Lacson: I have incriminating file on Santiago


Senator Panfilo Lacson. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The Senate fracas ain’t over.  Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson on Sunday said he had “a complete folder of evidence” to pin down Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago for graft, alleging that she used Senate funds to rent a satellite office in a building owned by her husband.

In an interview over dzBB radio, Lacson said: “I have the complete documents on the rental of the building and I can refer this immediately to the Ombudsman. I consulted this with retired justices and a good lawyer because I am not a lawyer to act as if I know all this stuff. When I showed them my documents, they said it was a clear open-and-shut case … a self-serving contract.”

Although Lacson did not refer to Santiago directly by name, he said he was referring to “the feisty senator who first complained about the alleged P1.6 million cash gift given by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to senators last month.”

He said he started digging into Santiago’s financial records to determine whether she had the “moral ascendancy” to accuse all of the senators of pocketing the money given by Enrile as part of the savings from the maintenance and other operating expenses of the Senate.

Attack dog, crusading crook

Santiago had called Lacson  an “attack dog” of Enrile and Lacson retaliated by calling Santiago  a “crusading crook.”

Lacson said he was pursuing this case because the evidence on the office rental was more complete than the case on the use of Senate funds for grocery money or hiring personal maids that he also hinted were being done by Santiago.

“If the beneficial lessee and lessor are one and the same person in the sense that he is the staff of the senator and a staff of the corporation, isn’t that a clear case of graft? The one who paid for the lease and the one who leased it out are the same person and they used government funds. The documents are complete, it’s already in a folder,” said Lacson.

He said his only worry was that some people might be dragged into the anomaly because they were following orders.

Lacson claimed the office space in the building was leased out for P840,000 a year from 2010 and 2014. “This is a current contract so there is no need to rush. But I cannot say the name of the building because then everybody will know it,” he said.

Santiago’s health issues

He said he was willing to wait for some time before filing the case in consideration of the health issues faced by Santiago who is currently on leave after suffering   a mild stroke two weeks ago.

“I’m not sure about the state of health or condition of Senator Santiago. We might contribute to the further deterioration  of her health. So not yet at this time. I’ve already said what has to be said. But I’m quite definite I will file this,” said Lacson.

Even if she can prove that renting her own building was cheaper, Lacson said she would still be in violation of the law  against self-serving contracts.

Santiago and her staff did not respond to the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s request for comment.

In the same radio interview, Lacson said Enrile’s moral authority had suffered a big blow in his bitter public quarrel with Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano last week but it was impractical to try to unseat him with only a few legislative sessions to go.

Big blow for Enrile

“Honestly, I think he (Enrile) took a big blow because of the exchange of words with Senator Alan. I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t sound good to talk about a dead person in our culture, especially since we are a Catholic country. I don’t know the reason why the Senate President would say that. In my opinion, he should have not said that,” said Lacson in the same interview with.

Enrile dragged the name of the late Sen. Rene Cayetano into his running feud with the latter’s children, Senators Alan Peter and Pia Cayetano, last Wednesday. Enrile countered Alan Cayetano’s attacks by claiming that the elder Cayetano owed P37 million to left their law firm, Pecabar.

The young Cayetano reacted by bringing in the name of Enrile’s chief of staff, lawyer Gigi Reyes, for seeming to wield undue power in the Senate.

But Lacson’s position was that with only six days left before the 15th Congress declares a recess to give way to the election campaign period, it would be impractical to reorganize the Senate leadership and its committees.  “This would only further delay the passage of pending bills,” he said.

“It’s better that we maintain the status quo and tackle the change of Senate leadership in the 16th Congress,” he added.

Lacson said that, at best, the group plotting to oust Enrile had 12 votes—still not enough to unseat the Senate President.

He said he felt that the whole Senate was the “loser” in the  sordid affair, and it was now up to the senators to find a positive twist to this negative event.

“We really have to take action since we cannot just bury this and forget about it because it’s already out in public,” said Lacson.  “The toothpaste is already out of the tube. The best thing we can do is open ourselves up to a full-scale audit by the Commission on Audit on all our transactions up to 2007,” he said.

Originally posted: 9:00 pm | Sunday, January 27th, 2013

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  • andresa igbac

    itutuloy kaya ni Lacson ang kaso? parang wala ako ma remember na tinuloy ni Lacson na threat na kakasuhan nya si ganito at ganoon. 

    • server.171

      lacson the hitman. dacer corbito case lang ha.

  • Magic

    Well, here goes the Ram boys of Enrile! The assault on the enemies of Enrile, the martial law administrator is now in full operation! Those who crossed Enrile like Miriam, Allan, etc. will get hell from Enrile through Ping Lacson!

    Remember Ping Lacson had a dossier on his former boss Estrada?Don’t you call that traydor? 

    Jojo Binay, beware! Ping Lacson knows everything about you and can blackmail you anytime! You know what I mean!

    The way Enrile and his Ram boys are operating now was the same way Ramos blackmailed Cory. Jojo Binay and Erap, don’t allow the doble kara Enrile to blackmail you, too! Watch out! Don’t think you are too smart for Enrile. You know he is just using you!

    Aha, Trillanes played it smart, he has his own spy network too.

    • Febien

      Kaya nga para wag ma blackmail gawin ang tama!Wag makipagsabwatan! laging may cctv para kita ang mga transactions. Sabi nga medyo takot daw si Noynoy kay Enrile dahil may alam na sekreto. Moral lesson. Lahat ng gagawin may witness may camera ang sasabihin i tape recorder. Paraiwas blackmail. Puro may sekreto kasi karamihan sa pulitiko kaya naba blackmail!

    • Avenger

      c uhugin trillianes me spy network??? hahaha sabi ni trillianes bobo, 3 weeks tanggal na yung senate president ang galing ng spy network ng damuho, smart talaga ang bobo kung magsalita sa harap ng media hehe pero nung declared vacant ang position ng  senate president si koko pimentel lang ang sumanib sa kanya wahahahahaha! yung smart nya naging globe yung spy network nya naging networking ng natasha hahahahahahahahaha!

  • blunderact

    here is lacson again. Puro envestigation. Puro pananakot. Wal pang pinakulong sa investigation niya. daldal babae lang yan

    • andresa igbac

       “daldal babae”?—-how sexist you are against women, blunderact!!! major blunder for you.

      • Avenger

        ang alam kong madaldal at bungangera ay si brenda na idol mo hahaha

      • joe

        Senate is supposedly the place for educated discussions, arguments and debates on laws and regulations. 

        What is happening in the Philippine senate is cronyism Martial Law style.  If you don’t agree with mob controlled by the senate president, you will be alienated.  Your bills will be pending otherwise if you’re within the mob you simply yest to whatever they concocted for self preservaerance.  The bill /law will not be questioned by forcefully shove to the Filipino people’s throat.  Example, Cyber crime e-libel. 

    • Avenger

      kaw b naman tawagin na attack dog sakit nun! kaya im sure tutuluyan nya ito kawawa ang idol mo

      • AntiAko

        Masakit nga namang tawaging attack dog kasi baka chihuaua ang labas – puro kahol lang. Baka naman kasi gusto niyang matawag na attack lion, mas nakakatakot yon. O di kaya attack shark para may ipin talaga ang kanyang pagbubunganga. Pwede kaya attack pig para at least unique. Pauso si lacson ng category.

  • BagongMariaClara

    Fight Miriam, fight! Don’t be afraid of Enrile, Lacson, and Honasan! People are tired of Enrile.

    When Enrile falls, so will UNA!

    • Avenger


  • hopeless_na

    Sir, baka hanggang expose lang yan. Sana makasuhan nga para masaya…

    • Avenger


  • Rosauro

    Php 70,000.00 a month? Pagaari niyo ang building? Bakit naman ganoon? Hay naku Miriam! Pag totoo ito, wala kang kawala! Malintihan ka gid day!

  • Avenger


    • Harry

      Depending on the location and the floor area, 70,000 per month is not unusual for current commercial offices.

  • Avenger


    • AntiAko

      Asus, sobra ka namang OA. Di pa nga nagwe-weigh in eh akala mo tapos na ang boksing. Cool ka lang bro. Berdugo yung kinakampihan mo.

      • Avenger

        cool huh! hahaha! pro yung idol mo nagkukunwari na ata may sakit hahaha labas ka na brendaaaaa! ahh! ahh! magpatiwakal ka na! nah! nah! na! hahahahaha!

  • Avenger


  • Jane Tan

    Go, Lacson. If you have something against her, I encourage you to file it.

    Though, that doesn’t spare the fact that your driver is enjoying a bonus that came from hard-earned taxpayer money turned Christmas bonus.

  • opinyonlangpo

    This is getting more interesting by the day. Next time it will be another rotter expose against this senator. Its a tit for tat self destruction for high government officials. I am still waiting for the promised expose of Trillanes. Its really more fun in the Philippines.

  • Harry

    Those that over-priced their lease are just as guilty as Santiago. In fairness to the senator, if there should be an investigation, let all the senators submit their lease contracts for audit.

  • pablosantino

    iyan lang magaling ang mga senators natin, walang matnong ginawa kundi ang mag file ng kasu sa isat-isa..walang unity, panu tayo makaka usad niyan

  • bogli_anakdami

    allah eh bakit si lacson eh nasa posisyon pa hanggang ngayon?

    anong naging resulta noong sya eh “flipland’s most wanted TNT”???

    hay naku, flips, puro kayo mga tunggaks y gung gongs!

  • Avenger

    go nuts ping! pulbusin mo c brenda haha

  • AntiAko

    Hahaha. It is clear as day that Lacson is, indeed, Enrile’s attack dog. And he thinks that filling a case against Miriam will make their sins go away and be forgotten. Pathetic senator, this Lacson.

    • mabyrik

      I am not sure if the rental of Miriam’s satellite office is excessive or not. That is an issue that Miriam has to clear out. But definitely, Miriam has to pay the rent otherwise, she is a squatter not a senator. Whether the owner of the building is her husband or Ayala, she has to pay.    

  • MrJoseRizal

    As a guideline lang ha, rental sa Eton Centris Ofc sa quezon ave is 900 / sqm, so for a 100 sq meter office monthly rental is 90K

  • ovalboy

    Ang saya saya!!!! Nag away away ang mga bulok! But do not worry my dear Philippines. We are going thru rebirth. Di magtatagal eh mawawala na sa mundo ang mga bulok na mga senador na ito. Tandaan lang natin na huwag na huwag nang iboboto ang mga katulad nila.  

  • paulmart


  • dor


  • Turono

    Magka bukingan na! Sige maglabasan kayo ng mga baho. Sige banat pa Pingky isiwalat lahat ng mga katiwalian. I’m sure marami ring maisisiwalat si Brenda na mga kalansay sa closet mo! Baka pati ikaw matagpuan sa closet so come out na para maunahan mo na si Brenda.

  • leomar101

    Lacson has to defend Enrile because it was Enrile who protected him from arrest when warrant of arrest was issued 2 years ago. It was also Enrile who move heaven and earth so that Lacson can go evade arrest and hide outside the Philippines. Later he came back with fake travel documents. He was a murderer, a fugitve anf used fake travel documents.  It’s paying back  darling pinky.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Lumalabas ang tunay na kulay ng mga ating senador, halos lahat sila ay makikita ang kagahaman sa kaban ng bayan, Kawawa naman si Juan trabaho dito trabaho doon, ang binubuhay lang ay mga walang kwentang buhayang pulitiko…

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Ang pinakamasakit ay ang pinoy na umaasang umangat ang buhay sa pamamagitan ng pagpunta sa abroad na di alam ang kasaspitan niya. Isa na ako roon, subali’t nakatapos ako kaya medyo ayos lang ang trabaho ko, datapwa’t ang mga high school graduate lang ang nakakaawa. Kadalasan ang kikitain nila sa abroad halos pareho lang kung dito sila sa sariling bansa magtratrabaho.

    • for_Prosperity

       TAMA! Lahat sila ay buwaya.

  • anton kinuton

    Sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa senado, alam na natin kung nasaan ang mga simpleng big time na magnananakaw. Mga magnanakaw! Mga magnanakaw! Mga magnanakaw! Kaya gustong-gusto niyo maging senador dahil maraming pera ng bayan sa senado na pwedeng nakawin!!! Lipulin ang mga magnanakaw na mga senador!!! Ikulong sila!!! Ibalik ang pera!!! Huwag iboto ang kanilang kapamilya!!!

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Sige! Mr. Lacson, humanda ka rin na sagutin ang pagtago mo. Maganda ang nangyayari para ito ay hindi na tularan ng susunod na generation. Kailangan malinis at talagang maging honorable ang pagiging alagad ng sambayanan.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Parang Scalawags and the Scoundrels. Pareho silang may inililihim na madilim pa sa gabi na nabuwag sa publiko.

  • pcosmachine

    In my opinion, this case will not go any further because it is just baseless and not strong enough. I personally don’t like these two senators but Lacson will actually emerge here as the eventual loser and dumber than Miriam. Senators are allowed to rent office spaces and the law does not restrict them to whom they will rent from. Renting an office space from a relative may be unethical, but not illegal.

  • Vertumnus

    How can that be graft and corruption?  Certainly there’s conflict of interest but is it illegal to rent an office building owned by your husband?  Is the rent comparable to other office buildings, and if not, is Santiago paying too much for the office?

    Since every Senator appears to have some skeleton in the closet, it’s time to vote for a complete audit of the Senate.  I’m sure the people would like to know where the Senators are spending all that money!

    • speaksoftlylove

      Clue: In it’s simplest terms, graft means “the unscrupulous use of political power or authority for personal gain. (Wikipedia)” Gain here is the government funds used to pay the rent of her satellite office which returns back into Santiago’s own pockets because she owns the building or rental space. Hindi malayo yan sa money laundering. Ang pinagkaiba lang ay localized, walang bangkong ginagamit, at ang perang ginagamit ay government funds and not from other illegal source unlike money laundering.

      • Vertumnus

        My question is, is it illegal to rent office space from your family? Never mind the fact that it’s dubious but is it illegal?
        Giving 1.6 million pesos to Enrile supporter is dubious, but is that legal or is that graft and corruption too?

  • for_Prosperity

    Dog against Dog! Sa huli nyan, didilaan din nila ang isa’t isa to conceal each other’s ghosts.
    Unfortunate Philippines. Senate and Congress are run by crooks!

  • J

    Lacson is not doing any good to the already torn image of the senate. Military tactics ang ginagawa na akala niya sa aking paningin o maaring sa paningin ng iba e malilinis ang pangalan niya. Ang lumabas na bahong ito ng senado ay matagal na practice kung paano ginagastos ng walang pakutsaba ang pera ng bayan. Salamat sa blunder ng “gift” at nabuksan ang kahon ni pandora. 

  • calipso_2100

    He said he started digging into Santiago’s financial records to determine whether she had the “moral ascendancy”
    And you, Sen Lacson, have this “moral ascendancy”?

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    01. I gotta a feeling Enrile picked up the tab on Gigi’s expensive b-day bash using MOOE.

    02. I gotta a feeling Gigi’s expensive b-day bash in Makati Shangri-la was not cheap at all.

    03. I gotta a feeling Enrile refuses to have the MOOE audited by outsiders because of this.

    04. I gotta a feeling Lacson is complicit with Enrile for he is the Accounts Committee Chair.

    05. I gotta a feeling Enrile and Lacson are in this together, that’s why they’re silencing Miriam.

    06. I gotta a feeling Lacson is just bluffing, trying to find out whether Miriam has more exposés.

    07. I gotta a feeling Cayetano’s call for outside auditors will be voted down by LP & UNA.

    08. I gotta a feeling the palace does not want to be audited by outsiders, hence the silence.

    09. I gotta a feeling this whole episode of revelations will not lead to greater transparency.

    10. I gotta a feeling Miriam will be silenced or she will be left hanging out to dry.

    11. I gotta a feeling Drilon will maintain the status quo on MOOE if he becomes next SP.

    12. I gotta a feeling these politicians will continue dancing when the dust settles.

  • barako22

    may alas na hawak si enrile kay lacson kaya panay ang tahol ni lacson kay brenda,Baka maamoy ang jueting eh

  • w33k3nd3r

    You’re really asking for it, Ping. Are you sure about this? That’s Miriam… she swats insects… you’ll be in more trouble.

  • $27317632

    So what’s the message here, if you’re a crook you can’t croaked!!!!!!! Bayan idilat nyo ang mga mata huwag magbulag-bulagan!!! If this means only the up-right should be in the senate then, that hall should be empty right now!!!!!

  • willy

    pareho pareho lang kayo.kung meron ilabas na kung ilalabas at ano pa hinihintay

    • joe

      he’s stinker than the others.

  • Benito Juarez

    whew, the senate has become a muddy battleground.

    • joe

      its full of donkeys stepping on its other’s crap.

  • kayumanggui46

    ang problema talaga sa pilipinas ay may lakas na loob na mag-accuse ang sya m,ismong may pinakamalaking baho sa senado–si ping lacson…maaring maraming senador na magnanakaw pero mas msama ang pumatay kesa magnakaw…at si ping lacson ang pinakamatinding mamatay-tao sa senado…kung ako si mirima papatula ko na ito…pareho na kaming may baho…pero mas mabaho at maitim ang kaluluwa ni lacson…kung ako si miraioam upaka na ito, ilaba na ang lalhat ng kabuluka to the death…para sa kabutihan at malinin s na ang poltika at mawala na at makulong any may sala…si ping lacson, si glenn dumalo, si michael raty aqyuino atbp. para ma dacer-corbito murders, sa edgar bentain disappearance at lahat pa ng pinapatay ni lacson nasa tape ni vito na matagal nang isinisigaws ni mon tulfo,. mary rose ong, atbp. si mirima ay brenda at magnanakaw at nagpayaman, pero si lcason ay naghpayaman din at murderer pa na mas masahol…ai iabolish na ang senado na may 2 cayetano dahil sa media manipulation,  ping lacson na murderer, manny villar na magnanakwa, lito lapid na quarry king, trillanes na magnanakaw at coup plotter, bong revilla na babaero at media creation na walang alam–ano k nyang maging senador–gringo honasana na incorrigible coup plotter several times, bongbong marcos na corrupt na anak ng corrupt na ama, jionggoy estrada na coruupt na anak ng corrupt na ama, at mga duwag na matino kuno na ibang senador na walang balls na lainisin ang sendo ng mga kasama nila na bulok at kriminal… 

    • okayayonip

      nanggigigil sa galit ah kaya mali-mali ang tipa sa keyboard, easy lang, may araw din sila sa pagbabayad ng utang.

      • Paliwaweng

        hahahaha nahalata mo din ha, gigil na gigil nga si kayumanggi. Hayaan mo kayumanggi, may makakatapat din yang si Ping, at malamang si madam Miriam yun, baka hamunin pa sya ng suntukan lol!

  • ellatovara

    Bring it on honorable senators!  sigue ilabas na niyo ang bulok ng isa’t – isa.  Sana malaman ito lahat ng taong bayan and pag gamitin nila ang kanilang ulo sa darating ne election… the taong bayan will end up winners because hopefully, they will use their heads and not their emotions in voting.

    Kaya mga senators sigue ilabas na niyo ang bulok ng isa’t isa … kahit na below the belt … sigue labas. 

    Hopefully this will also be the beginning of the cleansing of the Senate!  Or am I dreaming?

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    “It doesn’t sound good to talk about a dead person in our culture.” — Lacson

    Now that’s the reason why Lacson doesn’t want to talk about the 11 dead victims of Kuratong Baleleng Rub-Out. That’s also the reason why Lacson silenced the two key witnesses of that case. Baluktot talaga itong si Lacson, through and through.

  • doncleo

    Bakit kasi kayong mga pulitiko ang alam ninyo ay pagnakawan at lokohim lang ang taongbayan para manatili kayo sa pwesto nyo..PURO KAYO MGA IPORITONG GANID…ANG KAKAPAL NYO!!!

  • rinom

    kung iyan alng ang sasabihin mo LACSON (about the rent and who owns the building) tigilan mo na iyan, walang graft diyan.

  • IbigMongSabihin

    lacson, patulong ka na lang sa padrino mong si noynoy aquino para magawan ng todong character assassination si miriam. isang kumpas lang ni noynoy at tiyak na kay daming putik ang mababasa sa press ng masang pinoys tungkol kay miriam.  

  • Rovingmoron

    Dapat nga siguro ikaw na lang maging presidente after P-Noy’s term. At tingnan natin ang tigas ng ulo ng karamihan sa mga Pinoy. Kasi kung di tayo magkakaroon kamay na bakal ay magiging grabe pa ang sestema sa Pinas.

  • doncleo

    Kung walang matinong kandidato..dapat ipaalam ito sa mga pulitiko.BOYCOTT THE ELECTIONS!!..kapag konti na lang nagpaparticipate sa halalan baka magising itong mga pulitikong ito na wala ng twala sa kanila ang taongbayan at baka magtino na sila…kasi habang nagnanakaw sila at ibinoboto pa ng tao akala nila tama ang ginagawa nila…sana may mamuno ng rally kontra sa maduming pulitika..

  • Juan Delacruz

    Ive seen similar case on governent cars wherein the owner of the car is employed bythe government as a driver and the car is also being rented by the government. 

  • jun

    dakdak ng dakdak. kung may kaso kasuhan kahit sino man yan!


    SIGE….let the game continue…….ilabas ang lahat ng baho at dumi ng mga “LEADERS” na hinalal ng bayan para pagsilbihan ang lahat ng tapat at malinis na gawain.  Mga “honorable” kung tawagin….yon pala mga HONORABLE kanto boys at palengkera girls na manggigisa sa sariling matika ng kapwa nila.  Mga WALANG DANGAL, HINDI MARUNONG MAHIYA, SUGAPA, BANTAY-SALAKAY, at PRIMER-KLASE na OPORUNISTANG SALAMANKERO’T SALAMANGKERA!  PSHAW!!!!

  • calipso_2100

    Showbiz talaga ang dating nitong si Sen. Lacson.  Kung hind mo pa ifa-file, eh wag ka munang magsalita.  Bakit nag papa-press release ka na?

    • speaksoftlylove

       Para di na talaga gagaling si Santiago, that’s why.

  • Colokoy

    hmmm ksama ng eh yong kahoy!,. senado isang playground ng mga isip bata..

  • basyong

    ping paano ka paniniwalaan ng bayan e ikaw mismo e tago ng tago kapag naiipit.kung meron ka sanang dokumento laban kay tandang enrile pwede ka pang paniwalaan.kaso, kabaro mo ang pinoprotektahan mo e anong klaseng argumento ang gusto mong palabasin.lahat kayong senatong pare pareho kahit hindi ka mamili ng isa.pulos dumi at kunsimisyon lang ang dala ninyo kaya dapat mabuwag na ang senadong.

  • japokjackpot

    ginoong lacson, wala na ba talagang delicadeza ang senado? magpakatino na kayo lahat diyan. magtrabaho para sa ikauunlan ng ating bansa. tama na po please. sana bangungutin kayong lahat na senador. and dami na ninyong kasalanan sa bayan… kung di nyo kaya ang trabaho bilang mga senador, magresign na po kayong lahat. walang puwang ang away bata sa senado… ang pagbahagi ng talino sa talastasan para umunlad and bayan, yan ang kailangan namin…hindi yung hihilain ninyong pababa at pailalim ang bansa natin hanggang sa tuluyong maghihikahos at mamatay ang pagmamahal ng bawat pilipino sa mundo.

    • wawangpenoy

      Pano magre-resign ang mga yan sa dami ng pakinabang. Walang ginagawa, puro junket at kung kailangan ng pera tatawag lang ng meeting ang komite, may pera na. Kaya nga bawat isa sa kanila may at least isang komite para may gatasan

  • boybakal

    I file na yan kaso…para magkaalaman na.

  • JK1000

    Mga walang kaluluwa na mga senatongs at tongressman. sayang ang ibinabayad sa inyo,hindi kayo nahihiya sa mga ginagawa niyo. Puro kayo pasikat,corrupt,walang alam kung hindi magnakaw ng pera ng taong bayan.

  • farmerpo

     All Lacson is doing is wave an imaginary red flag. If he indeed has the documents showing graft and corruption on the part of ANY Senator, he should file the charges immediately. What he is doing is implicitly saying ‘appease me or else’, ‘sumuku na kamo, batuta ire’. It is his mandate, as a member of the legislature to bring up with facts what he is alleging. Allege is a word abused too much by people trumping up ‘cases’. 

  • Paliwaweng

    nauna kang crusading crook Lacson. Tuso ka lang.  Matinik ka lang sa pagplantsa  sa lahat ng dokumento sa kuratong baleleng kasama ang mga pulis na naglamay sa pagbura sa lahat ng dokumento. Hinahatidan na lang sila ng mga asawa nila ng mga kailangan dahil di sila pwedeng umuwi hanggang di natapos ang ‘paglilinis’.

  • okayayonip

    the $64 question is….WHY ONLY NOW? stick to the current hot issue, JPE’s handling of senate finances and the 24th senator. military diversionary tactics ka naman eh malamang may bahong alam si enrile sa iyo kaya ka ganyan.

  • maypakialamtayo

    ayan na, sure may ilalabas ding baho ni lacson itong si santiago, nagkakalap na rin ng ebidensya ang mga cayetano laban naman kay jinggoy, sotto, honassan sumawsaw narin kayo sa bangayan nila para may maamoy din kaming baho nyo, trillanes bakit mukhang tahimik ka sa lacson-santiago bangayan, ah!? hindi kayong mga senador ang talo dito kundi ang mga taong bayan, 

    • Htee

      Nag baback door diplomacy siguro si thril-honest….

  • $20722540

    ang daming dakdak ni lacson parang babae, sampahan mo ng kaso…ang daming pasakalye mo.  tapos ipaaudit lahat ng re-imbursement ninyo lahat na mga senador.  para magaka-alaman na na pareho pareho kayong mga bulok na nagmamalinis.  the 850k is just peanuts to the MILLIONS MILLIONS that is being lost to corruption is gov’t. katulad ni lacson na maraming kaso

  • Jef

    The only way maibalik tiwala ng taong bayan sa inyo senatong lahat ng pork barrel nyo wag nyong panghawakan or totally abolish 

  • maypakialamtayo

    tanong ko lang, papaano nasisikmura ng mga senador na ito na imbistigahan ang isang ahensya ng gobyerno o indibidwal na empleyado ng pamahalaan kung ang kaso ay paglustay ng pera ng bayan?

  • spider69

    tiyak na ibabasura ang kaso ni Lacson laban kay Brenda. karapatan yun ni Santiago na paupaham ang kanyang building kahit kanino, kahit sa sarili nya.

  • scconcern

    Lacson does not get Pork Barrel, instead of investigating, why does he not crusade a bill ABOLISH PORK BARREL. Funds from pork barrel be legislated/budgeted, but manage by executive branch.
    Congress and Senate will only legislate laws and investigate executive and judicial branch abuses. Only the executive branch, local or national, will manage the funds.

  • $37644997

    A duck who quacks a lot,complains a lot is troublesome too.Welcome to a noisy club.

  • Peter L

    The lapdog has forgotten that the Filipino public has not forgotten yet the Dacer Case, the massacre or rub out of innocent civilians and his hiding and defiance of the law during GMA’s term. He has been exposing a lot but would not expose his misdeeds to us. 

  • doncleo

    ” He said he was willing to  wait for some time before filing the case in consideration of the health issues faced by Santiago” a health conditon an issue that takes precedence in filing a criminal case?..hihintayin mo pa ba na lumabas sa ospital ang suspect at sabihin na ” sige,ok na ko malakas na ko pwede ka na mag-file ng kaso laban sakin”..o kaya naman e ” pwede ba sa isang taon mo na i-file ang kaso ko kasi masama sa hypertension ko yan eh, baka umulit”..My goodness Mr. Lacson, kung may ebidensya ka kasuhan mo na hindi yung para kang bakla na dada ng dada…kung hindi ay iisipin namin na ginagamit mo lang ang isyu para manahimik si Sen Brenda.

  • Noel

    Lacson worried about Santiago’s health if he filed graft case immediately?  BS.  His mere mention of Santiago’s name was already enough to affect her health.

    Not good for the Catholic culture to talk bad about a dead person?  Why was Marcos being trashed and attacked up to this day?  Even dead, a person should be held accountable for his evil deeds.  Take the late Angie Reyes who allegedly committed suicide…why should he be let free for his corruption?  What about his wife who also benefited from the corruption and is still alive?  We must pursue the case against the wife.

    • scorpio15

      Nagkalimutan na igan. Money TALKS.

      • Noel

        Hindi porke patay na ang isang tao libre na sa kasalanan.  Paano na ang mga ninakaw nila?  Paano na ang ninakaw na pera at ari-arian ni Angie Reyes na ang nakikinabang ngayon ang asawa?

  • Spike

    P-INA mo lacson lagi ka na lang may expose – expose wala namang nagyayari   
    Para kang babae putak lang na putak

    Ikaw ang dapat ma expose – nakakaawa ang mga Dacer, nakakaawa yung mga fil chinese na nabiktima niyo daw ni Erap para may pang kampanya kayo 

    Buhay ka pa sinusunog na kaluluwa mo 

  • Leonardo

    Well, Lacson your the right hand of the berdugo, that’s why your defending him. I’m sure your also a corrupt public official and you have a lot of pending cases for the disappearance of many people.

  • Night

    proof of how useless senators are…. roll call mo lang lahat yan mga yan lahat sayang sa pera

  • prangka

    No one among the senate has the moral ascendancy to accuse someone in their rank with a pointing finger. Not even Lacson – maybe he’s a shining example as the guy who refused to partake pork barrel allocation but he has done more damage to the institution than anyone else: evading arrest and his alleged involvement in the Dacer-Corbito case.

  • barok

    Mr Lacson, I have an incriminating revelation which I believe you are the last one to know…I suggest mag-ala Jodie Foster ka na lang para at least me dating.

  • Eugenio Bravo

    lacson tuta ka narin ng mga mandarambong

  • pokpok22

    Nagtago nang mahigit isang taon, anong klaseng tao itong Lacson na di mapaliwanag kung bakit nagtago. Kawawang Lacson bulok ang pagkatao lalo na ang kaluluwa na ngayon palang nasusunog na sa impyerno.

  • scorpio15

    Hindi na dapat merong Broadcast. Dapat deretso na sa Husgado.

  • petebarr

    This guy has no business in the supposed august chamber of the senate. I suggest for him to just go back to his old business of kidnap for ransom and drug dealings which was his forte. Leave the senate to righteous and moral people duly capable of writing and enacting laws. Lacson has no qualifications just like some others to be in the senate. Kawawang bayan!

  • joshua kings

    to sen lacson, if you have the goods against sen santiago, ‘deliver’ them now without hesitation nor reservations…..otherwise, your motive is suspect….
    for the good of the country and her people, do them a great service which you are, as a public servant, is obliged to do,  you owe it to them.

    • joe

      he has no balls.  when the tough get going he will run and hide.

    • wilFired

      Hindi na kayo nadala dyan, para ma divert ang attention nang magla at matakpan ang mga kasinungalingan.

  • jeray

    Naawa ako sayo lacson

  • jeray

    Sana lahat .sa baba ay ganung mga botante.

  • petebarr

    This guy really does not understand what the august chamber of the senate is for. He should apply as correspondent of any of those tabloid papers. He is in the wrong place. This is the fault of those indiscriminating voters who failed to examine the proper qualications of the senate candidates of the recents electoral cycles. Kawawang bayan!

  • Loggnat

             It is all coming together now. Who else was very successful in evading the law once other than Lacson? Sen. Honasan is the only other fugitive that was able to hide from the law and his connection with Enrile is undeniable. Was Lacson also the benefit of Enrile’s help in his days as a fugitive? Enrile’s Ceza freeport is a good point for clandestine ingress and egress from the Philippines and with a safe way to get out and come in to the country, no wonder fugitives can seems like to have disappeared in thin air. I wonder if Palparan and the Reyes brothers might be using or used this route too. But!! I’m just guessing so take it with a grain of salt, I say. :))

  • Anastacio

    Mga Senador unahin ninyo ang bayan nasasayang ang pera ng Tax Payer para magdrama kayo sa Senado.  Lacson dapat tahimik ka na dahil pagnatapos ang term ni Pinoy. Bubuksan ulit ang kaso na murderer ka ni Corbito -Dacer. 

  • Danyel

    kelan ba naman tumino yang Senado…LAHAT yan corrupt…para tumino yan ng konti tanggalin ang pork barrel…..yan ang ugat ng katiwalian kaya ang senado at kongreso natin ay punng puno ng mga hyena, buwaya, at buwitre……NatGeo Wild nga e…..kahit bangkay ng hippo sa sapa e lalapangin ng mga hayuph na yan……

  • joe

    Lacson knows everything including the color of each senators undies but he doesn’t know who killed Dacer and Corbito or Kuratong Beleleng.

    He’s talking about self serving but what he did during his PNP years are also questionables.

    If COA or private firm will do the auditing, why he is only finger pointing at Santiago?  He should point at the big plunderer Enrile and investigate the wealth of Gigi Reyes.

    What a moron of an accusation and finger pointing.  He should sit on that finger and grind.

  • padrefaura

    ang galing galing nyo mag imbestiga ng mga anomalya ni GMA, kayo rin pala, walang pinagkaiba sa kanya. 

    • wilFired

      Mas bwaya pa ang mga senatongs na ito.If they think they get away with these anomalies they are dead wrong. Its time for pay back.

  • joe

    The senate is of full of donkeys stepping on its others crap and accusing each other of stinking the place.

  • joe

    Senate is supposedly the place for educated discussions, arguments and debates on laws and regulations.

    What is happening in the Philippine senate is cronyism Martial Law style. If you don’t agree with mob controlled by the senate president, you will be alienated. Your bills will be pending otherwise if you’re within the mob you simply yes to whatever they concocted for self preservaerance. The bill /law will not be questioned but forcefully shove to the Filipino people’s throat. Example, Cyber crime e-libel.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Kapag pinisil mo ba ang tube (ni JPE?) at sumirit ang laman ng tube, nakamamatay ba ito?”

    LISA: “Ay, ang hina naman ng common sense mo ‘ga. Ang sumirit na laman ng tube habang nasa loob ng sinapupunan (halimbawa ni Ms Gigi) eh meron dalang buhay, ‘di mo alam?”

    CION: “Ang buhay na dala mula sa sumisirit na tube ang gustong pairalin ng CBCP sa Phl, sa tulong sana ni JPE, pero nasagkaan dahil sa approval ng RH bill. Hindi na makararating sa sinapupunan ang sumirit na buhay porke pinatay na ito ng condom, o, ‘di ba?” 

  • Ej

    Still this expose of Sen. Lacson, even if found to be authentic, would not, cannot absolve the and cleanse the immoral disbursement of funds by JPE and the rest of the anomalies in the Senate. Sen. Lacson only successfully added to the misery of this body. Good for the people though to have access to the truth. 

  • dennis

    Mr.President,If your Legislative members continue barking each other then we the filipino people asking to DISSOLVE your coequal branch and proceed to CHARTER CHANGE! Let everybody of them being drowned in their own pool.This is very unprofessional,unpleasant behavior in this branch!

  • wilFired

    This guy is a proffesional crook. I hope Miriam will dig out all those police acrocities during Lacson time too including Dacer and Corbito and among other things.

  • lolo_Jose

    He said he was willing to wait for some time before filing the case in consideration of the health issues faced by Santiago who is currently on leave after suffering   a mild stroke two weeks ago…PWEDE ka palang magantay sa pag galing ni Santiago eh bakit inilabas mo ang ”findings”
    mo sa ngayon? Asan ang lohika dun ha Sen Ping? 

    Si Sen Juan, sigurado ay isa nang ”damaged good” at kung me naniniwala man sa kanya sa
    ngayon ay pakonti ng pakonti na dahil sa naging asal niya sa pagsagot ke Sen Alan. Bukod
    sa isa siyang SINUNGALING ay BENGADOR pa !!! Isa siyang mabigat na dalahin sa UNA.
    Sabagay mga apo sa tatlong hari ng UNA, ala kang itulak-kabigin kaya!!! Isang BIGLANGYAMAN NA SI BINAY, ISANG SENTENSIYADONG MANDARAMBONG AT BABAERO SI ESTRADA..Pag ganitong klase ng mga politiko ang namuno sa ating bansa, ALANGKAPUPUNTAHAN TAYONG MAMAMAYAN.. Kaya NO TO UNA…NO TO ENRILE,NO TO ESTRADA/EJERCITO , NO TO BINAY!!!

  • hopelovefaith

    although it’s interesting to listen to lacson’s expose, I do not believe his effort will shed light on the confusion created by the continuous unethical behavior of all the senatongs
    remember kuratong baleleng?  remember the activist who disappeared during martial law? both lacson and enrile had shown us how to murhder and get away with it.  

    si santiago naman, in order to avert confrontation with enrile and spill each other’s skeletons ay nagsakit-sakitan na lang.  tumaas lang ang presyon eh na-stroke na raw eh gayong normal na normal kung mag-salita.


    It’s all about themselves and their self-interest.  Mga naka Armani suit pero walang ipinagkaiba sa mga holdaper sa Recto. They are all white collar thieves.

    Do not expect any decency from these people. It’s not going to happen.

  • pikloy

    Political honesty is base on their own standard, base on their own seft interest and personal needs. beyond that, they consider them selves  HONEST AND HONORABLE.

  • batukan

    laudable move but, why only on santiago. Only he and sen.arroyo are not availing of the pork barrel hence the other senators should also be checked and audited on the propriety of their pork barrels and other expenses.  A few more months and he will exit the Senate House, it would be best for sen.lacson to reveal all, the people perceive you as a clean one in your budgetary expenses, why not then reveal everything about the billlions of budgetary expenses all senators are using. Then, everybody will surely idolize you. 

  • brunogiordano

    “He said his only worry was that some people might be dragged into the anomaly because they were following orders.”

    Hayaan mong may madamay na ibang tao.

    Kung may anomalia kang ilalabas, ilabas mo na at ng mapakingan ang kanilang paliwanag.

    Inaantay din namin ang mga anomalia na ilalabas daw ni MIRIAM.

    Sana magkalabasan nga ng matuloy ang RUMBLE.

  • Julian Lennon

    Miriam is not running for reelectoin and Lacson being a known cohort of JPE, has obvious motives.. this is simply a demolition job for Miriam. Whatever the outcome, JPE still has to answer to all the expose. Lacsons revelation will have little or no impact at will all be overshadowed by JPE’s humongous fault.

  • mikerocky

    Way to go Senator Lacson! Just being true to form! Keep it up sir! You are an inspiration to budding investigators with their thankless jobs, risks to health and family, with low salary. Happy hunting guys!

  • brunogiordano

    “I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t sound good to talk about a dead person in our culture, especially since we are a Catholic country. I don’t know the reason why the Senate President would say that. In my opinion, he should have not said that,” said Lacson in the same interview with.”

    Katolikong sarado si MANONG at kaya niyang bumili ng MAMAHALIN INDULGENCIA sa mga

    Johann TETZEL ng CBCP.

  • Beguine

    Oh, please, can’t stop the show now.

    Any senator, and every senator, who’s got some dirt to expose
    must expose it now.

    No need for so much pasakalye and introductions. Just simply
    go ahead, proceed and spill the beans with no holds barred and
    no let up.

    Since our wheels of justice system takes years and years and
    finally cannot decide really conclusively and satisfactorily, we’ve
    found out the best way is just to expose, expose, blah blah blah
    tattletale and let the people decide for themselves who’s making
    sense and who’s not.

    And if any or every senator dies or goes into a coma after an
    expose, well then that’s well and good too. That’s tantamount
    to survival of the fittest.

    Let the law of the jungle apply to the Senate. Let the show
    commence. Correction, it’s begun so let it continue.
    Lights, camera… action! 

  • siJuanDalandan

    Lacson has no moral ascendancy to initiate this criminal action.  Remember when he hid like a rat when he was ordered arrested?  Remember when he ignored Estrada’s corruption just so he could keep his position as PNP Chief? It seems that the loyal attack dogs of Enrile have been unleashed. What a shame.

  • dani77777

    I wonder what else Lacson has. It is now becoming more obvious that he has been gathering data and information on other people and uses these against them when it suits his needs.

    Also, I am sure he used public funds in collecting this information and thus the people needs to know. The question is that why is he the one who has these information?  One individual like Lacson can easily use these information to blackmail others.

  • Paking

    Very funny! If ALL of these Senatongs and Tongressmen are investigated, the result will clearly show where the money of the poor Filipino goes. Naghihirap tayo dahil sa mga pagnanakaw nila. Kaya nga, “hot na hot” ang political dynasty dahil naghihirap man ang Filipino, maraming perang madaling nakawin ng mga pulitiko at gusto nilang mapasama sa convoy ng mga magnanakaw ang mga anak. Kawawang ‘Pinas! Siyempre, ayaw baguhin ni mambubutas (mambabatas kuno) ang batas na libre siyang magnakaw dahil di pa siya nagsasawa. Sa ganitong situwasyon, paano na tayo?

    • JC


  • andrewassme


  • Spike


  • tomtom

    Ingat lang kayo kay Lacson, lahat kayo ay may confidential files sa office nya. Wala syang kaibigan, lahat kayo ay hindi nya sasantuhin.  Be careful with attack dog…

  • Ernesto

    nakakatawa ang salita ni lacson.parang wala syang kinalaman sa dacer/ corvito.napakalinis or nakakainis

  • JC


  • boshog

    I wonder if there is a Philippine president, governor, senator,  congressman, and mayor who has not misused, misappropriated, or personally benefited from the Philippine treasury. Or to put it bluntly NOT CORRUPT.

  • JC


  • LabkoPinas

    Lacson is the rebirth J. Edgar Hoover the former head of the FBI who used the branch of government he used to head to keep dossiers on all politicians and the up and coming ones. He could not be touched because he would threaten to reveal their secrets. I think they (Lacson and Hoover) shared the same gender as well. Hoover also had an aide that was his lover.

  • Julian Lennon

    Put this pretentious man where he belongs… JAIL! Being his last term, he is at risk of losing his immunity that why hes doing these favors. Lacson has never had any credibilty to begin with, he’ll step down with NO LEGACY and will be more remembered for being a shrewd MASTERMIND for high profile murders.

  • orchid

    Lacson always has incriminating file on everyone but has no bite!  Why don’t Lacson and the rest of the senators resign from their elected senate seats if they really have the welfare of the Filipinos and the future of the nation in their hearts.
    Let the nation move on with new talents untainted by scandals like what these senators carry in their dirty laundry and baggage.

  • patawad

    Sagutin na lang nilang lahat sa senado kung paano nila ginastos ang 1.6 million na additional MOEE kuno,  o pumunta lang sa bulsa nila?  Ang dami pang paligoy ligoy, full audit na, iaudit din ang COA?

  • azkal futbol

    great rhetoric from a great evader. you have more explanations to do that the brenda senator – atleast she barks to rock the boat and for everybody to stay on-guard. and what have you done this country – silence your opponents, shutdown would-be critics and how did you build your family?  how about those cases that are buried with their truths – are you willing to dignify your moral ascendancy? you an assassin in its purest words. 

  • Tristanism

    P840,000 divided by 12 months = P70,000 a month.

    Gaano ba kalaki yung nirerentahan? At saan ba ito?


     it seems that sen. lacson’s job  is to gather files and secret among the officials of the government and not introduced bills or make laws

  • Asiong

     Eto nanaman si Lacson, babanat nanaman, halatang Tuta ni Enrile, sino nga naman kakalaban kay Enrile eh bayad mga Senador, except dun sa Apat. Tsaka ano Credibility nitong gag0ng ito, nung may warrant of arrest nga ito nagtago na parang bakla, he evaded the very law that a lawmaker should respect. Anong klase ito, sa lahat ng maniniwala kay Baklang Lacson, P U T  @ N G    I N A    N Y O….

  • GProf007

    I think all these Senators must resign to pave a way for a next generation of legislators and allow an investigation on them on how they used the MOOE.

  • Spike

    pwede din ba imbestigahan yung mga business ni lacson sa america lalo na sa california??

    • batangsulpok

      Sa mga nadidinig ko dito sa U.S., meron oriental store si Lacson sa Southern California bukod pa sa kasosyo siya sa Seafood City Supermarkets.

      • Spike

        tumpak   mas masahol pa drug lord tong si lacson   at balita nuon  nuong head siya ng paoctf under estrada ay sila ang nagkikidnap sabay rescue sa mga fil chinese

  • stelvio

    PHILIPPINE SENATE= A massive 24-Eyed Carbuncle on the cheek of an impoverished nation.  Its holes oozing with vile pus, Enrile right at the very center.  A roadblock to progress, a skin infection ripe for removal by surgery

  • justjarred

    Attack dog nga!

  • Chris P Pnono

    No wonder senator lasson(lacson)sorry….ikaw ang lason ng sambayanang pilipinas kong mahalllll.alis jan.

  • Albin

    Yung 840,000/yr or P70,000 a month hindi mukhang anomalous, mas mabigat pa din ang dacer-corbito case.

  • nice_boy

    Sabi niya baul baul ang ebidensya niya laban kay GMA.  Asan na yon.  Your credibility is shot senator.

    • rjimenez1226

      Go after Gloria and Enrile and we will beleive  you are not  mud, Lacson!

  • 123_pampanggo_farmer

    Disgusting! Senator Lacson should look at some big crook and not misdemeanor from the Lady Senator. This is obviously a retaliation because she called him an attack dog of Enrile.
    One columnist is right to call him a Homosexual, he likes boys and don’t like women. In fact look like he HATES women..

  • durian

    Hayyyy..,Naku pwede ba Senator Lacson at sa lahat na mga Senador??? Hindi kayo iniloklok ng taong bayan dyan sa Senado para lang mang batohan kayo ng dumi sa mukha, ginagamit nyo ang Senado sa mga kalokohan nyo…, masahol pa kayo sa mga Palengkero’t  Palengkera…,Pra malaman nyo, pare pareho ang kulay nyo lahat, iba’t ibang “stripe” nga lang. PWEEEEE!!!!!!

  • PH2011

    A request for Audit?

    Every government agency has a COA
    Auditor. Nasaan siya? Records should be ready, that’s the purpose for the
    creation of this Constitutional and independent body .

    Meaning COA,  malfunctioned again.

    COA head Grace Tan was so quick to
    her response that the re-alignment of bonuses is legal. So probably she had the
    basis and the breakdown / detailed documents on how the MOOE was re-aligned and
    distributed.  Senator Cayetano hinted
    that most of the expenditures are liquidated only by mere certifications. Millions
    amounts in R.E.Rs.?

    What is the limit of Authority given
    to the Senate President Chief of Staff? Is she really authorized to disburse
    and signed checks amounting to 29.80 million pesos? ( 18 senators x 1.6 million
    + 4 senators x 250 k).

    Undeniably, the composition of this  Chamber is so powerful that the COA auditors
    become ineffective….and who will correct it? Only themselves, this brouhaha is
    good for the people. It open the chamber Pandoras Box.

    It’s shameful to the government, but
    we are not the losers, it’s the 23 honorables, plus one collateral damage.

    A parallel independent private Audit
    is recommended with a cost, so be it.

  • Love God

    These revelations confirms that COA is useless or say protector of the corrupt.

    As a tax payer, I demand Finances of Senate and Congress be investigated by an independent auditing firm preferably foreign.

    Dear God saves us from corrupt politicians and public servants. This must be the prayer of every Filipino.

    • edmanuel

      Amen.  Buti na lang at may naniniwala pa sa prayers dahil ito na lang ang pag-asa natin.

  • Hellomr

    Wala ng credibility ang senado para mag investigate ng isang government agency. Dahil sila mismo ay mga corrupt.

  • rjimenez1226

    Lacson is  clearly a cheap wimp! Is that the best she  can do against Miriam? This  guy is inded Enrile’s atack dog.

  • durian

    Kung sana, sa kangangawa nyo Senador Lacson kung tumulong ka sa pag gabay sa Sambayanang Pilipino na matunton ang “TUWID na DAAN”na sinasabi ng ating Presidente…, sana dakila ka pa!!! (Mabasa mo sana ito Senator Lacson)

  • Hellomr

    Matapang si Lacso kapag siya ang nang aakusa pero kapag siya ang Nakasohan takbo agad sa kangyang taguan katulad ng asong tiklup ang buntot. He-he.

  • bogger007

    This Senator is bluffing, which he is very good at. An attack dog without a bite.

    • Lucky Luciano

       Enrile is the Dog Whisperer

  • XY ZEE

    Eh yung “sumagasa” sa unang Mister ng Misis mo, may alam ka ba doon?

    • tarikan

      Hahaha! Yun na nga ang sinasabi ko. Itanong nyo kay Mon Tulfs marami syang alam. Si baklang Pinky mang-aagaw ng asawa, hindi marunong manligaw. Pinakawalan ni Pinky ang unang aktibistang mister (nakulong nung martial law) ng mrs nya ngayon tapos nasagasaan daw ng army truck. Sabi naglalakad sa dilim hehehe. Hindi kaya minumulto si mrs?

  • josesantos318

    If the senators have low credibility, Lawson would have the lowest. Lapid, estrada, and revilla, being the dumbest senators, is more credible than him

  • elgeepee

    Bakit di mo nalang ifile iyan para makita ng taong bayan sinasabi mo senator. Do us a favor so that our country can move on from these corrupt politicians. 

  • Gandalf

    Kahit ano pa ang sabhjin nitong mokong na ito, pare-pareho lang kayo! Attack dog ka talaga, and a dangerous one at that. Who among here has forgotten the Kuratong Baleleng “shootout,” and many others? 

    If any of you cares for this country at all, resign en masse, and abolish that den of iniquity.Pabigat na lamang kayo. 

  • ian reyes

    Lacson…. dont push miriam to the wall baka ikaw ibulgar nyan…..remember…..drugs in pangasinan???????? KAYA TUMIGIL KA BAKLA

  • carlorocci

    “Lason said he started digging into Santiago’s financial records to determine whether she had the “moral ascendancy” to accuse all of the senators of pocketing the money given by Enrile as part of the savings from the maintenance and other operating expenses of the Senate.”
    Ang hirap nito si Senatong La(c)son kung umasta ay parang walang kasalanan.  Hindi ba’t siyay pinaghahanap  ng batas noon sa kasong pagpatay, bagama’t pinawalang bisa ito ng Court of Appeal.

    Pumukol ng bato ang siyang walang kasalanan……

    • tarikan

      One must admire Pinky Lacson. Mahusay manggapang. Kita mo pinawalang bisa kaso nya ng Court of Gapang Appeals. Technicality laang ang magic word.

  • Woo Hoo

    bark for me, lacson…. bark!

  • GaggerAlert

    Please Lacson, just shutup. You’re not even half of Miriam in terms of what she has accomplished.

    Ok, just to be fair, then show taht document, let’s see what the heck you have there, and at the same time, she should be able to do the same with regards to your case in the double murder which made you leave the country.

    hahaha! such a hypocrite!

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      why make him shut up kung meron syang ebidensya.

      compare miriam. she would complain to move heaven and earth, pero sino pinapa hanap nya ng ebidensya?  Ang COA, at anong forum nya, court of public opinion?

      Hindi ba officer of the court sya, so alam dapat nya ang tama.

      You see, what gets me is that she doesn’t have the evidence, and yet she complains, and lets others do the diligence needed for the complaint, to be, at the bare minimum, be started.

      Si Lacson, meron ebidensya, then let him use it. File it in the ombudsman.

      • GaggerAlert

        We all know namn anung story netong mga senatongs na to pag election na. Kanya-kanyang blackmail yan.
        Now, as for the evidence, why is he blabbering about it and not show it immediately? Dahil baka may magawa pa c miriam to appease him? Or bluff lang talga to?

        Come on! Enrile palang, alam mo na mga tactics ng mga yan. Masyadong sayad na nagmumukha ng scripted.

        He has the evidence (so he say), so, show it diba? Kesa magsasabi ka ng merun ka?

        remember yung kahong kahong evidence ni Jamby and ni Enrile laban kay Villar? Where the heck was that.

        After the election, Enrile didn’t show it, because he saw na nagbago na daw c Villlar.. *cough* BULL SH*T.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “why is he blabbering about it and not show it immediately?”

        ano nga ba reason? hmmmm. i think if i am to read old articles prior these, he said he’s willing to wait to file till Sen Defensor is up and ready to defend herself. She was ill recently, hence was not around.

        i for one would want to see these so called evidence kahit maging magkaibigan pa sila. He serves the people, not himself, dba? So we are entitled to know if any of our representatives erred.

      • GaggerAlert

        Hmmmmm.. so I’m assuming na mag exchange papers sila? Let’s see what you got.

        Come on, wait for her? He could put the accusations there and let the lady clarify it. What’t the point in waiting that in the end, the miriam has to answer it. Isn’t it because na pati si Lacson indi din sure kung anu talga hawak nya? Na ayaw nyang mapahiya pag isa isang binasura ni Miriam.

        We all want to see it. However the way these people present evidences are really annoying and downright ridiculous!

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        well, when a [complaint] process is filed, it usually is investigated and formally sent to the [respondent], well, to await for the response.

        I think he thinks its just prudent that she is up and ready to take it lest she turns for the worse when she receives it.

        No point in the complaint if the respondent dies upon reading it,dba.

      • GaggerAlert

        “No point in the complaint if the respondent dies upon reading it,dba.” – now that’s just plainly rude. :)

        Anyways, whatever those evidences are, I doubt it will ever be shown. Unless mag matigas si miriam.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        - now that’s just plainly rude. :)


      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “Anyways, whatever those evidences are, I doubt it will ever be shown. Unless mag matigas si mir”

        I hope not.

  • Jimbox88

    Hindi yan ilalabas, takot lang nyan, pare-parehas lang sila may mag records na pede ilabas.

  • virgo57

    Bakla ang bunganga, traydor ang isip, magaling sa maneuvering at double kara Ikaw yan Ping Lacson. Nililihis nyo naman ang isyu at ginamitan nyo ng military tactic pareho kayo ng amo mong matandang Enrile. Mga walang konsensya pucha kayo.

    • tarikan

      Pre, may tama ka dyan…bakla nga yan hindi marunong manligaw o maghanap ng babae ng sarile nya. Kung sino pa yung may asawa na sya namang inagaw. Sabi ni Monn Tulfs yang mrs ni Pinky ngayon inagaw laang dun sa asawa na aktibista na nakulong nung martial law. Si Pinky ang jailer si mrs dumadalaw sa waswit tapos natipuhan. Si aktibista raw pinakawalan pero nasagasaan ng army truck hehehe.  

  • Nicknick

    Despite all the claims of Sen. Lacson, we are still indebted to Sen. Miriam for bringing into light the anomalous Christmas bonuses these senators are receiving (MOOE, kuno!). Without her revelation, the country would not have known the the extent of the profligacy that the senators are committing of the people’s money. Parang kanilang pera!!! Saludo kami kay Senator Miriam sa expose niya, kahit na alam niyang madadamay sya!!!

  • akongednamzug

    Good Luck Senator Lacson ! ! ! Hintayin mo si Sen. Santiago sa kanyang sagot. Kung ako sa iyo Sen Lacson. magpagawa ka na ng FULL BODY ARMOR VEST, palagay ko kakain ka ng alikabok kapag sinagot na ni Sen Santiago ang iyong paratang.

  • agustin

    Rentals do not value much compared to millions of pesos, Enrile have abuse or corrupted, why not sue Enrile?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      I wish someone would. Sabi nga, put up or shut up.

      Pag may ebidensya, then use it. pag wala at puro insinuations lang… well, walang kwenta, dba.

  • hopelovefaith

    Ang dapat gawin nitong si Lacson ay tulungan ang mga pamilya Dacer to solve the mystery of the death of their father.  Ipakita niyang hindi siya ang mastermind by helping out.

    Another one where his expose-power can be used is the kuratong baleleng murder. 

    These two cases if solved will give a sense of security to Filipinos who are concern about unsolved crimes.

    What does Lacson hope to get from Miriam’s case?  It will just cost time and money and will not add value to efforts that will improve the lives of Filipinos. 

    • tarikan

      Dre, sabi ni Pink…nd sya ang mastermind. Napag-utusan laang. Wala namang galit si Pink kay Dacer/Corbito at Bintain (nakalimutan mo na?). Sino ba ang may galit, sa tingin mo? Yung i-ingka-ingka lumakad na bigotelyo? May tama ka dyan.

      • agustin

         Lacson fears no one except bigotelio.

  • Albert Einstien

    ala COINTELPRO operatons yan sir…sana me LIST ka LAHAT ng POLITICO at mga KURAP me COINTELPRO operations… ka ke pnoy…para magamit lahat ng INTEL depts ( pnp,afp, paocc & nica ) ng GOBYERNO…

    • Lucky Luciano

      isama mo na ang ISAFP

      • Albert Einstien

        yap AFP nga…intel unit

  • angeles

    All these things explains why they spend so much during elections while they receive only so much with their salaries. Sucks! My late mother said once some 20 years ago ” All politicians are one and the same in the barbeque skewer of Judas Iscariot” How right she was. Senators and congressmen spend people’s money with impunity not to mention the pdaf they enjoy. Wittingly or unwittingly Pnoy and cabinet secretaries included.

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Senator Lacson, a mentally challenged woman said in bisaya, KUNG KAMO NGA NAAY POSISYON SA GOBYERNO MANGAWAT, OK!!! KUNG KAMI NGA WALA SA POSISYON MANGAWAT, DI OK!!! NGANO MAN????? You as the Senator who has the evidence against the whom you call as “crusading crook” senator should file the necessary complaint at the Ombudsman asap because what are you waiting for????

  • Jimbox88

    The sad news is, wla naman magagawa ang Audit,

    Certification lang ang katapat ok na! Yan ang batas na ginawa nila para lusot sila lagi.

    Galing talaga!

    • Lucky Luciano

      Baka mahabol pa natin kabayan yung ibang ninakaw sa atin:
      National Budget Circular 542, issued by the Department of Budget and
      Management on August 29, 2012, reiterates compliance with Section 93 of
      the General Appropriations Act of FY2012. Section 93 is the Transparency
      Seal provision, to wit:

      Sec. 93. Transparency Seal. To enhance
      transparency and enforce accountability, all national government
      agencies shall maintain a transparency seal on their official websites.
      The transparency seal shall contain the following information: (i) the
      agency’s mandates and functions, names of its officials with their
      position and designation, and contact information; (ii) annual reports,
      as required under National Budget Circular Nos. 507 and 507-A dated
      January 31, 2007 and June 12, 2007, respectively, for the last three (3)
      years; (iii) their respective approved budgets and corresponding
      targets immediately upon approval of this Act; (iv) major programs and
      projects categorized in accordance with the five key results areas under
      E.O. No. 43, s. 2011; (v) the program/projects beneficiaries as
      identified in the applicable special provisions; (vi) status of
      implementation and program/project evaluation and/or assessment reports;
      and (vii) annual procurement plan, contracts awarded and the name of
      contractors/suppliers/consultants. The respective heads of the agencies
      shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this section.*******

      SOURCE: wwwDOTgovDOTph/about/gov/exec/office-of-the-president/philippine-transparency-seal/


  • boy

    yan si Lacson, pag meron patama sa pakinabang niya ke Enrile meron siya counter daw, palibhasa dating pulis na bumaligtad sa lahat, ke Erap at sa sinbi nyang hindi sya papasok sa pulitiko, ayan number 1 liar, taong di dapat paniwalaan ng bayan si LACSON, kung ano ano pinagsasabi ke gloria nun yun pala nakinabang din, parang Enrile din ito, self interest lang ang habol, tumangap kasi ng milyon ke enrile kya ng magsiwalat si santiago ayan siya namn ang me ebidensya daw laban ke santiago, puro ka kasinungalingan LACSON

  • Anton_Agaton

    Ping “Dacer” Lacson, me incriminating evidence din laban sa iyo pero tinakasan mo. Biggest loser ang Senado. PWE!!! Kaming mamamayan na ninanakawan nyo ang biggest Loser. PURO KAYO MAGNANAKAW!!!

  • sacrebleau

    Miriam brought it upon herself. She always believed she was extra-ordinary, some kind of super-special. Did she want everyone investigated except herself? Nice try.

    Get off your high horse while smelling the coffee Miriam.

    This will be an exercise in humility for you.

  • joel genese

     I consulted this with retired justices and a good lawyer because I am not a lawyer to act as if I know all this stuff. When I showed them my documents, they said it was a clear open-and-shut case … a self-serving contract.”
    Nagpapaniwala ka sa mga abogado. Kahit ano sa mga abogado pwede. Kahit nga sabihin mo sa abogado kung pwede ba natin kasuhan ang mga apo ni Emilio Aguinaldo dahil sa pagkamatay ni Andres Bonifacio, segurado sabihin nila na malakas ang kaso at ebidensiya na pwedeng magpakulong sa mga apo ni Aguinaldo. 

    • sacrebleau

       Lacson was being sarcastic about consulting retired justices and a good lawyer. Miriam did say to Lacson that he did not know anything about law because he wasn’t a lawyer.

  • Benito Juarez

    The feuding parties have crossed the line of Rubicon. What they built in years were destroyed in hours. Respect, trust, camaraderie, etc. are brittle and that goes by the saying, “don’t cast stones if you live in a glass house.” Fight if they will, but they must not use the Institution their battleground.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Is Senator Lacson serious or just bluffing? I challenge you
    to send this folder of evidence to the Ombudsman right now? My worry is that
    Senator Lacson could be just all talk. It’s easy to make excuses now and wait until
    the Filipino public forget everything. Paaasahin lang ang mga Pinoy hanggang
    magkalimutan! Just do it, Mr Lacson, if you have a word of honor!


  • Pedro_Gil

    One thing that wont happen is to bring Lacson back to senate or congress.  One thing true is Santiago maybe did not properly report her expenses which all senators are guilty with but Santiago is definitely not a killer like Marantan whose supporter is Lacson. Lacson, someone who you can’t trust.

  • Lucky Luciano

    Yeeeeehhaaaaa. as the old saying goes: “ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw” in this case “ang MGA magnanakaw”.
    The senate is healing itself. Ilabas nyo pa mga baho ninyo. 


  • katindig

    Look who is talking akala mo hindi mamamatay tao si Lacson…sige maglabasan na kayo ng baho para makita rin namin ang nangyari tungkol sa Dacer Corbito case, kutong Baleleng case at  nuong si Lacson ang inuutusan ni Erap..

    • Ronald_18

      Meron ka bang ebidensiya? Baka kuwentong barbero ka lang.

      • boldyak

        wala na, patay na mga witness o di kaya naglaho…haha

  • pilarpilapis

    P840,000 per year is P70,000 per month and that’s already for two floors, as per other news articles. Meaning, it’s just P35,000 per month per floor. I don’t see how that can be unreasonable when other government officials also have satellite offices but they pay more than that. Also, isn’t the building owned by a corporation? That means it is a separate juridical entity from sen. miriam. Marami kasing stockholders ang corporations. it does not follow that miriam is earning the money for herself.

    • delia kelly

      it is about conflict of interest. you do not use public funds to rent your own property.

    • sacrebleau

       It smacks of conflict of interest.

    • Handiong

      The amount is immaterial. It’s all about the conflict of interest in the transaction. Even if the owner of the building is a corporation, the fact that Miriam’s husband is the owner or co-owner of the corporation still partakes of conflict of interest.

    • mapicchu

      c’mon., common sense dictates that she should not have allowed that lease to happen..ganun lang ka simple..for as long as the dox contains even her husbands or child’s name, or her siblings’, she should have avoided that.delikadeza tawag dun

  • Lucky Luciano

    “He said he felt that the whole Senate was the “loser” in the  sordid
    affair, and it was now up to the senators to find a positive twist to
    this negative event.”

    WRONG!!! It’s now up to the Filipinos if they will still vote for these grave robbers, traditionally and genetically corrupt politicians, and parasites.

  • mekeni62

    sige lang ituloy ninyo iyan. magrambulan na lang kayo. diyan yata kayo magagaling. mga buwisettt!!

  • superlucky2


  • Val Sor

    The Chinese could have paid everyone in this country to fight each other so that spotlight will go away from the Chinese incursion in the West Philippine Sea.  If we are as eager and feisty to fight off the Chinese on their incursions to our territories, I think teh Chinese would have left the South China Sea long time ago. Can we perhaps at least not forget to keep on boycotting made In China products?

  • lex

    i think the better term for lacson is attack zombie! yellow zombie, enough of these type of politicians, do not vote for them!

  • jeronimo

    may ebidensya pala e, e bakit hindi pa sampahan ng kaso? ang daming drama.

  • Benito Juarez

    Again, Mr. Lacson, you are used by Mr. Enrile to wash his dirty hands.

    • duviz7533

      si jackie ang di mahilig sa gigi…mga macho ang type niya

  • mangtom

    Lacson: I have incriminating file against Santiago

    Mangtom: I have an incriminating file against Lason (ooops!!! Lacson pala). I he is a coward fugitive from justice-ha-ha-ha. 

    Who is the next senatong who will spill more beans? It is difficult for me to fathom the degree of corruption and filth that these “honorable” legislators are engaged in. These senatongs are worse than rapists. If we cannot trust them, whom can we trust? The title “Senator” is no badge of honor. Kasama na rin ang tongressmen. There is a saying that in every basket, there is a bad apple. Baliktad naman ang senado: in every basket, there is one good apple. The rest are rotten to the core. 

  • johnnie r

    Dito magaling si LACSON, ang mag maintain ng ‘dossier’ sa kakampi man o kaaway. You might not know when they’ll become ‘handy’ in the future…

    • milespacker

       The ‘dossier’ might have something to do with Lacson being the Chair of the Senate committee on accounts, he would be privy to operational expenses of Senators.

  • pipsirho

    Typical PIGS in a STY!!!

    PIGS => Politicians Insatiably Gorging Slop; SLOP in the form of Power, Pork Barrel, Public Funds, Graft, Corruption, Influence Peddling, SHAMELESSNESS.

    STY => Senate Truly Yucky ( thoroughly unappetizing, disgusting, or repugnant)

    • duviz7533

      you’re talking regarding must be talkning about the  fatso LP senator..he’ll be with mang tomas soon

  • jaciagar

    Lacson is just like the rest of them, another crusading crook. But I am happy if they expose each other’s crooked ways.This is the best way to cleanse our government. Why doesn’t somebody bring up the handcuffs case of Lacson & the Red Scorpion & Kuratong Baleleng massacres. Who else knows about his skeletons in the closet & lead the investigators with tips? We need more courageous whistle blowers if the kettles are afraid of calling  the pot black.

  • Spike

    Nagpaparamdam din daw po si Mr. Bobby Dacer may incriminating evidence raw po sya kay Senator Lacson 

  • pulis

    Ang talagang kumakangkong kay Gigi ay si Ping…Whoooaaa!

    • Irin Tuon

      Tapos nagpakunwaring Bading?

  • Butzz

    The best healing process for the Senate as an institution and for the people is a thorough probe. Let the chips fall where it will.

  • Magsasaka

    kailan kaya mapapatay ang mamamatay taong katulad ni ping-er

  • Belinda Belle

    “But Lacson’s position was that with only six days left before the 15th Congress declares a recess to give way to the election campaign period, it would be impractical to reorganize the Senate leadership and its committees.  “This would only further delay the passage of pending bills,” he said.”
    Baloney. Self-serving reasons. 
    Reorganize the Senate. Enrile has lost any shred of moral ascendancy. He should resign.

    • duviz7533

      enrile did not lost any moral …dati na siyang wala noon

    • Ruben Pilapil

      Sen. Ping is too desperate to win back the friendship he used to have with ERAP, that’s why he is acting that way.

  • George

    kung may pinka tsismoso/sa na senador, si tita ping llyamadong llamado. remember, all the evidence DAW against the macapagal-arroyos, may nangyari ba? where’s the proof about that “evidence” he announced few days ago? hindi pa nga natapos isang isyu meron na naman.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Inakusahan ng isang sinungaling at kurap na senador ang isang mataray at nagpapanggap na matinong senador!!! walang tulak kabigin sa dalawang inutil na senador!!!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Lacson knows everything including the color of each senators undies but he doesn’t know who killed Dacer and Corbito or Kuratong Beleleng.He’s talking about self serving but what he did during his PNP years are also questionables.If COA or private firm will do the auditing, why he is only finger pointing at Santiago? He should point at the big plunderer Enrile and investigate the wealth of Gigi Reyes.What a moron of an accusation and finger pointing. He should sit on that finger and grind.

  • iping2sison

    Suggest somebody should look into the financial status of Ping Lacson. How come he become a millionaire and how he accumulated his wealth? Did he reported his true income in his ITRs?


    hindi ko na iboboto si jack enrile….

  • mapicchu

    go on and on Ping..unravel everything…calling on all your confessions now..mag mea culpa na kayong lahat.

  • duviz7533

    unggoy ka talaga….noon time na fugitive ka  you collected your salary..baka may bribenos ka din noon mga raw na yon….delikado na magsama kayo ni jackie..baka malegalize ang murder

  • jbrand



  • Maldi2

    bading nga talaga itong si Ping!  Di mapigil ang bibig sa ka dakdak…go and file the case if there is any evidence, but not on media as you are just grandstanding!

  • Irin Tuon

    Accusing Miriam will not clean the Senate of its stink, much as will erase the “kabadingan” of Lacson…. 
    Private auditors will do the real job….

  • tukmoldinako

    file the case right away, ng malaman ng lahat ang sinasabi mo

  • edmanuel

    It’s also ‘dog eat dog’ in the senate.  How honorable!

  • thecop

    “Lacson said that the senate is the “loser” in the sordid affair..dati ng loser ang senate institution kasi mga losers ang mga politicians. but individually walang loser na senador na nakaupo sa senado…lahat yan panalo sa kurakot kaya kung umasta akala mo kung sinong kagalang-galang.  Sa totoo lang ang tunay na kawawang loser  ay ang mahihirap na masang pinoy. Puede ba tigilan na ninyo ang pagpapanggap ninyo  sa senado..matagal na kayong katawatawa sa mga pinaggagagawa ninyong  sarsuela..

  • marco

    his old tactics get back into the scene..ito yungsenador na aatake sa iyo kapag may anomalya na kinasasangkutan nya. kawawang mga pinoy na bomoto sa kanya

  • pedro

    Lacson tumahimik ka na lang dahil pag binalikan ka para ka na namang asong bahag ang buntot ….. in fact you are (one) a disgrace in the senate ……

  • anak ng sultan

    kawawang LACSON, may kredibilidad  pa ba kayo sir? lumalabas talaga ang pagka BAKLA niyong si PANFILO ( CURRUPT-TONG BALELENG) LACSON… siguro si THE MANIPULATOR ENRILE ang nag tago sayo nuong wanted kapa anu?

  • edmanuel

    Come on, Lacson, ituloy mo na yan. You owe it to the public, being an elected public officer and a senator at that, to help rid this country of what you said “crooks”.  O baka naman katulad din yan ng mga nauna mong pambibintang na wala namang kinahinatnan.  Patunayan mo naman, kahit minsan lang, ang mga pinagsasabi mo.

  • anton kinuton

    sige ilabas mo at maglabasan na kayo para malaman ng taong-bayan ang baho nyo diyan sa senado  sino nga ba ang mailinis sa inyo? wala!!! inililihis lang ni lacson ang issue tungkol kay enrile at gigi.

    • Rey

      tama ka. divert the issue.

  • wakai_duvatan

    sana ma-interview siya ni Boy Abunda.. kabadingan ito eh.. :) hay naku! PSC: PHILIPPINE SENATE CIRCUS… the characters: may rebelde, may mamamatay tao- guess who? may school bukol, may clown talaga- may bobo- marami nito eh, may money launderer ang asawa? may tanga- ito, walang gamot  nito eh,. I WONDER WHO CANNOT PERFECT THE GAME IF THEY BE INCLUDED IN THE NOONTIME SHOW, PINOY HENYO! matalino? hindi.. tanga? oo… may alam? hindi.. ganito talaga.. its totally revolting!! hay,. 

  • w4d

    Lacson, in this case is concealing evidence and obstructing justice. Is he using it to blackmail Santiago? If not why in high heavens is he not filing a complaint, instead is announcing his accusations on the senate hall with a privilege speech that is protected by immunity? Truth is he may have nothing and is hoping that Santiago does not call his bluff.

  • Simon Ward

    My perception, at the local government level in places I’ve lived, is that the kind of graft Lacson is accusing Miriam of is standard operating procedure, whether it’s illegal or not. Has he checked with his fellow Senators first to make sure they’re not all up to the same thing? Surely self-serving contracts are a key part of their income, along with kickbacks and bribes, aren’t they? 

    • Masterful Deceit

      They are.

  • Stead

    Lacson is acting as if he’s a faultless senator.

  • Stead

    what can we expect from these present senator we have…fugitive of the law/actors/newscaster/coup plotters/illegal loggers/namesakes to name a few…

  • Stephen

    Frankly speaking, in the eyes of the public? They are all a bunch of crooks & corrupt officials. Sorry to say na “walang mapili sa kanila.” They have done nothing good for the people and the country.

  • sakinlang

    Hanggang press release ka na lang ba, Mr. Ping?

  • wishfull thinking

    Maganda yan! Sige Senator, i-file mo yan ha…wag yun sa media-media lang ha! Tapos susunod nito syempre maglalabas naman si Sen Santiago ng sarili niyang ebidensya laban kay Lacson…tapos lalabas na rin ang ebidensya sa iba Senator!…Tapos ayun…alam na ng tao kung sinu ang iboboto nila sa susunod! Ayos!

  • surigao_miners

    pasabugin ang SENADO!!! Boom!

  • Masterful Deceit

    Anong ka echosan na naman ang style ni Ping? “I have incriminating evidence but I will not file it yet”. Ano hinihintay mo? Tumahimik si Miriam? Bayaran ka nya? Ano hinihintay mo?
    Kung mali si Miriam e di mali bakit kailangan bantaan ng parang may hinihintay na kapalit?
    Isip kriminal talaga ‘tong si Lacson.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    wala yan. ayaw nga nya habulin si enrile eh.

  • Boie Esguerra

    The Senate self-destruct itself.  The SP is the one to be blame.
    I agree with Sen Lacson –  “The best thing we can do is open ourselves up to a full-scale audit by the Commission on Audit on all our transactions up to 2007″. 

  • MS. F3

    “…owed P37 million to left their law firm…” Ano bang uri ng grammar ito?
    Sensya na, sawa na ko magcomment sa isyu, sa content na lang.

  • Rey

    Pinapalabas ni Ping na ngayon lang siya nag-imbestiga. Huh! Lahat kayo may mga dossiers tungkol sa isa’t-isa. Nakatagong armas kung baga.

  • senatongresman

    Maganda ang mga nangyayari sa Senado naglalabasan ng baho ang ating HONORABLE SENATONGS; sana ituloy-tuloy ninyo para marami pa ang malalaman ng madlang people of the Philippines na lahat kayo KAWATAN!!!!!!!!!!! Ang yayabang ninyo; nagpapayaman lang kayo lahat; habang naghihirap ang Pinas; Naturingan pa tayo na the only Christian nation in the Far East; pero ang mga gawain ng mga pulitico puro nakaw sa kaban ng Bayan!!! GISING PINAS!

  • ApoNiLolo

    That’s the way to do it! Expose each others “can of worms” so electorates will think twice on whom to vote or not to vote in this coming election. Knowing Merriam, she’s not going to take this sitting down. I bet she also have something up her sleeve against Lacson. If this happen, Lacson is on the losing end. His running for reelection while Merriam isn’t! >: D

    erratum: Lacson isn’t running (3rd term na pala), so he got nothing to loss either! >: D

    • Allan Diaz

      correction Sen. Lacson is not reelectionist…

      • ApoNiLolo

        I stand corrected. : )

  • divictes

    Her slumbook?

  • Opel

    i doubt it if the same will prosper. The good Senator has a proven, airtight unassailable legal shield. She can always raise insanity as a matter of defense.

  • virgoyap

    Different dog with the same collar. Pareho lang kayong lahat!!

  • Jason Ladd

    Lacson has evidence? I doubt it will stand the scrutiny in court. Puro dada at ingay lang yan pero walang ibubuga….

  • Bentong

    Killer gaylord.

  • Lagotka

    Gusto ba ni Lacson that Miriam should rent the place of her husband for free?

  • Horst Manure

    Like a bunch of chicken’s voting for more KFC outlets.

  • Maldi2

    This guy, Lacson is full of inconsistencies – a DECEIT!  He said last week, he was saddened by the turn of event on the squabble between JPE and the minorities.  Sirang sira daw ang Senate.  Eh, ito naman siya ngayon, imbes pataying ang kasalakuyang SUNOG, ay siya pa itong nangagatong.  Bading! WTF!

  • Ari Putan

    Eh, yong KAHOY?

  • EREC

    Paki labas nalang po sen. Lacson and bring it to the proper forum. Sa tagal mo na po kasi diyan sa senado para sa akin lang ha! WALA KA PANG NAPAPATUNAYAN…..chamber members of senate has immunity…you just take that oppurtunities to publicized issue which only at starting point which that for me its NOT ACCOMPLISHMENT IN ANY MANNER….. sorry sen. Lacson …. Im a result oriented person..everything I count and give a points!

  • EREC

    To tell you FRANKLY, ALL OF YOU ARE THE SAME AS A CHAMBER!..i just lookED my view individually in ACCOMPLESHMENT of LAWS & DELEBERATION that is my weighing scale. Lugi naman ang taong bayan kung gagamitin lang ng isang senador ang kanyang immunity at wala naman siyang debate sa mga batas na pinanunukala na kanilang trabaho. Ngayon ang mga masasamang elemento ng society ay laganap at walang pangundangan kung pumatay…anong batas ang ginawa ninyo para protectahan ang mamayan at patayin ang mamatay tao…iyan ba ay pinaalala ninyo sa mga autoridad natin para gumalaw at magtrabaho na meron tayong batas Numero ***** na may karapatan ang autoridad to order shoot to kill. Ang naririnig ko sa mga balita ay mga walang kakuwenta kuwentang speeches na bangayan sa senado. Bakit hindi ninyo e rule-call ang mga batas na ginawa ninyo para alam ng mamayan at ma i adopt iyan sa pang araw araw nilang pamumuhay.

  • X

    Nakakahiya talaga sila! Pare-pareho silang immoral! Bakit kasi binoboto ? Dinadaan lang nila sa ingay!….Tama na please!

  • soulhunter

    ang linis ni Lacson! IKAW NA! 

  • Batz61

    pare-pareho kayong mga BULOK at nabubulok na BAHO ng bayan….dinudungisan ninyo ang bansa natin. Pare-pareho lang kayong nagtuturuan ng mga pagnanakaw ninyo sa kaban ng bayan… and engot din ay ang mga mamamayang Pilipino kung bakit ibinoboto ang mga bulok, mababahong tao gaya ninyo, mga suwail at magnanakaw sa bayan… naturingan pang mga senador… 

  • manual47

    Mr. Lacson, stop your nonsense childhood play now.  People knows both of you and everybody else in the Senate.  It’s not going to improve your image let alone remove the fact that you and the rest of your colleague were all the same.  You know, all of you members of the Senate, the best you can do is just donate the so called   “Christmas gifts” that you received from your “ninong” Enrile to those who most needed that generous gifts.  There are a lot of them.  All you have to do is look around and you will not miss them.  Besides, you have enough of what you got (considering where they came from), you don’t need that peanuts amount of 1.6 mil.   Unless you don’t know the word “enough”.  You and the rest of members of the Senate should just stop that squabbling and do better what you were elected for…….serve the people the right way.  Then maybe the country will change it’s image as well from one of the corrupt country in Asia to well successful country who got out from that bad image.  That would have been something to see by the Filipinos…………but then it’s just like shooting stars.  I don’t like to sound negative but Philippines still have along way to go to change it’s image.  President Aquino is moving to the right track.  I hope he succeed but that’s all Filipinos can do…..hope.  It has been a very, very long long time since the country has been in it’s predicament.   May God bless the country where I was born and love…..

  • balahura1

    asa ka pa echoserang pingpangpung! drawing contest na naman yan,  wala pa u napatunayan sa bansa, pwede ba itigil na ang dramatization? wala ka na bang maisip na ibang strategy? kumita ka n dyan devaaa?  wawa naman u? gustong makakuha ng simpatya kay juanDlaCruz….

  • Fred

    Yes Ping, all of you are losers!
    And the reelectionists will lose.

  • Richard

    Huwag na pong iboto ang mga pulitikong ito, nalalaman na natin lahat ng kabulastugan nila.  Wala din kredibilidad ang taong ito para paniwalaan pa ng mga tao.

  • sacrebleau

    Miriam will opt for the “wheelchair defense” at St. Luke’s – for sure.

  • jpmd88

    typical gestapo tactics.  tsk tsk,

  • SG0609

    i was doubting the documents that Enrile waved during an altercation with cayetano…it was allegedly the list of UTANG of the old cayetano…pero wala namang naglakas loob na tumingin…then this story came…baka naman the same set of documents na naman yan…na walang laman pwe

    • joshua kings

      kaya masama loob ni jpe sa mga cayetano, dahil walang utang na loob ang mgakapatid na ito….
      si jpe ang gumawa sa tatay nila para maging siya’y maging congressman ng muntinlupa-taguig-pateros nung nagsisimula pa lang siya sa pulitika hanggang maging senator…sila ay dalawa sa founding partners ng p(once)-e(nrile)ca(yetano)bar law office…..
      at ngayun nga, itong mga anak niya ay binabastos pa siya; kahit naman sino, sasama loob, di ba?.

  • CyberPinoy


  • Jury


  • ofwme2807

    at ngsalita at nagmalinis itong si Lacson na isang taong nagtago sa batas….wag kang magmalinis dahil ikaw ay accused din sa pagpatay ng maraming tao…hindi ka pa acquitted sa mga kaso na hindi pa nauumpisahan dahil sa teknikalidad ng kaso…worse man si Brenda at admitted we hate her, pero mas paniniwalaan at mgside pa rin kami sa kanya kung sau din lang Lacson…yung mga binibintang mo ilantad mo sabihin mo rin sa privilege speech mo wag sa press kakahiya kayong lahat mga senatongs….

  • malek_abdul

    The senate really stinks. Time to CLEAN and REFRESH the members of the senate by not voting the re-electionists of 2013 and the next coming re-electionist come 2016. Mapalitan na natin lahat sila by 2016. Every vote counts. No more trapos and political dynasties.

  • ofwme2807

    tunay ngang attack dog ka ni Enrile Sen. Lacson pati babae pinapatulan mo siguro malaki utang na loob mo sa kanya isa siguro sa mga tumulong sau nung isang taong kang pinaghahanap ng batas…Mr. Lacson sorry you cannot change your record and history sa PNP, Kuratong Baleleng, Dacer Corbito duble murder cases….yung mga baraha mo kay Brenda maliit lang yan na kaso sa Senators hindi big deal at records and previous senators show gawain yan ng mga senators yan ang kalakaran dyn…at maliit na halaga lang binabato mo kakahiya ka….

    • magiting78

      Hnd nyo po ba alam c Estrada, Gringo at JPE ang nagtago ki Ping? hehehehe…guest saan nila dinala?….hmmmm saan pa dun sa kota ni Gringo pag nagtatago sya….

  • LegalJustice


    Here’s the following things to do list in this coming 2013 Election :
    1. NO votes for UNA Candidates.
    2. NO votes for Crooks and their relatives.
    3. NO votes for Dynasty – regardless of there Party List Affiliation.
    4. NO votes for Celebrities who lack qualification – it has to be a College Grad and has common sense.
    5. NO votes for plunderer.
    6. NO votes for Ex-convict regardless they are pardoned.

    Its been a longtime that we have been duped by these crooks.

     Lets us use our voting power and let us vote right and put the right people in the Senate  for this is the only way we can save THE PHILIPPINES – for the sake of our children and grand children.

    ” Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country “. John F. Kennedy

    • jgl414567

      I AGREE!

    • malek_abdul

      May I add:

      7. No votes for plagiarists
      8. No votes for land grabbers
      9. No votes for re-electionists

      Vote for fresh faces who are more quailified than the present trolls and clowns in the senate and congress.

      • LegalJustice

        You can add by all means.

    • chitgoks

      if that would be the case, then we will have barely any clean politicians running the government he he he. it is a sad situation.

    • Komentador

      parang wala na lang iboto, kasi halos lahat ng mention mo ay nasa mga kandidato eh.hhehehehe

  • dikoy321

    If Lacson has evidence, WHY  W A I T  before filing a case with Ombudsman ?

    Is there EVIDENCE or merely an empty Folder, still being filled with info ?

    Now we KNOW how BAD Lacson is, because WAITING or DELAY brings INJUSTICE …
    knowing that Justice delayed is Justice DENIED !

    Come on Lacson, DO YOUR JOB & DUTY, and, most important, DO NOT WAIT nor DELAY !

    Do something GOOD for country, sayang ang pasweldo sa iyo from taxpayers’ money !

    Puro DAK DAK parang bading !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • ever green

    pu……ina!!! ang daming bill nakabinbin ayaw talakayin….talak lang ng talak mga hungkag na mga ito!!!!!!!

  • DarkJustice

    The Senate is so corrupt that they themselves have to file graft/corruption at each other rather than doing their job,creating new laws that would benefit the Filipino people! How I wish that a armed drone would accidentally crash on Senate and Congress during their session and wipe these all bas**”ds!  Tang inumin nyo!

  • Patrick Bryan Tesoro

    humanda ka Lacson hahaha.. ano man yan

  • ADD

    Akala ko matino itong si PingPong dahil hindi nya kinukuha ung Pork Barrel nya ung pala may extra pa palang pwedeng pagkakitaan sa Senado. Ang yayaman ng mga senador natin, kaya pla milyon milyon ang ginagastos sa kampanya manalo sa election dahil alam nila x10 nila kikitain un pag nakaupo na sila. 

    • mangTASYO

      pag may Pork Barrel para sa mga proyekto…may kaltas or “tongpats”,…ebidensiyang pwedeng gamitin laban sa kanya.

      para malinis at walang bakas…doon na lang  siya sa savings ng MOOE/bloated budget niya…tiyak pa na walang pipiyok.  eh kaso pumiyok si Miriam…so ang mission ngayon ni feng ay patahimikin ang ilongga.

      kung di uubra ang Pork Barrel para patahimikin si ilongga…umubra kaya ang Gun Barrel ala-Dacer?

      as miriam said last week…nag-aalala siyang baka bigla na lang daw may magbarrel sa kanya.

      well, sana lang bago siya mag-migrate sa ICC…tuluyan na niyang buksan ang FunDORA’s Box ng Senado bilang legacy.


  • cru03thik

    tumatahol nanaman si mr senator.. pero wala lang. 

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Filipino people, have you seen the posh offices of senators?  You can’t believe how much they paid they spend on it.  Much expensive than your house!

  • jbadge

    Sounds like Lacson has a lot to hide and trying his best to stop Santiago from investigating how funds in the senate are being spent. Santiago should call his bluff and do not let anything else stop her crusade.

  • Komentador

    I can’t wait to see Miriam vs Lacson sagutan sa Senate..get well soon Miriam. Kahit ganyan magtatalak si Miriam, may pakinabang tayo,, at least sya ang may lakas ng loob na kalabanin ang mga kapwa nya senador, kahit pa sya din ay may mga kasiraan (based sa accusation in lacson. Kung walang Miriam sa senado, opo na lng ng opo ang mga yan tulad ni Sotto, Revilla, Lacosn, Estrada

  • dodong

    senator lacson, i-file mo na para maumpisahan na. wag kang urong-sulong. be a man!

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    isa ka pang walang kwentang senador ping Lason….iboboto kita bilang “rubout king”…!

  • rodben

    Rene Cayetano mabango pangalan noong 1986 so it’s true that the MASS CORRUPTION IN PINAS STARED 1986 kasama na dyan sila Binay at Saguisag as previously I read in the internet.

  • mayong

    of all the things the past few days revelation in the senate, i would say  THANKS TO THE whistle blower act proponent herself blowing the whistle… Many thanks to her for that really open the minds of the voters- a guide to choose among politicians whom Madam herself says “Politics is Evil….so choose the lesser evil … A reaction to Ping Lacson accusation to Madame…. well malisyoso ka lang sir…. at least she owns the building and anybody private or government who will use that private property of her should have paid it. It just happened that madam senator  would really want to place her satellite office there so government should have paid it. alangan naman librihen niya…. iba nga nagkandarapang mangura___  para lang magkapera eh si madam  property niya pinarentahan niya gawing niyong illegala?!  ano ka naman… kahit saang anggulo talo ka… crusading crook. heay lalabas rin ang baho mo…. mga abogado takot nga sa kanya ikaw nagtapangtapangan dahil marami kang hired na kaibigan.. well i suggest i hento niyo nalang iyan. ABOGADA YAN SI MADAM ALAM KO ALAM NIYA  GINAGAWA NIYA. KAMI KASAMA NG MGA FUNS NIYA DITO NANINIWALA NA MABUTI NA ANG GANON NA GINAWA NI MADAM DAHIL GUMASTOS DIN SIYA SA PAGPAGAWA NIYA NG BUILDING NA YAN KAYA DAPAT PARENTAHAN NIYA SA KONG SINONG GAGAMIT NITO MAPA GOBYERNO MAN O PRIBADONG TAO… Groceries sa katulong…. seguro inutosan na magbili na  magbili para magamit sa training o may bisita ba kaya si madam na pwede naman kunin galing sa MOOE niya para sa opisina…sahud sa katulong… so kong katulong niya kinuha niya na magwork for a certain training na organized ng office niya bakit di pwede… alam naman natin na lahat na trabaho na pinagtratrabahoan mo may bayad dapat… iba nga nakaupo lang sumasahod. yan pang mga katulong niya na nagtratrabaho namam sa opisina …..its been an experience sa lahat ng GO’s NGO na kong may training sila kinukuha nila yong kilala na nilang tao tapos binayaran nila ang serbisyo na halos katumbas na ng isang buwan na sweldo ng ordinaryong kasambahay… para sa akin normal iyon basta lang ba na binayaran pa rin sila ni madam sa kanilang buwanang sahod ….. YAN BA ANG IPINAGPUPUTOK NG MATINONG SENATOR LACSON….. please huwag mo nang ituloy… baka  magsisisi ka….

  • tilamsik

    who can remove these people from the senate?  please….

    • David

       wag iboto para di na makabalik..yan lang paraan na posible para sa taong bayan

    • Hurtlocker1

      So tama talaga ang sabi ni MLQ: “Let the philippines be governed by croooks like hell and not by the Americans, like heaven”…something to that effect.
      Tama ba ako??

      Can someone give the exact wordings??


      • mangTASYO

        “I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it.” 

        ….pwede silang palitan comes Election Day! 

  • Estee Muri

    NagRambol na ang mga Senators  who are supposed to be the ELDERS so to speak like the  Roman era, and to be look up by the congressmen . Mga walang delicadeza naman ang mga Senadores na ito. Naglabasan na  ang mga baho. They will  do whatever it is  that there name  will  be remembered by the Filipino people comes election time. Well, People of the Philippines, please let us elect only  good  people  who wants to be in Congress. Sana naman  hindi  ibenta ng mga mamayan na Pilipino ang kanilang boto. I  am calling more to the College Students who can vote. Vote the right  people to be sent to Congress.

    • Ari Putan

      Baka sa edad lng pero hindi sa isip….
      Eh yong kahoy??

  • rodben

    siguro si Miriam naghahanda narin ng ibabato kay Lacson napakayaman narin ngayon nyan.

  • David

    knowing lacson, hindi yan pupukol kung mababalikan sya ng kahintulad na accusation…. hindi pa naman nasabit kasi si lacson sa usaping pera ever since…. pero masaya ito kasi hahaba telenobela sa senado hehehe

  • 100345roselia

    Senator Lacson (attack dog of JPE) – Kung may ebidensya ka i-file muna.  Maraming ka pang satsat/showmanship.

  • ofwme2807

    go file the case Mr. Lacson subukan mong kalabanin si Brenda at ibabato nya sayo buong libro ng Criminal at Penal Code sa Pilipinas at ng mgfile din sya ng counter demanda…at pagtapos yun labu labo na sa Senado labasan ng baho na sinimulan ni manong amoy lupa Enrile…try mong kalabanin si Brenda at may kalalagyan ka Ping…

    • Michael Gonzales

      BAlimbing si Brenda.  Astang malinis para namang walang kalokohan. Kurakot pala si ate

      • ofwme2807

        wala ka pang naririnig at nakikitang akusasyon at ebidensya laban kay Brenda nanghusga ka na agad…hindi mo pa ba alam man yang mga at illegal pero dahil ginagawa nilang lahat maski yung mga senators pa noon nagiging lega at nailulusot din nilal…remember si hubert webb nasa America daw sabi ni Freddie Webb at defense lawyers nya kaya sya na-acquit pero bakit may pirma ang timesheets kumpleto walang absent sa senado pero nasa America daw…ang sabi ng-reresearch daw wala ring nangyari kay Webb hindi naman kinasuhan kasi pag ngsimula ang isang mag-akusa sa knila laban laban na kasi lahat sila may mga inappropriate at illegal acts na nagiging legal with their simple explanations na tinatanggap naman ng COA Auditors…hay buhay senators daming privileges at laki ng pork barrel

    • Adel Caringal Reyes

      cno ang kurakot Michael… LACSON is dirty policeman.remember KURATONG… lumabas cya ng PINAS before ng di alam kung paano…

  • sasama

    …walang pinag-iba sa WWE at RAW….isa-isang umaakyat sa ring hehehe…cnu kaya susunod natatawagin ng announcer…Money in the Bag!….

  • Michael Gonzales

    Miriam kurakot at balinmbing

  • Rene V

    haaay, everything happening while the outward islands are being occupied with impunity by powers from the east aided by incompetents within the republic… are you senators proud of what you are doing?

  • doublecross

    ilabas mo, para maniwala ako!

  • JosengSisiw1

    Now we are talking… Let’s see how deep they can go against Santiago. Baka puro dakdak lang to? This time we will see how feisty she still can be. Its good for us, I hope there will be more trapo falling into this gift trap.

  • regd

    It ain’t over for me as well! I’m enjoying this. BRING IT ON BROTHA!

  • les21reago

    The lawmaker breaker will NATURALLY side with JPE primarily because the latter did not pursue any ETHICAL investigation during his LAM unlike representative SINGSON in congress with his drug arrest in Hongkong.
    The question is WHY only now Mr. lawmaker breaker Lacson?

  • dequis

    sige tuloy na iyan sen. lacson, tignan natin kung hindi magkapestepeste ang buhay nitong si feisty senator

  • XY ZEE

    Kasi naman.
    Kung di inupuan ang FOI Bill eh di alam na natin ang lahat ng baho ng mga iyan.

  • mangtom

    Good news for tourism in the Philippines:

    Congress, both Houses, now open to the public. It has been declared a crocodile farm. No entrance fee. You get paid to view the crocs. Warning: no need to feed them. Overfed yan.

  • Adel Caringal Reyes

    a dirty trick of LACSON… a dirty police job on the run again…

    • indiots

      dirty trick? hindi nagsasalita yan ng walang pinanghahawakan…. baka sila santiago ang may dirty trick. huwag na lang sanang sobrang fanatic…

      • Kulasgogi

        Ping ikaw ba yan?

  • Adel Caringal Reyes

    ang BABOY na ng SENADO… 

  • indiots

    patay ka santiago… para kang si corona, sa paghahanap ng kagitna, isang salop ang nawala.

    • Rita deDios

      Lacson is an inveterate liar following Enrile’s orders.  All intelligent people can see that.

      • indiots

         baka all fanataic to santiago can see that…

  • Rita deDios

    LACSON is a LIAR !!! All of those were authorized way back Senator Angara’s term and carried over by Senate Presidents without question. They were ORDERED to find their own offices outside the Senate because the GSIS building where the Senate rents cannot accomodate 40 staff members . It is only a receiving office. Why single out Santiago ?  All senators are authorized to rent outside the Senate and they do.  LIAR !!!

  • 100345roselia

    JPE & Lacson are again showing their misplaced skill in diverting the issue of cash x’mas gifts given to senators.  The REAL ISSUE is not Santiago, Cayetano father’s debt or Gigi (the latter may come later) but how JPE disbursed the senate’s MOOE in the guise of cash x’mas gift. If JPE & Lacson & the rest of the senators have nothing to hide, I am strongly encouraging them
    to authorize a credible, trustworthy & independent private accounting /auditing firm to conduct a thorough audit of the senators’ expenditures so that we well know whether such expenditures are moral, ethical & judicious in line with Pinoy’s “matuwid na daan.”  The commission of audit (COA) should not be allowed to audit because COA can be subjected to undue pressures not to mention beholden to, the senators.  Gusto ko JPE happy ang taong bayan hindi kayong mga senators BS.  Borrowing JPE’s saying, “spade is a spade” & Lacson’s “the toothpaste is already out of the tube.” 

  • ely

    lacson had a thousand expose’ before RIGHT?

    No one was jailed.

    this camfrog face senator is the BIGGEST CROOK. jailed out by pnoy.

    no one else authored the death of dasser and corbito but lacson plus the kuratong baleleng.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Attack Dog: “Bakit hindi ka na lang mag-keep quiet? Gusto mong ma-expose ang alam ko sa iyo?”
    Crusading Crook: “Ano’ng alam mo sa akin? Hoy hoy hoy!!! Mas marami ako’ng alam sa iyo!!!”
    Attack Dog: “Wala kang ibidinsiya!”
    Crusading Crook: “Ibidinsiya? Are you making fun of my accent? I can pronounce ebidensiya! Alam ko kung saan ka nagtata..,” (sabay takip ng kamay ni AD sa bibig ni CC)
    Attack Dog: “Sshhhh… huwag ka maingay, huwag mong ipaalam na sa ilalim ng kama lang ako nagtatago!”

    (Oppps! paano nalaman ni CC ‘yon? Nagsama ba sila sa isang kuwarto?)


      Iisa ang hitad ng dila nila. Putak ng putak wala namang napa tunayan kahit isa. BTW, hindi sila nagsama sa isang kuwarta. Yong isa ay hukluban at yong isa naman ay …… Facifica Falayfay …… eeeewwwwww …….

  • Kulasgogi

    Wala…bluff lang to ni Ping…tas si Brenda ganun din…in the end taong bayan talo kasi mag-babati din mga yan…i-oorder na off the record lahat ng sinabi nila tas ayos na partihan sa salapi’t salapi at salapi pa…nak ng poodle…sabi nga ni isa dito TANG INUMIN NIYONG MGA SENATONG KAYO!!!!!

  • Torogi

    Lacson, akala mo malinis ka rin? Ikaw ang isang dapat mabilanggo o kaya tirahin ng mga sparrow…

  • Harry

    The senator on several occasions proved to be proficient in gathering evidence. Come next elections, the people may decide to send him back to his old job.

  • Torogi

    ang problema talaga sa pinas wala pang nabilanggong tiwali, puro absuwelto sa kaso dahil pati ang judiciary ay hawak ng mga politiko at may pera.

    • rinom

      there is only one Judge, God who can seek and destroy, and his judgment is true and right,
      this is the reason why, God does not want us to take revenge but leave room for Gods wrath.
      God does not want us (group of believers) to present our case to ungodly judges, because the moment we go there, we are completely defeated.

    • simondj

      JUDICIARY ba kamo? magbasa ka nalang sa diyaryo ant makinig ka ng balita sa radyo at malalaman mo papaano mag operate ang JUDICIARY.

  • Ed Angeles

    I’m sure Ping Lacson and his PMAers have collected a lot of incriminating file on everybody not just Miriam. That’s how the PMA gestapos operate. Bad habits of martial law are hard to die, right, Ping? Why not be true a gentleman and tell the public about your escape. It’s not enough to say that he was running away from Gloria. He’s got to tell us how he lived on fake documents and who gave him shelter!

    Takot si Ping kasi duwag siya. He’s good only when he has the upperhand! Duwag ka Ping. Para ka rin si Gringo, duwag! Si Cory lang, tinakbuhan pa ni Gringo.

  • Ed Angeles

    Si Ping Lacson, duwag!

  • Ed Angeles

    Ping Lacson duwag!

  • Ed Angeles

    Ping Lacson duwag! Takot makulong!

  • edm365f31

    All member s of these Senate should be remove and start fresh.

  • $18209031

    Give each of these senators a handgun so they can shoot each other before the public .Sa ngayon ay kanya kanyang palabras accusing each other. Hala mga kurakot kayong lahat. Better you all shoot each other like the Shootout at Golden Coral.

    • salomeahmad

      Dong, its not Golden Coral but OK Corral. Taka2 lang ka da oi like in other issues.

      • $18209031

         Shootout between Panchito vs Eddie Garcia.

  • Nic Legaspi

    All our Senators should dig up dirt on each other so sooner or later they’d all get removed from office. Seems we’re better off without them.


    All this bruhaha is politics for the coming election. Basta pag ang leader ay Abnoy magiging Abnoy lahat. PH is now a landscape of perverts created by King Abnoy.

    • pickers136

      you mean “brouhaha” not bruhaha?  wait a sec. how does a president who is in the executive branch lead the members of the legislative branch? Will you explain or you simply can’t

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ang foul play na ginamit kay corona ay Abnoy lang ang gagawa. Kaya ang Foul play na ginamit ngayon sa Senate para siraan ang UNA ay maliwanag na ediyang Abnoy din. A pervert thinks Noynoying is alright. Nakaka suka na ang Pervert system na nangyayari ngayon sa ating gobyerno. The Curse of an Abnoy leader. BTW, ‘bruha’ is for girl like Facifica Falayfay na naga “BRUHAha”.

      • pickers136

        may I ask what your educational attainment is?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Na moderator ang reply ko. Wala namang binangit na masama ….. waaaahhhhhhh …… truly, people hates me …. with a smile….

      • Adam_d_langgam

        Kabayan, makisawsaw. Ano ang pakialam ng educational attainment. Ang mga mataas ng pinag-aralan (daw) na syang namumuno sa atin ay mas matindin magnanakaw. Galing sa ateneo, la salle, u.p., pma etc ang mga sira ulo. Ang iba me phd pa from ivy legue schools.

        Tingnan mo ang senado. Masahol pa sa mga bata ang inaasal ng mga “honorables” natin. Buti pa ang walang pinag-aralan me rason. Since “mataas” an pinag-aralan mo, ano ang gusto mong palabasin? Na ang mga comments mo refined?

      • pickers136

        The question is whether one will stoop down or bring up the conversation to a level in order to connect and adjusting the objective from intellectual exchange to simply amusement purposes. I think you pretty well made your case but sorry I’m just too busy this time for any sort of entertainment but thanks for your ten cents.

    • Melvin

      Magtatagal pa ang pagkaburyong ng kukote mo 2016 pa matatapos ang termino ni Pnoy… Marami ka pang mauubos na tabletas gamot sa sakit ng ulo… Tiis-tiis lang… ARIKUTIK may daliring pumipilantik… he he he  

  • Spike



  • WAJ

    Gumawa kayo ng karapatdapt para sa ikauunlad ng bansa. Nakakahiya lamang ang inyong ginagawang siraan sa kapwa ninyo Senador. Kong wala kayong magawa isarado ns lang ninyo ang senado dahil walang silbi sa bayan ang ganyan…

  • Bonet

    Big deal Lascon.   Your corruption has even exceeded that of GMA.   Lies, murders, theft and betrayal of the Philippine people.  Where were you hiding out during the 2 years in self exile?   CHINA thats where…CHINA.  So how can we trust you in the future.

  • pinoy_astig

    Si Lacson ang dapat  mahiya sa taong bayan ilang taon syang wala sa senado..walang ginagawa kundi magtago sa batas… tapos tuloy tuloy yung bayad sa kanya  ngayon kung ano ano  na yung pinapalabas nya .

  • delacruzjuana31

    Distrustful and impeccable corruption. That’s what it is. What else? There must be more.

  • hustlergalore

    naku ha, lacson.
    lagi ka naman ganyan.
    sa simula, puro patutsada.
    kapag nilabas, sup0t pala. 


    • maypakialamtayo

      “ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”

  • Roger Anthony Ines

    The toothpaste is already out of the tube. – so deep man! so deep! This words are so deep…

  • renea

    I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t good to talk about a dead person in our culture especially since we are a Catholic country and also if the last name were Dacer and Corbito, I don’t wanna talk about it.

  • imongredneck

    Here we go again. He has incriminating file against just about everybody except him.

  • zeroko

    Just do it!

  • kismaytami

    Si miriam, arf arf kung kumahol. Si lacson naman, aw aw kung kumahol. Hanggang kahulan lang naman sila.

  • David

    bago magkalimutan, si miriam ang nagsabing “ang hindi kumukuha ng pork, estupido.”

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    How come the lapdog Sotto is not bristling on this accusation?  He tucked his tail and curled up on his master plunderer’s lap?

  • GlenMJacob

    Go ahead Lacson. Gather your evidence and submit them to the ombudsman.

  • Karabukov

    The threat is mightier than the execution. Aron Nimzowitsch, chess master.

    • GlenMJacob

      There’s a simpler word for that -blackmail.

  • Matambaka

    nakakasawa na rin ang mga patutsada ni Manay Peng… tsk…

  • balut123

    Nagsalita ang malinis na maraming kalansay na nakatago sa closet niya..PWE!

  • joshua kings

    miriam stirred the hornet’s nest.  
    now she is ‘running away scared’….

    the rest of the senatros are silent because they were recipinets of this ‘gift’ too…

    and perhaps blaming the protaganists for washing the senate’s dirty linen in public; nakisawsaw pa ang kanilang mayordoma na nag-resign nung ma-realized yung grievous error niya whne she disrespected alan…

    parang yung kasabihan: yung langaw pag na-apak sa likod ng kalabaw, isip niya kalabaw na rin siya. 

  • Yobhtron

    Manay Pink ilabas mo na ang ebedensiya para magka-alamanan na.

  • tower_of_power

    Mahilig talaga mang blackmail etong Ping na to. Noong nasa PNP siya wala na yatang ginawa kung hindi manghalunkat ng kung ano ano laban sa mga katungali niya sa politica.May nangyari na ba sa mga ibinunyag niya? Ang secret ni Victoria ay secret pa rin … hahahaha!!! Hanga pa naman sana ako sa yo Ping … kung may nakita kang kabalbalan ng kung sino pa man … huwag mo nang idelay … paimbestigahan agad!!!

  • Miriam_enrile

    Sen. Lacson is the loyal running dog of Sen. President Enrile, himself an coup plotter who tyrannically treated the Pilipino people during martial law. Lacson is the fugitive who Enrile refused to drop from the Senate rolls. A goon protecting a goon? Without doubt. 

  • Miriam_enrile

    The complete misfortune of the Pilipino people is that in these very trying times, we are led by the worst among us — the thieves, kidnappers, coup plotters, bad actors, fugitives, tasteless comedians — all acting as our trustees and posing as holier than thou judges. If this misfortune is not enough, we have the top guy telling everyone how much progress we’ve made and how crime has dipped during his incumbency. Anyone who travels the streets of the city will tell you that the number of bums and homeless have multiplied and crime and violence has grown like overnight mushrooms. From the start of Pnoy’s term till today, have we not witnessed a much larger increase in basic commodity prices (including oil) versus income? Even that foreign entity, the World Bank is proclaiming that poverty has increased — based on its own economic measures. Pnoy’s proclamation 2 years ago that we would be rice sufficient last year had been proven to be wishful thinking if not an outright lie. Now, the Palace is again telling us the same thing — allegedly because we have planted more hectarage of rice. If Pnoy is caught lying a 2nd time on this, can he please spare us more lies on rice sufficiency?

  • Donardo Cuago


  • MGS12

    Hay naku Lacson… kung may ebidensya ka talaga, tama na ang daldal… file na agad ng kaso!  Wag mong gamitin na pang-blackmail… Let the courts decide.  Hobby mo ata talaga ata yang ganyan… Ikaw ang nagbulgar ng Jose Pidal, ano nangyari?  Yung mga binulgar mong accounts ni arroyo dati… ano nangyari?  Ikaw rin ang nagtatahol sa C5 controversy ni Manny Villar… ano nangyari?  Parang pare-pareho ang trend ng mga yan… Paiinitin ang issue, maglalabas kuno ng mga ebidensya, then biglang tatahimik na.   Bakit kaya?

  • Komen To

    My lolo once told me that an empty tin can produces the loudest sound. They are all the same in receiving the MOOE and liquidating them without receipts. Now, suddenly the one who cries foul has a dirtier hand?

  • doublecross

    oh, cia sige nga, at nang lumabas din yang baho mo!

  • Ping Gonzales

    Ping kund tutuo man ang mga iyan ba’t ngayon mo pinalabas sana nuon pa parang mapuri ka ng tao na crusader ka at ayaw mong may corruption tsk tsk

  • isalexus

    Ping Lacson– always playing game!! Sabi na kung anong nakita mo!!!

  • maypakialam

    ito na ang mitya ng takip silim ng christmass cash gifts ng mga senador na galing sa caban ng bayan heheheheh 

  • Elmer Solidon

    i would not be surprised if lacson has a dossier on all or almost all of the current politicians. bakit hindi niya ilabas yung mga yon? if he has the goods against santiago bakit di niya ilabas yon? bargaining chips? it is no wonder then that the result of the investigation against lacson by his ‘peers’ was never released. was it j. edgar hoover former head of the fbi who was practically untouchable during his time because of the dossiers he had against politicians. even the kennedys were reportedly afraid to cross him…

    • eleazar66

       baka may dossier din si lacson kay noynoy. kay enrile

  • KaAsar

    It’s a pity that lacson should come up with his charges against his fellow senator miriam santiago only when santiago had attacked him. Should not lacson, or everbody else for that matter, have brought out his charges, motivated not by vengeance or revange but by an ideal that those who did wrong should be charged and prosecuted to uphald the law. These wrongdoings should not have been kept hidden as a tool for revenge or blackmail.

  • ruel

    Nakkahiya ka SENATOR LACSON ang taas pa naman sana ang tingin ko sa iyo.Isa ka rin pala sa mga SENADOR na KORUPT!..Kapal ng mukha mong ilabas ang baho ng kapwa mo senador tingnan mo muna ang sarili mo . SHAMELESS SENATOR!

  • joe

    Master Plunderer

  • eleazar66

     ika nga’y lacson was sleeping with an enemy who was then friendly

  • KaAsar

    Ping, magsumbong ka kung meron katiwalian! Hindi ‘yun magsumbong ka dahil nagalit ka sa kanya o maybatraso sya sa iyo. O, mga iba dyan! Dapat ganun!

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