Estrada to call it quits after May poll run


Six decades after he burst into the movies and 46 years after he won a mayoral fight in San Juan City, Joseph Estrada—believe it or not—is making what he calls his “last hurrah” in politics.

That was how the former president on Sunday described his decision to run for mayor of Manila in the May 13 national elections, all but shutting the door on another possible political run three years from now.

“This is my last hurrah. No more, no way,” Estrada said in a phone interview amid speculation that he still might hanker for a grand ending to his political career by again running for president in 2016.

“I believe that public service has no boundaries,” he said. “I promised to serve the masses until the last breathe of my life and I can serve them even if I am just a barangay captain.”

The interview coincided with the anniversary of Estrada’s removal from power on Jan. 20, 2001, at the height of street protests, which occurred during his impeachment trial on corruption charges.


Back to the people

Three months shy of 76, Estrada is now one of the pillars of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), an opposition coalition which has touted Vice President Jejomar Binay as its presidential bet for 2016.

Born on April 19, 1937, Estrada was 17 years old when he starred in his first major film, “Kandelerong Pilak,” under LVN pictures. Thirteen years later, he forayed into politics, winning the mayoralty race in San Juan at the age of 30. He topped this by winning the presidency in 1998.

A native of Tondo, he is now running for mayor in the city where he was born.

“Studies have shown that the highest rate of poverty in Manila is in Tondo and I plan to change (that),” Estrada said. “It’s time to give back to the people who stayed behind me.”


‘A terrible mistake’

Estrada said he felt “vindicated” since President Benigno Aquino III took power in 2010 because former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who took over the presidency after his downfall, was herself now in detention.

He claimed his appeal to the masses had been validated by his strong showing in the 2010 presidential election, when he finished runnerup to Mr. Aquino.

He pointed out that while almost everybody celebrates the anniversary of the first Edsa People Power revolution every February, “nobody comes out in the street for Edsa Dos, probably because they are ashamed about participating in what has turned out to be a terrible mistake.”

He was referring to the 2001 popular uprising that brought him down and swept Arroyo into power.


Lost decade

“It’s poetic justice,” Estrada said of the “jailing” of Arroyo.

Arroyo, currently a Pampanga representative, is under hospital arrest. She has been accused of electoral sabotage in the 2004 elections, illegal diversion of charity funds of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, and taking bribes in the aborted $329-million National Broadband Network-ZTE Corp. deal.

“Let the courts decide her fate,” he said. “I never regretted stepping down from office to avoid bloodshed in the street. It was an expensive lesson not only for me but for the masses…. It was a lost decade.”

“The only benefit I received during that time was I became closer to God,” added Estrada, who has fathered several children outside marriage.

Loyal through the years

Estrada said he felt proud that the masses had not abandoned him.

“The people who believed me when I started out in politics despite criticisms that I was ‘bakya’ (unlettered) have remained loyal through all my trials,” he said.

Referring to President Aquino, Estrada said in a statement: “I must give credit where it is due and applaud P-Noy. His father fought for our freedom, his mother fought for our democracy and now he has fought for justice for the Filipino people.”

“P-Noy continued the fight of his mother against corruption and took this a step further and put GMA behind bars.” With Inquirer Research

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  • pinoyobserver

    Sana nagquit ka na lang pagkalabas mo ng kulungan.

  • Joey

    sabi ko na nga ba eh… gusto lang magkaroon ng bagong balwarte para sa mga anak niyang nag-aaway na sa san juan, kaya sa maynila naman tumatakbo. pag nanalo na iyan, sa susunod, mga anak na ang patatakbuhin. lagot tayong mga manilenyo pag nanalo iyan!

  • Guest

    Mahigit siguro dalawang pulgada kakapal ang mukha ng walanghiyang mandarambong kaya ang lakas pa ng loob kumandidato, at lalo pang nakakadiring magpakita sa publiko.

  • johnllander

    He is a thief!
    He is a liar!

  • F alonso

    it should have been more honorable for Erap if he quitted politics right after he was pardoned by GMA.He betrayed people’s trust because he did exactly opposite on what he promised when he won a landslide victory vs JDV.
    tama man o mali: ang tao ay walang kabusugan.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      It should be great if all his family quit politics.  They will serve the people of the Philippines better.

      • F alonso

        Where will they get a Pork then?

  • i_am_filipino

    I don’t think Estrada is the right person to be a mayor of Manila. Look, what happened to San Juan, Tons and tons of squatters. His presidency brought shame around the world. He is even too innocent on foreign policy.  He will just gamble on his spare time while poor children are begging on street in front of these casino in Manila. What a shame.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I think he’s senile.  Hallucinating at his last gasp of breath.

  • ManongOsang

    Naku Erap, PLEASE LANG Pareko !

    No Matter How Hard You, Jinggoy & JV TRY to REVISE History, You Will NEVER be able to HIDE the MASSIVE CORRUPTION that TOOK Place in your close to 3 years in office !!!
    Your Unexplained 40-80 MILLION pesos Gifts to each of your MISTRESSES & FAMILY MEMBERS!
    JV’s Move to IMMEDIATELY CONTROL the SUPPLY of SERVICES using ONLY Companies that were OWNED by JV in various parts of Metro Manila.
    The ABUSIVE behavior of your sons Jinggoy & Jude such as Cursing & Intimidating First Class Passengers of Philippine Air Lines or Jude’s Drug Dealing without any action by Police, to YOUR Weekly COLLECTION in the MILLIONS of PESOS brough to Malacang from your Loyal Tuta’s led by Chavit Singson.

    Jinggoy’s MULTIPLE Businesses Purchased IMMEDIATELY within 12 months of you becoming President. WE CAN GO ON & ON !!!

    Bottom Line…. KUNG HINDI SA EDSA DOS… You Sir would have been EXACTLY If NOT Worse than GMA !!! For ione thing, Your Mga Anak Mong Lalake ay mas ABUSADO pa kaysa sa anak ni GMA !

    Let’s Also Get on thing Straight Mr. Erap. GMA’s being Corrupt DOES NOT Make you any better ! Her Actions have NOTHING to Do with Your actions. You & GMA were both Elected by the people to SERVE with Honesty & Integrity ! But Unfortunately, You & GMA BETRAYED the Filipino People !!!!

  • $37644997

    You can’t be closer to God if you are a polygamist and a liar.

  • bogli_anakdami

    oh nooooo… you don’t say… you are my peyborit idolo-bigotilyo-iyutero- flip gung gong presidente…  
    kc, noong panahon mo eh ang palitan $1:P60+… nakabili ako ng barong-barong dito sa pasig river…  ibalik ang aking idolong presidenteng gung gong!

  • nes911

    What will he do in manila? Magaalisan ang mga investors, local at foreign sa maynila kapag si erap ang mayor. Kaawa-awang maynila! Maraming matutuwa kung ngayon na sya mag quit sa politics dahil mababawasan ng mga corrupt at incompetent sa pinas.

  • JV Velarde

    From the “Johnny Walker Blue Label Presidency” down to “Gin-Bulag Tondo Mayorship”!

  • pasaway008ako

    Erap kung lalaban la ng parehas kay Fredo, hindi ka mananalo. Marami ka ngang boto sa nakaraang eleksion, pero hindi iyan basihan para manalo ka sa Manila Mayoral Election. Si Lim pa rin ang mabango sa Manila.

  • mangtom

    Sinungaling itong unggoy na Estradang ito. Noon sabi niya hindi na siya magkandidato. Ngayon yan na naman ang kanyang pakana sa taga Manila. Maniwala ba kayo? Ha-ha-ha. Pinagtatawanan lang kayo ni inutil at magnanakaw na Estrada. Magisip naman kayo. Nasa inyo kung magpaloko kay ulit sa kanya. Isang katutak ang mga bunganga ng kanyang isang katutak na anak sa ibatibang babae. Kayo ang magpapalamon sa kanila pagiboto ninyo na mayor. Pinagtatawanan lang kayo kung nasa kwarto no niya. Sa labas, akala mo kung sinong ipinaglalaban ang masa. Tricky itong unggoy na ito.

  • Anastacio

    Nagdambong sa pera ng Filipinas  ngayong pera naman ng Maynila.

  • WoBushi

    Erap Estrada pleads for another chance to serve and (to break the good heart of the people of Manila)!  hehehe   Men are creatures of habit; old dogs don’t learn new tricks.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me thrice, shame on me!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Even a donkey will not be hurt twice by the same stone

  • brunogiordano

    “Estrada to call it quits after May poll run”

    QUIT NOW!!!!!!

    • Yul Dorotheo


  • dikoy321

    Estrada will set-up and make Manila the GAMBLING and DRINKING city !

    Quit now, UGOK, habang maaga pa !

    Manila, don’t be FOOLED by this CORRUPT Erap who was found GUILTY of Plunder !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Noel

    Erap has all praises for Aquino.  Is that the reason why he didn’t join Binay and Enrile in the two’s second visit to Gwen Garcia in Cebu?

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Parang nagising sa katotohanan si movie idol. Sorry, marami kasing nakapaligid sa iyo ang di kanais-nais. At isa pa, you are promoting adultery by having a mistress, di ka na nakontento sa doktor mong asawa, at binulgar ka ni Nora Aunor, tsk tsk, good luck for your candidacy as mayor. Masyado mo naman dinemote ang sarili mo, from president to mayor.

  • tra6Gpeche

    To Mr. Estrada, being a Mayor of Manila will mean the
    Manileños still love him and that his political ego is still unblemished. Truly
    serving the people of Manila is not
    really on his mind. These Manila voters should re-elect Mr.
    Lim if they are looking for true and sincere service to the City of Manila.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    bakit mo hihintayin pa ang 2016 samantala ngayon ay puwede mo na bigyan ng pabor ang mga taga maynila sa hindi na lang pagtakbo…..

  • Noypi11

    The voters of Manila should give this ex-con Estrada his las t hurrah. The people should through him out. Hanggang ngayon gusto pa niyang lokohin ang mga tao. Sira ang ulo ng mga boboto pa sa kaniya. Alam nilang niloko na sila noon pa, maging matino na sana ang mga botante.

  • Guest

    Babaero, lasenggo, sugarol, sinungalin, at mandarambong. 

    • $19543087

      at iyutero!


    Sa lahat ng mga umaalipusta dito kay President Estrada, bubula ang mga bibig ninyo sa kada-dakdak hindi ninyo mapipigil ang pagiging mayor niya ng Manila. Hindi ninyo ba alam na mas marami ang mahirap sa Manila at “ANG MAHIHIRAP AY PARA KAY ERAP”?

    • Guest

      Tawagin mong alipusta o kahit ano pa man. Ang katotohanan ay katotohanan at hindi mapagkakaila. Siguradong maghihirap ang sinasangkalan mong mahihirap kapag maging  alkalde si Erap.

  • bogli_anakdami

    my idolo bigotilyo iyutero sugalero pres gung gong erap is a born again kristyan… kaya, kapag natepok  diretso sa paraiso… magiging kabitbahay ni santa ate cory, santo ninoy at santo padre damaso sin…


    SA kalaboso dapat manirahan ang hambog na abusadong babaerong ito……masagwa at malaswang halimbawa!

  • Benito Juarez

    Another politician who changes his color by the season … . He claims to represent the poor but he doesn’t know “poor” from the heart.  He talks in a poor man’s language and acts with a rich man’s mentality.  While a few, older politicians make themselves fade in time, many spring up in time to screw up the people.  Mr. Estrada, you make good promises but they are badly written on the sand.  The people should know you by now.

  • wawa2172

    Wow Erap applauding for PNoy. Hina talaga nang utak ni Erap and thanks he did not last the Presidency. It was Cory’s yellow brigade that ousted him in the palace in EDSA II dahil sa graft and corruption. The second people power installed GMA as prexy because the constitution say so as she is the VP and there was no other choice.GMA pandoned him dapat pasalamat si Erap kasi kung si Noy ang presidente bulok siya sa VMCC ot Tanay. He praised Cory for regaining the country’s freedom but palusot at pa media lang as he is a Marcos loyalist forever kaya mag kasama sila ni Enrile sa UNA. GMA vindicated him, the Plunder case which he was convicted by the court and sustained by the SC became useless because, yun nga he was pardoned by pandak. GMA was praying for him to win baka tumanaw nang utang na loob si Erap at kung ma accuse din siya nang plunder as ma pardon din siya. May pag ka bobo din si Erap, he thinks PNoy likes him? No way, Noy hates Marcos loyalist. The Manilan’s should give Erap what he deserved, a retirement in politics. Tsaka bakit makakatakbo pa ang convicted plunderer sa politics di ba bawal sa batas yun. He can no longer hold politcal or public position as a convict plunderer.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    To go away with decency he and his son should be nailed on a cross at Eastern time after to have given back all what they have stollen.

    In the Philippines 30’000 (thirty thousands) peoples at least, dying yearly with TB.

    With the stollen money by Erap alone this sickness could have been easily eradicated from the country, instead of that an antibiotic resistant TB was developed thanks lack of cares, a World danger.

    This is only a small example of the corruptions cost by a brainless tricky and rude Politician,
    its also show how backward is a country able to vote for such a primitive drunkard womanizer proud of it.

    Without such rubbish, such a rich country like the Philippines could have been prosperous with decent jobs for all without OWF, a disgusting moderne slavery organized by shameless abusers.

    Instead of that it’s a hopeless place totally polluted under a total destruction,
    a hazardous  slums violent country,
    more remotes places you go worst it is, so many Ampatuan’s ! 

    A Politicians and Clergy mirror !

    • Guest

      When Erap was the mayor of San Juan, winalis niya ang mg squatter
      matapos niyang mapakinabangan. Ganyan din gagawin niya sa Manila.

  • catmanjohn

    Estrada is a mockery to Philippine politics, and if the People of Manila are stupid enough to fall for this dangerous clown’s trickery and BS, they deserve to be living the sewer life. The sooner he is led out to pasture the better for the Nation, but before that, they should put him back on trial to get back the stolen loot, and this time he won’t have Gloria Arroyo to pardon him. What a joke and an insult to common sense these charlatans are.

  • $15469930

    Marami pa rin ang naloloko nitong si Estrada …….Naging addict na sa political dahil madali ang pera. Kahit sino puedeng tumulong sa bayan dahil pera naman ng tax payers ang gagamitin mo
    Para tulungan sila kapag nasa power kana…..Marami na na mas Bata ang dapat bigyan ng chance na makapaglinkod sa bayan… Ang mga matatanda hindi na marunong mag paraya sa mga kabataan… Kung baga sa boksing mahirap umunlad ang matandang buksingero…..

  • Rodrigo Villarubia

    Dapat nakakulong ka pa, Gigi Lang si bansot kaya ka nakawala, wag kanang mangloko, pera Lang habol nyo sa gobyerno, napatunayan na yan ng bansa,wag kanang magmalinis, dahil ang baho mo umaalingasaw.

  • basyong

    buti naman meron kang hanganan kung kailan.yung isang senatong na matandang hukluban e nag aamoy lupa na ayaw pa ring tumigil.hangat meron mananakaw laging makikisawsaw

  • Labandera1

    Erap Estrada deposed president convicted plunderer….mangdarambong…now running for mayor in Manila…..  Mga taga Manila show him the right way, the right way to Muntin Lupa – Bilibid prison…Now Na…

  • est

    You are full of shxxxxxx… estrada

  • boi skater

    Why doesn’t he quit now? He was inept and corrupt as
    president but will Manilenos be stupid enough to vote for him as mayor? There
    is no shortage of Estradas in government anyway so I’m sure his family’s political
    dynasty will continue to grow even after he is gone.

    • kismaytami

      I’m not a fan of estrada, I agree with what you said that he is corrupt, but I don’t think he’s inept. AFAIK, he’s the only president to fully engage an all out war against the terrorist group milf in Mindanao.

  • David

    parang me premonition si erap na matatalo sya ah…..

  • divictes

    How could you trust somebody who can change his name as conveniently as a chameleon changes its color?

  • $19543087

    To the intelligent people of the City of Manila, now is your chance to show to the rest of country that you cannot be fooled by this deposed & convicted plunderer Estrada!  He is a big insult to your city if he becomes your mayor.

  • Joe Umali

    Erap tells Jojo Binay, “Jojo, we have a lot in common pala.  Naging Mayor ka, ako rin.  Naging Vice-President ka, ako rin. Babaero ka raw, ako rin. Doktora ang asawa mo ako rin. Mayaman ka na ngayon, ako rin. Sana makulong ka rin”.


      talaga ka! birds of same feather flock together. 

    • Benito Juarez

      hahahaha, thanks

  • Beguine

    Erap is the Jester, the Clown of Pinas politics.

    It will be a disaster if Manilenos pick him as their mayor, and
    give him a chance to clown some more.

    Finish him off. Don’t vote, repeat, DON’T elect this incorrigible
    clown! Ditto with any of his sons, illegitimate or otherwise, destroy
    their political dynasty!

    • kismaytami

      I think they’re both clown with the chinky mayor lim.

  • Ommm

    An actor will always want center stage….

    • Guest

      Sabi ni Erap, pwede naman daw siyang mag-serve kahit na barangay captain
      lang siya. Mukhang nagkamali siya ng tinakbuhan.

  • kismaytami

    Whoever wins as Manila mayor, Manila will still stay under deep $hit. Candidates have their proven track record of ugliness and power mockery.

  • eirons1043

    If we go by the netizens comments on Erap, of the million voters of Manila he will not even get 50 thousand votes.  As a Manileno Fred Lims notable good act was that real estate tax were not increased much in his watch.  But the sidestreets (banketa) of Manila disappeared notably the Avenida Rizal, Quiapo, Sampaloc, Pandacan, Paco and Tondo have became Slums. Istambays in Recto and Avenida became kotong traffic officers with the consent of the coward obliging jeepney drivers.

  • droccu

    Why not quit NOW?!…Unless he wants to be humiliated first by a defeat from Lim before he bows out from politics-for good…

  • renea

    I want to steal money to the people ti’l my last breathe.

  • Chris P Pnono

    sabi ni Erap noon…hahahaha bakit ako tatakbo ng mas mababang kategorya?? eh nakamit ko na ang pinaka mataas na puesto sa gobyerno…nilunok niya ang sariling salita…ngayon tatakbong mayor ng manila,,hehehe sa susunod puede ng tatakbong kagawad.. or bagay sa kanya baranggay tanod…kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Fulpol

    he is a fake pro-masa…

    like BS Aquino III, a fake one too….

    • Crysis_III

      like Pandac too ang pinakapeke sa lahat at ang Buwayang FG CROC d LACOSTE…

      • doncleo

         hindi po peke si GMA.. tunay syang pandak at tunay syang kurakot..hindi sya peke..

      • Crysis_III

        Aw… pirated lang. hahaha. 

  • Benjamin

    Remember, do not vote for trapos and politicians with dynasties. Do not vote for the Estradas, Enriles, Binays, Macedas, Magsaysays, Cojuanco and most of the UNA candidates. The only credible candidate from UNA is former Senator Dick Gordon.

    • Yul Dorotheo

      Even Dick Gordon is a trapo, who has protected tobacco industry interests in the past while he was a senator years ago. 

    • boypalaban

      Dick Gordon = trapo…ginagamit pa ang PNRC para sa pansariling interes…TRAPO!

    • Jay Castillejos

      i agree

    • Conrado de QUIYOT

      Si Gordon maraming nauuto toto lang isa sa pinakatiwaling politiko ito..mahilig magpapogi..magaling sa photo ops..

  • Cola

    He is just lucky he was given Executive Clemency otherwise, he will still be in jail.

  • nes911

    Kapag nagsalita si erap, tawag dyan ay pollution. Kapag tumalon at nalunod si erap sa pasig river, yan ang solution.

    • Benjamin

      Ha ha ha ha..perfect solution..

  • nakawan

    1,000 pesos says he will run for president in 2016

  • Ernesto

    ilang bisis na nagsabi na di na tatakb sa election

  • Marshall

    Erap hinde ka mananalo dito sa Maynila..kaming mga Manilenyo ay hinde bobo na gagawin naming mamuno ang isang Plunderer ..Dapat nga nasa kukungan ka ..Sa dump site ka pupulutin kung saan ka nababagay..BASURA!!!

  • brunogiordano

    ERAP, magpakalalake ka.

    Sundin mo ang ang condition ng iyong pardon, na hindi ka na tatakbo Sa ano man elected post.

    Si ISKO na lang ang I kandidato mong mayor, baka sakaling manalo.

  • Guest

    Erap making his last race in politics? You make me laugh Asiong Salonga.


    HAHAhahaha…….ang kulang na lang kay eraping ay sungay at buntot…para pumares kay damasing! :-)

  • Guest

    Kung manalo yang si Erap as Mayor of Manila, maaring mag-quit siya…pero
    ipapasa naman kay Dr. Loi, Jackie or Jude. Ganoon lang kasimple yun.


  • LegalJustice

    Sino naman ang taong may tamang pag-iisip ay iboboto ang isang dating Presidente na convict ng plunderer bilang isang Mayor.

    Para katawa-tawa yata ito at kasuka-suka. Kung pinagbuti mo na ang pagiging Presidente mo noon e tapos na yong illusyon mo – puro kasi kurakot ang inatupag mo at pangluluko mo sa taong bayan at ngayon gusto pang umirit – ano parang mangurakot uli.

    Maillusyon nga ito si Erap.

  • Benjamin

    Closer to god ba kamo ?..  baka closer to Dimonyong Enrile at Malignong naglalaway na Binay ang ibig mong sabihin..Hinde ka na nangilabot pati diyos idinamay mo pa…

  • vilmavee

    I have always believed that if a man or a woman cheated on their spouses, they have no credibility at all.  In this case, Estrada not only cheated his wife once or twice but many times, perhaps more than my fingers can count.  And if he could cheat on the one closest to him, someone he would sleep next to him at night, how can I believe his “motherhood” statement.  He is an incorrigible cheat.
    A friend also said that between Lim and Estrada, he would rather have Lim because at the end of his term he believed Lim would step down.  In the case of Estrada (using San Juan as his point of reference), he would make sure that either his “Kabit”, “anak sa labas” if not his legit kins, would take over after him.
    Manilenyos, Lim may have his own misgivings.  But given a choice between two evils, choose the lesser one.  Itapon sa kankungan ang plunderer, babaero, tomador, sugarol, at higit sa lagat ang ex-convict.

  • prince_janus

    Ang kapal ng mukha mo talaga Erap! Lolokohin mo lang yung mga mahihirap sa Manila.

  • batangsulpok

    Sana ang mga Manileno ay hindi maging BOBOTANTE at iboto si Erap.

  • Leon_Kap

    From being a President, Erap last hurrah will be in barangay elections.
    Walang kasawa-sawa. Pati barangay election, papatulan. Hehehe!

  • Crysis_III

    Mag quit ka nalang ERAP…

  • basilionisisa

    kawawang Erap, hanggang huling ‘hurrah’ yun pang mahihirap at nangangailangan ng tulong ang gustong lokohin… akala porke mahirap ay tanga (na tulad nya!) Pagod ka na, magpahinga ka na lang, kahit Barangay Captain di ka na pwede. huwag mo nang buhayin o palaguin ang jueteng sa Tundo.

    Mag-goodbye ka na sa politics for good! Please lang, kung may natitira pang dangal sa yo.

  • dan dan

    Ignorance or Plain Stupidity? Estrada is quick to say that he can UPLIFT the Lives of the Poor in TONDO. At this stage of his life and with all hos experiences,he should know why Tondo remains to be Tondo. There are many Political,Socio-Economic Factors to consider in order to really Address the Plight in Tondo.Tsk tsk. another way of FOOLING the already Fooled Poor People of Tondo and that of the Philippines. Tsk tsk.

  • virgoyap

    This is what I’m afraid of, that Erap will be back to the political scene and because of the voters’ lack of insights they will put him again back to the national throne.

  • NoWorryBHappy

     “Studies have shown that the highest rate of poverty in Manila is in
    Tondo and I plan to change (that),” Estrada said. “It’s time to give
    back to the people who stayed behind me.”
    Estrada said he felt proud that the masses had not abandoned him.

    WALANGHIYA ka talaga ERAP !!!
    Ang lakas ng ilusyon mo !!!
    Babaero, sugarol, lasenggo, mangungurakot.
    ‘Yan ang mga halimbawang ipinakita mo sa taong bayan.
    ‘Yan ang kapalit ng pagtitiwala ng mga tao sa iyo.
    Pati mga anak mo sa labas ay lantarang nag-aalitan.
    Walastik ! Ginawa mong pelikula’t pantasya ang dapa’t na seryosong
    pamumuno sa bayan. Ugaling kanto boy. Wala kang mahal kungdi ang iyong sarili.
    Huwag mo nang ipagpaliban ang iyong pagreretiro. Ngayon na. Muli’t muli ay
    lolokohin ang taong bayan . UNA kuno. Para ano ? Para patunayan matsing ka pa ?
    Talagang sarili mo lang ang mahal mo. 46 years namuno ang Estrada political dynasty
    sa San Juan. Ngayon, mas mahirap pa ang San Juan kaysa sa Tondo.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Dagdagan pa ng mga anak.  

    • Sipah

      Bago mang lait ng ibang tao , manalamin po muna tayo . walang taong perpekto . bakit ikaw ano bang nagawa mo sa bayan ?????? baka isa ka ring kanto boy , dahil sa mga pananalita mo ay isa ka ngang kanto boy …

  • Guest

    Possible, he may stop in politics [only] if he lost to Mayor Lim in May
    elections in Manila. Pero kung nanalo, tuloy-tuloy pa rin yan.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Kung matalo tatakbo daw baranggay tanod.

  • anak_ng_bayan

    Paano maa.uplift ni estrada ang buhay ng mahihirap at mapapaunlad ang maynila kng tatlong taon lang xang maninilbihan…m balak na namang mang.uto tong taong toh…

  • Noshairalawever

    Mananalo ‘yan. May pera pa si Erap, at ang daming mga botanteng nagpapabili ng boto. The electorate in this country is composed mostly of poor, desperate people who will gladly sell their votes to the “highest buyer”, ESPECIALLY in Manila. Kaya nga tutol si Erap sa RH bill, once na nakakakain ng wasto ang mga mahihirap due to contraceptives that help keep the number of mouths to feed “manageable” to them, ayan na, mag-iisip na ng kaunti ang mga tao, but those “effects” take time. The poor and desperate voter who “thinks” with his BELLY vastly outnumber those of us who vote with our MINDS. Couple that with the fact that most Filipinos have NO PRINCIPLES (how else did you think he was ALLOWED to run? he BRIBED the SC; it was CLEAR in his conditions of pardon that he WAS NOT to RUN for ANY PUBLIC OFFICE. Paano kaya na-reverse ‘yan?). Expect a MAYOR ERAP and pray the gods help you if you live in Manila. Hello crime rate through the roof, gambling, jueteng, and prostitution. Malamang, him saying that he will NOT RUN for President is indicative of a COMPROMISE with Pnoy. He may just endorse his piece of manure SON jiggly-fat Jinggoy for Prez in 2016. Hay nako mga Pinoy. Mamatay na lang sana karamihan sa atin, it’s all the same year in year out.

  • doncleo

    ” I promised to serve the masses until the last breath of my life”.. Akala ko ba last hurrah mo na? Gagaguhin mo na naman kami..kung gusto mo na mag-quit e ngayon na sana…lokohin mo na lang mga babae mo….sana mamulat na ang mga tao sa kapalpakan ni Erap..hindi na ito tumino maski mayor pa sa San juan..iniihian nito mga pulis kapag nalalasing..nung presidente jueteng naman ang kinurakot pati flight stewardess na may asawa niyari.

  • JuanTamadachi

    ” I promised to serve the masses until the last breath of my life” – This is nothing but pure unmitigated crap..

    • Yobhtron

      Binobola niya ang sarili niya.

      • JuanTamadachi

        yup nothing but erap’s crap.

  • Guest

    Alam n’yo titigil lang si Erap sa puliting, only if….nakapuwesto na sa
    gobyerno ang lahat ng kanyang mga anak. That’s political dynasty.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Please give the country a favor, all of your quits (Estrada/Ejercito).

  • Polyhymnia

    Sa May election sa Manila, masusubukan kung may magic pa itong si Erap
    sa masa. Tingin ko ubos na magic niya, tapos na maliligayang araw niya.

  • ever green

    why not call it quits BEFORE may polls?????

    • Guest

      Pero hindi ha. Pag nakaipon pa yan, baka tumakbo ulit si Erap sa
      pagka-Presidente sa 2016, who knows. Walang kadala-dala no.

      • ever green

        naku po….diyos ko………

  • Guest

    Former President Estrada has been in the politics for 46 years…and I
    can’t remember what he has done as a mayor, senator, VP and President.


    • Yobhtron

      Wow 46 years. No wonder he’s a billionaire. 

  • dorothyanne88

    Mr Disqus whoever you are, how about sharing to Estrada these comments printed herein? It’s apparent upon browsing that almost 99% of them condemns and ridicules Estrada. For his info and guidance share it for if you fail to share these shared comments then what’s the purpose of opening it and encouraging people to share their thoughts and ideas. These comments or shared thoughts are A one  infos that is too potent to deliver or send to the person(s) concerned as their basis of knowing the pulse of people.

    While some of us sharers maybe paid writers and friends nor foes of the person at stake but the mere fact that comments are shared, the crediblity of these comments aren’t totally smeared so it’s but prudent that you inform or encourage the targeted person(s) to read all these comments. 

    These on line sharing is as cogent as the SWS or Pulse Asia survey. It may not be foolproof as a basis but it has weight for analytical purposes. Also, we sharers herein are from different parts of the country

    • qwerpoiu4321

      Disqus is merely an online discussion and commenting service that enables websites to manage user comments and forums. If you wish to have the comments here escalated to Estrada, you should address your request to the account using the service, which is the Inquirer

  • Guest

    Huwag magpakasiguro si Erap na panalo na agad siya sa mayoralty race sa
    Manila. Tandaan niya Lim is “Dirty Harry”, lahat ng dirty gagawin niya para

    • c

       sino ba mas maraming dirty tricks? si erap or si lim? at in fairness, si lim di pa nakukulong for plunder, unlike erap. heheh.

  • Spike

    Erap’s only accomplishment aside from plunder was the carabao law.

  • andresa igbac

    QUIT na, NOW NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andresa igbac

    eh di sana po sa pagiging barangay chair ka na agad tumakbo now, gusto mo po naman po pala yon eh. heheh. tutal may stem cell ka na, kaya mo ng tumakbo heheh.

  • Guest

    He has done something naman. Nagpayaman siya ng husto as a politician in
    his almost 4 decades in politics. Watta job Erap!

  • Jaz

    Mr. Ex-President,mas ok sana kung noong pagkatapos kang ma pardon, eh nag quit ka na sa pulitika.

  • Crysis_III

    Ang taga-Maynila lang ang makapag-QUIT sa kanya kung hindi nila iboto si ERAP..

  • Guest

    Manila wala kayo kay Joseph Estrada. Hangga’t nakakalakad pa yan,
    hangga’t nakakahinga pa yan, he will stay in politics. Binobola lang tayo.

  • Eric

    Hoy bugoy malaki ang utang mo kay GMA for pardoning you. She was hoping you will be president again so you can return the favor…e namatay si Cory….e di sumikat si Noynoy.

    Pakigulpi naman si Erap bago mag last breath ang salot na to. Ngayon pa lang ayusin an si Binay bago maging iSang Erap or worse.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    sa mga botante mag quit na rin kayo para iboto ang plunderer at babaero….

    • JuanTamadachi

      good one..

  • Janch

    Sa dami ng mga kamag-anak niya, magiging balwarte na naman ng mga estrada ang manila.  Nakakasuka na.

  • archerfan

    ang daming haters dito at tamang intelihente magsalita. pero pag nakaupo na si erap, sila ang unang sipsip at magbakasakali mabigyan ng kontrata!!! yung mga atenista, kung laitin si erap sagad buto pero nung manalo pinagmalaki na atenista at may pa honor honor pa!! tse…mga ipokrito!!

  • Guest

    Erap(pwe!), Hindi muna kailangang kumandidato kung gusto mong tumulong sa kapwa, upang mapunasan ang napakadumi mong pangalan at mabahong ina-amag na pagka-tao. Magpagawa ka ng maraming pamamahay, paaralan, at ospital. Ipamudmod mo ang nakaw-kayamanan sa mga mahihirap lalo na sa Tondo. Hindi muna kailangang maging alkalde kung taos-puso ka talagang gagawa ng kabutihan. Papangalanan pa ng mga mahihirap mong tutulungan ang paaralan at ospital. Talaga sigurong masusunog ang napaka-itim mong kaluluwa ng walang kawakasan kaya kailangan mong paulit-ulit na umarte parang sa pelikula.  

    • Guest

      Naku maniwala ka kay Erap. Tatakbo lang sa barangay captain kapag natalo
      siya kay Mayor Lim.

  • joshua kings

    to all manilenyos:
    are you going to vote for someone who is a convicted felon, a forgetful old man, an inveterate liar (the last time he ran for an elective position and lost, he said this will be his last hurrah), a fake manilenyo (he made manila his place of residence just so he could comply with election rules), etc?

    • c7cinbox

      you’re absolutely right !

  • kruger

    Damnn!  I thought the title read: “Estrada to call it quits BEFORE May poll run.” :(

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Erap is trying to sound conciliatory these days. Conceding defeat even before the election. Something’s in the works.

    • Guest

      Plano ni Erap na baguhin ang Tondo wherein he plans to build up
      ‘entertainment city’ in the place where was born [daw]. Bwahaha!

  • carlorocci

    Mga Manileño bahala na po kayo sa susunod na eleksyon. 

    Vote wisely for Mayor. ^_^.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Magmula ng manungkulan si Pangulong Marcos sa palasyo hanggang ngayon ay Walang umupong alkalde ng maynila na inisip ang kapakanan ng lungsod,bagkus ay binaboy pa ito!!!

    Masdan ngayon ang dating maningning na lungsod ng Maynila.ngayon ay puno ng kababuyan sa kalsada at kung gabi ay mistulan kural ng baboy sa baho at panghi ng paligid…Ibaling mo ang iyong tingin sa kahabaan ng Claro M. Recto hanggang Avenida at iyong masasabi na “talagang pinabayaan na ang lungsod na dating sing tayog ng tore ng babel!!! Kaawa-awang Maynila!!!

    At lalong hindi si Estrada ang magbabalik ng glorya ng Maynila.Kung ang lungsod ng San Juan ay hindi niya napatino at napaganda,Maynila pa kaya???

  • Ako SI Neb

    go erap..boboto ko xia..walang pakailamanan

  • Guest

    If Erap dies mapapakinabangan pa niya yan dahil si Jinggoy may ambisyong
    maging VP or President. Ambisyoso rin talaga si Jinggoy.

    • sanjuan683

       Ibagsak na lang natin itong mga Estradas naku walang kuwenta ang mga ito.

  • Yobhtron

    Asus, tatakbo ulit yan pagkatapos ng last term ni Lim. Sasabihin niya pinapatakbo siya ng masang Pilipino.

  • boldyak

    mga anga at mga umaasa lang sa wala ang mga boboto sa taong ito….mga tamad at nabubuhay sa tulong…

  • Karabukov

    Calling it quits now would be enormously better for Filipinos.

  • Ghost

    May naniniwala pa ba sa taong ito?

    Ah meron. Yung writer, si Cabacungan. I dont even consider this news. Binasa ko lang kasi wala na rin akong magawa.

  • Don

    ay salamat. matutuwa na ang mga Pilipinong nagbabayad ng buwis

  • LegalJustice

    Mr. Erap,

    Kung ako sa iyo huwag kanang sumabak sa paging Mayor sigurado hindi ka mananalo.

    Ang kabalastugang pinag-gagawa mo ay tiyak na hindi makakalimutan ng taong bayan.

    Sa dami na perang na inanini mo nong paging Presidente mo sa kurakot kaya ang lakas ng loob  mo. Mayor pa ng Maynila.

    Pehadong hindi oobra ang mga kalokuhan mo sa mga Manilenyo kaya tumahimik kana sa gimik mo.

    Ano bubutasin mo na naman ang kaban ng bayan sinong niloko mo.

  • Gil L. Gregorio

    Humahanap lang si Erap ng simpatiya sa mga Manilenyo. Pero sa tingin ko, hindi na siya papatusin ng mga tao. Kilalang-kilala na siya. Kung susuriin natin ng husto ang kalagayan ni Erap at ni Mayor Lim, aba, mas malayo si Erap sa huli na kilalang-kilala bilang si Dirty Harry dahil sa pagiging crimebuster niya. Hindi naman seguro mga “uto-uto” ang taga-Maynila para maniwala pa silang muli ki Erap. Dapat sana ki Erap, mamahinga na. Nakapagsilbe na siya sa bayan. Bigyan naman niya ng pagkakataon si Mayor Lim na maipagpatuloy ang mga programang nasimulan na niya. Hay naku talaga, nakaka-adik ang pulitika kapag naranasan na ito.

  • Don

    kung ang maari lamang bumoto ay ang mga Pilipinong nagbabayad ng buwis, HINDI MANANALO SI ERAP

  • pabloo6293

    I hate GMA, but this doesn’t remove the fact that Estrada is a convicted plunderer.  Bakit kailangan niya pa ang last hurrah?  Dapat matagal nang tumigil ito sa pulitika.   Dahil ba marami pa rin perang madudugas sa Manila?

    • magiting78

      I hate GMA bakit nya kc binigyan ng Pardon to…daoat naka kulong pa din tong mag ama na to…lolz

      • botets

        hehehe korek ka dyan brader

      • blowcoldblowhot

        Its because GMA knew from the very beginning that the plunder case was just a moro-moro. 

  • jeray

    Mga taga manila maawa naman kayo… kampanya nyo naman na wag na e boto etong erap. Ang bobo nyo pag nanalo pa eto!

  • Fayha

    Last 2010 election sinabi na yan ni ERAP na hinde na sya tatakbo for any elected position.Wheeee…ulianin na si ERAP..anyway style lang yan ni ERAP para mauto nya ang mga taga Manila.

  • George Lapulapu

    what a ridiculous logic. since he was jailed by an equally corrupt Arroyo he feels vindicated–poetic justice? kung binaril ka ng kapwa mo magnanakaw, hindi ka na magnanakaw?!!!

    bottom line, ERAP, you are a convicted plunderer. no ampount of wishy washy can change that. and i think Metro manila voters are smart enough to know you as a convicted corrupt official.

  • sasama

    …mananalo pa yan….sa kagawad sa abad santos…

  • dani77777

    You are still a plunderer so where’s the vindication there?

    If you do not understand, mandarambong pa rin po kayo sana ay huwag na kayong iboto  ng mga taga-Maynila kundi ay masasabi ko na may kabobohan din ang mga taga Maynila kagaya mo Erap.

  • louie

    the only thing that EDSA DOS did wrong was putting Arroyo in the presidency. But ousting Estrada, I believe, is not a mistake. It’s a reminder that no president should abuse his|her power. What he did was illegal, and it is only right that he was ousted.

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    I’ll still give the former president a benefit of a doubt. :)

    • c

      and which “of a doubt” is that? heheh.

      • pubringjuandelacruz

        the part about being true to his words. :)
        just like in boxing, you can’t promote a fight without signing the dotted line.

      • vilmavee

        Really?  You probably live in the lala land.  Perhaps it is worth reminding you of what Estrada said (as published in Inquirer) the first time he sat foot in Malacanang as President  – “Apo (meaning Ferdie Marcos) turuan mo ako paano yumaman”.  Then the great chandelier came crushing down.

      • c

         i don’t live in lala land. i was actually waiting if pubring will change his phrase cuz it’s wrong. it’s supposed to be “benefit of the doubt” not “benefit of a doubt” :)

        isinisuka ko si erap.

  • MS. F3

    “The only benefit I received during that time was I became closer to God,” added Estrada, who has fathered several children outside marriage.– Poor writing Gil C. Cabacungan, why insert this line here?

    • c

      why “poor writing” Ms. F3?

      • George Lapulapu

        because someone like erap who sired several women outside of marriage, (naala mo yung stewardess na si weng na may asawa pero may sakit ang anak, ay inanakan pa nya?)–is closer to god!!!! i mean i guess?

  • manual47

    Once a crook, always a crook.  Erap can’t understand the meaning of “enough”.  At 76, what has he to prove.  Erap had a chance and he blew it……….

    • Jocken Dano

       sana po manahimik na lang siya.  he has his time to served and its seems its too late for him. it seems matatalo lang siya then all will be lost . . .

  • EREC

    Sabi ni Erap sa isang TV interview nandiyan daw siya dahil sa mahihirap! LETS PUT THIS IN LOGIC. In my logical understanding if Erap still in Politics there will be more poor families. So Erap will had no intention this poor families to become rich because he needed this poor families for their vote in return of one packed of meal (can of sardines, rice, sugar, a quart of cooking oil, a 180 grms of coffee). If there are a lot of poor there are a lot of families will beg for a packed of meal. I advice for this poor families…. don’t be contented in your situation of living… look for a sustainable living that can help up to your  grandchildren generation. In any part of the world even developed country has a less fortunate(but not poor same in our country) family in terms of livelihood and way of living. Like here in Saudi Arabia…they looked living in a tent but they owned double cab pick-up. The poor families in the Philippines is so far behind in rich and develop countries…. but this situation of lives can be change in our country because I believe that we are the one creating what kind of standard of living must choose. Living is a matter of choice its not a matter of destiny. Huwag po kayong palinlang sa manggagantsong politiko hindi po kayo bibigyan ng pagkakataon na mabago ang buhay ninyo bagkus gagawin lang kayong kasangkapan at biktima sa kanyang pamumuno pag nasa puwesto na.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Story of Robin Hood in tights.



    • vilmavee

      ‘Wag naman laitin ang mga mahihirap.  Kasi sabi nga nila, at least sa lahat ng magnanakaw, meron silang pakinabang ng kaunti kay Estrada.  Nakakatanggap ng pamasahe at hapunan.  Sa iba, nada.  Wala kahit ano.  Boboto ka rin lang sa mga magnanakaw, pumili ka ng kahit kaunti magbigay, meron nababahagi.  Ganyan ang kalakaran.  Ikaw ba may napakinabang sa mga magnanakaw sa gobierno?  

      Kaya nga ang dapat ipamulat sa lahat ay wag iboto ang mga magnanakaw.  At kung matitino ang nasa gobierno, mas malaki pa ang mababahagi ng mahihirap, mula sa edukasyon, sa kalusugan at pangkabuhayan.  

      Marami sana ang pwede, pero dahil di kilala ang apelyido, natatalo.  Palitan na natin ang ganitong kaisipan.  Tayo laman ang makakapagbigay ng pagbabago.

  • nes911

    Erap-isko tandem: birds of the same feather flock together- parehong lasenggero, sugarol, mandurugas at babaero. Yung latest na syota ni isko moreno ay estudyante pa sa plm. Pinagyayabang pa na sya ang latest kabit ni isko moreno. He he.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • siJuanDalandan


  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Hiring:Vigilante Group and ABB brigade
    Mission:assasinate all corrupt politicians

    • vilmavee

      Why dirty your hands with these ugly, abominable, evil thieves.  Just don’t vote for them.  Let all bloggers be united in calling for a change by not voting the same people back to office and their kamaganak, anak, pamangkin, pinsan, asawa, kabit, anak sa labas, everyone connected to the present politicos.

      • Juan

         SAMA AKO DYAN….

      • wakats

        AKO RIN …

    • Guest

      Once this group becomes powerful, it can turn to anyone it wants and assassinate you ztefetilizerscam10. Violence leads to more violence. The best deterrence against corrupt politicians is to start confiscating their ill-gotten wealth, Now! Then they can fight in court all they want if they can still afford expensive lawyers. Imelda’s family, Enrile Clan, Estradas, Arroyos, etc. Start with these shameless crooks, and the rest will be afraid to steal from the people. Freeze all their bank accounts and assets, foreign and domestic, and transfer it to the government. Other foreign governments and banks will assist gladly. 

  • Eduardo

    Gusto siguro bumawi sa nagastos niya sa nakaraang presidential election!

  • mekeni62

    You will be of great service to the Manilenos if you quit NOW!!!

  • doublecross

    better quit NOW, nobody votes for you….

    • Pepe Alas

      OK na sana yung “better quit NOW”, eh. Caso dinagdagan mo pa ng “nobody votes for you….” Haist…

      • doublecross

        double standard yon…hehehe.

  • Eduardo

    Palagi na lang “MASA” ang tema ng campaign slogan ng mga pulitiko, wala na bang ibang pakulo kayo para naman makaloko uli nang botante! Noon panahon nina Marcos singing ng “Dahil Sa’yo” lumaos na yata yong gaanong taktika, nag-shift sa dancing with the movie celebrities available ngayon di na click yong mga artista kasi kahit sila talo din sa eleksyon.
    The word “MASA” is the number one word to mention in every speech politician made pero unti unti na ring nalalaos eto, kasi si Manny Villar noong nakaraang eleksyon mga bata sa Tundo ang ginamit sa TV ads at campaign poster, talo din!
    Ewan natin kung gagana pa kay Erap ang salitang “MASA” sa darating na local election!
    Sa opinion ko dapat solid and honest governance ang dapat na ipaalam nila sa tao lalo na sa mga taga-Maynila.

    Tabi tabi po taga Tundo po ako, dito ako pinanganak at dito na din siguro mamamatay!!!

  • adamson11

    The gall of this man!! As said these people are so enamor with their cheating talent that they take the Filipino as a fool!! They have conditioned the people for too long and made themselves too rich and powerful that they can do whatever they want but such thing is not forever… erap as binay are building their family empire as many of their family members are now in government milking and enjoying all the perks courtesy of the mahirap!!! I hope as many opined here that we don’t vote these people anymore, let’s vote wisely…

  • iwiltag

    Any person who vote for Erap is stupid

    • jgl414567

       Anybody voting for Erap is not only stupid but downright evil!

  • wakats

    LOOKING BACK – The 2nd envelope led to the ouster of erap from the presidency.

    On January 17, 2001 during the nationally-televised first impeachment trial in the country, a motion for opening the 2nd envelope was blocked by erap allies in the senate on the ground of irrelevance and immateriality as argued by erap’s chief defense counsel, estelito mendoza. 

    Senator kit tatad moved for the division of the house and resulted to a 11-10 close decision in favor of suppressing the opening of the 2nd envelope.  Thenceforth, nene pimentel resigned as senate president and led the walkout of 9 senators and 11 prosecutors from the chambers that ignited the Edsa Dos.  

    In contrast to the corona impeachment, erap was never convicted by the impeachment court but decided to leave Malacanang to avoid bloodshed.

    The magnificent 10 were Rodolfo Biazon, Renato Cayetano, Frank Drilon, Juan Flavier, Tito Guingona, Loren Legarda, Jun Magsaysay, Serge Osmena, Raul Roco and Nene Pimentel. The 11 JOE’S COHORTS were jaworski, oreta, enrile, santiago, coseteng, osmena (john), honasan, ople, revilla (sr.), tatad and sotto…


  • gabbybal

    Even if Erap is the mayor of Manila till his death (with say 5 terms) he will never, ever, solve the poverty of Tondo or Manila. Promises of stupid politics as usual… All about self-serving & power….

  • $8278216

    Kung ako kay erap, simplihan mo na lamang ang pagtulong sa mga taga tondo, mag invest ng mapagkakakitaan nila at huwag ng sumali sa politica kung gusto mo mag lingkod sa MASA na sinasabi mo, dyan mo patunayan kung talagang maka MASA ka nga……

  • delia kelly

    People of Manila should not forget that Estrada is convicted of plunder. Erap and GMA belong to the same club of ex president who do not have an iota of delicadeza.

    • jgl414567

       Absolutely correct and they should both remain in jail!

  • Emilio

    Congratulations are in order for the people of Manila , in the event Estrada Becomes the mayor of Manila. Entering his office, the following will be hand painted on the door,
    Joseph Estrada, mayor of Manila, convicted plunderer of the Filipinos, ex lord of all lords(the song remake will top the charts), erap para sa mahirap(ang mahirap mahirap pa rin, siya ay billionaire na) , paki dios(go into the world and multiply) bionic man (titanium leg).
    Congratulations and good luck , manila will now become the jueteng capital of the Philippines, a title to be proud of.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Naiintindahan ko ang hangarin ni Estrada na gusto niyang ipakita uli sa tao na makapaglilingkod siya na bilang pinuno ng bansa, Pero wala sa kanyang katauhan ang kakayahang mamuno at mag desisyon para sa bansa. Kapag mamumuno ka ay kailangan din ng mahusay na pag iisip at kamay na bakal para hindi ka basta basta matinag sa iyong posisyon at mapatakbo ng maayos ang isang bansa.

  • regd

    Si Erap mamatay man din, may magboto pa rin! 
    Ganyan katanga ang ibang pinoy!

  • themask celestial

    A sad day for manilenos, choosing between an old non-performing mayor and an equally old corrupt ex-mayor, senator, vp and pres. as manila candidates.  Manilenos has really no options. In horizon, I am seing a young but equally non-performing vice-mayor Isko Moreno as future mayor. Its a pity, a nations capital run by inefficient mayors like Lopez, Atienza and Mayor Lim. This is a reflection of a sick country. I felt that whoever will win the mayor will run with a bankcrupt City. Mayor Lim almost spent all the budget of City Hall “repairing” the whole Manila streets, even it is in a good condition. Mayor Lim has prepare for the worst, at least he has the money secured hehe


    O Erap, hari ng korap
    Pahirap sa mahihirap,
    Kawangis mo’y isang Dam’sing
    Mukha’y puti, budhi’y itim.

    Mga hilig ay i-isa,
    Babae, salapi’t kwarta.
    At alak na mamahalin,
    Masasarap na pagkan.

    Hangad kunwari’y tutulong,
    Sa totoo’y mangongotong.
    Maralita’y ginagamit,
    Upang ambisyo’y makamit.

    Ngunit sa panahon ngayon,
    Nagsing at nakabangon
    Karamihan ng kabayan
    Sa buong katotohanan.

    Bistado na kayong LAHAT,
    Lahat kayong mga ”Erap”!
    Mapagpanggap na maka-hirap,
    Tunay at dalisay na KORAP.

    • botets

      very well said..

    • Vladymir

      hehehe makatang me honor…

    • Guest

      Bravo! Inquirer Poet Laureate 2012-2013. YagbaNoodle

    • Benito Juarez


  • I_kabod

    erap, panalo na. tyak, iboboto na naman ng mga bobotante si bigote.

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha kawawa lang taga maynila sa kanya … tingnan mo san juan mahirap pa rin maliban sa kanila ha ha ha

      • I_kabod

        ang masama dyan brad, pag nanalo, para na din sinabing hindi totoo yun bintang sa kanyan noong impeachment. goodluck sa maynila.

  • est

    Napaka kapal ng mukha mo estrada
    Baga ka ug nawong estrada nasa lahat nyo na ang katarantadohan you are taking advantage to the voters who are uneducated

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    When he was pardoned by Gloria, he said he had no more plans to go back to politics.  Make no mistake about it: Erap means the opposite of what he says, talo pa yata niya si “Amalayer.”  Ingrato pa, makes fun of his prison benefactor: Something like, “Naaawa ako sa kanya kasi walang naaawa sa kanya, e.” It was not Gloria who ousted him, it was the Filipino people. That he was a runner-up to Pnoy in the last presidential election means maraming marami pang botanteng Pinoy na lubog sa katangahan. What a sad thing! As convicted plunderer, bakit ba yan pinayagan pang magkandidato? As they say, you will be doing Pinoys a huge favor if you quit now, presto!

  • jgl414567

    Good riddance unrepentant plunderer Pweeeh!!!

  • Ric

    Old man still believes hes innocent for what??….Convicted Plunderer!!!…

  • Philcruz

    Nice strategy. Butter up to PNoy so that PNoy doesn’t decide to fight the UNA like a tiger the way he did in fighting Gloria, Merci Guttierez and Corona. They called PNoy abnoy and a weakling but the abnoy and weakling showed quiet efficient ferocity and won his battles against all three. And he fought just as fierce a battle against the Church in the RH issue and won. PNoy is a shy quiet man who surprisingly knows how to wield power.

    I think that is the reason why Enrile, Erap and Binay don’t really want to get the ire of this “weakling”.

    • levis2012

      Eh anak yan ni NINOY! The Modern Day Filipino Hero!

  • disqusted0fu

    This is exactly why people should not let Erap win any more! Let his political run end already. Is it not yet enough that he was convicted of plunder? When are we going to learn?

  • Philcruz

    “One more chance, one more chance, just give me one more chance.” .. are part of the lyrics of a 60’s pop hit. That’s Erap’s theme song of redemption.. before he fades away and paves the way .. for his dynasty.

  • Noel

    tama na estrada pareho lang kayo n binay….prepare yourself for coming judgement…

  • Vladymir

    Closer to God daw…belaaat

  • Ramil Abalon

    arte mo erap dapat hindi tumakbo wala ka namang silbi puro ka lang bigay pero malaki rin kabig ha ha ha kurakot pa rin

  • ADD

    Puro kasinungalingan lng ang pinagsasabi ng matandang kawatan na ito. Malaking salapi ang nawala kasi sa kanya nun npatalsik sya sa palasyo, kya ngaun gusto nyang gatasan ang kaban ng maynila ng meron syang maibigay sa mga pamilya nya na sa kanya lng umaasa.

  • walaKA

    His what so called “vindication” does not absolved him of what he was convicted of..Manileños will vote wiser..Define wiser?

  • Melvin

    Okey din si Erap parang totoo kung magsalita… Bakit kaya hindi na lang bigyan nila ng pagkakataon na mga bata pa at bagong mukha ang siyang maging mayor sa Maynila? Yung masigla at maraming kaalaman para sa ikaaaayos at ikauunlad ng lungsod ng Maynila. Pero kung parehong may idad na naman ang mamumuno, palagay ko wala pa rin magiging pagbabago ang lunsod ng Maynila… Magiging mukhang luma pa rin ang Maynila…

  • Casey


  • Divina Wind


  • Noel

    It’s gonna be a very tough fight between the two but my prediction is Erap would be the winner by a narrow margin.

    • Ding

      Iyung isa meyor, ang upisina sa City Hall…iyung isa mayor, ang lungga sa City Jail.

  • virgo57

    he,he,he artista ka talaga Erap akala mo mga Pinoy kasing bobo ng Mga followers mo.Pucha walang pinagtandaan ang salot na mamang Ito.

    • I_kabod

      talagang madami pa din sa masa ang naniniwala sa kanya. nakakalungkot.

    • Noel

      Ano pa nga ba?  Bobo naman ang mga Pinoy voters.  Kung hindi paano napunta sa Senado ang mga tulad ni Lito Lapid.

  • Lenore

    He should quit NOW, tumigil na sya, sobra na, tigil na ang kaswapangan sa power!

  • pinoy_astig

     Ang labanan ng mayor sa manila ay parang film..hahahaha….si ERAP aka ASIONG SALONGA…VS…  LIM aka POLICEMAN….ngayon alam na natin ang kalalalabasan nyan… si ERAP AKA ASIONG SALONGA tigok kay LIM aka POLICEMAN..nyahahahaha…

  • anu12345

     “This is my last hurrah. No more, no way,” Estrada said

    Come 2016, he will say public clamor want him to run. He knows he has a good chance of winning.

  • oscar

    It is really more fun in the Philippines. One of the conditons when Erap was given pardon after his conviction was for him not seek or bar him from holding public office,yet he was allowed to run for President the last election and now running for the Mayoral position in Manila.Funny indeed the way we treat and bypassed every limitations kuno by the authorities,including so many of our crafted laws.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Whatever you say doesn’t registers on the voters head.  Majority of Filipino voters love famous actors/actresses neglecting the very purpose of using their valuable votes.   Their future and future of this country.  The eradication & erosion of people’s fund by corrupt government officials and making their lives more comfortable.  

    Filipinos should demand work from these candidates.  Vote for new faces this coming election.

  • aristeosj

    He should have done it (quit)long time ago.
    but politics is addicting and playing god
    is always a sweet bait for all oligarchs!!!

  • FernandoBusi

    This ex-con should not even be allowed to run for public office in the first place. Its already a violation of the terms of his release. If he wins in Manila kasalanan na rin ng mahihirap dun kung bakit hihirap lalo ang buhay nila. 

  • katindig

    Plano ni Erap maging mayor ng Manila in preparation for Jinggoy’s bid for the Vice Presidency.  Kung maging mayor siya tiyak malaking boto ang makuha ni Jinggoy pagdating ng halalang 2016.  Binibuild up ni Erap si Jingoy…Siempre pagmanalo sigurado pag matapos si Binay si Jinggoy and tatakbong presidente….Wow …THE SON OF THE JUETENG LORD FOR PRESIDENT…PATAY NA NAMAN SI JUAN DELA CRUZ…

  • $20722540

    erap should be thankful to gma kundi nasa kulungan pa rin – a convicted plunderer…hangang ngayon in denial pa rin.  ang buhay nga na naman sa Pinas oo

  • mangtom

    Unggoy na Estrada, huwag mo nang hintayin ang Mayo, huwag ka nang sumali sa politika. Masama kang tao-magnanakaw kang primera klase.

  • Edward Solilap

    Walang kataposan ang hangarin mo sa Politica Mr. Estrada gusto mo lang patunayan gusto ka pa rin ng taga Tondo kahit ngayon mo lang naalala ang kanilang kapakanan matapos ang halos nalalabi mong oras sa mundong ito mambobola ka pa rin sa kanila. 

  • kabayandinako

    Pagkatapos ng May election, sa ayaw mo at sa gusto Erap, tapos na ang maliligayang araw mo sa pulitika. Sa kangkungan ka pupulutin dahil si Lim ang mahal ng Maynila. Alam ng mga Manilenyo na kumapal ang bulsa mo dahil sa jueteng.

  • Ildz

    salamat panginoon na noong nkaraang 2010 presidential election tumakbo @ nanalo si pnoy kung hindi..baka bagsak nanaman economiya natin dahil sa taong ito na marami parin ang nanniwala na ciya ay malinis @ tapat ang knyang hngarin na mka tulong sa masa.bakit ba taong bayan hindi ba ninyo imulat ang inyong mga mata sa katutuhanan na ciya ay convicted plunderer.please maawa na kayo mga botante sa ating bansa masyado na tayong nhihirapan umahun dahil marami parin mga politiko ang mga corrupt katulad nito ni estrada..HUWAG NA PO NINYO IBOTO YAN PLEASE LANG MAAWA NAMAN KAYO MAS LALONG LOLUBUG ANG ATING BAYAN KAPAG YAN MGA KATULAD NI ESTRDA ANG MAMUMUNO SA ATING BAYAN!!!!!!!!!

    • mg_harrier

      sana hindi makaboto ang mga hindi nagbabayad ng buwis..

  • Isang Pilipino

    Bilib na bilib pa rin si Erap sa kanyang sarili. Gaya ni Enrile at Binay, itong matatandang ito hindi pa rin busog sa kakahuthot sa kaban ng bayan.

  • Balahura

    Kung mas marami ang mayaman sa maynila then panalo si Lim subalit kung mas marami ang mahirap ay siguradong si Erap. Until now tatalab pa rin talaga para sa mahihirap ang slogan na “Erap para sa Mahirap” walang pakialam ang mahirap kesyo kung sa sugal galing ang ibinibigay sa kanila.

    • Shai

      dapat “Erap para lalo kayong maghirap”…mga tanga naman kasi karamihan sa voters natin.

  • Balahura

    Tandaan ninyo hindi marunong mag blog ang mga mahihirap wala silang idea dito

  • Bisdak_kaayo

    The Misdeeds of Gloria, did not cover up the misdeeds of Erap.

    EDSA DOS is not a mistake, but rather the most terrible mistake was giving ERAP the pardon.

    • Shai

      I couldn’t agree more… he felt vindicated by Gloria’s detention e si Gloria nga ang nagbigay sa kanya ng absolute pardon e… at ang walanghiya kumandidato kaagad as president…kamuntik pang manalo.

  • victorts

     That is how Erap shows his gratitude.  He buries an already fallen GMA, the person who gave him his freedom.  Now he licks the boots of Noynoy to evade his wrath.  He realizes Pnoy could make life hell for everybody who crosses him.

  • ricky

    estrada, lim, arroyo, aquino, enrile, etc…. all thieves and corrupt! philippines will remain weak and poor until these so-called “leaders” are dead and burried …. filipinos are cowards and corrupt that it will take a new generation for them to gain respect and trust by the world.. the country should learn how to shoot bad guys or put them in jail.

  • dukaponte

    Naka isa na nga si erap sa mga pinoys noon, ngayon gusto na naman niya maulit. Pag nanalo siya, hindi na tayo natuto. Magkakaroon na naman tayo ng ex-convict na mayor.

  • Track Wander

    The quest for power never end. Promises were made to be broken specially in politics.

  • Komen To

    “His father fought for our freedom, his mother fought for our democracy and now he has fought for justice for the Filipino people.”- then why is he still running and worst, how could COMELEC allow him to run, but not allow Jalosjos?

  • $19543087

    “On October 25, 2007, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo granted executive clemency to Joseph Estrada based on the recommendation by the Department of Justice (DoJ). Acting Executive Secretary and Press Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye quoted the signed Order: “In view hereof in pursuant of the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution, I hereby grant Executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political rights.” Bunye noted that Estrada committed in his application not to seek public office, and he would be free from his Tanay resthouse on October 26, noon.[31][32][33] On October 26, 2007, after almost 7 years of detention, Joseph Estrada was finally released after the Sandiganbayan promulgated the historical Resolution.”

    Estrada committed in his application for pardon NOT TO SEEK PUBLIC OFFICE.  And this was plainly stated on the conditional pardon signed by GMA.

    That Regional Trial Court handling this case must now render judgement or the COMELEC must decide.

  • gerp

    Edsa dos was a big mistake… tama si Erap…madaming nauto sa Edsa Dos… imagine jueteng ang pinagmulan ng issue… pero in one decade from 2001… nawala ba ang jueteng???… haaayzz yung against kay Erap…sila yung mga nauto na di matanggap hanggang ngayon na uto-uto sila hehe

  • gerp

    nagkapit bisig pa nga ang mga uto-uto… pero after a year…lahat ng nauto…nagulantang..napagtanto lang nila najuteng lang talaga ang pakay nila para alisin si erap…hehehe…kayo kase eh…uto-uto….sabihin na natin na babaero siya, maraming anak sa ibang babae, umiinom, nagsusugal pa… at least pinakita na nya yan bago pa siya maging Presidente ng pinas. mag-isip nga kayong uto-uto… minahal siya ng taong bayan dahil nagpakatotoo siya sa mga tao…1998 presidential election …kahit anong dag-dag bawas gawin ng kampo ng ruling party noon… landslide talaga… kaya nga noong 2004…nagawa na nilang dayain si FPJ dahil alam nila na ang dag-dag bawas ay di uubra…kaya minabuti nilang i-zero ang boto para kay FPJ sa ibat-ibang region… mangyari ba yun? sa tunay na walang dayaang mangyari?… kunsabagay madami pang uto-uto noong 2004 that time, dahil giving chance pa sila kay GMA…wehehe kaya pinalusot na lang ng NOTED!

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