Why is the Philippines poor?



The Philippines ranks 67th among the 142 countries in the world with the happiest citizenry.

Norway is No. 1 and the United States ranks 12th.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore ranks 19th; Taiwan, 20th; Vietnam, 53rd, Thailand, 56th; Indonesia, 63rd.

How ironic that Vietnam, which suffered decades of civil war and whose economy is practically just starting to grow, beat the Philippines by 14 points.

*   *   *

The criteria for the citizenry’s happiness index are economy, entrepreneurship, governance, education, health, safety and security.

You will notice that the happiness index of a citizenry is based on the country’s wealth and its people’s well-being.

If Norway is the happiest, the Central African Republic (CAR), a landlocked country of five million people, is the saddest. Only two percent of the population have Internet access in that part of the world.

*   *   *

Most foreigners who visit the country notice a ready smile among Filipinos. But behind that smiling face is a very negative interior.

The negative disposition of the Filipino shows in the words that come out of his mouth.

Such statements like “mahirap ang buhay (life is hard),” “mahal ng Diyos ang mahihirap (God loves the poor),” “nakakatamad ang araw na ito (this is a lazy day)” are self-fulfilling prophecies.

What’s so noble about poverty that the Almighty favors it?

*   *   *

The poor Filipinos who have a negative disposition remain mired in poverty because their minds dictate their situation.

Rich people the world over become richer because their focus is on acquiring more wealth.

Whatever the mind conceives, the body achieves, according to “The Secret,” a book on self-development by Rhonda Byrne.

If only Filipinos change their negative attitude, our country will become progressive in no time.

Instead of saying, “Mahirap ang bansa natin (Our country is poor),” why don’t we say, “Mayaman ang ating bansa (We are a rich country).”

Our country is rich in natural resources. Our seas abound with fish and seafood.

There’s plenty of gold and other expensive minerals waiting to be dug up.

It’s a matter of shifting our consciousness from poverty to that of wealth.

*   *   *

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala is making the country not only self-sufficient in rice, but also in vegetables.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has launched an aggressive campaign to convince farmers to grow vegetables on a massive scale.

Alcala has targeted Palawan, as a vegetable-growing area. The province, despite its vast land area, imports its vegetables from Iloilo.

I have volunteered my farm in Barangay Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City, as a DA demonstration vegetable farm, my way of contributing to the country’s food self-sufficiency program.

I believe in Alcala’s sincerity in trying to eliminate hunger among Filipinos.

President Noy couldn’t have chosen a better man at the helm of the agriculture department.

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  • panugda7

    Goodness..I have been here in US for 20 some years! Money cannot buy happiness..You can buy comfortable bed but you cannot buy sleep..BUT they can check-in to Sleep Disorder clinics? Depression is a diagnosis here in US and so many medications to swallow..As human being we still like to be interactive and to talk to another human being..Pinoy has great since of humor and very interactive. Ang mga bahay dito sa US parang mga panteon sa sementeryo..sarado at walang tao..I still believed Pinoys are happy people.

    • WAJ

      I am a natural born US citizen (born in the Philippines raised, educated, in the Philippines). That’s why I want to move back to the country to live for good.

      • mrgracia

        Nilito mo ‘ko….

      • WAJ

        Why am I an American? My father was in the Philippine Scouts during WW ll. In September 1946, US government gave those Scouts an option to become a Naturalized US Citizen. My father was one of them. I was born in Clark Field in December 1946 three months after my father became naturalized. That’s why I am a natural born American. However, my family stayed in the Philippines. I went to school there from Elementary, High School, and College. As a matter of fact my wife was my classmate in High School and we both graduated in the same college in 1969. The reason why I left the Philippines was because of the call of duty to Uncle Sam (I was drafted to the US Army in 1971 during the Vietnam War). Am I a combat veteran? yes I am. I faithfully continued my service until 1992. Like my father did, we are both retired from US military service.

      • Lynn LA

         You have good intentions. Bravo! But it will be more noble to help not only your relatives but other people as well. It should not be a dole-out, but rather teach them to work/study to improve their lives.

      • WAJ

        We will come to that.

      • eirons1043

        Baka naman po ang dahilan eh gutom na sa US simula pa ni Bush hangang ngayon.

      • WAJ

        That’s not the reason why I am going back. Frankly, I am a retired US military and also retired from a civilian employment and at my age right now, I am drawing a Social Security benefit and a Disability Pension from the Veterans Administration for my military service. My wife is also a retiree from her work and also getting a Social Security retirement benefit. We want to help our poor relatives in the country and send their children to school that’s why we want to go back. Not to be bragging about, we have two children (Girl/Boy) and both of them are professionals,  married and very comfortably raising their own family with their spouses and kids. That’s one thing my wife and I secured before we both retire, to make sure we can live very comfortably wherever we decided to live.

    • xelyxs56

       I agree, Hindi mababayaran ang happiness ng isang tao.Matagal na akong nakatira dito sa Norway at palagi ring nagbabakasyon sa Pinas.My observation is mas masaya pa rin ang Pinas.I agree that the Filipinos should change their way of perception about the country .Let us in unity meditate and proclaim what is good for the country.Kesya reklamo ng reklamo….think positive.I believe the Philippines is now on its way to progress and affluence..Konting tiis pa…at walang hintong panalangin at pasasalamat at ganon pa man kahirap ay nandyan pa rin ang gabay ng Panginoong Maylikha.

      • novaliches

         masaya lang sa pinas kapag may pera ka,  subukan mong magbakasyon sa pinas ng walang pera, baka mag-bago ang yung mga kaibigan mong “friendly”.

      • eirons1043

        Sorry po you cannot change a thing in this country thru positive thinking lang. Kelangan eh barasohan na kasi mismong mga namumuno na ang kumakana sa mga mamayan.

  • aristeosj

    this claim of tulfo is just plain and simple c##p!!!

    do you call those Filipinos going abroad as having
    negative attitude?they try to improve their lot by
    working abroad because there is simply no job here.

    we are a rich country?yes you can say that a
    thousand times but that does not change the
    fact that because of corruption and the same old
    ‘tradpols’ governing the country,we are still mired in

    Africa is also a rich country,but its people are poor.
    same reasons as that above.

    i wonder what kind of books tulfo reads.
    better charge it to experience tulfo!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

      pang grade one yun sinulat ng columnist na to! 

  • Rovingmoron

    Let’s put this issue on the proper context. The Philippines has vast tracks of idle lands. Yet the government only intensifies programs for tree plantation. There are a lot of marginzlized folks who wanted to till the lands. But these people don’t have access to agricultural lands because those lands are owned by a select few who don’t want to share the bounty of their idle properties. It is easier said than done. But if only the government will allocate spaces for temporary agricultural purposes, even those owned by private land owners, can be cultivated by those interested to survive, Green revolution will be at its peak in the country.  Each locality must craft an ordinance or law that will allow the marginalized to apply or ask permission to cultivate private or public lands for agricultural purposes. Why not?

    • kingsarimanok

       This is the kind of discussion we, Filipinos, need to have in reacting to opinions.  Instead of wasting time by resorting to lazy personal attacks vs. Mr. Tulfo, it’s more productive to use our freedom of expression (while remaining anonymous) to come up with good ideas relevant to the topic. 

      Many of our immature comments here sadly illustrate what Mr. Tulfo says about “negative disposition.”

      Right now, we have a President who promised us “daang matuwid.”  We must not only continue to remind him of that promise but also help him fulfill that promise.  If we want to be happy and prosperous, we need to more active in our community in helping others and fighting corruption. 

      Each of the little positive things we do everyday will slowly remove the negative disposition we have and that smiling face no longer masks a sad interior or colonial mentality but a real face of Pinoy confidence and pride.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OEB7PNSKCCDWVRCF7OLPFRNC5U JUN


  • Rovingmoron

    There are tenants but most of them heavily rely on the coconut produce like copra for their sustenance. They don’t plant anything like vergetables or root crops on the land they occupy. Rice farmers, on the other hand, must be guided by provincial agriculturists on how to maximize their rice fields after harvest time. What they can do is to plant vegetables after harvest time so that when rice planting begins again, they have already harvested their vegetables and crops.

  • Rovingmoron

    The Economist Intelligence Unit released in its latest survey of the world’s GDP growth forecast for 2013 vis-a-vis the countries’ per capita income.

    In the Asia-Pacific Countries, China is the leader of the pack with a growth forecast of 8.6% for 2013. Due to its large population, however,  its per capita income remains at $6,890. Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) ranks second with 6.8%, with a per capita of $3,150.

    Other countries like Uzbekistan–6.7% ($1,920) ; India–6.5%($1,770); Afghanistan–6.5%($668); Indonesia–6.3% ($,3,890); Bangladesh–6.1% ($695); Philippines–6.0% ($2,650); Vietnam–6.0% ($1,800); Kazakstan–5.1% ($12,210); Thailand–4.7%  ($5,800); Malaysia–4.6% ($11,580); Singapore–4.0% ($53,370);Hong Kong–2.4% ($35,610); Japan–1.2% ($45,680); South Korea–3.7% ($24,590); Taiwan–3.6% ($22,020); Pakistan–3.3% ($1,410); New Zealand–2.3% ($33,160); and Australia–3.0% with a per capita pegged at $66,950, the highest in the region so far.

    Among the countries mentioned, Norway has the highest per capita at $100,340, even with a GDP growth forecast of only 2.7% for this year. Switzerland comes  second with $77,340, with 1.2%. United Arab Emirates ranks third with $56,940, with  4.3%. Denmark’s per capita income is $56,280; Sweden, with  $55,430; Netherlands, $48,280; United States, $51,525; Canada,  $53,160; Finland, $47,740; Austria, $46,960; Belgium, $45,450; Ireland, $45,140;  Germany, $41,600; France, $40,930; and the United Kingdom,  $38,850.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

      wow, what you have written here should replaced what mr tulfo has put it here!

  • southernsons

    I agree na ang mayaman ay lalong yumayaman…kasi they have access to money and they could easily invest anytime there’s business opportunity.  Sa part naman na ang mahirap ay lalong humihirap,.. how could you think of investing of you have nothing to invest?

    • novaliches

       kung tignan ang list of richest person sa pinas, hindi lahat minana sa kanilang magulang, halos lahat ng itsik ay galing sa wala. Nagsikap sila, at nag-tiyaga sa mahabang panahon.  ang pinoy puro reklamo, at laging naghahanap ng rason kung bakit sila mahirap.  pag-nakaroon ng pera, buhay mayaman kaagad.
      Tignan mo ang mga OFW, 8-10 milyon, yung mga naiwanan nila sa pinas, marami nagbababad sa SM. wala pang 10% sa kanila ang naging mayaman, naging maginhawa lang ang buhay. karamihan  20 years na OFW pa rin, walang ipon. isang bagay ang dapat mawala sa pinoy, kayabangan.

      • filosopotasyo


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

    Nasa isapan na natin ang “slave mentality” kaya sumusunod tayo sa mga politiko, sa mga landlord, sa mga pari, sa mga mayayaman.  .  matagal pa mawala ang impluwensya ng nga kastila. .

  • eirons1043

    Governance, Governance, Governance (aka Management before). Unless we have a pinoy President who is a Lee Kuan Yew or a Mahahir or the combined character of the first 10 US Presidents lagot tayo forever. You know Mon the common expression of almost everybody who is not wealthy is ” wala tayong magagawa kahit ano gusto ng gobyerno sunod na lang tayo o tiis na lang kasi pag lumaban ka  reklamo ka bugbog at kulong ka ng pulis eh saksakan naman ng mahal kumuha ng abogado.” Even employees of the well paid GOCCs express this sentiments; lalo na ang mga teachers. Ang imbestigahan mo mon bakit ang mura ng bile sa Magsasaka pero pag dating sa palengke eh ubod ng taas ang presyo panahon pa ni Pres. Garcia ganyan na yan naging grabe umpisa ni Cory hangang ngayon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OEB7PNSKCCDWVRCF7OLPFRNC5U JUN


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

      hor hor hor! nagtanong pa cya! toink!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    Okay, vote for Tulfing para umunlad ang bayan. Perhaps if Tulfo takes over as President, within one year, the Philippines will rank as No. 10 wealthiest nation in the world. His comments are full of sh***, Foreigners control more than 50% of the wealth in our country and that is a fact!  Who are they??? They are Henry Sy (owner of SM Malls), Lucio Tan, the Ongpins, the Aranetas (Spanish descent), etc. Hindi mga purong Pinoy ang mga ito at sila ang kumukontrol sa negosyo sa Pinas. Kaya Tulfing, di ka dapat magtaka dahil ito ang tutoo.

  • anu12345

     Why is the Philippines poor? Ask the politicians and government officials and employees

    • tata_boy

      Tanungin na rin si padre Damaso, mga mahistrado at mga nasa miltar at kapulisan.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

        Stupid comment! Baka yun isipan mo sa logbet mo! basahin mo ulet sagot ni anu12345!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/D7AFGK7L3ON65BCTCZV3KNYDDI Philipp Santos

        tanga d ka ba nakakaintindi?


    senadores natin multi-millionaires. pagka titser ka, pulubi ka.

  • johnlagrimas

    Invented happiness – pretending happiness. What a shallow criteria – so that happiness made the second richest man in the world to jump from the top of his building to commit suicide.

    The closer measure of happiness is on the rate of suicides tulfo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PNTIGXL3JZVKOJDRXXDYGGBUUY Jerry

    Filipino  friends from college crossed path one day. First question asked was, where do you work? Chinese friends from college crossed path one day. First question asked was, what’s your business. Now figure.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    sa mga hedonist na kagaya mo tulfo, that is your index of happiness…

    that happiness is measured by material things…

    but material things can only offer temporary happiness…and dnt question why filipinos are still happy despite of poverty….

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      WTF. can you smile if you stomach is empty for a couple of days?  Can you focus on watching Eat Bulaga when your stomach is croaking?

      You wearing your color roses glasses again or just have a session of glue?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        for an animal like , u cant…look at the buddhist monks, they have nothing to eat for a couple of days, but yet peaceful…can still think clearly…

        unlike you, like a pig, who will be noisy when u dnt feed him on time…kayo mga hedonista mga asong ulul!!!as if u cant live without these worldly things…magsama kayo ni tulfo na isang hedonista rin..i remember the gladiator days of the roman empire who thirst for worldly things…

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        yes we’re animals, we get our luxury foods from 5star hotels garbage. 

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Excuse me Mr. Tulfo, you just drop the seeds and voila, big leafy vegetables? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EOZMBB5MVRJMWVSMUIQFRF45F4 F

    philippines is poor because we have politicians like enrile giving away millions as gifts to fellow politicians. there are no controls, no good governance of taxpayers money.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Your title is catching. Why the country is poor? Becoz some of its “journalist” make kuha picture of laos na aktres. hahahaha!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    another reason why this country is poor…

    because of the existence of paid journalists like u mr tulfo who distortd the truth for money…

  • jahred

    If The Goverment ‘ Politics  Buisness Firms And Elite’s Dynasty Is Not Accountable Why The Country Is Poor 

    The History Of This Country Is All Conspiracy 0(‘-‘)0

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZLZF3S4KAAM7FT2FOFQBQUHEMM Lahi

    Pinalalaki kasi ang mga Pilipino sa paniniwala na masama ang magkamal ng yaman dahil taliwas ito sa itinuturo ng ating relihiyon. We can’t serve two masters, either we love or despise the other. Pera o Diyos yan ang agam-agam natin ibang relihiyon ay walang banggaan ang dalawang ito. Sa kultura ng mga Pilipino ang pagiging gahaman ay kinasusuklaman, hindi tulad ng mga Intsek ang katusuhan at kasuwitikan ay likas at tanggap sa kultura nila. Ngayon kung sa murang idad ng mga Pilipino ay itinuturo na ang mamuhay ng payak hindi kataka-taka na hindi na tayo maghahangad pa ng sobra at madaling makuntento na sa buhay. Subalit sa paningin ko ay isang sumpa ang kahirapan dahil kaylan man ay hindi gugustuhin ng Diyos na tayong mga Pilipino ay mabuhay na dusta at naghihikahos.

    • Htee

      Right on target ka pards….
      At bilib ako sa tagalog mo….kudos.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZPSWRL3XYIEHH5646TCY75DCNM Matthew

    Aquino may have chosen a decent head for the Agriculture Department but all the good work will soon be undone because the “Aquino cancer” is on his way: Puno will soon arrive as undersecretary and the only thing the Agriculture Department will be well-known for is corruption. Just wait: once Puno is there he will actively undermine Alcala. Rice smuggling will increase with kickbacks to Puno and any new advances will be quietly sold off to a Puno-linked firm.

    In short, don’t trumpet the achievements of the pre-Puno Agriculture Department because, once Puno arrives, it will collapse into a rotting heap of corruption and incompetence.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

    These POLITICAL DYNASTIES and our CORRUPT GOVT are making our country poor, and they want to see it that way, forever.

    Didn’t Pnoy say, KUNG WALANG CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP? Clearly, the SENATE SCANDAL indicates that indeed, CORRUPTION in this govt is VERY MUCH ALIVE AND KICKING…..

    • John_Cruz

      We need to weed out corruption from Barangay Tanod all the way to Supreme Court. We need to enforce accountability and transparency.

      • Htee

        That is why we need to pass the FOI BILL a.s.a.p.

  • regd


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAQLUSKZ7TH4C2FHOD7SLQONQ4 bong

      Not correct.  Because you are, you speak to yourself.  Don’t drag the entire nation.   I like the book that Mon Tulfo read.

  • garcia677

    This is a very erroneous article, come to the Cordilleras please and  you’ll not find those kind of people whom you are articulating. If ever there are, it’s very few. There are poor people here but all of them eat three times a day in these six provinces of the Cordilleras but in Baguio City, one can find mendicants though but these people are non cordillerans who arrived to beg since they knew that Baguio City is thriving community.

    You writers are the proponents of misinformation that invariably damaged the reputation of our country.It is advisable that before you mouth please verify your sources

  • mjp78

    When i was in high school, about 20 yrs
    ago, we had this geography/history book discussing each country. And
    you know what the title for the Philippines was? ‘Hub of Asia’ which
    was fitting because we have a good location (look at the map how
    strategic our location is), high education, english-speaking
    population, rich in natural resources, long coastline, hard-working
    and hospitable people to name a few.

    Look where we are now.

    I believe corruption and bad governance
    has driven away investors. The government has very low accountability
    on everything it should have. There is no transparency. Abuse of
    power is the norm.

    The people are mostly passive. We frown
    against people who speaks up. We reward not based on merits but
    friendship (kumpare, padrino system). Discipline is way low.
    Selfishness is way high.

    When i was a kid my parents said that
    the country is hopeless, I found it hard to believe.

    Now in midlife, I’m starting to think
    maybe they are right.

    My 2cents.

    • John_Cruz

      After 35 years finally I see a new ray of hope. It’s all hands for Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad to make it happen!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

    What a QUESTION! di pa alam? ask mo si sinador, tongressman, horrible mayors and councilors! 

    Wala stik! Anak ng tipaklong! Nagbobohan pa!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OEB7PNSKCCDWVRCF7OLPFRNC5U JUN

      KAHIT MGA ELEMENTARY PUPILS HINDI ISASAGOT NG GANYANG REASON MO KUNG BAKIT MAHIRAP ANG PILIPINAS?(The poor Filipinos who have a negative disposition remain mired in poverty because their minds dictate their situation. Rich people the world over become richer because their focus is on acquiring more wealth.) DYASKENG BLACK-EYED TULFO IRE,,KUNG ANO ANO PINAGSASABI!..

  • jinx

    E kung sino naman kasi mahirap katayuan sa buhay, siya naman madami tsikiting. So, lalong dadami ang hindi masaya.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4WU36RRYPXIRR3NZ5DLIYBFY3E Eljay


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/25UAHA74QQS5NENIA3EXO2A7PY Faisal salman

    O,Tulping kumakalat na balita jowa daw ni Junggoy si Claudine…pagkakataon mo nang gumanti sa pagkakagulpe sa yo ni Claudine…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6LJQGKALKYF3QXFZ3G5J4V36HY Yolly

    why is the philippines poor,  isa lang ang sagot  madaming magnanakaw sa gobyerno, madaming buwaya na maraming asawa at anak, hay kawawa talaga ang pilipinas kelan kaya kayo mauubos sana tamaan kayo lahat ng kidlat para sa isang iglap matodas kayong lahat

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XIJY2MSBTT7VT256PTE7VDEFPM JOJIE

    Marami namang kayaman at pera dito sa Pilipinas. Kaya lang mahirap tayo kase ang mga kinurakot na pera dito sa atin ay ginagasto o tinatago sa ibang bansa. Kung ang mga kinurakot dito sa atin ay ibalik sa ting bansa at dito lang sa atin itago o gastusin hindi tayo mag hihirap.    

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    We are so poor because Filipinos watch movies of Kris Aquino, vote for people who mudsling, and leaders whose only agenda is to blame past leaders.

  • gerry2000

    Mahirap ang ating bansa kasi konti lang ang katulad ni Sec. Alcala na may malasakit sa bayan. Yong ibang namamahala sinisira ang kalikasan para sa pansariling kapakinabangan.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    madami talaga mahihirap na pilipino..magsasaka lang ng ilang ektarya..ulam nila gulay lang at isda..wala silang trabaho kundi mag-alaga ng mga baboy, kambing baka at manok..sa hirap ng buhay di kayang paaralin ang anak sa ateneo.  Sa UP n lang ito pinag-aral..yun ang sinasabi ng karamihan sa atin.  di nila alam mas maswerte sila sa atin..8-5 pasok. trapik,  usok, daming kriminal..di mo pa natatanggap sweldo mo kaltas na ang tax

  • TOINKZ_06

    it is because the likes of MARCOS, ENRILE, ERAP, GMA etc. Mga TUSO, GAHAMAN.

  • Maximumaries

    The Bottomline ng paghihirap natin ay ang Corruption sa government kahit sino ang nasa pwesto corruption ay part na din ng buhay ng mga politicians dahil sa pork barrel!Di na sila makapagwork for the betterment ng populasyon at sa bansa but instead ay sa personal na lamang!!Sino ba ang nasa Congress and Senate ang may ganitong pananaw??wala!!!!Mapapaos na lang tayo sa kasisigaw sa lansangan o magcomment till we drop ay walang mangyayari kasi manhid na ang mga yan!!Kahit sa barangay level ay nagpapatayan na magkaroon lang ng posisyon sa gobyerno dahil sa corruption na naka inplace sa isip natin!
    Kaya di katakataka na maraming new genaration ang gusto maging POLICE dahil madali ang pera thru CORRUPTION!Sino ba ang most na maayari ng mga UV express? Look around you kung anong klaseng mga sasakayan ang mga kapulisan natin at sa military mayroon sila?Remember Atimonan Ambush?

  • $20926843

    Who is that government factotum who said that, ” we are a rich country pretending to be poor”?

    • GilArellano

      i don’t remember the name but i think he was a metro manila governor after imelda…

  • troyg318

    kailangan pa ba itanong yan? ligid tayo ng korapsyon at pananamantala dahil ang mga pinoy mahilig mag upo sa pwesto ng mga wlang alam o nag dudunong dunungan lang, nadadala sa sikat at artista mdaling paniwalain sa mga pangako, at madalas ibinebenta ang karapatan.masakit tanggapin ang katotohanan pero ito ang nagaganap. hanggat di natututo ang mga pinoy mananatili tayong ganito.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnTaylorHK John Taylor

    The problem is endemic corruption, which pervades every public office, and the peoples’ acceptance (amounting to abetting) of the same.

    • buttones

      It’s systemic as well, this all started off when policy was decided by Quezon who openly declared he would rather live in a hell run by Filipinos than heaven run by the Americans, well he got his wish, and all the rest of following administrations jumped on board …And many a Filipino disagreed with him, packed their bags and went to live in the ‘heaven’ of the USA, or Canada or many a place and, being placed in that orderly ’heaven’ did rather well for themselves , and probably never even read some silly ’self help’ book either…
      On the electorate, well it’s true, a layover from most living under the castle walls of the landowners basically, subservient, it’s only been 67 years the people have held the reins so to speak, this corruption was rampant in the USA during the 1800’s, it was worse in the UK in the 1700’s ..
      Please call back in another 67 years time when I will be *** , and Mr Enrile will still be sat in the Senate, and Mick and Keef will be doing yet another world tour…..

  • panhase

     You postulate that according to the book “The Secret”  “Whatever the mind conceives, the body achieves”.. You conclude that Filipinos remain in poverty because of their negative attitude and if Filipinos would change their attitude then “our country will be progressive in no time.”
    So if everybody would follow your advice than there would be no more poverty? That´s the solution? People have only to change their mindset and that´s it? If this holds true then why are so many poor countries in this world when the solution is so easy? Do you not think if this would be true, then lot of governments, lot of institutions would endorse this easy way out of crisis? But so far it´s only promoted by the people who are interested to sell their own books. And of course these people are telling in colorful words how good their ideas are working, how successful people have become who followed their advice.
    In reversal it means also if someone is not successful, if someone is not wealthy or whatever, then it is his or her own fault because the mindset is wrong?
    That´s what i call a simplistic view to the world.

  • Guest

    Happiness is subjective. How can anyone measure the world’s 7 billion people emotions, let alone believe in this rating and spreading it is a freaking xxxx !  Unsurmountable idiocy like this article is a complete disgrace to journalism.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    kaya poor maraming wala trabaho bago makapag bigay ng hanap buhay ang gobyerno ay puro salita trabaho wala naman kaya isang katerba ang tambay sa amin barangay sasabihin bakit di mag aply wala nga trabaho puro istambay pati na ang aso nilang si bantay kinain na sa gutom!! trabaho kailangan sa barangay namin marami na nag nanakaw sa gutom kailangan na umaksiyon ng united nation para mabigyan ng hanap buhay ang mga tao sa barangay namin

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2FXRN2MLXCFZATYP5OJXUBNGYA Jasper Cuña

    the elite gets richer while the naive ones get nothing

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    That’s R. Tulfo!

  • malek_abdul

    Alcala has targeted Palawan, as a vegetable-growing area. The province, despite its vast land area, imports its vegetables from Iloilo –

    Why not target Mindanao? Did you know that Mindanao has a very fertile soil that almost all you want to plant will grow? Even plants coming from other countries like the DATES (Saudi Sweet Fruit of the palm family) could grow here in Mindanao. Mr. Mon Tulfo can you please tell Mr. Alcala that I am also volunteering my land in Zamboanga Del Sur.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    Paanong hindi tayo maghihirap e ang kabang yaman natin ay inuubos ng mga senador  at congressmen through pork barrel. 200million pesos taon taon each senator and 70miilion pesos each congressmen, that is 200million X 24 senators and 70million X 300 or more congressmen, yearly yan! Dapat may moratorium sa release ng pork lets say every 5 yrs na walang pork at 5 yrs na meron, palitan….sayang ang pera ng bayan, kinukurakot lang ng tropa nina ENRILE…..


    Pagnanakaw o Corruption sa gobyerno at irresponsibility ng magasawa na nanganganak ng marami kahit hindi kaya ay nagbubunga ng kahirapan,walang pamasukan na trabaho,di kalidad na edukasyon, maraming anak na di nakakapagaral dahil napakarami silang mgkakapatid, kaya namamasukan na lang kahit anong klaseng trabaho kahit ito pa ay masama basta mabuhay.Sna mamulat tayong mga pilipino at ituwd natin ang ating buhay.Higit sa lahat ay magpakumbaba tayo at hanapin natin ang Lumikha sa atin.Tanggapin natin na nakalimutan na natin talaga sya bilang isang bansa, sa bibig na lang natin sya binibgkas pero ang layo ng puso natin sa kanya. Naway lalapit tayo sa kanya,magpakumbaba ulit at magsisi, at ang kanyng habag at biyaya ay mapapasaatin muli.

  • oh_noh

    1. politicians (pocket first, then luckily if there’s anything left for the country)
    2. church (isn’t it just about time for them to give back?)
    3. people (because of 1 and 2, people became lazy and God-less – don’t work honestly, engage in crime with/for the politicians, give money to the church and think that they’ve been forgiven)

    1. nothing!

    cheers to a strong economy – in paper!

  • oh_noh

    4. media – wala na bang / hindi ba pwedeng mag-concentrate naman sa good news?

  • http://joboni96.myopenid.com/ joboni96

    1. kastila ninakaw mga lupain natin

    2. intsik switik kontrolado ekonomiya natin

    3. imperyalistang u.s. kontrolado militar at gobyerno natin

    latak sa ating mga pilipino

    sa galing lang ng pilipino
    nag abroad
    kaya umuusad tayo

    mga hacienda na lang naiwan ng kastila
    at mga ayala

    rollback intsik switik control of economy

    full sovereignty and independence from imperialist u.s.

    sec. singson doctrine – angkop na proyekto, tamang implementasyon, bawas na korupsyon

    import substitution geared to massive exports

    direct sale of government bonds to pilipinos first not to intsik switik banks

    buyout all government foreign debt with foreign reserves

    bumiputra and anti trust laws

    if and only if if may b-ayag ang gobyerno

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4NFIW4IGAWDC4FBDYTO5PTRBIU Ed Angeles

    Hey Tulfo, was that a comment or plain news?  I didn’t know that you are now competent to make economic comments. Boy, stay away from areas that are beyond your intelligence!

    • Paliwaweng

      nobody could tell anybody to stop saying his mind on the premise that ‘that somebody is better’. It is deceit in highest form.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/OEB7PNSKCCDWVRCF7OLPFRNC5U JUN


      • Paliwaweng

        alam mo brod, si Einstein, never syang nagsalita ng panlalait sa kapwa. Sa kabila na sya ay henyo.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/7GMD4LSF4UNITVPJGST3CJVMVA David

         mali. me nakaaaway si einstein dahil mismong sya nagbitaw ng mapanlait na salita. read mo biography nya..wag yung sa wikipedia ha

      • Paliwaweng

        Because you said so does not mean it is true. You should have site your source/s

  • buttones

    “But behind that smiling face is a very negative interior.”

    Well if it is the case, then this cynicism is born out of the fact that this nation has not moved forward in the last 67 years since ‘we’ were given control of our own destiny, the architect of progress are government, that is what governments do. They have all failed us.

    On ‘wealth’ of our nation, maybe, the valuable minerals are mined by many a Chinese company and shipped off to China for their benefit leaving PH with a pittance, 90% of the gold is smuggled out, the timber industry simply does not exist, the marine resources are becoming exhausted, our environment is polluted, we do not have proper social services, our education system is questionable, our health care system is a shambles, our personal security is appalling, our politicians are openly fighting in the Senate, we are now faced with a Erap’s Traveling Dance Group who wish to be elected,[ based on how well they can dance presumably.]

    Why is it that this ‘negativity’ does not follow a Filipino to Canada, or the UK, or the USA or to anywhere? I’ll tell you why Tulfo, because suddenly he is placed in a society that actually makes sense, is organized, has opportunity, these three things in PH do not exist. Why do people go abroad? For fun? No they go in search, in a very positive manner, for the things I just mentioned Tulfo. People are ‘happier’ is they have a job to go to, I suspect unemployed people are NOT happy.
    Veggies and rice self sufficient- good.
    I wish somebody would take over my farm…….
    Self help books? Now THAT”S funeeee!

    • avmphil

      Your are correct to assess the nations pathetic outlook for the last 67 years. But I must add, it’s not much of the self-pity that is exposed by the poor, as the report prefers to portray. It’s the continuing disparity created by the Governing system that refuses to come forward to develop a dynamic social and economic structure employing the best talents our institutions produce. Instead we often see and hear contentious issues being openly discussed almost every other day.True Filipinos never come closer to boardrooms when they are employees. Powerful and vested interest continues to dictate what must go up and what must come down. If Vietnam can notch 14 points up than a western oriented democratic based nation, than the blame should squarely fall on the system for the dismal expose of most Filipinos. The Lucita Hacienda saga is one example. Nevertheless, happiness is where one is contend and lives, and most poor Filipinos are happy.

      • buttones

        Actually that’s very true regarding self pity among the poor, I’ve never seen it. And as many a local survey will tell us we are a hopeful, happy bunch, the average farmer or fisherman, the rural poor- I live amongst these people, I hear the mothers singing in the morning, the kids are laughing and playing in the surf, I don’t think these people wear a veneer of ‘happiness’ and underneath they are miserable, they are not circus clowns.
        And happiness is entirely subjective anyway, it’s difficult to quantify happiness.
        But if it is the case that more successful counties are generally happier, then, as I suggested, this success is really based on governments ability to provide an environment where most can enjoy a reasonable life, a social security and a progressive future- this is why people leave PH, such assurance is simply not here, never was, and looking at the whole structure over many years that is designed for another purpose anyway; it never will be.

  • Your_King

    The country may have richness but the Philippine leaders are doing a poor job managing it, plus all the money hungry politicians take all the money for themselves. The Philippines is run by greed. The rich want to be richer and the powerful want more power. There may have been a few leaders who tried to do what is good and what is right but their efforts have been dogged by the overwhelming amount of selfish people. Philippine citizens vote for the most popular candidates or the most famous actor candidates or the most sympathetic candidates and not the most qualified candidates…no wonder things haven’t improved by much.

  • brentcom


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXBYZ5EB467UVJRXK4IOM5BX4Y Todd

    Spain’s colonization over Pilipinas didn’t have any positive effect other than introducing the gospel of Jesus the Christ. Look at Britain’s former colony, India.

    • bucketZombie

      They worship holy cows.

      • Angelicus1


  • Jason Cruz

    Blame the church for over population, blame it on corrupts politicians, govt officials, military, police and lastly blame it on idiots populace who voted corrupts government officials.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BMQHSMAEDG5M3TUUCCXJPV3PLY Rosauro

    Yes sir you are definitely correct. If we have negative perception we reap from what we say and do. Our shoreline in my home place, was full of what is called fingerlings of bangus. They used to harvest these fingerlings and breed on fishponds. But you know what our politicians did because they want to impress the people of the city, they built breakwater structure in the1970s. After the construction of the breakwater, years after the water is polluted with ship engine-used-fuel-oil because the place became a favorite anchored place for ships. The livelihood of the people in harvesting fingerlings is zero, which added unemployment problem. Before the construction of the breakwater, the beach used to be full of people during the week-end taking their leisure time in many ways; e.g. swimming, fishing with nets and with hook & lines, and the most enjoyable to see was people were out there with the whole family eating outdoors. Apart from building the breakwater, politicians opened their own beach resorts after the construction of the breakwater, so the people were forced to pay for entrance fee to have their week-end leisure times. Wow our own people are doing some miserable lives on their own people.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BMQHSMAEDG5M3TUUCCXJPV3PLY Rosauro

    What ever happened during all the past administrations, this incumbent admin is doing its best to correct that had happened and it is evident that there are positive results, which we can notice in just two years later when this present administration took over the helm of leading the destiny of our nation. We should give a chance to provide our supports and keep our distance from those people whose mindset was in full of what is termed as crab mentality. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    sikap, tiyaga at haluan ng kapal ng mukha ang katapat niyan , tingnan niyo ang mga politiko, halos lahat mayayaman.


    Three cheers for this simple man’s very simple solution to make that easily turned on pilipino smile honest..hip,hip hurrah (X3).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7GMD4LSF4UNITVPJGST3CJVMVA David

    engot ka talaga tulfo…tinatanong pa ba yan?


    An article of grade 1 mind fit only for monkeys. Truly PH can be liken to planet of the apes where monkeys are kings and one famous jurnalist is banana pen…….. aarrrggghhhh what a donk of a writter the creature is……

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

      I think he missed so many classes during his elementary years in school.

  • kismaytami

    The Philippines is poor because there are more gullible voters than wise ones. Also, there are more corrupt public officials and employees than honest ones.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6NZ4J5VTIPX7GFSNDLBVAPPHVU Axene

    Our country is poor because the structure of the Philippines gov. is not made to make our country rich.Our gov. system has many loopholes  which enable many  corrupt politicians very easy to steal money from the gov.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6NZ4J5VTIPX7GFSNDLBVAPPHVU Axene

    We are poor because we filipinos allow our gov. to make us poor. We are poor because filipinos are not really united, some are contented with the present situation, other’s doesn’t care, and those who care have no voice to make our gov. change from being too corrupt.

    our gov. system is too corrupted that no matter who’s sitting there… all ends uo being  corrupt. we need to overhaul our gov, system and make it free corrupt one, but that is very impossible to do because the gov. is  full of corrupt politicians who  pass  and approve corrupt bills and laws. 

  • Saloi-CDR

    Only one Filipino has a negative disposition in life – ikaw yon; Ramon Tulfo!

  • Paliwaweng

    From the comments below, you are right Mon. One reason for our being poor is ‘our character’. 

    Halos lahat linalait ang gobyerno, halos lahat nagsasabi ng walang pagasa. Kung walang magtitiwala sa ating pamahalaan, sino pa? Ang mga hapon? Ang mga intsik? Ang mga Indonesians?

    Mabuti pa ang ibang bansa, tulad ng Australia, na aapreciate nila ang Pilipinas, pero etoj, ang dami nating mga kababayang walang malamang sabihin kundi paninira, panlalait sa ating bayan.

    Matanong ko sa mga nagpapahayag ng disgusto sa gobyerno, makakapagbigay ba kayo ng inyon naging kontribusyon na maituturing na kaakibat sa ating pagunlad?

    • tagalinis

      Of all the comments on this site, yours is the only one that makes sense!

      • Paliwaweng

        thanks tagalinis.

    • tohellwithhypocrites

      very well said…

  • bogli_anakdami

    ang mga flips eh poor kc puro asa sa dios…


  • novaliches

    Why Philippines is poor, ah ewan ko, basta ang alam ko, ilang buwan na akong nag-iipon para mapanood si PSY, maka-bili ng i-phone 5, at saka maka-inom ng kape sa starbucks. saka ko na rin babayaran yun utang ko sa bombay. 

  • Platypus09

    We have lots of plans on how to improve our lives and our country in our heads, but they will stay in our heads forever, meaning no action is done.

    It is either we don’t know how to implement, or they are not the appropriate solutions because nobody taught us better or we don’t have proper or appropriate textbooks, or we don’t have the resources including financial asistance and other needed resources to take action, or we don’t have the drive to take risks and accept possible failures, or we are just simply lazy or no drive to implement our plans.

    These are some of the factors.

    If we can address those mentioned, then we are on the right track to personal successes and success of our beloved country, the Philippines.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    You’re a dreamer,  You are saying just to change the from saying’ our country is poor’ to ‘our country is rich’ will change Philippines and living condition of the people? 

    Philippines is poor because the country relies on OFW’s and money remittance from abroad.  Do you think that is a real economy?  That is not a sustainable economy. 

    • Evilius

      True, the remittances are mostly for consumption, not investment. The OFWs remain poor in their new host country, helping their employers and host country get richer and draining Philippines of talent, energy, drive and taxes.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime


  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.baldeo.5 Ronald Baldeo

    True that we are not that happy. Yes, happiness is a state of mind but if you are engulfed by yourunhealthy environs, you’ll end up the opposite of it.

  • John_Galt_II

    The Philippines is poor because of people like Tulfing! Full of fantasies!

  • JK1000

    Mon, KUNWARI KA PA !  Alam mo naman kung bakit mahirap ang bayan natin. Bakit hindi mo itanong sa mga marcosses kung saan yun perang ninakaw nila noon? Tanong mo din sa kaibigan mo na si Erap Estrada ? Itanong mo din sa idol mo na si Juan Ponce Enrile? na laging nag coup de e’tat noon panahon ni Cory Aquino. TAKOT KA ?  Tanong mo sa dating kaibigan mong na si Mike Arroyo? Saan ang pera? 

  • julieboy

    Simple,we are poor because  we have too many thieves in Govt.When the Spaniards colonized the Philippines,they even called the islands ladrones islands.In English it means islands of thieves.So imagine that, even before any of us were born we already had the foundation of thieves in society.Its been how many centuries and we are still trying to catch a thief,and they are all over society.One character us Filipinos have that no other country in the world has,is patience and hope that someday we will get better.Probably not in our lifetime but the generations to come.And our faith in God is unquestionable so we still have hope that we will see better days,sooner or later.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZLZF3S4KAAM7FT2FOFQBQUHEMM Lahi

      Naniwala ka naman sa mga Spanish na tunay na magnanakaw. Sila ang magnanakaw dahil pumarito sila at kinuha ang yaman natin. Huwag ka ngang maniwala sa sinasabi ng ibang lahi dahil sila ay self righteous at gusto nila laging ibaba ang tulad natin. Marami sa ating magnanakaw mga Senador, Congressmen, Police, Judges at marami pa subalit kahit saan ka pumunta kahit pa sa America ay marami ding magnanakaw. Ang maganda lang sa kanila ay pagnahuli ay kulong sa atin hindi lalo na pagmakapangyarihan.

      • julieboy

        Tama ka bossing the colonizers taught us all the corruption going on today. But the Filipinos made it an art. I hope our leaders in future are of a new breed. Salamat Po sa comment.

  • Platypus09

    Somehow we have to stop the blaming game. Let the authorities handle the crooks, hopefully they can and they are not crooks themselves.

    Let’s move on.

    Let us set goals, any improvement goals, for ourselves and look or ask for appropriate plans of actions from the experts you know or go back to effective schools or universities that TEACH, not just teaching courses to give away diplomas, and then implement while taking risks and learn lessons from failures.

    And see how that would work for ourselves.

  • charlie_oscar

    Communist governments are not as prone to Major Major corruption… Yes, Vietnam has corruption but nothing like the Philippines when it comes to public money and public servants (Senate, polis, NBI Judges, et al). One only has to look at the GMA legacy to see the level of insatiable greed – that can only come from those who feel ENTITLED to take the money (food) from a poor babies mouth without a second of hesitation.

  • Evilius

    The Filipinos are poor because they blame the neighbor, the politicians or the church. The Filipinos don’t look inside themselves and see the corruption and idolatry in their own heart. Of course God is furious with the Filipinos. Obey the commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) or change to another religion.

    The author of the Article is clueless, recommending depletion of natural raw materials and agriculture. Not a good advise even one hundred of years ago. So much less 2013. Did the author not even heard about heavy and light industry, BPO, call-centers, ITC, financial services, robotics?
    It is in added value that Filipinos can advance economically. Not in fishing and then eating the fishes, grow vegetables and then eat them, dig up gold and sell it abroad. The Spaniards went bust on that policy 400-500 years ago. 

    There is as we all know three very old ways to get personally rich in the Philippines, start a school/college, start a church, or go into politics. All based on; take from your neighbor what you covet.

  • boybakal

    Why is the Philippines poor?…

    Philippines is NOT POOR.
    Philippines is VERY RICH in natural resources, its sea, its air, its forest, its animals and birds.
    The only POOR in the Philippines are its INHABITANTS, the Filipinos.

    Binigyan ng magandang klima, dagat, lupa at dagat…ayaw pang gamitin……..tamad at batugan.
    Yan ang pilipino kaya mahirap.

    • IbigMongSabihin

      ayaw kong maging bakal ang tigas ng utak ko. bakal ang utak na di alam na karamihan ng poor countries ay nasa asia at africa na amg climate at natural resources ay halos may similarities sa Pinas.  bakal ang utak na di alam na sa dami ng mapagkunan ng natural resources na magkakatulad,  ang prices ng magkakatulad na natural resources ay ginagawang competitive sa world marlkets, meaning na pabagsakan ng presyo….. almost all rich nations ay umasenso ng dahil sa INDUSTRIALIZATION, kabilang na ang Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan na walang maipagmalaking natural resources.

      • boybakal

         Tunggak….sa Africa may Drought at Desierto. Sa Pilipinas wala.
        Sasabihin mong kaparehas ng klima ng Pilipinas.

        Anong industrializaiton ang pinagsasabi mong Ungas ka…Ang HongKong hindi industrialized kundi Financial Center  pati na ang Singapore.

        Hindi ka nga Utak Bakal, Utak Tunggak ka…Ungas pa.

  • jesussaints

    Why is the Philippines poor? Ask the honorable senators.

  • victor1052

    Pres.Roxas was wrong when he boasted before the U.S. Congress that Fiilipinos prefer a Philippines run like hell by the Filipinos themselves than a Philippines run like heaven by Americans. Deadly wrong! This isn’t hell yet. Not even close to it, and yet we are suffering miserably under mismanagement and corruption from one administration to the next.When will we taste heaven? Till we are colonized again by the U.S.? Not sarcastically so- YES! 

    • kevv33

      Si Pres. Manuel Quezon may sabi non hindi Roxas.

      • victor1052

        yes. You are right. It was Quezon during the commonweath period. thanks

    • simondj

      words are spirit and they have life,,,

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OLHP7TKAHADXWOJWBBPLTLLKNA Vincent

    “Why is the Philippines poor?”
    Dumb question! Kasi ninanakaw ng ibang mandurugas na pulitiko ang pera ng bayan!

    • IbigMongSabihin

      ibig mong sabihin ay d mo naisip na maliit lamang ang wealth ng gobyerno ng Pinas kaya kahit hindi ito nakawin ay mananatili pa ring poor ang Pinas sa liit ng wealth nito. walang massive or unique na bagay mula bansang Pinas na weatlh-generating para maghakot ng wealth mula ibang bansa papunta ng Pinas.  ah, meron rin pala, tulad ni pacquiao. hwag mong sabihin na isama mo ang mga pipitsuging exports ng Pinas.  

  • chiefsiop

    may be its the climate. most temperate countries are progressive like japan, norway, us, south korea and many others. i havent seen a tropical country to be as progressive as those in the temperate zone. the people who lives in a tropical country are small and definitely have smaller brains. it is more conducive to work in a temperate country. may be its the religion. most of the people in the hot and tropical countries are practicing very conservative religion.

    • peach black

      or maybe because life in a tropical country is less stressful. di ka puwede magutom kung paninindigan mong maghanap ng makakain. magbungkal ka ng lupa may apulid. may kamote. e sa malamig na bansa nasubukan mo na ba kapag winter? mamamatay ka sa lamig kaya mas masikap silang magtrabaho kasi the weather really kills. e sa tropical country, puwedeng buong taon tambay lang di ka mamamatay sa lamig. palaging may masusulingan. atsaka yang smaller brain argument na yan. . . utang na loob. . . 

      • chiefsiop

        wala tayong dapat sisihin kung bakit tayo mahirap. tamad dahil s klima, d tayo makapag isip ng magaling dahil mainit at wala tayong self confidence dahil tayo ay maliit n lahi.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WT5ZX5O7ZBC6Z3LXFA4UIQZC3I emajega

      mahirap tayo gaya ng mga bansa sa africa dahil ang mga bansang binanggit mo na mayaman na ay pinagkukuha ang mga mina tulad ng ginto, diamonds, coal, mga puno, nickles at iba pang mayayamang sangkap sa ating kapaligiran at ginamit ng mayayamang bansa mula noong 15th century upang pagyamanin ang sarili nilang bansa. Ang masaklap nito inalipin pa nila ang mga ninuno ng mga bansang sabi mo ay mahirap ngayon sa sariling kapakanan ng mga bansa ngayon.

      small brain? siguro nga, kasi kung kasing laki ng mahihirap na bansa ang utak ng mga mayayamang bansa na sinabi mo eh di hindi sila pumayag na paalipin bagkus ay sa umpisa pa lang ay nagpatayan na sila dahil pareho naman ang laki ng utak nila.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/67MNKU7JSBV35RO7ROKB6G64JI fishy_jojo

        marami naman sa mga ninuno natin ang nakipagpatayan agad a. may mga sumipsip kasi pinangakuan sila ng mga kastila na tutulungan sila kalabanin ang mga karibal nilang mga kaharian.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/67MNKU7JSBV35RO7ROKB6G64JI fishy_jojo

      i’d agree with the first two sentences. but here’s the thing: the countries beyond the two tropics have four seasons. they have two seasons to work their butts off and reap whatever springs up, because if they don’t they suffer the remainder of the year. their ancestors were forced to be industrious, competitive, disciplined and creative with what little they have, hence the firm disposition towards development. this same attitude is carried over to the modern generation.
      most of us in the tropics do not need to worry about lack of food, because we can reap and harvest at any time of the year, and we have an abundance of resources. our ancestors were not forced to become competitive and creative because they did not need to.
      it has little to do with the brains because filipinos living in europe, america, australia, etc. have shown themselves to be just as excellent as their counterparts.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        You are obviously correct, a Feudal abusive religious and Plutocratic colonialism system turn it into a tragedy.

  • Komen To

    The answer to your tag line, why is the Philippines poor, can be found on the pages of the senate recent archives, featuring the senate president and his honorable senators. Poor Filipinos

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PNTIGXL3JZVKOJDRXXDYGGBUUY Jerry

    There are billions of pesos now sitting idly because the Supreme Court has yet to decide who really is to receive the sixty percent share from the Malampaya gas project. Is it coincedence that the demonstration farm of the DA is in Palawan on Tulfo’s land. There’s a great probability that the Court will rule in favor of the local government of Palawan. If that happens, men your guess is good as mine. That money will go straight for the development of the province and government agencies in the area will get a lot. DA one of them,one of the most corrupt. Demonstration farm? What happened to Imelda’s green revolution? Systemic corruption folks. I suggest that when the court rules in favor of the local government of Palawan, the people there will receive monthly from the government. Because if not, that free use of Tulfo’s land will still be jn the budget and the money will go straight to Alcala’s pocket.

  • zeroko

    The Philippines is poor ever since becasue it allowed Chinese to enter it’s government. Cheating, lying, and stealing is the dominant character of Chinese. Even the Chinese mainland government has forewarned its government employees espacially those occupying high position to stay away from corruption. If that is the case, what more the Chinese in the Philippine government who does not qualm doing such dastardly act. We are a conquered nation whether we accept it or not.

  • xrisp

    Napakaraming solusyon maiisip para makaahon ang bansang Pilipinas ngunit ano lahat ang kapakinabangan ng mga ito kung ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat ang makakaligtaan – Magbalik loob sa Diyos ang dapat sa mga Pilipino, kahit ano pa ang relihiyon ng tao, upang totoong magkaroon ng tunay na pagbabago. Kung ang tao ay may tunay na pagpipitagan sa Diyos, kahit sino pa siya ay di siya makakaisip gumawa ng masama – di papatay, di magnanakaw, di mang-aabuso, di mang-aapi, di manlalamang, di mangungurakot sa kaban ng bayan at marami pa – at tunay niyang igagalang ang kanyang kapwa.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NIPR2MWOPGWUNZ4COTAMW7MLKE Mark

    I don’t agree , hindi mahirap na bansa ang Pilipinas. Ang daming resources, 85 Bn US$ reserves, ang daming workforce, ang daming multinational corporation, BPO’s etc. sobrang dami ng sasakyan yan ba ang mahirap na bansa…hindi mahirap na bansa ang Pilipinas…pero I agree the Philipiines is the most corrupt country in Asia (huwag nang isama sa argument yung only Christian nation – nakakahiya kay God).

    Mahirap tayo dahil sa maling governance
    1. Corruption in Malacanang
    2. Corruption in Senate / Congress
    3. Corruption in Military

    saan ka pa … its more fun in the Philippines

  • zeroko

    “Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala is making the country not only self-sufficient in rice, but also in vegetables”
    He he he! What a big lie. The only way we can be self sufficient in rice production is place all big Chinese smuggler in the firing squad and execute them Mind you, some members of the Cabinet Secretary is as much guilty as the perpetrators. Big time rice smuggling will not flourish if there is no “go” signal from the Executive Branch, and the bigget bag man in Malacanyang are the Cabinet Secretaries. Look at what happen to Puno,who was connected then to the DILG. His role was to be an observer in the bidding for the supply of guns and rifles for the PNP. As observer, he is to keep his mouth shut, and never participate in the bidding process. Instead, he defied his role and called for a meeting of the Bidding COMMITTEE. One way or another, he influence the outcome of the bidding. Worst, he even went to Israel to meet those who won the award. 

    Now, as observer, did he not broke his role? Ganyan ang corruption happening in our midst. Niloloko tayo ng mga Chinese in high places in our government. Take also the DPWH in it’s role to rehabilitate the Angat dam. For a whooping 5 billion pesos, they plan to rehabilitate the Dam for safety purposes. The question here is that the winning bidder was a Korean Firm. We are not even sure if the Korean firm is real or just a pseudo .company of the Chinese in which the real owners are Chinese inside our government. In the first place, why spend 5 billion pesos when in fact the Korean Firm was suppose to maintain the soundness of the structure. Otherwise, the Agat dam is just a milking cow of the Chinese inside our government? In short, the Korean firm is just a dummy.

    Maraming pangdaraya na ginawa ng Chinese sa mga Pilipino. Take the PAGCOR which earns 34 billion pesos a month in favor of the government. Why is PNoy so interested in selling it to the Chinese knowing that it is earning so much revenue for the government. The PROFITABLE MRT/LRT. Everyone does not buy the press release of our Chinese government that these Mass Transportation is losing money. Imagine, hundreds of thousand passengers ride this mode of transportation, and also, there was an increase of 10 pesos minimum which was implemented recently, but again, our Chinese government wants to privatize these profitable firm. 

    Then again, just recently, PNoy the Chinese b idded out ALL GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS to be operated by Chinese. Adding insult to injury, these Chinese will just borrow from our government lending Institution like Bangko Sentral, Development Bank, the SSS, the GSIS, PNB, and presto, tubong lugao, they are already the operator. If it goes bankrupt, it is people’s money who is at risk. If it becomes profitable, then they will reap millions of pesos in revenue. Si Juan de la Cruz, he will be holding an empty bag. Besides, government hospitals, the last resort that poor people will go is now expensive for them How many indigent Filipinos dies without benefit of the government hospitals, because they are too poor even to go there. Let alone, millions and millions of government medicines under the custody of the Department of Health are rotting. Why? Because it is run by Chinese. Francisco Duque III is a Chinese, so is the HANGBANG dancing idiot, the present HEad of DOH. So, who is the ultimate looser? The entire Filipinos.

    This is what we get for accepting Chinese in our government. Isang damukal na uto-uto, bayan ng mga Alipin!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    The Philippines is like a child. The people think with their emotions rather than their brain. Unable to fend for themselves, but need others to look after and provide for them and as such are beholden to their provider. A child forgives a parent that smacks them for wrong doing, as such filipinos “forget and forgive” the wrong doings of our politicians just as quickly.
    Politicians know this and take full advantage of the emotional telenova immaturity of the public. Unfortunately the intelligent ones who really can move the country forward are the minority and get out voted by the majority masses who scream, faint and palpitate at seeing their heroes in a motorcade cruising down the street pretending as if they really care. The reality is they laugh behind the publics back knowing how gullible they are and easy to manipulate.
    They don’t fear the rich powerful businessmen because they only have one vote. The important ones are the millions of people who have nothing better to do than have their eyes glued to the television screen all day waiting to see their hero appear.

    Truth really hurts, and filipinos need to get beyond emotional, mouth bypassing the brain attitude and actually start really THINKING.

  • durian

    Ohhh Yes! We are rich in natural resources and good vibes.., but sad to say., rich also of corrupt government officials.., Until now.., I’m still longing for the real “TUWID na DAAN” will come into reality and will savour by all citizens of this country.,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    It’s our habits and attitudes that make us poor. Examples of poor habits is squatting, begging, dynamite fishing or fishing using poisons, mooching, selling or buying of votes, soliciting funds inside the bus after a short passionate religious speech, ignoring traffic rules, lack of respect of time of others, lack of self-respect, studying when it’s already time for the exam, going on TNT in the West. There is a litany of poor habits and attitudes and there are no signs pinoys are serious for a real change.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Uneducated, talagan talaga !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EA7TIY7PYXEU5UOXG2K5CY5F64 Eric

    That ready smile is a servant’s smile to his master. Most of us are always in awe when we see foreigners….do Asian visitors say the same?

    True….it all starts with believing. But who will educate the masses that have no access to media. Perhaps the barangay captains can take on the role of life coach/mentor within his community. How productive are Barangay Captains anyway?

  • bisdakis

    Don’t you wonder that all of the top ten countries speak and write  their own language? 

  • angie669

    One factor that we can’t deny: THE GOVERNMENT LEADERS. If they are sincere, efficient, conscious, hardworking and patriotic, the Philippines will grow in leaps and bounds. Sadly, almost all of the Philippine leaders are greedy. They work only for self-interest, not for the development and progress of their country. The mentality is  like, “bahala na sila basta ako, meron na at mayaman”. They take a shortcut to enriching themselves: STEAL the people’s money without any shame and guilt. They are a bunch of hypocrite. They trick the poor people. They just do a little service to show they are doing something, and the stupid, poor people are already satisfied. Of course much of the people know it but can’t say or do anything. It’s like their backbone are broken. Some lift their finger and complain but to no avail.You complain? You are killed. Take the thieves to the court? You will not win! No big leaders were jailed. The court processes take forever. Worst,the judges are corrupt. Then the case is dismissed. What’s new? It’s so frustrating.

    I wish these few people who are sincere will multiply. I wish the president who runs and will run this country in the future has the energy, courage, skill, intellect, compassion, good moral including honesty and of course the sincerity to work so that the Philippines will have the dignity again and will be lifted from poverty.

    Wake up Filipino people! Start teaching your kids at home. Start educating kids at school. Start with morality and good values. The children are our future. They will become goods citizens, thus become good leaders if we teach and educate them. Never mind these old and trapo politicians. They will not change and already have done the damage to our country.

    There’s so much to say and it is so tiring nobody among the leaders really listen and act.

  • Don

    Karamihan ng Pilipino ay walang edukasyon ngunit maari silang bumoto sa eleksyon!  At binoboto nila ay mga ampaw at mga corrupt na pulitiko.  Sa ngayon, KAHIT SINO na edad 18, puwede nang bumoto. Kaya naman tuwang tuwa ang mga pulitiko.  Dapat ang maari lamang bumoto ng Municipal Councilor at pataas ay mga 1) high school graduate, 2) o kaya nagbabayad ng income tax.  Kung sa gayon, wala nang bilihan, takutan, gastusan, patayan o bolahan tuwing eleksyon.  Ni hindi na kailangan mambola ng mga kandidato — basta ipaskil na lang nila ang kanilang bio-data at programa sa barangay hall. Hindi na rin nila kailangan magbayad ng mga artista o mga banda na mag-eendorso sa kanila.  Sigurado, tanggal ang mga kurap.  Pero hangga’t walang edukasyon ang butante, walang magbabago.

  • frudo

    kuraption, kaya ang Pinas ay mahirap,

  • frudo

    norway kasi kaya no. 1 yung mga leader nila  malaki pa ang hiya sa katawan,  Pinas mga leader or pulitiko wala ng hiya sa ktawan mga magnanakaw pa, kapit tuko pa sa mga position nila, isa sa mga katunayan or example na kapit tuko sila sa position ay ang pagpapasok ng mga kamag anak or pamilya nila sa bakuran ng nasasakupan nila, kagaya ng mayor sa caloocan na pag katapos ng termino niya ay ang anak ang gusto nya ipalit sa kanya,  mga wla ng hiya at delikadeza mga garapal pa.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/67MNKU7JSBV35RO7ROKB6G64JI fishy_jojo

    Mr. Tulfo, Taiwan is not part of Southeast Asia. FYI lang. :)

  • zeroko

    I’m not against our government per se, but my blood is boiling when ever I think that the Chinese in our government, 98% of the government force in higher level are Chinese that occupies all three major branches of our government.

    Mantakin mo, kumunti nang na political dynasty ang Judiciary natin. Conchita CARPIO Morales is cousin of Supreme Court Justice Associate Antonio Terol Carpio. Puro Chinese yan, at ang karamihan ay graduate ng Ateneo. Remember the former Chief of the Office of the Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and the former First Gentleman, are classmate in Ateneo law school. 

    Ano ang ibig sabihin nito, all our high Chinese government officials belongs to the .05% of the population, all came wealthy scions, they are all Chinese, and majority 95% are Ateneo graduates.  

    Ateneo just like Saint Lukes hospital is generally off-limit to Filipinos because it is too expensive. Tapos sinundan pa ng MOOE scandal? Wala na, pinaglalaruan lang ang mamamayang Pinoy. Karamihan ng Chinese adopts Filipino Citizenship for convenience. They never intend to serve this country.  Our country is for the taking, pwedeng lokohin at bolahin ang mga mamamayan. Look at those pseudo Filipinos who rallied in the American Embassy today. Believe you me, they are Chinese puppets. Karamihan ay Chinese. They pretend to be nationalistic but they are knocking at the wrong door, the American Embassy. It they care for our country, they should be at the Senate shouting vindictive words against our Chinese  Senators. He he he. But they did not do it. These same radical organization pretending to defend our country never demonstrate against the Chinese when they took control of Scarborough Shoal. They did not not rally when PNoy our Chinese President pull out our only Navy Ship, a Coast Guard Cutter, from the Scarborough shoal. They did not rally against our Chinese President when from 9 Chinese vessels, the number went up to 96 fishing Chinese vessels who plundered our seas from sharks to giant clams?

    Wala itong mga Chinese sponsored radical groups who rallied in American Embassy. Mga Chinese puppets yan///////////

    • avmphil

      I see your basis and reason as to why we are unable to lift our chin with pride.. Moving around digesting bits and pieces to understand this man-made culture just in Luzon- the political powerhouse, I share a sad view. Filipinos, (poor, talented and knowledgeable) in general are subjected to varying degrees of ‘ shame’ within the very society where they dwell. Especially if he or she does not belong to scions of established families.

      When a ‘captain’ to the ‘tanod’ from the smallest unit in a barangay is beholden to the councilmen, the chain of servitude culture begins and continues up to the mayor and eventually the governor, who assumes a kingdom-ship in the Philippines. Such are the distribution of vested power where descendents are ‘placed’ in trust even before the electoral can decide who best will represent their constituents.

      What is missing in the country is the leadership to represent the people in the broader sense of the word. In Indonesia, Malaysia and in Singapore it’s the respective race that sits in power accordingly to its demography, despite being a multi-cultural society like Singapore and Malaysia. It’s hoped the next President of the Philippines is truly a blue-blooded Filipino so that a son of the soil will decide the destiny of all Filipinos for years to come and to achieve: its the ballot box. This country needs no revolution and another EDSA just time.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZWTTKJTI57YO7TZBJC66GA2OLU dennis

    “Why is the Philippines poor?”…Because we NEVER learn from our MISTAKES!

    • Magsasaka

       i agree much

  • kilawon(the return)

    as usual pinoys like blaming game….! filipinos are by nature lazy, dumb  and who keeps blaming politikos for their mishap in their life ,even though they voted for it….take a look at the difference between an IQ of an  east ASIAN like japan chinese or a korean, they are somewhere in average 100…..while pinoys IQ’s average is somewhere in 86 ,for reference u can compare them to an african nation.!!! tsk

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A3B5B7CAS25M3OSQSEBXPKDEIU zafirol

    There is less opportunity for poor to get by. We have a corrupt government , run by mostly rich people . The poorer the Filipinos, the more the rich and powerful will stay in power. It is a grand design. They make laws and rules , so only the rich will be more richer and protected by law.
    Adding a rampant corruption on all sectors of the government , foreign investors stay away from the Philippines and move to other countries instead where ways of making business is less complicated. Foreign investors brings jobs and money to a country. There has been interest recently by foreign investors in Philippines.

  • virgoyap

    Had they tried to survey they indigenous people like the Mangyans, the Higaonon, the T’bolis or the Aetas maybe the answer will be different.

  • Magsasaka

    yan ang baluktot na turo ng RCC na poverty is a blessing, 80 percent ng population naniniwala sa turo na iyan kasi sila ay mangmang kaya tuloy gustong nilang manatiling mahirap 

  • tukmoldinako

    natanung yan sa akin ng aking anak, sabi ko marami factors yan unang una tama yung sinabi ng  mga sinabi ng lahat dito ibig sabihin alam natin ang dahilan pero wala tayong magawa.
    LEADERS IN GOVERNMENT – nagpapatupad ba sila ng tama o sila mismo ang nagbibigay ng maling halimbawa.
    LAWS OF THE LAND- natutupad ba o para sa ilan lang
    JUSTICE SYSTEM – May tiwala ba ang mamamayan
    MILITARY- do they serve to protect the civilian or otherwise
    KABAN NG BAYAN- Para ba sa ikauunlad ng bayan o para lang sa konting individual.
    COMMERCE –  Ang Pilipinas nagbebenta ng isang barkong saging worth 1M$.
                            Yung Hapon nagbebenta ng isang barkong kotse worth 100M$
                            yung kano nagbebenta ng isang pandigmang barko worth 1B$
    TECHNOLOGY- Yung hapon bumibili ng mineral sa ibang bansa isang tonelada 20$ convert nya to kotse weight one tone worth 15K isa pero bili nya sa lupa palang 20$. Yung Hapon bili iron ore gawa sya Barko.

    Pilipinas – bili barko luma pa 1M$ , gastos no kasi di pa kaya gawa barko
    Bili rin sya eroplano 1B$ mahal no kasi di rin sya alam gawa eroplano.
    Pilipinas benta lang puro saging isang barko mura lang, dami kailangan barko saging benta para makabili ng isang eroplano panggera diba.

    So we are poor because we have no better  technology, we only depend on the rich countries by buying, our produce are mostly small items and very cheap. We are selling our minerals to other countries and their technology develop it to something big and we buy them for use but very expensive.

    Masama na yung mga liders natin, wala pa tayong technologiya, walang trabahong mahanap , kaya mostly we export our laborers at dun tayo nagsusurvive and have dollars to spend.
    ano sapalagay mo san pupunta ang Pilipinas natin mahal.

    Baka kapag nakapagisip tayo huli na ang lahat dahil salat na sa yaman ang bansa ubos na ang mineral sa lupa binenta na lahat ng nasa gobyerno. LOL

    • jun82

      ngayn pa nga lang pag aari ng gobyerno bininta na sa mga dayuhan..

  • imnotmyopic

    oh yeah, why’s the philippines poor? does it have something to do with its culture and tradition, history, or being a catholic nation? why is tiny taiwan, or singapore, or hongkong’s economy the envy of most most people in asia. isnt the philippines awash in talent and resources? figure it out, dude!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Lies and Robbery are the Clergy traditional cultural values, a crazy colonial injection.
      Can’t built any Future with that, only Death and sufferances are Damaso’s results.

      Fake Clergy, fake President, fake Politicians, fake text books, fake Religion, fake Democracy, fake Businessmen, fake Police, fake Army,
      those are the bases for a real Mafias world.

      What else can be built with such attitudes ?

      Don’t be surprise to be poor with such a pilfering rapist “System”
      More criminal and robber you are, more success you will have.

      The “System” is promoting the most rubbish killers, Ampatuan’s or Palparan, killing the best peoples like Leonardo Co and Journalists, they are nice examples of that death and money culture

      Strangely the fascists communist countries were used to do the very same to keep a strong grip on the power.

  • dxdaistar

    everybody shud know why the Philippines became poor….started in 1986!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      For the disastrous deforestations and fish stocks destructions, 
      the Leviathan criminal behind is Marcos and dummies. 
      Effectively, his cronies/Dummies became Sultans,
      thanks Marcos kick out in EDSA by Sin…………………………………………………………………….
      chosen by the nefarious influent Cardinal Paul Markinkus,
      the American asset in Vatican………………………………………………………………………………….
      Ramos the West-Pointist………………………………………………………………………………………….
      Enrile the trusted martial law man……………………………………………………………………………..

      Ironically logic……………………………………, but secret !

      Enrile and other Gangs members where the only EDSA “heroic” beneficiaries !

      A sardonic laugh…………….. ! ! !

  • boypalaban

    tanungin mo ang mga binibiliban mong mga pulitiko at opisyal ng gobyerno…kayang kaya ka nilang sagutin…kahit saang bansa pa kayo mag-usap….

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    Because of CROCS all over the Philippines especially living in the Phil. gov’t. — CORRUPT

    • frudo

      masahol pa kamo sa mga buwaya, ang buwaya pag nabusog tumitigil na eh sila busog na ayaw pa tumigil, ginawang karir ang pagnanakaw, tapos kung mga umasta kala mo sila ang hari sa lipunan. buong pamilya minsan ang nagtutulungan sa pagnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan.. 

  • Paliwaweng

    my heart bleeds every time I saw comments like “Philippines is hopeless, my country is hopeless, ‘wala ng pagasa ang bayan’.
    Mas malala pa ang kahirapan at korupsyon noong panahon ni Rizal, pero nakakita sya ng pagasa. 
    Kung lahat tayo, 100% ng mga Pilipino ay magiisip na wala na tayong pagasa, wala talaga tayong magiging pagasa, hindi talaga tayo uunlad, hindi talaga tayo makakaalis sa kahirapang ating kinasasadlakan, hindi talaga tayo makakadanas ng masaganang buhay, sapagkat kung ano ang ating paniniwala sa ating sarili ay syang nangyayari.

    We are what we think.

    Kung di tayo magtitiwala sa ating kakayahang umunlad, sino pa? Ang mga Amerikano? Ang mga  Bitoy? Ang mga Intsik?

  • rouelcalzita

    The mentality of Filipino has no care about others…Filipino is old enough to take care of themselves.
    As long as Filipino can eat three times a day…it’s enough for themselves.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Filipinos have no education at all outside a Feudal Clergy.

  • Platypus09

    Do you guys know how and what did Taiwan, Singapore, China, etc. do to achieve their economic successes?

    Like us, they also had lots of challenges, perhaps even worse, but they conquered them.

    They had done so many excellent stuff that we Filipinos don’t know or had not done yet. Most their secrets are kept mummed until now and years to come.

    They had done so many great things, mostly legal, that most of us don’t know.

    For one thing, these countries are flooded with intelligent and smart people, plus hardworking at the same time. And they used these assets/secrets to their own personal advantage and spread what they know to lots of trusted people.

    The rest, you guys have to figure them out.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      The Philippines is full of gifted peoples, but no food, no schools.

      This is Clergy and Plutocracy rules to rape the country of every single natural resources, turning the populations into slavery on purpose.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERCCN5ANNNF7BEBFMYXR6ALGRU Dan

    this freaking country is poor because instead of saving money for better use, they would rather hae expensive cellphones,, wearing braces and letting the whole world knows because its  status symbol, gloryfying, patronizing, transvestite, faggots, cross dressers. homosexuals and what have you,, electing uneducated, unintelligent movie stars as legislators, town executives, and president of this country

    • AlexanderAmproz

      You miss the point, where from is this one day millionaire attitude ?

      Who are pulling the strings ?

      The Clergy and Plutocracy owning the country since Magellan !

      Everything happening is on purpose, if not, rubout at once !

  • jun82

    hhahah,,, napapatawa yata!! kailan nagiging mahirap yung pinas,

    1. There’s plenty of gold and other expensive minerals waiting to be dug up. ?
           – sinu nag ooperate ( government o dayuhan) , ano nga rules ng DNR kahit ikaw na ang may-ari ng lupa na meron natural resources hndi mo pag mamay-ari, sa government yun.
           – pag walang natural resources, sayo lahat yun kaya bayaran ng buo yung taxes.
    2. Every year malaki na kokolekta ng BIR, sinu nakikinabang?
    3. Maganda ekonomiya? – ano nagiging basehan ng maganda ekonomiya na hindi naman naramdaman ng mga tao.
    4. Taxes, pagtanggap ng sahod may taxes, bibili ka ng pag-kain may tax, dadaan ka sa express way may toll gate.. magkano nakaltas mo pagdating mo sa bahay?
    5. bka sa susunod na mga taon may batas na gagawin na lahat ng sahod iremit na sa gobyerno at hihingi nalang tayo ng ALLOWANCE.


    RAMON Tulfo a’ tapang a’ tao,
    Wala siyang takot kahit kanino.
    Matulungin sa mga kabayan,
    Walang bale na siya ay masaktan.

    Ang buhay niya ay ina-alay,
    Lalo na sa mga walang-malay.
    Mga ilog kanyang lalanguyin,
    Nalulunod kanyang sasagipin.

    Sa kapwa sya’y mapagkawang-gawa,
    Radio ay gamit ng walang-sawa.
    Siya ay eksperto sa Aikido,
    Masipag magsimba tuwing Linggo.

    Ang siste lamang dito kay Tulfo,
    Lahat DAW ng malalaking tao,
    Mabuti, masama, o masagwa,
    Yangkang sabihan ang ginagawa.

    Katiwalia’y tinutuligsa,
    Kawalang-hiyaan ay pinupuna.
    Ngunit sa pagpapatupad nito,
    Lagi DAW may kapalit na ginto.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

    mayabang kasi ang flipino, kaunting sweldo lang ay akala mo eh milyonaryo na pag-dating ng payday. pala-asa pa ang flipino,  tapos dag-dagan pa ng FALSE PRIDE, masydong ma-pride ang flipino – inaankin ang lahat na may duong flipino maski .000001 lang ang trace ng pagiging flip.

  • boybakal

    Filipinos became poor after Marcos was booted out.
    Marcos already had the blue print, the implementation when he was forced out by this People Power kuno.
    Marcos plan, vision for the country and people was taking place.
    Who cannot forget the infrastructures, San Juanico Bridge, LRT, MRT, North and South Expressway, the Bliss project, Pop Com, Masagana 99 etc etc.
    Only a man of vision and courage can do that.

    Unluckily it was cut short…the rest is history, we are now poor.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KXYE2WU3WIE4YJYZCKXVJ2PWBE Kurak Ding

      How old are you Boy?  Probably you didn’t know what happen.  Just keep up your belief and take chance with your Marcos ideology.  You are not even aware why they killed Ninoy Aquino in Marcos Administration.  

      He was the one who put tubo-tubo system…where instead,  it created favoritism and in return abuse of power who are called “MARCOS LOYALIST”…


       You are absolutely right ! Pres. Ferdinand Marcos got the vision. He did set up mega industries where no Filipino CHINESE capitalist in PH will ever to do so. But the family of Aquino cut the march to progress by setting up a revolutionary government commanded by a PLAIN HOUSEWIFE who’s vision is as far as the kitchen and toilet only. Leaving the country wallowing in pit of DIS-FUNCTIONAL Constitution. One Paking idea IS > a president can seat for 6 years even if it is Donk like an Abnoy child. But a good president can never ever be re-elected even for one more time. Now another Aquino is on the helm, playing like a little boy brat, dividing the citizens instead of uniting a nation for progress. Why the Philippines is poor. It’s all because of Cory and her Boy AB son. Both of them can not figure out who killed the communist Ninoy. With that kind of clueless brain, sure PH will be poor only.

  • Ruby

    Happiness is not based majorly on wealth, money, the GDP or income of the country. 

    If you check out the comments of this article about the happiest countries in the world http://travel.cnn.com/explorations/life/united-nations-announces-world%E2%80%99s-happiest-country-247768, many attest that money does not equate happiness. 

    Look at Singapore. It is dubbed as one of the richest countries and one of the most expensive cities to live in but if you check out these articles http://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-ranks-as-world%E2%80%99s-most-emotionless-society–survey-071151173.html and http://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-ranked-90th-in-latest-happiness-index.html, and if you look at the comments, clearly you can see how ironic that most poor countries are happier than these ‘rich’ countries. (I’m not dissing Singapore, but stating this as an example)

    Check this poll on the happiest countries (http://www.happyplanetindex.org/) and you will see that being poor doesn’t really mean you’re not happy. And Norway definitely is not the happiest if you don’t based it off mainly on the ‘richness’ of the country. Just my two cents.

    Very biased to think that rich countries are happier than poor countries. MONEY DOESN’T EQUATE TO HAPPINESS. MONEY EQUATES GREED AND DISCONTENTMENT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO ACQUIRE MORE MONEY.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      How to smile with an empty stomach ?

      How to smile when you are sick and dying when health cares are out of reach ?

      How to smile when your future is permanently at risk ?

      How to smile when you live below a bridge or by a hazardous creek ?

      How to smile when you cant found a Job ?

      How to smile with a five month contract ?

      How to smile when your salary is not enough to buy food ?

      How to smile when you can’t afford to eat fruits in a fruit basket ?

      How to smile when you are starving in a food basket ?

      How to smile when you have starving kids at home ?

      How to smile when your children’s education is out of reach ?

      How to smile when living with smelly mud to the nose ?

      How to smile when family members or friends are dying from poverty, 
      poverty is a pity less killer, but killing is taking as a funny game in this Paradise !

      How nice is a dead child or wife !



      Those are what the majority in the Philippines luckily to enjoying every days, 
      that why they are smiling and have a permanent fun all the time 
      and are dreaming of HK Hell.

      Every body is unhappy in Hong Kong as they have all the missing above.

      Apparently for you Philippines is more fun, everything is subjective, but none of the above concerning yourself, that why you are a blind selfish happy !

      • Ruby

        Did you even check out the links that I have provided above? You know even if people are having a hard time in here, people find ways to smile and be happy about the simple things in life. Happiness does not equate wealth or money or education or just because you can’t afford to eat fruits in a fruit basket doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.

        Doesn’t mean you only a five month contract you can’t smile. Being happy means being contented with the little that we have and doing our best to meet the needs of the family. 

        Simple needs like providing food on the table and not luxurious foods to feast on. I’m not even talking about dead children or wives. I’m not even talking about people dying from poverty. 

        It’s that amidst poverty, people can still afford to smile on the simple things in life while the rich are busy looking for money and more money forgetting what matters in life. If you look at the articles about Singapore and the comments about Norwegians you will see what I mean. It’s obvious you are not looking and understanding what those things meant. And it’s not about being blind selfish happy. How dare you judge. It’s knowing how to smile amidst crisis and poverty and knowing how to look for little things in life that can make one happy. Not just money.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Accumulating wealth and living in comfort is all but not my cup of tea !

        I will agree with you, but, there is still a “BUT”.

        I got an insider look of the Philippines society,

        from the top to the bottom, South to North, East to West,
        from the top of the mountains to 50 meters deep with fishes and corrals.

        By plane, by buses roof top, by pam-boat in Tawi-Tawi.

        One dollar a night lodges to every main five stars hotels in Manila.

        I spend happy christmas’s in slums and squatters cemetery,
        went to community hospitals…
        This last during 30 yrs.

        What did you know about your country ?

        I love the Filipino’s and country,
        but also used to know the tough daily reality, no fun at all,

        suggest you to enjoy it,

        it will froze your smile once a while !

        Then you will probably have friends among the voiceless and speak for them, who know ?

        Tray it, It worth it, a humility lesson in case you are flying business class !

        PS: Better to fly economy and sleep in the cheapest hotels,
        some at 10.-US$ are excellent, pay school, hospital and medicines with the saved money, a lot can be done…

      • Ruby

        Okay. First off, thank you for making it clear that you are one of the few people who acknowledged that accumulating wealth and living in comfort is not your cup of tea and I’d have to commend you that you have traveled far and wide extensively to our country that you seem to know more a lot than most of my countrymen. 

        I admit that I’ve not even traveled as much as you do in my country but since you are a foreigner, it seems that your way of “fun” is different from how we see it. What I was saying is that amidst of the tough daily reality, we can still manage to smile and enjoy the simple things in life. 

        We look at our blessings and not our calamities and crises. That despite of the hardships, we overlook them for the little small good things that we have. As I have uncovered comments from citizens of a rich country, it seems that they complain a lot despite of being one of the most developed countries in the world. 

        It seems that they are never satisfied of what they have. Even if their needs are being met, they still complain, complain, and complain. It’s not about how beautiful you are living in or how comfortable you are living, but it’s the attitude of the heart when you are being bombarded by the struggles of life. It’s how you can find joy in your life amidst crises. Amidst the “tough daily reality” that seems to be different from how the rich are living.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        My drive line to go to the Philippines was today country and Historical interest, peoples love and a vanishing extraordinary, unique environment.

        Thanks for the fascinating 200 hundreds trip done in this country, becoming a little bit mine.

        Today its too messy, health and life hazardous as my interests are to be involved in environment and peoples protection, an “elites” and Trapos triggermen target.

      • Ruby

        “How to laugh when PUB bill is S$160 per mth with NO AIRCON???!!!! 

        My aircon spoiled and decided not to repair! Still S$160! Just a small fridge only and I used all energy savings light bulbs!”

        “”Jon Clifton, a Gallup partner in Washington, feels that Singaporeans are sacrificing economic success and stability for what truly matters.” – Correction, we did not sacrifice…our Gov’t sacrificed us.”

        “This is what always happens in dictatorships and authoritarian societies where the peons are socially engineered to become souless, mindless and robotic and too afraid to do anything about their condition – even if they are aware of their condition. Eventually, because there are always a few who fight the system, these dictators are overthrown. It happened in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union and It’s happening now in some parts of the world but in Singapore…..I’m not too sure if it ever will.The fear factor is much too strong.”

        “100% true. We just build robots here. Got to school, get a job, make money or try to, have children, make them do the same, die. And the PAP will tell you this is a good life. Your payment for living in Singapore.”

        “Overall, I’ve met MUCH happier people in some of the bottom 10 countries than the top 10. This entirely depends on what is considered “happy.”  If GDP & material possessions equate happiness then yes this data is accurate; as the idiom goes, “MONEY CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS””

        “This study isn’t based on satisfaction and happiness among the people as are the other studies about happiness, this study only based on material wellbeing and prosperity, living stadard. They look at statistics and say: “this must make people happy”, “this must also make people happy”…”wow, high income = happy”…but the only way to find out if a population is happy is by asking them how they are doing!”

        “I agree. I am actually a Norwegian living in the US and I deem this list a little bit questionable as well…”

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Norway is a beautiful country for ski hiking at late spring time, already midnight reddish horizon, fjords and impressive tumultuous rivers. 
        This desert country isn’t for me and the plastic food, boiled elk, fish and soft bread, except smoked salmon with radish and Aquavit, nothing really for me.
        Luxury is boring, air-con is noisy and unhealthy, useless waist of energy. What miss me in the Philippines hotels is the lack of light to read books at night. In this country books is the best place to hide money, nobody will open a book.

      • Evilius

        “In this country books is the best place to hide money, nobody will open a book.”
        Hehehe so almost true, but there are some avid readers. In Philippines as elsewhere everybody is interested in the un-truth

      • Ruby

        I’d have to take that as an insult when you said that in our country “nobody will open a book”. You seem to have a very judgmental tone in the way you generalize us Filipinos that “nobody will open a book”. I don’t know why you are seeing our country like that and why you are generalizing like that when I for one read books. My family read books. Bookstores are filled with people who read books. How dare you again for judging our country negatively and generalizing that “nobody will open a book” in our country. 

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Avoid a typically a Pinoy’s colonial inferiority complex, when don’t have the words or a self explanation, the first step is shouting, the second is insult, the third is boxing, the fourth is killing.

        History, look at the History, answers are there.
        To make it short, first of all the Friars did their best to keep the populations backward an ignorants on purpose to fool and rape them.

        In 1945  a Holocaustic “Liberation” erased Manila and other cities, every libraries where cautiously burnt by Douglas McArthur the Philippines “Hero”. Books aren’t good for slaves, anyway mostly illiterates farmers and fishermen left alive. This was the Genocidal liberation target.

        Collaborators and the imperial US have to be blamed for that, not me, trying to be an eyes opener 

        Few years ago, only The National Bookstore existing, fill up with trash religious, Junk food and nice coffee tables books.
        Today there is two new wonderful Bookstores chains, operating in Manila(green Belt) and Cebu(Ayala center). Only class A & B can afford to buy books, even not 10% of the population, not all of them buying books.

        Quality schools and books going down the streets to the  starving and dying slums and poor barrio will take some time.

        To hide money in the books will stay accurate till books will be replaced by electronics.

      • Ruby

        You seem to know a lot about the Filipinos and our history and I commend you for that. I don’t know why you brought up a pinoy’s colonial inferiority complex and relating it to insult when I was merely stating that what you said about “nobody reads a book” is indeed an insult and not a result of merely colonial inferiority complex. Please, I know better than that since I am a Filipino and you are merely an outsider looking in.

        I’m not sure why are you stating all these things about history and how it is related to my comments when I was just merely stating the obvious about how biased the article was and how you are judging our country when you don’t even have the right to do so. Judging in a negative way. That was how you implied it. Nothing more. What you are saying doesn’t have anything to do about history. And the way you are stating these things are de-moralizing and de-grading and not doing any good. I don’t know why you are saying the books in National Bookstore are only junk. Have you read all of the books there? How do you know that they are trash religious, junk food and nice coffee table books. I doubt you have read all of the books there or you have any factual evidences to state this as the truth.

        Well perhaps only a few population can read really good books but that doesn’t give you the right to state that as a fact. It is a matter of your opinion or your perspective unless you can based it on factual statistics that what you are saying is indeed the truth. It’s like you are implying the negativities of this country. Each country has its pros and cons and you concentrating on the negatives of a country different than yours has a motive behind it that I cannot even comprehend. 

        Books cannot be replaced by electronics. They still have great value even if this world is gonna be invaded by electronics. So I’d have to disagree you saying that it is accurate given the “history” you have lectured that doesn’t even connect to the point of my comments.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        History is the past and peoples only roots, nobody is responsible of his roots as they had no choices where to be born.
        Same with ignorances, today Wikipedia is an Amazingly Fantastic tool for self learning, open to everybody, the founder wish is to display free knowledges, it could be a great help for the poorest to improve their lives. Free internet access is an emergency tool for the poorest and remote areas.

        All the time I spend in the Philippines put together is 11 Years.
        I am used to buy books, few years ago, National Bookstore was a disaster.

        I was amazed by competitors appearances one in Green Belt IV beside Museum(Sorry to have forget the name), the other in Ayala Cebu, Planet Books, Both of them are among the best ever seen with an excellent efficient quality service so rare in the country.
        Observing the fantastic success they enjoy and deserved, it was an urgent need.
        Aside that, 95% of the population have only the too famous fake text books and none will have the money to buy any others.
        For Democracy education is needed, to understand the votes consequences, at least 60% of the population is blind about it. No intellectual maturity at all, victimize by an Ugly system run by Feudal Clergy, Plutocracy, and Trapos. Most of the leaders, almost all of them are short minded killers with a brutal macho thief’s attitude, an education mirror of a fake Democracy.

        Have a look to the Cebu Garcia family, the Durano’s, the Osmena’s.
        One of them was vice Governor, a well known Drug lord by the Australian authorities.
        Thomas the gun totting and his Death Squad, xerox copy of the too famous Duterte, father and daughter. 
        Major Lim, “Dirty Harry” nick name, already long time before Luneta Park massacre.
        VP Binay, everybody knows how deeply corrupt he is since he start to be a politician.
        Erap the sadly most ridiculous of all becoming President, supported by Marcos cronies, a disastrous puppet instead of Raoul Rocco who had more to offer.

        Ate Glue episode lasting so long, so shameful, so repulsing…

        Compare to the former Presidents, P-Noy is excellent and will do a good job, more support he will have better will be the improvements. Only the outnumbered corrupt will despised him !

        The environment is the life support. It is almost totally polluted and destroyed, etc.
        Philippines Cyanid, traces can be found not only in Singapore but as far as the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean.

        An endless list showing an innocent and victimized population without access to knowledges favoring ugly rapist’s.

        Tabula rasa.

        All those and so many others can easily be explained by a terrible colonial History put below the carpet. Everything has to be clean up and be put on the table. Peoples have to know where they come from to know where to go.

        Killing the Journalists to hide the true isn’t a solution.

        Reality has to be faced, it’s the only way for improvements, no other choices.

        A truth revolution is urgently needed to avoid a giant Human and Nature disaster !
        Philippines is actually a time bomb, you like it or not, earlier you will notice it better !

        For my own, I will avoid to go back, to many kotong, viruses and bacterias for the moment.

        PS: serious study statements informing us, one half of the world trees will have disappeared before 2050. Very soon no more forest will left to produce paper, in that the Philippines is an advance country.
        Electronics books are ineluctable, are you ready to bet about it ?

        In case I will have been a Pinoy, I will have been an activist, a Journalist or environmentalist and get killed at once. Worst than that, becoming a killer, influenced by the Feudal local “Christian”cultural values cherished by the Clergy !

        NB: Truth can be compromised to please, unless to be a criminal layer, the most abundant race in the country.

  • chiefsiop

    wala tayong dapat sisihin bakit tayo mahirap. tamad dahil s klima. d makapag isip ng maayos dahil mainit. at higit s lahat wala tayong self confidence dahil tayo ay malilit at maitim.

  • henri_see

    Why is the Philippines poor?

    Look at the Senate, they’re always fighting over OUR money, instead of making our country rich.

  • avmphil

    This governing system MUST come forward. Like most developing countries, Malacanang holds the key to the future of the people, and the nation, but its lacking the drive due to vested interest, this much I can say.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DU3H2NOECACAF5QPMAATV5KN5Q Alfredo

      Poor….LUZVIMINDA…..And Her more than 1100 Children…Gumising Ka….!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    Sabi ko na siyo Tulfing na kaya poor ang Philippines ay dahil controlado ng mga kaibigan mong mga intsik at iba pang mga dayuhan. These are your known friends Tulfo. Who are they again. Henry Sy (owner of all SM Malls all over the Philippines), Lucio Tan (owner of PAL, Fortune Tobacco, etc.), Ongpin (co-stockholder of various banks), Araneta (owner of LBC transporting here and abroad) and other foreigners. Ang mga instik lang ay hawak tayo sa leeg nung araw pa dahil small and big business are run by them. Look at all these shenanigans… Owners are Chinese but the laborers are Pinoys at wala pa sa minimum wages ang binibigay. Bulag ka ba Tulfo? Besides the foreigners, people in government are the worst crocs in the world and last but not the least….. the Catholic Religion with all their churches dominating the Philippines is the one making us poor since the time of Bonifacio and Rizal. They never pay taxes at pinagsamantalahan pa nila ang ating mga kababaihan at pinagpapatay ang ating mga ninuno. Now, magtatanong ka pa kung bakit poor ang Philippines. Perhaps, kung uupo kang Presidente, baka magawan mo ng paraan na baguhin ang sistema.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PNTIGXL3JZVKOJDRXXDYGGBUUY Jerry

    Systemic corruption affecting almost all institution including the church. Lack of political will and the rule of law is a joke.

    • Evilius

      I like to add, also most voters and non-voters are badly corrupted and lacking will and their efforts to change the institutions is a joke.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MXTWUTBNMMYZARRN7HUWZOWYUA spam1978

    TO ALL,

    Just to share a piece of what I had read, look into the web “Cleaning of Singapore River and Kallang Basin”. just type it and read How singapore had created their country from slumps (their country was more worse than that whole of Metro Manila to date). They had change the image of their slump country into a first class country from just meer 10 years…If Singapore able to do that because of an IRON FIST laws without people complaining because they can see their progress. Having been called until to this date as “FINE CITY OF THE WORLD” ( you can get fined whatever against the law you get cought and you can’t do anything about it, there will be no so called HUMAN RIGHTS to protect your fault).

    I think Pinoys will follow any rules/laws of law if they see something that our governement has really meant up to. Clean all our City rivers, remove all shanties, slumps. This will create jobs and even continued construction in hundred of thousand of flats for all the families with just 5 storey. This will support growth as employment will be sustained by this Projects. This is how Singapore is practicing until TO THIS DATE 25 JANUARY 2013. All sides of Manila bay to convert into a BAY WALKS where tourists, joggers and site seekers will able to see the rise of the SLEEP LONGed “QUEEN OF THE PACIFIC”.

    IF Singapore can do it, Why can’t We!!! Go sa Matuwid na Daan

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Beg your Pardon, but 35 yrs. ago I was used to stay in the wonderful Raffle Hotel,
      Singapore was already far better than Manila today, no comparison possible. The Philippines is the best to be the worst, the Elites and Clergy are responsible to have built an enormous education gap for slavery purpose, to satisfy an unlimited greed and abuses. 

      There we are today, the results are easy to be observed, few filthy rich on the middle of garbages, their mirror.

      PS: Singapore success is due to god governance and education programs, RP governance is one of the worst under gangs control, the education is done on purpose with shameful fake text books producing masses of Janitors, for the Clergy and “Elites” pleasure. They got what they want, a destroyed backward country.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      I concur.  Its the elected officials that creates an aura of double standard laws.  One for the poor Filipinos and a different one for the rich.  Govenment officials, once elected their focus becomes narrow.  They can only see power and money.  For a few peso more, they will sell their service to anybody who can offer a better price.

      Every Filipinos can be bought just to shut up.

    • Evilius

      Yes I agree with you 100%, if Singapore can do it, we can too! 

      It is however more than 60 years since Singapore and Manila was comparable.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MXTWUTBNMMYZARRN7HUWZOWYUA spam1978

    To totally add-up and generally,,, this clean-up drive for 6 years to all cities of LUZON, VISAYAS and MINDANAO for the whole term of a PRESIDENT…i think is enough to fullfil our dream to be one of the fastest growing country ever been developed and be a member of the developed World.

  • Platypus09

    Stop blaming other people and other entities, but ourselves. We create these to ourselves.

    In short, we don’t have the right formulas that fit to solve these problems, because we just don’t know, or lazy to know, or lazy to solve them ourselves.

  • boybakal

    Philippines is Poor because the people who live in the Philippines called Pilipinos are Poor.
    They are poor because they are tamad and batugan.
    Their National Hero is Juan Tamad…the symbol of Laziness.

    See, that is the answer to the question why Philippines is poor.
    The question alone is sign of laziness, imagine, they even ask the question why Philippines is poor.
    Hindi na nag isip kung bakit poor…laziness to think.

  • Guest

    Ang kurapsyon sa Pilipinas ay left and right, top to bottom. It is happening in all angles, 360 degrees. Kahit saan ka makatingin, corruption is present. Ask the senators, justices, congressmen, local officers, BIR, LTO, DPWH, and others, they will tell you na harap-harapan na ang kurapsyon. Resulta – Philippines is getting poorer and poorer each passing day.

  • Danny Bravo

    bakit  mahirap  ang  pilipino  ?  walang  talino  ,,tamad,,pangkal,,batugan,,,mahirap  turuaan,,  mapagmataas,,,bago  ako  nakapasok  dito  ,,,sangkaterbang  insulto  ang  inabot  ko,,,  kung  hindi  lang  utos  hindi   ako  tutulong  dito,,,pasalamat  kayo  sa  presidente  ninyo  at  iisang  normal,,,

  • Danny Bravo

    pati  black  hole,,,sinasabihan  ng  utak  ipis,,,  wala  nama  nagagawa  kahit  ano ?  puro  salita……  pag  hindi  na  naka-upo    yang  lider  ninyo  ngayon,,,  walang  isang  taon  parang  africa  kayo  sa  gutom,,,

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    How is the Philippines poor not why? kapag tinanong mo mga pulitiko sisisihin ang kahinaan ng ekonomiya, kapag taong bayan ang tinanong mo sisihin mga pulitiko! duon ako sa taong bayan papanig dahil mahirap naman magsinungaling ang buong bayan…….

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Pilipino are poor because a hugh education gap organized by the Clergy and Elites who have a PERSONAL INTEREST to keep the country as backward as possible, still today with the fake text books scandal. The purpose is to entertain a Feudal colonial SLAVERY system !

    Should remember at the time when the American bought the country,
    the Clergy teaching was still pre Galileo time, 250 yrs. delayed.

    Today Catholic religion is still pre Lutheran, without to care the changes done by the Vatican at Calvin time. Thanks of that the Philippines is the World most backward for Divorce

    For them and the Vatican approval, our Planet was still the universe center, maybe its funny but the consequences of such backwardness is unfathomable.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I think we should have a new reality game, like survivor show.  Mr. Tulfo, your will be stripped of your identity and drop off to random places around the country, if you use a life line, for example calling your family or telling people that you are a Tulfo, you will be penalize by P1m. You can use as many life line you can but once your identity has been compromise you will be transfered to anothe place.

    The goal it to survive and move up the ladder by accumulating wealth.   Then we can use your technic how to make every Filipinos self sufficient.


    It was not long ago when South Korean laborers were sweating it out in hot desert plains of Middle East. Their government got pity on those suffering lonely soul. And so South Korean government along with Patriotic Capitalist citizen invested on research and development for high technology industry. From there on the South Koreans march into industrial progress. In the Philippines, the leaders were so happy gulping down the dollars remitted by lonely Filipinos. And so the government develop a policy to send more Filipinos to become creatures of lonely sweating out Donks in far away land while their wives are enjoyed by neighbors. The corrupt government official hides away the dollars somewhere outside the country where no one can see. The Filipino Chinese gobbled up also the dollars and hide it away in far away land too. No one invested in Philippines and No dollars or investment was left in the country. So Filipinos continue to live a lonely life. Where is the tons and tons of dollars send home by the OFW’s . It was more than enough to set up High Technology Mega Industries. The Filipino blood is suck by the corrupt government officials along with cohorts UN-Patriotic Chinese Titans.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Well said, 

      May I ad the Korean, Japanese and Singapore schools are among the most performant, while in the Philippines the student enjoying fake text books under acacias trees to keep them backward on slavery purposes.

      Education is the only key for a better future

      • ARIKUTIK

         Sir, with due respect, the phrase you blurted out that > “Education is the Only key for better future”, was proven to be NOT TRUE. Simply because of the fact that I have heard that long ago since the day my ears was tickled by girls whisper. Most of all, Filipinos really believe to the bones on what you believe. I have seen farmers who sold their land including the beaten up carabao along with goats just so their children can gain education. After all the natural wealth was gone, the educated child finds itself poorer than farmer father. The son was luckily employed through the hard earned university diploma but what he did earn can hardly feed a family much more to send the children to university. So to become better than his farmer father who educated him. This university degree holder son went abroad as OFW, so that his daughters can be educated as Nurse to work as OFW. That is the case in PH. Where now is your “Education is the Only key for better future?”. Did the Communist Chinese sent to university all their working citizens ? I don’t think so. But yet Communist China had become Now as the Manufacturing Capital of entire Earth. Where did education Factor in that phenomenon. Education is important but for economic advancement > it is capital investment for industries along with research & development for high technology that will truly lead to better future of all. But most all, first we have to bury alive all the corrupt government officials along with cohorts UN-Patriotic Filipino Chinese Taipans which are the real cause of PH failure. The Filipinos are Educated !

      • AlexanderAmproz

        You can spend as much money and time at school as you can, but if the school is a carabao school with the wrong books and teachers, it will drive you nowhere.
        Philippines university diploma is equivalent to high school in some other countries.
        History teaching is nil or tricky.

        Philippines education average is really low, you like it or not.
        The Filipino Chinese Taipans, elites and Clergy have heavy responsibility in the education pitiful level.
        The majority of the population can’t afford to buy newspapers,
        what about books and school ?

        I am used to go or live in China since the eighties, as well in the Philippines and many other countries around the world, its easy to compare the education average levels. I am meeting any kind of peoples, from the top to the bottom in any fields, any places. 
        Many became friends, My Filipino friends are good friends. 

      • ARIKUTIK

         “History teaching is nil or tricky”, that statement is absolutely right. Example, when I was in school at the time when my best skill is only smelling the sweet scent of girls hair. Deforestation was blamed on kaingiros but never on big time chain saw loggers. When I read books on my own quest for knowledge. I found out that Kainginros are the natural care taker of forest land. They clean up small patches of land so that new growth will sprout once they vacate the cleaned up forest. The loggers who bald thousands hectares of forest in a matter of weeks was never mentioned by the school, administered by King loggers. The school teach me that Rizal throw away into the river his other slipper instead of having the courage to swim and retrieve his other fallen slipper. PH school curriculum is to swindle the Filipinos to become cowards and blind slaves.   

      • AlexanderAmproz

        May I ad, Jose Rizal, as a Hero,

        was chosen by the US to despised the Spanish to built a smoke screen hiding the mass murders( a Genocide{un-prescriptiable in the International Law} conveniently tag as a War} they have done shaping the colony just newly bought.

        Almost 40% of the population was exterminated, Philippines authentic Heritage erased for ever, excepted the colonial Clergy Heritage convenient for their colonial “system”. 

        The best way to control a country is to cut the cultural roots.

        Consequences can be daily observed all around with rootless peoples !

        A historical “accident” to give room for the Chinoy’s(Marcos style) under US control…

        I am just a Neophyte, but its what I do believe and understood.
        Every single small barrio has a “tree pieces suit with shoes” of Jose Rizal statue, as an example for the barefoot “Indios”, personally I will have chosen Bonifacio or Lapu Lapu as a country Hero for a freedom example, fitting to every country inhabitants wanting to become a Patriot, to love and built the Archipelago with different moral values as today,
        who are just rubbish like a rotten rat !

        This explaining why the History is wrinkled !

    • ano ikaw

      Secret of this is fairly simple: The govt sent their bright kids to the best schools in the US and compelled them to serve the country back home.

      Look at South Korea, Japan and now China? They build their economic success on the first class education of their people.

      • ARIKUTIK

         Filipinos and the ladies too are known all over the world to be intelligent and industrious aside from being friendly with sincere smile. So, the world just loved to welcome them into their homeland because Filipinos are educated and civilize. These Filipino asset is of no use in their own country simply because PH islands are ruled by Monkeys. It’s time for the civilize educated Filipinos to take back the land from the hands of the entrench king monkeys who was lording over since Spanish era. The problem IS > educated Filipinos looked up Rizal the foreign faced hero who have no balls to fight for his life. Filipinos ended up slaves of any foreign faced monkey. Let all Filipinos be like the native looking Andres Bonifacio then all the king monkeys will run away. Only then Filipino intelligence will be useful in their own country. PH graduates are brain washed by Rizal the shot dead Donk Elite. These image of Rizal with a book is really beneficial for the corrupt king monkeys supported by lawyers holding a book of enslavement. PH education is oriented for slavery.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YYEV67ZUX5B75YGHM7CZUWGSAY renea

        Monkeys with crocodile attitude

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

    Why is the Philippines poor?  

    Let us all   look  at  ourselves  in the mirror.

  • ano ikaw

    Yep. thats why India despite of being poor, always thinks that its wealthy. Have you ever told an Indian person that his country is still third world?

    If you tell him that, you bet the heaven comes down on you. They don’t want to admit and face reality that they are poor, hence their arrogance.

    So Mr Tulfo do you want that type of mentality for the Filipino?
    How about improving their self-esteem rather than running away from reality?

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Have you been in India ?

      Indian’s are among the best mathematicians since ever,

      they do mathematics like the Filipinos are doing lechon…

      aside that its a great civilization, Pinoy’s have qualities but no great civilizations.

      • ano ikaw

        Would I be commenting about it if I was’nt?
        Have you been in India to even comment?

        They don’t wash their hands before and after they  eat. And that’s what you call great civilization? Do you even know what civilization means?

        Filipinos are great inventors and are amongst the best scientists and mathematicians on the planet, except that most of the time, their ideas are often stolen by the likes of people from the so called countries of great civilizations.

        I would rather live with fellow Filipinos than live with the likes of errr you ? :-D

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Some neophyte explanation.

        In India I mostly spend time with the top upper humanists scholar and business class.
        India History is a tantamount world class contributor, they have invented the “zero”, this is as important than the wheel discovery.
        Aside that the Sanskrit is the roots of all Indo-European languages, its mean all of them except Hungarian, Finnish, Gaelic and Basque.
        Then when you are speaking English, Spanish, Tagalog or other Pilipino languages, part of it has an Indian influence. Unluckily i am either not a Linguist or Etymologist and can’t explain the consequences, but they are existing in your daily lives.
        The syntax is the base of the thinking organization, words framing the culture…

        Indus area is probably the birth place of the humans civilizations, the Americas excepted.

        I enjoy their food, Music, architecture and Gandara Art,
        nothing like that with the Philippines who where outside the world in comparison.
        a) Philippines interesting heritage treasure is the destroyed and erased Natives cultures. during early American time as they wanted a rootless colony, same tragic attitude in the US.
        The very little left is despised, on land grabbing and mining purpose by thirsty criminals.

        b) An amazing seas and land biodiversity, it’s a fantastic genetics library on the way to be totally disappear before to be discovered, a kind of human suicidal form. 

        What left in this former Paradise ?

        Peoples, for how long ?

        PS: Suggest you to visit Capo Verde Island country.
        It had some similarities with the Philippines. 
        When discovered by the Portuguese’s in 1456, it was an inhabited nature paradisiac archipelago.

        Thanks deforestations and goats brought by the colons, what left today ?
        Tropical rocky islands on the middle of nowhere, to built 1 cm of fertile soil in the forest, the nature need one thousand years… 
        Soil erosion in the Philippines is a seas and land Dantesque destructions !

      • troopreadyfire troopreadyfire

        They don’t wash their hands? DO NOT GENERALIZE
        Do you know what civilization means? THEN DONT ACT LIKE U KNW
        Filipinos are talented.BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE NOBEL TO PROVE

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The country where I am used to live at the moment has 7 Nobel prices for seven millions inhabitants. The laws are most of the time strictly self respected, the place is clean, almost unpolluted, rarely killings, hold up, snatchers, peoples respect each-others, the economy, salaries and social services are top of the line. 90% of the criminality is done by foreigner “tourists”.

        Philippines mess is offering a bowl of fresh air and freedom for temporary visitors with money, it is a short time paradise as long as they don’t get abused, sick or killed. Abused, for sure it will happened, sick or killed is a Russian roulette.

        For Philippines inhabitants, if not rich it is hell, one of the origins of systematic corruptions, robbery or killings, no social protection net, the opposite, poorer and weaker you are, more the society will take advantage, in short the jungle law in an under civilized society. It has some charms, but also pollutions, destructions and plenty horrors. Everything has a price.

        The poverty fear haunting the populations, the Philippines poverty is actually ferociously painful, be afraid of it !

      • Evilius

        hahahaha, you must be a serious case of lying to yourself; “Filipinos are great inventors and are amongst the best scientists and mathematicians on the planet,”
        Your statement cannot easily be controlled as your fellow countrymen have not a trace of written history, only oral fairy-tales. But a quick look at the number of Nobel Prize winners includes zero Filipino winners if you exclude peace winners and literature winners.
        If we include the peace winner and literature winners the answers is still zero Filipinos. Tiny countries like Hong Kong, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Albania have Nobel Prize Laureates.

        Let the blame game begin….

  • ano ikaw

    The Philippines is poor because it does not invest in world class education.

    Send the best people to the best universities. Then use their education to build and strengthen our economic policies.

    Learn from Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. They sent their people to Western universities to learn the ropes in technology, science and governance.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      No doubt about it, but also masses education is done with fake text books

      • ano ikaw

        you seem to like to criticize the Filipinos a lot.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        I just know very well how much they struggle to survive and why.
        This is not acceptable in a such rich country where everything is there to make it successful.

        My references are innocents victims of useless sufferances and death produced by unaccountability and unfairness.

        I am also chocked by the blooming careless pollutions knowing too well the tragic consequences on the way to peoples I love.

        The Philippines had one of the World nicest Nature and biodiversity, almost nothing left, probably for ever.

        First of all, this is Pinoy’s life support, the floor is rotten, the roof liking, the house is burning !

        Basically it was one of the best world paradise inhabited by the most charming peoples, what happening is repulsing, 
        I want to shout and cray, wake up before its too late !

        Biodiversity is a World Heritage Treasure , nobody own it, what happening in this country is also a World Crime, every human should be concerned. It’s a greed, abuses and intentional ignorances !

        I had a lucky freedom life rooming around the world, Philippines was my favorite place and know it quiet well, particulary the killings habits of the rubbish country destructors and selfish abusers. 
        I don’t think to come back, its too dangerous for many reasons, out of reach, and thanks the INQUIRER freedom its possible to push for warnings with an outsider view point, it could help, I hope so.

        To criticize is a love expression for improvement hope !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EOZMBB5MVRJMWVSMUIQFRF45F4 F

    we are poor because of corrupt politicians like ex-plunderer marcos.

    we are poor because we still have politicians who are in the senate who
    are gifting each other millions of hardearned taxpayers money.
    does enrile know how much is the daily minimum wage and that a family can hardly
    afford a macdonald’s hamburger? and without shame, even a hint of privelege, enrile are 
    throwing away taxpayers’ money!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      This is the result, but  unluckily the sickness is deeper than that !

  • $14141131

    Patriotism, Dignity, Discipline and Industry are not taught in Philippine schools. The Pilipino culture of the past is fast evaporating. After each years’ closing, watch the programs. There you see students dancing western modern dances, rapping, and singing like some black Americans. 

    You won’t hear a tula or balagtasan, watch folk dances like the elegant singkil or the awesome binasuhan or hear kundiman songs. School officials are busy entertaining themselves with textbooks that are designed to be impressive but retrogressive and defective texts – and, of course, fat in commissions. Other officials are counting money from teachers who want to get promotions. Talk to officials in the elementary schools and you will drop dead with their nonsense stories.

    Teachers are lazy, mediocre, materialistic, and uninnovative so they produce lackluster and mediocre students.


       To sum it up, Filipinos are lost. They are like blind lions with out pangs to guide them. They have lost their own culture like a lion who forgot its own growl but in stead now singing meowk …. meowk …arf …arf… imitating cats and dogs. Bring back the original growl of Filipinos ….. yeheyyyyyy……. with that time to hit the bed with out flower…. nice day….. byeeeee……..

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    It’s always the people power that can change the history of this country.  Even how many revolutions has been fought and life lost, Filipinos take it for granted their right to know.  To question the authorities, to make an educated vote for the future. 

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Mr. Tulfo can you spare me a hectare of your land?

  • Angelicus1

    Now for a change of tone… This article unleashed a torrent of opinions. I perused all if not almost  all the blogs. I must confess I’m very must reassured that the Filipinos do not have addled minds, not even small brains (there is no correlation between size of brain and intelligence ex hydrocephalus cause the biggest brain yet the brain is dysfunctional). Judging from the enormous  variety of comments, I must admit the Filipino does not lack in imagination, nor expression, for that matter. The direct unadulterated answers to the question why the Philippines is poor include: 1. inferior quality of public schools (a sham, designed to promote slavery ?of the mind?) and the religious schools are contrived to prolong Spanish and Catholic church’ slavery. 2. Corruption in government from top to bottom especially in the Senate (Enrile is maligned for giving away largesse as X’mas bonuses masquerade for bribing his colleagues).There is the system that’s to blame for making it so easy to steal and get away with it.Public officials kowtow to the rich and ignore the poor who have nothing to buy them off with.They kowtow to millionaire Chinese who have bought 98% of plum, powerful government jobs. 3. The clergy. The clergy is to blame for their teachings of dependence, panhandling, begging, disregard for the law, mercy, easy forgiveness, and the mantra, “Blessed are the poor… for they shall inherit the earth?” when in truth, these things do not work. That the clergy is backward, feudal, and part of the conspiracy to hold back the Filipinos. That this started when the Spaniards colonized which is why the PH has not progressed in the last 67 years. 4.the Filipino himself: he is naturally lazy, stupid, tamad, hard to teach, small brained, pretentious, show-off, pag-garara wala namang ibubuga, has poor self-defeating habits, has negative attitudes which rationalize pilfering.Not to mention reliance on OFW’s remittances for consumption, not investment. 5. the tropical climate… much too hot to think, easy to be lazy, and take things for granted because of abundance whereas in the temperate zones, people are forced to plan, to store, to budget their resources in preparation for the long winter months .. which Juan Tamad does not have to do. And the small brain of Filipinos. 6. Foreigners: the Chinese have usurped power in the government because they have the money to bribe. 7. Marcos. His premature removal killed his vision and blueprint to modernize PH. On the other hand, some bloggers want the author Tulfo to ask Marcoses, Arroyos ( esp. Mike), Erap, Enrile…. where is the money, you guys?  …. Many bloggers put the spotlight on Tulfo for asking an inane question. Disputing that the PH has gold and resources, (while some bloggers assert that the PH is not poor because of 8B US reserves, vibrant workforce ease of transportation and investment by global corporations..) They accuse Tulfo the author of fantasizing that just changing affirmation is not going to cut it in terms of getting rid of the feeling of being poor. Some hopeful notes were mentioned 1. Noynoy is a good president his moral clean-up drive seems to be making a dent. 2. Filipinos have patience , hope and faith. This thinking claims more God is an answer. That parents should teach civic duties to their children, barangay captains to their illiterate kababayan.
    Then, there were questions raised of Tulfo (and Alcala’s motives given Noynoy’s sale of PAGCOR and who benefits? Finally, the question is moot because there is no correlation between happiness and being poor. Some of the relatively poor, simple ignorant minority tribes, secluded from civilization are relatively happy. (not part of the study on index of happiness.) BTW, how did Tulfo manage to jump from happy to poor? Bloggers did not know why Singapore pulled off the impressive from poverty to wealth in a decade’s time. Must be a secret. But to this they all agree: the Philippines is the most corrupt nation in Southeast Asia. Period. Thanks to all you bloggers. So much humor, so much imagination, so much smarts, so much IQ. I enjoyed reading you all.

  • chikko

    How would inferior quality of public schools  drive people on the road to being poor? having a poor quality in early education doesn’t mean anything when you get to college level. I know a poor person  who came from public  school and made it all the way and now this person is now a scientist with a Doctorate Degree. plus, she  is  now working in a prestigeous  University abroad, making money twice as much as the Philippine President. so, has the poor quality of school been a FACTOR to being poor?… I don’t think so.  Also, I don’t  think PIlipinos are  lazy. They might not have enough financial resources, but they are not naturally lazy.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Should be a Chinoy, blind or an ignorant to say Pinoy’s are lazy, 
      but hopelessness, joblessness could be depressive.

      A good basic education is necessary to have a better understanding of your social and nature environment, 

      can help to have access to a more decent life, avoiding to be a Gullible.

      It is important to read and understand quality books to enrich yourself, it’s not a miserable question of money or standing but to have a better appreciation of what is going on and to be able to built your own judgement to drive your life.

      The most important is to learn how to learn, following your own interest.

  • troopreadyfire troopreadyfire

    This Has to be the most poorly written articles I’ve Ever REad in The Inquirer 

  • $14141131

    After Nhoynhoy bragged about the change in his country, from worse to bad, he came home rapping the “success” of his sortie especially the holding of next year’s meeting here of the Asian group. Nice? Now, the NPA gave him a better reality. They anbushed police and civilians in Bacolod. Criminals also gave a sample of their presence by robbing no less than the SM Megamall jewelry store. And Cotabato and nearby provinces including Jolo still maintain their notoriety as explosives were set off cutting lives in a split second. Swindling syndicates are still successful in duping people of billions of pesos without any one arrested

    Days ago, while Nhoynhoy was gayly attending the Davos meeting, the Phililppine senate demonstrated their skill in “gutter” debate or mudslinging in public sith slanderous mouthful worthy only to pot-valiants in the streets. Add the continuing corruption and we get continuing worse government. 

    Nhoynhoy had seen this condition in Davao Oriental during his visit there after the devastation brought by typhoon Pablo. The denuded mountains, the logs that wrecked the bridges, the short food and medicine for the victims despite the hundreds of millions donation by foreign countries. I mean, what should be done to wake his anti-corruption to blast these corrupt politicians in remote provinces?

    If this is the situation of the country where peace is not in order, progress will never be attained. Peace and order are the pre-requisites of the economy. The authorities must know this but they prefer to ignore the condition because they must have some other personal gains in exchange of the trouble.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    Why is Philippines poor?  Because the population in general don’t know what our government should be accountable for.  One example is Enrile,  the mass don’t know but it’s their money not, Enrile, not the Senate and not the government’s money being wasted for nonsense political maneuvering.

    When the time comes that the general population realized that those government officials, employees, police, army are working for the people then and only then we can realized our richness.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GVAG7PUINWFIX37QAN75OAOIOU Lone Ranger

    Ang no. 1 negative thinker ay si Tulfo. Puro negative ang sinusulat mo. Laging galit.  Practice what you preach.

  • Galatea

    i was supposed to agree to the first few paragraphs of this article but i got confused when it retracted from the topic. how nonsense was the ending of this article!

  • doublecross

    why not ask to , enrile…alam niya ang sagot.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


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