Revamp DAR, 78 bishops urge Aquino


After going head to head with the Aquino administration over the reproductive health measure, the country’s Catholic bishops are taking issue with the government on another one of their obsessions.

Warning of an impending “agrarian reform crisis,” 78 bishops from Batanes to Jolo have signed an urgent appeal to President Aquino to take decisive action and revamp the leadership of the Department of Agrarian Refom (DAR).

The bishops said they were “greatly alarmed” at the prospect that the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (Carper) law was expiring in two years’ time but the accomplishments of DAR “have been dismal, to say the least.”

“Mr. President, please take quick decisive action that Carper be fully implemented and revamp the current leadership of DAR which underperformed these past two-and-a-half years,” the bishops said.

“You are racing against time. We make this appeal with great urgency,” they added.


Cory Aquino’s pet program

The bishops sought to remind the President that the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) was a centerpiece social justice program of his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, and was “meant to address a long and deep issue of rural inequality that is one of the root causes of poverty and insurgency.”

“Is it a design of the Divine Providence that what your mother, of happy memory, started would be finished within your term when the Carper Law ends by July of 2014?” they asked.

CARP was extended for another five years in 2009, and renamed CARP Extension with Reforms (Carper) with a budget of P150 billion. With Carper set to expire on June 30, 2014, the government is now scrambling to fully implement it.

The bishops’ letter, dated Jan. 24, was sent to Malacañang on Monday. Its signatories include Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, retired Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, and Archbishop Jose Palma, the current Cebu archbishop who is the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Throughout their long and bitter campaign against the Aquino administration’s ultimately successful attempt to pass the reproductive health law, the bishops have continued to maintain that the Church remains in “critical collaboration” with the government.

Carper unfulfilled

In their letter, the bishops said they were elated when the President heeded their call and promised farmers in June last year that there would be a “speedy implementation” of the Carper Law.

“Our hope was further bolstered when you forcefully stated in your (State of the Nation Address) in July 2012 that you and your administration are committed to fulfill the Carper Law,” they said.

“We are greatly alarmed, however, that barely one-and-a-half years from the expiration of Carper, the accomplishments of DAR have been dismal, to say the least, and many promises made to the farmers in the June dialogue are not fulfilled,” they said.

“We, therefore, make common cause with the farmers and many agrarian reform advocates in the call for speedy implementation of this law that touches deeply a grave social justice issue in the country affecting so many poor farmers,” they said.

Grossly underperforming

In a paper that they attached to their letter, the bishops said farmer beneficiaries were “getting desperate” that the present DAR leadership “cannot do the job.”

They noted that the P30 billion annual budget for CARP was not allocated again for 2013 and the socialized credit program mandated by Carper was not funded.

They said the DAR also “grossly underperformed” in land distribution with 2012 land acquisition and distribution (LAD) targets being reduced from 260,000 hectares to 180,000 hectares.

“The farmers doubt that the target will be met. LAD accomplishment as of Dec. 13, 2012, was only 53,580 hectares of which only 29 percent are private lands,” the bishops said.

Accomplishment claim

They said the latest claims of the DAR—that the LAD accomplishment in 2012 actually reached about 116,831 hectares (implying an accomplishment of some 63,251 hectares in the two last weeks in December)—was “questionable.”

“The DAR apparently includes in  ‘LAD accomplishment’ the lands covered by the (certificates of land ownership award) registered with the Land Registration Authority, even if the land has not yet been distributed to farmers, which was the definition of ‘LAD accomplishment’ in the past,” the bishops said.

“It seems that the DAR misses the point that until the farmers actually own, possess and till their land, there is no real agrarian reform,” they said.

The bishops said that the new management systems and procedures instituted by Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes at the department resulted in more legalistic and bureaucratic layers and “hence, discontent in the ranks.”

They added that rules allowing landowners to interrupt the processing of land distribution at a much earlier stage than before were not revoked.

DAR shortcomings

The prelates also noted that no one has been held accountable for the agrarian-reform-related killings of 13 leaders of farmers’ groups which “the President said he would personally look into.”

They said the Multi-Stakeholder Task Force on Agrarian Reform that was tasked to fast-track the process and report any obstructions had not been able to hold accountable the current DAR leadership for its underperformance.

“The situation is aggravated by the protests of the DAR employees on the governance shortcomings of the DAR leadership headed by Secretary De los Reyes,” the bishops said.

“It is impossible to lead DAR and to make it do its job when its own employees have lost trust in its head,” they said.

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  • nes911

    These bishop are politicking again. Shut up. just mend your corrupt and mercenary organization.

  • ApoLapullapu

    To what extent can the Roman Catholics be influenced by the Bishops will be tested come May 13 Elections.  But the main issue here is: Is the DAR doing its job satisfactorily and will it be able to finish its work before the expiration of the CARPER – the extended CARP? Maybe it cannot. The hardest nut to crack is Hacienda Luisita.

    • boldyak

      hanggang di maayos kung magkano ang dapat ibabayad ng GOVERNMENT na ito sa may arti ng HAcienda Luisita, hindi maibigay yan sa mga farmers, hanggang ngayon ina apela pa ang ibabayad, hahahaha…Sereno to the rescue…..for the Owner…

  • Peter L

    DAR means DAngeR. The farmers will soon be on the streets again because they believe the land that they toil should be owned by them. Mother Cory initiated it and the Son should continue the legacy.  

  • poltergeist_fuhrer



    >>>Revamp DAR, 78 bishops urge Aquino<<<

    OVERHAUL, if not JUNK RCCh, People of the Philippines demands .

    Talagang atat-na-atat ma-dyaryo at ma-kodakan ang mga TNL na naka-helmet na walang nagdadaan na buwan na hindi sila makikisawsaw sa usapang pang tunay-na-lalaki at hindi pang- lalakwe :).  Really hard to teach 'OLD and SENILE' dogs with NEW TRICKS.  Pagpapasensyahan na lang ang hindi ma-igalang.

  • Dan

    hoy mga hendot na bishops, why dont you occupy Malacanang palace na lang, mga tinamaang lintik na pedophiles, mga sugap sa pera

  • ryan andres

    Bakit di nyo ibigay sa mga mahihirap na farmers yung nakukulimbat ninyo sa mga simbahan ninyo tuwing offertory? Mas concrete na tulong yun, kesa dakdak kayo ng dakdak na parang wetpax ng manok.

    • boldyak

      hahaha…patunayan mo nangungulimbat. did your pastor instructed you to have a demolition job on RC?…hahaha wala naman kayo ginagawa kung jhindi siraan ng siraan ang RC…is that your mission in life?…paano ang nakulimbat ng founder ng kapatiran nyo?….ilan ang bahay na naipatayo, ilang ang sundivision na sila may ari?….hahaha….tingnan mo muna ang bakuran mo bago sabihin na madumi ang bakuran ng iba…awwwttt…di mo pala kayang arukin ang ibig sabihin nyan…haha

      • ryan andres

        Spoken like a true catholic! Kung di ka ba naman gago’t tanga eh. You assume too much. RC, INC, Christian, Adventist, etc you all believe in the same god that I don’t believe in.

        Buti nga lang yung mga ibang denominations eh hindi singbastos mo. And you call yourself catholic? Hahaha

  • Juan Luna Ibarrizto

    The Philippine Roman Catholic Church should lead the land reform revolution and  submit openly all  its land holdings  over the country for land reform.  The church should pay taxes on its real estate property holdings just like any other commercial corporation. That is what Philippine law makers should do but are afraid to, because they will lose all the votes from INK, Catholic Church , etc.

    • abner

       naku di talaga i iimplementa ni panot yan…kase hindi niya na makukuha ang hacienda luisita…kaya nga pinatalsik si corona eh.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I think you better start paying taxes to the government if you – bishops really want to exercise continuous meddling in state affairs.  Dakdak kayo ng dakdak hindi naman kayo nagbabayag ng buwis?  Hindi ba kayo nahihiya panay ang talsik ng inyong laway habang panay din ang kolekta ng pera tuwing me misa?

  • Mamerto

    Why are churches, not only the RCC, own vast tracts of lands that 
    are not being used for church purposes..?
    Why are these properties not subject to land reform..?Why are there NO TAXES on these VAST TRACTS of LANDS..?

  • whipnsaddle

    Bakit pati ito pinakikialaman ng mga pari?….

  • tony

    the phil congress should amend the constitution to make these pinoy friars pay taxes on their vast real estate holdings … bunch of hypocrites preach honesty and sharing with others but they do not want to share their riches with the pinoy poor …

  • mavtan

    I think CBCP should be a shining example for implementing the CARP. CBCP give away your idle land to the farmer and to the poor! I know you also have investment in the stock market, why not use that to buy land for distribution to the poor?

    • boldyak

      kung may luap man ang CBCP na dapat ilagay sa agrarian, idaan sa batas… gusto lang ila na maayos nag agrarian…ano ba problema doon?….hahaha…basta lang maka sira sa CBCP ayus na sa inyo…hahahaha..ano kayo naiinggit?…

  • regd

    They just don’t get it! The very Person they intend to follow NEVER EVER INTERFERED IN LAND DISPUTE & STATE MATTERS! 

    “Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?”


    CBCP donates land to victims of typhoon Pablo,wish i saw this in the news,but all they really do is blah blah blah.Since they want to change the way Government is run why not give them a seat in the Bureau of Corrections

  • Jomex

    I urge all Filipinos to criticize all affairs of the church. Put the ball on their court. The bishops have been violating our constitution forever. They have no gall in this respect because we allow them to be.

    • boldyak

      hahaha, pag aralan mo ang article sa constitution on separation of church and state, hahaha…wag manghula if they have violated they should answer it in court, mag-aral muna bago mag ngawa ng ngawa wala naman pala saysay pinag ngangawa…hahaha

  • Crazy_horse101010

    The latest news on cardinal mahony, the one who blew the whistle on rape cases in america. there was 12000 pages of documents released, and shows 192 priests and bishops have been involved in raping children in the southern california..

    • rbrtsmith

      pare the latest news is cardinal mahony was censured..damn.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        the church hates whistle blowers


    Just as I expected, if there are news putting the RCC in bad light like the one involving clergy sexual abuses in California, mag-press release ang simbahang katoliko ng bansa patungkol sa ibang mga issue. Talagang ayaw nilang pag-usapan sarili nilang baho. Susme. 

  • wakats


    This is their 2nd counter-offensive after their waterloo on RH bill – the 1st one on political dynasties – and there’s no telling what’s next for the avenging angels.

    Nevertheless, it’s good for the country to have a powerful group to pester the government on omissions/under achievements since the UNA is not doing their fiscalizing roles as the opposition party.

    However, their bites seem to come from a water snake and not from the black mamba on account of the apparent failure of many bishops to return their government-funded SUVs given by gma 


  • watsupdoc

    I think the bishops may have been mislead by the prodding of the radical left to harp on the accomplishment of  the DAR, the past and present administrations.  If one really looks at the total area already covered by CARP and CARPER what remaining hectares to be covered is small.  What the bishops should really look into is the question as to WHY the centerpiece program of Cory has failed to uplift the poor farmers’ well being even AFTER they were awarded the land they till.  If one really goes to the CARPed lands there is little one can see any improvement of the farmers’ lives.  Now that most of the previously productive lands are already covered by CARP, the country is now an importer of sugar, garlic, onions, chicken,etc. because in the hands of the farmers-beneficiaries the lands are mostly no longer productive and viable to till due to lack of economies of scale.  Smuggling of these products have lined up the pockets of CUSTOMS.  Talk about being an example of good governance because it got rid of graft and corruption!  It’s all oral diarrhrea of the Palace mouthpieces.

    • RubenC

      As long as armchair critics do not experience at ground zero the difficulties of poor farmers. they will not understand why CARPER and other agrarian laws fail. Actually, no one should be blamed for its failure except lawmakers.  These solons keep on legislating superficially pro-poor laws with so many loopholes so that their interest are protected and fail to sufficiently equip the law to to make it succeed.

      In like manner, the DAR’s court, DARAB, is more corrupt and slow moving than our judiciary that oftentimes landowners use money to influence its decisions while farmers put the law into their own hands to obtain swift justice.

  • jay

    Tinamaan ng magaling tong mga hindurupot na mga paring ito, Para sabihin ko sa inyo, wala kayong pakialam sa usaping pampamahalaan dahil hindi naman kayo taxpayer. Magsipagbayad kayo muna ng buwis, Ako tuwing kinsenas at katapusan ang laki ng nakakaltas sa kin. Tulungan nyo ang bansa sa pamamagitan man lang ng pagbabayad ng buwis mga bwakanang utangina nyo!

    • boldyak

      at sino may sabi na hindi sila pede mag voice out ng opinion nila….utangina mo rin….hahaha

  • RubenC

    The agrarian law was programmed to fail that’s why whoever is the President or the DAR secretary it will not succeed in improving the lot of poor farmers but instead create rich usurers who will be the new lords of tenant-farmers. As long as government doesn’t build catch basins to impound excessive water that cause floods, more and better irrigation canals to bring impounded water to farms, easier-accessed credit with less interest, lower cost inputs and farm-to-market roads, agrarian reform will be meaningless to poor farmers.  All these can be given by the government if the pork barrel and intelligence funds are taken away from politicians and instead used to fund CARPER and the above-listed requirements.

  • Tonypogi

    If the government is going to listen to the church considering it to be a political faction, then it is high time that TAXES be levied on church properties and income!!!!!! Otherwise, the government would do well to IGNORE the voice coming from these hypocrites.

  • zeroko

    This is the problem when all governments are directly appointed by the President which results to Government Agencies becoming inutil or useless in performing their solemn job just to accommodate the wishes or desire of our Chinese  Presidents. 

    Hacienda Luisita” Court case, is already according to the Supreme Court, is FINAL AND EXECUTORY yet what is happening now is DAR is dragging it’s foot implement the SC decision.

    As I have said before, beware of Chinese in our government. They are not there to govern but to plunder our countries wealth, sell all the government assets, GOCC, government stocks, and government lands. Pretty soon, the Filipinos will no longer owned their country. The PPP of PNoy will muscle out any opposition and proceed in divesting our sovereign heritage to our disadvantage. I have been sounding the alarm for a long time.

    In my candidacy in local election last May 2010, I strongly try to oppose the establishment of Belomnte’s Political dynasty here in Q.C. But, as usual, with massive vote buying, with the concerted action of ALL Barangay Council Members to put Belmonte’s political dynasty, he won, I just was overwhelmed by their seer financial resources and political organization.

    But now, my advocacy against political dynasty is materializing, initiated by the  general public   Our country is now 80% controlled by political dynasty. Anyone who says that we are in a Democratic government is dreaming. People like me  who runs as Independent candidate has no chance to be heard neither can win. I don’t belong to any political party, no political line ups, no nothing but my shadow. Yet, I am undaunted. Since 2005, I was already fighting the high and unreasonable  Taxes which is now going out of control.

    I am just wondering that with thousands and thousands of professionals, intellectuals, and etc, in Q.C., no one came out to do battle against the unilateral increase of taxes. We can not lower the taxes unless we are inside the local government. This is the only way by enacting an Ordnance  All other venue will really fail. 

    Let us bring sanity to our government. We should not allow our Oligarchy Government just pushing down our throat their illegal activities. Everyone opposes the privatization of the National Orthopedics, yet the general public just are lukewarm in opposing it. They just leave it to the few activist to rally for their cause. The style of PNoy administration is to rail road all these illegal act of privatizing our government assets and services. I was already writing here about these privatization for a long time. I said, FTI is will be the next target of privatization, and it happened. Then the 1,200 hectares of Military reservation in Taguig will be next. 

    PNoy is already committing an act of TREASON, by engaging in activities which are generally considered as anti-Filipino. Take the FTI which is 106 hectares of government land. Instead of selling it to the Ayalas, why not convert it into a massive housing project for the poor? Why send our marginalize sector of society to far flung places where there is no available job, their children being displaced, and they are totally dislocated? Many just are figuraively speaking, thrown to vacant lot and let them fend for themselves. Why? PNoy has violated his Oath of Office as a President. He swear to protect our Constitution, our National Sovereignty, etc. What he did was to unload our government assets to just few Business magnates like the Ayalas, the Henry Sy, the Lucio Tan, etc. This is practically unacceptable. Remember, our government’s policy should be to benefit the general public. This is their main job, to protect its people, provide them with affordable shelter, health and jobs. He he he. Instead, PNoy is now privatizing all our hospitals base on false premise.

    Remember the time former Gloria Arroyo said that by opening up our mines to foreign investors, we will reap  or earn $20 billion which according to her beneficial to the Filipino people? . What happens now, the poor are still poor, our government debts in Pnoy’s time higher by 900 billion pesos. Our taxes is forever going out, and many are hungry, 29% are jobless, he he he. False promises. 

    Kailan pa ba tayo magigising sa katutuhanan. It was wrong from the very start that we allowed these Chinese to dominate our government. As I have said, Malaysia and Indonesia, not mentioning Vietnam has lift frog us in economic progress. He he he. Bayan ng mga uto-uto, bayan ng mga gustong magpaalipin.

    • boldyak

      ina appeal pa sa SC ang halaga na dapat bayaran ng GOvernment na ito sa may-ari ng hacienda Luisita, kaya nga pinalitan na si Corona in preparation  sa maging Desisyon sa halaga na ibabayad, Guess who will decide and in whose favour…hahahaha..mahirap ba intendihin na ang Tuwid na Daan ay patungo sa Hacienda Luisita?….hahaha…nakaplano na yang DAAN na yan…nasa pwesto na lahat, cooling down time muna para sa daraing na maiinit na mangyayari….taga nyo sa bato…hahaha

      • Teto

        isang boto lang si Corona

  • Abigail

    they fret on the low accomplishment of the DAR when  it comes to Private Agricultural Lands, they just don’t the know the hardships that the DAR goes through during installation.Di naisip nang taga DAR na sana pari nalang ang gawing pansalang sa mga bala ng mga armed guards ng mga problematic na landholdings para maintindihan nila gaano kahirap.  

    • boldyak

      ay kung hindi nila kaya wala silang karapatan manatili, daming may alam kung ano ang dapat gawin….

  • Nerraw

    Pano aasikasuhin ni Aquino yang land reform nayan? Ginagawa nya nga lahat na paraan para hindi ma hati ang HACIENDA. Parang naglolokohan lang sila.

  • akongednamzug

    Sana naman ang pagka-abalahan ng simbahan ay tungkol sa moralidad ng mga tao hindi yung pakikialam sa kalakaran sa pamahalaan. 

    • boldyak

      pakikialam na ba sa kalakaran ang iremind  ang tamad?….hahaha…dami talaga nagpapanggap na marurunong…akala mo tama na ang pinagsasabi, pero kung pag-aralan mo wala naman palang saysay…haha

  • Hey_Dudes

    If there is one significant factor I truly admire with this sitting president, it is his resolve not to be bullied by these hypocrites known in the country as CBCP bishops.  These are parasites who loves meddling in government affairs when they are not even paying taxes?  Separation between church and state?   It is a dead monkey in the eyes of these  mongrels.

    • boldyak

      hahaha…hindi mo pa pala ang alam kung lumalabag sa separation of church and state provision ang CBCP…..pag-aralan mo muna ano ibig sabihin ng article na yan, bago ka magmamarunong…hahaha

  • Garibaldi_II

    “Land for the landless,” a beautiful, hollow slogan. PNoy must fulfill his promises he has made to the landless who remain entangled in the web of past promises. It was an era of new hope for the landless but so much had yet to be done by the DAR. Those hopes and promises are vanishing.  Peasants hardly get the help they need to produce bountiful harvests and recognition for their persistence of withstanding the cycles of calamities. They must unite as one people and one voice if they want to be heard by those in power.

  • Marshall

    Hoy mga pakialamerang  pari at obispo..bakit hinde na lang kayo tumakbong lahat sa eleksyon..

    Tutal napakaepal naman ninyong mga Malditang pari kayo…lahat sinasawsawan ninyo…pweeeee!!!!

    • boldyak

      hahaha…kaya nga bawal tumakbo mga pari sa politika unless mag resign sila…bawal na ba mag voice out ng gusto nila?…ikaw nga naki-epal din…hahaha…ayaw mo olang yata mapagsabihan ang tamad mo presidente….hahaha

  • JosengSisiw1

    It’s good for check & balance. This time I praise CBCP for it. Now they should also work on how they can distribute parts of the wealth the churches earned from tracts of land they owned. I believe they owe more from Filipinos than those business bosses in Vatican.

    • boldyak

      hahaha…typical na sumisira sa RC….ang founder nyo ba namamahagi din ng lupa, saan napunta amg ikapo nyo?….hahaha

      • JosengSisiw1

        Have you read how the vatican managed to owned expensive addresses in Europe using Mussolinis dirty money? Have you read the 4×4 story. I didnt invent these stories, twas created by RC themselves. hahaha….

      • boldyak

        ang tanong ko,. saan napunta ang mga ikapo nyo?…ang kasalan ng iilan hindi kasalanan ng lahat….gets mo?….may mga kapatiran kayo dito sa kung saan man ako, nag-aaway away sa perang naipon galing sa 10% ng sweldo nila, ibig ba sabihin kayo lahat ay ganun?….hahaha…mag-isip ka muna…lol

      • JosengSisiw1

        i think you better stick to the issue kasiI pity you kasi you cant think of better sensible idea to reply. and i dont pay ikapo, bangungot mo lang yan…


    Iyon kayang property ng church ang ilagay under DAR para maipamigay sa mga magsasaka… Puro kayo pakikialam sa usapin ng gobyerno, iyon mga lupang pribado na nadevelop na ng may-ari ang pinag-iinitan ng mga magsasaka.. bakit hindi iyon lupain na nasa pangalan ng gobyerno sa bundok na kailangan pang i-develop ang ipamigay ninyo dyan sa mga walang lupa, bakit iyon ginastusan para madevelop ang hinahabol nitong mga walang lupa… para lang iyan mga squatter sa Manila na galing probinsya, gusto sa lupa na tinitirikan ng illegal shantties/settlers na nagkakahalaga ng 25,000 – 35,000 per square meter.. tsk..tsk..tsk.. maarte pa, at ayaw nila duon sa resettlement area na nagkakahalaga lang ng 1,500 – 2,000 pesos per square meter… ano na naman ang sasabihin ninyo diskriminasyon… iyon mga lupang pribado ay hindi naman libreng ibinigay ng gobyerno sa mga taong nag-mamayari, pero ang sinisigaw ng mga ayaw mag-aral, ayaw mag-ipon at ayaw magpatulo ng pawis.. pero mahilig magparami ng mga anak … eh obligasyon ng pamahalaan ang katangahan nila… na inaayunan ng simbahan para lang magkaroon ng mga taga-sunod…

    • boldyak

      kayo ba namimigya din ng lupa, gawin mo muna bago mo pagsabihan ang iba…..hahaha

      • ALDEA

        Bakit sinabihan mo na ba ang simbahan na mahilig umayuda sa mga militanteng pulpol…

  • tower_of_power

    Huh? The church wants DAR revamped? Akala ko ang DAR ang may gustong irevamp ang church. Boto ako na irevamp ang Church!!!! Horses na lang instead of bishops … para hindi patagilid ang takbo!!!

    • Marshall

      Tama dapat  orosin muna ng Horses ang Bishops..At pagkatapos sabay tadyakan palabas  ng Catedral..

      • boldyak

        hahaha…inggit lang kayo, akala nyo mahikayat nyo kami na sasali sa mga kapatiran nyo, paano ako sasali sa pinapakita nyong asal….typical kayo sa mga humihikayat sa akin na sumali sa mga kapatiran kuno, hahaha,,sirain muna ang RC….

  • rjgc

    The bishops, representing the church, are the biggest landowners in the Philippines. Walk the talk, Your eminences. Give your lands away and live a true life of poverty. Ang yaman yaman nyo. Hard to enter heaven with all those lands. It’s bad enough you have them. It’s worse that you urging others to share theirs. 

    • boldyak

      kaya nga gusto nila ayusin ang agrarian reform, kung ang lupa nila saklaw ng agrarian reform may pagkakataon na masali mga lupain nila…mas mayaman ang mga founders ng sekta nyo…hamakin mo nagbibigay kayo ng 10% ng sweldo nyo…ako contribution ko sa Rc wala pa nga 1% ng kita ko…hahaha

      • rbrtsmith

         kung ang lupa nila saklaw ng agrarian reform may pagkakataon na masali mga lupaiin nila..      bakit hintayin pa nila masaklaw ng agrarian reform ang lupa nila? if their convictions and intentions are true, why wait? it’s more impressive if they do it voluntarily..not only impressive but its a moral thing to do for an organization who always declare their love for the poor.

      • boldyak

        kung basta na lang pamigay sa iba ang lupain nila kung meron man baka mainggit ka sa nabigyan, mabuti na yung karapatdapat ang mabigyan, there must be order in anything you do… gusto mo magkagulo?….haha..unahan m o pamigay ng lupain mo, tingnan mo kung kug hindi ka aawayin ng hinid nabigyan…hahaha…mag-isip ka muna….

      • rbrtsmith

        galing mo magpalusot inday.. tanga ba ang mga paring ito at walang makitang paraan para hindi magkagulo? syempre i-endorse nila sa gobyerno through DAR, coz according to your statement above kung masaklaw sa agrarian reform ay okay.. ikaw mag-isip inday..

      • frudo

        di ka naman kaya katoliko paano ka magkakaroon ng contribution.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • AllinLawisFair

    Clean your own churchyard before you could even try asking the State to cleanse itself, in case you have forgotten the separation between the State and the Church.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Excuse me, but I would like to ask these honourable (did I say dishonourable?) 78 bishops to submit all landholdings and property of the Church to taxation, and better still to land reform before they can even attempt to ask the government to revamp the Department of Agrarian Reform.

  • boldyak

    haha, ang daming naiinggit sa CBCP, maraming sumisira…kahit sa ikakaganda ng bayan ang appeal nila, daming sumisira pa rin…pathetic…

    • Edgardo Mendoza

      kaya pala ayaw nila sa r.h bill gus2 mag parami ng batang hubo ang cbcp bishops gus2 nila natural planting ng planting gus2 dumami batang hubo sa kalye mga salot na obispo yan ba ikagaganda ng bayan mag parami ng batang hubo silent kill joy ito mga DAMASO na ito akala poultry pinas

      • boldyak

        kasalanan ng gobyerno na hindi nila kayang damitan ang mga tao….kayo lang ba ang may karapatan mabuhay sa mundo yung hindi pa pinanganak ayaw nyo mabigyan ng karapatan?…sa inyo lang ba ang mundo?….hahaha….ginawa ba ang munod para lang sa inyo?….think deeper baka naman kasakiman na ang ginagawa nyo….live and let live….wag mo pigilan na mabuhay ang iba…simple

      • Teto

        kasalanan ng gobyerno na hindi nila kayang damitan ang mga tao? aysus

      • Edgardo Mendoza

        tanga mo kahapon ka lang ipinanganak isisi sa gobyerno isisi mo kay DAMASO ilan taon na nila hinarang ang r.h bill di na kaya ng gobyerno damitan lahat ng tao isisi mo kay satanas carnival tagle damaso! salot

      • frudo

        kasalanan ng mga magulang na nag anak ng sampu pero ang kaya lang nila bilhan ng damit ay dalawa lang kaya yung natitirang walo  mga nakahubo na. 

      • frudo

        sino pumipigil? ako magaanak ako ng marami walang makakapigil sakin so ano yung sinasabi mo na kami lang may karapatan mabuhay sa mundo, pinapatay ba ng condom ar contraceptive ang bata? kasalanan ba gumamit ng ganun pamamaraan? kasakiman ba kung ang kaya ko lang buhayin na anak ay 2 or hangang 4 lang, kaw kung gusto mo mag anak ka ng isang dosena walang pipigl sayo, choice ng bawat pamilya yun 

      • Edgardo Mendoza

        ang talino ng sagot mo sagot ng bobong obispo para kahapon ka lang ipinanganak mag basa ng senya at wag lagi mag pauto kay DAMASO! may sarili ka utak siguro robot ka! hindi mo alam science wag mo iasa sa cbcp bishops puro charity alam ng mga yan mas marami mag hihirap mas malakas impluwensiya ni damaso learn more di kana na22 sa kasay sayan dr. jose rizal is national hero obispo nga nagpapatay sa kanya obispo salot yan ay ayon sa kasaysayan! mag basa ng noli tanga mo!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    namiesta na naman dito ang mga yelow ribbons, born against at iglesia ni kulafu…

    • Edgardo Mendoza

      isa kapa tumahimik ka nag papa puwit ka kay damaso kaya pinag tatanggol mo! CBCP BISHOP SALOT

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        it hurts…ouch…

  • Your_King

    This area will definitely continue to be ignored by Aquino. I doesn’t seem likely that Aquino will do anything in order for the poor farmers to receive and to own their own land. It would also not be good for his Hacienda Luisita land. It’s been a while since that decision was made to return the land to the farmers but to this date no farmer has yet to receive anything other than false promises again.

    • nes911

      Why center on hacirnd luisita? Ang simbahan nga ang the biggest landlord sa bansa. Dapat ipamahagi rin nila yung mga friar lands sa mga mahihirap.

      • etomacq

        Hindi nangako ang CBCP na ipapamahagi ang lupain nila at hindi sila covered ng CARP..

        Wala naman masama sa sinabi ng CBCP, pawang mga totohanan naman ang inihayag nila.

        Masama ba para sayo ang pagtulong ng simbahan sa mga dapat lang na maipamahagi sa mga CARP benificiaries????

        Wag mo masamain ang pagpuna sa mga pagkukulang ni Noynoy.

        Mas paboran mo ang para sa mas nakararami kaysa sa isang Noynoy mo lang.

      • boldyak

        gusto kasi nila no bad news, all good news lang, kaso wala naman maibalita kung good news lang…hahaha

  • espada1964

    Kung magbayad ng buwis ang simbahan at igive up nila ang mga lupa nila para magamit na sakahan, papansinin sila ng bayan

    • etomacq

      Sige iboto mo si Cardinal Tagle sa 2016 for President para ipamahagi  ng CBCP ang mga lupain nila.

    • boldyak

      napannsin mo na nga eh, hindi na kailangan …hahaha

  • lagahit

    Why is the church again meddling in the affairs of the government?  There is supposed to be a separation between the church and the state 

  • tilamsik

    Here I agree with the CBCP to revamp DAR but for another reason… DAR is one silent but highly corrupt department down to the town levels.  Magpa transfer ka ng title, pepresyuhan ka… P40,000 (small time lang kasi ang nagpapatransfer) – expedited… pag nagbayad ka ng regular – maghintay ka for life….sannamabit!

  • etomacq

    Di ba ginamit din ng mga Aquino ang mga pari at madre sa mga rally nila noon???? 

    Si Cardinal Sin nga humingi ng suporta sa mga tao sa EDSA, nanawagan pa sila ni Cory sa media. 

    Mga pari at madre din ang kasama ng mga Aquino sa mga rally at propaganda noon laban kay GMA.

    Noon ok lang sumawsaw ang CBCP sa pulitika kasi kakampi ng mga Aquino, ngayon bawal na kasi kontra na sila kay Noynoy.. Nakakatawa talaga!

    Mga tao nga naman.. makikitid talaga mga utak.

  • Roy Rosales

    for goodness sake our heavenly bishops should wake up from their rip van winkle sleep and accept the basic law of separation of church and state.rather than interfere with state affairs like revamping DAR in which case they are  ignoramus of its parameters and and and its mechanics.,
    they could just concentrate on solution to the diminishing church attendee.

    • boldyak

      the church never violated the separation of church and state…study the provision bago ka umangal….haha

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Nakialam na naman ang mga Damaso na mahilig ng SUV as birthday, ala na kasi kayong mahingan ng SUV kaya kung ano ano ang dinadakdak nyo

    • boldyak

      ayaw nyo lang masabi ng CBCP ang katototahanan at punahin ang gobyerno, dahil gusto nyo yung magaganda lang ang iparating sa bayan, kung meron man…wahahaha

      • El_Gran_Capitan

         Kung ang tao or organization na nagsasabi nun ay di nabahiran ng corruption o paghingi ng suhol at nagtolerate ng corruption nun panahon ni GMA kasi nasupakan ng pera at SUV, puedeng magsabi ng ganyan, pero para sa isang organization na talamak ang corruption, sino sila para magsalita at magmalinis

      • ricomambo

        amen to that! these folks can’t even clean up their own backyard.

  • josesantos318

    Aquino to bishops: revamp the church, there are too many bishops that are corrupt and underperforming

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    naga lit na naman ang mga yellow ribbons to protect their haciendero boss…tsk tsk tsk

    • El_Gran_Capitan

       no wonder ganyan ang username mo, you use the Evil personality and kudos to you for at least using the evil username, but evil talaga sinulat mo coz you’re member of evil in the same league as someone using Albert Einstein but baluktot ang sinasabi

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        isa ka pala dun sa mga yellow ribbon…nagsabi lang ako haciendero, oa na ang reaction mo…na totoo naman…

  • frudo

    yan ang dapat mga Bishop. Go go go

  • Kim

    mag tax na kayo….mga damaso…

  • rjimenez1226

    The Roman Catholic church should pay tax on land they own. The Roman Catholic church is actually the Philippines  biggest landowner after centuries of landgrabbing! Stop hypocrisy!

  • rouelcalzita

    CBCP just barred from interfering with the affairs of the State, and vice versa. Church is constitutionally forbidden to meddle in state policies and initiatives.


    Hey Bishops, earthly matters is not your domain. Preach morality and Faith in God the Divine judge of all. Where is your trust, in human way or in mysteriuos ways of God ? Politics is despicable, don’t dwell on it. Pray for the salvation of your flock, God listens and will sent soldiers to slay evil creatures. If you trust in human way then God will not be with you. Bishops, stay away from politics. You are driving the faithful away from God.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • El_Gran_Capitan


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