Estrada, UNA slam LP restrictions on ‘common bets’ Legarda, Escudero, Poe


Joseph Estrada: ‘They’re running scared’

MANILA, Philippines—Deposed president and convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada assailed the Liberal Party declaration that it would not allow its “common” candidates with the rival United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) to join the campaign sorties of the UNA.

Estrada, a senior UNA leader, said this amounted to a virtual “ban” being imposed on Senators Francis Escudero and Loren Legarda, and Grace Poe-Llamanzares who have been drafted candidates on both the ruling LP and the UNA senatorial tickets.

“They’re running scared,” Estrada, 75, said of the administration coalition. “They know that the results of the 2013 elections would reflect their chances in 2016,” he said.

Estrada said he was initially adamant against allowing so-called “common” candidates to join LP sorties. But he said he eventually reconsidered and even allowed Escudero, Legarda and Llamanzares to give “priority” to the LP.

“They are the priority, that’s ok with us. But why can’t they be allowed to join our campaign if there’s no schedule with LP?” he said in Filipino.

Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya, the acting LP president, has reminded Escudero, Legarda and Llamanzares about the ruling party’s standing policy against campaigning with the UNA.

UNA should clarify

Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone, an LP member, said the UNA “cannot have the best of both worlds.” He said the UNA should clarify once and for all whether it was “fully supportive of President Aquino or has taken the role of the so-called united opposition that stands in the way of his daang matuwid reform agenda.”

“The UNA cannot straddle two horses by foisting the grand deception upon our voters that it remains fully supportive of President Aquino’s program while undermining his daang matuwid agenda with its leaders’ incessant attacks on his reform programs,” he said in a statement.

Evardone warned that UNA candidates were “heading for poll defeat should they follow their leaders in going opposition at this time when an overwhelming majority of Filipinos appreciate—and are beginning to reap benefits from—the reform program of President Aquino.”

LP ban ‘too harsh’

UNA secretary general Toby Tiangco said on Tuesday that Abaya’s statement seemed to deviate from the party’s “supposedly caring and open-minded” image, describing the LP ban as “too harsh and unkind.”

“I’m not sure if Secretary Abaya is aware of his pronouncements. He is actually putting President Aquino on the spot. Abaya’s cold-hearted statement is putting the President in a bad light,” he said.

But the rival political coalitions apparently have more serious conflicts than just the issue of sharing their “common” candidates during the campaign.

Estrada accused the administration of pressuring incumbent UNA officials to help ensure its victory in the May elections and, ultimately, in the 2016 presidential derby. He cited the case of Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, who was suspended by Aquino for six months for allegedly usurping the authority of her late vice governor.

Appointed to replace Garcia in the meantime is Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale, the sister of one of the President’s closest friends, Cabinet Secretary Jose Rene Almendras.

“Talagang iniipit” [They are really squeezing us],” Estrada complained.

Up to 3 common candidates

Tiangco said UNA was leaving it up the three “common” candidates whether to join UNA sorties in the face of the LP ban.

“We treat them as guests and we accord them the respect and hospitality that must be due them,” he said.

Tiangco said the three “common” candidates had a “stronger bond and solid affinity with the UNA,” which is led by Estrada, Binay and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, than with the LP.

He also sought to remind the LP that the UNA ticket was faring better in the surveys of candidates likely to win in the May elections.

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    Laos ka na erap.

    In total support of PNoy, straight LP!

    • Paulita Cariño

      di man tayo candidato magcampain tayo sa nga mamgmang nating kababayan na  iboto ang nga  karapatdapat na taong di tulad nina erap  binay  enrile jr honasan at estrada 2 

  • jgl414567

    If UNA thinks they are ahead in the polls then they are in for a big surprise kasi pupulutin sila sa kankungan tulan ng isa sa leader nila na convicted plunderer! ANG KAKAPAL NG MGA MUKHA NITONG MGA NASA UNA!

  • jgl414567

    Mahiya ka naman erap kung meron ka pa noon manahimik ka na huwag ka na manggulo pa sa bayan ang laki ng pinsala na idinulot mo noon!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    This is trash politics Philippine style.  They will sing and dance for your vote, but nothing about long term job creation platforms.
    Filipino voters are clueless too.  They were awed and dazzled by these carpet bagger politicians.  Once in power, they will rape and pillage the motherland dry.

    They will invest the looted money outside of the country and when time they’re under the gavel, they sit on a wheel chair forever and live at St. Lukes, the devil’s hospital.

  • YanoSantos

    Una headed by the old trapos

  • nakawan

    I’d rather vote for an actual animal than vote for Erap

    • Paulita Cariño

      matindi naman yan pare  pero  sakapal ng mucha ni erap di papansinin yan

    • Nong

      kung sasali ako sa plan mo dapat counted ang boto ko

      • nakawan

        sige, sama lang

  • $27317632

    Mayroon kawikaan namamangka sa dalawang ilog, this is weird. Kung ang nabanggit na three politicians  are carried by two opposing political parties, ano ang magiging reactions nila kung ang parties na ito ay nagsisiraan sa panahon ng campaign, magtatakip sila ng tenga at magbubulagan sabi nga ay patay-malisya, sino ang kanilang niloloko di ba ang mga Pilipino? Ano ang palagay ng tatlong politico sa Pinoy uto-uto at walang common-sense? Bayan napakababa na ng tingin ng mga dayuhan   sa mga Pinoy, dito pa ba naman sa ating sariling bayan ay ginagawa pa rin tayong laruan? Bayan gising!!!!!! Baguhin na natin ang generation natin para sa kapakanan ng mga darating pa!!! Noong UNAng mga lumipas na kasaysayan sa larangan ng politica sa ating bayan ang binabandera ng mga kandidato ay plataforma-de-gobierno sa pamamahala, ngayon napakalaki ng pagbabago, nag-uUNAhan sa pagsunggab ng mga pwesto sa pamahalaan!!!!!!!!

  • scorpio15

    Parang mga Paruparu pala itong 3 Itlog. Kahit sa-an pueding dadapo. Sigurista.

    • Ariel CRUZ

      kaya nga kinakampanya ko silang wag iboto. mga oportunistang walang karangalan sa sarili!

  • al gero

    UNA Partido ng mga TRAPO, mga kababayan wag na nating hayaan bumalik ang mga kurakot sa bansa natin, itakwil ang UNA candidates.

    • Ding

      UNA TIYAN KO…bagay na slogan nila, para partido UNA, spokesman, TIANCO.

  • louie

    I don’t get it why Erap thinks the restriction is unfair? The good things with this is that it promotes a stand, conviction. It’s either you’re with the admin or in the opposition. The bad thing with UNA they are too safe. They say they have a different “path” but can’t even directly say to people that their allegiance is not with the president, that their path is not only different but also headed to a different direction.

    • Paulita Cariño

      corect lalo na si binay  na traidor na  maligno pa

      • Ariel CRUZ

        He is the father of UNA- and exmplifies everything that is wrong in governance, ganid, trapo, oportunista, etc!!!! Let’s campaign hard not to elect them. No to UNA!!!!

      • Ding

        Siya, father of UNA.
        Yung spokesman, SI Tianco, UNA Tiyan Ko, kaysa iba.

      • Edgardo Mendoza

        si binay barak obama ang dating!

  • ninestrokes

    Haven’t you guys plundered enough from the public already? If all of you UNA would just go away and leave politics forever (take the Arroyos with you), the country would be so much better.

  • Frank

    UNA still cannot define its mission. Kasi nakikialam si Erap eh ang hihina naman ang mga adviser nitong na kick out na ex-president na ito. Mahina ang ulo, mahina rin ang mga adviser.

    Ano ba ang UNA? Pro administration o anti administration? Hindi pwedeng – both! Kung anti-Aquino sila di anti-LP din sila. Kung anti-LP sila, aba hindi sila pwedeng mag kampanya sa platform at sorties ng LP! Pure and simple!

    Nag rereklamo si Erap at si Tiangco kasi mahina ang utak nila!

    • Ariel CRUZ

      Bok, hindi mahihina ang utak nila, alam nila ang ginagawa nila, sumasakay sila sa popularity ni Pnoy and at the same time kinakalaban nila. Mga tuso!!! Wag iboto yang mga yan.

    • Ding

      Si Erap kilalang kilala na…eh, si Tiangco ng UNA.
      Hindi kaya, UNA TIYAN KO, kaysa tiyan ng iba.

  • JV Velarde

    Take a stand or you isolate yourself into oblivion.
    Mahirap mamangka sa dalawang ilog.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    UNA = Nangunguna sa pagkatrapo

    LP = Laging patago ang pagkatrapo

    UNA + LP = Code of silence on cash gift and MOOE

  • Benjamin

    You know who the TRAPOS are in UNA. Ang mga Enriles, Estradas, Binays, Maceda, Gordons, Cojuancos atbp. Huwag ng iboto ang mga ito! Nakakasuka na makita lang ang mga mukha nila at mabasa ang mga pangalan. Kailangan, iwas pusoy sa mga ito!

    • Ariel CRUZ

      I’m from Olongapo, at nasusuka ako twoing makikita ko ang mga posters ni Gordon kasama ang asawa at anak nya! nakakasuka na talaga (James Gordon). Wag ibot ang mga political dynasty sa pinas!!!!

      • etomacq


        Kamag anak ni Noynoy

        Anak ni Binay 

        Anak ni Enrile

        Kapatid ni Jinggoy

        Kapatid ni Pia Cayetano

        Magkamag anak na Magsaysay

        Asawa ni Villar

        Mga TRAPO at tuta ni Noynoy

    • etomacq

      madami rin TRAPO sa LP.. Angara, Cayetano, Madrigal, Magsaysay, Trillanes at Villar.

      Hontiveros tuta ni Noynoy. Bam kamag anak ni Noynoy.

      Parehas lang sila ng UNA.

      • tagatabas

         Yes tama ka, but LP is a lesser evil

  • akongednamzug

    Malaking pasalamat ng Pilipino, hindi naging abogado si Erap. Hindi ako galit sa isang abogado, pero mantakin mo kung ang lahat ng abogado sa Pilipinas ay may pag-iisip na kamukha ni Enrile, Binay at Maceda. At tapos si Erap, sus ginoo, Goodbye Philippines ! ! !

  • mynnyx

    mga ito pare-parehas lang sila…………sarili muna bago bayan……………….maganda pa gawin na lang tayong brown americans……………kasya naman maghihirap na naman tayo pagnanalo ang mga ito…………pagtsikwa naman huwag na lang gagawin lang tayong mga alipin nyang……………..walang pinagkaiba sa mga politiko natin…………….kaya sa halalan huwag na kayong paloloko…………………

  • Cobra

    puru kasi mga balimbing mga pulitiko sa pinas basta manalo lang maski partido ni satanas sasamahan,kpag wala na yong masasandalan lipat na naman,kaya tama kasabihan na “you can always get a filipino to hang another filipino”,basta sa pera ibebenta pati kaluluwa.nkakahiya!


    Mawalang galang na po erap, kahit ano pa sabihin mo, UNA sa listahan ko mga kandidato ni PNoy.

    Solid LP coalition buong pamilya namin!

    • Ariel CRUZ

      Namba- bluff lang talaga yang UNA na yan, let us all join hands not to let Binay take over Philippines in 2016!!!!

    • Ariel CRUZ

      Isama na rin natin ang mga kamag- anak, kaibigan, kapitbahay at mga kainuman sa pagkampanya against UNA- that’s what lots of us are doing now.

    • Noel

      LP ( Laos na Pulitiko ).

      • kulittwit

         Ang laos ay ang convicted plunderer na si erap.

      • Ding

        Ikaw…no-L…………….di mo kailangan ang RH…..
        ‘Yung ma-L…………….’yan kailangan niyan ang RH, saka lahat ng restraints.

  • richard ortega

    UNA party is a kiss of death for many politician… please vote wisely most of UNA personalities is corrupt and building a political dynasty

  • Maldi2

    Sa darating na eleksyon, iilan lang ang puedi iboto, halos lahat trapo at magkapamilya!  Buti pa iboycott na lang ang elecksyon na walang silbi!

  • Boyet

    Dapat po di namimilit at nagmemressure itong si Erap ng ganyan. Kaya nga sila tinawag na “guest” e.

    • Erick

      E utak sabaw kasi yan e

  • m1ghtym0use


  • Erick

    Swapang talaga nitong si erap. Gang ngayon nakakainis pa din pagmumukha niya. Kung ano ano pang pinalalabas niya. Di mo pwede pakawalan yung mga guest dahil yun yung mga nasa top sa mga survey. Ikaw ang mawawalan 

  • RyanIlagan

    He thinks the restriction is unfair? ? As usual, he thinks he’s right but HINDI. Kaya dumadami ang erap jokes uli e.ahahaha

  • $15469930

    Estrada hindi mo na kayang lokohin ang mga mahihirap…. Niloko mo na kami nuon ngayon tapos kana.

  • Bayang_magiliw

    Erap can take all the stem cells in the world and it will probably make him stronger but not a bit wiser. It will be the same old useless Erap!

  • catmanjohn

    It is UNA that is actually running scared. They need to hide behind someone. Escudero is an impostor and should be treated as a lackey for UNA and the Marcoses. They should all be run out of politics with their tails between their legs, but they will probably have to resort to rigging the elections and tampering with the machines. Let us all watch carefully. What a face on Erap.. he makes the perfect poster boy for corruption in the Philippines, along with Vampire face Enrile.

    • Yobhtron

      You forgot to include the silent super corrupt UNA leader BINAY.

  • joshmale2004

    These 3 candidates should be responsible enough to just pick one party to run and ask the other to remove them as guest candidates. For sure some of the platform of government for UNA and LP will run counter of each other and by adapting 2 platform for these candidates is a contradictory of their personal agenda and may be considered as some form of playing balimbing. So the ball really is on these 3 candidates (Escudero, Legarda and Llmanzares). If they continue their silence and run under 2 contradicting platforms, the more that they should not be voted into office.

  • divictes

    “Deposed president and convicted plunderer…” PDI, this is education in the right direction calling a spade a ” f…king shovel”.

  • Ej

    Kung patuloy na mamamangka sa dalawang ilog ang tatlong ito, dapat lang na wag iboto.

  • Darwin

    Baliktad na talaga ang mundo ngayon. Yung mga balimbing pa ang binibigyan ng respect at hospitality due to them. Nakakatawa naman sa Toby Tiangco.

  • Paolo Hernandez

    DONT VOTE for Binay, Estrada, Jack Enrile at Mitos Magsaysay!

    Sila ang UNA, Tandaan natin ang UNA!

    UNA sa Kawatan!
    UNA sa Palusot!
    UNA sa Corruption!
    UNA sa Abuso!
    HULI ang Taong Bayan!

    Support Good Governance Movement!

    • etomacq

      If you are seeking for good governance, wala rin sa LP.

      Lets take a look at the non Una UNA and non LP candidates. Siguro mas deserving pa sila.

      • Paolo Hernandez

        You choose lesser evil.

  • etomacq

    Balimbing din itong mga common bets. Wala ba sila tiwala sa mga sarili nila? Why wont they make a stand kung saan partido talaga sila? Playing safe ba sila? Sila ang mga tinatawag na DOBLE CARA. 

  • Irin Tuon

    Hindi talaga natatablan ng hiya itong kurap na Erap.
    Walanghiya to the max!! 
    Pwe! Pwe! Pwe pa rin!

  • Maitum


    • Ding

      Lyamado na sila…tapos dala pa ng dalawang partido…kakampi kaliwa’t kanan, aba, eh, natural hindi na sila gagawa pa ng kaaway…nakikiangkas sa popularidad nila ang isang partido, kaya gusto silang isama sa rally nila…hindi na nga sila sumipot noong una sa UNA, sisipot pa ba sila ngayon?  On the bag na sila…mas magandang di na sila sumipot sa UNA.

  • virgoyap

    Namangka sila sa dalawang ilog. Pwede ba ito? It only reflects the mentality of these candidates. Beware of this kind of politicians. Mga oportunista sila!!

  • LegalJustice

    I read the news it stating : “Deposed president and convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada”.

    Why this person is running Mayor in Manila ?

    Isn’t it if you are convicted you cannot run a high office in The Philippines Government regardless if you a pardoned by President.

    The pardon is only not to pro-long castration in jail that doesn’t mean he was absolved by his crime – the act itself is not pardonable.

    Once you are convicted you are convicted and you cannot run a high office in the Government.

    • Ding

      Kahit gurang na, sabi niya pakiramdam niya parang 35-40 lang siya, eh, di puwede pa siyang ‘mayor’…’mayor’ sa Manila City Jail.  Hayaan na niya si Dirty Harry na siya namang meyor…meyor sa Manila City Hall, kailangan ang mga kamay niya laban sa mga kriminal sa Maynila.

  • 123pinoy_ako

    dapat si legarda, escudero and lamanzares ay hwag iboto ng mga botante dahil wala silang maayos na paninindigan. kung naniniwala sila sa LP dapat sa LP lang sila at i de nounce ang UNA. Kung gusto naman nila sa UNA e umalis na sila sa LP. Kitang kita na sarili lang interes ang malalakas dito. Hwag na ang mga eto iboto!!!!!

  • popeyee

    I don’t know kung anong meron itong 3 itlog na common candidates na ito at bakit pinagaagawan ng 2 partido. Did they made anything monumental? 


     nakakahiya si enrile !!!!!!!!!!  grabe pati patay isinali sa usapan

  • felipe


  • lolo_Jose

    Hahaha ikaw Erap nagbibiro ka na naman ano ? Isa na naman erapjokes yan hahaha.
    Ikaw nga eh magtigil , isa ka namang “sentensiyadong mandarambong at napatalsik
    na presidente” me gana ka pang mag-ngangawa? Kung ala ka sanang naging kasalanan
    sa pbliko baka maniwala pa kami. Ilan ba asawa mo kasi? NO TO ENRILE, NO TO ESTRADA/EJERCITO, NO TO BINAY !

  • Ding

    Ano ‘yung minsang nagprisinta na yata sila ng mga kandidato ng kanilang partido, pero parang parang pinili yata nitong tatlo na hindi sumama sa presentasyon.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    more scandals will be revealed against the UNA, it has started already with Enrile. Binay may be next. Erap? No need – the 1st sentence of this article says it all.

  • joeybg


  • Edward Solilap

    Cno naman ang naniwala kay Erap yong mga mahihirap? syempre tutunganga sa kanya ang mga yon kasi magaling mambola may kasama pang pera. Dapat lang sa mga kandidato na pumili sila ng kanilang Partido na isa ang pinaniwalaang prinsipyo at plataporma bawal balimbing. Kung sa umpisa e nagsasalawahan na bagay lang na  hindi sila dapat iboboto pa.

  • juami cahibic

    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!
    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!
    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!
    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!
    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!
    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!
    mga putang ina nyo lalo na ang sumulat na nito!!!!

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