Gun ban measures fail to prevent murder of trader in San Juan


MANILA, Philippines — In yet another defiance of the gun ban, unidentified hit men shot dead a Chinese-Filipino businessman in plain daylight on Monday in San Juan City, bolstering claims that the ban may not be enough to prevent election-related violence in the country.

Senior Superintendent Bernardo Tambaoan, officer in charge of the local police, identified the victim as Kelvin (and not Sheldon as in a previous report) Tan, 34.

Tan was the owner of KT Builders, a company engaged in construction, Tambaoan said.

According to Tambaoan, Tan had just boarded his Toyota Altis, with plate number POZ-789, on Ortigas Ave. cor. Madison St. when the shooting happened between 10:30 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.

Tambaoan, citing witnesses’ accounts, said the victim had just withdrawn around P800,000 from Chinabank when a tall man wearing a purple “barong” approached his vehicle and fired at him. Tan was dead on the spot.

The gunman, meanwhile, fled with his alleged cohort on board a motorcycle that had been parked just across the crime scene.  The two escaped toward Quezon City.

While five empty shells of a .45 cal. pistol were found in the scene, Tambaoan said  the number of gunshot wounds the victim sustained was still unclear.

Asked if the gunmen were able to get the money, Tambaoan said, based on initial information gathered by the police, the victim had managed to hand over the money to the bodyguard of his friend, Benedict Tan, prior to the attack, making it impossible for the hit men to get a hold of it.

He was quick to add that details on this were sketchy as of Monday afternoon, adding that it was also unclear whether the bodyguard, who has yet to be identified, and the victim, arrived together at the bank.

Police have not found the bodyguard to get his statement, Tambaoan said.

Relatives of the victim, meanwhile, have also yet to give their statements to police.

While it was possible the gunmen merely intended to rob the victim, police said they were also looking at the possibility the killing was business-related.

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  • Eric

    Gun ban and gun laws only deter law abiding people from carrying and using guns.
    I don’t think there will be any significant decrease in gun violence even if the ban is lifted. It may probably increase it since the criminals feel “safer” with a ban in place.

  • limcat

    Ngayon nyo lang nalaman??? LOL

  • Fred

    If it’s robbery, then an inside job!

  • kevin

    Gunslinger everywhere…..

  • Jok

    writer wrote: “…in plain daylight on Monday…”

    di ba dapat: “in broad daylight”? 

    writer: “…(and not Sheldon as in a previous report)…”

    di ba dapat: “and not Sheldon as previously reported”

  • Albert

    As if by magic, just because there is a gun ban, all the crooks will listen.
    It has been proven time and time again, gun bans only affect law abiding citizens and emboldens the crooks because they know no one has a PTC.


  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Sa mga maka Aquino-Cojuangco,hindi dapat isisi ang pangyayari ito sa gobyerno.Ngunit ang katotohanan ay walang kakayahan ang pamahalaan upang sugpuin ang mga ganitong krimen…Katungkulan ng gobyerno na pangalagaan ang kanyang nasasakupan!!!

    Walang bayag ang haring nakaupo sa palasyo upang lupigin ang naglipanang kriminal!!!

    • D3marketers

      Si GMA at FG pa rin ang dapat sisihin nyan! LOL!

  • Eric

    The gun ban makes it easier for criminals to target law abiding citizens because it prevents legal gun owners from bringing their handguns for protection. The daily news of criminals killing innocent civilians are proof of these.

    • patriotic_act

      I agree.. Its the law abiding citizens that is in greater risk because of this gun ban.. we cannot simply think that criminals will “obey the law” and not bring their guns do we?..

      Just like the rebels in mindanao.. when a ceasefire is requested by the rebel commanders for a “peacetalk” the government will order their soldiers to cease their fires.. but can we expect the rebels to do the same?

  • WeAry_Bat

    Gun ban PLUS avoidance of victim mentality should work.

    That big amount, why is it not in check?  What are checks for?
    Salary?  That big amount, the workers should have atms for depositing.

    This is a common story among businessmen handling large amounts of money.  At a certain level, say above P5,000, they should put it into check.  Unless – mey kalookan.

    • marienkind

      Petty cash. 

      • WeAry_Bat

        Ok kung ganun pero sana hindi nila ni lump sum, kung puwede lang.

    • gajeelredfox

      not everybody accepts cheques or cards.

    • Halo

       Yabang mo ah. As if you know everything.

      • WeAry_Bat

        Eh, kaw?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       mga arawan, mga labor (construction) as the biz do not have accounts where they can deposit checks (pay to the account of) or the time (pay to the order of) to withdraw, which would certainly eat up their working hours. say, what if your bank branch is in makati but your project is in kalookan, or, pano pag ang project mo nasa probinsya, etc.

      card, cost sa company, checks, lalo na.

      • WeAry_Bat

        Relative in construction. Befitting the laborer ATM cards lessens the risk of robbery.

        Robbery is not 100% on the spot decided. They have hints, rumors; they observe. Madalas insider pa related yan.

        Take away the opportunity which is liquid cash, ang maiwan, yung mas mahirap…yung kidnapping.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        ah, labor, minsan andyan, minsan wala na. Very few nagiging regular.

        I see ur point. it would be easier. Pero lets say you have 100 labor and only 20 are regulars. you will pay to have that 80 in your payroll too. (i dunno na kalakaran regarding how much you have to have deposited against the number of payroll accounts)

      • WeAry_Bat

         Maliit lang minimum.  Banks want to have as much accounts as they can kahit maliit lang starting.  Maybe to look pogi on the books.  Supposing banks live on 1% interest as a whole (I once calculated a non-life inc. probably living on 0.5%), that means they are as studious as the local bombay 5/6 getting the additional P10 from a street seller.

        I start to see your point, maybe there is a reason they had to get out quite a lot of money at the risk of their safety. 

        It just so happens the figure matches that of new sedans, or principal amount of a hm, studio condo..dapat walang paper trail key misis? He he pardon maybe the effect of all these kirida in the news lately.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “Maliit lang minimum.”

        Dati kasi a friend had 7 employees, bank wanted him an average daily balance (adb?) of 50k or was it 100, just so that the employees will not be deducted penalties when they cannot maintain their own indiv adb.

        New condo, like 3M? hmmm, tulog ang pera.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    I guess its gun ban, I shouldn’t take advantage of people, and would not use guns to rob or kill people since it would already be too easy. Besides i follow the law.

    -said no criminal ever.

  • RIGGS1220

    Filipinos in general are not ready and deserving to “enjoy” the right to own firearms. Particular emphasis in the word “deserving”. Regardless if a person is law-abiding, the culture of impunity that our nation has with firearms makes a mockery of the right to own them. Ilang beses mo ba bang nabasa sa news na ang isang “law-abiding” citizen ay nakapatay dahil sa isang simpleng traffic altercation? Or a law-abiding Juan or Pedro, who suddenly had the means to buy a gun, then shot himself “accidentally” because he was showing it off to friends while in a drinking session? A temporary gun ban is not the answer to eradicate our nation’s culture of impunity. Guns should be totally outlawed in our society and only people in law enforcement and the armed forces should be allowed to carry them in the performance of their duties. Civilians, should never be allowed to carry them. Criminals who are apprehended who used firearms in committing a crime, and someone died while committing this crime, should be metted the death penalty in the soonest possible time. The prevalence of firearm ownership in our country affects everyone, civilians and criminals alike.

    • dxdaistar

       oh yeah? you don’t have a gun?

      • RIGGS1220

        No I don’t own a firearm

      • dxdaistar

        i don’t think so. otherwise, try to get one. you’ll love it.

  • malek_abdul

    What happened to the gun ban? Ano yan? Pakulo lang ba yan ng Comelec para wag magdala ng baril ang mga responsible gun owners? Anong nangyari sa mga check points? Mali din kasi ung isang alituntunin ng check point na bawal halungkatin ang mga gamit ng mga motorista. Dapat meron itong exemption. Ako payag ako kapkapan at halukayin ang gamit ko pero dapat wag naman magtanim ng ebedensya ang mga kapulisan para lang may pagkaperahan sila.

  • sl1

    This is not election-related violence but pure criminal act of any individual or groups. PNP should be very alert and do there job properly. They should setup easy to access contact # that the public can call to report matters for fast response to apprehend criminals. 

    • $14141131

      The Police can’t do their job properly because they are deeply connected to the criminal syndicates, even in remote poor towns.

  • k

    the gunmen did not took the money but took the life of KT.

    as that old text joke goes…for chinese—-its ”pera muna bago buhay”

  • Your_King

    I don’t think anyone with some form of power is really respecting the gun ban. They see that the President can still go enjoy his shooting at gun ranges and sees him join a shooting competition just after there was a cry for gun ban after some tragic incidents regarding small children being hit with stray bullets…whatever, Aquino is not respecting the gun ban then how do you expect his bosses aka the people to respect it was well.

    • sacrebleau

       Get over it. The president is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. If he is not allowed to carry a gun then who is.

      • Your_King

        So you’re point is anyone can carry a gun then. A gun ban is a gun ban and when the President is surrounded by who knows if it is hundreds of bodyguards with guns themselves then what is the point of him carrying one as well if he really wanted to set an example of a gun ban. Just like you call for the Sin Tax to try and improve the health of the Philippines yet he still is a heavy chain smoker.

      • sacrebleau

        The President is a military officer, the Commander-In-Chief! Lol, why is that difficult to understand?

      • $5699914

        lemme guess…that guy has nothing between his ears?

      • John Dennis

        Your_King, what’s wrong with going shooting at the range? Fact is, there wasn’t a ban in effect at the time that Stephanie Nicole Ella was hit by a stray bullet during New Year’s eve, so you can’t say that the President is not respecting the gun ban which came into effect just a couple of weeks ago. A person does not need to be “in power” to violate the gun ban. Logic says that criminals will not care what the law says, because they’re criminals after all and their careers revolve around breaking the law. Your logic is saying that if a person driving a car plows into a group of pedestrians and kills them, then people should stop driving and joining motor sports for awhile.

        Patas, whether the President has, or has nothing between his ears is irrelevant to this discussion.

      • $5699914

        John Dennis, you barked wrong.
        I was referring to Your_King having nothing between the ears when I replied to Sacrebleau.

  • Mark Philip Wu

    At the end of the day, the gun ban doesn’t affect criminals, it only affects people who actually obey the law AKA the people who won’t use their guns for election related violence anyway. There is no easy way to prevent election related violence, because the people involved in it are the heads of the local government themselves!

  • Mang Teban

    The killer had only one purpose – to kill a non-political victim. Not to terrorize any voter as what the Comelec gun ban is leading to – no guns during election period and expect less violence that are election-related. So, I hope reporters would not make a big fuss about the supposed failure of the Comelec gun ban. 

    Crimes not related to politics and candidates running for the election will still continue to happen. The mandate for the police force remains the same anyway – to enforce the laws on peace and order. Criminals will still carry guns and deadly weapons because they do not follow the law.On the other hand, dismantle private armies and disqualify political candidates identified to organize armed goons during elections. We might see better results in a decline in election-related violence. The police checkpoints are said to be effective also. Thus, all law-abiding citizens have to do is to cooperate with the police and help in reporting unusual activities or suspicious people moving around their vicinity.

  • ronie

    may gun ban kuno pero parang wla. tulad ng sabi na pumi pila kuno ang investors para mag invest sa bansa pero ang daming kakabayan gusto mag abroad dahil kulang sa job opportunities dyan sa atin. ilang taon ko na naririnig na ang dami kuno gusto mag invest dyan sa atin pero hanggang ngayon pila pa din ang pinoy na gusto mag abroad. hanggang kailan kaya itong puro kwento na lang….. sana matupad na yan para makauwi na mga ofw dyan.

  • $14141131

    Details on the money is still discussed how it was “lost.” Gun ban can never be successful. Criminals don’t observe gun ban.

    What is effective for the law it is serious implementation and enforcement, from squatters to corruption, from murder to whatever crime. Enforcement of laws must not be seasonal but all the year throughout. Enforcement must not be hyped like the failing anti-corruption, but is judiciously and cooly implemented. AC/DC  media must be put in jail.

  • NinjaMan

    “…bolstering claims that the ban may not be enough to prevent election-related violence in the country.”
    but reading the article, it is very clear that this gun-related murder is not at all election-related.
    irresponsible reporting. tsk tsk tsk.

  • Stead

    Dapat ay ipawalang bisa ang gun ban sapagkat ang mga law abiding citizens lang ang tumatalima sa batas na ito. At dahil hindi sinusunod ito ng mga kawatan, kawawa tayong mga mamamayan na walang kalaban-laban kung pagbabarilin ng mga walang kaluluwang kriminal.

  • Mamang Pulis

    o gunless society–total gun ban people–

    kaya nyo ba protektahan 24/7 yun mga negosyante na ganyan?

    ano pang depensa ng mga yan? 

    binilot na inquirer?

  • Pok2

    The sad part is that we have hundreds of thousands of Armed Forces who are underpaid. They are so vulnerable and pressured to commit crimes.

    • Mamang Pulis

      tama–mga ex-pulis at ex-sundalo pa ang mga ring leader kadalasan—masaklap yun aktibo pa sa serbisyo

      • Pok2

        Kaya bro dapat lang itaas ang pensiyon ng mga retired na katulad ko. Kundi puro kalokohan na SMEAC ang mga magawa hahaha. On the serious note, dapat lang talagang itaas ang sahod.

  • Fernando Maglasang

    as we know, PNP check points are concentrating on cars and motorcycles, eh kung nalalakad ka wala namang check points. kahit na nga siguro RPG ang bibit mo hindi ka papansinin. 

  • Magsasaka

    asan na ang mga taga pukang nang taga comelec na nagpapatupad ng gunban pati na ang mga walang silbing sindikato ng PNP?
    bakit tuloy tuloy ang pagpatay sa mga sibilyan ngayong may gunban?

  • Mario_Garcia

    Comelec should review its issuance of gun ban exemptions especially to those who can afford it.

    • dtszero_cool

      bakit exempted ba sa gun ban yong killer? nakakuha ba siya exemption from comelec?

      • Mario_Garcia

        Well, why is a gun present in the wide open mall in an election gun ban period? Either it is Comelec approved or illegally possessed.

  • kilabot

    gun ban does not work. never. 
    empires rise and fall through guns; 
    dynasties are created by guns; 
    syndicates depend upon guns; 
    unscrupulous businessmen manufacture illegal guns; 
    secessionists require guns; 
    npa cannot live without guns; 
    perverts need guns to kill innocents; 
    robber’s life or death depend on guns; 
    gun is noykapon’s pleasure.

    • scorpio15

      Ikaw anong Pleasure mo at alam yong sa iba. Gun ng lalaki sa ibaba???

  • freeview

    gun ban for the licenced guns lang..di kasali un di registered hahahaha

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    01. This looks more like a hit job. It looks so brazen, must be paid for by someone very powerful.

    02. Which KT Builders is this? The one in Caloocan City or the one in Quezon City? (there are two KT Builders in the directory).

    03. What was the business dispute about?

    04. According to other reports, Kelvin Tan handed over the 800k to the bodyguard of Benedict Tan who is inside a Starex.

    05. How is Benedict Tan related to Kelvin Tan?

    06. Has the police checked on the owner of the Starex whose plate number was captured by Chinabank’s CCTV?

  • peon_observer

    as the old saying goes:  “if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns”

    • Jane Tan

      ooooo nice one

  • rodben

    Another businessman killed again in Pinas according this report, marami pa namang nakapilang investors in Pinas the from WEF the President said.

  • XY ZEE

    It’s more fun to be robbed and shot in the Philippines.

    • $33680178

      Show some decency.

  • Jane Tan

    IMO charge the guards near the bank with negligence. I assume that Kevin’s car was parked near the bank (also seen in other pictures from previous reports), so what were the guards doing with those shotguns issued to them?

    What’s the point of issuing these guys shotguns when a .45 can scare the hell out of them?

    • fortdan marie teofilo

      IMHO it is negligence of the PNP and Comelec.. how the hell they escape from those checkpoint? Gunbanned = More Criminals… 

      • Jane Tan

        Guns can be hidden anywhere. If guns can get into private schools with guards (i.e. San Agustin), how much more out in the open?

    • sacrebleau

      I’m sure it happened quickly. Before the guards could even figure out who the bad guy is, and who the good guy is, the deed has already been done and the bad guy is gone. Even if you are a cop, you should really comprehend the situation first before you start shooting, the result could be disastrous otherwise.

      • Jane Tan

        In some cases, you may be right. But, I know where that bank is and I know the driveway. Unless the guards where chatting with each other and/or texting, they would’ve have seen who did it. Since the thief was said to have boarded a motorcycle, I don’t think their line of sight was obstructed. And, if you heard a gunshot at that range, you’d know where it came from especially after 3 shots.

      • sacrebleau

        I think you’re right too. Those guards did not know what they were doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in on it.

      • VE3RCMP

        If the weapon used was a Colt .45, your three rounds would of been fired in around 7 seconds. Pretty tough for the guards to react. Before we skewer the guards, there are other things to take into consideration, like, did they have a round chambered in the shotgun? Did they a clear shot at the gunman? Where there innocent bystanders that could get hurt? What is the effective range of their shotgun and where they in that range?

        Always thought the shotgun was the wrong weapon for guards to have. Figure it was used more as a deterrent, then an effective tool.

  • wakats

    “gun ban” can’t control soul-less killers from eliminating their targets.  Loose firearms can easily be procured by lawbreakers who oftentimes have families to feed and have not known any other means of livelihood.  In many parts of the U.S., crime rate falls when there is abundance of guns in the hands of the citizens.

    As Vladimir Lenin said “ONE MAN WITH A GUN CAN CONTROL 100 WITHOUT ONE”


  • Joseph

    i also transact with that bank.

    why did the guards on duty and the other guards stationed in nearby establishment did not even lift a finger?


    for sure there is a spotter or a tipster inside the bank on who withdrew a sizeable amount of money for them to hit.


    since we cannot bring our licensed firearms due to the gun ban, WE ARE ALL SITTING DUCKS FOR THESE HOLD UPPERS!

  • speedstream2

    These days it’s better to go the cashless route when a transaction involves large sums of money. Better sure than sorry. A little hassle is a small inconvenience in exchange for personal safety. Btw, hopefully there was a cctv that captured the whole incident. As always, any useful lead can help solve a crime, especially one done in broad daylight.

  • Pluma Mana

    why gun ban measures fail to prevent murder of trader in San Juan?… Comelec gun ban was implemented to stop the killing of politicians & election candidates and not the killing of traders, businessmen & ordinary people….

  • ben311

    what is happening to this country? pnoy says investors are lining up, to justify his travels.

  • akramgolteb

    Ang gun ban ay para sa mga mamayan na sumusunod sa batas lamang hindi para sa criminal. Mayron ba ng criminal na magsasabi “O hindi tayo puede gumawa ng krimen tulad ng pagnanakaw o pagpatay ng tao dahil may gun ban”?

  • Eljay

    sa tingin ko hindi effective si ROXAS bilang DILG, maraming nagaganap na crimen mula nang maupo sya.. laganap ang patayan at holdapan, at iba pang mga crimen.. karamihan mga pulis ang mga involve.. kung ako sayo Roxas mag resign ka nalang at isa pa wala kang pag.asa na maging presidente.. DILG ngalang di mo pa kayang gampanan..

  • ben311

    saan ba nakocontact itong mga guns for hire ? may companya ba ito o na pa franchise ?

  • $18209031

    Calling all Chinese brothers in all of Pinas, armed yourselevs  to the teeth . Do not lax your guard. Watch your surroundings . Kayu kawatans are backstabbing people. Do not trust anyone except close friends.  

  • $18209031

    Chinese Pinos throughout all of Pinas, do not get lax and complacent. Thieves are at their peak during Gun Ban period. They got people inside banks and they monitor your movements day in and out. Do not lax for kayumanggis are backstabbers .

    Govt is making these laws to get you defenseless and get killed. All the while they are vying for gov office to steal govt money. What an irony !

     Chinese Pinos pay taxes so these govt officials can steal them .These kurakots use their power to intimidate, coerce and demand bribes and bring home money from your business ventures. This is how they operate, magaling mananakut ng iba. Kulturang Kawatan talaga !! ANg estelong hit and run. And these kawatans dont even pay taxes, pinagmamagik lang nila ang kanilang mga tax returns kasi ang nasa BIR ay mga kamag anak mga yan , anak anakan for short. Part of the kulturang kayumangmangs that hails from Indonesya at Malesya. Dios Ko Porto Santa Maria y Santo Papa.

    • Qc


      “chinese pinos pay taxes” no you don’t pay taxes.  payrolled employees public and private pay taxes not you.  you would rather corrupt and bribe the taxman and wait till hell freezes over b4 you pay correct taxes.  kayo ang nagpauso ng double set of books of account dba, everybody knows that the same reason BIR was call BIGAY IKAW REGALO.  the chinese will bribe anybody and everybody until he comes to expect it, is consumed by it, and finally demands it from everyone else.  IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!

      “arm yourselves to the teeth” good idea para may ipangpukpok sa ulo nyo pagdating ng araw.  keep it up d%#kh*@d.

  • Night

    politician me gawa niyan….. alam niyo na fund raising season… kakampanya kasi eh

    • Adriano Alvarez

      tama ka night…diskubrihin kung sinong mga politiko ang may pakana sa mga gumagawa nyan…fund-raising season ngayon – desperado sa pag-raise ng campaign funds…

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Hahaha gun ban hindi napigilan ang mga kriminal at walang batas ang makakapigil sa mga kriminal dahil sino ba mga kriminal ang sumusunod sa batas?……Alam ng mga kriminal na sila lang ang may baril at yung pobre tao na kung may lisensyado baril ay hindi madala para sa proteksyon niya kaya ayun madali siya nadale……..Yung mga nagsusulong ng gun ban baka sa inyo mangyari sa susunod…..

  • opinyonlangpo

    So these people really thinks that a gun ban will stop anyone from killing. The gun ban is actually making the lives of these killers easier. The gun ban will be making law abiding citizens as sitting ducks for the criminals. 

  • Sabian

    Election gun ban is being implemented so the goons of politicians will have an easier time robbing the public. Pansin niyo mas madaming nakawan at holdupan ng mga banko pag election. Haaaay!

  • $18209031

    Gun Ban is for the benefit of thieves and killers. ANd who has the guns but the police , criminals and political syndicates That is simple and clear enough.

  • $38346712

    Gun ban is useless as the checkpoint. Gun ban law and checkpoint are old props used by the government to show to the international community that PH election is clean and honest.

  • akongednamzug

    Yung mga guwardya sa paligid ng pinangyarihan, manang mana sa tao na kumakatawan sa kanila sa Kongreso, pera lang kailangan.

  • $18209031

    Gun Ban is a seasonal martial law period . Not  so if you are member of the police, political warlord and criminal enterprise.  If you are a lowly lawabiding citizen, then your life is at a risk when the dogs cometh your way.

  • EdsonArantesDoNascimiento

    Haaay naku!!!Yan nanaman ang mga lespiyak na pulpol-inutil,as always REACTIVE!!!Tangna sila,parehong-pareho ng mga pulpulitiko, at gobyernong ito,INUTIL to the core!!!!Paimbestiimbestiga pa kayo wala rin mangyayari diyan!!!!Siguradong,mga walang kasalanang pobre/mahirap ang huhulihin mga inutil (tamad magimbestiga ng matino)na yan, just for show,so they can fool the public that they caught, the perpetrators of this crime!!!! What else is new, w/ this inutil&lazy law-enforcers (pweh!!!)kuno!!!! Pulis dito,kung di inutil at tamad,mga kriminal!!!!Just open your eyes!!!!!!!

    • $18209031

       Kunsabo lahat  mga yan. Sekyu ng bangko , tumatawa pa sa harapharapan ng kamera.

  • Spike

    Another unsolved case of murder in the phils.    its more fun to abnoy and claiming we are getting better in davos when clearly we are not

  • disqusted0fu

    That’s the problem with the PH, rules and regulations do not matter because law enforcement is way below average. Implementation sucks because authorities themselves violate the laws, and justice is only for the influential and the powerful. That’s what people see in our leaders so why would they be scared?

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