Pia Cayetano: No idea why Enrile mad at me



Sen. Pia Cayetano on Saturday said she had no idea what hurt she had caused Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile other than opposing his views on the reproductive health and sin tax laws.

Enrile’s resigned chief of staff, lawyer Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, said Friday the Senate leader had a deep personal hurt with regard to Cayetano and her brother, Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano.

Reyes made the remark in her public apology to Alan Cayetano, whom she called a hypocrite in a radio interview after the minority leader questioned Enrile’s giving of bonuses to his allies in the Senate in December.

“In her public apology, attorney Gigi Reyes said she understood the depth of the Senate President’s personal hurt involving me and my brother. The reason was deeply rooted she hinted but did not proceed to reveal it,” Pia Cayetano said in a statement on Saturday.

Reyes said Enrile’s differences with the Cayetanos were “quite deeply rooted” but “not related to the RH bill itself, much less to local politics in Taguig.”

“In all honesty, I cannot think of any other issue, apart from the RH and sin tax laws, that may have caused Senate President Enrile to feel so strongly about me,” Pia Cayetano said.

“I know he was not happy with me regarding the sin tax because he asked for my removal from the bicameral conference committee on the sin tax. And, of course, we all know our views on RH were poles apart,” she said.

“But prior to this, my personal and professional relationship with him had always been good. That’s why in my speech last Tuesday, I asked the Senate President if  I was being penalized for speaking my mind,” she said.

The Cayetanos and Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Miriam Defensor-Santiago did not receive the P1.6 million in additional funds for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) Enrile released to senators before the Christmas break.

Pia Cayetano believes all senators are entitled to the fund regardless of whether they are in the majority or minority.

“But assuming that what attorney Reyes said was true—that Senator Enrile had deeper reasons for resenting my brother and [me]—is that an acceptable reason for him to act against a colleague?” Pia Cayetano said.

“Does it mean that if any of the senators displease him in any way, he can arbitrarily act and treat us differently?” she asked.

First posted 7:25 pm | Saturday, January 26th, 2013

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FKE56ZWNI2XKEVVLZQGRWG7WBI BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    ENRILE is ANGRY at PIA Cayetano, because PIA is CONFIDENT to SAY what she FEEL to SAY——ENRILE with a TRADITIONAL method of leadership just like DURING MARCOS REGIME want her to BOW and SHUT-up and DO WHAT ENRILE wants——It WILL JUST DON”T WORK MANONG enrile–

    • sanjuan683

       hehehehe correct ka diyan

    • tarikan

      The foul thing is Manong Johnny wants Pia to BOW BACKWARDS. Amoy lupa na marumi pa ang isipan.

  • malek_abdul

    At 89 Enrile could be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia kaya pag kinontra mo siya ay magtampo. Yan ang ugali ng mga matatanda na malapit nang mag-ulyanin. Pagpasensyahan niyo na. Kulang lang yan sa pansin or perhaps sobra na sa pansin kaya abusado.

    • sanjuan683

       Dun na lang siya sa Assisted Home at maupo sa wheel chair at kaway na lang siya kada may darating. Happy pa sya

      • malek_abdul


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FKE56ZWNI2XKEVVLZQGRWG7WBI BURADOR—Phil. Voice


      • malek_abdul

        Agree po ako!

      • tarikan

        Sabi ni Erap O’gag si Manong Johnny sa kangkungan yan pupulutin. 

  • mangtom

    The reason why Juan tamad is angry at Pia is that she does not kiss his butt. Yan din ang reason na she got less like his bro, Trillanes and Santiago, whereas the rest of the senators got MOOE. 

    Enrile, no MOOE sh@t out of you. You are finished. Done. 

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Manong Johnny resents Pia Cayetano because he’s too old to be able to enjoy safe and satisfying sex while Pia Cayetano is not shy to fight for safe and satisfying sex as an inalienable right of every Filipino man and woman.

    But then again, Manong Johnny can resent anyone for the pettiest or slightest of reasons. More dangerously, Manong Johnny can harbor secret ill-feelings even against the dead. Buti na lang Manong Johnny is no longer as powerful as he used to be in Martial Law. Kundi patay na si Alan Peter ngayon.


    >>>Pia Cayetano can’t understand Enrile’s anger at her<<<

    GUSTO nya kasing maging Chief-of-Staff ka nya!  Yon lang naman.

  • hopeless_na

    tingin niya kasi mas masabaw si mam gigi kesa sau… hehehe

  • est

    Let him get angry to the point na atakihin siya sa puso magnanakaw naman siya

  • Bjdc

    Sa sobrang katandaan, bumabalik na kasi sa pagka-isip-bata si engrile kaya ang akala niya martial law pa rin at napaka-powerful niya at wala dapat kumontra sa gusto niya. Ganun lang ang eksplanasyon duon, Pia. 

  • milespacker

    I think the Cayetanos and the Enriles should settle their personal issues somewhere else. Pia Cayetano should now show some class and shut up – everyone should shut up and go back to work. Start the audit of the Senate, maybe their budget is too big if at the year’s end they have savings that end up as bonuses.

    • JK1000

      Asking her to shut her mouth ? Why don’t you do the same ? non-sense

      • milespacker

        My mouth is shut, my fingers are doing the talking, stupid.

  • Mamang Pulis

    ang ganda mo raw kasi mam—naalala nya si asawa nya noong bata pa! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3LQ4MUAU3Z36MIQGIGSOKBCQE Rosauro

    Baka dahil sa hindi pakabayar ng tatay niyo sa 37M s kanya? Kuna thousand ng yon pwede limotin. Million kasi e.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RRS2ZMUIBDUCQ5Z3L5CITMRE6Y Precy

    Just imagine had Enrile succeeded in his coup d’etat with Gringo Honasan and the RAM boys how many would he have jailed or hanged simply because they cross him. Up to now he is still in the martial law mode despite his senility. Bad habits are hard to die.

    Enrile will be gone and that’s no wishful thinking. That too spells the end for Gringo Honasan, Ping Lacson, Tito Sotto, Jinggoy, the military fugitives that he shelters in Cagayan. And so goes, UNA and his son Jackie the killer. They will all be history before the end of the first quarter of this year.

    • catmanjohn

      Lacson appears to be his own man. The other three you mentioned are his lackeys, totally.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        I agree.  Except as to the first statement.  I can only go as far as, “Lacson appears to be.”  Further, nothing follows.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZOKC6X7Q52Z4E5VLYNB7GF72Y Kaloy

       So our responsibility is to wisely to use our mighty power by  not voting  not only the killer son but all UNA candidates, every body, not only in 2013 election but up to 2016.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    Sonny Trillanes-  Enrile has tyranical tendencies ———-  I agree !!!!!

  • lolo_Jose

    Ignore mo siya apo, nasa pangalawang kabataan na niya at hindi na niya alam
    kadalasan ang kanyang pinaggagawa..Mahirap ang kalagayan sa ngayon ni
    Juan dahil hindi na niya alam ang kaibigan sa hindi o ang tama sa mali….Sana
    nga mag resign na siya dahil ang kapakanan ng buong bansa ang nakasalalay
    sa kanyang mga desisyon at baka ang mali ang kanyang magawa..Inang 
    mahabagin, wag naman sanang mangyari at kawawa ang mga pilipino…

  • Garote

    Oh, you don’t know why Enrile hates you? But do you want to know why I hate you? It’s because you  looked at our minor girls as if all of them are either prostitutes or sex maniacs. You said that the minor girls, including ages 10 yr olds, will never ask consent from their parents to have sex, so parents’ consent is not necessary if they want to take contraceptives. Your regard to our Filipino girls is so low that you totally see them like sex object. You presume all Filipino girls or women think the same thing you do everyday — SEX.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

      You are lying and inventing words to say just to justified your dislike against the senator. 

      • Garote

        True, I dislike your senator, but I’m not lying and inventing words. Read the newspapers so that you will know what the shameless things your senator is doing.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

      Paki blog naman kung saan mo nakuha ito 10 yr olds stuff?

      • Garote

        Read the newspapers so that you won’t  be always asking where I and the others got our “stuff.”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6LZKWWWOJTNBOOZJVX4FLC5MA Marcela

      nobody is going to buy your twisted statement pointed to senator pia that “the minor girls, including ages 10 yr olds, will never ask consent from their parents to have sex, so parents’ consent is not necessary if they want to take contraceptives”. even a high school graduate will not put this into an argument. poor you! nagarote na talaga ang utak.

      • Garote

        I don’t expect you to agree with me, because you’re as twisted in the head as your senator Pia Cayetano.

  • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

    Just move on girl…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

       Right! ignore the damatan!


      Girl ? kulubot at malansa na si Pia. Amoy lupa at malapit ng tabunan ng putik. Nag iwan pa ng lason sa sambayanang Pilipina. Nagtaka pa kung bakit merong galit sa kanya. Hoy Gurang ! isusumpa ka ng mga mahihirap na dadapuan ng cancer mula sa iyong RH poison pill. Malapit ng iprito ang utak ni Pia, she will never rest in peace for no one is there to forgive.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        nakalimutan mo na naman ata uminom ng gamot…may dementia ka na ata..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3TWVIBNBHJIBKXLUC5IT2JYM5E Harry

    As a woman it is impossible that she did not guessed his intentions. If it were her then there’d be no Gigi today.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

      Sa palagay mo suicidal si Pia? sus santa mariang maginoo!!!

  • duviz7533

    baka may gusto siya na ayaw mong ibigay

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

      Ibigay mo naaaaa…. ibigay mo naa… (<– lumang bold na awit)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMIY3BAK6WSUU4QYNGGDD5D4BU berong

    yun daw kahoy,di nyo na isinoli…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

       E, yung kahoy na yon galing naman sa illegal logging.

  • palakasantayo

    Well… what do you expect, we elected a senator on his second childhood. People at this age, overly senior, are so sensitive. They will remember those menial/trivial things that happened in the past and will start to pity themselves why those things happened and will look for someone to blame. And, they usually blame those who are close to him… family or friends. Here you are Pia… you are almost a family member to JPE going back to days of your father. NO MORE “AMOY LUPA” sa senado or congresso.

  • bogli_anakdami

    kc, inggit si gurang enrile dahil mas maputi at mas makinis ng kutis ni ms pia kesa kay ms gigi… at gustong malahidan si ms pia pero selos si ms gigi… yun lang, di ba?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Madam sen. Pia baka gustong makipag dogie sayo ni sen. enrile pakipot mo naman…;).

    Lets be serious… most of the chambers that creating laws there are always lobbiest influence. In my personal veiw of questions… does sen. enrile is the one lobbied by the multinational companies of cigarets & hard drinks? Is sen. enrile & sen. sottocopy lobbied by roman catholic church leaders? Lobbying was common and mutual practice by lawmen & multinational companies/organization that has business intention benefits nationwide.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

      lobbying ginaya sa Amerika… Paki ayos naman yang grammar mo! TAGALUGIN MO NA LANG KASI MAS MASARAP PAKINGGAN!

  • malaguena1940

    Mahirap maintindihan ito. Dapat si Enrile wala na dyan sa pagkainvolve niya sa Marshall Law noon. Mabait talaga at madaling makalimot ang manga Pilipino.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZYJLDPFZXW3GZVHSY5TOQZX6D4 SojuSaki

      Majority of Filipinos are simply dumb and stupid…nothing more.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

         itit mong sobra liit! Ikaw lang stupido!!! Marami tayong professionals sa abroad tapos dumb and stupid… IKAW LANG ANG DUMB AND STUPID… MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    But the best move of sen. enrile is to voluntary resign. … If he do this, he still a plus point. He is old enough to handle the senate presidency…..may mga laos na siyang desisyon na siya ring naglalagay sa kanyang kalalagyan dahil ang KARMA ay hindi natutulog, napapagod, pumapalya at tumatanda. If someone stop him to do so….the one who stop him has personal interest that sen. enrile as a senate president can be used.

    • leubas


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2ORSHXEGITQDUG3EBH6GYXUVKA Mr. Suave

    Gusto atang makatikim ng piyaya ni Pia. Manong Johnny itigil mo na pag inom ng vhyagra

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ON7OVYELIEWW7U25MAF7XD36WU Cubano

    Palagay ko si galunggong ang may galit ke Pia.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

       Galunggong = Gigi?

      Siguro nga, malaking selos! kaya pati si Pia idinamay. Bakit kaya walang kibo si Manang Enrile?

  • batangsulpok

    Siguro malaki ang gusto ni Enrile kay Pia noon pa man pero nabasted at di niya matanggap kasi mas maganda si Pia kay Gigi, sa ngayon lang kahit may edad na ay maasim pa rin tingnan.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLIGVU76L2UPOWLUZXLUK2LQSI Roberto

       Maasim o matamis?

    • rezli

      yun kung kaya ni pia i lollipop si lolo ko…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2ORSHXEGITQDUG3EBH6GYXUVKA Mr. Suave

    Nagsawa na sa pekpek ni Atty. Lucile Reyes si manong Johnny kaya puntirya naman nya si Sen. Pia lagi kaseng naka baro’t saya si senadora kaya laging nagigising ang manoy ni manong. Libog mo sen Enrile.

    • rezli

      huli kana ser, blow jab ang gusto ni lolo…

    • bogli_anakdami

      kc, di mabosohan si pia kayat’ano… kaya gigil na gigil si gurang enrile… at pinagpaparausan na lang si ms gigi…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Bakit kaya ayaw na ayaw ni Lolong Johnny sa condom at contraceptives? Bakit Kaya? Ano kaya ang dahilan niya? Wala akong clues he he he…

    • rezli

      kasi po, walang sarap pag may condom, eh si lolo ko oral sex ang gusto nya mas masarap daw pag lumapat na yung dila at labi..hehehe..

    • bogli_anakdami

      kc, walang mag-kasya sa kanya… laging nalalaglag… dapat gumawa ng flip size, di ba?

  • mangtom

    Baka ito ang dahilan na galit si Juan tamad kay Pia-Juan tamad admitted na malabo na ang paningin. Sa tingin niya kay Pia ay mukhang tilaPIA. No offense intended. Pia, you are really sexy.

  • vaporub123

    hindi kaya minsan ay pinahiya ni companero si enrile kung kaya nagtanim ng sama ng loob ito sa kanila pia?ngayon wala na si companero ay sa mga anak gumaganti si enrile?kung ganon,dapat lang siguraduhin ng mga botante ng ang iboboto nila ay yon mga taong tumatanggap ng kamalian at hindi makasarili.tyak ang anak ni enrile at katulad nya ang ugali kaya huwag na huwag iboboto ng di kawawa ang mamayang filipino.

  • Tnosce

    Eh! kasi naman mga bagets kayo sa politiko eh, hindi ba ninyo alam eh ay ” Elderly Abuse ” yan ginagawa ninyo sa Senior Senator na Senate President pa sa Senado.Buti may Christmas bonuses pa kayo na natangap na maibabahagi ninyo sa mga mahihirap na tao sa distrito ninyo courtesy of the Senate and the Senate President.  Alam naman ninyo na si Ms. Gigi Reyes ay mayroon karapatan yan ng mag salita ng kanyang opinion sa politiko base sa obserbasyon niya. sa radyo man o telebisyon walang masama dyan dahil off naman siya sa trabaho at wala siya sa kongresso noong mga panahon na yun. Wala naman ” Martial law ” eh. Hindi nga dapat mag apologized si Ms. Gigi Reyes kay Alan C. dahil public figure yan si Alan C. kasama po iyan at parte iyan sa trabaho niya bilang isang Senador ang tawag po diyan ( Constructive Criticism ) pa alala lang po iyan kay Alan C. to be a more effective Senator malaman niya ang kanyang actividad sa loob ng Senado beside ganyan po ang tinatawag nilang ” Transparency ”  Alam po ninyo na ” Respect is something a person earns and not to be demanded. ” Eto na naman si Pia nadiyan ka na naman na mumu litiko sa gulo. Alam naman ng taong bayan eleksiyon year ngayon. Payo lang sa iyo  Pia paki haing na lang ng ” Elderly Abuse Bill ” sa kongresso para naman may proteksiyon ang mga Senior Citizen at home and in the working place at kung saan mayroon mga elderly na ma aabuso o aabusuhin, eto ang turo sa atin ng ating mga tatay,nanay,lolo at lola ang gumalang sa matatanda.

    • akongednamzug

      Sabi mo, “Buti may Christmas bonuses pa kayo na natanggap na maibabahagi ninyo sa mga mahihirap na tao sa distrito ninyo courtesy of the Senate and the Senate President”. Mukhang napakamali nitong sinabi mong ito, unang-una na ay ang senador ay ibinoboto ng lahat ng botante sa buong Pilipinas. Kung halimbawa ang magkapatid na Cayetano, ibig mong sabihin mga taga Taguig lang ang makikinabang, paano na yung ibang taong bumoto sa kanila sa ibang parte ng Pilipinas. 

      • Tnosce

        Kung bumoto kayo kay Cayetano at mahirap po kayo at padalhan kayo ng pamasko eh di t.y. nasa kusang loob ng Senador po yan. 

  • aSwedishguy

    it just show and confirm how stupid the system works in Philippines 

    • Tnosce

      This is part of the challenges many people of the Philippines faces everyday who are  living in the Philippines. Would they live their lives in the eastern,western or traditional way of living ? due to the geographical location and the history of their country and of the people.

      • aSwedishguy

         What’s that got to do with geographical location? Why should the Filipinos tax money be in the discretion of a individual person to decide how and when and to who to distribute them,, it makes no sense and are for sure not good for fight the corruption  

      • bogli_anakdami

        bottom line, swededude, flips are gung gongs y tunggaks (stupid, idiots, & plain ignoramuses)…

  • Platypus09

    Was she drugs or something?

    What was it that she did not understand?

    Even an elementary student can decipher where the anger came from given the stories and circumstances.

    Isn’t she the one who was raised in the US?

    • patawad

      The Cayetanos are just playing the ‘inaapi’ para magkasimpatya sa madlang people dahil election na naman.  Isip, isip naman mga pinoys.

  • milespacker

    The Senate is now beset with personal problems. If it was a classroom, the students involved would either be suspended or expelled. End it now before it becomes a “standard practice.” Jeeezz!!

  • jgl414567

    Kung nagtraydor nga si Enrile kay Marcos at kay Cory Aquino pati na sa Bayan dahol sa fake ambush niya kayo pa kayng mga senador di niya traydorin? Replace Enrile and ostracize him.


  • almostcad

    To all politicians who thinks they are being singled out for opposing the other politicians views. Grow up, politics is dirty business. If you are thin skin then politics is not for you.

  • Platypus09

    Ms. Senator, this is politics, just in case you forget.

    What is it that you don’t understand?

    What is this playing innocent drama?

    Give us a break.

    All we know is that you want to take his position.

    Good luck..

    • Jane Tan

      Lol… she’s not that stupid. She has no backing should she decide to go after the Senate Presidency.

      • Platypus09

        She is not that stupid? Sure..

        Did you not read what was transpired?

        She looks like one now, real stupid..

      • AntiAko

        and you are not?

      • Platypus09

        Your name says so as well.

        Go figure.

  • pcosmachine



    • barok

      Ulyanin na kasi…dapat na magretiro kaya tuloy yung papuri sa kanya nung impeachment trial naglaho na parang bula.

  • JK1000

    Ganyan talaga si Enrile, ugali niya pa yan noong martial law. Kapag tumutol ka sa kanila ni Marcos ay kaagad kulong ka nila. Hindi na magbabago ang utak at ugali ni Enrile. Gusto siya ang bida at sikat, kaya nga nag coup ang mga bata niya na sina Honasan at RAM laban kay Cory Aquino para sila ang mumuno at ipagpatuloy ang kanilang mga dating gawi,

  • JK1000

    Juan Ponce Enrile thinks that he’s “untouchble” because he has so many resources to forever silence his critics. This guy has no shame at all !  He once headed the brutal martial law rule under dictator Ferdinand Marcos,enriched himself ,his boys launched coup de e’tat against then President Cory Aquino to grab power. Pia, ask him about his boys involvement in the brutal abductions and killings of then KMU Chairman Rolando Olalia and his driver Leonor Alay-Ay. At that time it was suspected that RAM were the mastermind of these killings,even the killing of then Lean Alejandro was part of RAM’s distabilization plan against Cory Aquino government. The ambushed of Noynoy Aquino during coup de e’tat that killed two presidential guard escorts of Noynoy was the handiworked of RAM. Do I need to mention port irene in cagayan? His logging activities in Visayas?

    • Dad PC Gtalk

      ngayon naka kita na si enrile nga katapat si sen. allan cayetano. now enrile has found the man who could debate and talk frankly to him. before if ever there are critics against him enrile will just threaten them to file a case in court because he thinks he is the best lawyer. SALAMAT SEN. ALLAN CAYETANO AT SEN. PIA CAYETANO KAYO LANG ANG TAONG KAYANG NAKIPAG BAKBAKAN KAY ENRILE. ITULOY NINYO. ILABAS NINYO ANG BAHO NI ENRILE. the filipino people are behind on you. akala ni enrile “untouchable” siya. yumaman siya sa martial law.

  • boybakal

    Daming Drama naman nitong mga Senador na ito.
    Akala mo mga balat sibuyas, ayaw tumanggap ng konting puna.
    It is normal to have debate, word war etc etc.
    After that as if nothing happened back to normal.

    It is not good to have 2 siblings in a Senate.
    Imagine, we have 24 senators, 2 are siblings.
    You don’t have independence much more impartiality. As always you side with your brother or sister.
    Sa kompanya bawal ang magkamaganak na magkasama sa isang departamento.

    Baguhin ang sistema ng Senado, dapat bawal ang magkapatid.


    • bogli_anakdami

      allah eh, flipland is a democrazy, pwede silang kumandidato lahat including their dogs…

      it’s up to the flip gung gongs/masa who they want to run da gub’ment de gung gongs…

      ‘wag lang gawing kaldereta ang aso, iboboto yan ng mga flip gung gongs, di ba?

  • efmag22

    I tAke my hAt off this senator likewise w/ her sibling in the senate, simple concise and straight forward, Its tough for them against the wiles of the crocs’…but be in good cheers the filipino people are behind y0ur back…eLection is kaming at kami na ang bahalang umusga sa mga buwayang iyan sa Senado..For Enrile nawala tuloy ang respeto ko sa iyo, ang taas pa naman nang tingin ko sa iyo noong impeachment trial…nayon pala wala kang pagka-iba sa taong inyong inusga Sweet Vindication for former chief justice Corona…tAwa na lang niya at pinag-tatawanan kay0 nang buhong taong Bayan…mga HUDAS pala kayong lahat…and that’s what they called a very bAd kArma pati ang kandidatura nang anank mo na si Johnny damay and the rest of your UNA party nga  ba iyon…

  • Guest

  • Paliwaweng

    Matinde talaga tong si Manong Johnny, karamihan sa pinapatulan, may asawa, senadora at woman president. 
    Karamihan babae.

    Kaya malamang, maka karma din sya dahil sa babae.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

      Casanova si lolo enrile kahit noon pa.. Marami pang kahoy yan na maloloko….

  • $16638896

    bka mainit lang ang ulo ni manong, kulang sa iyot hihi di na daw kasi tumitigas ung kahoy nya hihihih

  • ninestrokes

    Enrile is mad at Pia and Alan because both of them have got bigger cojones than him!

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    Karma-karma lang yan. Ang una na karma ng RH  ay si Santiago. Karma ni Enrile ay galing sa martial law pa yan.  Sino kaya ang sunod?

    “Karma-karma sa langit ang tamaan ay wag magalit!”

  • Carromatero_Sanchis

    Binay, Enrile, Santiago, etc. -They are graduates of the University of the Philippines. Their school & professors trained them with supposedly higher moral standards than the average Pinoy. The Philippine government subsidized their education so that people with exceptional talent would lead us out of poverty. The whole country expects a lot from them. Yet they end up using their God given talents in enriching their pockets. I find all these U.P. lawmakers guilty of bringing the Philippines to destruction beyond reasonable doubt. Btw, I have a feeling that the other woman was responsible for Pia’s woes with Enrile.

    • bogli_anakdami

      not only that, flips are the only devout katolickdicks pipol in asya…

      anal’ysis;  UP ejumacation + RC religiots = flip gung gongs/ladrones garapales…

    • ninestrokes

      Here’s something to add fuel to the the conversation. The University of the Philippines system, which includes the main Diliman campus, Manila, Los Banos, among others, is maintained and subsidized by the Philippine government and is allocated a certain amount of the budget every year.

      Guess how much the UP system received last year (2012)? The entire UP system (Diliman, Los Banos, Manila, Visayas, Mindanao, Open U), was allocated by the Senate a measly P6.0B. Contrast that with Senator Santiago’s and Senator Enrile’s revelations that the total MOOE allocated to the useless Philippine Senate is P1.5B. And that’s just the MOOE! There might not be an issue there if the Senate actually does its work and the population is proportionate to the amount of money invested but no.

      Here’s how it stands! That’s P6.0B for 55,000 students, teachers and administrators in the UP System. Meanwhile, P1.5B is allocated to 24 elected senators and it is up to their “discretion” how they use their P1.5B, which has as its financial bookkeeper an old greedy geezer who hasn’t had enough money during his 50 years of “public service”! That’s the true issue!

      • patawad

        Kaya nga kailangan natin ang FOI, eh ayaw ng panot, ano magagawa ng kanyang mga boss kung hindi magkamot . . . . .  

      • farmerpo

         You are talking of EDUCATIUON bro/sis, and that my friend is not even close to the priorities of our politicians. Why? because it will lift the Pinoy beyond the mentality of voting for trash. They will get to learn the nuances of politicians robbing us blind and that would be the end of this lot. They will not self destruct. So, EDUCATION is not top priority, any money given to the UP or the whole educational system for that matter, is PEANUTS, that is why we are getting a lot of monkeys. Remember, all you have to be is ‘know how to read or write’ to be voted into office, so the people are kept at the level, just ‘know how to read or write’.

      • batangpaslit

        ang lungkot nga ano

  • MrRead

    Who cares? Pia, leave it at that he is mad with you. You can be a better Senator that way, with checks and balances.

    • batangpaslit


  • rinom

    if ENRILE betrayed MARCOS, what more he could not do? Marcos was his master, his co founder of martial law, his companion and his co equal in martial law years yet he lifted up his heel against MARCOS when things became too difficult for him. 

    • catmanjohn

      Enrile still has you fooled. Enrile and Marcos are flip sides of the same coin, and Enrile is a masterful deceiver and fibber. If Enrile was Marco’s real adversary, how do you account for the Marcoses, not only to come back and be elected to the Senate and Congress, but being allowed to abscond to Hawaii will his ill gotten fortunes in tact. Time for charades is over.

      • batangpaslit

        something to ponder

  • jayemdee_412

    I thought senators especially the Senate President have mastered the art of statesmanship but alas I was wrong. What an spectacle to see these supposed honorable men and women in the august hall of the Senate quarelling and spitting venom to one another, an offshoot of the uneven distribution of Christmas gifts … er MOEE. Enrile would have been held in a higher stature if he evenly distributed his Christmas gifts to his fellow senators but he chose to be petty about it and spite those senators who opposed him. It is good that this came to light and now the people know where their taxes go.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H7VZJUYRS6TU3X3DDQD7A6P3ZE Mj

    I was even surprise why enrile stil in politics since Filipinos knows him well during marcos years.. he is even more than maarcos during that time.. that means, so many pinoys still illiterate to vote him during elections… he is the mother of illegal loggings even during martial law that made him rich… we should all unite not to vote enrile esp. his son during the election

    • rinom

      don’t forget kulilat iyan noong 1987 senatorial election, nasa hulihan iyan, and I think the dagdag bawas was not settled becausef time I not enough. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

      Not only for that, he was also responsible for the disappearance of many Filipinos fighting for freedom.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I think we do not need to go to the moon, stars and heaven to find out why we Filipinos will never find the heart to unite much less be encourage to walk the extra miles to achieve it.  This senate feud and the attitude of some is a good example as any why we will always be this way – divided!

  • superpilipinas

    You don’t know?

    Trapos hate Trapos!
    Political dynasties compete with each other for power.

    You clowns need to be trashed by Filipino people who pay taxes for your salaries. You have not served the Filipinos to expectations. Not even close.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_G7X5DO3WNUK4ORHZCFW4IAYS24 Lloyd

    pera pera lang talaga.

  • patawad

    Baka gusto niya bayaran ninyo ang 37 million na utang ng tatay nyo.  Bilib ako kay Enrile, lagi kaya niyang dala dala ang papeles ng pautang na iwinagaygay niya sa senado and produced it right then and there.  Or may nag tip sa kanya about Bilog’s speech.  

  • renatorivera

    I think Manong’s resentment was brought about by the success of these two “Chips of the old Block” in politics. Imagine these two brother and sister in the SENATE. So, the resentment is borne out of JEALOUSY – pure and simple.

    • rinom

      while JACKY CHAN is not yet,,,hmmm sound familiar.

    • batangpaslit

      siguro nga

  • Jim De Garman

    di matanggap ang “safe and satisfying sex” na idinagdag sa RH bill kaya galit dahil nga madalian na lang ang gawa ni lolo at Gee pag may pagkakataon sa takubets.

  • $20722540

    hey pia, ask your brother diba ,marami siyang alam na sa 100 kasinungalignan ni jpe, si allan alam ang 100 katotohanan…bakit di mo alam…playing naive ka no?  pareho pareho lang kayong mga senador kayo walang pinagkaiba pagpera ang pinaguusapan…mga mukhang pera at pera ng  bayan ang kinukuha ninyo…magapply na lang kayo ng ibang trabaho

  • anu12345

    Baka na-basted

  • boybakal

    Ganito na pala ang mukha ng mga Pilipina, parang Americana.
    Akala ko ang mga Pilipina, kamukha ni Miriam Santiago o Matutina.

    • latino_boom

      Eh siguro pangit ka kaya yan lang ang kaya mong tingnan at isipin kc kung ikaw ay may hitsura may tapang kang tumingin sa magandang mukha

      • batangpaslit

        hehehe….naka punto ka Bro

  • NoWorryBHappy

    After all the brouhaha, it comes down to the proverbial eternal confrontation between good and evil. Or the honest and the dishonest. “Langis at tubig. Kailanma’y hindi maaring magkahalo. ‘Yan ang katayuan nina Senador Cayetano and Enrile”. Ayon sa awitin ni Sharon Cuneta. Hindi magkaintindihan dahil magkaiba ang talasalitaan. Kapag tinanong ng mangunurakot ang tapat na tagapaglingkod kung magkano ang nakurakot ay walang maisasagot ang tapat na tagapaglingkod dahil sa wala naman siyang nakurakot.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Maybe, just maybe,  Enrile, being the petty, vain and bitter person that he is, cannot subconsciously stop seeing  in the Cayetano siblings what he considers as the undeserved success of the siblings’ father whom he treated and considered as a poor, low and miserable nonentity. His own son and daughter become for him a gauge of his own failure as he cannot likewise stop comparing them with the two senators who sit in the same chamber as his co-equals.  And who do not only not kowtow to him, but openly cross him.  The Cayetano siblings represent an irreparable crack in Enrile’s self-esteem.  “Eh, ‘yong mga kahoy,” was a classic Freudian slip.   

    • rinom

      or maybe, yet, ENRILE wants the two Cayetano will do the works of their father during the edsa revolution. defender of ENRILE while ENRILE brandishing his AK-47 in perilous time

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        That is reasonably possible too.

        But as to the “AK-47,” I think you got it wrong.  It was only an AK-46. The man’s a “minus one,” after all.

    • batangpaslit

      i believe you…

    • cogito728sum

      Hello mi amici!

      Oftentimes, a man who isn’t at peace with himself, who is haunted by his past, is in constant fear of his shadow. Even when he looks at himself  in the mirror, he internally trembles fearing that his image may suddenly  ask him of question he avoids answering.
      And when he is  finally confronted with the moment no mortal  can escape, the moment to account for one’s folly, he takes a false display of solace such as “I’m not going to the gutter” when in truth and in fact he had already long gone into before.  And when Enrile started brandishing a purported document of indetedness  by a person whose lips have been long sealed by death and therefore, can no longer defend himself, he did not achieve his objective of humiliating the Cayetano siblings but only further displayed, for all the people to see, the baseness of his character.  He further proved to the people what we call in the vernacular that: “he’s not only a mangungulimbat but a manunumbat as well.”

      What I find lamentable here, considering the caliber of Enrile as a lawyer and the undeniable success of Rene Cayetano in raising successful siblings that followed his footsteps and of obvious proper upbringing, is Enrile’s failure to avoid the vagaries laid out by the ancients that “it is in the character of very few men to honour without envy a friend who has prospered.”

      Perhaps Enirle did not, inspite being a law partner, consider Rene Cayetano a friend.  Perhaps being”petty, vain, and bitter” and feeling overshadowed by the late Cayetano, Enrile had, all these years, been harbouring a deep-seated grudge against the deceased and venting such only now that the siblings are obviously challenging his authority.

      In view of these revealed flaws in Enrile’s character, is it unreasonable to suspect the veracity of the 37 m. peso loan and the authenticity of the brandished document?  That is the question.  Merci, mi amici!

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Ditto, my good friend!  

        Incidentally, I’ve been reading online these martial law vintage cases involving those “arrest, search, and seizure orders” (ASSOs) which Enrile issued left and right.  I can’t help suspecting that it is one of the “pillars” on which he built his empire of wealth and influence.  People arrested on the strength of those ASSOs could easily be released upon Enrile’s whim. And those released would see it as a favour from him or, worse, the release orders could have been granted for valuable consideration.  And during that time, he was still far from being the mogul he is now. 
        As to that Php37M debt, I can even give him the benefit of the doubt.  But the best scenario I can grant him is that the “7” is an intercalation.  That’s why he cannot show it publicly!

        Anyway, hearing what he said on that fateful exchange with Sen. A. Cayetano, I could not help thinking of how Enrile himself confirmed that his heart was made of wood!  Henceforth, he will be known as the “Kamagong Kid” in my literature class. Best regards!

      • cogito728sum

        Very good finale mi amici.  But if you may indulge me to suggest, not necessarily out of dissent from your choice of a tree but only to be fair to the chosen tree, which to my humble understanding is a good quality tree, would not, with due respect, your choice be doing injustice to the Kamagong?  Would not its replacement with a sour tree, say the Kamias, be more appropriate to reflect the old man’s personality?  Except that it would be most unjust to develop a ‘maasim’ character among the future generation, a personality trait we are trying to discourage.  Kamias Kids doesn’t sound impressive my friend.  So here’s our quandary because personally, I always associate Kamagong to the pieces of a brainy game, a set I’m in possession still and one of my cherished personal items. 

        Going back to Manong Johnny (incidentally Johnny is the sweetest name you can give a boy according to some) I keep wondering what kind of a balance sheet is he going to reflect about his life.  While he may have all the millions of pesos in his asset column, if they are easily offset by his liabilities to mother nature for all those unfortunate trees he had mowed down, directly or indirectly causing the loss of human lives in numerous mudslides, the ‘disaparecidos’ of the martial law era for which he should be made directly answerable, what kind of networth would he end up with?

        Isn’t it a pity that after all these years of pursuit and exercise of power, one has nothing to show at the end of his life except a balance sheet with a networth of moral bankruptcy?  Merci mi amici!

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Ha ha ha . . .but YES!  I agree. Both as to the wood and the balance sheet!   I didn’t pay much attention to the tree species!  “Kamagong Kid’ is definitely out.  Especially that I  grew up with that game and got a set of that kind, too! Boy, am I glad for that reminder and that it’s still a Sunday here.  Hence, and in light of my reply to rinom, the man will have to be either “Wooly Woodpecker”or “Wooly Woodcutter” in both my history and literature classes, depending on the votes! Thanks a lot, too!

      • Mamang Pulis

        balimbing would be more appropriate sir.

      • cogito728sum

        If you thought so my friend, maybe mad could consider it, except that the fruit balimbing is really expensive where I am.  Good luck! 

    • perpetual7

      “Eh, ‘yong mga kahoy,” – Sa napakaraming itinumbang puno nyan para sustinahan ang mga logging concessions nya na nagpayaman sa kanya ng sobra-sobra, babalik at babalik yan sa kahoy kung papanong bumabalik ang kriminal sa pinangyarihan ng krimen. Pero wag ka, babalik din yan sa lupa para maging pataba maski sa damo man lang kc isusuka ng maski anong kahoy ang mga abo nya… ang tagal…

  • $23228448

    because he is frustrated, Viagra does not work anymore  

  • Guest

    Tanga! Eh di tingnan mo apelyedo mo. Ganyan din mangyayari balang araw kapag napasok na mga anak ni Binay, Estrada, Aquino, at iba pa. Personalan na lang ang away sa Senado.

  • rjimenez1226

    Naiinggit siya dahil ang anak niyang si Jack walang kwenta.

    • rinom

      may be true, but Companero has a better name and that is the reason why 2 of his children became a senator.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4RLENCX7D5QB7BPFJFBENEPZNE rage b.

    is sa kahoy?hahahaha

  • $8278216


  • farmerpo

     ‘Pia Cayetano believes all senators are entitled to the fund regardless of whether they are in the majority or minority.’
    Speaking of the fish taken by its mouth, this piece of ‘wisdom’ shows us one and all that what we have in the senate are made from the same mold, same dirt and same breath of life. They breath and live money, money, money. Sabi naman sa tagalog, ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. How true can that be?
    Nobody, just nobody is entitled to the fund other than the welfare of the Pinoy. Senatong and reps should make laws not dispense money like ATMs. It is not YOUR money, ma’am. Money is the root of all evil? No, only when the desire for money beats the desire to really serve you master, the Pilipino people, as in ‘ Ye cannot serve God and mammon’ etc.etc.etc……

    • rinom

      the love of money is the root cause of all evil. it is not the love, it is not the money but the love of money that cause us to do evil. money is good because we can give it to the poor and can be used for charity and for the expansion of the word of God.

      • batangpaslit

        agree….money is neutral. it is how we use it

    • catmanjohn

      You should tell that to Enrile, who seems to be using the money as if it were his own personal account, with strings attached. The sooner Enrile leaves Philippines politics, the better for the Nation.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

        Tama, dapat mag retire na. Mayaman na si lolo.

  • Beguine

    What’s this?

    Anybody and everybody following the news fully understands why
    Enrile hates, not just dislikes, despises the Cayetano senator siblings, and 
    Pia Cayetano chooses to play dumb and declare she does not

    She knows perfectly well what Enrile feels towards her and her
    brother, better and at much greater depth and details than us readers and
    Senate news gossip recipients. 

    Enrile’s chief aide, uncovered for all to gawk at and as his just exposed again amour
    has just written a kilometric tell-it-all about Enrile and the Cayetano senator
    opponents. Doesn’t Pia read what everybody else has already read
    and perfectly understood?  

    And to all voters, this is the strongest message yet, do your best 
    to vote wisely. Remember, who you vote for is what you get in the Senate
    itself. This present Senate urgently needs total revamp! 

  • mannybi123

    tama na yang issue na yan. pinapahaba mo pa madam senator. pigangpiga na yang issue. MAGTRABAHO NA KAYO!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

    baka “type” kanya at hindi mo pansin……….!!!

    • batangpaslit


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

        sarap mang sulsol para masaya…..hehehe

      • batangpaslit

        mabuti nga siguro na tatawanan na lang natin ang problema.
        otherwise, aburido tayong lahat kung isipin natin na ang Philippine Senate pala ay mga high paid sets ng mga LQ, also known as lovers quarrel.
        sabi, si Sen Angara at si Senator Loren ay mag ehem din.
        sana ang inaatupag nila ay ang pag-aaral ng batas at ang kaigihan ng buong bansa
        bulsa lang naman nila ang inaasikaso nila eh

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

        masyado kayong seryoso, kwento naman ng masaya pares ni pareng batangpaslit..tsismoso din pala…hehehehe

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS

    “EH, ‘YUNG KAHOY?”

    ANA: “Totoo nga kayang merong naiwan P37-M personal na utang ang tatay nina Sen Alan at Sen Pia na si namayapang Sen Companyero kay JPE?”

    LISA: “Ows? Utang na naman? Okay, kung totoo ngang merong utang na naiwan si Companyero kay JPE, eh bakit ‘di nito dalhin sa Husgado para ang Husgado ang bumusisi, o, ‘di ba?”

    CION: “Eh, ‘yung kahoy? Mga troso ng narra sa Cagayan ‘galing ang taksan-taksan na pinapulak ni JPE para ka Companyero, ‘di n’yo alam? ‘Yan ang dahilan kung bakit personal ang galit ni JPE sa 2 anak na senador ngayon ni Companyero, intiendes?”

  • Chloroform

    If you returned the “savings” of your own MOOE budget, then you will not receive the 1.6 M additional MOOE… Difficult to justify the giving of  additional MOOE to someone who has an excess MOOE.

  • Dy Pailad

    Old Kid in Town (source: New Kid in Town)

    There’s talk on the street; it sounds so familiar
    Great expectations, everybody’s watching him
    People you meet they all seem to know the issue
    Even his old friends treat him like he’s something ew!

    Johnny’s fall come lately, the old kid in town
    Everybody hates him, so let him step down. 

    • ngidigop

      That’s my favorite song by the Eagles.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Pia, you better believe what Gigi is saying. And better ask her the details, you know, girls’ talk.

    • batangpaslit

      good counselor eh

  • Benito Juarez

    Filial piety will lead you to hug your brother’s spirit as he fights a colleague, and you might cast your principle to take hold of your brother’s belief. Mr. Enrile adds glory to his name by waving an act of mercy through your father’s debt. For every bitterness he keeps in his heart is a lot of appeasement for revenge. While you at rest, he schemes for another offense. He learned the easy road to attack was also the easy one for your brother to defend. Deceiving you and the people is protecting his interests – that’s Mr. Enrile. As for Ms. Gigi, your past arrogance becomes Mr. Enrile’s thorn at the present.


    Pia, si JPE gustong sumawsaw sa iyo, pero cannot say cya dahil LOLO ang turing mo sa kanya. Sa totoo lang, galit cya sa sarili nya dahil UBO NA LANG ANG MATEGAS.

    • regd

      LOL!! Na-ihi ako sa katatawa!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

    Galit si lolo enrile sa yo dahil Hindi mo pinapansin, my gusto sya sa yo. Si mam gigi naman, buking na as other woman ni lolo.

    • ngidigop

      Viagra overdose?

  • Alejandro Canda

    Hindi na tayo ma surprise sa inaasal ni enrile. Isang typical ASAL-MATANDA. Kaya sa ganyang sitwasyon, walang wala na talaga syang kahalagahan maglingkod bilang senate president. Palaging nalalagay sa alanganin at kahihiyan ang senado kapag mananatili pa si Enrile. Kayong mga senador huwag nyo nang hintayin magalit ang taong bayan sa inyo. Itsa pwera na yan si Enrile ora mismo upang marami pa kayong magagawa bago kayo mag break para sa election sa Mayo.  

  • batangpaslit

    dahil siguro dimo sia sinusunod parati for he thought since your Dad have utang, eh, you and your brother are beholden to him

    • ngidigop

      Di ba may kasabihan tayo, kapag namatay ang may utang, patay na rin ang utang.  Enrile’s remark is uncalled for., He stooped down so low.

      • batangpaslit

        talaga sigurong balak gamitin ni JPE ang utang ng ama ni Sen A Cayetano na pang “blackmail” to hold hostage the siblings hostage. kaya lang, di naman takot ang magkapatid lumaban

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

        Dapat Lang na labanan nila si lolo enrile. May karapatan sila. At may credibility ang mag kapatid Kesa Kay Dirty old man lolo enrile.

      • levis2012

        That was Enrile’s way to skirt and evade the issue against him, to counter-attack with very personal yet irrelevant and immaterial issue.

  • batangpaslit

    paano nga naman kasi si Mr Lagman ang kanyang kahawak kamay…hehehe

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    change the dot

    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Aug 28,1987 rebellion

    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    “The Chicago Tribune reported 15
    years ago that Enrile’s wife Cristina walked out on him in January 1998 
    after charging adultery.  The Tribune also reported that the “other woman
    “ was Gigi Gonzales-Reyes, Enrile’s chief of staff,  about 30 (39 not 30) years
    his junior.”

  • tra6Gpeche

    Ms Pia Cayetano does not seem to understand that Filipinos when
    they argue just about anything, everything becomes personal. There is no such thing
    as professionalism when it comes to any issue among Filipinos. That is who we

    • alienpatriot

       It would be unfortunate if this was totally true. I have noticed this failing in politics here. Politicians do not put forward proper policy platforms. One can only hope that, under PNoy, things will improve.
      As someone foreign-born I can only hope  that Enrile resigns his position before he further damages the reputation of this country.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Believe me. Whether it is a barbershop talk, tunggaan talk, political talk or any generic talk, the issue at hand will become personal and might even lead to killing one another. This is true anywhere you go in the Philippines. So be careful. Don’t argue if you are in the Philippines!

      • levis2012

         Don’t argue with a drunk.  Matalik na magkakaibigan, nagpapatayan dahil nalasing at nagtalo sa walang katuturang bagay.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Amen, kabayan! That’s our Filipino culture!

  • linobog

    Mahilig kasi Manong Johnny sa paligoy-ligoy.

  • batangpaslit

    i read you…

  • batangpaslit

    bakit dimo banggain si JPE, eh, magaling ka pala

  • batangpaslit

    magaling ka pala eh…bakit dimo sabihin sa madlang tao?

  • JX Peron

    If Enrile dies today, he will be remembered for his ignominy — not for all the skillful handling of the impeachment trial, something which he earnestly cultivated and desired to rehabilitate his name. Perhaps what is happening now is the karmic design of the universe. Ahh, there is justice, after all. I wish I could see where he would finally stay in the afterlife. Hehe.

    • Rolly257

      Hope he lives forever…until he is remorseful.

    • ngidigop

      when you get to that afterlife stage, I guarantee you, you and Enrile would be in two different places.

    • Ceazar

      Enrile will be remembered for his ignominy???

      Don’t be surprised that when Enrile finally, finally dies, he will be given state honors, his body will lie in state for several days in the halls of Congress or Senate with honor guards and every congressman, senator, president, vice-president and every other politician will compete in lavishing him with praises – a patriot, a true statesman and public servant, legal luminary, every good word you can think of.

      But as martial law architect or one who gave away people’s money as Christmas gift, who will mention those?

      • levis2012

         Let those Judases in Congress honor the man.  But the Filipino people will never ever honor a Filipino like that!

  • regd

    Di kasi makasingit “YUNG KAHOY” niya hehehe.
    Kahoy ang inutang, kahoy din sana ang pambayad. May reseta naman pampatigas dyan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFSZ7TIZZG47FYQFAZFIGYXKPM Pers


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

      Hindi dahil si lolo enrile ay matagal nang corrupt. Marami nang naibulsa to na galing sa bayan…

  • Albert Einstien

    PURO HYPOCRITE mga POLITIKO natin…..style nyo po bulok…pera-pera lang yan…

  • concern_netizen

    Enrile is mad at Pia and Allan Cayetano because they remind him of how he failed as a father.  The senior Cayetano was just a lowly lawyer who relied on JPE’s ‘generosity’ to feed his family and roof above their heads.  And yet Cayetano was able to raise two brilliant lawyers who will carry the name ‘Cayetano’ well above the Enrile which is on its way to oblivion.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6LZKWWWOJTNBOOZJVX4FLC5MA Marcela

      enrile was not a failure as a father. jackie for that matter had a good upbringing. they say he was a killer, a drug addict, a spoiled brat and a happy trigger guy! i still remember a rumor during the martial law that because jackie didn’t like the way a guy stared at him that he walked back to the guy and without saying a word, he spanked him! that was really a good upbringing.!

  • $19543087

    Sen. Pia Cayetano it is not about your official act that Enrile is mad.  It is the “deeply rooted” resentment he has with your family.  It is the unpaid “kahoy” valued at P37million that your family owed to him which is totally a private matter which should not be injected in the senate proceedings. Beside, this is your father’s debt & both you & your brother has nothing to do with it.

    • levis2012

      Bayaran mo daw Pia yung 37 Million para di na magalit si enrile haha… Ang utang daw dapat bayaran, kahit patay na ang nakautang.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RYJTO7WZU5UOBJZM4AX4WMOVH4 nayve

    politician should be honest on there pork money what accompleshment they done on there state. education health care ect .

  • eirons1043

    Juanito Furuganan is like the Rock.  He is so hard and solid and definitely cannot be destroyed from the outside but from within. By attacking the dead Rene Cayetano who was an insider in his exclusive circle, his inevitable self destruction has begun and with the forthcoming humbling defeat of his son in the senatorial race will put finish to his political life.  However, like the Marcoses and the little girl who has accumulated so much wealth (JPE even has one exclusive free port in Sta. Ana , Cagayan) they will still be the bad forces to reckon for a long, long while..

  • marivon

    Baka naman may love triangle:)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

      Hindi papatulan ni ms. Cayetano si lolo enrile, pero nasikmura ni mam gigi dahil sa pera na galing sa bayan…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H4INAGLB7BOCJ4EVP3ZWJQRQ74 itsumo

    Gusto ko happy ka!!! Ang tanong HAPPY na talaga ba tayo sa taas nga electric bill natin? During campaign period isa ito sa kanyang plataporma iwan ko lang, mukhang nakalimotan na yata ni manong, lalong lalo na tayong mamayanan.

  • Dy Pailad

    Ang ugat nito ay ang ponzi scheme (ponce enrile scheme), pyramiding if you like, that collapsed.

  • jbrand




  • Rovingmoron

    Baka naman kulang ka sa beso beso kay JPE.Syempre iba yung halimuyak ni Sen. Pia Cayetano kumpara kay Atty. Gigi G. Reyes. 

  • MarcyPulilan

    Kamukha na si Sen. Pia Cayetano ni Imelda, talagang may binabayad ka rin na hindi mabibili ng pera kapalit ng pagiging senador. Masyado kasi silang maraming pino problema na kung isang mahirap ka lang ay hindi talaga problema. Naku, sa pag bilis ng pagtanda niya eh baka maiwan siya ng barko at wala ng magkagusto. Maganda pa naman noon ang ating senador na ito.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    Dear PIA  HERE’s the reason why

    Knownig Enrile he has NO respect for people who claim to be senators but are TRULY INCOMPETENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE OF THE LAW

    In other words tama na daw ang pa cute

    • Dy Pailad

      So galit din sya kay Jinggoy, Gringo, Ping and Tito?

      • levis2012

        Of course NOT, eh mga tuta nya ang mga yan! Mga bulag na sunud-sunuran.  Galit si Enrile sa mga komokontra sa kanya.  Pasalamat si Trillanes at Cayetano at hindi na Martial Law ngayon, kung hindi death penalty aabutin nila kay Enrile, “Ang Berdugo ni Marcos”.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZRZQJV5DC6CGAP3I2SIBQC6EQ Leonardo

      Ok ang pa cute Kesa magnanakaw at berdugo.

  • babaismael

    Talking of  PORK  BARREL, a Senator receives 200M annually. A very huge amount  w/c is according to COA is not audited at all. These are loose funds  that could be spent  on any Senator s  descretion.. These  CAYETANOS  are brothers and sisters….meaning they collect 400M annually. How lucky they are!  Millions of Filipinos are deprived of descent living, most of whom are in the poverty level.They seek employment outside the country just so they could earn enogh and  enjoy a bit of comfort even risking their lives in entering war torn but rich countries, for one simple reason but so embarassing, their own government could not provide them a worth- living employment yet these lawmakers who are quarelling of unequal shares enjoy their lives to the fullest. There must be something wrong in the political system of the country. Filipinos must act now  so the Philippines could also prosper just like other asian nations.

    • levis2012

       There is a blatant misuse of Filipino Taxpayers Money.  These Senators and Congressmen are no different to Judas Iscariot who was entrusted as the Treasurer of Christ and His disciples, but secretly stealing the money  for his own personal pleasures and aggrandizement.  And as Judas was judged to hell, these followers of Judas Iscariot will go where their idol go.. No thief will ever be accepted in heaven.

  • boybakal

    Pia Cayetano: No idea why Enrile mad at me…

    First of all, I don’t believe you that you have no idea why Enrile is mad at you.
    You are a smart, intelligent, educated woman.
    Either you pretend to be dumb or in tagalog nagmamaang maangan.

    Eto sasabihin ko na kung bakit galit si Enrile.
    Kasi nga isa lang ang kalaban niya, yon kapatid mo, pero kinakampihan mo siya.
    Dehado nga naman si Enrile, dalawa ang kalaban niya imbes isa lang.
    Kaya sa susunod kumandidato ka na lang Congressman,
    Imagine, 24 lang ang senador for 100 million filipinos, tapos 2 pa kayong magkapatid.
    In short, give other a chance.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AUPTS47VZP6O5O4ABVWTACXOQU Febien

    Kahoy ang inutang kahoy din ang kabayaran. Allan Bitter, at Pia magkapatid sa senado. Wow! nasa 300 million ang pork annually! congratulations!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    In his little notebook, the petty Mr. Enrile keeps tabs on every little favor he has done for others throughout his life. When the need arises and the right time comes, Mr. Enrile will one day surely demand for his pound of flesh or repayment for the debt of gratitude. There was a time in the old days when children were under legal obligation to inherit the debts of their deceased parents and could sometimes even be enslaved for it. Unfortunately for the bean-counting Mr. Enrile, our laws and traditions have marched with the progress of time. The old Cayetano is dead and the young Cayetanos are not constitutionally bound to be beholden to him. After so much rancor, it is time for the generous patron Mr. Enrile to recognize and cut his losses, and chalk this up to experience. After all, Mr. Enrile is neither a savvy investor nor an altruistic philanthropist. The money he merrily spreads around is our taxmoney and not his. Santa Claus or Don Vito, make no mistake about it — JPE will always be for JPE.

  • Putakte Naman

    ang corrupt galit sa kapwa corrupt

  • $23601969

    Common denominator of the 3 are their support to China in its intentions on the Philippines.  Maybe there is something along this line on the issue with the lady senator. 

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Sad we are, not happy. The M.AD ( martial law administrator ) man is, well, mad. He has taken  his politics deep down the gutter, think of  ‘yung kahoy’. Disgustingly, he is using the senate as his stage. 

    Mad he is at the Cayetano siblings because he was expecting them to side with him on every issue, just like their father did. Credit this two for not doing so, though they cannot claim their politics is purer and cleaner. Whatever grudge the mad man has against the Cayetanos, he has no right to use the senate as the arena, where he has the home court advantage, in getting back at them. He has been using  the senate’s resources, our resources, to get back at those whom he presumed wronged him, with us commoners, not getting anything in return, except some bits about his mistress and some malfunctions from his waist down. 

    For the commoner’s sake, they should get their petty squabbling settled and done somewhere else. Any columbarium would be a nice place to do it. Secured, serene, heavenly. Let them see those ashes to ease their nerves, so  they will have time to ponder and discern the truth from lies, and to make themselves familiar to what is inevitable. If that will not stop them from telling more lies and deceiving the people, I suggest they better go to Hades.    

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AO6VKORVP6RF3NJ2OW74M3YTXA Jojo

    kya galit po sa inyo si senator enrile una dhil sa sin taxes hndi na cia makakuha ng boto sa mga ilocano kc ang pangunahing produkto nila doon ay tabaco dba..pangalawa:dahil sa pagpabor nio sa RH BILL tuloy gagamit na ngaun cia ng condom niyan para sa kania kalambingan at pangatlo:may utang daw yung tatay nio ng mga kahoy sa kania sa pagpapagawa ng bahay nio ng inyong nmayapang ama .. NARRA kya iyon ..pangapat:sukat ba nman bukingin nio cia tungkol sa kania delihencia sa senado tsk..tsk..@#%&*^

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AUPTS47VZP6O5O4ABVWTACXOQU Febien

    Kahoy ang inutang kahoy din ang kabayaran! Pia wag mong pansinin si Enrile ang mahalaga may pork barrel naman kayo ni Allan Bitter! Wag kayong magaway away magsaya kayo dahil millions ang pera nyo!

  • Cano Manuel

    Who cares about their personal feelings. They’re there, let them do their jobs!

  • Paliwaweng

    Akala ko, tayong mga ‘lesser mortals’ ang nagbabangayan ng katulad ng nangyari sa senado. Akala ko dahil mga senador sila, lahat ng kinikilos at sinasabi ay iniisip ng mainam dahil alam nilang nakasubaybay ang lahat ng Pilipino. At dahil mataas na antas ang kanilang naabot na edukasyon (maliban sa ilang senador) kakikitaan sila ng yumi ng isang kagalang-galang. 
    Puro kasi ako akala hehehe tama ang sabi ng statistics, na karamihan sa mga akala ay palpak.
    Yung sagutan nila sa senado ay walang pinagiba sa mga guests sa Face to Face, kulang na lang magsapakan at magsabunutan.
    At nakakagulat sa isang abogado na de kampanilyang katulad ni Enrile na ayon sa record ay napakatalino, perfect score pa nga daw sya sa commercial law ay sinisingil pa ang patay!! Waaa!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AUPTS47VZP6O5O4ABVWTACXOQU Febien

    Ang nabubuhay sa kahoy sa kahoy din namamatay! 140 million to 160 million ang pork barrel nyo kada taon nagaaway away pa kayo? cheer up!

  • levis2012

    Senator Enrile was the architect of Martial Law.  He was so used to dictating, and anyone who opposed Marcos and him were sent to jail or to death.  That was their ways in the Days of Martial Law.  And an old man like that cannot just easily change his ways of doing things.  Anyone who dares to oppose him will suffer the wrath of the former jailer and executioner of Marcos.  Anyone who criticize him he counter-attacks with a totally different issue which is very personal and immaterial and irrelevant as what he did against Trillanes and Cayetano.  Enrile is very arrogant to think that he can bully anybody just because he is a veteran in politics.  What is a veteran if those years were not spent in good service and genuine love for country and people?

    • levis2012

       And Enrile was a true Opportunist.  When he saw that Marcos’ ship was sinking in 1986, he jumped out of Marcos ship, rebelled and survived, just like a criminal who turned state witness to save himself from prosecution.  He turned out to be the Hero of the Edsa Revolution when he should be convicted of the many crimes he committed during the Martial Law, including the death of Ninoy whom he incarcerated for 7 years and 7 months in solitary confinement.  And how about the other victims other than Ninoy?  He was and is still guilty as a conspirator of Marcos for all the deaths and disappearances of countless victims during the Martial Law years.  If the Filipino failed to jail and judge this old man, God will!

      • satamalang

         Alam na alam “utuin” ni Enrile ang mga Filipino.

        isusulong lang niya “discount sa txt” (BRIBERY IN DISGUISE) e ok na naman sa mga tao. A sure way to be a senator.

        TAMA NA NAMAN SANA. I-knockout na natin sa election ang mga taong sobrang nagtatamasa sa kaban ng bayan.

      • DarkJustice

        EXACTLY! Kaya nagtataka ako kung bakit ang mga Pinoy eh ginawang HERO si ENRILE! EH tinaraydor niya si Marcos! Nang maiipit na sya,nagkunwari lang syang humuhiwalay sya kay Marcos pero kung naging succesful ang coup de etat nila ni Honasan,gagawin nyang military junta ang Pinas at sya ang maghahari sa Pinas hanggang ngayon! Ang hirap sa karamihan ng mga Pinoy eh bulag sa katotohanan!

    • Komen To

      Kala ko nga sabi nya gusto nya HAPPY tayo. E mukhang sila lang ng tropa nya ang HAPPY. Di ko na rin gusto maski pagkain. Di baleng walang pagkain sa hapag kainan, basta wala lang nakawan

  • $23601969

    Pro-China  +  Power to Create Laws = TIBET. Irreversible Mistake

  • satamalang

    Enrile is a classic example of “patronage politics” in the Philippines.


  • busit08

    It seems to me that a
    lot of our so-called “public servants,” once elected, begin to have Parkinson’s
    and Alzheimer’s disease, throwing their weight around and forgetting their
    mandate to serve the people. Worse, they forget that the public funds they quarrel
    about are precisely the people’s money, not theirs.

    • DarkJustice

      That is why they run for this position to use the public funds for their personal expenses! Kung ako lang masusunod,sa opinyon ko lang naman, mas maganda magka-civil war sa Pinas..No in, no out! Para magising  sa katotohanan lahat ng Pinoy! Wala ng ibang paraan para mabago pa ang sistema ng Pinas!

  • satamalang

    I-knockout na.

    Di na natin kailangang mag-RALLY. para mawala mapagsamantala sa gobyerno.

    Idaan na lang natin sa boto.Mas tahimik at walang gulo.

    I-knockout na.


  • Tonypogi

    It is time for Enrile to step down and resign. He is already showing senility. His latest actions proved this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

    wala naman may nagawa para sa bayan.tulungan nyo ang nasalanta ng bagyo.maawa naman kayo  sa ating kababayan ,sa daming nyo nang pera 

  • babaismael

    Here in Japan the word PORK BARREL  is not just obsolete but is totally out of context. Politicians here consider Public Service a sacred undertaking and only the deserving ones are qualified to seek elections into office. A factory worker could even earn more than what a lawmaker does but inspite of that the political system of this country remains as one of the most efficient in the world and that is one of the many reasons why this country is very rich and very kind and generous to countries which the Philippines is one of them. Politicians here who suffer embarassments  as a result of their misdeeds resign immediately and most even commit HARAKIRI. In many countries like the Philippines, entering politics especially high posts, is compared to establishing a multinational business with fast and high ROI such that lawmakers only seek Congressional and Senatorial seats because of that PORK BARREL. The PORK BARREL  is the root of all evils in Philippinne politics and remains  a cancer of society that may never be cured.

  • http://www.facebook.com/makulit.palagi.7 Makulit Palagi

    nganga mga kababayan… kurakot na enrile sobra ng yaman..  Iboboto nyo pba mga enrile na yan kainaman maawa  kayo sa mga anak nyo… NGANGA NA LANG AABUTIN NYO SA MGA IYAN!!!

  • almycha

    If your late father owed P37M to the old man I can clearly see why the old man hated Cayetano’s.  P37M is a hefty sum of money and someone has to step up and pay the old man.

    • Komen To

      Know your laws. A dead man cannot defend himself. What if I tell you that your dead lolo owed my dead lolo P500 million, based on my dead lolo’s stories in the past, would you immediately step up to pay?

      • almycha

        The old man will not accuse someone without evidence.  Remember the old man graduated from Harvard and known to be one of the brightest lawyer in our country.  The Cayetanos are nothing but bs.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZMNMXXYUEMSWLFLZVCDUANKJTQ Iberis

        everyone who graduates from harvard is a saint? because he is a harvard grad and one of the brightest lawyers in the country, we should always BLINDY believe everything he says?
        well obviously you are an enrile loyalist, good for enrile, he needs all the supporters he can get, what with many FORMER supporters now seeing him for what he is.
        keep talking atty reyes. aside from JPE’s deep seated grudges against the cayetanos, what else can you tell the public? ^_^

      • leubas


      • batangpaslit


      • Nobayan

         Agree. Ingles ingles pa Almycha. Di na lang tagalugin kung hirap.

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, baka taga collection agency itong si Almycha na pag successful sia sa paningil sa mgakapatid he or she gets a perentage from what was collected.
        Assuming 7% ang commission nia, aba, halos PhP3 MILLION PESOS din ang mapunta sa bulsya nia

      • batangpaslit

        ulit….mali ang conclusion mo

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

      uu nga naman ung namatay mong lolo may utang sa tatay ko dapat bayaran mo ito nga mga papers patunay (gawang recto) na may utang ung namatay mong lolo….hehehe

      • almycha

        The old man graduated from Harvard so he has the evidence to prove that Rene Cayetano owed him P37M.  He will not accused somebody without evidence.  I hope the old man gives lesson to Cayetanos.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZMNMXXYUEMSWLFLZVCDUANKJTQ Iberis

        he will not [ACCUSE]….. (not “accused)
        why do you hope that JPE will give a lesson to the Cayetanos? what did they do? it’s the late Rene Cayetano who ALLEGEDLY has the debt. 

      • batangpaslit


      • batangpaslit

        mali naman ang deduction mo kabayan
        it is not disputed that Rene Cayetano have utang to JPE
        what is disputed is your erroneous conclusion.

      • Nobayan

         Almycha — ke Harvard pa siya ke Purungganan Elementary School siya graduate how sure are you that the late Cayetano owed anything to Enrile? Because of a document that only ENRILE knows about and which he was brandishing off? How sure are you that this is authentic? And even if so, how sure are you that this has not been paid either in service or in kind? And why did he wait this long to collect or even mention? Wala na kasi siyang masagot sa issue kaya di-nivert na niya ang usapan. Yun lang yun. Hellooow! Style niya bulok. No, no, no sa Filipino culture ang pang-ungkat sa patay, no matter how bad he was! At his (very late) age, Enrile should have known this. Wait till his imprudence boomerangs to him and his &^%$* candidate-son.

    • observer1356

      Namatay na ang taong nagka-utang. Tanong lang: Obligasyon ba ng mga anak na bayaran ang utang ng kanilang ama?

      yong nangyayari sa pagitan nila JPE & Cayetanos sa ‘utang’ issue, di kaya considered ‘harassment’ na ang ginawa ni JPE??

      • batangpaslit

        you are wise

    • batangpaslit

      bakit ang utang ni Rene sa pagiging business nila ni JPE ang mga anak ang babayad?

      • almycha

        on the death of Rene Cayetano the old man Enrile has to right to the properties of Rene.  I am sure Rene left some properties, cash and jewelries which can be paid by the heirs of Rene to satisfy Enriles claim

      • batangpaslit

        Kabayan, I grant, the late father owes JPE.
        I think, Rene Cayetano have a state that owns some properties you cited.
        My query, is:
        Can’t JPE file escheat proceedings against those properties under the name of Rene Cayetano?

  • JLFS

    He can not screw a woman anymore, but he can still screw the nation.

    • batangpaslit

      poignant analogy, eh

  • doublecross

    suntok sa buwan yan 37M na yan.

    ibagsak si jackie sa election!!!!

  • PH2011

    If the main reason is the 37 million

    Thus, it’s JPE fault.

    Bakit siya nag papautang ng walang collateral.
    Kung mi collateral e di kunin nya.



    • batangpaslit

      baka ang pangako na ang dalawang anak ni Rene ay ang collateral. meaning, pag may mga pet bills si JPE, dapat affirmative vote palagi ang magka patid.

  • Komen To

    “But assuming that what attorney Reyes said was true—that Senator Enrile had deeper reasons for resenting my brother and [me]—is that an acceptable reason for him to act against a colleague?” Pia Cayetano said.

    Good point. I thought issues are fought based on facts, not on personal grudges. What happened to Manong, my “ex-idol”

    • batangpaslit

      ex-idol….eh, Bro, sino current idol mo ngaon sa Phil Senate?

  • ever green

    ganyan talaga ang mga matatanda….medyo nag-uulyanin, hinahalukay ang mga nangyari nung nakalipas, paulit-ulit ang kuwento….sensitive sa maraming bagay…..

  • boldyak

    she feel penalized dahil maliit ang nakuha?….wahahaha…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    Eh kase nga ipinilit mo ang safe and satisfying sex..

    Ang gusto nya discreet but brutal and wild sex..with his one and only…

     Always sweet and wet..

    Atty. G.G.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

    Because just like father, he expects the two of you to be always on his side. Ingrates, that’s how he sees you two…who became senators because of your family name.

    NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTY! Don’t vote for a relative of an incumbent.

  • virgoyap

    Yes, Senator Pia, RH and the sin tax law. That’s the only reason why Enrile hated you most. It seems that he is overwhelmed by your sound and sharp reasoning.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7IGQYIPU6AFTVRJ742XT2X44M4 Jef

    Cause of corruption in the Philippine Politics is the so called PORK BARREL handed to every senatong and tongressman. They say for project for their constituent but in reality they put on their own purse kaya maraming nagpapayaman sa mga politician on the taxpayer money malalaki na mga sahod at allowance nila like the so called MOOE na dapat gastusin for their official work eh ginagastos man nila sa sarili nilang kapakanan. Dapat ang Government hold this Port Barrel identify these projects for every senatong and tonggressman bid these projects and the DBM release this port barrel sa ganun makikinabang lahat ng mga tao. More fun in the philippines hurahhhhhh

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Sintu-sinto na kasi si Enrile delikado na sa masa yan dapat eh palitan na talaga.

    • BatangSingapore

      ang magkapatid na cayetano sa senado hindi pb dynasty lol.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    01. I gotta a feeling, Enrile used the MOOE to pick up the tab for Gigi’s birthday.

    02. I gotta a feeling, the b-day bash of Gigi in Makati Shangri-La was not cheap.

    03. I gotta a feeling, the viral video of Gigi’s b-day was officially screened at that party.

    04. I gotta a feeling, the Philstar picture of Gigi’s b-day has more than what meets the eye.

    05. I gotta a feeling, Enrile is scared sh1tless now that Alan Peter wants an outside auditor.

    06. I gotta a feeling, Enrile might fall down like China’s Bo Xilai.

    07. I gotta a feeling, PNoy’s KKK are now scared that the executive will be audited rigorously.

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, may numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 pa ba?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrcoolbayran Rey Bayran

    Probly, he’s envious of your father……… He cannot make a senator out of his children

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4RLENCX7D5QB7BPFJFBENEPZNE rage b.

    dahil siguro sa kahoy!!!

  • BatangSingapore

    gustto kasii ng magkkapatid na cayetano na lakihan pa ang bigay na pera sa kanila tsk tsk…

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Pia Cayetano: No idea why Enrile mad at me,di mo raw pinapansin beauty ni Manong eh,.

  • boybakal

    He can arbitrarily act and TREAT US DIFFERENTLY?” PIA asked.

    Maybe, Enrile treats you differently.
    Because Enrile is Pure Ilocano, Pure Pilipino. Whereas you Pia and Allan ay may dugong Americano.
    At least, Pilipino knows how to discriminate too…Ano americano lang ang marunong.

  • panugda7

    Pseudo-Dementia secondary to anxiety of getting old and out of power..Power will not last too long until you will be 90 years old and your sun is setting now, Mr. ENRILE, face the reality and your family name will be forgotten..In a weighing scale you did more harm to us than good..Your legacy for majority of Filipinos is YOU wield a rambo power during Marcos time and constantly been accused of  as the  LORD of illegal loggers. How will we remember you??

  • JosengSisiw1

    What’s the real score with Cayetanos and Enriles? Pia should know, she’s not dumb so huwag ng mag maang-maangan pa.

  • YanoSantos

    Maybe he wants the kahoys back.

  • boybakal

    Tama naman si Enrile…kasi nga yon MOEE is one for every family. Bakit dalawa ang nakuha nila.
    Doble ang nakuha ng Cayetanos.

  • Yobhtron

    Out of topic, iba na ang itsura ni Pia. Mukhang nagmamanas ang mukha. Di kaya meron sakit?

    • Catdoggie

      Ganyan talaga may lahing Puti. Madali kulubut. I discovered a cheap formula. Secret. Baka makopya as Tsina. Btw, stomach cancer din pala cause of death of their Dad. You Pinoys are shoving food in your mouth unaware you are being poisoned by “shoal” smugglers. Buti kami sa probinsyano eh , our food are fresh, less chemicals ( imported from you next door country neighbor). Kaya less occurrence of stomach cancer. Dept. of Health should take stats & study.

  • w33k3nd3r

    Enrile is a male chauvinist who can’t stomach a woman who can do better than him. He comes from a time when society modeled women into the submissive Filipina which is decades ago. The male senators following his lead and kissing his nuts are the same as him. The Filipina of today does more for the nation than these close minded dinosaurs could ever imagine.

    • basyong

      in the snap election between marcos and cory macoy said women should only belong to bed!!! marcos and enrile belong to the same class who only think of themselves as the best in everything

  • boybakal

    Kasi naman tong mga Cayetano doble doble ang MOEE.which is one for every family only.
    Tapos pinapili pa ni Enrile…KUARTA o KAHOY.
    Pinili ng Tatay nila,KAHOY, bakit may KUARTA pa ulit.
    In short, Double Compensation.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • $20722540

      bakit mo naman sinama ang mga Obispo, ano kilaman nila kay kay jpe at pia…ikaw ang salot at sulong satanas sa Pilipinas!

      • http://twitter.com/Zambatako Rodrigo Villarubia

        You will realize later that these priests and bishops will bring you to eternal damnation, open your eyes.

      • $20722540


  • batangpaslit

    Bro naman, huwag mo nang ibulgar na tsismoso tayo. Mamaya, wala nang magkuento sa atin dahil baka masulat ko pa dito sa feedback section.
    Dahil nabanggit mo rin lang, sana, ang maliit lang na font size ang ginamit mo para ba hindi halata pero may mensahe.

  • Catdoggie

    During martial law, Enrile not only robbed the Philippine coffers but robbed Filipinos of their teenage years as well. Opportunities were so hard during Martial Law days. It was only open to his relatives & cronies. All these crooked politicians are not only robbing the treasury but your kids present & future as well. They make things hard for all of us because of their bad governance. They choose not to retire. After all the govt. is the best institution to make tons of money. Enrile ( an illegit probinsyano son) , Binay ( very close to the orangutan specie who is robbing Makati treasury to finance his campaign), and Estrada ( a self-confessed moron) are all birds of the same feather. As u can see, they flock together. So they hate people who are nuisance in their robbing expertise. I am honing in on my witchcraft skills. Let me know if you have a DYI info on how to make UNA Leaders voodoo dolls.

  • maypakialamtayo

    wala na ang mga kagaya ng mga ito; senators jose “pepe” diokno, maria kalaw katigbak, juan liwag, claro m. recto, genaro magsaysay, jovito salonga, jose roy, francisco “soc” rodrigo, tecla san andres ziga, lorenzo tanada, lorenzo sumulong, eva estrada kalaw.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      Korek ka dyan. Ang mga ntira sa atin ay kundi mga bading, daldalero, artista, trapo, mukang pera, sipsip.

  • joshua kings

    hay naku pia, pwedeng-puede kang mdel ng plastik pradaks.

  • rnoldrmada

    Something definetely happened between their late father and Senator Enrile that gives Enrile a hard-on when it comes to them. And it isn’t the debt their father had with the law firm he shared with Enrile but something more than that I suspect. Perhaps the late Cayetano was the one who leaked to the media the relationship betwen Enrile and his chief of staff Reyes which led to the breakup of Enrile’s long marriage. You never know.
    Looking back though all these events would not have happened had Enrile given the 4 other senators the same amount of christmas bonus he gave the rest of them. He totally misread the situation and maybe underestimated what the reactions would be of the 4 senators.
    He will survived this for sure but the politcial price is going to be huge; he is not going to come out this unscathed. What’s more worrying is the effect this drama would have on his son’s political ambitions. Public opinion might swing against them; making the the bad guys on this very public spat in the chambers of the senate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reynaldo-Quijada/100000740291153 Reynaldo Quijada

      The Cayetanos should be removed from the Senate for positioning themselves as non trapos pero grabe na pagka political dynasty. They forget about their ideals when family interests is at stake which does not exclude money matters. Enrile and GMA were former friends right mga ninong at ninang pa yata. watch out PNoy and Villar.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    If you want to stop political dynasties, the do not vote for them at the elections. Start immediately by not voting for the next Enrile personality looking for a senate seat to continue the family business.
    They all say they are their own independent person, but the reality is it is all family business and interests that comes first. Never for the pride of public service. If it was there should have been a lot more resignations, but they all want to hold on too tightly to the power and money that comes with it, rather than accepting humbly the loss of public trust and walking away with their heads held high.

    • butchred

       you are talking of political dynasties not to vote for them in the coming election, and what do you think about the cayetano’s?

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Baka dahil doon sa sinasabing 37M na utang ng tatay nila?  Kung tutoo, alam kaya iyon ng mga anak?  At kung oo, gumagawa ba sila ng paraan para mabayaran?  Kung wala silang ginagawa, baka iyon ang ikinaiinis ni Manong. Hehehehehe…

  • jbrand


  • boybakal

    Ganda pala ni Senator Pia, akala ko ang mga senador na babae katulad ni Miriam Santiago, kamukha ni Matutina.

  • tukmoldinako

    bopols karin pala wala kang idea, lol

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GUVVKS4SPGK5S5C5ZR4D2N2M5I anak ng sultan

     ikaw ba naman ang utangan ng 37milyon tignan ko lang kung d ka magagalit.. eh yung mga kahoy pa, magkanu yun? ilang milyong posporo pa dapat yun? feeling kasi ni MANUNG JOHNY ( THE MANIPULATOR) ENRILE, malaki ang naitulong nya sa CAYETANO siblings kasi nga may 37milyon utang ang kanilang pumanaw na ama.. MOVE ON MR ENRILE…. baka ulianin na kasi nga 89yr old na sya…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WT5ZX5O7ZBC6Z3LXFA4UIQZC3I emajega

      hahaha tama ka dyan manhid yata ang magkapatid. o talagang hindi pa sila nauutangan ng malaki sa buhay nila hahaha

    • Ravens727

      Saan naman kaya kumuha si Enrile ng 37 million..? di pera din nang taong bayan ang ipinautang niya….sa madaling sabi, ninakaw din niya yon…..

    • abner

       ung 37m hindi lang sa pagkain nila napunta un..kondi sa mga pagkain pa din ng mga apo apo…at pinangbayad sa ospital nang magkasakit sila…..parang ipinagpapasalamat pa nila at namatay tatay nila kase wala na silang babayaran….tsk tsk tsk….kinain mo tapos di mo man lang maisip na bayaran????

  • $38346712

    If the brother and sister don’t practice utang na loob to Enrile, I hope they do to the Filipino people.

    • http://enria.org/ scconcern

      Wala tayong “utang na loob” kahit kanino. Kung gusto natin tumulong, tulong na walang kapalit o aasahan.
      “Utang na loob” is suppresive and exploitive words used by the friars, landlords, politicians, druglords, warlords and other plutocrats to unfortunate masses and workers, to make them guilty and submissive. 
      Yung natulugan sana naman makatulong naman sila sa ibang paraan, kung may kakayahan.

      • boybakal

         Wala nga tayong Utang ng Loob…Utang sa labas naman ang laki.
        Anong gusto mo utang na loob o utang sa labas, may interest pa.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQLFTBIJPDUKN3NJBAXRHX73BI BobetB

    Investigate enrile, maybe someone from the camp of anti-rh would like to give him reward money if the law was not passed.

  • http://enria.org/ scconcern

    Wala tayong “utang na loob” kahit kanino. Kung gusto natin tumulong, tulong na walang kapalit o aasahan.
    “Utang na loob” is suppresive and exploitive words used by the friars, landlords, politicians, druglords, warlords and other plutocrats to unfortunate masses and workers, to make them guilty and submissive.
    Yung natulugan, sana makatulong naman sila sa ibang paraan, kung may kakayahan

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

      di mo nakalimutan na naririnig din natin mula sa mga nakakatanda sa atin, e.g., mga magulang or kapatid….

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I know why Manong Johnny with malfunction from waist down and can’t see anymore, was really mad at you. 

    You really hurt his feelings when he asked you as a replacement to Gigi Reyes as the 24th senator. 

    ‘My god, woman I hate you.  You don’t have to pay your father’s debt anymore’

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