Bishops open big 3-day meet on Church, nat’l issues



Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma. Photo from

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) opened its three-day semiannual plenary assembly at the Pope Pius XII Center on UN Avenue in Manila Saturday to tackle Church matters and pressing national concerns.

Some 100 bishops from various dioceses were expected at the gathering, where issues such as mining, the Mindanao peace process and the May elections would be discussed.

CBCP president and Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma earlier said the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines that would be used in the May elections would also be on the agenda.

In a previous interview with the Inquirer, Palma said the conference would discuss the voting machines because many people had reason to believe they had “a lot of defects.”

He had expressed the belief that the computerized voting machines successfully used in the 2010 elections were flawed and he wanted them thoroughly examined before they were used in this year’s elections.

“I, for one, can tell, or I will say I’m not ashamed to tell people that I also believe [the PCOS machine has defects]. It has to be examined and that is part of the agenda of the CBCP,” Palma said.

“Our point is the PCOS machines are not foolproof… there are technical glitches and anomalies that need to be addressed,” a source in the CBCP said. “We might feel too complacent because of the fast election results in 2010. But we’re after the accuracy and integrity of the election results.”

The source added that some resource persons, including from the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and Automated Election System (AES) Watch, are expected to speak at the CBCP meeting.

Former government chief peace negotiator and now Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen was also invited to talk about the peace agreement with the Moros, the source said.

The assembly was preceded by a two-day seminar on Spirituality of Stewardship.

In a message to the CBCP, Pope Benedict XVI imparted his “apostolic blessing” to the bishops and said that he trusted that their meeting “will bear fruit.”

He also prayed for the activities planned for the start of the nine-year period in preparation for the fifth centenary celebration of Christianity in the Philippines.

The pontiff’s message was relayed by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone through the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto who graced yesterday’s opening of the plenary assembly.

The CBCP traditionally issues pastoral statements after the plenary assembly.

Benedictine awardee

During a Mass at the start of the assembly, the CBCP conferred the Jorge Barlin Golden Cross Award posthumously on the late Fr. Anscar Chupungco, OSB. The award was received by Fr. Rafaelito Alaras, prior of the Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat.

In an article posted on the CBCP website, Chupungco was cited for “his great contribution in the liturgical renewal of our country.”

The Jorge Barlin Golden Cross Award is the highest recognition given by the CBCP to an individual for exemplary service to the nation.

The Benedictine monk was the third recipient of the award named after the first Filipino bishop. Other awardees have been lawyer Sabino Padilla Jr. and the late Fr. James Reuter, SJ.

Padilla is the legal counsel of the CBCP, while Reuter served as executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Social Communications and Mass Media.

Chupungco, a prominent liturgist, influenced the Church in the Philippines with regard to liturgical reforms. He was also executive secretary of the CBCP’s Liturgy Commission for several years.

During his funeral on Jan. 17, the priest was also conferred the papal honor Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for his service to the Church.

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  • Danny Bravo

    sayang  ang  mga  pagmamagandang loob  nitong  mga  katoliko  romano,,,,  dahil  galit  lamang  ng  god  father ang  magiging  premyo  nito,,,  dahil  sa  maling  pa-tuturo  sa  tao,,,,  lalo  lamang  bumibigat  ang  kasalanan  ng  mga  leader  na  ito,,,,  yung  iba-  galit  na  galit  na  ang  pakiramdam  nila  ay  tamang  tama  ang  gingawa  nila,,,,,  maganda  sa  mata  masama  sa  ama,,  kawawa  yung  ibang  pari  at  madre  na  walang  kaalaman  about  the  father  lahat  ng  pari  at  madre  inaalis  na  hindi  pa  alam,,,,  ,,may  2  yrs  pa  bago  magsara  ang  pintuan  ng  kalangitan,,,,,kaya  lang  napakalayo  pa  ng  inyong  distansiya  sa  daan…


      Ang gulo ng post mo. Mag English ka na lang. Kaya pala nanalo ang kitang kitang Abno kasi madaya ang PCOS machine. The first product of brainless cheating election machine. It had produced a PSP president.

      • latino_boom


      • Ellee R. Bullo

        hahahahah tanga ka pala eh si gloria pasimuno ng PCOS at pinapanalo niya si Pnoy isa ka pala tlgang dakilang tanga ikaw ang wala sa katinuan?… un nga lang pinakamagandang nagawa ni gloria sa administration niya ang mag computerized ng election… 

      • ARIKUTIK

        Dahil Vice pres. si GMA kaya natalsik si Erap. Dahil sa PCOS ni GMA  kaya nadaya si Erap. Si GMA talaga, papano kaya mapa tawad ang Lolang may posas sa leeg. Sana mangyaring > dahil sa demonyong Abnoy ay nagmukhang anghel si GMA ….. yeheyyyyyy …………..

    • boyfarmer

       2 years? three years from now in 2014 malalaman mo na ang turo sa inyo ay MALI, tandaan mo yan, sino ang nagsabi sa yo na magsasara ang kalangitan?. . . The Catholic church has existed for 2,000 years, therefore ang Catholic church ang dating daan at hindi si Eli Soriano, copy cats lang ang mga iyan

  • Dan

    abolish COMELEC, abolish MALACANANG, Senate, Congress and let these greedy, cash-starved CBCP run the government
    Make bishop Arguelles, president of the republic, bishop palma the vice
    wht do you say, folks

  • Dan

    I was born and raised as catholic, i have relatives who are clergy, but i stop going to church here in the philippines, because its sickening, because of CBCP, the practice of paganism, the hypocrisy

  • quirinomayer

    More hours in this conference of the CBCP will be spent discussing matters that properly belongs to the state. If Christ and His disciples were to come back to earth and be in the Philippines today, they would not attend this activity of their alleged inheritors who are more interested in politics than in the spiritual welfare of their flock which is supposed to be their one and only mission on earth. Scour the whole New Testament and there is not one verse there which gives the hint that Christ and His followers were interested and actually took part in political issues. Now, if they did not teach nor practice intervening in government matters, how come the CBCP does? The answer is simple: the CBCP do not represent true Christianity. It is but a collection of Pharisees who are hungry for power.  

    Christ was very emphatic on the separation of church and state:  “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”  (Matthew 22:21). These fake church leaders believe that what is Caesar’s is also their church’s. 

    • where_I_stand

      In the recent controversy in the Senate over the realigned savings, the critics are chanting “what is legal need not be moral.” It means that even politics must not be solely viewed in terms of the legal code: legal/illegal. The code of morality: moral/immoral must be observed, too. It means that even the purely secular affairs of the state, morality must not be set aside.

      Jesus himself, in his public ministry, was not only concern with the spiritual salvation of the people (the dichotomy between spirit and body is of Greek influence; for the Jews, there is no separation between politics and religion) he went out healing the sick, the blind, the lepers–in short, the well-being of the person. He also against the legalistic understanding of the pharisees and the religious leaders about the Sabbath law. For Jesus, the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Doing good to man, like healing the sick, takes priority over religious observance. In fact, healing of relationship takes precedence over offering to the altar of God. That Jesus was concerned to the poor in his time is a dominant picture of Jesus’ ministry. Like Jesus, the Church is also involved in the life situation of the people, especially the poor.

  • latino_boom


  • Peter L

    Dear Bishops and Priests, stop meddling in the affairs of the government. Your solemn calling is more on the spiritual side of the human life. Do not force your ideas through political intervention but rather be humble to call on your members to be kind and loving to their fellowmen, forgiving to those who have sinned against them, be caring to the less fortunate, bring them closer to Christ not to your doctrines. Jesus is coming soon so prepare them to meet our Lord and Savior.   

    • where_I_stand

      Peter, it is your understanding of the life and mission of the Church that is problematic.

      Jesus said to Peter, “Your faith is small. Why did you doubt.” (Matthew 14:31)

      Jesus said to Peter, “Away from me Satan!” (Matthew 4:10)

      Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God but the things of men.” (Matthew 16:23)

      Jesus knew you… lols

  • Yahilaw

    I agree, CBCP has become irrelevant, out of sync with it’s flock, and a mere nuisance in our country’s march to progress.

  • wehd1nga

    a 100 Bishops with a clear message to 50 million Filipino catholic voters to unite, 50 million Catholic votes enough to send shivers down every politicians spine so they ridicule Catholics no more.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    GlorIa bribed to Mitsubishop and Safari…

     Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Priest who had sex with boys now tells how to smuggle ivory

    National Geographic‘s new issue exposes the ivory business, which has been hiding in plain sight since a worldwide trade ban was enacted in 1989. And a major player in the magazine’s story is a priest in the Philippines whom I wrote about in 2005 when investigating another global-trafficking phenomenon — the Catholic Church’s movement of sexual abuse suspects across international borders to escape justice.

    The priest, Monsignor Cristobal Garcia, is now quoted as explaining how to smuggle ivory into the United States: 

    “Wrap it in old, stinky underwear and pour ketchup on it.” And if an icon won’t fit in a suitcase? Here’s how 

    National Geographic‘s Bryan Christy summarizes Garcia’s advice: “I might get a certificate from the National Museum of the Philippines declaring my image to be antique, or I could get a carver to issue a paper declaring it 

    to be imitation or alter the carving date to before the ivory ban.”Garcia also made provocative comments when I interviewed him about why he fled the U.S. in 1985. He admitted having sex with altar boys and supplying them with drugs

    The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse Crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as 3 years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.

    • Darwin

      What happened to that gay priest? Senate summoned him and feigned illness. And then nothing happened. Nagpapogi lang ang senado. As usual.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The Bank Investments Of Different Dioceses

    Diocese / Church Foundation Company # Shares Owned Rank in Top 100 Total Investment Value

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 222,843,681 4th PHP12.724 Billion

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (REAL CASA DE MISERICORDIA) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 41,408,841 8th PHP2.364 Billion

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA (HOSPITAL DE SAN JUAN DE DIOS) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 22,072,182 13th PHP1.26 Billion

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (HOSPICIO DE SAN JOSE) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 6,016,624 15th PHP343.55 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (HOSP DE SA JUAN DE DIOS) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 4,285,572 17th PHP244.71 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (MAYORDOMIA DELA CATEDRAL) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 2,664,266 21st PHP152.13 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MLA (ST. PAUL`S HOSPITAL) Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 1,772,418 26th PHP101.21 Million

    CARMEL OF THE DIVINE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE, INC. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 726,819 49th PHP41.50 Million

    EL SUPERIOR DE LA CORPORACION FILIPINA DE PADRES AGUSTINOS RECOLETOS Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 551,382 60th PHP31.48 Million
    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF JARO Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 491,385 64th PHP28.06 Million



    CARMEL OF THE DIVINE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE, INC. San Miguel Corp (SMC) 957,516 79th PHP105.33 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TUGUEGARAO San Miguel Corp (SMC) 856,639 81st PHP94.23 Million


    CARMEL OF ST THERESE OF THE CHILD JESUS San Miguel Corp (SMC) 592,956 91st PHP65.23 Million

    THE DISCALCED CARMELITE NUNS OF CEBU San Miguel Corp (SMC) 451,864 95th PHP49.71 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF NUEVA SEGOVIA DE VIGAN San Miguel Corp (SMC) 428,067 98th PHP47.09 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Philex Mining Corp (PX) 3,221,135 15th PHP66.68 Million

    RELIGIOUS OF THE VIRGIN MARY – B Philex Mining Corp (PX) 3,125,777 16th PHP64.70 Million

    RELIGIOUS OF THE VIRGIN MARY-A Philex Mining Corp (PX) 1,091,027 69th PHP22.58 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TUGUEGARAO Ayala Corporation (AC) 24,015 73rd PHP9.29 Million

    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FRATERNAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS, INC. Ayala Corporation Preferred Shares – A (ACPA) 60,000 2nd PHP31.80 Million

    ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF TAGBILARAN Ayala Corporation Preferred Shares – B (ACPR) 10,000 64th PHP1.02 Million



    • AlvinG


    • AlvinG

       Mabuhay Ka Bishop Oscar Cruz! Long LIve !! and God Bless You! Sayang Retire Na! Yung iba dyan Kapit Tuko Pa Rin sa CBCP! Please give
      unsolicited advise to academe, moral and religious leaders even
      politicians to Caraga Region to stop rampant proliferation of illegal
      numbers games in the region particularly in Butuan City! Grabe ang
      illegal numbers game swertres parang Jueteng ito! At mga pulis pikit
      mata! Bakit Kaya?

      • kishbuff

        Idol mo pala ang pinaka-PAKIALAMERONG OBISPO!!!!

    • Dieserweg

       What a big lie to malign an institution.  where did you get this?  What bank would readily give you all such information?  Atheists would employ all such lies to carry out their goal of destroying religious institutions.  What is funny though is that they only target the safer ones.  Those they know who won’t retaliate.  Try attacking a more belligerent religious sects, and let’s see what happens.  But I bet you guys won’t.

      • Ernesto

        ibig sabihin bro ,kinakwartahan pala kayo ng bishop at pari,daming pera di naman tumutulong sa nasalanta ng bagyo.greed

      • mhertz

        your opinion does not necessarily define the person. Most specially when it is base in your intuition.

      • Dieserweg

        Duda ako sa sinasabi mo bro, kasi ako am connected with a humanitarian agency and we work closely with Catholic agencies in developing community based programs on health, education, livelihood and even psychosocial interventions. At masasabi ko na whenever there are crises, and natural disasters, andun ang mga madre and social action centers ng mga dioceses. They spend millions for social action programs. At eto eh hindi na inilalathala sa mga pahayagan, di katulad ng mga politiko na pagka tumulong may mga photo ops pa at billboards.

      • Lucky Luciano

        That’s why religion make sensible people mad.
        Join us on “Draw Mohammed Day” May 20th 2013.

      • Dieserweg

        oh, that’s a curious thing. would you care to tell me about it? What is the agenda, or objectives of the gathering. And why the Muslims this time?

      • Lucky Luciano

        That’s a curious thing. Heard about Google?

    • Komentador

      dapat pala may shares din ang mga nag-aabuloy sa simbahan..daming pera

    • Lucky Luciano

      HAhahahhahha.Daming business ah.
      HIndi pa kasama diyan yung last 400 years diba? and Bakit wala yung listahan ng mga Indolohensya????
      Yung mga galit kay ztefertilizerscam10, I suggest you research “indulgence”.

    • where_I_stand

      What these figures tell us? Are these investments suddenly popped-up in millions? Where the money come from? Who are the beneficiaries of the money? Are these institutions corrupt? In what sense? How?

      These are institutions with legitimate services to the people like hospitals, charity houses, schools, and many others. Religious congregations’ investments, like the share of the Augustinians in San Miguel Corporation, are legitimate business investment with above the board shares, bulk of these shares can be classified as royalty or patent shares. How about the St. Lukes Hospital equipped with state of the arts technology and manned by highly specialized doctors and medical professionals? How about ADMU, DLSU, and UST, among others, which offer quality education with competent professors? These are also Catholic institutions which have millions of deposit and/or investment. But these institutions are not exclusively catering to Catholics and provides supplementary public service to government. While they can be accused of being elitists, as only the rich and upper middle class can afford of their services, they also offer scholarship–academic and non-academic–to the students. Their extension services are reaching out the poorest of the poor.

      Do you know where the money come from? Do you know the missionary and pastoral ministries of these institutions? Since these institutions are existing in decades now, common sense dictates that the growth of their investments would be in millions. Other religious congregations, managing hospitals and charity houses, received the bulk of their investment as donation from European Catholics who faithfully share their monthly income for mission work.

      In one Benedictine community, for instances, more than 60% of its monthly expenses are considered as services to the poorest of the poor in the form of medical services and livelihood programs. This community can be self-sufficient from its local dairy and other farm products, with enough budget for food, shelter, clothing, education and other basic needs of their members. However, they are also helping the poor communities in the nearby barangays. The funds from Europe keep on coming from middle earning families who continue to support the missionary work of the Benedictines. With the recent economic crisis in Europe, the volume of remittance is affected which translate less budget for medicines, financial assistance for farmers and fisherfolks, and other missionary work.

      These are legitimate investments with clear mission services to the people, what make these institutions corrupt? Corruption? Do you understand the term?

  • where_I_stand

    The CBCP awarded Fr. Anscar for his contribution in the liturgical renewal in our country. However, when the Vatican without substantial consultation from the local churches and totally disregards the cultural and lexical context of the faithful in its changes in the New Roman Missal, the CBCP were one of the fastest local chuches to kiss the ar se of Joseph Ratzinger, the pope.

    Of course, Fr. Anscar became also an apologist of the changes and argued that the changes can be corrected by catechesis. For instance, the reply of “And also with your spirit”. Fr. Anscar explained that this “your spirit” is richer in meaning compared to “you” because the “spirit” represents the noblest in the person. Thus, it must be understood in terms of a respectful greeting to an honorary person in authority like saying “Your Excellency” to BS Aquino. Fr Anscar clarified that this “spirit” we addressed to the priest is neither the “Holy Spirit” nor the “priestly spirit”. He also stressed that the focus in this greeting is the presence of the Lord Jesus in the celebration. Then we can offer a counter argument: If the focus of the greeting is stressed on the presence of Jesus, then “you” does not matter much, without giving an unconscious homage to the priest as an honorary figure of authority over the faithful. In effect, the culture of clericalism would be strengthened. This effort may be good for the priests, especially the growing discontent of the people about their living witness as pastors.

    Another thing, “He descended into hell” is also being used in today’s liturgy. The resurgence of the “hell” in liturgical prayers reminded me of the criticism of Filipino atheists about making the faithful fearful of the “fire of hell” which is not much given attention in the modern world. The same is the case on “mea culpa” with striking of breast three times to put emphasis on one’s sinfulness as the modern people are no longer conscious of their sins. The shift also from “for all” to “for many” seems to resurrect the old teaching “outside the church there’s no salvation”. Thus, Fr. Anscar was quick to note that “for many” “does not exclude everyone. Christ died for all and offers salvation to all.” Why why change from “all” to “many”? Fr. Anscar explained that salvation is not automatic; people must respond to God’s invitation. So, only the many, those who responded to God’s call, can be saved.

    Not a long ago, I visited a priest-friend and participated in the mass he presided in a small chapel. I was seated in the front pew. After the mass, he called my attention telling me that he heard I responded, “and also with you.” I asked him if it was wrong. He told me knowing you as a rebel, I can’t blame you but we are all expected to follow the normative practice. We had an intense yet enjoyable discussion over a cup of coffee about social issues and the response of the bishops.

    In one Sunday, I called the attention of the operator of the projector about using the capital “S” in spirit. He claimed there’s nothing wrong with it. I protested explaining what I learned from Fr. Anscar. He went to the priest for advise to satisfy my objection and the priest simply told him, I was told, that there’s nothing wrong with the capitalization because it is “his” spirit–pari kasi sila, brod.

    Anyway, congratulation to the late Fr. Anscar and the Benedictine communities in the Philippines.

  • Hein S

    CBCP,  bring out your P24,000,000,000.00 in BPI and SanMig shares to help the Poor.

    We do not neeed your LIP SERVICE.

  • regd

    SIGH…If only they follow the Man who says “man, who made me a judge or an arbiter over you?”. Why oh why do they always interfere with affairs of the state when the God-in-the-flesh Himself  DIDN’T? WHY?

  • dickenhead

    Well folks its just a simple gathering of swards and pedos a normal thing


    As usual, they will talk about the dirt of others whilst they keep on ignoring the stinking garbage of their own. 

  • mangtom

    Ang yaman pala ng Philippine Cathoic church. Question: with that kind of moolah, why were they dumb enough to ask for mitsubishis and taint the church reputation? Could it be plain greed?

  • Darwin

    The divine spirit told me last night that there are so many priests languishing in hell because of false teaching. The CBCP bishops will definitely go to hell, he added.

  • $19543087

    I have nothing against the catholic church.  It is the people that is running the church that I have a problem with.  The people runnng the church demands from the government TRANSPARENCY and yet the church refuses to issue a statement of their assets & liabilities.  How much income they are earning from their investments, properties, etc. which are not subject to tax & how much tax paid if ever was paid.

    May I remind the bishops, priests & cardinals what happened in 1926 in Mexico?  The government of Mexico declared war against the Catholic Church hierachy because of too much interference in government affairs.  Bishops & priests were executed & churches burned. Remember 1926 in Mexico!!!!!!

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

       sori kabayan..pero i think the mexican revolution that you are talking about will not , and never will it happen in the philippines.

  • Bruno Batikobra

    ano pakialam nila sa national issues? nagbabayad ba sila ng taxes? bakit ganito ang pilipinas? kase ba puro katoliko ang naka-upo?

    • Chinoy_ako123

      Tama, mag bayad muna cla ng taxes. Instead of doing religious stuff, they’re butting into politics. They should go after priests who committed abuses.

      • mhertz

        Gusto mo double tax pa,  para maibigay sa governong unutil na ginawang bakasyonan ang US galing sa pera ng bayan. nakikinabang kayata sa kaban ng bayan..gustong-gusto mong yumaman from double taxation. eh diba nga yung voluntaryong nagbibigay sa simbahan nagbabayad na yung tax bago pag mag donate sa simbahan. Masyado ka nang mapang-api brother, bayaan mo totoo ang Diyos maniwala ka man o hindi. Yung mga pari at obispo kahit hindi yan mag se-serve sa simbahan. mabubuhay yan kc may pinag-aralan ang mga yan.

  • brunogiordano

    Iyan ang dahilan kung bakit maraming katoliko na ngayon ay RELIGIOUSLY UNAFFILIATED(NONES) na.

    Ang mga OBISPO ng CBCP ay tila tuluyan ng NALIGAW ng landas.

    Imbes na talakayin nila kung papaano ma up update ang OBSLETE NILA MORALIDAD (200 years ng behind), POLITICA at MINING ang tatalakayin.

  • Joel Marantan

     The PHL Catholic leadership has self destruct. I can say for my self “they don’t represent my interest and most of them are MORONS… I do not like them at all…” I am leaving the Catholic Business but keep my faith and pray to my God…

  • jinx

    Feeling infalliable na naman tong mga obispong to.  Ano na naman problema nila sa mga voting machines?  Kung wala silang maipakitang proof, at sasabihin lang hindi sila naniniwala, please wag na silang dumakdak at wag ng bigyan ng publicity mga kayabangan nila. Dahil kung tutuusin, ang pag-computerized ng election natin ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa panahon ni Arroyo in fairness to her. Dapat ang tanungin dito sa reliability ng mga PICOS machines ang mga guro, dahil sila mismo nag-ooperate ng machines o di kaya ang mga kasamahan sa BEI, hindi yang mga bobong obispong yan.

  • Joel Marantan

    These guys (priests and Bishops) they think they are cut above the rest. Let me say this clearly – YOU ARE NOT!!! You do not have the trust and respect of thinking Filipinos. You are fooling yourselves. 

  • ellatovara

    Naku CBCP, ang mga nag-iisip na Pilipino ay di na po naniniwala sa inyo.  After all the corruption of the previous adminstration at wala kayong opinyon na pinalabas dahil kayo ay binibigyan ng regalo … wala na pong naniniwala sa inyo. 

    At sa tingin ko eh … wala na rin kayong karapatan na magturo ng kung ano ang tama at mali, kung ano ang puti at itim. 

    Mabuhay ang nag-iisip ng Pilipino!


    In my view, the Church is meddling if they receive appointments as government officials or join elections without disrobing. If so, there is conflict of interests thus there is this principle of separation of the  powers of the Church and the state to contain it.  One cannot exercise the power and duties of a government office while exercising the office of the Church.   The church leaders giving their views individually or collectively is a right inherent to any citizen of a country.  They are forced to give their opinions and things going on n the country to lead their flocks to what according to them is right.  It is now up the members whether to follow or not. We are given free will by our God.

  • Kokak

    Panahon pa naman kasi ng Kastila itong style ng catholic church natin. Por dyos por santo pati mismong espana nagbago at umusad na.

    Btw, we cant expect n makinabang ang bayan sa pera ng simbahan dahil ito ay pinapadala po sa vatican sa Roma.

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehehehehe oo nga ano ang mga OFW mga bagong bayani natin nagpapadala ng dollar remittance sa bansa natin para umulad ang Pinas. Samantalang ito simbahan katoliko pinadadala yun pera kay pope ketsup eh di nababawasan tayo ng dollars dahil sa ginagawa nito mga obispo. Inilalabas naman yun dollar patungo roma. Kaya walang sila karapatan makialam sa takbo ng gobierno.


    Ang hirap maging pari ngayon, mahirap ding maging pulis mag ari ng negosyo at maging dyarista.  Pero kung iraranggo mo ang institusyong kinabibilangan ng mga ito, gobyerno pinakabulok.  Kawawa naman iyong mga tapat at mahuhusay sa kanilang mga tungkulin.     Nilalahat na.  Hndi maikapit ang kasabihang, “saan mang gubat may ahas.”   Higit tayong matinding humusga kaysa sa Diyos!

    • Smokey

      I think it all started when the Church cease to pay for the schooling of their priests in the Philippines. Nowadays they let rich business folks and even politicians do the sponsorship of those priest wannabes who had no bucks to support God’s calling. 

      So don’t expect some of them in the Church to bite the rotten hands that feeds them. 

      • TGM _ERICK

        Agree with you. As time passes by,many have turned away from the teachings of the Bible and God. What prevails is self gratification, where rats eat rats. I hpe we could still find n our hearts that we are responsible to our neighbors’ well being. :-)

  • kishbuff

    ABOLISH the CBCP to bring back people to their fold! Mga pakialamero ang mga obispo… lahat na lang na isyu, sinawsawan. Pero walang ginagawa sa kabulastugan ng mga kabaro nilang damaso!!!!!

  • George Lapulapu

    Humble and listening church–Bishop Tagle..

  • Tonypogi

    Bakit pati May Elections ay idi-discuss? Is the Church admitting to be itself political? Then, it should start paying taxes.

  • Smokey

    I think the CBCP should work first on why by large Catholic Filipinos don’t tend to listen to them anymore before they go on to other ‘pressing’ national concerns. Otherwise, they’d be reduced to the same level where the leftist are; loud but utterly useless since nobody really is listening to them anymore. 

  • Ernesto

    concern daw sila sa bansa natin.maniwal ka dyan.useless concern

  • Joel Marantan

    The sad fact is may naniniwala pa rin sa kanila, I would say mostly mga folks born before the baby boomers. Yung mga napagiwanan na rin ng panahon na akala panahon pa ng kastila. Sila yung mga na braiwashed irreversibly. Sila yung dina na update sa takbo at pagbabago ng panahon. Maaring mali ako pero sa tingin ko ito ang dahilan bakit against na against ang simbahang cotoliko enterprise sa RH Bill para maraming ipanganak at may continuity ang paghihirap ng bansa. the more mahirap the more uneducated na pwede nila i-brain wash at paniwalain sa “ang mahirap mahal ng diyos at siyang papasok sa kanyang kaharian…” Yun bang maipagpatuloy nila (nilang mga pari at obispo) na sila si Father, mag bless kay Father, bigyan ng regalo si Father, pakainin si Father, mahalin si Father, pasalubong kay Father, ipaglaba si Father, ipagluto si Father… I am completely fed up of this cotolik entrprise…

  • brunogiordano

    “He also prayed for the activities planned for the start of the nine-year period in preparation for the fifth centenary celebration of Christianity in the Philippines.”

    Sa fifth centenary ng pagdating ng mga katoliko dito sa atin bansa kasama ang mga DAMASO, dapat ipakita natin mga PILIPINONG nagmamahal sa atin bayan, na ang mga pangloloko ng katoliko sa pamamagitan ng mga paring DAMASO ay BISTADO na at hindi na natin hahahayaan ang kanilang mga kasinugalingan at pangloloko sa atin.

    • mang_empoy

      Pilipino rin akong nagmamahal sa ating bayan tulad mo, pero di ako sangayon sa iyo. Para sa akin ang mga sinabi mo ang mga kasinungalingan at panloloko.
      Kayong mga anti-catholic dito ang mga tunay na Damaso ng lipunan.

  • Noel Naig

    mabuti pa cguro kung unahin muna ng simbahan ayusin ang dapat ayusin sa bakod pabayaan na lang ang mga politiko na mamahala sa bansa…magdasal na lang sila para sa kaunlaran natin…..

    • mang_empoy

      Kung pababayaan na lang ang mga politiko na mamahala sa bansa lalong babagsak ang Pilipinas sa putikan.
      Lahat ng sektor sa lipunan dapat bantayan ang mga politiko para gawin nila ng tama ang trabahong ipinagkaloob sa kanila ng sambayanan.
      Hindi pwedeng magdasal lang ang Simbahan. Hindi lang yan ang gawain nya. Ora et Labora. Dasal at Trabaho. Yan ang para sa kaunlaran natin.  

      • barako22

        kaya pala lumala ang corruption sa pilipinas dahil sa pagbabantay ng simbahan

  • mhertz

    “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.”Earl Nightingale


      Mag imbento ka ng sarili mo. Hindi yong laging Plagiarism ….. eeeeewwwwww >>>>> Pakialam ko diyan kay Earl Nighties ….. may utak din ako hindi lang siya. Ikaw puro ka hiram ng utak …… nya…..hahaha ……. Boink !

      • mhertz

        may utak ka? eh wlang kang wisdom..lumalabas puro kasinungalingan at kawalanghiyaan..

      • ARIKUTIK

        You did ‘define yourself’. A victim of its own wisdom….. nya…hahaha….

      • mhertz

        you are what you think….

      • mhertz

        at isa pa , pa ewww kapa ni Pliagrism hindi mo alam ang ibig sabihin. ito baka di ka marunong mag google.. pla·gia·rism



        The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

  • mhertz

    “There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church. ….As a matter of fact, if we Catholics believed all of the untruths and lies which were said against the Church, we probably would hate the Church a thousand times more than they do.” Bishop Fulton Sheen

    • Islander

      Jesus Christ!  This is not the quotations thread.  Tell us what you think, not just quote from dead bishops.  Make personal contributions to the discussion.

      • mhertz

        If the qoute does not pertain to your comment then it is not for you. It is for somebody else and it is up to that person to perceived it.

      • ARIKUTIK

        You want personal qoute ! then savor this > “If a house does not welcome, then why should one enters. In the same way, if one refuse to enter a house then why should they be invited.” Who cares if someone hates RCC, Jesus can forgive but can humans forgive Jesus?

  • mhertz

    “Those who hate Truth and fear Goodness are not far from the kingdom of God. They are fighting against it, and yet they know theirs is a losing battle. The more violently men hate truth, the more they think about it; the more they fear the goodness that demands perfection, the more they know it is what they really seek.”Bishop Fulton Sheen

  • mhertz

    “The Church is like Noah’s ark that was full of both clean and unclean animals. It must have had an unholy smell, and yet it was carrying eight persons to salvation. The world today is tearing up the photographs of a good society, a good family, a happy, individual personal life. But the Church is keeping the negatives. And when the moment comes when the world wants a reprint, we will have them.” Bishop -Fulton Sheen

  • virgoyap

    Are they going to have a conference so that the Bishops’ voice will be heard? How about listening to the voice of the people? Let’s not forget that the Bishops alone is not the Catholic Church but the whole Body of Christ which include all the baptized people.

  • JosengSisiw1

    What is wrong with CBCP leadership. Their main agenda should be what is wrong with CBCP?

    • boyfarmer

       Something is wrong with you. . . .

      • JosengSisiw1

        yes you are right…minding about this Bishops is really upsetting.

  • Islander

    How about an apology to the nation for 400 years of deluding the people and teaching harmful social lessons?

    • boldyak

      they should apologize for not being so good a teacher that we still have people like you…really they should apologize….hahaha

    • mang_empoy

      I think you should apologize too for being unfair and baised. 400 years is a looong chapter in our history that cannot be summarized by saying a particular group has been “deluding the people and teaching harmful social lessons”. If you are objective, logical and honest enough to see both the positive and negative sides of history you will realize that what you just said is a lie. 

      • Islander

        Well, I apologize for failing to mention the few things that the RCC was good at.  But the recent fight for RH Law is clear to everybody how the RCC could be a harmful force for this nation. See, I have more “likes” than you in my original post.  More agree to me.  Even Rizal would.

        But I am intellectually curious on this one. What exactly are the major things that the RCC has benefitted the country with other than “giving us Christianity”?

      • ARIKUTIK

        If Christianity is not enough for you then you will vanish in this world empty for being not satisfied.

      • Ricky Bobby

        That’s like saying Christianity is the best religion in the world. So are you saying all the Buddhists, Hindu, Muslims, etc are all living an empty and unsatisfied life?

        Obviously, there’s something wrong with your logic. It’s like saying that the only way to be truly happy is to become a christian. FYI, happiness is a state of mind, not a doctrine.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The subject matter is RCC. I never did say that Christianity is the best religion in the world. Now then, aside from Christianity, what more one will expect from Christian bishops ? To preach about Hinduism among others ? Can you see the logic ? The original inquirer is asking for more aside from words of Jesus, but why should he ask, if he don’t believe anyway. His brain is Empty and so will die also with empty brain. That is the meaning of it all.

  • Lucky Luciano

    Election results a religion issue now? Wow. Glory Glory Hallelujah!!! Glory Glory Hallelujah!!!

  • Hein S

    AGENDA:  How to Fleece More Money from the Pinoys.

  • Hfxwst

    How irresponsible – one would think they would be concerned about the poor!  We are not well served by these Bishops.  They should be returned to Rome for retraining and reflection.

    At home, we should review their tax free status – they appear to be a lobby group rather than a religious order.

    • mang_empoy

      “We are not well served by these Bishops”.

      Una, poor ka ba talaga?

      Ikalawa, humingi ka ba ng tulong para sa isang specific need?

      Ikatlo, (with your bias against the clergy) will you be humble enough to seek help from the bishops? kaya mo?

      Ikaapat, sabi mo “We are not well served”. Sinong “we”? Lahat ba ng mahihirap na tao sa Pilipinas agree sa iyo na wala silang natanggap na tulong?

      Please answer.

      • Hfxwst

        The Bishops have been put on notice, there will be no more bribes and secret gifts to massage them.  They outright lost the RH Bill vote, and there are more to come. These Bishops are a selfish and greedy lot.

        They are in fear of loss of their perceived position in society – they are just priests doing a bad job of what Jesus told them to do.  Their tax free status needs to be removed and their assets and profits need to be laid bare for all to see.  

        We need good priests and good religious leadership.  We are not well served by this group of frocked lobbyists.

  • ashleybulls

    Agenda is — Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) ….what kind of religious leaders are you CBCP??? leaders nga ba??? –  Mga politiko na rin talaga – hay!!!

  • Mang Teban

    With such bias written all over the anti-Catholic comments in this forum, it has become a routine attack directly on the Catholic bishops and their organization, the CBCP, by these people envious of the way the Catholic Church actively works to seek for justice, peace, and reconciliation.

    When the Catholic Church sends people on mission to remote places that neither the government functionaries have not attempted to go, these bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries have nothing to say. How many instances had there been where Catholic priests, nuns, lay missionaries were in the middle of crossfire from rebels and soldiers and some of them were kidnapped, violated, seriously wounded, and killed? When the fight is about peace and order or the protection of the rights of the disadvantaged people deprived of their rights or when mining and illegal logging has displaced minority tribes, these malicious attackers are quiet. They do not malign the clergy in these instances as they do now with an announcement of a REGULAR semi-annual plenary assemblies by bishops. Such demeaning attitude these people have. 

    The name-calling for the unfair label DAMASO to priests are used most often when politics is the issue. Why? Even when there are EXISTING taxation laws that exempt ALL organizations whose nature and character of existence is religious in nature, these vicious dogs single out the Catholic Church. How unjust these animals can be! Why don’t they attack their own religious denominations? Are their religious leaders not exempt from taxes, too?

    The right to vote belongs to all qualified Filipino citizens which include the religious sector, not only of the Catholic Church but for all religions. Why again single out the bishops and priests to make irresponsible remarks that they have “no business” in the elections. It shows how narrow-minded they are. When a priest goes to cast out his vote, should the Comelec ask him first if he paid his taxes? 

    The CBCP is the mouthpiece of all Filipino Catholics. The bishops discern and find ways to help all Catholics in their search for morality in governance; the bad effects of political family dynasties; wanton disregard for law by using guns, goons, and private armies to silence political opponents; fraudulent canvassing and switching of ballots; and recently, the defective PCOS system that could have resulted to massive cheating in the past. If the bishops will not discuss these issues facing us today, who will? Has any other group been able to effectively identify the root causes of these problems? Has any other group been bold enough to inform the Filipinos and call them to use their conscience in voting for the right candidates? So far, these anti-Catholic comments have not served anything positive to find solutions to the deteriorating political landscape in our country but to undermine the efforts of the Catholic Church to aid the government move to the right direction. Instead, we read only wholesale disdain tainted by hypocrisy of the highest order. If their religious leaders have closed their eyes, ears,and mouths about injustices in the political electoral exercise, then they should support any group working to solve the ills of this country and not merely write negatively and destructively.

    • mang_empoy

      Very well said, Mang Teban.

    • Islander

       Tebs, you only have 1 “like”. Your critics have much more.  Clearly, you are speaking alone in the wilderness. 


      Jesus was crucified too but the truth of love prevailed. Faith with perseverance can move mountains.

    • Ricky Bobby

      “How many instances had there been where Catholic priests, nuns, lay missionaries were in the middle of crossfire from rebels and soldiers and some of them were kidnapped, violated, seriously wounded, and killed?”

      The answer to this is.. NOT ENOUGH. 

      Kidding aside.. it’s not their job to be in the middle of the crossfire. They should stay away, and stick to what they do best (whatever that is). They are not trained for combat, so they really don’t have any business being there. I’m sure their intentions are good, and I respect that. But it’s no different from you or I standing inside an operating room next to a surgeon during a life and death operation. We’re not doctors, (at least I’m not) so we’re better off waiting outside.

      The point is, don’t stick your nose in other people’s business… aka SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

  • mangtom

    Buwisit na cone heads ang mga ito. Tigas ulo. Kailangan mabatukan.

  • where_I_stand

    I have deep appreciation on the life of simplicity, contrary to the perception of antichurch crusaders, of these clerics and religious people. A friend of mine holds a PhD from a university in Germany and former chairman of the Philosophy Department in a prominent university in Metro Manila, joined a missionary congregation and still active in education apostolate, has lived his life in simplicity and comfort.  In his room, aside from his collection of books and an old laptop, there are no other appliances. His little comfort, I think, is his own T/B comfort room. Everything else is shared by the community of priests and brothers. I teased him, how could a VP-Academic of a prominent university [with its high tuition fees] has owned so much fortune in his room? He smiled, gave me a cup of a newly brewed black coffee, which he himself prepared for us, and shared with me the challenges of being an administrator (for almost 20 years now) and as a part-time professor of the said university, and how he has coped up with them. All his salary as an administrator went to the community fund,  but the community provided him “monthly allowance” enough for his day to day expenses. If he wanted to buy a new book, he had to save a portion of his monthly allowance. Of course, he can easily ask the finance in-charge in the community for a budget, but he didn’t. Each time I felt tired in the competitive secular world, his humble abode and friendship have provided me a haven of a simple living.

    Not long ago, I also met a young priest who excitedly told me that we have the same cellular phone, the latest model of iPhone. I teased him, welcome to the club. He belongs to a new breed of clergymen who are techno-savvy. He was on vacation while currently pursuing his doctorate in physics in Europe. The phone was a gift from his mother for his birthday. I was glad I withheld my judgment of the guy, his mother (from a prominent wealthy family) also gave him an SUV but he donated it to the community–it means that other members in the community can use the car. He is a simple, smiling young clergy with a brilliant mind and a caring heart.

    An old friend, who studied theology in Australia but eventually ended up as a lawyer and a law professor, visited me during Christmas break on his way home to the province. I was glad to know that he offers free legal assistance to the poor and the disadvantaged. He also told me that we can serve God in various ways and he is correct.

  • mangtom

    He also prayed for the activities planned for the start of the nine-year period in preparation for the fifth centenary celebration of Christianity in the Philippines.
    Comment: What has the Catholic Church, Philippines, got to show for its FOUR HUNDRED YEARS in the Philippines?

    1. Filipinos 80% Catholic

    2. Philippines the most corrupt country in Southeast Asia

    Not very convincing record, in my book. 

    • mhertz

      meaning most Filipino are hypocrites. It is not the fault of the teaching of the Church if they dont want to live a Christian life. Blame the individuals that are hypocrite.  And pray that they will not wrath God.

  • mangtom

    mhertz-great point. You get an “A” grade.

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