CBCP denounces political dynasties


JV Ejercito, Jack Enrile and Nancy Binay—offspring of the three leaders of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)—remained in the winning circle of the senatorial race if elections were held between Jan. 17 and Jan. 19, a recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey found. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

For the first time in recent history, the country’s Roman Catholic bishops have come out with a pastoral statement denouncing political dynasties, powerful and influential families in the government and vowing to support any popular initiative to pass a law that would put an end to them.

In a statement, the 120-strong Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Tuesday said the spread of political dynasties was one of a “long litany of storms” facing the country amid violent natural disasters.

The Church hierarchy said it was offended that lawmakers themselves had defied the mandate of the Constitution to push for an enabling law that would ban such dynasties, which the CBCP stressed “breed corruption and ineptitude.”

“As monopolies in business, monopolies in politics limit the entry that can bring in new ideas and offer better services,” according to the pastoral statement titled “Proclaim the Message, In Season and Out of Season.”

The CBCP statement could not have been timelier, coming as it did two weeks before the official start of campaigning for the May 13 national elections, where senatorial and congressional seats and more than 17,000 provincial and municipal posts will be up for grabs.

Many candidates are either veteran politicians returning to protect or reclaim their posts or are members of families long entrenched in politics.

A recent Social Weather Stations survey showed that candidates considered part of political families were on the list of probable winners in the senatorial races.

178 dynasties


A tally by the nongovernment  Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG) puts down at 178 the number of “dominant political dynasties” in the Philippines, excluding those in local areas.

Of the total, 100—or 56 percent—dynasties are “old elites,” the rest being so-called “new elites” which emerged from the time of the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution against the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Of the country’s 80 provinces, 94 percent have political dynasties, CenPEG said.

The CBCP statement also touched on other social issues, like the “deepening … culture of impunity,” extrajudicial killings, fear of  “wholesale” cheating during the automated 2013 elections “and the unabated suffering of the poor.”

‘Not for family interests’


The CBCP president, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes and Manila Auxiliary Bishops Broderick Pabillo and Bernardino Cortez took turns in reading the statement at a press conference. The statement was crafted at this year’s first CBCP plenary assembly, which ended on Monday.

It was the first time in recent years for the Church hierarchy to address in a pastoral statement the issue of the growing number of political dynasties in the country.

It said: “Political authority exists for the common good. It is not to be exercised for the sake of private and family interests or simply for the interests of a political party.”

“When political authority is exercised merely for these narrow interests, it betrays the reason for its existence. Moreover, such situation breeds corruption and inhibits general access to political power, which is a fundamental mark of democracy,” the CBCP said.

“Therefore, we denounce the continued existence of family political dynasties and the continuing delay of passing a law to implement the constitutional provision banning political dynasties.”


People’s initiatives


The bishops said that if Congress was unwilling to act on the need for such a law, the Church would back the holding of peoples’ initiatives provided for in the Constitution that would push for an enabling law against political dynasties.

Talking with reporters, Palma said that since the May elections were fast approaching, passing a law against political dynasties might be too late. It will be up to the electorate to vote or not for members of dynasties, he said.

“We raised the issues so that the people will think about it,” Palma said. “What we also want to show is that we are one with them and we understand their longings, hopes and dreams,” he said.

For his part, Pabillo said that while the pastoral statement did not identify which candidates should not be elected in the upcoming balloting, it was clearly telling the people that political dynasties were wrong.

“We respect the dictate of the voters’ consciences so we are not telling them who they should vote for. We are just telling them that political dynasties are wrong and will not be of help to our country. It is for them to weigh these factors when they vote,” Pabilllo added.

Long overdue


A senatorial candidate on Tuesday said he would file a lawsuit asking the  Supreme Court to  compel President Aquino to certify as urgent the passage of antidynasty bills pending in the legislature.

“The law on political dynasties is overdue,” lawyer Samson Alcantara of the Social Justice Society party said on the phone. “Congress has failed to pass such a law for more than 25 years. Not only the legislative but the executive branch should be compelled to work for the passage of the antidynasty bill,” he said.

On Monday, another independent senatorial candidate, businessman Ricardo Penson, filed a petition for mandamus to compel Congress to pass an enabling law that would give substance to Article II of the Constitution, which provides, “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.”

Alcantara said he would file a petition for intervention so he could join Penson in the case.

Hoping for SC to reconsider


The high court early this month dismissed a petition seeking to compel the Commission on Elections to enforce the constitutional provision, ruling it was not self-executory and needed an enabling law.

Alcantara said he hoped that with the new composition of the court, the justices would reconsider an earlier ruling which established that the high tribunal may not force the legislature, a coequal branch of government, to do its job.

“I’m hoping that the justices will change their minds. The antidynasty provision has been rendered useless due to congressional inaction. Our legislators took an oath to uphold the Constitution. How can they do so if they refuse to enact the antidynasty law?” he said.

“The President also took the same oath. He can speed up the legislation through his power to certify the antidynasty bill as urgent,” Alcantara said. With reports from Jerome Aning and Inquirer Research

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  • sanjuan683

    Eh kayo naman religous dynasties simula pa ng panahon ng Kastila. hehehehehehe

  • bogli_anakdami

    wow… galeng-galeng….

    sige na nga… wala ng separation of church and state…

    let’s see how far will this thingy go…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • isalexus

    “The Church hierarchy said it was offended that lawmakers themselves had defied the mandate of the Constitution to push for an enabling law that would ban such dynasties, which the CBCP stressed “breed corruption and ineptitude.”  Look who is talking!!! Breed corruption and ineptitude indeed!!Look inward bro!!

  • 33Sambuang2

    ayan na naman kayong mga hinayupak na obispo. eepal na naman sa pulitika. ang dami dami ninyo ang nagtamasa ng mga pera at sasakyan galing sa dating presidenteng magnanakaw. ang sarap sarap ng pagkain ninyo, me mga kusinero at kusinera kayo. tumigil na kayo. dapat sa inyo kapunin na para hindi kayo makapagmolestya ng babae man or lalaki. mga gunggong….. ipokrito kayong lahat

  • thomashook

    Great! Hope to see Archbishop Palma visit suspended Gov. Gwen Garcia to relay this news!

  • Platypus09

    There is nothing wrong with advocating what is right.

    If they have political influence, then they will be. They were our Spanish past, our present and our future. They will not change.

    They are a part of our culture from before, now and the future.

    Live with it.

  • Fred

    Papano na ang political dynasty na nag anti-RH bill, bishop?
    Hindi ba suportado ninyo sila?

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    kong ganyan ang pinaglalaban niyo magkakampi tayo damasos…

  • nes911

    Why are the bishops silent on the enrile issue of giving out the people’s money as christmas gifts to fellow senators? Dahil ba si enrile ay anti rh bill? Mga ipokrito!

    • Platypus09

      There are bigger issues than that. That is personal.

      This one is national.

  • lapasan

    This time I am 100% with the Catholic Church in this issue. Political dynasty is one of the maladies of our present Philippine society where political power and acquisition of wealth are concentrated on few families and their favored allies. This system must be dismantled since I believe that there will be less corruption and abuse of power when elective and other high position in the government are wielded by people who are not related or allied to one another. The church must however handle this issue carefully lest it be accused of engaging in partisan politics.


    CBCP listen > political Dynasty is none of your business. It has nothing to do about spiritual well being of the faithful. The PCOS machine is none of your business too because machines has nothing to do about human spirit. Focus on RH law because that is corruption of human morals which is of spiritual nature.

    • rjimenez1226

      it is the role of everyone to stop political dysnasties.

  • Turono

    Dig deeper into this statement and the stench of HYPOCRISY of these bishops will unravel.

  • karaangtawo

    Priests in this country are usually very friendly with their local politicians. Who is it that donates most in the church coffers, if not these very rich and entrenched provincial elite? It is rare that you hear them criticizing this or that particular political clan. If the Church is really true to its word, then it should have supported those liberation theology priests which they have summarily kicked out of the priesthood. Those are the guys that are the real progressive faction within the Church.

  • T.

    If bishops are good at governance, why don’t we just abolish the Senate and ordain the CBCP as the nation’s legislative body? Ha, bishops? 

  • boi skater

    CBCP is not to be believed. In the provinces the church
    usually supports the governing families (dynasties) from generation to generation. The two
    have symbiotic relationship for power and money.

  • Hellomr

    No one is going to vote for these trapo’s political dynasty…..never ever again…… These people are getting support from all illiterates people….that’s why they support the people to live under the bridges, along the river,along the riles.etc…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • marionics

      huwag ka muna magulo at basta anti enrile ok sa akin he he he

    • $39764945

      Bukang bibig mu puro Satanas. Bakit anak ka ba ni Satanas?

      • marionics

        so following your “logic” e kung bukang bibig niya ay pari o obispo e ibig sabihin e anak siya ng pari o obispo?

  • Hey_Dudes

    Nakow naman bishops kayo….remember SUV gift giver GMA?  Bakit noon hindi kayo ngumawmaw e dynasty rin ang mga Arrovo?

  • Bayang_magiliw

    Bakit biglang nagbago ang ihip ng hangin. Hindi yata nabigyan nung isang araw na nag lunch ang mga obispo with the Enriles at Mrcoses.

  • Darwin

    We don’t need CBCP support in pushing for this law. Masyadong pa-epal. We will push for this law on our own, using our own little ways.

    • Mamerto

      Passing of this “Anti-Dynasty” Bill NEEDS 

  • Darwin

    Parang free press pa dating ng news na ito. Last time I heard Jack Enrile and Nancy Ejercito are out of the winning circle. In fact, there were rumors that Jack Enrile is pulling out already.

  • Danilo Navarro

    how about bishops dynasty…dapat sinama din nila ang arroyo. suarez sa quezon province kasi sa boong pilipinas mag ama mag ina mag kapatid puro nasa pulitika wala na yatang lugar sa boong pinas na ang nasa pwesto ay hinde mag kakadugo 

    • Mamerto

      Those “Three” are Senatorial Candidates in the Winning Circle of 12, and are off-springs of current High Government Officials.

    • Darwin

      Pati mga kabit at illegitimate kids kasali.

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    This is a concrete move towards transparency among the servants of the people in the Senate if the people’s audit. However, Senator Allan should also lead by example by respecting our constitution on political dynasty. Only one between his sister and him should stay in the Senate. Dahil lang ba ay di sila nabigyan ni Ate Pia niya ng parehas na halaga ni Senator Enrile kung ikumpara sa ibinigay sa majority ay nanawagan na siya ngayon ng leadership by example???? Each one of our Senators should lead by example including the Cayetanos and Defensor!!!!

  • catmanjohn

    Alas, there is HOPE for the CBCP. First thing they have stated that the People can support wholeheartedly. Let us hope they will practice what they preach.

    • Adam_d_langgam

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      • catmanjohn

        Hey Ant Dick… you are slowly losing your marbles, and it is entertaining to watch an Arroyo lackey like you get even more desperate and angry to the point where you have disgraced your own kind beyond redemption. Any psychiatrist can see your obsession with two inch uncircumcised dicks is a result of having been molested by some Catholic priest who stuck one up your stinking a$$ when you were a boy, thus your rants about pedophilia reflects your repressed diabolical rage to it. Maybe your pal Bong Revilla will provide you with his puny organ to keep your infantile A hole desires satisfied. In the meantime you can stick your shabu pipe up your a$$ and give your raging lunatic mind a rest. 

      • catmanjohn

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  • Ravens727

    CBCP….dada kayo ng dada wala namang kayong magawa……..

  • rjimenez1226

    I may start to respect these people again if they list the names of  dynasts that should not be voted to office starting with the Binays, the Enriles, the Estradas, teh Revilas, the Angaras, the Aquinos, Arroyos, Marcoses, etc.

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Now CBCP is talking sensible topic. JV Ejecito’s point of view about the good and the bad dynasties is absurd. He is saying in here there are no available competent public servant except the few. It deprives other more competent citizens of serving the Republic because of this greed mentality. If his argument is valid, why then are elected officials given specific terms? 1 term for president and 3 terms for the rest.  Let us put down with these dynasties.

  • regie

    cbcp pangunahan niyo ang people’s initiative para makapasa ng batas na laban sa dynasty…

  • pedronimo


  • Darwin

    Damage control lang yan. Tanggalin muna nila sa pwesto ang mga Mitsubishops at ilang kaparian at obispo na nasa payroll ng mga political dynasties.

  • thecop

    History will tell us that the Church leaders always play an important role in our democratic system.Let us not forget that it was the voice of Cardinal Sin that compelled  the masses to start the EDSA revolution that ended the Marcos dictatorship.  When people listen and follow the call of the Church miracles happen. It’s so easy for others to  criticize our Church leaders. Though they are not perfect people and they don’t claim to be, we know that they would always try their best to serve the common
    good of the people..Why don’t we listen to them again today as we did in first EDSA people power and see end of political dynasties..

    • Pepe Smith

      Because church leaders seem to change their stance the moment these political dynasty’s member make huge donations to the church, that’s why!

      • boldyak

        opinion mo lang yan….

      • PlumberfromCanada

        copy paste…

  • David

    It will take a mature Filipino Nation to dismantle this Political and Social ill.  Let us pray together for we are against spiritual forces that entrenched themselves on this Family Dynasties.  With the rate growing against this evil, we can defeat them.  Let’s start now…. Pray and act. God bless us all…

    • Roberto Duran

      Pray? CBCP obviously don’t trust that…they’d rather go to street, make press statements, meddle in government affairs…these people are restless and never had peace of mind…

  • Opel

    pag nagbigay naman donasyon tatamimi mga pari. the CBCP’s credibility is low people don’t care what they want to say.

    • humabon


    • boldyak

      opinion mo lang yan…

      • PlumberfromCanada

        yan pa rin ang comment mo??? it shows the level of your intellect..

  • Pepe Smith

    What is the point of denouncing it but not do anything about it? Has the church been so powerless that it appears inutile, making useless pronouncements but doing nothing?

    • glenn padilla

      nu yung tawag mo sa pastoral letter?

  • Ari Putan

    After enriles, binays, estradas give money to CBCP the flipping begins and it will be…

    • boldyak

      sala sa lamig sala sa init…walang patunguhan ang tao sa iyo…haha

  • GaggerAlert

    Well, you nincompoops installed one in 1986! Why suddenly the change of heart? The big babies couldn’t get what they want? Buhuhuhu.. :)

  • Jose

    That will be the biggest crusade that the catholic bishop will do for so many years. But..their reputation and credibilty is severely broken for years..and it will be very hard for them to convince people of  thier honesty and make sense statement..To mention, some bishop still preaching tha the former Pres. Arroyo is a an honest woman, bishops are receiving big donation from politician and stay to keep quite even if they are crooks, the bishop handlng of the recent bill of family planning and information ,some bishops still commenting that to have more children is ok and  the exposee/information  that the catholic bishop are very rich with regards to millions of pesos ownership/shares of big corporation in the Philippines. And most especially the none accounting of donation for the typhon victims. Hope they will successful.

    • emajega

      YOU said some not all. Ang kasalanan ng kaliwang kamay wag mo ipasa sa kanan. Ang mga kaparian ay bahagi lamang ng isang simbahan. Kung magkasala man sila t patuloy na magkamali di mo pwedeng idamay ang simbahan na si Jesus ang pinagmulan. 

      Tao lamang ang mga pari na nagkakamali rin. Kung si Pedro nga na malapit na malapit kay Jesus ay itinatwa pa ang Panginoon ang mga obispo at pari pa kaya.

      May galit ka lang sa catholic church kaya minamagnify mo ang kakarampot na kamalian nito kumpara sa napakaraming naicontribute sa sangkatauhan.
      Si Pero nga pinili pa ng Panginoon na pangunahan ang mga alagad kahit 3 beses syang itinatwa. Pansinin mo mga pastor mo kung yung contribution nyo na ikapu ay ginagamit sa pangtuition ng mga anak nya.

      Ang mga Pari walang sariling Pamilya, ang mga Pastor Meron. So sa tingin mo sino ang madaling matukso sa mga material na bagay ng mundo? 

    • boldyak

      kayo lang naman maysabi na broken ang credibility nila….hahaha…opinion mo lang yan

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Si Jackie Enrile? I think Senator Gigi Reyes has a better chance of winning than Jackie Enrile.

    • marionics

      although bumaba siya sa last survey (no. 7 or 8 na nga ba?) e mataas pa din at pasok pa din e. sana sa next e talagang out na siya

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        sana matanggal ng tuluyan si jackie. perwisyong mag-ama.

  • virgoyap

    This time I’m on the side of CBCP against political dynasty. Mabuhay ang CBCP!!!!

    • Arnel

      Nag-iingay ang CBCP tungkol sa political dynasty para pansinin ito ng mga kandidatong miyembro ng political dynasty.  Isang fund-raising strategy ito.  Syempre, lalapitan ng mga kandidato ang mga prayle at tatanungin kung ano ang kailangan nila, di ba?  Positioning yan, ika nga sa Public Relations.

      • emajega

        Fund raising?> baka isa ka sa kaanak o nakikinabang sa mga pamilya ng political dynasty.

      • boldyak

        wala ka namanng ginawa kung hindi sirain ang magandang layunin ng iba….crab

  • mapicchu

    Go on cbcp…denounce the senate leadership, denounce enrile’s buying senators’ loyalties with large, uncalled for cash gifts; denounce his indiscriminate use of extra senate funds…cge nga…youve been too quiet since the controversy erupted..we wanted to hear from you on that issue. if CONTRACEPTION IS CORRUPTION, ano kaya tawag nyo sa misuse, misappropriation of senate funds?

    • boldyak

      hahaha..gusto mo naman gamitin ang CBCP laban sa kalaban mo…lol

      • mapicchu

         sorry dear..i just want them to be fair…ayaw ba nila ng corruption? are they morally upright? can they still distinguish between right and wrong? ano ba talaga cila? e tutal nkikialam din naman cila sa major issues ng bayan, itodo na cila…bakit cila quiet sa senate funds? 

  • RyanE

    For once, I will not criticize CBCP for meddling in politics regarding its stance against political dynasty.

    In addition to JV Ejercito, Jack Enrile and Nancy Binay, I guess we should also include Bamby Aquino and other children of politicians who are still in positions.

  • Virgilio B. Zamora

    For Dynasties and patronizing voters are who are members of the church, the CBCP can simply send them all to hell !!!……Drive them out of the church, no communion, no mass, no baptism, no marriage and not even the last rite!…..OTHERWISE THEY MUST REPENT !!!!

  • glenn padilla

    abolish familial relationship to end this epidemic.

  • ThingkingThomas

    I agree with RyanE. If and when the CBCP wades into the political arena, it should be for what is morally and ethically and universally right. An advocacy such as this by the church makes me proud to be a member of it.

  • Legally Black

    I am with CBC in this issue.  I hope to hear more of this.

    • PlumberfromCanada

      CBC???? complete blood count??? si pangitbudhiko ka ba???

  • Legally Black

    I am with CBCP in this issue.  

  • wawangpenoy

    Yan!!! Ganyan ang tunay na may pagtingin sa kapakanan ng bansa. Matagal na kayong nanahimik sa mga issues na nagpapahirap sa bansa sa halip yung makakatulong tulad ng RH ang kinakalaban ninyo.

    At last, you have finally come to your senses. You are now doing something for the greater good.

    Try to initiate a rally against political dynasty at unang-una akong sasali.

    With the SWS survey showing strong performance of dynasts, hindi pa huli ang lahat. Marami pang Sundays ang dadating bago mag-eleksyon. Bombard the flocks with anti-dynasty theme during gospel and let’s see what the result would be in the next survey.

  • lolo_Jose

    Sa posisyon nio sa political dynasty, nakuha nio ang atensiyon ng nakakarami, isa na ako..
    Pero sana  sinabi na ninyo kung sino-sino sila para iwasan ng mga botante na iboto pa
    sila..Pati sana mga corrupt, babaero,mandarambong at mamamatay tao ay sinabi na
    ninyo para sa kapakanan ng mamamayan..

    • boldyak

      hayaan mo na ang mga tao magsiyasat kung sino sino, pag nanggaling sa CBCP ang mga pangalan, masamain na naman sila…


    Most of this POLITICAL DYNASTIES go to the same CHURCH,they go for confession and pray for forgiveness,If we elect this same politicians we will have the same F—king problems and receive the same Holy Communion.It will be too late to REPENT if we vote for the same bloodline that give us the same problems,and Pastoral Letters do nothing to save us from Political problems.

  • sl1

    If the Supreme Court judges have love of our country  their 1st priority they can judged it in favor of the Philippines very easily and says “that since there is no enabling law passed yet, political dynasty is prohibited in all positions with no exception” until such time the congress pass a law in this regards. Then if this happened congress will surely fastrack enabling law in this regard. They should had interpreted the law in favor of the nation than for the politicians. You Have Your Chance Supreme Court to do the best for the country but you let us down.

  • justjarred

    sabihin kaya nila yan sa pastoral letter nila o hanggang media lang talga sila?

  • Legally Black

    When I read this Article, I felt happy because for the first time I agree with the position or stand of CBCP.  However, when I read the comments, I started  thinking that one of the probable reasons for the issuance of the pastoral letter is the incoming elections. I hope this is not just a fundraising campaign for the CBCP.  With its reputation for accepting donations and gifts from corrupt politicians, I am convinced that CBCP may change its position at the right price or donation. Urgh…Can anyone blame me for having this doubt?  

  • im_not_convinced

    i find it odd that the face of Bam Aquino is not in the article picture… oh i’m reading the inquirer, i’m not surprised then.

  • Jaz

    Sa isyung yan, kakampi nyo ang taumbayan.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer





    • Maitum

      Ayan na, nasulat mo na hinahanap mo pa.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        haha…hindi naman ho akong writer ng PDI yellow…

  • Rogelio Guillermo

    ‘Dynasty’ is actually just one of the effects of the problem. CBCP is another. Recreate the spirit that got rid of Marcos and the Philippines becomes the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

  • jseesus

    sa wakas nagkaroon nang iisang adhikain ang taong bayan at CBCP, marami ang kakampi sa inyo, may nagawa na rin kayong tama para sa taong bayan. magkaisa tayo para sa ikababagsak nang family dynasty si enrile, binay, estrada. tuloy tuloy na eto. gamitin ninyo ang pupilya sa pagbubukas na kaisipan ng mga masa, yung mga walang paraan na makakuha nang tamang impormasyon kung sino ang dapat iboto.

  • regd

    Walang kwenta yan! Kahit simbahan pa ang mag-a-alburuto, the same dumb people will still vote for these morally bankrupt dynastic garbages!

    And then the same stupid people will start complaining! THEY WILL NEVER LEARN – EVER!!!
    Kaya kung ako sa iyo juan, magsumikap ka!
    (Ok, maliban ke PNoy na sa awa ng Diyos nakalusot)

  • batangsulpok

    Bakit pag ang mga taong ito ay nagpapamisa ay walang sinasabi ang CBCP, kalimitan ay mga Obispo pa ang nagmimisa lalo na kung si Erap ang may request?

    • PlumberfromCanada

      nag aalburuto lang yang mga obispo….pag tinapalan ng tig-iisang PAJERO yan tatahimik din mga yan….

      • boldyak

        opinion mo lang yan…

      • PlumberfromCanada

        at least may opinyon?? ikaw, yan ba sabi ng handler mo diyan sa miscommunication group na isagot mo???

    • David

       special na misa kasi ay me katapat na fee kaya go go go si pader hahahaha

  • pipsirho

    For as long as WE are IGNORANT, UNINTELLIGENT, NON-DISCERNING, CLUELESS, UNTHINKING, INDIFFERENT, UNINVOLVED VOTERS, political dynasties will remain as POLITICAL CURSE to Filipinos!!! PIGS => Politicians Insatiably Gorging Slop; SLOP in the form of Power, Pork Barrel, Public Funds, Dirty Money, Graft, Corruption, Influence Peddling, SHAMELESSNESS, will continue to ABUSE PUBLIC TRUST for their own PERSONAL INTERESTS!!!

    Only when political families and clans realize that OUR VOTES CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE will we be able to ESCAPE this POLITICAL CURSE of POLITICAL DYNASTY and ABUSE!!!

    For now the CBCP can mobilize lawyer groups, and file cases against legislators for DERELICTION of DUTY, and REMISS in UPHOLDING the CONSTITUTION as they have sworn in their OATH of OFFICE. Surely they can be taken to task for this failure with creative lawyering!!

    • Yobhtron


      • divictes

        Amen to that, but how are you going to educate somebody whose attention span is only as long as the length of the legal tender? 

  • Rene

    I am with them this time, but yet again I’m still againts their meddling in politics.
    Their pastoral letter should address the current situation of their church and their faithfuls, not on the affairs of the state and it’s policies…

    • boldyak

      it’s not meddling, its the same as other groups who air their opinions, lobby etc….they don’t make laws, they influence same as the business sectors…they criticize as as we are…are we meddling?…no.

      • mapicchu

         korek ka..but its not proper to do it during mass

      • Rene

         let the doctors cure, the farmers sow, the lawyers lie(lol) and the priests preach(or lie too?)…

      • Cristobel

         its not correct to use the Mass instituted by Christ for political purposes! plain and simple. The Church is not supposed to be just a “group” or “like other groups who air their opinions”  Its not me saying this its the Pope who says it.. read the Papal encyclical Deus Caritas Est.. it spells it out very clearly.

      • Bert

        citing what is bad in this country, like the political dynasty issue, is not politicizing, it’s emphasizing the obvious evil…..

    • mapicchu

      the pastoral letters should be posted in the bulletin boards of churches…or read after mass. it should never take the place of the sermon accdg to the gospel! dyan ako naiiinis. they should find time, ways, means to talk to their flock. the pulpit is not the right place. we go to mass to hear about god;s words…not the cbcp’s political maneuverings

  • PlumberfromCanada

    bakit puro kandidato ng UNA ang nasa picture?? UMAYOS KAYO INQUIRER!!!!… BAM AQUINO wala??? si ANGARA??? si VILLAR???….

    • Maitum


    • Bert

      di pa ba obvious sa inyo that The Inquirer is YELLOW?

  • tower_of_power

    A damage control by the church? Nakkatawa!!! Panay naman ang basbas nila sa mga politikong eto … lalo na kung nagdodonate. Tumahimik na lang kayo pagdating sa politics!!!!

  • LucianoChing

    We, the Filipino people are caught between two “KNOCKING STONES” which make us miserably poor
    and hard-up in life…Ironically,these two stones is government on one side and the church on the other side….Figure out how these two institutions are making us hard-up in life,when their mandate is to uplift and improve our situations….
    Both institutions are kurakot!!!!!!!

  • Yobhtron

    Mga ipokrito!  Supalpalan lang ng mga nakaw ng yaman ng mga politico ay tikom ulit mga bibig ng mga Damaso.  Isang SUV lang ang katapat ni Bishop.  

    • Bert

      not true, nag I’M SORRY na nga si Juico ng PCSO for the wrong accusation, di ba? hehe

  • Albert Einstien

    mabuti nagigising ang CBCP….sa political dynasty!



    NO to RH LAW



    YES to FOI

    BIG NO to POLITICAL DYNASTY…..code E- EBAC…estrada,enrile, binay, aquino at cayetano….

    E-EBAC lang sila ULIT..

    .Huwag na kayong E-EBAC muli….lol

  • tra6Gpeche

    I must admit that I am slightly surprised by the pastoral
    statement of the CBCP. Nevertheless, this is definitely a good start in showing
    their concern for many unfortunate Filipinos and their disgust on the
    covetousness of the mighty political dynasty families!

  • Kiko Orallo

    is the aquino administration silent about this issue which was
    ironically initiated by the late corazon aquino through the “democratic”
    constitution? rather, the incumbent aquino is set to manipulate the
    minds of our generation by teaching the youths about the marcos
    administration. pity though that the hacienda luisita massacre and the
    attempted coups during the late aquino’s administration were buried 6ft
    under the “bahay pangarap!” what a tuwid na daan! Aquino-Cojuanco

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Nuong panahon ni Cory Aquino lalong lumalaganap ang “politikal dynasty”…halos lahat ng kamag-anak ni Cory (Aquino-Cojuangco,Sumulong,Tanjuatco,et al) ay tumakbo sa politika!!! Ngunit walang ginawa ang Ina (daw) ng demokrasya…

      • spider69

        si Cory ang nag puwesto kay Binay sa Makati na isang pangkaraniwang tao. Ngayon si Binay ay may Billiones.

      • Bert

        Not just Binay but also the AMPATUANS… OIC’s….

    • popeyee

      Initiated by Cory? Bakit kumandidato noon si Butz, si Tessie, si Peping, si Tingting, si Ngoyngoy sa Tarlac at kung sino-sino pang KKK?

      • David

         sapul na sapul mo yahoooo

  • Lagotka

    Ay naku pagsi Jackie Enrile naging senador papatay niya kaagad lahat ng nag-opose sa kanya! Ayaw na ayaw ni Jackie ang hindi sangayon sa kanya! Huwag kayong magpabola sa kanya. Killer yan ng mga taong walang laban sa kanya.

    Pero palagay ko di niya kaya si Bongbong at si PNoy. Si PNoy shooter yan, si Bongbong may private army!

    • spider69

      kahit noon pang mga bata sila ay hindi siya puwede kay Bongbong.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    I am pleasantly surprised by this move by the CBCP.
    In this instance, I have great respect for the CBCP for taking such a bold stand against
    political dynasties. I hope they will go further by exposing the Estrada, Enrile and Binay political dynasties. Amen.

    • spider69

      dapat sabihin din ng CBCP ang dahilan kung bakit sila ayaw sa political dynasty. inumpisan nila dapat tapusin nila.

      • popeyee

        sinabi na di ba? Paki basa ulit ng balita..

    • beerhunters

      are you to deprive those descendants their political AND DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS?? That is BLATANT discrimination and UNDEMOCRAtic!!

      • NoWorryBHappy

        Political dynasties are UNDEMOCRATIC and a violation of the constitution of the Philippines. Political dynasties are tantamount to usurpation of power. Political dynasties are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. Political dynasties are magnets of CORRUPTION. Political dynasties deprive opportunities to other citizens. Political dynasties must be eradicated for good.

      • beerhunters

        enacting a law which discriminate against a group of filipino citizens to deprive them of their rights in the electoral process is in itself a violation of the constitutuion and the concept of human rights. That is class legislation! ” No law shall be passed abridging the bill of rights.”

  • patawad

    Bakit wala sa picture si Cayetano, eh lahat na sa pamilya niya nasa politika na, ayaw pa ng nauutakan, lalo na ni Enrile,.  Gusto niya kung masaya si Manong masaya rin siya, ano padedehado?  

    • popeyee

      “Eh yong KAHOY, saan galing?”


    >>>CBCP denounces political dynasties<<<

    Well, how about RELIGIOUS DYNASTIES and religious dinosaurs?

    • Bert

      gawan mo ng batas….

  • bisdakis


    • Bert

      gawan mo rin ng batas…..

  • Harry

    CBCP is taking the initiative away from the Supreme Court in leading the people to outlaw political dynasties.

  • romel

    CBCP denounces political dynasties, but supporting GARCIA, ENRILE, BINAY, GLORIA.  CBCP, please try to practice what you preach.

  • Paolo Hernandez

    Magkano ba ang bayad kay Jocelyn Uy para lang ipakita ang mga mukha ng mga TRAPO?

    This is what we call Prostituted Reporting.

    We support P-NOY!

  • daniboy2012

    …..kasalanan ng mga bobong pinoy yan….utouto…at mga tamad! 

  • D3marketers

    Mas lalo ako hahanga sa CBCP if they will lobby strongly para i-abolish ang PORK

    • Platypus09

      Maybe you should lobby against yourself.

      Why wait for them?

      • D3marketers

        What’s the point?

  • Rolly257

    Nagbago ng tono ang simbahan nang maamoy na mangangamote si Binay, Enrile at Estrada sa darating na halalan.

    It’s better for the catholic church to just shut up. They should tend their ranks, instead of meddling in politics and affairs of the government.

  • magarito

    mas posible pa atang matanggal ang anti dynasty provision sa constitution kesa gumawa ng enabling law para dito.

  • johnlordphilip

    These LAW MAKERS ignore the CONSTITUTION to keep their families in POWER!!!

  • Donardo Cuago


    • Platypus09

      Why should they?

      Aren’t they Filipinos too?

      They just happen to be smarter and influential than you, and they will be until the next generations of Filipinos.

      • magsasakasanayon

        idiot. armed forces generals and officers are filipinos too but they don’t meddle in politics for obvious reasons that the idiots in the CBCP can’t even understand.

      • Bert

        genius. AFP generals are no RC Generals…..afp under philippine law is not allowed to meddle in politics….gawa ka muna ng batas stating that the cbcp bishops are not allowed to express their political opinions….simple things you seem not to understand.

      • magsasakasanayon

        still an idiot. there’s already a law that says the Church can’t meddle with State policies. you can find it in the Constitution. what an idiot, really. tsk tsk.

  • recelyn

    dapat lang na di na tangkilikin yan…puro buwaya yan…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Platypus09

      The Damasos are here to stay until you die…

      • Ricky Bobby

        and there will be people continuing to oppose the Damasos until they’re all gone… so it’s not totally a lost cause.

      • Bert

        and that will be until forever….good luck.

      • Ricky Bobby

        I beg to differ. More and more people are waking up each day. It might take a few more generations.. but we’ll get there eventually.

  • EREC

    Yes!  this one that Im waiting for roman catholic leadership….do actions against political practice in our country within in the limit of roman catholic boundary. But still I reserved my watchfull observation for their actions because on the other hand DAMASO & ESKRIBAS mentality will mislead again the people…. Pakagat lang ba sa bitag tapos kakabig. Roman Catholic must have fixed plan for a reformatory plan at this institution can help the progress the lives of the Pilipino. Else, my negative veiws of this religious institution will still be the same.

    • Platypus09

      Why are you so negative about the church?

      Think about what we did as a society to make this matter worse.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Dito sa isyu na ito ay malugod akong sasang-ayon sa ating kaparian!!!

    Wakasan na ang sinimulan ni Ginoong Marcos at Ginang Cory Aquino!!!

    Walang puwang ang “poltikal dynasties” sa ating lipunan!!!

  • Smokey

    Hmmm…political dynasty families only need to increase their religious donations to avoid being tag as dynasties. That’s rule of law, for every law there’s always an exception- if the donated amount is right. Amen?

  • Komen To

    For as long as there are unlearned Filipinos, like you see in the comments below, who wouldn’t take issues by the hand, then political dynasties will remain a market tsika. Election here is focused on personalities, never on issues

  • andrew lim


    1.  In our history, the Spanish authorities in tandem with the Catholic Church established the encomienda system which apportioned huge tracts of land to its cronies. These concentrated wealth in a few families nationwide.

     Over time, these Spanish families relinquished ownership to Filipino/Chinese families, but the structure remained- land and wealth is still concentrated in a few families.

    Yes, land reform is now our responsibility and burden, but remember it was the Spaniards, including the Spanish friars, who messed up this whole system!

    2.  The Church is pro-family and pro-large families. In an economy where the conditions I stated in point no. 1 above obtains, the combination of this with the Church’s anti-responsible parenthood stance results in family dynasties. Wealth and education is concentrated in these few families, so they find it easier to run for public office.

    The Church should recognize its failings, too in the creation of family dynasties.  

    • Platypus09

      When the the church become a political party?

      That is so lame…

  • Boying

    Why the silence at the time of the much much rapacious dynasty of GMA?

    • Bert

      because we are now under the daan matuwid, right? or are we?

  • Flipzi

    Aside from the Political Dynasty is the monopoly of the high-impact TV ads and Poll Surveys by these moneyed thieves who belong to the political dynasties usually.

  • Sheila

    kaua dapat gamitin nila ang so-called “catholic vote” if any, para di iboto mga dynasties.

  • patrickinca

    I agree with the CBCP on this but I also denounce the CBCP for not paying their taxes!

  • haringkuwago

    bulok talaga itong mga pari natin. nung si gloria ang namamayagpag sa dynasty vioalation niya, di nakibo. kasi kamo mga nakasahod itong mga ito. ngayong kalaban nila si pnoy, ayan nagdadadakdak.

    • Bert

      maybe….but is political dynasty good or bad?

      • wgd82

        don’t ask him… he is not against or pro the topic… he is against the priest…

      • Bert

        i know…just wanted to know if something is still left inside the brain…. 

    • John

      Haringkuwago kaw ang bulok bulok ang pag iisip! Hang gang dakdak ka Lang moron

  • Bert

    With the AQUINO-COJUANGCO, the BIGGEST POLITICAL DYNASTY in this country at the helm, enabling an ANTI-POLITICAL DYNASTY LAW is just a dream. But kudos to the CBCP for making the necessary move….

  • symonwho

    I hope CBCP really pursues the anti-dynasty issue in their homilies even when these politician-dynasts are in their church. It is just being true to their word.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Although I agree with the CBCP. I still believe they should keep their noses out of politics. It’s simply unethical and is a conflict of interest.

  • katabay1106

    After 25 years, nagising din ang CBCP sa kasamaang dulot ng political dynasty sa ating bansa. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit hanggang ngayon ay naghihirap ang ating bansa. Ang political dynasty na ito ang paraan ng tulong tulong na pagnanakaw sa pera ng bayan ng magkakamaganak na nakapuesto sa gobyerno. Ang malungkot ay patuloy silang ibinoboto ng mga bobotanteng pilipino na mabigyan lamang ng barya ay ipinagbibili ang kanilang karapatan. Hanggang may mga bobotanteng pilipino ay walang pagasa na umunlad ang ating bansa.

  • kypros

    Hindi takot ang mga ganid na politiko sa CBCP, alam ng mga politikong ito na pera lang ang katapat ng bawat boto sa eleksiyon at kaya nilang bawiin yan, milyon man o bilyon pa yan, pag nahalal. Ang pinakamagandang magbigay ng opinyon tungkol sa anumang usapin ng eleksyon ay ang Iglisia Ni Kristo pero wala kayong maririnig sa kanila, at alam na natin ang dahilan!

  • dukaponte

    Salamat nagising din ang mga bishops. Unahan na nila ang kampanya kontra political dynasty. Dapat sa bawat halalan isang kandidato lang sa isang pamilya kasama ang direct ascendant at direct descendant.

  • valinor

    Di nyo kami kailangan turuan….CBCP… kami na bahala bumoto (at DI BUMOTO) sa mga nagpapogi lang at nakiride sa mga apelyido nila…minsan lang talga kulang choices tsk

  • David

    dapat na i-denounce ng cbcp mga abusadong pari.

  • David

    paano i-denounce ng cbcp ang pol dynasty eh patron sila ng mga trapos…. orocan

  • joerizal

    Time to end the biggest dynasty of all…the Catholic Church.

  • bogli_anakdami

    malapit na ang mahal na araw/holy week…

    dapat eh iparada ang kaksaker padre dumbasso doon sa bulacan at latiguhin… flaggelation is a major major part of the flip gung gongs tradition, di ba?

    oooopsie… WHAT IF kaksaker padre dumbassos’ like it?  sa ‘merka, S&M ang tawag doon…


    this is just to cover up by the cbcp scandals and their debacle with the rh bill..your cbcp pres.palma is sipsip to the garcia’s here in cebu.denouncing political dynasties?who are you fooling?cbcp you’ve lost your credibility.

  • Harry

    The Church did not advise PNoy not to run when he went into a retreat before campaigning for presidency.

  • Lagotka

    Kailangan ni Juan Ponce Enrile ipagpatuloy ng anak niyang walang hiyang killer Jackie para alagaan ang mga ninakaw niya noong panahon ng martial law at pagkatapos ng martial law!

    Pagnawala si Juan Ponce Enrile tapos din ang kayang kaharian sa Cagayan!

    • DamayDamayLang

       …”eh yung kahoy”…
      ha ha ha… ooops, nadulas ako… he he…

  • palakasantayo

    Ahh… CBCP hierachy is now feeling the pinch. They know that these dynasties are losing grip on their holds… so… they might as well side with the people to regain support. Good cannon law strategy huh? 

  • DamayDamayLang

    … ah wala na bisa salita ng CBCP… mahina na…

    tsk tsk tsk..
    … magkaganun pa man, anti political dynasty pa rin boto ko sa election!

  • Carmen

     Bawal iboto ang mga kandidato ng Liberal Party. Iboto ang kahit sinong kandidato pero wag iboto ang mga kandidato ng Liberal Party, gaya sa mga sinasabi ng marami sila ay parang mga NPA mga salot ng bayan.

  • Saith

    kahit bobo at kriminal basta me pangalan nananalo!  ang dapat sisihin ay ang mga mamamayang Filipino….  ibibgay ang boto nila sa highest bidder!  hindi aasenso ang Pilipinas hanggat hindi nagbabago ang mga mamamayang Filipino….  sabi nga ng isang Filipinong Pilosopo “mababago lang ang ugali ng mga Filipino kung papatayin lahat mula siete (7 yrs old) anyos pataas, at yung natira eh, palakihin ng tama”….  wala na talagang pag-asa!

    • rinom

      only through Jesus Christ we have hope. wala po sa kabataan. kaya iyong turo ni rizal haka lang niya iyon. I search the scripture and I cant find it. what I found is ,, Jesus Christ is our blessed hope.

  • rjimenez1226

    duda ako sa pakulo na ito ng cbcp dahil ang mga obispo at mga pare ang kumikita sa mga political dynasties especially sa provincia. Isang kaipokrituhan na naman ito.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Sana naman makiisa din ang mga ibang sekta tulad ng INC, JIL, Kibuloy, Muslim at iba pa sa usapin na ito. Ito ay para sa kinabukasan ng Pinas.
    Huwag sanang mapunta sa Ming Dynasty Philippine Style ang Pinas!

  • Flipzi


    Political dynasties are one of the main reasons why economic progress is slow and why poverty and injustice dominate the electorate. This is because the government programs and even the rules and regulations as well as the local laws are all being manipulated to favor the interest of those in power, who are usually the reigning political dynasty.

    The ‘Check and Balance’ mechanism is destroyed and the commission of abuse of authority gets unabated. Worse, their dynasty’s level of influence as a result of the monopoly creates an atmosphere of sustained threat upon those who would dare oppose or criticize the incumbents. Consequently, those who could have done something to confront the abuse decided not to act on it anymore. 

    As per the World Bank itself, the weakness of the Philippine state “stems from the effective control by interest groups of the state machinery, such that rule-making and enforcement serves not the general welfare but particular interests.”

    This is the same as electing a family to run a town or province. This includes gaining a considerable influence in Congress itself, where the major laws are defined. 

    Don’t assume that these people are angels from heaven. Their sweet talk and heavenly promises are nothing but words of deceit.


    One major factor why people keep on voting for the corrupt minds and the big thieves (family of thieves in fact) is that because they are getting the wrong information about the candidates.

    Worse, big commercials like in TV and print ads are dominated by the moneyed candidates who are often the ones from the political dynasties who are notorious for their anomalies and scandals involving abuse of power and plunder.

    It is vital that we educate the voters well enough and prevent the big thieves from monopolizing the TV commercials and other media that are considered as public information routes with a ‘wide audience impact’. 

    FULL DETAIL at “FLIPZI’S COVE” (Society and Politics section)

    • Saith

      now it’s just a matter of getting through the thick headed Filipinos….

    • Saith

      one other problem is the continued interference from religious leaders….  these people needs to focus on tending their flock and not interfere with the workings of the Government….  I strongly believe in the separation of the religion and government….  any interference from any religion will only delay any progress in the government.

      • rinom

        kaya nga iyong mga framers ng US condtitution gumawa sila ng paraan para maiwasan magsanib ang gobyerno at ang religion, sapagkat naranasan nila hindi maganda, naranasan nila kung papaano sila pahirapan sa bansang EUROPA. at hindi lang iyan , sinigurado nila na may executive, may judiciary at may legislative, na hindi mapupunta sa iisang tao, kasi kung mapupunta sa iisang tao, tyranny po iyon. o dictator, o kaya ay dynasty.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Very long article about the CBCP of the Roman Catholic Church but the name of God was not mentioned even once.  It seems they are now more into politics rather than bringing the people closer to God. They must be having their anointed candidates to face the formidable political dynasties.

  • w33k3nd3r

    Keep on talking CBCP; nobody takes you seriously anymore.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Febien

    Political dynasty is wrong!!! Ibig sabihin ng CBCP si Roxas sa 2016. Iisa ibig sabihin nito, walang botohan na magaganap. Lahat kasi e dynasty. kung ang paguusapan ay 2016 iisa lang ang ibig sabihin ng CBCP, si Mar Roxas ang napipisil nila dahil sya lang ang di dynasty sa 2016. Itong CBCP di ito humihiwalay kay Aquino. Ano ba kayo Chinas Bishop of Chinas Philippines? Mabuti kung may sumunod sa inyo ngayon! Kung mapupuna nyo di humihiwalay ang CBCP sa mga Aquino . CHINAS BISHOP OF CHINAS PHILIPPINES.Doon kayo maki alam sa China. Imbistigahan nga kung mga Filipino itong mga Bishop! Baka nagiba lang ng mga apelyido yan.

  • Febien

    Ang CBCP di humihiwalay sa mga Aquino yan at sa mga leftist. Maka communist ba ang CBCP? yan ang sinasabi ng ibang political analyst. Parang nakakahinala na talaga. May conspiracy ba? Iuupo na naman nila ay ang bata ni Aquino? Nako dayaan na naman yan! Hocus pocus na naman yan. Conspiracy!!!

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