UNA blasts Pimentel for vote to oust Enrile, raps his ‘insensitive behavior’



Senator Aquilino Pimentel III. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) on Tuesday hit at Senator Aquilino Pimentel III’s vote to oust Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

In a statement, UNA spokesperson lawyer JV Bautista said that the senator’s actions indicated his “gross insensitivity to the sentiments of the members of PDP-Laban… to which he still claims adherence.”

Enrile on Monday offered to resign as Senate President amid criticisms and rumors of an ouster plot against him. Only Pimentel and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV voted to allow the resignation–eleven senators opposed Enrile’s move.

“With such strange and insensitive behavior, Senator Koko may just have alienated the last few remaining support from the PDP-Laban that he could get for his candidacy,” he said, reminding Pimentel that it was in a declaration of unity he signed with Enrile that gave birth to UNA.

He added that Pimentel, who voted with Trillanes to approve Enrile’s move to quit his Senate presidency, had “squarely identified” with Trillanes’ “confused politics.”

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  • barangayboso

    Are you actually telling me that it doesn’t matter whats good for the country (issue not limited to this one) as long as its good for the party?  Shame on this spokesperson.

  • azkal futbol

    UNAs true colors coming out… insensitive accusations to support evil-doings of a partymate

  • pabulaka

    Manuel Quezon said, and I quote “My loyalty to my party ends when my loyalty to my country begins”. How I wish politicians will always bear that in mind.

    • Atawid

      This is principle followed by patriotic politicians in the prewar era. After the war, napansin ng mga politiko na mahirap paunlarin ang bayan, kaya ang ginawa, UNAhin mUNA ang partido kc kunti lang at makinabang agad sila

  • 1bravo9

    kahanga ang ginawa ni KOKO PIMENTEL dyan mo makikita ang may prinsipyong tao na bihira na lang sa mga pulitiko KARAPAT DAPAT NA MAGING SENADOR HINDI MO KAGAYA JV EJERSITO O ESTRADA at mga kakulay nyo na gaya ni ENRILE na pahirap sa bayan

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Koko: JPE’s resignation was moro-moro since he had the numbers. I just wanted to stand out.

    Marcos: I was not impressed with JPE’s resignation. It was not irrevocable. So I abstained.

  • droccu

    I’ll vote for Koko anytime- especially if he (and his PDP-Laban faction) gets out of UNA.

    • nakawan

      technically Laban should be under the Liberal Party banner– Cory stood with Laban during the EDSA revolution

      • droccu


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L3NJ4IIZZMB2OMPIOR7X2B72ME k

    si enrile ang nag-offer na mag resign.sumang-ayon lang si koko.whats wrong with that mr.spokesman?si enrile nga din,countewd na yes yung vote nya di ba?

    at least koko showed it again na may balls sya to stand against enrile.

  • Roberto Duran

    Labo-labo na to, after all wala naman maasahan ang sambayanan sa inyong lahat. Shame on these politicos, kung kelan daming problema ang bansa saka kayo nagpapakita ng kabulastugan nyo. Sana magtrabaho na lang kayo para sa kapakanan ng lahat, wag yung puro sarili nyo lang iniisip. Pwde, nandidiri ako sa mga gaya nyo, sobrang nakakasuka na kayo. Wala nang pag-asa ang Pilipinas!


    KOKO PIMENTEL for President of the Senate.

  • Ed Molina

    hihingi ng botohan tapos pag may bumoto against them, kakastiguhin. that’s UNA politics for you.

  • Kabudlay

    “The world needs men who can say NO even if the rest said YES”!
    No to TRAPOS in 2013 elections!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UEHZP52OVNUUPVT3VJNWPUGVLU Peter L

    Koko is a balimbing par excellence! Opportunist of the highest order!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y6NDRGGX6M5R2GSJMKBBOAKOFU Noel

    estrada, enrile, binay pareho lang yun…wla pag-asa ang pilipinas

  • phantomofhope

    dont vote for koko…he, along with trillanes, are arrogant persons.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    C,mmon people, let’s stop pretending… After The amount JPE gave away, who will vote to ouster him?
        Political Mafia in the Philippines huh !!!!!!!!!!

  • virgoyap

    The UNA members have no vision at all. Principle is not in their dictionary. That’s why they are picking with them dirty politicians including those people who are “mga tuta” ni arroyo.  They have only one thing in mind and it’s about winning. Imagine what will happen if they will win the election? What will happen if Binay will become the President? God have mercy on us!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      I think Binay can better run the country compared to Roxas. But I still won’t vote for Binay (or Mar) if her runs for 2016 presidential election, I just hate political dynasties.

    • JuanTamadachi

      “What will happen if Binay will become the President?” – Then its back to Islas de los Ladrones, which certainly is not a very palatable prospect. 
      Don’t get me wrong for I am not a fan of Mar either. 

      • virgoyap

         Yes. We have the same sentiments….

  • joshmale2004

    Hehehe. Ganyan pala sa UNA. Bawal ang independent minded. Dapat sumunod sa agos ng UNA mali man o tama.

  • azkal futbol

    i can not remember koko as a balimbing – as party president, he took his stand against popular party direction. he has guts and principle to ride against the wave. UNA ang balimbing, sawsawan at plastikan.

    • JuanTamadachi


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Koko’s got balls JV!
    Perhaps that will translate to votes.
    If Enrile was sincere, he should have submitted an irrevocable resignation as senate president.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    Coco Pimentel could decide what he believes is good for the country not for the interest of a political party.  The money that JPE gave around and said his personal money is not his,  but money of the taxpayers like you and me.

  • marionics

    di ko pa rin iboboto si koko kasi anti rh e. try again, i might change my mind if you do something exceptional

  • LegalJustice

    The best thing is to do a Secret Ballot Vote  make it anonymous so the UNA’s cannot bully these Senators who voted against there Master JPE.

    For sure JPE will be unseated – Big Time !

  • hopeless_na

    “WALANG IWANAN” yan ang gusto ng UNA. Pagdating sa “KITA” kelangan sama-sama sila.

  • calixto909

    This UNA must not be trusted nor their candidates be supported because they on many instances showed their disrespect to the rule of law for supporting the belligerent Garcia and disregard to the rights of people like Pimentel who plainly supported the wish of Enrile to resign as Senate president. 

    The senators who rejected the bid of Enrile to resign should merit the ire of these UNA coalition because they utterly opposed his wish not Koko who gladly supported. This rule of action displayed by UNA to blast Koko for supporting the wish of Enrile to resign is highly irrational and beyond the ken of a sane man to accept. In one side of the fence, I think this UNA was extracted from the word LunaTIC, that’s why all think and behave like one.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PQPOCGSITYMSD2UTYIN4TJP56U Rene

    Ang ibig bang sabihin ni bautista na to moro moro lang yung offer ni enrile na ideclare vacant yung senate presidency? Si enrile nga mismo bumoto ng yes ngayon galit sila ke koko na bumoto din ng yes? Dapat galit sila dun sa hindi sumunod ke enrile o moro moro lang talaga yung gusto kuno niyang ideclare vacant yung SP? Nahuhuli kataratanduhan ninyo sa sariling katangahan ninyo…

  • ed_nique

    koko did show his unity with enrile by voting for the resolution LOL

  • 12JEM

    Dapat pa nga pasalamat sa Martial Law Administrator sa kay KOKO dahil siya nga ang gustong mag-resign. Sabi nga ni Koko…Sige na lumayas ka na nga kung gayon ang gusto mo.

    Ang kaso,…drama lang pala….

    Kaya ikaw Bautista at Tiangco….Sige magkalat kayo at ilublob ninyo lalo sa kumunoy si VP Binay. Tawa lang sa inyo ni Mar Roxas.

  • calipso_2100

    See the result? I thing the bribe este gift worked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paolo-Hernandez/100001326302694 Paolo Hernandez

    DONT VOTE Jack Enrile!
    Dont Vote TRAPO!

    Support Good Governance Movement!

  • Albert Einstien

    i dont SEE anything wrong with PIMENTEL’s vote…it was jpe himself who offered to quit….in fact he s just helping jpe to get his wish…..bautista should blame jpe instead if UNA do really want to keep forever the SENATE PRESIDENCY….

  • morale_reform

    “Bat di nya kaya balikan c Enrile bakit nag resign cya???  Is it because he want to vindicate himself and wants to save his sons election bid??? Kung wala kang ginagawang masama Sen Enrile, there’s no reason for you to resign!!!  Unless guilty ka nga…

  • tiriring

    Those who want to destroy Philippines, vote enrile jacky.

    • tagatabas

       Total destruction ba yun ng bansa? Kung ganun isama na ninyo si Estrada at Binay.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AIYSIJJOL4JNRLHXVTGUH3NYHM The Overlord

    Don’t vote UNA candidates. They’re leeches and termites that are slowly creeping into the country’s seats of power and will absolutely bring this country back to square one.

  • 1Fz20

    “gross insensitivity” to connivance w/ party members to manipulate, divert, source funds that are not yours and to continously plunder and loot the nations coffers by extracting unaccounted funds, finding ways and means to come up w/unaccounted funds to stuff their budget, some of which, of course, end up in the pocket.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XAVTEF2VMPMYYJEKML2DWTYVLE wilson

    Maybe, Sen. Santiago be investigate for her alleged mistake in her expenses as exposed by Sen. Lacson. Then, she can exposed all allegation against Sen. Enrile, which I think Sen. Enrile has make peace with the lord, and is a kind hearted person:)

  • $16638896

    anak ng pating, lahat kayo balat sibuyas na mga pulitiko! pareho pareho lng kyo ng ugali kaya wag na kayo magtampururot!

  • florence457

    If these UNA people aren’t insane, they should have exalted Koko Pimentel for helping Enrile on his desire to quit as president of the senate and not to blast him for doing so. What’s the fault of Pimentel when he only upheld the wish of the old man to resign? Is there a hidden agenda behind this highlighted resignation? It now smells fishy. It boils down to be adjudge by the reading public as a playacting, a pretentious disguise or a crafty concoction meant to buttress the grasp of Enrile on his position. In our lingo A political moro moro

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Aug 28,1987 rebellion

    Juan Ponce Enrile charged with involvement in the bloody military rebellion on  Aug 28,1987  that left at least nine people dead.

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    change the dot

    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKYWKLODRRNLUVAWHLTF6XU24E Crew Vicsapio

    Senator Koko was merely exercising his right of expression, why do they forced him to swallow things he couldn’t. Are we already veering away from democracy ?

  • Meow Ming

    He did not vote to oust, he voted for the voluntary resignation of Enrile as senate president. =)

  • Pert Cabatana

    UNA should blast itself for its consistently anti-good-governance stance.

  • johnllander

    una, insensitive to the sentiments of the Filipino people.

    Don’t vote for una!

    Unahin silang itapon!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K2X3XW7M2XERZPMCS4C4Q2V4E4 Sean Vincent

    Asan ang CBCP?  Bakit sa suhulan ni Enrile tahimik sila dahil ba anti RH bill si Enrile?

  • bogger007

    I admire Koko for this act. UNA is showing its true color in dictating this guy from Mindanao. For me, I am not voting any of its senatorial candidate. And for the Manileños hope you wont vote for Erap.

  • boybakal

    “With such STRANGE  and INSENSITIVE behavior, Senator Koko…

    Koko is acting STRANGE he needs to see a psychiatrist before something serious happens.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

      hindi mo naintindihan,tinulungan na nga niyang magresign si tanda ,kasi siya ang nagpresentang magresign,what’s your beef with pimentel,drama lang yong ke tanda,para kang bago ng bago sa mga paotot ni enrile.

    • tagatabas

       Ikaw ang magpatingin sa mental

  • filipinaskoh

    Well at least hindi plastic si KOKO, nagpakatotoo lang sya. 

    Dapat na kasing magresign si Enrile bakit kailangan pa nya ng VOTE pa PARA i-vacate nya position nya bakit hindi NA LANG sya gumaya kay PIMENTEL noong panahon ng impeachment ni Erap basta’t sabi nya “I QUIT/RESIGN AS senate president”. Dami pang ek-ek.

  • Htee

    Teka, teka….lumalayo ang usapan.

    Hoy! ! ! isoli nyong lahat ang pera ng taongbayan….

    Meron dyan magreresign daw, meron din bumoto ng yes na nablasted pa kuno…
    Pero, ni isa, walang nagsasauli ng pera….KAPAL.

  • tukmoldinako

    yan si Koko may sariling paninindigan, anong kulay kulay, pagalam mong tama na si Juan dahil marami nang pagnanakaw sa senate na ibinulgar, baka sakali mabago na systema nyo dyan, eradicate totally ang pagnanakaw para maging makatotohanan ang daang matuwid.

  • carlorocci

    UNA is not sensitive to the sentiment of Filipinos.  UNAng-UNA walang “boboto” sa inyo……..Dahil matatalino ang mga botanteng Filipino.

    • clark

      @carlorocci:disqus bka ikaw lang naman ang bobo

      • tagatabas

         mas bobo ka

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VMPPKI7JOTE6OPR7LBGGUDAN3U Avenger

    si koko kokokoroko roorokoko kaya inawan ng asawa wahahaha

    • tagatabas

      wag kang mag alala at kakantutin din ng iba ang asawa mo

      • Alejandro Canda

        ano ba ang kinalaman sa paghiwalay ng asawa nya sa isyong ito? si bill clinton nga ay nahuli pang nakipagtalik sa isang intern sa white house ay na reelected pa. mag focus ka sa isyu hindi sa mga murang salita.

  • Labandera1

    Naloko na itong taga UNA, it was Enrile himself who offered to resign and Koko Pimentel voted yes for it and so is Enrile so anong strange insensitive behavior doon sayang ka Bautista abogado ka pa naman, yan ba ang spokesman ng UNA? patay kang bata ka Bautista…nahuli rin kayo sa sarili ninyong bitag…

    • clark

      @labandera1..hindi kawalan si pimentel sa UNA>>>

      • tagatabas

         Lalung di ka kawalan sa Pilipinas

    • tagatabas

       Di pa abogado yan, di pa nakakapasa sa bar.

      • Alejandro Canda

        Oo abugado yan pero baka puro leakage ang answer nya sa bar exams. ang hina namang klaseng spokesman na ito. Wala na ba talagang makuhang spokesman ang UNA? Bakit si Bautista at Tiangco pa eh puro mga bugok. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XFUU4BQW7RATWSWTK2PTWBMD6U Boy

    Great job Senators Pimentel, Trillanes and Santiago! There are really a very few senators sensitive enough to the plight of the poor Filipinos (especially those in Davao del Norte and Compostella Valley). The action of Enrile was very unFilipino. I pitied UNA and the rest of the trapos. The number does not justify your action! And Filipino voters are getting smarter this time. You all have very shallow concept of happiness and even life. Just a reminder, we are not awed by your wealth not even by your powers. We pitied you for being so selfish in this times of disasters and calamities. We could have been a great nation in this special circumstances. What’s more important is how you live a meaningful life. Poor Senators. Poor Enrile!

    • senderadumbro

      @boy, I doubt that your idol senators (Sonny,Miriam,Koko) are really doing this crusade vs JPE for the Filipino poor or least for the Filipino, They have their own PERSONAL motives. Please avoid sugarcoating it for them,

      • ManongOsang

        Eto nanaman yung amuyung ni Erap ! Senderadumbor-TUMIGIL KA!

      • tagatabas

         OO nga tumigil ka

      • Alejandro Canda


    • clark

      @boy mas malala pa ang mga iniidolo mo,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

    Ang lufet talaga ni JPE galing mag drama, pwde mo naman e vacate ung pag ka senate president kahit walang botohan….. it is only loyalty check.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

    drama lang un atska loyalty check na din….

  • senderadumbro

    Trillanes has been trying hard to get Koko to drop JPE, and he was using the issue of JPEs   decision to accept Migs Zubiri to UNA. We all know how distant Koko is to Migz due to previous issues. Si Trillanes talaga, gagapangin lahat para lang hindi cya mapahiya sa ayaw nila ji JPE.

    • ManongOsang


      Galing mo ah! Paano nalaman lahat yon? Nandoon ka ba sa gitna ni Trillanes & KoKo noong nagbubulungan sila?

      UNGGOY ! Tumigal ka ! Yung “MASA” mentality mo at love affair mo kay Erap ang reason kaya lubog ang pilipinas !

      What a stupid comment! Ginawa mong TSISMIS ang Senado!

    • tagatabas


    • Alejandro Canda

      I don’t think koko is that naive to cater to the wishes of trillanes. a bar topnotcher no. 1 is not that cheap. Koko just stood by with his principle  a very very rare trait nowadays. We just hope that Koko’s tribe increases. 

  • Jane Tan

    So, ayun nga yung plano ni Enrile – to identify his enemies lol

  • blunderact

    kapag UNA and nanalo sa eleksion, magtatakipan ng baho. Yan ang gustong palabasin ni bautista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alejandro Canda


  • denky31

    Koko Pimentel is a decent man and gifted with unbending principal that he heralded when he stepped out of the UNA coalition due to the entry of Zubiri, a dagdag bawas proponent. Seldom that one can find a politician like him in Congress. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    He duplicated to affirm this principle of his when Enrile banged the gavel to announce that he is quitting as senate president and this guy with principle supported but to everyone’s awe, the UNA coalition censured him for claiming that he wants to oust Enrile. Oh my gosh, Enrile as the facts were reported  uttered a statement to quit amid criticisms and rumors of plot to oust him and Pimentel voted in his favor to help him resign. Is that wrong? Is that a vote to oust him? To oust a person is to vote against this person who refused to step down or vacate the position but in the case of Enrile he signified prior hand his desire to quit and merely Pimentel supported him by voting yes. UNA is illogical and irrational

  • nakawan

    Oo naman Koko! You have to be sensitive to the machinations of Enrile and UNA as a party! Naman e, ang lapit na ng eleksyon i-kakalaboso mo pa sila! Ang hirap kaya mag-assemble ng ganitong klaseng partido na puro trapo and oportunista!

  • clark

    dapat  magbitiw na lang si pimentel sa PDP-LABAN for delikadesa,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QZ73GJNOBRAHYBAAWIKSYCS4VE paul

    buti hindi plastic itong si koko…….isipin niyo yang UNA pati si magsaysay kinuha…..asan kaya prinsipyo ng mga gagong ito….yun pala..prinsipyo nila yung walang prinsipyo…

  • asarin

    sinunod lang naman ni koko ang gusto ni enrile na mag resign…. di ba?

  • Pepe Smith

    I am very disappointed withPimentel. I guess he won’t be able to rely on his Mindanao votes anymore, we are very sorry he couldn’t act like his father.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WNJTQYHM4B5XMJAU6PCPFHYSSQ Francisco

    Good job, Koko! Mabuhay ka! You have my vote!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/55XNXOYBNF6BG3EWOM5V4YMWXM Pedro

    I agree! Good job KOKO PIMENTEL !! Gusto na ngang mag-resign ni Enrile, . . gusto ng magpahinga, bakit pa pinipigilan ng UNA ? . . . . nanghihinayang  talaga ako kay Richard Gordon. . . kung bakit sumama sa UNA,. . . mananalo naman sya kahit independent. . . mabuti syang tao,. .  maraming natulungan at mananalong muli sa pagka senador


      i 2nd the motion! for mindanao c koko, NO TO ZUBIRI. 

    • Alejandro Canda

      ‘Yon ang tinatawag nga strange bedfellows. Gordon and Estrada were against  each other when Estrada booted him out as SBMA chairman way back l998. And now they are sharing the same bed fellows. WOW ganda talaga nga pulitika sa ‘pinas. Nakapanghinayang, I should have voted for Gordon but with his association now with UNA, goodbye Dick Gordon sa kangkungan ka pupulotin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

    bakit kung boboto sya na patalskin si enrile anong problema dyan, we are free and democratic country, bakit anong gusto nyo komunista .

  • al gero


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