, 

      Known crooks should be already rotting in jail !

      • Harry

        You’re right but all our senators are playing blind and to let somebody else do the dirty work. 


    AMLAC has been used to target the enemies of “Tuwad Na Daan”…

    Hahahahahaha!  Ang mga matatalinong Pinoy (daw), inaliw at naloko lang ng isang abnoy!

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