Philippine bishops urge morality vote after defeat



MANILA, Philippines  — Catholic bishops in the Philippines vowed Tuesday to vigorously campaign against politicians who ignored their “moral” teachings, after the church failed to stop the passage of the reproductive health law.

The powerful Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said it had decided to target suspect politicians in mid-term elections in May, when thousands of posts from the local village level to congress will be contested.

In a statement following their annual plenary, the bishops said they would demand politicians publicly voice their views on critical social issues, ranging from same-sex marriage and divorce to contraceptives and corruption.

“We will force them to walk the talk and state their positions on the moral stance of the church, as well as their convictions on how they will run the country,” said Francis Lucas, who heads the group’s media unit.

“We will bring it out to the people and we will tell them to choose based on the answers. If a politician refuses to make a stand, that will be taken very negatively.”

More than 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholics, a legacy of over 300 years of Spanish rule that ended in the late 1800s, and the church has long enjoyed strong political influence.

The church helped lead peaceful uprisings that removed two corrupt presidents, Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 and Joseph Estrada in 2001.

However CBCP president Archbishop Jose Palma conceded the church may be starting to lose some of its influence.

“We are tossed about by the waves of the secularist spirit, which continues to reduce the role and place of religious faith in the public sphere,” Palma said.

“Our cherished moral and spiritual values are at grave risk.”

In this light, the church intended to step up its efforts to pressure politicians during the election campaign.

The church will only support “election of candidates who are upright and guided by moral teachings of the church”, said Bishop Gabriel Reyes, another senior member of the conference.

He said church members would not be forced to vote as a bloc, but would be told to carefully scrutinize candidates.

Reyes said among the key issues was whether politicians supported the reproductive health law, which was approved by parliament last year and officially took effect this month.

The law requires state health centers to hand out free condoms and birth control pills and mandates that sex education be taught in schools.

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  • M_cook

    tax the church NOW!!!

    • Christian

      That’s correct. Pass a bill compeling churches to pay taxes.

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    Ito PONG statement ng SIMBAHAN laban sa SUMOPORTA ng RH bill ay ISA PONG PAG-HIHIGANTI ng simbahang katoliko na BAWAL PO sa PRICIPYO ng Vatican—-

  • dickenhead

    hypocrites through & through

  • regd

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. They will never learn. It didn’t work then and it didn’t work now. IT WILL NEVER WORK! 
    The infertile brains of these bishops will guarantee a graceless gospel.

  • Joel Marantan

    This could be a good test case to see kung may influence pa ang mga bishops at mga pari. I for one regardless of the what the bishops and the priests says I will vote for the candidates whom I believe has what it takes to lead for the better. In fact, I do not care what they say as to whom should I vote as they don’t mean nothing to me. Abslutely NOTHING!

  • RyanE

    “We will force them to walk the talk and state their positions on the moral stance of the church…”

    The church should then set the example. A bishop in Surigao has yet to surrender to authorities the priest accused of rape in Agusan which the bishop has been hiding.

  • Joel Marantan

    Why does the media say’s “The powerful Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)”. Akala nga tuloy nila may power pa sila !!!

    • panhase

       Yes, they are powerful, the get their power from meralco.

  • kilabot

    changing morality. 
    the world agenda is to make the abnormal the new normal; 
    1) dangerous drugs; 
    2) same-sex marriage; 
    3) man-beast union; 
    4) prostitution; 
    5) pedophilia; 
    6) abortion; 

    the agenda is being pushed around the world; 
    some countries have already legalized one or more of the agenda items; 
    the push is intensifying; targeting world leaders and people of influence; 
    uk, france, netherlands, spain, sweden, southafrica, argentina and canada have fallen; 
    obama, clinton and carter have fallen; the whole usa may fall soon; 
    noykapon has fallen; so do many ph politicians and academics; ph on the verge of falling; 

    everything will be redefined; 
    freedom means free condom; 
    $sodomy becomes love; bestialisex is affection; a toilet bowl becomes a sex object; 
    a junkie is chic; a prostitute is enterprising; 
    adopting the agenda is equated to progress, prosperity and advancement; 

    the idea is to make the world one big orgy; all people thinking, behaving and acting alike; 
    one world order; the reign of the great pervert; 
    there will be no more right nor wrong; there is only normal perversion; 

    time to choose which side you are on; fence-sitting not recommended. 
    do something against perversion. help rehabilitate a pervert; 

    No to perversion! 

    • panhase

      These are your dreams, your fantasies? You do not need to share that with the world. Keep it private.

  • quirinomayer

    My bold prediction is that we have a replay of the Juan Flavier debacle in the making. The CBCP went all out to derail the reelection of Sen. Flavier in 2001 due to his condom advocacy and he landed in No. 2 hehehe.  These Damasos think Filipino Catholics are still docile and ignorant indios who would follow their commands like during the Spanish time.

    The political careers of Senators Recto and Laurel did not end with the passage of the Rizal Law which the Damasos fiercely fought against in the 50s.

    In the latest SWS survey, three senators who voted in favor of the RH Bill are ranked 1 to 3 hehehe.

    After the elections, the CBCP aka Padre Damaso will have more eggs in their faces. They just cannot see the signs that more and more Filipinos are sick and tired of them.

  • weeshfulThinker

     “More than 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholics, a legacy of over 300
    years of Spanish rule that ended in the late 1800s, and the church has
    long enjoyed strong political influence”

    – But how many of that 80 percent would actually listen and heed the calls of the CBCP? They don’t really get it. The Filipinos, can no longer be swayed that easily anymore. CBCP faught the Marcos’ because of it’s tyranny and because of “Martial Law”. And yet here they are actually posing as the ABSOLUTES – that every Filipino should follow them. Quite the irony…

    • Jane Tan

      Well… ayaw nila masunod si Marcos, gusto nila na sila ang masunod :p

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • brunogiordano

    “However CBCP president Archbishop Jose Palma conceded the church may be starting to lose some of its influence.”

    That’s an understatement!!!!!

    Sa kasalukuyan pagkatapos mabisto ang inyong mga kasinungaligan laban sa RH, ni katiting wala na kayong influencia.

    Karamihan ng mga katoliko ngayon ay naniniwala sa sinabi ni CARDINAL MARTINI na ang MORALIDAD na nais ninyong ipasunod ay 200 years behind na.

  • mekeni62

    wishing you all the luck. you will badly need it.

  • LabkoPinas

    Christian Morality says YES to the RH bill!!!

  • Rene

    bishops shut up, just walk the talk you are talking, lets see if you have the power and influence you think you have over the catholics when it comes to electing public officials, you have been saying that for several weeks now, para kayong mga sirang plaka!!! RH bill is already a law, so do your vengeance and stop threatening just dot it!

  • symonwho

    Why don’t the bishops start with themselves with an examination of conscience. Expalin what happened with the donated money in Pque diocese for the calamity victims. Why don’t you opened up on and expose perverts among priests and bishops?

  • andrew lim

    “Our cherished moral and spiritual values are at grave risk.” – CBCP

    Totoo yan. Sabihin ba namang iboto natin si Imelda Marcos, Mikee Arroyo, Dato Arroyo just because they voted no to RH.

  • symonwho

    If the bishops are against corruption as they say, why not ask all branches of government to account for taxpayers money.

    In so doing, the bishops should also explain what they do with money collected in churches and demonstrate transparency.

  • just_anotherperson

    Tuloy ang laban sa RH Law!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Oh!  Angry bishops are just hungry bishops.  Feed the pack, save the herd.

  • Ommm

    The church certainly can influence and dictate political winners in this country…that is exactly why our government has been one of the most corrupt on earth….

    Note the bishops DID NOT list stealing money as one of their scorning criterias for a wholesome, God fearing politician…. 

  • JuanTamadachi

    Your Graces, please campaign for UNA. Give UNA candidates your gut bustin best efforts. I do hope your support is not something akin to macapal dorovo’s kiss of death.

  • ThingkingThomas

    I hope one of them bishops read the posts here. Catholics po kami. My entire brood. You bishops are putting us in bad light. nakakahiya kayo. you preach the teachings of Jesus, such as humility but you don’t practice it. You are quick to judge. Instead of acting like spoiled brats, please grow up and be good examples like Christ. He did not call for a loyalty check even though alam nya ang gagawin ni Hudas sa kanya. He did not judge those who crucified him. Please be more like Christ and stop emulating the Pharisees of old. You are not doing the church any favors. You are just driving us away.

  • mangtom

    The church will only support “election of candidates who are upright and guided by moral teachings of the church”, said Bishop Gabriel Reyes, another senior member of the conference.
    to the CBCP: single out ONE, just one, candidate in your list that meets your above standard. Not even YOU, cone heads, can meet your criteria. So please just shut the F up and go to bed. You are wasting your time. 

    This none sense talk about moral teachings should not and cannot come from immoral guys like you. Try harder. You think today’s Juan and Juana dela Cruz are as gullible as their counterparts centuries ago when you friars ruled the helpless natives with iron hand. Not any more, cone heads. You are a thing of the past-anachronistic. 

  • Hfxwst

    Less than 50% of Filipinos are practicing Catholics.  As the population becomes better educated, the corruptness and superstition surrounding the CBCP becomes repugnant.  There is a difference between Pinoy Catholic and Roman Catholic. Find a 3rd world country and you will find Catholic Bishops.

    The CBCP is a political lobby group seeking to increase its wealth, it is not a religious order.  The CBCP seeks to impose a set of beliefs on all Pinoys even those who are not catholic – non catholics and non practicing Catholics will not tolerate that, it is a human rights issue.  No better than the Islamic extremists we see in Middle Eastern countries.

    Next we need a modern divorce law, not based on the CBCP fantasy of annulment.

  • George Lapulapu

    Very good. very good. this should be welcomed… at the very least, we will know how much of their followeres will follow their leaders.

  • malek_abdul

    “The church helped lead peaceful uprisings that removed two corrupt presidents, Ferdinand  Marcos in 1986 and Joseph Estrada in 2001. However CBCP president Archbishop Jose Palma conceded the church may be starting to lose some of its influence”

    But you let the past administration continue to plunder and steal from government coffers…WHY? Because marami sa inyo ang nakinabang. Binigyan kayo ng mga sasakyan at syempre pa a substantial amount of “donation” kuno kaya tahimik lang kayo. I even read a statement from one bishop…sabi niya: ” I don’t care kung galing sa demonyo ang (donasyon) pera”.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Those politicians who actually voted FOR the RH Bill are the corrupt ones. These politicians rode on the publicity campaign of the CBCP. Nakisawsaw lang. Dahil sa tingin ng CBCP at ang mga mangungurakot ay masama ang magplano ng pamilya. Puwes, mas masama ang mangurakot ! Morality vote, kuno.

    • Hfxwst

      Well hopefully they will also vote for a non catholic divorce law – one not based on the Catholic fantasy of annulment.  They may be corrupt, but at least less corrupt than the CBCP

    • Jane Tan

      So, why is it that the biggest known opposition of the RH Bill, whom the CBCP support, are also the ones who committed the most heinous of acts?

      The fact remains that, no matter which side they supported, I would not vote for them because of their previous actions.

  • vilmavee

    It is time that we Catholics make a stand.  Let us support candidates who are morally upright. 
    And the opinion expressed below should be disregarded.

    • panhase

       You are absolutely right. I will vote for this morally upright candidate. Who is he?

    • David

       eh di wala kayong maiboboto kahit na sino…aber sino sa mga tumatakbo ang me moralidad na intact? sige nga… unahin natin sa senatoriables. wag ka mag ilusyon ng moralidad. ala nyan ang mga pulitiko.

  • JLFS

    These Bishops are out touch of the reality. Your priest will not be followed by the laity in secular matters. They don’t have the influence because they are dependent from the laity, foods, vehicles,  allowances, church maintenace and repairs.

  • Observer_din

    ayan ang maganda, magkakaalaman na pagkatapos ng election kung marami pa ring susunod sa kanila. Sana maglabas din sila ng listahan ng ie-endorso nila, para magkalinawan ng resulta pagkatapos ng election. Sana lang me moral sila para mangaral at manguna sa mga catholic voters na wag iboto ang mga imoral, maraming kabit at mga huweteng lords.

  • browndarwinian

    ‘The only thing that guarantees an open-ended collaboration among human beings – the only thing that guarantees that this project is truly open-ended is a willingness to have our beliefs and behavior modified by the power of conversation. It should be clear – what else could do it?

    The problem with faith, is that it really is a conversation stopper.
    Faith is a declaration of immunity to the powers of conversation. It is a
    reason, why you do not have to give reasons, for what you believe.

    Religious faith is the only area of discourse where immunity to
    conversation is considered noble. It’s the only area of our lives where
    someone can win points for saying, “There’s nothing that you can do to
    change my mind and I’m taking no state of the world ultimately into
    account in believing what I believe. There’s nothing to change about the
    world that would cause me to revise my beliefs.”‘

     – Sam Harris

    • Jane Tan

      Isn’t it ironic that, by saying there is nothing I can do to change your mind, you create the context that allows me to urge you to think :)

      Think, which is a natural enemy of faith (or blind-faith).

  • palakasantayo

    These CDCP advocates are really in “delusion of grandeaur”. First, they could not accept that they lost (RH Bill); second, they are still waging a war against the politicians who supported RH Bill. What about if you bishops walk the talk, as you say, and disassociate yourselves from those corrupt politicians. Walking along the side of those dirty politicians is not a good example of practising and upholding good morality. To you, good moral politicians and church followers are those who submit to your personal whims…

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Morality in western societies were destroyed by the noisy minority such as gays, moral relativists and the like who happen generally belong to the rich as they feel self sufficient having almost everything in life while many faithful Christians opt to stay in the sideline for fear that they will be name called as bigots which we are not DEFINITELY. Celdran and others like him who are ksp’s should not be allowed to destroy our sense of right and wrong just like that by keeping silent even if they are violating with impunity simple good manners and worse the religious beliefs of some like us Catholics who happen to be the majority in this country. If wee keep passive, after RH will be divorce, then abortion and then gay marriage and later free love AND PROHIBITION OF PRAYING IN PUBLIC PLACES OUT OF RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD!. We have seen it in more advanced countries happening and if we do not want to follow them to the abyss where families are almost dysfunctional, we should be firm in defending our morals by speaking out for the good of our families and especially of our children..- a friendly advice

  • David

    anong morality vote???…eh ang daming pinoy na walang moral sa pagboto..binebenta boto sa baryang mapapala…

  • Nic Legaspi

    I hope the CBCP publishes a list of politicians who voted NO to the RH bill… so I would know whom I would NOT vote for.

  • Hein S

    All ANTI-RH lawmakers are off my Vote List.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Ken Heinemann

    The Bishops are worried about losing money. They will do all they can to encourage over population in the Philippines. This keeps the population under their influence, keeps Philippinos poor and ignorant. The middle ages are over, the Catholic church refuses to recognize this fact.

  • Ken Heinemann

    The anti RH law makers should be praised and rewarded for standing up to what is right!!!
    The Catholic Church keeps Philippine society poor and over populated

  • johnvforeighner

    The Bishops talking about morals? hahaha
    The Pajero-Bishops should start in house, before starting to point the fingers at others. 

  • Christian

    Stop talking Bishops. 90% sa inyo puro bakla. HUWAG MAKIALAM SA POLITIKA. ALis diyan!!! PAY TAX NOW !!!

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