Why soldiers don’t retaliate vs enemies


“You hit one of us, you hit all of us. We will come after you.”

Those brave, fighting words came from Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, addressing the gunmen who killed eight civilians and a policeman and wounded 12 other civilians in an ambush at Las Castellana town, Negros Occidental province.

If that stern warning was addressed to the New People’s Army (NPA), it sounded hollow and full of hot air.

In the past, NPA guerrillas had ambushed and killed many soldiers and cops, but government troops hardly retaliated.

Of course, press statements were made by the government after numerous soldiers or policemen were killed that troops were in hot pursuit of the NPA or Moro rebels who staged the ambush.

But those press statements were not followed up with news that government troops had avenged the deaths of their comrades.

*   *   *

Retaliation by government troops for the deaths of their comrades never happened because soldiers or policemen are confined to their barracks or police stations because of the peace talks with the rebels.

Besides—and this is more significant—the morale of soldiers in the field is very low.

Why? Because their personal welfare, as well as those of their families, is not attended to by the government.

For example, when a soldier is seriously wounded in battle and is treated at the Armed Forces or V. Luna Medical Center, he or his family is asked to buy his own medicines that are not available in the hospital’s pharmacy.

The soldier and his family are told the government will reimburse them for the medicines they buy outside the V. Luna Hospital pharmacy.

To an underpaid soldier, who has a family to feed and children to send to school, buying medicines is a big drain on his pocket.

And, by the way, the reimbursement for his medicines comes many months after he leaves the hospital.

And if the soldier is killed, his family has a hard time getting his pension.

Worse, a gigolo at the AFP Finance Center in Camp Aguinaldo seduces the dead soldier’s widow and runs away with the pension.

Now, if you were a soldier who is ordered to go after the rebels who killed your comrades-in-arms in an ambush, would you go after their killers hammer and tongs, given the situations I just mentioned?

*   *   *

During my father’s time, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) took care of the medical needs of soldiers and their dependents.

My father was with the defunct Philippine Constabulary (PC), one of the AFP’s major services, and he and his dependents—my mom and us, his children—enjoyed complete medical coverage.

When one of the children was sick—which was often since there were 10 of us—we were sent to the military doctor who was assigned in every PC camp.

Soldiers who were severely wounded in combat were flown to Manila to be treated at the Camp Crame General Hospital or the V. Luna Medical Center.

It was unthinkable then for a soldier wounded in combat to complain that his needs were not met.

*   *   *

If those gunmen who ambushed and killed or wounded innocent civilians were members of the New People Army (NPA), they have lost whatever moral ascendancy they claim they have over the civilian populace.

How can the NPAs now claim they protect the poor and the oppressed when they slaughter them?

Most of the sympathizers and supporters of the NPA come from the ranks of citizens disgruntled over the uneven justice system and the apathy of government towards their plight.

If indeed the gunmen who murdered innocent civilians in La Castellana are members of the NPA, they can no longer hide from the authorities.

The civilians who harbor them will tell on them. It will be the beginning of the end of the NPA.

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  • richard ortega

    kung totoo ang mga NPA na para sa mahirap at galit sila sa mga magnanakaw ng bayan bakit di nila gawan ng aksyon ang mga arroyo, corona at mga general na nagpahirap sa bayan.

    • aeon888

      Tama! Matagal na akong nagco-comment na sana yung NPA ay tirahin nila yung mga kurap na politiko at pulis at hindi yung mga pobreng sundalo o barangay tanod na matinong nagsisilbi lang sa bayan.

      Eto dapat listahan ng NPA: Mga Arroyo, Corona, Marantan, Mga Ampatuan, Chavit Singson, Midas, Mga Abu Sayaf, Ecleo, Gov. Pineda, Yung congressman nga taga LAnao del Sur na nambugbog ng guwardiya palagi, Si Carabuena etc…

      • boldyak

        ang mga totoong ganid at sakim sa kapangyarihan di mo isama?….may kiling ka pa rin…lol

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

      include Marantan, Dumlao, Lacson.

      • justomontevedio

        Nalimutan mo yung mga Marcoses at Enrile! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FPVUYCML46QCAJM5N2O4GNID24 tony

    That ambuscade in Castellana is another proof that the NPA is nothing but a bunch of thieves, cattle-rustler and common criminals who extort money from the very citizens it claims it represents. They have been fighting their insurgent battle witht the govt for about 5 decades now. In that time span, I challenge any NPA spokesperson or even sympathizer to enumerate the list of corrupt senior govt officials who stole public funds that the NPA’s have captured or liquidated. I’m not talking barangay-level or even city-level. Im talking provincial-level and even national-level. The Marcoses come to mind them being the greediest family to have occupied Malacanang. Yet to this day, the NPA could not even hit ONE SINGLE TARGET FROM THE MARCOS FAMILY???? GIVE ME A BREAK!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Mon, you’re full of air too! soldiers never retaliated is a piece of cr%^$! yung anak ni pitao na babae ano ang ginawa ng mga sundalo? kapag may ambush sino binabalikan ng mga sundalo? ang mga community sa pinangyarihan ng ambush! gumising ka na sa pagkakatulog nung  bata ka pa at panahon ng tatay mo!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    He also think Santa Claus is real.

  • joeybg

    Binubulsa  ng mga Opisyales ng mga Militar ang mga pera para sa mga Sundalo na nasa frontline at pera para sa mga pamilya ng mga naulila…… ganyan kasi ang mga natutunan ng mga Opisyales na graduate ng PMA….. Kapalan lang naman ng mga Mukha.

  • $20926843

    This columnist failed to mention the record of Gen Palparan who effectively pacified the area he is assigned to from the clutches of these NPA terrorists. That is why the above ground organization of the NDF some which are now allied to this present inconsequential Regime with its inutile and autistic president hated him so much that they campaigned almost everyday in the media to vilify him and influence this present Regime to file alleged human rights cases against the man.

  • Mamang Pulis

    brave fighting words ba mon?

    eh inutil naman yan mar boy bawang roxas—puro soundbite puro press con

    alam lang mag inspection ng kasilyas sa naia —magsabit ng bawang sa leeg—–

    ngayun nasa DILG, ano pina raid nya? caloocan? culiat?–ahhh oo atimoan–kanya rin pala yun at fall guy si ochoa—tatakbo nga pala sa 2016–di pwede masalang—


    sumuyod sya sa puesto ng kalaban—tutal press release din hanap nya

    suportahan nya sa field mismo ang PNP/mga LGU

    wala nagtatago sa opisina —style CEO—

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    “During my father’s time,……….”

    Here we go again kuya mon, napaluha na naman ako. everytime you mentioned this, i cried and was nostalgic of how heavenly it was. no corrutpion, no kotong, etc. very respectful ang mga tao, kasi very honest and mga mamang Pulis at PC. sana mon buhy ulit ang tatay mo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    one more thing kuya mon, noong panahon ng tatay mo walang rebelde or komunista di ba? kasi magagaling at kagalang galang ang mga PC noon, napaluha ulit ako, kuya mon.

    • batchmatters

      walang npa noon kasi hukbalahap ang tawag sa rebelde under taruc. 1960’s lang nabuo ang npa under kumander dante

  • patriotic_act

    lots of tulfo fans in here.. 

    I always have fun reading the comments than the article itself.. unlike others who dislike the man but still read what he has to say..

    anyways, I HATE leftists, militants, rallyists and communists, they are the bane of our society and if Jovito Palaparan is a “berdugo” for them I would rather have him killing all of them than them making a mess of our society with their obsolete mentality.

    I will never hesitate to snitch a communist.. 

  • Maitum

    Those are called “saboteurs”. They sabotage the nation’s progress. Why don’t they join the electoral process and run for whatever position in government they desire. If their purpose are good, then, they will surely win in that democratic process. And since they are considered saboteurs, they are bound to fail.

  • Rovingmoron

    This has been a long time suggestion for them to join the political fray. But they don’t, same with the Muslim rebels. It is public knowledge that their objective is to help the poor, how come they’re killing some of them? In France, the communist party is allowed to field its own candidates? Why can’t the CPP does the same in Pinas?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=641032253 Aldz Trust

       Di mo ba alam halos lahat ng militanting partilist ay sponsored nga mga yan?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    the first part is full of hot air and kwentong barbero. nagpagupit ka na naman siguro ng weekend mon ano? excellent tabloid reporting…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZMYIL5FXLVIHRZXBQGONZS6U4 Jhune

    Panahon kaya ni Marcos nitong karanasan ni Tulfo? At panahon naman ni Pnoy ang nangyayari ngayon. Kung ganong kahayop ang ginagawa ng mga NPA na suportado ng mga leftist noong panahon ni Marcos, mag husga ang taung bayan kung bakit ganon nalang ang rehemen ni Macoy. The law to be done by the two chambers shall be by condemning the ideology of the communist.

    • dmsanders

      kasi nuong panahon ni macoy KONTI lang ang magnanakaw sa gobyerno eh after ni mccoy HALOS LAHAT ng nas gobyerno magnanakaw, kundi pera oras o panahon ang ninanakaw. pati mga HENERAL PO1 pa lang KOTONG na sa sundalo naman sarhento pa lang dorobo na rin

      • LAD

         bakit nga ba dumami ang magnanakaw sa gobyerno?  kasi natutu ang tao nung kapanahunan kasi ni marcos, ang tawag sa kanila mga PRAKTIKAL hindi magnanakaw pwe

  • dmsanders

    sana buhayin uli ang SPARROW unit pero wag ng iattach sa tulad ni popoy lagman para maayos ang takbo. para mabawasan kahit konti ang mga ABUSADO sa gobyerno maging politiko, pulis o sundalo o mga taong gobyerno

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

       Maski lipulin mo lahat ang mga Corrupt na Congressmen at Senators at ibala mo sa Kanyon,may mga pamilya pa rin yan na mag tutuloy sa kanilang dating gawi.
      Sparrow will not be a deterrent to their cancerous corrupt culture.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XQODE2FO77XSRL7WNORTHGEKUU Eric

    dahil kong ang mga sundalo ang ma-kapatay CHR ka agad, human right abuse, pero kong npa ang pumatay, wlang human right abuse, diba patas ang laban.

     i agree kay dmsanders na ibalik ang SPARROW par pataying ang mga tao sa gobyerno na nasa CHR office lano na ang oppisyal.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    Kaya ka pala bayaran tulfo e produkto ka din ng kurakot mong tatay/ PC ?? PWAH!! PINAKASUKANG SUKANG branch ng AFP!!

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    any story na lng, basta maisingit lng ung “kagitingan” ng ama! ginawa mo ng journal tong space na to!

    • opinyonlangpo

      Nobody is perfect. He is proud of his father.

      • pubringjuandelacruz

        I know he is proud of his father… who’s son is not proud of his father anyway?
        but what his doing is bragging about his father’s accomplishments using today’s events. can’t he put ethics on his writings?

      • opinyonlangpo

        Give the guy a break, ethics is not in his vocabulary.

    • LAD

       dorobo yata ang tatay mo kaya di mo maipagmalaki

      • pubringjuandelacruz

        aw! hindi nman… pinagmamalaki ko rin ama ko… pro hindi sa puntong aapak ako ng paa pra gawin lng un… o di kaya gawing halimbawa ang ngayon at ikukumpara sa nakaraan… talo pa ni Mon ang babae… masyadong HISTORICAL!

  • Pitbulldog

    Tulfo has a point.  My father was a PC soldier before in the early years of the Marcos regime.  That time I could recall that with his take home pay, we can even afford some luxuries in life and really free hospitalization for all the members of the family.  May mga libreng vitamins pa. He was just a sergeant then, may scholarship pa.  I doubt if the pay and benefits being received by a soldier of similar rank today could help make ends meet for him and his family.  Kaya nga mas matatapang lalo mga sundalo noon, dahil alam nila, mawala man sila, they are assured their loved ones will be taken cared of by the government.

  • mfdo

    Beginning of the end ? I doubt so .. for every time their popularity vanes, some politicians stunt will give them replacement fuel ..

    Rovingmoron: they are killing people because they want to strike fear, because they don’t know anything else ..  and for some suspicious reason, all presidents, except GMA, are not in favour of eliminating them.

    After all, more than one Asian country have proven that such idiots can be rid of .. and that is only when they are terminated totally .. not in parts and portions .. any leftovers can restart the revolution .. so to say ..

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    If the required medicine for the injured Soldier is available on the other Pharmacy and not from the V Luna hospital Pharmacy itself and the victim’s family shall momentarily shoulder the cost,this V Luna Hospital shall be closed for good.
    It’s unthinkable for a Government Hospital not to have all those essential medicines for its Soldiers.While the Generals can afford to steal millions of Military funds,if this news is true,our Government is indeed Corrupt.Those lowly paid soldiers in the field have no reasons to exist there and they should pack up their things home.
    I was told by a Moro friend that some sodiers in Mindanao during the times of Marcos sells their ammos to the rebels when they run out of Money.
    No doubt,they have all the reason to do so.And no doubt why some soldiers/Policemen and officers  would end up as security adviser or security aides for Lord of Organized Crime and illegal Gambling.

    • zeroko

      Napaka laki ng budget na medicine sa Military! Ang mahirap lang ay, ghost delivery ang nangyayari. Tapos, ang ibang government medicines, hindi na nakakarating sa hospital. They are brought and sold to Pharmacies adjacent to the hospital. SOP na iyan sa gobyerno. 

      Mantakin mo sa San Lazaro, ang patience pa ang bibili ng “Anti-rabbies” at “anti-tetanus.” May budget din yan!

    • 444mangyan888

      sa san miguel corp (cavite unit), ginagawa ng clinic pag wala meds available, me endorsement lang sa mercury drug sa imus o dasma tapos finance na nagbabayad/liquidate.
      Why can’t v. luna do this..? Of course, this will be so prone to corruption, eh kaya nga mga college grad/nag aral kayu jan eh di ba..? para maalam kung ano ang tama at makatoothanan. Kung nanakawin pa naman pati ito, aba mahiya naman kayu sa mga nanay ninyo…!!!  Buti pa si manong mon, proud sa tatay niya

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Sa totoo lang,hindi puwede yung Goody Goody style ni Mar Roxas as DILG Secretary.Dapat yung tough guy.At sana ayusin ni Pnoy yang issue na yan,bakit di sapat sa medecina sa V Luna at bakit gagatos ng isang centimo ang pamilya ng nasugatang sundalo.Malaking kalokohan na yata yan,habang ang mga Senador Milyon ang partehan ng Bonus.Ayusin mo nga Pnoy para naman di mag mukhang kawawa mga sundalo mo.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Kung real yan kuwento mo Mon,nasaan kaya yung ipinag lalaban nina Gringo,Trillanes na reform sa Military.Dapat sila ang unang umaayos sa problema ng mga dating kapwa nilang sundalo.
    Pagkatapos nilang ma halal at nabubuhay na ng matiwasay,nakalimutan na ang sugatang sundalo.
    Nung araw day and nite silang sumisigaw ng REFORM.Ngayon puro nalang sila FORM, as in PORMA.
    Mon,dapat sulatan mo tong dalawang to kawawa naman sundalo natin,gawin mo namang LIBRE yan huh,walang bayad.

  • kismaytami

    Di ka pa nasanay kay mr. palengke na puro satsat lang. Ni wala sa kalingkingan ng pinalitan niya.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Very rare that this writer makes sense. This time he makes sense.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5Z55324ZZVCTACCSUVPE7RDTEI Charlie

    Itong lahat na sinasabi ni Manong Mon Tulfo is 101% correct. Ako po ay isang army soldier 16 years assigned sa mindanao at na experienced ko lahat ang nakasulat dito. Noong squad leader ako sa isang IB sa Basilan may advice ang company commander ko noon na bawal ma wounded kasi problema ang pangbili ng gamot. May kasama ako na KIA pag claim ng biyuda niya na maganda at may asim pa sa PAGAB sa fort bonfacio binibitin ang pagpirma ng mga papeles sa claim of benefits hanggang nagpaiyot nalang para mapirmahan tapos pag nag retire ang isang sundalo nakakatakot ang mga requirements tapos ang tagal pa e release ang retirement pay abotin ng siyam2x. Kawawa talaga mga sundalo sa field kaya no wonder na laging talo sa labanan. 

    • zeroko

      Tatay ko iba. Nag retire siya sa Military pagkatapos ng WW II. Nagaral siya hanggang ma tapos niya ang PhD, ang pinakamataas na ranko sa edukasyon. Una, 4 years ka sa College, BS ang titulo mo. Tapos, aral ka uli ng dalawang taon para magkaroon ka ng Masters Degree. Pwede ka nang magturo sa college. Tapos ng Masters Degree, kuha naman ng dalawang taon at may titolo ka nang Doctor of Philosophy o PhD. 

      Hindi ako galit sa military belang institution. Galit ako sa mga magnanakao na military. Confirmed na yan. Punta ka sa D Port. Doon ma makikita ang mala-mansion at mga multi-story na building na ang may pagmamayari ay mga military officers, na kadalasan ay graduate ng PMA. 

      Sabi ng lang nitong hapon sa T.V. na isa sa pinaka-corrupt daw ang Philippine military sa buong mundo..Naawa ako sa mga foot soldiers dahil ang kapital nila ay kanilang buhay.

      Na invite ako sa Malasugui, Pangasinan noong araw ng ang sweldo pa noon ay P120. Nagtaka ako dahil daming pera ng isang pangkaraniwan na Sargent. Dami niyang pera na naka-tiklop. Ng nasa loob kami ng barracks, bilang bisita, lumabas siya sa barracks at nag order ng isang kahong beer sa isang jeep. Ang pangalawang jeep, yello. Ang pangatlong jeep, pulotan. Sa hotel, may kuwarto siya, doon kami natulog ng kaibigan ko. Pag alis naman sa Pangasinan, pumunta muna kami sa Provincial Commander sa Lingayen. Doon ko nalaman na “bag man” pala siya ng Provincial commander. Siya ang kumukuha ng protection money galing sa mga business sector. Siya  rin ang protektor ng prostitution, sa mga illegal logging, at ibpa. Paano naman ito. 

      Lumalabas na ala Mafia pala ang ginagawa ng military sa probinsya. Hayop. Pati ang sabungan, may protection money rin. Paano naman ito. Tapos, sa Mindanao, protector din ang military sa mining companies na hawak ng mga Chinese! Pinapatay ng military ang mga indigenous tribes na kumukontra sa mining ng kanilang “ancestral land.” Paano, magulo. Kung minsan sa probinsya, tawagin ka lang na NPA, patay ka na! Hayop ang nangyayari sa loob at labas sa pinagagawa ng military. 

      Alam ko na pinagbibili ang billions of pesos worth of aviation fuel galing sa Air Force sa mga private and commercial jets. Ang fuel stabs pinamimigay lang sa mga kaibigan. Pati ang relief goods na dapat papunta sa Baguio noong tnamaan ng lindol, airplane load ng relief goods, papunta sa Basa Air Force base ang mga mamahaling relief katulad ng corned beef, sardines, atba. Mga portable generators, mga imported na tents, mga mobile hospital kit. Lahat, ninanakao ng mga Air Force. Paano ito?

      Halos magkaroon na ng Constitutional Crisis ang bansa natin dahil ang namumuno sa atin ay mga dugong Chinese. They do not care less what ever happens to the real Filipinos. Their objective of joining in the government is to plunder our monitary resources. Puro nakao. Big time! O, si Senator Enrile, pinamimigay lang ang millions of pesos, 2.2 million per Senator. Ano na lang ang mangyayari sa atin? Sino ba ang tunay na kalaban ng mamamayang Pilipino? Isipin mo! Ang kunukuha ng NPA ay barya lang kumpara sa ninanakao sa civilian government natin. Mag isip ka, sino ang kalaban natin?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DLHLDIPILYZ6FW5ZG7KSZ45NLU Nida

    wag kayo magpapaniwal dito kay tulof, palagi nalang nya mention tatay nya pc, according to my brother who is aretired pc, yun tatay ni tufol, number one na magnanakaw noong panahon nya, ilan beses na relieve sa unit nya kasi palagi may complain ng pangongotong, dami pala administrative na kaso ito tatay ni tulof, kaya pala may pinagmanahan…

    • tagalinis

      may pruweba ka ba o ng kapatid mo? kung wala, huwag kang dada ng dada!

      • 444mangyan888

        pakawala ng mga nasipat  ni manong…

  • zeroko

    Paano naman magkakasympatiya ang mga civilian ay puro magnanankao ang mga General natin. Noong 1979, nagtayo si Marcos ng PADC o Philippine Aeronautic Development Corporation. Ang gagawin nito ay destributor ng Ilander airplane, Volko 104 helicopters, at transport business na ang ginagamit ay C-130 na donated ng America to expedite relief goods in times of calamity. He he he. Talaga naman itong si Marcos noon. 

    Anyway, laking gulat ko nang papirmahin ang Chief Aircraft Mechanic ng PADC ng $3.5 millions ghost delivery charge to Philippine government. Ang nag-order na pumirma ay President ng PADC na isang retired na General galing sa Air Force. Tapos, lahat ng aircraft maintenance ay hawak din ng isang private office na ang may ari ay mga retired Air Force Generals. Triple ang bayad by the millions of dollars!

    Nakakahiya! Ang father ko ay WW II veteran kaya lang hindi siya corrupt. Hindi pa corrupt ang mga military until Marcos mess up the seniority of promotions. Na politicize ng military natin. And this is the off shoot of why there are so many retired generals and some were still active who became politicians. Nakatikim sila ng isang damukal na pera! And after that corruption of the military, it will never be the same. Wala na. Mukhang pera na ang mga military natin.

    High tech na ang military natin na magnanakao. Tignan mo si Eleo dela Pas, PNP comptroller. Siya ang in charge of the treasury, siya rin ang umutang. Remember the so called Russian generals wherein 100 million pesos was withdrawn by dela Paz from the bolt and convert it into Euro Dollars, and brought it with him to the Russian Conference. He was charge in Russia for not declaring the Euro Dollars. Worst, if he succeed, he will be retired just after the Russian conference. Then, his itinerary was from Russia,he will go to Warso, Poland, then the Zurich , Switzerland! Guess what? He could have deposited the amount in the Swiss Bank by using a numbered identification number which will hide his true identity. Galing!

  • zeroko

    I’m running as independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. to bring back moral ascendancy in the civilian government. I’m not interested becoming a government civil servant, kaya lang sobra na ang nakawan dito sa Q.C. I just feel sorry that nobody wants to challenge the corrupt institution. Daming mga abogado, daming intellectuals more fitted than me, but nobody seems brave enough to fight the EVIL EMPIRE. Ito ang mamanahin ng ating mga anak, corruption. This will also be the legacy, a corrupt legacy the future generation will inherit if we do not do something. Puro dada lang. 

    Wala ang complain complain. Kapal na ng mukha ng mga corrupt government officials natin. I plan to make the difference. Kakasuhan ko pati si House Speaker Belmonte Jr. ng graft and corruption and down to the City Councilors. I will send the message also by example. Kahit na ako mananalo, PUJ o passenger jeep parin ang sasakyan ko. I will not avail of government issued vehicles. No allowances. Tapos, kakain parin ako sa Carinderia, sa turo turo. Alam ba ninyo ang sweldo ng Mayor ng Q.C.? Only 35 thousand pesos. That is not even enough to support two children in college. Magkano ang twisyon sa College?  It runs from 50 to 60 thousand per semester. Paano naman ang baon nila? Ang anak ko, nagdadala pa ng lunch box kahit na sila ay na sa college. Prudence is the name of the game.

    Niloloko lang tayo dito sa Q.C. I filed a Complaint Affidavit in September 2009 against the former Chief Q.C. Treasurer, Victor Endriga on ground of “Usurpation of Authority.” Mantakin mo, he is responsible for the ever increasing of Mayor’s Permit here. He does not accept the Accountants proof of Business Income. Gusto niya, he will dictate how much you earn. Daming dapat tangalin sa Busines Permit dito sa Q.C. katulad ng P1,000 fee on Tourism na biglang lumabas sa Mayor’s Permit. Bakit, kung ang sari-sari store mo ay sa loob ng squatter, ano ang pakialam ng negosyo mo sa Tourism?

    In America, during times of economic fall down, their government gives tax relief, tax incentives, and the interest in their bank is almost 1 per cent. Dito sa Bansa natin, OVERKILL!  City Hall is killing the business! They are figuratively speaking the “Hen that lays the golden egg.” Sa America, they give you tax perks so that you will not fold up or close shop because the unemployed will be subsidize by the government. Uso roon ang food stump sa mga mahihirap. Dito, pinagalitan pa ako ni former mayor Belmonte Jr. ng tanongin ko siya way back 2008 kung bakit tumaas ang Mayor’s Permit, ganoong bagsak naman ang negosyo. Sabi ni;ya sa akin “Kung hindi mo kayang payaran ang Mayors Permit, d, magsara ka!” 

    Sa galit ko, kaya ako tumakbo bilang mayor noong 2010. Pasasara ko raw ang negosyo ko, di, para mo naring pinatay ang pamilya ko. He he he. Ngayon, alam ko na laking nakawan ang nangyayari sa Q.C./ And this is precisely the reason why Belmonte establish a political dynasty here in Q.C. which is to cheat the tax payer and put it in their pocket.

  • novaliches

    Mar Roxas – kahit anong tough talk ang gawain, parang hindi pinakikinggan ng mga kriminal. pero si lacson kahit malumanay lang, mabigat ang dating. dapat nga si lacson ang humawak ng dilg. para may disiplina ang mga pulis at kriminal.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      kaya ba ni Pink patigil ang Jueteng?

      • novaliches

        Hindi ko alam, pero palagay mo sino ang mas susundin ng pulis, si mar or si Ping? Kanino mas matatakot ang mga criminal kay Mar or kay Ping?  Sino ang pwedeng mas makakapahinto sa jueteng, si Mar or si Ping?

      • magiting78

        Palagay ko wala sa 2 parehong masama record ng 2…Cguro mas mainam c Meriam…Proven ng palaban hehehe pag sya sa DILG baka puro sabon abutin ng mga station kumander…Pwd din ilagay dyn c Bayani or Gordon..3 n yan may asim yan…c Mar ampaw…c Pink Lacson naman eh medyo tagilid tau dyn baka makuratong tau..

  • Elnore

    Sobra na ang criminality sa Pilipinas, ang lalakas na ng loob ng mga holduppers, kidnappers,  etc. wala na silang kinakatakutan.  Dapat kamay na bakal ang i-implement.  Grabe, araw-araw ang news sa TV Patrol, may pinatay, may nilooban, etc.  Pati malalaking malls, pinapasok na. What is happening mga pulis patola? Dapat talaga si Ping Lacson ang humawak ng DILG, si Mar na lang ang President at never si Bong Revilla, yuk!

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Dapat kasi pag nahuling robber,lalo na yung nakita sa cam,i salvage na agad.Kalokohan yang Human rights nila.Babigat lang sila sa Lipunan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FLJTDAJBXYODZXD5KAK76UT73Q Nerraw

    Mar “puro salita” Roxas.

    • magiting78

      Mr. Palenke eh…Palenkero daig pa nag titinda ng binasang isda sa palenke…ehehhehe

  • delpillar

     Unti unti ng nawawala ang corruption sa Military na talamak nung panahon ni Marcos hanggnag kay Gloria.

    Pnoy noticed early in his term that there is money and budget in the AFP/PNP na controllado ng ilang or maraming Geneals.

    TInaasan ni Pnoy ang sweldo ng AFP/PNP in his early years sa termino.

    Last June 2012, even the retirements monthly pension was doubled.
    Those who retired as SPO4/Master Sgt (promoted to Lt. upon retirement) who used to be receiving 9,000 monthly pension are now receiving 23,000 PESOS monthly pension.

    2nd Week of January 2013, Pnoy released the DIVIDEND (long kept by BAD Generals and Comptrollers) to all members of POLICE/AFP. Even the retired pensioners got their DIVIDENDS.
    For those who retired  as Tenyente, received a DIVIDEND of 16,000 PESOS.
    For those who retired as Colonel, received a DIVIDEND of 36,000 PESOS.

    Magtulong tulong po tayo na mawala ang corruption kahit sa isang maliit na bagay or transaction sa GOBYERNO. This small noble deeds will trickle down and trickle up to our nation and ones self up to the generations that will follow.

    • kabaliktaran

      hindi ata natanggap tong dibidendo ng lahat

    • durian

      Kasama, as far as I know, ang increase ng AFP/PNP ay na approved during the time of Pres Erap, in staggered effect at ang full phase ay nagkataon sa time na po ni Pres P’Noy. As an ordinary citizen I always observed what the government or the President does to support his soldiers & law enforcers. The AFP/PNP give credits for P’Noy for attending the modernization of their equipment

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3LQ4MUAU3Z36MIQGIGSOKBCQE Rosauro

      Salary Standardization Law III or the 4-trence increase (2008-2012) became a law during the time of GMA. There is no increase of salary for the soldiers under PNoy. What he increased is the Combat Pay of the soldiers in the field, from P240 it is now P500 which is equivalent to 3 sticks of Marlboro a day. I must know that because my best friend is a soldier.

  • kipbuts

    Before the current President came into power, the NPA already penetrated local governments units (from purok leader to provincial governnor) in some regions of the country. The politicians’ obsession to perpetually stay in power always utilizes opportunities irregardless of political orientation or ideology as long as it serves the purpose. And conniving with the communist is just like winning a jackpot price in the lottery. The lgu official will just provide what the NPAs are requesting: firearms, ammos, medicine or sending medical practitioners to the boondocks where the wounded comrades are hiding. Kaya nga pala bayanihan dahil nagbabayanihan na sila purok leaders, capitanes, mayors, governors, congresswo/men at comrades upang itaguyod ang kani-kanilang mga adhikain.    

    • juno93

      I hope we don’t forget that the President’s mother was a big supporter of the CPP/NPA…..freeing all of the captured communists when she became President…..people who went back into the mountains to kill more soldiers and innocent people…..
      For every communist death or capture,  more than two soldiers die or get wounded.
      Yes,  the communist party has infiltrated every level of Philippine government.  While they  haven’t reached their projected “strategic stalemate”…….this infiltration almost has the same effect…and the AFP cannot do anything about it.

      • magiting78

        Not only His Mother but his Father as well…

      • Reign

        at wag mo ring kalimutan ang libo-libong pinatay ng ina ni abnoy na NPA/civillians nung Total War Policy nito. Supporter kamo ng CPP/NPA/NDF? ang alam ko nagkaron lang ng collaboration laban sa diktadurya ni Marcos. sAtingin ko mas matanda ka pa sa akin kaya hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi mo ito alam o sadyang wala ka lang pakialam?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L3NJ4IIZZMB2OMPIOR7X2B72ME k

    blame it to people like Tulfo who support corrupt leaders like GMA, ERAP, Binay in exchange for being in their payroll.

    pag matino ang presidente,ayaw nyong suportahan dahil walang padulas tapos ngayon reklamo ka ng reklamo…anong gusto nyo,maayos lahat yan sa pamamamgitan ng magic?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abdul-Rashid/100004367910013 Abdul Rashid

       Just like the Bishops barking at PNoy administration kasi wala silang datong.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/FBFSLJ57NMI2ESNTP3VFXV2W6M Casey

        hindi uso PAJERO ngayon….. MONTERO na daw…. hehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VNLEL6SV5GHRUCLB3WSZVOZCUA RockA

    You can’t make a deal with the Devil.  But, you can chop off the head of a snake.

  • Noel

    Very true.  Low salaries, lack of benefits including medical for our soldiers as well as police push them to be corrupt and lose morale.  Compare them to other countries like US where soldiers get the best medical help.  Ironically, Supt Marantan, accused in the Antimonan shooting, was confined in one of the best hospitals in the country, St. Luke’s.

  • nieron

    A decisive action should be taken, not just a hollow statement to go after them.. (NPA) as what you’ve mentioned. The administration should take these insurgency problem seriously despite the imposing of ceasefire.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Kapag ang article ay tungkol sa Army, palaging bida nung kapanahunan ng tatay.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6O64AQ3IVHRSGFDZZNPMYUPAVE truthwillsetufree

      e bida rin ang tatay mo FRED

    • 444mangyan888

      pagpasensyahan na natin si manong. It’s just one of his ways to honor his father. Wala namang masama eh..saka wala din namang nagagawang damage when he cites his father’s service.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4GAGU3D2OUBWCKFB3WUWTALDXU Brahman

    Sorry daw sabi ng mga gunggong na NPA at di sinadya na pinatay mga sibilyan dahil nakahalo daw sa mga sundalo at pulis. Dapat all out war na laban sa mga CPP-NPA at ubosin na mga lahi nila kung hindi sila susuko. Mga walang silbi mga yan sa lipunan kaya lipulin na lahat.

  • Paranoid Android

     Wala naman bayag si Roxas, hindi pa kaya niya naanakan si Koring.

  • 444mangyan888

    i take my hat off for you manong, whenever you make mention of your father. For whatever it’s worth. I am also a son proud of my tatay.

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