In The Know: Rumors linking Enrile to Gigi Reyes started in 1998



CALLING IT QUITS Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile’s chief of staff, lawyer Gigi Reyes (inset), tenders her resignation after the controversy romantically linking her to the Senate President. But Enrile says he will urge her to stay. RICHARD REYES

Early in 1998, rumors flew that Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile was having a romantic relationship with his chief of staff, Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, about 30 years his junior.

Enrile’s wife Cristina reportedly walked out on him and moved to the United States. Being a politician’s wife had taken a toll on her, she said. She pleaded with Enrile to let her go.

However, a Chicago Tribune report in 1998 said that Cristina left Enrile following an adultery charge. Reyes was reported to be the “other woman.”


Love in pocket

To stop the rumors, Enrile gave an interview to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and talked about his marriage.

“I thought I had the love of my wife in my pocket, only to be told in the early part of December that she didn’t love me anymore. It was a jolt. I’ve never loved another woman other than my wife,” he said.

Enrile said that the rumor about Reyes was just part of an “incidental trigger” to dissolve his marriage.

He described Reyes as someone who fit his concept of a subordinate and shared the same mannerisms and style. They are both straightforward, he said.

The two met after Reyes obtained her law degree from the University of the Philippines in 1988 and joined the law firm of Pecabar (Ponce Enrile, Cayetano, Reyes, Manalastas).

“I call her up everyday, even in the wee hours if I suddenly think of something I need to have ready the following day. She takes care of everything for me. I have no time for details,” Enrile said.

Enrile tagged as a concoction blind items in newspapers about Cristina finding him and Reyes in bed and being caught in the act in the hospital.

The husband

He shrugged off rumors that he had caused the appointment of Reyes’ husband Rodolfo, also a lawyer, to the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority to get him out of town a lot. The senator authored the law creating the free port in his home province.

Following the denials,  the husband faxed a statement to reporters declaring that he “absolutely has no doubt that there is nothing going on” between his wife and Enrile,  “except for a professional relationship and a strong friendship which my family is fortunate to have with the good senator.”

Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes said his wife had done nothing wrong except be a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated chief of staff to Enrile, a position she held since 1995. He said Enrile was “decent in his dealings with my wife, myself and our family.”

“I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then.

Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  Inquirer Research

Sources: Inquirer Archives, website of Dario, Reyes, Hocson and Viado Law Firm

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  • $14745135

    The last sentence summarized it all:  Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.

    • 12JEM

      Of course, they could not live the lie.

      In the beginning, of course, Inky was in denial.  Si Cristina man, ganoon din. But they both flew the coop, later.

      • Bansot

        Of course at that time if he doesn’t deny it, he’ll be six feet below the ground or maybe floating in the sea.

      • batangpaslit

        may punto

  • us_sixtycents

    Paging…  All gossiper, self righteuos and haters, please line up…

     1-2-3 Go!!!

    • tong-its

      May kasabihan na “when there is smoke, there is fire”. Kung ayaw mong ma tsismis o gawing kang “pulutan” sa ano mang gatherings, don’t wash your dirty linen in public especially if you are a public official.

    • batangpaslit

      chuckles…are you one of them?

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Ewwww, the mother can of worms already exposed!

    • 12JEM

       The affair was exposed by Julie Yap Daza, when, in fact, many people had already been aware of the not so hidden affair.

  • nes911

    Totoo pala ang tsismis.

    • 12JEM

       Gladiator Gracchus: But the Senate is the people, sire. Chosen from among the people, to speak for the people.

      Commodus: I doubt if any of the people eat so well as you do, Gracchus. Or have such splendid mistresses, Gaius. I think I understand my own people.

      Gracchus: Then perhaps Caesar will be so good as to teach us … out of his own, extensive experience.

      [The Senate laughs]

      Commodus: I call it love. I am their father, the people are my children. I shall hold them to my bosom and embrace them tightly –

      Gracchus: Have you ever embraced someone dying of plague, sire?

      Commodus: No. But if you interrupt me again, I assure you that you shall.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      na may asim pa si JPE? hahahaha

    • batangpaslit

      kanino mo ba unang nadinig?

  • EdgarEdgar

    If interviewed today, I’m sure Gigi’s former husband would still have very nice words for Manong Johnny. After all, it was an amicable settlement. An amicable settlement that landed Gigi’s former husband in plum posts plus some big clients. Manong Johnny deserves all the credit for legitimizing an illicit affair, just like his father before him who legitimated his illegitimate birth. How money makes the world go round. All is well that ends well, at least for Enrile and Gigi. But not for the Filipino people.

    • Mamang Pulis

      ganoon lang yun—yun wala, may reklamo. :))

    • tonyoks

      as the saying goes, Gusto ko Happy Ka,

       pag nagreklamo ka lagot ka…

      dare to cross the berdugo ng Martial Law???No wonder may pinagmanahan talaga ang anak…ganyan ang mag-amang senador at kongresman…

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        Syempre naman..para lahat tayo Happy!!!

    • batangpaslit

      brilliant observation

  • Vincent

    “He described Reyes as someone who fit his concept of a subordinate and shared the same mannerisms and style. They are both straightforward, he said.”

    Pareho nga ang mannerism at style: ang magpayaman ng todo mula sa pera ng bayan.

    • 12JEM

       JPE:   In the Senate I am the big Boss.  Gigi is just a decision maker……..borrowed quote.

    • batangpaslit


  • Vincent

    “Enrile tagged as a concoction blind items in newspapers about Cristina finding him and Reyes in bed and being caught in the act in the hospital.”

    I don’t believe a consummation was possible. Baka “nag-ekis” lang sila.

    • 12JEM

       “Infants have their infancy; adults, adultery.”

      David P. Barash

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    So, it’s Jackie Enrile and Gigi Reyes. They’re closer in age. Both share similar outlook in life and are intoxicated with power. Makes sense.

  • wilfel

    Now everybody know why that Gigi Reyes is no longer married to her husband as per this article. Make your own conclusion based in this article why Gigi is so powerful in senate.

    • 12JEM

      Gigi’s undoing was caused by her inability conceal her influence over Enrile. In fact, there was no effort to conceal. It was rubbing it into the faces of the Senators..

  • simondj

    Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  Inquirer Research
    so, that is the reason why,,, Apostle Paul writes, because of sexual immorality, let the man has his own wife, and the woman has her own husband.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      pagkakataon na natin to na mapasa ang Divorce Bill!!! baka pumayag na si manong johnny!!!

  • Dan

    “Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to its other” THAT SAYS IT ALL !

    • Islander

       The PDI is wrong.  There is no divorce in the Philippines, so they are still legally married but living in adulterous situation.  Ayaw kasi ni Senate President ng Divorce Bill kasi immoral daw. Bwahahahaha

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        malay mo baka gawin secret voting hahahaha…bumoto ng yes si manong johnny!!!

      • VoxPopuli888

        we have no divorce law, but marriage may be annulled.  

  • $37644997

    Who knows?maybe they have a love child too.

    • puza65

      against sila sa RH bill di ba

  • rea1031

    I just love the last sentence……. well-placed…..

    • Cobra

      dna tests for her children?jpe was an illegitimate child too!

  • Fred

    As the old saying goes …. when there is smoke, there is fire.

    • puza65

      tama dahil ang PECABA law firm ni enrile noon pa mang 1998 ay itinatag nila ni companyero cayatano kaya may alam si alan…magkakasama sila sa trabaho..

  • katindig

    Rodolfo subukan mong kontrahin si Enrile at magaya ka sa mga Ginagawa ni Jackie sa mga komontra sa kanya…LIKE FATHER LIKE SON LANG YAN…CHRISTINA ENRILE WILL NOT WALK OUT WITHOUT ANY REASON AT ALL…

    • Mamang Pulis

      bakit nya kakagatin ang kamay na nagpapakain sa kanya?

  • Mamang Pulis

    Demolition job sa chief of staff nya?

    binayaran kayo ng kontra kay manong johnny?

  • Edgar

    I like the research findings of  Inquirer and the its  underlying reasons… 

  • wawa2172

    I guess Gigi Reyes deserved our respect. Enrile and Gigi’s husband Inky have denied all the allegations and its the Gigi, the woman that would suffer much. She is a lawyer and a professional and because she is the chief of staff of Enrile that we will impute malice on the two’s professional relationship. Can we accuse Noy of having relationship with Valte as almost daily she defends the president as it her day job. Sino pa ang may CoS sa senate at congress na babae, huwag naman nating sabihin na kabit ito nang mga lawmakers. I guess its unfair to Gigi, she is like a scorned lady being denied as the other woman. In fairness maganda si Gigi sa mga pictures nya but kasalanan nya ba yon na maganda at matalino pa. Bakit nag hiwalay si Inky and Gigi, is personal na nila yon. I guess, a lesson to you all politicians, hire your wife as CoS para walang nang sabit..that is kung di ka papalitan ni misis as lawmaker at ikaw ang taga timpla nang kape niya. By the way, I do not know Gigi personally, but the lady deserved respect and its not a sin that she was hired as CoS by Enrile, she is qualified to the do the job.

    • delia kelly

      My goodness you cannot compare Valte with Reyes. VAlte is only a spoke person she does not have so much power as Gigi Reyes. And by the way I do not think that Valte can sign cheques on behalf of Pnoy.

      • Legally Black

         Besides, noong bday ni Valte, katabi at kasama nya ba si Pnoy?

    • Saloi-CDR

       to wawa2172 …medyo wawa ka nga…medyo kulang sa pag-iisip…

    • puza65

      deserved respect eh sya nga mismo staff lang tawagin on air ng ipokrito si alan cayetano..better read the blog of Raissa Robles sa abs com..malinaw ang speech ni alan doon at kung paano sya bastusin ng isang staff..

    • auneyusa

      bastos yan si gigi

    • Kimgu

      it’s a good human nature to give people the benefit of the doubt but what do you think of the CoS’s handwritten notes overiding the previously issued memos by the Senate President? 

    • mrgracia

      ‘wawa ka naman, ikaw na lang yata ang may ganitong paniniwala. Masyado kang mabait, sana kunin ka ni Lord bago pa ma-corrupt ang isip mo ng mga sumusulat dito…

    • JuanTamadachi

      “Bakit nag hiwalay si Inky and Gigi,….” –

      I’m guessing its because Inky is not into cuckoldry. 

    • Legally Black

       kawawa naman…pinilit ka ng boss mo (Gigi) na magcomment dito…o sya.. update mo na Resume mo kasi sabay kayo ng amo mo na mawawalan na ng trabaho..

  • delia kelly

    Question is bakit hiwalay na sila? Dahil ba kay Manong Jhonny.Iwant to hear what Christina Enrile would say about this. I have a feeling na Hindi sinungaling si Mrs Enrile

  • josesantos318

    LoOk at the philstar photo of the October 2012 b day celebration of Gigi at the makati shangrila.
    I see pnoy and enrile, but I don’t see enriles wife and daughter.
    Who paid for all of this. Is this the reason enrile was offended when cayetano proposed to have the senate presidents funds audited???

  • Markov Chain

    I urge nyang d mag resign dahil sa kanyang urge.

    Enrile: Wag ka munang mag resign gigi, d pa tapos (blow) job mo.

  • RBFjcj

    Hindi tanga ang mga Filipino. His chief so staff elegantly dressed sitting beside him on a table with Pres. Aquino & VP Binay while his legal wife Christina is nowhere to be found.

    What do we expect, aminin niya on tv interview na mistress niya ang kanyang Chief of staff?

    • blunderact

      I notice that at the birthday party of Gigi.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    It’s queer, but had it been Sen. Lacson who had denied having a girlfriend, everyone would have taken his word for it.

    Indeed, credibility is relative.

    • Islander

       Mas credible na walang girlfriend si Lacson.  Oo naman.  Boyfriend ang hanap niya eh.

      • JuanTamadachi


      • pelang

         isa-isa lang mga kababayan. si enrile muna. saka na si panfilo.

  • RyanE

    Sen. Pres. Enrile has lied about his role during martial law years, has lied about his fake ambush, has lied about the character of his son, and the lying continues..

    • mrgracia

      And she will also lie, and lie again and again and again… in bed.

  • puza65

    she is a hypocrite,wala tayong kaalam alam na nagpalit na pala ng senate president…dapat talagang imbestigahan ngaun dahil maaring yan ay marami ding nakulimbatsa kaban ng bayan..

  • Jimmy

    Binay, Erap, Enrile – BEE-  parang mga bubuyog na magaling manundot ng bulaklak..he he he.! ! ! may harem pa…!!!!!

  • dan dan

    So Finally the husband of Gigi found out about the “rumors” to be true that they separated
    years ago?At present of course Enrile and Gigi have to keep denying it,they are masters of
    Fools.They are Lawyers for Pete’s Sake.And of course,Gigi has to resign.Nice try.

  • dickenhead

    come to think of it, this is the same guy who opposes the rh bill heaven & earth for being immoral! & this is also the same guy favored by the cbcp talk about hypcrisy

  • jHdz

    it’s good that now we have the internet to freely express our perception on political BS such as this.  nuong martial law… patay kang bata ka sa mag-amang enrile.  

    -you cannot fool the people all the time.

  • Estee Muri

    Well, The senate President ‘s wife left him  BEFORE  for  this reason .The husband of this  Gigi is separated from her, I  believe  also for the same reason. His reason and her reason are the same , ERGO  they are one  and only to each other . Ay,mali ang English ko !  He,he,he.
    Only I.d.ten t  will believe  of their reasons!

  • jHdz

    logic 101: Christina is no longer with Enrile.  Gigi Reyes is no longer with former hubby.  Ergo, sinong niloloko ninyo?

    • Islander

       Walang divorce sa Pinas kaya mga adulterers ang mga ito.

      • VoxPopuli888

        We may not have a divorce law but on certain grounds, a marriage may be annulled which effectively dissolves the marriage. 

      • Islander

        And renders the children illegitimate. It also renders the sex as fornication because of the legal fiction that marriage did not exist ab initio.

  • Estee Muri

     One  thing  I can say is:: Viagra, Viagra, Viagra,
                                          Siya  nga ay may hitsura
                                          Sino kaya ang hindi mahahalina
                                          Sa babaeng ito  na kasing ganda  ni Matutina

                                          Oh, Mr..Senate President na may kapangyarihan
                                          Magsisinugaling  ka kahit kanino man
                                          Ang mga Pinoy ay walang Paki-alam
                                          Sa  mga sekreto mo . itago mo man

                                          Hala sigue,hala bira
                                          Hubarin mo man ang kanyang Bra
                                          Ano pa mang Bruhaha nila
                                          Ikaw kaya ay kakanta ?

    • mrgracia

      Ang galing mo! Napabilib mo ako sa iyong tula… Di tulad ng tula ng kaibigan ko na “Pulis, pulis Enrileng matulis….”.

  • no_brainer0911

    Rodofo Inky Reyes Tweeter account  (@LightScatterer)..shows that he is the husband of “AIMEE”…..confirming that he and Gigi are no longer married to each other.

  • Legit

    haha, natawa ako sa article na to.

    Akala ko naman ok na ok yung mag asawa.  BUT AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE:

    ” Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  Inquirer Research”

    HAHA, may biglang twist pala.

  • glg_ph

    “appointment of husband rodolfo to the ceza”…”today gigi and inky are no longer married to each other”…calling on cbcp, your champion is a perfect example why there should be a divorce bill, or would you rather support them living in sin?

  • IbigMongSabihin

    ibig sabihin ay pinaiiral nyo na naman dito sa Inquirer ang ginagawa nyong type of destructive journalism na ayon sa international press ay pinaka garapal at pinaka unprofessional na investigative journalism daw na sa Pinas lamang ginagawa. well, nagsimula yatang gamitin ang garapalan na journalism na ito laban sa dating president arroyo, then against all the presidential candidates na lumaban kay Aquino, then kay Corona, at maging sa lahat ng di pabor o di mabango sa administration sa ngayon. at very effective naman…. iyon lang majority of pinoys ay di naman malalim ang abot ang utak kaya ang resulta nagiging mere pawns ang mga pinoys at pinaiikot at nilalason sila ng ganitong mga writers and press releases. never na aasenso ang pinoys sa ganitong klaseng press.

  • Legit

    I am starting to believe this quote  ” BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A MISTRESS”

    Binay, Erap and now Enrile:

    political agenda: UNA – United Nation of Adulterous. haha, just kidding. .

    We really don’t know if Enrile and Gigi have a special relationship. It really happens in the office that you  and your staff get too close that some malicious minds might think that there is something special between you and your staff, when in fact there is nothing really wrong. 
    Not unless Enrile told us so, as Erap and Binay did, I STILL GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.

    • akongednamzug

      You still give Enrile the benefit of the doubt, sa palagay mo bakit ang tatlong ito ay magkakasundo?

      • don alto


        In Tagalog, “TATLONG ITLOG” !!

  • azkal futbol

    who the hell is enrile to tell the world that there is nothing going on with gigi and him — he has been a liar all his life. his book about his life is all lies. he needs to resign irrevocably to save the senate of further damages.

    • pelang

      he-he-he! inamin pang tinatawagan niya si GIgi kahit madaling araw. atat na atat siguro. hindi makapag-antay sa pagsikat ng araw.

  • Vespa62

    What is obvious to me is that majority of the posters here have no idea of the organizational concept/role of a CoS.  The Senate President’s CoS is akin to the ES of the President.  Her “power” and authority are vested within the position she holds, and not because she is an alleged paramour of JPE.

    This is simply an alpha female putting a spoiled brat like Cayetano in his proper place.

    • nice_boy

       The Senate is a collegial body composed of 24 Senators.  So its not the same with the Executive Department.  The Senate President’s CoS is a mere employee of the Senate and cannot in anyway be superior to any Senator.  She must show respect to the senators.  If the senators decides to replace Enrile as Senate President, all the powers she is exercising now will be gone.

      This is simply a fly on top of a carabao.

      • batangpaslit

        well said

    • simondj

      coterminous po pag napalitan ang senate president, pati head ng mga commitee palit din.

      • batangpaslit


    • blunderact

      What? Are you trying to amend our constitution??
      Intelectual Impunity is not an argument.

      • batangpaslit

        you are right, Bro

    • JoseG

      ang dami mong alam…..mali naman morally!

      • batangpaslit

        i concur

    • Nobayan

       Her “power” and authority are vested within the position she holds — that’s very right Vespa62 …HOWEVER — maraming mga ganyan na nagiging napakaarogante at kung mag-utos or makipagusap sa mga superiors niya ay parang kapantay lang, or worse, higit pa siya for the obvious reason na, kasi nakasandal siya sa PADER. At yan ang nangyari kay Ma’am Gigi. Pumasok sa ulo, ika nga. Ayan, imbes na magpakumbaba at mababa na nga ang suspetsa sa kanya ng mga tao (that’s an open secret in the Senate by the way) umasta pang siya ang makapangyarihan gaya ni bossing. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ah…the folies of man. When will people learn? May this be a lesson to all KABITS and MISTRESSES out there. Unless you’re still in the clouds and thinking this will never happen to you.

    • batangpaslit

      bakit naging spoiled brat si Senator A Cayetano at ang lahat ay clueless sa organizational concept?
      i earn my living as consultant on organizational change and management. alam ko merong sense and merit ang sinasabi ng karamihan dito.
      hindi inherent sa CoS or Executive Secretary ang power nila. even the elected Senators have no power.
      all their political power were delegated power of the Filipino people.

      ikaw ang walang alam.
      sino si Ms GG?
      is she nationally elected government bureaucrat to chastise the Senator of the Philippines?
      being a personal staff of the Senae President, does that make her superior to Senator Cayetano?
      if indeed you have a superior knowledge on organizaitonal concepts, why did your Ms GG apologized publicly of her misdeeds to Senator Cayetano?

  • nice_boy

    Kung ayaw ng mga senador na maging acting-as-if senate president si Gigi Reyes, palitan nila si Enrile.  Solved ang problema nila kay Gigi Reyes.

    • k

      kaso nga,yung 18 ay nabili sa xmas gift.saan ka pa?

  • Dag Erickson

    So, why is it that Enrile’s wife is nowhere to be found?  E, BAKA PINA SALVAGE NA NYA YUN ! 

  • samarutan

    I disagree on a lot of things that Manong “Gusto ko happy ka” Johnny has done and said. But there’s one that I completely agree with him. JPE is correct when he said in another interview there is no illicit affair between him and Atty. Gigi. How could it be an illicit
    relationship now that both have no impediment to marry?

    • wawa2172

      Tama at kung 1995 nag start mag trabaho si Gigi kay Manong so 74 years old na manong noon. Kaya pa kaya ni Manong itindig ang flag pole sa idad niya. Whatever, the Cayetano and Enrile feud gave us a picture of what is the senate all abour: its pure greed,  pera-pera lang. Nahantong sa personalan kaya pati baho nang pamilya ay naungkat: kay Enrile its babae at kay Cayetano ang milyones na utang nang ama.

  • SG0609

    the relationship of JPE and GIGI is a good example of how important to have divorce in the phils….look at jack enrile….he became a moron trying to follow the footsteps of his father

    • Legally Black

       Is Enrile supporting the Divorce Bill? In his case, he should be the sponsor and the most interested party…

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.” 

    I guess Inky, in the end, couldn’t accept being a cuckold.

    • Vincent

      Yeah, and I call it “Chronicle of a Cuckoldry Foretold.”

      • JuanTamadachi

        lol, Vince, I do like your humor. Hubba great weekend.

      • Vincent

        thank you, juan, you’re very sharp, too, that’s obvious. ‘nice weekend for you and your family!!

  • sugbu

    Enrile still deserves some kind of respect,period.

    • Conrado de QUIYOT

      I agree…
      Enrile still deserves some kind of respect…
      But he DIE FIRST..period.

    • don alto


  • Vincent

    Gigi’s song

    :♫♪♫   I’m so young and you’re so old. This, my darling I’ve been told. I don’t care just what they say ‘Cause forever you will PAY. You and I will be as RICH like the thieves  in the Senate…..♫♪♫

    • JuanTamadachi


    • RyanE

      Hahaha! Very appropriate indeed!

      • Vincent

        ‘yan ang campaign song ni Gi. lol!

    • blunderact


    • Legally Black

       This made my day!Napakanta pa talaga ako, lol!

      • don alto


      • Vincent

        thank you, :))

      • Vincent

        lol! ‘

      • pelang

         p’wedeng i-sotto copy sa blog ni raissa? with your permission, ha? baka makasuhan ako ng plagiarism. sabagay kanta ni neil sedaka yan.

      • Vincent

        hi pelang, sorry for not getting back to you immediately.
         yes, you can. but i think the revised version (Gigi’s song) in the thread “Time to look the Source of Senate Stink” is better. Look for it there, and regards to Raissa.

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, paano mo nalagay ang mga musical icons? Galing ah…hehehe

      • Vincent

        ‘lagay mo lang muscial icons, bro, pag lumitaw sila copy and paste din.

    • Carcar Reyes Madanguit

      oks na oks! like!!!!!

      • Vincent


  • Labandera1

    Ngayon ko lang nalaman totoy bibo din pala itong si tatang Enrile……….


    WHERE there is smoke, mayroong “nananabako” :)

    • blunderact

      President Clinton “I never had sex with that woman.”

      • UrHONOR

        LOL! “It was that  broad who had sex with me” :)

  • j speck


  • doublecross

    lantaran…di na nahiya!

  • blunderact

    this made me laugh..

    • felipe

      hwag maglaro ng paputok, torotot lang !!!!!!

  • blunderact

    I wonder what “Inky” will feel when he reads his previous statement.

    “My wife had done nothing wrong except be a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated chief of staff to Enrile, a position she held since 1995.”  Enrile was “decent in his dealings with my wife, myself and our family.”
    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage”

    • RomyLitz

      Rodolfo was handsomely paid to say those lines . If it is logically true that they weren’t hurt, please explain then why they were separated NOW?

  • k

    bat kayo nagagalit?pulis lang ba ang matulis?


    • batangpaslit

      hehehe…inggit siguro, hindi galit

  • nakatutok

    behind every great man is a WOMAN’S BEHIND…

    • RomyLitz

      ..and during the night, the man wants to stay behind the woman of his dreams…

  • Canoto

    malambing at maasikaso talaga ang  KABIT.

    • batangpaslit

      kaya nga querida, eh, which means “mahal” talaga

  • Ugly Bunny

    Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other. 

    hahahaha, nice punch line.

  • superlucky2

    Okay lang kabit ang asawa ni Rodolfo Reyse basta siya appointed sa Cagayan Economic Zones. AYOS

    • JoseG

      money has no odor

    • batangpaslit

      appointed bilang ano, Bro? at magkano ang sahod? at ano-ano ang perks?

  • $16638896

    naghiwalay din pala bandang huli hehe tumatalab pa kaya ang viagra kay enrile hihihihi

  • Masterful Deceit

    Inky Reyes, the ex of Gigi has well been compensated for the TOROTOT Enrile gave him.

    Enrile made sure HAPPY SYA.

    • JoseG

      money has no odor

    • batangpaslit

      oh….to make him happy, magkano naman kaya?

      • RomyLitz

        Either 1.6 million pesos a month or 1.6 million sperms a night !! Oh what a night !!

  • Rene

     Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes said his wife had done
    nothing wrong except be a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated chief of
    staff to Enrile, a position she held since 1995. He said Enrile was
    “decent in his dealings with my wife, myself and our family.”

    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then.
    Did he say it without anything pointed on his head?
    “Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  ”
    That said it all…

    • RomyLitz

      Or is it possible that Dolfo was indeed a gay?

  • Ed Pascual

    The marriage was annulled – “no longer married’??? “To each other” meaning married again?? i wonder if the word ‘married’ is being used technically or intriquingly. Sorry if (or sadly) i’m out of the loop.

  • JoseG

    money has no odor

  • JoseG

    money has no odor

  • gerry2000

    Alam mo Rodolfo lahat ng sinabi mo kinain mo rin. Syempre may dahilan kaya kayo naghiwalay at yon na yon! Mahirap talagang kalabanin ang berdugo ng bayan.. Kinatatakutan!!!

    • batangpaslit

      bakit Bro kung nangyari siguro sa kamag-anak mo baka nabaril mo ang berdugo
      diko alam kung na “persuade” ang husband sa malaking “dowry”, kung may naibigay nga

      • RomyLitz

        tama ka pre…binyaran ni Juan yan…at si Dolfo naman ay free to look for another Gigi. Dolfo, duwag ka or bakla tulad ni Petra !

  • antiscam

    Theres a Woman behind every man’s success. Behind every man’s failure, its the ‘OTHER’ Woman hehehe….

    • RomyLitz

      If I am the man, I want to stay behind my woman in my dreams !

  • batangpaslit

    hiwalay pala…..hiwalay sa bed or divorced, ehehehe, wala palang divorce sa Pilipinas
    nullified ang kasal? if so, on what grounds?

    • samarutan

       on the ground of Manong’s psychological incapacity! LOL

  • zhipkv

    If “Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other”, does that mean that their marriage has been annulled/dissolved? If so, why does Gigi continue using her ex-husband’s surname? Just wondering….

    • OneScorp

      bayad si asawa ni tandang kriminal na si enrile. yang position nya sa cayagan free zone at sa dami ng pwede mong i-smuggle, sobra na sigurong bayad. keber naman sa marriage kung sa ngalan naman ng pera, di ba? so ba’t gamit pa rin ni gigi girl ang apelyido ni ex-husband? kasama sa palabas.

      • RomyLitz

        Or Juan had sense that Dolfo was a gay ?

  • bisdakis

    Oh come on Pinoy! Don’t you have more important things to discuss?

  • lolo_Jose

    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then….NAIPUTAN ka sa ulo ni Juan apo, walang duda ! Sabagay, lintik lang ang alangganti di ba?

  • Roberto

    panapanahon lang yang. sapanahon ng wasto gaano mo man itago ang baho tiyak na maamoy mo rin bandang huli. Year of the snake ngayon kaya nagsisilabasan ang mga ahas.

    • Jok

      Mali.  Year of the Snake starts Feb 10 pa.

  • Isa_Ka_Pa

    Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.
    da best joke eva ! 

  • at-large

    akala ko ako lang ang may tinatagong BATA sa KAMA hehehehe

  • vir_a

    Tell it to the marines. 

  • virgoyap

    Ang beautiful ladies ay gamot sa ED because of old age. Don’t you think so? 

  • Leo

    “Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sobra namang biro ito….coincidence?

  • Ravens727

    Hiwalayan mo na yang matanda na yan…..ako na lang ang gustohin mo…..may trabaho ako, marunong magluto, hindi kaliwete at hindi rin magnanakaw at mas bata pa, pero pag mahuli kitang kaliwain mo ako ay” patay kang bata ka”……..para sa iyo ito Gigi……

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Aug 28,1987 rebellion

    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • Ravens727

    JPE:  na fi FEEL mo na ba Gigi…?                                                                                                                     GIGI:  Wen Lolo,  Na PILKO’n…..bwahahahahhaahhahhaaaaa  

    • gibreel farishta

      ravens, napeklan! (^^^)

    • RomyLitz

      JPE : na feel mo na?
      Gigi : Which one? there are ten of them !
      JPE: the middle one, it is still strong.

    • F alonso

      Cool,that story fits to Manong.

      He’s the original na feel mo,na pilko story.

  • BagongMariaClara

    Now, now, who would believe a big liar like Enrile? He can lie about anything at the drop of a hat.

  • graciano82

    Today, I begin to realize that after all, Men are created equal. Enrile a revered statesman but a braggadocian at that is no different from you and me nor any tom, dick and harry. The more he lies, the deeper he plummets into the quicksand of shame. I thought all the while that he’ll shut his mouth on his extra marital issue but ;like a kettle boiling, he never stops spouting trying to calm the issue which is ab initio a caveat–a warning to beware of because more talk goes to more mistake.

    I thought at first that Enrile is a reserved man., a different breed but the daylight in him showed that he’s an ordinary foolish talker. Silence should have been his best defense. It’s a pity that he neglected to adhere to the song, the sound of silence.

  • $41083759

    nakiagaw parang si panfilo din. natypean ang asawa ng isang detainee at na hit and run ng  military truck ang pobreng mama pagkarelease. kaya sila na ngayon ni panfi ang magdyowa. cute no?

  • sonic99363


  • gibreel farishta

    nakaka-arouse na kuwento..

  • Adarna

    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then.
    Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  

  • wishfull thinking

    Ayos itong asawa… anu nga ba naman ang magagawa nya kay Manong! Pera-pera na lang!

    • RomyLitz

      Hey, you dont know the naughty finger? It works wonder. Juan’s naughty finger is still active.

  • Danyel

    magkabitan na kau hanggat gusto nyo ang concern lang namin ay ang pork barrel..tanggalin na yan…..maawa naman kau sa bayan……

  • Danyel

    Panfi? bading naman yan e….dami bading jan sa Senate and Congress ….obvious na obvious…..

  • RomyLitz

    If it isn’t so why Inky and Gigi are separated now? Is it not that from 1998 until now, there were many blow by blows incidence between GIgi and meztizong Juan?

  • ApoNiLolo

    Typical of those who are mediocre in talent but high in ambition. Will do any thing even to the point of prostituting themselves to get what they want. IMO, the wife, the husband and the boss have the same twisted sense of morality. For them, giving something to gain something is just as moral as $crewing somebody’s wife. “Gamitan lang yan” is probably a common adage. >: (

    • F alonso

      in other words,Gigi is shermuta.

  • kwapong654

    Enrile magresign ka na lang at nakakahiya na matanda ka ay mahilig pa rin. Lalo kang nagmumukhang tanga at di na kagalang galang sa mga palusot mo. Maawa ka sa senado at magresign ka na

  • F alonso

    Eto pala si Manong ang Hari ng Palusot.

    Assistant king of Palusot,Thief Justice Corona.

    Secretary of Palusot, Tito.

  • F alonso

    I’m weak from the waist down there.What if you let your fingers wander Manong?

    Pa polygraph nga yang Gigi at si Manong kung sino nag sasabi ng totoo.

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

              “Der philippinisher Wald ist vergangen!”

    JPE “nangahoy” sa gubat ni Gigi ???

    Ubos na ang kagubatan ng Luzon, at ng Mindanao !

    Kagubatan ng Samar pinasukan na rin ni illegal logger JPE, di po ba ?

    Ayan, pati ang “damo” ni Gigi, pinasok na rin ni lolo !

    Lolo, time to GO !  Take Gigi along with you !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • JUN


  • Mario

    Don Juan is just exercising his “unalienable rights” of life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  

  • Opel

    I believe mang jonhhy can still pull the trigger, may viagra pa naman whether it be a staff or otherwise.

  • Boying

     Bwa ha ha. Nagresign kasi natakot ibulgar na ang kahalayan mo GG!!

  • Albert Einstien

    if i were JPE i will NOT resign ….allow INVESTIGATION and EXPOSE ALL SENATORS CORRUPTION since 1986……. that way he will be remembered by HISTORY to expose the HYPOCRISY of our SENATORS past & present… GO jhonny it is time grab a LEGACY….EXPOSE THEM ALL!

    • rjimenez1226

      Bwhahaha si Jonny corrupt ang unang kukurap.

    • doncleo

       Anong Legacy ba yan na pinagsasabi mo?  yung pagiging sinungaling nya sa pag ambush sa kanya na ginawang batayan sa pagdeklara ng Martial Law,?.. yung pagtalikod nya at pagtraydor sa amo nyang si Marcos dahil sa ambisyon  nyang maging presidente?..yung pag coup d’etat nya kay Cory ng ilang beses kasama si Gringo dahil sa mataas nyang ambisyon? yang pamumudmod nya ng salapi ng bayan sa kapwa nya senador at yang pagsira nya sa pamilya ni Gigi dahil sa ginawa nyang kabit?? YAN BA ANG MGA” LEAGACY” NG IDOL MONG SI JPE.? Pwede ba GUMISING KA NAMAN!!!!

      • Albert Einstien

        you dont even know what you are talking tingin mo ba mas malinis ang history ng aquino cojuanco dynasty kesa enrile dynasty…toothpick lang ang ginawang kabalbalan  ni jpe kumpara sa kanila…

  • indiots

    kelan ba cybercrime law magumpisa? puro kayo tsismis…

    • Islander

       Nag-umpisa na.  Minadali yun eh.  Ipahuli mo kami, please.

      • indiots

        hindi n’yo pa lang nararanasan na mapagtuunan ng karahasan ng mga kreminal na yan. pagnaranasan n’yo baka isumpa n’yo…

      • indiots

        out yata ako sa topic sorry

  • Donn Carlo

    Well said on this article…Enrile is keep on lying to everybody…Ask Madam Katrina and she will tell everything she knows about GG & Johnny…

  • opinyonlangpo

    Seems Cayetano statement have a shed of truth. Lets wait for more expose from the senators. Its no longer about senate or the country, they have all gone down to personal level. Its more fun in the Philippines. 

    • indiots

      di nila kasi kaya si enrile. hinahamon sila na dalhin sa proper venue, dinaan na lang sa paraan ng isang karaniwang tao..

      saan ba sumikat ang cayetano? sa vizconde case na walang nangyari…

      • opinyonlangpo

        For them that is the proper venue, they can curse, swear, humiliate or embarrass others.. . . . and one can be penalized for not listening attentively to them. Over there they have immunity, anyway the Filipinos know more so better to ask them. Enjoy the fun.

  • bogli_anakdami

    si inky pala eh iniputan ni manong enrile…

    ay sus ginoo… inky, ini-iyot ni manong enrile si misis eh walang kang ginawa…

    pero at least, kumita ka din ng husto, di ba?

    • indiots

      ang mga pilipino talaga… pag di kaya sa mga legal argument dadaanin ka sa dirty tricks. tulad n’yan…

      • bogli_anakdami

        hay buhay… if si magbabalot (manong enrile) eh iniyot si esmi… eh bakit dadaanin pa sa legal beagle yan?

        syempre si mister inky eh di na lang kikibo kung nabigyan sya ng ‘sang tambaks na milyon na balot ni magbabalot, di ba?

    • Benito Juarez

      ikaw ha, wala ng renda ang bibig hahaha

    • boldyak

      hindi na “satisfying sex” between JPE at asawa nya kasi….ask mo si Pia Cayetano kung legal na magkaroon ng kabit dahil sa unsatisfying na ang sex….

  • Jef

    “I call her up everyday, even in the wee hours if I suddenly think of something I need to have ready the following day. She takes care of everything for me…JPE loose talk even your bayag she clean everyday….more fun in the philippines

    • balut123

      makipag SOP si manong

    • tagatabas

       Di mo naman masisi si Enrile, naglilibog, kaya kol siya kahit na wee hour. Si Gigi naman  malibog din kaya nagbayuhan.

  • Melvin

    ” Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes said his wife had done nothing wrong except be a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated chief of staff to Enrile, a position she held since 1995. He said Enrile was “decent in his dealings with my wife, myself and our family.”
    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then.

    Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  Inquirer Research

    Napakalinaw ng ending ng article…
     Hindi rin siguro magbibitiw ng ganun salita si Senator Alan kung wala siyang hawak na ebidensiya…
    Lalong gumulo ang senado pero in fairness nagiging parang showbiz ang dating he he he…

    • Rodolfo

       Busted siguro si Alan kay Gigi kaya ganoon ! alam mo na d maka ” score ” di ba tama ?

    • batangpaslit

      i just wonder who composed that letter supposedly authored by the husband

  • rjimenez1226

    Bwahahaha. Mga singungaling lahat> Si Enrile ang demonyo, kasama si Gigi Luci-fer. heh

  • Yobhtron

    Mga ganitong tao ang favorites ng CBCP kahit immoral basta malaki pera ang binibigay sa simabahan.  UNA + CBCP + GMA = Kampon ng kadiliman.

  • $14170612

    kapag ang palay naging bigas may bumayo

    • tagatabas

       Si Gigi binayo ni Enrile kaya yun… yun na yun

    • F alonso

      Brow,bago yan huh.

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha…talaga naman. ang galing, ah, na analogy

  • bakitkailangan

    Kaya pala magaling pa ring magsalita si Johnny boy “playboy” dahil matigas pa rin ang dila…Go johnny go, go!!

    Tinalo mo si Erap, Elib talaga ang mga fans mo! Johnny Boy! Inggit kaya si Jacky Boy?

  • Arturo

    Magaling talaga si manong, binigyan nya si inky ng magandang trabaho kapalit ng magandang asawa, kahit pala abugada ka nasisilaw rin ng pera…. Si manong pa……

    • tagatabas

       Laki titi ni Enrile parang si Dolphy, tanong mo pa kay Gigi Reyes

    • batangpaslit

      magkano sueldo nia sa Cagayan Economic Zone?

  • anu12345

     “I call her up everyday, even in the wee hours if I suddenly think of
    something I need to have ready the following day. She takes care of
    everything for me. I have no time for details,” Enrile said”


    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then.  Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.”


  • Jojo


  • GMGuerrero

    A DNA test of Gigi’s children might tell who is telling the truth

    • tagatabas

       No need DNA mga anak ni Enrile yun

  • el_latigo

    “Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  Inquirer Research”

    This last statement of this news report speak volumes debunking, in the process, all those denials(?).

    • duviz7533

      no longer married,is he still connected with The Cagayan Economoc Zone Authority?

  • doncleo

    Retokada din pala si Gigi..matangos na ilong nya nung tumanda kaysa nung bata pa sya..

    • batangpaslit

      ‘yan nga ang sabi ni Rita de Dios

  • Albert Einstien

    reply to doncleo: 

    you dont even know what you are talking tingin mo ba mas malinis ang history ng aquino cojuanco dynasty kesa enrile dynasty…toothpick lang ang ginawang kabalbalan ni jpe kumpara sa kanila…

    • tagatabas

       Alila ng mga Enrile

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    “Enrile tagged as a concoction blind items in newspapers about CRISTINA finding JUAN PONCE ENRILE and JESSICA LUCILA “GIGI” GONZALES REYES in BED and being caught in the ACT in the hospital.”…Heavy ka Johnny…kahit sa hospital exhibitionist ka na, showy ka pa!!…Proud Father of Jackie and Kristina!!!…

  • wanadelacruz

    mmm..where there’s smoke there’s fire.  the current rift in the Senate has opened a pandora’s box, buti nga labas lahat ang baho nyo dyan.  voters beware… 

  • 123_pampanggo_farmer

    Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes said his wife had done nothing wrong except be a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated chief of staff to Enrile, a position she held since 1995. He said Enrile was “decent in his dealings with my wife, myself and our family.”
    “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then”

    Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.  Inquirer Research

    • whyinthisworld

       If you know the reason why, could you pls. tell us. But don’t worry, as a man we knew already what happened and that’s the end of the story. Di Ba?

  • augusto z.a

    This article is very revealing. Together with the other articles re Enrile-Gigi relationship, one can easily piece a bigger and clearer picture together, viz.: (1) Calling her every day even in the wee hours? (2) Cristina’s alsa balutan. (3) Inky’s assignment in Cagayan which takes 15 to 20 hours driving time. (4) Enrile’s instrumental to Gigi’s husband assignment – very Biblical indeed. (5) Gigi’s privileges inside the Senate – Cayetano’s expose’ and his inside intelligence. (6) The couple”s eventual dissolution of their marriage. (7) Gigi’s gall to call some Senators names. And of course, other countless tidbits which the public are not privy to the information. Count me out as a voter for J. Enrile for surely an ‘ apple does not fall far from its tree’.

  • whyinthisworld

    Enrile got a lot of secret, all politicians in general. But if you are a person that believe on righteousness, you will never like him to be one of our law makers. Thing is majority of the filipino people could easily fooled and that’s the problem in this country.  

  • YanoSantos

    Lie. Lie. Lie. Even the mistress is a liar.

  • tagatabas

    Malibog na matanda, Si Reyes kinakaliwa ang asawa

  • Pepe Alas

    “Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.”

    Nacácatawa ang ending, LOL!!!

  • F alonso

    Nag weak si Manong Johnny mula nung nabisto ring NAG CULPA siya.

    Both of them revived the old “Honey na feel mo,oh yes na pilko” story.

  • F alonso

    Mahilig daw mag alaga ng Humpster si Gigi,kaya na gustohan ni Manong.

  • Johnny

    sino ba ang taong magsasabi na me kabit sila hahaha caught in bed na nga nag dedenie pa tsk tsk now liers can tell straight in your eyes that they don’t have illicit affairs but they do…

  • tarikan

    “I call her up everyday, even in the wee hours if I suddenly think of something I need to have ready the following day. She takes care of everything for me (including that, Manong Johnny?).I have no time for details (make it quick Manong, the husband’s waiting),” Enrile said. “I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage,” the husband said then. Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other. I wonder why? Gusto kasi ni Manong happy sya (C gigi).

  • EREC

    Parang noong panahon dinyan…..para lang ma justify yong imprementation ng Martial Law…na ambush daw itong minister of defense ng dictator Marcos…. sabi ko nga ang KARMA hindi natutulog, napapagod at tumatanda. KARMA Just waiting in the corner para ipagkanulo mo sarili mo….he he he.

  • EREC

    Tanong ko lang kay Atty. Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes…. ni minsan ba hindi ka tinanggihan ni GIGImon sa kama? Wala kabang paninibago sa kanyang galaw at reaction, init, response habang kayo ay nag loving loving? Walang ibang makakasagot niyan kundi ikaw Atty. lnky.

    • duviz7533

      no need to worry about atty inky..he got a new job now…he is now a member of musical band…playing the torotot

      • bogli_anakdami

        at si ms gigi eh pwedeng pwede ring member of the band…. she can blow….at higpit daw humawak ng mic

      • batangpaslit

        magaling na nobelista

    • bogli_anakdami

      si utorni inky daw eh nanonood habang binabarurot ni manong enrile si esmi… para bang peyperbyu (pay per view)…

      tapos, nakangisi si ms gigi matapos syang bayuhin… kung kumain daw si manong enrile eh parang kumakain ng pinakbet…

      • batangpaslit

        hahaha…grabe. very graphic storyteller eh

    • batangpaslit

      marital counsellor ka pala Kabayan

  • duviz7533

    sa law opis pa lang pala kasama na ni lolo boglis si gg…tagal na palang nagbabayohan ang mga ito…sorry to mamentioned ang name ng late senator cayetano..baka alam na din niya ito noon pa kaya siya pinautang ng 37 million and binigyan ng tabla na galing sa mukha ni lolo boglis

  • mikerocky

    Siempre, gusto rin ni Manong Kahoy Enrile na maging happy, yun nga lang at the expense of so many people. Is it not why some people are in power for – to trample upon the lives of the weak and less powerful? 

  • Kaloy

    After The husband of Gigi Reyes, Atty Rodolfo “I” Reyes said all the nicest things about his wife Gigi and his boss Johny, the story , in its last paragraph ended saying:



  • Kaloy

    After reading this story about Senator Enrile causing the assignment  of Gigi’s husband in Cagayan Economic Zone Authority to let him out of town a lot,  I am raminded of  What King David did to Bathsheba’s husband Joab so he can freely continue his adultery with Bathsheba.   The bible said, King David sent Joab with the King’s men and the whole army to go to war.

    May be the similiraty is just a plain coincidence. Gigi’s husband, atty,. Rodolfo Reyes believes Senator Enrile is a very good man.

    • rinom

      king David sent Uriah the husband of Bathseba to the forefront of the hottest battle (suicide mission) and abandon him. for this reason God punished David,,, the sword will not leave your family and your kingdom will be given to others, but not while you lives.

      • batangpaslit

        OT scholar ka ah, Bro

      • Rey

        Uriah was already waging war together with Joab in Rabbah when King David saw Bath-Sheba taking a bath. She was summoned and they committed adultery and Bath-Sheba became pregnant. King David recalled Uriah on the pretext of getting a report from the front. Uriah was then told to go home, wash his feet, eat and sleep with his wife. But Uriah wouldn’t go inside his house out of respect for his comrades and due to a law that a person coming from war is unclean for several days. So King David sent Uriah back to Rabbah with a written instruction for Joab to position Uriah at the battlefront and for the other soldiers to withdraw, thus, ensuring Uriah’s death. Later, King David married Bath-Sheba.

      • rinom

        for 2 nights Uriah did not go home to have sex with Batsheba because his conscience will not allow him, to have sex with his wife while his comrades was not and dying in the battle. bible records says David made him drunk with wine in order to go home but he did not. thanks  

    • batangpaslit

      Kaloy, baka iba ang context ni nina Gigi at ng hubby nia. Bakay merong consent si Mister for Ms GG to be JPE’s Gurl Friday?

  • Hannabananna

    mas marami pang kwento dun sa pinoycrunch.blogspot!

  • Kaloy

    After reading all the praises of Gigi’s husband on Enrile I wonder if he is a Kabit of Enrile too. Bading ba si Atty Rodolfo?

    Ang nagagawa nga naman ng pera.

  • Rodolfo

    Oh yeah !..after reading all the comments on this article, I can not help but wonder the mentality of all the majority jumping into the conclusion with no concrete evidence condemning the good senator’s position !! What a wicked bunch of sex starved earthlings !! sus … ginoo….! inggit lang kayo !!!!

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

      kabayan..please lang po paki-check sa fb ang picture ni madam gigi..they are dining together with the Philippine’s VIP.from Pres noy,erap,binay,enrile..and she is only a chief of staff of a senator..di naman po yata ako ipinanganak noong panahon ni rizal at sasabihin ko na “wala iyon- dinner lang iyon”..kabayan..malinaw pa ho sa sikat ng araw na very special si madam gigi kay senator enrile kaya siya nasa VIP table..! and opo inggit ako kay lolo enrile biruin mo 39 years younger ang binanatan niya..wowowee..!!!

      • Istambaysakanto

        Magaling ka pala magprofile, sa picture lang kuha mo na! Ang gleng- gleng mo!

      • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA


      • hopelovefaith

        Enrile may be impotent now, pero there were years that he was young and able.
        He enjoyed those years with his babe.  Ngayon, they can only share intellectual companionship. 

        Gone are the virile years.  Tinginan na lang.

      • Hurtlocker1

        ako rin..ganyan ang analysis ko..


  • doublecross

    wow…galing naman. sabi ko na nga ba na may PINAGSAMAHAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maitum

    Gusto ko may regalo ka.

  • amor tamayo


  • doublecross

    ‘gusto ko happy ka…..sarap naman ni gigi!

  • Abdul Rashid

    You don’t have to believe the news, just look at how Manong shows his dirty smile?  All the while he is a DOM.


    Yan ang resulta ng pagkain ni Manong lagi ng saluyot at ampalayang ligaw. Manong ang ikaw na nga.

  • joshua kings

    if i were the reporter, i would have asked the relatives of all parties concerned to confirm if gigi and johnny are……an item…
    1. cristina castaner;
    2. relatives of inky;
    3. relatives of gigi;
    4. staffers of jpe;
    5. senate employees;
    6. inky;
    7. gigi;
    8. jack the son;
    9. mga kapitbahay;
    10. mga driver, maid nila.

  • rnoldrmada

    She wrecked 2 homes as being his chief of staff….hers and the Enriles. But knowing the senators he probably does not loose sleep over what the public or the mediua is saying. At his age, he does not really care any more; as long as he get his punane twice a day his a happy camper….

  • hopelovefaith

    Enrile would not divorce Kristina dahil alam ni Kristina ang mga sikreto ni Enrile noong martial law in addition to his illegal corrupt activities.  Sorry ka na lang, Gigi.  It’s a tough call for the old man.  You will just have to play second fiddle. You have gotten away with a lot of things anyway. Masama pa ba iyon?

    Wonder why Gigi resigned amid the controversy.  Kung hindi totoo, the more Gigi should stand up for her boss and then she can prove to her accusers that the affair story had no basis.

    Bakit hindi mo kami harapin, Ms. Gigi, tutal ang tapang mo noong nasa posisyon ka?

    Ipamukha mo sa aming mali kaming lahat.


  • durian




    Tunay na masaya sa bayang ito….ang hihilig ng mga kabayan sa kwentong-kutsero. :)


    GReyes….the face that launched a thousand shame!

  • jeproks2002

    JPE denies this affair. I thought I heard him singing “When I with you baby, I go out of my head
    And I just cant get it up, i just cant get it up”.

  • j1u2a3n

    Wag na kasing i-deny. Pwede namang aminin na lang. 

  • hopelovefaith

    Enrile regretted that he was old and could not “perform” in bed anymore. He meant to say he and Gigi di it only did it when he was younger.  Nahuli ang isda sa bibig. 
    Gigi remained a loyal mistress to the old man until now kahit hindi na umaandar ang makina ni Enrile.  Kaya pala ganoon na lang niya ipagtangol ang matanda pag may bumatikos pero ng lumabas ang affair nila ay bigla na lang nag-resign. 

    Why, Gigi, why leave the man when he needs you now?  If there is no truth to the affair story, face your detractors. If there is truth to it, now is the time stand up to Kristina and let her know that you are Enrile’s choice, not her.  Fight for your right as the other woman.  You are the woman for Enrile.  You are more intellectually compatible with Enrile than Kristina.

    Enrile needs Gigi more than he needs Kristina for support in his political career. Laban na, Gigi.

  • noypisiTED

    “They’re both straightforward.” That’s why when one said he wants to bed her, straightforward as she was shot back “what’s taking you so long to do that – game.” If you’re straight as you claim you are then admit otherwise forever hold your peace. It’s just annoying to know an octogenarian who’s in the throes of the life in the great beyond still manages to lie.

  • ruiznelli

    Trivia, naging mistress din ni JPE si Lorna Tolentino way back then..

  • duviz7533

    don’t worry gurang na mabogli…estrada will go down with you..kasama mo siyang bababa sa lower kwan ni gigi…ganyan siya kaloyal sa iyo..kaya lang mas matinik ang dila nito dahil lapdog ito..sarap ang dila ng tuta

  • Vincent

    There must be a way to shield and protect Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes from this sizzling scandal. 
    His only fault is to be a “Pindeho,” after all. Ngik!

  • Annie Malcayo

    Rodolfo “Inky” Reyes said his wife had done nothing wrong except be a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated chief of staff to Enrile.”“I am positively sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt us or our marriage. Enrile was “decent in his dealings with my wife, myself and our family.”………..and here’s the best part……………………………………..Today, Gigi and Inky are no longer married to each other.

  • Roy Rosales

    typical filipino what if sen.pres.enrile and atty gigi has relationship.did they violate any law of the land?shame on the gossipers.

  • doublecross

    uso naman ang patagong relasyon, why deny it.

    to old na raw….di kainin mo!

  • elias

    ” Hello GG ????? Si Johnny ‘to. Alam mo GG, weweng-wewe na ako. Ikaw, weweng-wewe ka na rin ba ????  Ano, sabay tayong mag-wewe ha ????? Alam mo naman hanggang we-we na lang ako ngayon. Kaya sabay na lang tayong mag-wewe, please ????? ”

    Senator Enrile’s call to GG during the WEE HOURS of the night !!!!!

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