Gov’t set to recognize victims of Marcos rule

Finally, Congress ratifies measure



Almost four decades after he was arrested and tortured and his sister disappeared into a maze of Philippine police cells and military houses, playwright Bonifacio Ilagan is finally seeing his suffering officially recognized.

A writer for an underground communist newspaper, Ilagan and thousands like him were rounded up by security forces of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos  after he placed the Philippines under martial law in 1972. Detentions, beatings, harassment and killings of the regime’s opponents continued until Marcos was toppled in the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution.

Even though democracy was restored, it would take another 27 years for Congress to vote on a bill awarding compensation and recognition to martial law victims.

On Monday, the House of  Representatives and the Senate ratified the bill after the bicameral committee earlier in the day signed the final version of the bill following some last-minute polishing.

President Aquino is expected to sign the bill into law shortly, possibly before the anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution that ousted Marcos.

“More than the monetary compensation, the bill represents the only formal, written document that martial law violated the human rights of Filipinos and that there were courageous people who fought the dictatorship,” said a statement from Selda, an organization of former political prisoners.

Ilagan’s story is more of a rule than exception among leftist activists of his generation.

“The torture started in the house. We were beaten up, punched and kicked,” he said, recalling a police raid on his residence in April 1974 and the beginning of his two-year detention ordeal.

He said he vomited blood after being kicked in the thighs. The soles of his foot had been  burned by an iron, he added.

“The one episode in my torture that I cannot forget was when they ordered me to remove my pants and underwear and they inserted a piece of stick into my penis. ‘Oh my God,’ I said, this is one torture I could not bear,”’ the 61-year-old said in an interview.

He said that interrogators wanted him to decode documents and identify people in pictures that were seized from suspected communists.

“Compared to others, mine was not the worst torture,” he said. “The others were electrocuted and injected with truth serum. … But the threats continued.”

Ilagan’s sister, Rizalina, disappeared in 1976 along with nine other activists, many of them students involved in anti-Marcos publications, he said.

One of the women arrested by the same government unit that he suspected was involved in his sister’s abduction had escaped to recount her rape and torture. Ilagan said he has no doubt that his sister went through the same abuses.

His parents died still hoping his sister would turn up alive, but the family has found no closure, Ilagan said.

No convictions

Despite cases filed by former political prisoners, “there have been no convictions of perpetrators,” Marie Hilao-Enriquez, chairperson of Selda, said Monday.

“Governments after Marcos did not move or did not do anything to go after Marcos seriously, so we filed a case in Hawaii,” Enriquez said.

In 1992, the victims won a class action suit against the Marcos estate in Hawaii.

Under the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013, the 9,539 victims in the Hawaii class action suit against the Marcoses will be awarded compensation using $246 million, roughly P10 billion, that the government recovered from Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth deposited in Swiss bank accounts.

The bill states that these plaintiffs would be presumed victims of martial law abuses, which means they would no longer have to prove their claims for compensation.

Also to be conclusively recognized as Marcos victims are those in the list of the Bantayog ng mga Bayani foundation.

The amount each will receive will depend on the abuse suffered.

Never again

Loretta Rosales, chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, said her agency was looking at around 6,000 cases of abuses during the Marcos years. If there are two victims for each case, there could be 12,000 more claimants eligible for compensation, she said.

“Finally, over two decades after the fall of the dictatorship, we will have a law that puts the responsibility of human rights abuses square on the shoulder of Marcos and provides justice for all those who suffered under his reign,” said Rep. Walden Bello, a member of a congressional committee that drafted and approved the bill.

“This bill should make us realize that never again should we allow (the atrocities) of the Marcos regime to happen in this country,” Sen. Francis Escudero said after the Senate ratified the 16-page bicameral report.

“After  25 years, I really hope that the Marcos compensation bill would be signed in time for the Edsa One celebration,” the senator said.

Escudero noted that many of the victims of martial rule were more interested in being recognized and listed in the Roll of Victims than in receiving reparation, citing Sen. Joker Arroyo.

There would be cases when the Human Rights Claim Board itself would recognize unilaterally a martial law victim and put his name in the roll even if he does not apply for recognition, he added. With reports from AP, Leila B. Salaverria and Cathy C. Yamsuan

Originally posted: 6:06 pm | Monday, January 28th, 2013

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  • JV Velarde

    IF they pass this into Law, it will be tantamount to indicting the Marcose’s together with Enrile (the martial law architect) & their ilks. Until this time, none of them ever manifested that the martial law regime committed gross human rights violations nor applied for any amnesty(if one was ever granted) to forgo any criminal or civil liabilities.  It will be a test of great wisdom how the Supreme Court will handle lawsuits emanating from this law once passed.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Since no one was accused or convicted of martial law abuses, it just shows that the so called victims were really communist insurgents, rebels or just plain criminals. Those responsible are still around, one became president and the implementor and architect is senate president, most are prominent people. And more than twenty five years without serious investigation or conviction makes those accusations a propaganda to go after the Marcos loot. At the end, it just boils down to money, hence just plain raw greed –  the true color of the alleged victims.

    • Ding

      Katulad mo ang nagpatagal o walang nai-file ng kaso sa mga martial law abuses.  Naging Presidentte ang pangunahing biktima ng martial law abuse, ang asawa ni Ninoy.  Nang i-pursue niya ang mga kaso noong nasa position na siya, may mga tauhan ang mga abusado na binibintangan siya ng pagiging vengativo.  Ganyan din ang ginagawa niyo kay Noynoy ngayon.  Tapos, babanatan niyo nang napakabagal ng hustisya sa ating sistema.

      Normally, sa atin mismo, kung may kaso tayo sa isang kamag-anak o kaibigan, kumukuha tayo ng 3rd party o disinterested na kakilala para hingan walang pinapanigang opinyon.  That might have been the reason why the aggrieved parties went to Hawaii, isn’t it?

      Ngayon, kung sa opinyon mo hindi pa rin ang tamang justice, why not file the case yourself?  You’re a Filipino citizen, di ba?   Subukan mo, tingnan mo kung gaano katagal aabutin.   Opinyon lang po at mungkahi ang sa akin.

      • opinyonlangpo

        You must be talking of yourself and the Filipinos. Anyway just talk talk talk and throw the blame to somebody else. People usually have loads of reasons whenever something goes wrong, sometimes it helps to look at the mirror.

      • Karabukov

        Something will open your eyes someday.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Of course. I just don’t get what its got to do with the article.

      • Karabukov

        That’s because you’re still blind.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Its probably you who is blinded by the glitter of the loot. Better inquire now how to get your share of the loot.

      • Ding

        You are already looking at it, yet never wanting to see what your eyes are focused on…that;s your own doing, if you prefer to suffer, it’s up to you.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Ah yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is glittering. Don’t worry I won’t share with the loot, in fact I like to earn my own so as to know how to value it.

      • Ding

        And, make use of the dictates of your conscience…that way you will understand the side of the victims, rather than those who are moneyed to make use of their resources when they are being pursued or chased already.   They can make use of hospital ICUs, wheelchairs, justices of the courts, heart specialists for your neck aiments, be braggarts of your immoral lifestyle, etc.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Aside from commenting, what actions have you done to improve the situation as per your upright perception and conscience? What I can see is that the victims will not win their case in the Philippines  since … I am being redundant here so please refer to my first comment. The so called victims can win only in Hawaii but just for money, lawyers need money. Have they convicted the perpetrators? No. They are out in the open, its the Filipinos that put them there. Don’t be bitter but its the truth.

      • Ding

        Read again all the comments!  You are again causing a boring slowdowns.  You have caused all these justices getting delayed hence for a long time these justices had been denied.  Now that there appears a small light at the end of the tunnel, you are again storming and darkening the path to that small light. 

  • Pio Gante

    kusa at walang pumilit sa kanilang kalabanin ang pamahalaan, anong gusto nila, pitik lang sa tenga ang sagot sa kalokohan nila?

    ang galing nga naman, maniningil pa!

    buti na lang maraming nakadikit na komunista kay dear benevolent noy kung hindi siguradong wala silang kapag-a -pag-asa.

    • Ding

      Gamitin mo ang kunsiyensiya mo pag nagbabasa ng katulad ng mga ganyan, para pakinabangan mo nang maayos ang kahulugan ng binabasa mo,

      • Pio Gante

        ding, ang konsensya na sinasabi mo ay walang puwang sa isang mandirigma. bakit, kung ikaw ba ay kinalaban, tahimik na uupo ka na lang basa isang tabi?

        kahit sino pa ang presidente ang naka-upo, gagawin ng pamahalaan ang lahat maipag-tanggol lamang ang kanilang panunungkulan. kahit ang kasalukuyang pamahalaan gagamitin ang lahat ng pwersa, lantad man o patago magapi lang ang mga kumakalaban sa kanila. 

        ang mga sarili nila ang dapat nilang sisihin, sa katunayan nga ay sa mga aquino sila dapat maningil dahil nagpadala sila sa pambobola ng madaldal at ambisyosong senador na taga tarlac.

  • bogli_anakdami

    yo flips… watch it…

    buhay pa ang mastermind at berdugo ng martial law, si enrile… cge, kayo rin… you’ve been warned…

  • agaylaya

    If there are legally recognized victims, then there must be perpetrators. There is no real justice until the  latter are arrested, tried and convicted. Sana maski isa lang katulad ni Enrile…. ang sinungaling na  hero ng Edsa na mahilig sa kahoy at sa galungung.

  • George

    “He said he vomited blood after being kicked in the thighs. The soles of his foot had been burned by an iron, he added.”

    Pakitanong nga sa tatlong senador, Honasan, Lacson at Enrile, kung may narining silang ganyan noon.

  • bogli_anakdami

    at saka ang mga lahi ni dicktator marcos eh nasa pwestong lahat…

    in addition, si santa ate imelda is in the process of being “anointed”,  a living flip santa…

    kaya kayong mga flips, tahimik lang ha!

  • Mita

    Recognition and compensation for those who were tortured and killed during Martial Law is indeed justified.  They and their families suffered the most.  However, all Filipinos can be considered victims of the Marcos regime because the culture of corruption that Marcos nurtured during Martial Law is the root and cause of its prevalence in our government and society today.  Corruption transformed us from a country full of promise before Martial law to the laggard we currently are.  The present administration has already scored small victories against this ingrained culture of corruption so hopefully, we can elect more good leaders who will sustain the momentum and give our country a better future.

  • Benjamin

    Who cares about this law?  Enrile could have been laughing to the bank and would not care about this bill to be signed into law. The mastermind and Martial law Administrator managed to pull fast tricks on us by defying Marcos when he was about to be arrested and led the coup together with FVR on that fate February 1986. Do not forget about this double-crosser Martial Law Administrator who until today is being feared not only by the people by their fellow Senators. His set of “tutas” surround him and are ready to bark and bite you once you start criticizing Enrile. NEVER VOTE FOR THE UNA CANDIDATES BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE ENRILE, ESTRADA, BINAY, MACEDA AND OTHERS. Perhaps, the only UNA candidate worthy of the vote is Dick Gordon.  The rest should be rejected once and for all!

  • barok

    I want to see the faces of the Marcoses while the deliberations are done on the house and senate floors.
    I want them to be shackled to their seats while they hear over and over again the stories of ML victims.
    I hope the son could make up what the mother could not do. That will be a lasting legacy of PNOY.

  • 33Sambuang2

    at least kahit papano, ang mga natorture nong rehimeng marcos e me compensation. di naman mauubos ang yaman ng mga hinayupak na yan. at pati yang si tandang johnny, dapat pagbayarin din ang kumag. 

  • Noypi11

    Kung may makukuha man ang mga Marcos victim ay bale wale kung ihahambing sa mga ninakaw at itinatago ng mga Marcos. Tatawatawa lamang si Bongbong at Imelda dahil nasa kanila pa rin ang karamihan ng mga nakaw. Iyong mga nakaw na iyon ang gingamit nila tuwing elecksiyon, bukod pa sa mga nakaw sa ngayon. Ewan ko kung bakit ang mga Pilipino ay binoboto pa ang mga Marcos.Kaawaawang mga Pilipino.

    • hindutmotalaga

      a lot of the pilipino voters are uneducated what I mean, they don’t know what marcos has done to a lot of the Pinoy

      • bogli_anakdami

        flip voters are gung gongs… never learned a thing… period…

      • hindutmotalaga

        dito sa canada pagtinawag mo akong “”””FLIP””” insulto yun, para isang black guy tinawag mong “”””NIGGER””””tulad ng pakistani, pagtinawag mo silang “””PAKI”””” insulto din iyon…. Maraming mga kultura sa iba’t-ibang bansa. so be carefull how you address people in different land (country)

      • Ding

        Mukhang medyo ayos ang budhi mo ngayon…sana sa lahat ng pagkakataon, ganyan ka na…palitan mo na pangalan mo ng gandanabudhiko.

      • hindutmotalaga

        ding, I cannot change my profile that is who I am, what I mean If I, see red, I call it red, if I see black I call it black,””WALANG KINIKILINGAN WALANG PINAPANIGAN”‘ PAGSA TINGIN KO MALI, PUPUNAHIN KITA, pag binatos mo ako, babastusin dito mkita, at ibabalik ko sa iyo ang kabastusan na ibinato mo sa akin, ang you can take that to the bank

  • boybakal

    Gov’t set to recognize victims of Marcos rule….

    This is funny law. Why make a distinction.
    We are all victims of Marcos rule. We all suffered under Martial Law. No need of physical evidence.
    Marcos and Martial Law reigned in the country and people.
    Every Filipino should be compensated, that is the general rule as long as you were already born during that period.
    No need of documentation, no need of distinction, we were all victims.
    We want to be paid too.

    • opinyonlangpo

      Thats the best thinking ever with regards to martial law victims.  With just a few thousand victims running after compensation, it just signifies greed.

      • bert10

        Bawi lang po itong pormal sa panahong tinatawag tayo ng mga Amerikanong “a nation of cowards and one sonafabitch”. It shows that lots of brave Filipinos paid for whatever freedom we have with their tortured, disappeared and salvaged lives – to awaken the millions at EDSA – which led to the dictator’s “flight to Hawaii” – instead of Paoay. 

        The fast Marcos conviction for human rights violations by the Ilocano-American Jury in Hawaii and the  American Court decision to compensate the victims were  sweet victories for our people that have been opposed by previous governments. 

        The compensation that started with the recovery and distribution of a USD 10 Million illegally stashed Marcos property in Texas was the start of  an unfolding drama (against the effort of the Philippine Government according to the class counsel Robert Swift) that is pushing PNoy  to compensate his father’s companions, co-victims and heroes of the anti-dictatorship struggle – after 20 years. 

        Nevertheless, let me say: Hooray PNoy!!!

      • Ding

        Lumalabas kung sino talaga ang mga kung sino…yung mga humahamak at umaaglahi sa mga ginagawa upang makamit ang katarungan sa bayan, ngayong pinag-uusapan na ang bayaran, mga biktima na rin sila.

        Yang mga hudas sa bayan na ‘yan, marami ang magpapalit ng pseudonyms sa kanila.   Ang sobrang pagmamahal sa kuwara is really the root of all evils.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Thats too deep for me to understand. I agree with the last sentence though.

    • Line Of Flight

      everyone is being compensated by the return of the ill-gotten wealth into the national treasury. this bill represents special compensation for a subset of the population who were murdered, tortured, unlawfully imprisoned, etc.,. there is a significant  distinction between the country as a whole surviving martial law and the subset of the population who survived torture, etc.,. the resolution of these claims is a symbolic healing that we can also acknowledge those who suffered wrong more than the general suffering of wrong. this fundamental demonstration of integrity will only help advance our country socially, economically and spiritually.

      • bogli_anakdami

        the return of the marcos clan to power is symbolic…

        it symbolizes the core of flip stupidity…

    • Ding

      Ngayon, kasama ka sa biktima…ano ba talaga hanap mo? Noong hinahabol ang mga dapat habulin, doon sa hinahabol ka kumakampi.
      Ngayon, nababanggit na ang bayaran, parang biglang may nabago.
      Ano ba talaga ang hinahanap mo? Hindi kaya marami ka na niyang gusto mong habulin ngayon?

    • warpiglets

      kasi komunista ka.. ikumpara mo dangal ng pinoy noon si marcos ang presidente kaysa ngayon sa buong mundo? pilipino ngayon ay pinagtatawanan lang. tingin sa atin basura at kelangan makipagsiksikan sa lugar ng mga ibang lahi para kumita. Marcos would be equal or rather better than Lee Kwan Yu kung hindi lang sa komunista nun na gustong pabagsakin ang gobyerno at tama lang na kamay na bakal ang inasta ni Pres Marcos para madisiplinahan ang mamamayan. pero nasira lahat yun nun si cory ang naging presidente. democracy turned democrazy..

      • Karabukov

        So, warpiglets, naniniwala ka pa rin na iniligtas ka ni Marcos sa mga komunista? You just proved what Lincoln said, “You (Marcos) can fool some of the people (warpiglets) all of the time…”

  • bogli_anakdami

    flashback, circa 1974/6:

    our bus/truck (binan-lawton route) was stopped at hwy54/magallanes intersection… pc (flip constabulary) forced us out of the bus/truck; separated the good looking, long haired dudes from the mukhang unggoys…   and, the pc (flip constabulary) cut our hairs…

    ohhhh noooo…. the humiliation…

    i want to get compensated/paid for my pain and suffering…

    it hurt… peks man… mamatay man si berdugong enrile…

  • nes911

    Kastiguhin at papanagutin din sila imelda, bongbing, imee at irene marcos. Kasama din sila sa pagsupil ng ating mga karapatan nuong panahon ng martial law. Pati na rin si enrile.

  • JV Velarde

    We can’t recognize the victims of martial law without ultimately recognizing the very people who implemented it. Once passed into a law, it is only proper to bring those who implemented it face justice. 

    No amount of monetary compensation will heal the emotional & physical wounds they have suffered. And we can’t just keep a blind eye nor forgive these villains of society who never ever admitted their violations against humanity. 

    Pass this into a law, then challenge the Supreme Court to bring those who helped enforced martial law to the bar of justice. Wether you’re the senate president, a senator, congresswoman, governor or a former president, the law should apply to all.

    • bogli_anakdami

      wishful thinking…

      the martial law masterminds are alive and very much in control…. enriles, ramos, santiagos, etchas tera, etc… 

      and, currently the clans of the  murdereds and murderees are sleeping together… magkasamang ini-iyot ang flipland…

      bwi hi hi hi hi hi pwi…

  • hindutmotalaga

    alam ko nuong martial law, nasona kami sa manila no need to mention the specific place in manila still remember at 12 midnight 0f Sept. 21, 1972, narinig ko sa loob ng bahay ko na lahat ng lalake edad 15 anyos hangang 80 lumabas sa kanikanilang bahay at pumuta sa kalsada na malapit sa aming tirahan  kalsada at magdala ng Identification at pumuta sa Lugar malapit sa aming tahanang atr Pinapila kami at pinaghubad sa gitna ng kalsada at kami ay titiggnan ang mga opisyal ng metrocom, kung meron kang asunto kalaboso ka, kung meron kang tattoo, kalaboso ka rin, kung wala kang trabaho kalaboso ka tin, kung wala kang identificatiobn NPA ka,

    • Ding

      Budhi mo pa rin ba ang gumagana ngayon?

      • hindutmotalaga

        alwayz maganda ang aking budhi, handle ko lang yung “””pangitbudhiko””” unique, diba matatawag ang pansin mo agad, and I don’t have to criticize anybody to get the attention of the readers of this forum, pagnakita nila ang aking handle people wants to read it, and they will go to the extent of criticizing how I write my bloggs, and if they start insulting me I get back at them and give them more and they can take that to the bank

      • hindutmotalaga

        and just to inform you I have access to the internet 24/7.  Internet is just an arms reached  anywhere in my house.

  • bogli_anakdami

    kwestyon sa mga flips:  if i get paid, SINONG PIPIRMA DOON SA TSEKE? SI BONG, SI IMEE, O SI SANTA ATE IMELDAPHUCK?

  • farmerpo

    Anjan pa kaya and pera? baka na MOOE na. 

  • bogli_anakdami

    circa 1974/76: feati u… paterno bldg… a demo against the dicktator regime was underway…  a pillbox landed on santillano’s head; skull/brain was blown into smithereens…

    my only good shirt/trousers (pampasok sa eskwela) bloodied…

    magkano bayad/compensation ko doon?

    • Loggnat

      Isn’t that in 68-70? All the glass windows of the building were broken after that. I remember a comics store just across the street of the building.

  • bert10

    Bawi lang po itong pormal sa panahong tinatawag tayo ng mga Amerikanong “a nation of cowards and one sonafabitch”. It shows that lots of brave Filipinos paid for whatever freedom we have with their tortured, disappeared and salvaged lives – to awaken the millions at EDSA – which led to the dictator’s “flight to Hawaii” – instead of Paoay. 

    The fast Marcos conviction for human rights violations by the Ilocano-American Jury in Hawaii and the  American Court decision to compensate the victims were  sweet victories for our people that have been opposed by previous governments. 

    The compensation that started with the recovery and distribution of a USD 10 Million illegally stashed Marcos property in Texas was the start of  an unfolding drama (against the effort of the Philippine Government according to the class counsel Robert Swift) that is pushing PNoy  to compensate his father’s companions, co-victims and heroes of the anti-dictatorship struggle – after 20 years. 

    Nevertheless, let me say: Hooray PNoy!!!

    • catmanjohn

      In all fairness, let us put the times into proper perspective. There was the Vietnam War, and the fervor of anti-communism, which Marcos used to oppress any dissent. Abusing the image of being pro-U.S., Marcos implemented a greedy and brutal dictatorship that benefited the oligarchy and his cronies like Enrile, and others, instead of introducing more just and socialistic policies that would have helped the masses, and the Nation more properly. The Philippines still suffers from the effects of such policies today as we see the magnitude of corruption in almost every level of government, not to mention the brothel culture Marcos propagated. Now that China’s threat has become more understood as an economic one and not a military one, (though ironically the Spratlys dispute would contradict that), the changes called upon by the leftist then are more acceptable and justified in hindsight. When it was discovered that Marcos was colluding with the U.S. and the U.K. in smuggling out the WWII booty, (55 billion dollars worth of Yamashita’s gold by todays standards), that was when a revolution to oust him took hold. The Marcoses should rightfully compensate the victims of his brutal dictatorship, but one  should not forget the other factors which created such a dark chapter to be written in the first place.

  • Fred

    Malakas talaga si Chiz sa PDI. Sa dami ng pwedeng mag react, yung kanyang opinyon ang nakuha. Sana kumuha pa ng isa o dalawang reaction ng di naman maging obvious na press release ito para kay Chiz.

  • catmanjohn

    One has to question the sincerity and motives of Cheesy Escudero, being a son of a Marcos Lackey. One can hope that his position is genuine, but too many times, we have seen these Trojan Horse viruses appear as proponents of a cause, only to deceive and hinder it, such as Enrile has done countless times against the People and Nation. It is time to question and expose these politicians as what they truly are, and stand for.

  • gusm

    This country has a perverse sense of justice. The government
    recognizes the victims of Marcos’ martial law injustices yet the government
    failed miserably in convicting the Marcoses for any crime. If anything, the Marcoses
    are living it up with lots of money to spend and enjoying being back in power
    in Philippine politics. What a perversion of justice.

  • zeroko

    Marcos on it’s quest for power and wealth has made thousands of people victim of oppression. He is a   brilliant politician by any measurement, but just like other dictators, his aim at first was for the country.,But the dark side appeared as he stays longer in power, more and more citizen became victims of oppression never imagined that a Filipino will do to his brother. There is the opulent celebration that even foreign dignitaries has notice, the sumptuous dinners Imelda treats the foreigner guests. Caviar which cost almost a million pesos per kilo gram, the expensive wines like the Baileys, etc. The celebration was done in extravagance, even other foreign government envies. The big diamonds Imelda has which as some people says was the reason Imelda was not invited in the wedding of Queen Elizabeth of England. He he he. 

    Power really corrupts. No amount of restrain can stop a human being on the temptation that goes with opulence. He he he. Those were the days. There are even rumors that the late President Marcos has lent tons of gold to American President, George Bush,a personal loan from Marcos.. But unfortunately, when Marcos died, the obligation to pay back the loan just evaporated in the thin air The Philippine government wasn’t able to collect the loan. 

    God almighty may have turn the tide in favor of the victims once PNoy approves the bill.These compensation to the victims is long time coming.I just hope that our Filipino Chinese greedy government wouldn’t stash not a single centavo and give the rewards and interest to the rightful victims. 

    • Marx Louis Wang


      Baka ang tinutukoy mo na Queen Elizabeth ay yung kapitbahay niyong bading. Baka mademanda ka ni Imelda sa blog mo.

  • rage b.

    Proven na talaga ang human right violation ni marcos pero andyan pa rin si enrile at ang marcos family itself balik sa pwesto ang daling makalimot nang mga pilipino how Pathetic are we to let them be back on power??? and now heto na naman ang isang enrile mas worst sa ama candidate again for a higher post??? marcos is stil filthy rich all of them son mother and daughters kailan matoto si Juan dela cruZ????

  • kismaytami

    Kulang pa yang perang yan… Saan nyo naman kukunin yung kulang sa ipambabayad nyo sa mga biktima, sa pera naman ng taumbayan? Tama lang na i-recognize ang mga biktima ng human rights violation noong panahon ni marcos. But if you want to give them compensation, i-sequestered niyo LAHAT ng ari-arian ng mga marcos, at yun ang ipambayad nyo sa mga biktima. Total, sila naman ang nagpasimuno ng human rights violation, hindi kaming mga nagbabayad ng buwis ngayon.

  • John

    forget the stolen wealth

    • RomyLitz

      No way at US30 Billion Dollars? Just forget it?

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but…now that our present govt. finally recognized the victims’ human rights that have been violated during martial law years of marcos’ regime, the technocrats that helped marcos should also must answer for their crimes.

    as “lacquian” stated on his writings, “marcos during the martial law years provided the suggestion, the technocrats provided the solution”.. IMHO,  the “technocrats (aka cabinet member of marcos regime) that provided technical and managerial expertise that were implemented during the marcos’ “new society” programs should also be held liable and should answer to their crimes against humanity like the marcos’ clan.

    • bogger007

      Most of them are already dead, and most of their properties already returned.

      • kayanatwo


        nobody asked me, but….your words — “most” — means not all of them are not dead and still has living relatives, and only they returned properties that are difficult to hide or to put in cover of blind trust.

  • RomyLitz

    Sen. Joker,

    You don’t get it. The victims don’t want compensation? Then what will you do also with the accumulated 30 billion US dollars? Just forget it?

  • RomyLitz

    Juan Ponce Enrile’s role in the Martial Law period must be investigated and what Allan Cayetano and Miriam had started to expose MUST be finished! Those senators like Chiz and Sotto or Angara want it to be stopped since the dirt and corruption that Allan and Miriam about to expose is tantamount to dissolving the senate since all are guilty as charged without exception.

  • Fulpol

    ang saya saya ni Eta…. 

    kumusta naman ang para sa mga coconut farmers na victims din ng swapang na pamamahala ni Marcos?

    Eta: who cares?

  • tomtom

    Bakit lang si Marcos ang hinahabol ninyo, nand’yan pa rin ang mga galamay ni Marcos na naka-puwesto pa? Marami rin silang kaso at nagpayaman din sila ng panahon ni Marcos?

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    yung mga communista ba walang ginawang pagpaslang sa mga inosenteng mga tao? Dpat lang ginawa sa kanila ni marcos yan kasi mga underground na nga, communista pa na sumisira sa lipunan, kya hanggang ngayon di tayo umunlad dahil sa mga radical ng utak kokote nyo.

    • mon key

      HINDI mga NPA at mga KOMUNISTA ang sumira sa ating bansa. si enrile at mga marcos at mga tao na tulad mo ang sumira sa PILIPINAS, 

      • Rogers Nelson Uy

        Mga komunista sumisira ijo, dapat sa inyo pulbusin, kaso ang presidenteng bugok penoy ay komunista rin tulad ng tatay nya. Sigurado ako yung pinas lalong mgagiging katatawanan. Taga mo yan sa utak mo. 

      • warpiglets

        unggoy ka nga talaga..

  • simplengmamayan

    wag n bayaran yan kung tlagang may patriotism sila ilagay n lng sa isang proyekto na kung saan maaalala ng mga susunod na henerasyon ang kanilang kabayanihan.. or binibili n ba ang pagiging bayani? Kung gnun malaki utang natin kay Andres Bonifacio at sa iba pang mga bayani natin.. hehe

  • Lopez Jaena

    The martial law victims are the victims of JUAN PONCE ENRILE.

  • warpiglets

    tuwang tuwa ang mga komunista mababayaran na sila..

  • kilabot

    the victims may be classified as: 
    1) innocent – suffered under ml and did not deserve it; should be compensated and recognized; 
    2) guilty – suffered under ml but deserved it; no compensation and recognition; treated as casualties of war; 

    many are ecstatic over this news. but the people of ilocos norte are not. voting the marcoses back to public office shows that ilocos norte supports da apo all the way; 

    the worst effect of marcos martial law is that it paved the way for noykapon to become president, copy marcos and create his own noykapon yellow martial law regime. this time, the abusers are the kkk and yellow insects.

    • sakinlang

      And so we start blaming Marcos again!

  • $38346712

    The CPP-NPA may demand a fee from the beneficiaries. On the other hand, did Bongbong Marcos vote for the bill?

  • George Lapulapu

    No one should suffer becuase of their political belief.

    This late, but better to correct the attempt of many who benefitted from martial to distort and cover up the cruelty of martial law..

  • manual47

    Enrile has a lot to answer for these astrocities.  And so with Ramos.  How in heaven would they allowed these human right violations.  And for no logical explanation, these violators still were able to hold positions in the government.  They should be made accountable.  Just don’t know how these violators managed to remain free after all those years for what they have done.  Indeed, something wrong with the country’s justice system.  Gutless system of justice………

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    … AT LAST…. huhuhuhuhuhuhu….the pains we suffered cannot be paid.

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    yeah..let Enrile and the others who benefited from Martial Law pay the victims too!…kapal ng mga mukha nila…

  • tarikan

    Won’t  the same communist resolution be far behind? These communists are/were also guilty of human rights violations. But do they acknowledge it or made accountable for it? NOOOO!

  • Pers

    some of them were npa killed during operation.

  • boybakal

    Let’s see who are the Victims of Marcos Martial Law.

    1.Ninoy Aquino…jailed and killed.
    2.Jejomar Binay..jailed, tortured for being boy scout.
    3.Gerry Roxas……jailed and bartolina.
    4.Guingona……….jailed and isolated.
    5.Satur Ocampo…jailed and tortured
    6.Eta Rosales…..jailed.
    Pnoy, the son of Ninoy is now the President, Binay Vice President, Roxas,the son is DILG secretary,
    Guingona,son is a Senator, Satur Ocampo, congressman, Eta Rosales, cabinet secretary.

    Are they really victims or just oppositions to take over the government.
    They might be victims but most of all beneficiaries.

  • 100345roselia

    Like the late Dictator Marcos (described as the tree) – the greatest thief in the world, torturer, murderer, human rights violator, manipulator, liar, womanizer, fake – JPE & Lacson are like apples who do not fall too far from the tree.

  • bogli_anakdami

    flips are gung gongs, never learned a thing… martial law era was the darkest moment in flipland history…  the murderers and their victims (the sons and daughters of martial law) are sleeping together…

    the perpetrators of the fake insurrection to install martial law is still in power… at saka, they are powerful senatongs who control the killing machine (afp/pnp – uniformed thugs)…  marami pa ring kabits.

    sige lang mga flips, bwi hi hi hi hi pwi!

  • mllacuna

    I wonder how the soldiers and other victims of the CPP-NPA and Muslim secessionists feel about this. And how about “victims”  of  “”human rights abuses” of the succeeding governments after the Marcos regime?  A  law should apply to everyone, not only to a particular individual or group.

  • boybakal

    Out of 60 million filipinos that time, only 10000 victims in 20 years reign.
    That means to say….the government was doing well during Marcos.
    And most of the victims were NPA military encounter.

    • kulittwit

       Tanga! all filipinos were victims of the dictatorship. The economy was down and the philippines was the basket case of asia from being no.2 before marcos became president.

    • Ding

      And, yet the 10,000 victims will be compensated.   Eh, bakit, humihingi ka rin ng compensation do’n sa isang post mo, dahil you were one of the victims, as well.  Then, kumampi kay Macos, tapos in some binabanatan mo.  Sa bagay, kita na sa tawag mo sa sarili — BOYBA.  sana sinamahan mo rin ng ‘the hun’, parang pantapat kay Atilla the Hun, sa ‘yo BOYBA the HUNyango.

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