Cayetano to Enrile: Reveal how P600M in MOOE turned savings, realigned


Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter  on Friday called on Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to reveal how he liquidated the P250,000-per-senator cash gifts that he gave each senator last Christmas and how much of the almost P600 million in Senate funds for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) were turned into savings and realigned for other purposes.

Cayetano said that as an alternative to Enrile’s producing the documents, he would file a resolution for a parallel audit in the Commission on Audit (COA), private audit under the COA or an independent people’s audit.

He claimed that Senators Francis Pangilinan and Panfilo Lacson favored his proposal.

Cayetano said he was preparing to file a resolution calling for an audit of the Senate’s finances to be jointly conducted by the COA and a private group.

Cayetano, who figured in a nasty verbal exchange with Enrile on the Senate floor last Wednesday over the latter’s unequal distribution of millions of pesos in Senate savings to the senators, pressed on with his demand that Enrile open the Senate books to an independent audit.

Enrile reportedly gave 18 senators P1.6 million each last December, later explained as  MOOE funds, but raised the hackles of four senators—Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Pia Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes IV and Cayetano—who reportedly received only P250,000.

Enrile open to audit

Enrile has repeatedly said that he is open to an audit, even by private auditing firms, but that such a process has to be authorized by the whole Senate.

Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada, a close ally of Enrile, said he was for a joint audit by the COA and a private institution, but especially a COA audit.

“I favor the COA audit as the commission is constitutionally mandated to audit government funds. I am open to it for the sake of transparency,” he said.


Documents are available

Lawyer Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, Enrile’s resigned chief of staff, yesterday explained that the documents covering the almost P600 million MOOE can be accessed by parties other than those in the Office of the Senate President.

“The amount of almost P600 million actually represents the MOOE of the entire Senate Secretariat and, contrary to the allegations, all expenses charged to that account are covered by supporting documents and vouchers which are available for all in the Senate to see,” she said.

Cayetano claimed that only a certification was required of the Senate leadership on how the MOOE funds were spent and not actual receipts.

Less than forthcoming

Cayetano said he was reiterating his demand for an audit because Enrile has not been forthcoming with the documents.

“I don’t want to affect the health of Senate President Enrile but if I had the opportunity to reiterate my questions I will because he’s not answering them,” he said.

“For instance, I asked him how he liquidated the P250,000 cash gift. It’s not enough for him to say that they are senators and it’s up to them how they intend to use it. What if it’s used to buy a watch or to dine out?” he said.

He recalled that during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, Enrile had stated that the Corona Supreme Court should have specified how the high tribunal spent its funds.


No kidding

“Why is there a double standard? If it involves an ordinary public official, the one involved is detained and penalized. Why is it that if it involves them, no one is raising the issue?” he said.

Enrile has said that Senators Franklin Drilon and Edgardo Angara “kidded” him last December about the usual practice of making a part of the Senate’s savings available for the senators.

He said the P250,000 cash gift he gave were public funds and the senators should know it was to be spent for a public purpose.

But Cayetano said Enrile was trying to confuse the issue.

“The usual practice is the MOOE not the P250,000. Even if you look at the statement of [Reyes, Enrile’s resigned chief of staff]. What she said was, ‘They all received it in 2008, 2009, 2010.’ That’s the P1.6 million not the P250,000,” Cayetano said.

“There was no P250,000 in the past. If there was, no one knew about it. This is the first time that when I asked for the vouchers, there are still none,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, an Enrile ally, said that there was indeed a customary practice of distributing to senators a certain amount from the Senate leader’s savings.

“That’s how I remember how it was. Perhaps [Cayetano] wasn’t given something before because he’s in the minority or for whatever reason,” Sotto said.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, the chair of the Senate committee on accounts, said he didn’t receive the P250,000 last December.

“I wasn’t given that. I already checked and rechecked with my finance officer,” he said.

‘I know a lot of things’

At the same news conference, Cayetano denied having insinuated that Enrile and his resigned chief of staff were in a romantic relationship in his privilege speech last Wednesday.

“I didn’t mean that they are together. I meant that I know a lot of things about [the Senate President] and that I know a lot of things about Attorney Gigi,” he said.

Enrile said that if Cayetano was insinuating that he and Reyes were lovers, he was too old to engage in that sort of thing.

Reyes, in a statement, asked that Enrile’s family and hers “be spared from the hurt brought about by malicious insinuations and imputations regarding my personal relationship with the Senate President—just to whet the appetite for gossip.”

Lifestyle check urged

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) founding chair Dante Jimenez on Friday called for a lifestyle check on all senators, as well as Enrile’s chief of staff.

“All of them involved in the scandal must undergo a lifestyle check. Senators must stop their personal attacks and instead start the investigation and reforms in handling the taxpayers’ money,” Jimenez said in a phone interview.

He also urged the senators who received the cash gift to return the money to the National Treasury for reallocation, as the VACC has stated in its complaint at the Senate ethics committee. With a report from Julie M. Aurelio


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  • $20722540

    yan ang mahirap sa atin mga politiko katulad ni cayetano kumikilos lang pag-naaapi kasi binigay lang 250k hindi 1.6m.  noon pa pala practice yan ganyan bakit ngayon lang umangal.  ipaaudit lahat ng sanagy ng gov’t parallel a private auditing (wow!!! additional na work and taxpayers money naman) including the office of the president, house finances too, office of VP (w/200m pork barrel) bakit senate finances lang…cayetano, isamo muna anf mga 200m pork barrel ninyo mga walang kuwentang senador na ito puro na lang politika kayo…wala kayong gawin sa bayan 

    • barok

      Someone has to spill the beans…kung di pumiyok sina Cayetano at Santiago, eh di sana nabulgar ang kasakiman ng mga kagalang-galang na mga senador. Just hope something happens this time, siguro naman sa kapal ng pagmumukha nila mabawasan man lang ng konti ang pagkaganid nila.

    • Ronald

      regardless, he appears confident to be able to show where his pork and mooe is going. if anything, the ones who should be afraid of an audit would be the ones having their way with the people’s funds.

  • Benito Juarez

    Savings, that should’ve been used i.e. to hire more teachers who pay their honest taxes, are distributed to the people who pay their dishonest taxes.

  • Kiro Nazakato

    I agree. Saka ang tanong ko- saang accont dinedeposito itong mooe at cash gifts na ito kung hinde ito discretionary funds? Sa personal accounts ng mga senatotors? They have a lot of explaining to do to filipino people. Imagine billions of pesos, walang resibo, walang liquidation, certification lang ng senate president? Di ba plunder ito, o pangngurakot?

    • Ronald

      This is waaaay bigger than Corona’s offense; the amounts are higher and has been going on forever apparently. They should all be impeached but who would impeach the impeachers when even congress is doing the same thing?   This country is governed by crooks!

  • vaporub123

    hay naku.parang mga bata itong nasa senado.dapat lahat binigyan ng kendi ng walang umiyak.ngayon naglabasan ng mga bahong nakatago.ang masama pa nito ay taxpayers money ang pinag aawayan.dapat pati ang mga pork barrel ng senado at kongreso ay ipapa-audit sa pribadong sektor.kaya mga mamayang botanteng filipino,dapat iboto niyo ang mga hindi sakim sa pera,mga pamilyang dynasties at makasarili.

  • Rovingmoron

    Once and for all, the call by Sen. Cayetano for a joint audit by a private group and the COA on the Senate’s finances is expected to clear the cobwebs in the minds of the public. This is challenge that JPE should agree on.

  • Global1st

    CREDIBILITY & INTEGRITY of this “senators” and their team are in question or questionable….but wait the public always forgets and always re elects them…….

  • Malditz

    Jimenez is RIGHT! return all those money to be used for reallocation…or be distributed to the POOR & NEEDY Filipinos….Ang daming nagugutom dyan! Its people’s money anyway….dapat lang na mawala na ang mga kurakot sa GOBYERNO…..etc. etc….

  • JK1000

    Let Gigi Reyes show her bank accounts  if it’s true that she’s now a millionaire . Ang kakapal ng mga mukha niyo ! Pera ng tao iyan kayo ang nagpapasasa.

    • Mamerto

      and also her Income Tax Returns for the last five years…, 
      aside from the Bank Statement of Accounts.

    • bantutbtold

      Lahat yan multi millionaire na.

  • bogli_anakdami

    hoy mga flips, it is time to act… audit the entire government and imprison the magnanakaws..

    wala na ang “BAHALA NA ANG DIOS” bullshit.

    or, tutulad ito sa marcos billion$$$, nothing happened and the worst part is the dicktator marcos clan is back in power…

    the communist china is rooting out their corruptors, why can’t the flips do the same, ha???

    bwi hi hi hi hi hi pwi!   flips puro kayo mga gung gongs!

    • bantutbtold

       Takot tayo sa China pero ok lang magpaloko at ma-rape sa mga enemies from within.

  • Rovingmoron

    The AMLA should immediately freeze the bank accounts of JPE and Atty. Gigi Gonzales-Reyes, along with the other senators who were suspected of having amassed wealth.

  • Mamerto

    Enrile should know that…

    What is a usual practice doesn’t make it automatically legal.
    If he answers “Yes, I know.” …then,
    why did he state that as a reason…?.?.?

    Talagang “slimy kritter” ntong si juan.

  • Benito Juarez

    Mr. Enrile is a man with a BIG HEART – a heart with lots of rooms to store and distribute lies, deceit, dirty money, etc. etc. and one huge room that stores martial law skeletons and microscopic conscience.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    As the senate president, Manong Johnny has the authority and the discretion to allocate the use of the P600 million. He alone, and perhaps with the help of Senator Gigi Reyes, gets to decide on how such an amount is to be used.

    So why is Manong Johnny now asking the other senators to decide whether he should reveal the liquidation of P600 million which they had no hand in deciding?

    Naghahanap lang kasi ng kakampi si Manong Johnny.

  • bogli_anakdami

    hoy mga kabayang flips… tandaan to…

    sigurado ang mga “documents” na ilalabas ng nga hinayupak na traposakals eh puro xerox/photo copies, at kung saan saang lupalop ng flipland ipineranta…

    dito na lang sa ongpin eh bising-bisi ang photocopying biznez ko…. bwi hi hi hi hi hi pwi!

  • Melvin

    Iisa ang tinumbok ng pagkakabahagi ng savings ng senado galing kay Lolong Johnny, ibig sabihin nito ay talagang wala siyang katiting na pagmamalasakit sa mga mamamayan lalo na sa mahihirap. Isipin na lang yung pera ng bayan ay kanyang ipinamigay sa mga mayayamang mga senador bilang Chritsmas bonus. At magkano naman kaya ang kanyaang ibinigay sa kanyang pinakamamahal na chief of Staff…

  • bogli_anakdami

    splendido resort/golf thingy dito sa taal/tagaytay batangas eh ari ni enrile… malapit lang yan dito sa barong barong ko…  google (maps) ninyo para ayos…

    ibinili ni gurang enrile yan using his gub’ment salaries…. bwi hi hi hi hi pw!

  • ManongOsang


    LIFESTYLE CHECKS HAVE to be MADE for ALL Senators & even ALL Chief of Staffs !!!

    This ONE ACTION ALONE would Make a BIG IMPACT in DISCOURAGING Blatant Corruption!!!

    Combine that with ALL Lifestyle Results that are QUESTIONABLE being EXPOSED by the MEDIA !!! Then, their would be SO MUCH PRESSURE on Authorities to PROSECUTE !!!

    Hindi mahihinto ang massive corruption UNTIL mayroon talagang NAKUKULONG na Senador at Congressman, hanggang Mayroon talagang Senador at Congressman na MAPIPILITAN Mag RESIGN dahil sa Public Clamor !!!

    So LIFESTYLE CHECK, then, Media EXPOSURE of Results, Then, further PUBLIC Investigation & Prosecution, then, Actual GUILTY VERDICT ( which is the HARDEST Part in the Philippine Legal System dahil 80% ng mga Judges ay NABABAYARAN !), then JAIL TIME !
    As a Financial Investigator for 10 years, You may NOT be able to COMPLETELY STOP & ELIMINATE CORRUPTION. BUT you can DEFINITELY Dramatically REDUCE Corruption & MAKE IT MUCH HARDER for Politicians to HIDE their STOLEN WEALTH !!!

    Kahit Active REAL LifeStyle Check alone would REDUCE & DISCOURAGE Many politicians from GARAPAL  na Nakawan !!!  You will be left with Real Greedy RISK TAKERS who will Always try to steal ! But mababawasan ng Malaki ang Graft & Corruption!!

    GO GO GO !!! Jimenez & the Public should DEMAND a LIFESTYLE CHECK ON ALL SENATORS, Then, House Members!

    How could Senator Lito Lapid be worth 700 Hundred MILLION pesos as a Senator & former Governor?

    How could Jinggoy Estrada whose ONLY real job was Mayor, then, Senator own MULTIPLE Businesses & several homes ??

    How could  Enrile become a BILLIONAIRE despite being a Full Time Public Servant on a Govt Salary for the last 40 years ???

    How could Jojo Binay start in 1986 with a RENTED Apartment in Makati with NO MONEY , to becoming a certified BILLIONAIRE with TWO MANSIONS, over a Dozen Condo units spread all over Makati, Taguig & Ayala Alabang, a Private Zoo, even his brother having a MANSION in Ayala Alabang based on a FULL TIME Job as Mayor on a Mayor’s Government Employee salary???

    How could Erap’s GIFT all his Ex-Mistresses an Expensive Home in plush subdivisions?

    How could Erap LITERALLY Finance his own Presidential run, finance an ENTIRE Senatorial ticket in two straigh elections Using his OWN FUNDS??? How could he afford this??

    How could JV Ejercito own multiple businesses in Water, Electronics, Real Estate & Transportation & have a MANSION in San Juan when 90% of his Full Time job after college was in Public Service???

    We can Go on and on !!! A REAL LIFESTYLE CHECK is the FIRST MAJOR Step!!

    But Most Politicians Keep RESISTING this dahil pare-pareho silang MAGNANAKAW!!!

    • calgary2526


      • bogli_anakdami

        too bad, ang ating abugago supremos – justice system at police – uniformed thugs area in cohorts…

        kaya, i do not expect much…. unless we, the masa take justice with our own hands…

    • lolo_Jose

      ASAN ba ang mga NPA HIT MEN para tirahin ang mga BUWAYA AT BUWITRE na
      ang mag isip ng masama sa kapwa pero pag ganitong klase ng tao ang nagbabaon
      sa bansa sa kadiliman DAPAT AY BAWASAN na sila !!!

      • arthur1410

        huwag mo ng hanapin ang NPA. Busy din sila, tulad nina Binay.

  • Benjamin

    As usual, ang mga tuta ni Enrile ang nagtatanggol sa kanya. Talk about Jinggoy, Lacson, Honasan ang photocopy Sotto. Ilalabas nila ang mga documento ng 600 milyong pesos na MOOEA kung paano ginastos pero mga photocopy iyon siguro mula kay Sotto. Tutoo ang nakalagay sa baba na maraming property sa Tagaytay si Enrile. How did he become a billionaire kung pagiging lawyer lang ang trabaho niya? Sabagay, ang MASAMA AT MATANDANG DAMO AY MATAGAL MAMATAY. The UNA party is filled with trapos and people of questionable characters. Besides the Enriles, Estradas, Binays, e sumama pa itong si Tandang Maceda. I remember during the time of the greatest Mayor of Manila, Mayor Lacson when the great mayor lambasted Ernie Maceda with his famous statement like this” Maceda is so young, yet so corrupt”. That from Hizzoner and still rings a bell until today.

  • ManongOsang

    Our Senators would FALL into the 80/20 Rule Principle !!

    If you do a REAL LIFESTYLE Background Check them, 80% of them will FAIL !!!! 

    In other words, Out of our 23 Senators today, ONLY a Maximum of 4  would PASS the Lifestyle check out of the 23 !!!!

    And kung babalikan ninyo ang Senado in the last two decades, HOW MANY SENATORS can you think of who CAME into the Senate as middle class & left the Senate as a Middle class person??? There are ONLY TWO that COME TO MIND PROMINENTLY !!

    Senator Flavier & Senator Saguisag !!!!

    I am sure there are a few others but MAJORITY came out much WEALTHIER than when they came in as Senator!!

    Lito Lapid is now worth oer SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION PESOS !!!

    Enrile is a BILLIONAIRE!

    Jinggoy has TWO MANSIONS & reportedly owns at least 6 different businesses

    Miriam Santiago came into the Senate living in an Apartment in Cubao, Today, she LIVES in a Custom built 50 MILLION Home is Plush Village of La Vista

    We can go on & on !!!

    Ex-Senator & VP Noli De Castro was DEAD BROKE when he left for America. Came back & was able to buy a nice regular home.

    By the time he left the Senate & became VP, he BOUGHT a Mansion in a Plush subdivision that was owned by Big Boss of ABS-CBN

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      It’s a lucrative business.  Now they want all members of their family to join them in raping, plundering and pillaging the country. 

      No to Political Dynasties.

  • nes911

    The ombudsman should step in para makalaboso itong mga senatong na ito.

  • Htee

    Hahaha….Ang napaka na nakakatawa ay ang pagsawsaw ni Gigi Reyes sa usapin. One wrong move and she is now paying a very very high price. Imagine calling senators hypocrites. Akala nya cguro walang papalag dahil kay Tanda. Now I do believe that power can intoxicate the mind…
    Now she can’t move forward cause she have already resigned, and she can’t move backward cause she’s in this too deep…..hahahaha

    Lesson: Think a hundred times before opening one’s mouth….

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      she opens her mouth a lot to catch something squirting towards her…

      • akongednamzug

        Ano ka yang kulay?

  • bisdakis

    Hahay Tagalog politics! So cheap!

    • bogli_anakdami

      ‘musta na ba si pakendeng-kendeng garcia?  mahusay pa ring gumiling-giling noong sinulog…

  • Htee

    Seriously speaking….if there’s going to be an audit, it should be on both the senate and the lower house. And if there’s an audit….
    Election should be postponed for both houses.
    Legislative branch should be temporarily suspended….


    • Garo Ungaro

      We can’t postpone an election it’s mandated under our constitution. The best is audit
      and those found guilty automatically suspended and fire…retroactive meaning even
      if they won the election because of this corruptions findings then they be subject to
      what is applicable under the law.

  • bogli_anakdami

    si tsonggong binay eh marami ding lupain dito sa batanggas… papano kaya nila nabili ito using their gub’ment salary?

    tanungin ninyo si exporno starlet vilma santos… mahusay ding sucky-sucky sya…

    bwi hi hi hi hi hi pwi

  • cute79

    Ano dw gifts sa ùga senador for public funds?Gift or bonus ang tawag nyo di ba?kung magbigay ako ng gift kay Pedro ,para sa kanya talaga yon di kay Juan.Kung para public funds nga yon ,dapat di gifts or bonus tawag don.Nilolok tayo ng mga senador eh ,ginawa tayong tanga!

  • cute79

    Kung yong 600milyon na pinaghati-hatian ng mga senador ginamit pa yon sa mga govt hospital para di na kelangang eprivatize pa marami  sanang mga mahihirap ang makinabang at masaya.mga walang hiya talaga kayo!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      They never think of creating jobs for the Filipinos.  They have no idea how to create jobs.
      They simply secure their jobs milking the Filipinos of money only to use it to support their mistresses, harem and concubines.

      • cute79

        tama ka!ang masasabi ko  lang, wala ni isa sa kanila may hangaring paglingkuran ang ating bansa at para sa ikabubuti ng mamayan.Kahit niisa sa kanila nakaupo ngayon wala man lang gumawa ng aksyon para matigil na ang pork barrel.Kung sabagay,pabor kasi sa mga pulitiko lalo na sa mga putlitkong matagal na sa pulitika kung patuloy na maghihirap ang pilipinas dahil kaya nilang bilhin ang boto ng mga mahihirap.Bigyan lang ng isang kilong bigas at sardinas ok na iboboto kana.At pabor din sa mga mayayaman na negosyante dahil kahit 150 pesos aday lang pahasod nila marami pa rin kakagat dahil sa sobrnag kahirapan.Maraming mga negosyante di sumunod sa minimum wage lalo na sa mga probinsya,takot rin magreklamo mga tao baka tanggalin sila sa trabaho at walang na silang makain.Kaya karamihan sa ting mahihirap masasabi ko na naging slaves sa mga negosyante at pulitiko.

      • Garo Ungaro

        Now, that you know the real truth?…What can the people do about it?.

  • farmerpo

    Sir Alan, inumpisahan mo, tapusin mo, otherwise you will look like a flipflop. An audit of such allotment/expenditures/gifts/donations or anything you might call it, is way past due. It is refreshing to note that you are ‘contemplating to inititate’ such an audit. No matter what the motivation, an audit will do us all good. The truth will set us all free…didiretso din yata. Sana, sana, sana.

    • Garo Ungaro

      Now, you will see the brilliance of all this senators working their minds off, in many years
      they stayed in politics works, not for the benefits of the people. But for the benefit of saving their own skin. Sit and watch the senate show..Its showtime.

  • kapayapaan_1900

    It looks like our venerable lawmakers are feasting on Congress ala Chinese buffet “all you can eat” restaurant.  You already have pork barrel, you still have this MOOE to spend at your discretion with the rarest rule of liquidation”:  mere certification. Nothing has never been enough for you guys.  There’s no satisfaction because your hunger never fills anymore.  Makunsiyensiya naman kayo.  Itigil niyo na ang “PORK BARREL.  May isang senador na hindi kumukuha ng kanyang share pero nakaka “survive”.  Hayan at senador pa rin.  Sana kayo ganoon din.  Mas gusto naming marinig sa inyo ang:  “bayan, gusto namin happy ka”             .   

  • calgary2526

    allow me to count the many ways as to how they are trying to classify the amounts involved

    -‘savings’ daw
    -‘re-allignment’ sabi din
    -christmas gift…kasi daw humirit si drilon ‘ferragamo ng ‘pamasko’
    -supplementary operating expenses…
    -MOOE para legitimate pakinggan

    but at the end of the day, this all equates to just “LOOT SHARING’, plain and simple

    %^&*()%$!@#$ nyo!!!!!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    The two attack dogs of JPE are not aware of it.  I can believe Sotto that he doesn’t know anything. On the other hand, Lacson knows everything, even the Atimonan 13 masscre.  He alson knew how other senators use the money to pay their maids and groceries, but he doesn’t know about the savings or funds or MOOE or gifts or bribe to senators.

    Very odd indeed. 
    Marantan should man the chekpoints to the senate and congress.  Lots of robbers and service for hire senators and congressmen.

  • Fred

    No need for a lifestyle check. Just look at their SALNs!
    Perhaps their SALNs were/are understated, just like that of Renato Corona!
    As the saying goes ……. ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.

    • patawad

      Agree ako diyan.  Nawala na ang mga taong nageexpose ng SALNs, gayong ginawa nila iyon kay CJ Corona.  Calling Winnie, akala ko everyones SALN can be exposed to the public, were you not the done crusading for that?

  • bogli_anakdami

    where is flipland’s law enforcement agencies???

    di ba flipland is governed by laws? .. yes???… no???

    hay naku, flips, puro kayo mga gung gongs!

    di ba flips are LAW ABIDING or LOW ABIDING?… yes??? … no???

  • lolo_Jose


    • Juanito Garcia

      let us assure pnoy that we’ll support his candidates for senator this coming election and his choices in 2016 if he will ABOLISH the pork barrel.

  • catmanjohn

    Senator Cayatano is doing the Nation a great service by exposing the depth of evil of this Great Corruptor Enrile. Everyone knew Enrile was a snake (he even looks like a dopong snake), but the depth of his evil will hopefully soon have his neck on the block before he kicks the bucket and takes all the secrets and ill gotten money with him. For Enrile, to judge a man like Corona was uneasy and doubtful, and who knows what was colluded in the aftermath, but the sooner the nation and the World sees what a villainous charlatan Enrile really is, the sooner the Nation faces the reality of its ills. 

    • basyong

      i dont usuall agree with you before mr catmanjohn, now i will be on your side on really have a good grasp of philippine political the senate lost its good image and they will need your help , you me and the rest of independent minds against corruptions.

  • patawad

    Ano ba yan?  Bakit kailangang i approve nila as a whole ang pag audit, di ba nasa territory ng COA ang iaudit sila?  Now pwede pa kung independent auditors, kailangan nilang iaaprove, pero sabi daw mahal daw ang bayad.  Nanggggko, eh di tipunin ninyo at ibalik ang mga natanggap na 1.6 million at 250, 000 nuong apat at yon ang ibayad.  Ano ba klaseng utak ng mga senatongs, mga pulpol kung walang bukol.  Dapat may transparency sa audit, ipakita nila ang scope of audit, dahil kung may program of work sa infrastructure projects may ganoon din sa audit engagement. 

  • Jef

    must undergo a lifestyle check of all Senators including their staff…go go go for transparency… 

  • Putakte Naman

    Paki audit din yong kanyang “bukel bukel”!!! mga corrupt talaga kawawang pilipinas na mahal ko.

  • T.

    Some retired COA auditors mentioned of an organization of government retirees called the Citizens Oversight on Accountability composed of retired COA and Ombudsman officials. I think they should offer their services to Sen. Cayetano.

  • patawad

    Bago ninyo i-praise si Alan Cayetano, intindihin ninyo history ng taong ito.  Nuong kampanya niya nuong 2007 election para senator, sobrang gulat ng mga tao na may sinasabi siyang milyon milyong dollar account ni FG Arroyo sa Germany at may sinabi pa siya na supported niya yon ng mga kahon kahon na ebidensya.  May nangyari ba duon? Hindi ba isa iyong matinding panlilinlang sa voting public, dahil sa panahong yon ay sobrang galit ng mga tao sa magasawang Arroyo.  In short, ginamit lang niya yon para siya maiboto sa senado.  

    Ngayon po ay masasabak na naman siya sa election, ang nakikita ko ay the same tactic, the same pattern, something explosive, something like Enrile is the flovor of the month.  This time while his expose may have some truth, let us not be blinded of his ulterior motives.  I bet once he got reelected, all of this brouhaha will be forgotten.  Do not let him take us for the ride!

    • dfirst

      patawad ikaw dapat mag isip dahil yung buhis mu n binabayad s gobeyreno ay ginastos ng mga senators ng walang risibo.. getz mo?

    • Garo Ungaro

      “When your’re in politics, your moves are covered by your ulterior motives,” that’s why
      they called it POLITICS?

      • Putakte Naman

        bat nag i inglis ka? wrong naman hehehe

      • Dadi

         I-correct mo naman grammar mo nakakahiya. It should be typed as “When you are in politics, your moves are covered by your ulterior motives…”

      • Garo Ungaro

        Sorry grammar police, Thanks for the correction.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Typo error yung your’re niya, grabe ka naman Alisin mo lang ung isang r ok na sentence niya. Kaya nga tayo merong edit dito or delete for correction

  • ryan andres

    I wonder who’s auditing the auditors…

  • Pedro

    KAKAPAL  NAMAN  NG  MUKHA NYANG MGA SENATORS  NA  YAN  NA TUMANGGAP NG TIG- P2.2M   na  suhol  galing  kay  ENRILE . . . Hanggang  ngayon pala  wala  pang nagsosoli  ng pera  sa National Treasury !!

    • Putakte Naman

       Tama ka Pedro Pendoko, ang kakapal !!!!!

  • basyong


    • Putakte Naman


  • Hellomr

    Madali palang kumita ng pera kung ikaw ay isang senator or congressman basta tahimik kalang.
    Nakakahiya pala na maging isang politician…..pero kung makapal ka pasado ka. Paano na kaya ang mga familya nila siguro sa school kung saan pumapasok anak nila ,ay hindi maiiwasan
    Masabihan na ang papa mo magnanakaw pala.

    • puza65

      di lang sa senado mayor namin kauupo pa lang dami ng negosyo..ngaun sa coa may kaso sila pera nawawala..

  • KenKhoy

    hindi lang senators ang i-lifestyle check dapat ang mga congressmen din

    • kidsPorts

      Just for the record. Senators are congressmen. The Senate is part of Congress. You must have meant the representatives.

      • Dadi

        Understood na yun pag sinabing Senator sila yung nasa Senate or yung upper house at pag sinabing Congressman sila yung nasa House of Representative or lower house. Kaya yung sinabi ni KenKhoy na “hindi lang senators ang i-lifestyle check dapat ang mga congressmen din” it is clearly understood na separate sila. Masyado kang mahigpit kidsPorts, masyado kang literal.

      • kidsPorts

        It’s worthwhile to contribute to the learning of those who are willing and are not yet opinionated.

      • Cherie Manz

        Senate is Senate. Congress is Representative. That’s why they are called congressmen or representatives.

      • KenKhoy

        thanks kids……whatever

      • KapitanBagwis

        Congress is composed of the upper house and the lower house. Law makers in the upper house are address as senators and those in lower house are congressmen. Senators and congressmen are both reperesentatives of the people, congressmen of their districts and senators nationally.

      • kidsPorts

        Let’s have the 1987 Phl Constitution make the clarification:

        ARTICLE VITHE LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENTSection 1. The legislative power shall be vested in the Congress of the Philippines which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives, except to the extent reserved to the people by the provision on initiative and referendum.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Congress of the Philippines implies that all members are CONGRESSMEN. However, for DISTINCTION, the Senate is interchangeably called Senate house or Upper Chamber or Upper house while the House of Representatives is sometimes called Lower Chamber or Lower House. In the Philippines members of the Upper Chamber are address as senators while members of the House of Representatives or Lower Chamber are called congressmen (Tongressmen others says). They are invariably address as Congressmen, Representatives or Assemblymen. Senators and Congressmen are all representatives of the people. Senators are national representatives and Congressmen represents their districts in the provinces and in the metropolitan area.

        Bottomline, members of the House of Representatives are commonly address as congressman (or tongressman)and very seldom called representative or assemblyman.

      • kidsPorts

        You’re talking about the common usage of the terms. I am pointing out how these elected officials are referred to in the Constitution.

      • KapitanBagwis

        I am giving you the interpretation of what the Constitution say as we the people know.

        And you are interpreting what the Constitution say literally. You may want to see what the dictionary call a member of the House of Representative.

        How many percent of the citizenry knows what the Constitution say? Therefore, the commonly use terms will be used by the participants in disqus forum board.

      • KapitanBagwis

        You are translating the Constitution literally Some provisions in the constitution are translated by the Supreme Court and how many percent of the citizenry knows the constitution ?
        KapitanBagwis Sent from my iPhone

  • Hellomr

    Kaya pala itong mga senator at congressman ay karamihan naging millionario na. Nagsimula sila sa wala. Pero ngayon ting nan mo may mga bahay sila kung saan saan. Kaya Ito si binay ay Estrada ay labanan ng sabayan para makapaglingkod sa bayan at para din kumita ng limpak
    Limpak na kuarta galing sa tax payers money….

  • Melanie


    • linobog

      Walang awa talaga ang mga WALANG HIYA. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Observer_din

      lahat sila KASING TIGAS NG KAHOY ANG MUKHA!!!!

      • puza65

        lalong lalo na ung namigay ng kahoy galing ng lugar nya…hehehe

    • Juanito Garcia

       mayroon ba sila noon?

  • Horace

    Hindi private company ang ating gobyerno. Any saving o earning man ng gobyerno ay pagaari pa rin ng publiko.Kahit 1.6M man yan o 250k. Pera ng publiko yan. Kahit ano sabihin ng senators na pnagkuhanan nila yan na budget di dapat sila kumukuha ng perang ganyan bilang xmas bonus o ano man. That is a clear sign of corruption. Akala ko ba  anticorruption ang ating gobyerno ngayon. Pero ganyang lantaran nang pinapakita sa pobliko at hanggang ngyon e sa senado lang ang lumilinis sa dumi nila. dapat makialam na administration at ipaharap yan sa judiciary.Kaya nga may 3 na separate bodies para may vheck ang balance.

    • cute79


    • KapitanBagwis

      Hindi po pwede makialam ang Executive branch sa gulo ng Legislative branch dahil sa co-equal body sila sa government. 

      • gibreel farishta

        co-equal, they are both corrupt?

      • KapitanBagwis

        Sorry kung hindi mo naiintindihan

        KapitanBagwis Sent from my iPhone

    • puza65

      ano ba ang sagot ng senador di ba minana lang nila..

  • bantutbtold

    Napakababaw talaga ng Pilipino. Nagreklamo si Cayetano dahil kulang ang cut nya. Ngayon nagpapapogi na kasi eleksyon  na naman. Bilib na bilib na kayo. Gusto kong senador yun nagsumbong at nagsauli ng 1M. Totoong matino at di pakitang tao lamang.

    Lahat ng senador kurakot at walang malasakit sa bansa. Huwag na tayong magpaloko. Pumili na tayo ng matino. Say no to Political Dynasty.

    Wala dapat Angara, Binay, Cayetano, Enrile, Estrada….etc. napaka daming dynasty talaga. Pwe.

    • Putakte Naman

      Magaling yang sinabi Bantut. Agree ako diyan.

    • Putakte Naman

      Pero wala ka bang balak palitan yang screen name mo? hehehe joke lang! peace

  • Putakte Naman

    Ay apo mangibabain nga taga Cagayan. Awan serbim ti Pilipinas di ka pay lang agresign. Dakayo amin agpapada kayo. Kung matalino lang sana ang karamihang Pinoy di na sana tayo hirap. Bobo kasi ang karamihan, kagaya ng nga bobong bumoto sa lakay na ito. Bobo kung bakit ibinoto ang taong walang silbi sa senado.

    Gumising!!!  ay APO! Putakte naman!

    • gibreel farishta

      mahal ang mag-aral, bai, kaya madami bobo.. nasiglat sana ang mga tao kung affordable kahit state u.. 

  • kidsPorts

    To minimize, if not totally, corruption, the Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, and whichever government body there is enjoying this much abused and so called “fiscal autonomy”,should be subject to the rigid audit being done in any other government office.  

  • linobog

    Sa issuance pa lang ng tseke,  mayroon ng semblance of corruption.  Ang tseke nakapangalan na “PERSONAL” kay senator.. pay to  Sen. Juan Butakal,..OK puede na madeposit sa kanyang personal account.   Kung mahuli, sabihin lang  ni Sen. Butakal na hindi niya alam kasi ang staff niya ang nagdeposit .   Dapat ang tseke ay nakapangalan sa “OFFICE OF SEN. JUAN BUTAKAL”   
         COA wake up,   may nahuli na ba kayo?  Baka commission lang ang  hinahanap nyo. O baka takot kayo namag-audit sa nag-e endorse sa inyo.

    • Darwin


    • puza65

      paano makakakilos si Mendoza ng COA eh hanggang ngaun nakabitin pa sya sa alanganin dahil wala pang apruba ng senado…aber

  • Ari Putan

    Bakit tahimik si Fidel Ramos ?   Di ba kasali din sya sa plano ng Martail Law….

  • BukolsYoBad


  • BukolsYoBad

    Wala na, Gaba na yan! kung impeachment yan…unang sigwada palang GUILTY NA!..mas malala pa pala kayo don sa hinatulan nyo..and Boss ABAD bakit di nyo habulin yong saving ng Senado na ibalik sa National Treasury para magamit sa ibang proyekto ni Boss P Noy…gaya ng pag habol nyo sa saving ng SC dati?..ah alam ko na…wala Basbas….saka kakampi eh..hehehehehe

  • renatorivera

    Makakapal ang mukha nino. Ibalik ang pera namin. O, bigyan nyo kami ng resibo kung saang restaurant kayo kumain at ilang mahihirap na galing sa squatter ang kasama nyo sa restaurant. Ha ha. Sinu-sino sa nyo ang gumamit ng taxes namin para ipambili ng kondom. 

  • patawad

    Ipaliwanag naman kung paano ba libro de quenta diyan sa senate.  May boook of accounts ba every senator or its office?  If they do not have individual book of accounts, how can the cash gift be accounted for.  

    IF15 million was give to Mirriam as COA stated, how was it spent and what supported the disbursement/s that can be audited, if there was any.  I think COA was evasive, not answering the issue raised by Mirriam. COA should understand that practise does not make it  the law.  Sa dami ng mga lawyers sa gobyerno bakit no one seems to know whether savings can be used to be dstributed as cash gifts.  Do they COA not consider it too excessive?

    • wakats

      The COA doesn’t know that savings from PERSONAL SERVICES like salaries, bonuses, etc.,  cannot just be realigned for MOOE or the usual overhead expenses like travel, etc.  In the LGUs, it needs the prior approval of the sanggunian through a supplemental budget. 

  • Darwin

    High heavens please strike this Senate hall with your most powerful lightning.

  • PinoyDude

    To all my fellow Filipinos posting their comments here, we can use social media to campaign against these senators dirtbags.

    1. A lot of these senators will be campaigning on morning TV shows, if you can watch and send your questions via tweets or FB–mas maganda. At least you will know what their stand is on a given issue.

    2. Do not vote for the children of the evil trifecta (Enrile, Estrada, Binay), It’s time to ditch their sons/daughters who want to continue the tenure of these dirty old men.

    3. Please choose wisely. Alam natin halos pare-pareho yang mga yan pero choose a better alternative.

    • sl1

      I am with you, we must start to demolish political dynasty in this country!

  • Darwin

    Antaas ng tax sa sweldo, antaas ng sin taxes sa sigarilyo at alak, may VAT pa, mataas na toll fees, lahat mataas! Tapos tong mga ulupong na senador kung maglustay ng pera, milyun milyon para sa mga consitutuents umano nila. Punyetang mga consitutuents yan, wala pa ko nakita ni isa sa kanila na lumantad at sinabing gumanda ang buhay nila dahil sa pork barrel ni senator kumag.  

    • puza65

      gumanda naman ang buhay  ng senador lalo na si enrile….

  • releiver

    Noon sinasabihan ng mga kampon ng mga ABNOY na ang Supreme Court ang mabaho at hinatulan pa si Chief Justice Corona ng hindi pag lagay ng kanyang pinapawisan sa SALN at pinalit ang may kulang na isang tornelio according the news about the psy test….Ngayon lumalabas na ang tunay na mabaho na matagal ng natatakpan..Ang pera ng taong bayan(tax payers) at pinagpasapasahan lng pala ng Congress at Senate….yan ang tunay mabaho….di ba nyo napapansin ang mga tax payers ay nagtatakbo sa initan para hindi ma late sa pagtratrabaho tapos after one year ay magbabayad na naman ng tax…..Buti pa noon panahon Pres Marcos walang congrso at senado kaya ang project ay deretso sa tamang agencia ng govt na mag implement ng proj…

    • rock7222

      Ano kamo buti pa noong panahon ni Marcos? Anong sabi mo buti pa walang kongreso at Senado? Anong tawag mo sa Presidente mo, sa presidente ng bansa mo, sa presidente natin? sa presidente namin ? ABNOY ???

      Yung mga katulad mo RELEIVER, hindi pinag-aaksayahan ng panahon.

      Humihingi ka na maayos na gobyerno, umaangal ka ng kung ano ano, gusto mo pang ibalik si Marcos, in other words.. AND DAMI MONG SATSAT at REKLAMO pero ang SARILI mong MODO sa KABASTUSAN ni hindi mo ma isa-ayos !!!

      Presidente ng bansa mo, BINABASTOS MO!!! Ginagago mo!!!

      Bakit ninakawan ka ba ni PNOY???

      Sinaktan ka ba ni PNOY????

      Hindi mo naman Binoto si PNOY, sorry ka pero ang ginagawa ni PNOY ay para sa mga taong bumoto sa kanya para sa Daang Matuwid!!!! Hindi para ibalik si Marcos!!

      Sa uulitin bago mo BASTUSIN ang Presidente mo, TIGNAN mo muna ang sarili mo!!!

      Yung tinatawag mong Abnoy, presidente mo kahit MALIGO KA PA ng SAMPUNG BESES!!!

      Yung tinatawag mong Marcos, MATAGAL ng PATAY kahit mag Rosario ka pa ng 24/7!!!

      TARANTADO ! Bago mo mapa-bago ang bansa mo, BAGUHIN MO MUNA ang UGALI mong Bastos !!!  Ang BAHO ng BUNGANGA MO !!!

      • Darwin

        Agree ako jan. Ngayon lang tayo nagkaroon ng matinong presidente, binabastos pa ng mga kumag na yan. Sino kaya ang gusto nila? Yung mga katulad ni Ramos, Erap at Gloria? Naman!

      • Yobhtron

        Mga bayaran na blogger ng UNA + GMA + CBCP yan. Ang dami nga nila dito. Mas malaki kasi ang kita nila kapag super corrupt ang presidente. Kaya galit na galit mga yan kay Pnoy.

      • puza65

        hurrrayyyyyyyy 10thousand thumbs up,nakatagpo kau ng katapat…

  • Francisco

    Corona di lang ikaw accountable sa public pati mga HONORABLE SENATOR din may mga tagong agenda rin pala kayo kala namin si Corona lang nagawa niyan, Pnoy nasan na tuwid na daan mo, COA tulog kaparin ba sa kangkongan ay Its more fun in the Philippines

  • WRNR

    “For instance, I asked him how he liquidated the P250,000 cash gift. It’s not enough for him to say that they are senators and it’s up to them how they intend to use it. What if it’s used to buy a watch or to dine out?” — Sen. P. Cayetano
    I think Sen. Enrile is correct when he said  that it is up to the senators on how they will manage the funds. Because if there will be an audit, the senators who received those funds or cash gifts must submit proper documents supporting their expenses and not Sen. Enrile.

    Sen. Enrile will only submit vouchers with signatures from the recipients (senators), then it is already a form of expense liquidation document. On the other hand, the senators/recipients will have the burden to prove how their expenses are disbursed.

  • ManongOsang

    The saying that “VIOLENCE is Never the Answer” really has EXCEPTIONS kung titignan mo ang history ng maraming bansa.
    Tignan mo sa Middle East last year or sa history ng Europe or even sa Amerika.
    You will see that a Bloody Civil War among its own people shows in MANY CASES can result in a Better civilized system of government.
    The Philippines Likes to PROUDLY say that we had TWO  BLOODLESS, PEACEFUL REVOLUTION sa Edsa 1 & 2.
    Pero if you understand our Culture, alam mo na BALIK ugali nanaman ang Pilipino, lalong lalo na ang mga NASA ITAAS at Makapangyarihan.
    Unfortunately, sa Kulturang Pilipino, FEAR, THREATS & actual armed violence is the ONLY LANGUAGE na maiintindihan ng iba.
    Hindi talaga MADADALA ang mga nang-aabusong mga Politiko UNLESS MAPUNO na ang taong bayan at UMABOT sa Civil War type ng Violence.
    Politicians TAKE ADVANTAGE sa  Pagiging Katoliko at Kristiano ng mga Pilipino which TEACHES PEACE, FORGIVENESS, and NO to VIOLENCE at all cost.
    Ergo, we’ve seen Two BLOODLESS Edsa 1 & Edsa 2.
    Pero just as many here have said repeatedly, HINDI MAGBABAGO at HINDI BIBITAW ang mga MAGNANAKAW sa ating Gobyerno in OUR LIFETIME & the LIFETIME ng mga anak at apo ninyo UNLESS talagang MAPUNO sa GALIT at UMAKSYON ang tao beyond this PEACEFUL RALLIES!!!
    I would never advocate armed violence.
    Pero pag itong mga taong ito ay PUNO ng SALAPI, PUNO ng ARMED bodyguards & even private armies, pinapasa-pasa lang ang puwesto ng pagka Mayor, Senador, Governor, Congressman from one brother or sister, to a son or daughter, to a spouse… THEN, THINGS WILL NEVER CHANGE sa Pilipinas !!!!

    • gibreel farishta

      manongosang, puno na ako.. tara! 

      • wakats

        asta ako – sugod mga kapatid!!!!!

  • Lucky Luciano

    the JohnnyGate. Hahahahahaha

  • clark

    paepal at papansin tlaga itong VACC ni dante jimenez,,,puro ka lang naman dada at walang pumapansin sa grupo ninyo,,

    • Vladymir

      Sana mabiktima ka ng violent crime para malaman mo kung ano ang halaga ng VACC.

      • clark

        alam mo ba kung ano ang sinasabi mo,di mo ba kilala ang jimenez na yan ginagamit nya lang ang grupo nya para magpapansin sa gobyerno,,gusto lang mapansin sya para bigyan sya ng puwesto sa gobyerno.

  • wakats


    “Enrile has repeatedly said that he is open to an audit, even by private auditing firms, BUT SUCH A PROCESS HAS TO BE AUTHORIZED BY THE WHOLE SENATE.”

    Manong johnny is at it again – he knows that he has control of the senatongs (18) and such move (audit), will easily be nipped in the bud.  There’s no way the Apo will allow an audit by a private accounting firm, except the COA, lest all the skeletons in his closet shared with his gigi, like the P600M disbursements liquidated kuno by mere certifications, would be unearthed.

    What we, the people, can do is just say NO to UNA candidates like the children of the three kings(kong): nancy, jv, jackie + gringo, mitos, zubiri, maceda etc.

  • Loggnat

    What is wrong with president Aquino in Malacañang palace? Doesn’t he know that he is supposed to be a mongoloid and abnoy in intelligence? He took on the Supreme Court by impeachment through Congress, now he is silently taking on the president of the senate from within. The rests of  those that he deemed unworthy and corrupt, he took care of them himself… Ombudsman, Cebu and Pangasinan governors, etc. He was able to pass the RH bill, Sin tax bill, and if FOI bill is also passed into law, he better check inside his shirt if there is an ‘S’ underneath it. :)) hehehe….  

  • Leonardo

    Talaga naman na may relasyon sila. Other woman si gigi Reyes at corrupt din katulad ni enrile

    • clark

      o bka naman gawain mo rin yan.

  • LegalJustice

    Life style check for all Senators and Gigi Reyes that is the best thing to do for the filipino people for they are the taxpayer and they want to know for sure.

    And now everyone is in the ” PANIC MODE ” !

    Especially Mr. Sen Revilla, Sen Lapid, Sen Jinggoy Estrada, Sen Sotto, Sen Enrile and Gigi Reyes – hahaha !.

    What happen to “Ang Tuwid Na Daan” – Mr. President Pnoy – ” Its All Dead Silence”.

    • gibreel farishta

      wonder who would conduct the checking, for after the dust subsides, i’m sure, that checker would go home with a thick pocket.. oh, philippines! 

  • Jerry

    Galit na galit dito si Jackie. Papalapit ang eleksyon lalong umiinit ang issue.

  • Sacred Mind

    this is another ‘very very sad state’ of the Philippine politics, I will not talk about pork barrel, gifts, MOOE crap but the competencies and mindset of the politicians who run for public offices, had won and continuously insult the public. Power, greed, self-serving ideology! when can someone tell oneself enough is enough?! how long do they need to stay in power to make a difference? The Philippine elected officials (although not all) doesn’t really know the sentiments of the poor people, disserving public trust, empty promises only to find out we’re being robbed again on broad daylight! yet, we keep on electing them (we never learn) there’s something wrong with us as well (too much escape watching telenovelas, pleaaase!), The change should come from (within) the voting people. We should learn that politics is all about issues that matter most to majority (poor, helpless people) Its time to innovate, have more decency and enforced transparency, accountability in public offices. We can never escape this pitfall trap if we elected officials considered all shallow schmacks. I missed those days when I watched the news hearing intelligent speeches and arguments of members of the upper house (now they cant even prepare a decent speech without being sappy). If these politicians are really capable of leading the country 6 years terms is sufficient. Its appalling to hear that our public officials are not doing what they ought to do and ‘delegating’ it to their most trusted staff, I cannot compare public vs. private office but management executives should know how to draw the line, delegating and incompetence is different. Once elected these politicians (manager’s) should learn protocols and should start doing their homework! The world is changing, change is inevitable, let the younger generations lead. There’s so much flaws in our system, no amount of policy change can help and to bridge that gap now is so huge work (miracle is needed), quality of education is waning, private sectors avoiding social responsibility, companies were tax dodging, what more? We need genuine leaders! Those hard work the Chief Executive accomplished will go down the drain if people failed to follow suit, we should be smarter, learn from past mistakes and be vigilant (always), let us all make our public officials accountable, ask them their platform if they failed to deliver — make them pay thru our ballots and toss them aside! remember that they should serve us its not the other way around, we pay taxes, OFW’s send billions of dollars to help your economy and we people deserve the respect, value of our hard earned tax money to pay their salary, they shouldn’t enriched themselves while we live in poverty.

  • unokritiko

    have you heard of “TOKWAYA” delicacy? they love this food not only in the senate but all official in the goverment!!! its made of toku and buwaya meat fried with sauce covering!!!
    they like this menu and always serve in congress and malacanang if there is gathering.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Lifestyle check sa mga tropa ng UNA at friends ni Pnoy.
    Kamusta ang tuwid na daan?  Tahimik na tahimik ah.
    Kapag ka-tropa na Pnoy is Dead Silent!

  • zahraff

    As we have been saying before, wala tayong pakialam sa mga extra-marital affairs ni ENRILE. As long as there is no complaint from the side of any girl that ENRILE is involved with, we will presume that is a consensual relationship and there is nothing you can do about it. Our point is that ENRILE must explain fully well about those gifts in the millions which is very obvious to be “LAGAY” so that ENRILE can stay forever as senate president. ENRILE already admitted that he has eyesight problem and we are sure hearing problem as well, that ENRILE needs somebody to function as his EYES and EARS. We need somebody who is having no problems with eyesight and hearing to lead the Senate Chamber. ENRILE is already too old for the job that he needs to be replaced with somebody who can perform a better job with good eyesight and without any hearing problem. At the age of almost 89, there is no way ENRILE can convince anybody that he is still fit to be a senate president. ENRILE is just trying hard to show that he is a capable person where the reality of it is that he can just trip or slide that will break his bone instantly because of osteoporosis. 

    • Yobhtron

      Nasasayangan kasi sa pera na makukurakot niya kaya kahit na makakita at makadinig ng maayos ay sugod pa rin.

  • Ewan

    walang paki ang abnoy na presidente. lol

  • J

    Basta sa akin paningin lumabas na ang baho ng practice ng polituku. Para malinawan mag-resign na silang lahat at i-audit ang mga nagagastos hindi lamang ng senado kundi pati congresso. Kapag hindi nagtali ang pondo sa resibo ikulong silang kahat. 

    Pera na ng bayan ang malinaw na pinagaawayan ke 250T, 1.6M o kahit piso lang.

  • LucasPacascas

    Itong si Sen. Allan Peter umubra na naman ang pagkatrapo. Kaya naman nag iingay ito e malapit na ang elction. Kailangan ng publicity. Kung mambabalibag ka ng akusasyon, siguraduhin mong wala kang itinatagong multo. Tangna, nung panahon ng amo mong si Villar, nananamasa din kayo sa majority. Paldo paldo din kayo at ang gaganda ng mga committee chairmanship ninyo. May nagreklamo bang taga Minority Block, wala diba? Wag mong binibigkas lagi yung words na “pera ng taumbayan” dahil gasgas na gasgas na ang linyang yan tuwing mag-eelection. Kapag na elect na kayo “can not be reached na.” Pare-pareho lang kayo. Tama lang na tawagin kay IPOKRITO, because that’s what you really are. And by the way Sen. Allan, baka nakalimutan mo, nuong bago ma-impeach si Erap, kumita ang erpat mo ng P38 million sa insider trading ng BW Resources. Wala siyang puhunan, pero kumita dahil sa stock manipulation. Tapos sasabihin ng sistah mo, he is an honorable man? BS!

  • boldyak

    kung 1.6 m ang natanggap ni cayetano, siguradong tahimik yan….ang ang kapal..

  • Jose Rizal

    Combined Kris Aquino/Boy Abunda/Lolit Solis/Cristy Fermin, that’s Alan Cayetano in the Senate…he’s currently doing “Kapag may Tsismis sa mga Mistresses, Ipaglalaban Mo” episode.

    Well. bayaran daw muna ang mga utang (37M) at nagkautang pa yata sa mga Arroyo.  Sa “moral sense”, hindi uubra na pagpatay na ang Tatay, kalimutan na rin ang mga utang.  Di naman sila mahihirap, makakapal lang!

    Hahahahahahaha!  Ano kaya ang masasabi ng wife niya sa kalidad ng kanyang “showbiz” expose via the senate floor.  Buti kung binabayaran at ini-elect sila na gumawa ng ganyang klaseng expose.

    Hahahahahaha!  Wag nang iboto mga Cayetano, nambu-bullshit lang sa Senado.  Tinatawag nilang “August Senate Hall”…showbiz lang pala ang mga exposes.

    Hahahahahaha!  Hoy binabaeng bunganga!

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    change the dot
    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;
     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene..

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    “The Chicago Tribune reported 15
    years ago that Enrile’s wife Cristina walked out on him in January 1998 
    after charging adultery.  The Tribune also reported that the “other woman
    “ was Gigi Gonzales-Reyes, Enrile’s chief of staff,  about 30 years
    his junior.”

  • dinadaga

    tama lang na gawin ni Cayetano at Trillanes na mag ingay sa kahit na anong isyu. Alam kasi nila na sila ang ilalaglag sa admin coalition. Di naman sila makareklamo dahil very popular pa si Pnoy. Sana lang ang mga tv ads nila ay hindi pinonduhan ng kanilang mooe.

    • Jose Rizal

      Si Trillanes dahil sa tsismis nag renegado kay Arroyo (pati si Lim)…of course they are financially protoected by the oligarchs for the drama….pinagpapala ng abnoy na naging presidente dahil sa parents fake heroism background at dahil sa mga oligarchs na galit kay Arroyo.
      Si Alan, sinsunod lamang ang TV episode ng kanyang Tatay, kasi diyan sa nanalo (sa credito ng kanyang Tatay), pero iniba niya…ginawa niyang showbiz na ang title ay “”Kapag may Tsismis sa mga Mistresses, Ipaglalaban Mo”….lalo kung kulang ang MOOE na ibinigay sa iyo.


      • Maitum

        Ang pagkamatay ba ni Ninoy ay Fake? Jose Rizal, you’re a fake…

  • Jose Rizal

    Magbayad muna ng utang bago mangalandakan…di ibig sabihin patay na ang nangutang kaya “quits” na lang.  Di naman kayo namumulubi, garapal lang.
    Bayaran niyo rin ang mga Arroyo, bago mamuhunan ng banat pampulitika para sa political gains.
    Ang kakapal!


  • Dan

    The motherf*cking sotoo opened up his mouth again he said its been customary practice, well, that doesnt mean its right yo freaking moronic clown, get da f*ck out of here

  • Janch

    Ilabas na dapat ng COA kung magkano at saan ginagastos ang natatanggap ng mga senador as MOOE.  Sigurado lahat sila dawit.

    • okidoki

      Where else do you think these “FREE” money were spent??? It certainly wasn”t spent  for the poor uneducated filipinos who ‘blindedly’ kept on voting for them.

  • F

    if i were working with the bir, i would not be happy about the excessive gifting of taxpayers money. 

    the bir are working hard to reach their revenue targets, and this is what the senators do?

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak…the pressure is on them (BIR), but the Legislative Members of the branch of government does not care how to waste the collected funds

  • a1phantom

    In addition, an audit should be made on how each senator spent the MOOE and any other money from the senate that was given to them …..we can start that with Mr. Cayetano’s account

  • a1phantom

    In addition, we would also like to have an audit on the office of the President

  • okidoki

    WAKE UP FILIPINOS!!! These SENATONGS, sans a few, are stealing the country’s monies for their own personal use. Kick them out of the senate. DO NOT RE-ELECT THESE CROOKS. Be gone with dynasty politics!!! VOTE SMARTLY!!

  • Lito

    Jose Rizal…change your name.

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe….impostor, eh

  • mannybi123

    dapat ma audit lahat ng pondo na nabigay sa LAHAT ng senators including those of the cayetanos, hindi lang sa senate secretariat. matagal na palang practice ito sa senado, bakit ngayon lang inilabas? dahil ba sa kulang ang narelease na pondo sa complaining senators??

    • Jose Rizal

      Gawain din yan ng Office of the President with the connivance of Abad (Budget Secretary) on the PORK & PERKS to the Senators & Congressmen/women.  The happenings in the Senate is just a microcosm to the entire political system of the country.

      Gone were the days that a poor but brilliant and wise person would become a president of the Phil.  What we have elected are coming from the ruling clans…even if the pyschological capacity is in question…

      Now here comes Bam Aquino and the likes.

      • virgo57

        Why are you so subjective MR.OGAG & OBOB comment on issue not as palengkero.

  • Jose Rizal

    Tinuturo natin sa mga kabataan na ang “Utang ay Dapat Bayaran”.  Kung ang nangutang ay namatay na, eh di, mapupunta sa “estate” niya ang kabayaran.  Kung ang “estate” ay naipamahagi na sa mga legitimate heirs, di ba dapat, sila na lang ang magbayad?

    Bayaran muna ang utang bago mag-showbiz tsismis.

    Hahahahahahaha! Naloko na! 

    • puza65

      nalaman ang utang noong tapos na ang tsismis…anyway mismong anak nyang si jack eh ok lang para sa kanya…

      • batangpaslit


    • batangpaslit

      that is entirely a different issue
      ang tanong ni Sen Cayetano ay ang pag galaw ng pera ng bayan ni Senate President

      bakit ang pinautang ni JPE kay Rene Cayetano kinuha ba ni JPE sa national treasury?

  • regd

    Ok so what happens if COA does find anomalies perpetrated by mr. viagra? Is it impeachable? Malabong ma-impeach! Why? P1,600,000.00 reasons why. The only way to incapacitate this guy is to drop a big log on his head! Then the term “YUNG KAHOY” will seem justified.

    • wakats

      Not COA but a private auditing firm, like gorres & velayo…

    • D3marketers

      Nice one! Haha!

  • Hellomr

    Kaya sa darating na election alam na natin kung sino ang dapat Iboto . Suggestion ko sa mga botante kung may nagbibigay ng pera tanga pin ninyo lang at Iboto kung sino ang alam mong nararapat…. Hindi nila malalaman kung sino ang inyong binoto.

  • Jijiera Ka Teh

    Here’s one simple test if he’s
    truly for transparency or is just on another publicity stunt. Let’s ask Sen.
    Alan Peter Cayetano to open the FINANCIAL RECORDS of his office, NOW, for
    auditors from the private sector. Even though it’s Enrile, and not him who’s in
    the proverbial ‘eye of the storm.’


    Cayetano receives his share of
    Senate funds. The funds come from our taxes. Therefore, we have the right to
    know if he has been spending the money WISELY and LEGALLY. We should find out,
    and see proof, if Cayetano has been spending his Senate allocations for the
    greater good and not just for himself.


    If Cayetano refuses to kick off
    his purported quest for transparency with Senate monies, then everything he
    says is just for media mileage.

  • Jijiera Ka Teh

    Here’s one simple test if he’s truly for transparency or is just on another publicity stunt. Let’s ask Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano to open the FINANCIAL RECORDS of his office, NOW, for auditors from the private sector. Even though it’s Enrile, and not him who’s in the proverbial ‘eye of the storm.’. Cayetano receives his share of Senate funds. The funds come from our taxes. Therefore, we have the right to know if he has been spending the money WISELY and LEGALLY. We should find out, and see proof, if Cayetano has been spending his Senate allocations for the greater good and not just for himself. If Cayetano refuses to kick off his purported quest for transparency with Senate monies, then everything he says is just for media mileage. 

    • popeyee

      alam no Gigi, sabi ni cayetano book of accounts ng senate ang gusto nyang ipa-audit. Ibig sabihinm kasama kung ano man ang napunta sa kanya.

  • James Martin Adam

    Dapat kung sino ang nanghahamon siya muna ang magsimula..Kung talagang wala ka ring tinatago sa taong bayan, dapat umpisahan na ni Senator Alan Cayetano na mag pa-audit..

  • Jim De Garman

    umurong ang buntot in tatang enrile saan niya ngayon hahagilapin ang mga documento na magpapatunay kung nasaan ang 600M pesos…baka nasa bank account na ni Chief.

    • wakats

      O baka joint accounts!!!

  • $16638896

    dapat tinanong ni cayetano kung tumitigas pa ung kahoy ni enrile? nyahaha! seriously, gumawa nlng sila ng batas na makakabuti sa pinas, mga bwiset silang lahat!

  • Tart

    is cayetano running for re-election?

    nagpapakitang gilas nanaman ba siya, katulad ng ginawa niya kay mike arroyo, kaya sia nahalal sa pwesto?

    tsk tsk tsk 

    • patawad

      Yes he is.  He was first elected in 2007 and after 6 years he is due for reelection.  Nagiingay na naman at the expense of a big shot political figure who he thinks can be his punching bag just to get voters’ attention.  Sana kuha ng lahat!!!!!!!

    • popeyee

      alam mo jinggoy, nagpapasikat man siya o hindi, at least naibunyag ang mga kalokohan nila..

      • batangpaslit


    • batangpaslit

      you missed the whole point.
      regardless of the motive, the issue that matters is: the nation is informed of the shenaigans that is going on in the Legislative Branch of the governent, perpetrated and perpetuated no less by the Senate President

  • caloyski65

    gusto ni GIGI….happy ang MANOY ni ENRILE….

  • msmakabayan

    This is blatant CORRUPTION, plain and simple…all this talk about investigation whether by Coa or private is just a tactic to divert the issue and invoke constitutionality issues. Such subterfuge! Lokohin niyo ang mga lelong niyo…You should all be tried for graft and corruption, tapos!

  • Jose Rizal

    Hindi makatayo sa sariling paa/kayod, ginagamit ang tsismis para sa mga boto’y makatisod…

    Bayaran muna ang UTANG, bago mag-SHOWBIZ dakdakan?

    Pambabae ni Pollano na issue sa kumakalam na sikmura ni Juan…ayusin niyo ang serbisyong bayan…inihalal kayo ng tao hindi dahil magaling kang tsismoso.

    Binabae mong bibig disiplinahin mo…hijo Cayetano.


    • sakinlang

      Jack Enrile, ikaw ba yan? You forgot to take your medicine, hijo!

    • batangpaslit

      Tsong, you are an impostor of the true Jose Rizal, the national hero
      You are espousing the perpetuation of corruption in the government service.
      Hindi si Sen A Cayetano ang may utang kay JPE.
      Magka sosyo ang Tatay nia at si JPE noon. So, walang pakialam ang anak sa transaction ng kanyang ama, unless na lang signatory si Sen A Cayetano sa utang na nabangit ni JPE
      Prejudiced ka lang kay Sen A Cayetano

  • Constantine

    When are they going to conduct a lifestyle check of Gig Reyes and her brother Patrick? The COA and the Ombudsman should have been doing this by now!

    • Juan_Sipag08

      Takot ang COA at Ombudsman  kay Mang Johny baka hindi maging happy

  • carlo

    naku poh, sana nga isauli yan, but hundred per cent na ndi 

    na isasauli kz nagasto na nila or naideposit na
    sa sarili nilng bank account…

  • carlo

    ang isang senate staff ay allowed

    bang pumirma sa cheque ng
    mga senators???

    • Rosauro

      Yes! For and in behalf of his boss. This is practiced everywhere including Malacanang..

      • batangpaslit

        I am interested to read the document that states so.

    • batangpaslit

      tanong ko rin ‘yan.
      delegation of authority is defined. merong limits din ang power designated to an unelected government bureaucrat

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    what a waste of money..why don’t we just disband the house and senate, to save funds, and realign them to livelihood-generation and environment-friendly development projects?…

  • joboni96

    sen alan
    dahandahan kay manong johny

    pag may nangyari sa kanya
    kargo de konsensya mo yan

    at mas masahol sa pag gamit niya
    sa isang namayapa na

    • batangpaslit

      Tsong, let the chips fall
      Alin ang importante? Ang buhay ng isang nagwaldas ng pera ng bayan, o ang buong sambayanang Pilipino na nadenggoy?

  • gin bulag

    saludo ko kay cayetano.dpat ganyan. yung ibang senador walng silbi

    • batangpaslit

      agree…my sentiment

  • my_chatmate

    Mag pakatotoo kayo kung hindi sa pork barrel at yang MOOE walang tatakbo na senador, sa laking gastos nyo sa election di nyo mabawi.

    • Jose Rizal

      “Bawal (na) ang PLASTIC sa Pinas”….tama ka diyan…


  • superlucky2

    Gusto ni Jinggoy Estrada COA ang mag-audit kasi kaya nilang diktarang ang COA. Si Estrada isa rin sa mga corrupt na senador parehas ng Tatay nya.

  • Jose Rizal

    Bago mag-snowball ang tsismis ni Alan, bayaran muna nila ang UTANG…

    Hahahahahahaha!  Garap-Alan na lang ba?

    Di puweding “Ca yet ano” (kahit ano) na lang…dapat BAYARAN ANG INUTANG!

    • batangpaslit

      Tsong, ang utang nang Tatay nia ay hindi public funds.
      Ang punto ni Seator Allan ay ang pera na galing sa kaban ng bayan
      Can’t you distinguish a private business partnership that turned sour from management of governent funds?

    • chick

      ang utang ng ama ay hindi utang ng anak.. hindi ka ba nag-aral ng basic law in college? 

  • ruel

    SOBRANG YABANG ng mga UNGAS nating mga SENADOR kung makapagsalita sila DRILON AT PANGILINAN sa mga GOCC’s at MWSS…mga bastos daw dahil sa mga bonus na tinatanggap. Kung makapanglait kay CORONA kahit di naman napatunayang ninakaw ang pera ay sinabing nakaw nga. Kaya natanggal, okey na sana.Yon pala ang mga HINAYUPAK nating mga senador mas masahol pa sa MUKHANG PERA. ENRILE, ESTRADA,SOTTO. Mga WALANGHIYA…pera ng bayan gingamit nyo lng as CHRISTMAS BUNOS.Kakapal ng mga mUKha nyo. SHAMELESS SENATORS!..twag namin sa inyo DISHONORABLEs!

  • ruel

    SENATOR ENRILE…magpakamatay ka na lng! Kapal ng mukha mo! SHAMELESS SENATORS!

  • Vespa62

    And while every Tom, Dick and Harry (or Juan de la Cruz if one prefers) is raising a howl over P600M MOOE little do they know that the biggest pork barrel of P50billion is controlled by the boy in Malacanang.

    Deafening silence.

  • chick

    Why reiterate a COA audit when there are also bad eggs in COA? Dami ring mga corrupt sa COA, especially the resident auditors of different NGAs.. MAy take sila sa payroll prepared for bonuses and CNA out of MOOE savings.. Paano sila mabubuking eh sila rin ang nag-o-audit ng mga transakyon n ganun? Alangan may adverse audit observation sila regarding those payrolls kung sila ay kasamang tumatanggap nun d ba? So pupulaan lang nila yon, check lang ng check ng red ballpen nila.. That’s how our so-called watchdogs do.. Nakakahiya.. Mga bantay salakay pala!

  • batangpaslit

    It is commendable for Senator A Cayetano have the courage to pose the challenge to the Senate President regarding stewarship of funds.
    There is time for every season.
    Today is truth telling time. Today is confessing time. Today is cleansing time.

  • Juan_Sipag08

    Aha pag mga senador at congressman okay lang mamigay at gumastos sa pera ng taong bayan, pero pag ordinaryong manggagawa ng pamahalaan at ibang ahensya ni piso kailangan ma liquidate. Kapal talaga ng karamihan sa ating mga mambabatas. Puro PERA at KAPANGYARIHAN ang gusto.

    Wala bang formal na investigation in aid of legislation ang mga congressman???


  • Albert Einstien

    bakit KELANGAN ilimit ang IMBESTIGASYON   sen cayetano.. me dapat bang EXEMPT o pagtakpan..?…..dapat simula 1986  para  malaman ng TAONG-BAYAN kung saan at kanino napunta yan mg aPONDO ng BAYAN…..tumanggap ba si PNOY ng cash gift.?…tahimik ang mga macboys….TUWID na DAAN ba…abangan natin….jan MAKIKITA kung SINO ang mga IPOKRITO at SINUNGALING na mga SENADOR….

  • ashleybulls


  • lemon88


  • renea


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