Phase 1 hardest part of Edsa rehab, says DPWH chief

Repairs to begin on stretch of road from Pasay to Mandaluyong City




When major road improvements on the 23-kilometer-long Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (Edsa) start next May, the patience of motorists and commuters using the country’s busiest thoroughfare will be tested.

But according to Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio Singson, this will be true only while phase one of the P3.7-billion project is underway.

Phase one involves the “stretch of Edsa from Roxas Boulevard (in Pasay City) to Julia Vargas Avenue (in Mandaluyong City),” he explained.

“While we’re working on Phase 1, the rest of Edsa will be open and traffic in those areas will be normal,” Singson said in radio interview Sunday.

He added that before road repairs begin on the stretch of Edsa from Pasay to Mandaluyong City, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) would first construct the elevated flyover at the intersection of Edsa and Taft Avenue.

The rehabilitation of the major thoroughfare will be done in three phases for 23 months under the DPWH’s Urgent Infrastructure Development Project, in time for the World Economic Forum in 2014 and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in 2015.

Singson said the department aims to replace all damaged concrete pavements to ensure road stability and the carrying capacity of the road.

Once completed, Edsa will soon become as “smooth” as the North and South Luzon Expressways (NLEx and SLEx), he added.

Singson, meanwhile, lamented the fact that the highway which was completed in 1954 had practically been neglected by previous administrations.

Edsa is proof that “our road standards have really gone down. We are settling for roads full of potholes,” he said.

“Only piecemeal repairs are being done there. Yet, we can have smoothness that can equal that of both NLEx and SLEx,” he added.

Last week, the road project was approved by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority which has yet to map out alternate routes for motorists.

Aside from Edsa, the DPWH also plans to “restore Taft Avenue (which covers portions of from Manila and Pasay City) as a major thoroughfare.”
The road “has been taken over by vendors with sidewalks crammed with illegal structures that commuters end up waiting for their ride in the middle of the street,” noted Singson.
According to the DPWH head, the agency will “pursue the full pavement of primary roads and bridges nationwide by 2014 and 2016, respectively.”
The target covers 15,872 km of national arterial roads, 15,370 km of national secondary roads ad 7,958 bridges with a total length of 345,978 lineal meters, he said.
This year, the DPWH allocated nearly P23 billion to preserve the existing road network and another P26.2 billion to pave 1,175 km of gravel-type roads. An additional P7.9 billion will be used to upgrade bridges.
In the 2012 Global Competitiveness Report, the Philippines scored a low 3.1 points in road quality on a scale of 1 (extremely underdeveloped) to 7 (extensive and efficient by global standards).
Vietnam scored a much lower 2.6, while other Asian countries rated as follows: Singapore, 6.5; Hong Kong, 6.2; Japan and South Korea, both 5.8; Malaysia, 5.7; Taiwan, 5.6; Thailand, 5; China, 4.4; Indonesia, 3.5; and India, 3.4.

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  • dodong1

    DPWH chief still sees ‘normal’ Edsa traffic despite major repair of highway in May.  TRAFFIC PA RIN…

  • Platypus09

    It is about time to do this. Motorists should use altenate routes and will just endure the hardships of going through these difficult times. It is worth it, hoping so.

    It is just sad, just sad, that the Malacanang government, together with MMDA, has to do this in preparation for the upcoming Global Economic Forum.

    These things should be done regularly, whether or not there is a global conference like this. This is our weakness as a nation. We should NOT just be cleaning up because we have visitors.

    We have to clean up because we have to, coz we like clean and safe environment, and we like to keep things in order, tidy, nice looking and beautiful to look at around.

    We should clean up and maintain our environment, our houses, our roads, offices regularly and so often for ourselves, and NOT just because we have visitors.

    We clean our places just because we have to for our own sake and our own safe living, getting rid of hazards.

  • kilabot

    playing with the word “normal”. 
    making the abnormal the new normal. that’s perversion.

  • kismaytami

    Nawalis na yang mga illegal vendors sa EDSA-Taft at nagkaroon ng improvement ang traffic flow. Ewan lang bakit nakabalik yung mga kups. I guess may kumikitang government official/employee sa mga yan…

    Smooth… Obviously mr. singson is joking.

  • Donardo Cuago







  • scorpio15

    Sa Commonwealth naman ang mga Pasahero tuwing umaga ay nasa gitna nag-aabang ng sasakyan. Akala mo ay mga MMDA. Yong MMDA ay tulog pa.

  • upupperclassman

    Does the government realize the rehab of EDSA will bring monstrous traffic and the economy to a standstill in Metro Manila area? Are MMDA and metro mayors prepared with some real solutions or just brave talks?

    • Prince Neps

      What solution do you have? 

    • John Doe

      @upupperclassman:disqus  that’s why the government is doing something… Unless edsa is rehabilitated the situation will not improve. Kunting tyaga naman pre. Pare sa aten yang ginagawang improvement. Mahuhay ang Filipino. Stop crab mentality. Let’s support the good projects of our government. Kahit sino naka-upo dyan sa Malacanang, suportahan naten sila sa mga magagandang proyekto.

    • dodong1

      do you have a better idea…give solution not a problem…

      • batangpaslit

        may sagot ako kay Onel. your query is similar to his.
        i like your pun…Dept of Public Wastes, imbis Works. sana nga, matino na ang mga nag oversee ng DPWH

      • Kairosphil

        ..mukhang matino si Sec R. Singson… yun mga ginagawang kalsada pa norte.. maganda at maayos ang quality… kita mo talaga ang kaibahan compared to the the past admin..

    • Onel

      Ngayong inaaayos na nga saka ka naman magngangangawa diyan. Kung hihintayin namang higit na masira ang EDSA puputaktihin mo naman ng reklamo at mura ang gobyerno dahil wala silang ginawa.

      Ano ngayon ang gusto mong mangyari? Sagot!

      • batangpaslit

        Onel….nagtanong naman si Upperclass kung may lunas o paraan ang mga local officails to address the problem of traffic jam

    • symonwho

      Improve the ticketing and carying capacity of MRT to reduce EDSA traffic.
      Since they have the new 52 coaches, deploy them ASAP. Increase the number of security inspectors and tellers so the lines in geting fare cards will be shorter. Allow Mini-stops and 7-11 stores to sell fare cards.

      • batangpaslit

        good proposed solution…

      • Kairosphil

        and… improve the taft avenue station.. poor engineering design, masikip ang daanan paglabas ng station… kawawa mga commuters.. sana katulad ng LRT 2.. malinis, maluwag ang mga stations.. pati coasters malalaki..

    • batangpaslit

      baka may mga standby rotary wings to airlift the commuters btween Makati and QC
      tumbok mo ang tamang tanong sa local officials

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      palagay ko obvious sa kanila yon hahaha… kaya nga kasama ang mmda sa plano..

  • ISCA

    matagal ng maraming sira ang EDSA pero ngayon lang magsasagawa ng repair at sa buong kahabaan pa. kung maayos magpatakbo ang DPWH ay noon pa dapat me ginawang mga major repairs sa mga parte ng EDSA.
    eniwey, sana lang bantayan ang pagsasaayos nito dahil sa laki ng halaga nito, magkakandarapa ang mga contractors na makakuha ng kontrata. alam naman nating ang DPWH ang isa sa mga pinaka-corrupt na ahensya ng pamahalaan.

    • dodong1


  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    DPWH, you know the drill.

    kickbacks, bribes, corruption………………

    But I hope the president is serious about putting corrupt officials to jail.

    • batangpaslit

      halata Bro ah na hindi ikaw disappointed…hehehe

  • rodben

    Mabuti pa EDSA palaging nire-repear ng DPWH kahit maganda pa, pero other main road no like in CAVITE too much traffic specially during rush hour because so many intersection road without flyover and also in Las Pinas, mahina ba sa DPWH ang mga progressive cities na ito?

    • batangpaslit

      you said it…

  • joerizal

    Hindi lang butas na kalsada ang problema diyan. Sa sobrang dami ng sasakyan, laging barado ang kalye. Bawasan niyo ang mga bus at jeep na bumibiyahe sa EDSA. Kapag mas mabilis ang daloy ng trapiko, mas mabilis makakabalik ang mga public tranportation para humakot ulit ng tao. Ang tagal ng problema niyan pero wala pa ring umaakto para solusyonan. Dapat sa mga nasa taas ng gubyerno e sumakay ng bus o jeepney araw-araw para makita nila ang dapat ayusin.

    • batangpaslit

      sana nga merong “political will” ang ating pamahalaan to carry out the correct solution to the identified problem. para naman ang kalakaran natin ay masagana

  • JunPyo123

    An “elevated flyover?” I’m sorry but, is there such a flyover (or overpass) which is not elevated or at-grade?

    • batangpaslit

      ano ba ang tawag dian? redundant?
      just like describing a giant as “big” eh?
      the cerescending tidal wave?
      you must be an publication editor to notice this faux pas

      • Jack

        double redundancy ang tawag dyan

    • Kairosphil

      dapat elevated road / hiway? skyway? or flyover na lang! nice observation….

      • JunPyo123

        Baka daw kasi meron flyover na underground. hehe

  • kontra_boohaya

    Cash cow!  Please do us a favor and do a more comprehensive planning instead of piecemeal repair here and repair there but pataba sa bulsa everywhere.

  • batangpaslit

    mga panukala at muni-muni:
    sana meron ding catwalk for pedestrians at kung puede merong bicycle lane?
    sana, comprehensive talaga ang planning, hindi “band aid” type of construction or repairs;
    makitid ang higway, pero sobra ang volume ng traffic. puede bang mahanapan ng lunas na mabawasan ang daloy ng sasakyan?

  • ghe

    Sana pati drainage system kasama para di binabaha.

  • w33k3nd3r

    Patience, sirs? We have been patient for decades upon decades of different administrations who’ve promised Bangus but delivered Sapsap. But go ahead. Who knows, people might start leaving NCR and stay in their home towns instead.

  • RNKR2005

    Sana matapos ahead of schedule, especially the EDSA-Taft flyover. 2 years of horrendous traffic dadaanan ko

  • $17848434

    hapi na naman ang mga ‘giners, kick back time!

  • Tom Evangelista

    Mapapakinabangan ba ang magandang kalsada kung masikip din ang EDSA? Useless!!!

  • unokritiko

    I hope the quality of materials they will used is much more better than used in this n/slex!!! otherwise come rainy days it will be full of potholes!!!
    No matter what innovation they will do about edsa congestion it will still be a traffic jam!!! It is not about the capacity (more cars plying) as the MMDA rubbish reasons but rather the discipline of drivers using this edsa. Both MMDA personnel including tolentino is inutil yes they are inutil as will as the driver who has no discipline. Both of this persons has no discipline at all or I would say does not know traffic rules.
    Look my dear commentators here, No matter what kind of truck whether small or big, when they carries a load it is hard for them to control the brakes and when they start to acellerate or move they are very slow indeed as compare to a car or suv. and this is the start of traffic!!!
    I repeat a again MMDA are inutil  up to tolintino level. Why?!!!
    MMDA have full monitors along the route including C5 road. They can take a snapshot of this truck Small or big (as long as it is used for cargo delivery.) using the fast lane and this MMDA will
    have plenty of income that can be generated at the same time discipline this undesciplined drivers. It is normal I would say for this truck to use the fast lane as i saw it in C5 and even during newscast and yet MMDA is doing nothing about this matter.
    It is worldwide rule that if you hav at least two lane street slow moving vehicle should always be at
    the right lane everytime!!!
    MMDA personell should let their eyes wide open about this comment.

    • Le Commentor

      I suddenly had Cancer after reading your post..

      • JunPyo123

        Ano daw? Na-nosebleed ako. And take note, edited version na yan ha.

      • RONNIE858

        i very don’t know either, hehe… pagtagpi tagpiin na lang natin siguro..

    • Jerry

      Sumakit ulo ko sa kababasa ng comment na ito.  parang literal translation from tagalog. huwagna lang kasing englesin. 

    • marienkind

       What is this i dont even

    • JuanTamadachi

      Why not re-post your comment in Tagalog so we can understand the points you are driving at?

  • akramgolteb

    Patay na naman tayo dito sa tongpats. Parang suso ang bagal ng pagawa nitong Edsa na ito dahil low budget (napunta sa tongpats ang kalahati ng budget). Bale wala ang mga repairs kasi substandard at ampao na naman ang cemento na gagamitin, hahaluan nila ng Inquirer na diyaryo (in other words kikita din ang Inquirer dito sa project), 1 buwan pa lang butas butas na naman.

    • 1voxPopuli

      hindi pa nga nasisimulan, nakahanap ka na agad ng reklamo. you are living in the past – galaw-galaw baka ma-stroke! =)

  • Le Commentor

    So your making a flyover on EDSA, that sounds good. However DPWH&MMDA, tell us more about the overpasses that are currently installed throughout EDSA. Will they be demolished?

    Or maybe I should ask this first of all, “Maiimplement ba ng tuwid, o matatapos ba to??”

  • iskurokutoy

    Matino ngayon ang namumuno sa DPWH na si Rogelio Singson.
    Galit sa kanya ang mga kontratista.

    Hindi siya kagaya ni Hermogenes Ebdane ni Gloria na binalak pang tumakbong PRESIDENTE noong 2010.

    Ngayon ay GOBERNADOR ng Zambales.

    Hindi biro ang gastusin kapag tumakbo kang gobernador, at mas lalo na kung presidente.


  • henry21

    para sa mmda, dpwh at dotc – ang EDSA puno ng BUS. ito ang numero unong problema! hanggang hindi nyo binabawasan ng bus…walang tamang solusyon!!!  bakit ba hindi ito mabawasan?? baket???????  

    • marienkind

       Actually, puno din ng private cars ang edsa. Those car passengers can fit into the buses nicely. More people benefit from buses than from cars. Less pollution for everybody.

  • henry21

    dagdagan ang train sa itaas…. bawasan ang bus sa ibaba…. 
    dami nyo palusot… yan ang tamang solusyon….

  • themask celestial

    Nobody talks about getting rid of park trucks sa R-10 sa Tondo. Bat ba ang lalakas ng mga may-ari nito. sa Edsa Buses ang  hari di magalaw ng gobyerno, sa Marcos R-10 road-which is a good alternative sa EDSA, mga trucks naman ang problema.  Bat kaya pinave ang road na ito kung paparadahan lang ng mga trucks. Kay Mayor  Gathalian ko lang narinig na good option ang R-10. Paki remove na rin yung natitirang squatters between zaragoza at Pacheco Street. Yung ibang part na relocate na yung squatters, natira pa yung part na yun. Paging DPWH

  • lex

    mga kababayan, kailangan ng mga pulitiko ng pera ngayon eleksiyon! wala naman problema ang edsa, hindi lang ginagamit  ng maayos ang mga kalye at siyempre mga barumbadong mga driver.   hay naku anf daming pera nuun, isipin niyo na lang mga 40% ang mga SOP para mapirmahan ang mga government contracts! tuwid na daan ni abnoy! pwe

    • HoyGago

      Sobra naman ata ang pagbubulag-bulagan mo para sabihin na walang problema ang EDSA.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      bulag ka ata

  • freeview

    Goodbye economic growth forecast ni Pnoy. Horrendous traffic will slow down economic activity.

    • HoyGago

      but infra spending will boost gdp.

  • Tnosce

    Galinggan ninyo ang trabaho sa project ninyo, bago kayo abutin ng tag-ulan, pag baha na naman mawawala ang kalye ninyo. Isang araw na delay ay delay din sa progresso ng ekonomiya ng bayan, sa re-routing pa lang apektado na ang maraming negosyo at mga negosyante kasama din ang revenue ng lokal na pamahalaan at ang tourisimo, kaya galinggan ninyo ang pag trabaho at e plano ninyo ng husay ang project ninyo kasama ang mga emergency routes ninyo kung may mga aksidente sa alternate routes o mga dadalhin na pasiyente sa mga ospital at sa mga estudyante na papasok paaralan.

  • Jozz

    Why not make a portable flyover so that vehicles can continue while work goes on underneath? LEGO style maybe.

    • wawa2172

       Maybe a sky way lego style. EDSA needs expansion hindi lang make up to make it smooth like NLEX and SLEX. Aanhin mo naman ang makinis but kulang sa lapad na EDSA di traffic pa rin. Well, pakikinisin ang daan in preparation for WEF and APEC sa Pinas. Bakit daraan ba ang mga delegates sa EDSA? Well, EDSA needs rehab and it must be done at the short time to finish the project. Dapat tapos na ito pag balik ko sa Manila para di na ako ma traffic..he he he

    • R J

      Good thinking portable flyover for light vehicles and buses/PUJ below. Ban private vehicles certain hours and let all of us use public transport to ease the conjestion.
      prohibit cars with one person (driver) only and implement car pool. Lots of idle lots in Macapagal blvd that can be temporary convert to temp. day parkings. Private car owner can park there and use UV Exrpress to their job/travel. Dont let the general public who using Public transport suffer only. I use my car daily to Makati and willing to do this.

  • Ronald

    trabaho lang ng trabaho DPWH Chief

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Bawasan ang mga BUS ni Claire Dela Fuente!!!

  • del pillar

    I just hope and pray that after this project has been completed no TOLL FEE will be imposed for 3.7bilion pesos are funded with peoples money, like the road users’  tax, sin tax, etc., etc.,KUNG HINDI DAPAT LANG NA ALISAN NA ANG PORK BARREL NA SANHI LANG NG KORAPSIYON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    To decrease traffic during rush hours when rehab kicks in, enforce Bus only hours during 7-9 am, & 3-5pm for example or during rush hour time, no private cars laden only with one person. After rush hours, private cars should only be allowed if 2 or more person is inside, one person can only clog the area more. Individual drivers should be allowed only for emergency or after work. Rehab should be in segment so there will be lanes available. Next time, please make sure to plan the public works carefully, like don`t spend money for public work just because for the sake of something to spen or aesthetic reason to show case for the world economic forum that we are doing well when the peripheries around metro are decaying…hypocrite, implement the PPP now. Extend the LRT now to Cavite and beyond, start the construction for the north rail, implement the provincial buses terminal in the north and south of EDSA. Implement the south rail high speed train system. Implement the road dike system, remove squatters around risky areas for calamities never mind if politicians will lose their rich voting informal constituents…

  • freeview

    Huwag na ituloy yan, masisira ang ulo ng taong madla..ngaun ngang wala pa repair sobra sobra na bigat ng traffic..Ano ba yan,,PNOy not now please

  • john

    Do we really need to rehab EDSA at this time? Maybe DPWH is just trying to justify its very large budget allocation, the same way it did with the rehab works on segments of Roxas Blvd and Quirino Ave in 2011 which were still in good condition. Also poor scheduling and coordination between governmant agencies is evident here. EDSA rehab will definitely worsen traffic situation along the country’s “premiere highway” and will force more commuters to take the MRT. Siguradong lalong magsisikip sa MRT. The MRT itself is congested as it is, especially during rush hours. There are high volume stations  with very small platform and concourse areas, too. Sana asikasuhin muna ng DOTC ang upgrading ng passenger capacity ng MRT bago ayusin ang EDSA at magpapogi sa mg foreign VIPs ng World Economic Forum.

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