Caloocan bishop quits; Vatican accepts


Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/

MANILA, Philippines—Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, one of the figures in the Philippine Church hierarchy known for openly voicing their opinions on various political issues.

The information was relayed to the media office of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Friday by the Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Guiseppe Pinto.

The 72-year-old Iñiguez, who is chair of the CBCP Public Affairs Committee, resigned before the mandated retirement age of 75.

While no information was made available as to what could be the reason for his resignation, the Vatican stated that it was made under Canon 401, par. 2 of the Code of Canon Law.

The provision states that a diocesan bishop who becomes “unsuited for duties due to illness or other grave reason is requested to tender his resignation from office.”

Iñiguez was the first bishop of Caloocan and had served the diocese since August 2003. A native of Cotabato City, he was ordained in 1963. He served as Auxiliary Bishop of Malolos from 1985 to 1989 and as bishop of Iba, Zambales, from 1990 to 2003.

As an official of the CBCP, Iñiguez had been giving his voice to many social and political issues including the reproductive health law and land reform. He was also a steadfast advocate on environmental issues.

Aside from Iñiguez, San Pablo Bishop Leo Drona also resigned, which the Pope has also approved on Friday. Current Gumaca Bishop Buenaventura Famadico was appointed as Drona’s successor.

Drona, 71, was ordained a priest in December 1967 in Rome and was appointed bishop of San Jose, Nueva Ecija, in July 1987. He served there until 2004 when he was transferred to San Pablo City.

As the new bishop of San Pablo, Famadico, who is a member of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, will serve more than two million Catholics in the diocese.

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  • bogli_anakdami

    does he still have a direct access to heaven?  … or, does san pedro need to check his resignation papers before allowing him near the gate?

  • ryan andres

    One down, many more to go… other bitchshops please follow suit!

  • w4d

    LOL…The politicians should follow this act, where you tender your resignation when you are deemed “unsuited for duties.”

  • hanep

    The good bishop  probably  could  not  take  the  church’s  hypocrisy anymore.

  • Rovingmoron

    Paano mag resign di sayang naman yung makokorakot nila sa PDAF. Di pwede!


    ENLIGHTENMENT or call of guilt….whatever it may be….it’s a glorious event for all non-fairy tales believers.  Kudos to the German Shepherd for concurring peremptorily.

  • isellnuts

    Why he is returning the key to St Peter?  Maybe medium rare steak taste really  better.

  • $37644997

    Not all the priests are created equal,each and every individual are entitled to their own dissension.

  • Yahilaw

    CBCP is sinking and he heard somebody yell: “abandon ship!”

  • tristan marius

    nahiya na siguro sa mga pinaggagawa ng mga ibang Obispo. 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    TO ALL BISHOP FOLLOW Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez

    • Observer_din

      patay sir, ubos sila pag ginawa nila un.. hehehe

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as 3 years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    GlorIa bribed to Mitsubishop and Safari
     Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Priest who had sex with boys now tells how to smuggle ivory

    National Geographic‘s new issue exposes the ivory business, which has been hiding in plain sight since a worldwide trade ban was enacted in 1989. And a major player in the magazine’s story is a priest in the Philippines whom I wrote about in 2005 when investigating another global-trafficking phenomenon — the Catholic Church’s movement of sexual abuse suspects across international borders to escape justice.

    The priest, Monsignor Cristobal Garcia, is now quoted as explaining how to smuggle ivory into the United States: 

    “Wrap it in old, stinky underwear and pour ketchup on it.” And if an icon won’t fit in a suitcase? Here’s how 

    National Geographic‘s Bryan Christy summarizes Garcia’s advice: “I might get a certificate from the National Museum of the Philippines declaring my image to be antique, or I could get a carver to issue a paper declaring it 

    to be imitation or alter the carving date to before the ivory ban.”Garcia also made provocative comments when I interviewed him about why he fled the U.S. in 1985. He admitted having sex with altar boys and supplying them with drugs

    • Daniel Nielsen

      what was said was when that story was revealed people were writing into the paper what a great man he was. i wonder how many flippino children were raped because a child raper can never be cured, millions of dollars has been spent trying to rehab them and cant be done. they have even said the thoughts are always there. they cant get rid of them. when a child raper is arrested in most countries and put in prison. they cant be put with the other prisoners. because they would be killed. you can be axe murderer and be respected but there is none for anyone who abuses children

  • brunogiordano

    Bad news iyan sa mga Progressive/Liberal Catholics.

    Sigurado ang ipapalit sa kanila ay mga ultra CONSERVATIVE/FUNDAMENTALIST upang mahigpit na ipaglaban ang makaluma (200 years behind) na MORALIDAD.

  • Garo Ungaro

    Now, what did the church offer in benefits after serving as bishop for most
    of entire life. Just let go, because he is unfit,gravelly ill, old. Where is the
    church compassion here?. Hope, he received something ? even he resigned.
    Now, that your free from the church. probably, its time to write about your
    experience of what is to be an insider in the Catholic church?


    MANY are called, but few are frozen.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Ex Bishops Iñiguez and Drona, both of you probably had
    enough of the Philippine Catholic Church’s shenanigans and arrogance. You could
    have waited few more years to have a full retirement. That could be a lot of
    money for your old age. You are both honest and principled individual. I salute
    you and ex Bishop Drona! I am wishing you good health!

    • Rodrigo Villarubia

      These bishops should not dip their fingers on politics, ngayon napaso kayo,nasa huli ang pagsisi.concentrate, more on teaching morality,and the gospel, baka maka pasok ka pa sa langit.

  • dickenhead

    good riddance!

  • Putakte Naman

    Vatican says, so what !

  • Dan

    how about that freaking modern pharisee by the name of Arguelles who was an ally of evil gloria arroyo, but wait theres 3 other morewhos name i cant remember

  • Dan

    but in fairness to Bishop Iniguez, i hope the Vatican will give him some retirement benefits

    • Observer_din


  • Hey_Dudes

    He quit maybe he wants to join a much dirtier occupation which is – politics right Mr. retired holy man?  Now, even if someone gifted you with an SUV, you can just give your critics the finger or say – it is mana from heaven for my good job.  When are you marrying Sir?

  • pulis

    Baka sya ay isang bakla..Whoaaaa!

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      hindi naman lahat eh baklang katulad mo!!!! dapat dun ka sa showbiz column nagcocomment.

    • Roberto

       Sayang, pulis ka pa naman, puro kabaklaan nasa isip mo.

      • dodong1

        dahil bakla din yan si Pulis…ha ha ha ha

    • Marshall

      Hinde sya bakla !!!!

      Siya ay isang matandang Sirena   !!!!!

    • John

      Kaw bakla at Korap na Pulis patola

  • Observer_din


  • Fulpol

    3 years before retirement…. he should follow ret Archbishop Cruz, still active in anti-jueteng advocacy…

  • Mario

    Buti nga nag resign (Iniguez)kasi wala kanang ginawa sa panahon ni Gloria kundi mamulitika! Yung kinasusuklaman niyong si Gloria mas banal pa sa inyo kasi wala siyang kasalanan sa mga pekeng kinaso sa kanya buwisit kayo! Mamundok kana salot ng bayan!

    • John

      Gong gong ang banal Mong Gloria Kurakot!!!!! Just like u u have a corrupted mind go to hell bafang culo

  • Mario

    Mga Katoliko mag diwang kayo dapat mag resign na ang nakikialam sa pulitika gaya ni Iniguez, Magsaya kayo kay Iniguez nag resign na.Yung mga pulitiko na nakikialam sa simbahan mag retire na rin kayo ginugulo niyo ang naghihirap na bayan!

    • Noel

      Dapat si Cardinal Sin noon pa.  Eh kasi ba naman malakas siya sa Vatican noon.  Pero resign na rin si Sin ngayon sa langit at nasa impiyerno na.

  • Kaloy

    Wala na dapat tayong paki kahit ano ang activity ng mga opisyales ng katoliko Romano. Business nila yan.

    Pero dapat hindi rin makialalam  sa government authorities na nasa saligang batas na at nasa Banal na kasulatan (Bibliya)  pa rtin.

  • Chinoy_ako123

    Ang galing ano. Pwede pala cla makaalis sa church, pero married couples who need a divorce couldn’t

    • Pepe Alas

      I don’t see the connection. My golly. Illogical. You compared a resignation to a divorce.

      • Rene

         they are married to christ as per their doctrine…

      • Pepe Alas

        Don’t equate this “sacerdotal marriage” to God (which is a DUTY)  to the marriage between man and wife (which is a COVENANT). Those are two different things. Tsk tsk tsk…

      • Rene

         a kasal kasalan lang pala yun…hindi pala nila covenant yun…

      • Pepe Alas

        Nacácaluncot isipin na culang pa talagá sa MATURITY ang internet community dito sa Filipinas…

    • NinjaMan

       a classic stupid comment. and it got 1 like!

  • Chinoy_ako123

    Padre Dugas: oh god, here are the collections for this Sunday. I’m going to toss it up ok. Anything that stays up is yours and anything that comes down is mine.

    • boldyak

      nagbayad ka na ba ng ikapo mo na 10%, baka matiwalag ka….

      • Chinoy_ako123

        Hindi pa. Pero nagbayad na ba ang simbahan ng taxes?

    • bugoybanggers

      Boy, bakit pinipilit ba ang mga Katolikong mag bigay? Aba mag isip ka, mas magagara pa nga ang napapatayong SAMBAHAN ninyo dahil nakatutuk ang baril sa ulo ng mga miembro ninyo para piliting mag bigay.

  • Noel

    All Catholic Bishops should resign in the Phl and we may see a better Catholic Church at last.

    • boldyak

      ayusin mo nga pinagsasabi mo…gusto nyo lang wasakin ang Catholic church, tapos sabihin we will have a better cathlolic church…

      • Rene

         hindi na kailangang siraan ang simbahan, mga bishop mismo sumisira nito…

  • Pepe Alas

    The comments section of this news report is FILLED with anti-Catholic immaturity and nonsense. It makes me laugh despite of them all, though. Ganoón na lang siguro. Tawanan co na lang ang mg̃a cagaguhan  nilá… Anyway, they won’t be able to say those stupid things in front of a priest. Hangáng sa comento lang ang “catapañgan” nilá. =)

    • Serious Comedian

      Try me “again”.  I already have.

      • Pepe Alas

        Really (yawn).

    • dickenhead

      sure ka? cino ba cila para catakutan ko?

      • Pepe Alas

        Mg̃a alagád lang namán ng Dios.

      • dickenhead

        sure ka?

      • Pepe Alas

        Of course. And it’s not “sure ca”. It’s “sigurado ca”. Don’t “Taglish” me, please. Speak in either straight Tagalog or straight English. Respect all languages.

      • dickenhead

        cgurado ca?

      • Pepe Alas

        What was that phrase again…? Oh yeah, got it…


      • Rene

         u not a troll?

      • Pepe Alas

        Nope. I do not use codenames, for one.

    • dodong1

      ipaharap mo sa akin yang mga paring yan and i will not hold back..i will tell them exactly how i feel about how they manipulate and try to control the minds of the Pilipino people…

      • boldyak

        punta ka sa simbahan at kausapin mo pari, sino ka para puntahan ng pari?….nagpapatawa ka ba?

      • dodong1

        at bakit daw hindi ba puedeng puntahan ang mga pari at kausapin o sabihin ang nilalaman ng isipan mo?? pag nasa confession booth ka hindi mo ba nilalapitan ang pari ang sinasabi mo ang kalooban mo?? ikaw siguro takot lumapit sa pari..

      • bugoybanggers

        Nagpapakita ka ng kayabangan mo Boy. Hindi mo alam ang humarap alam ko iyan, tuylad ng mga PASTOR mo..magaling manira, basta manira!

      • dodong1

        hindi ko kailangan magmayabang dahil nasa edad na ako at meron tamang pagiisip.. wala akong pastor dahil isa rin akong katoliko..hindi ako naninira dahil sinasabi ko lang ang nasa kalooban ko..kaya cool ka lang dyan bugoy..

      • Pepe Alas

        Sure. Dare. Just tell me when and where. I’ll even give you a week. If I don’t receive any response from you, well… =)

      • dodong1

        gusto mo sumama ka pa sa akin..saan simbahan mo gusto?? sabihan mo lang ako magkita tayo at sama ka para witness ka…

      • Pepe Alas

        “saan simbahan mo gusto??”

        San Pedro Apóstol Parish Church in San Pedro, La Laguna. It’s just fifteen to twenty minutes away from Alabang, Muntinlupà City. The new parish priest there would love to hear from you. So when are you coming?

      • dodong1

        I know exactly where that parish church is. now you tell me when is he available. because i will not waste my time and day, if the priest is not available….i

      • Pepe Alas

        Cool. Let me see you do your best this coming Sunday, at 4:30 PM, right after the afternoon mass. You go speak your mind to him in front of the altar. Be quick, though. Because right after the mass and blessing families, he immediately goes back to his room. If I don’t see you there lambasting him exactly after the mass, then that proves why you’re hiding behind the codename “dodong1″: you’re a coward.

        So prove me wrong. 4:30 PM. I might even shake your hand if you do that, out of respect for your courageousness.


      • dodong1

        consider it done.

      • Pepe Alas

        LOL! Never. I will only consider it done once I see it happen. But mark my word: it will never happen. Once Sunday passes, you’ll have a thousand and one excuses why you did not do it. Or worse, I won’t even hear from you again.

        I’m 100% positive about this. =)

      • dodong1

        trust me this will never be the end…in fact there is another case brewing if you read the news…damasos are the fits of the soceity..stop the manipulation and brainwashing of the Pilipino people…isa ka sigurong alipin ng simbahan…kawawa ka nman…

      • Pepe Alas

        “trust me this will never be the end”
        No disrespect to you, but my eyes are rolling at this very moment. All things have an end. Don’t brag too much. You and I are not immortals.

        “in fact there is another case brewing if you read the news”
        I don’t know what you’re referring to. Is it the Carlos Cedlrán case? He had it coming a long time ago.

        “damasos are the fits of the soceity”
        Dámaso is fiction, plain and simple. Rizal shunned him on the eve of his death.

        “stop the manipulation and brainwashing of the Pilipino people”Don’t worry; that is exactly what I am fighting against. The manipulation and brainwashing. And if I may correct you: it’s FILIPINO, not PILIPINO. Matagál na pong itinama ng DECS at CHED yan. Caso madami pa din ang gumagamit.

        “isa ka sigurong alipin ng simbahan…kawawa ka nman…”
        Well, I thought we already had a “gentlemen’s deal”. I’m surprised that you suddenly went into the gutter. What’s up? Not once did I insult you. Eh cung sabihin co sa’yó ñgayón na “isa ca sigurong alipin ng demonio… cauaua ca namán”, what would you feel? That immaturity of yours will not bring whatever “advocacy” you’re fighting for into fruition. Tsk tsk tsk. Acala co matinô itóng caúsap. Bastós din palá…

      • dodong1

        i do not mean to disrespect you when i said that, i apologize, i am just tired of what i am reading regarding the continuious manipulation of the church to the Filipino people. the worst part is they fear the church and the people that runs them, which it should be the matter..we are now in 2013 and some of our believes and practices are behind kaya walang asenso tayo..time to move on and be more practical..

      • Pepe Alas

        “i do not mean to disrespect you when i said that”
        Of course there is. The intention was really to disrespect. Anyway, enough of that. You already apologized, and I accept it. And I do understand this hatred of yours against the Catholic Church. I very much do. I know all the reasons. Because I was an anti-Catholic once. And of the worst kind because I used to desecrate things that needed not be desecrated by anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic.

      • dodong1

        Thanks for accepting my apology.i am not anti catholic i am just fed up with some of the ways that the priest push some of the issues that affects our lives especially there in the Philippines..i had been away and not lived in the country for years..i still go to sunday mass but because we live in a western country most of the priests here do not push the issues as hard as the priest in the Philippines of which i feel that it is a mere manipulation, brainwashing and controlling of our fellow Filipinos. but trust me if i have a chance i will not hesitate to tell any priests how i feel on any issues that i think will have an impact on me or my family…

      • Pepe Alas

        No worries. We all get carried by our emotions from time to time. Anyway, all this anti-Catholicism I see in the internet, I put the blame on Vatican II. Because of that council, many Catholics started to have little knowledge of their faith, thus leading to blatant attacks here and there. Since you are still Catholic, I advise you to reread Catholic dogma (particularly those before Vatican II) to gain more understanding about your faith. Instead of attacking it, why not try to understand it more? In my younger years, believe me, I used to hate the Church’s blatant “paquiquialám” to the government, especially in matters of population/birth control. This led me to joining other faiths, then I became an agnostic, In the end, I threw it all away and became a Marxist atheist. I am merely suggesting that you do further investigation. Why is the Church REALLY against birth control? Is it because they just wanted to have more members? Is it really to promote ignorance and poverty in order to control the masses even more? Those were the thoughts I had about the Church back then.

      • dodong1


      • Pepe Alas


    • Rene

      the bishops are not the church…sila ang binabatikos, sila nga mismo iba iba ang mga pinagtatalak, sabi ng nung isang bishop sa kanya lang daw yun na opinion at hindi ng buong simbahan…mga katoliko rin yung ibang nagbabatikos sa kanial dito…

      • Pepe Alas

        The bishops are part of the Church. The clergy and the laity make up the Catholic Church. You remove either one of them, the Church will cease to exist. Therefore, if you attack any one of them or both, you then attack the Catholic Church. And believe me, all those who attack the bishops in this article are Catholic haters. Because if they’re not Catholic haters, they wouldn’t even waste time showing their immaturity behind cowardly codenames.

      • EREC

        manong palawakin mo isipan mo Pepe. Common na iyang sinasabi mo dahil poke katoliko manahimik nalang dahil katoliko, isang malaking kamalian ang iyong pinaniniwalaan. Ako, katoliko pero itong paninindigan ko MAS MAHAL KO ANG BANSA KO KAYSA RELIGION KO. Maraming religion sa buong mundo pero iisa lang ang bansa na sinilangan ko. Dito sa gitnang silangan na tumagal ang buhay ko pero katoliko parin ako kahit ang nakapaligid sa akin ibang religion. Karapatan kong tuligsain ang pamunuan ng aking relihiyon kung ang itinuturo ay hindi ikabubuti sa pangkalahatan ng bansang aking sinilangan. Ang Katoliko Romano ay hindi para sa ikabubuti ng Pilipino kundi ikabubuti ng Vatican. Kaya ang kailangan ng simbahang katoliko ay reporma…kung pwede mag asawa ang mga pari at magkapamilya…ihinto ang mga pag intruduce ng mga santo sa Pilipinas dahil ang mga ito ay stratehiya lamang bagkus ituro at pag basahin ng bagong tipan ang mga meyembro. Im mature in to understand things in this world Pepe….try to be out of the Philippines terretory and stay here in KSA for decade, you will understand the difference in life.

      • Pepe Alas

        How repulsive. For what you have just divulged about how you view Catholicism, you are no longer Catholic. Therefore, it is you who should widen your horizons, not me.

      • shane oy

        you said it right on Pepe

      • Pepe Alas


      • rjimenez1226

        Shameless Catholic!

      • Pepe Alas

        LOL! I prefer “brazen”. ;p

      • EREC

        I don’t care if you considered me not a Catholic, that’s the way you understand religion against faith…..who cares…. this Damaso & Eskribas?…THEY DOES NOT CARE FOR THE PILIPINOS Mr. Pepe. For sure if you are in my situation the way your understanding it will not reach a decade of your life here you will transfer to other vessle(hope you catch what I mean). But me not!

      • Pepe Alas


        LOL!!! This kind of sentence structure made me realize that arguing with this person is not worth it.

    • rjimenez1226

      Ang daming nabiktima kasiat sobra ang pagkaipokrito ng  simbahan.. Mga batang maliliita nirapoe,  ang bayan na hanggang ngayon nilooko sa doktrinang nagpapahirap sa mamamayan.

      • Pepe Alas

        Don’t generalize. Also, regarding Church doctrine, it’s better to understand it first before you criticize, don’t you think?

    • MATONeeta

      balake o labae ka ba?  hoy engot walang CCCCCCCC sa tagalog at ENYE.  panahon ba ng mga kastilang damaso yang mga letrang yan.  igalang mo ang tagalog tulad ng paggalang mo sa inglis mong pakintod-kintod. sa lahat ng komento dito yong sa iyo ang pinaka-immature, amateur, at kabaklaan.

      • Pepe Alas

        C and Ñ were arbitrarily removed only during the early 1970s for all the stupid reasons that you have. But since you are stupid, you don’t know any of these things. So I will not blame you. Ang mg̃a gagong políticong yun ang sumira sa tunay na Tagalog. Cayâ ang masasabi co, acó ang tunay na gumagalang sa Tagalog at hindí ang mg̃a catulad mo na hilig na hilig gumamit ng salitáng BAKLA. =)

  • kishbuff

    Dissolve CBCP!!!! 

  • Lucky Luciano

    The beginning of the end of theocrazy in the Philippines.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Di na niya ma-take ang pakikisawsaw ng SIMBAHAN sa POLITIKA.

  • Yobhtron

    Pakialamero kasi ang matandang Damaso.

    • bugoybanggers

      Mas pakialamero ka bata. Ang mga Pari na ito ay dapat hangaan, kasi kung tatakbo man siya sa Politika at least wala na siya sa Simbahan. Ganyan din ang ginawa ng isang pari sa Pampangga. Kayo ano? Maninira?

      • Vladymir

        Ang dati ng sira ay di mo na masisira uli.May plano siguro ang bisyap na to kumantotato,epss kumandidato pala,napagwari siguro na mas malaki kikitain niya,hehe 

    • tagatabas

       Pinalakikang bastos walang modo at ugaling aso ng mga magulang mo.

  • arpeelazaro

    Only God knows the real reason for the resignation. But if he runs for public office then we will know the true reason. 

  • Chinoy_ako123

    Yes!!! 1 down, many more to go.

  • Benito Juarez

    “No man is a Polaris.”  The Bishop shows a good example and makes himself fade away in time. We all become withered and dry.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • EREC

    cONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR RESIGNATION! Welcom to real world! ARE YOU A REPRESENTATION OF DAMASO AND ESKRIBAS IN THE PHILIPPINES? If YES, for sure you have still time to repent for your sins in real GOD for what you did and your colleuge to the Pilipinos for century VATICAN mysthical doctrine which far from reality ang truthfullness.

    • Estee Muri

       Erec…Erec…. pa-ano  mo naman nalaman  na  Bakla  ! Ikaw ba ay  nagamit  o nakuha  o nakakita? Sobra ka naman. Kung nagamit ka , di Bakla ka rin ! Asus!

      • EREC

        Sinabi ko bang Bagla ay bakla pala! Hindi pa ako sumusubra mild palang yan. Baka ikaw nagpapagamit ka sa mga iyan. Duon sa amin may nagpakamatay na pari sa minor simenary nagbaril sa sarili nang mabunyag na kumakantot sa bayaran, ang masaklap minor de edad yong babae kaya to make story short nag pakamatay.

  • ian reyes

    condemn his acts but not the man………everybody sinned…….sino sa inyo ang malinis?????

    • opinyonlangpo

      True. But for the fanatics, these bishops are pure and can do no wrong. And worst these fanatics will badmouth other commenters to make their unholy point.

    • rjimenez1226

      Mas marami silang naloko

  • Ernesto

    wala naman may natulong sa bayan ang mga yan

  • opinyonlangpo

    This bishop was chair of the CBCP Public Affairs Committee, that means he facilitated the desertion of millions of catholics from the Roman Catholic Church. He should be replaced by a more politically meddling bishop.

  • outsidersnake

    I hope they all quit, they are as useful as tits on a bull

  • josesantos318

    Why are there 2 bishops who are resigning from the church. Their becoming members of the clergy has been touted as a calling, a calling by God. With their separation from the church at an early stage, does it mean God made a mistake in “calling” them over to the priesthood ???
    Since God does not make mistakes, the posibility is that they did not resign on their own free will, but were forced to resign, the pressure being exerted by higher ups in the organization.
    We will now look deeper into the possible reason why they were forced to resign..
    1. We’re they involved in the Pajero scandal
    2. Was it because they did not join the other priests in opposing the RH bill
    3. Did they try cover up the crimes of the priests involved in the molesting of minors
    4. Have they broken the oath of celibacy by fathering children
    5. Have they accumulated unexplained wealth
    6. Have they unofficially started the process of excommunicating pnoy
    7. Have they been involved in a plot to stage a ” coup de tat” to unseat the pope
    8. Are they in favor of divorce which will be pushed into law by the next congress

    Calling all investigative journalist to do ur research now..

    • bugoybanggers

      the Vatican stated that it was made under Canon 401, par. 2 of the Code of Canon Law. The provision states that a diocesan bishop who becomes “unsuited for duties due to illness or other grave reason is requested to tender his resignation from office.”
      May karapatan ang sila sa kanilang desisyon. Hindi tulad sa mga KULTO na kakatayin kapag tumiwalag.

  • Roxee

    Glad to see there are some Philippina atheists, and some people questioning the legitimacy of this corrupt institution; the catholic church.
    More people around the world are learning the history of how religions were formed and along the way learn the shocking truth about how the holy books came to be. Tthe bible is full of selected stories made into a book approved by men in the 4th century. There is even no evidence Jesus was a real person. We have been fooled for hundreds of years to fill the collection plates from the sweat of our brows, but more of us are learning the truth and spreading the word. Soon, hopefully, humanity with be free from the scourge of religion and we can start talking with each other about how to imorove human flourishing using the principles of secular humanism.

    • okayayonip

      better make a thorough research about the Holy Bible before posting any presumptions, there could be some religions that doesn’t strictly following the gospel and some are using for financial gains but to say that there’s no evidence that Jesus had exist is outlandish, you must be prepared to justify and convince billions of christians and muslims.

    • Noel

      For centuries, the Catholic Church is the most corrupt church.

  • bogli_anakdami

    duda ako sa dalawang pekeng katolickdicks na to…

    my anal-ysis:  1) may mga kabits, 2) may harems na boyz, 3) silang dalawa eh magkakabit…

  • levonnae

    Ano ba yong tawag sa mga taong mahilig tumawag sa mga pari at obispo na mga DAMASO? sila ba yong mga  ILUMINATED  ones… nagtatanong lang po

  • levonnae

    wala na bang natira  na pwede anting matawag na GOMBURZA?  sa pagkaalam ko wala nmang tumawag sa kanila na damaso noong edsa 1 at edsa dos ahh.. GOMBURZA  lang ba sila pag sang ayon sila sating pananaw at damaso na pag hindi?

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    wala naman na itutulong sa bansa ang mga salot na obispo nag kakagulo lang pinas sa pakikialam nila kaya ang sabi ng mga taga ibang bansa pinag tatawanan tayo ang pilipinas ang IMPOKRITO BANSA sa buong mundo dahil sa mga salot na cbcp bishops at yung amo nila si satanas carnival tagle damaso!

  • bogli_anakdami

    huwaaaat??? allah eh kung kelan malapit ng matepok eh saka nag-resign…

    ano kayang mga problema ng mga RELIDIOTS na to?

    let’s prey ooooopsie pray…. “give us this day, our daily pan de sal with star margarine, amen…”

  • WAJ

    Breaking News in the States of Colorado: Catholic Hospital in Colorado USA argues in court that fetuses are not People. MSN News Quote: Would you compromise religious doctrine to win a lawsuit? The Colorado-based Catholic Health initiatives to do so in order to win a malpractice suite, arguing that it could not be held liable in a wrongful-death suit because “a fetus is not a person”. That would appear to contradict catholic doctrine that life begins at conception. A suit was filed against the chain that ran the hospital where a pregnant woman died with twins. Hospital lawyers argued that the hospital was not liable for the death of unborn twins because Colorado’s Wrongful Death Act apple only to “Those born alive”. Judges sided with the hospital lawyers… 

    • rjimenez1226

      Mga ipokrito talaga ang mga pare.

      • WAJ

        Talagang ipokrito. Sana mabasa ng mga tao sa Pinas ang News na ito. Lalo na si Senator Soto.

      • okayayonip

        at isama mo na ang nag-aalaga ng kanyang chief of staff, hehehe

    • Daniel Nielsen

      i mother had a heart attack but the hospital refuse to remove the babies so they died also. the hospital lawyers said they were in line with the moral teachings of the church. the defense that they said unborn fetuses arent humans is right
        after the suit was lost the father appealed. the hospital sued him for 118000 dollars and said they would drop the suit if he backed down. he refused and has declared bankruptcy. he still has a nine year daughter.

  • Danny Bravo

    kung  umalis  na  ng  tuluyan,,meaning  absuwelto  sa  bitay  kahit  matanda  na,,,yang  ang  hindi  alam  ng  maraming  pari

  • mangtom

    Two mitsubshops down. Ilan pa ba ang naiiwan sa CBCP. Pwede ba magresign na kayo en mass? That would be the best gift of these cone heads to the Filipino people. Leave us alone. Just get lost.

  • Aldz Trust

    Time for the Church to do their real calling – to teach and to preach, and not into meddling into people’s and government’s affairs. The Church has a lot of dirt to clean up in their own backyard. Linisin nyo na muna yan bago kayo makiki alam sa bakod ng kapitbahay nyo.

  • nes911

    Baka natuklasan na may “chief of staff ” din siyang kinakalikot.

  • Klepto

    Yong mga bata na iniyot ng mga pari sa puwet, anong nangyari doon?

    • Benjamin

      Aba eh pagkatapos orosin..bobrotchahin naman ni Father..


      • Noel

        Ang bastos naman ng pinagsusulat ninyo dito.  Kaunting galang naman sa mga Pari kahit tutoo ang lahat.  Tao din naman sila na may puwet tulad natin.

  • Noel

    Kanino pa ba nagmana ang mga lintek na iyan kundi kay Cardinal Sin?  Kung pamumulitika at pakikialam sa pamamahalaan ang pag-uusapan, numero uno ang Intsik na Sin na iyan.  Noong Edsa Dos, pinagbawalan siya ng Vatican na huwag makialam sa mga problema ni Erap at inutos na huwag patalsikin pero hindi sinunod ni Sin.  Bagkus ay kinumbinsi niya si Cory na pumunta sa Edsa at pati na si Davide na noon ay SC Chief.  Hulaan niyo kung nasaan si Sin ngayon.  Nasa langit o impiyerno ?

  • bugoybanggers

     Scientology Church Has Secret Alien Space Cathedral In New Mexico Desert

    Ito ang gustong mangyari ng mga kritiko ng KATOLIKO. Sa US o Europe nag wagi na sila para WASAKIN ang KATOLIKO, ginagamit lang nila ang kanilang pagkaPROTESTANTE o mga miembro ng anomang KULTO ika nga sila lang daw ang mga tinatawag na KRISTIANO (perpekto at walang dapat hahadlang). Tama nga naman, sa Pilipinas ganon narin, pipilitin nila ang kanilang paniniwala na dapat mawala ang hadlang ng layunin ng kanilang tagapagligtas na si SATANAS. Ang imoralidad ay layunin nila, same sex, animal sex, 13 yrs old okay for sex at malalaswang kasootang para maingganyo ang early sex. Bakit nagmamalinis kayo? Tumingin kayo sa HILAGA kita ninyo naman ang kalagayan. Ekonomiya nakakainggit, imoralidad napaka RELAX, Democracy, Freedom of RELIGION (para lang sa kanila) pero sa mga KATOLIKO BAWAL! Sige mga KULTO (INC, BAPTIST, MORMON, EVANGELIST, EPISCOPAL, lahat na naniwawala sa perpekto at sauladong BIBLIA) larga na tutal alam ko namang patungo sa ATHEISM din naman ito, saan pa? Isanguni ninyo ang mga RELIGION na gawa ng mga KANO. Kano ang ugat sa KASINUNGALINGAN at KASUGAPA sa MUNDO.

    • Olibo

      BUGOYNABUNGERO  Don’t read too much fiction, baka mabuwang ka lalo. Kung galit ka sa mundo, delikado yan. Gutom lang iyan. Relax see a psychiatrist. Cheers.

    • Noel

      Bakit pa sisirain ang Simbahang Katolika eh matagal nang sira?  Mismong mga Katoliko ang sumisira sa simbahan.

  • Olibo

    A more dignified action of a real man. Unlike many of his colleagues clinging to their hideous and pretentious life.


    WALANG MAHIRAP, MAGHIHIRAP, at MAHIHIRAPAN sa simabahang hindi korap!

  • Abdul Rashid

    Nagkatotoo na talaga ang sigaw ng panginoon:”Come out of her my people lest you be partakers of her sin, for her sin has reached heaven.” Revelation 18:4

    A call for catholics to come our of the church because God dislikes her idolatrous practices.

    • RiverHorse

      as much as Jesus hates hypocrites and pharisees who love to quote scriptures (and the bible).

  • stealth ice

    this bishop was asked to resigned by the vatican due to his criticism on our government. take note our government can impose tax on their income if our government wishes to. hence before the crisis between the church and the state get worst the vatican immediately mitigated risk by asking this bishop to resign. so collections will still be tax-free.

    • Catherine Raymnudo

      may proof ka ba? kristyano ka ba?ang galing mo humusga kapatid

  • certainshadeofgreen

    Why is there such an uncritical anti-Catholic sentiment in the comments whenever Church issues come up, often making sweeping generalizations based on the little that people know about the Catholic church?

    • Pepe Alas

      Perceptive mind you have.

  • Val Sor

    So Priests and bishops have pledged their loyalty to Rome.

  • johnnie r

    Si BACANI, kelan kaya…

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