Bong Revilla on way out as Lakas head


Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The political party of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats, is poised for a major leadership shakeup ahead of the May elections.

The party will have an assembly at the Manila Golf and Country Club in Forbes Park in Makati City Wednesday afternoon to discuss a “change in leadership,” said House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, Lakas-CMD vice chairman.

“The executive committee will make a decision and it will be circulated among the key members and officials for their consideration,” he told the Inquirer in a phone interview.

Included in the agenda is the possibility of Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez replacing Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. as party president, he said.

“The leadership issue is part of the agenda,” he said, but declined to categorically state whether the leadership change was a done deal.

Suarez declined to say what new position Revilla would now occupy. But the senator, who assumed the post in 2011, would reportedly be promoted as party chairman.

“It will depend on things like his comfort level. The elections are nearing and there are questions as to how you would like to participate. He might say he would want to have a new profile. That will be the beginning and end of it,” he said.

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  • catmanjohn

    Bong Revilla is ousted as party leader, but will be promoted to party chairman. Sounds like the Lakas bunch is up to the same bamboozling boondoggle politics which has kept the corruption alive and well, packaged with a different wrapping, but the same toxic gift. If the Philippines truly wants to eradicate corruption, graft, and compulsive nepotism, then this is the first group to oust in the coming elections.

    • kevin

      hinay ,hinay lang daw ang nakawan….

    • Adam_d_langgam

      If the phils wants to get rid of useless people, they need to get rid of you first. But before sending you back where you came from, you should pay for your sins. The little boys and girls you raped must be compensated.

      On the positive side, you should go thru the circumcission rites. Your two-inch stinky dick should be fixed.

      Uncircumcised moron ….. He he he…..

      • catmanjohn

        Hey Ant Dick Adam… the pinhead parasite worm finally drops out of Mike Arroyos a$$ to spew vile lunacy only your brothel ho mother could have taught her short monkey bASS turd son. You must have been bed ridden in your sewer flooded room from having jerked off too hard. Too bad for your dog. Tell your boss Gloria I have a nice big hard present she needs so bad and she can hide it in her rear drawer just in case fat Mike returns too soon from his ED treatment in HK. You and your narcissistic fiend Bong probably drink Tanduays together on Sundays and compare your puny dicks to see whose is better. Don’t overdose on the Viagra, Bong doesn’t like people cheating on him like his wife did.

      • Adam_d_langgam

        Yohoooooo … Dork. James bond has to deal with “the man with the golden gun”. …. Soon, 007 has to deal with the idiot -“the man with a two-inch uncircumcised dick” … This will be afight to the finish.

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        And hey moronski, your mom is bawling like a lunatic forproducing a moron like you.

      • catmanjohn

        Hey Ant Dick… you are slowly losing your marbles, and it is entertaining to watch an Arroyo lackey like you get even more desperate and angry to the point where you have disgraced your own kind beyond redemption. Any psychiatrist can see your obsession with two inch uncircumcised dicks is a result of having been molested by some Catholic priest who stuck one up your stinking a$$ when you were a boy, thus your rants about pedophilia reflects your repressed diabolical rage to it. Maybe your pal Bong Revilla will provide you with his puny organ to keep your infantile A hole desires satisfied. In the meantime you can stick your shabu pipe up your a$$ and give your raging lunatic mind a rest.

  • Noel

    Bong is useless not only as Senator but as head of Lakas.  All he cares about his women.  I bet you balimbing that he is, he will switch to another party possibly the administration party for his political survival.  

    • 33Sambuang2

      correct para mas makakurakot nga naman pag nag iba ang partido. bundat na bundat na ang hinayupak. walang kabusugan………….. numero unong babaero, walang namang laman ang utak. utak biya ika nga

    • efriend

      Bundat na sa kananakaw, patatakbuhin pa ang anak na artista na wala namang alam kundi mambuntis din.

  • Fred

    Bong is attempting to get out of GMA’s ghost as he is losing popularity. The wife, Lani, may not be able to make it in Congress the 2nd time around.

    • Albin

      Bong Revilla topped the 2010 senatorial race, even after the GMA scandals. In fact, he has the record of the highest number of votes of any elected official in the Phil.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    pagkatapos niyong limasin ang pera ng bayan,lilipat na sa ibang partido…


  • nes911

    Isa pang oportunista at ipokritong senador.

  • aristeosj

    Lakas-cmd?bury them to oblivion!!!

  • bogli_anakdami

    anong bagong pelikula ni revilla ngayon?

    he’s a beri beri goot actor…

  • rage b.

    in prepareation ba yan sa pag takbo mo nang vice pres.? naku sana matoto na ang mga tao hwag iboto si revilla naku pa pogi lang yan,onother political dynasty asawa nasa congress,at may dream pang maging vice pareho ni jingoy hay bayan gising!!!

    • RAMONS

       may kapatid at anak pa siya sa cavite na nasa pwesto rin.

  • adriel0104

    nasaan na ba si ramos tobacco.Demented na ba?

  • boi skater

    All Revillas should be voted out of office. Enough of useless politicians and political dynasties.

  • Hey_Dudes

    This “LAKAS” nakaw company has now been replaced by UNA-han sa nakawan party.

    • 33Sambuang2

      correct. binay, erap, enrile…… wa na ko say…..

    • kismaytami

      Ey, don’t forget the liberal corruption party.

  • Dan

    Lakas CMD will be a distant memory soon,

  • calipso_2100

    “Bong Revilla on way out of politics”
    Would have been better news.

  • sidewalkbenhur

    kasi kayo boto kayo nang boto nanag may pangalan wala naman ginagawa kung hindi magpalaki nang bayag.


    ewan ko kung nagtatrabaho pa ito bilang halal na opisyal ng bayan. me 2 tv shows at me pelikula pa. hoy bong revilla sayan buwis namin sa iyo.

    • Ravens727

      Padre, Mukhang babaliktad na siya…….

  • Darwin

    Bong Revilla will hold his turf in the Senate until Jolo Revilla’s turn. Nakanamputsa naman. Pano naging ABC President ng Cavite yun? Ngayon tatakbo pa for Vice Governor.

  • Mamerto

    Which is more powerful in a party-organization…, the President or the Chairman..?

  • Eric

    I could not finish reading this with a straight face….si Bong Revilla to di ba?

  • Bengatibo

    Bong Revilla is more of an actor than a senator. He has no place in politics. Lakas ill become a memory of the past.

  • 33Sambuang2

    babaliktad na ang hinayupak kasi alam nyang me tulog sya sa ibang politicians. babaero numero uno. wala namang ginawa sa senado. puro papogi lang…..

  • 33Sambuang2

    kasi ang mga voters sa atin….. sobrang bobo………… ibinoto si lapid, tatay ni bong, si bong, si erap , anak ni erap ngayon meron na namang isang bobong anak sa labas ang tatakbong senador. binay, anak ni binay. wag naman ninyong pahirapan ang taong bayan…… bundat na kayo sa pera 

    • Ike

      you hit the nail in the head!! It boils down to the voting majority.  When it comes to election, the thinking minory could’nt do much and just  cringe and watch in horror.

    • efriend

      And Jack Enrile is high in the surveys although moving downward. Kawawang Pilipinas.

  • agustin

    Isa sa dahilan bakit hindi maka angat ang bansa natin ay dahil maraming senador na artista ang nahalal. tamad na,trapo na, dynasty pa sa Cavite.

  • Ike

    Bong Revilla should be out of Phil politics and out of our head!!

    Because theres nothing inside his head!

    • innocentyears

      ikaw bakit di ka tumakbo? stop hiding behind the internet, show your face and put some sense into what you’re saying.

    • Arnel

      Ikaw may laman ang utak pero puro bulok

      • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

         bwahaha.kamusta ang kabit mo at ang kapatid niyang adik??

  • Pablo Juan

    Hay sus.. Revilla was never the ‘head’ he’s just a willing puppet. The real handler is still GMA and FG.. naglolokohan lang tayong lahat.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Good riddance!

    Bong Revilla is like his dad, an invalid.

    • Ike

      I think the question is who is worse. Ano na bang batas naipasa nitong si Bonggambilla at ano bang batas naman ang naipasa ng tatay nya.

      Well Ramon Revilla Sr had authored and passed this 3 legislations:

      1. Lower the penalty of illegal gun possesion from life to just 7 yrs. Masyado naman daw kasing mabigat yun. This law had encourage even more loose firearms and more gun related crimes and violence.

      2. Anti Bouncing check law. Kawawa naman daw kasi yun mga sabungero, pinaghirapan mo yun manok mo tapos pag nanalo ka babayaran ka lang ng tsekeng talbog.

      3. Illegetimate Children should carry their fathers surname. Kasi more than 70 raw anak nya sa labas and if they are using different surname e baka magkaligawan at magka-apo sya ng idiot tulad nya. Now his illegetimate childrens are killing each other literally for a bigger share of allowance(but thats another story).

      Can anybody tell us how many millions did the taxpayers money goes to Revilla Sr. just pass this garbage??

  • pedronimo

    Kung saan may babae at malapit na kama, dun ang position bagay kay Bong Panday Revilla. That’s an original rhyme and reason.

    • Edgardo Mendoza

      impokrito yang bong na yan para obispo salot

  • clark

    lakas is now a dead political party,,tapos na silang maghari-harian.

  • George

    “Ferdinand Martin Romualdez replacing Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. as party president, he said. ”

    ohhhhhhh, scary, you guys watch out, the resurrection of the familya makawat of visayasis back in front of the action, trying to revive the power of another greatest makawat of pampanga . calling PCGG!!!

  • peter

    kung Revilla SR meron tatlong batas na naipasa? TANONG NAMAN KAY PENOY KUNG ILAN BATAS ANG NAIPASA NYA? MERON BA? KUNG MERON ILAN ANG NAIPASA NYA? BOTH CONGRESS AND SENATE? paki sagot lang po kasi di ko alam kung meron? salamat..

    • Albin

      meron – gawing national artis si kris aquino

    • Ike

      This is a case where doing nothing is better than doing something .

      Revilla Sr 1st Legislation encourage more loose firearms, his 2nd legislation encourage more gamblers and his 3rd legislation encourage more adulterers. Hindi na sya nakatulong nakaperwisyo pa sya.
      As for PNoy, I did not vote for him for the very same reason that you pointed out, that he dont have any track reckord at all. I guess his greatest achievement so far is preventing Erap from becoming president again.

       We need leaders who are morally and spiritually upright. Who had the political will to implement what is for common good. Who would set aside his interest for the good of the country. Sadly we cant see anyone among our leaders who had this attributes.

      • innocentyears

        ikaw nalang! tutal mukang alam mo naman pinagsasabi mo eh

      • maypakialamtayo

        samahan mo para matibay pareho kayong mukhang alam ang sinasabi.

      • patrickinca

         hahahahaha sabi nga nila. arguing through the internet is like the special olympics. Even if you win.. you are still retarded. hehehehehe

      • Arnel

        Morally upright???? hindi mo kilala yan.. hahahahahaha

      • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

         at marunong ka palang mag-english..bwahahaha..magluto ka na lang ulit !!bwahaha

      • Ike

        I said we need leaders who are morally upright!!
        I did not say Pnoy is morally upright.
        If he is morally and spiritually upright and have the political will to implement  what is for common good, then we dont have to look for another one.

    • PlumberfromCanada

      9 years as congressman and 3 years as senator:..NO BILLS PASSED!! pero perpetual member of the COMMITTEE OF SILENCE!!!

  • Albin

    Bong to head new party called “Indio”.

    • Edgardo Mendoza

      yung stand niya sa r.h bill idiot

  • PlumberfromCanada

    malayo sa kusina ang LAkas Party…lipat muna kung saan makakasandok ng marami….

  • Albin

    Actually, even after the GMA scandals, Bong Revilla topped the 2010 senatorial race, and even holds record for the highest number of votes of any elected official in the country’s history.

    • PlumberfromCanada

      thanks to the filipino idiot voters…

      • maypakialamtayo

        ang daming pinatay sa panday, kaya ayun ibinoto ng mga bobo.

  • kilabot

    in ph politics: 
    if noynoying is to noykapon, acting is to bong; 
    both will end their roles for good in 2016.

    • innocentyears

      nobody understands whatever you’re saying dude.

  • carlos_premacio

    another actor acting for and in behalf of politics. have done nothing to significantly change the lives of the Filipino. Always silent on the Cash Gift and bonuses. 

  • Willie

    What party is this again?

  • Bernie

    if the filipinos will keep on electing movie personalities with fading careers and members of political clans whose only motive is to enrich themselves, sa kangkungan talaga pupulutin ang mga mga kawawang pinoy. ano ba ang nagawa ng mga taong yan na may kabuluhan para sa nakakaraming pilipino? sino ba talaga ang nabiyayaan sa mga pinag-gagawa nila? di ba sila lang?

  • Jamm3r

    it saddened me lagi nating sinisi ang mga botante, yeah they were very much responsible kung bakit maraming idiot na gaya nitong senador na ito ang naka-upo sa senado. but sometimes kailangan silang unawain. nasanay itong mga taong ito na maraming kahig minsan lang tumuka. mahirap labanan ang temptasyon ng suhol lalo na kung kumakalam ang sikmura ng mga anak nila. kawawa sila dahil ginagamit sila ng mga ganid na politoko na gaya nitong senador na ito. kaya’t pipiliin pa nila ang pagamit sa loob ng isang buwan na busog ang tiyan kesa maghirap sa kakahanap ng makakain nila.

    ang dapat talagang sisihin ay itong mga walang budhi mga senador na iyan. kung sila lang sana ay may konsensiya at hindi sila tatakbo siguradong hindi sila magiging politiko. pero dahil sa sobrang kagahaman nila sa kapangyarihan at pera ayan nagsusumiksik sa kanilang pwesto kahit walang alam at walang ginagawa. magaling lang sa katusuhan at pang lalamang sa kapwa.

    baguhin kaya natin ang panawagan, bakit hindi natin iparinig at iparating dito sa mga buwayang politiko na ito na wala silang silbi sa gobyerno at wala silang alam kung hindi ang mangurakot lang sa kaban ng bayan. direktang iparating sa kanila ang protestang ganito … baka sakaling marinig nila at kung may natitira pang konting kahihiyan ay makinig at pati na rin ang ilan nating mga kababayan ay marinig din tayo at makumbinsing huwag nang paloko at pagamit muli sa mga buwayang politiko na ito.

    • vin reyes

      sa atin na rin manggagaling ang ating ikagagaling at sa atin na rin magmumula ang ating ikasasama…majority ng mga kababayan natin ang naging dahilan kung bakit umiiral ang ganitong sistema sa lipunang ating ginagalawan..

    • Beds

      At the most is the worthless, no brain Lito Lapid who’s getting paid millions for just sitting  down, listening at nakikigaya lang sa ma nga opinions of fellow senators.    

    • doncleo

       hindi na siguro kailangan ang panawagan kasi alam na naman ng mga pulitiko na magnanakaw sila…alam din nila na minumura at kinasusuklaman ng taong bayan..kaya lang sobra talaga kapal ng mga mukha ng mga hayup na ito.. ang dapat sa kanila ay iparada ng hubad sa plaza miranda at pitikin ang kanilang mga ba_ _g bago bitayin ng patiwarik..dapat din ay ubusin na sila para di na dumami ang kanilang lahi..

  • Rolly257

    Binay,     huwag kalimutan!
    Gloria,     huwag kalimutan!
    Erap,       huwag kalimutan!
    Ramos,   huwag kalimutan!
    Enrile      huwag kalimutan!
    Marcos   huwag kalimutan!

    Huwag kalimutan ang mga taong ito at ng kanilang mga kasabwat sa pangungulimbat.

    • PlumberfromCanada

      KKK at TUWAD na Daan…KALIMUTAN NA!!!

    • vin reyes

      tama ka dyan..hindi ko makakalimutan na hindi pala re-electionist ang batang marcos..

      • Arnel

        Kawawa ka naman nauto ka sa mga epokrito

      • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

         bwahahaha…kamusta diyan sa isla??? ang sarap basta kasama ang kabit ano???

  • Selina

    Artista na, political dynasty pa… diosko, double dose ito.. un pa lang, iboboto mo pa ba? eh pano kung i-factor in pa ung mga accomplishments? kung umepal pa sa tarp? uunlad talaga tau nyan…

  • siJuanDalandan

    Revilla is one of the most useless people in the Senate.  He is not productive as a legislator and cannot even conduct a decent interpellation.  He relies solely on his showbiz popularity to get elected.  Kawawa naman ang bayan natin kung ganitong politiko ang meron tayo. 

  • patrickinca

    One of the senatongs who got most absences in the senate dahil busy sa showbizz niya. Wag na ninyong iboto siya at mga artistang iyan! Mga bobo! 

  • Your_King

    It is still hard to believe that the Philippines have actors and celebrities running the country. When you vote for someone because you like their movies or because they have a famous last name or because they are popular then there is no way that you can expect the country to improve. The Presidency, Senate, and Congress are all showbiz public servants and showbiz seems to be the operative word.

    • opinyonlangpo

      More like easier to believe. I read it was a landslide victory when a showbiz personality run for the presidency last time. Anyway Reagan was also a showbiz personality before he entered politics and turned out to be one of the best US presidents ever.

      • panhase

        If someone was or is the best president or whatever is a matter of opinion.
        Of course an actor has also the right to enter politics, not every actor is stupid. But when you take the example of the US, how many actors are in politics? Now compare that to the Philippines.
        Your_King was expressing that it is not very bright to vote for someone just because one likes his or her movies or because of a famous name and so on.
        It´s ok to vote for an actor if he or she is a sincere candidate, but look around in Senate and Congress. What do we see there.
        And that is the point, voting for someone just because of the fame of the candidate or because of the last name etc. is really stupid.
        If people do that, then they should not complain about the politicians they have.

      • opinyonlangpo

        I agree. You said it better.

      • Your_King

        It was a landslide victory. It was just unfortunate that people voted for the last name and also due to sympathy vote…because if you were basing on track-record record and accomplishments prior to running for President…the candidate who won in 2010 had no major accomplishments at all. The only thing people knew about him was that he played video games during sessions.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Your comment is rather confusing. Landslide victory that I referred to was for the showbiz personality president and not the 2010 president which is Aquino. It is surprising though that you don’t know that his platform is anti-corruption in contrast to the allegedly corrupt previous administration. Maybe you just arrived and new in the Philippines, it is understandable.

  • Pedro

    Matagal na dapat pinalitan yan, bayaan nyo na lang  syang mag artista . .  wala ring acccomplishment  yan sa senado. .  milyon pa kinita . .  grabe

    • Ganymede

      Mukhang mapopromote pa ata sa party chairman at magiging pambato ng Lakas sa 2016 as president

  • Albert Einstien

    si gibo na lang o si bayani….for pres si gibo ..vp si bayani…or vice versa…para naman me laban kayo…ke binay at mar…

    NO to RH LAW
    YES to FOI
    BIG NO to POLITICAL DYNASTY…..code E- EBAC…estrada,enrile, binay, angara, aquino at cayetano….
    E-EBAC lang sila ULIT..
    HUWAG KALIMUTAN ….Huwag na kayong E-EBAC muli….lol

  • Mario

    Kung sa 2016 kakandidato sina Roxas at Binay baka bigla silang masilat ni Sen. Bong Revilla magugulat ang lahat biglang si Bong ang manalo bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas, di dapat baliwalahin si Bong kasi naging number 1 senator siya at walang alternatibo kina Binay at Roxas parehong tsilang tuta ni Pnoy at mga parehong palpak at bulok! Kaya sa 2016 Bong for President, Bongbong Marcos for Vice President kaya Bong-Bongbong sa 2016, Wag gayahin ang slogan ko ako ang original na nagsusulong niyan.( Bong-Bongbong for 2016) Bong Revilla for President at Bongbong Marcos for  Vice President sa 2016.( e-email ako

    • I Love This game

      Bong Revilla presidente sa pilipinas? DREAM ON! LOL!

  • Mario

    Ibalik ang Lakas-kampi-cmd party dahil sa 2016 siguradong lahat ng kaalyado ng Lakas-kampi-cmd magbabalikan ulit sa partido ng taumbayan.

  • Noel

    In fairness to Bong Revilla, he’s a bit better than Lito Lapid.  Bong still manages to speak and deliver in the Senate once in a while even if he always brings notes to read which he sometimes commits mistake reading.  Lapid never speaks even if assigned to lead a prayer.

    • doncleo

       Yes, hes a bit better than Lapid but both are mediocre..obviously not a good material for president..alam naman nila kakayahan nila bakit ba nagpupumilit pa?..mababaw talaga mga ulo,konting sulsol lang pumapatol kaagad..Bong Revilla for president? pakamatay na lang ako..AAARRRGGGHH!!!

  • Melvin

    Paano kaya kung tumakbong presidente rin si Vice Ganda o kaya si AiAi dahil mas box office hit kaya yung pelikula nila. Tutal katwiran nila hindi naman kailangan high school o college graduate ka. Bakit ba si Erap? Ang kailangan lang ay sikat ka tulad ni Bong… At saka katwiran nila mas pinanood ng maraming tao yung Sisterekas kaysa sa pelikula ng pinagsamang Bong at Bossing… Sa campaign sorties ay mga artista ng GMA7 vs ABS-CBN ang mga kasama sa pangangampanya. O di ba mas masaya at maganda ang labanan kung ang mga artista ang mga kandidato?  Siguradong mag-eenjoy ang madlang-pipol… Tutal nasubukan na ang mga lalaki at dalawang babaeng presidente, ano kaya naman ang mangyari sa gobyerno kung si Vice Ganda na isang bading ang maging presidente?  he he he he…

  • WAJ

    Baka mag quit na rin si Bong sa pagka Senador.  

  • peach black

    si BONG ang pinaka-ultimate na artistang naging politiko na NASUSULASOK ako. ano bang naging chievement ng mangmang na ito bukod sa pagpapasingkit ng mga mata at pagpapa-kyut. hindi humaharap yan sa kamera nang hindi nagsusuklay. kahit sa fight scenes ititigil ang shoot kasi maghahanap ng salamin kaya kami tinatago namin lahat ng salamin pag may fight scenes. ganyan siya ka-vain. ganyan siya ka-shallow. 

  • alconce

    It would be good news if he walks out of the senate for good.   Nobody will miss him.          His main occupation is acting. Being a senator just a sideline.

  • peach black

    alam nyo minamaliit ninyo kakayahan magisip ng average Pinoy. Noon siguro puwede pa yang basta singkit lang ang mata at magpapakyut puwede na pero ngayon na meron nang internet, cell phone at TV mabilis kumalat ang kabobohan ng mga tulad ni MASKULADONG PANDAK REVILLA. Hindi yan mananalo pag nag-aspire pa ng mas mataas na posisyon. Matututo naman kayong MASULASOK!

  • titolim

    Sen. Revilla for President daw? no need to worry wala naman chance na manalo, President ng Metro Manila Film Festival, pwede, pwede sya.

  • zeroko

    Bong Revilla is an actor. Mga bobo talaga ang majority of our voting public, mga “hero worshipers! Sige, paliparin mo nga si Bong sa Senate hall? Kapal moks itong si Bong. He was able to engage in T.V. show, was able to complete a movie, but nobody seems to mind. 

    In Bangkok, Thailand, there was a massive demonstration which unseat their President for just appearing on a 5 minute cook fest. The Thailand citizens said that as President, he should devote his mind to the problems of their country 24/7. Dito, bobo ang mamamayan. Mga bakya!,

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Totoy

    ang daming magagaling d2..kung makapagsalita parang mga perpekto,ang tatalino..sige kayo na maging presidente, sabay sabay kayo total lahat naman kayo magagaling..

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