Bishops treat anti-RH pols to lunch, but that’s all



Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma. Photo from

Who said “there’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

Not the Catholic bishops, who gathered anti-reproductive health (RH) bill lawmakers to a simple luncheon on Monday as a token of their appreciation for the latter’s standing by the Church from start to finish of the law process.

The bishops were quick to explain, however, that the move was not a political endorsement of the members of Congress who may be running in May, coming as it did during the election period.

“We tendered this luncheon as an appreciation of what they had done,” said Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president and Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma after the lunch, which was held on the last day of the bishops’ plenary assembly at the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila.

Palma said the lawmakers’ move to support and fight for the position of the Church on the RH measure—which has been passed and was signed into law last month by President Aquino—and promote the sanctity of life and Filipino Christian values deserved recognition.

“This is not something that we have to take for granted [because] it [was] done for their great love for the country and what the values mean to them… the values of marriage, life and respect,” Palma told reporters in an interview.

Among the lawmakers in attendance were Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, Senators Aquilino Pimentel III and Gregorio Honasan, and Representatives Imelda Marcos, Pablo Garcia, Arturo Yap, Amado Bagatsing, Lani Mercado and Milagros Magsaysay.

Palma said through that the bishops’ gratitude would not translate into endorsements for the May 13 balloting.

“We are not in anyway partisan. We do not tell the whole world who to vote for or name the right person to vote for,” said Palma.

As in previous elections, the CBCP would merely provide guidelines to the electorate based on the doctrines of the Church, said the prelate. “We trust in the discerning process of the people to choose for themselves,” he added.

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  • bahaykubo1015

    “Among the lawmakers in attendance were Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, Senators Aquilino Pimentel III and Gregorio Honasan, and Representatives Imelda Marcos, Pablo Garcia, Arturo Yap, Amado Bagatsing, Lani Mercado and Milagros Magsaysay”

    Nakataga sa bato.

    • teekaye2

       Please everyone dont vote for these people  follow reason see the hidden agenda and do not let the church ANY CHURCH  influenfe the running of the Country

  • Teresita Sy

    You go, girls!

  • nes911

    Puro mga crooks at kawatan yung mga pinakain at sinisuportahan ng mga obispo. Basta pala anti-rh law ka, kahit ka mamamtay tao, suportado ka ng simbahang katoliko

    • abner

       at sino naman ang hindi na si mirriam na hipokrito daw?? :D

  • Hein S

    Enrile, Sotto, Honasan, Pimentel.

    You people are OFF MY LIST.

    • abner

       at yan naman ang iboboto ko.

  • $37644997

    The CBCP’s has a hidden agenda.To poison the hearts and minds of the attendees.People in general know who to vote for.

    • Noel

      Pasado na nga ang RH Bill hirit pa rin ang simbahan.

  • Hey_Dudes

    The Filipino people in spite of these particular elements in our society continuing to experiment in how to sweeten a lime fruit, have become more smarter. They will see this event as nothing but two shameless group of people they hope one day will disappear like they never existed.

    Obviously, the Catholic church hierarchy haven’t gotten the message and pulse of the nation and people.  They are now moving heaven and earth to make sure whoever is the next president will be a better president who will listen and cater to their dictatorial whims.  Perhaps these b&*astards cannot wait to see Binay inviting them again for state dinner like they used to enjoy during the corrupt GMA regime.

    • abner

       malacanang na malacanang ang dating ah.

  • Fred

    Bishop nagpadala ba kayo ng pagkain sa mga biktima ng bagyong Pablo sa Compostela?
    Hindi pa huli ang lahat, maari pa rin ninyong gawin, tapos pa presscon!


    Remember, Sotto, Pimentel and Honasan but don’t mind Enrile. He is now an stem cell baby….. nyaaaaaa ………..  

  • okayayonip

    Grabe talaga, at kaibigan na nila si Imelda Marcos na walang alinglangan na ubod ng magnanakaw noong panahon ng martial law, bilyon dollars pa rin ang itinatago ng mga marcos. CBCP tulungan naman ninyo ang mga “gagamba boys” at mga katoliko ang mga iyon hindi kung sino pang mayayaman ang inyong pinapakain. ganito ba ngayon ang pagbabago sa mga aral ni kristo? sumpain nawa kayo!

    • kismaytami

      ferdinand marcos, and the chinese cardinal sin and corazon cojuangco must be rolling in their graves.

  • wehd1nga

    NO to AKBAYAD, NO to RH Law, NO to Pro RH Candidates.

    • Alejandro Canda

      the more you hate this pro-rh solons the more that they are getting votes from the enlightened citizens of this republic who are already tired of the much abusive catholic church who openly disregard the sepration of the church and state. Go go go pro-rh solons these haters are no match to your admirers. 

  • josesantos318

    The representatives are supposed to vote according to the will of their constituents. Not according to their conscience nor to the likes of the church. Majority of their constituents were in favor of the RH bill, yet they voted against. If the politicians do not want to represent , then they should not run as representatives. But then we all know why they want to be representatives. So people, vote for candidates who will represent you fully. In Cebu, almost all representatives voted against the will of their constituents. You can draw your conclusion who to vote for this coming election.

    • Noel

      The Bishops are lying again when they say the free lunch was to show appreciation for the anti-RH lawmakers and not to endorse them.  BS.  Look at those who attended, almost all are candidates except for JPE but his son is.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    A painting, “The Last Luncheon,” should be done.

    And a novel, “The Da Maso Code.”

  • panaloangtotoo2

    Aminin na ni Palma na pera-pera lang naman ang dahilan. Kung seryoso sila sa kapakanan ng tao, pwede ba magkaroon ng programa ang cbcp na epektibo at hindi depektibo?

  • Noel

    Only lunch?  No white envelopes for the lawmakers or the Bishops?

  • josesantos318

    Here is the church again playing politics, and they say this is not an endorsement for candidates. They probably think that all their followers are that narrow minded. Until now, they are still fighting against the RH bill, even if it is now a law. Every ones talking about unification and moving forward, yet this action of the church is divisive. And look who the church is honoring, enrile, responsible for so many dissidents executed during martial law, including a number of priests. He is also an adulterer, but because of his actions on the RH bill, all his sins have been forgiven, done during an on banc session of the cbcp. Then there is sotto, mention of the name immediately connects to someone named after a soft drink brand. Then there is honasan, plotter of coup and responsible fo the death of innocents. Let us not forget imelda Marcos, nor do we forget the crimes of Marcos and his family. God must be fidgeting in his seat in heaven with the thought of having these people in his side. If these people go to heaven , as endorsed by the church, what then is the difference between heaven and hell.

  • kismaytami

    Anyway, wala naman akong iboboto sa mga yan…

  • dickenhead

    well folks we already know the people we wont be voting

    • Bayang_magiliw

      I’m a baptised Catholic and count me in NOT to vote for these trapos and their families or the proper term DYNASTY

      • Jane Tan


  • just_anotherperson

    Salamat sa mga bomoto against the RH Law.  Tulad ko, malamang kayo ang iboboto ng mananampalatayang Katoliko.

  • epal_ako

    I feel like reading the Noli and the Fili all over again…

  • quirinomayer

    Kung yong mamatay asawang si  Congressman Ruben Ecleo e bomoto kontra RH, bayani rin  siya sa tingin ng CBCP at inimbita din sa lunch na ito.

    • diamond_digger

       Eh kung na-quash ang warrant of arrest ni Ecleo, malamang na imbitahin ni Mons. Palma. Huwag na tayong lumayo pa, eh, ito ngang si Imelda na si dating Cardinal Sin at ang Catholic Church ang nagpasimuno sa pagpaalis sa palasyo kaniyang inimbitahan, malamang na kahit si satanas basta ba’t magbigay ng ‘donasyon’ eh pakakainin ni Palma. Hehehehe!

  • Benjamin

    Dr. Jose Rizal must be rising from his grave. The Church almost always interferes with the government whenever they feel and they just totally disregard the separation of church and state. If Rizal were alive today, he would have written another Noli and Fili type books lambasting the church for their abusive actions. Too many Padre Damasos in the Catholic Church. 


    Who said “there’s no such thing as a SIPSIP men in white gowns?”  HoHOHho!!!
    Hindi kami partisan, pero may kinikilingan kami.  At bale wala yong free-lunch na free-lunch na yan.  Kahit na araw-arawin pa yan….basta’t sa mga MERON, meron kaming parati!  Hindi kami POOR, noh….bilyon-bilyon ang naka-subif namin sa mga bangko at financial institutions.  You know, moolah begets moolah….our unwritten objective and canon law.

    • diamond_digger

      Tama ka, UrHonor.  Free lunch? Tell that to the Marines, Mons. Palma. With Enrile who gives millions to his favorite pals in the Senate and Imelda who needs the Church’s ‘basbas’ to fully recover from the marcos curse, it was not a treat by the bishop and the Church. The reality is that it was an act of fundraising in return for a not-so-discreet endorsement. Palma may have only taken out less than P50,000 from his church’s coffers but put in a huge sum (presumably a couple of millions) into the pockets of his cassocks. Ulolin mong lelang mo. This is not much different from that disgraceful letter of that bishop asking for an SUV. This time, Palma used a business approach. Hohohoho!

      • UrHONOR

        OO nga, diamond_digger.  Most likely pa nga, ang nagbayad ng lahat ng yan ay si Meldy….at MALAMANG ay sila-sila ding inimbita ang nagpasimuno ng gathering na ito, dahil sa sabi mo nga, for ulterior motives.  Basta’t pakikinabangan, open-na-open at makikinig ang mga TNL na bullsyaps na yan sa kahit na kanino.  Pero kung wala ka, saka ka na lang.

  • Hfxwst

    If you do not make good laws then you will not be re elected – the RH Bill was a good law.

    The “Church” is losing its grip on the Philippines and things will improve  for everyone especially non catholics and non practicing Catholics who have been suffering under an intolerant, selfish and corrupt religious regime. Next we need a 21st century divorce law that is not based on the Catholic fantasy of annulment.

    The CBCP is a lobby group, not a religious order – they should pay taxes on their wealth.

  • miiron

    bishop palma is the true epitome of PADRE DAMASO!  

  • kurakut

    maybe ask your guests to legalize sex in public, like dogs. dadami ang tao sa mundo. 

    • Jane Tan

      lol… laws on concubinage allow a man to cheat on his wife without a penalty and they never bring the issue up in the SC… so anti-woman

  • Hey_Dudes

    I hope these b**astards better not be preaching about corruption.  Treating political figures in case they may not want to admit it,  is also another form of corruption.  Catholic church hierarchy must not engage in political activities and concentrate on their business which is religion.

  • barako22

    sana ang pinakain ng bishop ang mga batang gagamba, batang hamog at mga batang nakakalat sa kalsada or natutulog sa bangketa

  • jpmd88

     may nalalaman pang lunch lunch tong mga hunghang na eto.

    • Alejandro Canda

      Kaya umaani ng kabikabilang batikos ang simbahang katoliko dahil sa inaasal ng mga obispo at pari na talagang very very opposite sa tinuturo sa bibliya. Ang pagpapakain ng mga corrupt politician ay para naring sinabi nilang nag join na sila ng circus sa mga taong ito. At ang mensahe ay walang problema ang corruption total makikinabang naman kami dito  dahil madali lang mag bilmoko, bili mo ako ng pajero, bili mo ako ng crosswind, bili mo ako ng fortuner, montero. d-max, boondock, altera, sportivo, x-trail, sorento at king ano ano pa. Hay naku, kayat marami ng pumalag at lumipat sa ibang sekta.

  • erek mo

    “We tendered this luncheon as an appreciation of what they had done,” OMG Instead of feeding hungry children in this country, you feed these corrupt politicians. I am losing faith on this organized religion (rich catholic church), unbelievable, mind boggling.

  • marionics

    talagang hindi na nagpakita yung dating commentor na si herculubus ano? napahiya talaga sa fearless forecast niya noon na – “THE RH LAW IS DEAD” bwahahaha

    hoy! magpakita ka naman ang take your @sswhooping like a man hahaha

    • Ding

      Hey, Kulubot, na ang pangalan niya ngayon…noon pa man baku-baku na ang sinasabi no’n.

    • Daniel Nielsen

      never ends does it


    LUNCHEON with the CARPETBAGGER KNIGHTS of the ROUND TABLE….presided and sponsored by the MEN in WHITE with brackish thalamus and “heart” of “gold”…..lots and lots of GOLD.

    Agendum: “Gandanhan naman natin ang hati-an, OK?  Yong mga SUV namin maluluma na sa 2014…..gawan ninyo ng paraan, OK?”  (Pssst, bullsyap pueblos, OK na ba yon?) :)

    • Ding

      Umuutot ka na naman sa bunganga, UrHORROR.
      Ang tibay ng mukha, o huwag nang mukha, dibdib na lang na magdala ng UrHONOR, puro pangit naman ang sinasabi ng mga posts mo.

  • Albin

    Nagkalat na naman sa article na ito ang mga paid anti Catholic bloggers na maga alagad nina Manalo, Quiboloy, Soriano, Evangelista, Almeda, Abunda.

    • UrHONOR

      HAHAHA  tulad mong nagkakalat na darling ni damasing!  Paano mo nalaman na anti-catholics ang nababasa mo?  Dahil ba hindi mo maintindihan mg lubusan ang napapaloob sa mga paglalahad at puro letra lang ang kaya mong unawain, e, anti-catholic na?  IKAW, kabayan, ang sumisira sa aming mga kaTOLiks….mapang-husga at mabilis sa bunutan at pagpapaputok.  Kulang ka lang sa minindal, kabayan…..mag-kape ka muna at, tapos, mag-Rosario!  :)

  • sked482

    “We trust in the discerning process of the people to choose for themselves,” he added.

    Hahahaha. I think I’m not the only one who’ll find this statement funny.

  • Edward Solilap

    All the Bishop could say is thank you for being supportive to us, the free lunch is our appreciation treat to all of you that stand against RH Bill but sorry we could not endorse each one of you here in Cebu because we are not partisan as in previous election we just provide guidlines. But most if not all Catholic Leaders was threatening to boycot those Candidates that support RH Bill with Catholic votes. Which side are you in now Archbishop Jose Palma? I am sure you wouldn’t like to sleep with Senator Enrile and Sotto as well.

  • Ed Molina

    ayos yan mga bishops, tuloy nyo lang yan. remember GMAs kiss of death in the last election? well yours is no different, so, good job!

  • Jane Tan

    …Appalled with their choice of people… more than half of those do not even practice a pro-life, pro-family, pro-country attitude.

  • wawangpenoy

    “Among the lawmakers in attendance were Senate President Juan Ponce
    Enrile, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, Senators Aquilino
    Pimentel III and Gregorio Honasan, and Representatives Imelda Marcos,
    Pablo Garcia, Arturo Yap, Amado Bagatsing, Lani Mercado and Milagros
    Magsaysay” and all the bishops… 

    Never understood the meaning of “birds of the same feathers flock together” until now.

  • Ding

    “We are not in any way partisan.  We do not tell the whole world who to vote for or name the right person to vote for”, said Jose Palma, the Archbishop of Cebu.

    Sana nga ay totoo ito.  Natatandaan ko last month, may nagsabi rin na isang obispo, taga- Cebu yata,  na ‘NO BASHING OF RH PRO-LAWMAKERS AT THE PULPIT”, and another one from CBCP who said, ” PRIESTS CAN’TCAMPAIGN VS. RH SOLONS ”

    Sana maintindihan ito ng mga pari na kinukundena ang buong LP, at sinasabing pagbabayaran ni Sec. Roxas, na pumanig sa administrasyon sa RH bill. kahima’t sinabi ng administrasyon na hayaan ang mga mambabatas na gamitin ang sarili nilang kunsiyensiya sa pagboto sa RH bill.

    The rule of democracy prevailed — majority wins.  Sana tanggapin ng lahat ‘yan nang maluwag sa kalooban.

    I remain a Catholic faith believer, till the end of time.

  • Ding

    Sana sa ginastos niyo sa mga kongresista, mas maganda sana ang epekto sa mga followers ng faith, kung ang mga nagugutom na streetdhild and pinakain niyo, at hiningan niyo na lang ng tulong ang mga anti-RH solons na tulungan kayo sa pagpapakain sa mga less-fortunate children of our generation.

    Palagay ko naman, kung mga service-oriented ang mga solons na iyan ay maiintindihan nila at makikiisa sa pagtulong sa mga less fortunate people ng ating lipunan.

  • divictes

    Ano kaya ang nasa menu? May papaya ba?

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Hein S

    The church should stop MEDDLING in government affairs or suffer the WRATH of the People.

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