Gigi Reyes: Time to look for source of Senate stink


Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile did not quit, so she did.

“I believe what the public really hungers for is the truth about the officials they elected and how their money is spent or wasted. The people now believe that the Senate stinks,” Enrile’s chief of staff, Jessica “Gigi” Reyes said in a statement.

“It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from,” she added.

While her ill-considered comments about Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano were the cause of her irrevocable resignation, Reyes said she also had “an honest difference of opinion” with her boss on how best to deal with the controversy over the disposition of Senate funds.

According to Reyes, Enrile could very well have explained how the Senate spends its P600 million in funds for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) and how he had to maintain a balancing act to accommodate all the senators’ requests for extra office space and additional travel funds.

“But the Senate President did not want to embarrass his colleagues,” she said.

Undelivered speech

Reyes said she had drafted a speech for the Senate President—which in the event was left undelivered—in which Enrile would have declared that he was resigning irrevocably.

“The draft speech I prepared also contained a statement towards the end that he was resigning irrevocably as Senate President, something that he had been contemplating since Monday when his motion to declare the position of Senate President vacant was defeated,” she said.

The speech would have been Enrile’s response to Cayetano’s privilege speech last Wednesday in which the Senate President was questioned on how he was using or misusing the Senate’s funds. In his speech, Cayetano also insinuated that Reyes had an unseemly strong influence over the chamber as Enrile’s chief of staff.

But Enrile did not agree to deliver the speech, “understandably concerned that with the prevailing howl over the media, the Senate and his colleagues may be unduly placed in a bad light, in particular with respect to the budgets of the oversight committees that are locally funded by the Senate,” Reyes said.

Supported by documents

Reyes explained that the P600 million in Senate funds that Cayetano would like to subject to an independent audit actually represents the MOOE of the entire Senate Secretariat and that, contrary to the allegations, all expenses charged to that account are covered by supporting documents and vouchers available for everyone in the Senate to see.

“In fact, these expenses pass through several departments before reaching the secretary of the Senate who then submits them to the OSP for approval/signature. Senator Cayetano claimed that only the Office of the Senate President has access to these vouchers. That is not true,” she said.

According to Reyes, she tried to convince the Senate President to resign irrevocably, mainly over her disappointment that very few senators in the majority stood up with him to justify the regularity of the P1.6 million in additional MOOE he released to all but four senators last December.

“I had expected the other senators not so much to defend their leader, but to clarify, explain and defend their own honor and the honor of the Senate,” she said.

“The systematic disinformation and the malevolent attacks raged on, fueled by Sen. Antonio Trillanes’ tireless pronouncements that a change in leadership was in the offing. I did not know what to make of the conspicuous silence of the other members of the majority. I grant that some of them just did not want to be embroiled in the fray,” she said.

Even the Senate secretary general, Emma Reyes, did not want to be perceived as defending the Senate President, she said.

Reyes said she thought there was no point for Enrile “to continue to stick his neck out defending himself and his colleagues while the others except for a very few would rather just watch.”

“We had not been deluded by the so-called “vote of confidence” he gained when his motion was voted down, with 16 senators in attendance. It was not a moro-moro [a farce],” she said.

“He was ready to step down, and so he manifested that he would reiterate his motion when the others, especially all his detractors were present,” she said.

Apology to Cayetano

In her statement, Reyes issued a public apology to Cayetano for calling him a hypocrite in a dzMM radio interview.

In her remarks in the interview, Reyes noted that Cayetano and the three other senators—Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Pia Cayetano and Trillanes—who were raising a stink over the measly P250,000 they received from Enrile, had received similar dole-outs in previous years without incident.

“I profusely apologize to the honorable senator and minority floor leader, Alan Peter Cayetano, for my disrespectful and offensive statements and overbearing tenor as I was interviewed on dzMM Teleradyo last Monday, Jan. 21, 2013,” Reyes said.

She said she committed an act of disrespect in referring to Cayetano as  ‘Alan’ and “not addressing him properly as an elected senator of the Republic.”


“I committed a serious ethical breach in making the remark:  ‘They are hypocrites.’ I am sorry that I was driven by my emotional state, as the Senate President and I viewed and listened while [hosts] Ms Karen Davila and Mr. Vic Lima were obviously aghast and scandalized at Senator Cayetano’s allegations, apparently believing them to be the whole truth about the disposition of the Senate’s budget,” she said.

Reyes also reiterated her irrevocable resignation as Enrile’s chief of staff, which she said did not need the Senate President’s acceptance.

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  • Spike

    sounds like Cayetano is full of BS   as usual all talk all bark no bite .  Cry home to your daddy

    • romfagen

      he he he  naintindihan mo ba yung binasa mo pre?

      • Spike

        oo bakit ikaw hinde bopols ka pala eh

  • gikiness


  • $20722540

    i still remember that he was trying…did try very hard… to pin down mike arroyo in regards to their alleged bank account in germany pero wala naman mapakita na paper trail or evidence…puro lang ngawa ng ngawa at paninira akala mo malinis…hello!!!

  • Global1st

    I get it that he is the elder statesman (89 yrs old JPE) blah…blah No offense to the elders here but may be it’s time to hang in up…right? instead of delegating all this stuff…to the staff….I mean c’mon at some point you should be realistic….as the age is being an excuse to do the job! kaya may word na “RETIREMENT”

  • KapitanBagwis

    Is it really in JPE’s COS job description to encourage the senate president to resign or is it because of their very very closed relationships, more than a chief of staff to Enrile ?

    Just asking.

  • Benito Juarez

    No need “to look for source of Senate stink” the institution is already shaken; the bad fruits are strewn all over the ground.

    • Rovingmoron

      Has the squirrels eaten the bad fruits on the ground? Not yet, ha!

      • Benito Juarez

         Got it bro, even the squirrels dislike the rotten fruits.

    • 12JEM

       Not just all over the ground…In fact, the Stink permeates the whole place…all around.

      In other words, the S  h  I  T has hit the Fan!

      • Benito Juarez

         You hit it … S H I T makes the pigs to scamper all around.

  • anu12345

    Why this lady can afford to be arrogant?

  • WAJ

    There are only few (24) of them in the Senate and they are attacking each other. What good does it do for the country? Don’t they have anything to talk about on the senate floor for the good of the country?   

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Gigi Reyes: “Time to look for source of Senate stink”

    Very often, the people who stink are the last to realize they stink. This is true in the case of Senator Gigi Reyes. Not only does she stink, her very presence in the senate together with her brother is rather fishy. If Enrile needs Gigi in his office so bad because he’s almost deaf and almost blind, it is high time that Enrile be seriously considered for disqualification from his senate post due to health reasons.

  • Rovingmoron

    It appears that this article is flavored with a little bit of humility. This time, Gigi tries to step back and recoup her balance, which was a good way to accept her own shortcomings.

    • Vincent

      attempt of damage control lang siguro. Once a thief, always a thief. Imagine having two mansions with the salary of a chief of staff? kung hindi thief din itong babaeng ito, let her SALN be scrutinized thoroughly.

  • tiopaero

    Ok lang mag-resign ka as Chief of Staff ni Enrile, ang importante dun ay kabit ka pa din ni Enrile kahit nag-resigned ka na.


       Imbestigahan na sya. This just proves that a querida is bolder than the original wife. Gigi, you stinks. PI ka!!!!!

  • marithefrancois

    a chief of staff wanting the senate presidency to quit….hmmm…because she was hurt? how is that even possible? 

    • batangpaslit

      she was disowned na gf, diba?

  • mabyrik

    “I believe what the public really hungers for is the truth about the officials they elected and how their money is spent or wasted. The people now believe that the Senate stinks, It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from.”–Gigi Reyes

    Gigi, don’t look too far. And please don’t look beside you or behind you. The stink emanates from your own body. Rub your nose in your shoulder and you will smell it. That’s it. Did you smell it? See? Am I right? 

    The foul odor of your body originates from the stinking morality of your boss, much like the odor of a dead rotten rat. You absorbed the foul odor in his body and mind due to your long years of association with him. He has that bad odor since 1972, the day ML was proclaimed, after he ambushed himself to justify its proclamation. Your boss was the most important tool of a dictator in violating human rights, killing, torturing and abusing innocent political opponents. 

    Your boss never attempted to remove the stink in his body and mind by continually abusing the power bestowed on him after EDSA1. He even financed coups led by Honasan against Cory hoping he can be a president, too.

    As SP, he used the power of the purse to buy the loyalty of fellow senators, who equally stink like him. 

    Gigi, I agree with you there is stink in the senate but I disagree when you say you are clueless where the stink is coming from. You know it when you poke your nose in your own body.

    • where_I_stand

      Assertions devoid of facts are rants.

      “Gigi, don’t look too far. And please don’t look beside you or behind you. The stink emanates from your own body. Rub your nose in your shoulder and you will smell it. That’s it. Did you smell it? See? Am I right?”

      These are all assertions. No facts. It is hatred I sense.

      “The foul odor of your body originates from the stinking morality of your boss, much like the odor of a dead rotten rat.”

      Stinking morality?

      [1] Sins of Enrile, not today but of yesterday, during martial law:
      Being with Marcos when martial law was declared, the ambush was used by Marcos to justify the imposition of martial law, dictator’s tool for human rights violations, killing, torturing, abusing ‘innocent’ political opponents.

      If these are supported by proofs, Enrile would have been in prison for a long time. And yet, he is a free man. If you go to court with these heavy accusation without any supporting evidence to the accused, what do you think is the action of the court? To accuse anyone is easy, but to prove the guilt of the accused you need to have a proof of his guilt. It is mind-boggling why the entity between your ears cannot understand it.

      Do you think Enrile will give the court the evidence of his guilt? Don’t make yourself a fool.

      [2] Sin of Enrile, not today but of yesterday, during the incumbency of Pres. Cory Aquino:
      Financed coups led by Honasan…hoping he can be president, too.

      This is pure tsismis. No factual basis.The justification of financing coups in order to become president is a good plot for fiction movies. If this accusation has factual basis, Pres Cory herself would order the arrest of Enrile and Honasan. The Filipino people who loved Cory would have not elected Enrile and Honasan to the Senate. Are you thinking?

      [3] Sin of Enrile, today, as Senate President:
      Buying the loyalty of the senators.

      The issue being raised in the Senate is not the legal issue of realignment of the Senate savings and their distribution to the senators because the GAA authorizes the SP to do so. COA head affirmed the legality of the realignment and distribution of funds to the offices of the senators as additional MOOE.

      The issue is the selective distribution. Is there a law that prohibits the SP to selectively distribute the said funds? Clearly, the SP has the prerogative in the distribution of funds. These funds were channeled thru the offices of the senators, subject to liquidation and audit.

      Is this buying of loyalty?

      If I am a senator who gets the additional funds, which is subject to liquidation and audit, I will treat the funds as office funds, not personal funds. Since I cannot freely use them for my pleasure, it is not a good strategy in buying my loyalty. In fact, there is no transaction that takes place. I gained nothing from the said buying of loyalty.

      Your accusation of stinking morality has no basis.

      • roy roy

        You talk as if you are in a fantasy world. You live in the Phils.! Nobody has gone to jail for the Martial Law, nobody! After all the thousands of murders and rapes and other abuses. Enrile is second only to Marcos during Martial Law.
        And you saying that the MOOE cannot be used as personal funds by senators is naive or simply putting an argument that is not applicable to the Phils. to cover your boss?

      • eirons1043

        You are very right there is no specific law about the irregular  actions made by Juanito and that is why kaya nagkalecheleche na ang bayan na ito kasi lahat kailangan legal daw pait nga Martial Law legal eh sabi ng Fernando Supreme Court kaya kahit isa walang nakulong.  We now arrive at the point that when you hear as a reason that everything is LEGAL eh kakabahan ka na kasi kahit maliwanag na kurakot at kawalanghiyaan eh legal tulad ng “re-alignment” kuno of funds pork barrel..

      • mabyrik

        Really, stinking morality has no basis? wow, it’s like saying that GMA was the best president we ever had and marcos loved the filipino so much he gave up his life for them. wow, that’s all I can say, there’s no need to rebut your argument for I can lay a thousand pages with ease in contradicting you but it would be useless for your mind is sealed. That’s all and thank you. 

      • batangpaslit

        may punto

      • ApoNiLolo

        You scored points in “technicality” by arguing your case via legality. But to push further and declare mabyrik’s “accusation of stinking morality has no basis” diminished your advantage and portrays you as naive of our political atmosphere and ignorant of our history.

    • batangpaslit

      let her speak….let us listen and learn from it

  • AntiAko

    Kung talagang gusto ni Enrile na magresign as senate president, he could have issued an irrevocable resignation from the post…or declare the position as irrevocably open…or whatever, basta irrevocable…

    ang sabihin mo, gusto pa talaga ni enrileng manatili sa pwesto dahil kandidato anak niya. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely….

    sheeet, ampanghi!

    • enteng

      Exactly AntiAko correct ka diyan. Absolutely Correct 100%!!

  • batangsulpok

    Amoy lupa na kasi si Enrile kaya si Gigi ay gustong maghanap naman ng amoy melon pa, kung baga, kahit walang viagra ay enjoy siya.

    • spider69

      nadale mo,  pero sa tingin ko kahit sang katerbang Viagra dehins na talab kay JPE. kitang-kita mo naman na kulubot na kulubot na. kahit siguro tukuran ay dehins na tatayo.

  • GMGuerrero

    Gigi, a simple DNA test for your children might help.

  • bogli_anakdami

    kung talagang ang mga hinayupak na traposakals na ito eh totoong mga devout katolickdicks, they should have done the right things from the get go out of conscience…

    palibhasay mga PEKENG RELIHIYOSONG KATOLIKO at alam na alam na ang mga flips eh mga tunggaks at gung gongs, kaya pina-ikot-ikot lang; their votes are used and abused…

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha… hay naku, flips, let’s prey ooooopsie pray… 

  • Mamerto

    “an honest difference of opinion” with her boss…?!?
    When she was raising “hell” in defending her boss and the actions of her boss…, 
    to the point of even insulting Senators.

  • Melvin

    Very strange! Yung pinanggalingan ng problema ang siya pang nagsasabing,
    “It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from,”
    Its quite amazing!!!

    • batangpaslit

      confession time nga kasi—-implied admission

  • bogli_anakdami

    ms gigi, ‘bakwet ka na sa ‘merka…. dalian na for health reason kamo…

    • Paulita Cariño

       di tatangapin yan dito  sa africa na lang

  • ApoNiLolo

    Sometimes, even if a person seem sincere and act in full humility, people still tend to be skeptical and think negatively. That’s because most are jaded after so many years of hearing lies from someone close to this person. Ms. Reyes was already pronounced guilty by mere association. I also tends to pass this kind of judgement. Not only because she was Enrile’s right-hand (wo)man, but also because she seems to be his co-conspirator, both in the senate hall and in bed!

    • spider69

      Pina ikot-ikot mo pa. doon din pala ang bagsak. But for me you are very correct.

      • ApoNiLolo

        That’s what we call “covering all bases” in case your “hypothesis” comes into question. >: D

    • batangpaslit

      it takes years to build trust
      but it would only take a few days to destroy that trust
      to regain it, is an uphill

      at any rate, i’ll give credence to the “confession” regardless of the not so palatable circumstance
      i think, in this peculiar case, we have to distinguish the tree from the forest, eh?

  • Benjamin

    Time to investigate Gigi Reyes for unexplained wealth. Heard that this paramour of Enrile is living luxuriously with millions of pesos in the bank. Saan galing ang pera mo? The Ethics Committee as well as the Ombudsman should take a hand in investigating Enrile and his “woman”.

    • bogli_anakdami

      it was “hard earned” datong$$$… from “hard kwan ni manong enrile”… may kalyo na ang kwan ni ms gigi…

      • OleSapra aka ARGUS

        Mahal kong Bogli,

        Ano ba’ng ibig mong sabihin sa salitang kwan – TARUGO?

        Alin ang kinakalyo kay Ms Gigi – KEPYAS?

        Ano naman ang hard kay JPE – KAPALMUKS?

      • barok

         you made me laugh

  • bongarroyo

    iniwan ni manang cristina si manong dahil kay ate gigi..

    iniwan naman si ate gigi ni kuya dahil kay manong…

    kaya happy na dapat sila..

    kung naging pare-parehas lang sana ang hatian ng kupit sa senado kaso may favoritism e…kaya binulabog sila ni cayetano…

    • batangpaslit

      may punto ka

  • Bansot

    The ‘DIE IS CASTS”, no matter what you say MS GiGi Reyes. WE ordinary citizens will not rest untill JPE resigned and all the P 250,000 each which he has doled out to his fellow crocodiles are returned to the national treasury where these rightfully belonged as public funds. Whilst it is accepted that MOOE may be re aligned to give prioritiy to other expenses, yet there is nothing under the “GAA” which authorized anyone to disburse public funds as “Gifts” .  Gift is a giveaway, and is not an operating expense, hence can not be paid or covered by the “MOOE”, allowance or allocation.

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, let her tell her story so that we will find out more. She’s an insider, hence, she knew much.
      All she must do is to remain alive until she could disclose the entire story—the truth regarding the state of governance in the Legislative Branch of the Government

  • nes911

    The search should start with gigi reyes. Matagal na siyang nagpapasasa sa paggamit ng pera ng bayan. Wag kang ipokrito, atty.

  • calgary2526


    • batangpaslit

      you don’t have to admire her. let there be truth telling and let the chips fall where it may

  • Vincent

    Let your SALN be scrutinized thoroughly, Ms. Reyes, and if it turned out that there are some excess and unexplainable assets or lay-away fortunes that are not commensurate with your salary as chief of staff of Enrile, and you agree to give them back to the Filipino people, then we will take your explanations against and on behalf of others seriously. For now, we view everything you say and do, “irrevocably” or otherwise, as merely attempts of damage control.

  • Htee


    • batangpaslit

      i think Ms GG is not saying that she’s innocent. she admitted her misgivings. she’s saying about explaining to the people how the funds are being disbursed and dispensed


         sinusunod lang niya ang ika labing isang utos sa mga babaero. “Huwag kang aamin”. Kaya lang siya hindi babaero kundi lalakero. lol

      • don alto

        Dre, ika-labindalawa yan … yung ika-labing isa ay: “HUWAG KA PAHUHULI !”;

        At yung 12th nga ay : “pag nahuli ka, HUWAG KANG AAMIN!”
        KUHA MO? …  :=)  LOL!

      • batangpaslit

        nauwi tuloy sa komedya an otherwise serious issue
        eh, matanong nga kita, Bok:
        ilan ba ang Commandments sa mga Babaero?
        at ano-ano ang sinasabi?

  • Fred

    Reading your press release, I can feel your frustration Gigi, specifically that of Enrile not following what you have done ….. to resign irrevocably.

    • batangpaslit


  • Htee

    Prueba na kabit sya:
    Imagine telling her boss, “RESIGN OR I WILL”
    Can anyone do that?????
    And not to any ordinary boss but a SENATE PRESIDENT….
    The guy is two heartbeat away from the presidency.

    AGAIN WOOOOW ! ! !

    • batangpaslit

      baka meron ding sense of decency si Ms GG pag dating sa public governance
      ‘yon nga lang, nanaig emotion sia pag dating sa admiration nia sa bossing nia. imagine, fresh lawyer, napasama sa PECABAR Law
      that is heady for a new lawyer

  • bogli_anakdami

    ms gigi… WHAT IF, see, it’s a big WHAT IF…

    WHAT IF you spill the beans… everything you know about flipland corruption… total naman eh, you’ve been in bed for so long with the most notorious magananakaws… you know the ins and outs and then some…

    and, for flipland sakes … you’d be  seen as a heroine who broke the glass ceiling or tinibag mo ang moog ng kasinungalingan ng flipland legislative crooks…

    sige na naman ms gigi… naman naman namannnnnnn…

    total eh basang basa na ang panty oooopsie papel mo…

  • Htee

    Reyes noted that Cayetano and the three other senators—Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Pia Cayetano and Trillanes—who were raising a stink over the measly P250,000 they received from Enrile, had received similar dole-outs in previous years without incident.

    Since when is a quarter of a million considered as measly??????
    Please explain miss Reyes….

    • jdelacruz13

       when people get GREEDY and wanted more ….

    • batangpaslit

      relative siempre ang definition nia ng “measly”
      eh, kung PhP250 MILLION PESOS ang naitabi nila, eh, measly nga ang PhP250K.
      wala pang 10%, eh?

  • farmerpo

    Ahh, so, Alan Cayetano is right. Ms Reyes is the sub of Pnoy as 24th senator. By implicit ‘sawsaw sa usapan’, she basically admitted being the woman behind JPE. However, her exit is quite respectable. She has accepted her mistake and has paid for it.  For all we know, she could have been a good 24th senator. Based on this report, she has bowed out with honors. She is even right to say that ‘we were not deluded by the vote of confidence’. If there are miracles, I hope she would embody one by publicly announcing she will help out in the proposed audit and give us her insight about the financial mongering within the senate.

    • Garo Ungaro

      Come on, After eating.dining,receiving all the good benefits for many years
      because something like this comes out in the open, she is fine and bowed out
      with honor…at this stage she just one of the many accomplice to this saga 
      in the senate. nothing is over until the fat lady sings? Its a long way to go
      the door is now wide open?

  • bogli_anakdami

    REDEEM yourself, ms gigi…

    do a tell all, no holds barred confession of flipland’s legislative corruption…. logbooks, bank accounts, receipts, etchastera, etc >>> the total federal/gub’ment accounting thingy…

    pero, konting ingat… siguradong itutumba ka bago mangyari yan…

    • batangpaslit

      good suggestion. good warning

  • Vincent

    “The people now believe that the Senate stinks,” Enrile’s chief of staff, Jessica “Gigi” Reyes said in a statement.”

    The Senate has all along been stinking, Ms. Reyes–not only “now”– and some of its undesirable, obnoxious odors have wafted into open air during the last few days. 
    Kumbaga ang naipong gas mula sa etsas sa bituka ( bowels of the Senate) ay lumabas na in the form of noxious and smelly UTOT, which was inevitable, of course. 
    Dahil if what comes up must come down, it also follows that what comes in must also come out. And now some of the Senate’s stink is coming out. It does good for the taong bayan if only by explicitly expressing their indignance and rage over the stench of this certain government office and some of its denizens.

    • batangpaslit

      baka gustong mag kumpisal, Vince. pag bigyan mo na

  • rage b.

    really?ikaw ba hindi  stink?hahahah gigi grabe ka talaga nakuha mo pang maging mukhang inosente when in fact your hands is full of print of corruption, mag pa lfe check ka at sure na lalabas doon kung ano ang stink!!! dont say a word about stink kung ikaw ay isa din sa mabaho sa senate masahol ka pa nga eh.

  • athenapallas

    Enrile is crazy about her and that’s pretty obvious with the way he gives her too much power and clout. She may be the beginning of the end of Enrile; as they say, behind every man’s success and/or fall is a woman. But then again, it’s really about time the old gizzard rested his gizzard. Tama na at sobra na ang corruption at suffering na inabot ng bansa sa Enrile na yan.


    >>>Most of the time, the Senators themselves call me to go down when they see that the Senate President is not feeling well.<<<

    I find this very suggestive…..right, Bill Clinton? :)

    • batangpaslit

      si Bill daw naka upo sa swivel chair…..sila, what stance or posture when the CoS kneels down?

      • UrHONOR


  • Chloroform

    If Enrile’s own chief of staff, Jessica “Gigi” Reyes wants him to resign, then we already have an idea where the stink comes from…resign as a senator or senate president? 

  • G Gajelonia

    Two words for Ms. Reyes: LIFESTYLE CHECK!

    Someone please tip BIR to run a lifestyle check on this woman.

  • patawad

    Read between the lines and i think Gigi knows that somebody or some people in the senate are hiding something from the public that really stinks, like a gutter, an anomally, irregularity and or illegal activities there, and that the public should know and find it.  An audit is in order. 

    Now, it is not only senators Cayetano, Lacson and Mirriam clamoring for the full audit, the public is now asking for the same.  Come on people, use all forms of media to flood them with this requirement.

    • Rita deDios

      She cant even apologize for the immorality kahit huling huli na sila ni Mrs. Cristina Ponce Enrile at ang daming nakakakita ng kanilang physical closeness and intimacy.. pweh

  • Rita deDios

    Lifestyle check and SALN muna…. 

  • kolambogan

    This is really quite an innovation of the honor system only the sleek and the manipulators in the political world in the Philippines could do. What I mean is that only in the Philippines was a government official such as the Senate President, being questioned of financial shenanigans put his resignation to a vote from among his fellow senators. I believe that as an elected official his resignation should be tendered to the Filipino citizens who elected him to his positions and not to his fellow senators. And to think that they consider themselves honorable, what arrogant mockery and ridicule of my countrymen?

    • batangpaslit

      you can say it again, Tsong

  • joeybg

    Ang sarap ng buhay ng mga Kabit…….. ang babaho ninyo.

  • $37644997

    One who raises an eyebrow to this matter is also the one who knows the answere.

    • batangpaslit

      agree….insider sia eh

  • simondj

    i am confused why an employee can say that to her boss,,, RESIGN.

    • batangpaslit

      Simon, if the staff telling her boss upfront in private and the former is honest and true to the Filipino people, he or she has the moral ascendancy to speak for truth

      • $23218244


      • $19543087

        Please exercise civility in your criticism.  You are out-of-line!

      • $23218244


      • batangpaslit

        nandilim na ang pag iisip ni Kabayan sa sobrang galit. let him steam off

      • batangpaslit

        your suggestion never crossed my mind.
        for i prefer to listern and learn the inner workings in the Philippine Senate how the august men and women called honorable deceived for scores and decades the Filipino people big time
        regarding your rage, i would rather read the statements of JPE’s children he sired from Christina; and the family members of Ms GG
        if somebody’s head needs to be whack with baseball bat, it is not Ms GG. it is someone else…

  • dickenhead

    do not look so far, the stink is coming within you


      hindi tinabunan kaya sumingaw. DEUTORONOMY 23-12-13.

  • batangpaslit

    if the speech is truth telling that benefits the people, why would it embarrass the colleagues of the Senate President?
    the verbal exchange between Sen A Cayetano and Senate President Enrile, are they not embarrassing?

  • $23218244


    • $19543087

      This is totally inappropriate and you should be banned!!!!

      • $23218244


      • Darwin

        tama lang yan sa pambababoy na ginawa nila sa pondo ng bayan

  • jan_piter

    It takes one to know one., it takes a “stink” to know another “stink”..ha! ha! ha!  Talagang sagad sa buto ang ambisyon maging sikat.. nag-resign na humihirit pa..Manahimik ka nag lang, balik ka sa tunay mong pamilya, oras na para magbago ka na., enjoy your few remaining years sa mundo..huwag ka ng sumabak sa gulo.. Kahit ano pang gawin mo..nakatatak na sa pangalan at pagkatao mo ang word na “kabit” ngayon nadagdagan pa..Stinking Kabit..he, he, he,…malupit ang mundo mahirap makalimot..quite ka na lang sa piling ng mga tunay mong pamilya..CLA ANG UNANG MAKAKA-INTINDI AT MAKALIMOT SA STIGMA MO..Enjoy ka na lang sa pera ng bayan na nakuha mo sa kabit mo, ok? have a nice day (try to have it!!)

  • Mario

    Gigi,am I a fool without a mind or have merely been too blind to realize? OhGigi, why you’ve been growin up before my very eyes.Gigi,you’re not at all that funny awkward little girl I know .Oh no,overnight there’s been a breathless change in you.Oh Gigi,why you were tremblin on the brink was I out yonder somewhere blinkin at a star? Oh Gigi,have I been standing up too close or back too far? When did your sparkle turn to fire and your warmth become desire? Oh,what miracle has made you the way you are.   From the broadway musical  and 1958 musical comedy film GIGI.

    • don alto

      CORNY !!

  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • al gero

    wala ng matinong TRAPO, wag iboto ang UNA, UNA sa katiwalin,UNA sa kurakutan, UNA sa kawalanghiyaan, UNA sa kakabitan…………………UNA sa pgbagsak sa PILIPINAS.

  • Tonypogi

    The proverbial fly atop the carabao has resigned, and rightfully so.  She was so defensive for her boss who has been rightfully criticized by the newbie senator. Even her justifications are out of touch. She is just like the Senate President whose defense is NOT TO ANSWER DIRECTLY THE ACCUSATIONS BUT TO DEFLECT IT BY BRINGING OUT NEW ISSUES.

  • Danyel

    BULOK TALAGA YANG sENADO AT kONGRESO eversince….tanggalin ang pork barrel para tumino yan..yan ang ugat ng lahat tulad ng, kasibaan at kaswapangan, kabitan, kaplugan, kabaklaan, kasakiman, …yan ang tanging dahilan kaya marami gustong maging Senador at Congressmen…..ang ultimate mission nila ay mangurakot ng 200 milliojn taon taon at 70million taon taon…..tangna nyo…matitigok din kau at di nyo madadala ang mga kinurakot nyo sa hukay….mabagsakan sana kayong lahat ng nag aapoy na asteroid……

  • tagasampaloc

    Gigi should run for senator.

     That’s the trend now started by Erap, Lois,Laarni, Jinggoy, and JV, on one hand and Binay, Nancy, Jojo and Mrs. Binay on the other hand.

    If Gigi becomes a senator, the family is complete with JPE and Jackie as Jackie portrayed her like a mom to him. hehehe

  • Danyel

    Ready to step down? aba! walang condition dapat at wala ng vote of confidence  na kelangan……………..mag resign ka agad, ganun lang kasimple… can those who receive 1.6 million vote against u e me utang na loob ung mga yun sa yu……Enrile ang GIgi should resign… Senate pres and chief of staff respectively if they are still willing to save their faces a little……

  • Putakte Naman

    ay naku gigi, obvious ba?  ano daw –
    Time to look for source of Senate stink. eh galing sa pokpok mo eh! garampang!

  • ewokmulag

    kasinungalingan, kadramahan, leche pare pareho kayo ng lover mo…. madapuan sana kayo ng ketong.

  • ewokmulag

    sa mundong ito, ang kasamaan nangingibabaw sa kabutihan…. bakit ang masasamang tao mahahaba ang buhay? bakit ang mababait maaga namamatay… napaka unfair

    • batangpaslit

      Psalm 73

  • rnoldrmada

    At least she has the class to apologize to Cayetano et al. Unlike her boss who had the gall to disclose the older Cayetano’s debt which I thought was tacky and so tabloid-like. It amazes me how Enrile allowed his emotions get the best of him considering the number of years he’s been in politics. Like Don Corleone said ” it’s business not personal”.
    Obviuosly, at his age he easily gets cranky or impatient and perhaps has no more heart for heated battles in the chamber. I hope I’m wrong about his but if not, then I think it’s really time for his curtain call in politcs. He doesn’t have much time left and I know he knows it, too. Why the need for aggravation and stress? He ought to stop making a fool of himself now and start thinking of enhacing the legacy he’s going to leave behind.

    • mavtan

      What class? Class C? She only apologize because she was berated by the public. Classy people has common sense. Or common sense is really so rare right now, that intelligent people do not think what they are saying in public? She is arrogant and spoiled brat, not use to being crossed, that’s the main reason for calling DZMM and be inteviewed. Sobrang nanggagalaiti sya kaya sya pa tumawag sa radio station. Imagine that!

      • batangpaslit

        she learned her bitter and costly lesson. her gesture is obviously an act of a modified “penance”

    • batangpaslit

      he got drunk when he was wallowing with political power

    • Yobhtron

      His martial law corrupt legacy is long sealed. No need to enhance or sanitize.

  • jbrand


    “He was ready to step down, and so he manifested that he would reiterate his motion when the others, especially all his detractors were present,” she said.”, SO WHAT”S STOPPING HIM FROM RESIGNING IN THE FIRST PLACE???  TALK ABOUT HYPOCRISY. 


  • jbrand


    • Yobhtron

      Sad to say pero mas bobo ang mga bomoto sa kanila.  

    • Melchor Sonza

       alm mo nmn c jinggoy,sottot,lapid,revilat,,nag o observe lng,kung saan maraming mag taas ng kamay doon din sila,,,kasi bka ma Q&A,ANU ISASAGOT NILA,,alam mo nmn basa lang sa papel magaling lalo na si jinggoy,w/ feelings kuno as in sya gumawa,,sila ni sottot

  • brutsador

    Atty Gigi iwanan mo na si manong amoy lupa na yan sama ka na lang sa akin  , paliligayahin kita.

    • LucianoChing

      You are a moron…wala kang aral….buti pa aso may asal,shame on you…don ka magcomment sa tabloid…..

    • batangpaslit

      Tsong, baka may magalit sa sinabi mo? baka may magselos

      • Melchor Sonza

         gs2 mo mapalo ng kahoy na wala sa oras???

  • Ari Putan

    We will keep on posting our comments on PORK BARREL to every PDI news even its irrelevant to the topic, like Gigi and Enliar stinks spreads from Batanes to Jolo.

    • batangpaslit

      ‘ti baho it kung indi naka hugas, kay ariputan gani

      • Melchor Sonza


  • Marcela

    the first lady of the senate said: “It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from,” 

    you don’t have to look farther my dear. you are only half an inch away from that stinky object  most of the time, especially  during your unguarded moments. your prince charming disowned you as his girlfriend and he is right because you are NOT his girlfriend anymore but a mistress!

    • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

      Innuendos galore, and just about ready for the coup-de-grace to a tottering Methuselah. That’s what you call Filipino sports that will never be recognized in the Olympics. So no medals for PH, not yet! hehehe

      • Marcela

        coming, coming, the medals are on their way to the mint house my friend. one for the great amalayer jpe, one for gg (not the fish), one each for sotto (another great amalayer), jinggoy, honasan and possibly lapid, not because he is in the inner circle of manong, but his being misplaced in the senate.

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        Nope. Still no medals even for those senators you mentioned. For as long as sports and business in PH are played not the sportsman’s way. In business, there’s no level playing field with government and PH business partners and its laws work hand in hand to swindle foreign businessmen. How can you attract foreign business that way?  Cayetano and the whole Senate are no different. This country reeks with sewer odor all the way to the Palace by the stinking river.  I should laugh but I can’t.
        In this country, people would even trample on the weak and infirm as a way of life.  People won’t even offer a seat on the bus to the weak and old. In my travels around the country, I see it happen all the time; it’s dogs eat dogs out there.  It’s such a very unhappy place, and the people make it worse day by day.  It’s very difficult for a Filipino to love his fellow Filipino because most Filipinos don’t even treat their children and family well.  A nation who doesn’t treat the home well will not endure. Go figure, why we’re such in a swampy and muddy place! We get it for what we are, proud Filipino!

    • batangpaslit

      yup….i too opined the previous day that Ms GG was disowned

  • kat virtuoso

    Ang daming comments dito pero for sure ginagamit lang ito ng iba dyan for their campaign strategy. Dah! Kung magki-criticize kayo, be civil hindi out of line. Dami kasing alam e.

    • batangpaslit

      bira Kat….banat

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    Bo Yong Xie, Ms. Gigi!  It’s now really time to go, but don’t go changing and you deserve to enjoy the rest of your life.  Filipinos like to hurt their own people even if they get what they need.  What more if they don’t or you happen to be in the way. No one can trust a Filipino; even your own stinking president cannot be. hehehe
    Make no mistake about it. This country still has a very long way to go before respect from the world community can be had of a Filipino. Mr. Aquino needs to have at least 10 speeches at Davos before he starts to sound convincing. Unfortunately upon getting to his third speech the first’s been forgotten already. hehehe That’s where the stinks in leadership come from, Ms. Gigi. That’s what happens when you have a mongrel race; it’s no better than a halo-halo. hehehe  But what can we do?! C’est la vie! C’est non si bon. Hehehe  
    Look at all the comments here. You will have an idea of who a Filipino looks like. hehehe I bet you some crooked mind out there are just about ready to hit me on the face. Filipinos have real bad and irascible temper too. hehehe

    • Marcela

      you made a detour my friend! how in the hell did your touch-me-nuts mind involved the president on this telenovela that was started by your idol johnny ponce and his evita peron? wake up!

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        Detours in this country are common my friend, and fortunately so some come from the Palace by the stinking river. Hehehe Are you so blind my friend not to see? Endless detours are part of the Filipino mind. hehehe Palusot as they say in the vernacular.  hehehe And, I thought all this fuzz was started by the great Tagalog idol- Trillanes? hehehe

  • ano ikaw

    Gigi you have done well. Your statements above described you as a person way above these stinky money-faced senators. You have my respect!

    For receiving measly 250,000 – these 4 senators would rather shake the whole foundation of the Senate built on the blood and tears of thousands of people that died to uphold a republic and democratic Phils, than accept that they don’t deserve more (1.6M). I grant that these 4 senators SHOULD resign, or else face the defeat in the next senatorial elections.

    Money talks and destroys indeed, especially because some had only received  less.

    • Observer_din

      oo nga for receiving measly 250k nagalit na yung mga senador, o baka naman mas malaki ang nakuha ni GIGI kaya galit ung mga senador?

    • batangpaslit

      ang galing ng sarcasm na ito. very intelligent riposte.

    • Melchor Sonza

       this words came from very old ox,trying to eat gigi and enrile,shit,,hope you enjoy savoring the taste,,,,bulalakaw

  • jojo webmail

    JPE provides her with firm guidance…. in return , she guides his firmness.

    • batangpaslit

      gee…you have the talent to play with words

  • bgcorg

    “Kulang pa ‘yan, tito,” if I remember correctly, this was the same Alan Peter Cayetano who was quoted as saying by the first gentleman then.  And, now, this elected Senator of the Land, has the same problem with funds.  The late and respected older Cayetano must be turning in his grave.  If he was properly compensated for his services then, I don’t see how a claim that Senator Enrile owes the Cayetano family a debt of gratitude can be credible.  A firm is supposed to grow and make a profit and the employees or partners are supposed to do that; they owe it to themselves.  A debt is something unrepaid and gratitude is the free, “gratis” recognition of no longer being obliged to pay such a debt. If a debt remains uncollected because of mercy or tolerance, the debtor is the one who owes “a debt of gratitude.”

  • ever green

    “I had expected the other senators not so much to defend their leader, but to clarify, explain and defend their own honor and the honor of the Senate,” she said.—- hahaha…. what honor???? what’s to defend and clarify?????

  • Emil

    Tama ka Gigi

  • pedronimo

    The senate is full of “Sumas” and “Magnas”- SUMAINYO AND PERA NG BAYAN, KAYONG MGA MAGNANAKAW!

    • batangpaslit

      you’re a genius
      bago sa akin ito ah—“Summa” and “Magna”

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

       bwahahahaha..very good indeed..!!!

    • Paulita Cariño

      alam kaya ng nga kababayan nating  squaters ang nangyayari sa senado?  ano kaya kung pumonta sila sa senado  at mamalimos doon

  • Jane Tan


    1) Agree with the public (“I believe what the public really hungers for is the truth about the officials they elected and how their money is spent or wasted.”)

    2) Give half an admission (“It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from.”).

    3) Deflect to others (“I had expected the other senators not so much to defend their leader, but to clarify, explain and defend their own honor and the honor of the Senate”).

    The money came from your office. Ockham’s Razor. Nuff said.

    • Darwin

      magandang template

      • Jane Tan

        Yeah, its typical.

        1) I agree with you

        2) I’m on your side

        3) Look at ______

        I’m no psych major but I did take-up law. Its intended to shift the focus away from them. Soften the blow and shift.

    • batangpaslit

      Jane….you’re brilliant. I deduce it in the manner how you compose and organize your thoughts.
      Somehow, at this point, I just want to “listen” and learn more how the Legislative Branch of the government deceived and cheated big time the Filipino people for scores and scores.

    • Julius_Caesar1

      Thats a typical politico talking. When in trouble:
      1) Agree with the public (yes)
      2) Give half an admission (yes)
      3) Deflect to others (yes)
      The apprentice learns from the master. What can I say she has a good umm mentor.

  • Darwin

    the stink is in your nose.

    • Yobhtron

      In her vagina. 

      • Melchor Sonza

         hahaha!!mga loko loko,,ayan pinagpyestahan kna gigi

  • speedstream2

    Careful now, some wishes can be toxic, but if what are at stake are taxpayers’ money, transparency and accountability, then so be it. The public deserve to know the truth.

  • Philcruz

    The more she talks the more she exposes her true character. She advised Enrile to resign and when he doesn’t, she resigns? Incredible behavior for a Chief of Staff.

    By the way, how many pairs of shoes does she own?

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    The investigation to find out the source of the stink is to start from you.   Next is JPE.

    You can’t mask it with expensive parfume.  The senate reeks with decaying secret of lies, corruptions and deceptions hatch within the office of senate president.   

  • Dy Pailad

    She wants to copy and paste her boss. When Marcos was about to uncover the plot to overhtrow him Enrile saw it as an opportunity to clear himself.

  • Dy Pailad

    Baka amoy lupa.

  • Guest

    You need not look far Gigi, its being deposited in your womb on a regular basis. Kakadiri ka

  • Boy

    kahit mag resign yan…paiimbestigahan pa rin yang si Gigi. marami yang nasalat na yaman. It’s payback time.

    • clark

      do you have evidence to prove that,,

    • boldyak

      duda akong paimbistigahan ng mga senador yan, kakalat mga baho nila…hahahaha…

    • Yobhtron

      Lifestyle check yang kerida ni Enrile. Siguradong milyo-milyones ang kwuarta niyan.

  • Dy Pailad

    In a radio interview with Karen Davila yesterday Sotto said that Gigi should not resign because she is a good administrator. It confirmed my suspicion that Gigi is the Senate President.

  • Dy Pailad

    According to my barber Enrile was wearing headphone during the impeachment so that the Senate President could dictate to him what to say.

  • kishbuff

    ‘Gigi Reyes: Time to look for source of Senate stink’ – Tingin ka lang sa paligid mo, Atty. Nandyan lang yan!!!

  • Leonardo

    Pare-pareho ang mga yan…. Corrupt…

  • Koneksyon

    no matter how you K-12 the education process, you will still produce an incompetent, immoral new generation; no matter how you hype the “tuwid na daan”, you will still cross bumpy, infested roads; no matter how you change the magistrates of the supreme court to ensure justice and fairness, you will still derive gut wrenching judgements/decision; no matter how you posture, elect, re-elect legislators and government executives, you will still have all these sorts of “stinks” – IT IS ALL BECAUSE the entire 96 million filipinos are all for drama and hype, they are not solidly committed to claiming their RIGHTS towards national destiny and integrity as spelled in their right of suffrage!!! this is endless!!! never mind, juan dela cruz, you have the lotto and the jueteng to bask your HOPES!!! carry on!!!

    • boldyak

      “no matter how you change the magistrates of the supreme court to ensure justice and fairness”..<<<.false statement..

  • Jaz

    “I had expected the other senators not so much to defend their leader,
    but to clarify, explain and defend their own honor and the honor of the
    Senate,” she said

    – Is there any honor left for these senators to defend?

    • Rex_Ranhilio

      She is disappointed that the senators did not rush to defend “their leader”.

      In short she was expecting the old boy’s network to come to his rescue.

      She refutes Catetano’s statements about the power she wields in the Senate.

      But her own sentiments (as reported in this and other news reports) – her disappointments, etc.- say otherwise.

      She says she is merely assisting Enrile who is hard of hearing and has poor eyesight. If so, then she is the most powerful caregiver in the world.

  • LegalJustice

    The Bottom Line: JPE is addicted to POWER !

    Plain and simple no further elaboration just look back at  His Story !

  • Sacred Mind

    this is another ‘very very sad state’ of the Philippine politics, I will not talk about pork barrel, gifts, MOOE crap but the competencies and mindset of the politicians who run for public offices, had won and continuously insult the public. Power, greed, self-serving ideology! when can someone tell oneself enough is enough?! how long do they need to stay in power to make a difference? The Philippine elected officials (although not all) doesn’t really know the sentiments of the poor people, disserving public trust, empty promises only to find out we’re being robbed again on broad daylight! yet, we keep on electing them (we never learn) there’s something wrong with us as well (too much escape watching telenovelas, pleaaase!), The change should come from (within) the voting people. We should learn that politics is all about issues that matter most to majority (poor, helpless people) Its time to innovate, have more decency and enforced transparency, accountability in public offices. We can never escape this pitfall trap if we elected officials considered all shallow schmacks. I missed those days when I watched the news hearing intelligent speeches and arguments of members of the upper house (now they cant even prepare a decent speech without being sappy). If these politicians are really capable of leading the country 6 years terms is sufficient. Its appalling to hear that our public officials are not doing what they ought to do and ‘delegating’ it to their most trusted staff, I cannot compare public vs. private office but management executives should know how to draw the line, delegating and incompetence is different. Once elected these politicians (manager’s) should learn protocols and should start doing their homework! The world is changing, change is inevitable, let the younger generations lead. There’s so much flaws in our system, no amount of policy change can help and to bridge that gap now is so huge work (miracle is needed), quality of education is waning, private sectors avoiding social responsibility, companies were tax dodging, what more? We need genuine leaders! Those hard work the Chief Executive accomplished will go down the drain if people failed to follow suit, we should be smarter, learn from past mistakes and be vigilant (always), let us all make our public officials accountable, ask them their platform if they failed to deliver — make them pay thru our ballots and toss them aside! remember that they should serve us its not the other way around, we pay taxes, OFW’s send billions of dollars to help your economy and we people deserve the respect, value of our hard earned tax money to pay their salary, they shouldn’t enriched themselves while we live in poverty.

  • Julius_Caesar1

    Time to look for source of Senate stink?
    I do have some question’s to throw back at you.
    How much did you spend for your b-day at the Edsa Shang? What was the President doing in your b-day? Who were some of the notable guests?

    If you look at this carefully it only points to one person.
    “Enrile” (nuff said)

  • Guest

    Gigi Reyes —– time to look for source of senate stink.

    It’s time for Gigi Reyes to improve her personal hygiene. Time for Lactacyd.

    • Yobhtron

      Kasing baho ng mga daliri ni JPE. 

    • Melchor Sonza

       hahaha!!!!blue or pink???no frill also recommended!!

  • Torogi

    Who among the senators is really committed to serve the citizens? Behind all those camouflages is the hunger for money, except maybe for a few. 

  • JX Peron

    All the goodwill Enrile earned in the impeachment trial he lost swiftly in the aftermath of the Christmas Bonus Scandal. Let us pray that all that loss will extend to Jack Enrile’s candidacy.

    • Dy Pailad

      Jackie lang?

    • Yobhtron

      Isama diyan ang mga political dynasty at mga trapos.

    • pete_delacruz

      hwag iboto c jackie ponce enrile sa darating na halalan…

  • Danyel

    Look for Senate stink?….The whole Congress (both chambers) has been stinking eversince…kelan ba tumino ang members niyan?…hanggat may pork barrel na million million ay hindi titino ang entire Congress……pork lang ang dahilan kaya marami nagkukumahog sa pagtakbo….public service? pweh! wala sila niyan !..remove pork to ensure that only the dedicated ones will run in both Houses….if it cannot be removed then moratorium at least in its release every 5 yrs at least…maawa naman kayo sa bayan…pagpahingahin nyo naman ang kabang bayan…..inuubos nyo at kinukurakot ang PERA NAMIN MGA HAYUPH KAYO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kainin sana kayo ng milyon milyong bulate habang natutulog sa kabusugan…..este wala nga palang kabusugan ang mga buwayang ito…..

  • pedronimo

    In Philippine politics, HYPOCRISY has become hackneyed.- simply because it is a way of life among politicians.

  • parengtony

    This article is no more than a positive spin or a follow through to the pronouncements of Gigi Reyes. The purpose of the writer is obvious – to use this “news article” to reinforce the propaganda line of Reyes. Example: “…contrary to the allegations, all expenses charged to that account are covered by supporting documents and vouchers available for everyone in the Senate to see.”. The writer clearly supports this defense argument of Reyes but which is completely contradictory to the observation of UP Economics Prof Winnie Monsod as stated in her INQ column today. Hay Naku.

  • pedronimo


  • w4d

    When you have a plagiarist, acknowledge womanizers, fugitives, then your organization most likely stinks. Now add all the corrupt practices, waste, fraud, and abuse and you have a Senate that is guaranteed “stinky.” The problem is none has had the courage to challenge these Senators, and it had to be a Senator “fighting” another that led to these events. If something good happens as a result is yet to be seen. Ms. Reyes is part of the problem and hers are just empty threats.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, magsiping kayo ni Enrile. Pareho kayong KUTO sa Lipunan.
    Mga BUWAYA, mga HlND0T !!!

  • rjimenez1226

    This reyes is certainly diabolical  and even smarter than Enrile. She is manipulative and out to get get everyone. Burn her!

  • whyinthisworld

    It is very very clear that government is living in this kind of environment. History on corruption started since the earlier times before or after the second world war and became worst during the time of marcos. Today the barometer has gone up, it’s almost on high level where people in the government have nothing to do but to steal, steal and steal. No exception. So my dear countrymen, we know already the problem,  let’s draw a permanent solution, otherwise there will be no more good future for a new generation. For every system, there are procedures, regulations, and laws to be followed but people prefers to defy  and operate the whole system as if they owe it. Look at what happening to our senate, congress and military organization. Wow…    

  • rjimenez1226

    The woman has lost her head and is arrogant to the core. But she has become foolish  and ironically wise as  well by finally coming out with  her statement  on how the  senate stinks like hell- a cesspool of corruptuon down to even  to its  very low ranking personnel.

  • Yobhtron

    Demet!  The Congress is a cesspool of shameless , immoral and corrupt people.  If only we can dissolve the CONGRESS. I’m sick and tired of these Senatongs and Tongressmen.

  • katindig

    From here Gigi Reyes is trying to save her neck…Gigi REyes should be investigated for her unexplained wealth…she owns a big house with a fleet of luxurious cars, celebrates birthdays like Imelda marcos not to mention her wearing of Hermes and LV and other signature bags and countless jewelries….maybe by now GIGI is busy hiding her wealth since the VACC is requesting that Gigi Reyes should be investigated for her wealth.  How much is the salary of  a chief of staff?

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    Time to look for source of Senate stink?

    She spent 25 years (according to her) in the Senate yet she does not know the source of the stink.

    Maybe she got used to it.


    • Yobhtron

      She’s part of the stink.  

    • Melchor Sonza

      we cannot go over the stink,unless,sottotcopy,jinggoy punggok,,,gringorilla,aPING daldal,and master enrilier ,leave the senate,,,they are the stink rotten animals waiting the right time to contaminate all the filipino people,,,and leave us turn into zombies

  • gatdila

    The stink is coming from the hole in the ground where you gg the pokpok and your her super ancient serpentine sugar daddy are doing very gross slimy things.    

  • whyinthisworld

    Just wondering why in this world gigi reyes should sign the checks or run the administration of the senate when in fact, she’s only the chief of staff of enrile and beside the senate itself has their own administrative personnel that suppose to handle activity of this office. If I am right, therefore, request for payment emanate from the office of the senators but preparation and issuance of same is the sole duty of senate administrative office. Am I right?  

  • $14170612

    for enrile she is a sex godess

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Liezl (daughter of amalia fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni Jackie Enrile (son of Juan ponce Enrile, same guy that killed Alfie Anido..

    • pete_delacruz

       hindi dapat iboto sa pagka senador yang c jackie ponce enrile…baka ma rape lahat ang maggandang starlet at mmatay lahat ang mga baguhang actor…tulad sa nangyari ky alfie anido…

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    change the dot
    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;
     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    4X coup attempt against Cory..

     Aug 28,1987 rebellion

    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

  • Janch

    “It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from.”  So you’ve admitted that there is stink.  It’s coming from every senator and every senate office.  Ok pala dyan.  Malaki ang bonus.  Pinaghati-hatian niyo ang pera ng bayan.  Kunwari para sa office expenses.

    “I profusely apologize to the honorable senator and minority floor leader, Alan Peter Cayetano, for my disrespectful and offensive statements and overbearing tenor…” 
    Guess what, your statements are still disrespectful and offensive and your tenor overbearing.  Nagmamagaling ka pa rin.  Mas magaling ka sa mga senador, lahat sila mali at nagmamalinis pwera lang ikaw.  This makes us wonder if you never received any bonus from the senate savings too.  Thanks, Madam 24th Senator.

  • bubuwit

    GG, yang stinky na naamoy mo eh yun daliri at dila ni enliar……he3x

  • ricky

    philippine senate is a quagmire of corrupt pigs and crocodiles squandering the people’s money at their whims.. philippinhe senators are all corrupt. the people should let them stand behind a concrete wall and shot together with their families and cohorts.. then the country will prosper

  • ricky

    the country is ripe for bloody revolution to change the status quo.. being ran by corrupt political families, many if not all of the other officials down to barangay captains are all tainted with corruption and murder.. with corrupt big businessmen and police authorities, the country’s leaders are the source of corruption and murder.. people powers were useless having many of their corrupt politicians still in office.. the country is headed to nothing.. poor masseshave no future

  • ricky

    the only way out for the masses is to go out of the country.. the country has no bright future with corrupt families running the country… no matter what tourism promotion the country does, they are all futile with crocodiles running the country.. poor filipino masses are being used and reused by very few corrupt families

  • ricky

    philippine media is so corrupt that they only serve their own purposes.. filipino-made soaps on tv are so low quality diverting the young filipino minds to rubbishry.. abs-cbn and gma are 2 monopolies (including channel 5) destroying the filipino psych delivering garvage programs that bring good ideas to support education of young filipinos.. all these tv channels are being used and reused by powerful politicians and businessmen to poison the minds of youth.. these channels participate in the grand corrution schemes of few powerful families that run the country.

  • ricky

    the philippine senate does not only STINK — it is a hotbed of political corruption with many if not all of its senators  fooling the masses and feeling like kings while using the people’s money at their whims.. many of these so-called senators should be in jail long time ago for corruption and malversation of funds.. enrile alone is acting like godfather using the people’s money for bribing other corrupt senators..

    • emajega

      ow alam mo ba na sa US Senate today ay marami ring nanalo na mga kriminal at mangungurakot, nang-agaw ng asawa ng iba at ang iba ay nandaya pa ng mga na achieve nila sa buhay.

      so parepareho lang yan. masyado mo lang dina down ang Pinoy kaya ganyan ang napapansin mo? 

      May nakita ka nabang nagbatuhan ng silya nagsuntukan at nagsipaan sa harap ng kamera na mga mambabatas natin? Sa Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Latin Amerika, India at ibang bansa sa Europa nangyayari na yan. Mayayaman at mga edukadong mga bansa pa yan.

      Pag-aralan mo muna ang gawi ng ibang politoko sa ibang mga bansa then i compare mo sa Pinas kung san ang mabaho at madumi.

      • boymanok

         kabayan totoo yang sinabi mo…pero bakit kaya marami pa ring umaalis ng pilipinas at mas gumiginhawa ang buhay sa ibang bansa? paki-esplika lang

      • Melchor Sonza

         mas mabuti nga yung magkagatan ng harapan,,kasi nagpapakita lng kung sinu ang di kayang humarap sa kamalian,,tama ka sa taiwan,,dinuduraan pa nila kapag napagbintangan ka pa lng na nagnakaw o nagwaldas,,cguro kung sa mga politiko natin suka na at plema ang dpt ibuga sa knila,,ganun sila ka dumi,,,

  • ricky

    who knows how many poor filipinos were killed ordered salvaged by enrile during his marcos-era time. many older filipinos know what i am talking about.. being the architect of martial law, enrile acted like mao-tse tung of china where he ordered massacred almost 5 million chinese just to remove them on his way in building a communist china.. enrile and his cohorts did the same during marcos time..

  • ricky

    life in the country is the same than 30 years ago.. millions are still poor and cannot eat.. the same corupt families and businessmen run the country.. it’s the same corruption only the names are changed, but the same set up 3-4 decades ago.. filipinos are so dumb enough to be fooled by few poeple powers not knowing that they were only designed to protect the interests of the next leaders of the country.. bottom line, more than 80 million people are still dirt poor

    • boymanok

       naku magagalit si pnoy sa komento mo, kasasabi lang niya na maunlad na maunlad na ang pinas and corruption is over under his watch…totoo ba yung sinabi niya o guni-guni lang niya yun? ano say mo?

  • EREC

    I look senate as a chamber… Atty. Gigi disrespect not only sen. allan but already the whole chamber and few senators that are questioning this bunoses…. the subject arise due to bunoses 1.6M against 250K. Yes atty. gigi apologized but she must face the consequence that she did. What she did is personal lack of respect and confidence to the elected officials of the chamber and got only confidence with sen. enrile as his immediate boss! Sen. Allan must not this past as simple as it is….she must face consequence by disbardment.

  • Eljay

    COA at BIR paki audit itong ating 24th senator na si Hon. GIGI Reyes…

  • thecop

    Ms. Gigi Reyes, can you name even a single senator who is truly clean in the course of their political career? I bet everyone will claim I’m  clean but if that is the case why is the  Philippines  one of the poorest in the world. Millions of people are suffering from hunger and lack of government support. Because billions are pocketed in secret by this greedy  corrupt officials. As long as they have a plan in place to cover these up they can easily deny it and get away with it.   There will be true transformation and progress in our country only when these officials have their hearts transformed by allowing the truth and reality of God in their lives..

    • Melchor Sonza

       cgurado c lito ang no#stink kasi malaki babuyan at pultrihan,,hehehe!!joke lng,,c sottot syempre sya pinakamalansa sa lahat,,kasi sinasalo nya lahat ng ginagawa ng iba,,,sottot copy sottot amoy carbon,,

  • divictes

    Simple ELIMINATION will determine what causes the STINK in the Senate. First, REMOVE all occupants, If offending aroma still persists, then it must be the institution; but if the stink vanishes… 

  • Expatnyc

    Is it ‘STINK” or “STENCH”

    any comment on the use of either word?

    • Marshall


    • catalansbarce

      Stink is a german word means “bad odor”.

  • regd

    Can we call it a TIRADE APOLOGY?

    • Pepe Alas

      Oo. Parang.

  • kat virtuoso

    Hay naku puro pulitika ha. Sen. Cayetano, napapansin ko lang, ikaw ay umiingay kasi ikaw ay gustong magpabango ng pangalan para sa eleksyon. Foul na yan ha at foul din yang mga alipores mo. Ang pulitika talaga batuhan ng putik.

    • Dominic

      Okay lang yan, at least nabubuking ang katarantaduhan ng mga senator sa pamumuno ng matandang Enrile. Speaking of foul, yung pagbanggit ni ENrile sa utang ng mga Cayetano, sobra sobrang foul, lower than the gutter pa. Galing ni Enrile no? Sobra

  • Pluma Mana

     gigi said the senate stinks…. well every places in the govt stink…be it in the senate or elsewhere, it stinks…

  • Jijiera Ka Teh

    Here’s one simple test if he’s truly for transparency or is just on another publicity stunt. Let’s ask Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano to open the FINANCIAL RECORDS of his office, NOW, for auditors from the private sector. Even though it’s Enrile, and not him who’s in the proverbial ‘eye of the storm.’. Cayetano receives his share of Senate funds. The funds come from our taxes. Therefore, we have the right to know if he has been spending the money WISELY and LEGALLY. We should find out, and see proof, if Cayetano has been spending his Senate allocations for the greater good and not just for himself. If Cayetano refuses to kick off his purported quest for transparency with Senate monies, then everything he says is just for media mileage. 

    • Agat Sumi

      lahat sila dapat ma audit….period…wala ng mga test pa!

  • Danyale

    Atty. Jessica Reyes: you should put yourself where your shoes belong, under a shoe rack, and not on the pedestal. Being CoS of a high-profile politician you are vulnerable or exposed in a work environment which are always riddled with public scrutiny. Lesson learnt, however, it’s too late to rectify the consequences.

  • w33k3nd3r

    Look at the mirror, Gigi.

  • dAR7h_VAd3R

    “According to Reyes, she tried to convince the Senate President to resign irrevocably, mainly over her disappointment that very few senators in the majority stood up with him to justify the regularity of the P1.6 million in additional MOOE he released to all but four senators last December. ”

    She holds (and titillates) JPE’s balls in her hands, indeed! A Chief of Staff who can influence her boss to resign irrevocably truly implies who’s the REAL Boss.

  • boymanok

    i agree with gigi reyes, the senate stinks and so is she

  • Rhose Martin

    As the cliche says ” more talk, more mistake, less talk, less mistake” but good thing that  Atty. Gigi  apologized and accept her fault, but the damage has been done. Para matapos na lang ang lahat ay ipa-audit na ang lahat hindi lang ang Senate President kung hindi lahat ng mga senators..masyado nang sira ang pangalan ng senado ngayon..And sana instead of palalain ang situation at gawing big deal ang lahat mag trabaho na lang sana ang mga senators at totoong tumulong sa mga mahihirap!!! Dahil ang banagyan nila ay hindi nakakatulong marami pa rin ang mahihirap, walang trabaho yun na lang ang atupagin nila.

  • boymanok

    it was the stinky voters who voted for the stinky politicians

  • Dominic

    I think Cayetano will also submit his office for audit. Calling for audit yet refusing to be audited will be his downfall. Any thinking person will know that. Meanwhile back to Enrile, who’s in the ‘proverbial eye of the storm’. Will he let Senate audited? Or will he insist on the ‘only if the majority allows’ stance. And yes, it will give him at least a hint of maturity not to divert issues by throwing decade-long ‘I owe you’ note. So juvenile. Nagiging hobby nya na yata yan. Remember the Trillanes-Enrile episodes? Trillanes raises an issue over CamSur division, Enrile replied by exposing Trillanes’ part in WPS backdoor negotiation. Namamana na din ni Lacson ganyang mga tactica.

  • rage b.

    Is it really an APOLOGY gigi?parang more on insult yung letter mo saka time to look for the source of stink in the senate Liar! why only now after 25 years in senate sasabihin mo yan,kasi wala ka na?you are on of them and worst isa ka sa nangangamoy sa senate with your partner in crime,naku sana ma life style check ka nga so we will know where your millions came from,houses jewelries, bags at sana pati family ma imbistigahan I’m sure nakinabang sila.god moves in mysterious way talaga.

  • wakats

    Gigi answered her own question.

    Gigi said “the people now believe that the senate stinks” and “It is sad but I so agree.”  She is implying that the stinks come from the senate president”s office since she was deeply involved in its affairs when johnny assumed the senate presidency in  November 2008.

    It is now clear that whoever holds and disburses billions of pesos in his discretion, whether whimsical or sensible, could not be expected to stay clean and firm forever.  This assessment holds true in the lower house of belmonte.

    Gigi has now the chance to help the senate restore its once-respectable image by exposing what she knew as questionable transactions/procedures and to help craft remedial measures.

  • John Shinn III


    • Rosauro

      You b_tch! Respect a woman. You don’t have an evidence she is a whore. If she says your mother is the real whore, are you going to accept it?

      • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

         kabayan pls check the photo in fb..the whore is with all the VIP’s..and she is just a thief of staff..kabayan di yata ako bulag at ipinanganak noong panahon ni rizal.!

  • kilabot

    looking for the stink? 
    the whole congress is one big septic tank.

    • Pepe Alas


  • $25214711

    Nangamoy na yang Senado mula ng maupo yang amo mo. Nang magsimula kayong mangalunya at ang paulit-ulit na kudetah at pagka gahaman sa kapangyarihan nyang si Sen. Viagra

    • marivon

       stem cell kabayan. Pang “poor” ang viagra. Hindi poor si manong bogli

      • $25214711

        Tama ka kabayan pero hindi yan mapapatayo ng stem cell. Mag vi-viagra parin yang si Sen. DOM

  • Constantine

    Mas mayabang talaga ang kabit kesa ang tunay na asawa anu? Tumahimik ka na diyan. Chief of Staff ka lang. Senador ang mga kausap mo. 

  • Jane Tan

    I call “evasive maneuvers”

    1) Agree with the public (“I believe what the public really hungers for is the truth about the officials they elected and how their money is spent or wasted.”) *comfort and soften the blow

    2) Give half an admission (“It is sad but I so agree. It is time to look for where the stink is actually coming from.”). *agreeing again but still avoids admitting their mistake

    3) Deflect to others (“I had expected the other senators not so much to defend their leader, but to clarify, explain and defend their own honor and the honor of the Senate”). *usually changing the issue or blaming others, or changing the issue in order to blame others

    Look no further, Gigi. Look no further.

  • mangTASYO

    Source of Senate stink?…it’s coming from between the legs!

    What a tragic irony…the “Chief of Staff”…became Thief of Staff of Manong which was legally owned by  Mrs Cristi….


  • F alonso

    The Senate stinks,and a lot of people are HUNGRY.How can a Senator or Congressman live a luxurious life while other people are suffering.

    Thief of Staff,match sila ni Thief Justice na ki nulpa ni Manong.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    tinot khan ni manong J. yang si GG. gutom ang pinas tapos may away sila. tama bang may VAT kung maraming sobrang pera para sa MOOE?

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    pek too mo yan gg. manong J pa!

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    Gigi Reyes sucks too…she’s part of this dumb, wasteful and fiscally irresponsible bureaucracy that we have….disband the senate and house..!!! and replace it with a leaner unicameral system…!!!! 

  • malek_abdul

    The senate of the Philippines stinks – a statement coming from an insider. The senate composed of clowns and trolls such as mga artista, coup plotters, fugitive, brain damaged, senile, iyakin (tuwing mag-speech), bading, land grabber, plagiarist, etc etc. Pinag-aawayan ang perang hindi naman sa kanila. Yet they call themselves “Honorable” Pweeeehh ang bantot talaga!

  • joboni96

    look into the mirror

    who’s the stinkiest of them all

  • joe__bloggs

    If Atty Reyes says the Senate stinks, she must know what she is talking about. 
    She can pinpoint where the bodies are buried.
    Let the forensic financial investigation begin.

  • $14170612

    kapag ang palay naging bigas may bumayo

  • tyopaeng

    Time to clean the Senat & the House……
    Start it this coming May elections….

    • FernandoBusi

      Hey don’t forget Cojuangcos and Aquino’s. 

  • JoseG

    Ang galing naman ng mga hudas na ito….maraming pamilya ang nakatira sa malilit na espasyo, sa ilalim ng tulay, sa madidilim na sulok ng mga lungsod, atbp….at mapapahiya raw si JPE ?  Ang swe-swerte ng mga senatong !

  • hopeless_na

    Stinking senate… get lost!!!

    Ang kakapal nyo!!!!

  • rjimenez1226

    Stinky is the word. Theword of the year . the word of the decade. Finally, the Senate is going down the drain. Salamat at nabuking na ang walanghiyang institution na ito!

  • pipsirho

     The source of the STINK is VERY OBVIOUS! It is coming from PIGS
    => Politicians Insatiably Gorging Slop; SLOP in the form of Power,
    Pork Barrel, Public Funds, Graft, Corruption, Dirty Money, Influence
    Peddling, SHAMELESSNESS!!!

    GREED . . . GREED . . . GREED . . . GREED . . . GREED . . . GREED . .
    . GREED . . . GREED . . .and 16 more GREEDS!!!


  • Vincent

    “The revised version of Gigi’s song.”

    ♪♫ I’m so young and you’re so old,
    this, my darling I’ve been told.
    I don’t care just what they say, 
    cause forever THEY will pay.
    You and I will be as RICH,
    like all thieves in the Senate,
    Oh please, Steal with me, my Jo$$hny.”♫♪

    • ruel

      hahahahah….kunyari pa si ENRILE…ilang beses na kaya niyang na TOT… si Mareng GIGI..hehehehe.ENRILE MATANDANG MANYAK.

  • bogli_anakdami

    ms gigi naman… don’t look any farther… the stink is coming from your kwan… yung paboritong kainin ni gurang enrile… tapos eh kakaplogin pagkatapos dila-dilaan…

    ok heto pang hint:  it smells like patis and taste like one too kung di pa nahuhugasan… o hayan ha…

  • sl1

    According to Reyes, Enrile could very well have explained how the Senate spends its P600 million in funds for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE). Show to the senators & the public that there are real supporting documents and vouchers available for everyone in the Senate to see. Talking is good but we want actual proof .

    • Harry

      Many would want to see the paper trails and to whom they are paying their taxes..

  • Vincent

    ‘yun atang entire sewage canal ng Manila, sa Senado ang hangganan, e.

  • ruel

    You sow what you reap SENATOR ENRILE. Akala mo di lalabas ang baho ng mga pinaggagagawa nyo.NAKAKAHIYA KAYONG MGA TINAWAG kunong mga senador. Magnanakaw naman pala sobrang mga GARAPAL AT MGA MUKHANG PERA.

    Nakakahiya kayong mga SENADOR! Pero sa sobrang kapal na ng mukha nyo…ok lng talga basta may pera. KUPAL…SHAMELESS SENATORS.!

    Tapos magagalit kayo sa INQUIRER dahil sinusulat nila ito. Eh dapat lng din nmang malaman ng taong bayan na mga MUKHA KAYONG PERA eh. PEra pa ng bayan ang ginagamit nyo. ang KAKAPAL. samantalng ang daming mga Pilipino sa MINDANAO ang nagtiis matulog at kumain sa mga evacuation center. Kayong mga HINAYUPAK ng mga SENADOR nagpakasasa sa dami ng “CHRISTMAS BONUS” ninyo. mga SWAPANG. MGA WLANGHIYA

    • YanoSantos

      Kasama sa bayarin ni Enrile si Yamsuan!

  • Harry

    Gigi, all the stinking waste in Manila Bay comes from there.

  • ruel

    Inquirer..sana wag nyo hong tigilan ang issue na ito. Dapat lumabas ang katotohanan dito. Ang mga magnanakaw dapat panagutin.

  • Harry

    The people now are trying to compare the Chief Senator Judge and the convicted Chief Justice.

  • Melvin

    Sige nga Aling Gigi pagsabihan mo ang mga senador na linisin ang kanilang hanay, pero palagay ko dapat umpisahan nila sa’yo… Okey ka lang Aling Gigi? Palagay mo ba malinis ka rin at malinis din ang pagtatrabaho mo sa senate president? Teka, matanong ko rin, ikaw ba ang pumirma sa sarili mong Christmas bonus. Kainggit ka naman mahal na mahal ka ng ating senate president… Hanga naman ako sa’yo. Isipin mong nagawa mong pagsabihan ang senate president na mag-resign. Close kayo talaga ni Lolong Johnny…

  • Dave

    Madam Senator Gigi, stink starts from the office that you share with the most honorable Senator Enrile. Sinong niloloko niyo? 

  • henry j

    ang dami nagugutom sa pinas, tapos p1.6  Million gift lang, paano naman kami P250 K lang, ang laki nagastos ko sa pag tagbo ko sa election, xiempre babawiin ko yon. Wala na kami  paki ma gutom kayo, nasa aircondintion kami nag work, marami kami sexy empleyado, meron pa kami mga body guard, inggit lang kayo, mga ungas binoto  niyo kami para magwalda nero, di ba, eh di mag dusa kayo… ano reklamo niyo ngayon?

  • batangsulpok

    Kinopya siguro ni Enrile si Clinton na habang nakaupo  at nagtatrabaho, si Monica Lewinsky naman ay nasa ilalim ng mesa at may nililinis.

    • doncleo

       Linis Tubo yata yan?

    • romfagen

      si Gigi(l) ang na regular change oil kay JPE, para maganda raw ang performance sa senado at mag last long pa

  • marivon

    She finally admitted she stinks. She was not interviewed; she called the radio station. At least nabawasan ng isang buwaya sa senado, may 20 plus pa na dapat lumayas na rin.Abolish na lang kaya pati house of representathieves, puro kurakot lang naman mga honorables na ito.

  • mangtom

    Gigi(l), look no further. Take a peek and sniff between your legs. O kaya, ipaamoy mo kay lover boy, Juan. 

    • dipax

      kaya mabaho…. kasi pinasukan ng pinaka mabahong pag aari ng senado…….

      • RAMON

        HAHAHA NATAWA NAMAN AKO DITO. ang tanong paanong makakapasok eh ayaw na nga tumigas?

  • $14170612

    pila baldi

  • Roberto

    Hindi pinayagan ng karamihan sa senado na magbitiw si Manong dahil UMAASA SILA NA MADADAGDAGAN ANG GIFT NILA. IT REALLY STINKS!

  • barako22

    kapag naghurementado si marantan sana buong senado ang mahostage nya baka maging bayani pa ng pilipinas si marantan hahaha

    • Komentador

      ahahahaha.sana nga yung mga flip at trigger happy, wag mamaril ng mga inosente sa kalye. don sila sa senate or congress kapag may session, don maraming mabawasan ang mga magnanakaw

  • upupperclassman

    According to Gigi- Senate stinks. Where is the stink coming from, from Senate President’s Office? It will be interesting to know.

  • Jef

    Philippines is the only christian in Asia but full of stink most esp the Politicians its time for repentance 

    • aardman

      Mali! East Timor is also Catholic and in Asia.

  • akoombulator

    mabaho pala eh anong ginagawa mo sa senado ulul ka dahil limpak limpak ang kwarta death to all lawyers!

  • bogli_anakdami

    ‘wawa naman ang anak (putok sa buho) ni ms gigi… sinong kanilang tatawaging “daddy”… si iniputang inky? or si gurang enrile?

    ms gigi, ‘bakwet ka na lang sa ‘merka… nandoon lahat tumatakbo ang mga ladrones garapales ng flipland… doon sa vegas ang hang-out… 

  • Rj Nieto

    Ms. Reyes. Please, just shut up.

  • balut123

    The best career to make money in the Philippines is to be a politician!…..basta MAKAPAL ANG MUKHA MO at MAGALING MAGSINUNGALING!

    • mapicchu

       agree but disagree…the best career …is to be intimately connected to a big time politician..hehe, LOL

  • rjimenez1226

    Si Gigi Reyes ay mabahong babae Simbolo ng corrupt at balasubas na senate. I kulomg na lahat na mga corrupt na Senate employees. Samatalang naghihitrap ang masa byahe kayo ng byahe dahil sa ang lalaki ng bonuses nyo. hindi lang mga senador pati mga emploeees nito aybiyahe biyahe ng biyahe with their families..Nakaw lahat sa pera ng mamamayan.

  • rinom

    they keep on deceiving because they are being deceived by the devil.

  • wilfel

    Gigi, it must be your bottom STINK but Lolong Johnny likes it. Dba ?

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Gonzales-Reyes

    Tingin sa iyo’y isang putik, larawan mo’y nilalait
    Gigi Reyes ikaw ay ‘di maintindihan
    Ika’y isang mayaman pero kulang ang pagisip
    nag-aral ka, kasi marami kayong  pera

    Kaya ika’y namasukan, doon sa senado napadpad
    Mula noon, binansagang kalapating mababa ang lipad

    Hindi mo man ito nais, ika’y walang magagawa
    ‘Pagkat kailangan mong mabuhay sa mundo
    Tinitiis mo ang lahat, kay hirap ng kalagayan
    Ang pag-big mo kay Enrileng amoy lupa

    [Repeat REFRAIN]

    Gigi Reyes, ikaw ay sawimpalad
    Kailan ka nila maiintindihan
    Gigi Reyes, ikaw ay sawimpalad
    Kailan ka nila maiintindihan
    Gigi Reyes,Gigi Reyes

    Ibig mo nang magbago at mamuhay na nang tahimik
    Ngunit ang mundo’y sadyang napakalupit
    Hanggang kailan maghihintay, hanggang kailan magtitiis
    Ang dalangin mo, kailan maririnig

    [Repeat CHORUS]

  • Klepto

    Miss Reyes tanong ko lang sana: Sa edad ni Enrile, tumitigas pa ba ang kanyang uten?

    • dipax

      kaya nga may VIAGRA eh…… lol…..
      in fairness to her…. i admire her for admiting her fault….
      sana naman sincere sya sa sinabi nya…….

  • JuanTamadachi

    “I profusely apologize to the honorable senator and minority floor leader, Alan Peter Cayetano, for my disrespectful and offensive statements and overbearing tenor as I was interviewed on dzMM Teleradyo last Monday, Jan. 21, 2013,” Reyes said.

    Gigi your apology stinks indeed and is cuntsitaped.

  • YanoSantos

    It stinks dahil sa mga katulad ninyo. Kapal mo din, now you have the nerve to say that GG, samantalang you have the power to clean it, nasa Senate Presidency ka, wala kang ginawa. You hypocrite, power grabber! You are more powerfulthan JPE, kasi hawak mo bay@g niya!

  • Febien

    It stinks pero malaki pera dyan. kaya nga magkakapatid ay senador na!

  • mapicchu

    ENRILE PLS RESIGN! NO MORE VOTING TO SHOW CONFIDENCE IN YOU. you are almost 90, my god!  you placed the Senate of the Philippines in a very shameful, disgusting image.

  • doublecross

    eh ikaw, ano ba ang baho mo…..tsk…tsk..tsk.tskkk….garapal mo naman!

  • amor tamayo

    Manong, kung pwidi lang eh, mag resign kana po. alam naman nang nakakarami ang pagkatao mo. educkado kayong corrupt. at yumaman sa pag ka corrupt lalo na sa panahon pa ng marcos. ang mahirap kasi eh palakasan sa inyo at d kayo nagpapahiya sa mga request ng mga kasama nyo sa senado. saan ba galing ang mga perang pinamomodmod nyo sa kasama nyo at sa nakuha mong bunosis, napakahirap ng buhay namin mga mamayan pilipino halos di nanamin alam kung saan kami mag hanap ng aming makakain at ipapakain sa pamilya namin , subalit kayo ay nagpapasarap at naghahatihati ng pera na di naman ninyo pera, si senator lapid bat sya nakakuha ng 1.6mellion samantalang wala naman ginagang sa sinado yan wala pang batas na nirorokomenda nya… sana mga kababaya, matoto tayong tumingin o kumilala sa mga taong ilulukluk natin sa sanado man o sa congresso, dapat piliin natin ung may kapasidad na maglinkod at mgawa ang trabaho bilang isang senador o congress, wag ung artista magaling sa baril at magaling umarti  magaling mag tambling eh humangakalang eh iboboto mo na, wag po tayong pumayag na magamit ng mga mapaggsamantalang pulitiko at mga mapaglinlang na mga pulitiko…… bangon na tayo pls at magkaisaa!!!!!! mabuhay ang pilipino!!!!

  • rjimenez1226

    Umpisahan na ang impeachment proceedings kay Enrile!

    • Marshall

      Hinde po impeachable officials ang mga member ng legislature..pwede  si Enrile kasuhan sa Ombudsman para sa criminal complaint..
      O kaya sa Ethics committee ng Senado para sa administrative case…

  • senatongresman

    Ang problema sa mga pulitico natin ayaw umalis sa pwesto; kasi ang laki ng kita sa kanilang pork barrel; na hindi naliliquidate ng detalyado kaya ayon yumayaman silang lahat. sino sa tingin ninyo ang hindi magnanakaw sa senatong at tongresman natin? Kaya dapat may batas na detailed liquidation up to the last centavo ng funds na pinagkatiwala sa kanila; kita mo ayaw na patawag ng pangalan nila kailangan HONORABLE SENATONG O HONORABLE TONGRESMAN Hindi na sila nahiya sa sarili nila; Honorable “KUNO”. Sa laki ng Pork barrel na budget may nangyari ba na mga infrastructure sa Pinas? Tignan nyo ang Vietnam dapang dapa ng nakaraang dekada ngayon umaasenso; nalalagpasan pa ang Pinas; Dapat cguro magkaroon ng revolution at patayin lahat ng magnanakaw na politico at magsimula tayo para umasenso ang ating Bansa. PURO DRAMA NA LANG AND MGA SENATONG NATIN  AT KANYA KANYANG PAPOGI SA MADLANG PEOPLE KASI ELECTION TIME NA NAMAN; MATAGAL NG BINOBOLA TAYO NG MGA KAWATAN PERO DI PA RIN TAYO NAGIGISING

  • doublecross

    ano ba naman gigi, di mo ba alam kung saan galing ang pera? atty ka pa naman, PWE!

  • tower_of_power

    Icheck mo kaya ang mga nabubulok na checks sa ilalim ng bedsheets. This GIGI is indeed loyal to the stiff stuff ni Enrile.

    • The Overlord

      Anong stiff? Lol, antanda tanda na ni Enrile. I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs to pop 10 pills of viagra para lang mapagalaw yun.

  • doublecross

    impeach…..impeach…..impeach……para magtanda na siya.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Yes Gigi is right. The senate stinks and she’s part of it. Malansa talaga ang GG kapag bilasa na.

  • Noel

    The source was no other than Gigi Reyes herself.

  • Albert

    People need to remember as election time approaches.


  • Emilio

    Ang langaw, kapag tumuntong na sa kalabaw…

    I bet you, Gigi is having the LAST laugh….

  • del pillar

    gigi seems inocent as always the case of infidelity??????????parang bula sa dagat na biglang naglalaho pag salpok sa dalampasigan!!!!! subalit ang mansa sa kalikasan ay nananatili sa habang panahon!!!! salamat kay senatores na santiago at cayetano…. alam na ngayon ng buong bayan kung gaano karumi/kasama ang politiko……..kaya pag-isipan po natin itong kkkkaaaawwwaaa………..

  • John

    Remember the song “DIANA” I’m so young (Gigi) and you’re so old (Juan) this my darling Ive been told. Wawang lola Tinay lawaks na siyang katas kaya si juan kumapit na lang kay Diana at itong si Jackie E pinagtatanggol pa si Igig.

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