Aquino arrives at anti-corruption summit


President Benigno Aquino III. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines– President Benigno Aquino III on Thursday graced a four-day conference of the 5th Global Organizations of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

The conference, attended by different heads of parliaments, opened Wednesday and will end on Saturday, February 2.

Aquino was the keynote speaker at Thursday’s conference while Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte delivered their respective speeches to welcome the participants and guests.

In his speech,  Enrile, who has been at the center of Senate funds controversy, emphasized the need to address the problem of corruption as it affects, he said, the quality of public service.

“I think our gathering here is held at an auspicious time, to deal with a problem that affected and still affects not only political communities in the past but most important  political communities of our time,” he said.

This problem has been with us since the beginning of humankind, a part of human nature, and it grows as a problem and a bane to every human society that wishes to progress, to serve the people, and to maintain the standard and level of rectitude, of public service, especially.

“And this problem has been with us since the beginning of human kind I guess–a part of human nature and it grows as a problem and a bane to every human society that wishes to progress,  to serve our people and to maintain a standard and level of rectitude of public service,” he said.

Enrile hopes that given the wide and diverse experience in public service of the participants, they would be able to address and contribute to the solution or “at least reduction of this problem…”

“I hope that in the course of your convention, and in discussing the common problem that we have, based on your diverse experiences and knowledge of the problem, you can come up with a suitable, mutually agreeable, common ground to address this problem which affects all of us,” said the Senate leader.

“It’s  really something that we must address because it goes to the very essence of governance. It affects not only the quality of service, the confidence of the people  but most of all their well-being because corruption has a cost to the well-being and lives of people…” Enrile added.

Vice President Jejomar Binay and other ranking government officials also attended the gathering.

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  • Ari Putan

    Plastikan na naman….
    E, yong Kahoy?
    Matagal na pala yan na problema…sabi ni enrile…
    May nagawa ba sya? Baka lalong pinalala nya….

  • duviz7533

    sino kaya ang ati corruption sa mga ito,bayan kailangan gumising na tayo

  • Albert Einstien

    siguro TWING SONA ang dyos ay mag DECIDE na IMBITAHAN lahat sila….SIGURADO 95% ng KURAPSYON mawawala…

    or BETTER yet…PUBLIC officers & immediate relatives assets should be voluntarily surrendered to the state or conpiscated if they refuse…….so that ONLY public officers duty & concern is the INTEREST of the NATION…… it’s quite a noble idea…

    SOBRA ang KURAPSYON ngayon….sa senado nga lang at sa lowerhouse…grabe….lumala ng lumala sa coa report 2011..101.8 bilyon ang NAWALA sa kurapsyon PINAKAMATAAS sa HISTORY…lalo na  ALAGWA ang KKK…dahilayaw ni PNOY ang FOI mabubulagar kasi HUWAD na DAAN…

    • ramelatilano

      grabe ano noong panahon ni gloria hindi nakikita ha ha ha nakatago ha ha ha…buti nga yan may data ka ha ha ha

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Enrile at an Anti-Corruption Summit is a contradiction in attendance. 
    Binay, a ghost project in progress.

    • Roberto Ladao

      Senator just open a can of worms which smells rotten PORK. I could not wait to know where those FAT of PORKS  were spend.

    • billy gunner

       aquino is the epitome of a hyprocrite!

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        If that’s the case, then he should also be invited as Guest Speaker when UNA and the CBCP hold the First Pro-Hypocrisy Summit this coming April 1.

      • billy gunner

         the problem with your president is: madaling lapitan, mahirap hanapin.

        he doesnt deserve even a mere mention as speaker coz he’s tactless. that’s almost next to being retarded.

  • mekeni62

    buti na lang walang nabato ng kamatis.

  • patriotic_act

    corruption is innate in our society.. even the citizens themselves much more so our leaders.

    to fix it it our society must be destroyed first, and rebuild from scratch.. 

    but we all know not one of us will ever agree on that.. so lets live with it


    pakibaba nga ng aking kilay

  • kurakut

    ENRILE & BINAY:  JUST FOLLOW WHAT I SAY, DO NOT FOLLOW WHAT I DO.  ang sabi ko masama ang corruption ngunit depende kung sino at magkano. ssssssshhhhhh ‘wag maingay baka mabaril kayo ng mga bodyguards ko. COUNT MACEDA IN.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    HIPOCRSY to the highest level na naman pala mangyayari this day…courtesy of penoy, enrile and BELMONTE…

  • simplengmamayan

    Eh ano pa ginagaw nyo pasa nyo na FOI.. ang tagal nman!

  • Febien

    Ang malilinis Noynoy at Enrile. Yan ang malilinis na lingkod bayan! Noynoy at Enrile

  • Albert Einstien

    sir cayetano isunuli mo na po ba un KAHOY ni JPE?…AWAYAN ng mga -EBAC ?



    NO to RH LAW



    YES to FOI

    BIG NO to POLITICAL DYNASTY…..code E- EBAC…estrada,enrile, binay, angara, aquino at cayetano….


    .Huwag na kayong E-EBAC muli….lol

  • Roberto Ladao

    The senate unintionally open a can of worms which smell rotten PORK. I could not wait to know where and how those FATTY PORKS were spent.

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. I just wonder if SP Enrile’s nose grew longer as he delivered his speech?

    • billy gunner

       no. it was aquino’s d1ck.

      • Paulita Cariño

        bastos mo naman  kung walakang comments na  masabimg maayos tumahimik ka nalang

      • billy gunner

        dont come here if you have a weak stomach.

  • No Mind

    For the President, Senate President and the rest: maybe it is time for you to realize that too much allocation of allowances, bonuses and other forms using government funds unknown to the public is a form of corruption. Non-acceptance of your respective salaries doesn’t mean you are clean. It is better for you to get your respective salaries rather that allocating millions of funds for your own offices. Any hypocrisy is not honored by God. We trusted you being our leaders, please do your best for us. Please create jobs not laws that only you is favored.You can put us in jail because of your cybercrime laws but you cannot change the fact that we needed change and we need to be heard also. Any criticism from us people is a voice of God. We are all crying for food and other needs and it is only you who could answer that. Please avoid too much spending of peoples money.Stop killing us!

  • dodong1

    Nakatanim na yang corruption sa isipan ng mga Pilipino dahil nakikita nila araw araw…pati mga bata natuturuan mandaya dahil sa kahirapan..mga nasa mga politiko naman nandaya daya dahil sa kasakiman sa pera…kaya wala akong tiwala na masusugpo ang CORRUPTION  sa ating bansa..miski isang milyon pang beses sila mag conference kundi hindi palitan ang PANANAW ng mga tao sa ating bansa at hindi nagbabago ang ekonomya para mabigyan ng marangal na trabaho ang mga mamamayan.. WALANG MANGYAYARI…NAG SASAYANG LANG SILA NG ORAS..LALO NA YUNG MGA GUEST SPEAKERS AY GUMAGAWA RIN NG KATIWALIAN O CORRUPTION…

    • Musta Na Mo

      sila nga ang ginawa na speakers kesi may experience sila…CORRUPTION  ang topic di ba?

      • dodong1

        funny ha ha ha ha…

  • KpTUL

    It is like the corrupts are gathering to address corruption. Seriously ?

  • KpTUL

    The fact is: the the president, senate president, speaker can re-align funds to serve as carrot and stick 
    Anong corruption pa ba ang hinahanap ninyo ehh practice na ninyo yung corruption araw araw. mga kapal ~~

  • Benito Juarez

    Just checking if DISQUS blocks …. “The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones; and the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great ones. If you are not trustworthy in what belongs to another, who will give you what is yours?  No servant can serve two masters.”

  • JV Velarde

    Enrile is in the wrong summit. 
    He’s everything this summit is supposed to eradicate.

    • Faisal salman

      Kaya nga nakamuraot hinde mapakali sa upuan..
      Si BInay naman panay ngising aso ..alam nya sya ang tinatamaan sa speech ni Noynoy..

  • Felix

    Maybe what is happening in the senate is a blessing so changes can be done for good. In the past, everyone is silent so clamor for change cannot be heard.

  • billy gunner

    “Aquino arrives at anti-corruption summit”

    ipokritong presidente!

    • kawawang_bansa

      noynoy aquino, enrile, belmonte are examples of who not to emulate…great corruptors

  • Philcruz

    Ha hah!  Enrile and Binay.. in a global anti-corruption conference in the Philippines .. in one breath.. in one sentence.  Hilarious !  Oh, my gawd !

  • Febien

    Sino ang pipiliin ? Si Enrile na namigay ng pera sa mga Filipino senators at senate employees, O si President Aquino na lihim nanpinapunta sa China si.Trillanes para sabihin na di intresado sa Scarborough ang mga Pinoy! Gugustuhin mo ba ang Pangulo na laban ng laban sa China pero lihim na ipadadala isang tao just to say We are not interested sa Panatag shoal.

  • Febien

    Sino ang pipiliin si Enrile na namigay ng pera sa mgs Filipino o Si presidente Aquino na lihim na pinapunta sa China si Trillanes para sabihin na di intresado ang mga Filipino sa Scarborough Shoal?

  • Marshall

    Sana Pangulong Noy..hinde ka na nagtalumpati..Itinuro mo na lang sana sina Tatang JPE at Binay maiintindihan na ng tao kung ano ang Korapsyon…

    • Musta Na Mo

       ang pagtayo at pagtalumpati palang ni Pnoy…kurapsyon na yun…

      • Marshall


  • doublecross

    thank you po, mr. president….halla, sipain mo ang mga corrupt!

    • Bert

      di pwede, maraming KKK masagasaan…..

  • Febien

    Sino ang pipiliin si Enrile na namigay ng pera sa mga Filipino o si.Pres. Aquino na pinapunta sa China si Trillanes para sabihing di intresado ang mga Pinoy sa Scarborough Shoal ? Laban ng laban kuno sa China pero lihim na pinapunta sa China si Trillones para ibigay ang Scarborough sa China.

  • Cool_ka_lang

    Ang kakapal ng mukha! Di kasama doon si Pnoy. hehhee

    • billy gunner

       oo dahail sa kanya yung pinakamakapal sa lahat! lol

      • Febien

        Dapat i impeach yang BS Aquino na yan dahil laban ng laban sa China pero lihim na pinapunta sa China si.Trillones para sabihing di intresado ang mga Filipino sa Scarborough shoal! taksil sa bayan!!! imbestigahan now na!!!

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Aquino: The Philippines is now corruption-free. No more jueteng, no more illegal-logging, no more rice smuggling, no more peddling of government influence, no more gov’t officials receiving perks and lobby money from casino moguls. Even the recent massacre in a far-flung province called Quezon was just a personal feud between two rival groups. It was not about corruption.

    Enrile: Indeed. The Philippines is now corruption-free. No more smuggling of luxury vehicles. And even if there are corruption, we can always rewrite history.

    Belmonte: In my previous life, I was a journalist. From my experience then, the best way to fight corruption is to nip it in the bud. By stopping information about corruption from leaking out, we can nip corruption in the bud. So we killed the FOI bill.

  • Febien

    Bakit di kinasuhan ni Mrs.Aquino si Enrile noong sya ang President? kasi love ni Mrs.Aquino si Enrile dahil lumaban si Enrile kay Marcos. Makakasuhan ka lang sa Pilipinas pag lumaban ka sa mga Aquino. Pero kung sasama ka sa kanila sa pagtsugi sa mga kalaban nila , love ka nila. ganyan lang ang style.

  • virgoyap

    Enrile is speaking as if he is a corrupt-free public official. The millions of money that he corrupted has affected millions of our poor Filipinos.

  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy, who protects his KKKs and absolves them from their alleged acts of corruption will deliver his keynote speech in a conference about anti corruption. How fitting is that? His administration’s anti corruption program’s only big fish victim is GMA, who they have not even verified accountable for their allegations. While GMA and a few of past administration officials are being persecuted, the rest of the government officials, especially the KKKs are feasting on government assets.

  • GreenChickenDown

    Kung gusto natin mawala ang CORRUPTION wag tangkilikin ang UNA candidates … Partido Liberal tayo,   UNA lang ang nagka kanlong ng mga magnanakaw na mayor gaya ng sa Muntinlupa.. Kinawawa ang Muntinlupa ubos ang kaban  ng bayan dahil sa KURAKOT na Mayor ng Muntinllupa

    • Bert

      Pero paano si VILLAR na tinatawag dati ni Pnoy na MAGNANAKAW, di ba nasa LP line-up na ngayon?

      • Conrado de QUIYOT

        pakilinaw lang po..kailan tinawag ni Pnoy na magnanakaw si Villar  ..

        Dapat objective po ang ating mga comments ..ano po ang katibayan nyo sa inyong akusasyon ..

  • Your_King

    Aquino’s anti-corruption speech should be highlighted by a presentation on his personally implemented Selective Justice System…in which he attacks people that has any sign of corruption whether or not those signs are legitimate but allows members of his KKK to roam and do as they please without consequence. His own system should come with examples of his attacks of GMA, Corona, Garcia, and even abd-cbn news anchor Noli De Castro and his covering-up for Llamas, Puno, Padaca, and Acosta just to name a few.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    sige nga kung walang nakawan pass FOI BILL para malaman natin kung saan napupunta pera ng bayan at kung saan ginagastos sa singapore lang wala nag nanakaw kasi batas doon FOI BILL death penalty ka pupulutin mr president hypocrites! milyon milyon ang tambay sa pinas patii si bantay inuulam na!

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    pass FOI BILL tingnan mo kung ano mangyayari iskandalo pag napasa ang batas na eto mga pilipino engot linuloko na sila ng daan matuwid tapos binubulsa nila ang pera ng bayan kasama ng tongreso sununugin nalang ninyo congreso o kaya palitan na pangalan ng congreso JURASIK IN THE PHILIPPINES yan magandang pangalan yan bagay sa congreso ng mga kawatan!

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