Aquino lukewarm on charter change



Benigno Simeon Aquino III, President of Philippines, speaks during the 43rd Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos, Switzerland, Friday, Jan. 25, 2013. (AP Photo/Keystone/Jean-Christophe Bott)

ZURICH – Pres. Benigno Aquino III is still unconvinced that the Philippines should overhaul its Constitution to boost the country’s economic standing.

In a chat with visiting Philippine media at the sidelines of the recently concluded World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Aquino said what is important is if the current fundamental law of the land was serving Filipino interest.

“Bago natin gawin, pakita naman ’yung, parang may concrete na ebidensya na makakatulong sa bansa natin. (Before we do it, it has to be established with concrete evidence that this will benefit our country),” he said.

The President suggested that pursuing charter change (Cha-Cha) if only to qualify for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, as some US businessmen recently suggested, was not in the horizon.

There are 11 countries currently involved in the US-led TPP negotiations, including Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and Mexico. This is a framework to reduce or eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers on trade and investment, covering industrial and agricultural goods, textiles, and apparel.  This comprehensive agreement will also address intellectual property protection, trade in services alongside new issues involving competitiveness and the treatment of state-owned enterprises.

In the first place, Aquino said the convenors of TPP had started reviewing the proposed agreements before inviting others and that the Philippines had yet to be invited to the pool.
But some US businessmen have been lobbying for the Philippines to be part of the proposed TPP.

“Kapag inimbita tayo, may certain qualifications na kailangan gawin —I’m not saying na tama ‘yung sinasabi nitong ng mga businessmen na ito, but napakalayo pa ng prosesong ‘yun  (If we’re invited, there are certain qualifications to meet.  I’m not saying that what these businessmen are saying is right but it has to go through a long process),”  Aquino said.

“Tapos para bang—yung Constitution natin, parang importante yata i-serve ’yung interes natin, manigurado muna tayo (na) nase-serve ’yung interes natin bago ‘yung interes ng mga hindi natin kababayan (Then, with regards to our Constitution, it’s important that it serves our interest, to make sure it serves our interest before the interest of foreigners),” he said.

The President suggested that the Philippine domestic economy was already on a robust path  – posting a growth of 7.1 percent for the third quarter 2012 figure and 6.5 percent average growth for the first three quarters of 2012 – without the Cha-Cha.

“Nobody has demonstrated with absolute certainty that if we overhaul the Constitution, we’ll have corresponding economic gain,” Aquino said.

“Medyo ‘yung mga nagre-request sa atin, hindi naman yata naabot ‘yung same numbers na ‘yan. Hindi naman sa nagyayabang. (Those countries requesting us to change the Constitution, they don’t even hit the same pace of GDP growth.  This is not to brag,” he added.

Many economists and analysts favor a review of the Constitution to repeal restrictive economic provisions, citing an urgent need to keep up with a globalizing environment and signal to the world that the Philippines is very much open for business. The areas often proposed to be liberalized include mass media and advertising, land ownership, educational institutions, utilities and natural resources.

“Now, can I just point out: on economic provisions on land ownership, for instance.  In China, you can’t even own land; you can only lease land on a long-term basis.  But for a decade, they were growing at 10 percent,” he said.

During last week’s US-Philippines Society forum before the President left for Switzerland, Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia Jr. said a visiting US delegation  talked to the President about foreign ownership limits under the Philippine Constitution.

The Foundation for Economic Freedom, a group of prominent economists, was also among those urging Aquino to study the merits of Cha-Cha, saying that the repeal of restrictive economic provisions were urgently needed to finally bring the Philippines to shift to an investment-led from a remittance-reliant growth.

In an open letter to the President dated July 13, the Foundation for Economic Freedom said that the Philippine economic growth had been propelled by consumption spending, mainly due to remittances of overseas Filipino workers and not by any action of the government.

“We want our growth transformed from a consumption-driven one to an investment-driven one because only an investment-driven growth will grow jobs and reduce unemployment, increase productive capacity, improve competitiveness, and put the country on a higher plane of sustainable growth,”  said the FEF president signed by the group’s president Calixto Chikiamco.

FEF president Calixto Chikiamco, in an earlier interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, said unlike in the previous administrations where there were always suspicions about motives, the current regime had a chance to seek these reforms.  “Timing is right because [Aquino] enjoys high trust rating and there’s no fear he will use Cha-Cha to extend his power,” Chikiamco said. “Moreover, globalization has made liberalizing economic provisions in the Constitution more obvious and urgent.”

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  • Garo Ungaro

    We gaining good returns in this present set up. True, we can’t change our present constitution
    for the outside interest, as long as there are favorable environment for for foreign investment.
    its fine. Business can’t run the government but government can make changes favorable to
    business sector. We are just fine, we need to just encourage more foreign investment that 
    the Philippines is safe place to do business with. A consumer oriented country and what
    we now need is technology/manufacturing investment.

    • niceguy60

      If I’m a foreign investor I have to pay a dummy partner to assume the 60 percent. Or be under the umbrella of the Ayalas, the Zobels, the Henry Sys, Gokontwei, Cohuangco etc. thereal Native Filipino has no capacity to own large businesses. There are but very few. The rest mostly work overseas.

      • Marx Louis Wang

        The Ayalas, etc. are native filipinos… what are you talking about?

    • Marx Louis Wang

      I totally agree with you Garo. While agricultural country pa rin tayo, we need to improve our technology and manufacturing sectors.  Learn how to manufacture airplanes, submarines, and the like. Gayahin natin ang Germany (but not Hitler), number one exporter ng products sa Europe.  Maraming pinoy na magagaling, our number one top export.

  • 12JEM

    Necessary to effect changes in GOVERNANCE and faster economic Growth:

    1. Passage of FOI Law.: There is a very good chance that will happen

    2. Changes in the Economic Provisions of the 1987 Constitution: The prospect for this to happen is not very good, under Aquino Administration.

    • niceguy60

      Unadulterated FOI bill as promised should be prioritized. Too many excused eh.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Pres. Pnoy I think ito na ang pinakatamang panahon to make amendments to our constitution because people trust you and believe you will not take advantage on it.

    Its high time to get rid of two houses of congress and make it single legislature. Still president is directly elected by the people every six years and 1 term only.

    Get rid of sangguniang kabataan, barangay kagawads, municipal councilors and provincial board members.

    The barangay chairmans will act, in addition to their present duties, as municipal councilors. The vice mayors as provincial board members.

    We can save a lot of government funds.

  • Pers


    • cute79


    • niceguy60

      The Chinese variety.

  • amor tamayo

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             Apologize to the effect of our request, for the sake of our security here in slam country.

    Best regards,
    Pinoy’s in meddle east

    • ninestrokes

      hey buddy, you can easily download an ad blocker for free to hide and prevent a page from loading advertisements. Just search for it on your favourite search engine. It is highly available. Also, I doubt they’d be able to accede to your request because that is among their main source of income. Peace and good luck there in the middle east! :)

  • ninestrokes

    Why not produce a concrete list of things to amend first to show the public before talking about Cha-Cha? There’s always been talk of Cha-Cha but we never see what the actual provisions these congressmen plan to change, and that is a dangerous precedent.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Huuuuu… marami na naman hukus-pokus diyan… maraming eskandalo na naman… tiba-tiba na naman ang mga ballerina at mababang-lipad kung saan gaganapin ang convention… abolish na lang ang congress.

    • avmphil

      This had been on the table for pretty long years. A true manifest to the public, and a referendum from the public will clear the air of uncertainty.

      • catmanjohn

        Yes, a true Democracy would have more referendums, but politicians, especially corrupt ones fear them.

  • free_thinkers

    Kung kailangan na i amend ang economic provision sa ating constitution pwede siguro ang ganito:
    1. Land ownership is still limited for foreign company at least one hectare per company and iyong excess land areas na need nila rent nila for long term. But the company shares ownership/control pwede na 100% ownership sila since sila naman ang namuhunan at magbayad naman sila ng taxes.
    2. Natural Resources dapat Filipino ang may majority control since it is our natural resources. .Itaas din ang taxes sa mining sa australia ang taas ng tax sa mining kung hindi ako nagkamali nasa 35% pero ang dami pa rin mining investors doon.
    Mas maganda kung dito na sa Pilipinas natin process tapos finished products na ang i export natin. mapilitan mga buyers/investors na magtayo ng processing plant rito sa pinas.
    Maraming Filipino ang magkaroon ng trabaho, kagaya sa indonesia stop na sila sa pagexport ng minerals nila sa indonesia na mismo i process lahat tapos finish products na ang illabas nila. Kung nagawa ito sa indonesia pwede rin gawin ito sa atin.

    3.Educational institution-dapat magawan ng paraan na magkaroon tayo ng partner sa mga sikat na university sa west para ang education system na mayroon sila matutunan natin para iyong mga magagaling na Filipinos makakuha ng course na inoofer lamang sa Western countries.

    4. Mass Media – Need magkaroon ng competisyon dahil sa ngayon puro ka negative lang ang nirereport ng media, natin. Sa Internet natin napakabagal pa din napakalayo ng agwat natin sa south korea sa kanila hindi na nagbuffer pag nanood ka sa Youtube.

    • Joseph20112012

      //Natural Resources dapat Filipino ang may majority control since it is our natural resources. //

      100% FDI participation is necessary in mining and oil/natural gas extraction because there’s no enough Filipino individuals or corporations (except for Philex and Alcantara) can afford to tap 60% of a mining investmnet project and driving foreign investments to participate freely especially in small and medium-scale ones have already caused lives and damaged environment because of lack of capital, technology, and expertise in locally-owned and medium-scale mines.

      Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Russia, and thye United States allows 100% FDI in mining and look what they have right now, they are one of the richest countries in the world.

      • niceguy60

        The local business Sponsors don’t like it. Because it will mean loss of 60 percent. OFW might stop working abroad. No more nannies or care givers for the aging population of other country. The Chinese and Spanish who controls the business are actually benefitting the 60/40 rules.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Ang liit-liit ng bansa gusto mo pang ipamigay sa dayuhan… Philippines for Filipinos di ba? Use your math… time will come when there is no more place for your great-great grandson.

  • dennis

    I think na kailangan na mabago din ang sastema natin sa bansa.In my opinion,i prefer a much better Federal-Socialist form.Good example is European countries like (Germany-Austria-Switzerland etc) with stability in economy.Divide our country like in Federal form:
    1)Northern Luzon
    2) NCR
    3)Calabarzon or Southern Luzon
    4) Eastern Visayas
    5)Western Visayas
    6) Eastern Mindanao
    7)Western Mindanao
    Remove too many Representatives and unnecessary positions in government para makatipid at madali ang bawat proseso sa anumang sektor.Too much Region will only keep distance and provide walls among Filipinos instead of working as one! Gaya ng last news about attendance of every representative,(36 out of 283 Representatives have perfect attendance) I mean,this is not normal to consider that the Government is functioning?Now,if you have only 7 State or Region,then it would be easy to to foresee programs and projects you want to implement! Kung anu meron ang NCR,dapat meron din ang ibang part ng bansa natin! Kaya nagiging unhealthy na para sa economy natin eh people believe that” NCR are the source of green pastures”.Mangyayari,lahat ng tao eh pupunta ng Manila at magiging tambakan ng squatters! Kasi they believed that nothing more left from their place of origin.(No chance…no improvement..same infrastructures like damage roads and bridges) Kung mabibigyan ng karapatan or chance ang bawat States na nasabi ko TO IMPROVE IT BY THEIR OWN then,the overflowing of population in NCR will be reduce because it will generate jobs in every places outside NCR.

  • We love Pnoy. Do as you please

    OFWs are a blessings to the country. It is benefiting the country without resorting to charter change. Yes to charter change if it will be beneficial but big NO to foreign ownership at any point in time. Once this is lost, we will not be able to regain. Expect that we will receive more jabs on this for us to give way. One very good thing and unique about our country why it is not following the trend of South East Asia is that the Philippines remains for its country…

  • agustin

    Cha Cha is what we need., our constitution is antiquated, we need to modernized it. it is also incomplete because the anti dynasty provision lacks details. we need to limit the appointing power of the president, the present set up has the appointee beholden to the wish of the president which will be a dictatorial in nature. we need to abolish pork barrel. limit the salaries and wages of the elected officials to 1.5million pesos a year plus waiver of their bank accounts.SALN should be available to the public without any cost.

  • dennis

    Do we really need 283 Representatives in our country? Imagine kung 7 lang ang Representative eh napakalaking matitipid!…..Tapos 36 lang ang makaka-perfect attendance? Paano madidinig ng  Presidente natin ang problema sa bawat sulok ng bansa kung 10% lang ang uma-attend sa Congreso?Aba eh kahit sinong Presidente ang iboto nyo…HINDI MAKAKARATING ANG MGA HINAHING NG TAONG BAYAN!

    • Harry

      Abolish the party-list system and the Congress will be more manageable and responsive to the people.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Depende kasi yun sa dami ng tao sa isang lugar. Dapat governor na lang at walang tonggressman at senatong… bimonthly meeting na lang ng governors at president.

      • dennis

        “bimonthly meeting na lang ng governors at president.” Correct! That´s my point!

  • Your_King

    What Aquino should do is be more transparent with the Filipino people. Aquino’s administration has not been transparent with its budgeting to the public. Even during GMA’s term information was more readily available and budget more transparent unlike during Aquino’s term where he only provides the public with some information.

    • 3Heat0

      Saang gubat ka galing your comparing Gloria to PNOY about budget transparency. Hindi ba naabot ng balita yung lugar nyo.

      • satamalang

         Tama ka.

        Kaya mahirap isipin na aangat ang Pilipinas kung marami sa atin ay katulad niyang mag-isp.

        Magising na tayo at huwag magpatuta sa mga pulitiko.

        Iangat ang kapakanan ng bayan. Huwag ng kung sinu-sinong indibidwal.Nagkakagulu-gulo tayo samantalatang ang sasarap ng buhay nila.

        Huwag na tayong magpagamit sa kanila.

    • catmanjohn

      You must be smoking shabu or some toilet bowl cleaner. Better less honest information than an over abundance of false ones. Your kingdom of corrupt sewer rats needs to do a reality check.

  • alienpatriot

    I think that the charter change issues will be one for the future. The Philippines at the moment has the look of a country on the improve and that image is sufficient to encourage increased investment without further changes. That situation will continue for another year or two but then pressure will grow for some type of change.
    Some of the changes that are possible are not so extreme. Resident foreignors could be allowed to own land on a trial basis but they must sell if they leave. There could be conditions such as willingness to invest in Phils. This brings money into the country but doesn’t let anyone with no interest in Phils just buy everything.

  • Fulpol

    In an open letter to the President dated July 13, the Foundation for Economic Freedom said that the Philippine economic growth had been propelled by consumption spending, mainly due to remittances of overseas Filipino workers and not by any action of the government.

    kahit ano pang economic growth pinagsasabi ni BS Aquino III, yan ay ang produkto ng OFW remittances…

    BS Aquino III, the great deceiver…

    • dennis

      I agree to that! Aquino must not rely on his probability about the growth of our economy because of OFW.Imagine if there is NO REMITTANCE HAPPEN FOR ONE DAY? That will definitely cost a great loss!

    • manual47

      Pulpul… were right.   OFW was one of the reasons the Philippines is enjoying an economic growth.  Thanks to these Filipinos overseas for their dedications and perseverances.  However, what president Aquino was saying, the Philippines can not just depend on this consumption driven economy.  The country has to attract investments to make the country an investment driven one to produce jobs and reduce unemployment.   But one problem that would hinder that plan would be the problem that has plagued the country for a long time.  And that is ….”corruptions”.   Eliminate this cancer and you will see the difference.  I don’t know where you got the idea that President Aquino is the great deceiver when he was just stating some facts.  Judge him first on the results before calling him names.  I was not depending him but rather giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Better than his predecessors, don’t you think…..

      • kawawang_bansa

        i believe the charter change referred to here is the 60/40 filipino/foreign ownership requirement in business ventures as stated in the constitution…dahil sa restriction na ito, ayaw pumasok ng foreigner dahil wala silang control sa business…kung may gusto namang pumasok dito, sino naman ang may kakayahan ng punuan ang kakulangan na 60%? hmmm, mga ayala, sy, tan…ie, kung gusto nila ang business venture na ‘yon…kung hindi, hirap na ngang makapasok ang foreign investor (unless gagamit sila ng dummy…but that’s another story, like corruption na nabanggit mo na, at saka red tape, etc).

        so, kung hindi ito i-push ni aquino, mananatili tayong consumption economy, ie, laging umaasa sa ofw na nagpapadalang pera dito sa pilipinas

        kawawang pilipinas…kawawang bansa

      • cute79

        parang nong mga nakaraang taon ,may singaporean gusto magtayo ng negosyo sa pinas kaya lang kelangan may kasosyo dw silang pinoy dahil di pwde na ang kompanya ay nakapangalan sa kanila.Kaya di sila tumuloy dahil baka maloko dw sila sa maging kasosyo nila tulad ng ibang singaporean na naloko din ng kasosyong pinoy,inangkin ang kompanya,bahay nabili ng kompanya at lupain   dahil sa kanya ito nakapngalan .At isa pang dahilan ay hirap daw maglakad ng mga papel kelangan pa ng lagay.Kung natuloy pa sila ,sana marami pinoy nagkaroon ng trabaho ngayon

    • Albert Einstien

      korek matagal ko na sinasabi yan  12 million na ang TUMATAKAS sa kahirapan dito at milyon taon taon ang uma-alis dahil yaw nila sa patakbo din ni pnoy…..pero pinapadala dito ang mga $ ky me growth……je je grabber nga si pnoy …nakakahiya… kontra ko sa RH law …papatayin nya ang LABOR FORCE natin na nagbibigay ng growth…

  • Harry

    Why does the President have to go to Davos to talk to our local media people about Charter change in the sidelines? Were those the same people in the sidelines when he talked about China?

    • niceguy60

      They are on the same plane ha ha ha . Dre dont you ever critize otherwise you might be called supporter of Arroyo.

  • buttones

    Well, I think we all have to agree, the current Constitution has brought so many, many benefits to millions of us over the years, we just have to look around us to see that, full employment, little poverty to speak of, hoards of foreigners throwing their money into PH, I mean we have never had it so good really…yes, keep the restrictions on trade and investment in PH – we are doing ever so well …….in fact I was just back from the market and the guy there was trying to sell me some Alberta grain fed sirloin as an alterative to my usual can of Spam- I mean what’s gel to do?

    • kawawang_bansa

      tama :-)

    • Mortz C. Ortigoza

      Buttones, di mo naiintindihan sinasabi mo. Compare to neighboring Asian countries RP got only a trickle of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Check Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

      • buttones

        Dear gentle reader, my comment was satirical, or completely sarcastic if you prefer, it was penned to mean the opposite, it was not to be taken as read, it was a joke, a play on words, why is it that my countrymen don’t recognize satire when they see it? Try to read between the lines of what I said, it was not literal, nobody in their right mind would post such a comment- as I did- and expect it to be taken seriously….. 

  • Joseph20112012

    Noynoy Aquino, open your mind that we need to scrap the obsolete xenophobic protectionist provisions from 1987 constitution like the 60/40 forced equity sharing of setting-up businesses in favor of a local individuals or corporations and we need to allow 100% foreign equity ownership of businesses at all economic sectors so that there would be more jobs to be generated here in our country instead of exporting our labor force abroad like slaves.

    Most countries in the world allows 100% foreign equity ownership of businesses at most of their economic sectors including natural resources, why not the Philippines, Noynoy?

    • cute79


    • Tamarindwalk

       It’s not Noynoy.  It’s the rich families in the Philippines who own businesses that make them oodles of money.  They’re afraid of competition.

      • buttones

        And THERE is there is the crux of the matter, the oligarch families have NO intention of letting in foreigners to disturb their iron grip , no way in hell will this ever happen.. Never, never, never……. Ask Aquino, he will tell you the same , foreigners will come here and control their own companies, own there own factory or offices- OMG! Next thing we know there is a some sort of foreigner owning a nippa hut on a beach somewhere, Jesus Christ we are all doomed!

    • niceguy60

      If you do that the businessman who currently sponsors those company will lose 60 percent ownership.

  • Tamarindwalk

    Why does the Constitution have to be changed to improve the country’s economic well-being.  The Constitution can be amended accordingly to allow for whatever changes are needed. It’s a living document, not something cast in stone.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      They want to change it for some personal interests not of the majority of the Filipino pipol.

  • regd

    Charter change my foot! It’s like you get married then realizing the true color of your wife you want to insert an expiration date on your marriage license!

  • Mortz C. Ortigoza

    Hindi habang buhay naka depende tayo sa OFW sa pag float ng economy natin. with 100% ownership of business here by foreign investors our economy will exponentially grow. Kawawa iyong mga Mrs na OFW na naiwanan iyo ayong mga anak na lumalaki na hindi katabi ang nanay habang si tatay ay nilulustay ang dollars padala ni nanay sa bisyo at babae . Kawawa rin si Tatay, na kung saan si Nanay ay nakikipagrelasyon sa kapwa OFW abroad sa temptation at uhaw

  • Albert Einstien

    ito lang ang tama na policy direction ni pnoy…NO to CHARTER CHANGE…ginagamit lang ng mga dayuhang interes ang milf peace talks at DRAWING  investments para SIPSIPIN ang GOD  ( Gold, gas, Oil & Deuterium ) resources ng RP… ..MAG BANTAY ka pnoy…wag ka mag-noynoying masisingitan tayo ng mga buwayang mga banyaga…

    pag sapat n ang FC reserve at growth na ibibigay ng OFWs, migrants at BPO sector..pwede na nating UMPISAHAN ang 100% govt owned na production ng GOD ( Gold,gas, Oil & Deuterium ) resources natin ..HINDI na natin kelangan ang CAPITAL na mga DAYUHAN… kaya i-repeal na yan RH law na yan..hadlang yan sa pag-unlad…kahit aso ang iupo sa palasyo uunlad ang pilipinas dahil malaki ang labor force natin na magbibigay ng pag-unlad ng ekonomiya…

  • superpilipinas


    FOI muna bago ang lahat.

    Kung FOI hindi ninyo maayos, Constitution pa kaya!

    Takot talaga mga corrupt sa FOI.

    Kung walang transparency, baka pati Charter Change babuyin nila dahil walang makakaalam sa hidden transactions..

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Ang kaso naman yang FOI bill mo baka abusuhin… tingnan mo na lang dito sa blog ng PDI maraming abusero.

      • superpilipinas

        Kung aabushin nila ang FOI, mas lalong aabusuhin ang Charter Change.

        Kung di nila kaya gumawa ng epektibo na FOI, di nila kaya ang Charter Change. Simple.

  • Joel Marantan

    Dami kasi nating magagaling kaya nagkakagulo.May nalaman lang ng konte gusto sya nang masunod at bida. Tutal bumoto naman ang karamihan sa atin bantayan na lang kung mukhang totoong pinagsisibilbihan naman ang interest ng karamihan (di naman pwede na lahat as in lahat lahat ooohan). Puro tayo kontra. Ako kinokontra ko lang yung mga pari at obispo kasi 200 taon na kaya silang ungas at do ko sila binoto pero parang iba sa atin panay pakialam di naman alam ang sinasabi.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Napakarami pa tayong dapat ayusin bago ang Cha-Cha… mag Jazz na lang muna tayo… tapos Tango… yung Tinikling nga di pa natin masyadong nama-master.

    Ang pananalita ni blogger DakuAkongUtin dapat ayusin… si PurpleDaisy13 nabrainwash ng PLA ng Pulang Tsina… atbp blogger na walang saysay ang mga pinagsasabi.

  • vir_a

    Vietnam just announced a new oil refinery in which Vietnam owns only 25.1%. The rest is owned by foreigners. Who will invest in our country if the investor has no full control of the company he is putting his money. What about land ownership? Foreigners can’t also own land. So how can they engage in business if they cannot have control of the land their supposed business is being set up. This issue is like the divorce and RH bill. It is not easy or is practically impossible to pass as long as the administration has no intention to displease the oligarchs.

    • sacrebleau

       Indeed. A strong foreign participation in our utilities, transport and media sector would dismantle monopolies and cartels. It would raise the level of business competition. For example: Almost everyone is tired of Globe and Smart. Their staff needs training and their service is flaky.

      Giving foreigners equal, or close to equal, business rights in our country would mean more providers. New players would try and win customers by offering more and /or better.

      More importantly, new power providers would bring down the cost of electricity in our country. It’s about time. In Thailand, if your kilowatt consumption is below 75kwh/mo, your electricity is free.

  • superpilipinas

    If they are not capable of creating a good FOI law, then they simply are not capable of making the Constitution better.

  • Smokey


    Chinese will simply own everything in the Philippines.

    • superpilipinas

      YES TO FOI.

    • Rosauro

      Tayo na lang ang presidential sa ASEAN.

      • Smokey

        Nothing’s wrong with presidential republic, its the voting public’s brains that need serious examination. Major brain malfunction i tell you when election comes. They end up electing pigs, crocs, vultures and leeches into public office.

    • buttones

      Too late my dear, they do anyway [where you been man, Mars? ]

  • dennis

    As i have mentioned below,with Philippines divided only into 7States,it would be better approach in business is a kind of “centrifugal growth” and not “centripetal growth” na kung saan eh Metro Manila na lang ang kilala ng Pilipinas.Kaya ang mga tao eh sa Manila na lang nagpupuntahan (centripetal or towards the center) at napapabayaan na ang kanilang pinanggalingan until it will becomes dull and empty in future due to the “aud lang syne” system! Only urban areas like Manila will boom but overcrowded din sa problema! Why?Kasi nga,overpopulated due to “unequal distribution of infrastructures and developments”.Samantalang kung 7States lang at lahat ng INCOME or REVENUES ng bawat States eh ma-concentrate lang sa pagpapa-ayos ng road and bridges ng kanilang lugar eh mas mabilis ang growth! You don´t need an approval of budget from the President to construct roads and bridges which needs a very long process before it will be approve! This approach is “centrifugal” which is away from the center.Ang mangyayari,lahat ng Urban areas eh lalaki ang income at bibilis ang development! As Manila grows,other Urban areas in our country will grow parallel to improvement in Manila.
    A very good example is like when someone is applying for a job in Engineer´s Office.

    Applicant A: Graduated Civil Engineer in UP
    Applicant B: Graduated Civil Engineer in Bulacan Institute
    Applicant C: Graduated Civil Engineer in Mindoro College
    Tanong: Sino sa tingin nyo ang una mong tatanggapin?

    My point is there must be an equal distribution! Why don´t we have University of the Philippines at all Urban Cities all over the country? Why can´t we have Philippine General Hospital with the same services rendered in Manila to have it outside Manila?Well in fact,using the name PHILIPPINE must be applicable nationwide anywhere in our country?Besides,we are paying the same amount in Philhealth! Why there were so many “Sabungan” in our country in compare to having a “Sports Complex” in every Urban area? Instead of Sabungan,we can have a Multi Purpose Hall na pwedeng magamit ng taong bayan during period of disaster instead of staying in public schools di ba? We have to promote tourism too (areas like resort..beach etc) dahil dyan din tayo kikita ng malaki.Don´t you know that there are only 2 places in the Philippines foreigners knows well?
    1) Manila
    2) Boracay
    You might be asking why Boracay? Well in fact that was NEVER HEARD BEFORE? It is more often even to hear from foreigners the place Boracay in compare to Cebu and Davao?What makes this place Boracay very popular? Mga kababayan,You know the answer! And what an Urban place doesn´t have is what Boracay had!…BEACHES!

    • cute79


    • Jose

      We can’t have a UP in  ‘all Urban Cities all over the country’ because it would water down the quality of education immensely.  UP students are sought after because the quality of education is very high.  Make a UP in every town, and people will quickly learn that most don’t live up to the high standards of the name, which waters down the name.  Lastly, UP students are supposed to be among the best and brightest of the country, which in theory justifies the money the government is spending on them.  There are, in fact, 6 UP campuses around the country, only 2 of which are within Metro Manila, so it’s more national than you think.

      As for the other stuff, they ARE promoting tourism, and that 7 states idea likely wouldn’t make much difference.  If anything, the increased independence in undeveloped areas could lead to more corruption and cronyism.

      • dennis

        My own view of putting UP in all Urban Areas (Cities) would be an advantage for everybody! It must be serve to and accessible to younger generation! Syempre dapat qualify ang studyante.We have to remove in our mind that Manila was the place to seek and harvest green pastures! You have to do something that will balance the thinking of people.Well in fact most of this brightest students in our country comes from different provinces! If the focus of government´s money is just to concentrate in NCR then that was WRONG and rather SELFISH! Why can´t we think that THERE ARE ALSO PLACES AROUND OUR COUNTRY instead of Manila? Look at China,there is Peking,Hongkong,Shanghai etc.In US,you go to California and you will heard about (Los Angeles,San Francisco,San Diego) Or at the whole US,there is New York,Seattle,Huston,Phoenix etc.But in our place,you will ONLY HEAR MANILA,Try to ask any foreigner? My point is,we have to give other place a chance to be recognize.And regarding 7 States,well,it´s a freedom of everyone to be independent and not to stay as a “crab-mentality”.Kasi if you don´t give improvement eh mas lalong lalala ang corruption! Ngayon,to expand a UP standard education will open the eyes and mind of those who are living beyond the labyrinth of unexplored areas! Samantalang napakadaling lokohin ang isang tao kapag WALANG ALAM! A good example is during election,Local politics atbp! People will just be contented thinking na enough na yun para sa kanila,Dynasty with most of the families are all in the politics! This is because of being doomed in learning level! My friend,Education is wealth! Remember that!

      • Jose

        You simply cannot maintain UP’s high standards across so many cities.  There aren’t enough qualified professors and teachers in the country.  Not NEAR enough.

        The UP name has prestige, but only because it’s students are good, and it’s quality of education is high.  Take that away and what’s the point?  Might as well rename local public schools UP: people will soon learn that it doesn’t mean quality, and all you’ll accomplish is ruining a reputation.

        The 7 states thing is ridiculous.  I’m sorry, but it is.  Economically, there’s no point, and it’s a bit ridiculous that you’re complaining about local dynasties while advocating decentralizing power.  Do you REALLY think that if your 7 states thing happened, these dynasties wouldn’t get far, far far stronger?

        I’m not saying that more money needs to go to other regions, but your suggestions are just unfeasible.

      • dennis

        I´m entitled to draw my comment here.It´s ok if you are not in favor about it.I understand your point.No hurt feelings.

      • Jose

        Oh yeah, freedom of expression and all that.  I’m entitled to state my opinion as well though.

      • dennis

        “Do you REALLY think that if your 7 states thing happened, these dynasties wouldn’t get far, far far stronger?”…This things won´t happen in a Federal-Socialist system.It´s NOT ALLOWED!

      • Jose

        You didn’t mention federal socialism in your earlier comments.

        And none of the things you mentioned would actually deter dynasties.  It’s not being ‘allowed’ wouldn’t really matter much.  Corruption, after all, isn’t really allowed today, and it’s doing fine.

      • dennis

        That means you didn´t scroll down on which it started that´s why you didn´t found out that i mentioned “Federal-Socialist form”! Too much democracy will turn to capitalism upon which GREED is the product! People should not fear Government instead Government should fear people.Production must be controlled by the people and not government or any other business.There should be no poor nor rich,everybody must work! Walang tambay!

      • Jose

        Yeah, because communism has worked so well wherever it’s been tried.

        No.  Just no.  Democracy isn’t perfect, and frankly there are a lot of social problems it tends to exacerbate, but it’s better than communism would be.

    • Qc

      i’m with you.  why not UP Cebu, UP CDO, UP Davao just like UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine.    hopefully we’ll come to that in good time.

  • hopeless_na

    Kahit anong klase ng gobyerno ang pairalin kung ang mga kurap ay nariyan pa rin, wala rin. Kurapsyon ang dahilan ng hindi pag-asenso ng pilipinas.

  • superpilipinas

    PNoy is afraid. He is not unconvinced. He is uncertain of what the resulting Constitution would be.

    What if powers of appointment are stripped. from him? He has been notorious for appointing classmates, shooting buddies, etc. Walang delikadeza.

    IF the Constitution is to be changed later, the power to appoint top ranking authorities should not be given to presidents. We have learned from FM, FVR, Erap, GMA that if a president is corrupt, the whole government can easily be corrupted. This makes the chief not indebted to the president but to the people he serves. This will also stop generals from bribing and politicking their way to get the top post. The generals will also listen more to their lower ranks.

    For example, the AFP chief of staff should not be appointed by the President or the Secretary of Defense. The chief of staff should be appointed by a council. The council should be formed by an opposition party representative, an administration rep, a rep of the non-commissioned officers of AFP, a rep from junior officers, and a rep from senior officers. Each of these groups should elect their own rep.

    Appointment of SC Judges, Commissioners, PNP Director General, and others, should follow the same principle.  

    But anyway, we should not change the Constitution before we have FOI.

    FOI first so that Charter Change will also be transparent.

    • parefrank

      True. If he can influence a new constituton so that his powers will no be touched or rather incrteased, he will push and sign it at any moment. But maybe his KKK are more afraid and will try to block it.

    • agustin

       I suggest to you that the council will be PRC registered professionals and their votes will be send via text messages to the comelec.

  • Rosauro

    Normal. Nakatkim na ng power under a presidential system.

  • parefrank

    to niceguy60
    Its not the local people who “sponsor” the business. It is the forigner who sponsors it with 40% but has no say to how it is used or managed.

  • Guest

    The Ayalas were never NATIVE Filipinos in the true sense of the word. And this applies to all Filipino-Chinese or Tsekwas in last 500 hundred years. None of these two ‘peoples’ carry a blood lineage to claim a NATIVE of the Philippines. Meant no offence to anyone.

  • bogli_anakdami

    yo flips, do not change a thing…

    remittance economy is a lot better than investment driven economy…

    flipland has 100M flip gung gongs ready and willing to be exported… kaya sarap ng buhay ng mga traposakals, kc, wala silang paki kung anong mangyari sa ofw/slaves overseas, di ba?

    flips sa abroad eh di sakit ng ulo ng gub’ment de gung gongs… out of sight, out of mind…

    keep the balikbayan boxes (ukay-ukay) coming…

    yehey, flip prayd….

  • avmphil

    Reply to Marlou Wang:The Ayalas were never NATIVE Filipinos in the true sense of the word. And this applies to all Filipino-Chinese or Tsekwas in last 500 hundred odd years. None of these two ‘peoples’ carry a blood lineage to claim a NATIVE of the Philippines. Meant no offence to anyone.

    • Jose

      Filipino-Chinese are as Filipino as anyone.  Their forefathers may not have been on these islands as long as the natives, but most of them were born, grew up, and have lived in the Philippines all their lives.

      I know you’re making the distinction that they’re not NATIVE, but why should how long ago your forefathers got here matter?  Even the ‘natives’ immigrated here via land bridge or boat millennia ago.

      • avmphil

        You are correct if you would say ‘I am a Filipino’ but here, you have incriminated by distinctively addressing yourself as Filipino-Chinese. Hypothetically speaking, when you are asked for your nationality, would you say I am a ‘Filipino’ or ‘Filipino-Chinese’? Even you had totally assimilated in every aspect with true-blooded Filipinos for the next hundred years, you still cannot be classified as true Filipinos.No offence to to anyone.Period

      • Jose

        I’m Filipino and despite my (distant) Chinese blood, I’ve ALWAYS identified as Filipino.  I have friends who are Filipino-Chinese and THEY identify as Filipino.

        You say you mean no offense, but when you say we can’t be classified as true Filipinos you are bloody well being offensive.  And racist.

        Seriously, screw you, as$hat.

      • avmphil

        Here comes your utter arrogance and it spills your character like that of many Chinese in SEA. Never satisfied, humble and grateful to your host. Once the likes of you hold the ground steadfast, you go all out to grab your neighbors and the next (subvert them if you could) exploit and subject them over. Until a new true blue-blood Filipino holds the leadership and the stakes of the nation’s economy pie, people like you will continue to strangle and squeeze the have-nots, the depraved and the lower rung in society to silence their voice. Don’t give me the crap. And the racists bait, buddy, clean your act and that’s what you ought to do and face the facts. Donning a doublet don’t make you a European anyway. A fake is a fake its up to you to deduce whether you are, one.

      • Jose

        How on Earth is it arrogant to claim that I am a Filipino?  Also, my ‘host’?  How retarded are you?

        I’ve lived in the Philippines all my life.  So did my parents and grandparents, on and on.  I have SOME Chinese blood on my father’s side, but my mother’s side is pure Kapampangan.  And I’m not Filipino enough for you?  Even if my family WASN’T Filipino, your comment is still disgusting, as if someone lives his entire life in this country, he’s Filipino, no matter what he looks like.

        As for the bit about leadership, GMA didn’t do too well, did she?  And Binay is corrupt as anyone, so no, a ‘true’ Filipino (and you have no idea how disgusting it felt to type that) in charge is no guarantee of ANYTHING.

        You are a racist, and you are garbage.  If you want to talk about arrogance, I DO think I am better than you.  But I think I’m better than you NOT because I have some Chinese blood, but because I’m not a disgusting bigot.

      • avmphil

        No one is disputing nor placing a doubt on one’s God given right as to where he of she is born, bred and lives on and on. But the manner in which you -for in this instance- portrayed as a superior being by the sheer mention of being part Chinese, seems boisterous and self glorification of the Filipino-Chinese. This is against a backdrop of a nation that is still reeling in search of the light at end of the tunnel. Of the 26-28 million Chinese Diaspora (figuratively) there are countless offspring with Chinese heritage throughout SE Asian countries, and by far this land tips the scale. Your rebuttal was clearly demeaning on that last line and, over the latest is wild and patchy. However, when you insist that you are better than I, that too a God given privilege. Remember self-praise is no praise buddy.

      • Jose

        When, EXACTLY, have I claimed to be superior because of my Chinese blood?  Post the EXACT quote, because I’ve looked through my posts, and nowhere do I say I am superior in any way because of ethnicity.  All I’ve been saying is that I am as Filipino as anyone.  What I HAVE said is that I am better than you because I am not a racist, which I stand by.

        And demeaning?  You are a racist jackas$, and frankly IMO racists are open game for abuse.

      • avmphil

        Now who is a disruptive blight to the Filipinos and a racist? Your tirade proves that you are person without decorum, a brain developed with vivid pernicious qualities that will not take you far, whichever way you move. What I gather is, you are a fake and I stand by that.

      • Jose

        How am I a racist?  I am saying that I am a Filipino regardless of the color of my skin, or my facial features.  That is the very opposite of being a racist.

        And again, where is exact quote where I said those things you claim I said?  Because you’re basing this whole opinion on something you imagined.

  • Jose

    He’s right in that this really needs to be examined closely.

    I’ve seen a lot of speculation and opinion on the subject, but I haven’t really seen too much in the way of numbers, and research.  I haven’t really looked for it, but in this case I do agree that we need to think about this instead of just jumping in.

    I hope that P-Noy now goes and commissions a review into the issue, possibly through NEDA or someone.  It is certainly an idea worth exploring.

  • dennis

    Another thing i want to have change in our country is the “Labor Code of the Philippines” specially “Retirement”!
    Instead of 65yrs of age as a retirement age for both Male and Female,in my opinion,the best is 55yrs of age(female) and 60yrs (Male)…WHY?

    Philippines in compare to most countries has more or less 5-7 no# of children/ family, in compare to other countries which is 2-3children/family.Means that in terms of Jobless rate,the more population,the more increase of jobless a country will expect! My point is this:

    Male with 60yrs of age and female with 55yrs of age MAY GO FOR RETIREMENT but it´s not a MUST! Those who go with that age given above (55F and 60M) will recieve ONLY 80% instead of 100% retirement pay/month.The remaining 20% of their payment will GO TO THEIR OWN SAVINGS of PHILHEALTH.Not until both early retirees (55F and 60M) reach the age of 60F and 65M,then it´s their time to have a 100% FULL PAYMENT/MONTH OF THEIR RETIREMENT PAY with FREE HOSPITALIZATION (confinement and consultation)
    My purpose of putting 20% to Philhealth is for the funding of security system including improvement of hospitals and other Medical services and facilities.

    Maybe you might be asking why there is a need for that “early age retirement?” This is to DECREASE our jobless rate in our country! Kasi as long na may nagtatrabaho pa until the age of 65 eh magiging sarado pa ang pwesto at WALANG VACANCY! Eh kung mababakante ng maaga ang pwesto (55F and 60M) Magiging maayos ang proportion ng tao sa bilang ng trabaho!Besides,mabilis ang pag-unlad dahil puro mga bata at masigla pa ang katawan ng magtatrabaho! Just my 2 cents of opinion.

    • CyberPinoy

      Labor code sa constitution dapat tangalin ang provision na magtayo ng Labor Union. Dapat kung may reklamo ang empleyado meron govt agency para umaksyon dyan instead of a labor union na nakakasira sa business.

      • dennis

        Instead of Government controlled Labor Union,A Labor Union must be a Non-Partisan neutral Labor Union that will protect BOTH government and private workers,laborers.Kung wala eh aabuso naman ang mga may hawak ng business!

  • John Reyes

    I hope President P-Noy will go for a charter change, it’s something we badly need. Businesses will finally be able to invest here and if the barriers to trade are lifted it will be a modern Filipino “gold rush”. More jobs, more competition, better products thus better for consumers.

    I also hope people against cha-cha try to see the other side of the coin, the beauty of lifting trade barriers is that it creates so much opportunity. I mean, so what if Chinese, American, European businessmen profit from this country?

     It may sound unpatriotic but these businessmen took risks and invested their capital that they could have invested in other countries like their hometown for one, or Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. 

    As I see it, the businessmen have the right to serve their own interest since they took on risk as they invested. Simply put, they  worked hard for their keep like anyone else, so why discriminate? Besides, indirectly they really are the ones who create jobs, competition and better products. Personally, I think it’s a bit racist to discriminate on someone taking profit just because he’s/she’s from another race.

    Lastly, I don’t think we should rest on our laurels, just because we achieved a spectacular GDP growth these past few years doesn’t mean it will continue. The world is in a slump, a recession, we on the other hand, we just got lucky. The next time around this happens, without a cha-cha, I don’t know.

  • Usi Sero

    Philippines was one of the richest country in Asia after we got our independence but what happens after that, it slowly regress to what it is now. Philippines is now virtually owned by the few rich and powerful people that controls its affairs. It’s time for change.

    It’s hard to attract foreign investors if they know they have no control over their investments. Being nationalistic is great, but sticking to the 60/40 ownership makes foreign investors shy away from investing in our country and thereby limiting the employment choices. Some fear that by allowing foreign investors to have 100% ownership of the business will translate to foreigners owning the country…I don’t think that will be the case. It will provide more employment opportunities for our labor force that’s most sought-out around the world…it will also slowly reverse the Philippines being known as the DH country.

    • cute79


    • Qc

      so ibibigay mo lahat sa mga chinese?  are you a f%kn a$$hole?

      • Usi Sero

        Go wash your mouth so the words that comes out of it does not smell trash.

        I’m not going down to your level and start calling names…if you don’t want my posts, you are free to contradict it with an open mind. Take off your blinders so you can see what’s going on.

  • Commentator

    I think there is already the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and the Philippines could not compete. Most of the manufacturing plant goes to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Changing the constitution to allow Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement will not help the Philippines because of inefficient infrastructure.

  • Qc


    the real reason they want to change the charter is because foreigners especially the chinese would like to OWN AND EXPLOIT OUR NATURAL RESOURCES TO THE HILT & UNMOLESTED.  they wouldn’t do it own country’s constitution so why would they do it to the PHL . all natural resources on philippine territory is the patrimony of every filipino and if these lawmakers really cared about the welfare of the filipinos they would  enact a law that would apportion 20-25% of the subscribed capital  of all new companies engaging in the exploitation of our natural resources to be distributed to all living filipino and those yet to be born, redeemable for 10 years adjusted at market price or he can sell his interest kung walang wala siya talagang pangtubos at least nakinabang sya.

    ANYBODY WHO WOULD PUSH FOR CHARTER CHANGE SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED.  there a pretty good chance that those pushing for the change are receiving a lot in payolas from the chinese provided by their foreign counterparts .   you think the pork barrel is the biggest source of corruption in government?  it pales in comparison to PAYOLA – PAYOLA  (all tax free),  which is the reason they are delaying the enactment of AMLA revisions dahil nandun nakatago sa  inviolate foreign currency accounts yung mga nakaw nila.  


    • Usi Sero

      Qc, are you stoned? Our government is composed of THREE BRANCHES…I don’t agree we got a GOOD & HONEST government based on what I know now…LEGISLATIVE branch rewarding themselves of people’s money as bonus for incompetency…the other two branches, I’m not sure either.

  • Sherwin Galbin Mariano

    It’s time for a charter change,It’s time for those oligarchs to compete with the best if they want to survive in their business..just look around on the services of other local companies..It’s just so 3rd world service..Enough for our inward looking views.  As they say-NO man is an island.  If we wanted to be a powerhouse in this region and attract billions of FDI then it’s time to reexamine the 60/40 filipino/foreigh ownership..Common sense will dictate that no business owner will take the risk to invest if they don’t have the 100% ownership. 

    • catmanjohn

      Even a 45/55 % ownership would spur massive foreign investment. 

      • Jose

        Based off?  Genuinely curious, are you basing that off any studies?

  • John

    Hi Mr President,

    Kindly try to have/create a committee to study how Singapore has done it in terms of  economic policies.  The protectionist constitution has been there for like 25 years already but it has not changed most of the Filipino lives.

    Lastly,  to effectively manage our country, we need to have federalism.

    – For an efficient and decentralization of power, management and resources. Federal states will be given a chance to develop and become more mature in their own affairs. And it will be the hands of these states to first make sure that they become successful or else they will have to suffer the consequences. Right now if Manila government crashes, the whole Philippines gets into the fray of crashing as well.

    –  It will strengthen the republic and will preserve our diversity of cultures. We are Filipinos but we speak different regional languages and dialects, and practice distinct cultures.  Each culture deserves to be recognized and be developed. A federal state can better manage this.

    – It will make sure the government will be closer to the people.  Right now it is Manila or at large Luzon centric and you ever wonder why it’s crowded in Manila?  And you ever wonder why the outskirts of Manila has lower purchasing power and for this massive migrations thus, straining Manila? And you ever wonder why you only see most progress is in Manila?

    Please give it a great thought and don’t just brush it off like it doesn’t even matter Mr. President. I hope you prove your worth and not just to the business/oligarchs or certain powerful families (like yours).

    • Qc

      i recommend you read australian rodney king’s book singapore miracle – myth and reality.
      besides singapore is not even 1/3 the size of davao city and does not have natural resources to speak of which the chinese are drooling over in the philippines.

      i hate to ask this but could it be you just name dropped singapore to sweeten up what it is you are selling?  now it turns out singapore has 30% poverty compared to western economies and everything else was hype.

      • John

        I haven’t read the book and I was not dropping Singapore to sell the idea. It was an example in the context of southeast asia.  I have visited Singapore and it was what I saw – transport system is very efficient and their education/their universities have even some tie up like the yale, cambridge and mit (all towards research).  Well I can name another country like Switzerland if you like.

        But the thing is, the current constitution serves mostly the oligarchs (business/economic side of things) and that’s a fact. The less competition the better for the oligarchs. There’s a diconnect on how you brought the idea of Chinese drooling … I mean, most oligarchs in the Philipines are even the Chinese Filipino or even the Spanish-Filipino.

        So what do you think about Charter Change? What do you think about federalism or say parliamentary?

  • JV Velarde

    It’s ok to fix the obvious loopholes but I don’t think it’s necessary to change the whole charter itself. Our lawmakers can’t even show maturity in amending the Anti-Dynasty Law or Plunder Law, what more with the whole constitution?

    As long as we have people like the Estrada’s, Marcose’s, Enrile’s & Binay’s in governance, any attempt to change the constitution will just be for naught.

  • pedrorizal

    let have own 100% ownership

  • pedrorizal

    let them own 100% ,they are better employer than our chinoy

  • dennis

    Let me explain to you why is Federal-Socialist form of Government is to our improvement:

    Federal in a sense that as i´ve mentioned before that our country shall be divided into 7 States.Each state was governed by Socialist system which is the center is concentrated in the rights of a family or individual to exist! Hindi yung nasa Manila na lang naka-focus ang lahat,(business,infrastructures,education improvement etc) which will only produce an unequal rights and putting more walls among filipinos.All leaders of every State has a RIGHT TO IMPOSE LAWS which is his “State Law” aside from Federal-Socialist Law.
    Katulad nyan,Our country was governed under only ONE LAW like No Death Penalty,So,look at the outcome,from Luzon to Mindanao (murder,massacre,drugs and other brutal crime happened everywhere!)…..Samantalang,kung ako ang magiging State Governor,I WILL IMPOSE DEATH PENALTY dahil alam ko na yun ang ikatatahimik ng nasasakupan ko! Or GUN BAN! If anyone don´t want my being strict and respect to my boundaries can anytime leave! A good example is Texas State!
    Socialist in a sense that income being produce by a certain State will only concentrate in it´s place (education,family support and a better security system for everybody!)Good example is Germany,probably Singapore.

    Another is if Socialist system,means If during election,the elected President didn´t get a majority of vote from the people (Let me say 75% passing boundary) at ang difference lang eh not more than 10% like (Candidate A 55% while Candidate B has 45%) Then a COALISION PARTY must rule! Hindi yung Presidente eh ilalagay niya sa puwesto ang mga gusto niya. This is just my 2 cents of opinion to have an idea.

  • disqusted0fu

    The Aquino administration every now and then violates the constitution but then stays lukewarm on charter change, they keep on promoting transparent governance and anti-corruption but stays inert about the passing of the FOI bill, they continuously preach about unity but continues to attack their Filipino foes. So what is it really?

    • Jose

      When has it violated the constitution?  Name exact instances.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    1987 cory constitution  ang baguhin para nasumpa pilipinas ng mag karoon ng trabaho ang million million tambay sa pinas dapat ipatupad din ang death penealty para mag karoon ng takot ang holdaper kahit bigasan ng tiyuhin ko hinoholdap buti di sila pinatay! si marcos lang ang dumisiplina sa mga pinoy! baka kung buhay pa siya singapore na tayo ngayon! kung nasaan ang libo libong pinoy na nag lilinis ng enedoro! parliamet maganda din yan sa pinas! talino di papogian ang labanan!

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