Senate war in gutter, turns personal, ugly

Cayetano: Is Gigi Reyes running the Senate?



THE HONORABLES Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (right) and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano engage in a heated debate during a stormy session at the Senate Wednesday. RAFFY LERMA

The squabble over the purported “Christmas bonus” turned ugly Wednesday—the third of the Senate’s remaining nine days of sessions—after Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano brought up in a privilege speech Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s personal grudge against him and the unusual clout Enrile’s chief of staff wields in the chamber.

Not to be outdone, Enrile waved on the floor a document that supposedly showed a P37-million debt Cayetano’s father, the late former Sen. Rene Cayetano, incurred while a partner in the Ponce Enrile-Cayetano Law firm that the Senate President said he had put up so the elder Cayetano could feed his family.

“We all know how you run the Senate. Or more accurately, how you and Ma’am Gigi run the Senate,” Cayetano said.

Cayetano said Enrile’s chief of staff, lawyer Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, would be in the senators’ caucuses and even join the discussion as if she were one of them. He added that during the Senate presidency of his party mate, Sen. Manuel Villar, he could go directly to Villar.

“But under your administration, I have to go through Gigi or her brother who’s a political officer,” Cayetano said.

Cayetano also presented a document handwritten by Reyes giving instructions for the release of additional MOOE to all senators except him and Senators Pia Cayetano, his sister, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Antonio Trillanes IV.

“I will not go down to the gutter,” Enrile said after telling the Senate of the late Cayetano’s debt as he prepared to answer Cayetano’s questions on how the Senate funds were being used, especially the P250,000 Enrile distributed as cash gifts to all senators in December.

“You already did, Mr. President. You already went to the gutter. Your chief of staff has already gone to the gutter,” came Cayetano’s response.

Enrile and Cayetano continued their verbal assault against each other even after Sen. Franklin Drilon moved to suspend the session in a vain attempt to ease the tension.

It took a few more exchanges before Senate President Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada managed to bang the gavel to suspend the proceedings. Enrile started to speak on the microphone and had to be restrained by Estrada, imploring him to stop, saying, “Manong, manong,” while raising his hand.

Enrile’s blood pressure was reported to have shot up and he had to be attended to by the Senate medical staff in the lounge. After a lengthy break, Enrile returned to the session hall to answer Cayetano on the issue of funds disbursements.

“We have had this practice that during Christmas time the head of the office takes out from his available savings something that will augment the resources of the senators because it’s Christmas time and there are many pressures on them,” Enrile said.

‘Money of the people’

Enrile, visibly calmer, said he distributed the P250,000 to all senators using checks drawn from the Office of the Senate President, so that the auditor could trace where they came from.

EMPOWERED A photocopy of a P250,000 check issued to Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and signed by Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, the powerful chief of staff of the Senate President.

“This was not my money. It was not cash that I gave to the senators. I issued the check to the individual senators… and they know that this is a public fund,” Enrile said.

“I know they are well-meaning, knowledgeable gentlemen and ladies. They must know that this is the money of the people that must be used for a public purpose. I do not have to tell them or educate them about this,” Enrile added.

Enrile said he called it a gift because Drilon and Sen. Edgardo Angara “kidded” him before the Christmas break about the practice of making available savings of his office to augment the resources of senators.

“The auditor can chase the source of this money…. Now, I own the responsibility for all of this,” Enrile said.

Enrile said he welcomed an independent audit proposed by Cayetano but added that such a proceeding would be up to the entire Senate.

‘I never called you names’

Cayetano took the floor to reiterate his call for an audit by a private firm of the Senate’s finances, particularly its use of almost P1.5 billion in maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) and the P250,000 in cash gifts distributed to all senators before the Christmas break.

Cayetano started off by taking issue with Enrile and  Reyes.

The 50-year-old Reyes went on radio on Monday to accuse Cayetano of hypocrisy for branding the P250,000-per-senator cash gift as illegal when, she said, he always received such releases in previous years and had yet to return the check his office received in December.

The interview with dzMM took place after Enrile delivered a privilege speech where he moved to declare the Senate presidency vacant to get a new vote of confidence from his colleagues amid the controversy over the MOOE.

“Ako po madalas ninyong apihin (you always oppressed me) Mr. Senate President Enrile but I have never been rude to you. I always treated you with respect. I always explained to you after a heated debate that we just have differences in beliefs and views and I never called you names,” Cayetano said.

“I always called you Uncle Johnny or Manong Johnny.”

Cayetano then went on to cite the influence of Enrile’s chief of staff over the Senate affairs.

Close to Arroyo

Cayetano also claimed Enrile tried to prevent him from becoming a member of the Commission on Appointments and the office of the minority leader was disallowed from using one of the rooms in the Senate building.

“There were also committee chairmanships promised when we discussed them that were given to others. I didn’t complain. I just took it,” Cayetano said.

“Let’s call a spade a spade. Why are you personally upset with me? It’s because you and Attorney Gigi are close to the former President GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) and the First Gentleman.”

Cayetano said the group was upset with him as a member of the House who frequently took the floor to criticize the Arroyo administration. He added that Reyes’ best friend was a relative of Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano’s political foe in local politics.

“Hypocrites, cowards, without a sense of gratitude. My God! That’s what I often hear from you, from your chief of staff,” Cayetano said.

A hundred truths for every lie

“We received a lot of insults. I am tempted to answer back. I’m also tempted to talk that way. Why am I tempted? Because for every lie that you told about me, I have a hundred truths about you and Ma’am Gigi,” he added.

Cayetano said that when he was the chairman of the Senate blue ribbon committee, many told him he could earn millions of pesos by just filing a resolution for the investigation of certain businesses. He said he never did so.

Cayetano also said that his wife Lani, the mayor of Taguig City, has yet to spend a single centavo from the P5-million intelligence fund of the city. He indicated that it would be easy to steal from the fund because it wasn’t subject to liquidation upon audit.

He also said he lost more than a billion pesos in priority development assistance funds during the Arroyo administration.

“Then for P1.6 million, Ma’am Gigi would portray me as one greedy for money,” Cayetano said.

Standing by Reyes

Following the break, Enrile apologized for “the fracas that happened.”

“I was just trying to answer personal assaults against my person. But I will not deal with those matters anymore. Let it stay on the record and let the Divine Spirit determine whose truth is correct, where lies the truth,” Enrile said.

Enrile, who is turning 89 on Valentine’s Day, also stood by Reyes’ actions, particularly her handwritten instructions on the MOOE, saying she was acting on his instructions.

Cayetano said that while senators harassed persons being investigated for corruption scandals to reveal the money trail, the same did not hold true on the disposition of Senate funds.

“Why is there a double standard when it involves the money of the Senate or the funds under the Office of the Senate President and we don’t want this opened?” Cayetano said.

“Let’s answer the issue directly,” Cayetano added.

Cayetano said this was the reason why he was pressing for an independent audit of the Senate funds by a private firm.

Reyes, in her interview, also said that Cayetano had lobbied for the creation of an oversight committee on the Bases Conversion and Development Authority which would have, like other oversight committees, millions of pesos at its disposal.

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  • doublecross

    ano pa ba ang bago sa pilipinas….iboto ang LP!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    It’s going to be deadly running against the Martial Law architect of Marcos Regime.  
    He’s feeling the successor of an oppressive Martial Law president who can run around without any criticism.  Feeling righteous and smart.  

    If only people can see vividly what the Martial Law architect is doing, to revive cronyism, corruption and deception.

    Goodluck Filipinos if you can get out of the rut with this kind of a senate president.

    • 12JEM

       Englsih: Gutter

      Spanish:  CUNETA

  • Jim Dela Merced

    Way to go Sen.Alan Peter Cayetano! Lumabas ang tunay na kulay ni “Manong” Johnny. 

    • 12JEM

      Enrile allowed Gigi to prostitute her role as SP COS by attacking Senators and calling them names.

      These characters are not troubled by their consciences because they have trained their minds to do so.

      Or they are, in fact, conscienceless!

    • 12JEM

      1998 adultery rap

      Rumors of an alleged relationship between Enrile and Reyes started as early as 1998. A Chicago Tribune article in January 30, 1998 revealed Enrile’s wife, Cristina, had walked out on him after charging adultery.

      “The ‘other woman’ is reported to be Gigi Gonzales-Reyes, chief of
      staff of his Senate office and about 30 years his junior,” the report

      A story
      by Manila Standard columnist Joem Macaspac in 1998 also focused on the
      alleged affair. It said Reyes worked for the Ponce Enrile, Cayetano,
      Reyes and Manalastas law firm right after law school and had made many

      It said Reyes and her husband were set to file libel charges against a tabloid that came out with the story.

      Who’s running the Senate?

      In a privilege speech Wednesday, Cayetano focused on Reyes’ unusual
      clout in the Senate, saying the chief of staff attends Senate caucuses
      and joins the discussions like a fellow senator.

      He also noted Reyes signs orders authorizing the disbursement of
      millions of pesos in Senate funds including several handwritten memos
      that blocked the release of funds to Cayetano and 3 other senators.

      Cayetano chastised Reyes for calling some senators “hypocrites” after
      he complained that the P250,000 checks issued by Enrile’s office were
      illegal. Reyes had earlier told radio DZMM that Cayetano had never
      complained about receiving cash gifts in previous years.

      The senator said Reyes and Enrile are close to former President
      Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her husband, Mike Arroyo. He also said
      Reyes’ best friend is a relative of Justice Dante Tinga, the political
      nemesis of Cayetano’s wife, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano.

      Cayetano again called for an independent audit of the Senate’s funds,
      saying that the Upper Chamber cannot operate under a cloud of doubt.

      Enrile said he is not worried over his credibility, and is confident
      he will vindicate himself. He reiterated that he welcomes an audit on
      the Senate’s funds.

      He also defended Reyes’ use of the word “hypocrite” against Cayetano, et al.

      “That is a characterization out of I think he is a hypocrite. You
      know why? Because [Cayetano] was chairman of the accounts committee
      under Sen. Manny Villar and what I am doing now is not different from
      what they were doing. He knows it was his work. If you pretend that
      something is wrong when there is none simply because you got less….is
      that not hypocrisy? If it is wrong or unconstitutional, why receive it?
      Why do you use it?” he noted.

      Vice President Jejomar Binay said he was unable to watch the Senate brouhaha yesterday but threw his support for Enrile.

      Senatorial candidate Ernesto Maceda, meanwhile, said Cayetano only wants to pick a fight to catch media attention. — with a report from Zen Hernandez, ABS-CBN News

  • WAJ

    The money (pork barrel) belongs to the people and the sole purpose of using it is for the community projects and welfare of the people. Distributing the pork barrel funds for gifts and gratuities to someone or among the members of the senate is unconstitutional.  

  • filipinaskoh

    I have read Sen Allan’s privilege speech, it is not a very personal attack to Enrile. It just happened the privilege speech of Sen Allan touches something TOO -TOO personal to Enrile. It now arouses the curiosity of everyone’s mind – do Enrile and his chief of staff have something to hide?

    Enrile should have not burst that way so much more that he should not take out the old debt of a dead man.  He stoop so low, losing the little honor left of him.

    There is nothing unusual to Sen Allan grudges, it just happen he publicized it. Sometimes you have to take it out publicly  to be heard properly and to address it appropriately.

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, where can I secure a copy of the speech you are referring here?
      re utang of Rene Cayetano, what I know is: the duo were business partners, isn’t it?
      hindi naman pera sa kaban ng bayan ang utang ni Rene Cayetano, kundi sa partnership nila

      • jerome

         Oo this is interesting where can we get it?

      • 12JEM

         Supalpal talaga si Juan….Nagpunta sa Gutter where the likes of him want to remain.

    • 12JEM

       What is between GiGi and Enrile is not hidden. It is known to all, whatever they have. Ask Cristina, the mother of the GF of Alfie Anido.

  • Guest

    How did the senate war turn personal and ugly?

    Check this out in youtube. This started it all. Listen to the all too powerful Senator Gigi Reyes arrogantly branding the duly elected senators all kinds of names.


    • Guest

      Who is Gigi Reyes?

      Unbeknownst to most Filipinos, Senator Gigi Reyes is the 24th senator of this republic. How she became the most powerful lady in the senate nobody knows. How she got into the senate in the first place nobody knows. How she stole Manong Johnny’s heart, kwentuhan ko kayo some other time.

      To know how powerful Senator Gigi Reyes is, check out an AV made for her by her staff. Take note of the powerful politicians who had to dance in the AV. Who doesn’t want to please Senator Gigi Reyes?


      • Guest

        Sino ba talaga si Gigi Reyes sa buhay ni Manong Johnny?

        Google Search – “Private party of a special lady Philippine Daily Inquirer”

        Google Search – “Filipinos Riveted By Their Own News Of High-level Trysts Chicago Tribune”

      • cato_the_younger

        A few years ago, a senator and his wife who separated. It was such a scanal, afterall they just celebrated I think their 40th or 50th anniversary with a very big bash attended by the who’s who of Philippine society. Pero nagkabalikan din. If rumors are to be believed, wifey left the husband because she caught him en flagrante in their conjugal bed in their posh mansion in Dasmariñas Village with his chief of staff. They said she was to leave the country but had to come back to the house because she left something. The wife was a former Ambassador to the Vatican kaya most likely the Vatican is putting pressure on the wife to make sulsol to the Senator regarding RH. Now this is the million dollar hypocrisy question – the chief of staff had never been known to have any child with him so the qustion is bakit hindi nabuntis? Nag-rhythm kaya? I can just imagine the conversation – “Honey Kabs(kabit), kailangan nating mag-natural FP dahil bawal sa Inang Simbahan and AC. Kailangan nating maging tapat sa Simbahan.” Go figure.

      • batangpaslit

        something to ponder, eh?

      • batangpaslit

        i am impressed of your research prowess
        mahirap talaga ano ang mambato ng ibang bahay kung ang bahay na nambato ay bahay salamin

    • 12JEM

       GiGi in Bahasa Indonesia is translated as TOOTH.

      Meron palang TOOTHSOME character diyan sa Senado na kung umasta parang Senadora.

      May kapatid pa itong si Patrick….

  • Bansot

    You admitted  that it is the “MONEY OF THE PEOPLE”  and yet you never had any inhibition in distributing it to your fellow crocodilies, while 1/3 of our population could harldy afford 3 decent square meals daily..How can you call that fair and with a clear conscience ???

    • 12JEM

       People like Juan Furuganan are not bothered by their conscience as they have trained their minds not to be handicapped by anything that hinder them from achieving whatever nefarious objectives they have.

      They are, in fact, Conscienceless!

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Si manong naman, yung gift ang pinag-uusapan pigkatapos yung utang ng erpat ni Pete ang isinisiksik? Parang “tumahimik ka! I know what you did last summer!!!” lumalabas tuloy talo siya kasi meron siyang pananggang gustong gamitin.

    Siyempole, kapag may bagay ka na ayaw mong ibunyag tatamimi ka na lang di ba? PINOY NA PINOY ANG KUWENTO.

  • us_sixtycents

    There it goes, money down the drain (usual stuff).

    Nothing here really shows or translate benefits to Tax Payers. Clown will always be clowns.. and there’s evil clowns too.

  • John Ponce

    matandang swapang at ganid sa kapangyarihan at kwata noong hanggang ngayon yan si ponce enrile,walang kasawaan,mga hayop na nagpapahirap sa sambayanan filipino

  • biancajbbea

    kayong lahat na mga politiko nagaaway-away dahil sa pera. 2 milyong peso na nga bawat buwan nakukuwa ninyo kahit wala kayong mga nagagawa! mga buwiset kayong lahat kaya walang asenso ang pilipinas dahil sa ugali ninyo!! panay kayo PORMA

  • Kuh

    Enrile – corrupt
    Jinggoy – corrupt
    Marcos – corrupt
    Lacson – corrupt
    Honasan – corrupt
    Angara – corrupt
    Sotto – bopol
    Lapid – bopol
    Revilla – bopol
    Miriam – toyo
    Joker – mahina

     Vote them all out !!!

    • Babiker_Ahmed

      Hahaha! Common denominator of the Bopols = astista

      • kishbuff

         hahahahahaha, ang panday bow!

    • Kaloy

       Eh sino pa ang natirang matino sa senado? Kaya pala dispalenghado takbo ng Senado ngayon.

      Eh papaano yan? Gusto pang dagdagan ng isang pang Enrile ang senado, ang Junior ni Manong Johnny, si Jackie Enrile.

    • boymanok

       lacson – jokla

  • goldilock

    Return the money. Don’t be a thief. Philippine government paid you monthly salaries. Why would a Senator take money that is not theirs? That money belongs to the Republic of the Philippines. Don’t take one budget to pay everyone’s or another budget. Do not ponzi schemes budgets with the goal of making it as an additional MOE. Just tell everyone outright. We have no budget for additional MOE.

    Lawmakers should become a model to all that fights corruption not endorse it.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    01. I listened to the entire speech of Alan Peter Cayetano. He was cool, tempered and you could sense the self-restraint despite the temptation to lash back at Enrile and his chief of staff. He could have done more damage to Enrile but he chose to hold back out of deference.

    02. Enrile’s Gigi Reyes reminds me of Fabian Ver’s Edna Camcam.

    03. With the poor showing of Enrile this time, he may not fare as well when he declares the senate presidency vacant next week. Lalo na pag present lahat ng senators.

    • jurbinsky77

      Ramos had the kabuki lady.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Baby Arenas.

      • 12JEM

        Edna CamCam; Fabian Ver
        Victoria Toh: Mike Arroyo

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Yumaman ng husto ang pamilya ni Victoria. Kahit homely na homely ang dating.

    • batangpaslit

      good observation

    • Philcruz

       Enrile was no match for the young Cayetano.  I can already see Miriam chomping at her bits. Get well soon, Miriam.

  • bogli_anakdami

    ay sus ginoo… at least, my 50cc honda bisnes is looking good…

    hoy… wala munang private army ha?… yan eh pang-derby… pag medyo dehado na kayo…

    for the meantime eh, call my basura bisnes…. we tumba, pick-up, and salvage gung gongs…

    i’m waiting for calls from our traposakals… para magpa-reserve na ng tandem 50cc hondas para itumba ang mga mahal kong flip traposakals…

    kaya cge lang mga flip bestestestest magnanakaws, arya… ibulgar ninyo ang inyong mga baho… total eh alam naman ng masa ang inyong mga kadimonyohan….

    bwi hi hi hi hi pwi!

  • John Ponce

    sabi ni dinggoy aka jinggoy pinamigay daw niya yun 1.6 na regalo ng matandang ganid sa mga binagyo sa davao yun pala yun napanood ko nga sa tfc yun my picture niya yun mga supot  na pinaglagyan ng  pinamimigay sa kaawa awang tao then pinamumukha na mababait silang tao,di mga tao mga yan masahol pa sa hayop

    • Jane Tan

      Nagpapakabait this close to election period. Well, we know where our money is going. To “buy” our votes.

    • Marco

      Nagbait-baitan lang yan c Jingoy dahil panahon ngayon ng eleksyon. Matanong ko nga kayo, ano-ano na ba ang nagawa nya sa buong termino nya sa SENADO? Pare-pareho lang naman sila ni Asyong Salongga di ba? Cge nga, yon sumagot na merong nagawa si Jingoy sa senado may belated xmas gift galing sa akin. Tumataginting na P1.6M korot sa singit. Hahahahahahaha

  • patawad

    Enrile has discretionary fund of 500 million pesos, and all they do is quarrel about a piece of it? Better abolish the senate and put that money for health and education.  

    Ang batas sa Pinas puno ng butas.  Alam nila kung paano kumupit, all they do is allot a lot of money so they there can be savings and then spend it the way they like it.  They better legislate about doing something about this loophole, or there might be one already but they are hiding it.  COA, COA do not be useless!!!!!

  • Jose Mateo S. Boza

    P37-million debt? That’s all Enrile had to comeback at Cayetano with? Something Cayetano had absolutely nothing to do with? For that matter, it hasn’t got ANYTHING to do with the issues being discussed. You know someone is at the end of their arguemental-rope when they start throwing about useless and ugly secrets to discredit their opponents.

    • Marco

      Naobosan na kasi ng katwiran si Tatang Johny kaya naging personal na ang banat nya kay Cayetano. Meron na sigurong Parkinsons Disease kaya hindi nya na ma-depensahan ang sarili nya. Akalain po ninyo mga egan, naniningil ng utang sa namayapa na. Hahahahahahaha. Kawawang matanda. Walang pinag katandaan.Hahahahahahahaa. Sakit ng tiyan ko sa katatawa…….

      • batangpaslit

        talo si JPE sa debate with Senator Peter Cayetano

      • JuanTamadachi

        agree. Now let’s make sure talo sa election si JPE JR.

      • batangpaslit

        we have to campaign to vote them out

    • batangpaslit

      hindi naman pera ng bayan ang utang ni Rene Cayetano, kundi sa business partnership nila
      lahat naman may utang
      pati nga ang mga Ayala’s, mga Cojuanco’s, ang mga Gokongwei’s, ang mga Lopez’ may mga utang

    • JunPyo123

      Gawain niya ito. It is inevitable that for being in power for such a long time, JPE was able to collect infos from the people he is working with – personal ones – to hurdle against opponents when the time comes. Ganito din yung ginawa niya kay Trillanes, tama ba?

  • jbadge

    Gigi Reyes said that “Cayetano had lobbied for the creation of an oversight committee on the Bases Conversion and Development Authority which would have, like other oversight committees, millions of pesos at its disposal”. Ok, so what’s the violation in that? None, only innuendos to make it appear that Cayetano is greedy like her and her boss, Enrile. Gigi and her boss do not have any answers to Cayetano’s charges. If they feel that there were no illegal or inappropriate basis for the disbursement of the funds, why doesn’t Enrile welcome, and even encourage, the independent investigation? He continues to sidestep the issue, while the senators who received the funds were just sitting there doing nothing, but play coy or play neutral due to obvious reasons (they lost their principles due to love of money). I wish that there is a way that we could have a clean slate in the Senate and House. Remove the incumbents, fix the loop holes and other systems that allow these politicians to plunder the people’s money covertly.

  • simondj

    As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, Or if due to strength, eighty years, Yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we fly away. Awit 90:10,,, ang nakasulat po ay, if you reach 80 you will boast about your pain, sorrows or misery. which is true. palagay ko panahon na upang limitahan ang edad sa 80 ang mga senador upang manungkulan.
    malala na ang ginagawa ni ENRILE, pati baho ng patay hinahalukay.

  • Jef

    “This was not my money and I know that this is a public fund,” Enrile said. PALUSOT tulad ka rin ni Corona…I know they are well-meaning, knowledgeable gentlemen and ladies. They must know that this is the money of the people that must be used for a public purpose. ” Enrile added. puro PALUSOT ano kami tanga…mahiya kayo sa mga pinaggagawa nyo…REPENT habang maaga pa.. mga swapang..walang mudo mga kurakot.

  • anu12345

    Playing with people’s money. And many go hungry and sick.

  • Jane Tan

    I wonder what projects will the senators be declaring at year-end. What else would the senators be spending money on this close to election period?

    • JuanTamadachi

      self aggrandizement and more self aggrandiizement.

  • Janch

    Akala niya matatakot niya si Cayetano tulad ng nangyari kay Trillanes.  Pasensya siya at mga abogado at marunong magdebate ang Cayetano siblings.  

    Come to think of it. Magaling siyang makipag-away sa mga batang senador pero atras siya pagdating kay Miriam. Kailangan niya pa ng attack dog: Lacson.

    I’d love to see a Miriam vs. Enrile showdown.

  • fromuniversityofthephilippines

    Enrile –
    Cayetano catfight outranks Mariah Carey- Nicki Minaj fake snarling and and even
    the Annabelle Rama- Amalia Fuentes feud in trending stats: Except that the
    nail-scratching involves public funds, 
    and taxpayers should know by now that too much of our money in so-called
    senator’s MOOE and discretionary funds are being used for personal luxuries of
    the senators, their families, friends, and staff certified as “official” under
    the heading: “travels, communication, repairs and maintenance, transportation
    and delivery, supplies and materials, rents, utility, training and scholarship,
    extraordinary and miscellaneous” (GAA) … read more at (pls click link)

  • aristeosj

    what more can one say…it’s more fun in the Phil!!!
    we see brawls happen right inside the halls of
    congress of other countries.the big difference though
    is that those countries are a lot progressive than the
    Phil.the Phil-it’s stuck to the same mold as hundred
    years ago.

  • Smokey

    Tumanda na sa senado si JPE pero di pa rin nawawala sa kanya yun mga
    natutunan tricks nun siya ay defense chief pa ni Makoy.

    Classic military strategy, he just employed a diversionary tactics. He did it
    once with Sen. Trialianes before but this time I think alam na ni Sen. Cayetano ang game ni JPE.

  • Joey

    so now we all know why we should all put a stop to the likes of ENRILE, BINAY, and ESTRADA… sample pa lang iyan!

  • Vincent

    “I know they are well-meaning, knowledgeable gentlemen and ladies. They must know that this is the money of the people that must be used for a public purpose. I do not have to tell them or educate them about this,” Enrile added.”

    Biglang-bigla naging public service-oriented and mga kamukha mong magnanakaw, ano, Enrile?
    ‘ge nga, hintayin naming i-donate nila ng buong-buo ang sandamukal na perang ‘yon sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo. ultimong sentimo, itemized, ha? 

    • Marco

      Pa well-meaning ka pa matandang hokloban. mabuti nga yan kong kelan pa pa-retire ka na lang nakal-kal na ang baho mo sa pag lustay ng perang galing sa bulsa ng ordinaryong mamamayan ng Pilipinas. Ganid ka kasi sa pera matanda ka. panahon pa ni Makoy ganoon ka na ka swapang sa pera. harinawa tangapin ka pa ni satanas sa impyerno sa pinang-gagawa mo. ano ang sabi mo? minana mo sa ibang namuno sa senado ang kalakarang yan? PWEEEEE!!!! kong naging matino kang tao ka at kong naging matino kang senate president, alam mo pala na baloktot ang mga nag daang namuno jan sa senado, bakit ipinag pinagpatoloy mo pa ang kalakarang yan? dapat binago mo ang sestima at sana nagkaroon ka ng konting delecadesa na ipang-modmod ang pera na galing sa kaban ng bayan na ipansohol sa kapwa mo senador para lang manatili ka sa pwesto mo. naturingan ka pa ng iilan jan na ikaw raw ay magaling, ka respe-respeto, pero poro pan lilinlang lang lang ang ginawa mo sa taong bayan na nag loklok sa yo sa pwesto. sa sariling akin, ito ang napala ko dahil isa rin isa ako sa bomoto noon sa yo. isa ako sa natanso at naging TANGA sa pag-boto sayo noon. pero ngayon hindi na po mr. senate president dahil hihmukin ko lahat ang mga kamag-anakan ko pati mga kibigan at mga kakilala na huwag iboto ang anak mo dahil pare-pareho lang ang kulay ng dugo at balat ninyong dalawa.

  • Vincent

    “I will not go down to the gutter,” Enrile said….”
    “You already did, Mr. President. You already went to the gutter. Your chief of staff has already gone to the gutter,” came Cayetano’s response.”

    How true! These dregs of the earth are already in the gutter long before Cayetano said so. 

  • bogli_anakdami

    ay sus ginoo… hoy mga traposakals…

    gamitin na ang mga private army para tapos kaagad ang kwentutan…

    pinatatagal pa ang drama eh…. naman naman namannnnnn…

  • Kuh

    “I will not go down to the gutter” – LOL mas masahol pa sa gutter pinuntahan mo, enrile. pati patay gusto mong hukayin. maitim ang budhi mo enrile.

    • JuanTamadachi

      well said

  • paul

    wow. napakalakas tlga ni sen. gigi reyes, nagresign na ayaw p rin ni manong johnny. sana nman manong dun k tumutok sa issue at walang personalan. yun utang ng tatay wag mo ipamukha sa anak kc wala na yun tatay para ipagtanggol yun sarili.

  • bogli_anakdami

    cga na… isalvage na yan…

    para naman mabawasan ang mga magnanakaws dito sa flipland…

  • The Overlord

    Do not vote for ENRILE, ESTRADA, BINAY and all their scions and disciples in UNA. Despicable bunch of mongrels!

  • Benjamin

    Pahiya si Apo Enrile kay Cayetano. Cayat mo Apo? Enrile did not get rich out of being a lawyer….He enriched himself illegally via logging and other behind the scene jobs. He made millions more when he was the Martial Law Administrator of Marcos and when local and international lobbyists came to Malacanang to open businesses. His three musketeers, Jinggoy, Sotto and Honasan (the forever bodyguard) are always on his side come hell or high water. Kasi puro mga bobo ang 3 ito kaya nakadikit lang kay Apo Enrile. Time to dislodge Enrile as Senate President and someone has to file plunder, corruption and murder charges to him during the Martial Law days. Maraming nangawala at nangamatay nung Martial Law dahil sa berdugong si Enrile. Time for Enrile to RESIGN!

    • farmerpo

       Konting tulak na lang, tapos na si Manong. Nag hysterical na at tumaas ang prisyon. Parang tindera sa palengke ang nagiging sagot. Sana tumulong naman si Trillanes para masulit ang bayad sa kanya.

  • bakitkailangan






    Miriam Defensor Santiago was featured in Correspondents last


    Maganda rin naman ang naidudulot ng pagiging prangka ni
    Senador Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Ayon kay 
    Santiago  , marami ang
    tumatak-bong Senador dahil sa laki ng budget na ibinibigay sa kanila kada


    Lumalabas na P35,000 suweldo nila kada buwan ay pakitang-tao
    lang sa milyun-milyong budget ng bawat senador… Kada buwan ay may Fixed
    Monthly Budget ang bawat Senador ng humigit-kumulang P2 Milyon.


    Sa opisina pa lang nila ay humigit-kumulang P500,000 ang
    budget nila sa Maintenance and Operating Expenses (Rental, Utilities, Supplies
    at Domestic Travels) at P500,000 para sa Staff at Personal expenses. Kaya para
    makatipid ang ibang Senador, kaunti lang ang staff na kinukuha nila. Nagtataka
    ka pa kung bakit mayroong mga Ghost Employee?


    Bukod diyan, may P760,000 allowance pa sila kada buwan para
    naman sa Foreign Travel. At ang masakit pa nito, hindi na kailngan i-liquidate
    ang mga resibo ng mga gastusin ‘yan kundi Certification lang ang Requirement.


    Heto pa, lahat sila ay Chairman ng mg Komite sa Senado. Ang Committee
    Chairman ay tumatanggap din ng budget na sinlaki ng tinatanggap ng mga Senador
    na humigit-kumulangP1 Milyon din! Hindi sila mawawalan ng Komite dahil 24 lang
    ang ating mga Senador at 37 naman ang Committee sa Senado. There’s food for
    everybody ‘ika nga! Lumalabas na doble ang kanilang benepesiyo at kita kapag
    sila ay nabiyayaan ng Committee Chairmanship.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      May kapital ka? kung may PESOnality ka okay kasi mababawi mo rin ito. Kung wala, matulog ka na lang.

    • batangpaslit

      walang binatbat ang sueldo
      lalo na pag chair ka nang committee, you have extra funds pa rin

  • $14170612

    temptation in the senate,now the people already  know why enrile  want to hold his position,he has that woman, power, and money.hinay hinay lng mang johnny

  • Barak_O

    ano ang truth kina johnny at gigi?

    • basyong

      kamusta ka na barak? ngayon lang kita nakita muli? ano naman ang say mo at kung saan ka naman papanig? sa matanda na hinihintay na lang maagnas ang balat niya o sa isang batang pagasa ng bayan na sabi nga ni JPRIZAL.

  • MarcyPulilan

    So Enrile just confirmed that traditionally, the senate pockets money of the people for their own use and in last Christmas, Enrile confirmed that he himself did this again, and the gull to say that yes it is the people’s money he is giving away. So culprit and recepients need to resign because of this scandal. They have to do it fast so that we can vote sor new senators and save the COMELEC from organazing special elections for these senators who are expected to resign because of this.

  • bbguevara

    Another “rubber band ” resignation.  Any serious resignation should always be irrevocable, otherwise its just a political or publicity stunt.

  • athena_dragonborn

    Hay naku, its complete mayhem just to imagine they’re fighting over the funds which came from our OWN blood, sweat and tears via taxes.

    If they put the Filipino people welfare as their top priority, no such fights will happen. But nope their own survival and vested interest should come first.

    Lesson: Don’t vote for any of them, don’t encourage their greediness.

    “Power does not corrupt men. Fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.”
    –George Bernard Shaw.

    • kapayapaan_1900

      May I add; ………..absolute power corrupts absolutely _Lord Acton

  • TataRamonKo

    Kaya pala malansa itong si Manong! May galunggong, este, GG palang nakapulupot!

    • batangpaslit

      akala ko ang GG = gandang-ganda
      ‘yon pala isda

  • Banana Na

    tama nga ang PDI, haaa, may naughty at nice para bigyan ng regalo ni SANTA ENRILE, ang mga naughy ngayon ang nakikipag-talo sa kanya kasi di siya nice sa kanila or sunod-sunodran…nakaka-bistuhan na kung papaano ang senate funds ginagastos or kung saan na-pupunta ang funds kaya siguro nag-resign kaagad ang chief of staff ni ENRILE ay ayaw niya madamay at makulong baka naka-bistuhan ay ang reason niya ay katulad ni GMA na naka-wheelchairs para di ma-arrestado….walang experts na nagmamasid kung papaano ginagastos ng government funds at papaano nila ginagastos…takot din sila kaya tahimik lang….sa ibang bansa ay may mga scholars or experts ang bumabatikos sa governments kung may irregulars na ginagawa…ang mga naughty nito kaya bumabatikos kay ENRILE kasi konti lang ang natanggap nila, papaano kung pareho ang binigay sa kanila ay tahimik lang sila pero maganda na rin yan na kaunti ang natanggap nila para bumatikos sila sa isa’tisa para malaman ng taongbayan kung ano ang mga ginagawa nila sa loob ng senates…

  • Boy Dalius

    True or not ang mga accusations against Enrile, kung may delicadeza pa syang natitira – he should tender an irrevocable resignation already.  Cut the crap.

  • parengtony

    This article tries very hard to portray this event as “turning ugly” or “going to the gutter”.

    Is immorality not a valid issue? Have the news reporters not been aware of the Gigi Reyes situation until Sen. Cayetano’s  privilege speech?

    • batangpaslit

      am interested to this Gigi story.
      if true that their affair started in 1998, she’s 35 years old and he is 75 years old
      the 40 year gap is immaterial, eh

  • sophie

    save our country please! manong resign sama mo na si gg mo

  • basyong

    nakakuha ng katapat ang matandang hukluban at batang bata pa.hehehehe dapat kasi pagbigyan mo na ang mga kabataan dahil yan ang pagasa ng bayan.kaso dahil sa kakanakaw mo ng pondo ng bayan buhat ng martial law akala ni senatong tanda e wala ng katapusan.bilang na ang araw mo sa senado pati araw mo sa kamunduhan na eto kaya pagbigyan mo ang bago,bata at mas matatalinong mambabatas kaysa sa iyo.

    • batangpaslit

      you have a point

    • JuanTamadachi

      good one.

  • isellnuts

    Now the 24 senator line up is complete in the person of Jessica “GG” Reyes. She was elected by her lover JPE, the formalin smelling old man.

    • batangpaslit

      interesting info

  • dodong1

    what a waste of time..personalan instead dapat ifocus nila yung magtalaga ng mga batas at mga ibang issues na nakakaapekto sa buong bansa hindi itong trailer trash comments, AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES WELL EDUCATED PEOPLE?? WHAT A BULL OF CRAP..

    • Vertumnus

      Didn’t you read?  Millions of Pisos are being used for personal gain.  That’s a huge issue of corruptions and misappropriation of funds.  If you think that’s a none issue, you must not be Pinoy!

    • angie1875

      When the insiders fight, we get a clear picture of what is going on. Buti nga nagkakabistuhan na, lalo na si JPE. Matalino sana pero ang budhi, maitim.

  • ManongOsang

    Manong Enrile ALWAYS CLAIMS to be VERY RELIGIOUS. Sila daw mag-asawa ay Marian Devotee of Mama Mary. He said he turned from being Not Religious to Very Religious in his later years. THUS, he was VERY STRONGLY OPPOSED to the RH Bill as a Religious person.

    Yet, it is an OPEN SECRET among Political Circles that Manong Johnny & his Chief of Staff Gigi have been in a ” SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP” for the last 12 years !!!!

    Manong Enrile is the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE in the Senate !!! 

    *** calls himself religious BUT mayroon naman Kabit
    *** Likes to Investigate people BUT is the BIGGEST CORRUPT POLITICIANS, the BIGGEST MARCOS POLITICAL CRONY STILL ALIVE !!! A TRUE LIVING Political BILLIONAIRE of Unexplained Wealth!!!

  • cute79

    Di magtatagal magreresign na si Mr Enrile dahil unti-unti na lumabas ang kanyang masangsang na amoy.

    • dodong1

      malapit na syang maging amoy lupa dahil bilang na ang araw nya sa mundong ito…

  • farmerpo

    Pati utang ng patay, inungkat. It is getting to be a nice soap format, pilipinovela. Interesting!!!!!
    Reminds one of vultures dogging a weakened elephant being harassed by hyenas and dogs. Worthy of an NG footage. If the story between the li(n)es is true, I salute Manong. May asim pa,
    pero masyadong baduy ang diskarte. Ang daming personal spin ng istoryang ito. Ituloy hanggang mahal na araw. Maraming senators ang magpipinetensya, sana, sana, sana.  More Miriam, Alan and Pia. More….  

    • barugokid

      Anong asim ang sinasabi mo? asim ng blue pill ‘kamo!

    • batangpaslit

      akala ko business partner si JPE at si Rene Cayetano
      ang alam ko, abogado si Rene Cayetano ni JPE nang nagka kaso si JPE
      pero out of turn naman ang exposure ni JPE sa utang ni Rene Cayetano. unless na lamang na pera sa kaban ng bayan ‘yong pera. pero kung pera ng law firm nila na nahiram at di nabayaran, walang pakialam ang bayan doon sa utang
      dapat ang ginawa ni JPE ang insurance ni Rene Cayetano, kung meron man ang kanyang binawi

  • Leah

    Nko lumang tugtugnin…. pareho naman kyo lahat bulok. Gee… All those politiciticians are corrupt. That;s why I never voted anymore coz imagine, they would spent millions during campaign and their salary won’t be enough to cover up their expenses. If you want to help, you can do it even you are not in position or in government. This country will be forever corrupt until  I die until the next, next generations. It already runs in the blood of Filipino. Such as shame! Here in Philippines we paid travel tax and airport fee which a lot and look at our airport, but in the countries that I’ve visited like Hongkong, Singapore and Thailand they don’t charge these kind of fees but look at their airports so beautiful. Where is my money? in the pocket of those heartless politicians and officials.

    • batangpaslit

      bira Leah…banatan mo sila

    • JunMoran

      daming naghihirap and yet…….

    • renea

      Only in the Philippines. Dami na nyong utang sa akin I was using NAIA since 1983.Terminal fee tapos one of the worst pa.

  • orchid

    Why would these imbeciles in the senate lead by Lolo Enrile waste the taxpayer’s time and money on their personal issues against each other? Because, that is what they are all about. Taking care of themselves, their families, and their friends, but not the welfare of the people for which they were elected to do.

    And who are the die hard supporters Lolo Enrile, the King of Balimbings? None other that the Gofers composed of Sotto, Lapid, Estrada, and Revilla; and a band of ex-military princesses, lacson, and Honasan. Trillanes may not support Enrile but he is another useless senator who is giving away the Panatag Shoal to the Chinese.

    Get rid of these senators in the political landscape. Don’t re-elect these idiots anymore. Look at Enrile, he is utterly useless right from the Marcos era up until now. He is only good for  supporting Marcos’ martial rule and nothing more.

  • superpilipinas

    What the hell! They are bickering throwing mud at each other….AT OUR TAXPAYER MONEY ESPENSE!!!!

    Somebody, please unearth Mt. Mayon and drop it to crash down to the Senate building before they waste more of our money!

    Isn’t there anyone with a cooler head to stop these guys?!

  • ushldcallme

    the media should stay out of it too.

    • batangpaslit

      how will we be able to find out what is going on if you are going to muzzle the media?

  • Guest

    The Senate is the gutter where the filthy scums and parasites accumulate from the the stinking sewage Congress.

    • batangpaslit

      cleansing time

  • ManongOsang

    Ang mabigat is itong si Chief of Staff Gigi lives in a MANSION & is WEALTHIER ( Unexplained Wealth) than Alan Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Sonny Trillanes, Koko Pimentel, & Joker Arroyo.

    Not only that but she LITERALLY has FULL CONTROL of  HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of PESOS that she has BLANKET AUTHORITY from Enrile to Write Checks.

    Kung iimbestigahan ito ng INDEPENDENT AUDITORS, siguradong 100% Graft & Corruption itong si Enrile & Gigi Reyes!

    Even sa LIFESTYLE Check ng NBI… She would FAIL Immediately. Her Income would NOT justify owning TWO MANSIONS !!!!

    I know PNOY’s main concern is getting this Programs Passed Immediately & Does NOT want Bills BLOCK by Enrile, Jinggoy, Honasan & Sotto.  PNOY prefers IMMEDIATE Programs passed RATHER than REPEATED attacks from people like ERAP, Binay & Enrile.

    But PNOY has to Really think hard & Weigh in & Decide if he wants An ALL OUT War against Binay, Enrile & Erap.

    Personally, I believe he should kahit na biglang magbabangaan at magtitiran ang mabibigat.

    Obviously Erap & Binay are VERY POPULAR with the MASA voters who DO NOT UNDERSTAND what the hell is really going on. But ITS TIME PNOY !!!! Banatan mo na! 

    • batangpaslit

      if this is the case, entonces, PNoy, must go direct and tell the People of the Philippines of the true state of the nation
      PNoy must utilize all the media outlets: radio, teevee print—everything pati Facebook at ano pa
      cleansing time

  • Maldi2

    It’s high time that we should change the leadership of the Philippine Senate.  JPE has no moral ascendancy after he had squandered the monies of Juan Dela Cruz!  Ang kakapal ng mga mukha!

    • batangpaslit

      something to rally about, eh?

  • Vertumnus

    Hurray for Peter Cayetano!  We have a people’s champion actually working for the people!

    Enrile was playing dirty by revealing Peter Cayetano’s father’s alleged debt which has no bearing on the Christmas bonus his royal manipulator bestowed on his supporters!

    Gigi Reyers has all that power because Enrile gave her that power.  Has she violated Senate ethics by joining Senatorial discussion she has no business delving in?

    Remember the old saying  “Where there is smoke, there is fire”!  Let’s see if anyone gets burn by this!

    • batangpaslit

      tanong ko nga rin by what virtue an unelectd staff could lord over a nationally elected Senator?

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Back in 1998, the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about the affair between Senator Enrile and ‘Senator’ Gigi Reyes. You can google.

    • batangpaslit

      galing ah
      Circa 1998, it means, “Senator” Gigi is only 35 years old; while JPE is around 75 years old.
      a forty year gap (40) is never an issue eh?
      ano ba dati ni JPE si Ms Gigi? dating na niang staff?

  • cute79

    Wala man lang masabi ang mga senador na nakataas ang kamay??tingnan natin sa mga susunod na araw.

    • Paulita Cariño

      tahimik na tahimik nga  sila di man lang tulongan sinaSen cayetano atSen TRilianes tingnan  natin nga sa susunod na nga araw

  • filemon garcia

                If I were u Manong Johnny, magresign ka na lang kung may delikadesa ka pang natitira! Ang galing mong magpaimbistiga ng mga paper trail ng mga iniimbistigahan nyo jan sa Senado, yun naman pala ay may eskandalo ka ding giangawa jan na minamanipula? Magtira ka naman ng konti sa kaluluwa mo at baka lahat ay silaban sa impyerno! Kelan ba matatapos ang kasamaan mo sa gobyerno? Panahon ni Marcos naging berdugo ka. Panahon ni Cory naging pasimuno ka ng mga pagaalsa ng mga sundalo para lang makapwesto ka. Panahon ni Ramos nagkamal ka ng salapi sa pamamagitan ng mga logging concession sa ibat ibang bahagi ng bansa, partikular na sa Mindanao. Panahon ni Erap, well, nagpatuloy ang kahayukan mo sa pagpapayaman dahil malapit mong kaalyado. Nung panahon naman ni Gloria naging kakutsaba ka naman sa mga iniimbistigahang eskandalo sa kanyang administrasyon at ikaw pa ang nagiging panaggalang nila sa mga akusasyon na ibinabato sa kanila. Hudas dapat ang itawag sa iyo. Sa tingin mo kaya masisikmura pa ng mga Pilipino na ihalal ang panibagong Enrile sa Senado na binahiran mo ng kasamaan? Maghugas ka na ngayon pa lang!!

    • renea


  • brunogiordano





  • dodong1

    THE HONORABLES Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (right) and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano engage in a heated debate during a stormy session at the Senate Wednesday. RAFFY LERMAit should read THE LESS HONORABLES…

  • leomar101

    We should not missed the chance to look  on something enlightening here.. With this away among the buayas, we learn deeper how the taxpayers money being divided among the wolves.All of them from the president down to the lowest elected officials feasted on juan de la cruz’s  sweat and blood’ through the tax he paid religiously.Look at all the porks which all of them enjoyed. These are all unaccounted money  given to them. Have you seen the hyprocricy during the Corona impeachment when all the dogs of the president played a clean and pure sinless madona. Have we even wondered where does the billions of yearly  presidential porks, social funds, intelligence fund go?Walang accounting yan. And the yelos now closed their eyes and focus on the sins of the past. What about the sins of the present? What about the  taxpayers money being devided among the wolves hiding under the legalities such as dicretionary funds. hahaha. “my foot” eat your daang matuwid idies.

    • zeroko

      Can’t you see, our government is dominated by Chinese! And this is the reason why our country will always remain a dead basket of Asia. These vampires is bleeding us alive. The Chinese controls our very Bangko Sentral, and they are free to do anything with our treasury. Try to wake up to reality, this country no longer belongs to the Filipino people. Imagine, 240 hectares of government lands were lease or sold to the Chinese and  the Filipinos never benefited on these transaction? As long as we do not fight for our nationalism, we will be nothing but a nation of SLAVES. Bayan ng mga uto-uto. 

      This is the only country in the whole world who gave away its government and resources without firing a shot. He he he!,

      • leomar101

         Bro, let us not forget that China now is powerful. Economocally they can use all their influence in UN decisions. Poor nations who recieved economic aid from China will not vote against China if it will reach to that point.In terms of military power they are also powerful now. Only countries like Japan who has also  money and power to stand up against China can stop their ambition to invade, grab islands like what happened to Philippines and Vietnam. No amount of protest in the UN will stop China in flexing its muscle. Aquino has been selling our conutry to China. that’s the truth. Look what traitor Trilliantes had done.

  • barugokid

    Congress can legislate without the Philippine Senate. I say, retain direct election of the president, but abolish the senate and use the money to improve public universities or universal healthcare or develop an indigenous naval force

  • Garo Ungaro

    The sad reality is the Filipino people has to see and heard this Philippine Senate.
    I think. All of them has to resign. With respect for,by,with the Filipino people.They do not deserved to continue. The Filipino People, should declare the Philippine Senate” VACANT”. It’s a SHAME!. When Dignity,Integrity,Morals,Ethics of this Philippine Senate goes to the GUTTER. Only the Filipino People can decide…No political institution can handle this.Since
    all are in questions?…The FILIPINO PEOPLE…once in for all decides, it’s time to FIRE all these unfit TRAPOS in our government……

    • mrgracia

      Nakakahiya, nakakahiya talaga sila! Nakakahiya rin ang grammar mo!

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      To Garo Ungaro,
         Pare,i agree with your post.Make the Philippine Senate vacant.97.2 million people are not being properly served.It can start with this.Sobra na ang hirap ng Filipino.
      Let 97.2 people call and clamor for it!!.

  • batangpaslit

    cleansing time
    the august halls of the Philipppine Senate needs to be “cleansed”
    let everyone confess of their sins by disclosing their sins committed against the Filipino people

  • zeroko

    The fracas happening in the Senate is advantageous to the Filipino people. At lease we are able get the truth from the horses mouth. As the saying goes, let us all keep quiet so that the public will not know what we are doing, which is stealing their money. Similarly, the Vatican, the center of Catholic faith is also attacked on all fronts. And like the Mafia, “Code of Silence” is very essential to them otherwise their kingdom, will fall like deck of cards. 

    Very rare do we see the truth in our Chinese dominated government. We, the Filipino people has been fooled for so long. The reason for this is the Chinese has mastered our inherent traits. They know that Filipino price the “utang na loob” or indebtedness and pakikisama as prerequisite for acceptance. And the Chinese has used this weakness on the Filipinos to catch them by the millions. And this too is the reason why vote buying is happening to our suffrage. 

    The Chinese are very much at home during election on these kind of cheating for who  possess so much money but the Chinese. And as a result, the Chinese did not only dominate our Businesses and Commerce, but their presence in our government is so disturbing. They control 97% of our governance. Their presence is so obvious in the three pillars of Democracy which is the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. They dominate all positions of the Cabinet Secretaries. Full Blooded Filipinos are discriminated from being  appointed to these high positions. 

    He he he. When will the spirit of Lapu-Lapu, Apolinario Mabini, and Aguinaldo awaken? Election is just around the corner, and the Chinese are again active in FINANCING the election. And too bad for the Filipinos, they just do not stand a chance.

    • renea

      Every time I walk to the mall I’ve seen all Chinese walk like a first class citizen of the Phil. , They’re well built, have new shoes,bags and clothes look expensive too. Lots of Fil. reflects the poverty status compare to the Chinese.

  • kabayandinako

    Gigi Reyes, what is your real relationship with Senator Enrile? Are you willing to be audited by B.I.R. and COA , and are you willing to make public your SALN? If you really is honest and not greedy, GO COME CLEAN, and prove it to the public. At saka anong pakialam ni Senator Cayetano sa utang ng Tatay nya kay Manong Johnny? Malayo yun sa issue.

    • basyong

      BIR henares ngayon mo ipakita yung tapang mo sa katiwalian.kung ano yung ginawa mo kay corona gawin mo kay tanda para tabla tabla ang laban.

      • FernandoBusi

        Oo nga dapat imbestigahan na finances ng mga Senatong, Tongressmen, and palace functionaries. 

    • cute79

      nabigla si manong di nya napaghandaan ang ibato nya kay cayetano kaya pati utang ng patay naungkat

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Gigi Reyes and Juan Ponce Enrile… kapit tuko sa puwesto.
    Lupet nyo mga pulpoI kayo, pareho kayong HlND0T.

    • leonardocarpio

       hahaha..nakatawa na ngayon si alfie anido.

  • kulittwit

    Enrile is self-destructing. Parang si corona dinadamay pati ang patay.

  • brunogiordano

    SENATE WAR!!!!

    DON’T STOP!!!



    • Paulita Cariño

      tahimik naman ang iba  hello tulongan nyu  naman si Sen Cayetano at Sen Trillianes

      • cute79

        tikom ang bibig ang mga nakatanggap ng 1.6m.Baka takot rin maungkat ang kanilang mga tinatagong baho at baka may Gigi din ang mga nanaihimik na senatongs.

  • rickysgreyes

    PNoy you MUST ABOLISH the pork barrel. You can do it in the last two years of your administration. Bring back respectability in the Senate and Congress, so that people who’s intent is to rape and pillage the Filipino people will stop running-and we can start to elect true Statesmen, like in the 60s and 50s.

  • bogli_anakdami

    dapat eh paramihan na lang ng kabits ang ating mga hinayupak na traposakals…

    kitams, mahusay lumunok si ms gigi…

    kaya naman si enrile eh tuyot na tuyot…

    • Vincent

      bogli, buti kung maski “laway” man lang meron pa si johnny. palagay ko may proxy na s’ya.

    • The Overlord

      Hahahahahaha! I seriously LOLed at this one. :)

  • Fred

    Tuloy ang laban Alan at suportado ka ng bayan.

  • bogli_anakdami

    ms gigi… ‘bakwet na sa ‘merka para walang probe-probe na lintek…

    cge na… kaw din…

    • Vincent

      tsaka maraming etits don. itim pa.

  • Vincent

    Nataranta at narindi si Johnny kay Cayetano. Ang layo ng kinalkal–UTANGAN! wala sa patulo at walang kaugnayan sa usapan. lol! 

    E di lalo ng matataranta ito pag si Miriam na ang nakaharap n’ya. Kailangan siguro mag-pampers s’ya kasi baka ma-etsas s’ya sa nerbyos pag niratrat na s’ya ni Miriam. 

    • cute79


  • Keeper242

    Johnny..hindi pa namin nakakalimutan ang 1972 Martial Law.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

     Mga  Kababayan,Just picture this: The three young guys in the coastal road near Cavite wading the dark and murky mud to get worms and “tahong’ so they could sell them;The family of 6 in Navotas with no food to eat ,only after 2 of their young boys were able to find  some scraps to sell from underneath the filthy huts from that squalid place;The panhandling taking place at Roxas and Taft daily;The hunger that we observe in devastation in Cateel and other parts of the countryside.
    Something is terribly awry with my beloved Philippines.And you look at the other picture.The Senate is in disarray and squabbling.Either it’s greed or self preservation are the issues.The populace is being shorted by some in  the government.There is no accountability from other leaders.Some public servants  are getting accused of corruption or abuse of power.
    Being a Filipino,i ask for the Senators to resign.All of them because there is an aura of malice that is pervading in that hall.This is a big issue,unique. Nakakahiya sa mga mamamayan.Hindi natin sila nasisilbihan ng tapat.
    If you love your country,resign.If you won’t resign,then there must be an accounting of how much you are worth.The public deserve that.

    • batangpaslit

      Secretary Robredo is from Iriga City, isn’t it?

      • batangpaslit

        kaya naman pala ginawa mong ID ang bayan mo dahil may ipagmalaki nga.
        sikat na magayon pa, eh?
        thanks, Bro, for the info. you have 1,000 reasons to be proud.

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        To batangpaslit,
            Right on,Brother.

  • prangka

    Hanggang ngayon effective pa rin ang name ni Gloria Arroyo. If you want to put someone down just implied that name to the person you want to malign.  Kung dati bukang bibig ang Marcos sa corruption pero ngayon may bagong flavor na. Pare pareho lang kayo dyan.

  • mabyrik

    First things first.

    The first order of the day is for Enrile to vacate his seat as SP, voluntarily, if there is still a tinge of decency left in his 89 year old body and mind. He is unfit to stay on because of his character. He is too immature, despite his age, for his position.

    Enrile when cornered will divert the issue like what he did today against Cayetano and instead of answering the accusation of Cayetano he revealed the utang of a dead Rene Cayetano, an issue which is totally irrelevant to the subject;  

    like what Enrile did to Trillanes few months ago when he was revealed to have a hand in dividing the CAMSUR province as requested by Villafuerte, and instead of answering the accusations, he exposed a State Secret totally irrelevant to the charges made by Trillanes; 

    like what he did to Cory when Marcos was about to exterminate him for being a traitor but instead of confronting Marcos, he revealed to the people that he cheated Cory by 300000 votes in Cagayan and that he faked his ambush to justify ML to gain sympathy and protection from the people.
    Yesterday, Trillanes revealed to the nations during Karen’s interview that during Corona’s trial, Enrile made secret meetings with Corona’s lawyers to discuss the case and possibly, the exoneration of Corona, perhaps, in exchange of “whatever”.

    That’s the first order of the day. Enrile must resign his SP post.

    The second order of the day is for the people to REJECT Jackie Enrile in the coming election. He is the son and it is impossible for the son to be different from the father. If the father is a tyrant, as what trillanes has described the father, the son is surely going to be another tyrant.

    The third order of the day is for the people to reject ALL senators, most especially the UNA candidates, who are up for election in 2013, except those who exposed Enrile’s tyrannical tendencies.

    It’s about time to clean up the senate. At present, it is so messy for it is populated by senators who are gre//edy, cor/rupt. The silence of most senators in regards to the mess created by Enrile and exposed by Santiago, Trillanes and Cayetano says it all. They should all go to the gutter where Enrile belongs to keep him company.

    • zeroko

      Wala na si Enrile. He blow it up. Pati ang anak niya na gustong maging Senator, wala na. In just a few seconds of indiscriminate giving of the MOOE has burnt Enrile to an irreparable damage. He he he. A damage of a life time. 

      Hindi na makakarecover si Enrile nito. And he picked the wrong enemy, Peter Allan Cayatano. Senator Cayatano will never blink, or retreat. Some of you may have seen him defending his stand against Gloria. The entire HOuse of Thieves where over his back, but he was undaunted. Laban! He and Chiz Escudero were pitted against the Senior Garcia of Cebu, and he he he, how brilliant they are. Hindi rin umubra si Edcel Lagman Sr. 

      Too bad, Enrile is now reaping all the hatred of the tax payers. But, in a way, it serves him  best. “Magdusa ka.” He is nothing but a predator and an opportunist. Through out his career, he was an opportunist who does not have any qualm to go against his best Friend if it is advantageous to him. Wise ini! he he he. Remember, he turned against Marcos. Then he turned against Cory by using his lap-dogs, Kapunan and Gringo. Then again, in 2007, just a few months being a guest candidate of the opposition under Pimentel Sr., he transferred to Gloria’s camp. Now, with Gloria;s reputation plummeting down, he again run under Eraps.  

      Never expect that his career will end this way. But on the second thought,  I think, he deserves it. CARMA! Ang daming namatay noong Martial Law…….. he he he. Do I have to say more?

      • batangpaslit

        zero tuloy ang sum nia….imbis gumana
        mahirap pag naging arogante at naging abusive sa katungkulang binigay

    • rosaddiaq

       Tama kayo ni zeroko. Let us expose the Enriles for their total lack of patriotism. Their loyalty is to themselves only, not country, not God, not even women. It is these kind of unFilipino non-leaders that have dragged the country into the gutter. Palagay ko isang malawakang kampanya laban sa kanila sa lansangan di lamang sa balota ang makakapatalsik sa mga lintik na linta.

    • batangpaslit

      yes, cleansing time

    • mabyrik

      I watched the privileged speech of Alan and the interpellation of Enrile, I was so disappointed with the way Enrile brought himself into the gutter. 

      Alan’s speech was about the senate budget and the need for an external auditor to verify the propriety of how senators spent their fund. There was no personal attack on Enrile but  only questions to Enrile that were the same questions that the people wanted to ask but can’t. The first statement of the man in the gutter in his interpellation was about the utang of the old and dead cayetano, which has nothing with the issues at hand.

      This old man Enrile did not answer the questions of Alan, which only proved that Enrile is doing something we do not know.

      Enrile needs to resign now to spare more damage to already badly damaged institution under his leadership. He is unfit, both emotionally and intellectually as SP.

  • JV Velarde

    Sen. Enrile & Attorney Gigi Reyes should be both disbarred from the practice of law.

    On August 1, 2007, the Philippine Supreme Court (in a 9-page per curiam decision) disbarred Noli Eala because of his “grossly immoral conduct” that stemmed from an extramarital affair. Eala violated Canons 1 and 7 of Rule 1.01 of the Code of Professional Responsibility because of his affair with a married woman named Irene Moje prior to the judicial declaration that her marriage was null and void. On September 20, 2007, the Supreme Court of the Philippines dismissed with finality Eala’s motion for reconsideration, ruling that, in engaging in an affair, Eala ridiculed marriage as mere “scrap of paper”, and violated his lawyer’s oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws.

  • Jhonny

    Its the battle between lesser evil against greater evil. Dito lang ako kay Cayetano kasi na-expose ang relasyon nina Galunggong at Manong. 

  • The Overlord

    Hay nako, Gigi! Kung di ka lang sana pumunta sa DZMM at nag-amok dun, eh di sana di ka nakaladkad sa Senate drama na to! Oh well, tama na yan, andami mo naman sigurong nasipsip na from Manong Johnny, di ba? Time to throw in the towel.

    • batangpaslit

      it’s my assessment too.
      she sowed ridicule, now, she’s reaping the untold ridicule she sowed

  • Vincent

    Nung kalkalin ni johnny ang 37 million na utang ng epa ni Cayetano, sana isinagot n’ya: “ikaw gurang ka na, ako bata pa at mas guwapo at “tigasin” pa!

    Tutal usapang bugok at tukmol na rin lang.

    • batangpaslit

      mag business partner naman dati sina Rene Cayetano at si JPE, diba?

  • divictes

    Betrayal, sex, money, drama, formula for a hit soap, no commercials…Tune in sa Senado.

    • batangpaslit

      gawa ka nang novel….mapag perahan pa

  • Vertumnus

    Gigi Reyes visit to DZMM is like that US Navy Minesweeper getting  stuck on that reef.  Now all the attention are focus on her.  Get those receipts ready for a lifestyle check because if you have blank slate to issue checks,  how much of that Senate’s money went into your bank account.
    I had no idea she was in control of so much money! No wonder she tried to resign. Of course that doesn’t matter if she resign. An investigation will still uncover where all that Senate money went to.

  • romjov2009

    kaya di ko binili biograpy ni enrile dahil ala akong pera saka puro kasinungalingan at propaganda

  • Putakte Naman

    Okinnam ketdi nga lakay!!!! shut up!!!! Pustaan kurap kayo amin nga agpapada dita.

    • ApoLapullapu

      Kwarta-kwarta laeng da’ta.  Naglastog laeng ni Cayetano ken ni Santiago.

  • INQ415

    anu man kahihinatnan nito, taungbayan pa din ang talo.

  • padrefaura

    kung ganito lang pala ka-cheap ang mga senador natin, sana mag senador na lang si annabelle rama. dito sya bagay at hindi sa kongreso.

  • eirons1043

    “you can earn millions by just filing a resolution to investigate business” I remember that Comgressman or Senator Manny Villar was about to investigate the parking fee abuses of SM when he suddenly clam up. Now it is not only SM who abuses Parking fees but almost all Malls and businesses and even Hospitals in Metro Manila-indeed greed for Money rules.  All Congressman, Senators or even Presidents know that every business or malls in the US where we copy everything always has a FREE parking space for customers. Also Senator Enrile stop his investigation kuno on over pricing of Meralco.  I have a tip for the Senators coz Manila Water is abusing the consuming public on their high prices and very strict requirements to have a water connection which is even very far from the residence of consumers. You cannot even avail of their Sipsip Septic Tank unless you are 100% zero balance in payment. Also their current bills dissolves in 2 months.

  • Jojo

    lalo lang bumababa ang pagtingin ko sa inyo manong enrile sa mga pinaggagawa nio ngaun sa mga kapwa nio senador kau pa nman ang dapat huwaran dian.. dhil kau ang pinakamatanda at naturingan senate president pero e2 pati bata inakikipagaway kayo manong explain nio na lamang kong ano ba tlaga nag pinaggagawa nio sa pera ng senado kong ako nman sa mga senador tangapin nio na nag pagbibitiw ng gurang na iyan ng dina makalakad pa nag imahe ng senado dba…

  • Klepto

    Mag iyotan na lang kaya ang mga walang kwentang maderpakers ma eto o kaya mag supsupan ng uten. Pero mas maganda siguro panoorin kung mag saksakan na lang sila na parang gladiators.

  • Alisto Juan

    Ulianon na gid si Manong Johnny, pero may magandang resulta kasi mahilig ang mga Pinoy sa tsismis. . Sige Mannong, ilabas mo na lahat, yung toto ha kasi mahilig ka sa dis info. O kaya Manong, It’s time to retire with Mam Gigi. .

  • juan kool

    PNOY  ‘wag magalaga ng AHAS…….ang AHAS balotin mo man nang ginto ay AHAS pa rin….ang AHAS pakainin mo man sa iyong palad nang 20 taon ay AHAS pa rin….YAN C ENRILE….malamang PAG KINALABAN NI BONGBONG yan sasabihin pa nang BALIW na yan na c MARCOS pa ang may utang sa kanya …NAKALISTA PA  HAHAHAHAHA..

    • boypalaban

       Renato cayetano…isa sa mga galamay ng diktadurang Marcos

  • Fred

    JPE’s theme song …… My Way ……. with special emphasis to the first two lines! Or you may continue and enjoy the music … eerrrr … it’s message.

  • renea

    Hi Gigi may fb account ka ba?

  • Danyel

    I said before Nat Geo Wild yang Senado at kongreso…..magkakagatan ang mga yan sa bangkay ng baboon (pork barrel) na pera ng bayan….yan ang uri ng mga pinuno na meron tayo…..di na mababago yan….nagkakalabasan lang ng mga baho pag may umaalma sa hatian…..

  • Danyel

    I have a strong feeling na may relasyon itong sina Atty. Gigi at si Enrile na masiba at matakaw sa kwarta at power…..

    • boypalaban

       gaya ng mga cayetano…

  • dickenhead

    the senate is one big gutter hole

  • ApoLapullapu

    Pera-pera lang yan!  Bakit hindi nagreklamo si Cayetano at Santiago sa mga nakalipas na taon?  Mas malaki ang natanggap nila nuon?  
    Ang maganda nito ngayon ay sana magkabukohan na talaga. Kaya lang baka tatahimik ang bibig kung masusubohan na.

    • boypalaban

      nagmamalinis ang mga buwaya….
      noong winalanghiya nila ang pondo ng pilipinas, wala silang imik…
      ngayon kinulang sa bigay sa kanilang nakaw, saka nag-aalburuto ang mga magnanakaw…

  • Mattino2011

    Balita ko si Binay tuwangtuwa sa kaganapan sa senado (cobra in the dark)..pero ung Liberal party leadership sinabi sa kaalyado wag muna patulan un pag declare ni Enrile ng vacant posisyon..Di pa panahon at maaring gamitin un sa eleksyon issues. Kaya dinare ni Marcos na mag bitiw si Enrile unrevocably..kaso di un ang ginawa ng matanda, kasi kapit tuko

  • 1mainstream2

    Hopefully, Filipinos will not commit another mistake of electing another Enrile.
    Juan is more than enough. Jackie will be a disaster.

    • boypalaban

       wag ring paramihin sa pulitika ang gaya ng mga Cayetano epal….dynasty…kurakot…

  • okayayonip

    Enrile at his age should start reading and understanding Bible message like the most important of all “Love your fellowmen”. Millions of wealth or titles of being honorables, heros etc. will not help when you face your creator.

  • kawawang_bansa

    This is one of several reasons why the Philippines has very little hope of improving the lives of its citizens…it is ridiculous….not funny at all

  • buninay1

    The practice of distributing the savings of any govt entity from the senate down to a barangay is not only breeding ground for corruption but also is breeding ground for poor govt service.  On those counts alone, this practice should have not been conceived much less allowed to take hold in the system or generally accepted disbursing practices of the govt.   But as our legislators have run out of imagination, they just give in to the demands of the demons within them.  Take for example the case of Jueteng, where in its place they created STL short for Small Time err Town Lottery.  Now with corruption, to get rid of the guilt entailed in disposing money without a legal blessing, the legislators invented the zero sum practice of dividing the savings at the end of business year. 

    The immorality is so disturbing yet the law passed muster maybe because a self-serving law however violative of  moral and ethical norms falls conveniently  within  the economic if not moral compass of the whole human resource of the govt.  Technically, a savings should revert to the general fund of a govt entity to be used the following business cycle.  However, if the cunning lawmakers will be the yardstick or the ones to decide, the accumulated savings should be divided proportionately and go straight to the pockets of the people in a particular office, in blatant disregard of govt accounting principles that safeguard the resources of the govt. This zero sum approach to annual budget only introduces selfish motives in budget management where the tendency is to withhold the fund for much needed service or project in order to save a lot and earn a lot in the process.

    The infighting in the senate between Senators Enrile and Cayetano may just be the smokescreen to hide the festering problem of technically legalized corruption of putting the savings up for grabs by the “efficient” govt officials.  This should be discontinued from the level of the Senate down to the lowest rung of govt if the govt really wants to come clean out of this mess.

    • 1nDaySaLundun

      Very well said.

    • batangpaslit

      the old homeland have a very weak civil service

  • 1nDaySaLundun

    It is mind blogging that P250,000 pesos of tax payers money was given to each senate member as a christmas bonus. Why???? How many members of the senate are there? Did all the recipient enjoy this money while most of the tax payers are isang kahig isang tuka? You just robbed the filipino people openly! shame on you all – the self proclaimed highly educated people in the senate. You are full of greed. This is what happens when you have civil servants who ran the country without no inkling of the reality of being the servant of the filipino people. Actors and  singers who have no degree think they can govern because they are popular among the people – OMG please stay in show business and leave the lawmaking to the serious lawmakers whose heart is to serve the country and the people to make our country a better place to live – NOT for foreigners but for the Filipino people.

  • Vincent

    “I know they are well-meaning, knowledgeable gentlemen and ladies. They must know that this is the money of the people that must be used for a public purpose. I do not have to tell them or educate them about this,” Enrile added.”

    Lagot! Kuwarta na magiging bato pa ata! Binding ba ang salita mong ito, Johnny??
    O palusot din lang dahil talagang suhol ang perang ‘yon para di ka nila payagang mag-resign??

    Para na naming nakikita–umuusok ang mga tenga ng mga recipients ng dole mo sa sinabi mong ito. lol!


    Enrile is the anatomy of a trapo. I hope cayetano step it up further so that enrile exposes himself more. Resorting to personal and irrelevant issues, even using the dead in his desperate argument.


    • boypalaban

      galing niyan e…nag-accuse na abnoy si noynoy di naman napatunayan….puro satsat lang….
      may dynasty sa taguig….
      nangangampanya na kahit di pa pwede…super galing!

  • Atawid

    Mahilig si Enrile na magwagayway ng mga papel na kunwari proof ng mga anomaliya, pero Di naman ipa kita or ipa silip ito. Gawain talaga ng mga trapo. Ang gusto ko Kung merong ipresenta dapat ipakita

  • FernandoBusi

    Simple lang naman ang solution dito eh, i pasa ang FoI unencumbered and undiluted para mas mabantayan ng mga tao ng mabuti ang katiwalian sa hinaharap. 

  • el_latigo

    These are the types of lawmakers this unfortunate country have…  courtesy of stupid voters. Squabbling over our money, the people’s money, treating it as if it’s  their own just like during the heyday of the Marcoses. Just as foreign investors are falling over themselves in putting their money here, now here comes a spectacle like no other. Can’t stop greed in the Upper House and wala pa ang Lower House diyan ha? Ayayayy Fulpy, is der moh fun in seeing dis “honorables” squabble who are already multi-millionaires truth to tell?       

  • ManongOsang

    It looks like  Manny Villar’s hope of a 2016 LP/NP ticket AGAINST the Binay/Jinggoy 2016 may come true. The Two Oldest & Original Political Party of the Philippines MAY indeed partner AGAIN after their 2013 Unity Ticket.

    According to inner circles, Villar has always pushed to PNOY the idea of  a UNITY 2016 LP/NP ticket which Villar feels is the best CHANCE of beating the Binay/Jinggoy 2016 ticket.

    Ang tinutulak ni Villar kay PNOY, Abad at Drilon ay to have a JOINT LP/NP para solid a resources for 2016.  Villar has been pushing for a Roxas/Cayetano ticket against the Binay/Jinggoy ticket.

    Villar points out that they will have Two Young dynamic candidates just like PNOY who are HONEST & have INTEGRITY. Villar’s NP would be willing to put up 50% of the resources needed in 2016 for a united ticket.

    After Cayetano’s Very Impressive Display today against Enrile ( when I say display, I mean how he was able to connect to the MASANG Pilipino), it might have gotten Villar even more excited to push for his fellow new generation of NP.

    As opposed to the 80 yr old Binay as President & the Corrupt Moron Jinggoy Estrada as VP.

    Pag si Binay ang lumabas… TAPOS nanaman ang Pilipinas! It would be the Binay/Erap/Enrile show!!!

    • batangpaslit

      you write with sense. am impressed

    • kishbuff

       Malignong maitim?

  • EOJ

    This corrupt martial law berdugo is digging his own political grave. With the unmistakeable epitaph for the epitome of a trapo.

    • boypalaban

       si Renato Cayetano ay nakinabang din nung panahon ng diktadura…

      • kulittwit

         Ikaw ba yan manong juan? patay na yong tao awat na.

      • boypalaban

        si marcos patay na rin, bakit laging nasasama sa usapan…
        para yan sa ikaaalam ng mga walang alam sa tunay na background ng pamilya Cayetano…

      • kulittwit

        Pati si marcos sinali mo na.LOL. pagsamahin mo mga idol mong corrupt!

      • boypalaban

        idol mo si RenaTONG cayetano NAGPASASA NUNG PANAHON NG DIKTADURANG MARCOS…isa sa mga galamay ng rehimen ng kawalanghiyaan….

  • a

    I chanced upon the privilege speech of Alan Cayetano over at ANC, so I stayed to watch Enrile’s response.  The TV camera caught him receiving a folded document from one of his aides, which was the one he then waved on the podium as the document which “proved” that the late Cayetano’s father owed him P37 million.  I almost fell of my chair with his ridiculously off-tangent opening remark of his interpellation.

    I had to check the date and channel, because I thought I was watching Bubble Gangs’ Pick-upan Segment.  Yung sagot ni Enrile was worthy of Boy Pick-ups’ pick-up lines.  I was waiting for his chief of staff to shout “Ang galing mo JPE!” and rouse the crowd into rabid applause and win the contest for him again (NOTE: if you are not familiar with this Bubble gang spoof, skip this comment, lol).

    Also, can anyone please tell me how I can order some wood from Manong Johnny?  Saan ba matatagpuan ang lumber store niya? I’m trying to build a house too, and I’d like to get 1st-class lumber from THE MAN.  Kung pwede some pine wood, and lots of narra and kamagong.  thanks, manong!

    • Tristanism

      Good thing about getting kahoy from manong is that you don’t have to pay for them — ala din namang tax yun pag nanguha yan ng kahoy e. Pero pag nagaway kayo, maaalala niya yan.

    • MarcyPulilan

      Makakabiling matitibay na kahoy ka sa Cagayan Illegal Loggers Association, si Tata Johnny ang founder.

    • Philcruz

      You can buy his posporo. I forgot the brand name of the matchbox of his company.

      • june

        royal match at yung mga building nya sa makati jaka 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 hanggang 16

  • John_Galt_II

    Walanghiyan matanda! wala ng maidahilan kaya “divine spirit” na ang binabanggit! 

  • kulittwit

    Mas mainam na si Cayetano ang ilagay na senate president. Palitan na yang si enrile!

    • boypalaban

      ayos…magaling yan…di pa kampanya…puro electioneering na…

      • kulittwit

         Sino ba ang hindi nangangampanya?

      • boypalaban

        wala…pero di maitatama ng kunwaring expose niya ang maaga niyang panggugulang…

      • kulittwit

        Sino ba ang hindi nanggugulang?

      • boypalaban

        kung ganyan pangangatwiran mo…tama nga lang talaga…ENRILE MAGNANAKAW VS. CAYETANO SIBLINGS MAGNANAKAW…o sino ngayon mas matino?

  • Benjamin

    The Enrile and Gigi Reyes affair is part 2 of FVR and Baby Arenas sexcapades then. I wonder if Enrile’s “thing” still has an erection. Pera ng bayan, kinukurakot nila. Sana makarecover ng husto si Brenda Miriam para maganda ang labanan nila ni Enrile. The circus is in town.

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe…mahilig ka rin ha sa intramurals

  • Pulokoy

    Pathetic , they are talking about the Funds then he mentioned DEBT of the father LOL , parang yung kausap si trillanes nag isinagot e yung pakakaelam nya sa dispute with china , MANONG wala ka na bang ibang masabi LOL 

  • MarcyPulilan

    Mas mukhang Bebis naman si Cayetano kaysa kay Ma’am Gigi. Hindi si Sen. Pia kung hindi si Sen. Alan Peter.

    • batangpaslit

      ano ang ibig sabihn ng “Bebis”?

  • gerry2000

    The respect I had for Enrile suddenly vanished into thin air. He is but a joke! and a fake! I always thought he is smart even in his age but yesterday’s squabble proved otherwise. Let’s say that he was unmasked during the squabble. I was wondering if what is written in his book of life was half lie and half truth or was it all a lie? So disgusting old man. And so be it that your legacy will be passed on to your son Jackie. And for that reason I will not vote for him in the senate. To Peter Cayetano, way to go senator!

  • RS1007

    Pabayaan natin sila. Ganito naman talaga tayo eh. Kung tayo nga magtalo sobra sa salita. Umaabot pa nga sa suntukan. Sila sa Senado o sa Lower House hanggang usapang away lang. Sa Taiwan at Ukraine, rumble talaga, suntukan at batuhan ng silya at ano pa. Sa balota na lang tayo bumawi.

    • boypalaban

       sana lahat sila exempted sa gun ban para sila sila na mag-ubusan habang nasa session…

  • T.

    When it comes to the audit of the funds of powerful government officials like those of senators, the COA cannot be expected to come out with a true report. The suggestion of a private audit from accounting firms with no ties with government agencies would be a better alternative if the senate really wants the public to know how all the senators (not just Sen. Santiago as what COA did) use public funds. 

  • batukan

    A  C O R N E R E D  R A T !    that was enrile yesterday, and he should not use the whole body as an excuse.  The audit can be done without the whole body’s approval, only his signature is needed to make it happen.  However attitude sen cayetano displayed on the floor is justified, his requests still revolves on the house of senate affairs while enrile’s personal outburst  demeans him totally.  HE SHOULD RESIGN IRREVOCABLY to save the little dignity that people still believes in a senate presidency.

  • goldilock

    An ATM once gave me 16,500.00 thousand after inserting my card. Have not punch any button, no one is near, the room is empty except me and the money.  I went to the bank that owns the ATM and returned the money.

    It turns out that an elderly woman with a child was the actual owner of the money (the ATM takes too long to release the money that the elderly thought the ATM malfunction and went to the Bank to complain). The Elderly complained to the bank that the ATM they were using did not release any money and have deducted the money in their account. The Elderly and the Bank manager were arguing how can the ATM deducted that amount if it did not release the money. That elderly informed the bank the money was intended for the child enrollment, school and house supplies.

    End of the story, the elderly was thankful and the bank manager and cashiers did not utter a word. Once they count the money I returned, they gave it to the Elderly with a child.

    Imagine if I did not returned the money. What will happen? Who will have a hard time?

    All I have to say to every Senator, returned the money!  You have a lot already.

    • boypalaban

       “Imagine if I did not returned the money. What will happen? Who will have a hard time?”

      ang pagkakaalam ko, pwedeng kasuhan ka kapag di mo isinauli at na-trace na nasa yo…

      anyway, on behalf of the elderly woman and her family, thank you so much for your gesture…sabi nga di pa rin nauubos ang mga may magandang kalooban…

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       I admire you for your honesty.

      But if they are going to return the money back to the people, it will have to be returned to the national treasury where the funds will be appropriated somewhere else. Not necessarily to the people per se, but to other government agencies that need more funding.

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, hindi man lang nagpasalamat sa ‘yo ang taga Bangko? Write the Chairman of the Board a letter, copy furnish the President

    • JuanTamadachi

      All I have to say to every Senator, returned the money!  You have a lot already.

      Unfortunately greed, besides being extremely addicting, is a bottomless pit too. It can never be filled no matter how many generations shovel incredible amounts of wealth to fill it. Hence we have political dynasties, such as, but not limited to,  the Binays , Marcoses, etc..   

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    this is just the senate..just imagine congress, boc and dpwh

    • batangpaslit

      sana may mag squel kahit incognito sa mga agencies na nabanggit mo

  • linobog

    Mga garapal….nagbatuhan na ng mga dumi ang mga magnanakaw….as the saying goes..”IT NEEDS A ROBBER TO CATCH A ROBBER”. Yet they want to be called YOUR HONOR. Maybe its time to address them YOUR HORROR.

  • Rolando

    Ay naku, pera ng bayan ipinammigay as gift, now denying as gift. At para daw sa senators projects na wala naman maliwanag kung anong projects pangagamitan ng mga kapwa nilang kurakot. E, ano naman projects kaya na  pinangamitan ng mga kurakot na iyan na ibinigay ni manong. Ay naku sa already na matabang bank account nila a, siyempre. Mahiya kayo, kapal mukha ninyo. Pera namin taong bayan iyan, isauli ninyo. Gamitin iyan sa ikakaunlad ng karamihan mamayan. Hindi para sa bulsa ninyo.

  • JOSE

    Kung hindi ninyo kilala ang mga Cayetano, Di kayo taga Taguig. Corrupt yang pamilya na yan. Mula sa Ama lalo na ang anak. Mga basketball court na pinagawa bago ang eleksyon an may karatula ng kanilang mga mukha Pero hindi nila tinatapos ang proyekto. tinitipid at bibubulsa nila. I believe Enrile here. Cayetano is a joke. Where was the money given to him the past 4-5 yrs? Binarat lang siya kaya siya galit kay Enrile. If these so cold cash gifts are illegal then the past Senate Presidents are to be held accountable. COA will be able to trace the money. WHo spend to who. Lots of political Posturing and Grand standing kasi eleksyon na.

    • boypalaban

      di ako maka-Enrile pero noon pa wala akong tiwala diyan sa mga Cayetano na yan…wala sa ayos yang pamilya na yan…

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         I knew of the Cayetano father for his reputation as a lawyer. from Assemblyman muntinlupa taguig pateros, during the beltran, and visconde cases.

        If they say lawyers were bottom dwelling scum suckers. this lawyer was it.

      • JOSE

         We know them co’z they never got support from our area in taguig. We know their family inside out. they benifited from His father dying at a national scene. PEro anong batas ang naipasa nitong mokong? Wala. MAgsama sila ng kapatid niya.

      • JuanTamadachi

        yep a lot lower than the so called ambulance chasers and/or shyster lawyers.

    • wilFired

      Nandyan na ako, pero barya lang yang ni tanda. My God your taking  for the past 4-5 years, How about the old man, decades .

      • JOSE

        bobo ba kayo? Wala nga kaparte si Enrile sa MOA. NAgbabasa ba kayo?

    • Melchor Sonza

       ikaw pla tong di nakaintindi,,kaya di ntapos yung project ng mga cayetano,,saan nmn sila kukuha ng pondo,kung c enrile nag mamanipulate kung mgkano lng ibigay di mo narinig sinabi ni allan na di nlng sila nagrereklamo,at kung binulsa ni allan ang pondo,,bakit pa sya magpapa audit sa private firm??liwanagin mo tenga mo kung anu totoo,,wag ka makinig sa sabi sabi lng,,,

      • JOSE

         Loko congress man pa lang si cayetano sa taguig eh kurakot na yan. Binoto mo siguro? Pinagtatawanan ko ang mga bumoto sa tanga. kasi tanga din sila

      • JOSE

        Ang nag rerelease ng pork eh si Aquino hindi si enrile. ang binigay ni enrile eh supplemental lang. Ikaw ang mag bukas ng isipan.

  • Jimmy

    Sabi nga nila, MAS POWERFUL PA YONG QUERIDA KAYSA TUNAY NA ASAWA….!!!!  Tanungin nyo pa si Erap…!!!!  Kahirapan nga lamang eh NAKIKIALAM NA RIN ANG KERIDA SA TRABAHO NG SUGAR DADDY NIYA…!!!!  Kawawang Pinas…!!!!!!!

    • batangpaslit

      powerful querida, eh?

    • JuanTamadachi

      yup they are more powerful because they hold them by the balls

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Juan Ponce Enrile, 89 years old and STILL in the GUTTER!!!….SHAME!!!….Death is not far and will be waiting in your sleep!!….The Filipino People will be better without YOU!!

  • joerizal

    Eto ang magandang gawin…huwag niyo nang iboto sa susunod na eleksiyon lahat ng mga senador na yan. O kaya i-abolish na ang walang silbing senado.

  • venfil29

    kung sa ibang bansa sa nangyayaring ito sa senado baka nag riot na ang mga tao,saan ka makakikita na ang mga politico ang lalaki ng mga bonus samantalang ang daming namamatay sa atin na walang makain o gamot sa hospital,kasalanan nating mga tao kasi ganitong mga politico ang ating binoboto,sana lang matuto na tayo na pumili ng mga politico na kahit hindi sikat at walang pera basta honest at maganda ang record hindi yong mga artista at mga trapo.nakakahiya talaga bansa natin dahil sa mga politico na ito

  • wilFired

    Go ahead Cayetano , lets them pay those arrogants , call an indenpent audit including gigi reyes . I bet she is the lady bag of tanda . Let both of them go to drain not gutter.

    • batangpaslit


  • Tonypogi

    Imagine the Senate President going to the gutter to answer the criticisms of his colleague! It just goes to show that he had no answers to the charges being hurled at him. Getting personal is the kind of defense only kids do when cornered.

    Enrile should resign not only as Senate president but as a senator.

  • Chris Agner

    I just love whats going on the hallowed halls of the senate. I love how they’re exposing themselves……gogogo…girls and boys…..tell us how honorable you people are…..flash to us our reflections of how foolish we are, the electorates……..for putting you there…..the best spectacle in ages…..go guys…..this is as good as all of you are going full monty………whew…..

  • boypalaban

    sabihin na nating wala sa ayos yang si Enrile…ang tanong: sino naman na MATINO na senador ang ipapalit kay Enrile?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      drilon? no?

      ummm. si lapid?

      ummm. si miriam? para magkatutoo yung sabi na a country run like hé|| by filipinos.


      • boypalaban

        buti di naging presidente yan dati….

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        oo nga. during that time ang prediction namin kung naging presidente sya, we would have a war with malaysia kasi during that time then yun ang mainit na conflict sa news.

        war freak din kasi.

      • JuanTamadachi

        I prefer Bong Revilla. At least he’s not a known plagiarist :)

      • boypalaban

        medyo sablay lang yan sa pagiging narcissistic…ALYAS POGI…

      • JuanTamadachi


  • Jose

    Dear PDI,

    Please stop printing pictures of Sen. Enrile.

    I am currently watching the Walking Dead, and seeing pictures of zombies on news sites freaks me out.


  • Chloroform

    Is the 37M included in Enrile’s SALN? or Is his true networth equal to SALN plus 37M?

  • jpmd88

    would not go down to the gutter daw pero winagayway ang di umano utang ng late Sen. Cayetano sa harap ng senate floor.   Ano kinalaman nun dun? di ba obvious scare tactics eto.  If you cross me, meron akong ilalabas sa yo.  Enrile came in very prepared.  He probably did not expect that Sen. Cayetano would be this feisty against him and his “chief of staff” na parang little senate president kung umasta.

  • josefe38


    • boypalaban

       dapat pala senador si Renato Corona…bagay siya doon…lungga ng mga magnanakaw…

    • kulittwit

       LOL! tapus na ang kabanata ni corona. Papel ng mga senador ang maging huwes sa impeachment. magbasa ka nga ng constitusyon.

  • jerome

    The behind the scene of this, others would think of it this way.”Hindi kasi pantay pantay ang hatian nagka gulangan. Some would think it this way, “Malapit na kasi ang election kaya papogian na naman”. But the truth of the matter is either which way you look at it is si Juan ang laging talo…pera pera ang usapan hatian lang yan pero kanino ba napupuntang bulsa yan? Para ba sa ordinaryong mamamayan? O para pondo nila sa halalan? Pero mas malamang ang para baon nila sa pang araw araw nilang gastusin..

    • boypalaban

       nag-aaway ang mga buwaya…
      pera pera lang yan….
      umangal ang mga kulang ang parte sa nakaw…
      di yan mga crusader…mga inggitero lang at reklamador…
      noon happy sila…malaki kasi parte sa nakaw…
      ngayon puro reklamo…pero ganoon pa rin…magnanakaw pa rin silang lahat diyan…

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

     Hindi puwede mag practice si enrile nung tinayo nila ang law firm niya pero bakit nag practice? kung mapapatunayan ni cayetano ang akusasyon na ito ay dapat ireklamo sa tamang forum……si enrile na puro personal ang balik na sagot kay cayetano ay hindi niya direkta sinasagot ang mga paratang sa kanya…….sige maglabasan pa kayo ng baho at para lalo umamoy ang mga baho sa kalakaran sa senado! Pero teka ang yaman naman talaga ni enrile at nakapag pautang ng P37M nuong panahon na yun na ngayon ay siguro sobra pa sa doble ang halaga….

    • Ilihanboy

      Nag practice si Enrile ng ano ? Hindi kailangan sir. Yong 37 million na utang kuno ni yumaong Cayetano ay hindi na niya siningil. dahil barya lang daw yon sa kanya.

      Anong akala mo ke Enrile ? Hinding hindi siya magnanakaw. Hindi babaero. Wala namang gigi sa senado ah ! Prove it in court. Mga sinungaling kayong lahat. GUmaya kayo ke idol Enrile – puro tutuo ang sinabi. 

  • Paulstronghold

    There is no more room for this old man to leave a lasting legacy to Filipino people worthy of admiration and respect except for his extremely adequate legal mind but devoid of any dot of moral uprightness. “Sayang ang utak ng matandang ito.” He could have used it for virtuous and noble undertakings now he is on his last term as senator..and in his twilight years  He is trying his best (but hardly) to maintain his level of senility to defend himself but I guess he failed miserably from the point of view of ordinary “isang kahig isang tuka” Filipinos who could have big partake in the slice of  the cake instead.

    This Enrile when he retires, he will retire as a billionaire. He is a billionaire where Fortune magazine can hardly reconcile where it came from. He probably would claimed he earned it through his legal practice. ( Whoever wants to dispute this, just bring it to court ). His recent book showing his memoirs is just a ground raw chicken and mushroom with pistachios and ruffles onions and parsley lots of butter and bound with eggs. It is just all lies. 

  • andrew lim

    This could very well be the slogan for UNA:



    • boypalaban

      at ang mga malilinis mga LP lang?…hahahahaha

      • andrew lim

        sagot ba sa kahirapan ang UNA? hindi!

        trabaho o UNA? trabaho!

        pagkain o UNA? pagkain!

        ha ha ha ha

      • boypalaban

        mawalang galang na…
        pero ang pagkakaalam ko ang sagot mo dati ay ganito:

        sagot sa kahirapan: RH Bill
        sagot sa kawalan ng trabaho: RH Bill
        sagot sa kawalan ng pagkain: RH Bill

        di naman nabanggit ang mga garapal na mga pulitiko na nasa UNA…

  • OFW Franklin

    hmm christmas bonus pala wala kayong delicadeza samantalang libo libong pilipino ang nasalanta ng bagyo ay nagugutom at naghihirap sa buhay eh kayong Senador o congressman ay nagpapasasa sa paglustay ng pers ng bayan. Nagaaway away pa kayo eh hindi naman inyong pera yan…. 

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Filipinos Riveted By Their Own News Of High-levelTrysts
    January 30, 1998|By Uli Schmetzer, Tribune Staff Writer.

    Enrile is not the president, but his alleged trystwith a top aide prompted his wife of 40 years to leave him this week with thepublic quip that she no longer could tolerate his chasing after other women,including domestic helpers, cooks and assistants.

    His wife, Cristina, a socialite, walked out on himthis month after charging adultery. The “other woman” is reported tobe Gigi Gonzales-Reyes, chief of staff of his Senate office and about 30 yearshis junior.

  • joshmale2004

    No need for Cayetano to expose and remind the people of Enrile and his UNA’s close association with GMA. It is very obvious on their silence on all issues of corruption pertaining to GMA family and cohorts.

  • andrew lim

    UNA:  A tradition of corruption!

    UNA:  Daang madilim

    UNA: Ibabalik ang mga trapo, para walang umasenso!

  • rjimenez1226

    Enrile has turned the senate into a gutter! God please strike that man of evil!

  • regie

    senator peter nakita ko kayo sa news kagabi. di talaga ako nagkamali . talgang number ka s boto ko sa may. go go go…

  • mavtan

    Hoy mga mga gunggong na senador Ibalik ninyo sa kaban ng bayan ang mga sobra sa budget ninyo! Mga bwiset kayo pinag aawayan nyo pa! Nakakahiya kayo!

  • johnnie r

    Sa susunod para walang pumiyok kelangan ‘hating kapatid’ lahat, ilang taon na palang ganito sa ‘exclusive club’ na ito, kahapon lang nabulgar kasi umangal yung ‘konti ang tinanggap!!! kawawang mga Pilipino…

    • Alejandro Canda

      The happenings in the senate is a DIVINE INTERVENTION. At least by now, the people are already aware about the stinking practices in the senate itself. Go go go Sen Cayetano, you are the one used as instrument by God to reveal all this very unpleasant and anti-people manuever of a very stinking old man Enrile. 

  • PinoyPower1

    Alan Peter Cayetano is now emerging as an excellent alternative senate president.

    Enrile is so damaged. The credibility he gained during the impeachment is gone. he is now the icon of trapo and corrupt politics.

    • boypalaban

      ayos…alternative ang tampururot na umangal at di naging happy kasi ngayon lang di nabigyan ng tamang parte sa nakawan…galing!

    • wilvin socias

       Alan ikaw ba yan?

  • edleon

    Kahit pa sabihin OLD PRACTICE eh kung mali naman at hindi makatarungan ay dapat lang na baguhin!!! Mukang wala pinagkatandaan itong si JPE.. tsk..tsk..tsk at nag lagay pa ng first lady sa senado (mam gigi reyes).. hahaha nangangamoy na ang baho ng matanda!
    Kahit pa sabihin OLD PRACTICE eh kung mali naman at hindi makatarungan ay dapat lang na baguhin!!! Mukang wala pinagkatandaan itong si JPE.. tsk..tsk..tsk at nag lagay pa ng first lady sa senado (mam gigi reyes).. hahaha nangangamoy na ang baho ng matanda!

  • rjimenez1226

    Cayetano is admirable for going  after evil Enrile. Go, go, go! May pag-asa pa ang bayan!

    • boypalaban

       admirable na ba kahit ngayon lang pumiyok e noon pa nagpapasasa sa nakaw yan na bigay ni enrile?

  • kulittwit


  • Josh

    pinag-aawayan nyo ang pera ng taong bayan. nakakahiya kayo. mga swapang. di kayo dapat sa pwesto na yan. mga sugapa. so kung pantay-pantay pala ang binigay sa inyo..everybody happy!!! walang aangal, walang rereklamo! tangna nyo. walang asesnso ang pilipinas, mula sa barangay level hanggang sa senado mga kurakot kayo. malas lang natin mga pilipino tayo. MALAS!

  • kulittwit


  • martial_law_baby

    Please try to google the name Gigi Gonzales Reyes. There is an article from Chicago Tribune about her and Manong Johnny. Kabit pala ni Manong si Atty. Gigi . Matulis ka pa rin Manong!

    • rjimenez1226

      Kinakangkang lahat ni gigi ang lahat na pera pati ang uten ni Enrile. bwahahaha

    • Constantine

      Nuiong araw yun. Ngayon matanda na si manong johnny hindi na tinatayuan yan. Kahit sangkaterbang viagra pa, he he he!

  • AnastacioMamaril

    These just shows how IMMATURE the old man Enrile is.

  • Melchor Sonza

    kakahiya enrile,,anu basehan ng papel na yan???patay na ang tao,,,mautak ka talaga,,anu man ang dahilan ng papel na yan,,ikw lng nakaalam at c gigi,,imposible nmn na hinayaan mo lng na di singilin,,ikw pa,,,bka outside the senate ka kay gigi kung totoong utang yan na di mo sisingilin,,,kala ko pa nmn ikw ang rumored gay sa senado,,hehehe,,c joker pala

    • Alejandro Canda

      Hakahiya talaga ang matandang itong si Enrile. Sa edad nya ay may libog pa na magmaintain ng kabit sa kanyang opisina pa mismo at binigyan pa ng kapangyarihan na mag asta rin bilang senador. Ito namang atty. gigi reyes na ito dapat tanggalan ng lisensya bilang abogada pumapatol sa mga matandang kalabaw na si Enrile. Sabagay pera lang ang dahilan kaya ka pumatol maging kabit ni Enrile. Kung bed scene ang pag uusapan ay talagang wala ng ibubuga yan si Enrile. 

      • Ilihanboy

        Problema mo wala kang pera. Inggit ka lang sir. me ibubuga ka rin ba ? Hiramin mo kaya para makabawi ka kahit papano sa tax na binayaran mo sa ating gobyerno !

  • JThomasAlfaroJr_44137

     The people are suffering, wondering where their next meal would come from, or where to source their child’s college tuition, and these dishonorable senators…ooops! pardon me, “honorable” senators are fighting over people’s money that they call their “savings” in the amount of a quarter million pesos each every Christmas. This is corruption in its finest form….mahiya naman kayo mga gunggong…

  • Constantine

    Kabahan ka na martial law boy Enrile. Wala nang kapana panalo ang kaparehon mong kriminal na anak mo sa May election. Tanggal ka na as Senate President, talunan pa ang mamamatay tao na anak mo!

    • noguile

      anong nangyari na ba sa kaso ni lfie anido?

  • marionics

    akala ko aatakihin na sa puso ang putang inang matandang ito. sayang di pa namatay

    • okayayonip

      biktima ka rin ba ng marshall law. ‘wag naman atakihin kasi bigla un eh, sana dahan dahan ang pagbabayad ng mga utang para feel na feel ang dating.

      • marionics

        biktima ni jpe he he

        your proposal is likewise acceptable he he

    • JuanTamadachi

      the end is near

    • boypalaban

      malakas pa yan…mukha yatang walang health problem yan e….
      may moral problem lang….

      • marionics

        oo nga. ang tsimis nga daw ay nagii-stem cell therapy daw kaya doon din napupunta yung MOOE niya hahaha

  • edleon

    I wish meron lumabas na book about 1:100 truths about ENRILE at malamang na marami ang mag babasa nito…

  • nelson

    Saludo ako Kay Cayetano.. Thumbs down toJPE .. Irrelevant yung utang na 37million na inungkat nya against the late Sen. Rene.. Gigi Reyes turns out to be the 24th Senator and became abusive.. Thats what a kabit is good for…Kaya tayo di umaasenso.. Kawawang Pilipinas

  • Julian Lennon

    in desperation.. enrile literally had to dig up some “dirt”. Best to remind him.. dead men tell no tales.

  • Hellomr

    It’s time that you enrile go and enjoy the rest of your life. Let some one take incharge with energetic and deserving people to lead the sanate. You have over pass the threshold


    Mas naniniwala ako kay cayetano. si enrile manggugulang at kurakot mula pa panahon ni marcos.

    • Homer Guo

       SA 2 ME PINANINIWALAAN KA? pareho lang yang 2…..wawa k naman

      • Mike_1974

        cynical ka talaga homer!!!

    • JuanTamadachi

      I agree with you. Between the two abominable politicians, Cayetano is a hair less abominable.

    • boypalaban

       alam mo ba role ni renaTONG cayetano nung panahon ng diktadurang Marcos?

  • Vincent

    Money of the people pala, bakit hindi mo ibigay ng direkta sa mga people? Bakit kailangan mo pang padaanin sa mga kamay ng hindi masyadong people ang ugali kundi ugaling walang awa sa kapwa people, ugaling mapanlamang ng people, kapareho mong magnanakaw ng pera ng people?

  • Garote

    Peter Cayetano, you talked about double standard and transparency, and Sec, Abad talked about “cashless payment schemes” to avoid corruption of public officials. But until now you and your cohorts do not wish to pass the FOI bill, which is the real solution to the problems. Don’t both of you feel ashamed that you have been in Phl politics for so long and no FOI law has been passed, much less the Anti-dynasty law. This deliberate failure to pass the FOI and Anti-dynasty laws makes both of you, Cayetano and Abad, complete hypocrites.

  • Homer Guo

    hayks, FOCUS on the ISSUE…..PERA, PERA at PERA. 

  • Invisible Pinoy

    yup Enrile is a trapo but I hate to break your bubbles guys, do not be fooled by the Cayetanos, Miriam and Trillanes. Think deeper.

    • Golf56

       ‘Think deeper.’ What a patronising comment. If you have evidence of something or information to share, then let’s hear it. Otherwise your reply is pointless.

    • Islander

       We have no illusions that the other senators are saints.  But Enrile is the Big Devil himself.  He is also the Big Hypocrite.  The only thing not Big about him is what Ma’am Gigi calls as that cute, wrinkled, softy.  Whatever it is. 

    • Vertumnus

      Even if that were the case, all dirty deeds wil come out eventually.
      For now let the Gigi and Enrile soap opera blossom into a full scandal.  Let see if pinoys are still too stupid to tell the difference between a good Senator and a bad one.

      • gemini1971

        problem is….is there a good one?

      • Vertumnus

        Probably not but a mediocre one will do. Just look at our president.

    • gemini1971

      well you know..I hate to be generalizing but they all the same at the end of the day they will protect each other

    • okayayonip

      is he just a trapo or the worst? just asking.

    • mumbaki ak

       some are still greedier than others. it’s a continuum and if we cannot have someone ultra -clean, better to choose those with less dirt and blood on their hands than the devil himself

  • gemini1971

    as far as I know all money goes through appropriations committee before it can be distributed so there will be no discrepancies just in case things like this happen and when the general accounting office starts to audit, everything should be in order so that fisaco like this could be avoided and this knucleheads distribute money like it belongs to them…good grief!

  • renatorivera

    Ha ha. Nagbabangayan dahil lang sa pera ng bayan. Ngayon kung talagang matitino kayo ipa-audit nyo ang pera ng mamamayan. Huwag yang ibinubulsa ninyo as if you all have the entitlements. PHP30 million or more ang savings ng Senate, so nasaan na ang PHP470 million? Magkanu ang binulsa mo Manong Johnny? Mag-kano naman ang gift mo sa saili mo? Imposible na wala kang regalo sa sarili mo. Yung staff mo ay mayroon kang gift na galing sa pera namin. Huwag mong sabihin na wala kang gift sa sarili mo.

  • Isagani Gatmaitan

    The Divine works in mysterious ways…. May pag asa pa ang Pilipinas.  The Philippine body politic is going through self-induced catharisis which is finally purging out the evil bile and dark humors of our nation.

    • JuanTamadachi


  • renatorivera

    PHP500 million pala ang savings. PHP30 million ang gifts sa mga SENATONG. Magkano ang napapunta sa bulsa mo Manong Johnny?

    • JOSE

       tanga ka pala. di ka marunong magbasa. It was divide aong all senators except Enrile.

  • Homer Guo

    WALA namang malinis at matino sa 2 na to…. between enrile n alan, WALA. between enrile and the late rene cayetano, WALA. Reminds me of BW inside trading na nagkamal ang yumaong cayetano ng pera…….so ALAWS sa kanila dapat paniwalaan at kampihan. ANG ISSUE DAPAT ANG SENTRO.

    • boypalaban

       Reminds me of BW inside trading na nagkamal ang yumaong cayetano ng pera……

      precisely….yan ang hindi alam ng ibang pro-cayetano dito…basta hate nila si enrile,yun na yon…ayos na sa paningin mga cayetano….

  • FreemindOnline

    To know more about the 24th senator, search this “Filipinos Riveted By Their Own News Of High-level Trysts”.

    Their is always a Gigi in all corners of power. How corrupted could it be depends on how manipulative it can be. But then again as a public official, all are entitled to a personal life as long as they don’t personalize the peoples money.

    So that’s why the FOI is not a priority bill….

  • Alejandro Canda

    Enrile is true to his form as a homicidal maniac, a trait inherited by his son Jackie. He wants to send to ignominy co-senators like him all elected by the people. I wonder why this person has survived until now when there are thousands upon thousands of persons wishing for his death for his role as the HATCHET MAN of Marcos during the martial law. Iba talaga ang masamang damo.

    • boypalaban

      daming mga senador ang masasama…kaya dami nilang buhay pa…

  • certainshadeofgreen

    Darn it, I should have watched this on TV. This is even more entertaining than Temptation of Wife. :))

  • Philcruz

    Karma works in wondrous ways.
    The old Wily Coyote is getting it smack in the face in a series of bursts that he never expected and in a way that he obviously finds difficult to deal and cope with.

    This is the real shootout. The gunfight at OK Corral. Enrile has been wounded. Badly. His Gigi Is collateral damage..badly too. And the shootout is not yet finished. Miriam, Alan and Trillanes still have a lot of ammunition, I presume.

    Enrile is really in hot water. He’s gasping for air. At a time when he should already be walking in the park and smelling the flowers. Tsk, tsk.. that’s Karma.

  • Guest

    This is from the Chicago Tribune:  Don’t fault me for it’s accuracy.


    Filipinos Riveted By Their Own News Of High-level

    January 30, 1998|By Uli Schmetzer,
    Tribune Staff Writer.

    MANILA — Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile’s love life became headlines this week,
    giving Filipinos their own domestic version of what allegedly went on in the
    White House, the seat of power of their old colonial masters.

    Enrile is not the president, but his alleged tryst with a top aide prompted
    his wife of 40 years to leave him this week with the public quip that she no
    longer could tolerate his chasing after other women, including domestic
    helpers, cooks and assistants.

    In normal times, the marital problems or womanizing of a senator would
    hardly cause a ripple here. Infidelity and mistresses are part of daily life.

    The front-runner in the presidential race is Josef Estrada, the vice
    president who has publicly confessed to many extramarital affairs.

    Nevertheless, Estrada, a former film star, has remained by far the most
    popular candidate to succeed President Fidel Ramos. The election is May 28.

    Estrada’s only serious challenger for
    Speaker of the House Jose de Venecia, also has a much-rumored record as a
    “ladies’ man” but told his fellow candidates this week, “We must
    all lead good and clean lives.”

    Ramos seemed puzzled by the fuss in Washington. “It could never happen
    in this country,” he said, noting that, under Philippine law, sitting
    presidents are immune from legal actions over the kind of sexual allegations
    confronting President Clinton.

    Ramos added that the U.S. must be seen “as a world leader in terms of security issues. As a world leader, therefore, the presidency–as an institution of the
    United States–must be given that respect and prestige.”

    Over the years, many Filipinos have imitated the cultural trends and
    initiatives of the U.S. Whatever happens in America is quickly adopted or
    copied in the Philippines, from newscasts to music to dress modes–and even scandals.

    It was no surprise, therefore, when the media zoomed in on the Enrile affair
    this week.

    The senator, in his early 70s and rumored to be a multimillionaire, has been
    a major player in the country’s politics for three decades. He was defense
    minister under Ferdinand Marcos but helped bring down the dictator.

    His wife, Cristina, a socialite, walked out on him this month after charging
    adultery. The “other woman” is reported to be Gigi Gonzales-Reyes,
    chief of staff of his Senate office and about 30 years his junior.

    • JuanTamadachi

      I had forgotten about this till I read your post. Thanks.

      • joel genese

        “We received a lot of insults. I am tempted to answer back. I’m also tempted to talk that way. Why am I tempted? Because for every lie that you told about me, I have a hundred truths about you and Ma’am Gigi,” he added.
        Kaya pala kumalma ng kaunti si Lover Boy Johnny.

  • Philcruz

    What you have sown, you have reaped, Mr. Wily Coyote. All the deception and painstaking nurturing of an image that wasn’t really you has been exposed. The real you that has always been is the you now being exposed by your own peers. Poor Juan, poor Jack.

  • wawa2172

    It is unfair to the Flipino people. Cayetano only have it against Enrile whose ending his term as senate president and whats it is going on at the senate is for all “election purposes”. We know how dirty are the senators even if they look kagalang galang with their barong and terno. Kala mo kung sinong nag malinis, Enrile and Cayetano belongs same group of homo sapiens: Greedy and Corrupt. Ang ugat nang lahat ang pang gulang ni Enrile not to give 1.6M of additional MOOE to the minority. Si Cayetano naman, salivates on the money, its a big money that he wanted for Christmas. Enrile is accused of womanizing and putting the lady lawyer in power. She is however Enrile’s Chief of Staff and could be authorized by him to perform some official function in his behalf. Kung di malapitan kaagad ni Peter si Enrile di tulad ni Villar, it is just right, iba-iba ang management style nila at Villar is a party mate. Peter has to defend his dad, he is the son, but he cannot exonerate his dad of his past sins, the 37M Php is utang na dapat bayaran nang tatay niya but he don’t have to pay it dahil sa tatay naman niya nangutamg. I guess we have to close down the congress, we have senators and congressmen who are greedy and corrupt. But for now we let them tell us what they are doing in Congress as far as their katiwalian is concern. Mukhang malilinis is Cayetano at Enrile, iba talaga ang may malaking pork barrel at MOOE dahil pweding mag pa pogi at maganda na mukhang malinis at mag pa Belo. Sa loob-loob pala ay sindumi nang mabahong kanal. Well Enrile is already 89 years old, wait for Peter to reached that age and still in politics, they breath same way in the senate so pareho lang ang greediness at pag ka corrupt nang dalawa.

  • okayayonip

    nakakapangilabot ang parang panunumbat sa pagkakautang ng isang namayapa na. ganito ba talaga ang budhi ng taong ito, sa mga hindi lubusang nakakakilala sa kanya simula pa sa naging papel niya noong marshall law, bakit ayaw ilabas ang mga katotohanan sa pagkawala ng marami, torture at iba pang pangaabuso sa karapatan ng tao na si enrile ang may utos o nagbigay pahintulot sa pagbibigay ng Arrest, Search, Seisure Order. At sino naman ang hindi naniniwala na “namunini” siya noong panahong iyon. kung iyong kapalo lang ni marcos sa golf ay naging milyonario ikaw pa kayang defence minister. pagkalayas ni marcos sinabi ni enrile na ambush me  ang drama, sa kanyang autobiography ay real ambush naman…..alin ba talaga.

  • Roman31

    My take in this brouhaha of cash gifts to the Senators are not it legality. It maybe conceded that JPE is within his legal right to distribute the funds and may just be following tradition long practised in the both chambers of the houses. However, my biggest question is, the money, running into millions for each senator was distributed supposedly to cover their additional Maintenance and Other Operational Expenses (MOOE). The additional monies were distributed just a few days remaining over the year (end of fiscal year). After a few days, a new fiscal year comes in and the new budget begins to operate. How could there be more operational and maintenance expenses amounting to millions in a few days, and even at the cusp of so many holidays in the last week of December? It is clear that millions of the people’s money went into the pockets of the senators! So please stop fooling the people, This is just plain hypocracy.

  • Mananandata69

    To all the voters ,don’t  vote these kind of politicians not even their relatives. There are other candidates better than them. So your country will progress.

  • bryant85

    Wow, an unelected senator lawyer turned more powerful than elected ones, such revelation of Cayetano cements the sentiments of some writers that indeed Enrile acts like God as senate president. That not only the savings he can dole to whom he likes but even his chief of staff Gigi Reyes, his alleged mistress became a force to reckon with at the senate to sign the releases of public funds. Does she have a legal authority or merely an authority that came from Enrile? The COA as protector of public funds and hunter of unscrupulous gov’t. men and women must now barged into this fracas at the senate to tell to the people what’s right and wrong after a thorough investigation of the facts at hand thereat senate.

    This word war involving persons who are called honorable gentlemen are now acting dishonorably by unmasking the dirty side of their personalities to inform us electorates that after all they’re only ordinary human beings vulnerable to commit misconducts borne by fit of anger. They barked and gnarl at each other like savage animals without weighing and considering the bad effects it evokes from the vigilant public intently monitoring their brouhahas. 

    To me, this squabble at the senate is good for our political exercise. It showed the true essence of the dogma–democracy in action. It maybe repudiating to witness these honorable gentlemen in a heated fashion lashed at each other, groping for even menial things to hurl at the foe but at the end of the day, a moral lesson and a precedence is sculptured in the halls of senate to be a strong reminder to incoming senators which they can rely on as a guiding torch in moments of darkness to uphold the personality of an honorable gentleman

    • Vertumnus

      At the end of the day, transparency is more important than gentlemanly behavior.
      Dirty deeds can only stay silenced for so long.  It only takes one person to open pandora’s box.  Hell hath no fury like a disrespected Senator.

      Makes for good soap opera!

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Senate war in gutter, turns personal, ugly” – as the Americans say, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Wait till Miriam is well enough to wade into the fray. It might well be Ragnarok and Armageddon, rolled into one. I hope old man river is strong enough for the onslaught. 

    • Vincent

      I’ve already suggested that he should reinforce his seat-pants with a triple lining of durable and liquid-proof pampers.

  • asdfsad

    Your taxes at work.

  • rjimenez1226

    Hay naku siguradong ang P37 million na pinahirtam ni Enrile  kuno ay galing na naman yan sa public funds. O imbento. those are just the two possibilities really in this  case.

    • joel genese

      Walang masakit na balikat si Johnny sa pagwaldas ni Rene Cayetano ng 37m. Bakit kaya?

  • barry p

    It’s  a shocker how an employee of the Senate could call an elected Senator names; in public, over national radio at that..

    That’s crossing the boundaries on all standards of ethics, propriety and decency.

    The Reyes dude must resign from her duties in the Senate.  She can still work for Enrile but never in the Senate hall.

    And for that matter Enrile must resign his Senate Presidency too.  I mean he’s good but this division and open fiasco is bringing the Senate, and in a way the whole country, down.

    No one should be indispensable.  He had his time.  Time for others to step up.  
    No confidence vote, just resign irrevocably..

    • gemini1971

      what Ethics! this guys were absent when they thought that in school…

      • Iberis

        “taught” not “thought” 
        but i agree with  barry p

      • gemini1971

        tried to edit it but it wont work but your right it’s all bunch of bull!

    • JuanTamadachi

      well said

  • LabkoPinas

    Enrile really shows where he is from. An illegitimate son with out morals or loyalty but only loyal to himself.

    • humberto45


  • gemini1971

    ” Enrile waved on the floor a document that supposedly showed a P37-million debt Cayetano’s father, the late former Sen. Rene Cayetano, incurred while a partner in the Ponce Enrile-Cayetano Law firm that the Senate President said he had put up so the elder Cayetano could feed his family ”

    I’m confuse! what in the heck this statement got to do with the main topic of distributing the money!

    • JuanTamadachi

      “I’m confuse! what in the heck this statement got to do with the main topic of distributing the money!” 

      gemini, its called mud slinging and nothing more.

      • gemini1971


  • okayayonip

    may alzheimer na yata ako kc hindi ko na maalala kung naiboto ko si senator jessica “gigi” reyes

  • ever green

    minsan talaga….mas mataas ang asta ng langaw na nakatungtung sa ibabaw ng kalabaw…..

    • samarutan

      o pumapatung sa kalabaw…

      • joel genese

        Amoy kalabaw at langaw.

      • ever green

        mahirap kung pinatungan nung kalabaw ung  langaw   …..wahahahaha

      • samarutan

        sa edad ng kalabaw, tyak langaw na ang pumapatong.

    • Anton_Agaton

      Masarap kasi ang katas ng gatas ng matandang kalabaw.

  • ever green

    only the cayetanos have made their privilege speeches……it would be interesting when trillanes and especially brenda took the stand……

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      I’m waiting for that.  

      Enrile wants senator his YES men. He’s planning another coup or self grandiose exit at the end of his terms.  His YES men senators will give him a fete of a great stateman. 

      Somebody will die if Enrile will not get what he wanted.

      • ever green

        i was hoping….when brenda made her speech….sabay silang mag-high blood ni JPE….hahaha…..what a sight that would be….

  • Albin

    Madali lang yan…huwag nang iboto si Cayetano at Jack Enrile sa Mayo.
    Huwag na ding iboto si Nancy Binay at Bum Aquino.
    Huwag na ding iboto si JV Ejercito (now Estrada) at Risa Hontiveros.

    • ever green

      the sad thing is…iboto natin o hindi…pagkatapos ng dayaan este halalan…sila pa rin ang naka-upo…….

  • AJ

    SH!t! This is where my taxes go?!

  • henri_see

    Away lang naman ito sa hatian ng kurakot ng mga bwaka nang.
    Kung nabigyan ng hati ang mga ito, tingin nyo ba mag-bubunganga ang mga yan. 
    Apparently, there is no honor among thieves.

    Cayetano siblings are number one violators of the Constitution’s anti-dynasty prohibitions.
    Santiago and her husband worked only in gov’t all their lives. Now they’re among the richest couples around.
    Enrile, once the most feared man in the country, even during the Cory years, now is just a pathetic figure, being slapped around in public by kids.

    All in all, the Senate as an institution and the Filipino people are the losers. Just because loot was not distributed a certain way. Kakahiya.

    • ever green

      should have quit while he’s ahead ika nga….OKna sana after the corona impeachment….graceful exit na lang… bwakaw talaga…ihinahanda ang senate para sa anak…….

  • jgl414567

    Why is this Gigi Reyes given this unwarranted “power” in the senate when she wasn’t even elected as a senator not even her boss can claim to a mandate because of unresolved dagdag bawas issues.

  • Albert Einstien

    POLITICAL season …the TRIUMVIRATE of UNA.. some say..UNHOLY TRINITY …their lives , money & women are OPEN BOOK …..the TRUTH is..womanizing is the SEAL of every political giant….without women they become weak ( binabae ) & unpopular among their peers….NOT CAPABLE to LEAD……only the HYPOCRITES deny that they too have their own share of womanizing & corruption….our society now evolved to OROCAN SOCIETY…that is why our leaders are ALL pinocchios in their own  way and our people keep on voting them & perpetuate their dynasty…..cayetanos & enriles are political dynasty..they are no different from each other…it’s time to dissolve CONGRESS…we already have too many laws .WE DONT NEED them….we can channel their  trillion  PDAPS &  money to INCOME /FC producing like we trained more of our 30% UNEMPLOYED to be  skilled workers to deploy abroad….that way we can earn more FC reserves that will be used for PRODUCTION of our GOD RESOURCES ( Gold,gas, Oil & Deuterium )……it’s TIME the patriotic youth to HANDLE their OWN DESTINY & protect future generations of   filipinos…. …not with our present crop of politicians , dynasty & haciendero oligarchy …..

    • koolkid_inthehouse

       Nice idea Dr. Brain. I’m just curious, where are the patriotic youth? 

      • Albert Einstien

        count yourself as one my friend….

    • ever green

      what….dissolve congress ????!!!!   and where will we get our daily entertainment news ???? hahaha …..just kidding….

  • Felix

    ayaw lamang magpatalo ni peter kay miriam as most cantankerous critic ni juan. yun lang yun. election na kasi. pare-pareho lang sila…mga senadores…

    • boypalaban

       labanan ng mga buwaya, kawatan, magnanakaw, mandurugas, etc

    • Avenger

      ganyan nmn yang cayetano na yan nag iingay pag malapit na eleksyon yan din ang ginawa nya kay mike arroyo nun kumuha ng publicity kaya nanalo yang hunghang na yan binibilog lang nya ung mga bumoto sa kanya tulad ng hugis ng mukha nya hahaha

  • Philcruz

    Enrile’s statement about lending money to Alan’s and Pia’s father (his law partner) was foul. Below the belt. Petty, shallow and vindictive. Personal and vulgar. The product of an evil desperate mind not able to defend the valid issues thrown at him.

    P37M loan to feed the family? Are you kidding? Nobody gets a loan of that magnitude to buy food! Most likely it was a loan for a house and lot. Deceptive, deceptive, deceptive.

    Yeah, like we were idiots born only yesterday.


      matagal ng patay si sen. kumpanyero. kung gusto mong pa niyang singilin saka na lang pag nagkita na lang muli sila sa langit

      • boypalaban


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      True color of Enrile is showing.  Martial Law style of deceptions and vengeance.

    • Avenger

      namersonal din c allan bungangero e

  • okayayonip

    franklin drilon napaka-killjoy mo, bakit hindi hayaang ibulgar ang lahat ng hindi lang gutter kundi septic tank ng kabahuan ni enrile kung mayroon at totoo…. at dapat ipaliwanag din sa mamamayan kung bakit ganito kapangyarihan si gigi reyes kc sabi ni mirriam ay mahilig pa daw manligaw ang 89 yrs na enrile. attractive sa mga tsika eto kc ang maaring kahawig nya ay us dollar o euro.

    • justjarred

       baka kasi madamay si Franklin kung mabubunyag ang ibang baho ni JPE.

  • jerome

    Para malaman talaga kung sino ang gustong magsilbi sa bayan at di para lang punuin ang sariling bulsa tanggalin ang pork barrel ng senator at congressman at sweldo at ibang incentive lang ang iwan…di naman dapat sila may ganitong pondo dahil ang unang trabaho nila ay gumawa ng batas. Ang mga special project na pa scholar ay iwan nila sa DepEd at CHED ang sa highway sa DPWH at iba pang ahensya ng gobyerno. Para ano pat at ginawa ng mga ahensya na ito

  • common_juan

    “Enrile said he called it a gift because Drilon and Sen. Edgardo Angara
    “kidded” him before the Christmas break about the practice of making
    available savings of his office to augment the resources of senators.”

    Sa dami kasi ng sasabihin noh?! Makapagbiro pa kaya mga ito pag natalo na sila?

    Ako kaya magbiro sa inyo…

    “Hey Johnny, Porky & Edy! I’ll vote for you this coming May 2013 election! Oooppsss…just kidding! :D

  • cogito728sum

    Was the 37 million peso debt the late Sen. Rene Cayetano (allegedly) borrowed from Enrile paid?Assuming it was not paid, fully or partially, did the personal contractual obligation of the father pass to the son?  Assuming the debt was fully paid, of what purpose or relevance was the brandishing of the purported document?  To exact payment for a debt of gratitude or to simply make an insinuation-to embarrass the Cayetanos-that without Enrile the Cayetanos could not have survived much less got educated?  Did not the immediate availability of the purported debt document show that there was premeditation to humiliate the Cayetanos?  These are just some of the questions that must be asked to get a good grip on how deep the society in general and Enrile in particular
    had sunk in the abyss of moral depravity a condition that makes each and every Filipino morally diminished indeed.

    What I find in this latest unfortunate exchange of humiliations most appalling is that even the memory of the dead is no longer accorded even the minutest of respect especially considering that the deceased happened to be a professional partner.  All I know is that a good father of the family will not hesitate to go to the extent of borrowing to support a family.  More so if the family man has the professional potential, competence, and confidence to repay the loan.  And he who has produced out of such personal sacrifice upright professionals in their own right is more admirable than he who has sired a son of alleged criminal mind.

    Did Manong Johnny humiliate Cayetano or did it boomerang to himself.  In my humble opinion this latest indiscretion of a man obviously after the sympathy of posterity only further alienated himself from his people.  He arrogated unto himself the unsavory impetuous temper of youth a reversal of the deferential role of a Cayetano.

    I feel so sad for Manong Johnny for squandering the second chance the Filipino people have given him, by electing him senator, despite martial law.  Not in so many societies such benevolence of an oppressed people can be extended to their oppressor.  Many attribute Manong Johnny’s indiscretions of late to his old age, to a dementia that is not apparent.  Considering his inherent mental acuity, I tend to differ.  To me it is more of the unbridled and overweening exercise of power.
    A vanity few men can escape.

    • Philcruz

      it is said pride and vanity is the source of all sins. The original sin. The cause of the downfall of so many leaders. And this is so true of the grizzled Enrile.

    • ever green

      point is…walang kinalaman ang utang ng ama sa pinag-gagawa nila sa senate……

      • Avenger


  • Jose

    Now who is the most greedy of them all…..Enrile is a broken record, yes Drilon should have not stop it. Now Enrille meet his match to the surprise of himself the most. He still palying the sec. of defense under Marcos.. Poor Enrille he now think old and talk old…his answer is out topic, vulgar and very personnal,,,yes, somebody has to audit the senate. 

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Why is Enrile is in a quest to have all senators become his ‘YES’ men?  He forgot about his duty to the Filipino people.  It’s all about him.  Any senator dog of Enrile that snarls back at him becomes a whipping boy.  If the senator will not get in line, Enrile will starve him.  

    I’m really curios with all his Martial Law style deception of the people.  His true intention.  

    Is Enrile planning a last coup to become President of the Philippines and declare Martial Law?  
    He still has powerful military connection.  Honasan and Lacson is still there to back him up.  

    Maybe Jackie the Secretary of Defense

    • common_juan

      His motto kasi “Gustu ko Happy ka!” ;-)

      • Pulokoy

         “Gusto ko happy ka Gigi” ???

  • noelpdavid

    Lets just hope some of the senators will use this “controversy” as an aid for legislation.sana some of them may realized that their job is to make laws not to manage finances.Get rid of THE PORK. In a way it is good to expose all the dirty linens (trapos) so we can wash them away come election time.

  • joel genese

    “We received a lot of insults. I am tempted to answer back. I’m also tempted to talk that way. Why am I tempted? Because for every lie that you told about me, I have a hundred truths about you and Ma’am Gigi,” he added.
    Dito medyo kumalma si Johnny.

  • Arlie85

    These senators kowtow to this woman and call her Ma’am Gigi? Excuse me for violently puking!!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Are you mad?  Who will give you P2.2million?

    • ever green

      minsan mas matapang ang kabit sa tunay na asawa…..

  • roque2015

    mapakapangyarihang tao pala itong si gigi reyes, hanep, akala ko tatlo lang babaeng senador, apat pala.


      Hindi lang apat, madami dyan ayaw pa mag ladlad.

      • boypalaban

        sino ba mga shemale diyan?

        isa ba si tsupinky?

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        sila nga humahawak sa pork barrel and balls.

  • boypalaban

    dapat ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno, at lahat ng pulitiko ay susumpa ng ganito bago manungkulan:


  • tiriring

    Maniningil ng utang na loob pala si enrile. Sa Ilonggo tawag diyan, BAWI UWAK.
    Pagnagbigay ng isang bagay, dapat may kapalit! Itim ang kanyang budhi, tulad ng UWAK.
    Ano naman kaya ang binawi niya kay gigi, dahil maraming siyang naibinigay?

  • Night



    • ever green

      parliamentary or congressional…same thing lang kung sila pa rin ang naka-upo…..

      • boypalaban


  • Fulpol

    BS Aquino III got Belmonte in House of Reps, Sereno in Supreme Court…

    and now trying to oust Enrile to be replaced by Drilon…

    BS Aquino III wants to control co-equaled institutions… but instead he get anarchy…

    the remaining 3 years of BS Aquino III gov’t is anarchy…

    • Pulokoy

      and how on earth did you got the idea that this was Pnoy’s doing? , because if it was his then Enrile should have been ousted long time ago please think

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Fulpol lost some marbles.

      • Alfred A

         Pnoy cannot oust Enrile or else Enrile will spill the beans how they “mani-obra to  impeach Corona”.. If Enrile can “expose” the utang of the father of Cayetano for sure he won’t hesitate to expose and tell-all what they did to Corona if Pnoy will oust him as Senate President. That’s the reason why the LP senators voted to retain Enrile…

      • Pulokoy

        its the same thing if cayetano’s is ousting enrile would you think ?? ibig mong sabihin through cayetano e inde babalikan ni enrile si Pnoy??

    • Jeff Clint

      Cmo’n boy polpol your comment is quite far from the issue.

  • june

    out of desperation, the supposedly wise man enrile resorted to “ad hominem” form in arguing  or refuting legitimate issues thrown at him by cayetano.  

  • Beguine

    Is this quarrel between Enrile and Alan Peter Cayetano leading
    anywhere, specifically would it reenforce any move or moves to
    oust Enrile as Senate President?

    That seems unlikely now considering the recent vote to let Enrile
    keep his post.

    But maybe it’s not too late to make Enrile himself quit as Senate President?
    An irrevocable resignation… finally? Seems unlikely though right now not
    impossible considering Alan Peter’s assault and maybe the forthcoming
    ones from Santiago and Trillianes.

  • Paasion_ember

    Fearless prediction. After all that is said and done… I bet all these monkeys will still be running the country and win this election. We voters never learn! 

  • Arnold Rubio

    I believe Sen. Cayetano’s sentiment. You know Mr. Senate President there’s a lot of our kababayan  in Mindanao who needs relief. The money that you gave as Christmas gift is people’s money. It should be given back specially those poor people. Good dahil nakakatipid kayo ng budget but please Mr. Senate President collect back all those gift at ibigay na lang natin sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo at mga namatayan. God bless.

  • Epal_lang

    Before, The trend was Actors turned poiliticians. Nowadays, It’s the politicians that is giving us quite a bit of a show. hell, i dont even watch soap opera’s anymore since the senate has much more drama, intrigued and controversies that if they were to be given a timeslot, They would prolly set a new trend in soap opera’s. A soap opera/reality/gossip show,

    Thou it’s seasonal [since this kind of drama comes out only when it’s about time for the elections, and those who didnt do Sh*T in their whole term are always the noisiest ones.]

  • peach black

    I cringe for these vultures in the Senate. Pare-pareho lang namang mga gahaman at hayok sa power, pera at poder. Maglabasan na kayo ng mga baho ninhyo. Nakakasuka. nakakapandiri. Nakakarimarim. Nakaka-adwa. nakakapanghilakbot. Nakakasulasok. Bakit di pa kayo tamaan ng cancer sa bituka mga hayop kayong mga GANIIIID!!!!!

    • boypalaban

      dapat diyan sa mga yan bigyan ng baril habang nasa session…para sila sila na magpatayan at di na maging kriminal pa ang sukang suka na sa kanila….

  • virgoyap

    Ang bangayan between Enrile and Cayetano are becoming too serious and personal. All because  Enrile didn’t gave his x’mas gifts (which is the people’s money) equally to all senators. Now the senate scandal is coming out. It begins to stink and and becoming smelly. Better na lang hindi sila nag-awayan using their fists as what happened to other countries.

  • i_am_filipino

    Wow, Enrile on picture looks like a corpse

    • Avenger

      baka mauna k p sa hukay

  • RiverHorse

    it all boils down to motive… one question: WHY BRING THIS UP JUST NOW?

    • boypalaban

      Nagkagulangan sa Parte sa Nakaw
      Pogi Points
      Moral Crusader “kuno”
      Hindi na HAPPY kasi kulang ang SUHOL, kulang ang PANG-GROCERY…

      • RiverHorse

         kaya nga eh. since ineffect na yung RH law, pwede bang i-retroactive na lang yung abortion sa mga unwanted na ito? hahahahaha.

    • ever green


  • Semplang

    ” Not to be outdone, Enrile waved on the floor a document that supposedly
    showed a P37-million debt Cayetano’s father, the late former Sen. Rene
    Cayetano, incurred while a partner in the Ponce Enrile-Cayetano Law firm
    that the Senate President said he had put up so the elder Cayetano
    could feed his family..”…………….eh anu ngayon. kasalanan ba  ng anak na umutang ang ama. d maningil xa… saka, saan ba galing ang pinautang na yun, sa sarili ba nilang bulsa.. baka naman galing sa illegal logging….


    • Avenger

      puro ka bunganga kapareho mo lang c miriam, trillianes at cayetano n hanggang bunganga lang, kasuhan mo c enrile kung kaya mo hwag mo gamitin ung bunganga mo

  • Albert Einstien

    yung KAHOY na materyales na ginawang bahay ng cayetano…san galing?….LOGGING  ba sir ?……diretsohin nyo po para malaman ang katotohanan…mag partner dati si JPE at TATAY ng mga CAYETANO …PECABAR……….lol

  • Rogue_pinoy

    Bring it on!  There’s nothing like a personal, heated argument to bring all the skeletons dancing out of the closet for all to see.  Slowly we are beginning to see what’s behind the curtain.

  • Garo Ungaro

    When will it end?….

  • theoklab

    basta parte sa hati-an ng pera, pareho lahat ang tao – mga hold upper man o mambabatas pag hindi patas ang hatian meron talaga umaanagal kaya dapat fair sa lahat para may harmony.

  • Lucky Luciano

    And Corona is like “Hmmmmmmmmm”

  • bogger007

    Gigi Reyes is the 24th Senator, the incoming Senate President

  • DerKommissar

    The position of Enrile is completely absurd.   Anyone with half of their honor left knows that a check issued payable to an individual is exactly that, a check payable to that person and intended for their personal use.    If the funds represented were intended for public use it would have been placed in a government operating account.   Corruption continues to ravage the Philippines for the same reason for the same reason the government could not recover the wealth plundered by the Marcos family, those who could possibly hold the corrupt officials accountable are themselves corrupted.    It also doesn’t help that traitors who have attempted to overthrow the Democracy are released and allowed to hold public office.

  • g.s.

    Looking at Enrile yesterday trying hard to convince everybody that he is clean, nakakahiya lalo na nung nag start siya naging personal kay Cayetanong raklamador pag nadihado. Parang grade 2 yung pananalita niya. Yucky to the bones. Imagine yung mga apo nya nakatingin AT NAKARING sa kanya na wla na ibang mabuting masabi. At one point, Akala ko dinadalaw na siya ni Angelo Reyes kasi yung pananalita niya kaparehas na ni Reyes. Same as “AM I GREEDY???””KAILAN AKO NAGING SUWAPANG???”. Sana nagpaka angelo Reyes siya kasi mas 10000 times na mas masahol pa siya kay angelo reyes. Marami siguro ang masiyahan. hehehe. Yung editor ng libro nyang bulok ihanda nang i-edit. The end is near for this “EVIL MAN”.

    • boypalaban

      dapat ganon din ang itanong ng cayetano siblings sa sarili nila: ARE WE GREEDY LIKE THIS EVIL MAN?

      • g.s.

        But of course YES, all of our senators are GREEDY but not all of them are as EVIL as Enrile.

      • Avenger

        g.s. means gagong satanas ehe!


    As I said before they all need to go every last one of them. Bring in some new blood and not there sisters,brothers or sons all new names.

  • Faisal salman

    Pwede palang gawin sa Senado na iappoint ng Senate President ang Kabet nya bilang Chief of staff..Magkano kaya lahat ang pasweldo.allowances at bonuses nitong si Mam Gigi..dapat paimbestigahan ito sa Ethics Committee…

  • John Sulayman

    Why are they in the Senate? They’re just wasting taxpayers money arguing about who gets the taxpayers’ money.

    Sa susunod na halalan, let’s not fall victim to this “popularity contest.”

  • vodot

    ano ba yung 100 truths about Enrile at Maam Gigi? Ano ba talaga Manong?

  • Faisal salman


    NOW NA !!!

  • Guest

    Of course sasamantalahin nila yan. Good publicty rin Enrile para sa
    candidacy of his son Jack. Nagagamit nila ang media.

  • Dy Pailad

    1 of the 100 truths- Gigi is the Commander in Chief of Enrile.

  • marlon zaragoso

    This is the true state of the Philippine Senate, an institution supposed to be filled with persons with wisdom and unquestionable character and reputation, very very sad for us Filipinos.

  • Night

    ipa Audit ang Senado at Congresso sa private auditing firm…..

    sigurado mapapa walang sala si Hansel Marantan… tapos i rurubout niya lahat ng private auditors… patay lahat sigurado

  • Ai

    Iisa lang naman pinag-aawayan ng dalawang ito: ang pondo ng Senate President. Malaking pera ito para magamit sa National Election – kung sinuman ang naka upong Senate President – sya ang may karapatan to use this amount at his disposal – ang masarap dito ay “Audit-Proof-Money.” So ito ang gustong makuha ng Admin. para ito ay hindi magamit ng UNA and of course ni Jackie.

  • arman_singson

    Siyempre magandang publicity gimmick din yan kina Alan Cayetano at
    Trillanes. Lalo na kay Trillanes na sadsad sa survey at malamang matalo.

    • boypalaban

      ngayon pa lang dami nang nauuto ang cayetano na yan…andaming bumibilib porket kinalaban si Enrile…di napapansin na isa rin yang gahaman na matagal nanahimik kasi happy siya sa pagpapasasa sa NAKAW na binibigay sa kanya ni Enrile…CAYETANO= PEKE!

  • Alfred A

    Now I know why they impeached Corona…hahaha..How dare they call themselves “Honorable”….
    KARMA talaga ito..Now nakabawe na si CJ Corona sa mga senatongs…

    • boypalaban

      Sen. Renato Corona…mas bagay…Honorable Thief, Honorable Senatong, Honorable Senatong President….

  • Jack

    ito po yon style ni peter cayetano na to make waves para sa kanyang  in-aid-of-reelection, getting free media mileage

  • Ommm

    Good luck collecting 37M off a dead man…. Our senate has reverted to a bunch of children squabbling and this serves no purpose for this country…shut your mouths and do your job kids!

  • Tony S. Evangelista


  • Fulpol

    the last stand before the total control of BS Aquino III….

    will Enrile surrender????

  • vodot

    Bakit kaya magkakasama itong tatlo, si Jojo, si Erap at si Manong Johnny? Ano ba ang commonalities nilang tatlo?

    • boypalaban

       mga TRAPO…

      bakit magkakasama si alan peter, pia, trillanes at miriam? MGA TAMPURUROT SA KULANG NA PARTE SA NAKAW…

  • DinngMae

    The only benefit the people will get from this is it will, hopefully, make the Filipinos more discerning in voting a person to a position of power. Hopefully I said, because we seem to be forgetful of the colorful past of these politicians.

    The Marcoses, the Enriles, et. al. who did great injustices in the nation’s history came back to power. Is it because of the Filipino culture’s passivity, submissiveness, and the penchant for self-flagellation?

    However, I find it odd that Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, who is about to write his epitaph soon, is making more enemies than friends. It contradicts a person’s natural behavior, who at the twilight of his/her career, would seek more friends so that people will remember with kindness his or her passing. Enrile’s behavior is a sign that power had gotten into him.

    The gutter war started to stink as they throw sh-t with one another. Sh-t stinks after all.

  • Guest

    Para matigil na yang isyu na cash gift na yan or MOOE na yan, ipaubaya na  yan sa COA. Magtrabaho na sila di puro na lang bangayan.

  • Guest

    Shut up Enrile, shut up Cayetano, shut up Trillanes. Magtrabaho naman
    kayo, sayang lang pinapasuweldo sa inyo ng taumbayan.

    • boypalaban

       trabaho nila ang MAGNAKAW….

    • RomyLitz

      PAg mag trabaho yang tatlo, tiyak billiones ang mawala…better on the debate mood since everyone is nonrisking their corrupt motives…we have billions of savings for these weeks of debate everyday.

  • ruthieem7

    How timely that these revelations shone ahead of the Senatorial elections. This brouhaha may appear to be tarnishing the Senate, but it’s actually a way to expose the dirt, cleanse and strengthen the institution. So be wise in voting for your senatoriables, people! Don’t just choose the lesser evil, but vote for leaders known for their integrity and credibility. 

    • yun_na for leaders known for their integrity and credibility.”
      —-is there any one remaining in the senate and HRep with those qualifications?

  • tra6Gpeche

    Mr. Enrile knows fully well that giving gifts to anybody
    will be considered by any Filipino recipient as “utang na loob.” That
    “utang na loob” is a sort of investment by the gift giver. In this
    case, Mr. Enrile is the investor.  In the
    Filipino culture, one should do anything for the giver even if it compromises
    the welfare and interest of the Filipinos and the country. Mr. Enrile’s son,
    Jack Enrile, is running in this coming national election as a Senator. As a
    payback, these Senators, who accepted cash gifts from Mr. Enrile, have the
    obligation to help his son, Jack Enrile, to become Philippine Senator. The
    worst part of such “generosity” of Mr. Enrile is that the money is
    the money of the Filipino people. This Filipino culture of “utang na
    loob” is one of the reasons why it is almost impossible for any ordinary
    Filipino to progress and be successful in their own country.

    • yun_na

      gift-giving as a culture is not the problem. Japanese people also have this practice. if the value of the gift is offensively large–pambili ng kaluluwa—then it is also up to the recipient to reject the gift accordingly, kung may delicadeza nga.

      problem is with the institutions where moral ascendancy  no longer exists, then gift-giving is a form of transactional politics. 

      • tra6Gpeche

        Filipinos are of different species. You can not compare
        Japanese people to the Filipino people. Japanese are universally known to be
        honorable, very sensitive to right and wrong, very disciplined, incorrupt and
        will not defend any corrupt politicians, even if these politicians are their
        own parents, brothers/sisters, spouse, relatives or friends. And Japanese have
        too much pride to enrich themselves while working in the government. They
        rather die than be accused of stealing anything from the government. This is why they are well respected by every nation on earth. I am sad
        to say that I could not say the same thing to us, Filipinos.

      • yun_na

        Exactly. It is the lack of moral ascendancy, and not the gift giving behavior that is problematic among Filipinos.

  • F

    these politicians think that money is a problem. “what money??”, asked a father who can hardly feed his family. 
    its disgusting to see this people without respect for the taxpayers.
    its like they own the country, do they?

  • Lahi

    Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas ay dahil pulos magnanakaw and nakaupo sa Senado at Kongreso. Akala mo pera nila kung gastusin at huthutin ang pera ng bayan. Malas ka talaga Inang Bayan. Minsan naitatanong ko sa sarili ko bakit ba isinilang pa akong Pilipino?

  • jigo

    GALING NG PALUSOT MO MANOOOONG……walang ipinagkaiba sa mga pabaon ng mga nagretirong  chief of staff ng AFP na inimbistagan ninyo sa senado….yan na ang nakaugaliang gawin kaya itinutuloy nyo lang….nakakapagpautang ka ng  p37million tapos ipamimigay mong regalo PERA NG BAYAN…yun bang P37million benta ng kahoy mo HAHAHAHA

  • Dy Pailad

    The Pandora’s box has already been opened, it will be hard to put the cover
    back. This is good for the nation whether the motives are personal or
    otherwise.  This is a rare occasion
    wherein the public is allowed to see what is going on inside the seat of power,
    which is not possible under ordinary circumstances.  Some years back it was the shady dealings of
    the executive branch that were exposed thanks to the hubris and egregiousness of
    GMA’s cabal. Last year it was the judiciary through the impeachment of Corona.  This year it will be the turn of congress,
    the senate in particular.  This is check
    and balance at work. Although this recent one is a product of another Senator exposing the questionable dealings of the Senate President and not by another branch of government, the minority is playing its role, which is to keep in check the abuses of the majority. 

    • Pulokoy

       Agree with this one, although it seems silly to hear the least voters will know who to vote next time

  • Kad_Palapox

    Kailangan nilang mag-ingay para maalala sila ng publiko. Kay Chiz
    Escudero di na kailangang mag-ingay, kilalang-kilala na siya ng masa.


  • edleon

    Aha si JPE pala ay doggy din ni GLORIA….nabisto na ang matanda!

    • MrJoseRizal

      TRAPONG TRAPO YAN SI ENRILE… kung sino in POWER tuta siya doon. From Marcos, Cory…

  • mathsah

    why do they allow a non-senator to attend their caucuses and participate in the discussion?

  • Supremo

    Mas mainam yan ng lumabas lahat ng tinatago nila. Ganyan talaga, para hindi na maulit kailangan mabulgar lahat lahat.

  • edleon

    Sino ba yang mam GIGI na yan?  Paki check naman BIR…please lang baka yung ibang tax collections ay napunta na sa account nya…

  • Jeff Clint

    Gigi (KABET) Reyes  and her brother Patrick is a proof that Enrile is against political dynasty. Kasi yung kabet hindi naman Enrile gayun din ang kapatid ng kabet hinde rin Enrile, moreover they don’t need to run for an elective office to get the upperhand over the senatongs, Isipin nyo nagpakabet lang naging Commader in Chief na ng Senate President.

    • Pok2

      May asawa si gigi. Kawawa naman. Pero kaya niyang lunukin dahil sa pera cguro.

  • j1u2a3n

    What do Enrile, Binay and Erap have in common? Mistress(es) and unexplained wealth. Dapat ba tayong maniwala kay Enrile?

    • boypalaban

      yung pagiging tsismosa ni alan petra cAyetaning na abnoy si noynoy…napatunayan ba niya?

    • RomyLitz

      Each of their mistresses must have received 1.6 million also per day !! That 1.6 million is the number of sperm cells that they had released when  doing UNA sa  pag gising ng umaga at bago matulog mUNA sa gabi. That’s a lot of energy for releasing 1.6 million sperm cells per hole-in-one shot ??

  • Nobayan

    Sen Cayetano, sana ganito ang sinagot niyo kay Manong nung ipagwagwagan ang utang ng yumao niyong tatay:
    “Bastos ka manong, pati bangkay na di na makakapagpaliwanag dinamay mo pa dito sa away natin. No, no, no po yan sa kulturang Pilipino. bawas pogi points po yan sa inyo at sa anak niyong kakandidato. At masabi ko lang po Manong, wala po akong alam diyan sa pinirmahang utang ng tatay ko. At kung meron man, bakit now niyo lang nilabas? Malay ko naman kung totoo yan at kung di pa bayad yan? Siyempre di po niyo ilalabas kung bayad na di po ba? Self-serving po yang papeles niyo kaya ibalik niyo na po sa luma niyong baul where you should also be kept. 
    “Tungkol naman sa kahoy na ginamit sa bahay namin: Bata pa po ako nun at kung may kaalaman po ako dun siguro ay pinigilan ko ang tatay ko na tanggapin yun kahit na nagmagandang loob kayo na ibahagi sa amin ang sobrang fruit of your illegal logging, Manong. Kasi isa po yan sa dahilan ng mga baha natin na pumapatay ng marami nating kababayan lalo na po sa Cagayan.  
    “At huling tanong na lang po Manong, sino…er…este, ano po ang dahilan at nagpa-annul ng marriage ninyo si Ma’am Cristina?

    • boypalaban

       Sen Cayetano: Alam ko po manong johnny na magkasama kayo ng tatay ko na mga galamay ng diktadurang marcos…congratulations po sa inyong dalawa, mga dakilang tagaapi ng sambayanan….

    • akongednamzug

      Brod nabanggit mo ang illegal logging. Para sa kaalaman tungkol sa illegal logging, puwedeng sumangguni kay Maceda, isa sa mga kandidato ng UNA sa pagka-senador.

  • Philcruz

    “Enrile waved on the floor a document that supposedly showed a
    P37-million debt Cayetano’s father, the late former Sen. Rene Cayetano,
    incurred while a partner in the Ponce Enrile-Cayetano Law firm that the
    Senate President said he had put up so the elder Cayetano could feed his family.”

    And then he said “I will not go down to the gutter”.

    You just did, Your Honor.

  • kishbuff

    Mga angkan kayo lahat ni LOLONG!!!!! Yun mga ordinaryong tao, hirap na hirap kumayod para kumain ng 3 beses isang araw. Itong mga senatong na ito e nag-aaway kung paano mag-partehan!!!!! E sa atin taumbayan galing ang pinagpi-piyestahan nila!!!   Mag-apply na lang sila lahat sa eat bulaga!!!!

  • Dy Pailad

    First name basis ang tawag nya sa mga senadors. 

  • cry_freedom

    Si Manong Juan – marami ng kaaway na Senador!

    Tanong: May moral ascendancy pa ba siya na maging pangulo ng Senado!

    • Bert

      Sagot: Kung ang mga kaaway ay mga BUWAYA AT KAWATAN din, meron pa, because he was legitimately elected as senate president.

      • cry_freedom

        Isang BUWAYA at KAWATAN na Pangulo ng Senado na mamumuno sa mga kapwa BUWAYA at KAWATAN na mga Senador – mukhang yan ata ang sagot mo, base sa paggamit mo ng salitang “din”.  

      • Bert

        tama, puro naman sila BUWAYA AT KAWATAN, di ba? You can’t hire an outsider to act as senate pres of this “august” chamber of crocs…..

    • boypalaban

      away ng mga buwaya at magnanakaw…kahit sino pa nandiyan ganon din….

    • RomyLitz

      Di bale na yan basta mayroon siyang sex with GIGI 1.6 million times since 1998? Of all the numbers they decided tohave 6 !! It is pronounced by Estrada and Binay as SEX , what else?

  • Katokon Timu

    Bakit tahimik si Pinky Lacsni? 
    Naunahan ba siya sa tsismis ni Alana Petra?

  • Jimbox88

    In fairness cute and hot babe naman pala si “senadora”. Kaw JPE ha, galing mo talaga!

    pakiskis nga.

    Pero imbistigahan din yan si “senadora” baka mas malaki pa pork barrel nayn!

    • boypalaban

       hot mama ba?

  • Jeff Clint

    High caliber hooker etong si Gigi!!!! She did the easiest way to gain power and wealth (STOLEN) bubukaka lang naman ano po Mrs. Gigi Reyes? I’m sure there’s a third party maybe known or maybe unknown to Enrile, viagra won’t work anymore to that little horse in his middle, a horse that can only look down to his shoes the whole time, kaya a third party, somebody young is very real..just throw in a few thousands presto!! she’ll get all the f……. she wants. 

  • Bert

    It is good to see BUWAYAS in the senate mutilating each other. We as TAXPAYERS, should enjoy the show while it lasts.

    Pnoy’s Tuwid Na Daan administration will surely be remembered with this show, a MUDSLINGING of KAWATANS in the senate.

    • boypalaban

      best if they kill one another…no need to let them stay even a single second on this earth…wasting our money….

  • Loggnat

    ‘ Not to be outdone, Enrile waved on the floor a document that supposedly showed a P37-million debt Cayetano’s father, the late former Sen. Rene Cayetano, incurred while a partner in the Ponce Enrile-Cayetano Law firm that the Senate President said he had put up so the elder Cayetano could feed his family.’ /// 
              Enrile is true to form, an unscrupulous and unethical politician who will drag and desecrate the other senators dead father, who is supposedly his friend and partner to discredit the son. Disgusting remnant of martial law behavior and tactics that he repeatedly used against his opposition ( Trillanes’ China supposedly backdoor negotiations) instead of answering the allegations brought forward against him. He probably holds some kind of disparaging and damaging documents and information on majority of the senate law makers.That is probably the reason why he lasted a long time in the ugly and dirty Philippine politics, where a clean politician doesn’t seem to exist. The best the people can do is to vote for the politician who is a lesser evil and less greedy that might steal minimally but utilizes the bulk of the taxpayer’s money ‘pork barrel’ for the benefit of his/her constituents. Sad state of affairs but that seems to be the only way to lift the country from blatant,  institutional corruption and poverty. And the passing of the FOI bill into a law will accelerate the clean-up and overhaul of the Philippine politics. My opinion only….

    • JustWords811

      maraming nakatago sa filing cabinet ni enrile. ang dali niyang maglabas ng mga kopya ng mga interesting na papeles laban sa mga kakontra niya. 

  • Vertumnus

    Lets take for a minute that Senator Enrile has the right to disburse the funds.  The question is, why did his supporters received 1.6 million and only 250,000 to the minority members.  If the money is allocated for member of the Senate, shouldn’t the money be equal in distribution? 

    The timing is all wrong when you consider the money given was supposed to be for 2012 MOOE.  What exactly will they need 1.6 million more MOOE money when the budget for 2013 MOOE is only a couple of days away?  If this has been going on for years, then it’s a clear indication of misappropriation of funds.  Shouldn’t the excess budget be return to the treasury not given to senator at the end of the year just because there are excess money left over.  

    There is a question of inappropriate use of public money.  Millions of Filipino live way below the poverty line  while these senators have millions of pisos in salary plus pork.  If there are excess money, shouldn’t the poor have access to them before well to do senators?

  • Jeff Clint

    Oh papano yan Jinggoy, sabi mo ‘If Enrile goes down, you’re going down with him”.
    Walang onsehan ha?

    • boypalaban

      asa pa….

  • gemini1971

    what I dont understand is why people keep voting for this fools!

  • jseesus

    manong enrile katapusan mo na. lumabas na baho mo parang nabubulok na bangkay. siguro inambalsamo ka na para hindi ka mangamoy. sigurado lagot ka sa asawa mo. o kaya sa ibang querida mo. o baka naman ac/dc ka na rin gaya ng trusted lieutenant mo na si pinky….hhehee.. 

    • boypalaban

      mas type yata niya si honassan…kaya lang si tsupinky ay gustong lumandi para mas malaki ang parte….

  • Jimbox88

    Hoy Manong, ung 37million pera ng bayan un.

    Bastos talaga wala na ung tao dinadamay pa. Ang taong to buhay pa wala na respeto sa kanya.

    • boypalaban

      e bakit kapag tungkol kay bongbong marcos o si imelda laging damay ang diktador na si marcos?

  • regd

    Hehehehe… naglabasan na. Dinamay pa ang patay. These bunch of animals are out of control. People in control do not run over people with dead people. 

    Amazing what being a hubris does to your reasoning skills!

    • boypalaban

      e bakit kapag si bongbong marcos o si imelda laging damay ang diktador na si marcos?

      • regd

        Because they are animals?

  • Nouvel

    Why private auditing firm? why not COA? so that taxpayers’ money will be spend again for your thieveries! Pare-parehas lang kayong mangagantso, nag-iingay lang itong mga Cayetano, Trillanes at Miriam kasi di sila naambunan nang mas marami last Pasko, siguro pag mas marami sa kanila, bulag, pipi at bingi rin mga ito. Huwag na natin iboto itong si Alan Cayetano sa Senado, may Cayetano na tayo sa Senado eh, tama na ung isa. Kasi anong utang na loob natin, or anong nagawa ng tatay ng mga ito sa mga Filipinos at ganon na natin sila kailangan, at anong mga nagawa pa nitong magkapatid na kailangan talaga silang 2 dyan! Pati ung isang Estrada na tumatakbong Senador, wag na oy! Sila lang ba ang pwede nting pagkatiwalaan? Dpat wais na tayo sa darating na halalan!

    • Bert

      tama ka…..

    • Dy Pailad

      I’m personally against dynasty but if it cannot be eliminated dahil pati ang SC ay iwas din sa issue na ito, mas mabuti sigurong iboto ng publiko yong mga matatalino naman na myembro ng kanilang angkan. George Soros calls this practice by big corporations intelligent nepotism. 

      • Bert

        being “matatalino” does not necessarily mean good public servant….


  • Loggnat

    What an imagination!!!…LOL :))

  • bugoybanggers

    Batuhan na ng mga basura. Iyan pala ang politika. ang gagaling ng mga ABOGADO. The more Lawyers the more LIERS.. amalayer huuh amalayer.. STOP as in ITIGIL muna ang mga pagpapadami ng abogasyang eskwelahan sa bansa. STOP LAW SCHOOL.

    • akongednamzug

      Tama ka. Napublished nga sa ASIAWEEK many years ago, na kaya bulok ang lehislatura ng Pilipinas, kasi napakaraming miyembro ng Kongreso ay mga abogado.

      • boypalaban

         at magkakamag-anak…lahi pa naman ng mga magnanakaw at mga walanghiya…mga walang kwentang lahi…

      • bugoybanggers

        Yun lang nga, BINOTO pa rin kaya ang mga BOBOTANTE ang tumbukin.

  • Jeff Clint

    Chiz Escudero, magsalita ka naman tungkol  sa isyung eto. Baka na naman puro na lang Heart Evangelista ang ina-atupag mo. Nabuburan ka rin ni Manong  ng bribe di ba? Ibig ba sabihin nang ibinunudbud sayo SHUT UP? 

    • boypalaban

       malapit na ang VALENTIMES…may pinaghahandaan siyang fireworks….

    • Bert

      Wala syang masabe, busy si Chiz sa Kris TV……

    • Pulokoy

      busy sa lovelife 

  • Handiong

    P1.5 Billion in MOOE? It takes P125 Million A MONTH to maintain and operate the Senate? It takes P5,434,782.61 A MONTH, on the average, for each of the 23 senators to do his/her work? That’s P181,159 a day for each senator, granting that he/she works 30 days a month. What the f*ck?

  • asdfsad

    Rambol na to!

  • Rodrigo Villarubia

    Matagal kana opisyal ng gobyerno , marami kana nakurakot, umalis kana dyan baka gaganda pa buhay ng mga Pilipino,Wala ka nagawa para sa bayan, puro katiwalian at pagnanakaw Lang sa kaban ng bayan,pareho pareho kau ni estrada at binay.

    • boypalaban

       Matagal kana opisyal ng gobyerno , marami kana nakurakot, umalis kana
      dyan baka gaganda pa buhay ng mga Pilipino,Wala ka nagawa para sa bayan,
      puro katiwalian at pagnanakaw Lang sa kaban ng bayan,pareho pareho kau
      ni estrada at binay, cayetano, santiago,etc…

    • Anton_Agaton

       Paalis na. Kaya yung anak naman nya nag gusto niyang ipalit.

  • Jimbox88

    Manong, ung 37 million pede mo na daw makuha, punta ka na dun sa kabila, now na!

  • jigo

    di ko talaga akalain na may lahing BOMBAY c Manong….akalain mong milyones pala ang PAUTANG ng mokong….5-6 ba yan ha Manong….

    • boypalaban

      compounded….kasama sa tubo yung utang na loob…

  • 123_pampanggo_farmer

    Parliamentrary systems works better for the Philippines.

    • boypalaban

      at ang prime minister ay si Enrile o si Santiago…

    • bucketZombie

      And the prime minister will come from these groups. We will be committing suicide if we allow that again to happen. Remember Batasang Pambansa during Marcos? Rubber stamp. No check and balance. In the present setup we are informed what’s going on with our so called “mambabatas” or more appropriately mambubutas like manong enrile. 

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Huwag na tayong magkahati-hati ng opinyon o paniniwala.Ang tutoo,lahat ng nakaupong senador ay pawang mga linta sa kasisipsip sa kaban ng bayan.

    Mula sa matandang Enrile at Arroyo hanggang sa nagbabalatkayong matinong partido na Liberal ay nuknukan ng gahaman sa salapi at kapangyarihan!!! samahan mo pa ng magkapatid na Cayetano at tatlong inutil na sila Revilla,Estrada at Lapid…ibida pa natin ang mataray at kulang-kulang na si Santiago!!! at higit sa lahat ay ang rebeldeng si Traydor-llanes.Lahat sila ay walang karapatan na maging senador!!!

    • Bert

      amen and amen….

  • RossSpazio

    I neither like Enrile nor Cayetano but obviously this newspaper is giving more print space to the younger senator.  One can only wonder why.  I’ve watched the session and both crooks err… senators have answered each other’s accusations quite resolutely.  Yet here, Inquirer, with omissions here and there seems to portray Allan Cayetano as the victor of the altercation.

    By the way, Allan Cayetano seems to think the public owes him and his wife for not stealing from the government’s coffer. Tsk… how low our politicians’ values have fallen even past gutter level.

    • boypalaban

      Renato Cayetano: one of the henchmen of the dictator Marcos…
      Allan Peter Cayetano: accused Pnoy of being abnoy…but he cannot substantiate his claim…
      …..sipsip lang kasi milyon ang nakukuha niya kay Villar….

      • Bert

        and the WONDER of it all, PNOY who once called Villar kawatan, and VILLAR who called Pnoy abnormal, are now POLITICAL ALLIES….

        Welcome to the world of TUWID NA DAAN….hehe

    • Belinda Belle

      Indeed. :-)

    • mapicchu

       not for anything…but a public official/senator who can categorically state that he/wife are not stealing is a oddity nowadays…it is therefore something we should be thankful for.

      • RossSpazio

        I used to believe it was an oddity too until Renato Corona categorically said he didn’t pocket even a peso during his tenures in government or even earlier when blinkless Imelda told Associated Press she never shopped. Ergo, we have come full circle to hearing politicians state the otherwise expected of them to mean they’re doing the opposite.

  • vanguard61

    It’s payback time folks. Vote wisely, each and everyone of us has the right to change our’s and our children’s future for the better. Remember the money they’re (politicians) using to buy votes is our money ( taxpayers ). Oh and btw also druglords, jueteng lords , padrinos and contractor friends money as well. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

  • kilabot

    there’s a simple solution: abolish christmas. 
    the abnoying way. the new normal.

  • Hey_Dudes

    I think for the greater interest of our nation, the country’s chief executive should now step in to remind these bickering senators the image they are showcasing to the world community is one that is not beneficial ti anyone but most specially in their situations where decorum should be the norm and not the exception.

    If these senators cannot be requested to chill out, it would be best if they step out of congress and do their thing somewhere else.  Mahiiya naman sana ang mga ito.

    • Katokon Timu

      Hayaan mo sila…. Let’s be REAL…..
      Leaders are reflection of majority..
      Its more fun in the Philippines…

  • RomyLitz

    The UNA was a name designed from heaven to EXPOSE the groups of a BEE as, Binay and Enrile and Estrada, as UNA sa nakawan in billions of pesos, UNA sa dynasty and most of all, UNA sa mga chicks !! Hope Peter and Miriam will not stop their PANDORA’s box expose. Matira ang matibay.

    • boypalaban

      MARAMI NA ANG MAY ALAM na ang UNA ay UNA SA NAKAWAN,…si PETRA AT BRENDA AY PANGALAWA NAMAN…mga tampururot na nanahimik kasi happy sila dati sa pagpapasasa sa nakaw na binubusal sa kanila ni Enrile…

  • Rogue_pinoy

    Looks like Gigi has been doing some logging of her own all these years.  How’s that 89 year old Philippine mahogany looking like now huh?

    • Anton_Agaton

       Mukha nang DRIFTWOOD.

  • marivon

    finish line na nadapa pa si Enrile. Thanks to a girl named gigi. Enrile will go down in history as the most sinungaling senator. He started with a fake ambush to appease his former dictator boss and he continue to sell lies to the people. my problem is I do not trust cayetano as well.

    • Bert

      There is no problem if you do not trust Cayetano….he enjoyed partaking on the “gift” years before and Enrile is correct, cayetano is a hypocrite…

  • speak_only_the_truth

    kaya pala tahimik na parang tupa mga ibang senador, me xmas gift bribe na pala. mautak talaga si manong johnny. nasan na sina guingona, drilon, escudero, lacson etc bakit ayaw nila paimbestigahan yan?

    • Bert

      paano imbestigahan nyan, BUSOG din yang mga senatongs na yan…..

    • Playstation

       Somehow, that makes sense.  Hmm…

  • Tiboy

    kapal talaga, kaya wala ng pag asang umasenso ang bansa natin…only in the philippines! 

  • billy gunner

    pera pera lang yan!

    mabuti na lang wala akong pera!

    • Playstation

      Bigyan mo din kami “gifts” kapag meron ka na pera ha :)

  • gatdila

    This is the beginning of the bad end for Enrile. The bad seeds he sown have grown wild to haunt him. This evil man – personally responsible for the death and disappearances of thousands of Filipinos on the dark days of Marcos regime. He has accumulated so much plundered wealth. It is so common knowledge re his role in smuggling in Cagayan and many other unpleasant businesses.

    It is so great that now people are gaining the courage to speak up and the noise is fast gaining momentum. Enrile cling to power after Marcos by aligning himself to those very corrupt politicians like Erap and Gloria. It is about time for him to face the logical consequences of his many past and present evil deeds.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Maiba ko lang ang kuwento…Wala na talagang delikadesa ang mga politiko sa ating bayan!!! Maging ang mga baguhang kandidato na sila Bam Aquino at Grace Poe ay may mga patalastas na sa telebisyon at radyo kahit malayo pa ang kampanya!!! Hindi pa man nauupo ay kurap at tiwali na!!!

    Ayaw ni BS aquino ng ganyan…..joke lang!!!

    • Pulokoy

       kailangan ba talagang itanong yan ?

    • boypalaban

      ang mga kandidato na ngayon pa lang ay sobra na ang panggugulang….yan ang mga honorable na mga walanghiya…yan ang mga dapat ikinakahiya ng mga kamag-anak nila kung matitinong tao nga mga kamag-anak nila….

  • Rita deDios

    Si Enrile ang bastos dito.  nasa lugar naman ang legal questions ni Cayetano bakit pa sagutin tungkol sa utang ng tatay nyang matagal ng patay ? di naman alam ng mga bata. sobrang bastos !

    • Bert

      Because Enrile and the Cayetanos were allies of Marcos during the dictatorship and the siblings enjoyed the fruit of corruption of the father (may he rest in peace)…..

    • boypalaban

      kumusta naman ang mga utang na dugo at pagnanakaw ng yumaong diktador na laging inuungkat kahit patay na?

  • Noshairalawever

    True story: Gigi Reyes is Enrile’s long-time MISTRESS.

    • boypalaban

      baka gaya din yan ng pag-akusa ni petra cayetaning na abnoy si noynoy na di naman niya mapatunayan…sipsip kasi kay villar dahil sa milyon milyong nabibigay sa kanya…

      • popeyee

        Jack, ikw ba yan?

      • boypalaban

        si alfie ito….

    • Playstation

      Can this be proven?

  • manual47

    Wow…….what a show these senators putting on in the senate.   And Enrile having to say……
    “I will not go down to the gutter”, he doesn’t have to. He’s already in the gutter with the way he’s acting himself infront of the public.  People already seeing the bare naked truth about this “old geezer” and the way he treats his fellow senators.  JPE was no longer capable of performing his duties the people expected of him.  He’s acting like mentally incapable of giving a logical response when being confronted with issue that pertains to his character and past history.  Maybe because there are truth to them or possible that his mental capacity beginning to go backward.  Instead of giving a logical response, Enrile responding with matters that doesn’t even pertains to the issue being discussed or not even relevant to the issues at hand……I could be wrong but that’s the way I see it.  Time for JPE to resign.
    Age is catching up on him and no need prolong his well known blemished records in politics.
    Filipinos already awared of them even at the time of Marcos.  And for the senators who admired and worshipped JPE, I would suggest that they do some soul searching and ask themselves……..what did I see on JPE that would benefit me as a politician.  I bet you the answer you will get…….”nothing”.  Being loyal to a person doesn’t mean oneself will benefit from it.  It may put a person into conflict of choosing of…..what is wrong and what is right.  Knowing that person has a questionable history.   And this is what was wrong in the senate.  These senators losing their good decision making because of the “money” being hand over to them.  Saying “NO” is not bad if it’s going to benefit oneself and everybody else.  Showing decency once in a while is not bad either………be honest to oneself is what I was saying. But then, I doubt if these senators has even considered the above ideas seeing what has transpired  the last few weeks…….

    • popeyee

      Enrile is not just went to the gutter; he’s now at the sewer..

  • PinoyDude

    And the drama goes on… unless the Filipino electorate wise up we’ll be seeing these expensive debates wasting our tax money.

    Down with these political families and thieves!

  • Noshairalawever

    Basta, ang bottomline dito ay dapat hindi iboto si Jacky Enrile. Lahat ng ginagawa ng tatay ay para sa walang kwentang anak. Gusto lang ni JPE ay manatili sa posisyon para maprotektahan ang negosyo, ang smuggling operation niya, pati na rin ang mamamatay-taong anak niyang si Jacky. Tapos.

    • Bert

      Nope, ang bottomline, LAHAT sila sa senado ay KURAKOT AT BUWAYA at walang isa sa kanila ang may karapatang iboto….

      • boypalaban

         agree 100000%

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Hindi lamang si Jacky ang dapat hindi iboto…Ang dapat gawin ng bayan ay huwag iboto ang mga kandidato ng dalawang higanteng partido ngayon.Ang Liberal at ang UNA…isama mo na din ang partido Nasyonalista ni Villar…Ang mga taong ito ang gumagamit sa mga kababayan natin mangmang sa tutoo kalagayan ng lipunan!!!
      Magiging magandang tanawin kung walang magwaging kandidato sa pagkasenador…at dito malalamang ng mga politikong pulpol na mga iyan na hindi na magpapaloko si Juan Dela Cruz!!!

      • boypalaban

         tama ka….

        hindi porket mga trapo ang nasa UNA ay matitino na ang mga taga LP….

  • Philcruz

    I just can’t understand how such an ill-mannered, ill-tempered, petty and vindictive man ever got to be Senate President. But maybe I do. It is because majority of the senators don the same bird feathers as he.

  • yesyesyo

    Enrile is a big loser in this fight. His sagging credibility is now negative, which is lower than zero.

    Public sympathy is with alan peter cayetano.

    • boypalaban

      public sympathy para sa isa ring magnanakaw, tsismosa, epal at dynasty?

      • yesyesyo

         You are describing the enriles themselves. magnanakaw, epal, dynasty.

      • boypalaban

        enriles and cayetanos…

    • Bert

      the public will never sympathize with another corrupt senatong…..all these years, cayetano enjoyed feasting on the “gifts” and he was so silent….

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Kung tutoo ang sinasabi mo na kay Cayetano ang simpatiya ng publiko ay talagang mangmang ang publiko at bulag sa katotohanan…parehas lang ang dalawang senador na ubod ng makasarili at napakahilig sa materyal na bagay o posisyon!!!

      • dfirst

        andres, senator alan fought against pres. arroyo’s bad governance during those times and today up against enrile’s inappropriate governance, all for the convection, to correct the wrong

      • Andres_Bagumbayan

        Tama ka sa isyu Arroyo…pero alalahanin mo na sinuportahan din niya ang C5 isyu ni Villar sa senado….ibig sabihin,kahit mali at kurap,kung pakikinabangan ni cayetano,susuporta siya….simpleng kurap ika nga!!!

  • boypalaban

    tinatamad lang ang mga SENATONGS…kaya gusto nila may entertainment muna…

  • EOJ

    Cayetano is a good senate president material. smart, capable, and more credible than enrile.

    • boypalaban

      sabagay pwede na rin yan…magnanakaw papalitan ng isa ring magnanakaw, tsismosa, epal, dynasty alan petra cayetano….

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Kung may isang taong ismarte,may kakayahan at mataas ang kredebilidad,tinitiyak ko sayo na hindi senador iyon tinutukoy mo!!!

      Walang nakaupong senador ngayon ang may kualipikasyon na iyong binanggit!!!

      Puro pansariling interes at hindi para sa bayan ang iniisip ng mga nakaupong senador ngayon…

  • Guest

    The Conjugal Dictatorship of Senate President Enrile & Senator Gigi Reyes

  • EOJ

    Nabanggit ni enrile ang mga kahoy. Naalala ko tuloy ang away naman nila ni jamby tungkol sa illegal logging.

    Ngayon ko lang na realize totoo pala ang sinasabi ni jamby noon. 

  • Leonard

    If those lots of money came from their own pocket and not from the taong bayan, would he give it away just like that? All the people who benefited are government employees whose job is to enrich themselves. 

  • yesyesyo

     compared to the corrupt martial law berdugo, alan peter cayetano is much better.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Hindi ako naniniwala diyan igan!!! ang pinagkaiba lang sa ngayon ng dalawa ay ang “edad”….nakikita ko sa kinabukasan na kapag tumanda na si Cayetano ay kopyang-kopya niya ang matandang kurap na si Enrile!!! Pareho mo silang isusuka at tatapakan!!!

  • caloyski65

    when Enrile’s time is up…..he and ther rest of their kind will all BURN IN HELL….kaya nga habang buhay pa ang mga yan at tumitigas pa ang manoy nya eh na ngangabit pa…dami kaya pera dyan sa senado na nilulustay lang nila kung saan saan at sa mga kabit nila…

  • Bentong

    Im beginning to like this young senator, so timid yet once harm can unleash one powerful attack. Thats what a good person can do, can humble the very corrupt enemy.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Tulad ng iyong sinabing pag-uugali ay Ganyan -ganyan ang ugali nuong kabataan ni Manong Johnny… Tahimik ngunit palaban at matapang!!! kaya hindi malaon ay kasing ugali at kurap din ni Enrile si Cayetano pagdating ng panahon (Wow,aiza seguerra..hehehe)!!

    • boypalaban

       ” so timid”….timid pala yung pagiging tsismosa niyan na abnoy si noynoy…daming patutsada di naman mapatunayan nung hinamon na patunayan…ganyang ganyan ang mga mahihilig sa pera…silaw na silaw sa milyon ni villar yan…ngayon alburuto dahil kulang ang parte sa nakaw….

      good person? mas matino pa diyan ang basurero na hindi nakapag-aral pero di nanlalamang sa kapwa…

  • Playstation

    Enrile has the knack of, when cornered, bringing up issues that are totally irrelevant.

  • tugakbatan

    This is a classic example of how to steel the people’s money legally.  What else do you have there Honorable Senators?

  • Playstation

     What a way for Enrile to leave his legacy.

    • Dy Pailad

      If I am not mistaken Enrile’s term as Senator will end in 2016. Three years pa ang reality tv na ito. Malalaos ang Big Brother.  

  • ryepim

    Enrile must have lots of Kahoy… (illegal Logging) LOL!

    • Andres_Bagumbayan


  • ohpuleeze

    A hypocrite calling a thief a crook is not admirable. 

    They are all dirty, greedy and only out for themselves. Politics in the Philippines isn’t public service, it’s a bunch of monopolies sucking the country dry.

    • boypalaban

      daming nauuto na ngayon ni cayetano…ganyang ganyan ang dahilan kaya ganyang ganyan din ang klase ng mga senador…mga mang-uuto dahil ibinoto ng mga madaling mauto….

      • Canoto

         magkano ba bininigay ni enrile sayo para ipag tanggol mo ang demonyo???

      • boypalaban

        at saan mo nabasa dito na ipinagtanggol ko ang dakilang tagapagpatupad ng martial law?

        ikaw, magkano binabayad sa yo ni villar para ipagtanggol mo si ipokritong epal, dynasty tsismosa cayetano?

      • $19291130


      • Bert

        manicurista siguro ito ni alan peter…..hehe

      • boypalaban


  • RyanE

    I guess Sen. Pres. Enrile should update his memoir and add a chapter about his chief of staff..  

  • pinoysahongkong2012

    Enrile should be man enough and tender his irrevocable resignation sooner than later.


    Because the quality of his leadership of the Senate and management of its financial and other affairs are now in tatters, with his controversial and unethical — although legal — handling of the MOOE fiasco and revelations by Cayetano that his chief of staff, Gigi Reyes, has been acting like a “Little Senate President” even if unelected by the people.

    Kung may natitira pa siyang kahihiyan at di singkapal ng balat ng buwaya ang mukha niya ay dapat siyang magbitiw agad — ke may handa na siyang kapalit o hindi.

    His position vis-a-viz Cayetano’s proposal for Senate finances to be audited independently smacks of pure hogwash. “It’s up to all the senators” — this is pure and simple b–t. Why? Because he wields much influence as Senate president.

    If he openly declares his support for an independent audit of Senate finances and calls on all his fellow senators to do the same, won’t this achieve what should be best for the Filipino people — transparency in the Senate’s financial affairs and accountability in every senator’s spending of taxpayers’ money?

    Enrile should also be man enough to respond or refute Cayetano’s assertions of Reyes’ unwarranted meddling in Senate affairs as a collegial body — even if she’s not an elected senator. Anong mukha ang ihaharap niya sa mga tao sa ganitong pang aabuso ng kanyang kapangyarihan bilang presidente ng Senado para lang lumapad ang papel ng isang babaing “super lapit” sa kanya?

    I commend Cayetano for having the guts and  courage to stand up to Enrile and his allies.

    Yes, their bickerings have turned personal.

    But the Filipino people stand to benefit in a big way in terms of possible improvements in transparency and accountability in the Senate’s finances and in the more effective running of its affairs, especially under a new leadership after Enrile’s departure.

    • Bert

      Not until the FOI BILL is passed (a campaign promise of Pnoy during the last election), transparency and accountability in govt’s finances is just a dream.


  • binoy175

    All your so called achievements are dirty rags that have to go to the gutter Mr. Senate President. Bye bye…

    • dfirst

      eh ‘di kong ang chief of staff n ni enrile ang nag papatakbo s senate president office, dapat mag resign nalang siya

  • Bert

    It is good to see BUWAYAS spitting at each other’s face in this “AUGUST” CHAMBER OF CROCS called, The Senate……Filipinos, YOU DESERVE your senators and your corrupt government…..

  • oldsong23

    Magkano kaya napuntang “bonus” kay Gigi Reyes…?  The state auditor should look into the matter and the other accounts…Habang maraming mahihirap ang nagpapalimos sa lansangan, maraming sikmurang kalam, natututlog sa kalsada…ang mga tao itong gobyerno na sana nagbibigay ayuda sa mga taong ito sya pa ang nagpapahirap,,,di naman nila pera ang kanilang kinukuha kundi pera din ng bayan…may tawag dito…magnanakaw…

  • bong

    Pathetic Gigi Reyes.  Pathetic Senate – just amend the Constitution and abolish it.

  • boypalaban

    hinahamon ko lahat ng mga bilib dito kay cayetano:

    di ko kayang patunayan na matinong tao si Enrile…



    • Canoto

       at least lesser evil c Cayetano kesa kay Enrile.

      • boypalaban

         dati lesser evil din si enrile kay marcos e…

      • John Ponce

        tama, si lolo ponce enrile katanda na di pa nagsasawa sa kapangyarihan at kwarta kaya kapit tuko pa rin

    • $19291130


  • catmanjohn

    Having made a pact with the Devil himself, Enrile is well versed in the language of deceit and guile, but like any mortal whose time has come to meet his Maker, he is unraveling for his vanity as a man betrays the Truth which is the only currency allowed in the kingdom of eternal Peace. Enrile invokes the Divine, yet his legacy is the furthest from it, as his behavior reveals. Digging up the past misdeeds and errors of others, like a pimp holding hostage his prostitute with past guilt of her sins, to keep her oppressed in that place of servitude, just as Enrile has done to the Nation, he uses these MOOE ‘bribes’ as a cheap form of ensnaring the senators into to that world of guilt, corruption, and shameful status quo he has kept going for so long at the expense of the Nations welfare. One can hope he has heard the last nail in his political coffin, and will seek the road of truth and redemption by abstaining from his past evil ways, and accept that the people deserve an honest accountable government that values the good of all its citizens equally.

  • Jefferson Maquiling

    While our country is suffering from lack of infrastructure and loss of life due to calamity, our Senators are spending the taxes of our people unwisely.  When it comes to money, our Senators lost the sense of right and wrong.
    The money given to them as bonus every year could have been used to build infrastructure across the Philippines to stimulate growth and development and reduce poverty.  It could have been used to provide quality education and health care services and benefits for the people.  It could have been used to provide free skills and soft-skills training for underprivileged and out-of-school-youth, so they can land a better job here and abroad.  It could have been used to buy high tech military ships and aircraft to strengthen our national defense and security.

  • perpetual7

    The Senate has been reeking heavily with methanes either from concealed manures or skeletons that a small spark will explode it. Sindihan na yan!

  • buttones

    And there we have it folks, these are the ‘leaders’ of our nation, the ‘movers and shakers’ , the chosen ones based on their qualification and ‘achievements’ squabbling like fishwives at the market for all the world to see. This is an appalling situation, it’s embarrassing, if these people have personal issues with one another they should not use the House of the Senate as a public platform to vent their anger, we do not wish to know about their puerile squabbles, the Senate is a place of government business, it is NOT to be treated like a kindergarten playground…

  • levis2012

    Mag ba-bribe rin lang hindi pa nilahat, hayan tuloy may mga nagreklamo
    na naapi at napersonal…  eh di sumabog sa harapan ni Enrile ang
    kanyang maling gawa na pamumudmod ng perang hindi naman sa kanya…  Ang
    pera ng bayan ay huwag ipangregalo, kasi hindi mo yan pera, Senator
    Enrile. Kung ibinalik mo yan sa Government Treasury ay wala ka sanang
    problema ngayon.  Hindi naman kasi kailangan ng mga Senador yang P1.6M
    eh may mga tig-P200M PORK BARREL na lahat ang mga yan.. eh barya na lang
    yang P1.6 M na yan sa mga Senador natin… Kung ipanang-donate na lang
    sana sa mga naghihirap nating mga kababayan sa Mindanao na sinalanta ng
    bagyo, at least nabawas-bawasan sana ang sandamukal na kasalanan ni
    Enrile sa sambayanang Pilipino… Matanda na hindi pa alam ang kahulugan
    ng salitang REPENTANCE.

  • levis2012

    May kasabihan na kung ano daw ang itinanim ay siya ring aanihin…. At walang lihim na hindi mabubunyag… 

  • pj2003

    Enrile in a bid to inject his son Jackie (heir to the throne of his political kingdom)  into national politics is doing everything he can to do so.. but it seems how things are going on, he is dragging his son into the gutter with him.

  • Atawid

    Bottom line – paano ginastos ang pera ng bayan. Tanong ko lang sa COA (Commission Ona Audit) at sa BIR (Bigay Ikaw Regalo). Bakit mahigpit kayo sa mga supporting documents na I submit ng mga nagbabayad ng taxes at halos walang proof of disbursements sa mga gumastos (nagwaldas) ng perang bayan

    • Bert

      good question…..

  • dongvee

    Napakagandang pangyayari sa ating senado. Napaka-entertaining. Sulit na sulit yong sinahod nating mga taong bayan sa kanilang mga magiting na senador. Sa ganitong mga pangyayari, hindi mo na kailangang manuod pa ng teleserye sa ABS-CBN. Napakasuerte nating mga pinoy. Gumawa na nga ng mga kinakailangang batas itong mga magiting na senador natin, ini-entertain ka pa. Ang sarap maging pinoy. At hindi lang sa senado ang entertaining. Sa ehikutibo ganon din. Biro mo, sa P5.3 trillion utang sa ating gobyerno ngayon not a single centavo was allocated for an infrastructure project in Cebu. And to think that Cebu is now rated as the fourth largest shipbuilding place in the world, and eight (8th) out of 100 best places for BPO’s all over the world. At alam nyo ba kung magkano ang na-allocate sa Batanes Islands? Matutuwa kayo kung malaman nyo. Segurado yan.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Liezl (daughter of amalia fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni Jackie Enrile (son of Juan ponce Enrile, same guy that killed Alfie Anido..

  • nes911

    Lahat naman ng senador natin may tinatagong kabit maliban lang kay mirriam na may sabit.

    • Faisal salman

      Si Dick Gordon din may itinago dati pero namatay na …ang kanyang alas..Si Ace Vergel ( rip )

      • boypalaban

         ha?!!!!! huli ako sa impormasyon na yan…..grrrrrr….

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    change the dot

    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

  • kalium

    itong si atty. reyes walang galang sa isang senador, wala syang right mag salita na hypocrite ang isang senador, hindi sya ka level. maybe totoo merong hidden agenda din.

    • Jack

      kung totoo naman ang sasabihin mo mayroon kang karapatan

    • boypalaban

      in fairness kay atty hot mama reyes….

      yun bang nagsasabi na hypocrite si enrile at demonyo gaya dito sa discus/forum, may karapatan din ba?

      • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

         at least your correct that….hot pa nga si senator gigi reyes…bwahahaha..

      • boypalaban

        may konting wrinkles lang…pero pwede pa….
        kung sa akin siya pumatol mas HAPPY siya kahit wala akong pera…

    • Bert

      so ang “ka-level” lang ang pwedeng magsabeng epokrito si cayetano? Ako at ikaw hindi?

  • okidoki

    This crook Enrile only used the the phrase “MONEY OF THE PEOPLE” when HE got caught and exposed by the good senator Cayetano for PLUNDERING public funds. The fact that he’s been doing it for years and UNACCOUNTED FOR shows how crooked these senators are. No wonder the former Senator Revillia can afford to keep a concubine with more than a million pesos monthly allowance!!! Now we all know where all these monies come from. Old Ponce’s been a crook since Marcos’ days and there’s no reason why he makes us think he’s ever changed! I was quite right when I thought to myself that “a crook is judging another crook” during the Chief Justice’s trial a few months back. I applaud Senator’s Santiago, the Cayetano siblings and Trillanes for having the ‘BACKBONE’ to stand up against corruption for the good of the COMMON FILIPINO!!!

    • boypalaban

       “I applaud Senator’s Santiago, the Cayetano siblings and Trillanes for
      having the ‘BACKBONE’ to stand up against corruption for the good of the

      ngayon lang nung di nabigyan ng tamang partehan sa nakaw….mga tampururot…

      noon nagpasasa sa nakaw na galing kay enrile…pero lagi sila happy…habang milyon milyon ang gutom….

      mga pekeng anti kurakot crusaders yang mga yan…

      • Bert

        Tama ka, nuong PANTAY ang hatian, walang imik si Alan Peter and company dahil HAPPY (gusto ko happy ka hehe), pero nang hindi na parehas, saka lang sumabog…..mga pekeng anti kurakot crusader nga….

      • Verchez

         At least nabunyag ang katotohanan sa nakawan dyan sa senado. Pasalamat narin tayo sa nangyari.

    • banditpogi

       I was never a big fan of Santiago nor Trillanes but, nevertheless, I applaud them in this good fight.

  • louie

    mukhang naka puntos si cayetano laban kay enrile diyan ah

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Aug 28,1987 rebellion

    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

    • John Ponce

      tama kasama ang kanyang masugid na tuta at alagad na si honasan

      • Verchez

         Nakalimutan nyo si lintang Sotto at kapit tukong si Unggoy Estrada.

    • boypalaban

       together with senatong gringo hugasan, dakilang doggie…

      • banditpogi

        Twenty years ago Honasan has the physique of a warrior, the intelligence of a buggling tactician and the moral compass of a zombie.

        Twenty years later Honasan now has the physique of a pot-bellied pig but  still the intelligence
        of a 6x buggling tactician and the moral compass of a resurrected zombie.

  • malek_abdul

    Now we see what kind of senate we have? Enrile could have been mature enough (being an old man) not to talk about the alleged debt of a dead man just to get back at his critics. Para siyang bata na nanunumbat sa isang kalaro na binigyan niya ng kendi at nung mag-away sila ay isinusumbat ang naibigay na niya.

    • glg_ph

      agree po, biglang naningil sa patay na may utang upang mapahiya ang anak

      • boypalaban

        ganyan din ang dinadanas ni bongbong na sinisingil ang tatay niyang diktador kahit patay na…

      • marionics

        hahaha pre pinarehas mo na si bong bong kay alan peter a he he

      • boypalaban

        ganyan talaga ang kalakaran lalo na kapag personalan…

        anyway, wala talaga akong kampi sa mga yan…enrile o cayetano o kung sino pa….pare-pareho lang naman…

      • marionics

        si alan peter e wala naman akong direktang personal na dahilan para ayawan ko siya di gaya ni putang inang hukluban e medyo talagang biktima ako niyan kaya inaabangan ko na lang atakihin yan he he

        musta benta pre?

      • boypalaban

        mukhang malaking atraso sa yo ni coup leader….daming pera niyan…baka pera na lang niya ang sumusuporta kaya buhay pa siya….kumbaga kayang gumastos pero kung mahirap noon pa tigok….

        maya maya pa ang labas ko ng kariton ng pares…taglamig, daming bumibili kahit mga sosyal na office girls dito sa Makati….kaya tuloy enjoy mga taxi driver na kumakain…mas nagiging kakaibang init ng sabaw ang nalalasap….

      • marionics

        oo nga daw kaya nga wala daw health problems yang hukluban na yan e kasi nga nagii-stem cell therapy e milyon ang gastos diyan e ang daming nakubra niyan nung martial law pa. hmp di bale mauuna naman sigurong mamatay sa atin yang hayup na yan.

        anyway, mukhang masarap ngang pumuwesto diyan sa kariton mo a lalo na kung may mga makati girls. may beer ka ba diyan?

      • boypalaban

        wala e…tsaka bawal beer sa labas…

    • banditpogi

      That may be the side effect of stem cell therapy.  The cells in Enrile’s brain are regenerating too fast and too efficiently that he is literally regressing to an earlier stage of development at bumalik sa pagka isip bata :)

  • glg_ph

    why is it that every time someone criticizes enrile he always has some “pasabog” at his disposal, does he maintain a dossier of  every one especially his present and perceived political enemies?

    • banditpogi

      Most likely he is maintaining a dossier of everybody (even his current allies) which would come in handy in a yet unforeseen situation in the future.  I think he learned from Lacson or vice-versa.

      The funny thing is, for all his intelligence and vast resource at his disposal, it seems he still has to rely on the “Divine Spirit” to vouch for his credibility.

      • glg_ph

        i think yung file name ng dossier na naka folder sa computer nya ay “divine spirit”

  • senatongresman

    Ang mga senatong at mga tongresman natin pinagmumudmud ang pera sa sarililing kapakanan kaya pag may naagrabyado, ayon kanya-kanyang labas ng mga baho nila; Kailangan na cguro pa disinfect at lagyan ng air freshener ang senado kasi ang baho na!!!!!!!!!!!. Gising mamamayan ng Pilipinas dumadami ang magnanakaw!! Kaya kulang na kulang ang pondo ng Pinas; Hahanap na naman sila ng kung ano ang pagkuhanan sa taxes ng taong bayan; Kung may sobra sana isubsidize sa gasolina; gamot; para bumaba ang presyo!!! Sana kunin na  sila ni Lord para mabawasan ang masasama sa Pinas!!!

    • boypalaban

      kaya nga di ako umaayon sa RH Bill/Law kasi style lang yan ng mga magnanakaw para lalong makapagnakaw…hindi kailanman magiging concern ang mga magnanakaw na yan sa kababaihan, mahihirap….concern lang nila magnakaw at magtakipan ng kung gaano na kadami ninakaw nila…

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Haha nakakatawa na talaga to. Yong pera ng bayan pinag a agawan ng pamilya hindi na para sa bayan. Paano na kung nandiyan na mga anak apo kabit tatay nanay. Awayan na lang sa mga parte na galing sa bayan.
    Hay naku gising na Pinas! 

  • Jack

    mayroon ng punching bag si peter para sa kanyang re-election bid sa 2013. hindi niya kasi pwedeng tirahin si presidenteng noy kaya si senate president enrile na lang. same strategy done by peter in 2007 senatorial election 

    • boypalaban

       inakusahan si noynoy na abnoy…nung hinamon na patunayan…atras si tsismosa…didikit kasi yan kung saan may pera at power…nagkataon si Villar dati ang makapangyarihan…

    • Dy Pailad

      Not his fault. Enrile was the one who gave him the ammo. May kasabihan, if you live in a glass house do not throw stones.  

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Tangalin na lang ang Senado at mababang Kongreso. Isa lang ang alam kung naglakas ng loob na tanggalin ang kongreso dahil alam niya noong araw na pahirap lang to sa Pinas. Taga ubos ng pondo ng bayan.

  • dtszero_cool

    tama sila pereho…. kasi pereho silang kurakot…

  • So, What’s News

    Jack Enrile Withdraws From Senatorial Race. Afraid What Dad Might Bring Up If Ever Elected. READ #Satire

  • Gerald Abueva

    Pu-tang ina. This has got to be the biggest scandal JPE is involved in since his BS biography. Ito ipinalabas sa buong bansa, sa national TV. There should be no excuse for SWS and Pulse Asia to include Jackie in the next survey. Kahit anong luto, it would be hard to believe that Jackie is still in the top 15. Yes, top 15 hindi lang top 12. Ibig sabihin sobrang layo na ni Jackie dapat kung totoo ang mga surveys na yan.

    • boypalaban

      kaso gusto ng mga pinoy yung maraming iskandalo sa buhay….babaero, lasenggo, sugarol, mamamatay tao, jueteng lord…gambling lord….logging lord….tiyak pasok si jackie diyan…

  • John Ponce

    oo naman,bakit????

  • mashamanning

    it is well known for years that kabit niya yang gigi na yan.

  • John Ponce

    oo naman,bakit???? hot mama nga yan c mama gigi reyes sa 50th bday party nia solyal mga bwesita nia mag aamang estrada at c lolo ponce enrile

  • wakats


    When confronted by Alan’s insinuation, among others, that the senate is being ran by enrile’s chief of staff, the beauteous gigi reyes, johnny came out with a vintage 1988 promissory note from Alan’s late father, former Senator Renato “Kumpanyero” Cayetano worth P37M, purportedly to divert the attention from gigi, whom the Chicago Tribune named as johnny’s woman in January, 1998.

    Moreover, when queen mirriam unleashed a torrent of criticism against enrile on additional cash gifts, the apo, instead of answering mirriam,  offered to quit as senate president – thereby resulting to a division of the house wherein he was retained on 11-3 votes, and effectively diverted the public’s attention.

    It’s very unfair for enrile to make public the Kumpanyero’s indebtedness which the senate president hides from his closet for 23 years and could have been paid already since the late senator was elected to the senate in May 1998 election and died while in office on June 24, 2003.

    Alan brought out the highly suspicious/anomalous practice of liquidating expenses even in the hundreds of millions by MERE CERTIFICATIONS ONLY by the senators.


    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Pareho lang tiwali at kurap ang dalawang magkatunggaling senador igan….kung maalala mo ang usapin C5 ni Villar sa senado.suportado ni Cayetano si Villar nuon sa usapin “INSERTION” (200 daang milyon piso)…at siya pa ang lumalabas na “speaker” o tagapag-sinungaling ng kampo ni Villar nuon…

      Kaya maghulos dili ka sa pagsuporta sa mga senador na ito….walang senador na nakaupo ngayon ang matino na nag-iisip para sa bayan!!! lahat sila ay pansariling interes lamang ang iniisip!!!

  • JEO

    putang ina ng mga leaders na ito! kaya naghihirap bayan natin dahil sa nakawan na kanilang sinasabi na “standard practice na ginagawa” putang ina talaga oh!

    ang laki ng problema bayan natin, economiya na hindi pa kayang i-uplift sa poverty ang mga mamayan natin, securidad sa bansang tsina kasi wala sundalo o kulang sa armas sundalo natin!  Putang ina talaga oh!

    ganito ba talaga kahina or ka incompetent leaders natin? napasakit talaga isipin na ganito talaga ka putang ina bansa natin!


    • MrJoseRizal

      Magkakapagasa ang Pilipinas kung ang mga bumuboto ay edukado. Dapat may IQ exam, pag pumasa ka, bago ka pwedeng bumoto :)

      • JEO

        Dapat sana ang boboto ay yong nagbabayad ng tax yong the rest parang pahamak nalang..binoboto pa rin si erap! Patay tayong lahat Kung ganito leaders natin.

  • july13a

    Lahat mga kawatan kaya lalong naghihirap ang mga Pilipino. Kawatan!

  • ulrich j


  • ulrich j





    • boypalaban


  • John Ponce

    savings daw po ng senado yun sa pamumuno ng aking lolo na c ponce enrile,matipid cia kc ilokano kami but not kuripot kc pinamigay at pinagmamalaki ng lolo ko na may karapatan daw cia sa pera,sa pera ng taong bayan,yan ang lolo ko matandang ganid sa pera at kapangyarihan

  • Katokon Timu

    These trapos and political dynasties are amassing money from PORK BARREL. 
    They are getting fatter and stronger while the people are dying of hunger…

    • yun_na

      Parang Les Mserables ah!

  • Fulpol

    people will forgive you Enrile… but never forgive Cayetano for insulting you…

    • Cynthia

      Fulpol, your name speaks for your character

    • Marshall

      Truly the people will forgive you Enrile…
      But you DIE FIRST…..

    • marionics

      wow! fulpy talagang natuluyan ka na nga

      • JuanTamadachi

        lmao :)

  • biancajbbea

    kahit anong isulat ninyo regarding this article ang bottom line e….LAHAT ng politiko sa pilipinas ay MAGNANAKAW!  magbibigay ng singko sa mga kababayan nila magnanakaw ng isang milyon!….may nakita na ba kayong politikong naghirap dahil sa pagsisilbi sa bayan? 

    • boypalaban

      wala…handa nga silang pumatay kasi gustong gusto nilang maglingkod sa bayan….napakabuti ng mga walanghiyang pulitiko…..

    • Bert

      WALA as in WALA!!!!

      At tama ka, LAHAT ng politiko sa pilipinas ay MAGNANAKAW!

  • PH2011

    “Not to be outdone, Enrile waved
    on the floor a document that supposedly showed a P37-million debt Cayetano’s
    father, the late former Sen. Rene Cayetano, incurred while a partner in the
    Ponce Enrile-Cayetano Law firm that the 
    SENATE PRESIDENT SAID HE HAD PUT UP so the elder Cayetano could feed his




    • gibreel farishta

      moonlighting– authorize!

  • manong_edwin

    the latest intramurals in the Senate is just another concrete example of a kettle calling the pot sooty and black…however, maraming salamat sa bangayan na nakakabata laban sa nakakatanda dahil nalaman ng buong bansa kung ano ang mga baho nila…pero I will bet my last peso na madali lang ito malimutan ng taong-bayan, chances are sa June 30, 21:00 noon muling uupo ang mga ito at ang mga katulad nito sa Kongreso..ang mga taong niloloko ang magbabalik sa kanila sa Kongreso!…sabi nga ni Bob Dylan “when will we ever learn, oh, when will we ever learn?”

  • boymanok

    ang mga honorable pinag-aawayan ang pera ng bayan…nakakahiya kayo

  • boymanok

    naglabasan na ng baho ang mga naturingang edukado…puro balasubas naman  pala

    • boypalaban

       mga nag-aral para makapanlamang sa kapwa….

  • josesantos318

    Let us pray that god will not turn the occupants of the senate into stone, on the condition that there is one honest senator still existing.

  • parefrank

    Why near all gov. offices cry all the time of not having funds enough for their needs and projects, but end of the year there are millions and millions of “savings”? They just do nothing over the year because the “saved” money can be used for their own cash gifts and bonuses instea to be returned to the government coffers., it is a real “selfservice” manner. Nowhere is any rule that such savings have to be spent for gifts.

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    Hiring:Vigilante Group and ABB brigade
    Mission:assasinate all corrupt politicians

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Huwag na natin paabutin sa marahas na paraan kabayan!!! Simple lang ang dapat gawin ng bayan…Huwag iboto ang lahat ng kandidato sa pagkasenador maging ito ay UNA o liberal o Nasyonalista ni Villar!!!! 

      Hayaan natin magkaroon ng “krisis” sa pamumuno sa senado nang sa ganuon ay mai-isip ng mga nakaupong senador na hindi na nila kayang lokohin ang bayan!!!

    • boypalaban

      mas drastic proposal ko: IDAMAY NA ANG BUONG PAMILYA NG MGA KURAKOT NA YAN….mahirap na…baka magkaroon pa ng pagkakataon makabalik ang mga yan….dapat putulin na lahat kahit IMMEDIATE FAMILY LANG ANG ITUMBA….ISAMA NA RIN PALA PATI PAMILYA NO.2 PAMILYA NO.3, ETC….

    • Ariel

      Ito ang tama Tao na lamang maghusga sa mandorogas kill them all assasinate all corrupt officials

  • Ganymede

    Enrile to Cayetano: Ayaw kong HAPPY Ka!

    • boypalaban

      Cayetano to Enrile: BAKIT KULANG ANG PARTE KO SA NAKAW?

  • Arnold Cesar Romero

    Government checks should be issued to the OFFICE, not to the person. Check from Enrile should be “Pay to Office of Senator So-and-So”. To the office, not to the person. The office should have a separate bank account. Elementary, my friend…

    • gibreel farishta

      wala rin, bai.. the head of the office has the discretion where to spend the government fund.. 

  • jan_piter

    Dapat sa isama sa Statement of Asset & Liabilities kung ilan ang Chief of Staff ng mga Senators at Congressman.. kasi ngayon daw sa Pnas mas matapang pa ang Chief of Staff kesa sa legal na asawa.,. (magulo yata ako??, he, he, he wait), Kasi ang Chief of Staff pala ng Senator (pati na rin yata congressman) pwedeng pumirma sa tseke na dapat senator lang ang pipirma, di ba? so may chance na may expenses or income na malaki si senator na ang nakakaalam ang chief of staff lang..tingnan nyo ang kaso ni matandang., err..Manong Enrile.. he, he, he ang masama pa pera ng Pilipinas ang pinagyabang or kaya pinambili ng sympathy ng iba..kasama na ang kapwang senators..PWEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • igmat

    if this is the price of good governance, so be it. both of these men i truly admire, they may have different positions but both came out on top of their heap. The pain of knowing the truth is always slow and hard but it always end up for the greater good.we have done this in the past and known to pursue it up to the last lap. Good luck and may the people benefit favorably from all of these.

  • jan_piter

    Andress_Bagumbayan isama na ang myembro ng LP na kaibigang tunay ni Enrile..baka kasi may chief of staff din yan.. iboto lahat ng LP huwag lang ang kaibigan ng BABAD na babaerong senator na matapang sa asawa (dati) pero under sa kerida/chief of staff!!!..he, he, he..

    • magiting78

      Don’t vote both LP and UNA they are both trapos and dynasties..

      • boypalaban

        tama ka…

  • apojay

    Allowing a mere staff member to participate actively in senate  caucuses “out of respect” should never have happened.

    National interest trumps “respect” every time.

    • Gerardo Barrica

       If not for Gigi, hindi na talaga gagana ang ke Manong. Si Gigi na palagi kaya magulo. Enrile can no lobger function effectively.

      It is about time he is tried for his atrocities sa MARTIAL LAW.

  • Philcruz

    He says kasi two senators, Drilon and Angara, kidded him about a possible extra budget from his office’s savings.. and so he gave in .. and initially called it his Christmas gifts to them. . Duhh.. ganun lang? Joke only.. bigay agad? Gusto niya, happy sila. Except the naughty four, of course.

    And this Drilon and Angara. Shame on you two. You are no better. Gads!

    • RicDab

      magkaka-brod yung tatlo (SR)

  • barry p

    Buti  na lang tapos na ang impeachment ni corona !!

  • Katokon Timu

    Enliar spent 50years of fattening his penis….

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Mukhang mas masahol pa sa kawalanghiyaan at katiwalian ang mga nagpatalsik kay Corona!!!

    • ocib

      Correct!  We have a Senate full of hypocrites masquerading as saints.  Mas madami pa silang kasalanan, to think na ilang taon na silang nanunungkulan.  

    • ocib

      So very true!

  • wehd1nga

    WHY ONLY NOW MR. SENATOR ALLAN PETER CAYETANO? alam mo pala noon pa na mali ang pamimigay ng cash gift ni SP J P. Enrile eh bakit yung mga nakaraang taon mag simula ng maging senador ka eh taon-taon tuwing december tinatangap mo yung cash gift, ang ibig mo sabihin yung mga nakaraang taon eh tama si J P. Enrile na mamigay ng cash gift at ngayong 2012 eh mali o labag sa batas yung pinamigay na cash gift… BAKIT NGAYON KA LANG NAGREKLAMO HA,

    • boypalaban

      siraulo yan e….nagtataray nung kulang ang parte sa nakaw…abnoy cayetano…tatay nagpasasa nung panahon ng diktadura…wala sa ayos na pamilya…

  • J

    It would have been easier if all senators admitted they are taking/receiving such “gifts” then resign.
    Matagal na nilang pinagtatakpan ang ganyan practice e ngayon lumabas na ang nakakasulak na amoy.
    Kung nangyayari yan sa Senado mas malamang sa lower house din.Hindi komo legal sa tingin nila e ok o approve na sa taong bayan.

    Hindi naman tanga ang maraming Pinoy kung ano talaga ang dahilan kung bakit marami ang gustong maging senadores at congressmen. At kapag nahalal na kapit tuku ito sa puwesto para hindi lang mabawi ang puhunan noong election kundi kikita pa. Isusunod na ang mga anak upang manahin ang upuan nila. Tama na ang  PoliTUKU dynasties. Nakakasuka na kayo!

  • Philcruz

    He was so enamoured by his kuno blockbuster fictionalized version of his autobiography that he wrote another book on the Impeachment of Corona with him as central character, who else. Another future blockbuster in the fiction category?

    What’s next? How about trying song writing next? One of my favorites is Maurice Chevalier’s “Oh, My Gigi.”

  • Katokon Timu

    Basahin nyo sa kabila, nagsalita na si gay Pinky….
    Si Miriam parin ang sinasaktan…. Bading talaga…

  • Fred

    Sa sobrang baho ng singaw sa Senate, hindi lang amoy gutter
    kundi amoy imburnal pa na puno ng #$%^&*

  • Mark

    hindi applicable ang Senate sa Pilipinas, kasi maraming mandurugas at mapanglamang sa kapwa. Ang senate dapat lugar ng mga wise men, mga taong may mataas na pananaw sa buhay para may magawang batas para sa lahat. Wala pang ganyan sa Pilipinas…anong meron sa Pilipinas
    1. mamatay tao na politko
    2. mandurugas na politiko
    3. sugarol na politiko
    4. bugok na politiko

    yang Senate na yan pinauso lang yan nga gustong mag waldas ng pera ng bayan. Ano bang pakinabang ng Senate na yan sa buhay ko.
    1. Araw araw ako sumasakay ng MRT..hindi ko nararamdaman ang batas na ginawa ng senate laging siksikan at lagi balyahan at tulakan
    2. Pag bumibili ako sa palengke hindi ko maramdaman ang batas na ginawa ng Senate hindi ako makabili ng masarap na pagkain
    3. Pag nag mamaneho ako laging may pangamba na makotongan ng pulis o MMDA hindi ko maramdaman ang batas na ginawa ng Senate

    I abolish na yang Senate na yan…breeding ground ng corrupt, mayayabang, mandurugas na politiko

  • Guest

    Who are politicians behind the all too powerful Senator Gigi Reyes? Check this out:


    This AV was intended for Senator Gigi Reyes’ 50th birthday, prepared by her staff, well-wishers and some UNA stalwarts.

  • disqusted0fu

    Ugly indeed! No one should care about this personal squabbling of these senators if it didn’t involve the people’s money. These guys are paid the big bucks to serve the public and make better the country, not for dramas, personal issues and quarrels. Leave that to the entertainment industry.

    Sadly, our government is gradually becoming part of the entertainment industry, led by a showbiz president who has habitually attacked his enemies to gain popularity and promote his inadequate programs and slogans to portray as accomplishments.

    • JuanTamadachi

      You are a nincompoop aren’t you? All of your posts are awash with nincompoopery!

  • Jude Fawley

     Answer the challenge of Cayetano lolo Enrile! Wag kang mag out of topic! Nagmumukha ka tuloy na bobo ngayon sa harap ng taong bayan

  • Hein S

    Power Tripping KIRIDA, this Gigi Reyes is.

    • boypalaban

      Power Tripping Allan Peter cayetano, spokesman and defender of Villar’s anomalies…claimed that Pnoy is abnoy…but declined to take the challenge when dared to prove his accusation…badinger talaga…putak nang putak…tampururot…kulang kasi ang parte sa ninakaw ni Enrile…panlalake sana niya…aaay fafa allan petra cayetaning…..

  • rodben

    Tumigil na kyo trabaho nalang atupagin nyo lahat naman ng pilitiko maging appointed man o elected iisa lang agenda SARILI MUNA BAGO BAYAN kya please wala namang maniniwalang karaniwang Pinoy sa mga sinasabi ng dalawan Honorabol na ito sayang laway nyo.

  • pizza ria

    teka, bading ba itong si allan peter cayetano?  idinawit pa ang babae sa usapan. 

    • patrick f

      Wow, ganda ng logic mo. Swaying away from the issue? Bago mo isipin kung sino bading tanungin mo muna kung sino tama?  Kamag anak ka ni Gigi? ni Enrile? style nyo bulok, laos na yan. Magpaliwanag kayo! gusto namin malaman kung san nyo dinala pera namin?

      • boypalaban

        tanungin mo magkapatid na cayetano kung saan nila ginamit ang mga binigay sa kanila na ninakaw ni Enrile…nung panahon happy pa silang magkapatid at malaki laki pa ang nananakaw din nila mula kay manong….soplak ka!

    • doncleo

       anong bading?  si Cayetano nga lang ang pumapalag sa mga senador…nsaan yung mga nagkukunwari na machong senador–si Honasan, Lapid, Escudero at Trillanes? nabakla na hindi makakibo…o nabusalan silang lahat nung 1.6M..Kapal naman talaga!!!

      • boypalaban

        bading talaga yan…putak nang putak na abnoy si noynoy pero nung hinamon na patunayan, naduwag at nagladlad si binabae…mas type niya kasi dati ang pera ni Villar…

    • boypalaban

      bading yan…panlalake sana niya yung kulang sa binigay ni enrile…hindi tuloy happy fafa niya….

  • Love God

    Any politician who unjustly spent the money of the tax payer is a sinner.

    Hell awaiting them…

  • joboni96

    manong johny
    pati ba naman namamahinga na
    dinadamay mo pa

    singilin mo na lang
    kung gusto mo

    sen alan
    huwag masyado

    baka maatake si manong
    kargo de konsensya mo pa

    mga hon senators
    just use the money
    to rehabilitate 1 navy corvette
    to defend our eez

    ang tagal na ninyong pinabayaan
    depensa at

  • corics

    nakakahiya itong mga hinayupak na ito. enrile, sotto, lapid, revilla, estrada… bakit nananalo ang mga ito? wala na ba tayong maibobotong ibang senador?

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Let’s call a spade a spade. Why are you personally upset with me? It’s because you and Attorney Gigi are close to the former President GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) and the First Gentleman.”

    Sometime in 1998 Cristina Enrile got wind of old man river’s affair with Gigi. All hell broke loose for Enrile financially because wife Cristina took him to the  cleaners. Enrile was so broke that his projects, such as, but not limited to, SPLENDIDO Golf and Country Club in Tagaytay and a buiding in Ayala weren’t completed. Enrile was in a huge financial quagmire and like Faustus, sold his soul to the devils named Dorovos and consequently, was loaned a big sum of money by Dorovo and her husband Fat Boy in return for his political subservience to them. This is what was being alluded to by AP Cayetano.

    I wonder how much this latest scandal is going to cost Enrile. Chances are, Cristina will be more than livid with anger.

  • Your_King

    So the Senators get P200M for their disposal plus millions more and this is what is happening? This is their version of working to better the country by arguing publicly and bickering at each other? Leadership starts up top and goes to the Senate and so forth and so on…it looks like the leadership has been setting a bad example. All that they are doing is a waste of time. It just seems that they can do better things with their time than this…last year they were preparing to impeach a CJ which was somewhat a waste of time too because doing that did nothing to better the country.


    It is nice to hear the truth from one brave senator. I have never been in favor of Sen. Santiago but for the first time, I salute her for openly question sen. enrile. I have nothing against enrile but I never trusted him starting from the marcos regime. He did everything in his hands to enrich himself. Masyadong plastic like other politicians like the Estradas, Arroyos, Binay, Sotto, and many more. These politicians are the reasons why our nation is at the bottom and never improved the economy. Most but not all politicians have enriched themselves and have neglected the poor people.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Issuing the checks from the office of the senate does not mean it will not go to the senators’ pockets. Enrile was so desperate he sounded like a wounded ageing lion that can only roar but not bite. Cayetano is right, he’s already in the gutter and way below it. The more he opens his mouth the more he SINKS and STINKS. Clearly in the past few days he already show us who really is. Some people are right, what a waste of brain? If only he has share that talent to help our country prosper, he could have been a hero. For now he’s just the hero of one of the most corrupt senate in the world whose members you can faintly hear nowadays.

  • st. vincent

    Sabi ni tanda..”let the Divine Spirit determine whose truth is correct”. Tagal na niyang nagsisinungaling sa mamamayang Pilipino pero di ko mawari kung bakit nanalo pa sa eleksyon. Bulag lang ata talaga tayong mga pilipino.

    • boypalaban

      at maraming uto-uto…

  • tukmoldinako

    Nakakahiya kayong mga senador kayo para kayong hindi mga stateman, magresign na kayong lahat.

    • Marshall

      Ang mga senador ay hinde automatically pwedeng tawaging Stateman..Politiko ang tawag dyan…

  • YanoSantos

    Hahaha, i knew it, time has come.

  • YanoSantos

    Is that how brilliant you are jpe? Pati ba naman kahoy ng bahay ay sinisingil mo?

    • regd

      Taktika yan ni tanda lagi. Pag dehado ilabas ang baho. Di ba may anti-logging na kaso siya noon? Yun siguro ang ginamit?

  • regd

    Delikado si JPE, he badly need a new impeachment to preside to redeem himself. Impeach niya kaya si Brenda? hehehehe.

    • rjimenez1226

      Malapit na ang paghuhukum kay Enrile Voldemort. Makakaganti na rin ang Pilipinong sambayanan sa matandang hukluban na walang konsensiya.

      • boypalaban

        sige isubo mo na kargada ni tanda…aagawan mo pa si atty…

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    I think this is a perfect time for BIR Kim Henares to go after Gigi Reyes. As a government employee, Gigi Reyes will be hard pressed to explain her nice big property in Katipunan. Dun pa lang sabit na si Gigi.

    • Ilihanboy

      Ang takot lang ni Kim Henares na imbestigahin si GiGi…malakas yan babes !

      Senators call her “mam” Gigi. Biro mo yan, pati si Pinoy kayang kaya papuntahin sa kanyang birthday party. O’ anong say mo ?

  • opinyonlangpo

    Trying to bring down the untouchable is like reaching for the sky. For so many decades Enrile wielded power like no one presently alive, with only four people there seems to be little chance for it to happen. The millions in Christmas bonus will protect Enrile.

  • Philcruz

    Enrile has sunk so low.  The guy is cracking up. Indeed, whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad..or extremely vain, arrogant and extremely petty and vindictive.

     A model of what not to be when one gets to be a Senate President or government official. Sotto and Jinggoy are not too far behind. Understandable. They idolize this aging Wily Coyote. For Jinggoy, he says he would follow Enrile to the very end. End of what? A jail term? Again?

  • Philcruz

    And Ping Lacson complains that the Senate has been damaged because of this incident.  I am disappointed with Lacson.

     First, he quickly and staunchly defended Enrile by attacking Miriam when Miriam was criticizing Enrile. The first to defend. Why such urgency to come to Enrile’s rescue? Why the rush to be the first defender of the realm?

    Secondly, I am disappointed in him for saying that the Senate has been damaged because of this. My God, the Senate has been damaged long before this. Doesn’t he know it? Or is he pretending that the senators are still being respected by the people?

    Ping, you are a big disappointment. I thought you were a breed apart from the likes of Enrile and his vassals.

  • boypalaban

    Ano ang ipinagkaiba ni Cayetano kay Enrile pagdating sa pagsisinungaling at pangungurakot?

  • Marshall

    Clearly.. Mga batang senador lang ang malakas ang loob na sumagupa sa moog na kung tawagin sa politika ng Pilipinas..
    Sabi nga lahat ng Matapang may KATAPAT…
    Lahat ng bagay may katapusan…




    • boypalaban

      Ano ang ipinagkaiba ni Cayetano kay Enrile pagdating sa pagsisinungaling at pangungurakot?

      • rjimenez1226

        Isa kang tanga!

      • boypalaban

         mas tanga ang gaya mong uto uto…
        tsu tsu…kain ka pa ng dog food…wag kasi yung mga tira tira lang at mga basura sa kalye kinakain mo…
        hingi ka ng balato sa idol mong bading cayetano epal bakla…gaya mo….

      • $19291130

        Isa kang BONDYINGGGG!!!! LOOOL ULET

      • boypalaban

         hi eduarda….musta na ang paghalik mo sa puwet ng panginoon mong si cayetano?

    • Marco

      Tama kayo mga egan, mga batang sena-tong (senador) lang ang may tapang at lakas ng loob ang  sumasagupa o lumalaban sa tiwaling si Enrile. Bakit kamo, e papano po, puro mga balimbing ang mga veteranong senador. kong balembingan ang pag uusapan numero uno jan si Drilon, pangalawa si Sotto, pangatlo si Honasan, 4th si Jinggoy, 5th si Bong Revilla, 6th si Escudero, 7the si Loren, 8th si Angara at yong iba naman mga balembeng din pero mild lang. Si Miriam alembeng din at kahit may brenda pero palaban yan. Siya nga ang pinakamatapang sa lahat ng Senador eh. Kay ano ang mapapala natin sa mga veteranong sena-tong. lahat naman kasi sila, binusog ni manong johny eh. playing safe din ang mga yan dahil malapit na ang election. 

  • tata_boy

    Sa mga nangyari sa linggong ito, napakabaho ng reputasyon ng mga senatong. Lumabas ang tunay na pagkatao ni JPE, napakaitim ng kanyang budhi. Inutil pala lahat ang mga senatong. Bakit? Dahil po isang querida po pala ang presidente ng senado, paano nangyari ito? Bakit pinabayaan ito ng mga senatong? Mahihirapan na pong makabawi ang mga senatong. Finger pointing would do you any good. Lahat kayo ay may kasalanan. Matagal na pala ninyong winawalanghiya si Juan de la Cruz. We need to hear from the senatongs.

    Paano natin malulutas ang gusot na ito? Madali lang po, kung susundin ang mga sumusunod:
    1) Alisin ang pork barrel at lahat ng PDAF allowance ng mga mambabatas. May DSWD at DPWH. na tayo.
    2) Ibasura ang bank sacrecy laws, unang-una na iyong tungkol sa foreign deposit accounts.
    3) Isabatas na ang FOI bill.

    • boypalaban

      paswelduhin ng Php 20,000 lang at wala nang ibang makukuha ang mga yan…ewan ko lang kung gumusto pa maging senatongs ng mga di nadisiplina ng magulang na mga yan…

  • bogli_anakdami

    sino kaya sa flipland traposakals ang unang itutumba?… their private armies are itching to execute the mission…

    cge na naman naman namannnnn… i couldn’t wait any longer…

  • Vito C


  • boypalaban

    wala pa ring makasagot:

    clue: cayetano- defender ni Villar sa kanyang mga anomalya…happy siya nung malaki pa nakukuha niyang nakaw galing kay enrile…di pa kampanya, pero pagmumukha niya nakikita na madalas sa tv…..inakusahan na abnoy si pnoy at umatras nung hinamon na patunayan niya….aaaaay fafa fetra….

    wag basta maniwala sa biglang sulpot na nagmamalinis…yan ay ENRILE JR….baka mas masahol pa yan kay Jackie…..

  • tilamsik

    time for corona to get back at those who crucified him… show your balls renato

  • Bayawak

    Dissolve the Senate.
    Politician use the house for personal interest only.
    It don’t serve the interest of Filipino people anymore.

  • Jess

    Mga magnanakaw kayong lahat. Declare the entire senate vacant

  • bogli_anakdami

    kung magre-resign si ms gigi, i’ll apply for the job…

    meron akong ‘sang dosenang rubber kepyas i bought in quiapo…

    manong enrile will not know the difference, di ba?

  • spy_2013

    mahiya nman dapat si enrile,sa senado na sya tumanda hanggang ngaun wala pa din pagbabago prblma ng pilipinas.

  • ulrich j







  • spy_2013

    si manong jonny kc tumanda na sa panluluko ng taong bayan.kaya tama lng mga batang senador.turuan nyo ng tama ang mga senador na tumanda na sa paggawa ng kalukohan.

  • Kiro Nazakato

    Kawawa naman c Pnoy. Ginagawa lahat makabangon ang bayan sa pagkakasadlak sa kahirapanm tapos sisirain lang ng mga walang hiyang ito. Habang kumakayod ng husto ang Pangulo i-promote ang Pilipinas sa mga investors at sa international communities, we are being dragged down by this scrupulous politicians. Mahal na Pangulo, sana bigyan kayo ng wisdom, good health, long life, at para maisalba nyo sa mga mapagsamanta at mga bwitreng ito. Sa ma politikong ito, nakakatlog pa ba kau sa gabi habang naiisip nyo nangyayaring ito? To the senate, magreorganize na po kau, para yong mga bagong papalit na liderato, di man sabihing santo, maybe lesser evils, makapagsimula na ng panibago. At sa darating na halalan tandaan ang mga kurakot na ito, at palitan natin ng mga bago, progresibo, may karakter, tapat, may talino, at pagmamahal sa bayan. At seguraduhin natin ung mga artista na bumubutas lang ng bangko, at  ginagawang circus lang ang senado o kongreso. mga traditional politicians na wala namang binatbat,  nakakabit lang sa pangalan ng kanilang mga ma, wag pahintulutang makapasok sa senado  mangungurakot lang din sila katulad ng kamag anak nila.

    • JuanTamadachi

      well said..

  • ulrich j








    • Komen To

      Kaya nga

  • rjimenez1226

    Mga walanghiyang senador. Si Enrile ang pinakagagong abusagong abogago. Mandurugas ng bayan.

    • boypalaban

      kagaya mo ogag na engot pa…umayos ka!

  • spy_2013

    kawawa nman ang taong bayan,halos d kumain khit isang beses lng isang araw habang million peso pinag aawayan ng mga bulok na politiko.pnoy ikaw na lng pag asa ni juan dela cruz.hwag u bigyan ng puwang ang mga politikong sagabal sa sinasabi mo tuwid na daan.

  • rodben

    Ulrich j correct ka dyan this time  politicians and political appointees are the same agenda STRAIGHT PATH TO THE MONEY NEVER MINE THE PUBLIC, Marcos system still the best of all time to the MASSES but very bad for todays politicians. I guess this is only a hard drama remember election time after election then these people are still win they are best friends again. I advice  sa mga botante mas marami pang Pinoy na honest at magaling na law maker why we don’t give them a chance MALAY NATIN DITO MAG UMPISA ANG TUWID NA DAAN SA MGA DI KILALANG POLITICO AT WALANG PARTIDO.

    • simondj

      si BRO. EDDIE kumandidato pero kulilat sa tao. what the people sow they will reap.

      • Komen To

        Mas malala pa nangyari kung nanalo bata mo. E yung anak nga naupo sa kongreso ng illegal, review the supreme court decisions. Sinoli ba sinweldo Nya sa gobyerno?

  • jbrand



  • simondj

    James 4:17 (New King James Version)17 Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. matagal na pala iyan wala malakas ang loob na simita, so ang buong senate papunta na sa gutter.

  • edwin


  • simondj

    Dapat siguro imungkahi  natin sa senado iyong mga kulilat sa election (8 to 10 slots) hindi pwede maging senate president. To reflect the sentiment of the people. The point is, kaya ayaw ng taong bayan diyan kasi at malamang korapt o may atraso sa taong bayan.  Malamang din ang slot 8 to 12 ay bunga lang ng DAGDAG BAWAS, ika nga nila ay PALUSOT, so bakit gagawin ninyong senate president.

  • cris0744

    There’s not enough money from corruption that can quench someones greed that they have to steal money from the very people that place them in power.

  • zidyay

    Now we are hearing directly from the mouth of dishonorable Senators themselves how they are sucking the people’s money and wealth for personal gains. No different from hardened criminals who went on to double-cross one of their own,  the Senators, with Enrile and Cayetano on the lead,  spew unspeakable and very detestable accusations to one another. The only lacking moment in this episode was that there was no actual violent encounter, at least perhaps for the moment.

    In more civilized societies, this abominable exchange of charges would have caused the voters to call for the immediate resignation of these Senators and the creation of independent commission to dig deeper into their level of corruption and misdoings. But not in the Philippines! After people are done cursing and venting anger in blog sphere and other social media, the case will be forgotten and the shameless and blood sucking politicians will remain in their positions. You don’t have to go far. Look where, for example the Marcoses and many more, these proven plunderers are now. 

    Because we Filipinos are already numbed with the irregularities committed in government before our  very own faces.We never get to learn, to vote wisely, and to fight hard for our rights. This incident is the affirmation that people run for office not to serve but to steal.And yet people continue to vote for many of them. And yet many complain the government work only for the interests of certain groups. If Filipinos are poor, abused, lied to, deceived and oppressed, it was because they chose it to be. We’ve got to change and do it fast.

  • katindig


    • Leonardo

      Ok pa ang mga Tuhod ni lolo enrile… Gusto Bata. Kaso Baka isang round Lang si lolo.

  • scconcern

    “Utang is utang (dapat bayaran), pero utang nang ibang tao di utang ko’. Sibling Cayetano has nothing to justify on their father’s debt. Whatever happen between Enrile and Old Cayetano is no business of the Young Cayetanos. Enrile is just apply McCarthy syndrome (Expose/blame even without relevant facts to the individual/party).

  • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

    Wala yang balitaktakan na yan sa senado. Nag tsi tsismisan lang sila para pagusapan. Sa Taiwan, normal na ang flying kick at suntukan sa sessions ng parliament. 

  • Komen To

    Dead men cannot defend themselves, and all lawyers know that. I was surprised that the HONORABLE senator did not honor a former fellow senator who is already dead. Sabi nga ni Congressman F, PALUSOT. Iniiba ang issue


    ERAP, BINAY & UNA TRIBE: walang masama sa ginawa ni ENRILE. 
    PING: kasalanan ito ni MIRIAM
    LOREN: hindi pa natatanggap ang php1.6
    JINGGOY & SOTTO: nothing wrong with JPE/JLGR running senate affairs


  • leonguinto

    Enrile said he put up a law office so that Atty Cayetano could feed his children. My question is: What did Marcos do for Enrile so that he could feed his children? Was it that BIG that the great Senate President authored and implemented Martial Law?

  • batchmatters

    Palabas lang ni JPE yung pagdeclare nya as vacant dun sa kanyang posisyon as Senate President. At siempre, sino namang senador ang kakagat sa pain ng Senate President na magmukha siyang martir sa pangalan ng pulitika? Kung sersoyo si Enrile sa kanyang intensyong -lalo ngayong nasa gitna siya ng isang matinding kontrobersya- ay ginawa nya sanang irrevocable ala Gigi Reyes ang kanyang resignation.

  • Febien

    Matagal na raw na may maling ginagawa si Enrile at Gigi sa senado pero OUT OF RESPECT pinabayaan lang nila ,sabi ni Cayetano. DAHIL BA DI BUONG 1.6 MILLION ANG ibinigay kaya nawala ang respeto? hahaha! Matagal ng may ginagawang di tama ngayon ka lang umangal Cayetano! Ibig sabihin pag tama ang bigay quiet ka lang at may respetohahaha! Birds of the same feathers nga kayo!!

    • Leonardo

      Talaga namang may relasyon ang dalawa…. LOVE ni lolo si mam gigi….

  • wakai_duvatan

    “money is the root of all evil”…. err, bakit nga ba hindi pantay-pantay na 1.6M ang binigay kasi? yun lang yun eh… its politics.. a dirty politics.. an and for us who tried hard to finish college, then work for a living.. also if you have a business estblishments, huh! we pay tax quaterly, anually, PTR, Cedula.. what is left is less than the puhunan… :( tapos ganyan ang cash gifts sa congress!! its mind boggling!!

  • 1Fz20

    WOW ! animals !

  • ave

    wala din mangyayari diyan. puro pag nanakaw unless matuto bumoto ang mga bobotante


    On this particular issue, JPE will win.
    All issues hurled against him are either baseless or rumor.

    Kahit yung comments against him walang bigat.
    Pikon talo ang labanan dito.

    My Personal opinion: unless something really cropped up sa auditing… makikita naman yan sa simula pa lang ng imbestigasyon. Pero sa hinaba haba ng isyung ito trial by publicity ang ginagawa ng mga kalaban nya sa pulitika. Sa ngayon andaming mga chismosong 
    beautician ang nagpupulung-pulungan para pagusapan ang mainit na isyu.

    and to Sen Cayetano; kung nabigyan po ba kayo ng kaparehong halaga tulad ng sa ibang senador tulad ng mga nakaraang taon eh mananahimik nalang kayo? Just to be fair, there is the alleged mis-use of the senate funds; are you saying that if the funds where funneled to your hands it wouldn’t be mis-used? And you think people will believe you?

    Hypocrite ka nga!

    Take on the challenge; FILE THE CASE!!!!

    • barok

      this is the typical answer of a guilty politician…”file the case” 

      kung meron man katiting na kahihiyan ang mga pulitiko sa lipunan, dapat wag na nilang hintayin pa ang pagsampa ng kaso…sabagay pakapalan nga pala ng mukha ang laban.

    • batangpaslit

      spokesperson ni JPE

      • Leonardo

        Nabigyan yan, kaya gusto Nya si lolo na kurakot…

      • batangpaslit

        Leonard, ang pagkaalam ko, marunong talaga mag alaga ng tao si JPE at sina Danding.
        Masabi ko ‘yan dahil may kilala akong AirForce Lt Colonel na naging bata-bata nila (naging two star general na rin bago mag retire).
        Nang tinanong ng dalawa (JPE at Danding), kung ano ang kailangan nia nagsabi naman ang military officer na gusto nia sanang mag apply ng housing loan kaya lang hindi sia ma approved ng mga bangko dahil nga ang sahod nia ay karampot lamang.
        Sabi daw ni Danding, punta ka sa UCPB at tanungin mo si kuan, Loan Officer sia ng bangko (si JPE ang Chairman of the Board noon).
        Ang usapan ay annual sia magbayad ng amortization, every anniversary date when the loan was taken out.
        A year later, punta si Lt Col sa UCPB para bayaran ang kanyang annual amortization. Hanap nia si Loan Officer.
        Sagot ng Loan Officer, “Sir, anong loan ang sinasabi mo? Nakalimutan mo na bang nabayaran mo na?”
        PhP10 MILLION PESO housing loan was approved, which collateral is on the basis of his character. No security, but merely referral.
        The salary of the Lt Col at the time ay wala pang PhP20K per month.
        But in one year’s time, bayad na sia sa mega loan nia.
        Hindi na nagtanong si Lt Col tungkol sa detalya.
        Ang alam nia, it was Danding who referred him to see the bank officer, whose Chair of the Board is JPE.

    • cute79

      Mistress este Miss Gigi ,is dat you?

  • renatorivera

    Enrile said, “I don’t look old but…” WTF? Ano kaya ang nakikita nya sa sarili nya pag nakaharap sya sa salamin? Kahit balik-baliktarin eh GURANG na ang tingin ko dyan. I don’t look old my ass…yeah right!

    • cute79

      yon dw kasi sabi ni Senator Gigi

  • Arnold Guballo

    Grabe talaga ang pulitika.. wala man po akong alam sa mga legalidad pero sa nakikita ko dito ay isa lamang mga personal na interes ito kung bakit nasisiwalat ang ganitong usapin. nag ugat sa pera dahil hindi pantay ang bigayan, pero kung tama ang bigayan, yung dalawang Cayetano, Trillanes at Santiago ay hindi aalma. Ang inaasal ni Cayetano ay isa lamang ka ipokrituhan kung ating aaralin at titingnan.. pati personal na hinananakit ay kanyang isinisiwalat para makakuha ng simpatya sa taong bayan dahil nalalapit na ang botohan. Pwede rin naman tama ang kanyang sinasaad sa kanyang mga pahayag tungkol kay “Manong” pero kung isa kang tunay na lalaki hindi mo na ito kinakailangan isiwalat sa madla. Para saan bakit mo kelangan sabihin yung ibang personal na hinanakit? ang pinagugatan nanam ay tungkol sa kaperahan bakit naman nalilihis duon ang usapan? Ang masasabi ko lang walang mangyayari sa usaping ito dahil talamak naman kase ang kapalan ng mukha ng mga lider natin sa senado (Or lahat ng pamunuan ng gobyerno). Kawawa naman si Juan Dela Cruz. Kung tutuusin malaki naman ang kita ng bayan pero nababalewala dahil ganagawang gatasan ng mga pinuno ang kaban ng bayan. Ako po ay nananwagan sa mga botante ngayung darating na halalalan na maging matalino tayo sa pagpili ng lider natin. Minsan kase tayo mismo (Mga botante) ay nagiging kurakot din. Masuhulan lang ng isang pabor ng isang kandidato akala natin siya na nag matinong lider. Hindi nyo alam na ang pabor na ginagawa nila ay yun ay isang parte ng kanilang obligasyon sa atin kaya malaki na ang utang na loob natin sa kanya. Tayo (taong bayan) ay walang obligasyon sa mga pulitiko pero may obligasyon tayo sa lipunan. Pero ang mga inhahalal natin na lider sila ang may obligasyon sa atin. Sana lang po ay makuha ninyo din po ang aking punto. Maraming salamat po.

  • James Martin Adam

    Masyado nang nasira ang imahe ng senado naisip ko tuloy…ginagawa ba ang lahat ng pagbubunyag dahil gustong malaman ang katotohanan o dahil malapit na naman ang pulitika at nakikikuha lang ng simpatya…isa lang naman talaga ang ugat ng lahay ng ito…MONEY..its not about the MOOE but its all about MONEY!!! MAsyado nang malalim ang mga sugat na nilikha nito paano pa ito maayos, isa lang naman eh ang makonsensya ang mga susunod na uupo at magiging tapat talaga sa bayan..marami ang naghihirap, maraming krimen ang nangyayari, maraming daapt gawin at sa tingin ko ay kung gusto talaga na lumabas ang katotohanan bakit hindi lahat ng mga opisyal ng gobyerno ay iaudit hindi lang ang Senate President..Kahit dapat si Alan cayetano ay iaudit rin dahil kung minsan kung sino pa ang nagsasalita ng salita siya pa ang may tinatago na baho..

    • Constantine

      The Senate image is always okay. Let the bad seeds like Enrile fall where they maybe. Enrile is just a Senator and is not the Senate. We have a lot of good Senators. Sadly the bad eggs are those aligned with Enrile like Sotto, Jinggoy Estrada and Honasan. Take out these bad 4 eggs and the Senate is as good as it can get.

  • Boypickup555

    89 yrs old pls naman dapat nang palitan yan …Nang batang senate president !

  • zeroko

    If I were JPE, I would rather raise his white flag of surrender. Cayatano belongs to the new younger generation who would not flinch who ever is the opponent. I still remember when both of them fought it out against the old “goats” when they were still Congressmen. He and Chiz Escudero earned the admiration of many people when he argued with veteran Congressmen like Edcel Lagman and Congressman Garcia Sr. I forgot the topic on discussion, but Cayatano and Chiz Escudero really made a marvelous act when they argued with the older generation. 

    But, I will admire Peter Cayatano if he pushes through the pirvate audit of the Senate’s MOOE. The people has the right to know.

    • barok

      This is the thing they dreaded most again the FOI bill…mabibisto ang mga kabulastugan nila.

    • MS. F3

      I think Alan Peter is the only one holding the bastion of new politics in PHL. Chiz has already gone to the dogs and joined the trapos. Have you heard Chiz talk of anything significant lately? Nada!

  • GMGuerrero

    A DNA test of Gigi’s children might prove Gigi innocent of the charges against her.

  • Constantine

    The Senate image is always okay. Let the bad seeds like Enrile fall where they maybe. Enrile is just a Senator and is not the Senate. We have a lot of good Senators. Sadly the bad eggs are those aligned with Enrile like Sotto, Jinggoy Estrada and Honasan. Take out these bad 4 eggs and the Senate is as good as it can get.

    • Bert

      The senate image is always okay? What medicine have you been taking lately?

  • Paulstronghold

    The comfort of small power and unrestricted flow of some financial considerations are enough basis why some comfort women fell prey to big politicians. It is just but natural that such women gravitate unyielding power (they thought they are mandated to)  in exchange for lustful satisfaction they offered to their benefactor in return. Giving the “best” performance is what appeared to be the best antidote for a man whose libido is so strong while his natural impotence takes place.   

  • jbrand



  • MS. F3

    Wag na kasing bigyan ng budget ang senado. Tingnan natin kung maghangad pa na maging senator ang mga hinayupak na yan. Tutal naman ang trabaho nila e gumawa ng batas. Para saan pa ang budget? PAra magpagawa ng basketball courts? Me sweldo na naman sila kaya tama na yun. Saka tigilan na din ung mga entries na “other expenses” kaya nagkakandaleche dahil me mga undefined na expenses na hindi auditable. Frustrated president kasi si emrile kaya ang senado tinuturing nyang mini PHL na kelangan pa ng powerful at abusadong chief of staff.

  • MS. F3

    Sen. Cayetano, bakit di ka magobject pag sumasama sa caucuses nyo yang Gigi Reyes na yan? Saka bakit mo mina ma’am mo? Senador ka kaya dapat panindigan mo at hindi yung parang estudyante ka pa din na takot sa mga guro kasi nakakataas. Mas mataas na posisyon at responsibilidad mo kesa sa mga abogadong hindi naman senador.

    • Abdul Rashid

       Tama pa rin si Sen. Cayetano. Humility is the best policy. Hanga ako sa tapang at humility niya.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • Leonardo

    Dapat si lolo enrile mag retire na. Matanda na masyado. Sobrang yaman na. Mga katulad ni sen cayetano ang dapat dyan sa senado. Hindi mga trapo. Nabuking tuloy si lolo na may other woman…at si Lacson naman maraming kaso Ito na dapat managot din sa batas.

  • Leonardo

    Corrupt naman talaga yan… At DOM. Dapat na mag retire. Mayaman na masyado.

  • boymanok

    may asim pa yung kabit ni manong…nag out na bago tuluyang mabuking. well, since her name is all over the news she will surely run this coming election…good or bad, its still publicity

  • lito lampitoc

    kya hindi umuunlad ang bayan dahil sa corruption na yan imbes na maibalik sa taong bayan bilang serbisyo, ay kinukurakot lng ng mga nasa goberyno. Mabuti na lamang at may mga taong tulad ni Cayetano na may lakas loob na magsalita. 

    • droids

      parehas lang silang gahaman

    • Abdul Rashid

       What Cayetano did was heroic. It really takes guts to fight the very well rooted corrupt person who made his way up through corruption and human rights violations during MARTIAL LAW.  Hail to a great senator, sana dumami ang mga ito, tulad ni Trllanes at PIA

  • droids

    Stinks very badly
    Written by Tribune Editorial Sunday, 27 January 2013 00:00 font size Print Be the first to comment!
    The exchange of barbs, of the ugliest kind, between Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, or more specifically the chief of staff of the Senate chief, has a deep root in local politics in Taguig and Cayetano himself had said that much in his privilege speech assailing Enrile.
    Cayetano’s intent in taking the floor to explode his stinky bombshell, in turn, was the uneven distribution of the “cash” gifts Enrile distributed to augment the maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) of senators before the Christmas holidays.
    The P1.6 million was distributed to all members of the Senate except for four that included Cayetano, who are all bitter critics of Enrile and all fanning attempts to unseat him as head of the Senate.
    The additional MOOE funds disposition was a function of the Senate President, according to the Commission on Audit and Enrile knows it is within his prerogative to determine how it is distributed.
    Thus the Cayetano bombshell had nothing with what he is using as an alibi of a supposed house cleaning at the Senate, Very far from it.
    In his privilege speech, Cayetano said Enrile’s chief of staff Gigi Reyes signed handwritten memos which was the basis for the removal of the names of four senators from receiving the additional MOOE funds.
    Out of an unfathomable reason, he accused Enrile and Reyes of being close to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her husband, Mike Arroyo, which even if true does not amount to anything. Does friendship now constitute a form of an offense or being a party to it?
    Then he spilled the real beans worth all the trouble that he went into saying that Reyes’ best friend is the wife of Associate Justice Dante Tinga, who is the political nemesis of Cayetano’s wife, Lani, in the mayoral race of Taguig. Cayetano said Reyes’ sister-in-law is a councilor of Taguig and is the number one critic of his wife, the mayor.
    A long protracted battle was fought between Lani Cayetano and Tinga over the mayoralty post in Taguig which only last October the Commission on Elections (Comelec) ruled in favor of Cayetano. Sen. Alan was constantly pounding on the Comelec which nobody knew if that had any effect on the Comelec final ruling dismissing the petition of Tinga.
    Lani Cayetano defeated Tinga by 2,420 votes in the 2010 elections, a turnout that Tinga filed a protest and sought a recount.
    During the handing of the Comelec decision dismissing his poll protest case, Tinga accused the poll body of bowing to political pressure and indicated plans to elevate his case to the Supreme Court.
    The Comelec through a division headed by Commissioner Rene Sarmiento ruled that a recount on more than 200 ballots being contested by Tinga will not be enough to overcome Cayetano’s lead.
    Tinga, however, said pressure from somebody close to Malacañang played a pivotal role in the Comelec resolution which was based on the decryption of compact flash cards of the 43 pilot precincts under protest instead of the ballots which are the primary evidence of the votes.
    Several undue interference had faced the Comelec over the case primarily in February 2012 when it ordered a retrieval operation of the contested ballots. For three days the Comelec tried to retrieve the ballots but failed because of barricades that were set up on the streets around the Taguig City Hall while a Marine contingent which the Comelec sought assistance from to provide security for the retrieval operations did not show up “reportedly because of the intercession of a Malacañang official,” according to Tinga.
    Was there anything closely resembling a fight for transparency in the Senate, which Cayetano has been claiming in his attacks on Enrile?
    It seems all to be vested interest or the Cayetano clan’s interest.

    • miiron

      hoy tuta d lahat na legal e moral!

  • Makulit Palagi


  • Makulit Palagi

    si tandang enrile sobra kurakot.. inugat na kasakiman nya sa senado… kala nya nman madadala nya pera nya sa langit..

    • Abdul Rashid

       Anong langit? Akala mo papasa yan? Dyan lang yan sa gutter. Bringing the issue of debt by Cayetanos father is completely uncalled for and unnecessary. Enrile was trying to put pressure on Cayetano para ma hinto ang pag atake but it was about time ma expose itong, DIRTY OLD MAN pala.


    galing sa SAMAR at LEYTE ang mga kahoy…. si ENRILE nagkalbo sa kabundukan ng SAMAR at LEYTE….. di pa nakuntento sa kahayupan niya…….. babalik ka rin sa LUPA ENRILE

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