Malacañang defends political dynasties


Secretary Edwin Lacierda. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

What’s wrong with President Aquino fielding senatorial candidates from powerful political families?

Responding to Catholic bishops’ denunciation of political dynasties, Secretary Edwin Lacierda, presidential spokesperson, said Wednesday a distinction should be made between “good” and “bad” political dynasties.

His argument: “It should be clear what political dynasty means … Not all dynasties are bad; not all dynasties are good.” Lacierda added that banning outright candidates with the “same family names” should be studied.

Besides, the Team Pinoy candidates had “proven themselves” in public service and private sector, and it was up to the electorate to vet their qualifications, Lacierda further argued.

“You can identify each and every individual and you make a judgment for yourself: Am I going to vote for this particular individual? The President has chosen. He has decided to say, ‘These are my people and these people will push for my reforms,’” said Lacierda when asked if the administration candidates come from “good” political dynasties.

For the midterm elections in May, Mr. Aquino is fielding his own cousin, youth leader and entrepreneur Benigno Paolo “Bam” Aquino IV. Others relatives of politicians on the slate are Senators Alan Peter Cayetano (the son of a former senator and brother of incumbent Sen. Pia Cayetano), Aquilino Pimentel III (son of former Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr.), Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara (son of incumbent Sen. Edgardo Angara), and former Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar (wife of Sen. Manuel Villar).

The opposition United Nationalist Alliance, on the other hand, is also fielding candidates who are members of the families of Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and deposed President Joseph Estrada.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) had issued a pastoral statement denouncing political dynasties, saying it felt offended that lawmakers defied the mandate of the Constitution to push for an enabling law banning dynasties that only bred corruption and ineptitude.

The Constitution prohibits political dynasties, but as in the case of the freedom of information provision, Congress has yet to provide the enabling law.

The Kapatiran Party welcomed the CBCP pastoral letter, saying it would spearhead a people’s initiative for the passage of a national law banning political dynasties.

Kapatiran senatorial candidate John Carlos “JC” de los Reyes said the party would seek the Church’s support in the gathering of  signatures.

“We are asking them to help out by providing accessible and convenient signature desks scattered in all the dioceses. Without them, this initiative is almost futile,” De los Reyes told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in reply to query sent through Facebook. With a report from Jerome Aning

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  • bogli_anakdami

    yehey… hay salamat… pwedeng pwedeng iboto ko si kris “bedhopper” akin’o…

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    “There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. In the same way, there are good dynasties and bad dynasties.” —-  Bam Aquino in GMA-7 senatoriables interview

    So in short, dynasties are like germs.

    • bogli_anakdami

      worst than germs… a virus…

  • Dy Pailad

    This time I will disagree with Malacanang. Political monopoly must end and there is no other chance of ending it but now under Pnoy. If we continue to tolerate dynasty before we know it Jinggoy or JV is already the President, Nancy Binay Vice President and Jackie Enrile Senate President.  Tama na sobra na.

  • farmerpo

    Political dynasties are never good. Might as well have a monarchy. Whenever we say good and bad dynasties we are being subjective. Is there a good killing and a bad killing? Good killing as in death penalty? Good killing as in salvage? It is always how you look at it. Political dynasties, with an enabling law, is illegal. Marijuana, with an enabling law will be legal. That is why we have laws, not gut feel. When we become subjective, we become  personages as Palparan and Marantan fully believing that what we  do is for the good of the people. Never in his lucid mind did Ferdinand Marcos consider himself a dictator. To him, he was the father of the Republic as do the current leader of North Korea does. If we allow the proliferation of dynasties, pretty soon, we will have a dictatorship, a monarchy or plain anarchy. Take you pick. 

    • bogli_anakdami

      i don’t consider them “dynasties” per se… it’s more like clans or tribes or gangs…

      dynasties leave lasting and impressive legacies… none of flip clans/tribes/gangs is worthy of praise…

      they render flipland shame and destruction…

  • superpilipinas

    This administration had already served its purpose. As I imagined in the beginning, Aquino can only introduce the concept and the initial benefits of good governance.

    But Aquino can not fully reform to a good government. He uses anti-corruption and good governance for the prosecution of opponents. It is not bad. But when he does not use it for his administration and his allies, that itself is corruption. 

    Most Pinoys view Political Dynasties as a cancer of the Philippines. If the Liberal Party could not force PNoy to get rid of Political Dynasties, then Pinoys should trash Liberal Party to cure this cancer. Prolonging LP will not help us progress further. It will just be the same or be the opposite.  

    Most of our parties are formed by Political Dynasties which took advantage of the previous corrupt governments to entrench themselves.

    Now is the best time for us to start trashing these parties, political dynasties, and traditional politicians all together. Please vote for independents and technical professionals like doctors, engineers, professors, etc. If there’s none in the ballot, then don’t select anyone. So that even if these political dynasties win in 2013 with low votes, more independents will be encouraged and political dynasties will receive the strong message that their days in politics are numbered.


    THE PUBLIC GOOD is the highest good.

    Good or Bad for a family means nothing.  Has no value whatsoever.

    Good for the public or majority in a society is what counts the most.  Whatever it may be…a person, a group, or a family- in public service…..if it is not for the good of all or majority, it is CANCER. 

    Example of tumors and cancer of late:  MarcS, Ram, EstS, Mac-ArrS, Aba, Pich, Rey, Gar, Lig, GenuS, Ur, Mor, and Cor, CBC.

  • $37644997

    Naturally,when there is left-there is right,when there are positives-there are negatives,when there are good dynasties-there are bad dynasties.Over all it’s better to scrapped them all-it only attracts bad influence.”Any dynasty who proves to be right all the time are also proved to be wrong in any given time.

  • MarcyPulilan

    What is bad in political dynasties is that they have been in power too long in the Philippines and that power was handed down to relatives. But since the independence of the Philippines in 1946, we have not progressed that much, more so even down graded our quality of life. And we see that the wealth accumulated by these dynasty families is inversely proportional to the improvement of the accumulation of wealth of Filipinos. If we cannot outlaw political dynasties, let us use our votes to remove them. Regardless of how good they advertise they are, we should not believe them anymore because we do not see it in the result, the Filipino people are still disadvantaged.

  • Chloroform

    What’s wrong with President Aquino fielding senatorial candidates from powerful political families?… because the constitution prohibits political dynasties (good or bad does not matter). in the absence of the law, we should be guided by the most commonly accepted definition…

  • dennis

    “What’s wrong with President Aquino fielding senatorial candidates from powerful political families?”asked Edwin Lacierda.
    My answer is simple and precise,”If the whole Filipino are watching a best TELESERYE at this time,they will answer “INA..KAPATID..ANAK” no doubt about it!
    Now,Mr Lacierda,let me throw you back a question thinking that you are not a Presidential spokesman but a normal citizen like us “What do you think about your impression if you are going to watch those characters of “INA..KAPATID..ANAK” inside MALACANYANG?…inside the SENATE?…and inside CONGRESS HOUSE? Definitely,you will answer “It´s not bad either!” BUT,Surely,i will answer you back ” It´s not good and unbelievable!”
    And not even good enough to get a HIGH RATING if we put that as a TELESERYE! What do you think Mr.Edwin Lacierda?

  • Beguine

    Even if the country’s elected and serving government officials from mayor
    all the way up to the President – blighted and plagued by the cancer of 
    political dynasties who cannot be stopped and removed from office right now –
    will not do anything to put a stop to this practice and in fact subvert
    Constitutional provision against political dynasty, the people nationwide
    themselves should act in the next election NOT TO VOTE for any 
    and all candidates stamped easily recognizably with the mark Political Dynasty on their 

    It’s a now or never thing. Allow Political Dynasty in the May election
    and it will never go away. We all should say go away to Political Dynasty
    through the ballot, since we cannot, in fact never expect Political 
    Dynasty to come to an end and the best solution really is to stamp it out
    by using the ballot in every election, and then there will be no need 
    for demanding its demise since every vote against it kills it. 

  • victorts

    I can’t believe Presidential spokesman Lacierda tried to categorize political dynasties into good and bad just to fool the people into voting for Pinoy senate aspirants who are members of a dynasty.  It is like telling chidren there are good and bad devils – the good devils being in Pnoy’s good graces and the bad ones those that Pnoy prosecuted or persecuted.

    Mr. Lacierda, the reason it is embodied in the constitution is because it has been determined by the framers that political dynasties are bad for the country.  The constitution was born and ratified by the people during the time of Cory, Pnoy’s mom.  And now you say they should have distinguished between the good and the bad dynasties?  Only because Pnoy’s senate slate contains names that belong in a political dynasty?  You maybe a lawyer, Mr. Lacierda but you are not a good one.  You should be a children’s story-teller.

  • dennis

    “For the midterm elections in May, Mr. Aquino is fielding his own cousin, youth leader and entrepreneur Benigno Paolo “Bam” Aquino IV. Others relatives of politicians on the slate are Senators Alan Peter Cayetano (the son of a former senator and brother of incumbent Sen. Pia Cayetano), Aquilino Pimentel III (son of former Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr.), Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara (son of incumbent Sen. Edgardo Angara), and former Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar (wife of Sen. Manuel Villar).”

    This is what we called “INA…KAPATID…ANAK” Cast of May episode.

  • Fred

    CBCP, sino ba ang kandidato nyo? Mukhang na antagonize ninyo ang political dynasty at baka magpasa ng batas na no more separation ang church at state, therefore pagbayarin na kayo ng taxes.

    • 33Sambuang2

      wala na kasi si gloria kaya ayan umeepal na naman ang mga pedophile at manyak na mga hinayupak na yan…………

  • kulittwit

    Of course, not all dynasties are bad, not all are good. the same thing with bishops and priests.

    Bishops are even worse, they dont have the right to be bad. But, many of them are corrupt, pedophiles, rapists, smugglers, and biological fathers of countless children worldwide.

    • abner

       si Celdran kaba?? ang baliw na bakla??


      Kings were phased out for the simple reason that it is a dynasty rule. Now who say’s that there is good political Dynasty. Everyone in high seat had now become Abnoys.

    • Masterful Deceit


      Ang galing mong mag comment!! Relevant to the topic and really makes sense even if it looks extremely non sequitur and asinine in the beginning.

      Idol ka. Please post some more!

  • Cristy

    I still believe that there a ‘Good Dynasty’ like the Aquinos. 

    • renbowconnection

      hmm,. that’s right! kung iisipin mo naman mabuti malaki ang nagiging progress ng bansa pag Aquino ang may hawak. I’ll vote for Bam Aquino this May. 

      • angtangamo

        Tama ka! magagaling nga sila. I can’t wait for Josh Aquino to come of age and run for president. I will vote for him.

      • Paul

         and Kres aquino for senator soon. they are a good political dynasty.

      • Dy Pailad

        I feel sorry for Bam Aquino. He is good but I will not vote for him. Not in this coming elections. I may support family members seeking for elective office but not the kind where more than 1 member of the family are running for elective office in same period. 

    • padrefaura

      including tessie “dancing queen” aquino-oreta? 

    • IbigMongSabihin

      the start of the Aquino dynasty ay noong panahon ng Hapon ng willingly na umupo sa pwesto sa Japanese-controlled government si grandpa Benigno Aquino I, samantalang pinapatay si Abad Santos at iba pang ayaw sa gobyernong Hapon. Ng dumating ang Amerrcano at umatras ang Hapon ay sumama pa sa Japanese forces papunta sa Japan si grandpa Aquino I…. Next dynasty ay ang anak ni grandpa na si Benigno Aquino II, ang published records already showed na ito ang gumawa ng paraan through political influence para mapunta sa mga Cojuangcos ang Hacienda Luisita ng wala ni isang centavo na bayad mula sa mga Cojuangcos…. What I wrote are published public records. So, asan ang “good dynasty”? The current Benigno Aquino III ay below average naman ang performance. Tangengot lang kamo ang most of the Pinoy islanders.

  • renbowconnection

    Best thing to do here is check their individual track records/achievements. May internet naman e. Then choose kung sinong sa palagay niyong karapat dapat.

  • Albert Einstien



    NO to RH LAW



    YES to FOI

    BIG NO to POLITICAL DYNASTY…..code E- EBAC…estrada,enrile, binay, angara, aquino at cayetano….E-EBAC lang sila ULIT..

    HUWAG KALIMUTAN ….Huwag na kayong E-EBAC muli….lol

    • FernandoBusi

      Dapat dyan we should campaign NO FoI NO LP. 

  • wilrose

    use our freedom of rights, pero ilan milyon pinoy po ang laging kasama sa BLOCK voting dahil ito ang gusto pasiya nila, at kalimitan ang mga pulitko ang lumalapit para makuha boto ang taga sunod. di po ba bawal din sa saligang batas ang Block voting pero tuwing election po maraming mga pinoy ang bomoboto dahil ito ang pasiya.

  • Benjamin

    No matter what the reasons are, the law is the law. The law banning political dynasties must be enforced to the letter. This is the problem with the justice system here in the Philippines. They openly violate the law despite the very clear pronouncement that ‘POLITICAL DYNASTIES ARE NOT ALLOWED” BAKIT WALANG MAGPATUPAD NG BATAS NA ITO? KE MABUTI O MASAMANG DYNASTIES, DAPAT BAWAL SA MGA ITO ANG TUMAKBO. HINDI BA NAKAKAINTINDI ANG MGA PULITIKONG ITO. HARAP-HARAPANG BINABABOY ANG BATAS DAHIL MAKAPANGYARIHAN SILA. TALAGANG WALA NG PAGASA SA PILIPINAS. 

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Successful countries don’t have political Dynasties,

    as simple than that.

    In the Philippines political Dynasties are a big problem

    • FernandoBusi

      Not exactly true my friend SK, US, Japan they have it. The only difference is there greed is minimal and there is an orientation to serve the people and think about their place in history. You actually had US presidents before who left office broke but in our country politics is too much personality oriented and we have megalomaniacs for leaders thus political dynasties here should not be allowed.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        SK, US, Japan aren’t anymore Feudal society. In those countries they don’t have the power to rob, kill or be corrupt. At the first mistake they are thrown in jail, the Law are almost the same for every body. In Japan Dignity and honesty has a signification, not in the Philippines. 
        In Europe the only power the Royalties have, is ribbon cutting, as well most of the elected Presidents. Italy, Spain and France are the most corrupt among the developed. 
        Eastern countries remained underdeveloped till recently thank of Communism, today in those backward places religions and corruptions are flourishing.

        But northern Europe, Austria and Switzerland are the most advanced, economically and socially, you will need a lens to found Dynasties.

      • FernandoBusi

        I’m not that familiar with Europeam politics but i think it has to do with their system of government. And yes theres a clear delineation between the head of state and head of government for most progressive European countries.

        As for the others Park Guen-hye comes to minds, the Kennedy’s, the Roosevelts, the Bushes. The point is, dynasties are not a hindrance to their societies because of the culture. In this country dynasties are a hindrance because of our culture. I can’t imagine Filipinos rich or poor lining up to donate their gold jewelry the way the SK’s did during the 1997 crisis. Filipinos talk big but majority of us do not follow through.

  • Paul

    good or bad dynasty, other people should be given the chance to serve the people. 

    • superpilipinas

      Yes. Otherwise, Philippines will always be a the sick man of Asia.

      Political dynasties of today rose out of previous corrupt governments. All of them are either bad or just riding on politics of patronage and not based on good merits and performance.

      For example, PNoy only became president because no other candidate at that time was promising anti-corruption and he carried his parents’ surname.. But now that he is president, did he prioritize FOI which is key to transparency for good governance? 

      Therefore all political dynasties need to be trashed and a law should enable that. When the Philippines is again ready in the future with mature voters and good government then the law should be repealed. For now Political Dynasties are bad for the Philippines and Filipinos.

      • Paul

         but that is bad news…most if not all politicians belong to political dynasty. how can they prioritize such a bill/law. god save the philippines.

  • Padre Damaso

    Regardless, at this age, we should know better. No More Political Dynasties. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad its a matter of obeying whats in the constitution. We should not look for loopholes in our laws rather follow them – abide by them.

    I will give the new names a try, lets change the Senate and Congress by ridding it of this same old Trapo names.

  • Riz Manas

    That doesn’t mean if there’s no enabling law on political dynasties it is OK is a total disregard of the Constitution.

  • XY ZEE

    GOOD…Yung sa amin.
    BAD…Yung di sa amin.
    Ganoon ka simple lang ayon sa palasyo.

  • joerizal

    Eh kung yung mga botante kaya ang i-educate ng CBCP kaysa ratrat sila ng ratrat at wala namang nangyayari?

    • FernandoBusi

      Cguro natutulog ka habang may sermon sa Misa. 

      • joerizal

        eh ikaw nilalamas mo ang syota mong bakla habang nangongolekta ng tong ang simbahan sa misa.

      • FernandoBusi

        really thats what you do? yuckkkk …

      • joerizal

        tanga mo talaga…ikaw yon

      • FernandoBusi

        you’re the one who wrote about it and thought about it so most likely your talking about it out of experience … mag-aral ka nga ng psychology at kung paano nabubuo ang isang konsepto. yan tinagalog ko na for you yuuky yuck yuck

      • joerizal

        bobo na pikon pa…at nagdudunung-dunungan pa. hahaha…kawawa naman.

      • FernandoBusi

        really kawawa ka nga san ka ba nag aral sa wanbol U? Kaya pala your so crass.

        I’m just well educated though I admit to weakness in higher math.

      • joerizal

        haha, well educated daw. Bobo naman pala. Lumalabas ang pagka-ignorante mo. So magaling ka sa lower math? hahaha, meron ba nun? engot talaga.

      • FernandoBusi

        my my you don’t even know that higher math exists. product of Wanbol ka nga :-) poor you.

      • joerizal

        wala na talaga, nasiraan na ng bait. Kawawa naman.

      • FernandoBusi

        really if your not from Wanbol where are you from?

      • joerizal

        Galit na galit na at nawawala ka na sa sarili. Saan ka nga ba nag-aral at educated ka kuno? Sa mental hospital siguro.

      • FernandoBusi

        can’t even answer the question wanbol U? lol. I’m not angry i’m having fun twitting Senatong Sotto’s schoolmate.

      • joerizal

        haha twitting daw…sira na talaga.

      • FernandoBusi

        Oh my you don’t know what twitting is? its different from tweeting. /you really are from Wanbol U. But it would be really stooping too low for me to go on.

        Thanks for livening up the morning.

  • Cubano

    mr. lacierda, ke maganda o hindi ang political dynasty, binabawal yan sa ating Constitution.  abogado ka naman yata, di ka ba naka intindi?  

    • boypalaban

       abogadong pulpul…

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    The question of political dynasticism within a democratic system of government cannot be justified on the mere argument that it is after all the electorate which has a final say on who our leaders will be. Justifying political dynasticism on the basis of the source of the mandate completely misses the point of the constitutional injunction which is one based on our collective  wisdom and experience that “a family that rules together, preys together,’ and that even if ultimately we do take chances when we choose our leaders, we’d rather trust experience than chance. 

    And, what is the contrary position—-the one that harps and rues that we may be deprived of the goodness of one just because of blood and the accident of birth—-but a species of deception to make us forget or neglect that when it comes to good governance no one is indispensable, not even a whole family of angels. Nay, such a position is just the “God’s-gift-to-our-country” mentality that infects our polticians. Megalomania, pure and simple.

    Thus, with due respect to my namesake, I say this time, “Frailty, thy name is politician.”


  • whipnsaddle

    May dynasty o wala, dapat wag nang makialam ang mga pari sa pulitika, kayo na kaya ang tumakbo sa halalan,….

    • boypalaban

       at ikaw ang boboto sa kanila…

  • FernandoBusi

    Guys for the FoI bill to be passed our chant should be NO FoI NO LP.

    • Dy Pailad

      That is dangerous. UNA can stall that bill in order to win in the elections. 

      • FernandoBusi

        The bill has already passed the Senate the problem is Lower House. Do you really think if Malacanang works for it, it wont pass? No senator is stupid enough to go against this unless last term na nya.

        This is just like the Corona issue, the Senatongs were initially not inclined to convict him but pressure from Malacanang can push things. Unfortunately they have something to hide so their putting lip service support.

      • Dy Pailad

        I’m for FOI too but so what if we know how our officials behave or spend our money? What else that we do not know about them? They are corrupt we all know that. FOI is not the panacea to corruption. Without strict implementation of other existing laws, and not putting a plug on discretionary powers, FOI would be another law that has no teeth. Besides, what prevent the corrupt to be more creative?

      • FernandoBusi

        I think with FoI the media will be better able to expose these people and may be get things to stick in the mind of the masses. Right now we who have access to the net and government officials are probably better informed than the common people. We need the masses educated and saturated with these info so they stop voting these people. I know a lot of what going on based on conversations but if I mention it to some third party thats rumormongering and endangers me. If people have access to info they can see it for themselves.

  • $23228448

    Filipino people see events like this happen all the time and DO NOTHING! So I guess in the end the stupid people deserve their stupid politicians.

  • Peter L

    You see nothing wrong when you are doing the wrong thing!

  • zeroko

    There is no such thing as good or bad dynasty. If Civil Service Commission says nepotism is prohibited, then, so be it. Politicians are very tricky. Majority of them are real brilliant people like Senator Angara, “he he he. Kaya lang sumobra ang pagka-talino. Hindi ma intindihan kung bakit bawal ang political dynasty.” In short, intelligence does not guarantee moral ascendancy in the government. Marami na tayong mga very intelligent people, si Gloria, classmate pa ni Clinton, o, tignan mo ang galing niya, marami ang pinapatay dahil lang sa talino niya, sa nakawan, sobra!

    One of the funny but serious cheating this coming election is the H.B. of Herbert Bautista in all his project. I know before hand, before he won the election that he will walk the ways of his “godfather.”  former Mayor Belmonte jr. The pattern is the same, flood all the corners of Q.C. with your tarpaulins showing your picture or initials. In the side of Belmonte Jr. he place the initial of BS which stands for “Sebisyo ng Bayan! Herbert Bautista followed the style. His is HB which means “Hando sa Bayan.” These two clowns does not fool  anyone. Everybody knows that what they did is a ploy to exempt themselves from critics. On the part of Belmonte Jr. he spread all his political ads. in the last May 10, 2010 committed all violations. 

    Former Mayor Belmonte and Bistek placed their tarpaulin on prohibited places like electric wires, on trees, and all other conceivable places. Belmnte Jr. has corrupted all barangay councils here in Q.C. by sending their Chairman in Xiamen, China, to Singapore, Boracay, Puerto Gallera, and Palawan to make them beholden to him. In the last election, all members of the Barangay Council participated in campaigning for them in their areas, they were provided with stretchable ladder to place former Mayor Belmonte’s political ads to those prohibited areas in defiance to the COMELEC rules. I have been opposed to Belmonte’s establishing his political dynasty here in Q.C. but to no avail.

    I am an Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. in the last May 2010 election and also to this coming May 13, 1013 election. In the last election, my main flyers or political ads is to inform the voting populace not to allow the Belmonte’s to establish a political dynasty. But nobody listens. The 3 billion pesos pork barrel that Belmonte set aside for himself in January 2010, five months before election did the trick. He engage in a massive cementing of streets all over Q.C. The problem is seldom do you see any one with pork barrel resort to “Fair” bidding. Many times, there is 20% bribe that goes with the projects. He he he. With 3 billion pesos pork barrel, the bribe could have been a whooping 600 million pesos for himself. Belmonte is a bright individual but he established his political dynasty here in Q.C.

    Same with Senator Angara. He was former Dean of U.P. Diliman. Enrile is an astute statesmen, but both want political dynasty. According to the study, 96% of old timer politicians running this Mid term election are members of a political dynasty. What does this mean? It means, as Senator Miriam Santiago Defensor sum it up, Filipino voters are uneducated when it comes to selecting their candidates. Kawawa talaga tayong lahat.

    As a reminder, the former Senator of Maguindanao, I call him “from Magiundanao” because majority of his vote came from that place with the help of the Ampatuans, remember. Anyway, this Senator who was last minute disqualified and replaced by Koko Pimentel was entrusted with 4 billion pesos Jetropa project or green fuel. After 2 years, the project closed up because at the start, he lied about the thousands and thousands of available land for Jetropa. Bobo talaga ang gobyerno natin, very corrupt. How can anyone believe that we got a large agricultural area when we already have a massive tenant-landlord problem because our tenant farmers has no available land for themselves. He he he. Sayang ang 4 billion pesos set aside for the Green Fuel, Jetropa project. It was destined to fail even before it started.

    Down with political dynasty. Down with old timer trapos. Let us vote any one, better a monkey so he does not know how to lie, cheat, and steal!

  • IbigMongSabihin

    Ang CBCP ay organization lamang gawa ng tao sa mundo samantala si presidente Noynoy ay may destiny na bigay ng langit para siyang aakay sa Pilipinas sa tuwid na daan. Kaya natural lamang na kung ano ang nasa isip ni Presidente Noynoy ay dapat ituring iyon na bulong ng langit para akayin tayo sa tuwid na daan. Mabuhay ang mga Aquinos, mabuhay ang mga Estrada, mabuhay ang mga Binays, mabuhay ang mga Revillas, mabuhay ang tuwid na daan! 

    • zeroko

      He he he. Galing ng opening remarks mo. Langit pala ang tingin mo ke PNoy. Ha haha! Sir, kaya lang naman umaangat ang ekonomya natin ay dahil sa kabebenta ng lupa natin sa mga Chinese. Pag ubos na ang ari-arian ng mga Pilipino, dive na tayo. Besides, a foreigner commented that the GDP is not a good basis in  determining the progress of one’s country. He said that if the wealth just goes to the pocket of a privilege few, than, that is not progress.

      Let us put it this way. In these morning new in CNN, the economy of America has contracted .01% from the positive 3 percent. The explanation brought about was that because of the cuts in military spending, and the withdrawals of American troops in Afghanistan, their economy jump to the fiscal cliff. This means that the GDP is also affected with government spending. 

      In our case, our government has engage in a massive spending in spite of the 900 billion pesos deficit. Think what would happen once our government has no more government assets available for sale? He he he. Right now, the 2013 budget is 2 trillion plus because we are paying a whooping 2 billion pesos plus in interest payment. Imagine, we are paying a 700 billion pesos on interest payment a year alone? That is not a solid progress. Later on, we will follow the ways of the Americans. Bankrupt!

      Don’t be mislead by these news. It is only intended for campaign gimmic. After election, we will be back to reality. We are so proud that we got 1 billion dollar foreign investment. To tell you frankly sir, these investments are in our Stock Exchange which can be withdrawn in a split of a second.  Huag na po kayo magpapabola sa Chinese government natin. Maraming pilipino ang halos walang pera para bumili ng iang disenteng pagkain. Mantakin mo, 5 pesos worth of  noodles to be eaten by 5 members of a family. Carbohydrates na ang ulam, carbohydrates pa ang kanin. Nilalagyan na lang ng asin para maparami ng pagkain! Sooner or later, we will have a nations of morons and mongoloids.

    • billy gunner

       “Ang CBCP ay organization lamang gawa ng tao sa mundo samantala si
      presidente Noynoy ay may destiny na bigay ng langit para siyang aakay sa
      Pilipinas sa tuwid na daan.”

      kaya pala siya na raw ang magbabayad sa pyensa ng isa niyang alipores dahil hulog siya ng langit! LOL

    • boypalaban

      anong dosage mo ng shabu ngayon?
      tira ka pa…mas normal ka kapag nakatira ka e…

  • zeroko

    Lacierda is making a clown of himself. Nagpapatawa! He is doing disservice to PNoy administration.

  • Philcruz

    Imagine a Binay as President and having his wife, sons or daughters and kins elected to the Senate, House and appointed to key Cabinet and agency positions.

    They won’t ever tinker around with the country’s coffers? With the likes of Binay, Enrile and Erap leading their family parade for the dynastification of the Philippines, this is improbable? I dread for our children’s future if we don’t stop all these dynasties now.

    • zeroko

      My suggestion is let us not vote any trapos or traditional politicians in the coming election. Vote the independent candidates. He he he. Hindi naman ako nangangampanya, ngunit, I’m an Independent Mayor Candidate in Q.C. Kung mananalo ako, may malaking kaso simula ke House Speaker Belmonte Jr. down to the City Councilors. Matagal na nilang nilo-loko ang mga tax payers dito sa Q.C. 

      I filed an administrative case against former Victor Endriga way back 2009 because he is responsible why Business Tax keeps on increasing in spite of poor business climate. He dictates how much a business is earning even if the tax payer shows his audited income. And worst, it is not the function of any Chief City Treasurer to dictate how much tax you pay. It is the sole duty of the City Councilors. Paano naman ito kung nagbubulagbulagan ang mga Q.C. Councilors to the malpractice committed by the Chief City Treasurer? He he he. Sabit lahat yan, I will file an administrative case all they way to the House Speaker Belmonte Jr. and to all the City Councilors for connivance to cheat the Q.C. tax payers.

      Just imagine. How come Q.C. racks an income of P11 billion pesos while Cebu City, a major tourist spot, with dozens of 4 star hotels, and a booming business only had 5 billion on taxe?. The answer is this. In Q.C., an ordinary Barbershop and a lowly Carinderio has to pay more than 15,000 pesos on the Mayor’s Permit while in Olongapo and Calamba City, they only charge P500 pesos straight! Bakit, kumakain ba ng ginto ang mga nasa Carinderia? Ang buhok ba ng taga Q.C. ginto rin? Pare-pareho ang service yet the Mayor’s Permit is greatly exaggerated here in Q.C.

      Let’s not vote the trapos! I will even go to the extend to vote a monkey if he runs for a candidacy because he does not know how to lie, to cheat, and to steal. 

  • julieboy

    Dont look at the name,look at the person and assess the ability of the individual to do something good for the country.Call it dynasties or whatever,children of politicians do not necessarily disqualify themselves because of their relationship.You cannot chose your relatives and parents,but voters should look at their ability to be legislators.Dont vote for the useless its a waste of money for everyone. We are a culture of close family ties,every parent want their children to be like them.some of the kids are forced to be like them to protect whatever interest they have at stake irregardless of their abilities.Morally children are not to blame for the parents sins,but the ties are so close that the children end up the same.VOTE WISELY AND INTELLIGENTLY…..

    • zeroko

      Alam mo pre. The reason CSC or Civil Service Commission bans nepotism is to discourage an single family to dominate the power in any locality. Political dynasty is after consolidation of power. Intelligence is not sole or exclusive rights of the rich and powerful.  The’re many Filipinos who are far more intelligent than these political candidates. COMELEC ENCOURAGE THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO ALL!

      If you allow political dynasty to dominate our government, he he he. Our country will go to the dogs! Besides, we will no longer be in a Democratic State. What we will be is an Oligarchy state. It is defined below which I quote from another source, lease I be violating the crime of plagiarism.

      “A form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique;government by the few. What clique means is “TAYO-TAYO.”

      Come to think of it, we are now in an Oligarch State. By definition, “power vested  in a few persons or dominante class. Are we not there already? Remember the Marcoses, the Angaras and etc. Wala na tayo sa Democracy. The more if there is a political dynasty. 

      I just hope that you give some attention on what I’ve said. Para na tayong nasa Hacienda, Feudal form of government. We are the tenants and the political dynaty is the land owner.

      Look at how corrupt the Angaras are. Senator Angara has a “pet” project in Aurora. He wants to convert his province into an Eco-zone. But what actually he is after besides from racking billions of pesos if the project pushes through is to engage on illegal logging. He is doing that illegal logging, fortunately, PNoy decided to ban all sort of logging which is the reason he stopped. In the eco-zone he encompass all 12,900 hectares. Of course, he has to clear the area, but it was violating the ancestral rights of the indigenous people to ther land. Mantakin mo, 12,900 hectares, almost equal to the area of Taiwan? Grabe ang nakawan at corruption in our government!

      Political dynasty equates to an evil empire. Power corrupts! Look at the Lady Mayor of Davao City Sara Duterte ddid? She does mind the Press taking video, she keeps on boxing the poor sheriff for doing his job. He he he. You like that kind of government?

      • julieboy

        Your comments are correct,I will not argue but how do we move forward? Ideally all of them should not be elected. Anyway I’m just making a comment and make some sense to the uneducated voters. Karamihan don’t think like you and me,very short memories ang Pinoy. Tama yung observation mo,very smart our politicians and also very corrupt.Unless ma wala ang dynasty we will always be the same.Its really a political dilemma.

  • 56del_11

    pdi, wla na ba kaung mas magandang pic ni mr lacierda? prang si dracula lang o.,  joke lang po.  Ako at ang pamilya ko ayaw namin ng political dynasties, lhat na lang ng miembro ng pamilya pati aso nila at maids gusto nila ptakbuhin sa mga posisyon kac ginagwa n nlang negosyo ang gobyerno, mlaki pork at daming perks 

  • Philcruz

    “Let the people decide” is a simplistic wily statement formulated by the Three Musketeers of UNA to benefit themselves and their business interests. And now the administration is using that same line.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    This is what we inherited to Aquino Gov’t from past to present. I still remember their slogan Presyo ng Galunggong. Now at present lots or most politicians are member of the political dynasty. Much much dangerous than the fallen dictator. They are dictator to their own districts and now they are now conquering the highest post in the gov’t. One day the Philippines will be owned by a private individual who controls the natural resources and riches of the island.
    And lots lots more of negative impact on Political Dynasty.
    We’re going back towards the Ming Dynasty Philippine Style.
    That’s “What Is Wrong Mr. President”! What’s good your relatives have done? Butz Aquino,Tess Oreta, Cojuancos, Etc Etc. ” UGAG ka ba or Bobo?”

    Ans: Yes or No?

    • boypalaban

       Butz Aquino – showbiz
      tessie oreta –dancer  hot mama
      tingting – socialite
      peping —-headache ng sports

      at may paparating….si BUM AQUINO TRAPO…..

  • GlenMJacob

    I will have no problem with political dynasties as long as the Freedom of Information Bill becomes law of the land. Once the people has the right to look at every transactions of the government, we do not have to fear were the tax payers money goes. The FOI will also show how good or bad the politician is therefore, the voters will be better informed.

  • Litong

    He who considers wealth a good thing can never bear to give up his income; he who considers eminence a good thing can never bear to give up his fame. He who has a taste of power can never bear to hand over authority to others. Holding tight to these things, such men shiver with fear; should they let them go, they would pine in sorrow. They never stop for a moment of reflection, never cease to gaze with greedy eyes — they are men punished by Heaven.

    Ito ang mga nakararaming politiko natin sa Pinas, mga “kapit-tuko” sa pera’t kapangyarihan. Subalit tulad na nabangit sa taas, me araw rin silang dapat panagutan.

  • Tamarindwalk

    It doesn’t really matter who Aquino supports.  It is up to the people to determine whether or not they want political dynasties to continue or not.  

  • wawangpenoy

    May fellow Filipinos. Our hope is in our hands now. With this palace statement, they have just manifested that they are no better than the trapos in Congress.  I was hoping they would be more circumspect.  Lacierda!! gunggung. It’s not a question of good or bad. It is a question of law, constitutional law. Abogado ka pa naman.

    DO NOT VOTE FOR ejercito aka estrada, binay, enrile, cayetano, villar at aquino . Yung iba, hindi ko na binanggit. They don’t fare well in the surveys anyway. Baka magkaroon pa ng name-recall effect.

    Please lang let’s reach out to our less educated kababayans about the evils of dynastic politics. LET’S SHOW THESE MORONS IN MALACANANG AND CONGRESS THAT WE ARE THE POWER, WE HOLD THE POWER OF THE VOTE.

  • carlorocci

    Sabi na nga’t walang maasahan dito sa political dynasty issue, ehhhh…..

    Ito naman mga Buweeeshops, halatang-halata, noon panahon ni Gloria Makapal Arrovo hindi binatikos si Arrovo sa political dynasty issue…..

    • boypalaban

       pag nagsalita may angal, pag di nagsalita may angal pa rin…

  • carlos_premacio

    Dynasty is bad in the Philippines and these families are making business out this government. 

    Benigno Aquino Sr. – a MAKAPILI who was arrested in Japan for collaborating with the Japanese during the Second World War killing millions of Filipinos, son the late Senator Ninoy Aquino, daughter in law former Pres. Cory Aquino and grandson PNoy is the President of the Republic. 

    Ferdinand E. Marcos a dictator who killed thousands of young Filipinos and put the country 100 years backward, wife Imelda is Congressman, son Bongbong is Senator and daughter Imee is Governor. 

    Joseph Estrada, a convicted President for Plunder, a known womanizer and a gambler, wife was former Senator, son Jingoy as Senator, the other woman Mayor and the other woman’s son is running for the Senate. 

    Diosdado Macapagal, daughter is the worst President and the most corrupt public official GMA who is in prison and grandsons as Congressmen. 

    Ecleos in Dinagat who murdered people who will go against their family’s wishes and whose dying mother is the Governor. The son is running under the Liberal Party. 

    The Ampatuan Clan who rose into power when appointed by Cory Aquino in OIC heydays and pampered well by GMA and became the country’s worst family of monsters and some members are running under the Liberal. 

    Senators Enrile who was one of the author of Martial Law that caused the death of our young brilliant people and who faked his ambush, son Jack, a Congressman, is running for Senator. 

    The Cayetano siblings in the Senate and now controlling Taguig whose father became richer of the stock manipulations during the time of Estrada. 

    The Binays of Makati and is now fielding an incompetent daughter for name’s sake as Senator. 

    Fernando Poe and now Grace Poe, an incompetent running for the Senate. 

    Manny Villar of the Daang Baluktot whose wife Cythia is now running as Senator of the Daang Matuwid of the Liberal Party. 

    Edgardo Angara, a monster butterfly in order to stay in power, was an Estrada ally, a GMA crony, oppressed the IPs to gain billions from the economic zone their family is sucking out of our taxes, family controlling Aurora, their province, and an incompetent son running as Senator. 

    we have a long, long lists. 

    Tell me of a good political dynasties in the Philippines. 

    • Guest

       Nice comment!!!

    • beerhunters

      good info! pls keep on posting!

  • carlos_premacio

    and lastly, expect Josh and Baby James/Bimby as Senators or Presidents in the future Philippines. 

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Kalokohan… WTF!

    Political dynasties are a bane of this nation. That is truth.

  • zeroko

    Daing perang pwedwng nakawin ng isang politiko sa gobyerno. And that is the motivating factor why political dynasty exist. To STEAL!

  • billy gunner

    hahahahaha! palace bunch of clowns led by lacierda talking nothing’s wrong for as long as they are the ones doing it!

  • Virgilio B. Zamora

    (naka gas mask)…nothing wrong, it only stinks !!!

  • MarcyPulilan

    Mga Dre, naka Jetpraks na ang mga pamadyak ng mga dynasties na ito, re re hatche na lang todits  sa halalan paparepipaps na yan. Matotoguts ka na lang na nilalafang na ng mga yan ang kaban ng bayan , puros sila mga Tom Jones sa pawer!

  • Gerry Mendez

    may good political dynasty kasi ang pamangkin ng presidente tatakbo.  yung bad political dynasty sa mga kalaban.  ito ang daang matuwid.

  • Fulpol

    stupid Lacierda…

    the Constitution is discouraging political dynasty because it is inherently not good in a democratic society…

    political dynasty is negative….

  • Fulpol

    Bum Aquino and Tinting Cojuangco… Aquino-Cojuangco political dynasty.. good political dynasty??

    idiot Lacierda…

    BS Aquino III didn’t even at par with his father Ninoy….

    BS Aquino III, the great trapo himself….

  • nakawan

    It’s not impossible to topple dynasties in the Philippines. Just don’t vote for them in elections. Quezon City magnanimously booted the Mathays from power, except they replaced them with another dynasty. Tinga thought he could control Taguig until the Cayetanos started sniffing for scraps and won the city. Same with the Asistios in Caloocan, the Pinedas in Pampanga, and the Dys of Isabela. It’s harder to compete in cities where public service is visible like Makati, Las Pinas, or Davao City, but still it’s possible to boot them out as long as YOU DON’T VOTE FOR THEM.

  • Pert Cabatana

    The constitutional provision is very clear. So, the Congress and the Senate just have to get on with the job of making the enabling law. The Executive branch must push and prioritize this along with the FOI in order to significantly advance the Daang Matuwid structural reforms.

  • boypalaban

    angkan lang daw nila ang magagaling…
    di kayang pamarisan…
    di kayang pantayan…
    sila ang panginoon…
    sila ang sinasamba…
    sila lang ang tama…
    sila ang batas…
    sila ang tinitingala…
    sa kanila na lahat….

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    akala ko pa naman lawyer itong si lacierda…

    alam mo ba ang resulta ng dynasty????

    DYNASTY CREATES OLIGARCHY!!!….shall u say again that oligarchism depends???

  • poltergeist_fuhrer









    naka dalawa ng pangulo tayo na aquino, mahirap pa rin…

    naka dalawa na tayong macapagal na pangulo…mahirap pa rin…

    matagal na ang mga angara, villar, enrile etc..mahirap pa rin…sabihin mo sakin lacierda na walang masamang dinastiya…

    ang AKBAYAN NGAUN, SOBRA NA ANG YAMAN nila HONTIVEROS, LLAMAS< ROSALES….marginalized pa ba sila???

    • boypalaban

      may BALAK ding gumawa ng DYNASTIYA si FAFA LACIERDA….AAAAAAY!!!!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • nanyo_nanyo

    good dynasty , syempre yung kapartido
    bad dynasty , syempre yung kalaban

  • Klein Mo

    Meron bang good political dynasty sa Pilipinas? Sige nga ano ang mga pamilyang to? Angara? Villar? Di kaya high ka lang Edwin?

    And political dynasties are unconstitutional. It’s just that the greedy legislators have yet to pass an enabling law.

  • Pedro_Gil

    Akala ko ba boss mo kami abnoy? bakit di ka nakikinig? sabing ayaw namin sa political dynasty. marami pang kandidato diyan.

  • Victor Carl

    In the next few days, Sec. Lacierda will speak while keeping a straight face, ” while daang matuwid admittedly may be a broad concept, it was not contemplated by the president to include political dynasties. He cannot be faulted that the concept never occurred to him when he contemplated his political mantra. But he will definitely consider the suggestion with just minor qualification probably to exclude his family, that of Cayetanos, Angaras, Pimentels, Villars, etc. from the coverage. Any political family for that matter especially from UNA is of course welcome to join in the exemption and will be gladly accommodated just to dispel any perception of discrimination, bias chuvanes blah blah blah. These things mind you have no place under the president’s daang matuwid.”

  • picker_blend

    daan matuwid daw… ipag hahampas ko yan sa ulo niyo eh.

  • Edsel

    Kung ang iboboto nyo ay Kapamilya, Kapuso at Kapatid sa darating na election, wag na lang. Mag-isip muna tayo ng mabuti. Let’s end political dynasty in the upcoming election. Don’t vote for them. :-) #notopoliticaldynasty #stoppoliticaldynasty

  • buttones

    I was under the distinct impression that we had an article in our Constitution, -albeit requiring a Law to support the idea- that said Political dynasties are not really a good idea, it was a view shared by the twenty or so people that actually authored the document.Now I am faced with this Lacierda character who is saying, on behalf of the President I assume [who is, as we all know a fully paid up member of the dynastical crowd] that this article in our Constitution is irrelevant. The lame argument being that some dynastical tribes are really well meaning, and cool sort of guys, essentially Liberal Party members – taking a wild guess. Whereas other dynastical tribes, who are not of the same persuasion ,[ let’s call them ‘opposition’ parties which invariably happens in a democracy] are very, very naughty type people deserving of no support.The article in our Constitution does not identify ‘good’ dynastical tribes, nor ‘bad’ ones either it speaks of political dynasties as a principal to be avoided- in other words NOT a good idea.And, looking back over our democratic history, which has for the main part been formed by dynastical tribes, I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, it was a complete dismal failure- I really don’t think- citing a small example- that 67 years of this sort of rule, resulting in a fact that 30% of this nation do not even have toilet- progress has been made…..

  • jim

    This Lacierda is very efficient at defending the President. But his interpretation of the ban on political dynasties in our Constitution really sucks!

  • kismaytami

    Whether good or bad, political dynasties are ILLEGAL according to 1987 Constitution. Wait… Do we really have a good political dynasty here in the country???

    • Masterful Deceit

      Lacierda is obviiously trying to say that the Aquino Dynasty is a good dynasty.
      Kamusta na ba Tarlac?

  • superpilipinas

    Political dynasties of today rose out of previous corrupt governments. All of them are either bad or just riding on politics of patronage and not based on good merits and performance.

    Perfect example, PNoy only became president because no other candidate at that time was promising anti-corruption and he carried his parents’ name and legacy.. But now that he is president, did he prioritize FOI which is key to transparency for good governance? 

    Therefore all political dynasties need to be trashed and a law should enable that. When the Philippines is again ready in the future with mature voters and good government then the law should be repealed. For now Political Dynasties are bad for the Philippines and Filipinos.

    • Bert

      Very True!!!

  • superpilipinas

    Even with the ban on Political Dynasties in the Constitution, the clowns in Congress would not create an implementing law. This is why it is all up to us now. We should exercise and demonstrate our power over these clowns in 2013 elections.

    For 2013 elections, no trapos, political dynasties, and showbiz people. Vote only for independents and technical professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. If you can’t find any in the ballot, don’t select one. If these clowns still win, they win with very low votes and at least they get the strong message that their era is ending in 2016.

  • superpilipinas

    If an overseas based reputable survey company conducted a survey today, I believe more than 80% of the participants will say NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTIES. 

  • Bert

    Kung ano ang MALI NUON, TAMA NA NGAYON…….

    Pnoy’s TUWID NA DAAN is actually just a disguised clone of ERAP’S WEDER WEDER LANG…..hehe

  • disqusted0fu

    Of course! Political dynasty is what got Pnoy to where he is now, hopefully that will not be the case with Bam, and with all other politicians who do not show vital performance but just try to stay in power through popularity alone.

  • Your_King

    Malacanang will most definitely defends themselves because Aquino is part of a political dynasty and so are the members of his candidate bets running under his banner. If political dynasties were against Aquino then it is bad but since political dynasties are for Aquino then it is good…that’s the thinking of the Philippines President.

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