Cayetano calls ‘spade a spade’ in speech vs Enrile


Senate minority floor leader Alan Peter Cayetano and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – A heated debate between Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile and Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano turned personal Tuesday when Enrile disclosed an unpaid P37 million debt by the minority leader’s late father after Cayetano accused Enrile of allowing an aide to act like a senator .

It was Cayetano who fired the first salvo when he took the floor to reveal how Enrile’s chief of staff, Attorney Gigi Reyes, allegedly acted like a senator, attending and speaking at their caucuses.

“Alam naman natin kung papaano nyo po patakbuhin  ang Senado or more accurately, how you and Attorney or  Ma’am Gigi runs the Senate,” Cayetano said.

“Di ba ho bawal sa caucus ang mga staff? But out of respect for you, pumayag kami na hindi lang nandun si Ma’am Gigi kung hindi, pwede pa syang magsalita pag may caucus. Pwede syang mag-discuss sa mga senador. Para na rin syang senador.”

“Tinanggap ko po yun.Tinanggap naming lahat. Bakit po? Courtesy and respect. You deserve it, you’ve earned it,” he said.

And to every lie that Enrile would say against him, Cayetano warned that he has 100 “truths to tell about him and his chief of staff”.

“Tempted po talaga akong sumagot. Tempted po ako na magsalita ng ganyan,” he said, referring to Enrile’s accusations that he was a hypocrite and coward.

“Bakit po ako tempted? Bakit po ako natutuksong sumagot? Dahil sa bawat isang kasinungalingan na inilalabas ninyo sa akin,may 100 katotohanan  ang alam ako tungkol  sa inyo at ni Ma’am Gigi,”  Cayetano said.

Cayetano noted how he and his sister, Senator Pia Cayetano, have been quiet when the  controversy over the P2.2 million funds given to senators  broke out until Enrile himself admitted that he deliberately excluded the Cayetanos from the  funds simply because they belonged  to the minority group.

From the start, Cayetano said Enrile allegedly blocked his membership to the powerful Commission on Appointments and gave other senators certain committees that were promised to him.

“Bakit ba kayo inis at galit sa akin personally?  Dahil dati na kayong galit sa akin sapagkat  napakalapit nyong dalawa ni Attorney Gigi sa dating Pangulong  GMA at kay First Gentleman,”  he said, referring to former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

The senator also disclosed Reyes’ alleged closeness to the rivals of his wife, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano.

After the minority leader’s speech, Enrile immediately took the  floor and disclosed that Cayetano’s father, the late Senator Renato Cayetano,  still owed  him P37 million.

“Unang-na, tungkol sa iyong yumaong ama. Ang masasabi ko lang,   nandito  po hanggang ngayon hindi nababayaran na utang nya na ginastos nya sa opisna namin na  itinayo ko para mayroon syang sa pamilya nya . P37M po hanggang ngayon hindi namin sinisingil alang-alang lang sa pagsama -sama namin…”  Enrile said.

But Cayetano stopped the Senate leader, saying his father was no longer alive to answer the accusation.

Instead, Cayetano reminded Enrile how his father “practically gave  his life” to him during the time of the late President Corazon Aquino.

“You kicked him out of the law office na tinayo nya …but I don’t remember he owes you P37 million because my father worked every single centavo. And it’s unfair for you to bring that. E kung sabihin ko sa iyo ngayon na tatay mo ang may utang sa amin? E paano naman nila mapapaliwanag?”

And when Enrile claimed that he has a record of the late Cayetano’s debt, the minority leader insisted that the Senate leader also  has a debt of gratitude to his family.

“Anong utang na loob?  Ano ba yung bahay nyo?.. Yung mga kahoy,  saan galing?”   Enrile asked.

he said.

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  • Jun Go

    Yan na naglabasan at nagbatuhan na ng mga baho sa isa’t isa.

    why don’t you all do the ultimate sacrifice and statesmanship  by tendering a mass-resignation in the senate and house of representatives in order to give the people a fresh mandate.

    ang baho na sobra ng mga pulitiko sa pilipinas!

    • Cool_ka_lang

      a thousand likes to you Jun!

  • Katokon Timu

    Anong spade a spade? 
    Nalilito ako…. tungkol ba sa puki ni Gigi?

    • Cool_ka_lang

      Hind spade yon, puki yon. hehehhe.  I like our comment

    • JuanTamadachi

      How did you ever guess KT? But only old man river is allowed to you know…

  • JuanTamadachi

    Keep it up you disgusting morons, expose your respective shenanigans for it’ll help me and the other voters determine the people deserving of our votes..

  • ethan

    well open secret naman sa buong senado na kabit ni manong johhny si gigi, ayaw mo pang tumbukin! and alama din sa buong senado na gigi is “living the life”, as in buhay bilyonarya ang lifestyle ng lola mo, nakalagay sa matatag e. gusto ko happy ka =)

    • JuanTamadachi

      well said ethan..

  • RyanE

    Sen. Peter Cayetano should disclose what are those 100 truths against Enrile and his chief of staff Gigi Reyes, or else he better shut his mouth.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      I do like this Cayetano based on his role at the impeachment. But then again, put up, or shut up.


      I second your motion!

      • Iceman

         hehehe nabitin ba kayo

  • Emilio

    National geographic (lost tomb of Jesus) stated that Mary magdalene and Jesus had an intimate relationship, thus Mary was always present in meetings together with Jesus. Take note that in the last supper painting, Mary was beside Jesus.
    I am not saying that enriles chief of staff has a relationship. cayetano is also not saying. But no one can stop you if u think so.
    Miriam has mentioned that there is an aged senator who still goes around courting women. If a person is past 80, most probably he cannot ” put it up”, even with the aid of Viagra. Most of the time the snakelike monster lurking between his legs is “looking down at shoes” . So the relationship theory does not hold water.

    • doncleo

       bakit wala ka bang dila at daliri?

  • Handiong

    BIR should conduct a lifestyle check on Gigi Reyes.

    • JuanTamadachi

      Oldman Enrile will thwart any such moves by Henares

      • Handiong


      • JuanTamadachi

        Do any and all acts, legal or extra legal, such as but not limited to, force and/or intimidation. You catch my drift yet Kemo Sabay?

  • syaoransangel

    di ba sa law firm ni manong johny nagtrabaho yung tatay ni peter? sana sa iba na lang niya ipinaubaya ang pag upak kay enrile.

    • tiriring

      ibig mo sabihin, utang na loob na naman?

  • Emilio

    Let the bir do a lifestyle check on Gigi, if Uris true that ur bf is the senate speaker, with hundred of millions of discretionary funds at his disposal, then some of it must be oozing elsewhere.
    Pnoy, daang matured has been done in the impeachment of corona. Now it is time for the senate.

  • Voltes_V

    katawa naman itong si Enrile parang bumbay.  sa senado pa naningil ng utang hahahaha.  gusto lang ilihis ang issue.

  • ManongOsang

    Sige Banat ng Banat !!!

    The 50 & younger Senators are taking a Stand against the OLD GUARD- the Corrupt TRAPOS of the Enrile’s & Estrada familes !!!

    The Next Generation of Senators Alan Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Sonny Trilianes & Koko Pimental are SHOWING the 88 yr old Corrupt Enrile that PAPALAG KAMI !!

    Enrile’s FATE really RESTS on PNOY ! If PNOY order his allies to GO FOR IT.. TAPOS si Enrile !!!! They will have the 13 Votes they need!!! It would be an LP/NP led coupe

    1-Alan Cayetano-NP  6-Pangilinan-LP
    2-Pia Cayetano-NP    7-Recto-LP                      11-Escudero ( PNOY ally)
    3-Trillanes-NP            8-Drilon-LP                      12-Osmena ( PNOY ally)
    4-Villar-NP                  9-Guingona-LP                13- Angara  (PNOY ally)
    5-Marcos-NP              10-Miriam Santiago          14- Koko Pimentel

    That’s MORE than 13 needed!  Legarda may even be pressured to join because she is part of the LP Senatorial ticket. And Lito Lapid can EASILY be ordered by PNOY to join if needed dahil si Lapid ay walang partido, walang prinsipyo Except Making sure that his corrupt son Mark Lapid who is part of the Government ( corrupt just like Papa Lito) is NOT charged with Graft & Corruption  by the Aquino Government. That’s the ACE that PNOY has over Lito.


    • ohpuleeze

      Old guard/new guard. What’s the difference? They’re all dirty. Most of them from political dynasties out to continue the family business. Don’t delude yourself.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Ano ba ibig sabihin nyan, mukhang pala si Maam Gigi?

    • JuanTamadachi

      a woman who has power, authority over; and/or ownership of Enrile.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        maybe it is she who holds the balls.

        ahahahaha. joke

      • JuanTamadachi

        Nope its no joke. Ask around. Ball massage anyone?

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        oh my.

        napasuka ako ng konti nung nabasa ko sinulat ko. i cant un imagine that…enrile balls being held by the staff.

      • JuanTamadachi

        lol read the post of ethan below.

    • tiriring

      mukhang pala ang kanyang ….hahaha…. baka macensor na naman…

  • entong238

    This hurling of invective against each senator is good fellow sharers, it’s the paradigm of democrazy in action where one can only experience in the Philippines. It’s a welcome revelation of hidden facts that now that’s blurted in the open, voters can be guided accordingly on whom to vote. Suwerte ang mga botante ngayon. Sige magbanatan pa kayo.

  • EdsonArantesDoNascimiento

    Nakakasuka silang lahat,nakakahiya,pera ng taong-bayan pinagaawayan ng mga asong-ulol!!! PI silang lahat,parepareho silang mga magnanakaw!!!! Sana pasabugin ng mga NPA or Terrorist ang walang silbi at pugad-ng-mga demonyo na senado,kongreso,isama na ang malacacang!!!! Pls bagsakan na lang ng bomba ang mga magnanakaw na yan,the country will be better for it!!! I hope you all just fall and die,mga magnanakaw kayong lahat,pwehhh kayong mga PI niyo!!!!

  • speedstream2

    This is getting quite interesting. Will the on-going tiff at the upper chamber evolve into the proverbial public washing of dirty linen?

  • mxsclxmxn

    …nagka onsehan na ang mga sinador!  kawawa pa rin ang pobreng pinoy!

  • andresa igbac

    Yes!!!!!!!! panahon na talaga ng pagbabago sa Pinas! ilabas na lahat ng mali para maituwid na!!! it’s about time!!! tenk yu! hapi new year to all!!!!!!! :)

  • tunderlulo

    Cayetano, sana isunod mong ipalabas ang sex video nina Enrile at Gigi. Sarap panoorin siguro kasi gurang vs sexy. Sexy ba si Gigi o damatans na rin? he he he

    • JuanTamadachi


  • andresa igbac

    mxsclxmxn, not really kawawa ang pobreng pinoy because if all this expose will lead to good change, then the pinoys will be the ones to benefit :)

  • marlon zaragoso

    It’s about time the indifference of this honorable (?) members of the august chamber be exposed so that the electorate will be properly guided come election time! 

  • WoBushi

    As in the days of old and sick Marcos, it’s now time to swarm and call it a spade a spade against an old and weakening warrior, Enrile, and trumpet to the world that the young and natural-born Tagalogs- like Trillanes and Cayetano- are a bunch of crusaders on the side of the people.  hehehe This country never runs out of troublemakers that throw slivers into the firehouse. It has also the penchant to create problems more than it can solve, typical of a bored and anxious kid who cannot be left alone in a corner without messing up. hehehe The Filipino mind is not a disciplined mind thus, it cannot be trusted. hehehe The Filipino hand is better than a Filipino mind, and that’s why the Filipino is divided and cannot go farther.  Now I expect the Tagalogs to throw darts at me. hehehe

  • etomacq

    ha ha ha! Sumbatan na. Nag kaka personalan na sila dahil sa partehan. Nakakahiya kayo. 

  • doncleo

    Dapit kasi sa mga kabit nasa closet lang…ito palang si Manong Johnny pinapattend pa sa mga caucuses syota nya…may asawa ba yang si Ma’am Gigi?.ang kakapal talaga nyong mga pulitiko…parang si Erap din yan ipinangangalandakan pa limang asawa nya…problema lang napakaraming tangang botante at bumoboto sa mga ungas na ito…Oh, iboboto nyo din ba si Jackie? mag isip naman kayo!!!

  • bosesprobinsyano

    Maraming bagay na hanga tayo ni Enrile at Cayetano. Marami din galit tayo.  I think before that Enrile did a good job  lalo na sa impeachment at kalimutan na lang natin na berdugo sya sa diktadura . But recently, somebody told me that  LIBO LIBONG HEKTARYA ng FOREST LAND  sa SAMAR nakuha ni Enrile  and concession daw. Meaning e la logging ito . TOTOO  BA. INQUIRER PLEASE. but di nirevoke ni Pinoy. Jueting at smuggling , okya na lang na di bastat matipok pero LOGGING E ALLOW. Di naman sila nagtanim sa gubat , Pagsirain  pa at pagsa kanila pa ibigay? Inquirer, bloggers and DENR please , PUWDI   I PRINT NATIN AND MGA LOGGING CONCESIONERS? Green Peace, Tnaggol Kalkasan, ELAC, WWF, DENR, MEDIA, SIMABAHAN, NASAAN KAYO?

  • wakats

    Instead of answering the very serious accusations of Peter, apo johnny resorted to his old tactic of evading the issues and instead exhibited a promissory note purportedly signed by Peter’s late father showing an indebtedness of P37M.

    Peter asked that out of  the annual senate budget of P1.5B for MOOE, P600M was not actually spent for the senate’s usual overheads for the whole year but appeared to have been spent and liquidated by enrile and his senate staff with mere certifications only.  This is one of the reasons that Peter suggested an independent audit of the senate funds by a reliable private accounting firm.

    Another revelation is the very unusual active participation of enrile’s chief of staff, atty. gigi gonzales-reyes, in the senate caucuses, a violation of senate rules, as if she’s also a senator.

    Furthermore, many observers believe that enrile should have answered many accusations by mirriam but instead offered to resign as senate president – a brilliant master stroke – that camouflaged the real issues brought out by mirriam.

    The apo owes the people many explanations about how he handled the senate funds since his assumption as senate president since 2008.

  • bosesprobinsyano

    Puwdi putlin na selective and forest , thinning sabi nag DENR, pero  hwag ibigay sa mga taong mga billionaire  na at kanila na lahat. Sa housing program na lang  sa mga taong walay bahay at natutulog sa kanto o maduming lugar . O di ba sa school.

  • tukmoldinako

    Mga senador tumayo kayo ng maayos, mali kung mali, tama kung tama, bakit ngayon lang mali ito , dapat noon pa.

  • jseesus

    sa dami ng kontra dito sa komento laban kay tandang enrile, malayong manalo ang hudas nyang anak sa senado.

  • Albert Einstien

    maraming ALAM si jpe sa mga cayetano ……sa PINAGMULAN nila….lalo na sa tatay nila……PARTNER dati  ni jpe ……..PECABAR………

    huwag magmalinis…mga politiko ..puro PUTIK ang makikita…

  • Pio Gante

    go ahead, wala namang pipigil sa inyo na maglabasan kayo ng mga baho.

  • gilbs72

    Just like Europe in the 11th ~ 12th century, we are now in our own Feudal Era and these politicians are the lords controlling and protecting their fiefdoms. The families successfully corner seats in the senate and properties elsewhere. Even the presidency is inherited – not by force, but by “owning” or cornering the biggest chuck of the voters. Unlike developed countries much of our voters can be bought or simply act like lemmings (unfortunately).  These lords prefer to keep the populace poor and uneducated, or else they might lose their chances in each election – or not be able to pass the “throne” to their children.

  • Rom Ryes

    Yan ang mga politico sa BANSANG PILIPINAS daig pa ang mga BATA sa KALYE…… Hope this coming election please vote wisely and think the future of the Filipino people. Sayang lang ang suweldo na binabayad natin sa na halal na mga politikong wlang kwenta…. ^.^

    • dingestraza

      Sino ngayon ang bobotohin ng mga tao. Eh pare-pareho lang ang mga kalidad ng mga tumatakbo sa eleksyon. May pagpipilian pa ba ang mga tao?

  • Johnny Quinto

    Bakit nong nagsalita na si Manong Johnny ay wala ng nagtanong pagkatapos nyang magsalita, eh diba dapat maraming magtanong para maliwanagan lahat ng issue, katulad ng kong yun nga ay practice noon pa man ang tanong ay tama ba naman na ituloy at gawin na pangregalo sa kanilang sarili ang pera ng taong bayan? Kaya hindi nakakapagtaka na maraming nagpapatayan sa pulitika dahil yan ang mga dahilan na marami silang nakukurakot sa pera ng taong bayan. Mahiya naman kayong mga buwayang pulitiko, maraming mga kababayan natin na nagsasakripisyong mga OFW para lang sa kanila lang pamilya pero kayo puro pangungurakot inaatupag nyo. 

  • mangtom

    Di ba si Enrile and Gigi same person? Nakabestida lang si Gigi? Shhhhh!!!! Nagtatanong lang. Huwag ipaabut kay Lolong JPE.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Knock out si Manong Johnny, round 1 pa lang. He was clearly trying to muddle the issue. In the end, he had to return just like Corona had to face the court after feigning illness. Too bad JPE’s chief of staff Gigi Reyes could not speak on his behalf because she’s not a duly elected senator. She can only grant interviews over the radio and call other senators all sorts of names.

    Senator Gigi Reyes, will be running for election in May 2013?

  • dikoy321

    ALL THE TIME is the RIGHT Time to EXPOSE any CORRUPT Practice/s in gov’t service, Sen. Alan Cayetano !

    Feel FREE and SPEAK freely !

    …NO HOLDS Barred !

    You OWE that to the Filipino People and to the Nation !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • dickenhead

    it’s getting to be interesting, pero tayo pa ring mga taxpayers ang talo

  • manual47

    And the “backstabbing” begun……
    Nothing that filipinos already know from these inept senators.  Please lang mga senators, show some dignity, if there’s any left, to the institution (the Senate) that’s already made enough political dramas.  What it has is a broken system that’s beyond repair.  The best things these senators can do is resign as it is the only option they have as of now.  Indeed, the senate is becoming a “mental institution” that’s being run by “cuckoos”……or rather by crooks.

  • christopher




  • chitgoks

    pareho lang tong dalawang to

  • indiosbravos2002

    Wtf was the importance of the 37million debt of Cayetano’s father sa issue? Si Enrile squid tctics din walang kaibahan kay Coronakots. Wahahaha.

    Pustahan tayo lahat ng senador meron syang dossier o dirty files. Pagkinalaban sya ng kahit sinong senador nalalabas eto pang pahiya. Ampotah parang bata lang maglaro ng politika. Blackmail.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Kung sino pa yong mga batang senador, sila pa yong matitikas. Trillanes and Cayetano, walang takot sa matandang Enrile.

    • Iceman

       may nadevelop na kasing camaraderie sa tagal na nilang magkakasamang nangungurakot kaya may honor among thieves na. Kaya dapat manalo pa ulit si Cayetano at Trillanes para naman laging may magsasalita sa mga maling ginagawa sa gobyerno. tested na yan nilalagay nila yung future nila sa politics kahit mamalaking tao kalaban nila

  • jahred

    The Judgement Is …

    If All Most Influencial, Foundation And Veterans In Philippine Politics Is Doing Good Before , During Or After Their terms

    The Country Is In Not In This Shape Today

    ” The Cycle Is Bad ”

    It Needs ” Re ‘ 0(‘-‘)0

  • amapangarap

    e-epal pa sana si sotto. kunwari may alam.hahaha! yan ang senado natin. its more fun in the philippines..yipeeee!

  • manual47

    Wow…..what a show these senators were putting.  Shameless to say the least.  We can only assume that there are still next episode to come.  Can’t wait to hear and read the next dirt coming out from these senators dirty laundries.  Mudslinging at it’s best.  What about the other senators who has been quiet at this time.  Who are they going to take side.  I hope it’s not Enrile.  JPE is becoming a liability now and I wouldn’t even consider put money on Enrile.  The odd against this “old geezer” is getting wider everyday……good option for him is to resign.
    Nothing can be more added to reputation he already damaged.  What a waste of years he had worked for and will just turn into garbage records.  All the books he had written will just accumulate dusts because most of them were lies anyway…….

  • Jef

    Go sibling Cayetano, Trillanes and Satiago fight the santa claus in the senate JPE with his alipores…kahit sirang ulo ka as they say pero napapakinabangan sa mabuting bagay JPE at 18 senador matatalino tuso sa pagtanggap ng gift taxpayer….may kasabihan nga ANG MAGLAMANG SA KAPWA AY TIBA TIBA…..

  • dagohoy620

    Personalan na ngayon sa Senado!! Kanya-kanya nang batuhan ng putik, at daig pa nila ang mga batang munti ngayon! Kahiya-hiya talaga ang mga inaasal nila!

    But what do you expect from a bunch of clowns and hooligans now roaming the Senate halls?

    Gone are the days of Sens. Claro M. Recto, Ninoy Aquino, Raul Manglapus, Jose Diokno, Emmanuel Pelaez, Jovito Salonga, Lorenzo Sumulong, Jose B. Laurel, Lorenzo Tanada, Ambrosio Padilla, Francisco Soc Rodrigo, etc. T

    Nowadays, the Senate hallways are littered by third rate actors, media celebrities, coup plotters, and scions of dictators and plunderers of our nation’s meager coffers! Kahabag-habag na talaga ang ating bansa!

    • lolo_Jose

      Sana nga apo hindi lang putik ang pinagbabatuhan nila, mas sasaya pa ang
      nakakarami kung magbatuhan na sila ng granada, para mabawasan ang mga
      kawatan at mandarambong sa senado…haysss

    • jbadge

      I totally agree, many of the politicians now sitting as senators, have baggages that they carry around. Low quality senators in many ways. They are just good in making speeches, but lacking in substance, action, and high moral traits. I have yet to know a single senator who has an unquestionable integrity, honesty, and sincere will to serve and willing to sacrifice even financially. The representatives in the House are even worse. A bunch of greedy individuals pretending to care for the needs of their constituents. We have known this for years that politics is a great source of power and influence that begets money, lots of it.

  • Heizel L. Mainar

    wow! kapag nasusukol si Sen. Enrile ay nag-aasala ulyanin na. 

  • luluprincipe48

    an embarrassing and extremely unfortunate episode at the senate!!!  

  • Philcruz

    Oh my God. Enrile has sunk so low. The man is cracking up.

  • jbadge

    Just for the comments made by Enrile about a deceased person… he really should quit. He lost whatever decency he has left in the eyes of many. He is a very vindictive and grumpy old man. 

  • philippinesforprogress

    Cayetano Trillanes. puro ungas

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